Even More Flexible

Within a few scant days of my last missive, the great BHO/JFK has begun to take a little heat relative to the “Flexibility Phenomenon” that seems to invariably infect and afflict liberal Democratic candidates right around election time.

In Powder Springs Georgia, when he was questioned about his “Kerry-isms” of late, Obama responded with, “people who say this haven’t been listening to me..” I have to agree with the beleaguered Senator on this one. The only difference in what he has said since this whole campaign season began has been to go from “hope and change” to “change and hope.” He hasn’t said anything else and I can prove it.. So would it be splitting hairs to classify that as a flip-flop?

The Associated Press article actually identifies Obama as “the likely Democratic presidential nominee..” Likely? That is what happens when someone else “suspends” her campaign. The Clintonistas are restlessly waiting in the wings, chafing for any opportunity to stumble back into the political spotlight. Go away and stay away.

Obama attributed his recent spate of criticism to “my friends on the left” and “some of the media..” That statement proves beyond a reasonable doubt how inexperienced he is because he hasn’t apparently picked up on the well-documented fact that they are both one in the same. I myself would have changed the word “some” to the word “all”..

Obama’s inexperience continues to be the primary focus when he says things like, “If I don’t agree with you on something, that it must be because I’m doing that politically..” Rest assured that this man does not pick his breakfast cereal or his socks without consulting a ream of polling data.. He then says, “I may just disagree with you..” May I make a few points in relation to those last six words?

You are a politician. If we “disagree”, you have the unique ability to reach into my pocket and take what I have rightfully earned and give it to those who specialize in sloth. You are a liberal politician so the possibility of that scenario transpiring is quite high.. If we “disagree”, you have the power to make the rights and privileges of the majority null and void based upon the whims of whichever miniscule special interest group that you wish to please today when they bawl that their “snivel rights” have been lacerated.. Without elaborating any further, our “disagreements” are therefore quite important to me and to a lot of other people as well.

The goofy liberals have become concerned that their “disagreements” with BHO/JKF, which are a relatively recent occurrence, if left unchecked, will quite probably increase appreciably as this campaign drags on. The liberals tend to get all giddy when a politician says things in public that they agree with. It happens so infrequently that they usually fall all over themselves and become true believers right on the spot. The gigantic coward wing of the left was immediately enthralled with Obama’s “stand” on the War in Iraq. They are becoming increasingly worried that his “stand” on the war is quickly becoming a “dance” and if they are surprised by that stark reality, they are thicker than I thought they were..

The article says Obama has heard criticisms from the Democrats relative to his loyalty and from Republicans who are accusing him of flip-flopping. Why would the Republicans want to get involved in this ridiculously girly liberal scratch fight?

From the Republican perspective, the more the liberal left pecks away at Obama, which in turn forces him to backpedal and grovel at their feet, the better. The kooks of the left can say anything they want to or about Obama without the “fear” that anyone else has of being miscast a “racist” for simply disagreeing. The “impartial” media, still getting all “tingly” over Obama, will then have to step in and simply stop broadcasting or covering any negative protests or complaints about the new flexibility of BHO/JFK.

The left has mastered the art of the “childish tantrum”. The Republicans should basically take a page from the “Clinton/Obama 2008 primary season” playbook. The entire time that Clinton and her “in-significant other” were constantly stubbing their political toes and consistently falling backwards, Obama said nothing to anyone who would listen and by standing still he miraculously managed to move forward. No Republican who isn’t out of their mind (that would make them a Democrat..) would think of voting for a liberal Democrat, so let the liberals hold their breath, stomp their feet and holler to their hearts content. Obama will then beg them for forgiveness, which can then be used to reinforce the reality of his hopelessly liberal provenance. The Republicans should force him to the left, not invite him into the center.

The angrier the left gets, the louder and less lucid they become. The louder they become, the more that he will have to say in order for the nut jobs to pipe down. The Republicans should let the liberals do their “dirty work” for them. The good news is that the left, with their allergy to soap, has this “dirty” part down pat, it is this “work” thing that may prove to be a little problematic..

So Obama alienates the middle as an elitist liberal, he angers the left by “shifting” on the War in Iraq and warrantless eavesdropping, (to name but a few..) and he reflexively repulses the right. He is even trying to placate everyone by saying that he favors both an individuals right to bear firearms and a government’s right to regulate them. With this recent turn of events, Obama should just pick John Edwards as his running mate and his miraculous transformation into John Kerry will be complete.

He believes in a tax code that is “more fair.” When a liberal talks about making anything “fair”, fairness never has anything to do with the end results.. He wants to pay teachers more. (Are you listening, NEA members?) He also believes (he says) that “government (isn’t) the solution to everything”, and he also believes in “personal responsibility” and “faith”. (Stop listening, liberals, start listening all of you non-committed voters..)

He has begun to talk with a “more nuanced rhetoric” as pertains to the War in Iraq. He is considering, “adjusting that timetable..” The “don’t draft me sissies” thought that they had a hero who would stand up for them. They did until it started looking like he might win.. Then it becomes time to “appeal to the center” which means, “ignore the psychotics of the left as much as you possibly can”..

The liberals are just a little taken aback by the knowledge that Obama’s “change” really ends up meaning that he should be free to “change” positions on the issues every hour or so, depending on who he is speaking to..



9 responses to “Even More Flexible

  1. “Change and Hope it works” …..that is the most accurate description yet for the half-baked ideas of BHO/JFK.

    Yes, this fight aint over. The Clintonistas have called “foul” and they’re having their opponents gloves checked for horseshoes.
    They’re hoping the clock runs out and the round ends before the ringmaster resumes the ass-whipping.
    If she can make it to the next round, without throwing in the towel, she has that one more chance.
    Next round….the Democratic Convention (or as I like to call it, the bar scene from Star Wars…..where every creeping wackjob that creeps is in attendance).

    For the record, B. H***** Obama has Changed:

    his opinion on Iraq
    his opinion on drilling for oil HERE
    his opinion on eavesdropping
    his opinion on Hillary (had to mention that)
    his opinion on Bill (probably politically motivated..so much for “change”)
    his opinion on his pastor (several times)
    his opinion on patriotism
    his opinion on his white momma
    his opinion on his white grandparents
    his opinion on muslims (uh, not on stage with me please)
    his opinion on wearing a lapel flag (see Patriotism)
    his opinion on his kids doing interviews (recent development)

    I’m sure I’m missing a lot more…
    If he keeps “changing” we may be able to “hope” he’ll switch parties and run as McCain’s running mate!!

  2. The “likely” Democratic candidate needs to keep watching his back.
    Hillary is not his only worry.
    The “Reverends” Jesse and Al will lose great influence (and monies) if B. Hussein persists in this foolish talk of blacks being responsible for their own behavior. Bill Cosby was pilloried for his statements. While I ardently disagree with the entire B. Hussein package, he could demonstrate that we white folk are not what is holding black America in bondage.
    Obama must be careful. VERY careful. Interfering with an industry’s money stream can be dangerous. I would not trust the “Reverends” and their ilk.

  3. BHO as McCain’s veep… no thank you sir!

  4. Stitch: that vision you gave us concerning the Democrat Convention as resembling the bar scene from Star Wars cracked me up! It all comes back…and sooo true, too.

  5. Another meaty and creative (“snivel rights” :-)essay, Larry.
    As I see it, Hussein has enough enemies in his own party to cause his defeat. The Clintons also have enough enemies in the party to cause their final ouster. That still leaves us with a bunch of looney liberals who are filled with anger and bent prisms. I fear that they will vote in droves, not FOR someone or something, but always against logic and the good of America.
    God bless America

  6. Dr. Gene, You are right as rain. The left hasn’t voted FOR anything in fifty years. That would require them to actually formulate differing ideas as opposed to simply “not liking yours”…As intellectual minimalists, it is therefore the path of least resistance for them to just be against everything…

  7. heh hehh hehhh – just kidding Redbone.

    Thanks Rick, I cracked me up sometimes too.

    This guy’s articles really get me going.


  8. I’d love to be on McCain’s staff to write some commercials. Can you imagine what they could do with this “Candidate for Change” bit? Obama is just HANDING them this great material… WHY are they not using it?!? “YES, folks, he sure is the candidate for change (then list the great points of Stitch above)!” The left seems to be fired up and the right is yawning. I hope enough of us wake up in time to vote.

  9. noleftturnz

    Sane Val, througout time, “anger” has created liberal votes and conservative apathy. The next four years is a little too importantbfor us to treat it apathetically..thanks as always for your insight. Larry

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