A Few More Thoughts About Change

After giving the matter careful thought and consideration, I believe that I might end up converting to the ingenious idea forwarded by the almighty BHO/JFK that this election is all about “change.” I know that I have humorously pointed out on a few occasions that the only “change” the left is truly concerned with is what they ask me for in front of the grocery store or the mall. Well, I have seen the error of my ways and I am now open to the concept of “change” and I am thinking about swallowing the Socialist Eucharist at the next Obama tent revival that manages to make its way through my town.

I was wondering though, being that I wish to be a part of the “big tent of inclusion and fairness”, if I could make a few suggestions relative to all of this “change” business. That is if my opinion actually matters, like you liberal folks like to let on that it does whenever the flash bulbs are popping and while the microphones and the scribblers are in sight. I was hoping that my newfound candidate who espouses “change” would be open to some of my suggested “changes”. Here we go..

Is there any chance that you could “change” the Democratic Party’s addiction to the plague of liberalism? I know that this is a big one but I figured that if you would consider making that important “change” up front, a lot of the following “changes” would more or less happen as a matter of political osmosis. Just in case that this initial request appears to be too much to ask for, I will go through a few more of the individual “changes” that I feel are important to me. These are my “feelings” now and I know how important a person’s “feelings” are to the left..

What is the chance that you could “change” the Democrats obvious enthusiasm for destroying the public school system? Is the ruination of the public schools one of the Democratic Parties goals because that appears to be the case based upon the Democrats previous history of actions and inactions. Since the liberals abhor the concept of “outcome based education” (grades) among other things, why do you reflexively blame the public school’s constant failures upon a “lack of funding”? On a related note, if the teachers in the public school system can’t figure out how to teach second graders how to do simple addition how is it that they are then sufficiently capable to instruct those same children in sex education? And as well, why do you allow imbecile instigators to forward the destructive fiction that 2+2=racist?

Is there any possibility that you could “change” the Democrats predilection and adoration of the ACLU? In case you have been a little too busy to notice, the ACLU spends all of their time trying to destroy those who defend America and defending those who are trying to destroy America.

Could you possibly “change” the liberal allergy to the Constitutional “freedom of religion”? I had always thought that freedom OF religion also meant freedom FROM religion as well, that this was an individual’s “choice”. I thought this “choice” thing was what the left was all about?

Speaking of “choice”, what is the chance that you could “change” the liberal inclination towards murdering the unborn? I know that most of you look good sporting your rubber aprons and your monogrammed ice tongs, but possibly, if the fifty million abortions you’ve “provided” had actually been brought to term, you wouldn’t have to encourage the millions of illegal aliens who violate our borders in order to “do the jobs no one else will do”.. This “liberal Dr. Mengele wanna-be infanticide infatuation” has got to go..

Is there any probability that we could “change” the left’s preference towards the blatant discrimination that is carefully couched within the sledgehammer semantics of “quotas and set asides”? It is hard to envision a “level playing field” when everyone is not allowed to participate based upon his or her achievements and his or her pigmentation and plumbing mysteriously takes precedence over an individual’s accomplishments.

Could we “change” the Democratic Party’s dependence upon exorbitant taxation? I have heard that you guys are big on handing out free needles and that you get all weepy about “intervention” and “rehabilitation” so couldn’t we create a Methadone clinic dedicated to the left and its need for its habitual “tax fixes” and “injections”? I suppose that with that startling realization the liberals might understand that their ponderous version of government does not create jobs, it systematically oppresses those who do.

Is there any chance that you could stop worshiping the likes of Al $harpton , Je$$e Jack$on, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Nancy “Where’s my 747” Pelosi and Dhimmi Carter for a “change”? All of the heady references to FDR, JFK and others in the Democratic pantheon fall short of being genuinely convincing when you are sharing a podium with these trolls. What happened to the “Zell Miller Democrats”? I swear that I saw an example of one stuffed and mounted at the Smithsonian Institution categorized as a “Democratic conservative, placed upon the United States endangered species list in 1966. Totally extinct shortly thereafter”..

Could we begin to “change” the liberal perpetual enslavement of the lowest class through the ball and chain of welfare? I know that you have made great strides towards ending the curse of “poverty” ever since the inception of the “Great Society” and if just given a little more time and a few trillion more tax dollars feloniously stolen form the working class, that you would cure this malignant malaise. But if that plan which hasn’t seemed to address and alleviate this problem for over forty years doesn’t pan out during your time in office, is there any way could we get a “timetable” and an “exit plan” relative to this useless “War on Poverty”?

I know that this is just a partial list and if given more time, I could have been more thorough but I didn’t want to “tax” my Democratic friends too much. (See. I am a bad Democrat already, I am trying to cut taxes..) If you get around to these kinds of real and tangible “changes”, you will gain more converts than you can possibly win with your hollow and unsubstantial promises and the vacuity and vapidity of your meaningless calls for the illusory and translucent phantasms of “hope and change.”


35 responses to “A Few More Thoughts About Change

  1. Pretty darn good stuff.

  2. Webcruiser829

    EVERY time I read a noleftturnz article, I am tempted to print copies and display them for the world to see. This is another great one!

  3. noleftturnz

    Webcruiser829, please do so. Tell everyone. If noleftturnz is the vehicle for chenge, then lets get on board the train. What is important is that the ideas and the core beliefs of conservatism are shared with the right and the left. Silence in the war of ideas earns you no converts. Thank you for your complements and TELL THE WORLD! Larry

  4. As usual, another fine piece of prose, Larry. You are a wordsmith par excellance, or some such complimentary French term. Keep up the extraordinary work.

  5. noleftturnz

    TK, I will try my best and thanks for your kind words. Larry

  6. Ben Claiborne

    Great article. The liberal idea of “Change” Is us changing to thier beliefs. They accuse us of being close minded but the liberals I know are some of the most close minded people I know. The hypocrisy is amazing.

  7. Yvonne Brady

    Love it!!! What are the chances of you & Ann Coulter hooking up & going on tour?? I’d definitely pay big bucks to see it!!!

  8. This is a great read – and I have taken your advise, printed it and posted it on our message board here at the office.

  9. Just the sight of NOLEFTTURNZ in my in-box brings a smile, I know I am in for some erudite entertainment. Great stuff.

  10. noleftturnz

    Yvonne….I’m in, lets go.I’ll call the travel agent.. Actually I’d pay big bucks myself to tour with Ann!! Thanks for reading and for your comment. Larry

  11. noleftturnz

    KK, Excellent. Hopefully your company believes that the right has the right to its opinions. Onward and upward, my friend. Thanks as always, Larry

  12. noleftturnz

    J9, See, we conservatives have “feelings”, we smile..your comment had that same effect upon me. Thanks for your help in the battle for sensibility. Larry

  13. noleftturnz

    Ben, You nailed it. Their rules apply to everyone but themselves. Excellent point. Larry

  14. Great read, Larry. Hey, you may be on to something…perhaps we should ALL defect to the Democrat party, then we might be able to effect some change. You know, beat the socialists at their own game…destroy them from within! I’ll happily don my sheep’s clothing (whilst I sharpen my wolf’s teeth for the battle at hand…er…at claw! ).


  15. I, however, do not work for a “company” that believes the Right is entitled to its opinions. I work for the State of Xxxxxx. Liberalism is the law of the land, here. I have announced to my manager that I will not attend a Cultural Competency class that has been mandated for all state employees. I expect to be fired (after 15.5 years here). Should that happen, anyone know a good legal source to fight back with?

  16. noleftturnz

    Ben, I think we should give it a try but they will know that something is up when we walk in smelling of cologne..Larry

  17. noleftturnz

    Rick, Good for you, my brother. I am sure that the ACLU would pass you by even though your right to work without the forced indoctrination should be what an organization with that name should be defending… Larry


  19. Another enjoyable piece of art, Larry.

    Your thoughts made me reflect on the Communist Manifesto and its, not so coincidental similarity to the liberal agenda.

    In my opinion, all of the indivdual and seemingly disparate democrat factions (ACLU, Code Pink, Enviromentalists, Global Warming alarmists, et al) have only one common trait – they have been infiltrated by the socialists. What they couldn’t achieve out in the open in the 1930’s in the USA, they are now succeeding at with these ease.

    It would be great if the Dems could be made to see the hopeful logic in your entertaining list, but we might as well ask a chair to become a table 🙂

  20. noleftturnz

    Big George, No matter that you and I can’t pay for it, the liberals just “feel good” bankrupting us in order to “help” the sponges.. Thanks for all of your comments my friend. Larry

  21. noleftturnz

    Dr. Gene, relative to the Manifesto, whoever has the “rights” to it should consider suing the liberals for blatant plagarism..The “Communist Manifesto” and the “Democratic Platform” have been too similar for nearly fifty years.. Thanks for your comments as always, sir. Larry

  22. About your suggestions to the never-changing Dems, there is an old saying that I think aptly applies here: Never try to teach a pig to sing; it will just frustrate you and irritate the pig. Just saying…

  23. noleftturnz

    SaneVal, The next time you insult a pig by insinuating that they are like the liberals…well, I won’t be responsible for the deluge of hate mail from the nations pigs. Can I just forward it all to you?? Thanks as always, Larry

  24. We have a saying here in Southern Illinois also- you can put a tuxedo on a pig, but when you get to town,it’s still a pig.So much for “change”.

  25. Sling Blade, Ahh yes, Little Egypt, a great area. I can’t recall other than the Oscars, a time when I’ve seen a pig in a tuxedo..Larry

  26. Sling Blade

    I have a question. The present Congress enjoys a well-earned 9% approval rating. Congress is controlled by Democrats. Yet, this is,by all accounts,going to be a good year for them. I read little about this abysmal performance,neither from the GOP nor from Conservative media,with few exceptions.Why is this not being screamed from the housetops?
    I await enlightenment,O Mighty One.

  27. Mr Blade
    This is NOT being reported because the liberal news media simply wont report it.
    The conservatives can yell about it all they want, but no one is reporting it.
    Also, conservatives are not generally known as a “whining bunch” like the folks across the aisle on the left. The conservatives would prefer to discuss issues, not tissues.
    heh heh hehhh…. I like that “Conservatives prefer ISSUES, not TISSUES”…

    Its really sad though, with the war in Iraq all but won, extremists on the run in Afganistan, and Al-Qaida bottled up all around the world, if BHO does win in November he can easily claim (in a few short months) that HE won all those victories.

  28. Sling Blade, I am not sure who the Elightened One is supposed to be, but my thoughts are that the left is not concerned with results, just intentions. The left, in their mind, sees W at the top, therefore any resultant carnage is of HIS doing. The media thniks, contributes and votes with the left exlaining their silence.Pelosi’s Botox powered smile isn’t the only bullet proof thing about her..Larry

  29. Stitch, I believe that our “yelling” led by John O’Neill, payed dividends when Senator Ketchup ran for higher office. We “yell”, but all too infrequently, and with a considerably higher degree of decorum. We put in what the left leaves out of the equasion, the “substance” or “definative proof”. Liberals “yell” in the same manner that children do. The “I know you are but what am I” style employed by the left has led to their “argumentative minimalism”, featuring such devistating arguments as, “racist!!!” If BHO/JFK tries to take credit for the victories during W’s War on Terror, we need to remind him that, according to the candidate himself, he has “been against the war since its inception”. We can only hope that if he takes office, he won’t do his best to undo all that the military has succeded so far in doing…

  30. right you are, NLT.
    I think the war in Iraq will be won, even if BHO tries to surrender to his brother Muslims.
    The Iraqis see they have about 6 more months until BHO CAN be sworn in. So you can bet they are working hard to rid their land of extremists before one takes over in Washington.
    However, that could also be dangerous for them. BHO could decide that the Iraqi government is TOO anti-terroristic and decide to invade them again. This time to replace their pro-democracy, pro-capitalism government with one more in line with BHO’s new-found friend, ImmaNutJob from next door in Iran.
    After all, under BHO’s plan we won’t be needing any of their oil (we’ll all be riding bicycles to pick up our gubment checks. And why would the Iraqis even need a democracy or capitalism when they have BHO and his $1 TRILLION dollar give-away program for the world.

  31. noleftturnz

    Stitch, Well put as always my friend..Isn’t funny that when the left sees “genocide” in Bosnia, invasion forces, explosions and carpet bombing are all okie dokie..Saddam’s “genocide” after twelve or so UN resolutions and even BOTH Clintons (among so many liberals) calling for Saddam’s ouster, is irrelevant because there wasn’t a scandal involving fat interns and blue dresses to cover for.. There is no doubt that the Islamofascists are waiting it out. There are no Middle Eastern liberals crying about “time tables” and “exit plans”. In the world of the terrorist, November 5th will very important..

  32. yeah, I was threatened the other day by a Muslim telling me if Obama didn’t win in November he was going to blow up my house.
    Go ahead liberals, challenge me on that statement.
    I’ll just “refine my position” as we go….

  33. noleftturnz

    Hey Stitch, I think that BHO/JFK can use his inexperience as an angle to implement the “refine my position” line.. “Experience” may teach him enroute, therefore any “flexibilty” comes from “education” not mere “flip-flopperie”..What a joke…Larry

  34. Great stuff! I would like to add that we have already seen change. Two years ago when the liberals took over congress we have seen nothing but change. Let’s see, the stock market is up and down (mostly down), gas prices are on the rise. Because gas is on the rise so is food, clothing, and the essentials that are needed to sustain ourselves. I find it interesting that they are willing to kill the unborn humans but we had better not hurt an animal. Do not get me wrong, I am not for hurting animals either. I think if you hurt an animal that you are sick. So what does that make those that are willing to let someone have a late-term abortion? Sicker. I see more and more mosques going up across California! The liberals say let them in, I say take them out. The liberals are willing to destroy the moral of our troops. The pay that these young men and women get is a crime. I dare anyone in congress to live on the pay that our military brings home. It wouldn’t happen. We have had lots of change in the last two years. Look at the unemployment rate. The highest it has been since shortly after Bush took office and he made some changes. I do not agree with everything that Bush has done but come on America, get a grip. We have taken Jesus Christ out of our country and are promoting all the other alternatives. Well, when this country has it’s next attack I hope that the Christians of this country remember what happened to us on 911 and decide to turn back to their first love. Larry, keep up the great work and I hope that some how every small town in America will get our writings and they are published. Because God knows that the liberal new media is not going to publish what you write. One more comment as to the housing mess, I read a very interesting article in Townhall. Allan Greenspan was being interviewed and he stated point blank that the housing mess was because of what he and Clinton put into place in 1996. So I hope that America will stop blaming Bush for all of our woos. America we are in more trouble than you can even imagine.

  35. DeeDee, Excellent post! I don’t think that I could have said it better. Glad that you are on our side and thanks for your comments.. Larry

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