The Gist of the Quote

Many years back, every year with tongue in cheek, a local store used to run what they called a “Christmas In July” sale. With Howard “Sonny” Dean at the helm of the Democratic National Committee, every day of every month of every year is Christmas for the Republicans. He is the “gift that keeps on giving”.. Why do I call Dean “Sonny”? Sonny is the mascot for a particular breakfast cereal and the Chairman’s resemblance is not only physical, but when he attempts to converse or communicate, the similarity is down right eerie..

Howard “I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” Dean (see: Iowa, January 2004.) was in, of all places, San Francisco, where the “vibe” (stench) resonating from the liberal environment overwhelmed him and he unleashed another of his patented boners. What is it about San Francisco? When confirmed inexperienced liberals visit there they say things like, “they cling to guns or religion or apathy to people who aren’t like them or anti immigrant sentiment or anti trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations..” When confirmed psychotics drop by they say things like, “Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people” and “If you look at folks of color, even women, ( Howard, “women” denotes gender, not “color”. I would expect better from a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of medicine in 1978. ) they’re more successful in the Democratic party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the (laughs) Republican party..”

There must be something in the air within the “let your hair down”, “turn on, tune in, drop out” ambiance of the Left coast capitol of the world. The Republicans should send every Democrat that is up for election, an envelope with week end getaway tickets to San Francisco along with someone carrying a tape recorder because when the leftists are surrounded and enveloped by other fellow travelers, they speak as though there are no consequences whatsoever for their words..

When Howard says that the Republicans are a “white party”, he is forwarding the “Crayon argument” based on the eight count Crayola box that he was issued on his first day of medical school.. It’s also a warping of what we know to be the primary colors. With the Democrats, the primary colors chart takes on a whole different series of hues…

The primary colors are red, green and blue. With liberals, their primary color palate is gray, pink and yellow. Lets look at each, one at a time.

Gray. With the left, we immediately observe the effects that decade after decade of “progressive” atrophy has had upon their “gray” matter. It is a calcification brought on by nearly fifty years of dystrophic liberalism. Their “argumentative minimalism” (“Racist!!”) has stunted their ability to properly participate in the exchange of ideas. They believe that their one word contribution to the dialogue has broadened the scope of the discussion.

The Democrats mostly wore gray when they were doing their best to keep the whole “indentured servitude/slavery” thing up and running back in the 1860’s. Recently, the liberals revamped and reintroduced a repulsive reincarnation of slavery with their destructive welfare dependency and perpetual handouts. It’s just an extension of their instinctive fondness for destroying anyone who is willing to cooperate with their carcinogenic “compassion”.

Pink. That has to be the color of “inclusion” and “fairness”. The rest of us see that sham as “perversion” and “extortion”. Pink, as in “Pinko”, is the true color of the inner liberal id. The generations of liberal apologies and excuses for the escapades and the subversions of their fellow travelers of the fifth column, as Howard said, means that the leftists “all look and behave the same..” as well..

Yellow. It is the color of the liberal spine. It is the color of liberal appeasement. It is the color of the liberals who capitulate reflexively in the face of aggression. It is the color of the “Yellow Dog Democrat” who, if he or she still thinks that way, must be suffering from “Yellow Fever”.

One has to wonder when the Democrats are going to tire of having to apologize or publicly discipline Ol’ “Sonny”. Alicia Wang said, “If there are any criticisms, it comes out of love, it’s like family..” The Democrat’s “family” reminds me of the Brewster family from the Capra movie “Arsenic and Old Lace”. Each “member” is goofier and more dangerous than the next. The only thing Howard is missing is the bugle..

Whoever is handling Howard’s medicines isn’t doing a very capable job of it. He continued on with his feeble attempts at political discourse within the typical enclave of San Francisco elitists and marionettes. Yes, just listen to Howard as he said, “The Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people. We’re more welcoming to different folks..” Howard, the welcome one gets from today’s Democrats is altogether too similar to the welcome that the Jews received when they stepped off of the trains in Auschwitz..

He said, “They all behave the same..” That much is true, Howard. We uphold the Constitution, we work for a living, we pay our bills and we are proud to be Americans. I guess we all are the same. We are the antithesis of the subversive left and all that it slithers for.. Howard doesn’t understand that because he still thinks that it is 2004 and that he is squawking to the pink haired imbecilic “Deany Boppers” who cried like babies when the Lithium poster boy fizzled out like one of Kim Jong il’s (should be “ill’s”..) missles..

Sonny continued on, “That’s not enough. We have to deliver on things: jobs and housing and business opportunities..” Howard needs to get out a bit more often. He seems to have skipped the chapter in the Liberal Manifesto covering the facts that the Democrats penalize those with jobs in order to pay for the housing of the freeloading Democratic base and the left stifles and subverts anyone who wants to expand or initiate business opportunities..

He said, ” The Republicans are a pretty monolithic party.” Shall we look a little deeper into this “monolithic” word to see what it was that Howard meant?

Monolithic basically means “a massive, often rigid whole, formed or composed without joints or seams.” To a certain degree, Howard is right.

Lets get this out of the way right off the bat so that we are not inundated with aromatic liberals: There are no joints here, so the bicycle riding/muchies/moocher crowd of the left will need to go elsewhere for their “medicinal marijuana”..

We are rigid. We don’t see the ambiguity that the liberals see in things like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We don’t see the “rights” that you so eagerly grant to those who seek to destroy our way of life. We don’t see the problem with nativity scenes, the cross on Mount Soledad or the Ten Commandments. We are not fond of those who use our flag as a doormat. We don’t see the United States as this bastion of hate that invigorates the rhetoric that you disseminate to your degenerate base. We don’t see the need to spit upon our armed forces. We don’t see the sense in aborting our nation’s next generations so that “almost Mommy” won’t have to miss swimsuit season..

We are composed. When confronted by the lunacy of the left, it is you who become unhinged and prone to infantile apoplectic spasms and spittle-laden histrionics.

We are massive. Howard, we are that “fly over country” that you so cavalierly disregard as you wing your way to the left coast to visit that big gay and lesbian house party that is San Francisco, while “liberally” enlarging your already impressive carbon footprints.

“Sonny” tried to pardon his sanctimony by saying, “this is one of those flaps that comes up when I get tough..” “Tough”? The last tough liberal was JFK. (JFK lost that “toughness” when it came to Brigade 2506, though..) The “toughest” of them now are the ones who do their nails themselves as opposed to going to the beautician.

Howard, when grilled about the ridiculous comments that are as common to him as head lice are to the typical liberal, dismissively said, “The Republicans don’t represent ordinary Americans or care much about working people.. That’s the gist of the quote..” Howard, if I may: 1.) It is either a “gist” or a “quote”. Your pathetic attempt to excuse your lunacy didn’t sound like the “quote” from your little San Francisco soiree. This “gist” business is the illogical extension of the liberal gymnastics that brought us the world wide embarrassment of “It depends what the definition of ‘is’ is..” A “visit to a San Francisco gay and lesbian house party”? That doesn’t sound that “ordinary” to those of us outside of the “City by the Gay”..

The reason the loony liberal liability has to talk about whether we get his “gist” or not is because he sticks his foot in his mouth with such regularity that he should treat his tongue with Tinactin as a precautionary measure.

If it becomes necessary for the Democrats to seek donations to keep “Sonny” Dean securely strapped into his chair and straight jacket as the head of the DNC, you can put me and countless millions of others in for as sizeable a contribution as we can possibly manage..


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  1. MemberoftheTribe

    1st time posters should have something substantive to add besides “excellent!” But the only substantive critique is that going after Howard Dean is like fishing in a (very shallow) bucket. Would it really shock you to find out Karl Rove had been paying him to consistently deliver these golden nuggets of wisdom?

    Nevertheless, as soft as all the pitches were, you consistently hit them out of the park. Thank you!

  2. Dear Member,

    Points of proceedure, if I may:

    1) Howard Dean is a Democrat.

    2) Amongst the Democrats, please identify the “deep oceans” amongst them as opposed to the “very shallow buckets”..

    3) Don’t hold your breath and pack a lunch or two as you search..

    4) Don’t get bit by anything as you will have to turn over alot of rocks. Happy spelunking.

    Thanks for your comments,


  3. Larry,
    Great article, as per usual. Liberalism needs to be classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. Hey, homosexuality once was, so I think there is still hope.
    An addendum to your great article:
    Gray as in “gray areas”. Democrats are famous for using gray areas as an excuse for all kinds of bad behavior and findinging “rights” in the Constitution. For example, oral sex was a “gray area” during Slick Willy’s Monica Lewinski affair as in the famous “oral sex is not technically sex” argument. I’m sorry, but if someone takes my daughter across state lines to kill her baby, I’m filing kidnapping, assault, and murder charges against the “well-meaning” person who took her. THe rights to “privacy” and “abortion” DO NOT EXIST in the Constitution. Gray areas are also used as an excuse to not take a stand — or to refuse to take a stand. An example is Dhimmicrats and RINOs not approving abortion legislation unless it has a “health of the mother” loophole.
    Pink: The color of the Left’s pet special interest, the gay community.
    Yellow: As in “Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker”. Although it is the name of a species of bird, it is an apt moniker for Dhimnmicrats who are cowardly and sap our nation’s revenue for worthless pet projects and “social(ist) programs”.

    The Dhimmicrats “include everyone”???? HA HA HA!!! Since when??? Who the heck do they think they’re foolin’??? If a Democrat is pro-life, they are shunned and practically excommunicated from the party. I don’t think that is very inclusive. San Francisco is so out of touch with reality that it should be tossed aside as irrevelant (or tossed into the ocean when The Big One hits — it will be America’s Island of Lesbos).

  4. Larry,
    The primary colors are red, yellow and blue…not red, green and blue…


  5. Amy D. EXCELLENT.. I totally forgot about the “gray areas”. I was hoping that others would fill in some “colors” of their own.. You deserve the NLTZ Gold Star for the day..

    Thanks as always,


  6. Woodrow,

    OK, A couple of things, I guess..

    1) Thanks for the update on the colors. Even though it was meant as precursor for the main point relative to the colors of the left, its great to see that you caught the slip..

    2) What did you think of the other 1,524 words?

    Thanks for your comment.


  7. We can hope Howard Dean pays regular visits to a podiatrist and pedicurist to prevent any health problems of or injuries to his mouth. His idiotic witisizms will assure Republicans a good source of entertainment for years to come.

    Of course “there’s something in the air” in San Fransico. While it may be illegal to smoke cigarettes it’s also illegal to smoke other things too. While “doing” a joint is more preferrable than going to the painful exersion of logical thinking, you begin to get some of an idea of where Liberals spring forth with their pervasive views.

    Gray: Has, for one, produced generational welfare.

    Pink: Just one letter short of Communism Western style. Howard’s, “All look and behave the same.” Socialism.

    Yellow: Cut and run. Will Liberals avoid serving in the Armed Forces because of political persuasion?

    Liberals… equalization to a Third World Country

  8. Larry, It’s the only thing you’ve got wrong in the last 500,000 or more words I’ve read from you…Keep up the great essays; You’re a profound conservative wordsmith

    Thanks, woodrow

  9. YAY!!! Thanks for the gold star. It is quite shiny.

    Off topic, but I think it’s important:
    Here is another good article from Human Events

    I am sharing my comment because I truly believe that the Cold War never trult ended and that Putin is a very real threat. I could read his ambitions the moment I found out he was ex-KGB.
    And here is my comment:
    Folks, this is, dare I say, the continuation of the Cold War. We need to start building up our military, both in personnel and materiel. It is time put the military-industrial complex back into full-swing. The Russians have been doing it since they climbed out of their debt-hole and we need to catch up. We need all of our Russian-speaking spooks to come back to our intelligence agencies and our military. The Pentagon needs to keep the Air Force Cyber Command. And Congress needs to okay anything the DoD needs to make our military capable of keeping the Russkies in-check. We need to start producing and resupplying our stockpile of Minuteman nuclear missiles “just in case”. The worst mistake our country has made is underestimating Russia. The Soviet Union apparently didn’t die. Our military has been criticised for training based on Cold War tactics, but apparently they knew something that we didn’t — that the Bear would come back as our enemy some day. The Russkies still play a major role in supplying our enemies with weapons and training. Those AKs that you see “insurgents” firing at our guys are made by Russia. Who gave Iran nuclear know-how??? You guessed it, Russia. Where does Hugo Chavez get his military aircraft now that we have cut him off??? Russia. Unless we beat the Russians at their own game and become a true superpower again, Putin will simply laugh in our face while re-creating the CCCP. Whoever still calls the US the lone superpower apparently has not read any news headlines for the past week.

  10. Windrider,

    Testify, my friend, testify!! Outstanding.

    Thanks as always,


  11. woodrow,

    Thanks for keeping your eyes open.

    I need incredibly attentive folks like you keep me on the up and up.

    Thank you for your kind words and I consider you to be my Editor in Chief.

    Maybe someday I’ll be able to get around to paying you…

    Thanks as always,


  12. Amy D.

    Right as rain, my sister.

    I’ve said for years that “Putin is the biggest rat in the Soviet sewer.” People looked at me as though I was “living in the past.” Those who remember it, aren’t going to relive it..

    I have ALWAYS felt that W played Putin like FDR played “Uncle Joe.” Way too loose..

    Wasn’t it good to see the Poles reading the writing on the wall and going for our missle defense. God bless the Georgians as well. Lets all say a prayer for them tonight.

    How about the Russian response to a DEFENSE shield, they claim that it is an “act of agression”..THAT is the “liberal definition inversion” if I have ever seen it..

    We should have listened to Patton…

    Take care and thanks for your heart felt and insightful comments at NLTZ..


  13. Hi Larry – Enjoyed all of your clever shots at “Doc” Dean. Eeaaooowwhhhh! – “head lice” – love it.

    “turn on, tune in, drop out” – shades of Timothy Leary! I’m always amazed that you can come from so many sources and disciplines in every single essay. Your knowledge is indeed vast.

    It is clear to most of us that the looney leftists are the “unwashed, useful idiots”, right? Well now we have a book (“Makers and Takers” -Schweizer) that adds even more.

    He says it is a myth of common liberal stereotyping when they depict conservatives as money-grubbing authoritarians. Schweizer claims that this and other negative traits are more applicable to liberals.

    According to Schweizer’s research, “Liberals are more self-centered than conservatives. Conservatives are more generous and charitable than liberals. Liberals are more envious and less hardworking than conservatives. Conservatives value truth more than liberals, and are less prone to cheating and lying. Liberals are more angry than conservatives. Conservatives are actually more knowledgeable than liberals. Liberals are more dissatisfied and unhappy than conservatives.”

    In addition to all of that, I would like to add that us conservatives have some of the most creative and productive writers out there. This site harbors one of the best.

  14. You’re welcome!!! I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and participating in the inevitable intelligent discourse that follows.
    I too found Russia’s indignance and anger at our missile defense shield hypocritical and inverted. They’re just mad that our shield will prevent them from hitting us and our allies with their missiles and the missiles of their allies (our enemies). They just don’t think that we are playing fair. Well, you know what they say, “All’s fair in love and war, especially war.” We need to pray for Georgia, Poland, and Israel. Russia would love to see all three either destroyed or annexed as new territory.

  15. Amy D. – I also love your stuff. Like you and the others, I also would love to see hyper-reinforced missile protection systems and a beefed-up military come to pass. But if Nobama manages to get enough dead and/or make believe voters to put him in office, none of the above will happen. After all, a strong America is only a provocation to the rest of the world. They will all love us if we become weak and fuzzy. Not that you and all the rest of the posters here don’t already know this, of course. Nobama. Reagan on Mt. Rushmore? Oh, yeah!! Frankly, the the humiliation factor, I would love to see a cartoonish-caricature of Bill Klinton up there – on the opposite side of the mountain.

  16. Three cheers for what Amy said about Russia and Georgia!!

    Georgia is a really spectacular country with deeply developed cultural values of freedom and openness that match up well with American values. Their previous bout of independence came in 1917, when they separated from Russia and established a liberal democracy. (That in a day when liberal democracies were much more rare). Russia started slowly encroaching on Georgian territory the next year . The U.S. and our allies did almost nothing about it and by 1921 independent Georgia was no more, incorporated into the Soviet Union.

    This is history repeating itself. We need to be strong, and stand up to Russia this time, to prevent Georgia from meeting the same terrible fate it did in 1921.

    Vaguely on the same topic: I just returned from Beijing and the Olympics (go USA!). It was my first trip to China in nearly 9 years. What they’ve accomplished in that time is both incredibly impressive and really frightening.

    I think Russia is every bit the threat Amy says it is, but it is also a crumbling country, with crumbling schools and a declining population and an economy wholly dependent on the high price of gas and oil. China has the potential, at least, to be much more of a threat. They are strengthening their infrastructure and have tremendous economy might.

    A good economy in America is important for a high quality of life, of course. But after returning from China I’m seeing the economy more and more as a national security issue. We must stop running deficits and get our economic house in order.

    I might be the only one who reads this blog who is undecided who to vote for. But perhaps we can all agree — this election is hugely important.

  17. I know about 10% of what posters like Wes, Amy, Dr. Gene, et al know regarding the in-depth aspects of the world “situation”. I learn all the time on this website. Oops, Larry, too. I’m anxiously awaiting the disaster-to-come at the Dem convention in Denver. Pass the popcorn.

  18. Thank you Wes and Rick2 for your accolades (I’m blushing). Wes, I agree with you, especially on China. My dad always said that Red China was and is a huge threat to the Free World. I have been following Russia for over 20 years (you will never guess how old I am, unless you read my blog), and I have never trusted them. I trusted Gorbechev much more than I ever trusted Putin, and Gorbi was not a closet Soviet. Is it now politically correct again to call the Russkies Soviets???

  19. Dr. Gene,

    Had a problem over the weekend with returned emails..I’ll try again today..

    Everyone: Dr. Gene is in Florida so please say a prayer for him as Hurricane Fay could have an impact on his area..

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I am blessed to have a number of very creative contributors (you too, Wes..) who add to the end product. Knowing that I have such a large group of insightful readers keeps me on my toes..

    Thank you as always,


  20. Sister Amy,

    The mindset of “lets talk” is usually followed with the “you see, they’re not so bad” mentality.


    All the nice talk in the world didn’t stop Hitler and more than a few people tried..

    Peace through Strength. Period.

    Thank you as always,


  21. Rick2,

    10%? Don’t sell yourself short, my friend..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Wes,

    We used to boycott our enemies, now we bankroll them..

    Just my thought.


  23. Sister Amy,

    Wisdom does not come from years, it comes from your environment. In short: your parents created a masterpiece.


  24. “Speak softly and carry a big stick–and use it”
    Teddy Roosevelt (ok, I added the “and use it part”)

  25. Thanks. I will be sure to tell my mom. I think she’ll agree with you 🙂 You’ll have to tell my dad when you get to Heaven. He’ll be guarding the gate with all of the other Marines.

  26. AMY D. said: “The worst mistake our country has made is underestimating Russia. ” I think she is right….. regarding underestimation.

    However I personally think the worst mistake we made (under the Bush government) was in recognizing Kosovo as a breakaway nation. We are on shaky ground now supporting Georgian rights in S.O. as we did not support Serbian rights in Kosovo.

    Kosovo is to Serbs, the equivalent of Jerusalem to Jews (no, that is not hyperbole), they see it as the very heart of their cultural soul.

    Kosovo was hijacked by Islamic militants who wished to create an Islamic state, we aided and abetted them by 1. bombing the Serbs into submission. 2. recognizing Kosovan legitimacy & eagerly promoting their NATO membership (as we do Georgia).

    I hope I don’t live to see the day that the majority of Californian’s (read the stats) use this precedent to break away and re-attach to Mexico. Also somewhat possible is Michigan declaring an Islamic Republic — based upon precedent set and demonstrated fecundity — they will have the numbers to do it one day.

    Personally, I fear Russia less than Islam (of course we should be armed against both).

    Russia is the obvious bugaboo, Islam comes in quietly under the shelter of American liberals, we won’t know just what happened until it happens.

  27. J9,

    No truer words have been spoken..


    As always,


  28. Larry,

    I’m a new reader to your blog and am always amazed at how well you can frame conservative viewpoints so eloquently. I am equally amazed that you respond to your commenters, I think that is a true testament to your character by addressing those reading your thoughts. So, a pat on the back to you, and keep the great material flowing.

  29. Jarrod,

    Thanks you for your kind words.

    I am always thrilled when new readers join in and comment.

    It’s the least that I can do when someone takes the time to say such commplementary things.

    Hope to hear from you again and welcome to the family,


  30. 1. What Jarrod said. 2. The last line written by J9. What a world we presently live in… Just look at what is at stake. We can be spared or condemned to oblivion (or worse) by this coming November election. It’s really that crucial. Scary stuff – or, as a Christian, highly prophetic and even expected. Let’s all stay sharp, stay focused, try to be kind (that’s tough), and keep our collective eyes on what has lasting importance. Look at the massive philosophical differences between McCain and Barry the marxist. See how easily the American public can be lead and swayed by the careful selection of words and phrases. It’s frightening, folks. One thing is somewhat comforting: there are literally millions of us who feel essentially the same way should B. Hussein manage to become president. That’s cold comfort, but at least it’s something.

  31. Blue State Blues- RWG

    Once again, another bulls eye! You zeroed right in on it. Howard Dean is just another sterling example of the Left has become. And what better example of what happens when you concentrate Liberals in one place other than San Francisco. The thought of being in that city makes me itch all over.
    Dean is the epitome of Liberalism; rude, crude, liar, with no moral foundation. He exemplifies the nature of Liberalism. As a previous post by Dr. Gene has delineated; liberal are not prone to charity, less than energetic workers, not enamored with the truth, angry and OK with cheating. Sounds like all the symptoms of drug dependencies. As I said last week, you almost cannot be a Liberal unless you use pot regularly and you almost cannot be Conservative if you do. All the characteristics of liberalism portends drug abuse. The quintessential characteristic of substance abuse is being self absorbed and self centered. Does anyone come to mind in the Democratic party? I can think of a few………….thousand!

  32. RWG,

    Itch all over..I wonder if anyone makes “body condoms”.. Can you imagine walking through there wearing something like that?

    Liberals “charity” generally tends to go as follows: they donate their time to ask for your money.

    They are a strange crew but great for laughs.


  33. Chuck Slabaugh


    I’m a first time reader and all I have to say is WOW!

    What an incredible website you have.

    Let me first say that I am not a racist and I would welcome an African American as President – that would be a great day – BUT OBAMA IS NOT THAT MAN. (I am tired of people telling me I am a racist when I tell them that Man is not qualified for many reasons other then idealogical ones.)

    I won’t list the reasons because they are obvious to you and your well informed readers.

    Saturday night was a slam dunk for McCain and a bunch of missed layups for Obama.

    I was extremely impressed.

    I notice the Media report of the event, even in my local newspaper (Memphis, Tennessee) was minimal to non-existent – other then blaming McCain for cheating).

    My liberal firends are saying He cheated (Cone of Silence was no Cone of Silence)

    I would like any suggestions from you and the other readers to help point me towards some evidence where this is false.

    Regardless, Obama’s performance was totally dismil, and I find it hard to believe anyone could support him for President of our great nation.

    As someone new to the political blog arena, I am just flabbergasted at some of the responses from Obama supporters to articles regarding the Election, Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, the Georgia issue, Oil Drilling issue, Iraq, Iran, etc.

    Sometimes I think I’m living in the “Twilight Zone.”

    God Bless You and the readers that have left comments on this site (Many were just like Gold Nuggets)!!

  34. Chuck,

    First off: Welcome and thanks for the kind words!

    Second: For President: How about Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, don’t get me started..the left just “feels” that Obama is right, disagree and you are a r…..

    On the Obama front, as I have said, it’s not that he is too black, it’s that he is too green…The left and Obama himself are just paying too much attention to the wrong color..

    I was working Saturday night, is that in reference to the Ken Warren church thing? I’ll admit, I was totally wrapped up and I don’t know a thing about what transpired.

    Fell free to give us your take on the high and low points..

    Thanks and can’t wait to hear your diagnosis of the event..


  35. Larry,

    Here is a link to the transcripts of the Saddleback Forum.

    You can also catch video of it on YouTube.

  36. Sister Amy,

    Thanks so much for the link.

    How about this trivia: Rick Warren and I have the same birthday, only he is four years older and at least four million dollars richer..

    Thank you as always,


  37. Chuck Slabaugh


    You must take the time to watch the video Amy D has pointed to.

    What was important here was that there were ideological questions asked that you will never hear from the mainstream media or a typical debate. Watch it and you will understand.

    Here are 3 examples:

    Question: Who are the three wisest people you know in your life and who are YOU GOING TO RELY HEAVILY ON in your administration?

    Obama says his wife (for the first time proud of her country when her husband became the demo nominee.), and his Grandmother (Typical white person).

    McCain named General Patreaus (who has made great progress in Iraq in the midst of a horrible situation where every Lib was hoping for defeat in Iraq), John Lewis, a solider who has his skull fractured at the Edmund Pettus Bridge and continues to server and have the most optimistic outlook about America.

    McCain stated:

    “He can teach us all a lot about the meaning of courage and commitment to causes greater than oursleves.”

    He then named Meg Whitman, CEO of E-Bay, who 12 years ago had 5 employees and today there are 1.5 million people that make a living utilizing E-Bay in America.

    Obama picked his wife and grandmother, both of whom may help him in times of need, but neither are experts in areas needed to run a country. Military, economic, whatever the case may be. Obama chose people as inexperienced as he is in matters instead of experts that could objectively look at a problem and help solve it.

    He also couldn’t name just three Only 2) as he was asked to do.

    The question poised about Abortion showed the most huge contrast between the two:

    Question: At what point does a baby get humn rights in your view?

    McCains’s answer: “At the moment of conception. I have a 25-year Pro0life record in the congress and in the Senate. And as President of the United States, I will be a pro-life president and this presidency will have pro-life policies. That’s my commitent to you.”

    Obama’s Answer: Well, I think that whether you are looking at it from a theological perspecitive or a scientific perspective (A 5th grade science student could tell you), answering that question with specificity, YOU KNOW, IS ABOVE MY PAY GRADE.

    He completely sidestepped the question. Human Rights for a human being? 1 year old, 2 years old, give us something. He obviously believes they have no rights while in the womb, or even after, if it’s a botched abortion (He voted for no medical intervention for a child still alive and viable after an abortion failed to kill the child).


    Obama didn’t vote against the Iraq War. HE WASN’T EVEN IN THE SENATE!

    At the time of the vote, He was a Community Organizer in the City of Chicago.

    McCain said it was when he declined an offer to leave a prison camp in Vietnam.

    Larry, set aside time and watch the video. It would be a great topic for you to comment on.

  38. Chuck,

    Wow…just reading that makes you vibrate in your seat.

    I will be watching.

    Tell me he REALLY didn’t say “above my pay grade.”

    It might be too late for me on this one, (damned working for a living..) I’ll bet Ann takes this topic tomorrow for her site. the picture getting clearer???

    Thanks as always, Larry

  39. Mr. NLT,
    thanks for the article… your words corral my feelings verbatim.

    I am an engineer by training and a preacher by calling.

    I would love for many of you, being multiple levels above my pay grade, to check out my newly released book on the subject of homosexuality. It is entitled “Nature’s Pairs: The Demise of Homosexuality” and it sheds a whole new light on their shadowy regime. The book presents scientific proof that destroys all arguments.

    Preview it at

    P.S. My favorite Obama quote: “There is no difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality.”
    Mr. Obama is now the frontrunner and largest contributor in my sermon series “The Blind leading the Blind”.

    PALE (Pastor Archie L. Evans)

  40. Pastor Archie,

    My humblest apologies. I printed out your comments and emails and I misplaced them.

    I will email you very shortly.

    Thanks for your comments and I can’t wait to readyour thoughts.


  41. I was one of those undecideds who watched the Saddleback non-debate debate Chuck mentioned. Myself, I pretty much ignore verbal gaffes (both candidates make their fair share of them) and concentrate on what was meant. With that “above my pay grade” comment, for example, Obama meant that it is an issue that will be decided next in the Supreme Court, just like when McCain talked about the Afghan-Iraq border (which doesn’t exist) I understand he really meant the Afghan-Pakistan border and move on.

    THAT SAID . . . to me, McCain absolutely did better in that forum! If I was leaning slightly for Obama before it, I’m now leaning slightly McCain. He was much clearer and more commanding in his presence.

    I can’t wait to watch the debates, when I hope the candidates will have a chance to go back and forth with each other. If that forum is any indication, McCain should do great in the debates as well.

  42. Wes, welcome to the darkside!!! We are happy to have you in the family.

  43. Larry,

    I finally linked to you frim my blog. Sorry I took so long. I had a whole pile of edits and I added a new post so I decided to do all of my maintenance at one time. My new post in a compendium of all of the Russo-Georgian War posts that I have made here and on Human Events. I got crucified posting it as a response to Pat Buchanan’s latest anti-American diatribe. I swear Mr. Budchanan is getting senile in his old age because he is sounding more and more like a left-wing nut than a right-wing nut. Though the more extreme right or left one becomes, the more they beome one in the same. I wrote a paper on that in College using Hitler and Stalin as my examples. I think I am going to post it on my blog. Larry, you are an inspiration and you don’t even realise it!!!

  44. Sister Amy, (Can I call you that?)

    Patrick J. is first and foremost an isolationist. He was involved in the Nixon administration (as a speech writer) where alot of Soviet tensions were and weren’t addressed. Many years ago Patrick sent me a personl letter when I wrote to him asking for advise about getting started in pursuit of a writing “career”. It was the first letter that I ever sent. Funny, since then I’ve sent dozens of letters and hundreds of emails that have gone nowhere. I guess that just got my hopes up..

    Don’t worry about Human Events. Most of the strings over there lose their “tone” after the first three or four comments. It’s a shame that they aren’t a little more involved in what goes on “after” the famous people post their articles. THIS is your home and maybe someday this site will “get noticed”.

    I wish that more subscribers would get involved like you, Wes, Sling Blade, Stitch, windrider and beanhead54 do, just to name a few. To me its as much fun hearing what others say as it is writing down whatever it is that I think.

    If that “day” ever comes, I will be taking my “NLTZ family” with me. This elephant never forgets.

    Thanks as always,


  45. Larry,
    Yes you can call me Sister. NLTZ is my home. I actually feel special that I got crucified because I knew from the Commie sentiment in the Comments (starting from Comment 1) that I would be crucified for posting my “hawkish” opinion. There is this one Russkie who is so die-hard Soviet that he believes that the Russian news agencies speak the truth. I about fell out of my chair laughing when I read that. I feel like I am living in the 1980s all over again, minus the big hair and crazy clothes. Where is Reagan when we need him most??? WWRD? What Would Reagan Do?

  46. Sister Amy,

    TASS “speaks the truth”?? If someone was shooting for BS trifekta, I would add that the Amerikan media is “unbiased” and that Rosie O’Donnell is “hot”…

    Thanks as always,


  47. TASS, Interfax, CNN — they’re all the same to me. They’re all in bed with the Commies.

  48. Chuck Slabaugh


    Yes, He said it and it ought to be plastered on every news web site, BUT OF COURSE IT’S NOT.

    It’s up to you, but I don’t think it’s too late to comment on. In fact, I think it was such a unique forum that no one will witness anything like it again in any of the debates, and the contrast was enormous.

    I believe this site makes a difference. You articulate your arguments extremely well, and in a way that just makes plain ole horse sence to anyone with an I.Q. above 80.

    I have also been extremely impressed by some of the folks that leave comments.

    Amy, I understand you have a website also – Please post the link.

    Gob Bless,


  49. Chuck,

    First off, thank you for those extremely nice words.

    Second, I guessed right as to what Ann would write about today. I haven’t read it all but I’ll bet she covered all of the bases..

    I would like to think and I hope that the site “makes a difference.” If so, the heart felt comments from people like you are helping with making a difference.

    I believe that the Obama team in reviewing the tape and the transcript, probably had palpatations. I am willing to predict that they will “over prepare” and “overcompensate” and he will freeze up when it comes to debate time. That is why he has taken so many vacations lately. He has nothing to say and he doesn’t want to appear unprepared.

    The similarity between Obama and Bill Clinton is that both have the ability to convincingly read a teleprompter.

    How they differ is that Obama doesn’t appear to be able to think on his feet like the former President. To ad lib. The Saddleback “debate” proved that without the teleprompter, Obama doesn’t have the “Clinton Magic” of being able to say what it is that the person listening desperately needs to hear..

    THAT is the liability of an inexperienced candidate.

    It’s only going to get better..

    Thanks as always,


  50. Hmmm… Being on the 50ish side, and growing up in Britain, I remember a coupla things. The “Russians” were great allies once, during WWII we (the western allies) could not have prevailed had they not fought the Germans on the Eastern front. Many people in Europe (if not the US) do remember that fact.

    I remember as a child in England seeing old newsreel footage showing the role the “Ruskies” were playing in aiding our efforts. I think if the same footage were run today many would be surprised at the amity that older Brits (and many other Europeans) feel for the Russian “polity” (not politburo).

    Perhaps the fact that Russians are no longer seen as potential allies is not entirely because the people themselves are irredeemably evil “commies” but because the world is still very much “up for grabs” as far as resources go.

    Let’s face it, the USSR was brought to its knees, we didn’t extend a hand of friendship, even though Gorbachev and Reagan paved the way. We used, abused, and ultimately shoved their noses in our triumph.

    We still do.

    We still want to punish them ….. shades of Versailles.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Stalinist apologist, but Stalin was not Russia.

    I think a tactical mistake has been made in our dealings with the Soviets, which I would address were I Queen for a day, LOL!

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
    Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC)

  51. I’m old, I’m tired, of course I meant … our dealings with the Russians, millions of whom were never & still are not “Soviets.”

  52. J9,

    Just as millions of the Iranians aren’t puppets of their “government.”

    The “Iranian Revolution” during the Carter malaise, was energized by the young of Iran.

    If there isn’t a “Radio Free Iran” RIGHT NOW, beaming the truth to the young within that cesspool, then we are not properly doing our job.

    A little information disseminated to those hungry for change within Iran would go a long way. Lets “empower” them to take back their country.

    Then lets directly aide them in their quest to join the 21st century.

    Thanks as always my friend,



  54. George,

    Always glad to see you stop by.


  55. Thanks for seeing what I was getting at Larry, although I was rambling a bit. In the 70’s in England I knew many, many Iranian students who were great kids — many of whom remained in Britain after the revolution, and/or emigrated to the U.S. They want no part of this “Mullah madness” and their families who are trapped in Iran want no part either, but have no choice. To tar the people with the same brush as the regime is unfair — many of these countries did not have the benefit of generations of democratic thinkers — which we in the West have as a wonderful legacy.

    Oftentimes they have nascent rebellious groups, and an underground press, but face death and worse (family punishment) if they are caught.

    I DO feel that we should NEVER accomodate the Ahmenijad’s of the world, but we should definitely do our utmost to remember the “lost” Russians/Iranians and others who would be our friends if they could.

    I was actually writing my previous comment for the benefit of some British Iranian friends to whom I forwarded your article 🙂 Little steps eh?

  56. J9,

    Ramble away, my friend, that’s why we are here..

    The sensible within Iran would need nothing more than our help. They would love to do the leg work for it is the Ahmenijad’s who are ruining the heritage of whatever country they are in charge of.

    I say we give the “freedom fighters” whatever it is that they need.

    Thanks as always,


  57. Thanks Larry, you’re a pleasure to chat to.

    Talking of chatting…. now radio… have you thought about that? I’ll tune in anytime, anyplace.

    Best to you always.

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