Apology Accepted?

I received a comment from my friend Richard who said that he was “sick to death of Congress apologizing for things that happened generations ago” and that he hopes to see a better world for his grandchildren. The only way to ensure the likelihood of the former coming to fruition would be to forcibly medicate our spineless office holders in the hopes of eliminating “obsequious grandstanding” as a Pavlovian political reflex. The best way to guarantee the latter would be to make the plague of liberalism an executable offense. I don’t feel that it is that far out of the realm of possibility because the majority of liberalism’s tenets are based upon palpably treasonous thoughts and actions.

In the interim, lets take a look at this “apology” thing and let us try to bring it into the world of the rational and let’s take a peek into a few things that Congress should really apologize for.

I think Congress should apologize for Barney Frank’s “Ideological Exclusions Amendment” which was added to the 1990 Immigration and Nationality Act (Sponsored by Ted Kennedy who wanted to ramp up the damage he inflicted with his enthusiastic tub thumping for the 1965 Immigration Act..) Fabulous Barney wanted to augment the exclusion provisions of the legal immigration laws. He wanted to remove the sexual preference exclusion that refused homosexual immigrants legal entry into the United States. Barney demanded a concession for gay rights, which later became a concern for our national security, for a number of reasons..

According to Barney, “people who thought and said unpleasant things about America” should be allowed free and unfettered access to the country that they hate, even if they loudly proclaimed that they wanted to overthrow or destroy this country. According to Barney, these were the First Amendment rights guaranteed to those who were not yet citizens! Barney said that people with “dangerous foreign influences” were NOT a threat and should NOT be refused entry to America. Thus Barney’s “Gay Pride Parade” prancing and skipping through Americas immigration turnstiles paved the way for the Islamofascists and their mesmerized marionettes to enter our sovereign country, then plan and execute the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Still waiting for the formal apology on that one..

Another element of the Act that quietly slipped between the paragraphs was a loosening of the language that allowed for the removal of AIDS from the list of diseases or illnesses that would make an immigrant ineligible for entry to the United States. If you listen to the left, AIDS is a “worldwide epidemic” and that is why more “funding” is needed. Why would they encourage those who already have the black plague of the twenty first century (according to the left), those who, in the vast majority of cases, contracted a disease brought about by their own acts of individual volition and depravity, permanent entry to this nation? Temporary entry for reasons of medical care would be perfectly acceptable as long as they were only allowed to stay at the medical facility where they were seeking treatment. This is the first time that something the size and scope of a health epidemic was magically transformed into a civil rights issue by a “special interest group”. Still waiting for the formal apology on that one, too..

To be totally honest, the total number of “Congressional” apologies necessary, if put on paper, would make a list that would circle the Earth’s equator or Michael Moore’s, whichever is greater, so for the sake of brevity lets just take a look at this latest formal apology from Congress.

Since the (alleged) “distant relatives” of domestic white slave owners and lawmakers have now formally apologized for slavery, why hasn’t anyone demanded an apology or two from the “distant relatives” of the potentates of the countries within Africa? These were the “leaders” who sold their fellow countrymen, and the citizens of the neighboring countries that they repeatedly raped and pillaged, into slavery. These were the Kings and Queens who allowed this horrible practice to take place and quite probably they actively encouraged it. Regardless of the demands of the slave traders of other nations, if they were not allowed access to the “merchandise” (AKA: the people who were sold and traded as slaves) the slave traders would not have had a “commodity” to sell or trade within the United States. In other words, if these Kings and Queens had used the violence that they had used to slaughter and export their own citizens and those of their neighboring countries to rebuke and rebuff the slave traders, the issue of slavery in the United States would have never existed.

Could part of the answer be that slavery was rampant, “socially acceptable” and widely practiced within the African nations during those times? Could another part of it also be that the disgusting commerce of human trading was one of the only sources of income for the poverty-stricken and commodity barren countries and these Kings and Queens had a lot of things that they wanted to buy and palaces that they needed to build? You might recognize some of their names and faces because they are all over the posters, paid for with your tax dollars, that adorn the walls of the public schools when the fictitious Kwanzaa celebration takes place while the rest of America is celebrating Christmas.

In essence, why haven’t the African Americans formally apologized to the African Americans?

Even if that were to be the case, even if everyone in the United States apologized to everyone else in the United States for everything, would everyone accept those apologies? Unequivocally?

This “apology” was nothing more than a hollow and empty gesture done to placate a festering fringe of incendiary instigators who specialize in the intentional separation of the races. What should have taken place when Congress insisted upon “formally apologizing” for slavery and the Jim Crow laws was the so called “leaders” who have repeatedly called for these bogus “apologies” should have been forced to publicly “formally accept” the idiotic vaudevillian apologies. Why is that, you ask?

If the racial separatists had been forced to “accept” those apologies, (and why else would you make the apologies except to garner genuine forgiveness?), it would deflate and devalue any further racist racial rhetoric. When the apologies are accepted, we “move on”. If we as a nation “move on”, the shakedown thugs like $harpton and Jack$on would lose all of their power to divide. Wielding their petty divisiveness is how they obtain their ample paychecks. The “reparations racists” would have no choice but to take their Punch and Judy show somewhere else.

For Americans like Richard and for his grandchildren, when someone “demands” apologies and they get it, we should rightfully “demand” that they accept them and go away.. Permanently..


47 responses to “Apology Accepted?

  1. Lee - Missouri Ozarks

    This is a beautiful example of one of the primary motivators of Liberalism. The overwhelming need to “feel good” and make everyone around you “feel good” regardless of the cost. That is, as long as the “cost” is borne by someone else.

    This “apology” is by no means the end of this.
    A, this has been a goal of the Wright, Jackson, et al, group almost from the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement in this country.

    B, this is the foot in the door. The reparations will be demanded and you may rest assured that the usual group of freaks, boneheads and liberals in general will be there to push that agenda forward. This will be aided and abetted by the MSM as exemplified by my favorite moron, Kieth (Mr Spittle) Olbermann.

    PC is Thought Control

  2. Lee, Right on. Liberals act on emotion rather than logic thus the importance of “feelings”. Don’t worry about Olbermann, his two viewers usually need a nap or two during the day so they won’t be much harm..Thanks for your comments, Larry

  3. “Temporary entry for reasons of medical care would be perfectly acceptable as long as they were only allowed to stay at the medical facility where they were seeking treatment.”

    Now why on “god’s” green (or rather, carbon polluted rusty brown) Mother Earth would anyone feel the need to crash our “orgy of health care price gouging and unfairness” for medical care? It’s clearly inferior to the what’s available the rest of the world over. Bawney Fwank and rest of the liberal sycophants need to get their “facts” “straight” on the matter… It’s confusing their mindless talking point mouth pieces.

    Junk Spread

  4. “If the racial separatists had been forced to “accept” those apologies, (and why else would you make the apologies except to garner genuine forgiveness?), it would deflate and devalue any further racist racial rhetoric.”

    As Lee pointed out, the “apology” is the “beginning” of the atonement. Steve “I Look Like A 4 Month Old Fetus- Before It’s Aborted” Cohen, the liberal fool who spearheaded this effort, “represents” a district adjacent to mine here in the great state of Tennessee. The district is 60% “black” and the contention has long been that this district needs a “black” Rep. Cohen is beige. This try at appeasing the brain dead voters in his district is done immediately prior to the Dumocrat primaries, where he is being opposed by Nikki Tinker, who is not beige, but rather, medium brown in skin color; and a woman to boot! Nice to know the august body on Capitol Hill can find the time to get this stuff shoved through the pipeline in front of that annoying old energy bill. And just in time for Cohen’s defense of his congressional seat!

  5. Just another example of Liberal Scatology. I can hardly wait ( read that DREAD) the Country if Obama is elected with a Liberal majority in Congress. All of the rock star culture will, at first, be dancing in the streets. Then, I think, many of them will pee and moan when he starts to get into their wallets.
    Given the radical racial mood in the black community, I believe that we will see a ” get even with Whitey” movement that this Country will not believe.


  7. “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negroes before the public. Having learned that they can make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs–partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negroe to lose high grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs…There is a certain class of race problems solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, as long as the disease holds out, they not only have an easy way of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves look prominent before the public.”
    Booker T. Washington in his 1911 book, “My Larger Education.”

    $harpton and Jack$on are two of the many merely following suit with what Mr. Washington knew then. It has been going on for more than a 100 years and as long as long as African-Americans believe the drivel esposed by them that the ‘white man’ is the evil resposible for all their troubles and that they will not ever be able to rise above from where or who they are, we shall always have the strife between the races.

  8. It was wrong for our country to allow the slave traders to come to our shores. We owe those slaves an apology and make restitution to them and their progeny. We should offer the descendants of all of those slaves a one way ticket back to their homeland from which they were stolen . Only then can we make proper restitution.

    Those who claim to have been hurt by the stigma of slavery, should be the first ones in line to go home again. They should quit the jobs they have, leave the homes they have resided in and return to the home of their ancestors. That is the only way to make things right again.

  9. Junk Spread, Well put, my friend on both comments. When the left takes over and Hillary gets to “Socialize our medicine”, only then will we not have to worry about others from around the world coming here to take advantage of our medical advances because our “new and improved: health care will be on all fours with M0zambique..”Bwaney Fwank”..still laughing and I still wish that I had thought of it…Thanks for your comments, Larry

  10. Tom, There will be a call for “the big get even” from certain sectors of the inner cities, but the reality is that O’Carter will not bow to 13% of the nations voters. If your prediction comes true, they will have no choice but to “produce” as there will be no one to stand in their way. I only hope that there is enough of a nation left to salvage in four years time…Thanks for your comments, Larry

  11. George, Sage advise my friend and very well put. Thank you as always for your input here at NLTZ, Larry

  12. Windrider, Beautiful. The words of Mr. Washington have long been placed in the minority ash heap because they make sense and they disavowed the “victimology” mongers. I feel that reparations should be paid to anyone who is 150 years of age or older. Anyone else is just a “manufactured victim” in search of another handout. Thanks as always for your insightful comments, Larry

  13. Yo Frankie, Exceptional. I’ve often wondered why a nation with such rampant discrimination and hate is still home for these “victims”.. The squeeky wheel gets the grease and in this case, the squeeky wheels get the jobs they aren’t qualified for, the college placement that they aren’t qualified for, etc. etc.. Thanks for contributing to NLTZ, Larry

  14. Yvonne Brady

    Check out a book called “SCAM: How Black Leadership Exploits Black America” by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who, of course, has been labeled a Sellout, Uncle Tom, etc., etc. He hits the nail on the head with many of the issues that are constantly swept under the carpet. (he calls himself as “the OTHER Jesse” ) It’s an excellent read. As for the “white guilt”…I, (along with many, many others) have ancestors who fought & died fighting against slavery so I’m afraid the poor “victims” have exacted about all the flesh they’ll get from me…plus, just for laughs, Yo’ Bama’s mama was white, a point he doesn’t seem to address unless it’s a remark about his “typical white person, grandmother” …I pray he doesn’t get elected but I have to admit I would love nothing more than to see the liberals wail & gnash their teeth – reaping the fruits of their labor!!! Great article as always, Larry!!!

  15. Yvonne, Rev. Jesse Lee has always called it like he sees it and with that the seperatist profiteers grab the tar and feathers or the whitewash, which ever is within reach, and begin their vile work. Not only did alot of ancestors die in those battles, that battle was made necessary by the Deomcrats and their reluctance to give up on slavery. The idea of seceding from the country was also a major part of the “Civil War” as well..Thank you for all of your comments and contributions, Larry

  16. This is just weapon or ruse to keep race in the forefront of the election and detract attention from one candidates background or lack of any real substance. The people running the Obama campaign are the only ones to bring race into the the mix as a talking point. They are going for the ‘I feel sorry for them’ vote.

  17. lunibin, (Looney Bin, classic!) the best offense is a good offense and it’s head ’em off at the pass as relates to substance by making race/racism the focus of everyones attention. Thanks for commenting and kudos on the moniker on NLTZ! Larry

  18. hmm, send blacks back to Africa and pay them reparations for the inconvenience??
    Although that sounds appealing, we should consider the costs.
    Let’s see, in this country “reparations” usually means compensating one for income they would have received had they been able to work.
    So, HAD blacks been allowed to remain in Africa they most certainly would have, by this time (hundreds of years later), accumulated the vast wealth of (1) straw hut, (1) ox, and (2) chickens, for themselves and 14 other family members.
    That does not include cholera, AIDS, malaria, etc.
    So, unless we’re willing to sacrifice Wisconsin’s entire winter straw crop this year, plus 10,000 oxens and 20,000 chickens, we better re-think this whole “back-to-Africa” idea.

    As for color being part of this election, it most certainly is!
    BHO is just to GREEN!!!

    And, since BHO brought it up by saying he doesn’t look like ANY of the presidents on our dollar bills, I say this: you do, Senator, look like ALL of the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11.

    check out my pics of this at http://stitch76.wordpress.com

    BTW – I’m of Irish descent. TONS of Irish died in the Civil War fighting to free the slaves.
    Don’t recall too many Irish slave owners.
    Early Irish immigrants were basically treated as slaves. In fact, my grandfather remembers the Irish being referred to as the “White Ni&&ers”.


  19. PS
    as I keep saying about BHO:

    its not his RACE, its his RACISM!

  20. Stitch, there were actually a number of “freed” slaves who then in turn held slaves themselves. In 1830, there were 3,775 such slaveholders. Bizarre but true…According to a resource material, 12 million slaves were shipped from the 16th to the 19th centuries. 5% of them went to the states and the vast majority went to BRAZIL..Why no hue and cry for Brazilian apologies? Maybe because the Brazilians wouldn’t put up with this kind of nonsense..Thanks as always, Larry

  21. NLT
    Good point. We’ll have to make the slave-owning-freed-slaves give up their straw hut to the ancestors of the slaves they once owned.
    However, this makes the slave-owning-freed-slave homeless. So, we’ll have to build them a mansion and hire, uhh, Brazilians to take care of it for them.
    Maybe we should send black Americans to Brazil in exchange for an equal number of Brazilians??
    At least they have learned to move on regardless of HOW they got here.
    One lesson I’ve learned in life is no matter HOW I ended up on my ass, I need to get off my ass if I’m going to get anywhere.

    PS – Ann Coulter is my stimulus package!

  22. Stitch, I’d like to think (wish) that Ann reads my site but just on the off chance that she doesn’t, I’ll deliver your “stimulus package” message for you. What are friends for, right? Larry

  23. actually, let me clarify something.
    The ONLY black Americans I would want to ship out of our country are the ones who think I “owe” them something.
    There are many many many fine black Americans who contribute to what makes us Americans.
    They are the pepper to my salt that makes this country the Mulligan Stew that we are (little Irish reference there….heh hehh).

    I think its unfortunate that sooooo many of them vote Democratic when it was the Republican party that freed them from slavery, pushed to have them counted as equal voters (none of that 3/5ths crap), and marched alongside them in Birmingham and elsewhere back in the 60’s.
    Keep in mind, MLK was a REPUBLICAN !
    The basic tenent of a true conservative is YOU can do or become anything you want.
    Democrats have suckled the black Americans to the point where many don’t believe they can make it on their own, let alone be successful, if the government isnt giving them some “advantage”.
    Most of these can’t stand to be treated LIKE a white person.
    ie, “sorry you’re having a tough time, so am I, so good luck to you”.
    What?!?!? I’m not going to stop everything I’m working on to help you!?!?! That’s right! Just like me, you’re on your own! Welcome to FREEDOM!


  24. Stitch, All too true, my friend..P.S. I sent Ann a message about your “stimulus package” note.. I’ll let you know how it goes..What are friends for, right? Larry

  25. Around ten years ago I read in the National Review that two of the biggest pre-War of the Secession slave traders were a black man and black woman, out of New England. Another item the NYT and CBS have missed. I should like to find more information on this pair, but have no idea where to begin. Any ideas?
    Also, I want to say how I respect you for taking the time to answer these posts. I believe I can speak for all the “family” here that it means so much to know you respect your readers.
    That being said, here’s to the day you have so many comments there are not enough hours in the day to possibly answer them all!

  26. Sling Blade, firstly, great moniker from one of my favorite movies of all time..Thank you for your contributions to NLTZ. Conservatives learn from each other, the liberals know everything so there is no give and take, even with each other. Richard’s comment made this article to come to fruition. I learn a little more from each and every contributor and I truly value everyones input because YOU are taking time out of your day, so it is the least that I could do. If the day comes of which you speak, I will be taking my NLTZ family with me. If that day comes, it will be because of conservatives like you, contributing, reading and getting the word out. Thank as always, Larry

  27. Wow – I don’t know where to begin. I have learned so much reading this article and all of the posts. I had no idea that only 5% of the slaves actually came to America and that Brazil had so many slaves. I just can’t understand why all of the pols keep pandering to the alleged victims of this ancient history. We have done more than most would do in order to give the blacks a “leg up”, yet unfortunately, the more we give them the more they want. Again, like Stitch, I want to emphasize that this is not a universal truth, but it does seem to be very widespread! Also interesting about the New England slave traders that were black . . . I guess that tendency continues today. Black on black crime is atrocious!

  28. What offends me most about the whole “apology” is that these people that SUPPOSEDLY represent me are apologizing for something that not only _I_ didn’t do, but no one on either side of my family was EVER involved in. No from my family lived in this country prior to 1925, yet, somehow, because I am white, I, or my elected representatives owe an apology people who may or may not have ancestors who were slaves?

    What sort of logic do you use to arrive at that conclusion!?!? NM, it’s obvious there IS no logic to the decisions of the left and their mind slaves the “moderates”.

    But I can rest assured that regardless of the fact that my entire family is blameless, I’ll get to help carry the load when (not IF) “reparations “are made.

  29. off topic rant:

    One argument says that opening more lands for drilling oil will not have an impact in our energy issues for many years.
    However, Saudi Arabia announced that it is going to open up another vast area for new oil wells. Yes, they have so much oil that there are still lands that have NO oil wells on them.
    And, they announced that these NEW wells would be pumping oil into the world’s economies by NEXT YEAR!
    Gee, why can’t we be as technologically advanced as the Saudi’s??

    You just gotta love the left’s “energy scarcity” program!
    Apparently, by driving the cost of gas up to $10 a gallon, and the oil companies “profits” even higher, it gives the left more ammo to attack the “evil oil companies”.

  30. KKinTX, the “epidemic” of black on black crime is truly that. Apologies are nothing more than window dressing and I hope that that is all that they get. Thanks as always, Larry

  31. Coach, So true. If some one can prove that have been “owned” as a slave, not your dependents, YOU..then a formal apology and some remuneration would be in order. Otherwise, move on. Thanks for your comments, Larry

  32. Man am I glad I found this site 🙂

  33. Redbone, I am glad that you are here with us. Thanks, Larry

  34. I am concerned if the reason we have a Congress full of mewling kittens willing to apologize to anyone for anything is the prescription meds these folks must be on.
    With more and more people in this country denied a real emotion by their doctors through the administration of anti-depressants and other mind-numbing substances, can’t we assume the Congress is medicated to handle the stress of office?
    If this is the case, the ship of state is surely sunk.

  35. Max, Without a doubt. With the modern day doctors proclivities towards medicataing everything and everyone and with someone like DNC chairman Howard “Cukoo for CoCo Puffs” Dean running around with a prescription pad, they have to be taking on water at least.. Thanks for your comment, Larry

  36. Hope they did not apologize for me. None of my ancestors ever owned slaves, as I supect a good many Americans can claim. However, I am paying for slavery by seeing a good portion of my taxes go to welfare, prisons and social programs necessitated by acts outlawed decades ago. I think we have spent more than enough on “reparations”.

  37. certainly the High Priestess Pelosi is on something, and probably has been for a long long time.
    The 60’s were definitely tough on the old broad.
    Nothing like McCain’s hallucinations, no wait…, he wasn’t hallucinating, he really did fly 23 combat missions, spent 5+ years as a POW, and served 4 terms as a Senator.
    Sheesh, Pelosi must have been doing some hard stuff.
    I mean, McCain is going strong and looking good, but Pelosi sits around trying to time her eye-blinks to flashing shoe sale signs.

  38. Joe, Remember that all of this is YOUR responsibility because “It takes a Village” to raise a child and it takes the left to turn a perfectly good adult into a child..It’s the liberal circle of life..or slow death. Thanks for commenting, Larry

  39. PS
    New pics are waiting for you all to download and pass around at

    heh hehh hehhhh

  40. Stitch, I am not sure that she can blink, I think that the “Porcelin Princess” would probably break into any number of pieces..Thanks my friend, Larry

  41. ahh, yes, Ms BLOWtox…

  42. I always have to laugh at reparations, for I sent a letter to Southern Cultures a few years back demanding reparations myself. The now co-editor, Larry Griffin, had written a long convoluted article pointing out the justice of reparations for blacks. Fine, sez I, just send me some, too, to make up for what the Yankees did to my homeland during the War and Reconstruction. And while the money’s available, I wanted reparations from the English for the horrible way they treated my ancestors in Scotland through the centuries. Fair is fair, and if one group gets money for what happened to their ancestors, so should I.

  43. Bonnie Blue, So true! Good luck in your endeavors to recover that which is rightfully yours. Thanks for your comments. Larry

  44. Larry,
    I am also glad I found your column. You give an eloquent voice to Conservative thought. But, I was just wondering, what’s the chances of viewing John Edward’s ‘love’ child in the New York Times??

  45. Robin’s Dad, My guess is it would be as likely as Bill and Hillarys “graceful exit” from the political stage…Thanks for being part of the NLTZ family, welcome aboard! Larry

  46. Let’s not forget, the chosen one opposes reparations…….Oh,yeah, because they don’t go far enough!!!! God help our economy if he gets in! And we all know if he kills OUR economy, he kills the world’s. Then we will see an actual “world” war. Can we please yell a little louder about the “Chicago machine” and other shady ass-ociations? McCain would’nt exactly be my first choice, but my god, why is THIS commie even close?????

  47. Coopster, In all honesty, this was Hillary’s nomination for the taking. I have never seen a more poorly run campaign where they were on their heels right out of the gate. The other knobs in the “hunt”, Edwards, Biden , Kucinich, etc. never had a shot. Wait a minute…Coopster, you have made the light go off and you are personally responsible for the next article. In honor of Coopster I will begin working on “Bumpersticker Cognitive Therapy.” Thank you Coopster for all of your input. Larry

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