The Witless Projection Program

As the news of the latest Zogby poll hit the headlines today, Barack Obama, while campaigning in rural Virginia said that John McCain was running a dishonorable campaign that smacked of reckless “desperation”. This imbecilic flailing immediately after the news of what amounts to a ten point swing for McCain in the polling, makes Obama the newest member of the liberal Democratic “Witless Projection” Program. After the “Saddleback debate debacle” of the night before, just exactly who appears to be “desperate” here?

Someone needed to counter the McCain arguments that have been apparently quite successful as of late. Obama did the manly thing, he sent his senior foreign policy advisor Susan Rice out to stick up for him. Susan is a “senior” foreign policy advisor, so the choice was a good one for the know-nothing freshman Senator.

If you aren’t familiar with Susan Rice, allow me. She was the foreign policy aide to Michael Dukakis during his hilarious 1988 stumble-a-thon for the Presidency. I hope it wasn’t her idea to have Dukakis put on that helmet and for him to then climb into that M1 Abrams tank at the General Dynamics plant. The poor fellow looked altogether too much like Snoopy. (Note to Obama: that is what happens when you try to appear to be something that you aren’t. Just stick with being vacuous..) Obviously, Rice is familiar with losing on the national level and that is always handy for the Democrats who always need to have a bevy of good concession speechwriters around. Under Bill Clinton she was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. She might have better served the former President if she had been in charge of “Avoiding Cherubic Intern Affairs.” She is no Condoleezza Rice, but she is the best Rice that Obama could buy..

According to the article, (“Obama camp lashes out at ‘quick draw’ McCain”) Rice said that McCain is a “hot head who could not be trusted to stay cool under fire”. Susan, I’d say that McCain was pretty cool under fire when he almost lost his life during the fire on the USS Forrestal in July of 1967. I would say that he was pretty cool under fire after being shot down and being held as a prisoner of war and mercilessly tortured from 1967-1973. McCain handled THEIR “questioning”.. Your candidate couldn’t handle the “intense questioning” from a book writing Pastor without the usual scripting from people like you. I’ve never seen a candidate who more resembles Pinocchio. A wooden marionette that would be completely lost without his Geppetto’s pulling the strings so that he may dance properly. “Desperation”? Welcome to the “Witless Projection Plan”, Susan.

Rice was given the task of handling a “conference call” and along for the ride on this was none other than Richard Clarke, former counter terrorism adviser to G. H. W. Bush, Clinton and W. Again, in the liberals “desperation” to appear all “centrist” and all “smart about bombs and war stuff”, the Democrats have finally found the counter terrorism world’s answer to Wesley Clarke. Hey, they have John Kerry as their “answer man” on national security, too. All they need to do now is to hire Richard Simmons as their “go to guy” on “getting chicks” and their cabinet will be complete.

Clarke called McCain “trigger happy” and “reckless”. Being that a Republican summarily bounced Clarke from the White House and he is now punching a time card for Obama, I would call him, “disgruntled” and “corrupted.”

Rice said that McCain, “cheer led Bush’s decision to take our eye off the ball and start a war that had nothing to do with 9/11..” Being that Rice probably didn’t know that she was sitting next to the man who “took his eye off the ball” and didn’t PREVENT 9/11, it would seem that she is really behind the learning curve when it comes to national security..

Clarke continued on, saying that McCain’s first instinct is to “rattle sabers and look for a military action.” It would seem that since Clarke is receiving his remuneration from the liberals, he agrees with their first instincts of “appeasement and exit plans.”

Meanwhile, back in Backwater, Virginia, Obama decided to revert back to one of the tactics that has brought about his over ten-point tailspin. (With such a nose dive as that, perpetual Democratic loser Terry McAuliffe HAS to be involved with the Obama campaign in some capacity..) Obama said that McCain wanted to “continue the same economic policies that George Bush has been doing for the past eight years.” The clumsy sentence structure of that last Obama missive aside, lets take a closer look at what it actually means.

Barack Obama was elected to the United States Senate in 2004. That means that he has been sitting there for almost four years. If the “economic policies” of President Bush were so abysmal, why didn’t the junior Senator from Illinois, in nearly four years time, sponsor a bill or two addressing this obviously horrific situation, or would answering that question with specificity, you know, be above my pay grade…

While he was bumbling away his lead in the polls, one of the tactics that proved to be such a great success during that time was his velcro-ing of the names McCain and Bush together as he tried “desperately” to draw an analogy of inherent similarity between the two. That being the case, I will then return to that same political discipline and refer to the “presumptive” Democratic candidate once again as “Barack O’Carter.”

It would appear that the Obama unhappy campers are all “bummed out” over the McCain depth charges that have recently been sent towards the “Hope-a-Dope” liberal party barge. Among other things, McCain has been thumping Obama over the crisis in Georgia. Just because Obama thought that the “crisis in Georgia” was all about Cornpone Jimmy Carter again coming under attack from another “killer rabbit” maniacally trying to enter his fishing boat doesn’t mean that McCain should poke fun at the inexperienced Illinois liberal…

McCain while stumping in New Mexico said that Obama was “testy” over those questioning his patriotism. What is wrong with questioning his patriotism? Here we have the “presumptive” nominee from a political party that accuses everyone alive of being “racists” and “fascists” without any discernable proof or evidence, getting their collective communist culottes in a twist when anyone “questions” their “patriotism”. If I may borrow from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”..

As yet another day passes in the Divine Comedy that is the presidential election of 2008, when I think of the beatified Obama, I feel compelled to alter a bit of Shakespeare’s Macbeth: Obama’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing…


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  1. Hi Larry – great essay and quotes – Shakespeare, no less.

    My main gripe with Hussein is his lack of patriotism. He’s just a little too casual in how he refers to this wonderful country. He has a real problem putting his heart into it. The cause, of course, is from the years of being mentored by socialists.

    He finds it difficult to show his love and devotion for this, the greatest nation on earth. It’s too easy for him to show disrespect for our military. He is totally ignorant of how honest Americans show their respect for the flag and our national anthem.

    They just didn’t teach that stuff in his Chicago “hood” – as a matter of fact, he didn’t learn it at Harvard either.
    God bless America

  2. BHO truly is a joke. This guy is Manchurian candidate if I’ve ever seen one; teleprompter in front of him, speaker attached to his abundant pendulous pinna, and a brainwashed ideologue on the microphone feeding him his “opinion ‘o the day”. Oh, and nice reference to Michael “I Thought Willie Was Reformed, Honest I Did” Dukakis. You have to admit, having the “Mike Dukakis” nametag taped on the helmet was a convincing touch…

  3. Dr. Gene,

    Even the great David Freddosso, who has written one of the latest books about the senator, excused the famous Iowa “Pledge of Allegiance” picture to “inattention.” Nonsense. This is coming from another elitist who looks down his nose at the rest of us as outsiders and who writes off bloggers as extremists.

    Dr. Gene, what it the first thing that you and I do when we hear either, “I pledge allegance…” or when we hear those first notes, “Da tada da ta daah..”? We stop whatever it is and we salute. We find the flag, we face it and we salute.

    Those who view the flag as a doormat or just a “symbol” will never get it. They just expect us to “tolerate” them and their disrespect.

    That will never happen…

    Thanks as always,


    P.S. Did you notice the new tab on the page? I now have the NLTZ “Thought for the Day.”

    People can subscribe seperately or they can just come back to the home page and click on th tab on the right side of the page.

    Just quick little hits on whatever catches my eyes or peaks my curiosity..

  4. Junk,

    DuKaka at least had some experience when he wanted to take charge of the country..

    Good old Zorba the Geek..wonder what he is doing.

    At least he had the dignity to not become an insufferable pest like Carter did after he skulked away in shame..

    Thanks as always,


  5. Last night I saw CNN’s special “McCain Revealed”. It was a fascinating show. CNN is not known as the friendliest network towards Republicans and Conservatives, but I feel that the network did an excellent job. The show made John McCain into a human being with faults and foibles — just like the rest of us. Mr. McCain did not deny or obfuscate any of his failures and mistakes. He was frank and honest. He told the commentator that his biggest, most painful decision was whether or not to accept early release, just like he did at Saddleback. He said that he regretted his divorce from his first wife and that they are still friends. I came away from this interview with a much greater respect for Senator McCain. I did not see (or pay attention) the Obama special, so I do not know how CNN treated their darling. I was too busy reading about the tragic USS Forrestal fire of July 1967 (one of my historical obsessions). Some misinformed conspiracy mongers try to paint the Forrestal disaster as John McCain’s fault, but that is simply NOT true. His plane was hit by the Zuni rocket, NOT the plane that released the rocket. An F-4 released the rocket. John McCain flew an A-4. I used to think it was John McCain’s plane that released the first Zuni, but my husband set me straight on that. Now that I know better, I am extremely adamant about setting the historical record straight. Also, anyone who says McCain was a coward because he was on one of the early flights out is reading way too much into that. He was on that flight to transfer to the USS Oriskany to continue fighting the war because Forrestal was on her way to the Phillippines and ultimately to Norfolk. It was off that ship that he flew the fateful mission in which he was shot down and captured. Sorry about going off about Forrestal, but certain things get my goat.

  6. Breathtaking commentary!
    NLTZ = great writing!

  7. If anyone wants to observe the greatness of the
    USA all they have to do is listen to the statements of our athletes at the Olympics, where over and over they express their pride in the Honor of representing our country – – – Being willing to work hard and sacrifice for years in order to just qualify to be on the Team.

  8. I can not stop from laughing::

    the liberals… “Hope A Dope”
    what a great line… I love it!

  9. Sister Amy,

    Only those so grossly uninformed would blame McCain relative to the Forrestal.

    Those on the sidelines always have the ability to second guess those who stand on the front line.

    Their opinion is of no consequence.

    As always,


  10. Vincent,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Spread the word, my friend..


  11. Everett,

    So true.

    Thanks for stopping in,


  12. JBhobo,

    Thanks..tell everyone..

    then tell them again.


  13. Coming from a physical southpaw:

    Just a word to fit far too many lefties:
    deltuse (noun) One who is deliberately obtuse, on whatever subject.

  14. The presumptive democratic nominee….and all his cronies….. doth protest too much, methinks….ABSOLUTELY!

  15. William F.,

    Attention NLTZ:

    Our thesaurus has arrived.

    Excellent, William.

    Hope to hear from you again my friend,


  16. The word of the day is: deltuse. The word of the day is brought to you courtesy of William F. “Billsey” Maddock.

  17. Sil,

    The left is convinced that their lunacy becomes more lucid with volume…and repitition.

    For example: how many different times has Obama “projected” his “they will tell you that he is a scary guy..”

    At least three that I can think of..

    It sounds just a little thicker each time I hear it..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Word of the day:deltuse. I love it. Got a good chuckle out of your column, and really appreciated the references to the Bard. One thing I’ve noticed about libs in general is their inability to string togethera cohesive, logical argument, and then scream and yell when you dare to call them on it. the sooner this junior senator from Illinois is consigned to the ash heap of history (along with Gary Hart and Mike ‘Dotaxus’) the better off this country will be. BTW,one of OBH’s superdelegates here in Ohio passed away yesterday, so what happens to her superdelegate vote? Just curious.

  19. What I see recently is Hussein’s new delivery style. He’s using the black church ministerial tones and phrasing. It’s really a toot! He must have been really listening closely to Rev. Wright, after all.

    It reminds me of Johnny Cochran’s plea to that jury about “our brethren and our SISTERN”.

    God bless America

  20. Three headed Rick

    One thing nice about having Richard Simmons as your go to guy for chicks is:
    If he cant come up with any chicks he can always offer himself.

  21. RIP Stephanie Tubbs Jones 1950-2008

  22. “Everything that decieves may be said to enchant.” — Plato. While it has been Barrack Hussein Obama’s enchantment on his following crowd of Obalminated, there should be more such debates as ‘Saddleback.’ While already proving to have had adverse effects on Obama’s strength of character for presidency, more debates could only reveal the deception where enchantment was once thought to lie.

    Obama is an eloquently tailored empty suit, devoid of resume, accomplishments, with no understanding of the how the economy or world works. He comes before those non-thinkers or who expect a living be supplied to them with his silver tongued, nuanced rhetoric empty of any meaning.

    The ‘Chosen One’ accusing me of being racist only makes me believe more strongly the man is or will be a raving lunatic. He would be the last one to accuse anyone of racism when slavery is concerned as he himself has not one drop of African/American blood in him. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave trading was the main Arab business in East Africa until the British put an end to it.

    Obama is the descendant of slaves, but instead the descendant of slave owners… think about that for a moment. I’m sure you’ll agree that that makes him the perfect Democratic Messiah?

  23. Larry,
    Concise, crisp and acerbic. Definitely NOT deltuse!
    Dr. Dave
    Modesto, CA

  24. Larry –

    I visited here after your comment on my 24 Best Conservative Blogs post. Excellent work here, I only wish you posted more regularly, but given the work you put into each one, I can see why you don’t.

    Added you to my blogroll. Next time I do another list, I’m guessing you’ll be on it.

  25. G. Nichols,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    To my knowledge, under the circumstances, the DNC will choose another delegate to take her place.

    Lets hope that the entire NLTZ family will say a collective prayer for her and her family..

    The volume becomes a diversionary tactic meant to rattle the opponent. It rarely works but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

    Thanks for your comments,


  26. Dr. Gene,

    Sistern? Education is by no means synonymous with intelligence..

    Thanks as always for your guidance and insight.


  27. Three Head,

    THAT was good.

    I stiil say that Richard is Leo Sayer after his musical career went south..

    He got depressed, ate the buckets of ice cream, put on the weight, got the silly shorts and started sweatin to the oldies…

    You make me feel like dancing…dancing to the oldies..

    Thanks as always and did the Enquirer get ahold of you yet relative to that “multiple melon” syndrome?


  28. Windrider,

    “Saddleback” proved that his inexperience will cost him dearly.

    Wait until the “professional” journalists, if they have any semblance of neutrality, (did I just say that??) corner him at the debates.

    I can bet that his “stipulations” relative to the debates will be for there to be minimal non-submitted questioning.

    From this point forward, they are going to have to choreograph things tighter than a Bob Fosse film..

    I can’t wait to see how many more “vacations” he will be taking prior to the election.

    Thanks as always,


  29. Dr. Dave,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I appreciate your contributions to the site.


  30. Scott, Thanks for stopping in and taking a read.

    All NLTZ readers should go to Scott’s site:

    Lots of good stuff there.

    Thanks for your help and keep up the good work getting the conservative message out.


  31. Larry,the latest word from The Mighty Tinkerbell’s camp concerning the Georgia situation is he will continue to press for restraint by both sides, but if Russia attacks Atlanta, he intends to ,quote “give them a really dirty look,” end quote. He also states that he will “unequivocally possibly think about maybe considering trying really hard to prevent attacks on our other 56 states,if it’s okay with that battle-axe I’m married to.”
    So things are going to be just fine.

  32. Sling,

    THAT WAS DAMN FUNNY AND I KNOW FUNNY!! “a real dirty look..”

    Sling, you are personally responsible for tomorrows “NLTZ Thought of the Day”!!

    Thanks for your insights and a good belly laugh..


  33. Sling,

    Loved that!! And Obalminated national security with the “other 56 states.”


    It enfuriates me when a candidate, particularly any one running for the highest office in the nation has “stipulations” on debate issues that he/she may be asked about. There is in no way, in any logical thinking or reasoning, an excuse for such action. It is unfair to all of the American people, no matter what the party affiliation, and to an everyday, common sense way of thinking the candidate should be declared ineligible. Period!

  34. Windrider,

    I couldn’t agree more, but both sides will demand that the questions be submitted for approval by their respective teams.

    Takes almost all of the potential for a real gaffe right out of play.

    P.S. Check the Thought of the Day for the latest Obama press release that I managed to acquire through “anonymous sources”..

    Thanks as always,



  36. George,

    Thanks as always. You’ve been there from the beginning.


  37. Well done once again, Larry!

    The Odrama Campaign is beginning to show the fatigue of an amature troupe attempting to recall their hastily memorized lines day after day.

    The backstory is beginning to crumble as the true details of a poorly managed career is becoming clear to a much larger audience. It’s also become obvious to many on both sides that senator McCain’s organization speaks with the easy and confident conviction of people who have “been there, done that” and learned from both success as well as failure, while we continue to untangle the junior senator’s string of foibles, one after another.

    I’d like to relate a simple character comparison, if you’ll humor me.

    We can recall that Cindy McCain went to India and was so moved by what she saw, she brought home two children in dire need of attention. Her and the senator quietly adopted one and picked up the healthcare costs on both for something like the last 16 years.

    Senator NObama went to Africa and saw his actual siblings living in poverty and simply came back to his multimillion dollar home to run for President.


    Maybe the Senator needs to show us he will spare some of his own change when it’s clearly the right thing to have done before asking for ours, eh?

    Just as Dean lost his place with that inane “Yee Haw” of his, I believe that “above my pay grade” remark has signalled the very beginning of a long drawn-out end.


    I for one would like to exact a slow and decisive pound of flesh from this man, to repay for the many rude and uncalled for remarks he and his campaign have made about my country and countrymen. I don’t want to rub all of the Dem’s noses in it though, just show him up for what we already know him to be (or not to be?). Who said that?

    Quite honestly, that “Britney-Paris” ad didn’t hit very far from the mark, and I believe BHO’s actions and words over the next 3 months will prove it. The challenge for us is to mend our ways with our good friends and neighbors who have been temporarily blinded by the flash of his OBomb’s explosion.

    beanhead 54

  38. Larry,thank you for your kind words. I thought you might like that..
    I am glad to see Tinkerbell finally getting called to the mat over letting these babies die.I personally have known about this situation for around six months. Human Events has a downloadable attachment entitled-I believe-Barack Obama Exposed.You probably already know of it. It had this info and a lot of other good stuff. Not to tell you what to do, but you might want to let the rest of the Family know,if you haven’t already. Just a thought.
    Larry,I’ve been thinking about your website, and at the risk of sounding maudlin,this is what I have decided:You are nothing less than the standard-bearer passed down to you from Thomas Paine and the other Fathers.You are what it takes for this country to fight for it’s freedom.People such as yourself-and I mean this sincerely- are indispensable to a Democracy. When I become discouraged-which I often do- columns such as yours recharge the batteries,and renew my strength for what I know is a never-ending battle.
    Americans hunger for someone with the balls to stand up and proclaim the truth,and Larry,you are one of those men.The ever-increasing number of comments posted by new readers proves my point.I don’t know that much about syndicated columns.I hope it happens for you if that is your wish.You are going to be a force.You already have everything you require. I believe America will face perilous times regardless of the outcome of the election.I shall be a source of pride for me to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and our band of brothers in the coming struggle.Dare I say it?-may our God bless you abundantly.

  39. beanhead,

    You always cut to the chase in a manner that makes your opinions impossible to lacerate.

    People like you scare the left.

    Will those “temporarily blinded” ever recover? The left has fully invested in the Obama candidacy and so have the Hillary supporters.

    For the life of me, I can’t see how the two campaigns will ever TRULY mend the fences. The Super Ego’s involved brought out the “true believer” in the left. No matter what they do for her in Denver, it will all be a superficial back hand with the usual “now get back in the kitchen” patronization and if that somehow manages to appease the Hillary supporters, then they never believed in her in the first place.

    Denver should make Chicago in ’68 look like a cake walk. I say they will roll over because….

    OK, here is my prediction: brace yourselves and lets keep this thread going.

    Hillary has NO chance at the VP and that is FINE WITH HER. Why?

    As VP, she has to leave her seat in the Senate. If Obama wins and his presidency is “Carter redux”, she will be out of the inner circle of….POWER. In four years.

    It’s all about power. Power that doesn’t have a shelf life. Power where she would be literally untouchable. The kind of power found…

    on the Supreme Court.

    That’s the deal she has made.

    What say you , my friend.


  40. Sorry, I mean “It shall be a source of pride…”
    Guess I should proofread…

  41. Sling Blade,

    Wow. I have no words.

    You’ve done it.

    Too bad Human Events ignores me and my requests for assistance with publication.

    Too bad every other “professional” source has done the same.

    I won’t quit. I won’t go away and I won’t change. No apologies and no regrets.

    If all that I have is my “family” here at NLTZ, I can’t lose.

    It’s true that most readers and subscribers don’t comment and get in the game. I don’t know why, this is America and unlike the left, the rules apply to everyone that’s here legally, that is..

    Sling, here the skinny, when I become discouraged, when Human Events ignores me, when Regnery ignores me, etc. comments like YOURS “recharge my batteries.” This whole project then becomes reciprocal, through the osmosis of ideas we enable each other to face that which the enemy, foreign and domestic, throws at us.

    If the day ever comes, EVER COMES, I will take my NLTZ family with me. As I have said before, this elephant never forgets.

    Thanks again for your insights and your comments here. YOU make this site as good as it is. Period.

    There are changes coming, the first of which is the “Thought of the Day”. Just another little wooden stake for the heartless vampires of the left.

    The next is in the works and I hope that everyone will enjoy it.


  42. I too think that Senator McCain did better than Obama at the Saddleback forum. But how do you figure that Senator Obama lacks patriotism? Dr. Gene says he’s too casual when talking about our country, yet Obama’s ability to give soaring, uplifting, not-at-all-casual speeches about our country is exactly what brought him to prominence. On top of that, the guy got a law degree from Harvard, finishing in the top 6% of his class, and instead of moving from Harvard into a cushy job in a corner office of a Manhattan law firm he choose to work for poverty wages empowering citizens in the south side of Chicago. That’s rather patriotic in my book.

    If Obama is so unpatriotic, then why does McCain himself say that Obama IS patriotic??

  43. For (I wish) THE LAST TIME, Tinkerbell READS the speech someone else writes. Got that?
    He moved to Chicago (or the Rathole,as we call it in Southern Illinois), because,as he says,it is the “black capital” of the U.S. He thereupon embarked upon a career based on racial politics and ONLY racial politics. He went to Chicago(which is what you get when you put ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag-excuse my French) with the sole purpose of building his political base.I see nothing patriotic in that.
    As for poverty, Hyde Park is well-known as an ultra-low -income enclave.
    Don’t stop posting,Wes,I need a good laugh now and then.

  44. Wow!!! Where do I begin… This is what I get for getting up too late. Hillary on the Supreme Court…that sounds about right. Larry if I were not a recovering gambler, I would place money on that. Obabble would put her there too. He would probably make her Chief Justice (if he can, but who says the left plays by the rules). One thing that ticks me off about debating with liberals is when they tell me to stop reciting FOX News talking points in my arguments. I don’t even watch that much TV and here in EU-Land, I don’t get FOX 24/7. I get about half FOX and half CNN. I’m stuck with whatever AFN decides to give me. I get my arguments from over 20 years of paying attention to the news and world events, talking with intelligent people, especially those much older and wiser than myself, and reading. I have an impressive library (much to my hubby’s chagrin — he hates it that I have so many books). I read and I use my brain. I can see the handwriting on the wall. History is repeating itself. If Obambi is Carter-Lite, then MCCain is Reagan-Lite. McCain is the closest we have to the Gipper. A special note to all those self-absorbed whiners who want to vote for a third-party candidate: 1) Voting for a third-party candidate does not make you better than everybody else — you’re not that special. 2) Voting for a third-party candidate makes you self-righteous — you will not get special standing from God if you vote for the Constitution Party, nor will God strike you dead for voting for McCain. 3) Do you remember 1992??? Perot handed the election to Clinton. A vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Oshama — remember that!

  45. Here’s the reason why Obabble’s speeches sound so “great” — he is an actor. Will the real Dhimmicrat candidate please step forward???

    Am I the first to coin “Obabble”?

    Someone needs to compile all of the nicknames for Oshama.

  46. Larry,

    Human Events reuses to publish you because they can only handle one Ann Coulter-like columnist at a time. Wusses.

  47. Truly love your article, but to add to what an idiot Obama is…did you hear his new fumble? I turned on the TV and MSNBC was on and to my dismay of what the political arena is Obama was crying that McCain didn’t know how many houses he owned and Obama only owned one. I say good for McCain. It shows that he can manage money, unlike the Democrats. Obama please……..

  48. Let’s just say that anyone short-sighted enough to even nominate Shrillary for a liftime appointment on the Supreme Court will find themselves saddled with the ongoing responsibility for her thoroughly unpredictable behavior, as well as the sustained backlash from the Right.

    Staining the fabric of a blue dress is one thing that can somewhat be forgiven over time, but, staining the fabric of society for the next 20 or 30 years day in and day out is really quite another.

    To Wes: Poverty wages?

    First of all, point to any lawer who works for “poverty wages” anywhere in this country. Also remember that his wife earned well into the top 4/5th’s in salary before his political career began, so that means that even a modest salary on his part would place them in the highest percentile, if not the top 5%. Oh, what a struggle.

    Second, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland (the lawfirm for which he worked) names one of the richest Black lawyers in Chicago (if not the country) on it’s letterhead. I hardly believe that BHO was ever digging change from the couch to pay for lunch.

    Third, what exactly are the singular attributes of an “uplifting speech” that qualify an individual for the Office of President of the United States? Coaches give uplifting speeches to their team before every game. Doctors give uplifting speeches to the families of the terminally ill to ease their pain. Motivational speakers give uplifting speeches for a living every single day. Are you trying to tell us that each and every one of these individuals are no more than a microphone in front of a national audience away from the Office of President?

    Truth be told, that kind of fairytale elevation of clearly unqualified individuals only happens in places like the Land of Oz, or the Democratic National Convention, and that’s the problem which those concerned with character, foundation and credibility are faced with trying to correct today.


  49. “Do you remember 1992??? Perot handed the election to Clinton. A vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Oshama — remember that!” Amy D, no truer words have been spoken!

  50. I heard Rush refer to Obama as an “idiot” the other day. Actually, I think Rush was being kind to this bumbling fool. I am sick and tired of hearing the liberal media refer to Obama as “brilliant”. I heard Obama on the radio this morning stating he wanted a VP who will challange him mentally. This brings to mind the 11 year old school girl who stumped him when she asked him why he wanted to be President! Yet another argument against admitting individuals to college based on the color of their skin (aka – affirmative action)!

  51. Amy,

    Run by and take a reading of:

    Modern Mugwumps

    from the archives back in February 2008.

    Let me know what you think..

    Thanks as always,


  52. Amy,

    As far as Human Events goes, there must be more than that to it.

    In the end, maybe things will change.

    Thanks as always,


  53. beanhead54,

    I know that it SHOULDN’T happen but if enough Democrats get in and Obama gets elected, I think that that is the deal that she made.

    Great analogy with the dress..Great.

    Thanks for your crystal clear insight.


  54. TJ,

    Keep in mind that a lot of Hillary supporters will not go quietly and they are giving McCain a hard look see.

    The candidate may go quietly because of her “deal” but her supporters are the ones who are going to be “watched” by the “whip squads” that they have already assembled for the convention.

    We shall see. As I said, Denver SHOULD make Chicago ’68 look like a cake walk.

    Thanks as always,


  55. Joe,

    Thats the liberal modus operandi, they are all “brilliant” and the conservatives are all dolts.

    Carter/Reagan. Kerry/Bush. Right on down the line.

    No proof necessary, they have just said it, therefore it is true.

    TNLYD, or they never let you down.

    Thanks as always,


  56. awesome article kid!

    Since when did an “Exit Strategy” become part of a war plan?
    “Retreat”? Yes (in case things go horribly wrong).
    In March 1945 when Patton crossed the Rhine into Nazi Germany, I believe his “exit strategy” was, “make us” [leave]!

    NObama’s answer to Russia’s invasion of Georgia:
    “uhh, Mr Principle (ie, UN Sec), umm, those boys are fighting….” (pointing his scrawny finger at the big bully pummeling little Georgie).

    I bet McCain can drive less, eat less, turn his a/c off, heater off, shower in cold water (if at all), eat bugs, take daily beatings, get stabbed, shot, and several broken bones, without becoming as “desparate” as our whining little prissy boy does about “people being unkind to him”.

    Oh yeah, you did mention the Forrestal fire….might I add that in that fire was LOTS of fully fueled aircraft LOADED with ordinance (several of which went off). McCain dealt with it. BHO would have cried that we should make “bombs that don’t blow up”. And he would spend billions to research it.

    C’mon B. Hussein Obama!! Make another speech! This is getting fun.

  57. Jill,

    How big is Obama’s one house? Is it bigger than four condos and a regular house? How many square feet is the home?

    If that’s all he’s got, it seems to be getting easier by the minute.

    When he ran against Hillary he kept his yapper pretty well shut and allowed her to do all of the stumbling.

    McCain learned from that and he is applying that theorum upon young Obama.

    That is the lesson that experience teaches you..

    Thanks as always and thanks for your kind words.


  58. Stitch,

    We all are awaiting the “First Obama Capitulation”..that didn’t take long because…
    he has already caved in to the Hillary gals.

    How is he going to handle the Islamofascists that he wants to “talk” to if a bunch of girls make him fold?

    How is he going to handle Putin?

    “Operation Capitulation”, just like I said in the Thought For the Day…

    Thanks as always my friend,


  59. Larry,

    You have inspired me yet again to combine my comments from NLTZ into another blog post. Lately, I have not been inspired to write much on my own until I come here and bounce off your articles and the comments of other members of “The Family.” Thanks a bunch!

  60. Sister Amy,

    Bingo. Mission accomplished.

    Thanks as always,


  61. LarryI am curious as to your opinion of a McCain-Thompson ticket.He’s likeable and a solid Conservative.He may have run a rather lackluster campaign,but I honestly believe he was not consumed with the thirst for power to the extent that he was willing to put himself through what it takes to secure the nomination. To me, that’s a plus. He was the first candidate to put forth a viable economic plan. He will help carry the South.
    Personally, I feel that if McCain picks him, he will win.
    Any thoughts?

  62. Great article. I can only echo the comments of other, much better, writers, such as Amy and Scott Martin. Wow…you said visit “Conservatism Today” and I did, and spent the last 4 hours bouncing around numerous blogs, news articles, etc. (Got to get to bed…how do you bloggers do it?)

    Check out:
    MSM Ignores Democrat Lawsuit Against Obama at :

    Thought this had been put to bed.

    Will be back…regards, KC

  63. Here’s my opinion of McCain-Thompson: On ideological grounds, I would vote for a McCain-Thompson ticket. But, with that being said, as much as love Fred Thompson (I voted for him in the primary) and think that he would be an AWESOME VP, I don’t think that he could win simply because of the age factor. Do we really want to chance Nancy Pelosi becoming President? I’m not trying to be mean or discriminatory, I’m just trying to be realistic.

  64. KC,

    Thanks for the accolades, but Larry is a great writer. He may misuse a word here and there, forget a space between punctuation or misspell a couple of words, but his articles are spot on. It’s the substance that counts. Are you going to discount his brilliant commentary based solely on spelling and grammar??? I am the Grammar and Spelling Queen (ask my hubby) but even I don’t judge a person’s writing based solely on grammar and spelling, so long as I can understand their point and read what they have actually written. Take a good look at the comments on sites such as Human Events. Larry writes a million times better than 75% of the people who comment on HE.

  65. Larry,

    As per my comment to KC, if you need an editor, I volunteer my services. I have meaning to ask you, but your spot-on commentary (and my inate scatteredbrainedness) has distracted me. Let me know if you can use my services.

  66. BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden is Obama’s VP

  67. Sister Amy and Sling:

    I just got up…….

    Keep an eye on “The Thought of the Day”

    My thoughts on Biden and Thompson will either be there or in the form of another article, depending on how wordy I get…

    Thanks as always,


  68. Sister Amy and Sling,

    In short, choosing Thompson would be the same as going into the ice cream store and choosing “vanilla.”

    Pence. If he wants to send a message to the conservatives.

    Given the Democratic pick for VP, the Democratic debte that will be held in my town will be a laugh a minute..

    I seriously thought that Obama’s choice would be a woman. Since Hill was out and a hefty percentage of her 18 million gals are kind of upset about it, I thought that this might help bring about the “unity” that they were crowing about.

    I believe that the Democrats are writing off the votes of what they believe are voters who will sheepishly follow..

    Keep your eyes peeled, I have some writing to do….

    As always,


  69. On the topic of patriotism: If you think I’m absurd to suggest that Senator Obama is patriotic then you think Senator McCain is absurd also. McCain has said, in so many words, that Obama is patriotic. Why exactly are you disagreeing with him?

    Dr. Gene thinks Obama is unpatriotic because he talks casually. I’m not sure what the link between the two is, but casual speeches are exact opposite of what Obama is known for. (And, Sling, *every* prominent politician, including McCain, has speech writers. When Reagan went to Berlin and said “Tear down this wall!” did you say “Oh, he’s just an actor saying what I speech writer told him to.” I hope not (even though, well, Reagan WAS an actor). Speech writers shape the words, the speaker has the responsibility for the message).

    And the fact is that Obama did spend years of his life working as a community organizer. (Helping an American community, Sling, is helping in American community. The ethnicity of the people being helped shouldn’t matter but, for the record in the mid-late 80’s the far south side of Chicago was a multi-racial community filled with families hit hard by the steel mill closings. And if Chicago is the terrible place you say it is then all the more impressive that Obama chose to help people there). Taking selfless actions for the betterment of America seems, to me, the definition of patriotism.

    Really, I’m not saying that Obama’s speaking ability or community service make him the best candidate, or even make him qualified to be president. I do think that we can question his ideas without questioning is patriotism.

  70. Larry, do you think that Obama not choosing a woman makes it more likely that McCain will? Meg Whitman perhaps?

    He hasn’t received much (or any?) press mention, but I think the South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford, would be a good choice for McCain. He would send a strong fiscal conservative signal. Sanford really got South Carolina’s budget in order, and worked to reduce entitlements and reform education funding. Plus, he came out for McCain when his chips were down during the primary, including writing this WSJ op-ed on why conservatives should support McCain:

  71. Wes,

    Obama did not help the citizens of Chicago, he helped the slumlords get richer. Oshama is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine, nothing more. Liars, cheaters, and thieves propped him up. He literally destroyed his competition by intimidating the opposition so that he would eventually run unopposed. This guy is a sham (hence the cute nickname). He is a fraud and an empty suit full of hat air. His choice of VP has proven that he has absolutely ZERO character judgement (or character for that matter). Nevermind that the guy is a rabid socialist and supports the murder of babies — in and out of the womb.

  72. BREAKING NEWS: The MSM (AP) is starting to become critical of the Obamessiah. His picking of Den. Joe Biden for his VP is probably the biggest favour he could have done for McCain. Here are the links to the two semi-critical articles:;_ylt=Aj8r5ZUAoX9oBM4CuWq6mXNh24cA

  73. Amy,

    A quote comes to mind about how people are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.

    You have grounds to argue that Obama was an ineffective community organizer, but that he worked as one, initially for $10k/year and with the intention of helping people, is just factually true. Two (of many) articles on the subject:

    I think the best article is by Byron York in the New Republic. Sadly, the article isn’t available for free online. But I just dug out my print copy. The author of that article (a conservative, not incidentally) went and talked to the actual people that Obama was supposed to have helped organized. What he found was complex (as much of life is), a mix of positive and negative. But all the people who Obama worked with support him for president. One quote from that article:

    “Ask Obama’s fellow organizers what his most significant accomplishments were, they point to two ventures: the expansion of a city summer-job program for South Side teenagers and the removal of asbestos from one of the area’s oldest housing projects.”

  74. Oshama is starting to make me sick. Other than the unequivocal evidence that he is a despicable human being (socialism, abortion, terrorist friends), his obsession with historical cliches is tiring. Between hinm thinking of himself as Dr. King and JFK, now he is fancying himself as Abraham Lincoln. He is making his official announcement/introduction in Springfield Illinois. Neither he nor Sen. Biden is from Springfield, yet he making his announcement there. Why??? Because that’s where Honest Abe made his political start. When will someone tell Mr. Oshama that he is not that special and that his 15 minutes were up an hour ago???

  75. Everyone,

    Sorry that it took about 90 minutes but after Amy’s news flash I’ve put up:

    The Exaggerated Sideshow”

    It’s not the final word, just the first 1,100 that came to mind.



  76. Amy,

    Out of curiosity, what VP choice could Obama have made that would have revealed to you that he has some good judgement? That is, what Democrat do you think Obama should have chosen to potentially put a heartbeat away from the presidency?

  77. Wes,
    I am very much aware of the existence of speechwriters for prominent politicians. And yes, when Our Greatest President made that speech, I credited his speechwriter(the name escapes me at the moment) with a grea great line, one which will be quoted for many, many years. I credited Ronaldus with a great delivery.
    I also credited President Reagan with being in total agreement with that demand, and have no doubt whatsoever he spoke from the heart, unlike The Mighty Tinkerbell who reads whatever pablum is put before him.Ronald Reagan spoke from deeply-held principle. Your god has the backbone of a slinky. He was so worn out from dodging and weaving at Saddleback he looked like a two-bit whore on Nickel Night.
    Also, I believe the words ARE the message, if I’m not mistaken.The politicians are responsible for delivering the message in such a way the listeners know the politician believes what he
    is saying.In the future, I would appreciate you not insulting my intelligence,and you can take that condescension and shove it. I mean that in a not-uncivil way.
    I don’t know why you post here. Perhaps the comments at NYT and the Daily Cuss do not challenge you. I think you long to be part of Larry’s Family, but fear becoming unmoored. Please believe me, we will welcome you with open arms and shouts of joy, myself among the first.
    I hope you uncovered your noggin and placed your hand reverently over your heart as you typed Ronaldus Magnus’ name.
    If not, I’ve studied on killin’ you.Uh humm.

  78. Larry, I think you have a good point concerning Pence. I still like Thompson, but I would be happy with Pence.
    And Wes, as far as I am concerned,Tinkerbell is most emphatically NOT,I repeat NOT,patriotic.
    Feel free to spew your self-righteous.indignant,mealy-mouthed horse crap. (I won’t use the vulgar term out of respect for Larry.)
    Big Larry: growing,growing ,growing.
    You have a message which resonates.

  79. Wes,

    Honestly, I’m glad that Oshama picked Sen. Biden because that will make it easier for John McCain to win. I enjoy all of the stupid political decisions Oshama makes because each one is another nail in his coffin. Strategically, I think he should have picked Hilklary because together, they could have slaughtered McCain in the general election. But, since Oshama has a tremendous lack of judgement political or otherwise, he completely contradicted himself and showed the world that his “Hope and Change” mantra was nothing but empty rhetoric. Each day I despise Ohama more and more and each day his gaffes and errors make me laugh a little harder and breathe a little easier. I criticise his VP to show how stupid and uninformed he is, not because I am upset. Quite the contrary, I’m delighted.

    P.S. Wes, you have inspired me to expand my latest blog article. Thanks!!!!

  80. Sling,

    I will address Waterboy Wes for the last time on “The Exaggerated Sideshow”.

    The difference with McCain is the he has experience. If he chooses a VP with a small amount of experience, no big deal.

    If he chooses one with considerable experience, allright as well.

    Obama with no experience, if goes for someone with LESS experience, looks like a bufoon.

    If he chooses someone with MORE experience than he has, he looks small by comparison.

    He just can’t win, but thats what they get for putting a tyro on the ticket.

    Someone with MORE experience also has a provenance that will be dissected.

    I gave it a 90 minute try with “Exaggerated.”

    Believe me, there will be more to follow.

    Keep the faith my brother,


  81. Sister Amy,

    I tried to touch on the Hillary/18 million angle in “Exaggerated.”

    Obama truly needed to throw a bone to the Hillary supporters, more than just the phony fawning at the convention.

    Female voter apathy could truly spell the difference for Obama and I truly believe that they dropped the ball on their pick. An apathetic voter stays home, a disgruntled rather unpredictable..

    Thanks as always,


  82. Pingback: Shentel contracted Alca-Lu for upgradation (USA) ·

  83. Larry,

    You can’t give up on Wes yet. He’s so fun to set straight. A little honey works much better than vinegar.

  84. Amy, just read your new blog post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Hillary. And, uh, your welcome for the inspiration (?).

  85. Sling,

    Before you were saying that your problem with Obama was that he had speech writers. I now understand that you think Obama’s speech writers are fine, you just don’t think Obama believes what he says. (If you don’t like what he says, I supposed this comes as a relief to you). I’m curious whether your sense that Obama is hypocritical comes from a general gut feeling or from some specific cases in which he acted differently from what he said. But I’m happy to leave it here. Except to repeat:

    Senator McCain himself has said that Obama is patriotic. So whatever flawed ability I have to spot patriotism must apply to him also.

  86. “Sling Blade” or should it be “ZING Blade”
    you go boy!!

    I get choked up saying the words “Ronald Reagan”.
    Unknown to most people, Reagan wrote countless memos, essays, and just plain opinions on many things. A lot of his speech-writers used his notes as an outline.
    Most important of all, Reagan never read a speech he didn’t agree with – no matter how PC it would be.
    McCain HAS to say BHO is patriotic – he’s running for office – he can’t just be outright insulting about it.

    I’ve said it before, and here it is again:
    When asked about wearing a lapel flag Obama said “Why??”.
    When ordered to remove the flag from his flight suit by his Vietnamese captors, the beaten, stabbed, and broken McCain replied “…never…”.

    Its hard to define PATRIOTISM.
    But I know when I see it.

  87. Wes,
    I have never stated that I believe Tinkerbell’s speechwriters are fine. As a matter of fact, I believe them to be every bit as vapid as your messiah. As for believing what he reads,I don’t believe this two-headed toad eater believes in anything other than believing he wants power.
    My problem is with morons such as yourself who credit dicksmack with making (supposedly) great speeches when they are prepared for him by someone else.I grow weary with imbeciles claiming he delivers soaring, uplifting rhetoric,the best lines of which were lifted from speeches by everyone from the Greatest President(you know who)to the clown Jimmy Peanut. As usual,Wes, you understand nothing.
    Of course McCain said he was patriotic.What would one expect?That he should behave as one of you liberals and wish he had a brain tumor or be assassinated?
    Let me tell you something boy,I was debating INTELLIGENT men when the best part of you ran down your down Daddy’s leg.
    You may answer this ,but you will receive no reply from me.I shall waste no more time on you,sir.You begin to bore me.
    Tinkerbell is not,Irepeat NOT,patriotic.

  88. Sorry’used one too many “down”s. I hate that.

  89. P.S.
    I defy you or any of your nitwit liberal comrades to render a PLAUSIBLE interpretation of “we are a people of improbable hope”. What unadulterated tripe.

  90. now you did it, Sling.
    Someone is stomping off to tell the teacher you called him “childish names”….tsk tsk tsk.

    BHO is a liar just like Bill Clinton.
    B.HO can make any outrageous statement he wants because he knows the liberal media will never report it, or remind him of it. It will never come back to haunt him.
    Now these American-hating Bolsheviks want to abolish shows like Rush, O’Reily, and Hannity so NO ONE can report the facts on them.
    Why are they so afraid of us holding them to their statements? Their campaign “promises”? Their marraige vows?? (had to slip that in)

    Just for the record, my IQ is waaaay higher than Biden’s (or BHO’s!!).

    PS – I’m guessing Edwards is out as VP choice??


  91. PS – to date, B.Ho’s promises to the UN for money to Africa has exceeded $845 BILLION.
    How many of you know that???

    The little momma’s boy can make all these outrageous promises without worrying about the liberal news media asking HOW he is going to pay for it.

    Biden is actually a good choice for B.Ho. I mean, the boy does need some adult supervision!


  92. Stitch and Sling,

    Wow…tag teaming right here on NLTZ!!

    Nothing like a cage match to bring out the best in the conservatives!!

    Wouldn’t be the first time for us, eh Stitch….

    Thanks guys,


  93. LARRY:



  94. George,

    Just like listening to your vocal stylings.

    A songsmith for the ages.

    Everyone click on George’s link and enjoy his work.

    Thanks as always my friend,



    do you remember Corkey’s line in “Waiting for Guffman”—-when he was upset because the city wouldn’t give him 20k to finance the Blaine , Mo. musical——– ” I’m going to go right home and bite my pillow”
    Think that writer was from the Tinkerbell squad ?


    little discussed reason that the Hope Pope didn’t pick Hillary. Didn’t relish the thought of spending the next 8 years in a bullet proof bomb proof Hummer (not because of the poor gas mileage)

  97. Feckless,

    Wouldn’t it be funny to see a Presidential caravan of about tweleve Prius? Paint them all green as well.

    They’d have to build a sidecar for Hillary though..

    Thanks as always,


  98. Feckless,Welcome to the family!
    Yes,I think he was definitely one of Tinkerbell’s closest soulmate’s.Probably crawling around in his underwear.

  99. So according to Sling, McCain said that Obama is patriotic because for McCain to say otherwise would be for him to act like a liberal. And then Sling did exactly what he said liberals do, calling Obama unpatriotic. Hmmm . . .

    Feckless, I’m not in Senator Obama’s (or anyone else’s) squad. Actually, I’m leaning towards voting for Senator McCain. There are, however, many issues on which I disagree with both McCain and Obama. There are also a few issues on which I personally think Obama is better than McCain.

    Some people on this blog seem to think that you have to be mortally opposed to everything Obama and spend your time insulting him personally and calling him names, and if you don’t do that then Obama must be your messiah and closest soul mate. I am in the huge amount of space that’s between those two extremes.

    The truth is, there is not candidate in this election that really matches up with my ideals. When people here turn their attention more to the issues I find that I’m not alone on this blog in that regard.

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