Bumpersticker Cognitive Therapy

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I am of the opinion that a random and purely chance drive by observation would fit the bill as well and what I saw a few days ago has ended up being worth at least the next thousand or so words..

While driving in this fair city, I noticed a small station wagon the back end of which was extremely dirty. As the stop light changed to red, a fellow, approximately mid fifties with a ponytail and a rag in his hand, approached the back of this vehicle from the curb. While I sat waiting for the light to change, I watched as this individual began clearing the dirt in a circular pattern. He never moved from that spot, though. Once this circle was cleared, he went in between the houses and didn’t return. As the light changed, I slowly crept forward, as my curiosity was peaked. That small circle, carefully cleared while the rest of the vehicle remained dirty, was an “Obama ‘08” sticker..

I have noticed of late a particularly sanctimonious sniffishness from those who sport their Obama buttons and bumperstickers. The placement of Barack Obama into the presidential process has become an incredibly psychological phenomenon that benefits the liberals for a number of reasons. It has become a kind of liberal intellectual laxative. A progressive pasteurization, a Communist catharsis so to speak and the timing from the lefty’s standpoint couldn’t be better.

The Obama cavalcade of “hope and change” really made an impact upon those who are easily impressed by such vacuity. There is another reason that they were so comfortably convinced, other than their inherent gullibility to all things “progressive.” The liberals have lived for generations with an “emptiness” inside of them (in their “soul”, not the one between their ears..) that they could never put their finger upon, thus their perpetual moroseness and hostility towards the rest of us who make up the bulk of civilized society.

The left constantly giggles at those who profess to “believe” in a higher being. They have written off such a practice as “childish” or “infantile”. As the liberals sat about in their “Section 8” apartments, their parent’s basements or even their mansions, something continued to gnaw away at their delicate sensibilities. They were devoid of something. They were incomplete. Their collective psyches were vacant and unfurnished.

For years, as an intellectual exercise, the left has courageously fought off this simple-minded impulse “to believe” but as of late it has crept back into their consciousness that they needed to “believe” in something. This epiphany exploded within the liberal genus right about the time that Barack Obama began his campaign for the presidency. The left doesn’t believe in “God”, they see each other as gods so they have appointed themselves as omnipotent beings within their universe and the only thing that they believe in is each other..

Their internal need to “believe” was calcified and fulfilled by the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama. He has become their deity, so they have no problem “believing” in him because what he represents to them is “the TRUE liberal deity”, an oppressive and overwhelming liberally led collectivist/centralized government. But he is more than that to them..

The Democrats are also enthralled by the concept of their individual catharsis because they are finally able to vote for a black candidate.

Regardless of the weight of their intellectual baggage, even the liberals couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a transparent buffoon like Jack$on in 1984 and 1988.. This has become the golden opportunity for them to shake off that nagging “inherent racism” that has overwhelmed their subconscious thoughts and actions for decades. You can see the sinister thoughts percolating behind their bloodshot eyes, “I can’t possibly be a racist, I voted for Barack Obama! I support Obama! I am free!!” We see them every day with their shiny little buttons and their bumperstickers as though they are sporting Bolshevik badges of honor.

The guilt that the Democrats have felt for so long is not without its historical reasons and justification. For generations, the Democrats have worked like the Devil to keep slavery and discrimination in place. With such a provenance, it is no wonder that the liberals are so totally controlled by the tremendous undertow of their individual shame. Just a small historical sampling of their handy work over the past hundred years aids in explaining their current thoughts and actions.

In 1854, the Republican Party was formed on an anti slavery platform because the Democrats of that era were particularly enthusiastic about slavery. In 1860, the Southern Democrats were emphatic in their support for slavery and the Northern Democrats, in a foreshadowing of the slimy Democratic triangulation of the 21st century, believed that “democracy required the people to decide slavery locally.” The Civil War, (an amazing oxymoron) from 1861 to 1865, was not only fought over several states desire to secede from the Union but the strongly held support by the Democrats for slavery. When the war finally ended, it erased four years time and well over nine hundred thousand dead and wounded as well. The Democrats wasted little time after that set back and they began scripting their Jim Crow laws, which took decades to eradicate.

Generations later, Democratic heroes like Robert “Exalted Cyclops” Byrd, Albert Gore Sr. and Howard W. Smith did their level best to keep the hideous practice of blatant discrimination against blacks in place. Their work against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voters Rights Act empowered other Democrats, mostly in the South, to continue their evil works and deeds. Byrd was so fond of the timbre of his own voice that he personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act for over fourteen hours. In the end, over 80% of the Republicans voted for the measure while barely 60% of the Democrats eventually signed on.

Generations later, Democratic titans like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Teddy Kennedy have craftily re-instituted the scourge of slavery and re-forged the manacles of bondage through their failed policies and programs that have resulted in the perpetual addiction of welfare dependency. They have ignored Dr. Martin Luther King’s call for a “color blind society” and they have tried to make discrimination law through their patented chicanery and strong-arming that they have deceptively disguised as “affirmative action”.

It is therefore easy to see the necessity for the liberals to purge themselves of the copious burdens of their shameful past. That is the only way that the left can “feel good” about themselves and with that, hundreds of years of well-deserved guilt will be replaced with the smug self-righteousness that only their clear consciences can provide them. Thank the Lord that Obama made the cut because without him, it would have been impossible to tell how long the left could have continued to carry the immense burden of their hard earned racist ignominy.


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  1. The article’s title made me think about an observation I have made. 9 times out of 10, maybe more, the car (usually a pos) covered in bumper stickers belongs to a liberal. I occasionally see multi conservative bumper stickered cars, but more often than not it’s a combo of oh so clever liberal witticisms. I guess when all you have for a philosophy is a sound bite, ya do what ya gotta do…

  2. If you had peeled back the NObama sticker, I have no doubt you would have found a Kerry/Edwards (as well as an NPR) underneath. That’s pretty much the way of the Democratic Party, covering one bad mistake with another of greater proportion.

    Where have Kerry and Edwards been since their failed attempt? Senator Kerry is still quietly spending his wife’s money (and not much else) and John “2 Americas/2 families” Edwards is still wandering the streets trying to find a paying job (or another girlfriend).

    You also forgot to mention that the Dem’s ran Al Sharpton and Carol Mosley Braun for President for whatever reason, though I honestly can’t think of any attribute but one.

    Let’s be totally honest, shall we? Democrats thrive on guilt. They bathe in it and covet it above anything we can ever mention. They also have a need and desire to “fill” an emptyness inside their heads and hearts in the only way they have ever known.

    By finding a way of extracting success from the pockets of someone else.


  3. beanhead54, You are right on track, my friend. Thanks for yoyr contributions to NLTZ, Larry

  4. Patrick, Absolutely correct on all counts. Enjoyed the “pos” reference..Thanks for stopping in, Larry


    Ya know, Larry, I now look at liberals through the filter of a quote from George Will, “Conservatives enjoy the “pursuit” of happiness, and liberals expect the government to “deliver” happiness on demand. That’s pretty close to exact, I think.

  6. RD, Exactly. I met George Will a few years back at an event and he is without a doubt one of the nicest people around. Thanks for your comments as always, Larry

  7. While enshrining Hussein Obama as their new Messiah and in steadily losing sight of our God, the left has lost sight also of His words; “Thou shalt not place no other god before me.” From this I will say that the Democratic Party are truly a godless party.

    A “liberal intelectuall laxative” is more than an apt description for lefty’s seem to have their brains located in the same anatomical area. The side effects of such a laxative may have the liberals expulsing bits of grey matter, finally leaving them mindless and ultimately the country a better place.

    I am reminded of an EX-friend of mine, who, when, John “Francois” Kerrey was running for president. The friend came up to me, totally unprovoked, with a Kerrey T-shirt on asked me what I thought of the T-shirt. I said, ‘His wife sells to much ketchup.” He became enraged and literally screamed at me, ‘He’s a good man!” I can only presume that liberal liars are judged by “that good man.”

    One other interesting note; The resulting legislation after the so-called ‘Civil War’ took away any rights of the states to succeed from the Union. Also, President Lincoln, after the war had plans to deport all negroes back to Africa.

  8. WINDRIDER, Precisely. “He’s a good man..” My friend, you completely locked up his synapses with that.. As I have said, when the left finally finds someone who espouses their crackpotterie, they are so stunned by that, that they usually sign their soul over on the spot. They never let you down…Thanks my friend, Larry

  9. Hi Larry

    I remember the 60’s when after having dumped their parents, anybody over 30, traditional institutions and God, the unwashed ones were absolutely lost and directionless.

    Many tried living “as one” in their “Instead of God” communes, but found that they just couldn’t do it with only panhandling and handouts.

    They went back to their “free love/no rules” ways, but soon found themselves bored with making love and being hungry because nobody wanted to work. They went back home, slept in their cars, signed up for every welfare giveaway program and voted Democrat.

    I just finished “Obama Nation” (Jerome Corsi) and am now more certain than ever. We have an angry, socialist, Arab/Muslim inclined, anti-American smart aleck on our hands. He is a modern day Trojan Horse. If he becomes POTUS we will lose much more than an election.

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” – Norman Thomas (Socialist Party presidential candidate). God help us.

  10. I honetly don’t believe that the vast majority of Democrats believe in Socialism as much as they are enamored with the cadence of their leadership’s well phrased hyperbole. When faced with facts in black and white, I strongly believe the greater number come to their senses pretty quickly, though a Left-leaning MSM and an uneducated entertainment industry parroting bumpersticker slogans at every opportunity makes it tough to get their attention.

    Someone once said, “Americans may take a while to get it, but once they get it, they get it.”

    Let’s hope they get it before it’s gone for good.


  11. Larry, again, great article!!! Our beloved Ann Coulter may need to revise and update Godless if BHO (God forbid) becomes President. It looks like he may be the new “god” of the Liberals. Every day I start to despise BHO a little more. He makes me sick. He is demogoguery at its worst. God, please send us our beloved Ronald Reagan back!!!

  12. Isn’t it amazing how liberals are free to say anything about McKain and defend it as “truth”, but ANY criticism of The Annointed One is “racist”, “intolerant” or “mean spirited”?

    And BTW, “Pravda” means “Truth” in Russian.

  13. Amy
    Next time someone mentions they’re worried about McCain’s age, tell them this:
    The last time we had to choose between “maturity” and “youth & inexperience” we got……….REAGAN!……..TWICE!!


  14. Cherokee1020

    What a fabulous essay! True on every point. Liberals and lefties refuse to understand they are responsible for racism in America today. They just refuse to believe it. The Real Americans need to wake up and vote against this lunacy in November. Would we did have Reagan return!!!! Would we could have Reagan return…

  15. As regards bumper stickers, I purloined a sentence I received from a friend in a recent email. His sign off sentence was :

    “Vote McCain.
    If he ruins our country at least it won’t be on purpose!”

    I’m having 25 bumper stickers made up for my friends and family. I think it captures the essence of Obama’s goals.

  16. to the libs “if you don’t stand for something you will FALL for anything” . I myself stand for American right or wrong. They have no respect for our country,flag, or president.

    The only thing I put on my car is my flag I want it wherever I go. I don’t feel devisive like Nobama

  17. Larry,congratulations.I have long waited for someone to start hammering these hypocrites on their past stances on slavery and civil rights. And yet, blacks still vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Go figure.
    I believe the members of the Jackass Party feel they’re getting a two-fer in the Mighty Tinkerbell: a black AND a Christian.(See,we’re not anti-God , after all!) Of course, this particular “Christian” thinks babies who miraculously survive an abortion should be thrown into the nearest trashcan (just like Jesus would!), but let’s not be divisive.
    I think the surest proof this creature is a fake is the support he receives from liberals. Were he a true Christian, they would drop him like a hot rock, then throw it at him.
    I see more and more new names in these comments. Fantastic!

  18. Dr. Gene, It is always great to hear from a man of your stature. Fragmented Socialism can be and will reconstructed if the right (wrong) person gets the power to do so..God bless you and thanks for all that you have done to help with NLTZ. Larry

  19. beanhead54, I am not sure..there are times when I see them as catatonic lemmings but generally, when I have asked them about their beliefs, they seem to have the Socialist precepts down chapter and verse. They like to rephrase it as being “progressive” though. They just can’t seem to admit it to us but when they are within their own social circle, I think that they wear it as a badge of honor..the moderates when confronted do tend to give in but the uber-kooks, well, as WFB said, “it’s hard to argue with someone who thinks the moon is made of green cheese..” Thank you for your comments. I appreciate their intensity, their insight and their candor. Larry

  20. Amy D. Reagan for Rushmore..How about we start a campaign for that great American. Thank you as always, Larry

  21. David, BINGO. Case closed, my friend. The left uses “argumentative minimalism” in order to knock you off of your points when they have no counter argument to make. Thanks for being a part of NLTZ, Larry

  22. Stitch76, Those were the days, weren’t they? Those who simply called the man “the great communicator” missed the entire point of the man. Obama is a “great communicator”. Reagan believed that words had meaning and he didn’t utter one unless he was fully prepared to back it with action. Obama effectively utilizes symbolism, but the words just seem to come across in a breezy sort of emptyness..That’s just my take on what I have heard from the man. Thanks my friend, Larry

  23. Cherokee 1020, Thanks for those kind words. Pass the word: Reagan for Rushmore..Larry

  24. Vincent, That sticker is perfect.25? You shouud print 2,500 and sell them on Ebay. You would be rich in no time..Thanks for your comment, Larry

  25. Dee, Some believe that that our flag is the symbol of hate. If things are so terrible here and if there seems to be no sign that things will ever improve, why are they still here? Thanks for all of your comments, Larry

  26. Sling Blade, Thanks for all of your comments. The legacy of the left is what the bogus apology made by congress a short time ago should have been directed to. “Apology Accepted”? They will never release the power that they have attained through the seperation of the races. Larry

  27. If our country is so bad, why do so many people risk their lives to come here illegally?? Why do Chinese people spend their life’s savings to pile in a shipping container with no food, water, sanitation or ventilation to enter our country illegally? I think it is because no matter how messed up our country becomes, it is still the best country in the world to live in. An aside: If homosexuality is normal, why do more gay men have HIV/AIDS than any other group? And why are gay people ashamed to be gay?

  28. Amy D., No doubt. The Germans built their wall to keep their people IN, we need a wall to keep everyone elses people OUT..HIV? Could be because of all of those AIDS quilts we see hanging on walls evrywhere. They must be sharing the same needle when they are stitching up the material….RFR..Thanks as always, Larry

  29. Hi Amy D –

    I enjoyed reading your columns on your web site. I’m now enjoying your chats with Larry on this site.

    YES, on Reagan, on AIDS, on America!

    My very best Semper Fi for your dad, a brother Marine.

  30. Private for you, Larry.

    Just a comment… it is “separation”. There is only the one accepted spelling.

    Thanks so much for your work on you site, Larry… I look forward to it and the comments each day.

  31. Gene,

    I think you are the only person who has read my blog (or at least has acknowledged that they have read it). Thank you for your condolences. Semper Fi, Marine!!!

  32. I note how you take the time to respond to each and every comment on your articles, Larry, so at the risk of prolonging your labor further, I offer this small observation. Has anyone else noted the paucity of comments from liberals on Larry’s carefully crafted articles? I frequent a few other sites and although the responses are typically in kind with the writer, there are always at least a few “contrary” opinions. I don’t recall ever seeing an opposing opinion to Larry’s literature. I believe it is due to the air-tight logic inherent in his though process. Logic is like the proverbial “chunk ‘o Kryptonite” to liberals. I also believe it has to due with the scholarship of his arguments. I’ll bet liberals read articles like Larry’s and either are dumbfounded at the content or decide to move on to “lower hanging fruit” for their strawmen. Just my 2 cents…

  33. Junk,
    That and liberals also tend to frequent liberal sources more often than they frequesnt conservative ones. It’s because, as the old adage goes, birds of a feather flock together. It’s also a whole lot easier for liberals to find liberal sources of info — the MSM IS liberal!!!

  34. Off topic: When it comes to energy prices and policy, one factor that both candidates seem to ignore is inflation. If our inflation rate is high, oil (and any other commodity priced in dollars) will be expensive, which in turn makes everything else more expensive. If the Fed can figure out how to wisely decrease inflation, prices should ease up. Also, right now I am watching the dollar against the euro, and the numbers look encouraging. The dollar is strengthening. Hopefully this rally will continue for the long haul. I can’t wait until the dollar is at least at parity with the euro. It will make living in EU-Land a whole lot less expensive.

  35. Amy D.

    True enough, but I frequent liberal outlets myself to do recon against the enemy of my freedom and way of life. As well as to give them an intermittent dose of intelligent thought and logic.

  36. Junk!
    be careful visiting those lib sites, you might catch something!
    Be sure you came back here often to “decompress”.
    Otherwise you might find yourself blurting out something like, “why aren’t houses free??”.
    But dont worry, if that happens we’ll send you lots of pictures of Soviet-style “free” housing. Sort of “shock treatment” you back to your senses.



    gr-ea-t idea for a bumper sticker. where can i get some? other ideas— SAY NOPE TO THE HOPE POPE OBAMA, YO MAMA

  38. Great article Larry, as always…. Patrick, I used to be one of the 1 % -ers that had too many stickers (conservitive ones, thank you very much) on my truck. I got so sick of these cheech-and-chong flower children’s priuses covered in those idiotic lib slow-gans! But alas, when I got a new truck, (Chevy, thank you again) I only put one solitary sticker on it. middle of the window– UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. semper fi. PS, my trailer is still covered in W’04 stickers! I love the looks you get from snooty libs, there’s just not as many of ’em in OKLA.- thank god. keep turning that wheel right Larry! Coopster.

  39. As always, laughing….crying….hitting the copy/paste/forward just as fast as I can.

    Thank you for your voice.

  40. Stirling, Sorry about that..I have become so used to the speel check within the Word program that occasionally one slips by..Thanks for your comments, Larry

  41. Amy, I too have read your site and here is a coincidence for you: Your fathers birthday is exactly one year earlier than mine, to the day. He sounds like was a good man and I am sorry for your loss. Thanks as always, Larry

  42. Junk Spread, I have wondered that myself. Wes disagrees with me sometimes but mostly with my “style” of using humor to keep a long article somewhat interesting. Thanks for stopping in and contributing to NLTZ, Larry

  43. Amy and Junk, I too wander through the liberal sites on occasion. Most are pretty tough reads. Just look at what happens on Human Events to the string of comments to Ann’s articles. Thanks as always and be careful out there…Larry

  44. Feckles, I like yours as well. As a good capitalist, you should make a little dough at the expense of the enemy.. Thanks as always, Larry

  45. Coopster, God bless you, my friend..Patrick’s point made me really look at the cars that I saw today. “The bumpersticker mobiles” were almost all lib covered. The only exception on the conservative side is occasionally you will see a pro-life car fairly decked out. Not that often though..Thanks for your comments and contributions to NLTZ, Larry

  46. J9, Thank YOU for your help. Your words meant the world to me. Thanks as always, Larry

  47. Larry,

    Thanks for reading my blog. That’s cool that you are exactly one year younger than my dad. I think he would get a kick out of your site had he known about it. Well, we’ll see him in Heaven!!! My dad was a wonderful man. He loved to help others. Even in death he was able to save 50 lives with his organs and tissues. He was a proud Marine. He used to always say “Once a Marine, always a Marine!” He loved this country like he loved his own family. During Gulf War I he used to blast Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”. When that song was played right after I had earned my Navy ball cap after Battle Stations in boot camp, I cried because that song reminded me of my dad. Needless to say I was Daddy’s girl. My dad always reminded me that no matter how bad this country gets, NOWHERE else is better than America. Living in EU-Land, I sometimes have to remind myself of that. I love Europe, but DESPISE European politics.

  48. Amy, Be safe out there and feel free to consider NLTZ your home away from home. Thanks as always, Larry

  49. Blue State Blues- RWG

    Great piece! Liberals do have a large, empty hole that has never been filled. Having been part of the 60’s “movement” and one of the few people who attended Woodstock and thought it sucked, I know where that hole came from. Apropos to Dr. Gene’s comments, that whole idea of peace, love and Utopian life was the results of drug use and especially pot. Now I know you are saying “yea, Blue State, tell us something we don’t know”. All right, here it is. The guys back then were mostly faking the peace, love and brotherhood stuff in order to get laid. We all wanted in on the free love thing. The best way to get a woman excited back then, was to represent an anti-establishment rebel type spouting all the jargon. Most of us did not fully buy in to the “burn the flag” crap. But a lot of us lingered too long in that culture and couldn’t find a way out. I was fortunate and put down the pot the early 70’s because I began to realize that I couldn’t really function on it and my values and capitalist training was juxtapositioned against getting high and looking for some mellow thing to do. This was not the case with many and they have become the 60 somethings that still smoke pot and can’t give up their the Liberal mantras that they started while trying to get laid. Keep in mind that the women of that era loved the Liberal thing because it soothed their pain over the war in Nam. And it was generally erotic to have a male, that was considered bold and heroic by being anti war and government, pay attention to you. And the more radical (attending SDS meetings, going to sit-ins and getting busted) the more attractive we became to the female. More guys got laid after marches where we tangled with cops than at any other time in the history of Western civilization.
    This is getting a little long winded so I will cut to the chase. You almost cannot be a true Liberal unless you smoke pot. And conversely, you cannot be a true Conservative if you do smoke pot. Pot absolutely changes basic concepts and values. Pot smokers cannot get their minds organized enough to think through an issue. They stop thinking right in the middle of the emotional part of assimilating a concept because it is just too difficult to consider things like logic, consequences and rationality. We will never get these minds back especially if they have been smoking pot since the sixties.
    We have to concern ourselves with rescuing non-drug-using Democrats and our youth. I have 5 children that range from 13 to 30. And I make it my business to indoctrinate them every single chance I get. But I don’t preach dogma, I give a point of view and then tell them to do a little research to see if I’m right. I am proud to say that I have raised 5 kids that have reeked havoc in their schoosl for challenging teachers on Darwinism and Global Warming.

  50. RWG: Now you have done it. The cat is out of the bag!! Honestly, your unique perspective on that whole era and how it has influenced yesterday and todays faux liberalism would make an incredible book. Just as the Muslim fanatics are obsessed with sex, so were and are the liberals. Fascinating stuff, my friend, Larry

  51. Blue State — you succinctly explained what I have been trying to explain to anyone who would listen about why the ’60s counter-culture and the “positive” effects of drug use were such a farce. My favorite example is Jim Morrison of the Doors. An on-going debate is whether or not Jim Morrison had any talent. I say NO WAY. It was the drugs talking. If he was sober I bet he would be as inspiring as Janis Joplin sober (supposedly Ms. Joplin couldn’t sing a note unless she was under the influence of something). I don’t understand what makes the Doors so special. Ok, their organ player was AMAZING, but Jim Morrison was no one special. Comedian Denis Leary explained Jim Morrison best: “He’s drunk and nobody. He’s drunk and famous. He’s drunk and dead.” I rest my case. Drugs are stupid. Nancy Reagan put it best: “Just Say NO.” Hippies are no longer cool. Can someone please tell them that???

  52. Larry,
    Golly , I like the way you think. You confront issues most don’t even know exist …you would be a good chiropractor!
    Our media and the Dewey dumbed down educational system denies the general population a fair shot at REAL history.
    As much as I oppose Obama and his views, he is fascinating. He is a real threat to the “industry” of liberalism. He has “broken out” as a black man. That makes him a success and therefore uncontrollable by the liberal establishment. Success and independent thought are an antithesis to the liberal agenda.
    I seem to remember an articulate ivy league educated man named Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce. He was quietly erased.
    Stay tuned!
    Dr. Dave

  53. Amy, Janis had a huge inferiority complex and she was incredibly shy, the stuff loosened her up. A little too loose in the end, I’m afraid. Ray Manzarek really was the musical force behind the Doors. Unlike Hendrix and Joplin, I believe that the spike in Morrisons popularity came from his untimely demise as opposed to talent.Be safe my sister, Larry

  54. Dr. Dave, Ron Brown, yes. Where was the outcry? The Obama/liberal industry thoery. The only difference that I can see is that Obama is a politician. I have for years voiced the theory about minorities and the liberal establishment. Here a “politician” needs has to answer to those who put him into his position of power. A normal person, escaping lets say, “the manacles of bondage”, has no use for the liberal ethos and its overwhelming oppression once they break free. A politician, placed into power by the liberal elite, has no choice but to “answer when they call”. They have to answer to the left today, apologize to the right for answering to the left tomorrow and then triangulate before the moderates the next day..Only to have the whole sempiternal square dance repeat itself the day after. Its the liberal circle of life-lessness my friend. Thanks for all of your comments and input here at NLTZ. Larry

  55. RWG
    You hit the nail on the head.
    Most liberals can’t think to the end of their own sentences.

    Dang! I was 10 in ’68, so I missed the whole thing. I would’ve smoked a joint and flipped off Nixon had I thought it would get me laid (if I only knew what that meant…).


  56. LOL @ Stitch!!! Stitch, you keep me in stitches!!!

  57. has anyone ever seen a clip of BHO proudly proclaiming “I am an American”? (even saying it with his snobbish nose stuck up in the air – kinda looks sorta…..frenchy..).

    His father is Kenyan, and he hates his white mother’s family, so I’m just wondering.
    It would be interesting to call the Demonrats out on that: show us one, old (ie, dont rush out and make up one), clip of BHO making that statement.

  58. I wonder how many times a day BHO practices saying “I am an American” in front of a mirror?? I also wonder if he studied Adolf Hitler’s speeces to get inspiration on mannerisms?

  59. Er, speeches. Damn long fingernails of pregnancy!!!!

  60. ok, try this, next time you’re trying to have a conversation with a liberal, in between them screaming at you “I’M TRYING TO SAVE THE PLANET….I’M TRYING TO SAVE THE PLANET!!”, say this, “ok, let me see if I can see what you’re saying”. Then pretend to take a hit off a joint, suck it in, then say “yeah man, houses should be free, maaaan…”, then take another hit (suck it in too) then say “yeah man, and electricity can be made from applejuice maaaaan”, then take a bit hit and say “wow man, Pelosi is really gorgeous, maaaan”.
    Then cock your head back, look at your joint perplexed and say “wow, that’s some pretty powerful $hit, maaaan”.
    I love messing with druggies. They have about 4 brain cells left and they’re not talking to each other.

  61. Stitch, remember, “I didn’t inhale..” Maybe its all a trick, they just act high as a cover for the things that they say that no person in his or her right mind would say..there has to be a logical reason/excuse for liberalism…Thanks as always, my friend, Larry

  62. blue state blues- RWG

    Loved that last post! I felt like it was 1968 again and I was talking to one of my friends between toaks. Only we were saying things like, “we should bust out and grab some squeeze then split back to the crib with the chicks and lay dead”. Translation; let’s go get some wine and pick up the girls on the way back home and get really f**ked up when we get there. It was actually that way. Somehow, by the grace of God, I escaped from that slow death in 1972. A lot of people didn’t. Their either dead or about to vote for Obama because “he’s really cool maaaaan, and his wife is right on maaaan. Hey…….. don’t bogart maaaaan!”

  63. Vernon — make more bumper stickers! Sell them somewhere — I’ll buy a dozen or so!

    “As regards bumper stickers, I purloined a sentence I received from a friend in a recent email. His sign off sentence was :

    “Vote McCain.
    If he ruins our country at least it won’t be on purpose!”

    I’m having 25 bumper stickers made up for my friends and family. I think it captures the essence of Obama’s goals.”

    Larry — Can’t remember how I stumbled across NLT, but I LOVE your commentaries. Keep ’em coming!

  64. AnnieLiz, I promise that I will keep ’em coming if you promise that you will keep reading, commenting and spreading the word..Thanks for your comments! Larry

  65. I have just stumbled across your blog, NLTZ. I find the comments truely amazing. Oh, I am in total accord with the opinions expressed. That, in itself, is a balm. But, go back to the top and re-read virtually any of the posted comments. Look at the grammer. IT IS CORRECT ENGLISH!! I love it! I found that kind of correctness to be lacking in virtually all of the lefty blogs that were linked in an e-mail message from My Beloved. Besides lacking the proper use of grammer, most were devoid of logical thought as well. As one who holds the conservative position in a “Carville-Matalin” kind of marriage, I am inundated with the balderdash of the MSM, the MoveOn crowd, and other purveyors of BHA bologna. I am thrilled to have found your site. It is a refreshing oasis in what can, at times, seem like a thought-deprived desert. I’ll be back daily, if not more.

  66. wildcat 46, (Kentucky Wildcat or Buick Wildcat??) Don’t ask me why, but I try to formulate my submissions in an “article” format, similar to what a magazine might have.

    The publishers/editors have yet to reply to a single query that I have made to them so I appreciate the fact that you noticed my attempts at being “professional”. They are obviously way too busy..

    That is what I was hoping to do and I will try to keep the standard at that level.

    Thanks for your comment and I hope to hear from you again.


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