Caught up in the Mayhem

No sooner had the Democrats given the “out the door bounce” to two hijab wearing Obama supporters, when the party of “inclusion, diversity and fairness” began taking a whack or two at offending yet another one of their “special interest groups.” Actually, they want their votes, but they really want them to go away for a spell whilst all of the “pretty people” begin gathering in Denver. They are now giving the bums rush to their once sacrosanct… bums..

In an article entitled, “Hey buddy, can you spare a movie ticket?” from the Rocky Mountain News, an uber-liberal named John Parvensky, who heads up the “Colorado Coalition for the Homeless”, is planning a wonderful series of adventures for the mendicants of the Mile High city. For the “hooked on phonics” Democrats who might be struggling to catch up here, your “fearless leaders” want the vagrants as far away from the convention center as possible. For the rest of us with IQ’s above room temperature, it is blatantly obvious that the Democrats, who have the utmost contempt for their core constituents, (at least we all agree on something, we hate their core constituents as well..) have to be the ones orchestrating this David Copperfield sized disappearing act.

This “Coalition” has either been magnificently gulled or they are being “compensated” by those who are deceptively “trying to appear normal” for the nations undecideds. Putting aside any ridiculously “suspended” candidacies, there is but one Democratic nominee left standing. Said candidate has already had issues with “staged appearances” at photo ops. It seems quite obvious that the “Coalition”, in order to properly bankroll this extravaganza for the shiftless is getting a helping hand from either the DNC or…. This bogus “move to the center” is turning the homeless into a speed bump of political inconvenience and the Obama campaign looks to be driving the bus.

The Democrats have no problem asking the homeless for their vote but come convention time, they would prefer that they use their absentee ballots..

Parvensky, the empathetic one, is worried about “what other places they’ll (the homeless) be able to go without being harassed”.. Harassed by whom? As a conservative, I wholeheartedly invite those who usually sit in a puddle of their own making, to travel to Denver to witness the Communist Coronation first hand. To boot, if you need the bus fare and a box lunch, give me a holler and I will get you squared away. It sounds as though this “harassment” of the droolers and the shriekers that Parvensky is worried about will be coming from the liberal left..

Parvensky also says that he doesn’t want the sponges to be “caught up in the mayhem.” What that means is that the Democrats don’t want the derelicts to be “caught on film wearing an Obama button while they soil themselves or curse at the statues in the park..”

You may find this hard to believe but the article reports that a “two day voter registration drive” will also be on tap to “ensure that homeless people have access to the polls in November..”, it is just access to the floor of the convention that is off limits to these suddenly undesirable political liabilities..

According to the story, the “backers (of course unnamed, but I’ll bet that his initials are Barack Obama..) of the plan say it’s a more sanitary and humane way to take care of people..” There is just so much wrong with that statement and yet thankfully it is a 360 degree quintessential 3D snapshot of the liberal illness in as few words as possible..

In order to understand the liberal genus, you have to dissect the language that they use in its proper context.

First, the liberals know about as much about being “sanitary’ as they do about being sensible.

“Humane.” The left has the market cornered on this (just ask them..) and they have even applied for a registered trademark on the word. In four years time, for nearly one thousand four hundred days, the left has trumpeted the “rights” of the homeless and they have actually labored towards making them even more of a public nuisance than they already are. The left incites the homeless’ public performances and the putrid parade of panhandlers. The liberals demand that the psychotics and assorted incontinent vagabonds be “freed” from the inhuman bonds of the institution. Everything is all well and good until the candidate comes to town and then it becomes time to “appear centrist” so as to convince and convert the soccer moms and dads.

“Humane.” Who can question the motives of someone working on behalf of the homeless whose goal it is to be “humane”? Remember that when a liberal says something, supportive proof is not necessary. They have managed to warp Descartes law by essentially saying, “I have said it, therefore it is true..” (Actually with the left, I believe that it should be: ‘I stink, therefore I am..’)

The left cannot comprehend that they have pooped in their own nest. They are personally responsible for the proliferation of these parasites that will soon be gnawing away at their ankles. It is the liberals policies of endless handouts, personal unaccountability and their encouraging of limitless irresponsibility, combined with their inspirational message of individual hopelessness that has created a permanent underclass.

Those who live off of the homeless, those who draw their pay right off of the top of the offertory forcibly taken from working Americans, have morphed into several similar sounding sub species of enablers. This liberal compassion ruse must pay quite well. They are all competing to be the most “humane” in order to have free reign at the coffers.

They just want to “take care of people”.. The rubble and carnage that is left after the liberal’s limp wristed efforts at “individual resurrection” are of no consequence. The liberals just want to “feel good” about themselves so that they can foghorn about the amazing degree of their compassion at the next flag burning get together in the suburbs. It is not results but intentions that concern the left. That is why the destructive and well documented “results”, from the “Great Society” on, are never as important as the “good intentions” of the liberal tear squeezers.

They are so enamoured with their own compassion and concern that something like the following sentence effortlessly and routinely pops from the mouth of Parvensky and those of his ilk, “A person who typically sits under a tree in a park that is now occupied by 1,000 protesters won’t have the peace and quiet they’re desiring..” OK, then… get a job, stop urinating upon yourself, turn your backs on the liberals, buy a house in the country, sit under a tree that you actually own and you will have the peace and quiet you desire.. “1,000 protesters”? Why would there be 1,000 protesters at the Democratic convention? I thought it was all “peace, love and harmony” with the Kumbaya Kommies..

Parvensky concluded his monologue with, “..particularly those with mental illness that can’t cope with crowds..” Why are those with “mental illness” wandering the streets? Crowds a problem? Go back to the asylum and maybe Nurse Ratched will let you watch the World Series, Chief. Better yet, if you “suffer” from mental illness, you are uniquely qualified to be the chairman of the DNC.

Even after arranging for the trains to take the homeless to Six Flags or to whatever name that they are calling the processing plant that the liberals have built for the processing of their Soylent Green, the “Coalition’s” president still remains “concerned for people’s welfare.” I am sure that Jim Jones was “concerned” as well for his people’s welfare when he handed out the Kool Aid in Guyana..

Reaffirming his status as a liberal lunatic, he is “concerned” that “the city doesn’t control everything, the Secret Service plays a role..” Just set up Parvensky’s lawn chair on the grassy knoll right along side of Oliver Stoned’s.. “Control everything”? The left is all about control, they are just of the belief that their Socialist “control” is better than the “controls” of Democracy and the free market.

Ronnie Ward, a 62 year old panhandling failure, (AKA: the perfect liberal.) when asked about his impending field trips and movie tickets said, “I don’t care..” There you have it ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the realities created by the cancer of liberalism. The realities that the left would “compassionately” prefer to disappear for a few weeks when the limousines start arriving, or at least until the cameras and microphones leave town..



21 responses to “Caught up in the Mayhem

  1. Ben Claiborne

    Great article! This is my first time on this site.

    I agree the Dems aren’t fooling anybody. This is surprising as I would think the likes of Obama and company would want to be seen and Photo’d goving a homeless guy a sandwich.

  2. noleftturnz


    Don’t be a stranger. You are right, the struggle to appear centrist is confusing the left much to my delight.

    Hurry back and visit.

  3. Good stuff, Larry, you never disappoint. What I love most is your huge reservoir of wit, creativity and true wisdom. I savor all of the cleverness (the “puddles”, the “KK” and even a little revamped Descartes).

    The Jim Jones reference reminded me that the Dems apply the very same psychology (sans the kool-aid, at least so far). First find all of the people you can who are angry, lazy, ignorant, felons, misfits who can be easily duped. Offer them a phony philosophy that will make all of their troubles “disappear”. Appoint yourself the “magician”, collect their money and enjoy your power.

    The looney leftists have succeeded in turning at least half of this country’s voters into whiney socialists. It is impossible for the Dems to be in favor of America’s original design: work, contribute, pursue happiness and prosper. They are anti-capitalism, ergo (:-)), they are anti-America. If they offered that beautiful American formula to their constituents there would be no left party and no party left.

    God bless America

  4. Perhaps if the homeless could be persuaded to dress in a more ‘colorful’ attire to match the food being served in the inner sanctum……

  5. noleftturnz

    Dr. Gene,

    If my articles were half as good as your commentary, then I would really be getting somewhere.
    Thank you for your contributions and your insights.


  6. noleftturnz


    Good point. I would hope that everything is “enviro-sensitive” as well. I try to enlarge my carbon footprint every day. Maybe the price of gas wouldn’t be so high if Al Bore and his contemporaries would ground their private jets.



  8. noleftturnz

    George, Excellent point. Believe me, I believe that that is EXACTLY what the Clintons are hoping for..

  9. Very interesting article, maybe too over the top, ala Ann Coulter, for me to share with my liberal “friends,” but very poignant, nonetheless. It is easy to understand the uneducated and the indigent following the evil leftist elitists, who retain their sheep’s clothing for lo, these many years, though the irony is nothing short of amazing. If the TRUTH were out regarding these atheistic, “moraless” charlatans, the majority of their base would evaporate like a thimbleful of alcohol in the Sahara. (Flash to Bill Clinton purposefully toting his bible during Lewinsky. They actually BUY it!)

    No, what blows my mind are the otherwise intelligent, God-fearing , decent adults who HONESTLY buy into the swill of the Democrat party. That would include those “friends” mentioned above.

    Ecstatic I happened on this site. Great job!!!


  10. I find this whole thing hilarious. I’m imagining thousands of homeless journeying to Denver for the freebees. Is there a site where we can donate money for bus tickets to Denver? I would also donate gas money for anyone who might want to drive a few of them to Denver.

  11. noleftturnz


    Lets put togther a web site and call it “DenverBums for your Change dot Commie”

  12. noleftturnz

    Ben, If it appears to be over the top, it should be. If I didn’t laugh at the Democratic antics I would probably burst a vessel or two. I am ecstatic that you found noleftturnz and I am humbled by your “comparison” to Ann. Keep on reading my friend..

  13. Thanks, NLT

    Hey, I’ve written many “lyrics” about our “good friends across the aisle” (barf!), with no audience to display them…feel a bit Emily Dickinsonish. 🙂 Since you review comments first, I guess it’s okay for me to throw one up here. It isn’t about the convention per se, but that bunch in general.
    I won’t demand recompense!!! 🙂

    It’s As Simple As That
    © MAY 17, 2008 Ben Burton

    Time to throw the towel in
    On a war we’ll never win
    Wasted money, wasted blood
    The Middle East wants brotherhood

    We all know by now Bush lied
    Time for Congress to decide
    On a date for our retreat
    That’s it let’s tell the enemy

    The double-U MDs
    Weren’t there and that’s a fact
    Bush knew, along with his cronies
    But not the Democrats
    It’s as simple as that

    Moms and Dads who lose a son
    After we declare we’ll run
    Don’t despair it was in vain
    But please remember who’s to blame

    Gives up our blood for oil
    Makes innocents combat
    While Bushies rake in all the spoils
    But not the Democrats
    It’s as simple as that

    Pretend there is no Hezbollah
    No Dhahran or Jihad
    No murders in our embassies
    No Cole or nine-one-one
    Pretend there’s no Al-Qaeda
    No children strapped to bombs
    Pretend there is no Allah
    Until the day God’s overthrown

    One more death laid at his feet
    Ten more gallons in his hat
    If you honestly believe
    Katie, Rosie, Mike and Matt
    You must be a Democrat
    It’s as simple as that

  14. OOPS, (sheepish look) that popped right up…(signs off…)

  15. noleftturnz

    Ben, Good job. Those who “rush to conclusions” might not read your work the way it was intended. It would definately catch the left off guard.

  16. I’m actually surprised that Denver doesn’t put all those homeless on a bus to San Fransisco, since that city gives monthly checks and other benefits to their beloved bums. Come to think of it, though, San Fran put their illegal immigrant crack dealing minors on busses to San Bernadino. … (They weren’t 18 so they couldn’t be used as part of the Democratic voting block yet.) I can hear it already: “Denver’s homeless: Coming soon to a theater near you!” Yahoo.

  17. noleftturnz

    Sane Val, the entire trip to Frisco could be one big happy liberal indoctrination session. We should just buy them all a big ol’ bottle of hooch on Nov. 3rd. They’ll sleep right through the election..

  18. This is my first time at this site, referenced from Ann Coulter’s column at Human Agenda, thank you.

    The whole homeless relocation thing sounds a bit too close to what the ChiComs did in Peking, prior to the Olympics. They shipped out the homeless, the dissenters, and anyone else they didn’t like. BTW, the Denver Police has already set up warehouse jails for the anticipated crowds of angry voters, complete with low-voltage electric fences (personally, I’m so concerned about the voltage, as the amperage, but then I paid attention in school). If this doesn’t scare people out there….

  19. G., No, thank you. The party of inclusion seeks to exclude its base from their happy party..Big surprise? Nahhhhhhhhh..

    Thanks my friend,


  20. Please no more about sex lives of people in the news…leave that sleaze to the Enquirer. We have serious problems in this country- I want to know if they, elected persons, are doing their jobs not WHO they are doing.

  21. evelyn, your comment supposed to be going somewhere else? Try “The Importance of Iowa”.

    To address your point, no matter where it has ended up, don’t worry, in a day or two, I’ll be back to whatever the headlines are about. As opposed to the “professionals” who throw something out every week or so, I will have something out there for you to ingest that hopefully won’t be as salacious..

    Let me know if there is anything that you would like to hear about and it will be out as fast as I can type it..

    Thanks, Larry

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