Pantsuit Moot

The deal is done, the fix is in and Old Red Nose couldn’t contain himself. All must now be well within the aromatic liberal commune in Denver because the Queen of Tarts has said that it is so. As they brayed and whinnied, the cathartic primal scream of the assembled harridans has now released Barack O’Carter to run for the office he is patently unqualified for. O’Carter couldn’t make it to the speech as it was past his curfew, he was already in his Pol Pot pajamas and his chaperone had just read him his bed time story from “The Little Red Book.”

Just for old times sake, they decided to “pimp out” Chelsea one more time. Oh well, at least she doesn’t look like Amy Carter, who during the “Malaise Days”, bore a striking resemblance a science experiment gone wrong, which on second thought, would have made her one of the most attractive gals in the room had she been in Denver last night..

Resplendent in her orange pantsuit, the Harpy of Hypocrisy mounted the stage in front of her strange looking and catatonic constituents. During her introduction to her stem-winder, we were all told that she was a “proud mother”, a “proud Senator from New York” and a “proud Democrat.” She never got around to saying that she was a “proud wife”..

Unfortunately, she continued on with that dial tone, school librarian intonation vibrating within her corpulent cheeks. May I point out just a few of the gems?

“The time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose..” That single purpose is the unleashing of the liberal ‘final solution” upon America.

“Parents balancing work and family..” This balance thing in the liberal subculture is defined as “the less you work, the bigger your family should be.”

“ suffer through more failed leadership.” That entire convention hall was brimming with “failed leadership.” Biden, Obama (absent with a note from his parents.) and Clinton just to name a few. These are the members who are part of the governmental body that is supposed to “end suffering.” With the liberals it is all about “identifying suffering, then magnifying the suffering while spreading it around “equally” to everyone except the liberal caliphate, otherwise known as “the privileged few” within the Clinton lexicon.

“I will always be grateful to everyone from all 50 states..” Someone needs to get this information to Obama. He must have been dozing off in geography class last semester when they asked, “True or false, the United States consists of 57 states..”

..”together we made history.” It is not the kind of history anyone would want to be remembered for. Then again, Rodham is not your typical narcissist. It’s the type of “history” reserved for people like Joseph Hazelwood, for example.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, lost jobs, houses gone, falling wages, rising prices..” Here we have the standard liberal lachrymose laundry list. For the last eight years, the Democrats like Obama, Biden and Clinton have sat idly by and allowed things to disintegrate so horribly or in a number of cases, they have done the handy work themselves.

“..the promise of America..” Hillary views that promise to America with the same sincerity as Bill’s “promise” to her on their wedding day.

“green collar jobs..” In looking around the convention hall last night, all that I saw were brown collars. The green collar was in Montana..

“..from ending discrimination..” You heard it here first, the liberals want to end affirmative action!

“..his or her God given potential..” “God” in this case is the liberal government and its interpretations as to who is allowed to participate in the American Dream after all of the quotas and set asides are “fairly” implemented by the liberal discriminators.

“Were you in this campaign just for me..” I’ll complete that for her.. “BECAUSE I WAS.”

..”the problems of global warming by giving windfall profits to the oil companies..” Rodham conveniently forgets to mention the “windfall profits” raked in by the government due to the ridiculous amount of taxes (the liberal aphrodisiac) placed upon each gallon of gasoline.

“..on the strength and vitality of the middle class..” Every four years or so, the leftists prattle on about this “strength and vitality..” It is those times in between where they actively target the middle class with their tax manacles that makes me call the veracity of that humorously recurring statement into question.

For example: I have added the first two words, Rodham supplied the rest. Dear Santa, “Just think of what America will be as we transform our economy, create millions of jobs, build a strong base for economic growth and shared prosperity, get middle class families the tax relief that they deserve..” “shared prosperity”? (Communism) “tax relief” Aren’t the liberals the ones that want to remove the Bush tax cuts?

Just how many outright lies and falsifications can the assembled Democrats absorb without bursting? The MO’ASS (Mother Of All Socialist Sycophants) constantly squealed for health care for every living American. The fifty or so references to “health care” is just her nauseating job application for the new “Health Care Collectivist” under the O’Carter administration. That’s the “deal”. Barack seems to be as smart as Bill was. Let Hillary wreck the economy and the entire health care system that way SHE gets all the blame. This appears to be the smartest move that Obama has made to date.

“..end the war in Iraq responsibly..” THAT is how they will slither out from their commitment to the “End it Now” cowards within the liberal sub culture. One word gives them all the wiggle room necessary, the uber kooks just aren’t quick enough to pick up on it..

“..equal opportunity for all and the common good..” Does the Rodham “suspended” campaign still have to send royalty checks to who ever owns the rights to the Communist Manifesto? It’s probably another liberal so, sue her..

“ daughter got to vote for her mother for president..” And now she is going to be voting for McCain..

“So how do we give this country back to them?” With the left, it’s always about “giving” never “earning” anything.

“Think about the choices your parents and grandparents made..” Think about the fact that you are here because your parents didn’t sign on with the liberal “choices” involving rubber aprons, ice tongs and saline solutions.. Ponder this Rodham, you and your friends since 1973 have terminated at least ten million “potential” female voters. That would have certainly put you over the top. Don’t tell me about the “genocide” in Darfur when you so enthusiastically promote the genocide of abortion. Mull that over as you take naps and drool on Chuck Schumer’s shoulder for the rest of your political life..

“Change”, eh? What that means to the rest of us is if Barack O’Carter and Hans Weimann manage to steal the upcoming election, that’s all that you will have left on Friday afternoon when they get done with your paycheck..

At least now, Rodham can go back to the Senate where her complete ineptitude has led to this catastrophic economy that she was barking about.

The two charlatans that now head the ticket for the Hammer and Sickle Party are also members of the deliberative body that oversaw this “nationwide epidemic.” They did such a good job of staving off this economic disaster as Senators that they feel completely at ease asking for the right to run the whole candy store and a group of caterwauling inbred imbeciles in Denver don’t see any problem with that at all..

For good measure, since it proved so successful during her spontaneously combusting campaign, she trotted out the “thirty five years of experience” fantasy. With the last ridiculous recitation of this “thirty five years” sophistry, couldn’t we just send off this insufferable political plague to the dustbin of “imaginary” history?


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  1. First off “Harpy of Hypocrisy” is a classic funny! I LoLed.

    Good stuff as usual. One bit you left out in Bilary’s list of Prides is ‘Proud American’, which I imagine was a little stab a Michelle Obama, who was looking (and sounding) a bit less Black Panther and a bit more Aunt Jemima. If I hadn’t seen her prior to her makeover and wrangling, I’d actually think she was a pretty decent person from her performance at the Con.

    Still, I was completely underwhelmed by Hilary’s speech. Fine writing, but her delivery was corpse-like and you could almost smell her seething, “I’m-only-doing-this-because-I-need-some-money” musk through the TV.

  2. BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton nominates Barack Obama by acclamation. John McCain has this election in the bag.

  3. Larry,

    You blew my commentary right out of the water!!! We each had a slightly different take on some of her points, but we both skewered her. I think I got her left toe, but you went for the jugular. My husband does not like me during election season because my claws come out and I write like a word that rhymes with “witch”. Writing my commentary was painful. I almost gave up a few times, but whatever doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Is McCain prez yet???

  4. DanL,

    Nice catch.

    Thanks for yor contribution,


  5. I was actually worried about the results of this election, until the Democrats started talking. Natural order is now restoring itself, I think.

  6. Sister Amy,

    I’m sure that you are still in the water, don’t sell yourself short..

    Painful? No such thing. It’s all “positive reinforcement” as far as I am concerned..

    Stay the course,


  7. DanL,


    “Political Darwinism” rules!!!

    Thanks as always,


  8. One thing that I have learned about Hillary Clinton throughout this election season is that she is not the most liberal Senator in the Senate and that she actually possesses some Conservative qualities. She is actually rated 17.2% Conservative by National Journal, I still don’t like her, but I have learned to respect her, a little. I do realise that she is still a Clinton and a Democrat and still carries all of the baggage associated thereof. I liked her speech until she inserted her Leftist leanings into it (universal health care, compulsory public education, global warming) and of course when she was throwing her “support” to Barack Obama. Michelle Obama’s reactions to Hillary’s speech were interesting. Unless Hillary was singing the praises of BHO, MO had a scowl on her face. Chelsea Clinton has inherited her mother’s “Evil Death Stare”. Hillary’s speech sounded more like a stump speech for herself than a support speech or rallying speech for Obama. I’m sure that was all part of Hillary’s “Evil Plan”. Rush’s “Operation Chaos” may still be in full effect — the Dems may be playing the game and not even realising it. Here is my analysis of Hillary’s speech Tuesday night at the DNC:

    “I am honored to be here tonight. A proud mother. A proud Democrat. A proud American. And a proud supporter of Barack Obama.”

    Whatever. She’s definitely a proud Democrat. The other sources of pride are yet to be seen.

    “My friends, it is time to take back the country we love.”

    Yes it is. It is time to take back the country and elect John McCain.

    “I haven’t spent the past 35 years in the trenches advocating for children, campaigning for universal health care, helping parents balance work and family, and fighting for women’s rights at home and around the world … to see another Republican in the White House squander the promise of our country and the hopes of our people.”

    No, you’ve spent 35 years (OK, maybe 30, her Goldwater years must count for something) advocating Socialism and trying to usher in the New World Order.

    “No way. No how. No McCain.”

    No way. No how. NObama.

    “Barack Obama is my candidate. And he must be our president.”

    No, Hillary Clinton is your candidate. And she must be your president. John McCain is my candidate and he must be our president.

    “I will always be grateful to everyone from all fifty states, Puerto Rico and the territories, who joined our campaign on behalf of all those people left out and left behind by the Bush Administration.”

    At least SHE remembers that we have 50 states.

    “To my supporters, my champions — my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits — from the bottom of my heart: Thank you.”

    That quote was priceless. I laughed hysterically. I never knew Hillary had a sense of humour. It made her speech more endurable.

    “Along the way, America lost two great Democratic champions who would have been here with us tonight. One of our finest young leaders, Arkansas Democratic Party Chair, Bill Gwatney, who believed with all his heart that America and the South could be and should be Democratic from top to bottom. And Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a dear friend to many of us, a loving mother and courageous leader who never gave up her quest to make America fairer and smarter, stronger and better. Steadfast in her beliefs, a fighter of uncommon grace, she was an inspiration to me and to us all. Our heart goes out to Stephanie’s son, Mervyn, Jr., and Bill’s wife, Rebecca, who traveled to Denver to join us at our convention.”

    I hate to talk about the emotional side, but this was really touching. When Hillary was talking about Rep. Tubbs Jones, the camera panned to where Bill Clinton, Mervyn Jr. and Mrs. Gwatney were sitting and Bill put his hand on Mervyn’s back like a father. Bill seemed genuinely proud of Hillary’s speech the whole time. He looked like he had tears in his eyes through most of the speech. I think deep down he really loves his wife, he just needs a pad lock on his zipper and Hillary needs to wear the key around her neck.

    “Jobs lost, houses gone, falling wages, rising prices. The Supreme Court in a right-wing headlock and our government in partisan gridlock. The biggest deficit in our nation’s history. Money borrowed from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudis. Putin and Georgia, Iraq and Iran.”

    You can’t blame Bush for all of this. She is right about partisan gridlock. It’s her Dem friends that are the major contributors. We have a Democrat Congress hell-bent on vetoing any and all legislation proposed by a Republican. We have Nancy Pelosi mandating a five week vacation so that Republicans cannot hold an up or down vote on a comprehensive energy policy. The economy started floundering while Clinton was still in office. Bush inherited a mess. I don’t agree with all of George W. Bush’s policies, but he is not the only one in the government. We have three dysfunctional branches of government. We have a Leftist Supreme Court that would rather legislate from the bench than examine already existing legislation for its Constitutionality.

    “I ran for president to renew the promise of America. To rebuild the middle class and sustain the American Dream, to provide the opportunity to work hard and have that work rewarded, to save for college, a home and retirement, to afford the gas and groceries and still have a little left over each month.”

    She is still running on that platform. She wants to achieve that on the backs of “the rich”, but is smart enough not to say it directly. This paragraph sounds more like a Republican platform than a Democrat one. This must be one example of Hillary’s “conservatism”.

    To promote a clean energy economy that will create millions of green collar jobs.

    “Green collar”??? How cute.

    “To create a health care system that is universal, high quality, and affordable so that parents no longer have to choose between care for themselves or their children or be stuck in dead end jobs simply to keep their insurance.”

    For as much as Hillary criticises BHO’s lofty plans and the absence of any proposed method of paying for them (and rightly so), she needs to explain how we are going to pay for “Hillary Care”. Her health care plan is nothing more than socialised medicine and it will not work. We do need to fix the health care system in this country, but socialised medicine IS NOT the answer.

    “To create a world class education system and make college affordable again.”

    The first step in creating a world-class education is to get rid of the teacher unions and stop indoctrinating our children and start educating them again. Parental involvement needs to be welcomed, not feared. Parents need to have the right to choose which school their children attend or if they will attend school. Homeschooling needs to be embraced as a viable option. The federal financial aid system needs to be fixed (i.e. once you live on your own and your parents no longer support you, your parents’ income need not apply).

    “To fight for an America defined by deep and meaningful equality — from civil rights to labor rights, from women’s rights to gay rights, from ending discrimination to promoting unionization to providing help for the most important job there is: caring for our families. To help every child live up to his or her God-given potential.”

    Equal pay for equal work sounds great as long as it’s not just based on gender or race, but based on ability and qualifications. There should not be a need for special rights for fringe minority groups if ability and qualifications are the only standard. Unionisation is not the answer. Unionisation = Socialism. We have passed the time when unions were needed. From the mid 19th to the early 20th centuries corporations took advantage of their workers and unions were needed to make sure workers were treated fairly and had a safe work environment. Now unions are nothing more than power-brokers and lobbying arms of the Democrat party.

    “To make America once again a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws.”

    That means kicking out illegals and stop providing them with shelter (San Francisco and the other so-called “shelter cities”), welfare benefits, food stamps, Medicaid, and free college educations. That means respecting U.S. immigration law and tightening our borders. That means you too, John McCain.

    “To bring fiscal sanity back to Washington and make our government an instrument of the public good, not of private plunder.”

    That means kicking out of Congress all tax-and-spend politicians. I think she got it mixed-up. I think it was supposed to read “making our government an instrument of private good, not of public plunder” Oh wait, that would make her a Republican.

    “To restore America’s standing in the world, to end the war in Iraq, bring our troops home and honor their service by caring for our veterans.”

    Restoring our standing as a super-power sound better. As far as ending the war in Iraq, that may become moot no matter who is in the White House. Iraq’s PM al-Maliki is talking about forcing us to withdraw all of our troops fairly soon (not sure of exact date). She is right about caring for our veterans, and DoD and the VA are working hard to improve care for our veterans.

    “And to join with our allies to confront our shared challenges, from poverty and genocide to terrorism and global warming.”

    We can join our allies so long as they want to join us. When it comes to NATO, it may as well be the US military and a few NATO soldiers for color. We are the most generous country in the world. We send more aid (military and humanitarian) to more places and send more money than any other “rich” country on the planet. We do not need a $2,500 per capita tax to prove it. Our allies need to get in gear and help us fight poverty and terrorism. They need to stop being so risk-averse. Global warming is a farce. John McCain needs to recognise that as much as the Democrats do.

    “Most of all, I ran to stand up for all those who have been invisible to their government for eight long years.”

    Who’s been invisible??? The moonbats, maybe — as they should be. BHO will make the “normal” Americans invisible and only cater to “Latte Liberals” and left-wing fringe crazies (moonbats).

    “Those are the reasons I ran for president. Those are the reasons I support Barack Obama. And those are the reasons you should too.”

    BHO has not one Conservative bone in his body, therefore he does not support everything that Hillary supports nor does he support everything she laid out in her speech. Who does she think she’s fooling??? Besides, no one should support BHO because he is a Leftist moonbat in bed with terrorists and hell-bent on killing babies from conception to birth.

    “I want you to ask yourselves: Were you in this campaign just for me? Or were you in it for that young Marine and others like him? Were you in it for that mom struggling with cancer while raising her kids? Were you in it for that boy and his mom surviving on the minimum wage? Were you in it for all the people in this country who feel invisible? ”

    My question to Hillary is: Were you in this campaign just for yourself? I think the answer is “yes”. And to answer her question: For most people, unless they or someone close to them is in a dire situation, they’re in it for you and themselves. People support candidates because of what they think that candidate will do for them. JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” makes a great speech, but goes against human nature.

    “We need leaders once again who can tap into that special blend of American confidence and optimism that has enabled generations before us to meet our toughest challenges. Leaders who can help us show ourselves and the world that with our ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit, there are no limits to what is possible in America.”

    Barack Hussein Obama IS NOT one of those leaders. John McCain is.

    “This won’t be easy. Progress never is. But it will be impossible if we don’t fight to put a Democrat in the White House.”

    Of course it won’t be easy for the Dems to win. They’re nominating an empty suit to run against a man of substance. Besides, if enough Hillary supporters are pissed off enough after the DNC and come Nov. 5th, it will be impoissible to put BHO in the White House.

    “We need to elect Barack Obama because we need a President who understands that America can’t compete in a global economy by padding the pockets of energy speculators, while ignoring the workers whose jobs have been shipped overseas. We need a president who understands that we can’t solve the problems of global warming by giving windfall profits to the oil companies while ignoring opportunities to invest in new technologies that will build a green economy.”

    No, we need to elect John McCain. Energy speculators are not just an American problem, they are a global problem. Speculators exist on the global market, not just here in America. Energy speculation is not the only factor on oil prices. Inflation and old-fashioned supply-and-demand play bigger roles. Oil is denominated in dollars. As a result, when inflation goes up, so does oil and any other commodity denominated in dollars. Also, more and more countries are using more and more oil. When demand goes up, so does price. When demand goes up, so does supply. Outsourcing is damaging America’s economy, but GWB is not to blame. Blame all of those big-government loving, business-hating, tax-and-spend politicians (mostly Democrats) who created the taxes and regulations that made outsourcing overseas more attractive to American companies. A windfall profits tax will stifle innovation. It is obscene, on the surface, that while consumers are paying record prices at the pump, oil companies are raking in record profits. But it is also obscene that state and federal governments are making beaucoup bucks from the taxes on that gasoline. Shell Oil is investing in alternative energy — with its profits. If you want energy innovation, you must let companies keep their profits so they can re-invest them.

    “Barack Obama began his career fighting for workers displaced by the global economy. He built his campaign on a fundamental belief that change in this country must start from the ground up, not the top down. He knows government must be about ‘We the people’ not ‘We the favored few.’

    No. Barack Obama began his career as part of the corrupt Chicago political machine. Get it right. If change must start from the ground up, why is it so vital to elect BHO??? Isn’t he supposed to be the top guy?? I guess the people matter more. In BHO’s mind government is only about ‘We the favoured few”, that’s how he became part of the Chicago political machine.

    “And when Barack Obama is in the White House, he’ll revitalize our economy, defend the working people of America, and meet the global challenges of our time. Democrats know how to do this. As I recall, President Clinton and the Democrats did it before. And President Obama and the Democrats will do it again.”

    No. If BHO becomes president, he will socialise the economy, tax the working people of America, and roll over in the face of the global challenges of our time. Democrats are great at it and Bill Clinton did do it — just not as Hillary said it. Hillary’s version sounds more like Ronald Reagan than Bill Clinton.

    “He’ll transform our energy agenda by creating millions of green jobs and building a new, clean energy future. He’ll make sure that middle class families get the tax relief they deserve. And I can’t wait to watch Barack Obama sign a health care plan into law that covers every single American.”

    Again, socialism at its finest.

    “Barack Obama will end the war in Iraq responsibly and bring our troops home — a first step to repairing our alliances around the world.”

    Not if the Iraqi government makes us do it first.

    “And he will have with him a terrific partner in Michelle Obama. Anyone who saw Michelle’s speech last night knows she will be a great first lady for America.”

    Terrific??? That woman is more of a tyrant than Hillary. Did Hillary hear the same speech I did???

    “Americans are also fortunate that Joe Biden will be at Barack Obama’s side. He is a strong leader and a good man. He understands both the economic stresses here at home and the strategic challenges abroad. He is pragmatic, tough, and wise. And, of course, Joe will be supported by his wonderful wife, Jill.”

    America is fortunate BHO picked a Washington insider as a running mate. This way he almost guaranteed to lose. Joe Biden has a lot of time in Washington, but he has not done much that is meaningful. He is best known for sticking his foot in his mouth, being a Senator, and running for President — just like Barack Obama. They’re a perfect fit.

    “Now, John McCain is my colleague and my friend. He has served our country with honor and courage. But we don’t need four more years … of the last eight years. More economic stagnation … and less affordable health care.
    More high gas prices … and less alternative energy. More jobs getting shipped overseas … and fewer jobs created here. More skyrocketing debt … home foreclosures … and mounting bills that are crushing our middle class families.
    More war … less diplomacy. More of a government where the privileged come first … and everyone else comes last.”

    I think Hillary’s arguments describe BHO much better than they do John McCain, except for the first two lines. BHO would not know honor or courage if they knocked him on the head.

    “John McCain says the economy is fundamentally sound. John McCain doesn’t think that 47 million people without health insurance is a crisis. John McCain wants to privatize Social Security. And in 2008, he still thinks it’s OK when women don’t earn equal pay for equal work.”

    The economy is sound — it has not collapsed. It’s weakened, but it is still sound. John McCain does not think that government needs to solve America’s healthcare crisis. John McCain does not support socialised medicine. John McCain thinks the private sector can solve the healthcare crisis — and the Social Security crisis. John McCain does not believe in special rights for certain groups. He believes that a person should be paid based on their abilities and qualifications, not just on their gender or minority status.

    “With an agenda like that, it makes sense that George Bush and John McCain will be together next week in the Twin Cities. Because these days they’re awfully hard to tell apart.”

    No. John McCain and GWB are bothe Republicans. That’s why they will both be at the REPUBLICAN National Convention.

    “But remember, before we can keep going, we have to get going by electing Barack Obama president.”

    If we want to continue to slide toward the New World Order, then we should elect Barack Obama. If we want to step far away from socialism, then we need to elect John McCain.

    “We don’t have a moment to lose or a vote to spare.”

    No, we Republicans don’t.

    “Nothing less than the fate of our nation and the future of our children hang in the balance. I want you to think about your children and grandchildren come election day. And think about the choices your parents and grandparents made that had such a big impact on your life and on the life of our nation.
    We’ve got to ensure that the choice we make in this election honors the sacrifices of all who came before us, and will fill the lives of our children with possibility and hope.”

    That is reason enough not to vote BHO into the White House.

    “That is our duty, to build that bright future, and to teach our children that in America there is no chasm too deep, no barrier too great — and no ceiling too high — for all who work hard, never back down, always keep going, have faith in God, in our country, and in each other.”

    From all of those fluffy statements about barriers, it seems to me that Democrats should vote for BHO based solely on the color of his skin, not on the content of his character. Since he has no character, he should not get any votes, either. Faith in God is very important. I don’t think moonbats understand that concept.

    “Thank you so much. God bless America and Godspeed to you all.”

    I hope she meant that.

  9. Thanks, Larry. I accidentally posted my whole diatribe, but now I realise that it was really long. When I was done, I realised it was too long and meant to turncate it to the intro. But as usual, I hit submit before my brain kicked in. I need to tone down the excitement. I was actually sad when Hillary acclamated to Oshama. I think Hillary got shafted. Oh well. Everything happens for a reason and we now have a reason to rejoice. On a more somber note, please pray for Louisiana. Hurricane Gustav is on its way, and it looks like it could become Katrina II.

  10. I’ve been posting this all day in one place or another but once more can’t hurt 🙂

    Liar Liar Pantsuit on fire! “Her candidate” is the person she spoke of thus when she was vying for candidacy:

    “I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.”

    So given even my own humble powers of deduction, she is clearly telling us that “Her candidate” is the inferior man…no?

    Great article Larry, do let us know if we can do anything to help widen your circulation, we would be very happy to help in any way we can.

  11. Sister Amy,

    No sweat, you did an excellent job.

    When I did on Human Events what you did here, they axed me.

    Thats not how I operate. Everyone is welcome.

    I truly enjoyed the read. Outstanding.

    Who says that conservatives can’t get excited? Amy, did you see the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”? Remember when the central character was looking at the big board..millions of letters streaming by.. suddenly the code pops out at him as if they were the only letters on the screen.

    When I see even the smallest of innocuous stories, I know right away that there is something there.

    I used to do a written outline, then a”proof” and then I would two finger type it up.

    Now I just sit down and go. Next stop 1,500 words.

    I get excited. I transfer that excitement into “Contagious Conservatism”, AKA: I hope that it strikes a chord.

    If all goes well, within the next month or so, a NoLeft TurnZ book will be available.

    Spread the word…

    Thanks as always,


  12. J9,

    Bless your heart..lets talk..this is for everyone.

    I am all about “widening circulation.”

    Tell everyone. I am serious. If they think like we do, great. If they think..they will eventually see things as we do.

    Hopefully there will be a NoLeftTurnZ book available within the near future. It’s moving along at a wonderful pace.

    I am going to place the Introduction from the book on the “Thought for the Day” tab or on the NoleftturnZ site itself..very soon.

    Subscribers who email links, anyone who sends a link to someone, they click, they like what they read, they subscribe. It’s been going that way since October of last year. I never in my wildest greams imagined that 1,000 people would be interested enough in what I have to say that they would “subscribe” to this site.

    Maybe when enough people send links or emails, one of the two might end up in the hands of those who make the big decisions about these things. All that it takes is one person who knows that person and suddenly you find doors opening for you that were all locked before.

    I await that day. If I could do this by myself, it would have been done by now. I know that I cannot do this alone. Thats where everyone reading this comes in.

    I’d love to hit the call in radio circuit and “self advertise” but its either work this site or work the radio. I’ve chosen the site.

    My son’s band has what they call a “street team.” When they play a show, these people all hand out flyers, help with the equipment..because they enjoy their music.

    I basically need a street team..someone who enjoys the music..

    Because I can’t do this alone.

    Thanks as always and sorry about the length of all of this…


  13. Dear All, Along with Dr. Sowell & Annie…I think (as you all already know) Larry’s work is the best out there. He is an amazing thinker & wordsmith…and all of you who comment make NLTZ a hope that sanity can prevail…


  14. inalook,

    Maybe there will come a day when I will develope the ability to take complements better..

    It means alot to me when people take the time to comment. Everyone who comes here to read has something important to say. I learn more about what it is that I have written about when everyone puts their comments along side. Everyone seems to add another angle or image that I had missed and I appreciate that.

    Thank you for your kind words.


  15. Vincent,

    Did you see that? I did it again!

    Even after you reminded me..

    I meant “compliments”..

    I am too tired.


  16. Larry, Wake up..YOUare amazing! The harder it is to break into the mainstream (or even the tributaries)…the better you are. I’ve been in your shoes.

    And it really is up to US…God Bless

  17. “Just how many outright lies and falsifications can the assembled Democrats absorb without bursting? ”

    Deep Blue attenpting to calculate the ever expanding value of Pi comes to mind!

  18. Hillary’s “resplendent … orange pant suit” along with that speech must have been intensely painful for you, but I appreciate your sacrifice!

    Have you been thinking about Bill Ayers, by any chance?

    Great article. Thank you.


  19. Actually, we won’t know the answer to Red’s question until Nov. 5th. The tone at the convention was very contrived. Hillary’s handlers did a nice job reigning in most discontent. The Florida delegation sounded quite ticked off during the “roll-call vote”. If that attitude still resonates in Florida, Michigan and wherever enough slighted Hillary supporters who are not going vote for Oshama “for the sake of the party”, and actually vote their consciences live, Obabble is going to have a very tough time. I just hope that come the general election there is no tie that the House has to break. That’s the only way McCain could lose now. I don’t think God will allow that to happen.

  20. Dan,

    I just went to your site and I love your self-effacing humour!!! I’m a geek too, but I make no money doing it. My excuse has always been that I can’t do a hobby for money because then when I get home from work I have nothing to do to relax me. Also, if I did computers for a living, I’d throw mine out the window. I built mine back in 2005 and I think I put too much of my personality into it because it is quite quirky.

  21. inalook,

    It is up to us.


  22. Redbone,

    Me too..math just about kills me.

    Stitch is a math wiz. I don’t know how he does it..


  23. John,

    Ayers is the prototypical liberal coward.

    University of Chicago?

    It’s very in fashion to have an old wrinkled radical “teaching” the kids the university.

    The “Woods Fund Board”/Obama connection, lets see if the “professionals” will open this one up.

    Any bets as to whether they will??

    Thanks as always,

    Any bet

  24. Sister Amy,

    The fix is in, the jig is up and the deal is done..

    She said so.

    On to the “Geek Temple” speech!!

    Thanks as always,


  25. I don’t know if I will be able to stomach an Oshama speech. His “style” makes me ill. I sat through Slick Willy’s speech, yelled at my computer monitor, and then suffered writer’s block. I did notice that MO is an Ice Queen. Stan Lee could use her as the next super-villain for his superhero TV show (my husband watches it). The only time she even cracks a smile is when someone mentions BHO’s name. Then she immediately returns to scowling and giving her “Evil Death Stare”. She makes Hillary look warm and inviting (as if that is possible).

  26. Larry,

    I find the Obama/Ayers relationship truly disturbing. Further, and even more discouraging to me, is that a party representing nearly half of our population would find a man like Obama even remotely suitable or qualified for the most important job in the world. Nevertheless, Michelle Malkin and the group running the TV ads apparently think that the Ayers connection is important – and not just symbolically so. I think it is the The Woods Fund Board who is on to this (can’t recall the backers name). Ayers is far worse than a coward, in my opinion, he’s truly disturbed and dangerous. He, apparently, is the birthplace of Obama’s political career. The dots connect. He’s a violent, America-hating terrorist. I ask you, what does this say about Obama? If this relationship alone does not neutralize Obama’s political ambitions, we, my friend, are in serious trouble.

    Best Regards,


  27. Clarification: Obama and Ayers served together on the The Woods Fund Board, as you said. Ayers’ terrorist group was called the Weather Underground.


  28. John,

    Timing is everything,

    Things will be brought to light in due time.

    They have swallowed the eucharist, the exorcism will be painful and time consuming.

    To expose everything with great haste will not prove as successful as the gradual familiarization with the candidate.

    As with Hillary, Obama has very little experience but he has quite a HISTORY..

    Stay tuned..

    Thanks as always,


  29. John,

    OK, you asked for it..

    Check out “Whose ox is Getting Algored” on the “Thought of the Day”

    We aim to please at NLTZ and we do take requests..

    Thanks as always,


  30. WOW! Where to start? Another NLTZ gem!
    Wordsmith par excellence.

    OK, I got everything else but who the hell is HANS WEIMANN???
    {OK, I googled him. He’s the guy that invented hair plugs (as on Biden’s head}.

    Vincent, mvny

  31. robin's dad (RD)

    Hey Larry,
    I think I’ll check the real estate prices in San Francisco, Buy now and sell high when the Obama White(?) House eventually moves there.

  32. Vincent,

    Soory about the reference..

    I thought that Hans was a “national”.

    I suppose that he is more of a local proprieter..

    My apologies..

    Thanks as always,


  33. Larry, I forward your articles to everyone I know, but Its not a huge list of people, my husband also forwards on to his list, bigger than mine but still a drop in the pond probably.

    I am the net surfer in the family and give a shout out to NOLEFTTURNZ whenever I can. If you have any more specific ideas (especially once your book is released) for more active promotion and participation, I am at your service. Feel free to e-mail with any ideas/requests, your voice is too important not to be disseminated as widely as possible.

  34. RD,

    I think you have to sign a “pinko slip” just to get a walk through in SF..

    I wouldn’t go there without a entire body condom..


    Thanks as always,


  35. Belatedly:

    1) I’d certainly buy your book

    2) I’m not much of a street team, being a near-autist computer engineer, but I do my best to cite/link you when I can. I suppose that’s the internet equivalent of pounding the pavement.

    I found this site through and one of Coulter’s articles. It got an instant bookmark, so great work on your part. I can’t help much in the marketing area, but I definitely recommend this site to all like-minded associates.

    Keep doin’ what yer doin’.


    P.S. – Also, Amy, loved your commentary.

  36. J9,

    Thank you for the help.

    I am trying to figure out how to get the attention of some of the “famous people”..

    At first I thought that the conservative side of the writing world was the most expeditious route available.

    Not so as of this writing.. They must be too busy for folks like me.

    Oh well, maybe some day..

    Thanks as always,


  37. DanL,

    Every little bit helps, believe me..

    Stay tuned..

    Did you check out the “Thought for the Day”?

    Its only just begun..

    Thanks as always,


  38. lArRy lArRy …
    I can just see you now as your fingers type and type … faster by the second … trying to hurry it through .. not wanting to miss a single thought that is circulating in that wild brain of yours! Well, you did it .. I can’t imagine that you missed a thing! You spoke this one with so much passion! How do you remember all of it? Tivo on your Treo? I guess it’s just a talent! You are so fired up! …. Loved this one!
    (of course, I love them all .. because they just keep getting better) …
    It’s just amazing how you can take these simple American words and make them flow into factual realities to your readers the way that only you can do!
    I’m hooked … lined and sunk for you!
    Thanks for all you do .. and for all that you stand for!
    I’ll be on your “street team” .. sign me up, but I’m no music player nor singer .. but I can cheer for you .. with lots of smiles!
    Take care my dear friend … and I can’t wait until tomorrow’s …

    Do you even think that there will be an election? Are there those of you out there wagering on that question? Or is it only me?

  39. Can you get some bumper stickers made up … I’ll buy them off your site … where’s all of the merchandise? I need something WILD for my cubical … (smile)
    I think a NO LEFT sign will do the trick …
    Run with this … or pass it on to Carmen! She’ll get me a sign and a t-shirt!!!

  40. The only thing I had the stomach to watch yesterday was Hillary ‘s call for the acclaimation (sp?) vote. What struck me there was how very carefully she read that motion… kind if like she had to say it just right, so that the dissenters wouldn’t have any room to maneuver. Or maybe it was so that she wouldn’t upset ‘the man in charge’?

    I don’t know, but it just made me sick to watch them fawn over this guy AGAIN.

    BTW… we are watching FOOTBALL tonight! I have to be well enough to go to work in the morning, and I can’t afford to be sick all night!

    Larry, when your book is ready, please make sure to let me know, I’ll go out and buy it in a hot minute.

  41. T, is still baseball season..and you had better be talking about college football. If so, which college team are you for?

    My thoughts on the whole baseball/football season convergence are in an oldie called “Let’s Play Two.” Its in the archives somewhere..

    I think that it is just her lifeless style of speaking, that pedantic tone..

    Did you notice how the applause or the “clap for her claptrap” didn’t cause her to pause ANYTIME SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF? If the topic was Obama, she barged right through the applause and hollering..

    An insufferable harpy. I hope that the world is done with her..

    Thanks as always,


  42. Thank you Dan!!! I would love to talk “Geek” with you!!!

  43. Cheryl,

    Soon my friend, soon..

    There will be an election. First we have to go through with tonights beatification.

    All that I ask is that there is a transcript available when its done..

    About ninety minutes later the surgery will be complete…

    Thanks as always,


  44. Just an idea Larry but perhaps if enough of us wrote individually to a specific list of names it would get their attention?

  45. It’ s a more than a little quizzical to me that Obama, while his inexperience is contained by well tailored suits, most can be witnessed as it flows ever so abundantly from his young mouth. While Biden, having first been elected to the Senate when “The Chosen One” was only twelve years of age and has been re-elected to office ever since and well in-grained into the style and workings of our present day government. I would think Biden would represent the “old establishment” of government, the very same thing Obama’s “New Direction” wants to change.

    It’s Bill “Trollin’ Pole” Clinton’s turn to speak tonight at the Demo’s Convention. He is replacing John Edwards. I believe the Democrats have developed a keen sense of morality. The Democrats banned Edwards as he was caught cheating on his wife and then lied about it replacing him with Bill Clinton. Further proof of the Liberals hyprocritical ethics.

    I guess it depends on what your definition of definition… is?

  46. Oh, and bring it on with the bumper stickers!

  47. will the Larry Sinclare story ever hit mainstream? I mean, its got homosexuality and murder and drugs in Rev. Wrights church all clinging to Samboboma. Folks ought to know about it.

  48. J9,

    I have no idea..I’ve tried a number of them myself and I have yet to get anything in return.

    I have no idea if anyone of them is more receptive to emails than any of the others.

    A smaller list would be the conservatives that I haven’t written..

    Thanks as always,


  49. Windrider,

    I tried my best to hammer the “change” point with “Beatifying Barack”..

    There will be no “change” whatsoever from the liberal stand point. Higher taxes, more censorship, more handouts, more appeasement.

    End of story..

    Thanks as always,


  50. Ken,

    I believe that it is Larry Sinclair that you are referencing.

    From what I hear, there is more than just a little problem relative to “proof” involving Sinclair and his “story”.

    Be careful..


  51. Larry,
    I’m hooked on the articles and thought for the day. Waitin’ for them like hog at the trough. Your working of the words amazes me, I honestly don’t see how you do it. I’ve burned up one dictionary and workin’ on the second in looking up some of the words used. It takes me a while to get a reply written and it may not always make the best of sense, but you are right on the mark with my way of thinkin’ and you are a tribute to the field.

  52. AMY D,

    I pray that Hurricane Gustav will not be another Katrina. However, there is one thing, if they’ve put the effort forth to educate everyone in what the word E-V-A-C-U-A-T-E means, it might be less devastating, ya think?

  53. Windrider,

    When I was small, my granmother had what to me was and still is the most amazing vocabulary.

    I would literally go and look up words in the dictionary and try to get one over on her.

    It never worked..but it gave me an appreciation for the language from an early age.

    As well in grade school, if somenoe got into trouble, their punishment was invariably a number of dictionary pages hand written. I will allow you to decide which of those two scenarios I voluntarily or involuntarily participated in to a greater degree..

    Thank you as always for all of your contributions to NLTZ and they ALWAYS make sense.


  54. Windrider,

    First off, New Orleans is a second home to me..I will try to be nice. Those with quick eyes will notice a shot of Canal Street on the front page of NLTZ..

    Floods/Hurricanes: Any difference between how the recent floods of Iowa and Katrina were handled by the victims?

    How about how the differences in how the states of Lousiana and Mississippi handled the disaster that was Katrina?

    I’ll leave it at that..


  55. This is off topic and you all have my apologies but it is such an important issue to me that I feel I must post.

    Larry please forgive me, I just cannot in all good conscience forgo the opportunity to broadcast this POV.

  56. Larry,

    Here is your secret: Not to date you or anything, but when you were in school you were actually TAUGHT something. Today’s “eduaction” is more like Leftist indoctrination.

  57. J9,

    You NEVER need to apologize for anything realted to the conservative cause.

    Newt is the kind of guy that I’d like to be when I grow up..

    The same thing happened in alot of states as well. States that overwhelmingly passed the amendment were cut down by an unsupervised judiciary.

    Young Americans in 1773 started a Revolution because someone wanted to put a tax on…a drink..

    Today the liberal left can’t find the nerve to sign on to the war on terror when nineteen flea bitten savages on the orders of several other flea bitten savages, attacked the World Trade Center.

    This is just as important. This is worth the fight.

    NEVER allow the left another inch of this hallowed ground that is America.

    Thanks as always and thanks for your outstanding contributions to this site.


  58. Beatification, indeed. That was good! The crowd will then fall to their collective knees as their messiah rises up from the platform and disappears into a fog at the ceiling; perhaps passing right through the ceiling, itself, to return to his rightful place at the left hand of God. “Pantsuit Moot” was very, very good, Larry. I sensed some seriousness and urgency in your writing (along with the usual hilarious mental images). That’s good. Humor aside for the moment, what’s facing us is pretty horrific.

  59. Sister Amy,

    That was when having a public school on your block was a POSITIVE selling point..

    That was when the word “neighborhood” always came before “school.”

    So true and how we have allowed the left to dismantle that which used to be the public schools..

    Never again.

    Thanks as always,


  60. Check out this lates example of moonbattery from our friends at

    Obamunists Attack Radio Station for Shining Light on Bill Ayers

    Another little foretaste of what an Obama victory would mean for freedom of speech:

    Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign organized its supporters Wednesday night to confront Tribune-owned WGN-AM in Chicago for having a critic of the Illinois Democrat on its air.
    “WGN radio is giving right-wing hatchet man Stanley Kurtz a forum to air his baseless, fear-mongering terrorist smears,” Obama’s campaign wrote in an e-mail to supporters. “He’s currently scheduled to spend a solid two-hour block from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. pushing lies, distortions, and manipulations about Barack and University of Illinois professor William Ayers.”
    Kurtz, a conservative writer, recently wrote an article for the National Review that looked at Obama’s ties to Ayers, a former 1960s radical who later emerged as a school reform advocate in Chicago. […]
    Obama’s campaign has launched similar offensives against stations that have run campaign ads that it did not like.
    …as we’ve seen.

    Now is your chance to read up on Obama’s long-time friend and associate Bill Ayers, the unrepentant anti-American terrorist at whose house his political career was launched. Information on the alarming backgrounds of Obama’s friends and associates might not always be available.

  61. To all of the undecided and disillusioned readers: Whatever you do this November, DO NOT STAY HOME!!! This election is far too important to sit out. Your disgust is not going prevent Obama winning the White House. In fact, BHO is counting on undecided and disillusioned voters staying home — that’s why he is so vague and cagy. That is why he is dishonest about his past and his record. He knows that undecided voters need a lot of information in order to make an informed decision. If you are passionate about not having this dangerous empty suit in the White House, VOTE FOR McCAIN. Swallow your pride and resist the urge to “protest vote”. Remember 1992??? Ross Perot helped Bill Clinton win 8 years in the White House. A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama.

  62. Larry, though I disagree with most of what you have to say here and elsewhere (for example, I think the Dems will win the presidential election fairly handily, and if you care why I believe that I expand on it on my own blog), you do say it in a far more entertaining fashion than most of your co-believers.

    I do enjoy much of your writing, and am generally turned off only your reliance on personal insults about personal appearance, such as the one here aimed at Amy Carter. Would you find similar shots at Barbara Bush (the elder), Elizabeth Dole or Margaret Thatcher (though admittedly, the GOP does tend to have plenty of attractive dumb blondes)?

  63. Your tolerance is appreciated friend. I would never impose myself and my “links” did I not think it of the utmost importance.

    November 4th, let’s throw some tea overboard eh?

  64. Larry,

    When I was in grade school, I excelled in “Spelling Bee’s.” In fact, my Mom still has trophys I had won in state competitions coming in, first, second and third. That curiosity of the proper spelling and the meaning of words carried with me into my adult life. But today’s columnists seem to be in some sort of competition with one another in who can use the layman’s everyday English. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not attacking your style, I’m the one that has to adapt to it and I will learn from it.

    I did not mean the reply to AMY D as a demeaning statement as to the physical damage Katrina caused. I live right across the river from Iowa and went over to help out with the flood victims after the floods. I never did then, nor have I since, hear any whining of any sort or any call for the need to “re-cracker” any of the towns or cities.

    As you say, Larry, “I’ll leave it at that.”

  65. To summarize:

    Do as I say, not as I do. Immagine, trashing 250,000,000 good medical plans because of 45,000,000. Now that’s great math but hey, who am I to stop socialism. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to cut methods and proceedures all across all government programs (which is a true conservative approach) then hence have less federal employee’s and use the billions saved to actually help those who truely need medical dollrs without raising a single dollar of taxes. But no, lets trash the whole system for socialism and raise everyone’s taxes past the raise they’ll get anyway — Universal H.C. works great in every country who has it … if you don’t mind waiting four or five months and just becoming a number. And what do you want to bet that illegals will also get every bit of that help too.

  66. james,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    ‘Reliance” is simply your interpretation. Feel free to disregard the fifty or so words falling under your “personal insult” heading. At least you acknowledged the 1,230 other words available..

    “Entertaining” I appreciate the fact that you find this entertaining. I find Maureen Doed to be just as “personally insulting” but I greatly enjoy her take on things as well. We will always disagree but I find her writing style very entertaining. Her story of her mother passing was incredibly beautiful.

    I will assume that you meant to complete your last sentence.. In doing so, all of the ladies that you mentioned have been slammed by Saturday Night Live, late night talk shows, liberal radio (if such a thing manages to retain an audience without governmental demands..) I have no problem with that. Humor is the angle in order to make a 1,400 word article a little more “entertaining”.

    Blonde hasn’t anything to do with “dumb”. Regardless of hair color, whether it’s theirs or whether it came from a horse and was screwed into their scalp, it’s the body of their “ideas” that makes the left not only dumb but downright dangerous.

    I will run by your site.

    Thanks for leaving your comments,


  67. BTW James McPherson shame on you. I am Blond but far from dumb.

    Your sexism is not just showing, but all aglitter for all to see.

  68. J9,

    As they say in England, “Black or White..”

    Lets do it..


  69. And James…. I am a McIntosh….

  70. DR,

    No one knows better than you how the Clinton Socialized Medicine Pogrom Redux and Obama’s “Insurance Nazi” will decimate the finest medical crae in the world.

    Results are unimportant to the left, they just need to feel good.

    I consider them to be intentionally carcinogenic, what say you, Doctor?

    Those who would like to experience “HillaryCare”, read Theodore Dalrymple’s “Life at the Bottom.”

    Case closed.

    Thank you for your comment, sir.


  71. And James….

    Never once has NOLEFTTURNZ attacked my sex, it took YOU to do that.

  72. Windrider,

    Your points are always concise and focused.

    I learn from you and every other commenter who stops in an “says what they think.”

    Thanks as always,


  73. J9,

    I stopped in at the link James left on his comment here.

    I gave him a bit of the heat. Believe it or not, he actually sounded a little too enthused about the “perfect storm” (Gustav) cancelling the Republican “four day mini series” about some “old white guys”.

    I have always said that the left places politics above all else but when you root for a natural disater that has the potentila to kill contless persons just to cancel a convention regardless of its political affiliation, you have stepped over a line that I would never consider anywhere near appropriate.

    He is entitled to his opinion no matter how wrong he silence the left leaves only with the option of GUESSING as to how dangerous that they are..

    God bless you, I’ve got your back.


  74. J9.

    Sorry if you thought I was attacking your gender. That certainly wasn’t my intent, which is why I mentioned Barbara Bush, Elizabeth Dole and Margaret Thatcher (all powerful and intelligent women) and why I was offended by Larry’s Amy Carter comment in the first place.

    And you’re right that I should have avoided the “dumb blonde” stereotype. Fox does seem to have more blondes than any other network, and I find most of that network’s commentators (of all hair colors) to be ill-informed or wrong far too often, but my correlation was hasty and lazy.


  75. Larry, your latest popped up just as I hit the send key to J9. As I noted in my response to you on my site, please don’t think I’m enthusiastic about the storm, having been through a couple of them myself when I lived in the Carolinas (both much smaller than Katrina, but still scary). I was just trying to point out that if a hurricane hits land–especially in the vicinity of New Orleans–the GOP convention is going to be considered far less newsworthy.

    As a Christian and an educator, I also find many things things that for me trump politics (though admittedly I actually consider Bill Clinton to be a conservative, have voted for independent candidates for president more often than for Dems, and have voted for both Democrats and Republicans in most elections).

    Of course, I do find politics far more interesting than most things, and think the choice of who runs the country, chooses Supreme Court nominees, etc., is more important than most of what goes on.


  76. Thank you Larry — and right back at you.

    I don’t really mind how vile James is…nor how he hates women.

    He himself is the worst possible advocate for his own philosphy, and he patently epitomizes the Democratic belief.

    Why do I say that?

    Well, Saint Obama, eschewed the OBVIOUSLY qualified candidate for VP (by a democrats standards) in favor of “He who might help me get elected.”

    The Democratic belief is that “we have no standards, we believe in nothing, we simply wish to decimate the opposition in any way we can…in order to grab power we don’t deserve, and have not earned.”

    James is silly, but uneffective.

    Sexism is easy; however, outright discussion regarding all the other “isms” conservatives are accused of takes more character than James or any of his cohorts are capable of.

  77. James,

    When the left made fun of Linda Tripp, ( the whistle blower who taped Bills whistle blower..)Katherine Harris, et al., were you terribly upset?

    I wasn’t. There is no double standard if that is what you are looking for. The left uses the “personal insult” as the fulcrum of their argument. (It is an extension of their “argumentative minimalism.” Racist!! for example..) I use it as a condiment. I like it.

    Bill Clinton a conservative? Based upon…..what?

    The Republican House and Senate that FORCED him to the middle?

    If Bill is a conservative, then Obama is experienced and Amy Carter is…

    Humor/personal insult is in the eye of the beholder or as I like to say, “it depends upon whose ox is being Algored.” I find it “personally insulting when the left wants to “redistribute” what I have earned and hand it to those who specialise in sloth…the list goes on for quite some time. There are about 250,000 of them available here, just remove the 2,500 or so that land under “personal insults.”

    Thanks again,


  78. J9,

    I believe that he didn’t pick Hillary because her “thirty five years of experience” are basically… Bills. Obama didn’t need to hear about Whitewater, Norman Hsu, He has enough “issues” that he is trying to avoid all by himself (WGN radio in Chicago for example..Stanley Kurtz, for example.)

    James got caught with his pants down, a liberal problem not uncommon to the liberal poilticians of late, with the “perfect storm” comment. He tried to downplay it, it was transparent.

    Stay the course my sister,


  79. I am seldom so loss for words as I am at this moment.

    Not that I think I know it all (or anything in the big scheme of things) but I usually manage to have some reasonable basis for my political position.

    James tells us thus:

    “And you’re right that I should have avoided the “dumb blonde” stereotype. Fox does seem to have more blondes than any other network, and I find most of that network’s commentators (of all hair colors) to be ill-informed or wrong far too often, but my correlation was hasty and lazy.”

    I would add a word or two, but why, I think James has clarified his position completely don’t you agree?

  80. One more word James:

    Despite loonie liberals; aging marxists, the disenchanted, the sexually confused, the cultists, the “I have tenure & you can’t make me give it upists, ” and all the other obstacles to an education which are currently muddying the waters for Americans seeking an education….

    Some of us see through it — some of us speak against it, some of us do the unconscionable, we READ BOOKS.

    Some of us without endless “benefits” STILL manage to graduate at the top of our classes without sucking down endless drivel regarding the “poor.”

    I have been poor James, I got “UNPOOR” when I stopped blaming the world for my situation, and took my life in my own hands.

    Stop hiding behind a Christianity you don’t believe in — stop blaming women.

    If you are unhappy with your life James — look within .

  81. Larry,
    Great, great column.You are consistently enjoyable.
    I’m typing this between plays in the South Carolina-NC State game, so get ready for some mistakes.
    I have recently been discussing Dead Babies pro-infanticide stand with my co-workers,and I must say the level of ignorance of the average person on this subject never fails to leave me with a feeling of acute consternation.Most know nothing of partial-birth abortion.I described the procedure to a female co-worker today, and she almost began crying.A hard-core Democrat who professes to be a follower of Christ(strongly pro-Obama)looked at me with shock.I then spoke of Dead Babies’ support for the procedure and his untiring defense of all abortion, all the while proclaiming himself to be a born-again “man of faith”, to use the cretin’s own phrase.My friend asked me why this story was not being reported.Gee,I wonder.
    I have risked boring you with this to illustrate a point: what I said the other day concerning people such as yourself as being vital to the preservation of what dwindling freedoms we still enjoy was not an idle compliment-in fact it is not meant as a compliment any more than it is an irrefutable, iron-bound fact.Too many do not realize the stakes we play for,nor the threat to this country and our children’s future of which Dead Babies and his ilk are only the latest example. These people want nothing less than to enslave us,to force our existence to conform to their predilictions.
    You know this.It is why you began this.
    There are many good-hearted people in this country-this WORLD- who are willing to act in defense of right and decency once awakened to the facts of a matter.
    We rely on warriors such as you-and Amy,and others- to effect that awakening.

  82. J9,

    The left rarely understands that conservatives read each and every word and we understand the meaning of each of them.

    WOW!! Who says conservatives can’t get excited!

    Outstanding as always,


  83. Sling,

    The Mengeles of the left will chain themselves to a tree to keep it from being cut down but they have no problem with cutting a child out of the womb and harvesting it for parts. After all its only “unwanted tissue” is it not?

    They will fall all over themselves if some helpless whale loses its way and ends up on the beach but the helpless fetus, that’s a woman’s right to choose..

    They cry and moan when the seals are clubbed and beaten for their pelts (which IS unnecessarily cruel ) but the farming of dead fetuses for the “pelts” of stem cells, well that’s OK…

    They will flail and scream so that the blind albino crotch tick doesn’t become extinct but the twenty million plus abortions are irrelevant.

    They will foam and snort about the “genocide” in places like Darfur but the liberal pogrom of abortion which has suddenly appeared within the Constitution almost 200 years after it was written, is simply a matter of “privacy.”

    Liberal poster boy Bin Laden said, “we worship death”. With their affection for abortion, the liberals do as well..

    Tell that to the man of faith.

    Thanks as always,


  84. James McPherson

    Gee, Larry and J9, you have me so well pegged I just don’t know how to respond. I guess I’ll have to tell the women in the women’s studies class that I’ll be teaching that I blame them for everything. 🙂

    One small note about the quote, “If you are unhappy with your life James — look within.” I am immensely happy and life is wonderful–despite the fact that I missed Obama’s speech because I was at a church service (you know, the sort of thing we liberal Christians don’t believe in). But I do expect to enjoy the speech later on tape–perhaps repeatedly.

    Thanks for the dialogue, and have a pleasant evening. And God bless you both.

  85. James,

    What are you talking about??

    Is this about the “perfect storm” quote of yours?


  86. James McPherson, you are a sorry person to carry your name.

    Your PHD is ludicrous, you are scarcely capable of a coherent sentence that doesn’t involve “Poor me I’m a Christian.”

    If you are teaching women’s studies, may the Lord himself help your students (especially the unfortunate blonds)!

    I don’t need your blessing James, but you may wish to go back to the Lord and ask forgiveness for your hubris, egotism, and ignorance.

    And yeah, I do the same every single day, ask forgiveness that is….. the difference between you and I, is that I know how full of it I am …. you actually TEACH your crap.

  87. James,

    While I don’t agree with much of your analysis (from looking at your blog) I do agree with your first comment here — that Larry’s writing is great and he, and many of those who comment, resort to personal insults and name calling (sometimes as a one-off funny line but usually just to insult). I think a lot of that comes from them being focused on being anti-liberal and anti-Obama rather than being for something.

    Interesting to me that you’ve been accused of not having a happy life. I’ve made some comments here critical of the GOP, dared to suggest that Obama is patriotic, and people have suggested that I’m also unhappy, unbalanced and unable to sleep at night. As if mental stability comes from hating Democrats.

    That said, there’s talk of issues here too. And several genuinely good people. So don’t let the insults throw you and keep saying what you think.

  88. Amy,

    Thanks for your analysis of Hillary’s speech. You have took your consistent perspective and stuck with that all through the speech. (And in parts you were funny too).

    I do think you got some of the facts wrong (eg. Obama absolutely did not begin his career as part of the “corrupt Chicago political machine”).

    I also think that some recognition has to be paid to the fact that Republicans have held the white house for nearly the last 8 years, and held the congress for 6 of those. No legislation came out of the house without having a majority of GOP members. So, when you blame outsourcing on “all of those big-government loving, business-hating, tax-and-spend politicians (mostly Democrats)” I wonder what you are talking about. Whatever business environment we have now was created by Republicans! I think they have some things to take credit for in the last eight years. But a lot of the blame falls on Republicans too. The GOP had the ability to do something to help curve outsourcing to China and didn’t.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  89. Wes and James,

    It’s not necessarily about being anti-Liberal and personal attacks as it is about calling a spade a spade. Life is not always fair, nor is it always pleasant. Barack Obama in particular has shown himself to be despicible human being on more than one occasion. Though he may be the lead topic in conversation, that is only because he is running for President. If another far-Left radical were running for President, then we Conservatives would be railing against that person. Some of us, including myself, like to add a bit of humour and colorful euphemisms in our articles/comments in order to give our writing some flavour. If you really pay attention to what is going on and really dig deep, a lot of what we say writes itself, no matter how much spin Obama’s campaign puts on it in order to sweep glaring facts under the rug. We just call it as we see it.

  90. Wes,

    In reference to my comment about “all of those big-government loving, business-hating, tax-and-spend politicians (mostly Democrats)” , I was not just talking about the last 8 years. Some of those policies have been in place since the ’80s, when there was a Democrat majority in both Houses. Like I mentioned, some of those politicians were Republicans. I also understand that Republicans have not done all that they needed to do. Every day I think of GWB more as a RINO, than as an Elephant. How do you figure that Obama did not get his political start as part of the corrupt Chicago machine??? Have you heard about the people with whom he is associated??? His political inspiration came from unrepentant terrorist William Ayres. He’s accociated with slumlord Tony Rezko. Need I go on???

  91. Larry,

    Sorry I’ve been lax in reading your stuff these last coule of days, but had to comment on two items.
    First, I believe you have insulted every librarian in all 57 -or is it 58??!!! states; and second, are you entirely sure his geography was taught to him in public school, and not the liberal, no-nuthin’ college or law school?
    The liberal public high schools don’t teach geography as we know it anymore, but how much territory did we take unfairly, and the librals have exagerated the number.

  92. orvill,

    Now I have offended the librarians of the world..Great..

    I would say that that completes just about every possible avocation on my list…(librarians are awesome, actually. Never met one yet at the library that didn’t know their stuff inside and out.)

    I’ll bet Obama did pretty well in school, he is no dummy..

    For any parent, take a moment and take a look at your childs history can be quite enlightening.

    Then again, even if the text were on the mark, any pedagogue with an agenda can alter things to his or her way of thinking.

    Talk to your kids, you will be amazed at what they are being taught..

    Take care,


  93. James McPherson

    Amy D,

    Sorry, I missed your comment to me before today, but this is about your statement, “It’s not necessarily about being anti-Liberal and personal attacks as it is about calling a spade a spade.”

    My complaint wasn’t about personal attacks, per se: You’ll see that I use plenty of them on my own blog, especially in regard to politicians and their choices. My complaint was about attacking people, espcially those not even relevant to the issue such as Amy Carter, based on appearance.

    One problem is that such attacks are virtually always aimed at women, as if physical beauty were the most important female attribute. So in answer to Larry’s question above about whether I thought it was wrong that people did the same to when liberals made fun of Linda Tripp, Katherine Harris and others–yes, I did. I also thought it was wrong when John McCain did it with Chelsea Clinton and Janet Reno.

    And I also think it’s wrong that some pundits, most though not all of whom are liberals (and some of whom apparently can’t decide if she’s too pretty or not pretty enough) are already starting to do the same to Sarah Palin. I don’t like the woman’s politics, but I trust that she is a nice person and a good American trying to do what is best for her family and her country. And her appearance is irrelevant.


  94. I did’t mean Obama was a dummy; What I should have said was that his professors generally were – and he soaked it up like a sponge, from the ilk of Ayers, Wright, et al..
    And I have talked to my grandchildren about their schoolwork, I get so dadburned mad I just tell them I can’t help them, that I can’t remember history being like that. It’s disgusting, we’re subsidizing people that teach our children and grandchildren so much garbage.
    Can you remember what it was like during WW11? The sacrifices, the secrets that the media knewbut didn’t leak to our enemies? But, I digress!!!

  95. orvill,

    Vouchers. Who supports them and who is beholden to the goons of the NEA?

    Ernie Pyle? In 2008?

    Do you think that its possible, orvill?

    Obama isn’t quick like Bill Clinton. If its not prepared for him, (Saddleback) he stumbles and falls.

    Thanks as always,


  96. My Answers………
    1)No Democrat
    2)Great Idea
    3)We can hope
    4)Just shows what an overeducated, with no “common sense”, no experience, but reads well from a teleprompter, person he is.

    I would like to take the oppurtunity to add the following:
    NLTz is my favorite blog, glad I found it. Your blog, commentary, or whatever you consider these masterpieces to be, are singular, excellant pieces of work. Thanx for the time, effort, love & thought, that goes into each and every piece. This applies to your articles as well as the “Thoughts of the Day”.
    When your book is ready, announce it and I, for one, will try to be one of the first buyers.
    I am also very impressed with the excellence of the COMMENTS- the intelligence,and thought (present company excepted), that goes into them– even the few liberal comments.
    (However, I’d almost bet that somebody else writes for them, unless it happens to fit the “talking points”, of the day). {Couldn’t let this pass without a little “dig” at those who don’t always agree} -but for the most part, still retain their class for the most part. J
    Muchclassier, and intelligent, than some libral posts I’ve seen in other blogs – and in a different universe from the liberal bloggers.

    Please keep up the good writing.

  97. orvill,

    Those who add to the overall shape of each article are those who themselves take the time to comment.

    I truly appreciate your very kind words. I hope to keep the pace of the material up, but I am coming into an incredibly busy time at work, basically from tomorrow through the 15th of September.

    I will try to keep up..

    Thanks as always, my friend,


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