Trying to Save the Planet and Others

Liberal Valkyrie, Nancy “Where’s my 727!” Pelosi, is just about to embark upon a whirlwind tour to promote her latest stem-winder entitled, “Know Your Power, A Message to America’s Daughters.” There is plenty of time for this foray into feminist fiction because there is obviously nothing of consequence relative to her “day job” that is in need of anything even remotely resembling “immediate attention”..

Nope, nothing of the sort.. No rising energy costs. No dropping housing prices. No higher costs of living. No free falling stock market… I certainly hope that the “Princess with the Porcelain Puss” (whose book tour should be sponsored by Botox..) takes her little road show to Europe where her popularity, like that of the “presumptive” nominee of her party, (cue the Clintons sharpening the scimitars..) is vastly more important across the water then it is within the contiguous forty eight…

As the “leader” of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, I wonder why the single digit approval rating for Congress hasn’t motivated her to overcome these formidable domestic obstacles. For the next ninety or so days, we are going to repetitively hear that the problems plaguing this nation (and the world, because we can’t leave out the Europeans..) are solely the fault of the President. (In case you forgot, a number of these guys also think he planned 9-11 as well.) The Democratic House and Senate have no role whatsoever to play in the day to day affairs of this nation. It is all W’s fault. Since that is the case, the “leader” of the Democrats has the free time to pen another book and to make her busy little self available for all that that entails. On the face of it, we have a Republican President, a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. It would seem that 66 per cent of the blame for these “problems” should quietly fall at the feet of the Jackass Party. Surely if Nancy and her Socialist sycophants were coming up with sensible ideas and plans that would “save the planet”, both Houses would enthusiastically override any hateful Republican Presidential veto..

A quick glimpse at the title of this learned tome leads us immediately to one of the primary carcinogenic elements of liberalism. The left must separate, never unite. We can not be united as Americans, we must be divided into an endless series of hyphenated hodgepodges of “kind of/sort of Americans” who must further view this once great country as nothing more than a benevolent ATM machine. That is right, we have “Muslim-Americans”. We have “African-Americans”. The left will never allow us to just be “Americans.” The inherent liberal divisiveness makes the seamless segue to the mandatory separation between men and women almost effortless and inevitable. If the left were left to their own devices, the United States of America would be renamed “The Assembled Masses of Diverse Hyphenated Persons”.. They do not want us to unify under the flag, they don’t want us to have a common language because in doing these types of things, we would be being “hateful and exclusionary” to those who should be given no choice but to assimilate.

It is bad enough that Pelosi is making scads of money from the stoop work of migrant workers, some probably legal, some probably illegal, who are picking grapes for her at her California vineyard, but there is no burning need for another children’s book written for the personal financial benefit of another allegedly altruistic liberal who was elected to attend to matters of importance in the House of Representatives, not to become the next Dr. Seuss-ette. That however, would require the left and its “leader” to “address” the issues of the day in a productive manner..

Nancy’s idea of a “productive” way to address an issue or in this case, a housing bill, is to add “earmarks” which compel the sensible to vote against it. The Speaker, who occasionally has that “Love that Joker” kind of grin made famous in the first Batman movie, added “community development funds” that were unnecessary and exorbitant to the most recent housing bill. She said, “I found it hard to explain to anyone how only 45 Republicans vote for that bill..” That leads the sensible to ask, “How could 45 Republicans vote for that bill?”

With the left, all of the problems of the planet can be solved through a litany of useless expenditures and more unnecessary seizures of “additional revenues”. No matter how hideously horribly their tax grabs and Socialist redistribution schemes invariably end up, “it’s the thought that counts” and they simultaneously say, “at least I did something.” The resultant carnage and body count is irrelevant as long as the liberals sleep well at night, as far away as they can from the chaos that they themselves have created..

These pesky domestic “problems” that a book tour won’t erase, have been following her as she seeks to engage in all of this sanctimonious “girl talk”. When questioned about her aversions to off shore drilling and other “logical” energy resources or alternatives, Pelosi countered with, “I am trying to save the planet.” There you have the liberal psychosis in a package of unparalleled brevity and clarity.

The liberals are always trying to “save” something. The liberals have to be tired, what with all of that climbing up and down from their crosses and all.. What the lefties are generally trying to “save” would quite probably “save” itself if the liberals would simply go back to the commune or the asylum. The environment has the amazing ability to “cure” itself and not only that, the “environmental problems” the left pules over, are more often than not accelerated and magnified by nature itself. Poverty, if left to the free market and not to the corrosive “help” from the liberals and their toxic hand outs disguised as “benefits” which are intended to destroy an individuals self esteem, self respect and dignity, is exacerbated by the liberal’s deleterious and ridiculous “com-Passion play”.

The entire “interview”, reported by Politico, was a childish montage of liberal gibberish from, “dealing with people who don’t want to give health care to poor little children in America..” to “giving people confidence that they can have a job” to the poppycock of “wind power”.

Here we again see that the liberals think of themselves as omnipotent. “Confidence” isn’t something that the liberals can hand out like solipsistic Santa Clauses, it is something that you “earn” (a liberal “four letter word”.. kind of like ‘work’ or ‘soap’..) through individual effort, achievement and occasionally, failure. Those who manage to free themselves from the manacles of liberalism always seem to find that they actually no longer have any use for the liberal ethos and its malignant hypnotists.

I for one am glad that Nancy is trying to save the planet. In this repugnant age of liberal elitist separatism, Nancy’s vainglorious attempts to rescue Mother Earth will give me the time to pen, “Know You’re Powerless, A Message to America’s Sons”…



47 responses to “Trying to Save the Planet and Others

  1. Let me see if I got this right.
    We’re talking about the women who WILLING subordinated herself to Muslim men as a gleeful second class citizen?
    The woman who donned the headscarf and took her “rightful place” at the feet of those men?
    The woman who these Muslim men patronized by allowing her to speak to them (just so they can help make America look weak)?
    The women who said we need dialog with our enemies, but only visited them once?? (probably at the request of Syrian president al-Assad’s: … “keep that bitch away from me!!”)
    That’ll be the day when you see Condi Rice kissing the ass of the likes of those carpet kissers (or any other man). Yet PELOSI is suppose to be some leader of American women???

    Why should Pelosi do anything about the housing crisis? The experts were reporting over a year ago that the mortgage crunch was coming. Republicans drafted legislature to address the issue, but Miss High-and-Mighty wouldn’t allow it to be voted on.
    And why not?? Because those same experts said it would happen in 12-18 months!
    Hmmm, Pelosi is an idiot, but even she figured out that would happen right in the middle of an election year.
    How does it make you feel when psychos like Pelosi allow people to suffer just so she can get a few more votes in an election year??
    Shouldn’t surprise you, the Democrats are doing everything they can to make it tougher on our military to fight the Islamofacists. Just so they can raise the body count. They figure each dead American soldier is worth X votes.
    You can almost hear the champagne corks pop every time the death toll reaches a milestone.

    Let’s see…. Pelosi visits Syria, then the Green Zone in Baghdad gets bombed. Then Carter visits Hamas and the price of oil goes through the roof. hmmm, what could be next?? Wonder what part of the world is going to fall apart now that BHO has visited Europe??

    I’d like to put my carbon footprint on AlGore’s ASS!
    Save the planet??? Then feed the whales (they like liberals..sliced real thin!).

    The Demonrats are doing what ancient rulers have done for millenniums. Feed on the fear of the people. If the people don’t sacrifice their goats, crops, and virgin daughters to the diety (the rulers), the angry Volcano God is going to destroy them.
    Today’s “Volcano God” is Global Warming, and their diety is a pudgy bastard named, get this, GORE!
    “Been “GOREd lately?”

    Stitch (Nordic-American)

  2. PS

    Ann Coulter is my “stimulus package”..

  3. Stitch, You got the “crisis” reference. There has to be catastrophy of mythic proportions when the libs involve themselves. I still giggle about her first time at bat, she wants that great American, John “Abscam” Murtha to be Majority Leader and the boys put her in short pants before lunch. It served as a reminded to this figurehead as to exactly who runs the show. Remember how she bellowed for her own plane? Libs, no surprises….Larry

  4. Hi Larry

    You’ve got her number. Her comments and ineptness are outrageous. And yet what worries me most is that a large (I hope not large enough) number of people in this country buy into that nonsense.

    I thought I had seen really weak leadership ability displayed by her and Reid. Now, when I hear the “purrs” of McCain, I’m beside myself! He finds it impossible to display any of his USN pilot training fightin’ spirit. He “admires and respects her” – “she’s more effective than the president” – duh!

    Somewhere along the way McCain has lost his temper, his objective and (I’m hoping not) his backbone.

    Stitch, your comments are great. You made me think about Gore again. I had put him away for good, but then he did his magic – I mean real magic. He has convinced most of the world that they should fear Global Warming more than Global Terrorism. Great Caesar’s Ghost!

    God bless America.

  5. Isn’t it rather interesting that the single dgit approval rating for Congress is NEVER brought up in the MSM. Unfortunatly the divide and conquer mentality of the left,is so entrenched its practically gospel these days. I mean its so bad you can’t even call a dog a dog. he’s a “canine American”! Of course the main benefit of the hyphens is all the tax dollars disributed to the hypenated Americans for all the “injustices” they have received. Pelosi is so dull even the MSM has a hard time finding anything to say about her. The fact that she’s the “Speaker” shows how low the bottom of the barrel is in the “Jackass” party.

  6. noleftturnz

    Dr. Gene, McCain believes that he has a shot if he lays back and comes off as a good ol’ boy. He is doing what Obama did to Hillary in the primary season. Say nothing and hope that your opponent stubs their toes. Hillary complied. The media loves BHO/JFK too much to lay into him like they did to Hillary.. Gore? He had to come up with something to do. He had run out of lawsuits relative to his failed Presidentail bid, he finished knitting his Florida voodoo doll and he had done everything that he could do with the internet that he invented. Next stop: Celebrity Fit Club! Thanks as always, Larry

  7. noleftturnz

    tsnamm, On the nose, my friend. Is the media biased? How much have you heard about the Edwards incident at the hotel? Pick ANY Republican and put him or her in that position. How long would the media silence last?? I believe that the last time that the media played it fair with a liberal was when Gary Hart shot his mouth off and got caught with Donna Rice.. and how long ago was that?? Thanks as always, Larry

  8. Dang! Not enough time to comment. Gotta leave for home. See ya tomorrow.

  9. Wow! Since reading this site I am almost in stiches over the accuracy of Larry. I sure hope you are a columnist in many, many newspapers. It is the only way to get the word out. I am still M.A.H. that pelouzzie wasn’t arrested for treason after her fawning in the ME against advice from Rice. But the democrats have to show barry how make photo ops wherever you are. And if you do it any way you want, nobody is going to stop you. Thanks again for a subject spot on!

  10. Rick, the entirety of “Noleftturz Nation” awaits your Solomonic perspicacity. No pressure or anything..You have approximately fourteen hours or so before you return to your keyboard. That is more than enough time for all of your hoard of assistants to have forwarded the necessary research and backround materials to you. “Noleftturnz Nation”awaits your contribution to our conservative cause…Ready….GO! Larry

  11. Richard, Thank you for the kind words..If you are new to NLTZ, subscribe and stick around, my friend, the show is just beginning..”many, many newspapers”..Well, that would be great but, I would still work the internet and this site because THAT is where the real people are. Funny thing is (I’ve said this before..) Those who have made it in this world of “writing” have no interest in those of us who haven’t..I’m not crying, just stating a fact. That just makes all of the hard work and the eventual victory all the sweeter. Believe me when I say that if and when that day comes, I will be taking all of the stalwart “Noloetturerz” along for the ride..Pelosi/Rice: Stitch laid it out, Condi would have never done that. Ever. About the “stitches”: due to the “crisis in health care” and the “millions without health insurance” I hope that you won’t have to go to the hospital where all of those “uninsured” liberals are cloggin up the emergency room getting all of that health care that the left says that they aren’t receiving… My advise: do what I do, save the twelve hours out of your day and use Superglue..Thanks, Larry

  12. keep in mind, when the liberals talk about the uninsured, these people are on the list:
    – Oprah
    – Trump
    – almost every other very rich person
    – most of the military
    – ie, anyone who is NOT currently paying for, or having paid for them, health insurance.

    If you limit the list to JUST those people who really need it, but dont have it, the list becomes much more manageable.
    Probably to the point where Oprah could pay for it all herself.

    YES! Pelosi should be tried for TREASON. After becoming Speaker o’ da Howz (and gleaning lots of top secret info), the first thing she did was make a bee-line to Syria for “secret meetings” with the enemy.
    To this day, not one single word has been published as to exactly WHAT she said to them.
    However, what we do know is, within DAYS of her departure the Green Zone in Baghdad (one of the most secure areas in the world) was mysteriously bombed for the FIRST TIME. Within DAYS!
    WHAT information did this woman pass on to them and when??
    I know she is opposed to the war and all, but to pass along military secrets to the enemy so that our troops would get killed so she can get more votes in the next election SMACKS of TREASON!

  13. Sling Blade

    I hesitate to sound over-dramatic,but having had the chance to watch Nancy Buttox in action for the last 18 months, I have come to the conclusion that she is mentally ill. I know both sides throw insults back-and-forth,many times only half-seriously,but I am not engaging in that now. Ireally,truly believe this woman is not only wildly ignorant,but is also unhinged. What say you?

  14. noleftturnz

    Sling Blade, It is even better than that..the left is in total denial relative to the plague of liberalism. Sling, it would effect anyone. It’s not the fact that they are Democrats, it is the “curse of liberalism.” Liberalism is a mental black hole that draws the intellectual life out of its adherants. Look at the chairman of the DNC. Certifiable. Pelosi. Certifiable. Only Joe Lieberman appears to posess the inner strength to be able to distance himself from the “Anti War on Terror” faction…What do you think? Thanks for your comments, Larry

  15. noleftturnz

    Stitch, remember that the left can always say that their “intentions” were good without any concern for the results of what it is that they have done. The left is so used to not expecting results from the list of moochers and sponges who live off of the dole that it has carried over onto themselves. Don’t worry my friend, they “mean well”..The “uninsured” scam is a weepy liberal classic and just their clumsy segue towards Socialized medicine. The left wants to tell you what to do. Their “medical” plan is to tell you when you are sick or when you are in pain and where or when you can see whatever Doctor that they will allow you to see. They would just prefer that you just die in the interim…Thanks Stitch, Larry

  16. Sling Blade

    Larry, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head,and you make an excellent point concerning Lieberman.Reasonable people can disagree,and although I disagree with most of Lieberman’s positions, he has not been so completely sucked in to the “black hole” as you aptly put it, that he has lost all judgement concerning the war. Contrast that with the God Of The Cosmos, who recently said the surge worked, but it was a mistake and he’s proud to have voted against it.
    Break out the Seroquel.
    Facts mean absolutely nothing to liberals.(Actually, I should have described them as liberals in my previous post.) As you have stated , liberals operate solely on emotions.In an argument with a liberal over global warming,I put forth the fact that an astronomical amount( I think it was something like 750,000 square miles) of new ice formed in three days in- I believe-the Artic. His reply was,”Yeah,but that was only three days”. I leave it to you to glean any logic from that brilliant rejoinder.
    Needless to say, I no longer engage that idiot in debate.
    I’ve been passing your website’s name around to my Conservative friends at work. Hopefully they will respond. I’ll stay after them. I look forward to your articles.

  17. Sling Blade

    Larry, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head,and you make an excellent point concerning Lieberman.Reasonable people can disagree,and although I disagree with most of Lieberman’s positions, he has not been so completely sucked in to the “black hole” as you aptly put it, that he has lost all judgment concerning the war. Contrast that with the God Of The Cosmos, who recently said the surge worked, but it was a mistake and he’s proud to have voted against it.
    Break out the Seroquel.
    Facts mean absolutely nothing to liberals.(Actually, I should have described them as liberals in my previous post.) As you have stated , liberals operate solely on emotions.In an argument with a liberal over global warming,I put forth the fact that an astronomical amount( I think it was something like 750,000 square miles) of new ice formed in three days in- I believe-the Artic. His reply was,”Yeah,but that was only three days”. I leave it to you to glean any logic from that brilliant rejoinder.
    Needless to say, I no longer engage that idiot in debate.
    I’ve been passing your website’s name around to my Conservative friends at work. Hopefully they will respond. I’ll stay after them. I look forward to your articles.

  18. Sling Blade

    Sorry,hit submit twice.

  19. noleftturnz

    Sling, Feel free to hit submit as often as you like..thanks for your kind words and for passing around NLTZ to your fellow conservatives. Together we can’t lose..Larry

  20. Sling:
    Awesome comments. Talking “logic” to a liberal is like talking quantum mechanics to a 3 year old. Sort of. At least the 3 year old has SOME intelligent replies.
    Hint: when speaking to a liberal keep in mind that the only thing that matters is TISSUES, not ISSUES.
    You cannot speak logically to them. You have to disguise it with whining, tears, and emotional arm-waving. And don’t forget to mention how this (whatever THIS is) affects the children (or, chirren, depending on your audience).
    Liberals never take classes like math and science (where logical thinking is a, hmmm, REQUIREMENT). Look at the classes they do take (look at both of the Clinton’s college classes). The only thing that matters in those classes is “expressing their opinion” and “how well they delivered it”. Facts and logic are NOT required.
    Lefties call Bush an idiot. But, I bet Bush could easily pass a college algebra test and BOTH Clintons combined couldn’t match his score.
    Fighter pilot training REQUIRES math and science. Debate Society training is nothing more than a popularity contest.

    …Issues, not Tissues!…… I crack me up….


  21. I truly believe that the Dhimmicrats’ idea of “healthcare” is assisted suicide. Case in point: A woman in Oregon was sent a letter from Oregon Health Plan denying her the cancer treatment her oncologist had prescribed, however her health plan would still cover assisted suicide. Oregon is the only state that allows doctor-assisted suicide. How is it that these states and municipalities (and politicians) can circumvent the law? Whether it is the so-called sanctuary cities or legalising “medical” marijuana or allowing doctors to kill their patients under the guise of “death with dignity”? I hate to ask what’s next…

    Amy D
    Happy to not live in SF

    Source of OHP story:

  22. off-topic comment:

    Lefties keep carping about “bring the troops home”, yet when the USS Abraham Lincoln came home MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, with 5000 service men and women, they were shunned and ridiculed by these same liberal idiots.
    They actually believe Bush flew there a day early, hung up a big sign declaring the war was over (uhh, no,.. it said Mission Accomplished), then flew home, then flew back the next day to land in front of that sign. How stupid are these people.
    The MEN and WOMEN on that ship, on the last leg of their homeward journey, were about to be met by the man who sent them into harm’s way. THEY chose to hang a sign to tell their Commander in Chief that THEY accomplished their mission.
    Every military officer on that ship takes PERSONAL responsibility for hanging that sign. I challenge the Demonrats to call these officers liars.
    Liberals are so stupid in military matters. They simply do not understand that you do not patrol the streets of Sadr City with F-18’s from an aircraft carrier!!!
    Also, this shows how POLITICAL the whole issue is. The Democrats have no intentions of surrendering Iraq to the terrorists (the liberal wing does, but the true Demoncrat does not). Its just politcal fodder to sweet-talk voters (mostly the Wet Panty Party).
    The next person that tells you the men and women on the USS Abraham Lincoln did NOT accomplish THEIR mission, ask them WHAT was the mission of the USS Abraham Lincoln.
    Ask them if they really want the troops to come home. Here is 5000 of them that came home, and now they want to send them back?? Make up your mind (if its possible to organize that lump of goo you call a brain).


  23. Hey, new reader here, and loving it. Thanks!

  24. Larry – you are doing an awesome job. Your articles are always dead on the issues. And you draw some of the best posters around with great insights! I’ve told several people about your sight – and I’m especially proud because I am a native St. Louisan (Kirkwood, actually). Keep up the great work!

  25. Blue State Blues- RWG

    What difference does it make about the approval rating of congress. It has little impact on them. They are confident that we won’t do anything drastic like vote them out let alone get motivated enough to help a righteous candidate succeed. When the Speaker of the House can say, with impunity, that she will not allow a bill to come to vote that allows us to drill in ANWR or off shore and the American people don’t react, she has become untouchable. She basically said, “I don’t care what the people want, it will never come to the floor”. Oh but they love to rally around their tired battle cries of “let’s tax the windfall profits of oil companies”. Will someone please tell me how a 9% profit margin is a windfall? That’s what oil companies make……….9%. If you tried to raise investment money for a start up company that projected a 9% margin you would not raise a penny. Oil companies turn significant dollar profits because they have significant revenue. In other words, they sell lots of oil! But they don’t make “obscene profits”. Obscene profits are what software and insurance companies make- 50 to 70% margins. That’s obscene! And how about big name entertainers that make $200,000,000 at about an 80% margin. Is that not obscene? Are we going to also tax them?

  26. I find it ludicrously peridoxical that Pelosi and her fellow Demo-litioners of this country feign their Partys interests as those of lower and middle class Americans.
    Not only by Government intervention in keeping the poor, poor by means of welfare and numerous other programs, Pelosi and fellow liberals are now intent in attacking what respectable working class we still have. First by allowing illegal aliens the same (and in some cases more) access to federal programs than to our own citizens. The Demos are also intent on finding a way to keep these illegals or increase more immigrants in the future.
    These actions will diminish the wages of America’s workers and our quality of living will take a drastic downfall. And yet these very people that Democrats supposedly represent continue to elect them. I can find no common sense in this whatsoever.

  27. I discovered NoLeftTurnz while reading comments at other websites and subscribed. The writing is insightful, funny and offers a lot to think about! Please continue! As for Nancy Pelosi, I had higher hopes for the first woman to achieve the post of Speaker of the House. As a woman, I am proud to see Condoleeza Rice (for example) behave in a way that adds stature to our country and wish that Ms Pelosi could have been a credit to women. But she is a disapointment, no – a disaster. As long as the Speaker of the House is honest, patriotic and intelligent, and has the best interests of the country rather than herself in mind, I do not care if they are male or female – that is irrelevant. But for the first woman to be totally inept will just make it harder for people to have confidence in women in positions of power in the future.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  28. noleftturnz

    Amy D, It is just all part of the lefts fascination with death. Abortion, Kevorkian. They enjoy taking the two most vulnerable elements of our society, the unborn and the elderly, and systematically bumping them off..Note that they think the death penalty is “cruel and unusual”..Also note that the Islamofascists worship death as well..It’s just one of the areas where they agree with the liberals…Come back soon, Larry

  29. noleftturnz

    Stitch, spot on..Larry

  30. noleftturnz

    KatieLora, Thanks for stopping in and DON’T BE A STRANGER!! Larry

  31. noleftturnz

    K, (With a capital K, there are no small k’s on NLTZ!!) Glad to have you aboard and thank you for your wonderful comments. Love Kirkwood, it is a great place and the area around the train station is altogether different now, How long have you been gone and where are you in the world now? Larry

  32. noleftturnz

    Big States Blues, How about this, all of this windfall weeping brings to mind this: What is the percentage of TAXES attached to each gallon of gasoline? Do you think that it is more than 9%…YES..As Nancy and company rakes in their own windfall profits, but the only “profit” that is “bad” is the one garnered by the ones who did the speculation, surveying, drilling and the removal of the crude product from the ground..And the reason that it is “bad” is because Ol’ Nanc can’t get to more of their profits to tax!! Thanks for your comments..Larry

  33. noleftturnz

    Windrider, Common sense and the liberals are as directly opposite each other as…common sense and the liberals..The illegals just appear to be a bigger “special interest group” than any other minority these days. To the old “Most Favored Minorities” they just say, “Who else are you going to vote for”…Thanks for your comments, Larry

  34. noleftturnz

    KayCee, You are welcome to comment anytime..You are absolutely correct. The efforts of a Phylis Shlafly or a Condolezza Rice are sullied by the actions of Pelosi and Clinton, just to name a few..Hope to hear from you again and again and again…. Larry

  35. Blue State Blues- RWG

    Thanks for the welcome and the kind words. Glad I found your site through Ann’s blog. You do realize that you can’t Google this site. It doesn’t show up. Wouldn’t surprise if it’s getting blocked. A lot a left leaners in the big Internet companies. I know, I worked there. You cannot believe what they can do if they get irked by something.

  36. RWG, Another high tech liberal who usually screams about the First Amendment choking off a contrary opinion..when you are devoid of an intellectual rebuttal, resort to censorship!! Did you work for Google? Did they make you wear a brown shirt to your cubicle every day? Were there morning exercises and motivational readings from the Little Red Book? Thanks again, Larry

  37. I am new to this site. WOW! It is great and love the comments left by people who think the way I do.
    And Ms. Pelosi is an absolute failure. She needs to go away and leave this wonderful country of ours alone.

  38. Larry – we moved to Houston in 1987 – huge culture shock! But for the most part we’ve grown used to it, although many times you feel as though you are in a foreign land since you don’t hear English being spoken – restaurants, nail salons, etc., etc.

  39. What concerns me about the left’s attitude toward the illegal aliens, is that they don’t see that the illegals are being treated as slaves! If the left understood this, they should want to cut off illegal aliens and the slave trade. Instead, the left panders to them and is all for more illegals to come to our country! Is the left actually in the slave business? Will we end up having to apologize to the illegals and pay them reparations???

  40. Sherry, We are glad to have you and we welcome your comments. Unlike the left, free speech is always welcomed at NLTZ! Hope to hear from you again soon..Thanks, Larry

  41. k, Come home for a visit. Are you still suffering from the deluge of Katrina evacuees or have most of them moved on? I don’t know how Houston managed to handle that many people..OK, get this: The illegals are courted by the left who also cower to the unions. The unions are the ones who directly suffer from the “competition” of the illegals who work for pennies on the dollar. Yet the idiot unions all vote Democratic!! How do the liberals manage to get away with that!!! The unions should all move to the right and we can then get back to the business of securing our borders and employing LEGAL American citizens. What do you think? Thanks as always, Larry

  42. blue state blues- RWG

    I worked for a major ISP (Internet Service Provider). Like most ISPs and Search Engine companies, we were HQd in the Bay Area (San Francisco area). The industry is A) in the heart of socialist America, and B) populated with young people fresh out of the liberal boot camps (our colleges and universities). Yea, they are extremely liberal and activistly so. They can shut down a web site, cripple it with software attacks , divert searches or disable your IP address. And they can do it with impunity and fear of retribution. But worse, they feel righteous about it. They have licensed themselves as vigilantes of the Internet and therefore allowed to do whatever it takes to silence the politically incorrect. Yes, censorship is very OK with people.

  43. RWG, Fairness takes on a whole new twist when the left is involved. Their version of fairness doesn’t involve any contrary thought or opinion. Google actually popped up when I went into my site last night. It was up and running as I tried it myself. Tell me you still aren’t holed up in the “city by the gay”..If so, you have my condolences and if you need an extraction team with HAZMAT suits to respond to get you out, let me know…I know people..Thanks as always, Larry

  44. blue state blues- RWG

    Larry; I’ve been out of there since 2003 but I have to go back in September for a couple of weeks. Pray for me!!!

  45. RWG, Consider it done. You might consider taking a clove of garlic or two as well. If you don’t have a green grocery available to you, just take a bar of soap. It is the liberal equivalent of thrusting a cross at a vampire..Good luck, my friend and the NLTZ nation will have you in our prayers. Thanks again,Larry

  46. Pelosi goes to Syria, and then, after ‘secret talks’, the Green Zone gets bombed. For her visit to Syria she should have been jailed for treason as soon as she got off the plane. If FDR had had to put with half of what GW has had to from Congress, he would have had em lined up against a wall. Actively aiding and abetting our enemies during time of war is Treason. Perfidity, however is second nature for Liberals.

  47. G., The liberal animal has changed to a frightening degree since FDR’s day. We have allowed the rules to be bent when it comes to the lefts habitual treason.

    Time to call them out and ship them out..

    Thanks for your comments,


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