Parachuting With Tangled Lines

As the 2008 campaign painstakingly bumps and grinds along, both tickets have finally been established and the rift between the supporters of each candidate widens with each passing moment. I would like to explain to the Democratic opposition why we oppose your candidate of choice. This is just one man’s opinion..

From the beginning, Barack Obama was the underdog. An unknown. The reinstallation of the “Clinton Machine, Phase II” was a foregone conclusion. The other jockeys had put up their silks, the paddock was empty and the presumptive nominee had a date with the blanket of 554 roses as well as the requisite flash bulb pops and the glad-handing that goes with the winner’s circle. Then a funny thing happened.. The primary process began. One candidate chose, “Thirty five years of experience” as her call tag. Another chose “Hope” and “Change”. The left eventually decided upon the latter, but it wasn’t in an overwhelmingly convincing manner.

The “movement” that was to become the Obama candidacy had begun. The stragglers, including his eventual Vice Presidential nominee, faded well before the home stretch, some not even making it two or three furlongs, deservedly so. The energy of the Obama “movement” carried on.

With any “movement” comes the “excitement of change.” It’s all about “doing something”. For the Democrats, this political movement is taking on the excitement of a parachute jump from an airplane. It is a rush. It is thrilling. The idea of “change” without experience makes the sensible, who are being hard pressed to take this blind leap of faith, to ask, “who packed my parachute?” The unfortunate thing is that they will be asking this AFTER they jump and AFTER they have pulled the ripcord. Just one or two tangled lines will send one hurtling towards certain disaster. This is not the PTA where inexperienced decisions might affect the school play, the cakewalk or the science fair, the ramifications here could potentially last for generations. Experience in the Commander in Chief is of the utmost importance.

As far as the “Change” mantra goes, if the surrounding cabinet is made up and stocked with, the usual wrinkly old Democratic grimy hands, the ruse of “change” really means “business as usual”. No “buyers remorse” or “take backs” here, you’ve already stepped out of the plane. Does “Change” really mean “Anyone but a Republican”? That may be amusing to and it may appeal to the Democratic base but the “undecided” may need something a little more weighty yet mysterious. Thus the necessity for the resurrection of Bill Clinton’s talking point of “Change”. It is sufficiently nebulous and amorphous. It is conveniently monosyllabic. It is viciously vague.

If the cabinet consists of those as inexperienced as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency, please refer back to the previously mentioned “parachute analogy”..

Those enamoured with and hypnotized by the “movement” were clamoring for “change.” “Change” is different from, nor does it denote, imply or guarantee “direction”. The left needed “something to believe in” so it became necessary to package the candidate. Thus the need for expeditious world tours and front line visits in order to create the “myth of experience.” As long as Germany approved, everyone else should begin marching in lock step, which is kind of a German habit..

The example of Hillary Clinton seems to prove that experience, real or imagined, was a bad thing on the Democratic side of the ledger. That certainly works out well for Barack Obama as he can honestly and proudly claim that he has none. Since his days in Chicago, he has been packaged and preened. Both Emil Jones and John Stroger have quickly cleared the political pathway for him. The man who wants to be the President of the United States hasn’t even managed a single full term in the Senate.

One of the most important things that experience tells us is what a candidate has done BETWEEN election cycles. That is the dark political period when the salacious whisperings of the lecherous lobbyists become roars and where the roars of the constituents that the candidate heard during the campaign become a whisper.. Fighting these lobbyists and working on behalf of the constituents is all part of the experience process. I find it almost impossible for anyone to convince me that it is wise to send an inexperienced lamb into this den of political lions. Nothing good can come of it.

If the promises made during a campaign are not kept while the candidate holds office, this translates into the “experience” that the voters can to refer back to when the politician “seeks your vote” again. Experience is the road map that charts the path the candidate has taken after they’ve been exposed to the political virus in and around Washington. They have either developed immunity through the inoculations of individual principles and morality or they have succumbed to the political pathogen.

The talk of “change and hope” without experience becomes mere symbolism devoid of substance. Change without design or direction is a political minefield. You might make it through, then again, you will probably lose a leg or worse.

Web sites designed and assembled by party operatives cannot replace the glare of the candidate’s inexperience. A “Dear Santa” wish list of what he would like to do does not match up to what an experienced candidate has done. An experienced candidate who tells us of “reaching across the aisle” in a “bipartisan” nature can produce skeins of evidence to support that claim. To merely say that you “hope” to do so without actually having ever done so is to dream of a political world where ideologies, “special interests” and the constituencies of the other elected officials of Congress do not matter or exist. “Experience” will tell you that this is much easier to accomplish in words than in deeds.

“Experience” is the water necessary to properly swallow the directionless horse pill of “change.” Those who have fallen for the Obama imagery have more than a little difficulty understanding our justifiable trepidation.

Is it just possible to say that he is not ready “right now” for the responsibility without any accusations of pigmentational prejudice?

A candidate without relevant experience is therefore asking the voters to “take his word for it.” The Democrats have said that they are more than willing to do so regardless of the consequences. We are saying that we aren’t willing to do so BECAUSE of the consequences..

Let the games begin..




64 responses to “Parachuting With Tangled Lines

  1. Larry,

    Awesome!!! Spot-on!!! You summed up our position better than anyone. As a former naval Parachute Rigger, I can appreciate your parachute analogy, though I have never actually jumped. PRs (and AMEs) are the last to let you down. In this election, Conservatives (and McCain voters in general) are the last to let the country down. John McCain and Sarah Palin are the last to let the country down. I would love to meet any of his PRs from during his flying days… I bet McCain was one of the “good” pilots, the ones who appreciate the job of the PR and don’t treat them like slaves. I could always tell the character of a pilot by the way he treated me and by the way he/she conducted themselves in the shop. If a pilot expected me to drop everything for his every whim and special favour, then I knew he was an arrogant and self-absorbed jerk, to say the least — I never even got that treatment from any of my COs, just JOs. If a pilot came in and humbled himself, then I knew he was one of the “good” ones. I can only assume that John McCain was the latter instead of the former, despite his reputation as a “maverick” and a “hot shot”. In my experience, “hot shot” does not necessarily equate “arrogant and self-absorbed jerk”. Oh the days…

  2. Sister Amy,

    Thank you for your thoughts and kind words.

    You have made this site so much better and I thank you for the time that you take to respond so thoughtfully.


  3. “Is it just possible to say that he is not ready “right now” for the responsibility without any accusations of pigmentational prejudice?”

    Proverbial nail on head Larry…

    I think some dope wrote in Newsweek magazine that if “we” as a country fail to elect JObama that this will constitute proof that “we” are in fact a racist nation! It would therefor be impossible to simply disagree with the man and not vote for him under any circumstances.

    Guess I’m a racist… could have fooled me!

  4. Larry,

    You’re welcome!!!


    I guess I am a racist too!!! If Oshama was white, he never would have come this far. He would have been dead-in-the-water back in ’06 when he was elected to the Senate. He never would have won that election, either. I can’t say that he never would have won his state Senate seat because it seems that the Chicago machine would elect ANYBODY!!! So who is the racist now????

  5. Redbone,

    I started touching on the “unconscious racist” business when the candidate himself incessantly kept making, “they will try to scare you because I’m different” inferences within “The Pot Calling the Kettle.” HE was the only one talking about it..

    It is sad to say that the candidate sufficiently primed the pump with the “I look different than the other people”and the I look different than the other presidents on the dollars business. The “media”, as witnessed by your references to the Newsweek article, are just following the lead.

    “The Politics of Plumbing and Pigmentation” was an early stab at what I felt was to be the inevitable direction if things didn’t go according to plan..

    I hope we don’t see the fake burned campaign materials “stories.” No proof, no evidence, just the fake scorched materials with the requiste looks of dismay upon the faces of those who say, “I just woke up and this is what I found..” No proof, No arrests, no suspects, just the inferences…

    This “happened” in Missouri after the polling indicated that the Marriage amendment was going to pass by an overwhelming majority. This was two nights before the voting.

    Next night, faux torched materials. Indignation. Outrage. They still lost by at least double digits..

    Then a judge overruled the will of the voters by making the measure “unconstitutional”.

    It’s the circle of political life, I suppose..

    Thanks my friend,


  6. P.S…

    The word “different” is his way of avoiding the blatantly “Sharptonian” verbage.

    They will try to scare you because I’m (different) black..

    Doesn’t one “different” word seem to make it all so innocent?


  7. Hi Larry – another well-written article.

    The big deal that most people make about experience, especially with world affairs is too overblown, in my opinion.

    In reality an “experienced” leader is a person who first has a solid set of principles; who then looks directly at his adversary (in Congress or other foreigners) and then takes him on!

    Dealing with “bad guys” is always the same, unless of course, you are trying to appease them as our looney leftists always want to do.

    Both my mom and Ann had it right. Sometimes it takes a good woman to be the best man.

    Go Sarah!

  8. Dr. Gene,

    Thanks as always for your comments, and everything else..

    Hope we can get this hurricane season to hurry past, I am always concerned for the Floridians who invariably end up in the paths of these things..


  9. Another excellent article, Larry! Obama, it seems, thinks experience is important too….lately citing his “experience” running his campaign to show he’s ready to lead the free world. God help us all, if that’s all it takes to run our great country! Thankfully, the rumblings of the “regular people” are getting louder…..and the media, for all thier crowing about their man, is getting drowned out by common sense….and the words of Sarah Palin….who was a mayor (something like a community organizer…but with responsiblity….I loved that line!), and a governor….and has actually made decisions. I can hardly wait to hear what our next President has to say tonight 😉

  10. Here is a rewrite on Obama changes from a Chuck Norris column in Human Events today: These are some of the changes Obama will bring: more liberal judges and justices who legislate from the bench; compromises our national security; regarding America’s role in the Middle East the type that creates instability and gives Islam and Islamics the upper hand again; to our medical care, more big government with billions of dollars in new taxes; regarding America’s deficit, change that increases it; at America’s borders, change that creates more holes for illegal human and drug transport with holes for terrorists to enter the county; in the tax code, change that ultimately raise taxes. These and others changes like them are exactly what Americans will experience if Barack Obama is elected to be president.

  11. Larry – found you via Coulter’s weekly HE – and loved every article since.

    Funny how the MSM wasted absolutely no time picking away at Palin yet, never once thought to vet their own, blatently obvious candidate of “change.”

    Oh wait, by asking the Obamessiah ligitimate questions about his extensive experience as a community organizer, ALL 143 days as a senator, and maybe a few specifics about this “change” he showers his spellbound sheeple with – well, then that could only mean one thing – they’re racists. Nevermind.

    Keep up the good work, my friend.

  12. Sil,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I think that McCain’s choice was a sound one.

    I like the ticket.

    That’s the ticket..


  13. Ken,

    I took a sideways glance at the topic of change back in July with “A Few More Thoughts About Change.”

    Thanks as always for your comments,


  14. J9,

    I’m glad you found NLTZ.

    It’s up to the vast right wing conspiracy to shed some light upon the Democratic candidate.

    Lets all do our part..


  15. If JObama loses there will be riots in the street, and all the ‘proof’ needed to brand us all as racists. Frankly, I’m offended at the Democrats and their cynical use of race to ensure their candidate wins, but this is class warfare at its most painfully obvious. Mayor Guiliani hit the nail on the head during his keynote address calling Oshama as the most unprepared candidate in more than a century. Had he been anything other than black, he would never have made it this far. POTUS should not be an Affirmative Action hire, nor should he need OtJT either.

  16. Larry,
    Once again a cogent piece focusing on critical inadequacies of the “holy one”.
    Obama’s referrals to his race tie in with the all too familiar dogma of quotas. We all know of hirings based upon reverse discrimination. We also know of test scores altered because of race. Bonus points – ten to twenty points because of minority status. Qualified applicants and professionals bypassed for the lesser qualified .
    Barack Hussein Obama is the Democrat’s under qualified “quota hire”. Just as he cannot speak logically without a teleprompter, he (as Geraldine Ferraro stated) would not be where he is today if he were white. He has been given too many free points on the test just because of his race.
    Dr. Dave

  17. The Wizard of Uhs is big on throwing around words like ‘Change’ and ‘Hope’, but his own background shows him to be a liar on the very issues he claims he supports (not to mention his poor memory on his own background). I think the main thing he is hoping to change is the party currently represented in the White House.

    It’s just hard to imagine he can stand up straight at all without having a backbone and the conviction to stand by what he believes, but I think he believes anything if it will aide in his quest to takeover the Oval Office of a country he doesn’t appreciate or have respect for.

    It’s no wonder Obama has such a massive campaign staff. He probably has to just so they can track and plan out how he’s going to back-pedal and change his stance again on the issues.

    It’s a lot of work keeping up with all of the rhetoric that rolls off a forked tongue.

  18. First I would like to thank Michael Moore for letting me know there is a god.
    I wasn’t sure.

    Sara Palin is a heart beat away from being the President.
    Obama is a heart beat[or bullet] away from Joe Biden being President.

    I think the Greco Roman Column at the dnc convention was a tribute to Larry Sinclair.

    Marlin Brando in the movie Viva Zapata said “a monkey in a suite is still a monkey”
    What is Obama in an emtpy suite?

  19. G.

    Does that means that the Democrats are that weak since Obama made the final cut or is he that much stronger of a candidate compared to all of the others?

    I believe that the surrounding imagery is what is making him appear even mildly Presidential.

    I remember my first job.

    After the second try, I called and asked to speak with the manager about his choice.

    He told me to come into the store.

    I asked, “Why not me?”

    He said, “You have no work experience..”

    I said, “That’s why I’m here, to get some..”

    He said, “Can you start Saturday.”

    I started that Saturday, thrilled that I had “talked myself into the position.”

    I started by doing inventory and cleaning up.

    If I were a Democrat, with all of that inexperience, I would expect to have been made the store’s manager on the spot…

    With all of my inexperience, how long do you think that the store would have stayed in business?

    Sounds about right doesn’t it?

    Thanks always,


  20. Dr. Dave,

    If the teleprompters go on the fritz at the debates…watch out.

    Something incredibly quotable will be loosed in less than ten seconds..

    Thanks for your kind words as always,


  21. 3 Head,

    Easy now..

    Biden is thankful because with his proclivity towards telling “fishing stories”, he would have never been this close ON HIS OWN to such a high office.

    I hope he has thanked Senator Obama profusely for his choice.

    I know that I have..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Eric,

    A bifurcated tongue can be cured medically..

    The philosophies that created that tongue are not that easily exorcized..

    Thanks for your comments,


  23. This is GREAT writing. How on earth do you do this??? Unbelievable!

    “One of the most important things that experience tells us is what a candidate has done BETWEEN election cycles. That is the dark political period when the salacious whisperings of the lecherous lobbyists become roars and where the roars of the constituents that the candidate heard during the campaign become a whisper.. “

  24. Vincent,

    Thank you for being so kind.

    I honestly don’t think about it. What I write just seems to happen, honest. I sit down and I type with two fingers. I am glad that what I’ve done resonates with you.

    I get in trouble with my wife because I don’t take compliments all that well.

    So I can only say thanks as often as I possibly can.

    I will do so again, thanks as always,


  25. Larry,

    I don’t think it a matter of strength vs. weakness as much as it is bringing in an unknown that has no experience as he is easier to mold. I also believe that the Democrats tend to think they are the only ones that can use the ‘race up their sleeve’ and cry foul if anyone says anything about it.

    Obama falls into both of these categories, but like you, I wonder why he’s made it this far since it seems like he doesn’t come across as smart enough to handle the job and pressure involved. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘knows just enough to be dangerous’ and I believe that describes him well.

    I do believe we should go back to having Statesmen like our founding fathers were. They served for a term and then went home to resume their lives. It would certainly bring in those who truly loved and respected this country to serve instead of the ones we have that are slow, lazy and bloated with unnecessary power.

    If nothing else, those in office should be forced to use the barber chairs at the local military bases for their haircuts. That alone could save taxpayers a load.

    “Mrs. Pelosi, do you want a 1 or a 0 on the sides?”

  26. offtopic: Larry, have you considered a WordPress plugin that will email commenters of recent comments or allow us to subscribe to comments?

  27. Larry,

    The “change” that will unfold under Obama in government will be bigger government, enveloping more special interest groups who feel the government “owes” them. Higher taxes on the average working American and business’, all the while nursing the “faultless”, irresponsible, generationally bred welfare leeches of our society.

    “Hope” signifys looking through rose colored glasses with no control over the last card being dealt by a house dealer in a hand of Texas Holdem. Having not the experience or knowledge to know how to bluff or that you had a weak hand in the first round with no matching pairs. Instead, you just “hoped” something would work out. Not the way to run a nation.

    The Left had at first tried to discount Obama’s age by making John McCain seem to old for the job of president, saying he was beyond his prime. Yet with the discord of “experience” being thrown between the two sides, the Left forgets one thing. Not only with age comes “experience” but also the “wisdom”… something one is very much in need of to run a great nation of the world.

  28. Eric,

    No doubt, my friend.

    I also believe that “Staesman-like” is anonther synonym for “experienced”.

    I believe that the Senator is smart. He just doesn’t have enough time under the glare of the intense attention of a prime time campaign and the requisite pressures that goes along with it, to appear “smooth”. Not to truly flog the horse so to speak, but the 24 hour news/everyone with a cell phone era of today is something that experience tells you “someone is always watching, listening and recording.”

    Bill Clinton had it. Bill could think on his feet as fast as anyone around.

    I will admit that I have no idea what a “plug in” is or how to set it up..

    Thanks as always,


  29. Windrider,

    The big tent of “experience” also includes wisdom.

    The word holds a lot of water..That is why I feel that it is so important.

    Thanks as always for all of your input here my friend,



    I’m not sure if will allow you to install it or not, but it can be quite handy for your faithful audience.

  31. harry a nelson

    Dear Sir,
    i am a recent addition to your email list, and so far, i must say i have not been disappointed. i watch the political scene with as large an openmind as i can. in my youth, i was [-] that close to voting for some young, sort of cool guys, who, well, let’s leave it to the years of 1992-2000. i did not vote for them, and since then i have never looked back. a good friend helped me out along the way. it was growing, maturing process that was helped along by some life experiences along the way. my motto to most people when asked, is that i am a “poor conservative”..they invariably ask my salary and i tell them. then they ask why choose the conservative side of most(not all) issues. i tell them “i would rather be poor(relatively) and free
    than to be wealthy and reliant” i learned the hard way. and people like such as yourself, and others who i had heard about, then read or listened to, opened my eyes. i was honestly considering not voting in this election, as i was not sure of john mccain’s positions. i belive, that my mind has been changed however, simply by the sound of a single voice. that voice belongs to
    Sarah Palin, and the sound was that of her speech on Wednesday, Sept. 3rd at the RNC.
    I just can’t believe how “normal” this woman seems to be…a working wife and mother with an infant son who is handicapped, and a teenage(17)
    daughter expecting a child.oh, yes, and she just happens to have some experience at MAKING DECISIONS, as a PTA leader, a MAYOR, and
    a GOVERNOR. but, as i have learned, it’s impossible to conveive of describing any liberal democrat as “normal”. thank you for your always insightful writing..ooops, i have a question..if you can’t answer it, that’s okay, but here goes..Why is it that whenever there is a convention or gathering or conservatives, there seems to be some kind of protest outside the location, that involves “peace-loving, anti-war liberals” being arrested for acts of violence?…this was the first article of news on my local channel on tuesday morning as i readied myself for another day of mediocre income earning gun carrying work..( i am an armored car worker by trade)…….

  32. Boy, am I in trouble. If I don’t vote for Obama, I’m a racist!!!! But if I don’t vote for Palin, I’m a sexist. So what to do? I guess I’ll have to vote for Palin, she is after all 100% woman and Obama is only 50% African-American. I would rather be half racist, than all sexist. How come we never hear him called white, when he is just as much white as he is black?

    I think we may finally be heading back to the conservative values upon which this country was founded.

    Thank you for your column. You really tell it like it is.

  33. harry a nelson

    i must apologize for my spelling mistakes…hopefully you figured out what i meant. i am soon to be a granfather at the ripe old age of…44…and my brain is getting slower than certain body parts….

  34. Harry,

    Glad to have you aboard and thanks for your comments.

    Financial considerations are of primary importance to the class seperatists of the left.

    The principles of conservatism apply to everyone, regardless of income.

    There is no shame in working for a living. The armored car industry is a dangerous one and thankless, I am sure.

    The dignity that you have acquired by going out and working is something the left feels that they can hand out with monthly stipends that “feed the stomach but starve the soul” as Richard Nixon once said.

    Your hard work will pay off. You may end up as the supervisor. Promotions may come. Who knows where or when, but your efforts will be rewarded.

    Your words about Governor Palin were right on the money, my friend.

    Don’t worry EVERYONE knew exactly what you meant.

    Be safe out there and watch your back because no one else will..


  35. Frankie,

    We are heading back to the consevative values.

    The introduction to the Noleftturnz book, due out soon, will spell it all out.

    I will probably submit it for everyones approval in just a little bit…

    I didn’t want my “book self promotion” to get in the way of an incredibly important election in November.

    Thank you for all of your kind words and stay the course, my friend.


  36. Eric,

    What does it do?

    I’ve never heard of subscribing to comments, but then again, I type with two fingers and I am more than a little computer un-savvy..



  37. I’m gonna be here forever going back to read all your older stuff now Larry… at least I got a little time on my hands off my feet!

    “Doesn’t one “different” word seem to make it all so innocent?”

    Innocence was lost from this campaign even before it began bud… this whole deal is a bad moon rising. I believe McCain/Palin will be able to knock it down though! (I think I fell in love with Sarah last night BTW… don’t tell my wife, ha, ha!) Wishing ole Jonny B. Goode well tonight!

    All us “racists” better stick together for I fear G. Nichols is right on the money.

    “I hope we don’t see the fake burned campaign materials “stories.””

    Worse… not gonna be pretty.

    harry… ““peace-loving, anti-war liberals” being arrested for acts of violence?…”

    Isn’t it always the way… I don’t think they have minds to make up. Cheers to all!

  38. Redbone,

    Ok, “shameless book plug#2”: The book soon to be released in CD format, is going to be the first fifty articles, but they are the “directors cuts.”

    Each will have anywhere from a little to alot of new material added.

    There might be another surprize or two lurking..

    I’ve been raising the racism/sexism point ever since before “The Politics of Plumbing and Discrimination.” Guilt when applied to the weak, is as good a weapon as any.

    The left signed on in the hopes of removing the yoke of hundreds of years of racism on their side of the aisle.

    The Republican Party was formed on an anti slavery platform..WE are the tent of inclusion, we just have a reasonable expectation of individual effort. The left strangles the feeling of accomplishment in the downtrodden in order to keep them there..

    Feed the stomach, starve the soul..

    Never quit.

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  39. Larry — the above did not come from me. I have not posted in relation to this particular article so what is going on?

    It seems as if someone has “cut & pasted” some of my comments — badly.

    Please do look into this, I would hate to think that anyone would think I would write such nonsense.

  40. Also Larry,

    I think after all of our correspondence I can be pretty sure that you did NOT write this:


    I’m glad you found NLTZ.

    It’s up to the vast right wing conspiracy to shed some light upon the Democratic candidate.

    Lets all do our part..

    Someone is clearly so terrified of conservative thought that they have felt the need to make false postings — sad.

  41. That level of illiteracy, and muddy thinking is not representative of me, I won’t post again until I hear from you Larry.

  42. Sister J9,

    The other commenter is brand new to the site, he or she didn’t know your moniker. Just a mistake as Worpress doesn’t recognize the names..

    No chicanery, the other was my comment to theirs.

    Introducing: Sister J9. The original and like no other..

    Will that work to seperate the two?

    It’s a little shorter than “The Queen of all that She Surveys”

    Thanks as always,


  43. That is disturbing, I have posted to Ann coulter, one of my last “sign offs” to you was… “Keep up the good work my friend…” I think you will see that if you look back.

    Also, when I first posted on your site, I noted that I had heard about you from Ann’s site.

    I won’t post again Larry, probably “J9’s” intent eh?

    I can’t be associated with such nonsense, I pass on your writings, and my own… Lord forbid someone would think that such drivel were written by me.

  44. Just testing BlackBerry… Please excuse me.

  45. J9,

    I’ll freely admit that I am totally confused..

    I myself sign off with “keep up the good work my friend”

    The other J9 from above came from a new commenter, with a different email address..

    Certainly don’t want you to leave, are you referring to the comment from 09/04 right after Ken who told us about the Chuck Norris article?

    Thats someone totally different..


  46. I am only referring to the “J9” comments.

    Larry my name is Janine — I have gone by J9 since I was stuck with the tag at 11 years old, but I grew to like it after many years.

    I have never come across anyone else using such a moniker — certainly not among conservative women.

    Coincidental? Perhaps.

    I won’t change my name — it comes with a long history. But I won’t post under that name in this forum again.

  47. To the original J9… I’ve read your words, please keep them coming.


    “The Republican Party was formed on an anti slavery platform..WE are the tent of inclusion, we just have a reasonable expectation of individual effort. The left strangles the feeling of accomplishment in the downtrodden in order to keep them there..

    Feed the stomach, starve the soul..

    Never quit.”

    AMEN…!!! Plug that book man and please be sure to let us know about it’s release or any “pre” thereof. That is something I believe we would all be very interested in! Sing it, sing it… you know your song well!

  48. I just want to pose some other thoughts:

    Many of our younger voters have never had the experience of jumping from a plane.

    Many women have not had the experience of jumping from a plane.

    The Left have lied gravely since their vote of October 01, 2002 Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq to the point that now a parachute doesn’t even exists, was never needed, should have never come about!!

    All of this and more isn’t concerned about experience because they have not been fired upon or the whole need to jump was never actually there for them. They practice a whole life of denial about the urgency to do something about Saddam around the time of 2002, even denying the complete administration of President Clinton’s warnings:
    to the point that they would jump without a parachute completely.

    Sometimes I wonder if they’re even American anymore. They seem bent on having an America with none of it’s history a sort of weak melting pot filled with peace, hope and love while huge enemies of the past seem poised to become bigger threats than they have ever been in the past. They seem to not even care about the consequences of a tangled parachute and wishing to make that leap and without a God too.

    How do we reach such stupidity?

  49. blue state blues- RWG

    Well Larry I think you nailed it!! You have crystallized the contrast vividly. And you have put a word to the Obama method for seducing the masses………IMAGERY. He creates vivid pictures of euphoria without subsance.

  50. Redbone,

    Will do..


  51. Dano,


    Logic will eventually win.


  52. RWG,

    HYPNOTIC imagery.

    Just look at the pretty pictures…

    Thanks as always,


  53. McCain nailed it last night. He pressed all the right buttons. Palin has told the Conservative base it’s OK to come into the tent and McCain reached out to the Independents who are tired of the ‘same old way of doing business” in Washington. “Change? You want change? This is the kind of change I’ll bring to Washington!” A fresh start. Great message, great delivery. His commitment to offering himself in service to his country was expressed with words straight from his heart. It’s obvious from his pedigree that service to country is more than skin deep, it’s in his DNA.
    I’m predicting not only a victory but a rout in November. Remember, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.
    I trust in the implicit wisdom of the American people to see through the farce that is Obama when the time comes to pull the lever and decide the fate of the next generation.
    Vincent ,MVNY

  54. Vincent,

    The speech wasn’t the strongest. That format is not McCain’s forte. He stepped into the arena where Obama is the stronger man, the prepared speech.

    Now he is going into the areas where he is the stronger man, the intimate settings and the debates. It is much more important WHEN you peak and I will take the debates over the convention anyday. The closer you peak to the day of the election, the better.

    I myself feel insignificant when I hear McCain’s personal story.

    Now it will be time for the deluge of commercials as both have formidable war chests.

    The differences between them are stark. The independents and the undecideds are more important than ever.

    Those “swing” states are going to be inundated. Ohio, many other states, virtually locked into either camp, will be almost forgotten.

    The Hillary voters are going to get a lot of attention. The Democrats won’t want to lose them and the Republicans with VP Palin would love to have them..

    I can’t see it as a route for either ticket at this point. Another Obama “San Francisco/cling to guns” moment or another Biden 7-11 gaffe could spell the difference because the first NEW moment that can be clipped, packaged and presented will be crucial.

    Let’s see who begins the “527 slimefest” first. Where are the Soros sycophants? Start looking under the rocks in your back yard..

    If the nation is ALLOWED to take a look at the entirety of the Obama “history” unedited, I think that veneer will fade quickly..

    Off we go.

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  55. Hi Larry
    Eric’s reference to the “plug-in”. You are already covered by I get an email alert everytime you post a new article.
    BTW – Eric, “Wizard of uhs” – precious!

  56. Dr. Gene,

    Thanks for clearing things for me…

    Just hit the “subscribe to no left turnz by email” tab and you should be good to go.

    No kidding, Dr. Gene, if I were more like Joe Biden I would “borrow” the wizard of uhs…

    Thanks as always for everything,


  57. Larry,

    I too feel insignificant when I hear John McCain’s story. I also feel insignificant when I hear Oshama speak, but for different reasons. John McCain’s story is so powerful and so inspiring, that it makes my hardships seem like nothing comapred to his — and that is a good thing. His story reminds me that life can be a whole lot worse — and that the human spirit can survive anything with God’s help and a little support. Oshama on the other hand, makes me feel like I am nothing more than a number, only necessary for his pursuit of power — significant only to his ambitions and once he is done with me, he’ll toss me and my needs aside. What a stark contrast — like day and night, light and darkness.

  58. Sister Amy,

    Nice analogy..

    If I were Joe Biden, I’d consider stealing it..

    Thanks as always,


  59. Larry,

    LOL. You’re welcome to steal my analogy, and any other cute nicknames and one liners I may come up with — they’re my gift to you and anyone else who reads them. They’re not copyrighted and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  60. Nice article. Give me more.

    Obama: “Trust me….I’ve written 2 memos”.
    Well, if this doesn’t work out for the “Enchanted One”, he can always go back to being a Community Organizer (closest this goon will ever get to being a “CO”).

  61. Flying,

    Excellent CO reference..

    Community organizer where we come from means “unemployed ex-con”..

    They just change their names to something conveniently middle eastern sounding and off they go with the media in tow..

    Thanks my friend,


  62. harry a nelson

    thank you for the kind words in response to my previous. i did not mean to imply that my job is thankless, however, it is..interesting. yes, i could move up if i so choose, or, yes, i could find other, maybe better work, if i choose. isn’t that great? you go to work..and wow, the choices to do better by doing a good job and getting promoted..who’d a thunk it?…my partner and i have a saying we use quite often, generally as a release valve..we stole it from the movie BAD BOYS…with WILL SMITH…his captain at a point in the movie after ordering them to do something says..’IF YOU DON’Y LIKE YOUR JOB…QUIT..”…thankless seems to be a relative term..if i didn’t have my job…i wouldnt have…a nice house (rented)..2 reasonbly nice cars…one of which is paid for… cards….food…martial arts lessons….the ability to help my kids financially on occasion when needed…books to read…( i recommend reading THE LAST CENTURION by JOHN RINGO…with some simple could still happen if the liberacrats get in)…the AUDACITY OF HOPE?….how dare me to hope that someday…someday…i may have earned something on my own….and you know…i didn’t do it so far on my own…we had help…and we haven’t looked back….and the repayment of that help was to…make it on our own as much as possible…..but oh comes some HOPE again….damn…back to the hard work……..thanks again for your articles..and i would thank whomever let me know about the site, but i can’t remeber who it was…so,,,it’s all yours………………………………..harry

  63. Harry,

    That is the attitude of a winner.

    Set your goals and meet them.

    Thanks for your comments,




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