Draft Hillary

With tongue planted firmly against my right cheek, (which other cheek would I use?), I would like to forward the following series of scenarios. Just as the Democratic Party begins its “Sham-a-lama (for) ding dongs” in Denver, I propose that John McCain publicly ask Hillary Rodham Clinton to be his choice for Vice President before the Republican convention in Minneapolis, preferably on the last night of the Democratic charade. Please do not ask me if I have lost my mind. Here is what I see transpiring were that to take place.

Regardless of the media’s coverage or lack there of, the Hillary supporters have to feel completely abandoned and humiliated. When the Obama “whip squads”, authorized and approved of by Hillary herself, take to the floor in Denver, that should be the last straw. The Hillary supporters probably feel about as disenchanted as the blacks should feel after decades of the liberal “affirmative action condescension” among other things, but for reasons unknown, the vast majority of blacks are still clinging to their Democratic enablers. Before the decades slip by, it could be time to transform the women of America into a political force that could rival what the “Solid South” used to be, this time for the Republican Party.

Eighteen million. Hillary garnered eighteen million votes in the primary. What percentage of them will mindlessly follow the liberal leadership and what percentage of them has become genuinely “undecided” due to the “manhandling” of their candidate? There has to be a number of Hillary supporters who have probably become involved in the political arena because of what Hillary “represents” to them. The liberals have just told them, “No women or their supporters allowed.” No matter what the liberal caliphate does during their Hajj in Denver, this will not satisfy those who constantly demand “more” as all splinter groups weaned upon the “Democratic separatist movement” invariably do.

The move guarantees that the “bipartisan/reach across the aisle” hokum label can never be used by the Obamazombies who reflexively point to the miniscule number of bills that he has sponsored during his almost four year internship in the Senate. McCain can just point to Hillary and say, “Bipartisan? Try exclusionary. Try discriminatory”

Don’t worry, she won’t take the offer. She just CAN’T take the offer. That is the beauty of it. She would have to leave her seat in the Senate, she would have to “back out” of her “arrangement” with Obama and she would have to literally be viewed as a “Republicrat” (like her sisters Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins..) so she would NEVER accept. She would have to sign on to the Republican platform and her Democratic career would forever be over. As the Vice President, all that she would do is attend some funerals and bang the gavel once in a while in the Senate. That is no where near enough power for her to consider taking the risk of running with a Republican. The symbolic nature of “the offer” from the McCain standpoint is all that he needs.

The media would wet themselves. She would resume the mantle of “media darling” and she would then be cast as “The Comeback Kid” just as Bill was. Her supporters would again be energized and the first thing that will cross their minds is that Senator “O’Change” went back to the old “White Male Elitist” club to find his Vice-President. The Obama people will have no choice but to begin spinning faster than a centrifuge. Hillary’s potential effectiveness as an Obama campaigner from that point forward will be null and void. They won’t call her and she won’t ask them. The Democrats will forever look at her sideways thinking that this is a “deal” that SHE negotiated. Her political career, even in the state of New York, where they will vote for anyone, will be over. Her eighteen million supporters will begin taking an altogether different look at John McCain. Win, win, and win.

McCain can then make heavy weather of the choice of Hillary as his running mate. She will then decline. If she does so gracefully, McCain will benefit all the more. If she does so gracelessly, (“This is nothing more than a campaign stunt by a desperate John McCain..”, etc.) she further sullies her future political image and the sensible that supported her will disappear from her side faster than $harpton does when the dinner check arrives.. Remember, the Hillary supporters have by now already given up on the Democrats as “hopeless misogynists”, any redaction or recanting by Hillary, claiming that Obama is somehow “fair to women”, again flies back into her face as it looks as though it was all just a “power grab” for her and not about the “unfairness” of it all..

McCain can then effortlessly turn to another Republican female candidate and the deed is done. About the biggest “down side” to the scenario is that McCain would almost HAVE to pick a female VP, unless the candidate herself publicly says that she does not want to be the Vice President. “Down side” in this case means that normally, it is the liberals who are all about limiting choices and being exclusionary. McCain can then hold any number of “Women’s Forums” and town hall meetings just to ask for their advice and approval, thus laying claim to being genuinely “inclusive”.

Meanwhile, Obama, the man Biden said, “was not ready” during the debates, (Note to candidates who are considering running for any office in the foreseeable future: Do NOT choose your running mate from the field of candidates who ran in the primaries. You automatically give the opposition belts of pre loaded ammunition..) has to figure out how to acquire multiple millions of “undecided” voters to make up for the loss of the nations women. This then exacerbates his phony “Centrist Deception” which infuriates the unsanitary base of the liberal left. His apologies and fawning to the extreme left can then be used by McCain to correctly portray Obama as an ultra liberal. Obama will need Dramamine when it is all said and done and he can either join the last liberal loser back in the Senate or he can start working on his documentary in the category of “Best Science Fiction Fallacy” as he goes in search of his undeserved Oscar.

How is that for a “bounce” going into the Republican convention…


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  1. bean,

    Are you from the “Little Egypt” area? Love Carbondale, Cairo, etc..

    I threw “Draft Hillary” on the front page. Just for the sheer humor of seeing the liberals all turning somersaults and cartwheels.

    Some of the scenarios are incredibly humorous..

    Hasn’t she always been a YANKEE fan? That’s enough to make you want to hate her right there..

    Thanks as always,


  2. bean,

    Sorry this was supposed to go to The Exaggerated Sideshow”.

    Sorry about that..


  3. Whether or not McCain even symbolically asks Hillary to be VP, he almost has to ask a female for his VP just because of the Oshama-Hillary debacle. I think a sizable contingent of Hillary’s supporters will support and vote for McCain regardless of his VP (out of spite for the Democrats), but having a female VP will score beaucoup points with Hillary’s undecided supporters. If John McCain can garner Hillary’s 18 million voters, he will win by a landslide. Let’s pray that he makes the right decisions. Whatever John McCain does, he just better not do it solely to win votes.

  4. Sister Amy,

    That’s the point. There has to be a feeling that the Hillary people would get seeing a Liddy Dole on the ticket.

    She is no throw away, no sham. Whether or not it comes off as “solely winning votes” is a matter for conjecture. In the end, it IS all about winning votes, whoever gets the most wins.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Larry,

    True. I do realise that the whole idea of campaigning for office is to win votes, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. The roght way is to appeal to those hold the same values as you do, with sincerity. The wrong way is to try to appeal to every group you meet by saying what you think they want to hear — whether you believe what you are saying or not. With that said, John McCain needs to pick a person he believes will be the best person for the job, not just bring him to victory in November.

  6. Sister Amy,

    Don’t find yourself believing in politicians too much..

    The first eight words of the article should quell your worries.


  7. Fun’s fun, but when the laughter dies down, let’s not overlook Condoleezza Rice for the job, my friends. She has selflessly done far more than a yeoman’s job with very, very little of the recognition, fanfare or credit which I think she justly deserves. She has accidentally met with more world leaders on critical issues than NObama and Bidentime have on purpose, and she no doubt speaks and comprehends more languages than these two together can probably spell.

    I would love to see her tear old Joey a new one in a Vice Presidential Debate, wouldn’t you? “Hey Joey, doesn’t she “clean up good” for an African-American? NObama might let a slight something like that slide because he needs to hide behind your Washington tenure, but I dare you to say something that unbelievably crass to Condoleezza’s face.

    If it’s a woman we want to fill the position, I can’t think of another from the Party who has carried herself forward with more intelligence, focus or grace. She’ll probably say “Hell No!” without too much hesitation, but with everything she has done for our nation, she more than deserves the first right of refusal.

    From way out here on the western edge of the Socialist blue NObamadot called Chicago,


    BTW: Once Condy says “NO!” if we can’t decide on anyone else…. GO FRED!!!

  8. bean,

    I had asked for a listing of other female candidates along with their merits. Thanks for pitching in.

    The point being that there are a number of them and they deserve to be vetted if they want the spot.

    Love Chicago, Ed Debevik’s, Michigan Avenue, Wrigley Field. Buckingham fountain.. the list goes on and 0n…

    Thanks as always,


  9. Larry, I LOVE the way you think! And I totally agree with Beanhead. Condy is truly inspiring to me. I don’t know that McCain picking a female VP candidate would help him win the election, but picking someone like Condoleeza Rice, or Colin Powell (I know, I know — he’s not interested — just proves how intelligent he really is) would make McCain look brilliant. I don’t name those two because of their race. I name them because they are two politic figures I totally respect; they’re the ones who come immediately to mind when someone asks me who I think would make a good Prez or VP. (Not that anyone asks me that very often … I am *blonde* after all. What do I know? ;-D )

    Unfortunately, this is the first time I’ve been truly interested in the political race for President. Yeah, I’m very late to the party, but I finally got here. But, being a late-comer, I’m not well versed in what female leaders in this country would make a good running mate for McCain — ‘specially when you throw in the [minor?] detail that the VP *could* become President in some tragic turn of events.

    Condy would handle that with grace and strength.

  10. I love the idea of a McCain-Clinton ticket. He’s always claimed that he’s been reaching across the aisle, now he can put his money where his mouth is (which is more than Oshama can say) and have a public display of truth. Oh yes, that would kill Hillary’s career, and doom the Oshama run for the White House, no matter if she says yes or no.

  11. Better be careful for what you wish for. Although it would be hillarious, what if she accepted. This woman wants to be President, and she doesn’t care how. McCain is 72, and could easily fall down some steps, walk in front of a moving vehicle, or some other “accident”, or he could possibly die of old age. Then look at who would become President. If McCain was smart, he would beg Condi Rice to be his running mate. A woman, better than that, a black woman, and someone who would add the the party, and I think is a true Conservative

  12. The thought of a McCain/Clinton ticket is wickedly clever.
    Expanding on the Limbaugh efforts to keep Hillary competitive in the primaries, this team would provide America with an opportunity to do something it judiciously avoids: thinking!
    Dr. Dave

  13. I said it WAY back when it was first obvious McCain was going to be the nominee: his very best option is Condi, regardless of her feelings on the matter.

    What on earth could the Dems possible say (other than calling her an ‘Aunt Tom’) about the horrible, slavery-loving, racist Republicans if their VP nominee was not only black, but a woman. We could win the disenfranchised ‘angry feminist’ vote, perhaps take more than 1/15 of the black vote and have fun watching liberals squirm.

    McCain/Rice 08.

  14. Rice for VP… seriously.

  15. Queen “Lights out” Pelosi has graciously approved Barrack Hussein Obama’s choice if Vice President in Joe Biden by charterizing him as the “full package.” Having been familiar with a cattle ranch, plus the usual Demo terms of politics, I’ll leave that term to you. “No Drill Pelosi” thought that Biden, having critized Onobama in the past, is a tribute to the “Chosen One” in the O’s not choosing a “yes” man. Oh no? Biden is Chatholic. Obamanausea is pro-abortion.The Church is calling for Biden not to take Communion… we’ll see how far this gets.

    Obama, according to campaign staff, “feels” (a typically Left phraseology) Biden would be a better fit at this time. Obvioulsy he feels Clinton’s fit would be back in the Senate in her comfy chair or ideally, out of politics as a threat to him. Still the backers of the “Young One” (he was twelve years old when Biden and Sen. Howard Dean were elected to the Senate) trumpet Biden as being an “independent guy” and, Biden will tell the “president” what he needs to know even if he doesn’t want to hear it… Oh thank God, and for a while there I thought we were in peril. On second thought, if Joe Biden’s so much smarter than Demo’s illustrious protege, why don’t they run him for president!

    I agree with BEANHEAD. Condoleeza Rice has served faithfully, intelligently and strongly for our nation during her tenure. But I think if the American people, the American voters, can look no further than color of skin, political party or their sex, we are all “racists” in the strictest sense of the word, no matter the party or extremism.

  16. Most conservatives would freak, but Rush would assure us this is only a ploy—a logical extension of Operation Chaos. Hillary could not possibly accept.

    McCain would get even more Hillary voters, and cement it by choosing Hutchison, Rice, or Palin. The only problem is that I’m not sure McCain could make the offer to Hillary with a straight face, since this would be a clever ploy.

    He’d never do something this diabolical, anyway—would he?

  17. Larry,
    beanhead54 is right. Condie Rice is a great choice for VP.
    Pragmatically Condie has a one, two punch. Woman AND African American.
    Realistically, Condie is Experienced, Poised, Well Spoken, Intelligent and whilst part of the Bush Administration is not a Negative part, nor is she supposed to be “touched by the Corruption”
    Condie, would have made a Great Candidate. She’s been NSA, and Sec of State. Wow.
    I WOULD Vote for her.

  18. AnnieLiz,

    Nothing wrong with blondes, your points are without flaw.

    Thanks for contributing to the site,


  19. G.,

    The delicious irony is that the whole scenario would be a complete diaster for the Democrats.

    Condi would be incredible, but I wonder if it is something that she could be talked into..

    Thanks as always,


  20. Frankie,

    It isn’t a wish, its a scenario.

    I think Cindy McCain could take Hillary if she tried to shove him under the bus…

    Thanks as always,


  21. Without mentioning which party he would be running in, ask anyone, liberal or conservative, what they would think if in January 2009 Colin Powell was President Powell.
    I bet they would smile.
    Powell defines “Leadership”.
    But, he already said he would never run for office.
    Condi Rice said the same thing.
    Too bad they’re not Democrats. They could still run no matter what they said last week. After all, who’s going to report them? And, everyone is use to a Democrat lying through their teeth.

    Powell/Rice….Rice/Powell…. take your pick. Either way WHAT A TICKET!

    But, alas, the bread is in the oven. But maybe, just maybe, someone can convince Rice to run as VP. That would be a clincher. I think the polls would immediately jump to 60% McCain, <40% whats-his-name…


    (PS – nice article kid…..you keep writin gooder all the time).

  22. Dr. Dave,

    God bless you for seeing the irony..

    I was trying to ladle it on as thickly as I possibly could..

    Nothing like putting Hillary into a no win situation..

    Thanks as always for your contributions to NLTZ,


  23. DanL,

    It would be a very good ticket, but she has the final say and I am not sure that she would accept.

    I don’t think that McCain would ask in public without clearing it with her prior..

    Lets wait and see..

    Thanks as always,


  24. Redbone,

    I’m in..

    Lets rock.


  25. Windrider,

    Isn’t it unusual that Obama was in as bad of a “no win” situation as Hillary would be if she were to be part of my scenario?

    If he chose someone with less experience, he would have been wrong.

    He chose someone with more experience, so the “change” thing becomes almost moot.

    When your candidate can’t make a decision that cannot possibly be cast in a bad light regardless of the direction by the opposition, then that means that you have selected the WRONG CANDIDATE FOR THE PRESIDENCY.

    Put McCain in the Obama slot.

    An inexperienced VP choice has little impact. An experienced one is a positive addition.

    If Biden’s experience is so important, then Obama is nothing more than a figurehead. (Please be careful how you pronounce and spell that word…)

    Thanks as always,


  26. Monnie,

    Hillary could not possibly accept.

    Having to either accept or deny the offer puts the domino effect of the scenario into play!

    It can’t miss.

    Thanks as always,


  27. red5llaw,

    I would too.

    Who can we call??

    Thanks for your comment,


  28. Stitch,

    It would be great if someone had the magic key to make Condi sign on.

    Powell is unquestionably a great leader as well, by any reasonable definiton of the term.

    Can you imagine a Rice/Biden debate?

    Gooder is my goal, kid.

    Thanks for always being there,


  29. red…

    “Pragmatically Condie has a one, two punch. Woman AND African American.”

    …With respect, that’s the last thing to cross my thoughts… the VP being a she and the she being black. CR is one of very few human beings I’d trust the reigns of this nation to. Her 1 – 2 punch is guts and brains applied in the appropriate order any given situation demanded.

    Politically (if anything) it’s a boneheadedly obvious move. Realistically, I too feel it’s the best choice McCain could make.

    After watching Donnie and Marie in Denver at the DNC convention however, I’m not too sure what to think… These people are made for TV! “The Obama’s”… starring, The Obama’s… where life is happy all the time 🙂

    Please don’t pass the kool aide.

  30. Redbone,

    We can see how obvious a move it would be as “outsiders”, but sometimes the “insiders” do things for reasons that they never feel compelled to pass on to us.

    I just think that it is something that she doesn’t want.

    I hope that the McCain crew with a little help from Dubya could convince her..

    That announcement on Thursday or Friday would literally cinch the game..

    Thanks as always,


  31. “Her political career, even in the state of New York, where they will vote for anyone, will be over. ”

    ….being from the lovely state of NY (a place I love dearly except for its government )….one can only hope. I, for one, did not vote for the woman and since she’s abandoned her post to pursue the lofty position of POTUS….after “promising” us she only wanted to be our senator….hopefully the knuckleheads that voted her in will not repeat the error! But…if it take McCain offering her the VP slot to get that done….I say DO IT JOHN!!! 😉

  32. What a capital idea! I LOVE it! Of course we all know that it’s one of those ‘too good to be true’ things, but hey, we can dream can’t we?

    As for Condi, I’m in that line, too. She has said she doesn’t want to be in politics any more, but I really believe she would do a good job.. someone needs to find her soft spot and do a little arm twisting.

    Larry, I’ve been reading your columns for a while now, and enjoying them immensely. I expect to see them in a major outlet one of these days. You are a lot better than some of those clowns that Human Events has spouting drivel. I’ll take you over Pat Buchanan and his diatribes any day! Keep up the good work!

  33. Blue State Blues- RWG

    Don’t discount the possibility that Hillary would accept. First, the Clintons would love to smack down the Obama’s with a thunderous assault. Second, now don’t laugh, Hillary has many conservative characteristics. Remember that she was a Goldwater conservative.
    Forget Condi. She does not resonate with Blacks or Women. She won’t help in that way and she brings Bush back in to the picture. Kay Hutchinson is a better choice if we agree that it has to be a woman of substance.

  34. McCain has a few female choices …Condoleza Rice, Kay Baily Hutchison, Sarah Palin (though she brings possible baggage with the scandal she’s dealing with in Alaska)
    Bottom line he has some excellent possible VP choices across the board, he doesn’t need to settle for anyone.

  35. Larry,

    I LOVE it!! I love the idea and more importantly that she (Clinton, of course) wouldn’t accept! It’s a win win for everyone!

    I also love the idea of Condi Rice as VP. I think she’s a brilliant woman who would be great at it. Plus you’d hear the liberals painful howl all over the country.

    Thanks for the great plan Larryand please keep the great articles comin!


  36. Head on over to my blog for my trite analysis of Michelle Obama’s speech from the DNC lastnight.

  37. I just figured something out. With all the Liberals’ banter about how McCain will not win because his Presidency would be the equivalent of four more years of Bush, I have realised something. The reason Al Gore lost in 2000 was that the American people did not want four more years of Clinton. The Dhimmicrats need to keep that one in mind next time they cry that Bush “stole” the election.

  38. I’m from Denver and I honestly can’t take this constant Obama nation crap anymore. If there was any way to keep that Marxist creep out of the white house… I say anything goes. This is one of the greatest ideas yet. The irony is so sweet! An editorial cartoon showed Obama picking McCain as his VP since they agree on nearly everything, Ha what a reverse of fortunes to sting that Marxist behind!

  39. Blue State Blues- RWG

    I’m with you friend. It isn’t bad enough that there are 20,000 MSM types covering this convention and giving the Marxists FREE advertising to peddle their propaganda, we then have to add the shock of hearing our conservative pundits (Rush, Laura, Smerconish) saying that Mrs. Obama gave a good speech. Excuse me, but that is analogous to giving OJ a chance to rehab himself on the national stage and then have the Brown and Goldman families say “yea, maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy after all”. Mrs. Obama is a racist who doesn’t really like White people or America and has lead a privileged life at the expense of tax payers. She has exposed her true nature on numerous occasions and now comes on the air to try to sell us on her family values and off of her radical, anti-American persona. And everyone but Glen Beck is giving her a pass.

  40. I’m not giving Michelle Obama a free pass!!! Check out my blog (click the link on my name).

  41. Sil,

    Perhaps I should have said that the citizens of NYC will vote for anyone, look at Bloomberg..

    It would be funny to see the wheels spinning and falling off of the liberal machine..

    Thanks as always,


  42. T,

    Wow. Can we start a petition drive? Human Events, part od Eagle Publishing, is a tough nut to crack. Believe me, I’ve tried..

    If I didn’t work so damn much, I would love to haunt the radio talk shows in the hopes of drumming up some extra subscribers. I need someone with day-time on their hands. I suppose..

    I truly appreciate your kind words.

    I agree that the overall “tone” at Human Events has changed..

    Maybe someday my friend.

    Thanks again,


  43. RWG,

    All good points.

    HRC was a Goldy Girl, back when it was expedient and she was trying to impress her father. That weather vane atop the Clinton double wide library is there for a reason..

    Kay Bailey would be a good choice as well.

    My friend, it would appear just a little to POLITICALLY EXPEDIENT for her to accept.
    She just simply couldn’t do it.

    I think that it would be fun to watch. I would even “float” the story before the end of the Democratic convention to REALLY heat up her delegation..

    Thanks as always,


  44. James,

    So true and no matter who he picks, no one will be able to question them to the degree that ANY choice from Obama has to face.

    Thanks as always,


  45. Elisabeth,

    You have my word…

    Thanks for your comments,


  46. Sister Amy,

    The reason Al lost is because Carville couldn’t keep the bolts in Gore’s neck tight enough..

    Not enough electrical storms.


  47. JBhobo,

    I think that we should email everyone with a link to the story, especially anyone in Denver.

    It would be great to hear one of the radio kings forwarding the “idea”..

    I wish that I had the time.

    Thanks as always,


    P.S. Any more word from your son? How is his “JBhobo reparations” going??

  48. RWG,


    I didn’t see a second of the convention, still haven’t, rehab work after regular work..

    Tell me Laura, etc. gave it the thumbs up..

    You had to know that they were going to continue “Operation Fake-em-out”, now going full tilt.

    It would appear that the looming spectre of “Racism” is causing the conservatives to blink.



  49. Blue State Blues- RWG

    I went on your site. Great work! We need more people like you and Larry doing the heavy lifting.
    I had to fight my way through reading that speech again. How obviously pandering can you get. Reading it, and your great comments, just reinforces my surprise that so many conservative pundits gave her a pass. And, I have to say, that she is a very scary woman. Even when she smiles, there is something very sinister about her looks. I can just imagine her slapping Barry, oops, I mean Barrack, around the kitchen a few times for not eating his veggies.
    By the way, do you think that Barrack actually quit smoking or did the media just decide not to photograph him smoking any more? Why is it that, as long as your a Leftie, you can smoke, pollute, discriminate, steal and commit murder with impunity?

  50. RWG,

    I’m sorry you had to suffer through MO’s speech again. I just had to include the quotes to pick her apart and have context (so some Liberal whiner can’t come back and tell me that I took her statements out of context). I almost did the whole speech, but that was too painful for me. That post took me an hour (with smoke breaks). As far as the Socialist hypocrites on the Left go, they feel that THEY can do anything they want to but YOU can’t. They feel that they are above the rules that they themselves make. They know how oppressive their rules are, that’s why they can’t follow them themselves.

  51. Larry,
    Excellent idea.
    Loved your Thought of the Day.You do me honor,sir. I must say you took a kernel of thought and improved upon it greatly.
    I subscribe to Human Events,NR, AmSpec,Weekly Standard,and various weblogs.I enjoy reading your and Ann Coulter’s,and Tyrell’s column with equal enjoyment. In my humble opinion, that puts you in rarified company.Your taking what must be becoming a not – inconsiderable amount of time answering your reader’s comments is a rare thing indeed,and I am sure it is as deeply appreciated by the rest of the Family asa it is by me.
    This is off-topic. I saw a commercial this evening by the Surge Veterans. Excellent. I believe they MUST step forward,once again.The Mighty Tinkerbell wished them to spend the rest of their lives listening to a rag-headed rabble boasting of kicking their ass,the same fate visited on our valorous Viet Nam veterans by the same gutless,treasonous Democrat party unparalleled in treachery.How fitting they shall hopefully take a part in the political defeat of this reprehensible fake.
    This SCURRILOUS REPROBATE may consider himself MOST FORTUNATE he is a devoted reader of this column,and therefore a BROTHER and part of our Family,or I would be left with NO CHOICE but to DEMAND SATISFACTION from this CHURLISH LOUT!!!!!

  52. Sling,

    Where to start, my friend..

    First, for you to place me with AC and Emmett Tyrell (His “The Liberal Crack Up” is a classic) (I even had a comment printed in the American Spectator, I still have the issue!!) is the highest of praise. I hope that I never do anything to change your opinion of my writing..

    I can already hear the limp wristed cries of the Obama people as relates to the surge vets…”Swift Boat”.. Bottom line: John O’Neill was RIGHT.

    On to bean.. we love brother bean. Chicago is a great place, politics aside..

    Get you a quilt, have some biscuits and mustard and get ready for your Bible lesson..

    Maybe we’ll go play football with the Burnett twins..they’re no good either

    Keep the faith, my brother.


  53. Larry,
    The quilt was a little hot,so I’m down to my undies and bathrobe.
    If Bean doesn’t attack me soon,I will be extremely disappointed. I have my rubber bands and wet noodles locked and loaded.

  54. And I left out some important points in my first epistle,so here they are:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take that.

  55. Larry…

    “I just think that it is something that she dosen’t want.

    I hope that the McCain crew with a little help from Dubya could convince her..”

    She does not want it… there are no truly great Americans left ‘in their right minds’ which would. That’s the crying shame. Please keep up the great work!


    “Forget Condi. She does not resonate with Blacks or Women. She won’t help in that way and she brings Bush back in to the picture. Kay Hutchinson is a better choice if we agree that it has to be a woman of substance.”

    One can always dream, no? I’d rather see her on top of the ticket. Does not matter one whit that she resonates not with blacks (90+% obama anyway… no, this race has nothing to do with race) or women (sex means nothing to me… wait, did I just say that?) Condi simply would make a fabulous POTUS or VPOTUS IMO. Such a shame her mind is made up… I will happily take Kay over Mitt anyday though I fear the latter.

    Also… Bush is the only picture with which the Dums have to work what with the Bush/McCain ticket in charge for the past 8 years. Who was that Cheney fellow again?


    Can you hear the chanting masses now… “No Free Pass, No Free Pass… I like it much more than “Yes We Can” cause “No We Can’t”!

  56. Redbone,

    “No Free Pass”..

    On the surface, that sounds great but here is how the “loyal opposition” can get the maximum mileage out of it.

    Lets direct that salvo straight towards the “S.S. Impartial”, the flotilla of the media.

    If we can constantly refer to the rediculous fawning that passes as “media coverage” of O’Carter, some of them might become offended because in their black hearts, they believe that they are impartial. There is a chance that some may consider it a point of professional pride to at least make an attempt or two at impartiality..

    Be on the lookout, I will be working on “Pantsuit Moot” when I get back home today at 3PM CST.. I finally found a transcript of the speech from last night.

    Thanks as always my friend,


  57. The problem with choosing Condi, experienced as she is, is that she’s far too close to President Bush. Senator McCain is trying to show that he is something different from our current, unpopular, president.

    A woman VP candidate who hasn’t gotten much (or any?) press mention but who I think could be fantastic:

    Jodi Rell, governor of Connecticut

    Rell done some stellar work starting to get the state’s finances in order. She cleaned up the ethics mess left by her predecessor. She has executive experience in a field of three other senators. She was elected with 64% of the vote, despite being a Republican in a blue state. And she has many of the better qualities that Hillary has without, you know, having Hillary’s husband or policies.

  58. Stay tuned for my skewering of Hillary’s speech. Hey Wes, you’ll love it!! I say some nice things about Hillary and some not-so-nice ones about John McCain. Check out my blog (click the link on my name).

  59. It is finished!!! Finally!!! Please read my skewering of Hillary’s speech. Hey Wes, you’ll love it!! I say some nice things about Hillary and some not-so-nice ones about John McCain. Check out my blog (click the link on my name).

  60. “If we can constantly refer to the rediculous fawning that passes as “media coverage” of O’Carter, some of them might become offended because in their black hearts, they believe that they are impartial.”

    God forbid we would offend anyone so far from impartial with TRUTH. Perhaps it’s we who need to look in the mirror. See all the Dums protesting their own convention? Why is it that respectable people do not organize as well as the black hearted?

    Looking forward to Pantsuit Moot! Be well always…

    wes… I voted for Jodi way back when, great person but no national exposure I am aware of. Understood than McCain is trying to get far away from GWB, good politics and less ammo for “them” but damn… Condi is just so strong! Hope springs eternal or perhaps it’s just the pain meds in me (shattered right ankle fly fishing a week ago… awaiting surgery, thus my “3:00 AM” postings, heh, heh).

    Beware the rockfish 🙂

  61. Sarah Palin, first choice. Condi, second. But isn’t it safe to assume that he has already made his pick? I mean, come on, the convention starts next Monday!

  62. Blue State Blues- RWG

    Apparently McCain will announce his pick on Friday at a planned event. Let’s go off the board with a dark horse pick; Carlie Fiorina. I know McCain loves her smarts. And he needs someone with kind of energy and determination. Definitely a low percentage pick but I like and admire her.

  63. Redbone,

    Take care of yourself.

    No matter how many meds you may be on, you make more sense than any liberal ever could..

    Thanks as always,


  64. Rick2,

    I’d say its done.

    Both parties were amazingly tight lipped, not a peep about either choice prior to the unveiling.

    We shall see.

    Thanks as always,


  65. RWG,

    Fiorina is already a McCain adviser so I think that its not that much of a stretch.

    Anyone is better than Biden..

    By the way, wasn’t it great to see Biden’s hair waving with greater enthusiasm than Joe last night?

    Thanks as always,


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