Happy Hurricane Hunters

Smorgasbord punisher and Socialist dirigible Michael Moore said while talking to cashiered sportscaster turned liberal political dullard Keith Olberwoman, that Hurricane Gustav is “proof there is a God in Heaven.” Former DNC reprobate Don Fowler said that Hurricane Gustav, ” just demonstrates that God is on our side” and while trying to contain the warm hearted chuckle that only the abortion loving left can offer, said that “the hurricane is going to hit New Orleans about the time they start.” Just for giggles, Fowler along with John “Who?” Spratt from South Carolina said that Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, “other than the simple fact that she’s female” has “nothing to offer.”

I suppose the logical thing to do is to begin dismantling these typically Democratic, typically heinous statements while simultaneously wondering why they are so much a part of the liberal lexicon and nomenclature.

With both Moore’s and Fowler’s statements, a humorous set of comparative analogies seem to take a logical shape.

Isn’t it cute when the liberal atheists, the politically expedient religious communist charlatans like Pelosi and others, the “One Day a Week Catholics” of the brown shirt brigade start talking about God? (Pop Quiz for Joseph “comb over” Biden: Did I mean a brigade or a battalion? No fair using any of your remaining “life lines” to call Weasely Clark or John “Abscam” Murtha for advise..) It is almost as funny as hearing them talk about “fiscal responsibility”, “change” or “common sense”. For one hour a week, “Pelosi’s Pagans” figure that they have covered all the bases and as soon as they step foot outside the church, it is back to the business as usual of “Democratic deistic destruction” and infanticide. Any liberal who publicly claims to be “religious” is usually an odd ball cultist that worships trees, porcupines or Ouija boards..

As well, we have the liberals basically encouraging what seems to be an Old Testament type of punishment for the Republicans and the innocent citizens of the United States. Isn’t it interesting that when we want to apply an “Old Testament” type of punishment to Middle Eastern despots or Islamofascist terrorists, suddenly the “fire and brimstone” liberals want to sit down and “talk.” It is the “Oprah Winfrey Warfare” of the left. It is the socialist bombardment of “Nevillian Nonsense” utilized by the “Appeasement Alliance”. It is the Democratic “Schlock and Awful”. Frightening, isn’t it. These are the same people who want Bin Laden to be served with a subpoena and “tried” at The Hague. They want to bore the enemy to death..

Heck, you can’t even do a little waterboarding in order to save any number of American lives. No, our enemy combatants are to be given as soft a life as the American welfare recipient, another of the liberal “engendered species”.. From that point forward, its up to the duplicitous liberal media to “create” imaginary yarns about Korans being flushed in order to discredit the entirety of the American military.

The liberals place politics above everything else. Politics, in this case, an oppressive, intrusive and over involved socialist government, is their deity. The liberals see themselves as God. They cannot see God within themselves.

Another Democratic poster boy once said, “Americans worship life, we worship death.” If someone had frisked Bin Laden at that exact moment, on his person I guarantee you, they would have found a DNC membership card, an ACLU emergency contact card and a Carter/Mondale “More Malaise” campaign button or two..

Bin Laden was almost right. SOME Americans worship life. The liberals as well as their fetid friends, worship death. The liberals haven’t developed the courage to take on someone their own size, so they are warming to the task by systematically murdering the unborn and euthanizing the infirm. This little “life/death” religious dichotomy has apparently alluded the savants of the left. This whole religious epiphany must be very confusing to the Mengele/Kevorkian leftists.

In speaking of Governor Palin, the two Democrats said that she “had nothing to offer other than the simple fact that she is female.” May I offer the Royal Highness of Helium, Barack O’Carter and simultaneously compare him to the previous statement? May I also offer it up as anther fine example of the liberal “witless projection program.”

Let me start by saying that when the left talks about “simple facts”, please understand that that is the only type of “fact” that they can digest. That is why bumper stickers are so appealing to the liberals. The other reason that bumper stickers are so important to the left is that is generally the only thing holding their cars together. It’s tough to buy nice things when all you have going for you is a paper route.. When your “points” can be condensed into a few words, you haven’t even made a point. They have to “condense for the dense.” At least the liberals understand their “target market”..

Obama “has nothing to offer other than the simple fact that he is”….black. He is a figurehead. Please be careful how you say and spell that last descriptor, for the left is very sensitive now. If Obama is “change”, what is Palin? If McCain isn’t “change”, then what is Biden?

The whole “Obama Epiphany” is just an opportunity for the Democrats to free themselves of the justifiable guilt that they have carried since the inception of the Republican Party. It is their racist exorcism. That little apology by the House didn’t seem to work for them. Judging by their statements about Palin, their misogynistic exorcism is going to have to wait until at least the next election cycle. Their shiny buttons do little when they forward the destructive pogroms of affirmative action. Their yard signs are ineffective proof when they have systematically vandalized the public schools. Their stickers are of little solace when they preach the sermons of hopelessness and individual failure to the minorities.

In the end, all of the happy hurricane hunters of the left can lovingly do all of the praying necessary to bring about a national disaster with all of its related damage and destruction, simply for their political benefit. The rest of us will be doing more than a little praying of our own. We will be praying that the voters of this country will not place your “Figurehead and Wiggerhead” ticket into office, thereby averting what would unquestionably be a “national disaster.”



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  1. James McPherson

    So far, the only ones I can see who have gained politically are the Republicans, who have found an excuse to exclude Bush and Cheney from the Republican Convention. They won’t be in the hurricane area, because that would be “a distraction,” but they’ll monitor the hurricane from a safe distance while avoiding being “a distraction” at the convention.

    And while some liberals/Dems may be thankful in some way for a hurricane, count me among those who find those folks to be disgusting–and among the liberals now praying for the Gulf Coast.

  2. Amen and Amen!

  3. My “Amen” was for the article, not for the liberal’s comment above me.

  4. James,

    “An excuse”?

    Sounds like the “perfect storm” mentality just can’t escape ANY member of the loyal opposition..hint…

    I know that I just spent 1,072 words saying it but, a hurricane is neither a “distraction” nor “an excuse”. Some of us “see” differently. Try putting the politics aside momentarily.

    Thank you for being the first commentor and for supporting my theorum.

    I join you in praying for what we hope will not come.


  5. LM,

    So noted.

    Thank you for stopping in and commenting,


  6. 3 headed Rick


  7. 3 head,

    I can hear their synapses overloading..

    Stop making sense..

    Thanks as always,


  8. James McPherson


    My point was, sadly, that some on both sides seem to be “playing politics” with the storm. If you disagree, perhaps you can explain what Bush and Cheney will be doing in Texas or Montana that they couldn’t do in Minnesota? And do you disagree that many McCain supporters were troubled by the fact that the president and vice president would be speaking at the convention, reinforcing the idea that McCain agreed with their policies?


  9. James McPherson

    An added note: I see that now the GOP has cancelled the entire first night of the convention to focus on hurricane relief. All politics aside, I commend them for the move, which I think is compassionate and appropriate.

  10. James,

    Liberal political obsession: Volume II;

    Bush/McCain in Minnesota: “They don’t care about the victims!!”

    Bush/McCain anywhere else: “They’re playing politics”

    Not to continue this dead end any further but I am sorry, I don’t get the “reinforcing the idea” business, what “policies”?

    Should liberal demogod Obama just go and “part the water” for everyone?

    Should any politician of your choosing be strapped to a tree like they do to the imbeciles on the Weather Channel when a hurricane makes landfall?

    Should the commander in chief be at ground zero, left to face that hurricane? That way if something horrible happens, you can claim that the “sympathy” vote was the “angle they were playing”?

    Should all of congress be sent to the point where the hurricane makes landfall or should the decision makers be at a safe distance? Our number one priority should be to appease the liberals/media during a national disaster.

    Its all so uneccessarily political with the left…

    I think that I am kind of done repeating myself about this, don’t make me get out the Wes stick.


  11. It would seem that a Socialist agenda for revolution, (change), requires some death and destruction of the masses. This in turn justifies a little more death and destruction of the masses to actually bring about that change,(revolution). Now if there is a practical way to blame it all on God…well then…now we’re cooking with cow dung.
    “A Liberal Progressive Democrat is simply a Socialist with patience and a Socialist is nothing more than a Communist without a gun.”

  12. James,

    We agree. I would have complimented the Democrats for a similar decision. Everyone is needed in Washington right now..

    It would be nice if all members of congress and the administration got together and worked together for the victims, starting now.

    There is no symbolism in helping those who are going to need more than just our prayers..

    Thanks James,


  13. sonoffar,

    Who said that?

    Wish it was me..

    Thanks for your comment,


  14. I am proudly one of the “bitter people “who “cling to guns and religion!” I would have to have merely stomached McCain before he picked Palin. She’s one of us. McCain has come through this much. It’s enough so far to get my vote!

    McCain has chosen a VP candidate who is far superior in every way concerning every issue than the Dems Presidental candidate, Obama. Palin has a child that Obama would have murdered by sucking his brains out, or letting him die a ghastly death after surviving a botched abortion. Biden hates guns and evangelicals. He’s a “girlieman.” He doesn’t hold a candle to Palin who is a member of the NRA, is a crack shot, and hunts and fishes. She is also a Pentecostal which is an evangelical on fire. Fan the flames.

    As far as this hurricane is concerned, it would probably be an electorate advantage not to have it. Who needs all the bluster from all those speakers. The only two speakers we need to hear from right now are McCain and Palin. Palin is God’s favor to us. I for one am very thankful…(and relieved). Palin is the remedy for a failing ticket. Go McCain and Palin!

  15. Obummer is not a black. He is at best 1/2 black.I think that the only reason he streses his blackness is to hood wink the blacks into voting for him. His anti-american preacher is probably so angry at whites because he can not pass for one. He is probably less black than Obummer. . What a liberal canidate,a communist tied to a bomber, an anti- everything preacher, and a real crook. Wow, he is a perfect liberal canidate.

  16. Yes, sonoffar, what a quote. Pleast tell us where it came from.

  17. My apoligies. Here is a correction for above post: As far as this hurricane is concerned, it would probably be an electorate advantage not to have the Republican Convention. Who needs all the bluster from all those speakers. We need to hear from McCain and Palin.

  18. The quote is my adaptation of quotes from Red Square and others found here:
    You my find it of interest to explore both pages of this section as clearly your readers and commentators spend too much time with the mundane of politics.
    “One of the true joys in life is taking a dump on the well traveled path of Liberalism and the Progressive Democrat.”

  19. WOW!!! Larry, you have out done yourself this time. You have tied together some of your previous articles nicely!!! It is utterly despicible that anyone would find a hurricane to be a blessing, but in the immortal words of my Marine father, consider the source. Remember, these ugly words are coming from the same people who think that criminals have more rights than their victims or law abiding citizens, illegal immigrants have more rights than US citizens, and, above all, think that babies and the infirm have ZERO rights. These people are backasswards and inhuman.

  20. Ken, Strong words.

    I too believe that McCain did a good job by picking Palin.

    The first choice from the candidates: Senator Biden and Governor Palin.

    You decide..


  21. Ken,

    I agree. Lets get to work preparing for a catastrophy not a convention.

    Now is when everyone should “reach across the aisle.”

    Keep praying,


  22. sonoffar,

    Will do, sounds like a gold mine..

    Thanks as always,


  23. Sister Amy,

    They are unfortunately blinded by their politics.

    It becomes difficult to recognize and acknowledge humanity when so encumbered..

    Thanks as always for your kind words,


  24. It surprised, if not shocked, me that the mammouth Micheal Moore would even give thanks to God, let alone publicly. Although I believe it would take the strength of two sturdy young men, or perhaps a forklift to get Moore back to his feet, I doubt if he’s found reason to get to his knees and thank Him for any humane reasons.

    The sheer hypocrisy in Moore thanking God and defending the defunct reasoning of the Democratic Party’s condoning the killing of the Maker’s unborn children is ludicrous. This Leftist hypocrisy is the prime example of the downward spiral of religious morals and ethics in America.

    Are the ones who follow the Left so blind they cannot see or think for themselves that in Moores statement, he is actually treating the people of New Orleans as pawns. Not caring whether there is damage or loss of life resulting from Hurricane Gustav, he just flippantly thanks his God that it will disrupt the Republican National Convention. I say his god because I believe his and mine are of two different ones. Mine being one of the Creator and his being more of the golden mule variety.

    My analogy of this would be in Welfare and other such government programs instituted by leftists. While the persons on the programs may never get any farther ahead, they thank their “God” for their free gifts, in this case the government. Becoming content in their role and never entertaining the thought or seeing the need to further themselves in giving back to society. Thus, moraless, blind followers panhandling their broomstick and pencil politics to the young ones they let live.

  25. Windrider,

    Go man, go..

    How about this: the left loves to hand others hard earned money to the sponges and the slothful.

    When a natural disaster happens, they have to divert the ill gotten dollars to rebuilding, infrastructure, etc..to “genuine” victims.

    By “wishing” as some have done, they will have to put their redistributionist tendancies on the back burner.

    Therefore some are “wishing” against their instincts and their addiction to handouts..

    Just s thought,

    Thanks as always,


  26. The liberals see themselves as God. They cannot see God within themselves.

    This all is just so very sad and remarkably disturbing… how did (part of) humanity come to the point of thanking God for natural disasters? This is simply beyond the natural order of things and way past my point of comprehension. Sickened does not begin to cover the way I feel right now.

  27. blue state blues- RWG

    Wouldn’t it be absolutely laughable if it wasn’t so sad, that the number one issue, and the dominant litmus test, that the Democrats have is ABORTION! The echos of Sarah Palin’s VP selection were still audible when the Democrats were already attacking her pro-life position. The right to kill the unborn and recently born, in the most heinous ways, is paramount in the order of importance to most Democrats. It is singularly nauseating that the cornerstone of qualifications, according to the Democrats, is the disgusting act of scraping a living child from the womb and causing its death during or after the assault. How pathetic is the state of their platform. How many countless debates over this issue do we have to endure. It’s murder and it has risin to biblically horrific proportions. And I’m afraid that conservatives are getting numbed to the magnitude of the devastation. Why on earth do we have so many children being slaughtered while avoiding pregnancy is not that hard? Something is seriously wrong with our value system. We have allowed the inmates to run the asylum and we have stood by and watched it for too long. The weight of this moral ball and chain is destroying us from inside out.

  28. Larry,
    “Smorgasbord punisher and Socialist dirigible..”
    Now that is classic!
    Don’t hold back on that Wesley stick.As was said in Spinal Tap,sometimes it ‘s good to have a solid piece of wood in your hand.

  29. I left Brother Bean a message on Happy Talk.

  30. Has anyone noticed the irony in a hurricane’s lifecycle?

    It turns violently to the Left, and doing most of it’s mindless damage to the Right of center.

    It has an expansive eye that sees absolutely nothing and no mind at it’s core.

    It destroys people, families, towns, cities and anything else that gets in it’s path without concern.

    Once it has done untold damage, it is simply gone.

    Sorta’ reminds me of politics in today’s United States


  31. Do you think that if democrats actually belonged to a church rather than “went to church for the media” they would get it?

    Most churches, at least my denomination, take care of their own. Help the “downtrodden” get back on their feet by helping them find jobs; keep their housing. Essentially have the potential for providing their own with welfare, although it be temporary, encouraging self sufficiency and individual responsibility.

  32. “Wishing.” What a wonderful word isn’t it? Mean’t for children’s story books, fairy tales and songs. The leftists thrive on the word and from the story book and fairy tale speeches given at the convention in Denver, their heads are swelling. In dumb, down the line belief and back slapping, we who “think” are in danger of injury due to the schrapnel from the piercings of noses and ears, etc. should they burst.

    Redistribushion continues, but it is not to the normal leeching programs that most people recognize.

    The Democratic contolled Congress and Senate has fought tough fights on bills to defeat the future control in lessing the number of incoming legal immigrants or any meaninful laws concerining illegal aliens. Both Houses have repeatedly voted to pass legislation for, and repeatedly against bills trying to, control immigration, either in the reduction of legal immmigrants (America takes in more immigrants than all other counrties in the world combined) and the counter measures that must be taken to prevent the illegal (criminal) aliens that have ivaded our country. The illegal aliens, who speak no English, swear allegiance to their home country’s flag, pay no taxes, export their earnings back to their home country, work for below mimimum wages destroying the average American worker’s standard of living and yet the illegals are subsidized by the free government stipends not even afforded the poorest of Americans because they are citizens.

    It must be excrutiatingly painful for the left in waiting for our own children to grow up to be old enough to vote. As it appears they would rather import foreigners, give them the free stipends at the govermental cost of 500 billion a year. Appearing as “Saviours”, they then would give illegal aliens citizenship, resulting in allegiance to the Demo cult with little pandering.

    Kill your own children while importing foreigners for votes… what a platform.

  33. If Obama were an authentic “Black voice” in America, and an advocate of change, he would be at the very minimum anti-abortion, and would understand the holocaust which liberal abortion advocates have perpetrated upon Black people.

    The US Census bureau:

    •Hispanics are projected to triple by 2050, when they’ll be nearly a third (133 million) of the population. Spurring Hispanic growth is the group’s large natural increase — birth rate minus death rate attributed mainly to its youth and fertility. Immigration is an important factor.
    (HA! Now there is some government speak eh?)

    •The black population is projected to increase by just 1 percentage point, from 14% this year to 15% (66 million) in 2050. At that point, Hispanics will outnumber blacks by 2-to-1, the report said.

    Well I ask, why should this be?

    Well, to quote Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union… “The biggest struggle for civil rights today is for the civil rights of the unborn child.” … “Nearly half of black babies conceived in America today are aborted, and a black woman is three times more likely to have an abortion than her white counterpart.”

    So my questions to Obarmy Hussein are these:

    Why does Black American not call you to task on your pro-abortion stance in which every DAY more than 1,000 Black babies are murdered?

    Why do you wish their continued murder as a matter of public policy?

    Are welfare benefits more important an issue to existing Black Americans than the future of their race/people?

    Do you Obarmy prefer a beaten down, marginalized base of victims, who see infanticide as a method of birth control, and affirmative action coupled with government intervention as their only means of advancement?

    Would you not rather see a community of people energized, empowered, proud, and functioning because of a strong belief in itself, and its future?

    Why am I a middle aged white woman more concerned for the future of Black Americans, and the bitter loss of millions of Black children than YOU the supposed advocate of CHANGE are?

    On a last note, are we conservatives the only ones who will ask these truly pertinent questions of the Emperor with no clothes?

  34. Who would you rather work for or be behind? A successful guy who had seven (“7”) houses or some fast talking dude whose house was arranged by a convicted felon?

    That should have been Tokyo-Pelosi-the-Pagan, Queen above God of the do-as-I-say-not-as-we-do Party.

    You know, if John’s heart holds out for just about one (“1”) year, Palin will have had more experience than Obamaland-Carter and at a higher office.

    What nationality is Obama anyway? And has anyone lined out exactly what Obamaland wants to do?

    And if Russia drove into the U.S. and took over a few states, would Tokyo-Pelosi actually care or be able to do anything about it as good guys are not allowed to have guns.

    Anyone think Rezko is stalling out for a few more months to see if he shuts up about Obama if elected for the early repreive, or if he spills the beans if not elected?

  35. A reply you wroteY …[“Should liberal demogod Obama just go and “part the water” for everyone?].
    I say, send him to New Orleans and let him stand on the shoreline somewhere and part the hurricane.

    Secondly, you said…Moore said ….
    that Hurricane Gustav is “proof there is a God in Heaven.” Former DNC reprobate Don Fowler said that Hurricane Gustav, ” just demonstrates that God is on our side”
    I say is it true, are these scum starting to believe there is a God? (Look out the window is there a bright star in the east)? Let them say it however they want. Hey Man, it’s a start!!

  36. Seeing the level of resolve in the comments here give me hope that the”REAL AMERICANS”,yes those clinging to their Faith and yes ,their guns{without them the leftest hordes would take our America away from us here in flyover country}will stand up!It’s time the rest of the states got with the awakening we TEXANs have been having.Neo-cons,socialist democrats,liberals,and communists are all of the same mold.GOD is in Heaven ,not in policies and ideaologies that take us further from what is right!Taking on another countries social problems(by giving the surplus population and the criminals that really run that country,more “rights”than our own poor and disavantaged is criminal.Killing the most weak (the new born and the unborn)is a worse thing than any Hitler or his minions ever did!We ,native or naturlized Americans are beeing replaced because of our beliefs!Wake up America ,your country is dying!

  37. blue state blues- RWG

    What a great, thoughtful post. Logic, being a foundation in conservative thought, is not a useful tool in analyzing the Liberal agenda and Liberal platforms. That is unless the onion is peeled to the core. And of course, within the abortion issue is the denial that God has a place in this discussion. And so I say, how dare Obama get on the stage and profess to have been saved by the shed blood of Christ and then turn his cheek and defend his posture on denying fundamental life support to a child born alive in a failed abortion.
    And so we conservatives are standing alone J9 in this struggle for sanity. I pray that we can keep the awareness alive even for conservatives because I fear that we have grown numb to the magnitude such as you have described. And in case someone tries to turn this into a racist issue because blacks are more likely to abort, let us not forget that white European women abort 7 of 10 pregnancies. And this is one of the lofty heights of Euro eleaticism where Obama aspires to lead us.

  38. To blue state blues- RWG:

    Thank you for your kind comments and your conservative fellowship.

    I did worry after I posted my observations that some may try to find a race issue but I have no race agenda. Merely outrage at the millions of voices that we will never hear, Black, White, and of every race & hue…. all just infants robbed of life.

    However, the impact although devastating to all communities, is quite clearly an unimaginable, yet willful destruction of any future for millions of Black Americans and no one certainly not the Junior Senator is talking, let alone screaming about it.

    Were I to post regarding Senator McCain’s less than stellar credentials on this issue I could have cited many statistics regarding white European women, and noted a strain of conservative hypocrisy which disturbs me also.

    However my point in writing today is to join the ever-erudite NOLEFTTURNZ in taking an honest look at the true Obama vs. the sainted visionary and proponent of much vaunted “change.”

  39. Redbone,

    I wish I had the answer.. I cannot fathom the mentality.

    Hows that bum wheel of yours doing?

    Stay loose,


  40. RWG,

    The issue is a defining one.

    Regardless of political affiliation, it brings out the “one issue voter” in the electorate.

    Get the word out, send them here.

    We can do this.


  41. bean,

    I write stuff just to get you to post.

    Top drawer. Really.

    Thanks as always,


  42. Sling,

    Moore reminds me of the “old school wrestlers.”

    The ones not even remotely in shape.

    Dirty, fat and sweaty.

    Thanks as always,


  43. Linda,


    A long time back in the “Lagniappes” section I wrote a piece on that issue.

    The church was a member of the community. The left marginalizes the church and they step in to the “serivice” vacuum.

    Bonus points to anyone who locates the Lagniappe that this piece is in..

    Thansk for contributing to NLTZ,


  44. Linda,

    Sorry, I couldn’t wait..

    “Pregnant Chad”.

    I really like the Lagniappes section.

    There are some classics in there..



  45. Windrider,

    OK, I’ll admit it, I have unquestionably the best group of commenters on the web.


    From now on my articles will consist of: Today is Monday….GO!!

    And off the great comments go…

    Thanks as always,


  46. J9,

    OK what the heck..I go to work and you guys start ROCKING!

    Excellent post, just marvelous..

    Thanks as always,


  47. Danno,

    Great questions..

    Unfortunately, no one will ever answer them..

    THAT’S what’s wrong. No answers..

    Thanks for your comments,


  48. orvill,

    John Lennon was houded for saying that the Beatles were more popular than God..

    The liberals AT LEAST have long memories..

    Thanks as always,


  49. WillyG,

    Apathy..”It’s someone elses problem..”

    It’s coming home to roost.

    Thanks for the timely comment,


  50. RWG and J9,


    McCain should be and will be asked about his position and how he differs from his Vice Presidential nominee.

    It could end up being a flip flop if he changes.

    If he doesn’t change and the “impartial” media decides that it is worth mentioning every ten seconds or so, could a wedge form between the pro life women and McCain?

    Lets face it, the Obama/Biden ticket is probably a “choice” ticket (Don’t know for sure..)

    If he does change, will that drive a wedge between the “pro choice/Hillary” new McCain pick ups?

    It is an incredibly important issue that will get alot of coverage..

    Thanks as always for all of your insightful and heartfelt comments,


  51. Mr. Moore’s comments are further proof that only liberals would find political advantage in a natural disaster. One should witness what has happened once a conservative govenor and a new mayor in New Orleans replaced the crying disfunctional mess that was during Katrina. An orderly evacuation for everybody, and the FEMA guys saying point-blank, ‘don’t expect us to do everything for you’. We’ll see what the results are, but I doubt you’ll see the mass carnage from last time. I don’t think liberals could run a fever without messing it all up

  52. Larry, the Obarmy/DomyBidin platform on abortion is thus from the official campaign site:

    Supports a Woman’s Right to Choose:
    Barack Obama understands that abortion is a divisive issue, and respects those who disagree with him. However, he has been a consistent champion of reproductive choice and will make preserving women’s rights under Roe v. Wade a priority as President. He opposes any constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in that case.

    Thanks for all your kind words Larry, you’re the best.

  53. G.

    The was always slightly off balance, but when they start rooting for huuricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, that ‘s when their fulcrum has completely tipped.

    Thanks as always,


  54. J9,

    Thanks for the info..

    I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. See what that got me? I should have known better..

    Take care and keep the faith,


  55. G. Nichols-

    Pardon the correction, but for the sake of accuracy I have to add that the mayor of NO is the same one who mucked it up so badly last time. Yes, he has performed much better this time, no doubt in great part because a new governor has a firm hand on the tiller and has probably been whispering the necessary answers in Nagin’s ear.


  56. bean,

    With the unfortunate disaster that was Katrina, this time around there could be no excuses.

    Its not over yet..

    Thanks as always,


  57. Larry,

    Even if there can be no excuses, leave it to the Liberals to make some up. Liberals can find fault with just about anything, especially if that anything is something that makes a Conservative look good.

  58. Still attached Larry, thanks for asking. Best conservative writing on the net here. Period.

    Gustov… while it’s never to early to thank God for anything, I thank Him this morning as it seems we have dodged what could have been another devastating blow to our Gulf Coast. The people got out! Continued prayers however, as you are right when you say it’s not over yet.

  59. So, it turns out the Governor’s daughter is pregnant….

    This should bring the loonies out of the woodwork!


  60. bean,

    They’ve been out there. All over with theories that Palin faked her pregnancy and that her youngest son actually belongs to the eldest daughter.

    Its all political with the left.

    If Palins daughter said she wanted to have an abortion and that the whole proceedure was on pay per view, the left would howl that it is a “political ploy.” They would claim that it is a “cheap stunt to lure the abortionettes to the Republican ticket.”

    Now it will be a “shallow nod to the pro life zealots” who “dominate the right”.

    They never let you down..

    On a different note, my wife gave Governor Mike Huckabee one of my no left turnz business cards and another to his assistant at the McCain rally here in St. Louis yesterday..

    It would be nice if something good came of that. Governor Mike is a very good guy..who knows?

    Thanks as always,


  61. James McPherson


    I understand your concern about politicization of irrelevancies, though of course I’d argue that both sides do it too often and that you’re overgeneralizing again about “the left.”

    For example, I’m one liberal who has criticized the rumors about Palin’s daughter–and have deleted the Daily Kos from my links page because of the report. You can see more, if interested, at http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/lies-left-and-right-kos-drudge-and-little-green-footballs/.

    Good luck with the Huckabee and McCain connections. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to chat with Clarence Page and give him a copy of my latest book, so I’m also hoping that leads to something more, of course.


  62. Larry,
    A major reason the Roman Empire died was the influx of foreigners,both in Italy and the Legions,who had no emotional attachment to that country or its traditions.
    Granted, we are not Rome,nor do I particularly like comparing us with that Empire.Like them,however,we are the world’s only true superpower(we have a 12-15 trillion dollar economy,China’s is 3).
    I cannot help but wonder,given their wish to humble this nation,if this is not a fact known to liberals,either intuitively or-on the offchance they actually possess any true knowledge- historically?
    What particularly infuriates me is the number of Republicans who support this immigration debacle for short-term monetary gain.
    I have something for them.

  63. Palin faked her pregnancy and that her youngest son actually belongs to the eldest daughter.

    This is serious??? The left makes this accusation? How does one actually define the word sick? Or…”is” for that matter… Please, please excuse my profanity but this is fucked pure and simple.

    Continuing… I too believe Huck is a very good man and gave him my vote here in the “great blue north” state of Massivetwoshits. I do hope he has the opportunity to play a role in this next Republican administration.

    James… with all due respect to someone much more well written than me, should my tiny voice mean anything in the world… THINK DUDE, THINK. Congrats for taking a Daily Kos link off your site… step one. BUT, how in the name of humanity (or in the name of God if you are a man of faith) can you stand by the philosophical genre of liberalism… people who spew absolute hate with such stunning regularity? I really wish you could explain your logical connection to such a thought process. You seem like a decent guy… I really just don’t get it!

    My sister is a die-hard dem and I love her enough to die for her and her children, but that absolute respect is just not there because of her libral beliefs and I honestly do not consider myself a superior intellect in any regard. She blew my doors off academically.

    Wishing you good luck with your book… I hope you and yours prosper from it!

  64. Most excellent post, Redbone!

    I too would stand and die for some that I love dearly, though they are are decidedly and often radically BLUE. For the life of me, I can’t understand how they can call themselves intelligent as they follow along so blindly in the face of valid contrary information.

    It doesn’t matter what you show them. There is no evidence which will sway them away from joining the long gray lines of Socialism.

    Nearest I can tell, they view life under Socialism the same as they view the point at which life itself actually begins.

    Recognizing it’s occurance is considered well above their paygrade.


  65. Milton Friedman speculated that the ‘normal’ human leaning was towards socialism & that the couple of true democracies in history were/are a fluke.

  66. James McPherson


    Thanks for the good wishes, but unfortunately I don’t find “people who spew absolute hate with such stunning regularity” to be limited to liberals (or conservatives, for that matter, since I’ve had libs say almost exactly the same thing about their opponents). Exhibits 1 & 2: Ann Coulter and Michael Savage.

    And other true believers too lazy to think for themselves often revert to hateful speech. I’ve even had a comment or two that might fit that characterization aimed at me on this site, though over all the respondents here seem to be pretty thoughtful and well-mannered. That’s part of why I keep coming back–even though you folks are wrong a lot, you’re generally pretty nice about it. 🙂



    I have a dream. Someone during the presidential debate presents this poser to Obama.

    Senator , we know that you have voted to withhold medical attention from babies that survive abortion. Suppose, as has happened on occasion, a baby survives beyond the 45 minutes that the Down’s baby did. At which point would she qualify for medical care? pre-school? high school?
    Above your pay grade, 4 million dollar a year man?
    Don’t sell your Washington DC house yet, you’re going to need it .

  68. Please Mr. McPherson,

    With all respect, you can hardly consider Michael Savage mainstream, can you? Coulter, much like Maher is a dark political satirist, with Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly and the like far more well known as pundits who offer opinion, with the reader or listener often being urged to “do their own homework” again and again.

    On the other hand…

    Michael Moore was given an actual award for producing an “opinion piece” which was touted far and wide as a factual “documentary” though it violated every definition of the word, as it contained numerous factual inaccuracies. He is now thanking God for a natural disaster, with nobody shouting down such disgraceful rhetoric.

    Al Gore was given an award for the same thing and in much the same manner saying,”The discussion is over” concerning the root cause of Global Warming, when in fact, the discussion is far from over. He also proclaims loudly to the people of the nation that the Bush Administration lied to the public about WMD in Iraq, when his boss actually included Mr. Gore’s name when saying exactly the same thing repeatedly as early as 1998. I never heard him using the word “lie” then, though it is a standard part of his vocabulary now.

    On one point we fully agree. “True believers too lazy to think for themselves.” There are also true believers too lazy to take care of themselves, and they are now trying to impose that “cradle to grave” job on the rest of us.


  69. James,

    That was funny…overgeneralizing..

    I’ve read your stuff, James.

    Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle..

    Again, thanks for the laugh.


  70. Sling,

    If I may overgeneralize..Sorry that still cracks me up..

    Liberals understand EXACTLY what they are doing.

    This is volition, not mere ineptitude or chance.

    The only thing that the left knows about what transpired in Rome is that they liked the breezy outfits that they wore.

    Goes well with their Earth shoes and their “man” bags..


  71. Redbone and bean,

    Spike Lee, Al Franken, Garafalo, Robbins, Baldwin, the list goes on and on and on.. It’s an easy thirty to one on the “over the line” ratio, left to right.

    Savage does have a screw loose. The unfortunate thing is that every week or so, he puts a real gem out there. Its what you have to go through to get there that is seldom worth the effort. There are much better available.

    Coulter does use humor. Her points are most salient and well constructed.

    Liberals don’t like to be laughed at. They are very serious when they wish for natural disasters, “perfect storms”, abortion pogroms and the like.

    Don’t let the liberal sanctimony fool you. If Coulters points were irrelevant, off the mark and untrue, the left wouldn’t care.

    The ladies doth protest too much..


  72. James,

    We all love the pedantic and messianic sniffishness of the left.

    There is always a piquant and flowery odor to the left’s flummery. It mesmerizes them, it repulses the rest.

    Downwind of a slit trench, 95 degrees..



  73. bean,

    They aren’t trying to impose upon us, they are too lazy. Those who look to them come election time, that is who is doing the imposing on their behalf..someone has to be in charge of the “benefits”..

    I have always said that if the poor didn’t vote, the liberals wouldn’t give a hoot about them..


  74. That’s the point, isn’t it?

    The poor vote, but their leadership still doesn’t give a hoot about them.

    The political Left simply warehouses the vast majority of their voting power in the inner city ghettos or under-funded social programs around the country, and then trots them out every couple of years at election time.

    There’s no clearly marked way out of the lower class Socialist system they’ve somehow re-invented. The only paths to follow is to and from the welfare line and the voting booth.

    I suppose the “intellectuals” of the Party feel they’re doing the poor a favor by including them on the mailing list.

    Or, is it just me?


  75. Bean,

    Unfortunately, it’s not just you who thinks that. It’s the sad truth. But remember, “by their fruits we shall know them.”

  76. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is pregnant and guss what??? Bristol is keeping the baby and marrying the father. This is wonderful news. To those closet libs (and anyone else who wants to read an uplifting story) who troll this site: http://deuxcentimes.blogspot.com/2007/01/from-ugly-to-beautiful.html

    I’ve been where Bristol is. I was her age when I became pregnant with my now 8 year old daughter. Christians are not perfect, just forgiven. We are still fallen, imperfect human beings who make mistakes. The difference is in how we handle them. We admit we are wrong and accept responsibility for our actions. We err on the side of life. We pick up our cross and move on. As far as my story goes, my only regret is that I did not save myself for marriage. Of course, I thought I was going to marry him (Izzie’s sperm donor), until he showed me his true colours. I was young and stupid. I ignored every red flag, and when I finally stood up, I eventually went back. After finally leaving Sperm Donor (thank you Olympia PD), I still did not learn my lesson. I just repeated it with other guys (sans violence). I did not start completely living my life the way Jesus intended until right before I met my Hubby. In fact, if it wasn’t for me finally turning myself around, I never would have met my Hubby.


  78. James… Thanks for the reply but what exactly are we wrong about? Loving the Lord, loving life, loving freedom… what? Please, tell me!

    Larry… I thought the ratio was 30/1 in the Baldwin family alone 🙂 Your use of the word volition is spot on. I KNOW these people (the liberal elite) are deadly serious and very dangerous.

    beanhead… Thanks for the shout out man, your posts are always above the pay grade.

    Amy D… you sound like an absolutely beautiful person with a very lucky Hubby!

  79. Honored Amy!

    This from RedState.com… hope you don’t mind the cross posting Larry but I thought this email was very appropriate to our discussion here.


    The 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pregnant, Palin said on Monday in an announcement intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her child.

    Bristol Palin, one of Alaska Gov. Palin’s five children with her husband, Todd, is about five months pregnant and is going to keep the child and marry the father, the Palins said in a statement released by the campaign of Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

    Bristol Palin made the decision on her own to keep the baby, McCain aides said.

    As we noted earlier: The foul denizens of Obama’s online base, who find the very idea of Sarah Palin as a strong feminist conservative mother absurd, engaged in the worst kind of putrid mudslinging over the past few days, suggesting in no uncertain terms that her daughter was the mother of Trig Palin. Of course, those of us who laughed at the baseless suggestions of the child-hating left (she’s not fat enough! they shriek) now know that to be impossible. We also know that McCain himself knew of Bristol’s pregnancy – which had to have made this past 48 hours all the more frustrating for the campaign. For all these reasons, it’s good to have this announcement come now.

    We’ll see how the media inevitably bashes this young woman for her choice in the coming days, in the wake of covering up the John Edwards love child for 2+ years, and botching the story when it came out as they bent over backwards to avoid criticism. Nah, that wasn’t bias.

    But it’s fitting that in this moment, one of the toughest [decisions] a young woman can face, Bristol Palin has chosen on her own to take the right path. This baby is not a “punishment,”, as Obama so famously said; it is not an object to be destroyed, as Obama argued for in the Illinois State Senate; he or she is a human life, one worthy of receiving the love of a mother and father. And we rejoice in the knowledge that a family will receive this blessing into the world.

    Have no doubts about this: Bristol Palin is brave. Braver than any of the hideous bloggers, hiding in their anonymity, who throw muck at her mother and who will doubtlessly revile her decision. Braver than the foes of the right to life who would offer her a knife and a vacuum to end this minor inconvenience. Brave enough to know that it’s not enough to talk about doing the right thing – it’s doing that right thing when the moment calls for it the most.

    We thank her for making this choice now – her child will thank her forever.

    We send our strongest prayers and best wishes for Bristol Palin, for her future husband, for her child, and for the entire Palin clan.

  80. Larry – What’s up with Michael Moore’s head? Why is one eye at the top of his head and one eye in the middle of his head. Did he have some sort of accident? Maybe that will explain why he says stupid things.

  81. James McPherson


    You did notice the smile, right? As far as what you’re “wrong” about, of course, it’s everything you disagree with me on. 🙂

    But those don’t happen to include “Loving the Lord, loving life, loving freedom,” all of which I do, as well. For a more complete explanation of what our areas of disagreement may be, feel free to drop in on my blog, as Larry has.

    And even if you don’t come by, I trust you do get out of the echo chamber of like-thinkers occasionally to seek out reasoned and reasonable folks on the other side. My main point above was that neither side has a monopoly on vehemence (either the good kind or the bad).

    In fact, by spending even a brief time on the blogs one can find a wide range of disagreement among conservatives such as yourself. And some Republicans are more liberal on abortion, guns and faith than I am, for example–as an Idaho-raised teacher at a Christian university, I suspect I own more guns and more Bibles than most of the readers here.

    I tend to agree with paleoconservatives far more often than the current controlling group of neo-conservatives. But there are few individuals, liberal or conservative, with whom I haven’t found interesting areas of both agreement and disagreement–and my best friend here is a very conservative Southern Baptist, who loves to talk politics as much as I do.

    Larry, forgive me for going on at such length–I thought Redbone’s question deserved an answer.


  82. Larry, every time I visit your site, I am totally amazed at the insight I receive not only from your excellent articles, but from the enlightened comments from your regulars and other visitors.

    To Amy: God Bless you. You are a brave woman, and I add you to my list of unknown friends, even though I am not a regular here. I do lurk once in awhile.

    To James: Good to here “reasoned” comments from a liberal blogger. Unfortunately, most of those I have encountered at other sites are profane, immoral and hypocritical, to say the least. I will visit your site.

    To J9: Excellent! I’ve passed on your comments to others, citing you and this site.

    To all the others: Thanks for making my day much better than it was before I logged on.

    See you all again.

  83. James… Good answer and yes I see the smile! To be sure… I feel the same way! I give you a lot of credit for standing your ground in “enemy” territory.

    I understand your point that neither side has a monopoly on vehemence but from my web-explorations and life experiences it is clear that liberals are a much angrier and less in-tune bunch. Most (you say, this does not include you and I’ll take you at your word) do not seem to love the Lord, life or freedom near as much as my like-minded conservative friends – which are few and far between here in the “Great” North East where I am completely surrounded by liberal ideology so I believe I know from where I speak.

    I did drop by your blog and there is compelling information there, thoughtful and well written. And then there’s stuff like this…

    “Face it, people aren’t likely to spend much time watching a bunch of speeches from mostly white folks in Minnesota, especially if they’re looking to see if black people will again be stranded on rooftops in Louisiana–and how the Bush administration, which McCain hopes to continue in many ways, will respond this time around.”

    …and I’m back to being at a complete loss for words, except to say that liberalism will be the destruction of the ideals this country was founded upon. Thanks for trying! NObama ’08.


  84. Redbone,

  85. Earlier, someone asked how anyone can thank G-d for natural disasters. I’d like to propose an answer–while agreeing that it is unlikely that this is what Moore and his colleagues meant.

    If we believe that G-d is:
    1) All-knowing
    2) All-powerful

    Then it seems to me that we must agree that He is fully aware of all natural and man-made disasters and fully capable of preventing them. So, if He is also all-good, why doesn’t He? It must be that, ultimately, these terrible events–yes, including even such events as the Holocaust–are good. We don’t understand why, being mere human beings, and it is very hard to accept emotionally that these horrendously painful things are good. But if He, being aware and capable, chooses to allow terrible catastrophes to occur, doesn’t it necessarily follow that, from a G-d’s eye-view, they are good?

    If so, then wouldn’t someone sufficiently deeply imbued with faith in Him thank Him even for these events?

    Just a thought.


  86. I would like to add, by the way, that I am not arguing that we should not take action, within the limits of our wisdom and ability, to improve the world. Just that we should recognize that ultimately, the results are up to Him, and therefore must ultimately be good, no matter how hard it is for us to see that goodness.

  87. bean,

    No, its not just you..

    Thanks as always,


  88. Sister Amy,

    It’s good to see that you “traded up”.

    All the best to you and yours,


  89. George,

    Thanks as always.

    Youve been there since the beginning.


  90. Redbone,

    You knocked it out of the park as always, my friend.


  91. Beth,

    Thats why he always wears a ball cap, to try to straighten out the visual perspective…

    Thanks for your comments,


  92. Redbone/James,

    Don’t anyone kill me here but I am going to blame the online ultra left crazies and not the Obama people.

    I am going to give the Senator and his employees the benefit of the doubt. I firmly believe that if Obama found this to be from any of his workers, he would immediately dismiss them.

    The unfortunate thing is that nutbags like that give decent liberals like James a bad name, or they turn the term “liberal” INTO a bad name.

    I think by now we can all agree that James is a good guy who just happens to disagree. This is America. His opinion is just as valid as mine is.

    No, I didn’t hit my head or anything…


  93. KC,

    Stop in more often. We always enjoy your input.


  94. Yehoshua,

    Thanks for dropping by, from the start..

    Crucial words: “sufficiently deeply imbued.”

    I will guess that Mr. Moore would not fit that criteria.

    I feel that it was obvious what Mr. Moore meant. Sometimes when the left is within what they feel is a comfortable environment, they speak as though there are no consequences for their words.

    Mr. Moore will always be “controversial”, to quote William H. Macy in “Wag The Dog”, “there is no such thing as bad flon..”

    Michael is always in need of free advertising as he always has a new project or two..

    I would ask James for more insight as regards the basics of your question, I think that he is a much more spiritual man than I am. (I am not being funny here..)

    Thanks for dropping in and sharing your insights, hope to hear from you again.


  95. Larry,

    I wasn’t, in all honesty, really trying to comment on Mr. Moore’s comments. The man is vile, and should not be given the benefit of the doubt.


  96. Yehoshua,

    I got ya.. I hope that James chimes in. I would like to get his perspective on your question.

    Hope to hear from you again,


  97. James McPherson

    Thanks, Larry & Redbone.

    I do agree there are many many wackos on the left. As noted above I think there are probably as many on the right. Though we might disagree on who fits the definition, I suspect there also are some that many of us would all agree on. For example, my Southern Baptist buddy and I (both media & politics junkies from nearly opposite perspectives about many things) both have almost no use for either O’Reilly or Olbermann.

    I also realize that we are all somewhat blinded by our biases, so for example some things that one person thinks are fairly obvious statements of fact strike other people as offensive or perhaps even “hateful,” especially when the writer tries to add enough literary flourish to make it interesting (my comment about whether people would watch the hurricane or the GOP convention quoted above, for example).

    When passions collide, such things are sometimes inevitable–and not, in my view, objectionable. I try to learn where I can (you’ll see on my blog that I link to both liberal and conservative sites), and to take almost nothing personally. This life is too short to be bitter, however sweet the next life may be.

    Thanks all,

  98. James McPherson

    Oh, sorry–I overlooked the theological question. I’ll admit it’s not my strong suit–I was an atheist for the first half of my 50 years, and often feel like I’m catching up with my own students–but yes, I do think we ought to thank God for what comes (and yes, I frequently have trouble doing so).

    I also pray for intervention (during illness of family and hurricanes, for example), without knowledge that it works, or how. I don’t believe in looking for “signs from God” to tell me how to make routine decisions, but I believe that God blessed me–perhaps through evolutionary means–with the brain and heart to make those decisions.

    I also believe no one is too “vile” to be beyond redemption, one of the reasons I oppose most wars and the death penalty. Incidentally, in part because I have experience as a police and courts reporter, I also oppose the death penalty for more libertarian reasons, not trusting people to make the decision of who should live and die.

    Lots of other Christians may disagree, and that’s OK with me. One of the blessings of working at the institution I’m with is the wide range of Christian perspectives, many much better informed than mine.

    Sorry again, Larry–I seem to be writing more on your blog than on my own. 🙂

    Thanks again,

  99. James,

    We don’t want to take too much of your time.

    Keep up the good work, your site is a good read.

    And good luck with the Clarence Paige contact.

    Stop in anytime,


  100. Larry,
    I believe a lot of the anger and vitriol directed by the democrats toward Gov. Palin stems from the fact she is at least twice the man the Mighty Tinkerbell is.

  101. “I think by now we can all agree that James is a good guy who just happens to disagree. This is America. His opinion is just as valid as mine is.”

    I can get behind that Larry! I respect James for being here, being himself and I’m sure he’s been around much longer than me. I’m a noob… and not here to start fights, this site is clearly way above such BS. I do enjoy a good argument though, even if I wind up on the wrong side. That’s how we all learn!

    As for Obama and his motives… I honestly believe the man would stop at nothing to become president. Everything about him frightens me badly I’m not ashamed to admit. He is the biggest (come out of nowhere) cult in the world, black/white, republican/democrat, no matter… and this screams out a warning to me. When most everybody is freakin out about something, that something is usually just not right and when something’s not right, it’s wrong. Yikes!!!

  102. Sling,

    You’ve always got that Kaiser blade sharp edge out..


  103. James, I guess that’s why we call it the mystery of faith right brother…?


  104. Redbone,

    First keep that foot up..

    There is something to the “Obama magic”.

    Look at the last two candidates from the Democratic party. I’d be excited about Obama too. At least he has a pulse. Gore and Kerry were about as exciting as a dial tone…

    This has taken on a “movement” kind of feel for the Democrats. Imagery very early on brought the JFK references, that and Teddy’s early support. Hillary could never gain any real ground other than her base of support because she too has very little credible experience.

    Packaging has to play a role because for better or worse, he lacks tangible experience.

    If he were more experienced, he could point to “bi partisan” initiatives that he has reached across the aisle for.

    “Change” is a big horse pill to swallow without any water to wash it down. Those who have “fallen” for Obama have trouble understanding our trepidations.

    Without that experience, we have to “take his word for it.” The Democrats are more than willing to do so, we aren’t.

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  105. Foot’s up! All the blood has rushed to my head 🙂

    It’s the packaging of that “pulse” which worries me… nothin inside except appeasement and apologies.

    Cheers Larry!

  106. Big Red Ted,

    That is the trepidation part.

    I think you may have sparked another article..

    Lets see what happens today..


  107. To all:

    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my life story.


    I’m honoured to be considered your friend.

    On Obama:

    To quote a poster I saw a lot of when I was in school: “What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.” The sheer cult-like following of the “Obamessiah” is frightening. As I have mentioned before, his “rock star” status and over-fawning by Hollywood moonbats has made me uber-skeptical. I do not trust anyone who pretends to be Christ or Christ-like — whather politician or pastor. The Bible warns us of many antichrists, not just The Antichrist. Obama could be considered one of those antichrists. To some, Hitler could also be considered one of those antichrists. Bible-believing Christians should turn to their Bibles when considering who to vote for in this election. A vote for Obama could very well be a vote for an antichrist. Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourselves.

  108. Let me clarify Christ-like, for all Christians are called to be Christ-like. Christ-like, when used in my previous comment, refers to Christ as the Messiah. Anyone with a Messiah-complex is a fraud and an antichrist.

  109. Write on brotha… write on!

  110. Yehoshua Kahan


    Of course, anyone can change, for better or for worse. But when someone has repeatedly demonstrated that they are of low moral character, it becomes improper to extend them the benefit of the doubt until they prove that they’ve improved.

    In my religion (Judaism, in case you couldn’t tell from my name), we learn that someone who is known to be of high moral character must always be given the benefit of the doubt, even if it seems likely that he acted wrongly; someone of unknown character or medium character must be given the benefit of the doubt if it seems evenly likely that he acted properly or improperly, and should be given the b. of the d. even when it seems likely he acted wrongly; and someone known to be of low character must be assumed to be acting improperly even when his actions seems good. Of course, if we know that someone has changed, then he’s changed, but until then…

  111. Off topic, but I need to vent:

    Tonight has proven to me unequivocally that CNN is the propaganda arm of the Dhimmicrat party. Since AFN does not give me any choice of news source to watch, at this hour I am stuck with the Commie News Network (CNN). Wolf Blitzer (and CNN as a whole) seems more concerned with what BHO is saying in Dayton, Ohio tonight than he is with what is happening right under his nose in the Twin Cities. He’s going to broadcast BHO’s speech. WTH does that have to do with the RNC??? I am so sick of BHO I feel like hurting something. I just hope that BHO’s little soiree does not interfere with Sarah Palin’s speech, then I will really be pissed.

  112. Yehoshua Kahan

    Amy, what do you expect, media fairness? Come on. I remember one time in L.A., an Arab walked into LAX and started shooting at people standing at the El-Al counter. El-Al security guards returned fire and killed him. Next day’s article in the L.A. Times had the headline “El-Al Security Guards Kill Arab.”

  113. Yehoshua,

    I guess I am an idealist and I see life in black and white terms the older that I get. I was hoping that each convention would get equal airing, and since Oshama was skewered and the Clintons overshadowed him (all by the media), I figured that the RNC would get a fair shot. I try not to buy into conspiracies, but I sense one — or at least an attempt to pull the wool over Republicans’ eyes. Also, this may be CNN’s way of getting back at the Clintons for overshadowing Oshama’s spotlighgt at the DNC, but at the RNC’s expense (a two-for-one shot). I’m having a love-hate relationship with politics at the moment :p

  114. Yehoshua,

    If you get a second run the article archives for :
    “They are Here.”

    I reference a number of incidents the world has forgotten..

    I haven’t though..

    Thanks as always,


  115. Yehoshua Kahan

    I’d love to, Larry, but I don’t know how to get the search feature to search only your blog. Do you remember which month it was in, perhaps?


  116. Yehoshua,

    I am so sorry.. This was s tory I wrote in late October right before I put the site together.

    My apologies, but when I was putting the initial group of articles together for the site, I inadvertantly skipped ENTERING it onto the site!!

    I will post the article on the “Thought for the Day” tab at the top of the page and I am sorry if you spent too much time looking for what wasn’t even here!!

    I need a secretary…

    I will post it right now.

    Thanks, Larry

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