A Definition of Madness

The (inexperience) Green Party candidate, the otherworldly BHO/JFK, has come to the conclusion that his first stab at “convincing” the nations voters that they are “racists” if they don’t vote for him, apparently needed to be reinforced and repeated in Springfield Missouri. Back in the middle of June in Jacksonville Florida, the anointed one said, “They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?”

This time around he changed a few little teeny words. Now he is a “risky guy”, “he’s got a funny name”, “they’re going to make you scared of me”, and finally, “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills..” It would seem that Obama has signed onto the liberal “Witless Projection” program with this constant reference to his race. Just for fun, lets take a look at some of these “scary” sentiments..

“He’s got a funny name..” Yes he does. He may have a funny name now but the name “President Obama”, well that isn’t the least bit funny… His liberal Democratic provenance isn’t funny either. He believes in capitulating to our enemies. He believes in higher taxes upon those who are in need of tax relief. He would rather “increase revenues” rather than cut wasteful liberal expenditures, just to name a few. These are otherwise known as the “issues” and when your “campaign” only specializes in the verbal gymnastics of “hope” and the intellectual sewage of “change”, it is easy to understand why the “issues” are never discussed..

Since Barack and his Bolshevik Buddies are so keen on “redistribution”, why doesn’t he advocate the redistribution of the destructive welfare handouts or any of the litany of liberal governmental enabler programs which guarantee the lowest classes entrapment in perpetuity? Say, wouldn’t that be a nice “change”?

On a related note: the House yesterday formally apologized for the Jim Crow laws and for slavery. A few questions if I may: Did Democratic dinosaur Robert Byrd himself apologize for his acceptance of a position of high office within the Klu Klux Klan? Did the Democrats themselves apologize for their prodigious pro slavery efforts and did they put up a few pictures of Democratic pro slavery hero Albert Gore Sr. along side a spiffy 8×10 of Byrd all decked out in his neatly pressed bed sheet and cap? Did the Democrats apologize for their systematic modern day slavery of permanent welfare bondage that they have personally implemented since the “Great Society”? I just thought that I would ask and that’s OK, I already know the answers…

They’re going to make you scared of me..” His allergy (or is it just his inexperience??) relative to the issues, his empty homilies of helium and his racial recognition rhetoric are nothing more than liberal diversion tactics in order to “Hope-a-dope” you into submission. It is the “Johnny Cochran theory” applied to national politics. Remember back to the time when it was all about Mark Furman, not about OJ the decapitator? It was all about racism, not about murder.. The idea of this unproven Socialist dime store preacher with ears like ailerons and a resume as empty as his speeches suddenly running this nation, that is what “scares” people. We are “scared” of your friends and the mental constipation of liberalism..

Speaking of a platform based upon “scaring people”, the former “community activist” has taken the ingenious strategy of constantly combining the names of “Bush and McCain” in order to conjure up the necessary negative imagery. Sounds good, so from now on BHO/JFK will be known as “Jimmy Obama” ..no wait, I like “Barack O’Carter” much better.

The sad thing is that when Carter ran for the presidency, he at least had a proven track record of trying of destroy the state of Georgia to refer back to when he was trying to destroy the United States as president. Barack O’Carter will just have to wing it when it comes to crippling the country but with Carter and Clinton as his liberal templates, it should not prove to be that challenging for the tyro from Illinois.

O’Carter also said, “they’re going to say that I am a risky guy.” The Dark Knight (or would that be the Dork Knight..) then reassured the gathering of fellow travelers with the following itemized and detail laden soliloquy: “The real risk is that we miss the moment, that we do not do what’s needed because we are afraid.” Again, NO DETAILS ABOUT WHAT HE IS GOING TO DO, just “live for the moment”, with more of his hypnotic hyperbole’s of meaninglessness.

“..he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.” The election of the President of the United States of America is not about “looks”. Barack O’Carter’s “look at me, see I’m black, admit you are a racist” platform may win over the pink haired glue sniffing liberals and the subservient sycophants of the media, but you may have to try a little harder than that when it comes to the rest of us out here in fly over country.

We had also better get a good look at the pictures of those presidents on those dollar bills because when the liberal “Invasion of the Income Snatchers, circa 2009 gets sworn in, we will all have to rely upon our memory as to what they actually looked like.

Not only do you not look like those other presidents, you don’t write like them either. From “Dreams of My Father”: “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mothers race.” From “The Audacity of Hope”: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” There are many other enlightening quotes from both tomes, believe me..

I am of the opinion that Senator O’Carter believes that he somehow “deserves” the presidency or that he has “earned” it and that is why he continually speaks in concentric circles. As the liberals all stand around their Socialist sand tables planning their Communist Coronation and the requisite Pol Pot Luck dinner to follow, the majority of the nation would like some details NOW..

I hope you don’t mind if we hold off adding your profile to Mount Rushmore, not only for the difficulty in properly recreating your ears to scale without the necessary and unattractive external supports, but because the men depicted at Rushmore and upon those dollar bills, actually accomplished something other than just being white..

O’Carter also compared himself to Wild Bill Hickok while challenging his opponent to a “duel” on taxes. The similarity between the two “characters” is more than just a little humorous. A reference material says that, “some of his exploits are fictionalized.” That certainly applies to O’Carter, actually ALL of his exploits are fictionalized.. By the way, Hickok died during a shoot out in the Dakota territories so maybe this dueling thing isn’t all that it is cracked up to be, Senator Quick Draw..

Barack O’Carter said that electing McCain is “a definition of madness”. The true definition of madness would be for this nation to hand the reigns of power to someone whose only contribution to the political discourse is “hope and change” and “Hi, I’m the black guy, look at me..” Then again, what can we reasonably expect from a political party that spends an inordinate amount of time bragging about “raising awareness” and about how “compassionate” they are.. “Raising awareness”, within the liberal lexicon means “we demand your compliance” and today’s liberal “compassion” is simply yesterdays fascism without the hygiene or the matching outfits…




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  1. Are you out of your mind. When the race police come looking for people you not Senator Kleagle er Byrd will be first on their list. How dare you attack Senator O’Carter for attacking people who didn’t attack him due to his race, due to his race. That is obviously rascist. Don’t worry the reeducation camps will help you after black liberation theology which O’Carter has been studying for the last 20 years becomes the unofficial? religion. Anyway I’ll be next for this comment so we will see you there. We can play a little game called bet your skin. See Gulag Archepelago. See you there.

  2. Theop, Welcome aboard. “Bet your skin”..nice. I haven’t been to camp in a while but I don’t think that this one would be anything resembling fun..thanks for your comments. Larry

  3. How about his arrogance when he refers to the “OTHER” presidents – sounds like he already considers himself a president!

  4. Nice work.
    Let’s not forget his comments from long ago (supposedly to put to bed the issue of his father and his Islamic faith), “I’m not related to any terrorists that I know of”.
    Put that in context with his 20 years at Rev. Racists church when he said he didn’t recall ever hearing words like that (after sitting there for 20 years!!).

    Here’s a bumper sticker:
    I’m NOT voting for the GREEN guy!

    Correct, none of the former Presidents look like Barack O’Carter.
    However, ALL of the terrorists involved in 9/11 do!


  5. Every time I see a new essay has been penned by Larry and is available for consumption, I wonder how it could possibly be more enjoyable than the last. And each time I am ashamed of myself for wondering. Have you ever considered peddling your literary ware to the Investors Business Daily publication? Your wit and writing style would fit like a hand in glove. Nice and comfortable, not like OJ’s glove after several days of NSAID deprivation…

  6. I love how he talks like nobody has ever seen a black person before…”oh my god!!! he’s black!!! where did he come from??? another PLANET???” and of course he’s here to cure all the crackers of their inherent racism that they are unable to excorcise except through prostrating themselves at the feet of the “racial messiah”. Except that white mother of his…or those white grandparents of his…or all the other white voters that elected him the nominee of the Jackass party. Perhaps BHO forgot that only 13% of the population is black. Even if every single black person voted for him 100% he still needs 38% of someone else to get elected…of course the fact that 100% of the black vote going to a black canidate does not call THEIR racial prejudice to play. Its such a sad commentary about the state of political thought in the US.

  7. Another wonderful read, Larry. “Homilies of Helium”, ‘Witless Projection program”. Clever stuff. I love it. You paint with words the way an artist uses his hues.

    The 1974 oil embargo by Iran was our very first clue that Iran had declared war on the USA. In 1979 they took 52 Americans as hostages. Despite all of our efforts, which included a disastrous rescue attempt, those Americans were held for 444 days. The efforts by the UN were ineffectual, as was Carter’s weak-kneed method of friendly appeals and negotiations.

    Do you remember how and when they were finally released by Iran? It was while President Reagan was being inaugurated. Bullies know immediately when they are faced with a leader who will not put up with their behavior for one more second! That’s how you stop a bully – you make him more frightened of you.

    Hussein O’Carter wants to deal with Iran, the bully, in the same way Carter did. A pattern similar to 1979 exists today, but this time it is the free nation of Israel that is being held hostage. If by chance Hussein were to be elected, Israel would be in a very difficult position. They remember Carter’s weak response in 1979. This time they would be on their own without a strong American president.

    What concessions is O’Carter prepared to make to the irrational Iranian leader? Will he give up Israel to Amadinejad? Does he know that is Iran’s major demand in any negotiation? They have been seeking Israel’s destruction for 60 years and O’Carter may just be the pantywaist, girlie-man, looney leftist to help ’em.

    What we need now is a president who can teach that Iranian punk how to say “Shock and Awe”.
    God bless America

  8. I am truly afraid that if elected along with a democratic congress, O’Carter et al will create an environment that many of us just cannot in conscience comply with. As a teacher, I will not ask little Suzie if she would like to marry a boy or girl when she grows up, my husband will not hire a man in a woman’s dress to comply with quotas, and I am darned if I am taking a pee next to one either. Coarse I know, but par for the occasion. We will not just meekly stand by as our only UN ally is thrown to the dogs, nor will we watch our hard earned retirement be taxed into oblivion because we had the temerity to make a few bucks along the way. Like the Episcopal church which I have not set foot in since they inaugerated a homosexual bishop, this country will be on a path to schism, which breaks my heart.

  9. K, He has on a number of ocassions made the “presidential” reference. Can’t remember the context but his comment was,”in my second term..” thats why I asked if he was scheduling any sittings with the sculptors relative to Rushmore..What a knob..Thanks as always, Larry

  10. Stitch, They say that Reagan slept during cabinet meetings, well it appears that Barack slept therough the “Reverend” Wrong’s sermons..You rule, Stitch, Larry

  11. TK, Thanks as always for your kind words. Remember, “If it don’t fit, you have to acquit!” I will check into the Investors Business Daily. Maybe they will be the first to reply to a letter or an email.. Larry

  12. tsnamm, Spot on, my friend..THAT is exactly why he and his lemmings are wielding the club of liberal guilt/racist fears in order to soften everyone up. Wait until it gets closer to November 4th, my prediction: there will be a “spike” in Obama campaign materials being destroyed by fire or just generally defaced. The media will then remind us all of the “scourge of racism” and of course, it will be an “epidemic.” No proof other than a semi charred Obama sign singed just enough so that the Obama name is still legible. No suspects. No arrests. Just conjecture and “outrage”. Brings to mind almost all of these so called “racist” incidents that eventually turn out to be perpitrated by the intended targets themselves..Tawana Brawley anyone?? Mark my word and mark your calendars, my friend…Thanks as always, Larry P.S. Your name, “tsnamm”, are you one of heroes from Vietnam? God Bless you. My brother just passed away a short while back and he did two tours.

  13. Dr. Gene, Thank you for your kindness. Are there any dentists in Iran? Mr. “I-need-a-new-job” or however you say his name needs to be introduced to a tube or two of Crest. Reagans transition team brought the 444 days to a close and Reagan, being the man that he was, wanted Carter to be involved so that he could save face. If Obama manages to win and he patty cakes the Iranians insted of showing them the back of his hand, Israel will be in for a challenging four years. Would the left ALLOW Obama to do what is necessary in dealing with Iran? I hope it doesn’t come to this, what do you think? Larry

  14. J9, You are helplessly insensitive and its off to the “Rainbow Detention Camp For Mandatory Compliance” for you..God bless you!! If you go, I go. Tolerance means to “put up with”. The left thinks it means “to accept.” I will NEVER accept their debaucheries, EVER! Thanks as always, Larry

  15. Larry,

    Thank you for your gracious welcome. I blog at We’re open all night WOAN.blogspot .com but am just starting again. Your kind words have encouraged me to get posting again. I really enjoyed your essay, see you in the camps.

  16. Theop, You are in Toledo? Great city! I’ve been to a few Mud Hen games..Glad to have you aboard and I went over to http://www.woan.blogspot.com and checked it out. Nice work, my friend. I like that you said that you spice your commentary with salt. I tend to lean towards the Habanero peppers..Its good to have the voice of moderation out there to offset my nuclear powered sarcasm.. Glad to have you in the trenches fighting the good fight. Thanks as always, Larry

  17. You done good again, nlt! “Witless protection,” indeed! 🙂

    Strangest thing, though. After reading your excellent article, I returned to my inbox and found this unsigned missive….

    Ben, pass this on to your race-mongering friends at no left ends (sic).

    How dare they call me Senator Ocracker! In case you haven’t noticed, my campaign doesn’t allow race to gain any traction in my run to ultimate glory (praise Allah). I represent Everyman, even those of the United States, despite their extreme inhumanity and other irritations to all things noble (Not Only Black (but) Liberal (and) European. Oh, and by the way, did you notice I’m different from the tyrannical whities that preceded me? (But that is not to be construed as having anything whatsoever to do with race!)

    My keyword is “change.” NOT dollar bills, but CHANGE (as in, brother, can you spare me a dime?). Yup, gonna be lots o’ change floatin’ around when I take over. Get yourself a moon pie and an RC Cola if you scrimp.

    All praise be to Allah.

    It wasn’t signed, Lar, so I’m not sure who might have created it…..

  18. Off to the “Happy Camp” eh? Well I am pretty sure that I will have the very best of company, maybe we can expand the camp, maybe make it a state, maybe break away….. OK….. enough of that wonderful dream, he he.

    Along with others here I would love to see you in syndication Larry, if you need a letter writer, promoter, whatever…. count me in.

  19. Ben, Not sure either but it sounds like someone who missed the short bus today..it doesn’t make any sense so I hope that for our sake that these aren’t the ramblings of a conservative..maybe they were wildly drunk..I’d like to think that that is the case but if it is a lefties odd attempt at sarcasm, well they should just stick to hitting the bong.. Larry

  20. J9, syndication..letter writer, promoter, you are in. I need all the help I can get. In the world of music, you need to be in LA or New York. I am of the opinion that DC is where you need to be when it comes to writing but then again, it just depends on whether you get lucky enough to find someone who is receptive to reading someone elses work. One word from someone who has “made it” would be all that it would take.. Thanks as always for all of your contributions to NLTZ..Larry

  21. Here in Tampa/St. Petersburg today, ObamaRama was heckledfrom the Gold Ticket section of the bleachers during an appearance. The ironic thing about it was that the protesters were blacks, wondering why he wasn’t speaking in a black neighborhood….go figure..

  22. Witless projection. Mt. Rushmore. Ohh…it just gets better and better. How about caricature
    sculptings of both he and the Klintons on the BACK side of Mt. Rushmore. Where, I would suppose – never having been there – there are not likely any roads or parking lots. A suitable place to display their mugs.

  23. Larry, we have had some positive feedback from friends we have forwarded your articles to, don’t give up, a way forward will be found.

  24. Actually, Larry, upon closer inspection I was able to detect a name (though it was hieroglyphic in nature) that, when loosely transcribed, means “sheets byrd.” It was difficult to see, given that white letters typed on a white background don’t lend themselves readily to the naked eye. I suppose the good senator inadvertantly wandered to the script of his childhood. And, though the body of the message was as clear as black and white (to me), both in readability and content, he apparently returned to his deep philosophical roots when entering his name.
    Consequently, unlike you, I WAS able to make some sense of it (while not imbibing or inhaling!).

    The “NOBLE” acronyn is self-explanatory. Of course, were US presidential voting the sole province of blacks and “liberal Europeans” (I realize that term is borderline redundant), the resultant catastrophe would be unavoidable, and Reagan’s landslide would pale in comparison.

    The “change” reference, is also fairly obvious, especially given B Hussien’s constant battle cry of same (change). Obviously, the pun of mixing “change” with “bills” didn’t fly.

    Further, Jimmy Carter is from the state that for many years fielded a team known as the “Atlanta Crackers.” Ocracker isn’t that much of a reach to your chosen moniker.

    Though you may not have alluded to it in your stellar article, B Hussien’s own book says that when push comes to shove, he will take the side of the Muslims. Ergo, the “Allah” references.
    As to the protestations of race NOT being an issue, you yourself showed the disingenuiousness of that pronouncement.

    Hopefully, this wasn’t as totally obtuse as you implied (unless his final reference was construed to be so offensive as to negate every other word, though, I think, that would be an unreasoned assumption, for I myself {a caucasian, hope that word isn’t too racist, didn’t capitalize it, in hopes of not appearing so}, when times were low, and I had to stretch my dough, nothing beat a huge, inexpensive moon pie. Moreover, there was a time when RC Cola threw in TWO extra ounces for the same price as the other leading soft drinks.). Unfortunately, if this clown is elected, I can see those days looming all across Algore’s globally warmed horizon.

    Conservative (though not necessarily Republican) Ben

    PS By no wise is this intended to be offensive. I hope this explanation suffices. I would not attempt to high-jack a thread with incoherent ramblings. That you cited them as such caused me to elucidate a bit, in hopes that future visitors won’t view the post as ill-bred, racist, socialist or anything else that might describe Obama or Byrd! ;). I’ve enjoyed all the articles I’ve seen here. Have yet to read a word that I disagree with. In fact, I put your writings on par with many who are syndicated. The missing element, perhaps, is controversy. Were we to recruit a few from the wrong (left) side to prosyletize… bad word choice for that group…to regurgitate the party line, replies to your articles would likely increase dramatically. In truth, I would estimate that 60-70% of the responses to Ann C’s columns are interactions between left and right, often far afield of the column itself. While that might not sound appealing (having the genesis of each of your subjects seemingly lost in the brouhaha), the numbers would probably greatly outweigh any feelings of being “short-changed.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist.).

    I might try to arrange turning some of those leftist miscreants on to your site, as long as you promise to treat them with the disrespect that they deserve. Who knows, might make a few conversions in the process!

  25. Keyfish, The “special interests” always seem to yelp the loudest when the canididates turn their backs upon them. If O’Carter wins, can’t wait to hear the screams when a “military” issue or two crops up. Watch the libs dance when the need arises for the military to be utilized. I can hear them now: “The war in Iraq was useless but our justified incursion into the Darfur region to stop the genocide, well thats different..” Or would the “please don’t draft me” cowards stick to their arguments?? Thanks as always, Larry

  26. Rick, I wish that that thought would have crossed my mind, that was exceptional! Thanks as always, Larry

  27. J9, You are the best! Thanks for all of your support. Larry

  28. Big Ben, I can’t believe I missed out on the complete point of what it was that you were saying! I was looking for the change up and you got your patented fastball by me. After your complete disection of your original comment, it was as plain as the nose on my face! Great job and I am sorry that I was a little too slow on the uptake. Thanks for all of your contributions to NLTZ. Larry

  29. Big Ben, Also your comment on the “controversy” end is absolutely right. The left has a tendency to just resort to childish name calling alone and for that reason, they generally tend to stick with “like minded thinkers”. Most of the left leaning comments on Ann’s site aren’t really worth rebutting. I would hope that a liberal of civil temperment would consider sharing their point of view because, unlike most lib sites, the opposition is always welcome to contribute their opinions to the debate. Thanks again, larry

  30. Cherokee1020

    Marvelous piece. Thank you. Frightening man. No thank you…

  31. What a rollicking fun time your column is, Larry. I actually read it just before I go to bed, then I don’t have nightmares of O’Carter dismantling my beloved America. Thank God we have some level headed columnists and bloggers true. You give this old man hope of seeing my next gradchildren. One thing I a sick to death of is the current Congress apologizing for something that happened generations ago. Let’s move forward and join hands to work this country into the Super Power it should be. We really do have some tough times ahead. I love your writing style, Larry. You paint a masterpiece with you words. It is always a pleasure to read your column.

  32. Cherokee1020, I agree wholhertedly. I don’t think that he is malicious, just too inexperienced. I think that he would be too susceptible to the uber nut bag majority of the party he represents. Reminds me of the live shot of Clintons inaguration when the f15’s did a fly over. Amongst the crowd of oooh’s and aaah’s was one lone crackpot lefty who screamed, “those are OUR planes now, man..” Thnak you as always, Larry

  33. Richard, God bless you for your kind comments. I’d love to be called a “columnist” but due to the “iron curtain” that the columnists and their corporations (including Human Events, surprisingly) have surrounded themselves with, I will probably just be a “blogger”, and how I do hate that word.. Apologies? Apologies? Richard, thank you for you have just given me the idea for my next article and it will be entitled “Apology…Accepted?” Thank you for providing me with the catalyst and this article is dedicted to you and your grandchildren, My best, Larry

  34. Larry – re: “would the left allow O’Carter”.
    I see him in constant conflict with the looney left if he’s POTUS. He will do ALL of the deciding regarding America’s role anywhere.

    Because he’s not a patriot and has his loyalty in the Muslim communities around the world, he will NOT fight any wars.

    My best guess is that Iran’s regime structure (not necessarily the nukes) will be a USA target very soon. Notice, I didn’t say Israel, I say the USA will act alone. Lots of reasons for that comment, but more later.

    Your loyal, satisfied reader and booster – Gene

  35. Dr, Gene, America alone, eh..I am fascinated as is the entire NLTZ nation. Can’t wait to hear more. Your friend, Larry

  36. blue state blues- RWG

    While we are all in agreement with each other regarding the character, overt deceit and the lack of experience and credentials of Mr. H O’Carter, he continues to mesmerize the feeble and unsuspecting. Unfortunately I doubt that we can deprogram the majority of the Eloy that have been seduced into marching into their own demise but there are enough left over that would react if O’Carter is subjected to any scrutiny by any visible means (MSM or the law). Regarding the law, why is it that the validity of his birth certificate has not been truly vetted by any authoritative source while very throughly covered on You-Tube? It is a topic that been totally ignored not only by the MSM but also by conservative pundits. From what I have been able to gather from a few sources, his birth certificate is very suspect. Many believe that he was born in Indonesia and has submitted a forged Hawaiian birth certificate. What say ye?

  37. RWG, I need to watch the news a bit more often, too busy scribbling I suppose..So Senator O’Carter has a birth certificate that would make an illegal alien jealous, eh? Where is the “Sunshine Law” when you need it..The only sunshine going on here is the sunshine he is blowing up everyones backside..The media will file this like they did with the Edwards love baby story..It will be left up to us. Thanks as always, Larry

  38. Michigan Righty

    As long as the mainstream media keep regurgitating the same liberal talking points, our dumbed down society will buy into his incredibly hippocritical rhetoric.

  39. Michigan Righty, Well put. That is why the (un) fairness act is so important to the left. No matter what, they cannot disguise the deceptions that are revaled when they speak..Thanks for your comment, Larry

  40. For all his faults, Senator Obama has never once said that you are racist if you don’t vote for him.

    I don’t understand why people can’t straight-up argue why Senator McCain’s ideas are better for this country than Obama’s are, based on, you know, an honest assessment of the facts. This blog post is little more than false statements and childish name calling. It lowers — not raises — the debate.

  41. Wes, OK..please try to get beyond the illusion that “hope and change” are ideas. Please list the “ideas” of the Junior Senator. Please explain the possibility of making these dreams come true without RAISING TAXES. Understand that I am not a fan of Mc Cain as well. What you are missing is the imperative difference between liberalism and conservatism. That is my primary concern. By the way, for his next world tour will Bill lend BHO/JFK his saxophone? You haven’t accomplished anything by using the “I know you are but what am I” dodge. Any time you would like to “asses the facts”, feel free to assemble them and drop back by. You are entitled to your opinions here whether I agree with you or not. I feel that the thought is isn’t reciprocal. It would be nice if you elaborated as opposed to being typically sniffish. “Childish name calling”? Please explain the rantings of Franken, Garafalo, Baldwin, etc.. the heroes of the liberal world. Bring a little more to the table other than the “hope and change” reducto absurdum of your “argument”.

  42. Wes, Wes, Wes, you must be a Liberal, cause your name rhymes with LESS!
    (Americans should eat LESS, drive LESS, use LESS a/c, use LESS water, flush LESS, douche LESS, bathe LESS, ok, that’s enough).

    I guess since we don’t agree with you, you won’t be sticking around to engage in “dialogue”?
    EVERY time Obama speaks he “infers” we are racist.
    “I don’t look like the other presidents”…
    What the hell kinda crap is that??
    You know who he DOES LOOK LIKE, Wes?
    He DOES look like ALL of the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11.

    Wes, the ONLY reason we cannot possibly “straight-up argue why Senator McCain’s ideas are
    better for this country than Obama’s are” is because we haven’t heard a SINGLE “idea” from BHO.
    He harps and harps and harps about “Hope” & “Change”.
    I can put square tires on my car, Wes. There’s “change” for you! Not very useful change, but what the hell….why talk about the details…

    Sorry Wes, your man is the ONLY candy-date running for office with PROVEN connections to an extreme RACIST.

    Wes, come on, don’t run away like most liberals do when someone confronts them with the FACTS.
    Stick around and talk to us.
    Please (really PLEASE) post one single “idea” from BHO (and NO, you can’t use the “check my tire pressure” idea).

    Just ONE….

  43. ooooh, BHO just got an idea….. “tap the strategic oil reserves” to “fix” our energy problem.
    The guy apparently doesn’t understand the concept of “strategic” !!
    IF, IF, IF something catastrophic were to happen, we could use the “strategic oil reserves” to run our military and certain manufacturing sectors needed to protect our country and get us through the crisis.
    Poor planning (ie, NO new oil wells) is NOT what I would call “catastrophic”.
    Tapping the reserves would ease the pain until, oooh let’s see, Nov 6th!
    Then what?!?!?!
    Still no new oil wells and now our strategic RESERVES are gone too.
    So, the question to NObama is: then what?

    “Can’t drill our way out of this”??
    Wonder if we would even be asking this question IF we had been drilling offshore for the past 5 years?????????


  44. PS
    Wes, we’d LOVE to have a debate.
    WHY does BHO/JFK keep dodging them?
    Why, when he has to think on his feet, like in his “town hall” meeting, does he fall over himself trying to answer simple questions? “umm, duh, umm, well, umm, what we, umm.. and I, umm, yeah, …. “.
    Why? Because he doesn’t really have ANY ideas. Just smoooooooth talking – when he can read a prepared speach (sorta like a used car salesman).

  45. speech!

  46. Not to pile on to Ol’ Wes here but I have a question: Where is Obama’s “best friend forever”? Where has Ms. Pantsuit been lately after that rediculous photo op in “Unity” New Hampshire? Anybody seen Bill lately? Did the old lady bump him off after his embarrasing peformances during her “suspended” campaign? Larry

  47. She’s camping out on a grassy knoll waiting for the right, uhh, I mean, her moment…

  48. noleftturnz,

    You might disagree with all of them, but obviously Senator Obama has ideas and takes positions. These are often (though not always) different from Senator McCain’s ideas and positions. Obama is pro-life, McCain pro-choice. Obama is against the gas tax holiday, McCain for it. Obama thinks Afghanistan and Pakistan are the central front on the war on terror, McCain thinks it is Iraq. And so on. If you want a full list of Obama’s ideas I believe the best way for you to get them is unfiltered by the media, direct from the candidate himself, at his website:


    From there, it seems to me that a productive debate involves taking a look at an issue and seeing which candidate has the best ideas and which would be the best person to carry them out. And that is the sort of constructive debate that seems to be lacking in general, and on this blog in particular.

    Not for nothing, but if you really look at a particular issue I think any objective person would conclude that Obama lays out a more detailed solution. Take, say, the issue of energy independence and see for yourself. Here’s McCain’s solution:


    and here’s Obama’s:


    I’m not saying Obama’s is right, on the energy issue for example. (Myself, I actually I agree with different portions of each of their energy policies). I’m saying that both men have legitimate ideas and that given the importance of the upcoming election those ideas deserve legitimate debate.

    As for childish name calling, you put Senator Obama in the Green Party, referred to his “Bolshevik Buddies,” called him by that silly BHO/JFK moniker and then you called him Barack O’Carter. I have a seven year old daughter and when her classmates want to tease some one this is exactly what they do — make fun of that person’s name. Yesterday Denice Skelly was being called “Den is Smelly.” It is indeed childish and doesn’t help anyone. If you think Obama is the worse candidate then why can’t he be every bit as bad while being referred to respectfully?

    I absolutely agree that other people, from Franken to Rush, engage in the same childish behavior. I condemn that too. But since I’m not on Franken’s or Rush’s blog at the moment you are the one I’m calling out on it.

    As for “imperative difference between liberalism and conservatism” — now that is interesting. The recent posts I’ve seen on your blog don’t seem to be much about that. I suppose the difficulty in such a discussion is whether you compare two abstract theories or do you look at actual examples. Eg. Conservatism is theoretically suppose to be about small government and fiscal discipline, but our current conservative president (with a mostly conservative congress) has given us huge budget deficits and increased government more than any president since LBJ. I’d argue that the conservative turn our country took in ’92 didn’t work out so well.

  49. stitch76,

    Yes, because of my name that must mean I want Americans to douche less. Your reasoning is fitting for this blog post and makes the seven year old teasers of Denise Skelly proud.

    See my above comment for a link to Obama’s website where you can read about literally hundreds of ideas he has. Senator Obama does talk about his ideas everyday, but this doesn’t get much play in the press because the campaign coverage is mostly about this silly day-to-day arguing at the moment. For the same reason, McCain’s ideas don’t get near enough play either.

    To try to answer some of your other points:

    We haven’t been drilling offshore for the last 5 years because there’s been an executive order in place that was instigated by the first President Bush. Clinton kept it as did the current President Bush up until a few weeks ago. Lifting the federal moratorium on offshore drilling (something I personally think we should do as part of a comprehensive energy policy) would then throw the issue to the states. I suspect most states, red and blue alike, would NOT approve of drilling on their coasts. I know the governors of Florida and South Carolina have already said they would not approve of drilling off their states.

    99.9% of what Obama says is not implicitly or explicitly about race. If you don’t believe this listen for yourself — catch a full speech of Obama’s on c-span or download one from his website. Obama has on occasion said things like “I don’t look like other presidents.” Myself, I have mixed feelings about statements like that. The sad fact is that there are people in this country who might not vote for Obama for the sole reason because he is African-American. Obama has to say something to try and overcome that. On the other hand, like you I’m uncomfortable the tone of statements like that. I wish Obama would stick to talking about race in more eloquent and uniting ways, like he did in that speech in Philadelphia some months back.

    I totally agree with you: Obama should do those town halls with Senator McCain. But just because the two of them aren’t having regular productive debates, that doesn’t mean they can’t happen on this blog.

  50. noleftturnz,

    Ah, I sent you the wrong link for Obama’s energy ideas. The right one is:


    I think you also asked me about where Senator Clinton has been. (“Ms. Pantsuit” being the latest in your childish name calling spree). I’m not sure why you ask me as that has nothing to do with what I wrote or with the imperative difference between liberalism and conservatism you say is your primary concern. In any event, I don’t know what the back story is with her disappearance from the spotlight. I’m sure there answers are in a story at politico.com, or somewhere like that. I suspect we’ll be seeing her at the Democratic convention soon.

  51. Wes, Thanks for catching your mistake. I won’t “call you out on it” and I am actually surpised that you made one. Not to belabor the whole thing but within all of your commentary, you have missed a number of imperative points. These will not be in order of their appearance: “our current conservative president” not for nothing but, he is a moderate with a few conservative positions, the War on Terror. I believe that he has always been the Republican equivalent of Joe Lieberman. A closer read at all of the available information here would have brought that to your attention. Since the Senator is so eloquent on the issues on his web site, which is probably compiled and produced by his staff, I just don’t understand why isn’t he so verbose in public. We know that not everyone in the United States owns or has access to a computer, which is a crime unto itself… I am very sorry to hear about the verbal lacerations that young Skelly had to endure. If we could only make the raising of a child the sterile experiment that so many would like it to be. I hope that the damage isn’t permanent and that the apropriate legislation can be penned by someone to eliminate the epidemic of “kids being kids.” I would hope that her input as to the whole “nuclear” thing is as important to her parents as it was the the Carters. Is the use of “childish name calling spree” a childish name calling spree on your part? Have you raised the tone of the “constructive debate” that you yearn for by comparing me to a seven year old? If it makes you feel better, you may do so. I see (or should I “feel”) the sanctimony in what you say. You are entitled to your enterpritations of what it is that I am trying to do here. Lighten up Francis, I’ve generally seen that the left is a humorless bunch and I am glad to see that you haven’t fallen that far from the tree. The recent posts on your blog “don’t have anything to do with the difference between liberal and conservative”. I am trying, Jedi Master, to learn from you and I am “branching out”. I hope that you will be there to take that “air of the pedagogue” (You remind me of Houseman in The Paper Chase. Sorry if I insulted you or in any way offended you or somehow eliminated the potential for “constructive debate.”) and to correct us with a rap across the knuckles if we stray into the abyss of childishness…

  52. Wes

    Having an opinion, or taking a position, on an issue, is not the same thing as having an “idea”.

    We have an energy issue in this country. One IDEA floated out was drilling in ANWR. Mr “Yes-we-can” says “No we can’t”.
    Another IDEA floated out was offshore drilling. Mr “Yes-we-can” says “No we can’t”.
    Regardless of how the states feel about it, those states do not legislate what goes on in international waters. The Chinese have been drilling 60 miles off the Florida coast for years.
    And I know the history the executive order. However, that only applies to American oil companies. They do business in this country and have to answer to our laws. The rest of the world doesn’t as we see by the other nations’ flags waving in the wind on top of oil platforms 60 miles from our shores.
    Another IDEA was more coal power plants (clean coal plants). Mr “Yes-we-can” says “No we can’t”.
    Its OK for the Chinese to build one clean coal plant per week, heck we’ll even sell them the coal, but this country just can’t be trusted to do it right. Actually, we can’t sell them the coal. That would require mining and that kind of blue-collar work just wont be tolerated in this country any more.
    Another IDEA was more nuclear power. Mr “Yes-we-can” says “No we can’t”.
    Seems to me the left doesn’t have much problem with the likes of Iran building nuclear facilities for “peaceful” purposes, but somehow this nation is just too imcompetent to do it safely. So we better leave that kind if high techno stuff up to these more advanced Third World countries.
    The ONLY debate the lefties want to get involved in is whether or not the Iranians can turn that fuel into nuclear weapons. The fact that they are building a nuclear power plant doesn’t faze the left AT ALL. “They should be allowed to do that”. But for some reason our country is just too incompetent.

    BHO believes we should use alternative energy.
    I have looked at solar and wind power for decades. (I’m a double major in CS & Math with a minor in Eng Physics.) If I covered my entire roof with solar panels and every square foot of my back yard with solar and wind stations, I still could not generate enough power to run my 2000 sq ft house year round.
    And, one liberal group is fighting the other liberal group over this very issue. One group wants solar and wind stations everywhere. The other is complaining because it is ruining the view (which I agree with).
    Solar and wind power have their place. It would be nice to have if the grid went down (just ask a New Englander), but I would hate to have to rely on it. And right now its just waaaay to expensive. It would cost me $25k to provide 9600W of power. Not even enough to run my a/c, let alone the entire house (plus charge a couple electric cars).

    Baracks “position” on most issues (energy, healthcare, schools, retirement, capitalism, foreign policy, etc) is more in line with the socialist states of Europe than these free United States of America.

    I have listened to BHO speeches. MOST of the time (99.9%) he mentions race in some form or another. Whereas McCain rarely ever mentions race And usually only then in an interview where he is asked a direct question about race.

    Blogs like this are great. It allows the conservative folks a chance to express their opinions. Something that rarely ever happens in the liberal news outlets.

    Its amazing how liberals deem themselves “above name-calling” as they call me “childish”.
    Using the proper adjectives to better describe a topic is not what I would call “name-calling”.
    Obama is soooo like Carter in sooo many ways. The name: Barack O’Carter is a play on words that fits, humorously.

    The basic difference between conservative and liberal energy policies is in the use of carbon fuels. We believe we should continue to use fossil fuels UNTIL the alternatives are more viable. Liberals believe they (THEY) should just take away the fossil fuels (ie, leave it in the ground) and force everyone to “invest” (read – pay through the nose) in these alternatives. And again, you can cover every square acre of open land in this country with solar panels and you would not be able to supply all our energy needs. But to the liberals, thats ok. Just skip your shower today. And you can bet the likes of Gore, Pelosi, Clinton, and BHO will NOT be reducing their carbon footprint. Its the ancient Volcano God syndrome. “Sacrifice your carbon fuels at the altar and we (liberal demogogs) will appease the Great Volcano God so you can live in peace.

    I actually wish BHO would continue to harp on his race. Its really driving the undecideds away. White people are just about fed up with all this “blaming” crap. NONE of us were alive during slavery days. I will not be held accountable for something I, nor any member of my family, was involved with.

    Again, give us ONE example of an IDEA from BHO.
    Not his position on an issue. But an IDEA to resolve an issue.
    We’ve all taken our sides on the issues. What we need are solutions. Ideas. How are we going to solve these issues. The ideas need to be something that most people can agree with. So far, the idea that most (>70%) of Americans agree with is: DRILL HERE! DRILL NOW!

    Thanks for the feedback, Wes, more or less….but I digress…I’m such a mess… 🙂

  53. Stitch, good stuff my friend. It appears that Wes was not happy (re:”childish name calling”) with about twelve words in my article, I wonder how he “feels” about the other 1,100 or so therein? Thanks as always, Larry

  54. noleftturnz,

    Question for you:

    President Bush is basically a moderate, you say. How would you compare his conservative to Senator McCain’s? I ask because on many issues — immigration, the environment, taxes, arguably the War on Terror — McCain seems to me more liberal than Bush.

  55. Wes, I agree. The election process occasionally forwards a candidate that all factions of a party don’t agree with. I think McCain falls neatly into that niche. The conservative wing didn’t put/force/convince a candidate with their viewpoint to the front. Snooze you lose. Some clamoured for Mitt kind of as an afterthought. I agree that the debates should allow for the details that each candidate endorses to emerge. The whole campaign/convention/commericals aspect of politics seems all to vaudvillian at times. Mere entertainment. I try to “entertain” within my articles as they are generally on the long side and if I didn’t try to “entertain” while hopefully trying to inform, alot of folks might lose interest and they would then go elsewhere. I truly appreciate your input here at NLTZ. We may disagree on some things but there is no reason that we can’t continue the conversation..Thanks as always, Larry

  56. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the basic difference I see between Bush and McCain is that McCain is a “poll follower”.
    Bush does and says what he believes is the right thing to do, or his advisors (usually) says is the right thing to do.
    I think McCain is taking a page(s) from the Democrats playbook by “adjusting” his position according to the latest polls.
    As long as he stays firmly on the Right side of the fence, its ok with me if he occassionally grazes along the fenceline.
    Look, BHO is promising every group he meets whatever that group wants to hear. Just like Bill Clinton did in ’91. Which then helped Billy get elected in ’92. Which he then gave us the largest tax increase in US history. Which, as we know, cost the Democrats BOTH houses of Congress.
    Now, is BHO prepared to do the same to meet his promises (if he is elected in Nov)??
    Are we going to face another “largest tax increase in US history” just to meet BHO’s promises? (which, to date, includes some $1 TRILLION for the UN!!! and another $1.5 TRILLION in new domestic spending!).

    With all of the “undecideds” or “independents” out there, neither party can win the election on their own. They NEED tha majority of these folks to swing their way. Unfortunately, a lot of those people are so easily swayed by the latest commericial, or catchy TV jingle, that we need to keep trying to find that “catchy tune” and imbed it in their brain RIGHT BEFORE they step into the voting booth.
    Hence, you get things like: BHO: its not his Race, its his Racism!
    I want that to catch on….right about Nov 4th!
    heh heh hehhh

  57. noleftturnz, I never said (and don’t think) I’m always right. (I mean, there was that one time I thought I was wrong but wasn’t).

    And I never said (and don’t think) children should have a sterile existence. If you knew anything about my own 7-year old you’d know that her childhood is far from sterile, often to her mother’s chagrin.

    Of course you can ignore my observations if you want, or dismiss them as my being sanctimonious. That’s fine. Just recognize that what I’m doing is giving you my own honest impression of your writings. That might (or might not) be of value to you since I am presumably the exact sort of person you hope to sway through the labors of your blog. I’m truly undecided in this election. I run from liberal to conservative, depending on the issue, and have an open mind.

    Now, maybe you are really a closet liberal who is engaged in some brilliant scheme to equate conservatism with childish behavior. But I suspect you truly hold your views and truly want to share them with others. Humor is a GREAT way of doing that. Name calling is not.

    All I’m saying is: Maybe using a tactic that’s favored by 7-year olds and that most kids grow out of might not be the most effective way for you to get your views across.

  58. Larry,

    I totally agree that McCain is the candidate no faction of the party totally agreed with. I am still curious about how you would compare McCain’s conservative to President Bush. Is he more conservative? Less? The same?

    As an aside: I’ve been exploring the possibility of backing Bob Barr. Would you consider throwing your support behind him?

    Also as an aside, I can totally relate to your twin goals of using your blog to simultaneously sympathize and inform. That’s a tough thing to do! Even when I disagree with how you’ve tried to do that please know that I truly do respect the effort.

  59. stitch76,

    I’ve been trying to reply to your comment, but you seem all over the place to me.

    I’m not sure what you mean about giving you an idea of Senator Obama’s. I just gave out a link to his website that’s full of them. If it would be helpful for you to have me pick a few out:

    * Obama wants to create system whereby the private health issuance coverage that’s available to members of congress will be available to all Americans. He’s also proposed a National Health Insurance Exchange to make it easier for people to buy insurance.

    * Obama wants to expand the army by 65,000 troops, and the marines by 27,000. He has an idea to create an organized volunteer corps of people with specialized skills that can be called into action in times of emergengy.

    * Obama has the idea of deploying two additional brigades into Afghanistan, and taking one or two brigades two months out of Iraq. He’s also said that (unlike President Bush) he would strike al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan even without Pakistani permission.

    * He’s proposed the creation of a rule that all federal contracts over $25,000 must be won through a competitive bidding process. He also proposes Pay-As-You-Go spending rules, so all tax cuts or spending proposals are paid for elsewhere in the budget.

    You can disagree with any of all of those ideas if you like. But they are ideas.

    And I completely disagree with you that “ideas need to be something that most people can agree with”. How do you figure that?! But, by your measure, Obama is currently doing pretty well since polls show people support him on more issues than they do Senator McCain.

  60. Wes, “Humor” or “name calling” or however anyone wishes to define it, is in the eye of the beholder or it depends upon whose ox is being AlGored (See lawyers disclaimer below..see Attempted Humor)… Your opinion IS important. I am not dismissing it, I just don’t prefer to be dismissed as “childish”. If I dismissed your opinion, I would have dismissed your comments, AKA: delete them. End of topic, please.. Now onto Bob Barr. I will look into him and see what he has going on. Thanks for the tip. “Closet Liberal”? Wes, THAT’S the definiton of “name calling” (Lawyers disclaimer: Authors attempt at HUMOR, no offense intended for any individual regardless of their inclinations, ethnicity and/or gender..)..Bush vs. Mc Cain? I’d say that at first blush, Bush might get the nod as far as being “more conservative”. No one would get that in a walk.Thanks for your comments, Larry

  61. Larry, I do apologized if I crossed the line and implied that you, personally, are childish. I don’t know you but wouldn’t presume that you were. It is my opinion that name calling of the sort that exists on this blog is childish, regardless of who engages in it (whether it be Rush or Franken or whoever). That’s a comment on the action, not the person. And even within that I’m not dismissing you; I took the time to write on your blog instead of just ignoring it.

    Good point: “humor” and “name calling” can indeed be in the eye of the beholder. I think one thing that makes the difference between the two is who the object of your humor is. Does all your humor go towards Democrats or do the Republicans you disagree with get it in equal measure? And I think it makes a difference how often it is used. You’ve been using that OHB/JFK “joke” over and over since at least February. Do you really think it is equally funny every time? Or has it degraded to something else?

    I’m happy to leave those questions open. You were good to reply to my comments and I thank you for that.

  62. Wes, I heat up the Repubs as well. Lately the Demos have been kind enough to supply me with considerably more ammo. It is Election time, but normally it is the differences between the ethos’ of liberalism and conservatism that draws my ire. The readers should and will let me know if I am “over the line”. That is what you did. Thanks,I value your opinion. The BHO/JFK reference came from the fawning of Teddy and others awhile back. I suppose that there are “degrees” of “humor”. Some choose to focus on aspects involving the derivation of his name, etc. I looked towards what I thought was an unhealthy “beatification” process and the correlative imagery that I believe was and is undeserved. Onto Bob Barr, I checked out his site and Bob makes some sense on alot of the issues. It’s a shame that the “process” doesn’t seem to include the Libertarians. I am not in agreement with his assesment and plans/ideas relative to the Middle East and the War. I also wish that his VP choice had some kind of experience which is one of the biggest complaints so many have with Obama. Thanks for your comments, Larry

  63. So, Larry, I’m really interested in this McCain conservatism question.

    You write a conservative blog, in defense of conservative ideas. And yet you are spending a whole lot of time essentially defending a candidate who you think is on the liberal side of moderate. How does that work?

    I mean, I understand you believe that McCain is the lesser of two evils. But I can’t imagine that defending the less evil path is what gets you out of bed in the morning.

    Do you think there’s something to be said for acknowledging that conservatives blew it with President Bush and giving Obama the presidency? There’s almost certainly going to be a Democratic congress. So, the Democrats will get total responsibility, no scapegoats.

    Now, before people like stitch76 jump on me for asking that let me stipulate that I’m not, not, NOT saying that’s a good idea. I’m just asking the question. Arguably, the last great year for conservatives was 1994 when Gingrich and conservative GOP members swept congress (and laid the groundwork for Bush’s election). That came on the heals of total Democratic control that people viewed as a disaster. Perhaps the great year before that was 1980 when Regan was elected, again as a result of a failed Democratic administration. If Obama and the Democrats gain control then they’ll either have to rise to the occasion or they’ll fall on their faces. And if they fall then that could again lay the groundwork for a conservative who isn’t the lesser of evils to you, one you actually support.

    I guess I’m not sure what supporting McCain gets you besides a slower bleed in a direction you don’t think the country should go in.

  64. I totally agree about how sad it is that third parties are excluded from the process. I wish we were allowed to designate a first and second choice when we vote. That way you could vote your conscious with your first choice, make a practical decision with your second, and not feel like you are “waisting” your vote. It would also prevent fringe candidates — Nadar or Perot or whoever — from tilting an election one way or the other.

  65. Wes, Please list the times that I have come out and waved the flag or banged the McCain drums.. Speaking of “humor” you might recall that I have repeatedly refered to McCain as “Obama lite” that the Republicans are trying to out Obama Obama! He is the guy that I said was “Obama without the youthful inexperience and the tan.” Sounds like a raging endorsement to me. “Giving Obama the presidency”? Maybe not, Wes. There is still time left for either (Sorry Bob Barr..) candidate to step up and take control. For all of the media coverage that Obama gets you would think that his lead would be at least double digits. Even if the most rock ribbed conservative alive took the election there will still be a Demo House and Senate. I haven’t “defended” either path and I need neither to motivate me to “get out of bed.” There are nearly 100 articles on this site. Check more than two or three before deciding whom or what I “defend”. Thanks again and again, Larry

  66. Wes

    lots of stuff to cover here Wes, try to keep up.
    You sent me a link to a bunch of stuff that BHO has expressed an opinion on. I don’t see much there that I would consider HIS ideas.

    – same health care that congress gets for all Americans? NOT his idea. Same old idea with the same old problem: WHO is going to pay for it?

    – National Health Insurance Exchange? Again! NOT a NEW idea. And, the same problem: WHO is going to pay for it?

    – expand the Army and Marines?? You really think that is HIS idea?? You don’t believe that the military leaders have been wanting more for years?
    (that is actually part of the problem that Rumsfeld faced in Iraq. The “new” military is suppose to be more efficient with all their high-tech gadgets that they dont need all those extra troops. They tried it. Had issues. And what was the solution? A “surge”. ie, MORE TROOPS!)
    Sorry pal, this one is definitely NOT a BHO-conceived idear…

    – “organized volunteer corps of people with specialized skills that can be called into action in times of emergengy”. What? You mean like the Peace Corps??

    – redeploying troops from Iraq to Afganistan? New? Hardly. Sort of like redeploying troops from Europe to the Pacific circa 1945. I think the military planners are waaaay ahead of this rookie.

    – OMG! TONS! TONS! of people have suggested go after the terrorists striking us from within Pakistan. But then there’s that whole pesky “sovereign nation” thing getting in the way again. EHHHHHHHH! not an original idear!

    – federal projects are already by bid. Lowering the threshold is hardly a new idea.
    This has the same problem. It costs MONEY to entertain all those bids. More than $25k.
    Basically, spend $50k soliciting bids for a $25k job. EHHHH! been talked to death – NOT a good idea, or an original idea.

    – ideas most people can agree with. Yes. Any loon can come up with an idea. An idea that makes most people roll their eyes, shake their head, and walk away is hardly worth mentioning as a “good idea”. A viable idea has to have some merit to it. If most people can agree with your idea, it usually has some merit. Or at least is worth putting on the table to talk about.

    As for BHO’s ideas being more popular than McCains, I dont see how you figure that. Everyone keeps saying that BHO is popular because of his song and dance, not the package in his pants.
    Everyone keeps asking WHEN is BHO going to make HIS policies known.
    As for the polls, someone, and it aint McCain, has LOST 9 points in the past week. The polls now show them even. That’s sad when you consider McCain hasn’t done anything to move forward, but the truth about BHO’s incompetence in important matters is finally being discussed.
    Finally, the message is getting out that BHO lacks anything other than hot air. And like any other hot air balloon, just wait awhile….it’ll be back on the ground shortly.

  67. Stitch and Wes,
    BHO pro-life??? I just about fell out of my chair. How can he be pro-life when he is rated 100% by NARAL??? NARAL supports the murdering of the unborn — abortion is about as far from pro-life as one can get. BHO consistantly states that he will unveil his ideas/plans when he is elected President (i.e. when it is too late). To me, that statement in and of itself sends screaming red flags. How can a voter make an informed decision when there is no information provided to make an informed decision? Alas, there lies the central strategy of the Obama campaign — smoke and mirrors, “hypnotic hyperbole of meaninglessness”, and abstract “ideas” (i.e. hope and change) — but nothing concrete. Obama may be a “great orator” (thanks to great speech writers), but being articulate in front of a crowd does not guarantee one will hold the highest office in the land. Case in point: William Jennings Bryan. Bryan was considered “America’s Orator” — and lost both times he ran for president (1896 and 1900). One can also argue that GWB is another case against eloquence being a prerequisite for the Presidency, but that argument is tired and moot. The fact that Obama is a “celebrity”, the media darling and the “MTV candidate” are all reasons that turn me off to him. Those qualities actually scare me. Why should Oprah’s opinion matter to me? As an aside, if I am a racist solely because I am not voting for Barack Obama, then I wear that distinction with pride. I do not care that a black man is running for President — I just don’t want THAT black man (BHO) to become President. I am not ashamed for being white, Christian, and straight — and no amount of liberal re-education and sensitivity training is going to change that.

  68. Amy

    yep! I agree.
    Mr “Change…and Hope it works”, has yet to lay out ideas on how to fix things.
    More taxes and gubbment programs are not new ideas. And usually don’t get past congress (unless, as Clinton had in ’92, we find ourselves with BOTH houses in Demo hands).

    If it wasn’t for the fact that it would help Obama, I would write in Powell/Rice. Flip a coin on which one is president/vp. So, there goes both the race card and gender card out the window.

    Color matters…..Obama is too GREEN!

  69. Amy D and Stitch, I enjoy your comments. They bring so much to this site. Thanks as always, Larry

  70. New term for Dhimmicrat Party — The Demolition Party (Hopefully that one has not been used yet!!!)

  71. Demolition Party — for demolishing the truth, debate, and personal freedom in one fell swoop — in other words demolishing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

  72. Amy D, I’ve never heard it, so consider it copywritten on NLTZ. Thanks as always for your contributions, Larry

  73. YAY!!! I’m an original!!! Ok, I’m sane now.

  74. Amy D: An original and one of the NLTZ MVPs, Larry

  75. stitch76,

    You started out by essentially saying that the Obama campaign is vacuous, that there was no substance there to debate. So I pointed out that there were actual differences in the positions between Senators Obama and McCain.

    Then you said, well, Obama has positions but he doesn’t have ideas. You asked for just one idea. So I gave you several examples.

    Now you are switching again and saying that, well, Obama doesn’t have any ideas that 1) he was the very first person on the entire planet to propose AND 2) that the majority of the people now support. OK, please give me an example of one of McCain’s campaign “ideas” that meet those two criteria.

    My larger point is that there are actual substantive differences between the two candidates. There are lots of issues facing our country now, and for each there are several proposed solutions. This might be radical for you, but what I’m suggesting is that those differences and issues get debated and discussed making use of, you know, objective facts, and in a way that’s open, fair and respectful (and, yes, if it is your style, Larry, humorous).

  76. FYI, stitch76: Obama’s idea for a civilian assistance corps is not like the peace corps, which recruits people for a full time job overseas. Obama’s idea is to get volunteers, in New Orleans for example, with skills that would be useful in an emergency. And so, if another hurricane were to hit the Big Easy and the authorities needed help in responding there would be an already oganized list of skilled volunteers they could turn to for help. They wouldn’t be paid anything and being in this corps wouldn’t be their job. I don’t know if that idea was Obama’s himself but I never heard some one else mention it before him .

  77. Amy,

    Ooops. I did write that Obama was pro-life and McCain pro-choice. Sorry about that. Obviously, I meant the other way around.

    I would like you to point out one time when Obama has said that he wouldn’t reveal his ideas until he is elected. I follow the news closely, have seen a good dozen complete speeches by both Obama and McCain (on cspan and in person) and have never heard Obama say that.

    I would agree that, in their speeches, McCain tends to throw in more specifics than Obama. I don’t think the difference isn’t as big as you or the media suggest, but I agree there is a difference. So, point to McCain. However, if you look at their websites any objective person would conclude that Obama’s has more specifics and has more proposals. So, that point goes to Obama. Add it up and there’s plenty of substance to discuss.

    In general, this conversation has helped me understand why this and most other conservative blogs are more about bashing Obama (and bashing things in general (like San Francisco, for instance)) rather than speaking in favor of the alternative. If you are down-the-line conservative, McCain is not for you. (Obama might be too green for you, Amy, but McCain is proposing a cap-and-trade system that would cut greenhouse gases by 60 percent, and proposing we spend $4 billion on clean energy). So bashing, putting down Obama and poking fun at Democrats is all you think that’s left to you.

  78. Wes, Have we met?? You noticed my “style”?? LOL..My friend, it is as subtle as a flying mallet..Thanks for your contributions to the debate and to NLTZ. You are welcome here 24/7. Larry

  79. Dear Amy, I’ll take this one for you…Wes, if the tone of this or any conservative blog or web site bothers you, you have sevarl options. 1) Construct Wesleyswittywritings.com in order to properly express yourself. Feel free to talk down to anyone you wish when you put forth the necessary effort to to assemble and write an article or two. Shouldn’t be that hard, conservatives are doing it. An intelligent fellow like you should have no trouble what so ever. Who writes Obama’s web site? Obama? Right…Thanks again and again and again and again, Larry

  80. That is indeed an option I’m thinking about, Larry. Another option is to leave a comment on your blog offering up my own opinion:

    It has been said here that Obama has no plans or positions and says only “hope, hope, hope.” I’m pointing out that this is factually wrong. Even if Obama didn’t author everything on his site (and you don’t know that he didn’t, or that McCain wrote his), the man has still put forth proposals. It may be that you may disagree every single one of Obama’s plans and positions (I don’t certainly don’t agree with them all myself) and that’s fine. What’s wrong with saying “On this issue McCain has X idea and Obama has Y, and X is better for these reasons . . .”

    I don’t think I’m saying anything that is super-radical here.

  81. No one is switching, Wessie, you’re just not keeping up.
    To say that Obamie has all these great ideas is just a lie.
    He has expressed opinions on the same old failed ideas from many previous liberals, including some of HRC’s.
    No NEW ideas from BHO. I’ve said that from the beginning and I’m still saying it.
    You didnt send links to any (read: ANY) of BHO’s “great ideas”. But a link to his position on OLD EXISTING IDEAS.
    And, ideas that are NOT his. He was just a young lad when some of those ideas started floating around.
    Also, Obamie does NOT write those web sites. His “handlers” do. They (read: THEY) are the ones who put the words out that try to be all things to all people (regardless of how contradictory they are).
    So these are not HIS “ideas”, but rather scripted positions that his handlers see as good vote-gettters. Especially with the Wet Panty Party. You know, the young women who can’t find a real man in their life, so the look to “leaders” like BHO who “promise” to provide a roof over their head, food on their table, schools for their kids, computers in every home (Gore promised this), etc etc etc. Of course we all know these are just campaign promises. No politician has ever followed through on any of these, but these gals don’t seem to notice that. As long as they get a little moisture collecting in their panties, this is “their” “man”.
    Seen it with JFK, Billy, and now BHO.
    Its like catering to the 18-20 year old vote. Their perspective on life and society is through such a narrow lense. All you have to do is promise them free school, plenty of free public transportation to anywhere they want to go, and stage a free concert somewhere, and you’ll get their votes.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have all those “volunteers” to solve all our problems. What happens when these “volunteers” decide to stay home today? After all, they’re not getting paid.
    Tell me that is not the very definion of “helium of hope”!
    By that logic, we don’t need ANY health care whatsoever! Just get a bunch of “trained” “volunteers” who come out of the woodwork any time someone has an emergency and these “volunteers” swoop in (alla BATMAN) and solve all of Gotham City’s problems.
    Put out the funny cigarette, Wessie, and let your mind clear. Walk towards the light.

    Yes, would love to see BHO debate McCain on ANY topic, but the coward won’t climb in the ring. McCain is there, every week, in his OPEN FORUM townhall meetings, but the junior senator isn’t ready to get in the ring with the heavyweights yet. McCain has facts, BHO has 2 words: “Hope”, “Change”. And this fact becomes painfully obvious when BHO has to THINK on his feet rather than read prepared speechs. ANYTIME the boy is pressed to answer a non-scripted question, he stutters and stammers and then falls back into colorful Obamics to mesmerize the audience (“…you are all getting very sleepy…very sleepy…”).
    (Disclaimer: the word “boy” is in reference to the lad’s “youth and inexperience” and his current position as a junior senator. The word carries no other subliminal meanings).
    BHO’s ideas are not “radical” to me. That would imply this being the first time I’ve heard of them. Hearing the same old crap, packaged in his “helium of hope” Obamics is not what I would call “radical”, just plain stupid.
    Sorry Wessie, I just can’t shut down enough of my brain to think at your level.
    I’m trying to see your point of view, but I just can’t get my head that far up my A$$!
    We’ve all moved on to more current topics, join us in the future Weston.

  82. Stitch,

    I asked you for one of McCain’s ideas that meet your own two criteria — an idea that McCain was the very first person to propose and that the majority of people now support — and all you did was bash Obama and put me down.

    Thank you for illustrating my point for me.

  83. Wes, your only point is on top of your head.
    I’m not here to talk about McCain. I’m here to bash Obama. If you can’t handle that, find another site to haunt.
    I can find plenty to support McCain, but that’s not why I’m here. My enjoyment is in bashing Obamie, period!
    The liberal news media spends all their airtime attacking McCain. This is my time to return the favor.
    All we hear all day long from the liberal news media is what a “savior” Obamie is. They turn a blind eye to his incompetence. We dont do that here. We expose his racism, incompetence, errors (57 states! sheesh), and above all the FACT that he doesn’t have ANY ideas to do anything but raise taxes and GIVE my money away to losers. ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN are lying hypocrites.
    Get over it, you’ll sleep better.


  84. To Amy D. Well done, you will never be alone, I am going to hit your blog right now.

  85. Wes,
    Every time Obama is asked to debate with John McCain, all BHO can say is “wait until I am elected”. Repeating “Hope” and “Change” repeatedly, ad nauseum, evaporate like the helium that they are in the face of real, honest debate. BHO is afraid to deviate from the script because he knows that he will sound like a blathering idiot. McCain is not going to debate using a Dhimmi-approved script (what would be the point?). BHO is afraid that he will be revealed for the fraud that he is. In the face of honest debate, BHO’s smoke and mirrors will disappear and reveal how green and inept he really is.

    P.S. I come here for the same reason as everyone else, to bash Obama and other Dhimmicrats. I also enjoy the company of fellow conservatives.

  86. Amy, those whoo seek their “conversion” have the utmost difficulty understanding that extreme liberalism and the Democratic party have become synonymous through their thoughts and actions of the past sixty years. Thanks for all of your comments and contributions to NLTZ..Coimng soon: “The Importance of Iowa”..tell all of your friends!! Larry

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