One Hundred Per Cent Committed

Barack Obama’s BFF, (Best Friend Forever) from New York via Arkansas via Illinois and her Perpetually Misunderstood Supporters (PMS) are apparently not willing to throw in the “suspended” towel just yet. Three groups calling themselves PUMA (Party Unity My Ass), the Just Say No Coalition and Colorado Women Count/Women Vote, are still more than just a little miffed that the largest percentage of Democratic voters and delegates would rather be considered misogynists as opposed to racists this time around because within the liberal parlance circa 2008, if you aren’t one, you have to be the other..

There is something about this whole “eighteen million votes” mantra and a voting block that seems to be retaining something more than water that will probably come to a head in Denver, that is if the candidate herself has anything to do with it.. Those who wish to “smooth over/dismiss” these concerns are hoping for the illusive phantasm of Democratic “party unity”. The left has spent nearly fifty years creating and fermenting festering little sub sects specializing in irrational disruptive outbursts of infantile emotion. You had to know that it was bound to someday backfire on them.

It would seem that the “cathartic exercise” (and with the majority of the nation’s feminists, that appears to be the only “exercise” that they engage in..) the women are screaming for is the placement of Clinton’s name on the first ballot and an opportunity to vote for their candidate of choice on the record. Again the “choice” dodge is being utilized as the club of choice by another fringe group within the fringe group that is the liberal Democrats. The accelerant being poured over this potential Democratic forest fire is the ruse of a “suspended” campaign, which has been fertilized and sowed by the great unifier herself. Her steadfast refusal to publicly announce her intentions as to what she wants/demands to be done before, during and after the left clumsily pays homage to her in Denver hasn’t helped to quell the matter either…

The common response to all of this from Clinton or her cronies is that she is “one hundred per cent committed” to the Obama candidacy. The plain truth is that were that actually the case, her campaign would have been “ended” not “suspended”. The Denver Hajj could very well be the last opportunity that Hillary has, as a grudge holder par excellence, to punish/embarrass those who didn’t vote for her in the hopes that they may see the light and “change their minds”..

Here the liberal nomenclature reveals itself to those of us who are trying to subdue our laughter out of common courtesy. The liberals operate based upon “feelings/emotions” rather than logic. Here we have a situation where the Hillary supporters obviously have their “feelings” hurt. The girls are all “passionate” about all of this, so the DNC and the Obama campaign had better come up with some kind of empty gesture, (which is what the left specializes in..) some kind of fawning “girls night out” or else it could get really ugly..

Then again, “really ugly” is the default setting when there are a large number of caterwauling liberal feminists gathered in one spot for one of their patented bovine stampedes. In the vast majority of cases, these girls should be prosecuted for violating the nation’s Eye Pollution Standards, and if there aren’t any “E.P.Standards” currently on the books, well, I personally consider that to be an “epidemic” worthy of at least a congressional hearing or two and a minimum of a few hours of coverage by CSPAN..

Hillary herself is doing nothing to defuse the situation, she is actually stirring the embers smoldering beneath the unfulfilled. Publicly she said, “..just from what I am hearing, that there’s incredible pent up desire.. It’s a catharsis, people want to feel like, OK, we’re here, we did it and then everybody get behind Senator Obama..”

If “unity” is the goal that she so profusely professes it to be and as the latest member of the Obama pom pom squad, when she “hears” things she should address them swiftly and decisively. She should immediately communicate in no uncertain terms to all those who wish to rabble rouse that Obama is the nominee and they should all move forward. Instead she continues this veiled request for a ticker tape charade thorough the streets of Denver or at least on the convention floor.

“incredible pent up desire..” Unless she is talking about what happens to Bill whenever the latest Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders calendar arrives at the Clinton “library”, to me that means that she is doing nothing more than pumping of the bellows of discordant discontent in order to motivate her morose malcontents.

“it’s a catharsis, people want to feel like, OK, we’re here and we did it..” Here we again see that “party unity” will be held hostage unless the “feelings” of her hirsute harridans are properly placated and massaged. “We did it.” Did what, other than lose the Democratic presidential nomination that had been preordained and all but presented to you on a silver platter? Did what, other than make every wrong political move at every turn during the primary season? Why are these fatuous “accomplishments” something that the Democratic Party needs to celebrate in public and in prime time?


“Then everybody get behind Senator Obama..” What she is saying is that in no uncertain terms, until the proper blood sacrifices have been left at the altar of this Democratic demigoddess, there will be Hell to pay. Speaking of Hell to “Pay”, how much of the Clinton debt does the Obama campaign and its contributors have to pony up in order to rent this “unity”?


On September 17th, Pelosi and Reid are going to be throwing a fundraiser for Clinton to help “retire her debt”. (To me, “retire her debt” at this point means, “keep paying her off.” The Democrats probably wouldn’t mind knowing the “actual debt amount” that she has. That way these debt relief shindigs don’t keep happening with the same ridiculous frequency as Cher “comeback tours.” ) I know that the liberals are inherently slow but how could you possibly hope to pitch a party for a candidate whose campaign is over and how many of the liberal lackeys do they expect will show up and pay the mandatory cover charge?

The best reference for that query would be the Palo Alto California function on July 31st where 500 or so “Clinton Cling-ons”, to borrow from Star Trek, forked over $500.00 a head. That translates to a lot of “hopefully going away parties” in order to alleviate this pesky “debt” thing. Clinton may be concerned with “retiring her debt” but the Obama camp would like for her to get around to “retiring her candidacy…permanently”

Time magazine (which proudly proclaims that it is “in partnership with CNN”..) said that “Clinton remains skeptical” and that this is “not just a prediction but a wish” because “it would prove her right about his weakness as a general-election candidate and possibly pave the way for her to run again in 2012.” Those surprised by this “revelation” by Time, needed to read “SuspENDed”, released here at NLTZ on June 10th right after she “suspended” her campaign.

When Bill was asked if he had any regrets about his role in the Clinton campaign collapse and crash, he “shot back ” with, “I am not a racist. I never made a racist remark..” It’s good to see that the liberal habitual inclination of falsely manufacturing a guilty conscience in others, through osmosis has created the same foolish reflexes in themselves.

Perpetual Clinton lemming Lanny Davis said that the idea of Clinton’s name going into nomination would be a “completely idiotic idea that leads to nothing but party disharmony.” Lanny, you weren’t paying close enough attention to the sempiternal parade of “idiotic ideas” that she called her “primary campaign”, were you? Davis has been around the Clinton machine long enough to know that they are not allergic to the application and implementation of idiotic ideas. As well, he should understand that the appearance of “party disharmony” is exactly what Hillary is yearning for because the guest of honor at the “party” in Denver is going to be somebody other than her..

Nick Shapiro, Obama spokesman, while trying to downplay the tensions between the two camps said, “We appreciate and look forward to her continued support.” Obama will get about as much support from Hillary as she gets from her girdle..

Hillary said that this is all “as old as, you know, Greek drama.” In this case, with the left and its fetid feminist fellow traveler-ettes, it is actually “Geek drama.” Even Lanny himself said that he is “100 per cent behind Obama.” Hillary is “100 per cent committed” as well.

If Barack Obama or any member of his campaign believes that, I think that there is a 100 per cent certainty that they should be committed..



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  1. Nice piece, Larry. I came across an except from Ann Coulter’s book “Godless” today that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

    “If the death penalty doesn’t deter murder, how come Michael Moore is still alive and I’m not on death row.” Classic.

  2. I was planning on avoiding the Dem convention coverage like the plague….but it looks like it might be good for a few laughs!

  3. TK, Thanks for your comment. Ann aways gets it right. Besides, no well placed jury would ever convict her..Larry

  4. We can only hope for such divisive fireworks in Denver! Victimology coming home to roost for the DNC.

  5. Sil, At first, I was thinking like you. I’ve suffered through a number of them and now with the 24 hour news format, I thought that it would be unbearable. You and I will have to “pick our shots” to avoid any intellectual constipation. There is no doubt that there will be some classic moments. We could have wished for a “brokered” convention and that would have been a classic from end to end. Thanks for your comment, Larry

  6. David, Yes! Wonderful multi colored rainbows of “inclusion” and “fairness”.. At least the conventioneers won’t have to put up with the bums as they will be off on their field trips courtesy of the DNC. Isn’t Denver one of the shameful “amnesty” cities for illegals? I bet La Raza will be there working on driver license and 100% amnesty for the border burglars hiding in plain sight there.. Thanks my friend, Larry

  7. Larry, my sister-in-law from Denver tells horror stories of her “amnesty” city, and the treatment of illegals committing crimes there with impunity.

  8. Larry,
    I’m sure you know the quote by Will Rogers.
    “I’m not affiliated with any ‘organized’ political party…I’m a democrat.” Pres. Bush says we can drill now, so why does it escape libs that gas prices have FALLEN in L.A. for 30 straight days in a row! They have a ‘linkage’ myopia?

  9. Thus, my question is: What was the promisory note given to Hillary, and when does it come due, who will pay it?

    My best guess: IF B. Hussein O. gets elected president, the note was a Supreme Court nod, due as soon as he gets into office (first one hundred days) and we shall pay it. We’ll pay it in aborted babies’ lives, in socialistic rulings and new laws being “found” in the US Constitution, and in not being able to carry guns anymore, speak freely anymore, or raise our own children anymore because all of that will be property of the State, found recently in the US Constitution by the newly aligned US Supreme Court.

    Not a price I am willing to pay. Who are you supporting? B. Hussein O. and his next appointees? Or John McCain and the only realistic hope to stop B. Hussein O.?

    It is for this reason that I pray John McCain picks a solidly conservative Christian running mate (J.C. Watts or Ann Coulter would do nicely). If I have to vote for McCain in order to defeat B. Hussein O., I want to have at least a VP I can not feel guilty about!

  10. At least the food is supposed to match!

  11. Hi Larry – another enjoyable essay. Thanks for improving my working vocabulary. I keep my dictionary closeby when I read your stuff – bravo!

    I continue to marvel at your cleverly constucted phrases, “hirsute harrigans”, “ticker tape charades” – you are really a master at it, and I get a kick out of every one of ’em.

    Like you, I still believe that “she” will not go quietly. The very thought of her (and he) having to give up their personal ATM money machine (Soros, Hollywood, assorted felons from China and Dubai) will be enough for them to commit murder.

    I look forward to watching the Denver show. It will give the “dog days of August” new meaning.

  12. I was wondering when Herself’s silence was going to break. It was much too quiet. Obviously, the embers have been smouldering. I wouldn’t miss the upcoming coverage of this Denver Disaster for anything. Talk about a cat fight… wonderful article, Larry, as always.

  13. When anyone, group or institution accuses me of being racist, bigoted or anti- feminist it “tics me off.” (I use that euphemism over the choice of many others, simply for the sake of publication.) I, as a free American, am allowed my opinions and under the law, I am able to express and act out the same.

    The mind game of “name calling” is no different than school yard bullies using demeaning names in forcing guilt trips on their prey. I liken some of the Mad Cow Diseased women from PUMA and the Just Say No Coalition comparable to Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton in that they won’t quit barking even though the rabbit has died.

    It is interesting and altogether rightfully so, that the Democratic Party seems to have under estimated the I.Q.s of it’s mass of followers. For now the idiotic special interests groups the party has been fawning to for so long has grown up, grown teeth and is biting them in their own ass.

  14. David, Now I know why the Democrats decided upon Denver for their convention.. Thanks, Larry

  15. Robin’s Dad, Can I call you R.D.? Stop making sense. I don’t want you to be responsible for the overloaded liberal synapses and the resultant seizures..Thanks as always, Larry

  16. LM, Right on the money, my friend. Unless there is a complete upheaval in the Congressional races, I don’t think that Hillary could manage the votes for the Supreme Court. Lets just say that I hope..Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Larry

  17. keyfish, I hope that it is sufficiently “green” as well..Thanks, Larry

  18. Dr. Gene, I will have popcorn at the ready especially if the Clintons keep rather quiet until the convention. In the end, I think the Obama team will pretty much put up the dog and pony show for her even though it should really be about Senator Obama and whomever he chooses as his VP. McCain (Who?) has a choice to make as well. The VP choices of both candidates will have alot to do with who they feel that they need to carry come November. I think it will be interesting to say the least. Thank you my friend for all of your help and guidance. Larry

  19. Rick, Don’t be surprised if they don’t iron things out behind closed doors prior to Denver. There is too much speculation and with Hillary rattling her sabre, Obama will probably be able to “negotiate” the “deal” with her. Getting the Clintons to shut up and go away, THAT would look good on Obama’s resume. Thanks as always, Larry

  20. Windrider, Outstanding, my friend. The Senator appealed to the far out fringe initially with his stance against the War. After attracting these types, they never go away. They will not forgive if he turns his back to them. The undecideds will never commit to him if he has to reinforce his attraction to the far lefters..It will be interesting to see who blinks..Thank you as always, Larry

  21. Larry,

    You say that Clinton isn’t 100% behind Obama because she “suspended” (as opposed to “ended”) her campaign. As I understand it, “suspending” allows candidates to keep raising money to pay off debts (which Clinton very much needs to do) while “ending” it does not. So that’s a technical matter, not a sign of a lack of support.

    Both Romney and Huckabee “suspended” their campaigns too. Does that mean you think they they support Senator McCain?

  22. Wes, please refer to the article. How much debt are we talking about, any idea? Can anyone tell me? What does “ending” her campaign do to the status of her delegates? Doesn’t that totally free them up? “Technical matter”? If you don’t believe me, Wes just read the quotes from Hillary herself. Hillary is still campaigning in front of her constituents. Period. Romney Huckabee, ended, period. Wes, you are an enigma. You say that you are “looking” at Barr, yet you copiously defend Obama and Hillary. 180 degree political difference. Choose. Commit. Next, are you voicing your opinions on your own site as well? Do you have a site? I would love to visit your site and continue the “debate.” If you don’t, please understand that as of today, I have over 800 subscibers and a number of are regular commenters. I owe them as much time as I have given you. I owe them articles that I personally demand to be of a certain standard. You are always welcome here Wes, but don’t get upset ( and especially don’t think that you have made the mother of all counter arguments..) if I don’t respond to every single snippet you submit. Thanks again and again, Larry

  23. Are liberals the facists in this country??

    “We didn’t get our way, because our voices were not heard! (Boo hoo)”

    Sounds like Facism to me.

  24. Larry,great column,as always.
    After investing much time(not really),I have finally discovered a foolproof method to determine when THE BIGGEST YANKEE FAN WHO EVER LIVED is lying. It’s pretty complicated, so stay with me.
    I have ascertained that anytime the Pantsuit From Hell begins a sentence with a word from the English language, the odds of that sentence containing a lie are so close to a certainty it’s almost scary.
    Did you happen to see the post in the comment section of Ann Coulter’s latest column concerning the Tinkerbell Messiah receiving $24,000 in illegal campaign contributions from three Palestinian brothers living in Gaza(or was it Ga.)?
    P.S. You will know you are moving up when you begin being insulted in your Comments section.
    If you knock them down, I shall gladly kick them.

  25. D-Rock, If you will allow me to paraphrase myself, “todays liberalism is yesterdays fascism without the hygene or the matching outfits..” They will reap what they have sown, my friend..Thanks as always, Larry

  26. Sling Blade, Thanks for the kind words. “Tinkerbell Messiah”? That is a good one..”I’ve always been a Yankee fan”. Being that that was a bald face lie and even at that, saying that you’re a Yankee fan should be all of the proof necessary that she isn’t worthy of higher office. I suppose that with the overwhelming number of the contributions that a candidate gets, every once and a while a few stinkers slither on through. These people are addicted to money and I suppose that is where the bulk of them cut their teeth and develop their addiction to trying to “generate more revenues” when they attain higher office..A quality candidate would immediately donate these types of contributions to charity once they have been brought to the public’s attention, so we shall see. Sling, if I am in need of sharpened Kaiser blade and some biscuits and mustard, I know who to call. Ahhhite then…Thanks as always, Larry

  27. The Democratic primary race was a bitter. I do suspect Senator Clinton feels she should be the nominee and so, in that sense, I think it is right that she isn’t 100% behind Obama. All I was saying is that if you believe that suspending, not ending, a campaign indicates a lack of support for the nominee then you also have to similarly conclude that Governors Huckabee and Romney don’t fully support McCain.

    On the other stuff:

    * At the time she suspended her campaign Clinton’s debt was $20+ million. Don’t know what it is now.

    * You’ve only read me defend Obama because he (and Democrats) are the only one being attacked on your blog.

    * Funny you should mention my website. I don’t have one . . . yet. To get a wider range of opinions I started a few weeks ago to poke around political blogs. And now I’m contemplating starting my own , one that starts with the premise that no ideology or person (myself included) has a monopoly on the truth, and so the thing to do is take each issue as it comes and objectively work out what the best and most American solution is. I’ll definitely let you know if I decide to do that and would be happy to hear any advice you have.

    * I don’t expect you to reply to the whole of all my comments. I’m interested in anything you want to reply to and thank you again for all the work you put into your blog.

  28. Wes, OK, here goes: First paragraph; whatever you say. Will that end it? Sometimes your apples and oranges logic is well…If I throw a stick will this “point” of yours go away?whatever. Shall we discuss whether the moon is made of green cheese? Next: If I hold a “fundraiser” because I spent WAY TOO MUCH and I can’t pay the electric bill, can I put you down for a contribution of say $20.00? How about $500.00? Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow with another request/party because, baby needs a new pair of shoes..Next: “..are the only ones attacked on your blog..” A Larry/NLTZ primer for Wes: I make no claims towards neutrality. Are you ready for this? I am a registered Democrat because we have to “commit” in order to recieve a primary ballot. They have turned their backs upon me. I hold them and their overwhelmingly liberal precepts in contempt. Regardless of their candidate, regardless of that candidates race or gender, until they turn their backs upon that which I personally view as the destructive regressive liberalism that they have embraced, they will not get my vote. This type of thing comes from those who have the courage of their convictions. I am a conservative, not a Republican and not a Democrat. “Contemplating starting your own” site? I’ll give you my advise now. Please drop the pedantic neutrality and the “monopoly on the truth” sanctimony. Either your blogs will be way too long in your attempt at “devils advocacy” or as dry as a popcorn fart. Either way, no one will care. Honestly, if I were you and I “thought” the way that you do, I would just pester the consevatives on their sites, and spend the rest of the time worrying about whether anyone poked fun at San Francisco..Seriously, if you do put togther a site, I HAVE to know about it. I will try my level best to make it through what ever you decide to post. I fear that it will probably be the equivalent of a political Consumer Reports or as energetic as the PDR..Thanks, Wes and good luck to you..Larry

  29. elliott SIASL

    Interesting thoughts regarding Denver, I expect that liberal chickens will come home to roost in a big way. Should be fun to watch, not unlike the 68 dem convention. We can always hope Obama keeps on flip flopping and bill’s ol bitch keeps on coming. SIASL Stranger in a Strane Land

  30. Elliot, If the liberals keep up with these rediculous bashes for the Clinton”suspended” campaign, lets try this: Lets suggest that the Democratic Hajj be placed on pay per view. The main event will be a cage match between the two candidates with the winner taking the heavyweight rasslin’ belt and the right to represent the Democratic Party come November..who wouldn’t TIVO that chuckle fest..Thanks as always and my apologies to Wes for the fact that the Democrats were again bashed upon a conservative site. Damn you evil conservatives…but at least no one made fun of San Francisco!!..Larry

  31. First off, great article Larry!!! Secondly, Wes, I have some sage advice for you: If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Take a stand, even if it hurts someone’s feelings. I promise that God will not strike you dead for getting someone’s panties in a knot. Now, on to my main point. Before the Demolition primary season ended, I had a gut feeling that even if the Obamanation won the nomination, Hillary would try to hijack it from him. Clintons are sore losers — they’re allergic to defeat. Did anyone honestly think that the Pantsuit Queen would retreat to her lair quietly and start to sing the praises of BHO??? I see the handwriting on the wall. My husband thinks I’m crazy because of all of the Dhimmi brouhaha over the “stolen” 2000 election, that the Demos would not attempt something similar. I honestly think they would because A- they’re shortsighted (as many other Americans are, especially when it comes to remembering history), and B- they’re CROOKS — and the Clintons are crooks par excellance. Another conspiracy theory comes to mind — Remember Vince Foster??? Do you think BHO will meet a similar end if elected President — or even as the official nominee after the convention???

  32. Amy, I love the word “brouhaha”, the NLTZ gold star for the day for using it in a sentence..Vince Foster, ah the obstruction of justice business, hindering a federal investigation, violating a federal crime scene, no big deal, Amy..happens every day. relative to 2000: I feel that the acqusition of power was more important than the appearances of decorum that most politicians usually strike when they are defeated. After the eight years run of Bill, they just believed that they were predestined to take the election. “Pregnant Chad” sounds to me like one of the “medical marvels” wandering around San Francisco..Oh, I ve done it, gone and made sport of San Francisco…Sorry Wes..(not really)..Thanks Amy as always, Larry

  33. Pregnant Chad – indeeeed. I can’t wait for the Demolition Convention. This is embarrassing – what are the dates of this thing, again? Sometime this month, I know, but the actual dates have escaped me. Help, someone. I know the Olympics start today – gag, choke. I just can’t wait for the Kween of the Democratic Prom to receive her manufactured obeisance from the Dems this month. ‘Course the Kween will somehow have the last word; “Well, since our leader, Obama, decided to plunge off the roof of the Sears Tower for some unknown reason, and my candidacy never shut down, you can choose me, now.” Somthin’ like that. “Pantsuit from hell” – that was good.

  34. There’s lots I believe in, Amy:

    I STRONGLY believe responsibility should reside with the individual, not the government. I believe in a person’s right to bear arms and a women’s right to choose an abortion and a student’s right to pray in school and every adult’s right to drive without seat belts or motorcycle helmets if that’s what they want to do. I believe there are several drugs that should be decriminalized (at least at the federal level), that any two people who want to should have the right to marry but, better than that, I believe the government should get out of the marriage business all together.

    I believe in environmental protection to the extent those are in protection of individual rights — the right to drink clean water and breath clean air.

    I believe in a comprehensive energy policy that takes advantage of everything — everything — that’s American: drilling for oil off the American coast, using American wind and solar power, greatly expanding American nuclear power, building electric and hydro vehicles in America, etc. Energy is one of the (few) areas I believe the federal government should have a large role because I believe our heavy dependence on middle eastern oil is currently the greatest threat to our country.

    I believe the decision to go into Iraq when and how we did was a disaster. I believe we should be doing much more in Afghanistan. I believe in tough diplomacy, in talking with enemies, in free trade and in American engagement in the world.

    I believe our federal government is currently involved in many areas it shouldn’t be (especially education). I believe more power should be in the hands of the states and local jurisdictions. I believe the tax code should be scrapped and made much flatter and much simpler — everyone should be able to fill out their income tax (if we have income tax at all) on a single sheet of paper. I believe corporate taxes and regulations are way too high.

    I could go on but people here might say I’m as dry as a popcorn fart.

    I’m not neutral. But I try, at least, being fair about it and standing by principals, not parties.

    If “suspending” and not “ending” a campaign is significant (and I don’t think it is) then it is equally significant whether a Democrat or Republican does it. If candidates should write their own websites (and I don’t think they should necessarily) then both McCain and Obama should be chided for not doing so. If, Amy, you think Obama is too green then you almost certainly think McCain is also. So why does your venom flow only towards the former?

    You can make fun of McCain when that’s called for, or find a point of agreement with Obama when it is there, and still be every bit as true to your beliefs.

    If you’ve read this far, I thank you for that.

  35. Rick, not sure on the dates but the media will start getting fired up at least a week before. I really think that the fun will be taken care of prior to the convention. There are just too many eyes watching. I am prepared for anything when it comes to convention time..Thanks as always, Larry

  36. Wes,
    Excellent rebuttal. As far as my venom flowing only for Obama, like many on this site, I comment based on the article I read, and most articles on here focus on Obama and other Dems, and not John McCain and other Repubs. If you want my take on McCain, he needs to reverse his stance on illegal immigration and say “no” to amnesty and leniency for illegals. He also needs to stop being a RINO and become more conservative. Being a maverick and “reaching out in the spirit of bipartisanship” is fine and dandy, but don’t sell out in the process of doing it. I actually agree with most of your position points, except abortion. I am staunchly pro-life, and no amount of liberal re-education will change my position on that. I really like your energy policy. I too believe that we need to diversify our energy sources. We have all of our energy “eggs” in one basket at the present time. We need to follow the advise of most stock brokers and diversify our energy portfolio. I also believe that Iraq was the right war at the wrong time. We needed to finish what we had started in Afghanistan before we started another war with Iraq. But, since we are there now, we need to finish what we started. Talking with our enemies can only take us so far. Some our enemies ignore what we have to say and proceed with their nefarious plans anyway, like Iran. Talking to Ahmadinejad is like talking to a brick wall. He is hell-bent on maintaining a nuclear program regardless of what anyone has to say against it. I also believe that the government needs to get out of the education business. Public education has become liberal re-education, and it needs to stop. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think my 8 year old needs to learn about sex in third grade (whatever happened to the three “Rs”???). I’m on the fence about states’ rights. On the one hand, that is what our Constitution intended, but on the other is the (im)practical side. For a military family, having 50 different variations on the same law can be quite confusing. I’m in favour of the Fair Tax income tax scheme. Statistics have shown that increasing taxes does not necessarily increase usable revenue. I’m not a math whiz, so I can not mathematically prove that theory, but it goes something like more tax money does not equate more programs or wiser expenditures. I do not think you are as dry as a popcorn fart (though my husband has accused me of that because i am originally from New England 😉 ), but I do think that you need to lighten up. In order to survive, one needs to have a thick skin. I learned that lesson in the military. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

  37. I forgot to mention some other points (I’m off my game today). On the environment — I too believe that industries should not be allowed to poison our land, air and water. On prayer in school — students should be allowed to pray and express their faith in school without punishment. Constitutional rights are not forfeited at the classroom door. On marriage — I don’t support gay marriage. Sexual preference is not a special right. The gay rights movement is trying to make the abnormal normal. If homosexuality were normal, it would have been acceptable to God and no one would have ever had a problem with it. I don’t hate gay people. If I don’t like a gay person, it’s not because they’re gay, it’s because there is something about their personality that I don’t like. No amount of liberal re-education and sensitivity training will ever make me embrace, accept or tolerate seeing two guys kissing — EVER. As far as drug policy, I think we need to go back to the Victorian way of dealing with addiction — as a personal matter between pharmacist and patient. The pharmacist weened the patient off of the drug over time, and no one else was any the wiser. The patient got their fix AND was functional.

  38. Here are the dates of the DNC: 25-28 Aug in Denver, CO. The dates for the RNC are 1-4 Sep in St. Paul, MN. I really have no life 😉

  39. Let the body count climb as liberals attack liberals in the streets of Denver.
    Maybe we could temporarily move the Mexican border fence north to surround Denver? Give us a sort of “Cage Match” show. We can sell peanuts and popcorn and root for our favorite feminist gladiator. What could be more fun than watching a bunch of she-males bootstomping Obamiacs and Edwardians down Main Street?
    What could be more fun than watching a bunch of soily-pants liberal weenies trying to flip over a moped and set it on fire. And then watch another “gang” of lefty loons trying to stop them because the fumes are killing the ozone (in their head).
    The lefties, who find sin in all deaths, should be demanding and end to all future Democratic conventions. I mean, really, if this little shindig is costing lives, it must be ended!

    “could get really ugly”?? What, as opposed to their normal ugly? Let’s be careful here, we don’t want to offend them and start a stampede!

    It should not surpise anyone that BHO has taken a “vacation” right before the convention.
    This should at least make the Clinton Crime Family work a bit harder to get some right-wing nutjob close to BHO to get off a clean shot RIGHT before the convention. BHO is vacationing at a “secret location” (bunker).
    I suspect BHO will be AWOL until 8/24ish.

    Hillary’s dilusions has her walking into the convention uncontested, right after the memorial service for the late BHO. And some far right-wing idiot to blame it on. If there were any investigative reporters out there with any sand, they would find her already written acceptance speech, full of accolades for the late BHO, and what a wonderful president he would have been, blah blah, and, oh, by the way, I’m unsuspending my candidacy…SURPRISE!…THE BITCH IS BACK!
    She does have access to all of the security arrangements, including any security “loopholes”.
    Sure, Hillary needs to keep an eye on Billy, but BHO better keep both eyes on Carville!

  40. One can only wonder why Hillary does not go the way of Lieberman who was also stabbed in the back by the Democrat elites. Since I am a staunch Republican, I would never vote for her but this would confirm to me that she does have bigger balls than Bill. What a great way to get back at the turncoats like Biden, Kennedy, Richardson and the rest of those bozos!

  41. Joe, Exceptional point. Not to mention the turncoats that actually supported her at the start only to “see the light” later on. Lets not forget about the Edwards’ who “endorsed” Obama AFTER he secured the delegates necessary to get the nomination. Thanks for your comments, Larry

  42. Thank you, Amy, thank you for your excellent replies! Look at what happens when we both state what we are for: The whole tone changes. We find much agreement in our views. Off course we disagree in significant ways too. I’m not sure this is the forum for it but I am sure we could have some really interesting discussions around our disagreements, perhaps learn from each other and even find unexpected common ground. (Eg. I think we should talk with Iran AND I totally agree with you that talking to Ahmadinejad is like talking to a brick wall.)

    You mentioned that most posts on this blog are about the Democrats. Which is curious — a conservative blog that spends most of its time talking about liberals. I understand that urge to complain and yell “No, not that!” (I do it too) but, myself, I ultimately find it higher quality to have one set of standards, look at the facts as the are, and advocate what one is for rather than mock what one is against.

  43. Joe, after McCain lost the 2000 primaries do you think he should have pulled a Lieberman then in order to get back at the elites within his Republican party who backed Bush? If he had done that he never would have gotten to the point where he is today, on the verge of getting his party’s nomination.

    Senator Clinton is going to do the smart thing for her. She’s going to put on a show of unity, give a convention speech lavishing praise on Obama, and gain a ton of Democratic party goodwill that will likely carry her to a nomination 4 or 8 years from now.

  44. Wow.

    After reading through the “Wes Doctrine” it’s much, much clearer to me how someone as utterly shallow as Nancy “Evita” Pelosi rose to power in San Francisco.

    Some of these people have no clue how we came to build the greatest economic engine in history, as they insist upon tinkering with all the knobs and buttons on the panel.

    Talk about flip-flopping!

    No war in Iraq where a dictator is clearly plotting and financing terror as well as participating in the mass murder of his own people, but for some unstated reason, promoting further action in a country like Afghanistan where (like it or not) there is no “there, there” to fight for or against. Truth be told, after the USSR got it’s ass waxed, it’s pretty obvious that OBL didn’t choose to stay there for any moral, intellectual or strategic reason. OBL chose to fight from Afghanistan because the “middle of nowhere” is a great place for someone of his ilk to hide.

    A word to the wise, it’s also a great place to exile the bum as well.

    Wes goes on to say the government should get out of the business of marriage, too. What, allow the Church to oversee the paperwork? Should we possibly adopt Sharia Law to mitigate both union and divorce? If the government gets out of the “marriage business” will they get out of the “business” of financing the vast and ever growing Social Services voting block as well?

    Not hardly. Our major cities would no longer be big blue dots in an ocean of red states.

    It’s pretty easy to read between the lines and tell that when it comes to “social” issues Wes may have ulterior motives, but we’ll let the usual sleeping dogma lie.

  45. Larry, I have to say, next to Ann your site is by far the best. I’m not much of a blogger but I truely enjoy all of the comments.

    Great work – keep it up.

  46. beanhead 54, God bless you..Wes is an odd bird with an overwhelming need to piously prattle on. Note the he said, ..”which is curious, a conservative blog that spends most of its time talking about liberals..” WOW…”we should talk to Iran but talking to Ahmadinejad is like talking to a brick wall..” I hate to ask Wes anything for fear of being overwhelmed by his self righteousness, but whom, in a government that in a best case scenario is an oligarchy but in reality is a dictatorship, are you going to “talk” to? I have asked Wes to create his own site and to forward the info ASAP. Can’t wait to feel his “tone”.. I just don’t believe that he has the courage to do so..Wes isn’t a leader he his essentially a back bencher who enjoys blowing spit balls at those who stand on the front lines. I could be wrong but as of this moment, I am still right. He can disprove me by forwarding the appropriate link anytime. Libertarians are basically conservative wanna bees without he morality or the testicles..Thanks for your comments, Larry

  47. Mark, Thank you for your kind words. Ann is in a league all by herself. Feel free to contribute your comments at any time. Thanks much, Larry

  48. Let us always remember the immortal words of The Mighty Tinkerbell: “This country is no longer,uh,what it could be.”
    Yes, one of the greatest orators EVER.

  49. Sling Blade, He does read a mean teleprompter, doesn’t he..Thanks as always, Larry

  50. Wes,
    If we can’t talk tp Ahmadinejad, then who are we going to talk to? The Ayatollah???

  51. I appreciate you talking issues, beanhead. But why so angry? Have a seat, pour yourself a cuppa, and let’s chat:

    So. . . I do favor our military action in Afghanistan because that’s where the 9-11 attack was planned, where Osama was/is and, most of all, that’s where al Qaeda had a puppet government in the Taliban. Given those three facts we couldn’t wait to go in. The problem was we went in weakly. President Bush didn’t send enough ground troops, essentially letting Bin Laden get away at Tora Bora. Today OBL is still free and the Taliban are resurgent. I think we should send in more resources to Afghanistan to finish the job there. Most Afghans want our help building a democratic strong central government, and I think that’s in our best interst too.

    With Iraq, like Amy said: “Right war, wrong time.” Did you know we started planning for the occupation of Japan the day after we declared war on them in WWII? We had no post-invasion plan for Iraq and there was no reason we had to invade Iraq exactly when we did. Iraq posed no imminent threat and there were higher priorities in the War on Terror like shoring up loose nukes in the former USSR and implementing a good cargo inspection system (both of which we still haven’t done). We could have taken an extra year or two and THEN invaded Iraq, using the extra time to tend to get more international support, train more troops in Arabic language and culture, develop a coherent occupation strategy and procure important equipment like body armor. Think about it — American troops died solely because we didn’t wait and supply them with the necessary body armor! If you want to get mad about something get mad about that.

    As for marriage, I think it is a sacrament of the church as outlined in the Bible. I am for separation of church and state as much to keep the government out of church business as vice versa. I don’t want politicians defining for me how I should pray, and having them define for me a biblical sacrament seems only a step away from that.

    Our government should indeed get out of the business of financing so many social services. Maybe I am being naive but I do believe that could happen one day — if the people who advocate that stop their needless mocking and complaining and start objectively laying out an affirmative vision of how a much smaller government can also be a much better government.

  52. Apparently if you offer opinions here that are different from the mainstream on this blog you get labeled as self righteous. I’m only saying what I think. I completely respect your right to disagree:

    In my opinion, talking to another government is not a sign of weakness. We talked to the Soviets. We talked to the Vietnamese during our war with them. We talked to a terrorist regime in Libya. We should talk to the Iranians.

    By “talk” I absolutely don’t mean starting with a formal state visit! I mean talking well away from the media and photo ops, privately in a back room somewhere in Geneva, or where ever.

    Who would have thought that we could have reached the deal with Qadafi we did? In hindsight, didn’t Nixon talking to Mao Tse Tung (who was much more of a bastard than Ahmadinejad) make the world better?? If you do it right, talking doesn’t cause harm. Sometimes it results in unexpected good.

    And even when talking doesn’t result in formal agreements it helps bring down tension — it is easier to hate some one who exists in abstract, far away, than it is some one who is sitting across the table from you.

    As for who in the Iranian regime we should talk to — their government is really complicated and diverse. I do think we should talk to Ahmadinejad (if he’ll talk to us, which I doubt). But I’m more interested in the potential of the Iranian moderates. Most of the power in Iran is with the Council of Guardians, and I’d talk to their moderate members like Mohammad Momen (who is actually an opponent of Ahmadinejad and may run against him next election). Their primary vice president, Parviz Davoodi, is relatively liberal and has spoken out strongly against al Qaeda. And their “supreme leader” is socially conservative but has taken steps to open the country economically similar to what Gorbachev did with glasnost.

    I think we should talk to their primary vice president, Parviz Davoodi, who is liberal by Iranian standards.

  53. Wes, offer away when it comes to your opinion, but from someone who tossed “childish” around with so much affection, a “label” applied to you should just be considered someone elses opinion of your opinion. Don’t like it? Just start up and you may label anyone you like. I would much prefer “Radio Free Iran” if it doesn’t already exist. The “youth” of Iran did most of the leg work during the Revolution in the late 70’s. They are now ripe for the idea of “westrnization” as far as I am concerned. I would only consider talks with Ahhneeda newjob in order to place a GPS monitor..was does sand and heat make? Stitch, I know the answer to that is in your professional wheelhouse, swing away..Larry

  54. Angry? Who’s angry. I’m just stating facts.

    Like the “fact” that we went through the “puppet” government in Afghanistan faster than Shrillary Clinton goes through office staff. Like the “fact” that not a single one of the 9/11 terrorists was actually from Afghanistan. Like the “fact” that we did not go into Afghanistan weakly as some have rewritten history to say, and that the insurgents are now taking advanage of that country because they’re suffering such a devastating impasse in Iraq. Like the “fact” that the ebb and flow of a battle (which will no doubt last at least our lifetime) is being treated like nothing more than “grist for the mill” in the eyes of people who have a petty political axe to grind.

    Why didn’t our troops have all the tools they needed? Who said they didn’t? You also might try asking the Clinton Administration which decimated all branches of our armed forces (as well as our intelligence services) as a result of the “peace dividend” following the end of the cold war why they didn’t have more or newer equipment to work with. You might also try asking a “vet” about the military, as I can tell you I served 8 years and nobody ever promised, offered or produced any such device as “body armor” for my protection. Try asking Jamie Gorelick who, under the Clinton Administration, effectively built the wall between our foreign and domestic intelligence agencies which ultimately lead to the disaster on 9/11. You might also ask Bill Clinton himself, as he allowed American interests to be struck again and again both at home as well as overseas without effective retaliation during his tenure. Don’t forget to ask him why he too stated for himself and his entire Cabinet that Saddam had in his possession, had the ability to quickly manufacture and would use WMD without warning or provocation, yet all parties have been mysteriously silent since leaving Office on those very subjects.

    As for marriage, it is at it’s very core a traditional, nonsecular institution between a man and a woman which builds a bridge to our future. We build that traditional bridge (anywhere but San Francisco, I guess) with the “nuts and bolts” of a male-female relationship, and to in any way diminish or obscure that most beautiful and absolute value and image is a travesty. Gay and Lesbian “Union” fine, I have no problem with that in any way. I don’t care who’s boinking who or what’s getting parked in who’s garage, but don’t try to blur our vision of the nuclear family in a shoddy and misdirected attempt to be all-inclusive, and don’t attempt to tell me it’s good for a child to be cast into the middle of an alternative relationship over which they have no control.

    Regarding Social Services, once again you are wrong on all counts. Any good and decent government is judged by how well it treats it’s poorest citizens. The problem with our present system (including education) is that it is entirely ineffective and nonproductive in it’s focus and mission, as it has actually made poverty and ignorance to be a career path which is being followed by many successive generations. Why? You tell me. The entire operation is clearly maintained by the Liberals who continue to tell their constituents what a raw deal they are getting from everyone around them (here’s your check, now go sit down on the sidewalk).

    If you want to comment on the big picture, I’m right here with you, but I refuse to allow anyone to obscure the view with smokescreens.


  55. Err… Hey Wes. Speaking of smokescreens-

    After 38 years in the international terror business, Qaddafi gave up his evil ways (and his WMD) post-Iraq invasion, and urged his counterparts around the world to do the same.

    Thanks for helping to make my point about “revisionist history” so quickly.


  56. Wes!

    OBL is dying in cave somewhere in the mountains, if not already dead.
    Taliban resurgent?? HAH!
    Just because a bunch of nutballs decide to attack some remote, sand-swept, undefended village in some sparsely populated area of Afganistan, shoot the local leader, and force the remaining 127 villagers to “swear” their allegience?? You call this a “resurgence??? OOOOOOOOOOOK!

    You’re trying to pawn yourself off as some middle-of-road kinda guy, but, we all see through your thin veil. You’re an Obamanite, a Philistine, another boob that thinks America should “tone down” its super-power swagger.
    How many troops would YOU have sent into Afganistan? 1 million? Basically ALL of our uniformed personell? Who would be left to defend the homeland? Man the other bases around the world? Fulfill our other military commitments around the world? Would this have GUARENTEED OBL’s capture? If not, then what? Then what, Wes?!?
    So, basically, you would have ignored the advice of your generals? The generals who weighed all the issues and recommended to President Bush that this was the number of troops and equipment needed to defeat the Tabilan? You would have ignored their advice. “Nay, send in a MILLION troops” would have been your battle cry.
    Turns out the Taliban was handily defeated with the number of troops sent in. The ones that remain are more annoying than a serious threat to the central stability of Afganistan. Even so, the insurgents are dying in droves. Hardly worth a celebration.

    OBL is holed up in a cave, dying. He’s not manning some command post somewhere giving orders to commanders to attack here, defend there. He’s worse off than Hitler was. He’s alone, he’s dying, he’s in cave. And worst of all (to him), Muslims around the world are turning their backs to him. The Iraqis have. The Afgans have. He’s a dead man, wherever he is, he’s a dead man.
    We must show our resolve to stay this course, kill the extremists, show the moderates there is another way. That we don’t hate them, so you can stop hating us. But, if you choose to take up arms against us, you will die. Your homes will be bombed. Your governments replaced. In the end, you will lose. But if you work with us, we’ll help rebuild your country, allow you to select your own leaders, and help build a military that defends its citizens, not subjugates them under some nutbag dictator.

    The military would have loved to have more body armor, more heavily armored humvees, and more of everything all the way around. However, funding comes from Congress. Ever been in the military Wes? In peace time it is very very difficult to get Congress to give the military everything it asks for.
    Also, most importantly of all, the issue of body armor and metal plates for humvees was NOT an issue until we turned soldiers into policemen.
    When these guys put their game faces on and take the fight to the enemy, the number of casualties are unbelievable low,or non-existent. Its only when they have to drive around, “policing” the population that they become targets.
    This kind of Monday-morning quarterbacking is typical of a liberal.
    The first rule of military thinking is no matter what static defense you build, the enemy will always find a way around it. ie, had there been more body armor on day one, the insurgents would have just found another way to kill our troops. Then people like you would be harping that we should have KNOWN that was coming.
    Remember the insurgent that walked up to a solder in a market, put a pistol to his head, and killed him on the spot?? Do ya, Wes? Body armor wouldn’t have stopped that. More metal plates in his humvee parked in the street wouldn’t have stopped that? Now what? Its war pal. Get over it.

    Your reference to Japan shows your ignorance in military matters.
    I noticed you didn’t mention an “exit strategy” for Japan. Is it because THERE WASN’T ONE??
    Also, the invasion plans for Japan were not complete, were they? How do you know? I bet NONE of the invading troops would have had body armor.
    Would this invasion had gone any better than D-Day? The largest, most planned, invasion in history? And one that TOTALLY went wrong from day one! Yet, somehow, those men MADE it happen.
    For the record, some 63 years later, we STILL have bases in Germany, Japan, and Italy. Apparently exit strategies are not very common, or required to label a war a success.

    Qadafi came to us. We never went to him. Qadafi FORMERLY apologized and took responsibility for blowing up that plane over Lockerbee. Also, he formally renounced terrorism.
    Mao never (publicly) threatened that certain nations should be wiped off the face of the earth.
    Carter talked to Iran for 444 days, and got nothing! It was AT THE MOMENT that Reagan was being sworn in that the hostages were released.
    And, if you remember, Reagan called them “prisoners of war”, not hostages.
    Pelosi went to Syria (once! so much for “dialog”) and we all watch her subjugate herself to their male-dominated society “out of respect” !!
    If BHO visits Iran, will he do the same?? I can’t wait to see pictures of BHO wearing a turban and a long white dress and sandles.

    There is a way to “talk” to people like ImmaNutJob. Carter’s didnt work. Reagan’s did (and Reagan NEVER once met with any Iranian – but his words were heard loud and clear).

  57. Stitch, Wow man, outstanding.. As one of those patrolling “targets” that you mentioned I can say due to first hand knowledge that you are exactly right. Relative to D-Day, back then when the Airborne dropped in, they left the plane with these amazing “leg bags” strapped to them. All kids of goodies in there. The first step out of the plane, the air bast blew almost every one of them off, only to create 50-80 pound projectiles now plummeting unimpeded towards the paratroopers who had already landed. Most of those incredibly brave men hit turf with only their chute, their jump knife and their helmet. God bless them each and every one. Thanks my friend for all of your contributions to NLTZ. Larry

  58. beanhead54, Man, when I grow up I want to be just like you!! Lock and load, my friend because we are in the pipe five by five. Outstanding! Thanks for your input and keep that scimitar of logic sharpened..Larry

  59. oops, I should have said, “Qadafy FORMALLY apologized….”
    Whatever. If he’s going to do that, then lets talk.


  60. Wes,
    Just a reminder that Lieberman won his election on the Independent ticket and like him, anyone inclined to vote for Hillary would vote for her as an Independent as well. Hillary will never have the backing of the democrat elite nor will she ever be President of this country (thank God).

    In 2000, McCain did not have the popular vote of the people like Hillary did in this primary. Despite this, she was sold-down-the-river for a candidate who can not even hold a candle to her.

  61. Dear Obama, please shut up and stop calling yourself “Wes” and maybe take a coupla classes in Uni not led by a communist, you will see more clearly.

  62. Joe, Do you think that Hillary would consider the Independent Party as an alternative or do you think that she will just play the Democratic Party line if they make the right concessions to her? Wouldn’t THAT be interesting…Thanks for your comments, larry

  63. J9, Wes says that he is independent and that he takes up for Obama because all of us are thumping the Senator. He said that he was looking at Bob Barr who is the Libertarian Party candidate. I think he means well but this is not an audience looking to be converted. Thanks for your comments, Larry

  64. beanhead,

    Good post! Obviously, we disagree on some things. Like Amy and I did, I suspect if we delved into it we might surprise ourselves with how much we agree on. I’m not sure this is the forum for such delving (or . . . maybe it is). But I do appreciate you stating what you are in favor of.

    I’ll make two comments in reply:

    I agree with you that President Clinton did leave our armed forced ill-equipped for the Iraq occupation. Given that, what do you think should be the responsible action by President Bush: Should he have said “We don’t have enough body armor for our troops, but oh well, let’s go in anyway”? Or, should he have said “We don’t have enough body armor for our troops. Let’s make more and go in a year from now”? It wasn’t only the body armor, or armored vehicles, or even language and cultural training for our troops that was lacking, but any sort of coherent plan to put Iraq together again.

    On Qadafi, he did indeed give up his WMDs. He also renounced terrorism, exposed an understand nuclear smuggling network, and agreed to compensate the Lockerbie. But he didn’t do those things before we started talking with him. He did those things BECAUSE we talked with him. (I think it was an amazing victory for President Bush, one he doesn’t get near enough credit for). We spent years talking with Qadafi, starting before the Iraq invasion. And in the time we were talking to him — the time before he gave up his WMDs — we were talking to some one we considered a terrorist and a fanatical. Exactly how we view Iran now. Our experience with Qadafi (and with China, and others) shows how talking can work.

  65. Joe,

    I think what you are saying is that you think Hillary should launch an independent presidential bid because you think she can win it, but you don’t think McCain could have won an independent bid in 2000. Is that right?

  66. Here’s the irony, Larry:

    I didn’t come to this blog to convert people. I came to be converted!

    Whether you believe me or not, I am conflicted about who to vote for. I started seeking out political blogs about three weeks ago to see what arguments high minded people were making in favor of each of the candidates. What I found here is that there were few arguments made FOR anything. It is mostly against things. (Conservatives seem especially prone to this but some liberal blogs do it too, mocking “McSame” and his many supposed flip-flops but putting forth no positive ideas).

    Stitch said it best when he wrote in a comment “I’m not here to talk about McCain. I’m here to bash Obama.” And that’s fine if you think it brings you happiness. The thing is: if you are trying to convert OTHER people it isn’t an effective strategy.

    I leave this evening for a week with the family at the Beijing Olympics. So you won’t be burdening you with my presence here. Please continue on with your one-sided bashing of Obama . . .

  67. Wes, I always enjoy the “high minded” tone of your missives. Thanks for your personal approval of the “bashing” thing. Wes, why all of the “childish name calling”? What is “defamation of character” from your perspective is “definition of character”, or a lack thereof from mine. You came here to be “converted” and I am not here to “convert” you. I am not here to “convert” anyone”. Never claimed such a thing. So what it is that you are looking for can’t be found here, get it?? Wes, start http://www.Westhe Wizard dot com, and send a few feelers out there. Those who are so “high” mided like yourself will flock to you and fall at your feet for they will be freed from the bonds of unintellectual “bashing” that takes place here. Since you are so fond of lecturing those who don’t meet your “high minded tone”, while you’re there with the “fam”in China, please find a Chinese official and begin another of your messianic lectures about the things that they are a little inflexible about. Can’t wait to see your face on the milk cartons.. You “came here” to be “converted”, it didn’t work, so now you try to “convert” those who don’t have your Solomonic perspicacity. The Internet is a HUGE place where those who are “high minded” can find those who think and act the way they do. Go find one that doesn’t offend your delicate sensibilities. Thanks again, again and again…………………….Larry

  68. ok Weston, you’re converted.
    Now go stand in the corner and pretend you’re popular.
    This is a blog site, a place for people to voice opinions, this is not “let’s convert Wessie and all his liberal minions to Conservatism”.
    Thanks for your comments……sighhhhh….

  69. Hey Wes, One FINAL (thats a hint..) idea for you, go to Obama dot com and McCain dot com in order for help with your “conversion”. If you came here to be “converted” to a political candidate, go to the source. You are either out to “convert” those here or you are incredibly inept at getting quickly to what it is that you want.. Coming here for your Obama conversion is the equivalent of going to the car dealer to buy groceries. You will never be happy…

  70. A quick question – one which will expose my ignorance, most likely – plus, it’s way off the subject! Awrigghhht! What are those glass panels on a stand that are always in front of the candidates when they are speaking behind a podium? Are those teleprompters? Bullet proof shields? If they’re teleprompters, and they appear to be clear glass, why can’t we see the words – at least in reverse? This has bugged me for ages.

  71. Rick
    Those are teleprompters. The lettering is at such an angle that the reader can read it, but it appears transparent from the other side (LCD-type tech I think).
    I would guess (never experienced this) that if you got at the right angle from the reverse side you probably couldn’t see through the areas with the text.

  72. Rick, Stitch is right. I have been behind the telepromters and they are angled in such a way so that the speaker sees only his or her words and they appear clear on the audiences side. Thanks for your comments, Larry

  73. Wes,
    I believe I said Hillary has the popular vote of her party so her supporters would probably defect if she did. Voting Democrats have been”force-fed” Obama.

    McCain did not have the popular vote in 2000 so it really wouldn’t have made any difference which ticket he ran on.
    Beyond that, do you really think those democrats (Biden, Kennedy, et. al.) will support her in the future? If so, I’d question whether they have any balls.

  74. Joe, Stop making sense..the “political animal” and your last analogy relative to “support” reminds me of what Dennis Miller said, “my esteemed colleague simply means ‘this asshole standing next to me’ ” In public, they’ll be all smiles but if given the opportubnity to kneecap each other, there isn’t a one who would pass on the opportunity to do so to an “esteemed colleague..” Thanks as always for your input, Joe..Larry

  75. Stitch and Larry: thanks for the answers about the teleprompter. That’s had me scratching my head for years, actually.

  76. Rick, no sweat my friend. P.S. Be on the lookout for, “The Importance of Iowa”…tell all of your friends! Thanks as always, Larry

  77. A word to the wise: don’t knock us Clinton Dems. The MSM may think, that, like sheep, we will blindly get in line and follow the Obamassiah–but they are WRONG. If the fraud in the empty suit actually does get nominated, we PUMAs will vote for McCain. So be nice now! Remember: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend!” and save your wrath for Obambi.

  78. LaBonBon, I’m not trying to go out of my way to pick on Hillary, she is the only one left since O’Carter is on vacation. By the way, I think he has had more to say about the issues since he has been on vacation than he did while he was “campaigning.”

    She unfortunately had the deck stacked against her for quite some time. When she got booed for making an excellent point at one of the debates, that’s when I knew that it was over for her.

    As a PUMA, I think that you are telling me that you feel more akin ot McCain and his stances than you are to Obama. Are you really a PUMA and are you going to Denver? Say yes!!

    If so, I would give you the “Hillary Report” segment here at NLTZ so that you can give us the “on the ground report” from the convention site from you and your collegues perspective. No kidding, if you sent it to me in Word format through an email, I’d put it up..

    Thanks for stopping in and commenting. All kidding aside, I think she would have fared better if she would have gone it alone. That crew of hers had to be on the Obama payroll..

    Let me know, the floor will be yours!

    Thanks, Larry

    P.S. ATTENTION EVERYONE: Before I hit the “submit” button, I noticed that LeBonBon’s name was a live link. The site is ;” Hillary Clinton Supporters for John Mc Cain.” If any of us knows of any Hillary supporters a little on the fence, send them to this site. It is a goodie!!

  79. Hi Larry and NoLeftTurnzers!

    Thanks for the nice response. We would love to have your readers visit our site:
    We also have a radio show and would encourage you, and your readers, to call in and chat about the Obamassiah. We pull in an audience of around 1 1/2 million people each night. Obama author David Freddoso is joining us Tuesday, August 19th, 7:00 p.m. CDST. Everyone is welcome–except, that is, the Obots. We kick their asses out.

    I will be in touch regarding an official Denver blogger from our site. That would be wonderful if you could carry the report, too.

    The banner on our homepage is to try and collect funds to keep the radio show going. We are good till September 1. We are also raising funds to help send bloggers to Denver. If anyone could drop a buck or two in the pot it would be much appreciated. All of us PUMAs involved with the site/show are volunteers working our asses off to try and keep the most unqualified candidate in American history from assuming the most powerful office in the world.

    By the way, the PUMA movement is REAL. I am a lifelong Democrat who has never cast a Republican vote in my life–till November 2008. I am a DONE Democrat! Hey, we even have a PUMA theme song!

    By Sugar Ray
    When It’s Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the things that I used to say!
    All the words that got in the way!
    All the things that I used to know!
    Have gone out the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. LeBonBon,

    I am making some big changes to my site very soon. One of which is going to be “the thought of the day.” There, on days when I am otherwise occupied, I will be adding a link to your site and encouraging all NLTZ readers to go and participate.

    I am heading there right now to contribute and I am asking all NLTZ readers to do the same.

    I will gladly put any Denver “on the ground” reports here for our readers to see what the media is hiding from the world..

    Stay in touch. Stay focused and stay mean…

    My best, Larry

  81. Larry,

    You wrote in a recent comment that your primary concern on this blog was “the imperative difference between liberalism and conservatism.” So perhaps you can forgive me for thinking that I was here participating in a blog actually about that.

    To effectively explore the difference between two ideological sides it seems to me that you have to talk honestly about both sides, and stand up for what you favor more than put down what you are against. I don’t understand why that view has been met with such hostility here, but clearly you seem to have another opinion. And you’ve certainly created a blog that your readers like. So, no worries. Thanks for hearing me out and I truly wish you success.

  82. Wes,

    (Here we go again..)

    “The imperative difference between liberalism and conservatism..”

    1) Please, if you wish to or if you possibly can, look beyond the “humor” that intentionally inject because that is exactly what I do, explain the imperative difference. You are not fond of how it is that I “explain the difference.” I cannot make this point any more plainly for you. “Honestly”, I will not change.

    Your references to anyones “forgiveness” aside, (I am not God, I cannot forgive. Find a liberal, they think that they are…HUMOR..see how this works?..) if you weren’t “particpating” your comments would be gone. You ARE participating, you are just not fond of how you are being received. This isn’t “fence sitters anonymous.”

    “Honestly”? I am putting something out about every two to three days. Your use of “honestly” means that, again, you don’t like the “tone” because “honest” is what this is all about.

    Your powers of comprehension get clouded when things like San Francisco, etc, get mentioned. When you say, “stand up for what you favor more than put down what you are against..”

    Example: If I say that I find the liberal habit of “enhancing revenues” to be repulsive can you possibly pick up on the fact that I like “lower taxes” or should I double the size of the article to reinforce the “bleeding obvious”? Again, that’s how I do things and you don’t like my “style”. I stand up for what I favor by going out onto the front line and putting this material out. Read it without the “debate school” pedantics. “Clearly” my site has not met your expectations, feel free to create your own and allow the world to discover and comment upon your efforts. Hope you and yours had fun in China, I was here being mean to the left..


  83. Hi Larry,

    Thank you for supporting Hillary Clinton Supporters for Joh McCain! I believe we have a Denver blogger. As soon as I confirm details will be in touch. In the meantime, hope you and your readers will join our evening radio show. Tonight–August 19th–our guest is Obama book author David Freddoso. Show starts at 7:00 p.m. Central time




  85. Wes and all,

    I am new, but may I make an attempt to explain the issue between ‘for & against?’

    “inalook” comes from the ‘fact’ that I see the “big picture” in one look.

    It is an ‘intuitive knowing’ vs building the picture ‘fact by fact.’ In fact, I have a difficult time explaining to people who are ‘fact finders’ how I got to my conclusion, because I don’t have the facts!

    I have also discovered that ‘intuitive knowers’ are rare and when I found the NLTZers, I felt at home right away. I/we don’t need to discuss the ‘for’ part because it is completely obvious to us without discourse.

    I come to NLTZ for the intellectual olympic games that Larry’s writing and everyone’s comments offer. In fact (if I say that word enough…I will have the facts?!), I like the site because there isn’t the mindless name calling & personal insults (usually appearing in lieu of a rational argument) so often found elsewhere.

    Thank you Larry & all, for a fun and stimulating read…

  86. inalook,

    Some think that what it is that I do is “mindless name calling & personal insults”, if that is all that they are looking for. To some, the fifty or so “funny” words drown out or suffocate the potential value of the other 1,500 or so…

    I have to laugh about what I see on the left, for the futility of getting boiling mad about their shenanigans, will never accomplish anything.

    It is just a way to bring a kind of “entertainment” to a topic (politics) that hopefully makes it a little more palatable and fun to digest.

    No apologies, no regrets.

    Thanks for your kind words and your insights.


  87. Larry, Your ‘blogites’ live for your 50 or so “funny” words…and that is all that matters. No apologies, no regrets!

  88. inalook,

    Tell you what, I’ll shoot for 51 with the next one, how’s that..

    Thanks as always,


  89. Larry, you think I’m unable to see this right because I lack a sense of humor?! That would explain why the comic actors and writers who make it big in Hollywood are all famous for their staunchly conservative views.

    OK, so let’s try to remove my skewed sensibilities and lack of humor from the equation and look objectively at your last 10 post topics in which you’ve written . . .

    * A critique of Howard Dean
    * A look back at the Democratic Iowa Caucasus, with some comments on Edward’s infidelity
    * Your take on the civil rights legacy of the Democrats
    * The nature of Hillary’s backing (or lack thereof) of Obama
    * The Democratic congress’s apology for slavery
    * A wide ranging anti-Obama post
    * A wide ranging anti-Pelosi post and commentary against the Democratic position on global warming.
    * A critique of Obama’s Europe trip
    * A critique of Obama’s change message
    * Your thoughts on Obama going after Michigan’s Muslim vote

    You could quibble with each of those summaries but broadly speaking they are accurate, no?

    So . . . do you notice a common theme?

    Every post topic is about Democrats and Liberals!! I’m actually not the only one here to have commented on that.

    If you asked a computer program (for which bias and sensibility are not issues) to do a word count of your posts “Liberal” would come up many times more than “conservative”. “Democrat” many times more than “Republican.” Obama’s been the subject of dozens of your posts but if a man woke today from a two-year coma and read your blog posts he’d hardly know McCain was running.

    I do agree with you — if you come out against raising taxes readers can conclude that you are for lowering them. But most issues are not so binary. And even on taxes, are you for lowering them a little or a lot? How should the budget change to adjust for any loss of revenue? Should there be an income tax or some other sort of tax? What politician is doing a good job on this issue? Nay-saying can’t answer such questions. Plus, even when well intentioned it hard to avoid hypocrisy during nay-saying. (One can rail against Pelosi’s and Obama’s global warming position, for example, but if while doing that one fails to mention that McCain holds essentially the same position then, yes, I think there’s something dishonest about that). Plus, for myself I’m striving to be FOR something, but just against things, and I suspect most people feel the same way.

    You’ve challenged me several times to come up with my own blog. Your point being that it is easy to find fault in others, harder to do it right. You are right about that! I completely agree. And now I’m returning the point: It is easy mocking what you are against, harder supporting what you are for.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with being a conservative writing about exclusively about liberalism. I’m still here, so obviously I’ve found some value in it. So have your readers. That’s a huge credit to you! But to explore imperative differences common sense says you have to talk about both of the things you see an imperative difference between.

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