The Importance of Iowa

An almost overwhelming amount of jaw jacking and useless speculation as of late has been forwarded about the possibility of “what could have been” had “The North Carolina Cad” been honest about his Bill Clinton/Gary Hartpence escapades with another Monica Lewinsky/Donna Rice wanna-be, only this particular coquette ended up inconveniently gravid.. Edwards should have considered taking up Bill’s proclivity towards utilizing his mistresses as humidors and things might have “turned out differently”.. Then again, speculation and wondering if “things would have turned out differently” is what this last few days “news” has been about.

Former Hillary communications director Howard Wolfson has been burning up the airwaves, head manning the “prophesy flotilla” saying for example that, “We would have won Iowa..Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee”. He also added that, “the lie certainly (would have) had an impact on the election.” For those enchanted by the mysticism of Obama-bonics, that translates to the “hypothesis of hope” or the “conjecture of change”.

Wolfson and others have guessed that had the National Enquirer’s story broken last October when it was first brought to light, that it would have magically made an appreciable difference in the final results on the Democratic side of the ledger. He says that he is “mystified” as to why the national media failed to pursue this with the enthusiasm that it has for the allegations of other candidates’ affairs.

I have just a few guesses for Howard on these particular points.. First, please consider the “source” of the story and its surrounding allegations and the source’s relation or resemblance to the “national media.”. If the National Enquirer didn’t spend so much time “reporting” on the latest Elvis sightings, the most recent alien abductions from Alabama trailer parks and the man from Georgia who has three heads, it is quite possible that their attempts at “hard journalism” might be taken a bit more seriously.

Second, the Clinton clan should have also fudged up a story claiming that Edwards was also just about to switch to the Republican Party. That way, if John Edwards had been a Republican who might have done something as incredibly heinous such as touch someone’s foot in a rest room stall or send emails to congressional pages, (as opposed to cheating on a wife who was and still is battling cancer, lie about it, deny your love child that you were visiting in a hotel and then deny it again..) well the cooperative fifth columnists of the fourth estate would have done all the work that the Clinton campaign had deemed necessary.

Just to make things appropriately linear, the Gary Hart affair of 1987, which precipitated his political demise, was pushed and published by the Enquirer. Howard Wolfson just doesn’t seem to realize that the National Enquirer gets around to “hard journalism” every twenty years or so..

Wolfson, is referring to the numbers alone from the Iowa voting. In Iowa, Obama took 37.6 per cent, Edwards took 29.7 per cent and Clinton, who by this time had been fine tuning her festival of errors for countless months, took 29.5 per cent. By looking at the numbers and nothing else, Wolfson may be correct but he is leaving out a hugely undeniable factor..

Even if Clinton would have taken Iowa, in order for his wishful thinking to have had even the remotest possibility of coming to fruition, the Clinton campaign, or the “bunglers brigade” would have had to have done EVERYTHING from that point forward, the polar opposite from what they actually did. In my opinion, never in the annuls of Democratic politics has someone with so much momentum and so much fanfare, done such a hideous hara-kiri in front of God and everybody..

She did not manage this all by herself, those employed to help and guide her, bear a considerable amount of the responsibility and that includes her “insignificant other” whose complexion had a tendency to go from alabaster white to crimson red at the drop of a question. However, a candidate that told the world that she had “thirty five years of experience” should have been able to see that “The Good Ship Lolli Pop-pycock” began taking on water the moment that it began to steam away from the Democratic docks..

When a Wolfson or any other former Clinton henchman or woman has this much exposure so long after the campaign has been “suspended” based upon their silly speculations, there is only one logical conclusion that you can draw. Attention Obama wonks: This Clinton isn’t giving up and her minions are still checking in with the commandants stationed at the Arkansas double wide, otherwise known as the Clinton “library”, for their marching orders. Denial is a great big river in Africa and the morose merchant marine ships of the Clinton camp are all clogging the tributaries and setting up their depth charges and blockades just in case things “change”.

Even the venerable ABC News reports that the Clinton camp sees the Obama victory as being won by ” a sexist media and (the) Democratic establishment.” The Democratic “separatist movement”, an updated and streamlined version of the one from the 1860’s, has adapted a liberal cosmology that cannot help but to feed upon itself. The left has succeeded in separating the races, the genders and any other “group” that it can categorize and name, so they have no one else to consume except each other. When the possession of power is the prize, the Clinton blitzkrieg has no concerns for the casualties of war, intended or unintended, faux friend or foe.. With the Clintons, anything or anyone can and will be sacrificed so long as the brass ring is captured by or returned to Hillary the hegemonist..

In the end, Edwards will land on his feet back in North Carolina. I am sure that there is an overwhelming need for attorneys with the ability to “channell” infants with cerebral palsy whilst hoodwinking backwater juries. If not, he can just don a sparkly outfit and a spiffy pointed wizards cap, get an 800 number where he can make the easy transition to the “mystical psychic powers” ruse. All of the public speculation by Howard Wolfson and the rest of the Clinton brigands would probably be better served if they would spend more time privately postulating what might have happened had they and all of their responsible subordinates actually run their campaign into the winners circle as opposed to into the ground..


48 responses to “The Importance of Iowa

  1. What?? Did I hear this right??? Some Clinton campaign boob is saying that had Edwards not lied about his infidelity, Clinton would have won the nomination??? This is non sequiter at it’s worst. The two events don’t follow each other. Clinton lost because she is a divisive figure and enough people decided that they did not want another Clinton in the White House. Period. She did not lose because the “North Carolina Cad” could not keep his pants up.

  2. Amy, No kidding, Howard Wolfson has been everywhere. It just seemed to me to be like the line from “The Blues Brothers”, “We’re on a mission from God”…Thanks as always, Larry

  3. As much as it pains me to say so, I believe Disciple Wolfson and the rest of the minions have an argument here. True, it does assume that those Backwards, I mean Edwards, supporters would have broken for Clinton, but not all of them need to have. And I believe that their constituents are more consonant than with Obamanites. Since the Pope of Hope (and Change) managed to springboard himself into the limelight via the Iowa spectacle, had that not occured, we may well have had Thunder Thighs seize the momentum that O’Carter put a choke hold on. I do believe this to be significant, because in spite of all the “world-changing” fanfare that this dimwit B.H.O’Carter has garnered, I truly believe him to be unelectable. Clinton, while polarizing as the “paper or plastic” question, could have been thrust into the White House with the right type of tomfooleryand enough sheep’s wool to blind the “mental giants” of the Dumbocrat partaaaaaay. So perhaps that hayseed charlatan did us all a favor after all, right?

  4. Junk, Compelling stuff..The Pope of Hope? Niceeeeee..My thoughts are that Hillary, like the “presumptive nominee” may not have experience but she does have a HISTORY. Obama benefits from his circular logic chopping and his anonymity. Its truly a love/hate thing with Hill. With Barack or “Obi-bama-wan Kenya-nobi” (just came up with that, you like?) it’s all love..No one ever changed their mind about her. Eventually the smoke and mirrors, the Three Card Monte imagery and fluff without substance of Obama has to addressed and disected. I will try my best to sharpen my scalpel and I know that I have alot of excellent assistants who will help as well..Thanks as always for your insights and humorous additions to NLTZ. Larry

  5. Hi Larry

    What else could Wolfson do? His typical “blame it all on somebody” liberal bent is what they always use instead of logic and reason. He’s probably as scared as are all of the Clinton enemies, henchmen, girlfriends and “friends”.

    Granted, it will be lost to them soon, but for now, The Clintons still have the purse, the power and that pile of FBI files.

    I agree with you that they won’t hesitate to use any means necessary to get back into the White House and to give his playroom back to Bill – only this time with plenty of time on his hands.

    God bless America

  6. Right, Dr. Gene. There no more harrowing thought and Bill Clinton with lots of “free time on his hands”; or “IN his hands”…

  7. Scratch that.

    Right, Dr. Gene. There no more harrowing thought than Bill Clinton with lots of “free time on his hands”; or “IN his hands”…

  8. THANK GOD! Edwards found something to blame his infidelity on…. the pressures of the campaign trail!!!
    whew! for a while there I thought HE was going to be held responsible!
    He might lose his Liberalists Membership Card if he did anything so crazy as that…

    “Obi-bama-wan Kenya-nobi” ??
    I like it, in fact, I’m stealing it….

    I think the exit polls from Iowa were showing 2-1 that Edwards voters would have voted for Obi-bama-wan Kenya-nobi had they NOT voted for Edwards.
    However, facts and figures don’t mean much to these people, so, whatever….


  9. PS

    its pretty bad when the GOP puts forth the best candidates to run for the Presidency, but the DNC has been (since Carter!) always looked for the no-name, no-record, n0-scandals, no-ideas (on record), person to shove out on the stage.
    Carter? Who? was said in ’75.
    Clinton? Who? was said in ’91.
    Obama? Haven’t we caught him yet? Oh? Different one…not OSAMA, you said OBAMA. Ok. So, Obama who? was said in ’07.

    I’m not saying the GOP always nominates the “best” of the best. But gee whiz Wally, the DNC doesn’t even start with any heavyweights.


  10. No, they don’t, but occasionally, one of their notorious lightweights actually makes it in the door. Thennn, we have a problem, Houston. Sure would be nice to be able to see ahead about 6 months and see if any funerals have been held for nationally-prominent notable(s). The Klinton Kamp is so, so itchy to regain that power that Dr. Gene and so many of the rest of you have stated repeatedly. This has to be the finest of high drama tabloid going. Pass the popcorn.

  11. Im the 3 headed guy from Georgia and I would like to know if I can vote 3 times for Mr Obama?

  12. Dr. Gene, I refuse to count them out and if the Obama crew is smart, they will keep the Clintons as close to them as they can stand. From Obama’s point of view, it would be 30 million dollars well spent to keep them quiet..Thanks as always, Larry

  13. Junk, anything on or in Clinton’s hands would end up dirty..Thanks as always, Larry

  14. Stitch, Remember when the “liberal lion” Ted Kennedy actually made the Osama “slip of the tongue”? Speaking of the liberal lion, he is widely considered to be the most liberal member of congress. Obama’s voting record actually places him atop ALL of congress as far as being the most liberal. He certainly has a small amount of experience but what little he has is quite telling..Larry

  15. Rick, Question #1: Plain or buttered? Question #2: If you have three heads are you part of the extended Clinton family? Can you count to fourteen without taking off your shoes? Thanks as always, Larry

  16. Rick and Rick, Sorry, I thought your comments were from one Rick..Thanks, Larry

  17. Hey Dr. Gene,

    How about,

    “LOGIC AND REASON NOT HOPE AND CHANGE” as the Republican war cry!!!

    Thanks as always my friend,


  18. I would like for you to call me sir… Thanks
    843-399-6151 I want to send you a copy of my book.

  19. I probably should never forgive Iowa for giving Hussein such a good start – but, I do because I just love eating their famous pork chop-on-a-stick.

    Hussein IS the most “liberal” member in congress because he’s way off the left end of that scale. He’s a genuine Socialist!

    As if that isn’t scary enough, he’s got a chip (noir, of course) on his shoulder big enough to do some major “payback” to America. If he wins POTUS, look for another OJ moment in the streets.

    It’s never been a problem for any person to prove his patriotism. Love’s like that. It’s not easy to fake it. This clown remains as conflicted as was the last fool with, “depends on what the meaning of is is”.

    I love this country. I took an oath once to defend it and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I have not ever been relieved of that oath. If it going to be a “domestic” enemy – so be it.
    Lock and load!

  20. Eeeh Haww, Dr. Gene. Anyway – from now on, I’ll try to remember to call myself Rick 2, since 3-headed Rick was here first. And yes, of course, you can vote for Obama 3 times. Just don’t try it for McCain. What’s sauce for the goose is never sauce for the Republicans.

  21. Hey Larry…some more “coulda,shoulda,woulda” from the Clinton camp. I especially enjoyed Wolfson’s comment that he was “mystified” by the MSM lack of interest in the story. What a howler! I think we discussed this in a earlier column of yours about the MSM being in the tank for BHO. It’s quite obvious that they(MSM) can also figure out that whats was good for Hillary was bad for BHO, and hoped the story would wither on the vine. Which in fact it did, till it was frankly too late to affect the election. Hopefully some more quotes from BHO’s stupid book will make their way out, so the large “undecided” vote gets a good gander at what will be in store for the US. Unless everyone wants the country run like Detroit, or perhaps DC under Marion Barry, or Newark under Sharpe James, I’m guessing they will make the correct choice when the facts are brought to light.

  22. Off topic, but extremely inportant:
    Pat Buchanan has an excellent article detailing exactly how much BHO is enamoured with abortion — partial birth abortion in particular. Here’s the link:

    Also on a solemn note, RIP Bill Gwatney, Arkansas Chairman of the Democratic Party.

  23. I truly believe that dropping the hammer on “Inbedwards” was simply a preview of coming attractions, as later this year when Nobama’s antics in Chicago politics become national news, things are really going to get interesting.

    Google “Obama, Rezko” and leave yourself plenty of time to read. Google “Obama, Alice Palmer” and find out how he stole his first election. Google “Tribune, John Kass, Obama, Chicago Way” and there you’ll find a plethera of interesting tidbits and insights into his sordid thought process.

    The truth of the matter is that NObama, like most of the inbred clones of the politcal Left, has more skeletons lined up than Arlington National Cemetery.

    Shrillary is not the only one getting ready to burst the NObama bubble, and it’s going to be fun to watch.

    I have a great list of links if NLTZ would like me to post them.


  24. Dr. Gene,

    The thing that can really cinch the deal for Obama would be apathy on our parts.

    We cannot allow that to take place.

    Lets take that hill, soldier..

    Thanks as always, Larry

  25. Rick2 or would you prefer Rick squared?

    Three headed Rick voting only three times would not make a good Democrat..

    Thanks as always,


  26. tsnamm,

    The big Obama secret is that he has never run against anyone EVER. He has had “helpers” who have paved the way for him, even making other candidates disappear from the ballot. McCain, IF HE WANTS TO WIN, must begin directly engaging the enemy. Lets see what happens from here..

    Thanks as always, Larry

  27. Thanks Amy for the link..


  28. Larry,

    Just trying to do my part to dismantle and discredit O’Shama.

  29. beanhead54,

    Link away my friend..

    The “Chicago lineage” is incredibly revealing to those who feel that the liberal deity can walk on water…

    Thanks as always,


  30. beanhead54, Thanks my friend. Larry

  31. You are the man. No paternity test needed!

  32. The self-indulgence of the Left’s politicos are a standard bearer for the Democratic Party. In our politics and our culture it’s easier to “feel” than to “think.” The maxim of “Logic And Reason Not Hope And Change” could not better define the differences between the two partys.

    The Democratic Party reflects only the most rudimentary remanants established by our Founding Fathers. Liberals tend to appeal to the worst of human instincts… greed, envy, laziness, victimization, infidelity, and every line of divisiveness. That is why the liberal politicians appeal to constituent “feelings” rather than “logic” and thus turn it into capital gain.

    While liberals will suppress economic growth with (windfall) taxes and regulations, they protest the recession by being Westeren apologists for Marxist-Lenonist-Maoist collectivism. Bare naked hypocrisy at it’s best.

    While Edwards and Bill Clinton are prime examples of putting “feelings” over their party’s ever sinking lack of thought, they didn’t have enough common sense to mimic the Kennedy’s. Marilyn Monroe was barely heard about and Mary Jo Kopechne was just a brush in the headlines for a few days.

  33. Bill, It would almost seem at this point that kicking Edwards any longer would be as easy as stealing blankets from the homeless. There is some fun in that though..Thanks, Larry

  34. Windrider, There is a subtle difference between how the Repubs and Democrats handle “situations” like the Edwards scenario.

    Harken back if you will to a recent election cycle and a fellow named Mark Foley. Edwards handled his gig with more of a “glands on” approach, Foley emailed his..

    Every moment of every day the “impartial” media and the Democrats attached the name of Foley (a cyber freak, not an actual adulterer..) to every mention of a Republican during the cycle.

    Coincidence? You decide..

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  35. Larry – Rick2’ll do. This is the best website of all. (Maybe a bit grandiose, but well-intentioned, nonetheless(!) )

  36. Larry, I was just reading Chuck Norris’ column and in it he had said one of the underlying reasons in Adlai Stevensons defeat was that he had been divorced at one time. CHOKE GASP!! Couldn’t have a divorced man in the White House no could we?

    In all her pantsuited glory, I feared seeing “Half Ton” Hillary join the primaries. That is until “I Promise Yo Mama” Obama became a front figure and I found myself urging on Hill. I have no doubt she will run again in four years. Meanwhile I can only pray that the card carrying Democrats, those that don’t consider “reading” a book by looking at the pictures and are just useful idiots, will swing their votes to the Republican.

  37. just a thought…
    Its August in St Louis and its only 80 degrees. Been this way all week.
    Anyone interested in started a class-action lawsuit against AlGore for “yelling fire in a theater” about this global warming crap?
    I mean, this nonsense is costing us billions (and me personally, thousands) of bucks. That idiot should be forced to compensate all of us for this stupid act.
    Oh wait, he’s a liberal! What was a I thinking trying to hold a liberal accountable?!?!?!
    Never mind…

  38. Windrider, How about “Half track Hillary”? Lets let everyone draw their own comparative visual analogies on that.

    Maybe since the libs are going to put on the “ticker tape charade” at the upcoming Hajj, W, as a gesture “commemorating her historic achievements” can reissue and rename the M3 Half Track in her honor and she can ride into the ampitheatre in one to give her keynote address..

    Its all about phony “respect” and “appreciation”. They will put her name on the ballot, the unshaven ones will all scream and shout, Obama will win on the first ballot and everyone becomes “unified” under the big pink banner of “inclusion”after completing their primal scream therapy..

    Thanks as always my friend, Larry

  39. Dear flying rat,

    Obama has been one of the biggest proponents of the rediculous ethanol scam.

    The left is unconcerned with the results of their childishness, they just “feel good” having done something. Gives them something to gloat over when everyone comes to the commune for the nightly Little Red Book recitations..

    Thanks my friend,


  40. Rick2, You are very kind. Your contributions have helped to make this site all the better.

    Thanks as always,


  41. just replace the mudflaps on that half track with a pair of pantsuits and its a match!
    (please – only one leg per tire!)

    And you’ll still need a belt to keep the backside from dropping below the bumper…


  42. Just want to say a special “thank you” to this blog for writing in a decent-sized font! Jeez! I can actually READ the pages. My old eyes say “thanks so much!! I hate these pages that use about an 8 font.

  43. Stitch, You are a classic my friend. Thanks as always, Larry

  44. LaBonBon, 14 point just for you..Hope to hear from you again. Larry

  45. Larry: just to finally know what the Mystery Glass in front of the speaker(s) is is worth it all.

  46. Rick2,

    Now that you know, please continue to come back and let the NLTZ family answer all of life’s mysteries..

    Thanks as always,


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