The King of the Universe

As the Transcendent One makes his way across Europe, and as the Germans pick themselves up from their collective case of the vapours, my natural curiosity was peaked relative to a point or two, involving and/or collateral to, “the Speech”..

Correct me if I am wrong but the election in November is going to be held in the United States and the last time I checked, we weren’t going to be electing a King of the Universe. So what does the gathering of 200,000 Germans have to do with the issues that a United States presidential aspirant should be addressing and shouldn’t he be addressing them within the United States? I also understand that the left couldn’t assemble that many head of liberal back home because they are spread out in order to protest the war, protest W, burn flags and other liberal convulsions of subversive expression or they are sleeping off yet another “bad trip”… My anonymous sources have told me that the reason for the size of the assemblage in Berlin was due to a flyer handed out by the Democrats the day before that asked for volunteers to amass at that time for another invasion of Poland..

This transparent attempt to garner “experience” or “credibility” on the “world stage” is irrelevant. Quite honestly, if the Germans or any other hodgepodge of collected Euro peons, find some American political tyro to be to their personal liking, that should automatically be sufficient evidence for that candidate’s immediate expulsion from the election process..

Since it was so important to court the Europeans, the Anointed One cancelled a visit to our wounded troops who are recovering at Landstuhl Medical Center and at the Ramstein Air Base. An Obama campaign shill/zombie said that such a visit would be “inappropriate” because that was during the “campaign-funded” part of his field trip. Considering that last blasphemous statement politically, (which is the only way that the left thinks) Obama would have been speaking to more registered American voters had he visited the wounded soldiers and stopped by the air base than he did in Berlin. Please keep in mind that the liberals “support the troops” they just don’t want to be bothered by them when the Europeans and the duplicitous media are waiting..

Strangely, Obama himself not more than a few lines into his monologue said, “I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen—a proud citizen of the United States..” All right then, if Obama was just a “proud citizen”, and not a politician/candidate, then why not swing by and talk to the troops? Just for the record, I would like to know how just long he has been “proud” because we know that it took quite a while for his wife to finally reach that point..

Shortly there after, Obama said, “I don’t look like the Americans who’ve previously spoken in this great city…”. At this point, I feel that this speech which was supposedly titled, “A World that Stands as One”, should have been called, “Ich bin ein Black Guy”. I guess that the politics of racial recognition are acceptable as long as the white folks aren’t the ones doing the recognizing.

Obama felt compelled to start telling his “life story” as any politician does during a campaign stop OUTSIDE of the United States. His father, “wrote letters to universities until somebody, somewhere answered his prayers..” The liberals view themselves as God therefore they can never get beyond their own atheistic “Self as Savior” limitations. Universities don’t answer prayers, God does. That appears to prove either one or two things. Either Obama was not paying attention to the “Reverend” Wright’s sermons (otherwise known as the “hate filled homilies of horror”) or it points out just how infrequently he attended the church at all…

Obama then began to speak darkly (sorry..) of the “Soviet shadow” that swept across Eastern Europe. He spoke of a “retreat (that) would have allowed Communism to march across Europe.” History helper for the candidate: For generations, the liberals gleefully surveyed and paved the road that the Communists marched on… The liberals were the ones who were so enamoured with “Papa Joe” and his cronies during this period. The left has reflexively apologized for the crimes of their comrades regardless of where and when these crimes were committed. The left refused to accept that the Soviets were actively working towards America’s demise and in a number of cases, the lefties were ardently aiding and abetting the Communists in that task. After nearly seventy years, a liberal has apparently come to recognize and acknowledge the evils of the “Soviet shadow.” I suppose that we should be thankful for any concession from the left relative to their Communist cohorts regardless of how late in the Cold War it happened to arrive..

Here is a 21st century helpful hint for the Senator: try taking that approach relative to today’s “War on Terror”. It is hard to imagine that you are having trouble recognizing the “shadow” of radical Islam and its “march across Europe” or the radical elements fermenting and festering within our own borders. It is equally hard to imagine that you don’t see your statist friends enthusiastic enabling of the Islamofascists. You are either insanely gullible or you are inherently duplicitous. Neither character flaw is palatable in a commander in chief..

Obama just couldn’t resist paying homage to the left’s environmental Buddah Al Gore, when he went on about the “cars of Boston melting the ice caps..” Personally, I am more concerned about the preponderance of hot air that BHO/JFK was personally responsible for and the “carbon footprint” that “Air Hope-a-Dope” is depositing in our fragile atmosphere as it wings its way around the globe..

The left is still convinced that poverty is the root cause of all evil. On that, Obama said, “poverty and violence in Somalia breeds the terror of tomorrow..” Terror is not bred by poverty. (Actually, terror has been bred by the ineptitude of Carter and Clinton..) Terror comes from an individual’s lack of morality, lately inspired by flea bitten Imams who are inspired by their own warped interpretations of the Koran. Blaming terrorism (or crime) on the poor, insults the vast majority of the poor who have the virtue to understand that participating in terror (or crime) is immoral and abhorrent. If the left is correct about poverty causing terrorism, then the following must be true.

The overwhelming percentages of terrorists are Middle Eastern. The Middle East supplies the United States and the world with crude oil. At the inflated price that these savages are extorting per barrel, the streets of the Middle East should be lined with gold, but poverty is rampant. Why haven’t the collectivist liberals demanded that the emperors and the potentates “redistribute” the oil wealth, thereby eliminating Middle Eastern poverty and therefore terrorism, in a matter of minutes? It is infantile to even consider that as a realistic possibility, but that is what should logically transpire syllogistically, if we were to implement this twisted liberal “logic.” They will never understand that it is ideology and not income that drives the terrorist and that is just another reason why the left is inherently dangerous.

This was a great quote, “In Europe, the view that America is part of what has gone wrong in our world, rather than a force to help make it right, has become all too common..”” May I rephrase that? ..On the left in America, the view that America is completely responsible for all that has gone wrong in our world, rather than a force to help make it right, has become all too common.. Those of us even mildly observant have concluded that we are fighting a two front war with two enemies retaining similar goals, the terrorists and the liberals..

Obama the Red couldn’t help poking his weenie into the collectivist campfire when he spoke of wealth that “we” create and “we” must “share its benefits more equitably” because that would be “fair for all.” Even in front of hundreds of thousands, his redistributionist urges couldn’t be quelled. Who is this “we” that he spoke of? I prefer to think of it as the free market, but the left is absolutely convinced that their Soviet inspired centralized form of government creates wealth and that is the only kind of “creationism” that these boobs believe in..

Obama said that Europe and America must “send a direct message to Iran” about its nuclear “ambitions.” Senator, you are a little late relative to the “ambition” part, but it was adorable of you to try anyway. The left would send its “direct message” to Iran in a pretty pink envelope with a hint of perfume sprayed upon the paper.. I would prefer to send that “direct message” from the bomb bays of a fleet of well stocked B-52s. The Iranians hate us anyway, so I say lets give them a few megatons worth of good reasons to do so.

There were still more childish soliloquies, to “reduce the carbon”, to “give hope to those left behind”, to “shun discrimination” and to “keep the promise of equality”. My favorite from near the end of this knee slapper was, “every language is spoken in our country”. Thanks to the left, we are quickly reaching the point where we will “press twelve for English”…

If you need definitive proof of the inexperience of this liberal, please remember that every topic that Obama addressed was incubated and exacerbated by the policies and procedures of the liberals that have preceded him for the past sixty years and he didn’t even acknowledge that glaring fact. So what would an Obama administration be like? To suddenly expect the left to “change” its stripes would be, as the learned Dr. Gene Ciliberti says, the same as asking a chair to become a table..

With the Democrat’s proclivities for allowing the dead to vote within the inner cities, for counting every minority vote at least twice and for their bellowing for the felons to be allowed to vote again, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they demanded that the whole world be allowed to vote in November. If that ends up being the case, the new “King of the Universe of Fairness, Hope and Change” would be well on his way to victory over…uhh…who is he running against? Who??


35 responses to “The King of the Universe

  1. Since we are now giving the captives of war access to our courts, giving Europeans the right to vote doesn’t seem like any stretch at all. And I love the “post-racial” candidate who recently reminded the voters “By the way, he (I) am black”, needed to keep the racial issue alive by reminding us that he “Doesn’t look like other Americans”. As the Los Angeles Times put it, “The Magic Negro”. The one who gives us whiteys a chance to clear our conscience once and for all by voting black.

  2. Another fun read, Larry. In your inimitable style, each paragraph informs me, provides me alternate views and makes me laugh. I really enjoy your stuff.

    On the subject at hand: no liberal, including Hussein, ever wants to be identified as such. They hate that label. They have chosen “Progressive” as an acceptable handle for themselves. Really cute. They figured that nobody would remember the Communist Party in America having the same problem years ago.

    The Communists hated their label too, so they changed it to the Progressive Party in America. Today’s looney leftists can never admit their Marxist past (and present). Why? Because they’d have to admit their anti-capitalist (think anti-American) views. That would require them to be honest and brave – not possible.

    If they were somehow able to summon just one moment of veracity they could then admit they don’t enjoy that catchy little tune we call our National Anthem. Heck, Hussein could then finally dispose of that pesky little lapel pin.
    God bless America

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with “J9″‘s comments from your previous article. Simply seeing “nolefturnz” in my inbox brings a smile to me after putting in a full day to support the government dole. How can we organize publishing your articles as a syndicated columnist? Do we simply need to raise money? If so, I’m in! I hate to give Knight-Ridder the income, but the thought of balancing the debate in the marketplace of ideas puts another smile on my face. Please do not give up, Larry. Our beloved country needs your articulate expression.
    1Cor 15:58

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with “J9″’s comments from your previous article. Simply seeing “nolefturnz” in my inbox brings a smile to me after putting in a full day to support the government dole.

    How can we organize publishing your articles as a syndicated columnist? Do we simply need to raise money? If so, I’m in! I hate to give Knight-Ridder the income, but the thought of balancing the debate in the marketplace of ideas puts another smile on my face.

    Please do not give up, Larry. Our beloved country needs your articulate expression.
    1Cor 15:58

  5. noleftturnz

    Paul in FL, If it were up to me, I would be syndicated tomorrow. Those who ahve “made it” within this field have absolutely no interest in those of us who haven’t..No one has answered any correspondence that I have sent, including Human Events. If anyone “knows” someone, feel free to let me know. Better yet, have them spend a moment on my site as it is the best resume that I have..Thanks for your very kind words. Larry

  6. noleftturnz

    Dr. Gene, Right as rain, my friend. The left has always done its most devious work utilizing subterfuge. They duck, dodge and hide under the scrutiny of the light. Lets keep shining it upon them and their treachery. Thank you as always, Larry

  7. noleftturnz

    PG Rog, Excellent points. No lie, today I saw a typically self absorbed pony tailed lib “washing” his car. Do you know what he was clearing of mud and dirt? His “Obama’08” sticker and nothing else!!! The white liberals will find their moment in the voting booth quite cathartic come November 4th..They never let you down..Larry

  8. The Euro Peons have yet to come to grips with the fact that most Americans are here to get away from, well, the Euro Peons.
    Its really no big deal to get 200,000 Socialists out to see a fellow Socialist running for the top office of the most powerful nation on earth.
    There may have been 200,000 Socialist Germans ( I think the last National Socialist party in Germany was abbreviated “NAZI”, but that still left 68,800,000 other Germans who decided NOT to listen to Obamics that day.
    It should not surprise us how many European nations have booted out their previous anti-American leaders and replaced them with Pro-American leadership.
    Most Europeans still know who’s buttering their bread, and, where they would prefer to live if they could just make the transition.
    True, technically BHO would have visited more “registered” voters had he visited the soldiers, but, since these were soldiers, and not cowards, these particular registered voters probably would not be voting for this guy.
    Yes, it would be nice to know at what point BHO finally became proud of this country.
    Was it when his white family raised him? When his black father left him and went back to Africa? When he got a free ride to Harvard? WHEN??

    Liberals abandoning their dead friends (ie, Communists) for their own political agenda really doesn’t surprise me. Since the Cold War is over and their communist friends were soundly defeated, the liberals are saying “yeah! we never liked them either!”.
    But, if the war was still going on, the liberals would still be laying the paving stones in front of the marching Red Army. And, if the Communists/Socialists/Democrats had actually won the Cold War, the liberals would be saying “yeah! we never liked Capitalism/Democracy/Freedom either!”.
    Believe me Osama/Obama ARE already contemplating the “shadow” of Islamo-facism spreading across Europe.
    You’ve just got to love this constant comparison of the US to these small European nations.
    We consume more oil than France…whipty do…. France has 50 million people, we have 300 million. We are 6 times the size of France, and we consume 6 times the oil.
    Add up 300 million people across western Europe, then compare them to the US. You won’t find ANY appreciable differences in fuel consume or pollutions emitted.

    I agree with your opinion on radical Islam. OBL came from a wealthy Saudi family. Yet this carpet kisser just hates anyone who disagrees with his twisted views.
    Actually, by that definition, wouldn’t OBL be better described as a “Democrat” rather than a “radical”??
    Keep in mind, BHO has earmarked $1 TRILLION of our tax dollars to “help” African nations.

    My standard policy regarding “Press 1 for English” is to hang up. Any company doing business in America that doesn’t know what language we speak will NOT be getting my business.

    Oh well, at least BHO can say he took his Geography class, so now he’s certainly qualified to be President

    Check out my bumper stickers at
    Or my jibberish at

  9. elliott SIASL

    free concerts have a way of drawing a crowd. I agree any time a politician is loved by Europeans and the middle east like a candidate, that candidate should be barred from office permanately. Point to remember tax codes are written to benefit congress, so loopholes are always in place designed to ensure that the august members of Congress and their buddies do not pay taxes. Want universal health care look to Canada and the mess they created. Obama has no plan but change, far as I can tell that means he want all the change we have. SIASL

  10. Elliot, You’re right, Obama has no plans for change. He has no plans at all. They aren’t necessary. The left “believes”. Do you see what I see in the air? Here is my theory: McCain saw how effective the “Hope-a-dope” that Obama used while Hillary kept falling backwards..He is in “Hope-a-dope” mode with Obama in the hopes that he will eventually have to get around to “discussing issues.” Also, where is his pantsuited “best friend forever”?…Haven’t seen her since their silly coming out party, have we… Larry

  11. Cherokee1020

    What a[nother] fabulous article. Brilliant. My favourite word? “Euro Peon”. Phenomenal. Thank you for the informative discourse. God help us in November…

  12. noleftturnz

    Cherokee1020, Thanks for your kind words. Try to imagine how much can be destroyed in four years time. November 4th is an incredibly important day. Will he be Clinton or Carter redux? The names may “change” but the results will be the same.. Lets all do our part because we know that the left will. They have been waiting too long. Besides, the Europeans say he is cool so it must be a go… Larry

  13. Sling Blade

    As for BHO’s character flaws, I’m thinking “inherently duplicitous”.
    As for syndication, I just recently heard of you and signed up. I’m glad I did.You state your opinion with intelligence and wit. Keep fighting the good fight. Soon you will be too big to ignore.

  14. Sling Blade, I will continue the fight., just keep helping me spread the word. Any and all help with noleftturnz is greatly appreciated! Thank you as always, Larry

  15. Just read that the main reason 200,000 Germans gathered together was because there were 2 musicians there they wanted to hear.
    Poor people, how does it feel getting duped by the likes of BHO?? Sure, they got to listen to their musicians, but then got an earful of colorful Obamics.
    If these were not Socialist Germans, then listening to BHO was like nails on a chalkboard.
    If these were Germans from their National Solialist party (I believe that would be NAZIs), then you can only imagine their shock to see someone declaring “I dont look others you have seen (ie, or look like you either)”.
    Wonder if he plans to visit French troops before he returns (build up his military creds once he finishes his geography lesson)??

  16. I also recently “discovered” noleftturnz and have truly enjoyed the columns and comments. Keep up the great work!

  17. Yes, it is kinda curious how silent Hillary has become since the coming-out party, isn’t it? I read an informal poll a few weeks ago concerning her and the winning “answer” was, “she has a surprise up her sleeve”. I’m still waiting for BO’s ‘unfortunate accident’ before the election. She and her ‘husband’ will be on the opposite side of the world when it happens, of course, and will shed alligator tears at the funeral.

  18. Stitch76, Obamics: highly addictive vapidity encased in transparent flummery used to hoodwink the gullable.. I looked it up..that’s what it said…honest…Larry

  19. JulieB, Thank you for dicovering noleftturnz. As the interpid explorer in your area of the world, you have traversed many a web site in search of information. Share this information with all of your friends. Visit early and visit often..Larry

  20. Rick, the lure of power is too much for Miss Pantsuit 1943 and her “in-signifigant other”. Never count them out..Larry

  21. NLT- you “ejaculated a mouthful” with that definition (before anyone gets offended- that line is from the 3 Stooges!).

    Rick: I made that same comment before. BHO needs to keep someone watching Carville! No doubt that little troll is out smoozing some far right wing fringe nutjob and maneuvering him to the right place at the right time where he can get a clean shot at BHO.
    If that happens before the convention, the BHO is out (permanently) and HRC is in.
    Otherwise, the Duchess of Pantsuitingham will have to vie for the #2 spot, then wait until after inauguration to “move up” the chain of command.
    Either way, BHO needs to keep is friends close, his enemies closer, and Carville’s eyeballs in his shirt pocket.

    Speaking of Carville,
    ….think about the face of the little creature that popped out of the guy’s stomach in the movie Alien…..then think about Carville’s face….kinda spooky!!!

    Visit myspace for some bumper sticker ideas!


  23. Stitch: I hadn’t thought of Carville. Hmmm…
    And Carville’s face – oh, yeah. It’s verrry odd. Reminds me of the guitar-playing kid in Deliverance, actually. What in the world does Mary Matalin see in him?? Fiend for punishment. Yes, indeedy, Ms. Klinton has been very, very quiet lately. Totally out of character for Herself. This show can’t be over!

  24. noleftturnz

    George, I would guess that you have just given away the McCain plan..Its hard to get any press when the media genuflects before the liberal diety..Larry

  25. noleftturnz

    Rick, Try if you will, to think back to a great role by Peter Boyle…Young Frankenstein..If Boyle would have sported the spectacles, the resemblence would be too close for comfort..Do ya think Mary tightens the bolts in his neck before a big electrical storm?? Wonder if he can jump start a car with two hands..Larry

  26. (!) I wonder! ? One of my favorite movies. It’s the heavy, over-hanging brow, I think. He has a kind of other-worldly look about him. Maybe a serpent? And I believe that’s Doktorr Frahnkensteeen. I loved the old “Carville” routine Rush used to play on his show. What was the guy’s name that did all of those for him? When I click on “submit” does that mean I have to fall on my face on the floor and worship the carpet gods?

  27. Entertaining AND enlightening in one fell swoop, nlt! Bravo.
    Frankly, I see no way Hussein O…or Jackie O…or even Cal Ripken will win in November! McCain, ALL THE WAY!!!
    Now, with that as a given, let us PRAY our good citizens see fit to put through a Republican congress, so that they can be effectual in offsetting his liberal butt. 🙂

  28. Big Ben, A tall order. Not only are we fighting a liberal candidate and a liberal Democratic Party, we are fighting a liberal press. I’ve said it before but, the terrorists set off their IEDs by the side of the road, the press sets theirs off in living rooms all around the world each and every day..Thanks as always, Larry

  29. noleftturnz

    Rick, As a conservative, I know you never submit. That click actually means “inform”. Larry

  30. I think you missed it when you said “Terror comes from an individual’s lack of morality, lately inspired by flea bitten Imams who are inspired by their own warped interpretations of the Koran.” I think the problem is that the Imans are not presenting a warped interpretation of their book. They are simply repeating what that book says.

    Roger Edwards

  31. I just came across your website after reading your comments to Ann Coulter’s Baby Daddy column on Human Events. I have been hooked for the last couple hours reading your most recent posts and follow up comments. Great writing, keep it up.

  32. noleftturnz

    Hopeful, You have my word..Thanks for stopping in and I hope to hear from you again..Larry

  33. If Obama wins, will this be an “Obama-nation”

  34. Farmette, that was works in several different directions. Thanks for your comments, Larry

  35. Roger, Sorry but your comment ended up out in cyberspace somewhere marked as Spam..I found it and brought it back.. I agree but it seems that the Imams must continually reinforce these areas alone or these are the areas that the loons themselves find “informative”..Thanks for your comment and I hope to hear from you again..Larry

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