The Delicate Balance

BHO/JFK is just about to wing his way off to Europe so that his beatification on that continent can proceed as planned. Children generally get a bit antsy on long plane trips, so I hope that his chaperones will bring plenty of coloring books and hard candy to keep the tyke amused. But before he goes, I found a story on the wire, “Obama steers clear of Michigan Muslims he may need to win state”, that has a need for further scrutiny.

I hear that statistically, Michigan has the distinct pleasure of being the most ‘Muslim state in America.’ All that means to me is that anyone looking for a Slurpee or wanting a cab anywhere in Michigan probably does not have that long of a wait. That bellicose bunch generates four percent of the votes cast in Michigan. The concern, (it is impossible to talk about the left or any of their marionettes without there being a “concern” or two to weep over..) according to the story, is that Senator Obama has not “visited a mosque or met with Muslim leaders.” Here is a news flash for all of the hirsute members of the “Mosque of the Ticking Turban” in Dearbornistan. I am here to tell you that you do not need to rush over and pull down or cover up the “Magnificent nineteen” posters that you bow before, because BHO/JFK is in “persuade/fool the undecideds” mode. I don’t think that he would possibly consider stopping by to use the restroom, even if you had one available, anytime soon..

“Inside Michigan Politics” says Obama has to “strike a delicate balance”, which translates to “again keep persuading/fooling the undecideds at all costs”. They claim that Obama “doesn’t have to pander” (that shows how little Inside Michigan Politics knows about politics in general..) to those “who are likely to back him anyway”, though he can not afford to, “dismiss them in an arrogant fashion…” (that shows how little they also know about liberal Democratic politics in particular..)

The story said that it would be a mistake for him not to court Michigan’s Muslims because they “went for Kerry four years ago and George Bush in 2000.” Two points. 1) In order for the Senator to “court” a group of potential voters, it will be necessary for him to actually address an issue or two. That is a political risk that the inexperienced little fella has yet to undertake. 2) The “American” Muslims went for Bush in 2000 because even the Muslims couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a doofus like Al Gore..

Osama Siblani of the “Arab American News” located in Dearborn (surprise!!) says that Obama must view “Muslims as (a) liability..” Since Obama won’t address this issue, or any other for that matter, as a public service, allow me to do so on his or any other candidate’s behalf. What makes the Muslims a “liability” is the inability for any of you to stand up and formally denounce some of your fellow rugmates who have adopted the propensity for spontaneously exploding when there are a large number of innocent non believers around. No matter how many Korans are fictitiously flushed or how many nude pyramids are assembled by rootin’ tootin’ Army she men, no one disgraces your religion more than the Islamic terrorists who pervert the words of the Koran while claiming to be following your deities orders. Period.

Further the story reports that “only 8 percent of Muslims identify themselves as Republican, compared with 49 percent who say that they are Democrats.” A few points, if I may.. 1) With the immigration system as screwed up as it is, I’d be happy if 100 percent of the Muslims taking up space here, really are who they “claim” that they are, regardless of their alleged political affiliation. 2) I am nothing even remotely resembling a mathematical wizard, but I believe that those numbers add up to 57 percent. What do the other 43 percent claim that they are, politically speaking? Independents? Green Party-ers? Just a second, given Obama’s well documented inexperience, doesn’t he seem to be the clear and logical choice for the “Green” party too? 3) Only 49 percent? The liberals haven’t concentrated enough on taking their “you are an oppressed and targeted victim in the Evil States of America” road show and sing song to the nations Muslims, or else that number would probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 to 95 percent..

Those “statistics” were supplied by the CAIR who also claim that in 2006, those numbers were 17% Republican and 42% Democratic. That proves that the Muslims were pretty quick on the uptake. In a relatively short amount of time, they have properly deduced through careful observation, that the Democrats have virtually the same anti American agenda as the Middle Eastern Islamofascist puppet masters that send the CAIR their marching orders. They’re just listening to the Democrats now in order to save on the long distance bills..

The closest Obama came to “dispelling” or addressing this “Muslim” issue came during an interview with Larry King. BHO/JFK criticized the recent New Yorker magazine cover, calling it an “insult to Muslim Americans.” Fact check: there were only two “Americans” portrayed on the New Yorker cover. The only other “person” portrayed was Bin Laden, who was in a portrait above the fireplace. How could the cover be an insult to Muslims when there were no Muslims (other than Bin Laden) on the cover, nor were there any references to them either? Is he saying that he and his wife are “Muslim Americans”? (For all of you JFK fans and since BHO is being touted as the Second Coming, how about ‘Ich bin ein Muslim American’?) The American flag burning in the fireplace didn’t bother Obama as he has probably been told that the burning of American flags is also a Democratic aphrodisiac. His allergy to specifics justifiably fuels the fires of innuendo and speculation.

Silbani squawked on, saying that Obama is not going to get “the overwhelming support of our community.” Silbani needs to understand that that is not an overriding concern for the Democrats right now. The lefties won’t publicly share their personal fantasy of camels grazing on the lawn of the White House, and how high a priority it is for them, until after they steal the reigns of power through their “centrist deception”.

If this whole “voting thing” is so important to Silbani, how come he isn’t working harder to bring “freedom” and the “right to vote” to those who remain imprisoned within the cesspool that is the Middle East?

Hassan Habhab said he “supported Obama until the incident” involving the two women who were ejected from the photo op for wearing hijabs. As another public service, I would like to clear this “hijab controversy” up once and for all.

Here is what actually took place during all of the chaos and noise that surrounded the anointed ones visit to Detroit. An enthusiastic Obama staffer asked another who the two women were. The other staffer said that they didn’t know but they pointed out that “the women had hijabs.” The first staffer thought that the second had said that “the women had JOBS.” The appearance of two “employed” Democrats in the picture would have completely skewed the Democratic demographics therefore the women were quickly rushed from the stage. Their removal had nothing to do with their headgear, it had everything to do with the transparently false imagery and fiction of “employed Democrats”, and the staffers knew that they would be called onto the carpet over the ruse. I hope this brings this controversy into better focus and finally puts it to rest…

Ron Amen, an Obama volunteer said that there is an “Islamophobic wave” in America. Amen to that Ron, and we hope that that wave’s undertow will take the Democrats and their dystrophic dinghy of “hope and change” right to the bottom of the political sea.




20 responses to “The Delicate Balance

  1. It would be hard to believe that Obama would lose MI since it’s now one of the easiest states in the nation to get on the permanent Welfare roles. And since his latest take on Jerusalem was that it COULD be divided (after telling the Jewish voters “no way”), they may vote on that issue alone. This guy is a hoot, more Kerry than Kerry at his best. No to Jerusalem for one group then yes for another. No to guns but yes to gun control only if authorized by (unconstitutional, i.e. D.C. and Chicago) laws. Yes to any abortion at any time and now no if it’s late term abortion and he’s speaking to non-far left loons. Yes to the same campaign finance restrictions of his opponent then no when he saw the bucks rolling his way. Yes to Uncle Rev. Wright then no when the polls shifted. Yes to his Church then no when the polls shifted. Yes to his wife on the campaign trail then no when the polls shifted. I can see him in the Oval Office, reading the latest polls as his staff writes the next speech. “No questions please; we haven’t yet polled the response to what I just said.”

  2. noleftturnz

    Sane Val, you tell ’em. With BHO/JFK the classic “Kerry-ism” has morphed into “I voted for everything before I was against it….” Its the Jedi Mind Trick for the inattentive..

  3. A phobia by definition is an “unreasonable fear” of something. I don’t think Americans fear Islam in the least, we just know exactly what it represents and its followers intentions toward American infidels. It is the idiots who point their fingers and scream,”Islamaphobe!!” that have their heads up their a….heads in the sand

  4. noleftturnz

    keysfish, yes, the liberal “argumentative minimalism”, the one word argument.._ist or -phobe. “Moderate Muslim” reminds me of “liberal scholar” or “rap artist”..Well put.

  5. Another delicious read, Larry. I’m still giggling over the “JOBS” paragraph.

    Your comments on what “really disgraces ” the Islamic religion are classic. How I long for an American leader who would have the courage to articulate such clarity.

    I still look forward to an essay by Ann now and then. But my new addiction is reading your essays – often. Ann is pugnacious and pretty. You are prolific and profound.

  6. noleftturnz

    Dr. Gene, addiction. I am truly humbled by your complements. Thank you as always. Larry

  7. Another superb article. Typical Liberal tactics i.e. be all things to all men, then once elected, break all promises immediately by blaming the previous administration for their inability to act.

  8. noleftturnz

    John, In aperfect world, a law should have been passed during the Reagan administration, that after a Democrat is sworn in, your “disclaimer” has to be read. Kind of reminds us of the commercials on television where they race through the “fine print” at the very end after they haved snowed you

  9. Obama is the only candidate with PROVEN connections to extreme racists.

    BHO lacks the 3 main ingredients to be President: Pride. Honor. Integrity.

    BHO would not hesitate for a second to order our troops to drop their guns, raise their skirts (to be issued shortly after he takes office), then run for the border screaming like little girly-men.
    Obombo has no any idea the pride we have in these honorable men and women who put their integrity on display for the world to see.
    This educated-beyond-his-intellect liberal really doesn’t care about the shame he would bring on our military for suffering another “loss” as he yanks them out of Iraq and Afganistan and watches, gloating, as those 2 nations fall back under the grips of Islamo-facists.
    He’ll just blame it on Bush for HIS failed policies.
    I’m sure Osama will thank Obama and rename those countries Barackistan and Obamistan for his brother Barack.
    Apparently when a person is half black and half white it produces a yellow streak where the two come together.

    The liberal, anti-American news outlets are poking fun of a few slips of the tongue from McCain, but wont say a word about the outright lies puked out each day by their turd-sucking candy-date.
    They call it “refining his position”.
    My mom called it, “lying”.

    I challenge you: put pictures of McCain and Obama on your screen side by side. Then say these words outloud: Pride. Honor. Integrity.
    Which picture do you look at??

    When asked about wearing a lapel flag Obama asked “why?”.
    When ordered to remove the flag from his flight suit by his Vietnamese captors, the beaten, broken, and bleeding McCain replied: “..never…”.

    I’m voting of the Patriot!

  10. noleftturnz

    Stitch, Your concept would make an excellent campaign commercial wouldn’t it? Larry

  11. Excellent essay! I t is a pleasure to read and very refreshing in a world where everyone else seems to be walking on eggshells for fear of offending anyone who is not a white heterosexual male.

  12. noleftturnz

    Dave, we “WHM’s” are entitled to our opinions as well. Always keep in mind that right is right and left is wrong. Thanks for reading. Larry

  13. This website is sooo good! The replies are often as good as the commentary! It’s easy to fall into the pre-election “terrors” over what if “he” gets elected…but it is enormously comforting to know that there are literally tens of millions of us that are in the same boat, politically. None of us want this fake Amerikan in the White House. What a snake oil salesman this Muslim is. By the way, if he claims he’s not a Muslim, then why the Muslim name??

  14. noleftturnz

    Rick, Thanks for the complements and your reply falls into that catagory as well. The name..maybe the happy couple lost a bet or something. The comparison however must be an insult to the snake oil salesmen and women of the world..Larry

  15. Excellent insight! What a salient and telling point: there were NO Muslims on the cover, just two Americans. Yet, B. Hussein defends the Muslim perspective. Curious, very curious.
    I look forward to every new essay. Truly, noleftturnz is the very cutting edge of conservative thought!
    Dr. Dave

  16. noleftturnz

    Dr.Dave, Thank you so much for your kind words. Conservative thought is the scimitar that lacerates the liberal illogic. I certainly hope that McCain sees that distancing himself from the “Hanna Montana” of liberal politics will benefit him more than mimicking the Democrats “presumptive” nominee.

  17. I love the essay, Larry…particularly the part about “they had JOBS”!
    I think you should add “employed Democrats” to the lexicon of oxymorons you started in your response to keysfish! Your smart-aleck style does give you away as an Ann aficionados, however, I love your wit and fresh thought. Never mind that I’m a smart-aleck, too. 😉

  18. noleftturnz

    Clevergael, the thing is, I’ve had this “style” ever since I began to write down my thoughts over twenty years ago. I prefer to think of it as “sick minds think alike”.. Thanks for reading . Larry

  19. Yeah, I liked the part about “…had jobs” too.
    Reminded me of when Reagan was cutting spending and the liberal news media (that description takes too long to type, let’s just call them Anti-American Authors for the Democrats: AAAD) went out and found the biggest (had to be 300+ pounds), blackest (she was very dark), poorest (oh yeah), and with the most kids (10 I think), and put her on TV saying “I don’t know what I’m gonna do when they take away my money”. (ok, so I transalated that from the Ebonics original).
    They (the AAAD) never went back to find out (and report) that SHE ended up getting more money, and more avenues of assistance once all the dead-beats got kicked off the system.
    Ahhhhh, Ronnie!! Those were the days….
    When Ronald Reagan was at the helm, no nation on earth even contemplated attacking us – not even the USSR!

  20. noleftturnz

    Stitch, All I have to say is: Reagan for Rushmore…

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