Because of Obama

The very next morning after the Republican convention ended and the well maced liberal protestors all slithered back to the Methadone clinic, the ever vigilant and impartial media has advised us that the convention was a “sea of white faces.” Minutes later we hear of the Oprah “Where the Hell are my damn Twinkies!!” Winfrey Show’s refusal to book the first woman ever to appear on a Republican presidential ticket. I have warned you about this before: the racial segregationists of the left, the politics of racial recognition and the weapon of “white guilt” have all just left the Democratic dressing room with their marching orders in their hands. Coming soon to a theater near you, “Pin the Tail on the Honkey, 2008”..

Lets take these two disgustingly “separate but equal” topics and address/dismantle them one at a time..

The article, “Sea of White Faces at Republican Convention” speaks in the vague and vapid generalities that the liberal left is quite well known for. The necessity to segregate everyone into racial cubbyholes with the proper hyphens affixed and the volition of individual voters/delegates proves within the malodorous mind of the left that the Republicans intentionally “discriminate” against the minorities of America.

It actually is a very good question: Why is it that there are so few minorities involved on the Republican side of the political spectrum? I think that this is a good answer: It is that the pungent progressive policies and procedures of the left have become a better fit for today’s minority victim/voter.

Why has the Democratic message of hopelessness and individual failure been so well received within the minority community? My guess would be that the liberal “Stockholm Syndrome” has finally paid the dividends that the lachrymose left has been working towards for nearly fifty years.

The left will underwrite and nurture you indefinitely as long as you agree to be a “victim” in perpetuity. The Democrats, armed with their dystrophic compassion and their need to “feel good” about themselves, have created the imaginary constitutional rights to things like “benefits”, which used to be known as “welfare”, free housing, free electricity, ad nauseum.. They tell the minorities that their “benefits” are in danger if the Democrats aren’t placed into power and to seal the minority’s fates, they have decimated the public school system.

The liberal caliphate targets and destroys an individual’s self-confidence via the “Handout Mentality”. The left thinks that “pride” is developed by a governmental office packed with greasy white liberals who hand over undeserved alms, taken from the involuntary revenue offertory, and unceremoniously given to the undeserving while they pat him or her on the head. The self-confidence of accomplishment, the achieving of individual goals is what develops self-esteem. It doesn’t come from the checks the liberals send out on the first Monday of EVERY month.. The liberals know that there are vast numbers of people more than willing to be subjugated and the socialists, harkening back to the “Grand Old Democratic Days” of the 1860’s, are more than willing to reattach the ball and chain of slavery to anyone who obediently complies…

We have an expectation of accomplishment not a demand for indentured servitude. We ask for some type of individual effort that may or may not result in “success.” We believe in an equality of opportunity not an equality of outcome. We believe in the level playing field not the tilted swamp of quotas and set-asides. With that as your Republican template, it is no wonder that the Republican Party doesn’t seem attractive to the nation’s minorities, their addiction to carcinogenic liberalism has become terminal. The minorities will always have a place in the Democratic Party just as long as they know where their place is..

So now we move onto daytime television’s diva, Oprah Winfrey. According to the blurb on a popular web site, Winfrey’s workers are getting “tons of requests” to put Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin on her show. “Tons”, in laymans terms translates to probably billions of requests as the “otherwise impartial” (AKA: minorities are not involved.) Hollywood personalities rarely recognize the cries of the outside world.

“Half of her staff really wants Palin on”, but “Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama..” I would wager that this was probably the same half that would have wanted Hillary Clinton on the show during the primary season as well.

This is the same Winfrey who has been made rich, for some reason that completely escapes me, by overwhelming numbers of white female viewers. This is the same Winfrey who has had the “Dork Knight” on her show and last year while appearing on television fossil Larry King’s broadcast, announced that she was “throwing her considerable weight” behind Obama. As a private citizen she has more than that right, but as a “television personality” the requests from her audience should have “considerable weight” with her.

Winfrey is flat out saying that, “my race matters and no one elses does.” She said that to Hillary Clinton and she is saying that as well to Sarah Palin. Democrat or Republican, Winfrey is an “equal opportunity discriminator.” “Fairness”, when laughingly ladled out by the left, can always be ignored or overruled in favor of pigmentation without penalty. Imagine the “outrage” if Leno or DeGeneres refused to have the “Democratic Diety” on their telecasts?

Could the members of her infantile coloring “book club” have enough influence over Winfrey to demand fairness and inclusion from her? After all, they are paying the bills for Oprah, aren’t they?

There is no real reason for Winfrey to subscribe to the “fairness doctrine”, after all this is her show. Those who voluntarily subject themselves to her fatuous broadcasts are free to look elsewhere for their daily dose of mind numbing piffle. Whether they feel insulted enough to do so is another matter entirely..

So the media tells us that there were no black faces in Minneapolis and that there are no white faces allowed on the Oprah Winfrey show. I will bet that you can’t guess where the “travesty” lies within the bloodshot and jaundiced eyes of the left over that last statement..


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    Another superb presentation.
    When will the lineral press realize that
    they also play to a choir.
    Hopefully on November 4th the result
    will prove that the ordinary American
    can read between the lines.
    I enjoy the comments by all to your many articles

  2. another wonderful and insightful article.

    Unlike one of BHO’s speeches, ALL people of ALL races were welcome to the RNC.
    However, at that one speech BHO made, Muslim women were “hussled” off “his” stage.

    Women should picket Oprah the Racist’s studios until she agrees to have Palin on.

    Side note: what does this sound like: OOOOOprAAAAHHHH? Yep, We’ve all heard of hugging the porcelain throne and calling for “Ralph” and “George”, now we can add to that “OOprAHHH”.


  3. We need to start calling you “The Hammer” for hitting so many nails on the head.

    One of the things that stood out so clearly to me during the RNC, was the number of African Americans and Hispanics I saw in the close-ups. I remember vividly the African-American man booing the mention of Obama. I wonder if anyone has told him he has to vote for Obama since he’s the same color Obama claims to be.

    I agree. It seems like Dems are the only ones allowed to accuse people that disagree with them ‘racists.’ In the meantime, they enslave those who vote for them in the same manner that the Socialists and Communists have. They just tend to focus on certain races more than others. So, who’s really racist here?

  4. JR,

    The ordinary American will read between the lies..

    and will still be a racist.

    The left will never get it: We are not saying that he is too black, we are saying that he is too GREEN.

    I would certainly hope that we are allowed to disagree without being “-ists” or suffering from any exotic “-ism” or two..

    I kind of doubt it though..

    Thanks for your contribution to the fight..


  5. Stitch,

    Sorry, I’m still laughing over the toilet reference..

    Could you imagine the impact of 10-15 black women picketing in front of her HQ? Would the media be allowed to cover such an event?

    She only has as much money as her fan base deems to give her. She will keep acting this way until those who disagree with such discrimination turn their backs permanently.

    What are the chances of that happening?

    Thanks as always my friend,


  6. Eric,

    Thank you for your kind words and for your contributions and comments.

    I will never understand the black/Democratic attachment.

    To me it would be as odd as a “Jews for Hitler” rally.. it makes no sense what so ever..

    The Hammer..I’m sure that the left would see the analogy that my head is as hard as iron..

    They would be right, it is..


  7. Did you know that there was a study conducted a few years back, 2003 or 2004, that found that Oprah’s show RAISES the bloodpressure of her viwers??? Some food for thought…

    MavCuda ’08 — If the Left deems me racist, then I shall wear that label with pride!!!

  8. I am in awe of you and your talent. Another superbly written observation! For years and years and many letters to the editor I’ve characterized the Left as re-enslaving the minorities that were freed by the first Republican President. Now I hear and read it more and more. Yet of course, no one has ever explained it as well as you can and did above.
    Have you approached or been approached by Human Events or National Review to write a column. You deserve a much wider audience.
    What can your avid fans do to advance this?

  9. “I have warned you about this before: the racial segregationists of the left, the politics of racial recognition and the weapon of “white guilt” have all just left the Democratic dressing room with their marching orders in their hands. Coming soon to a theater near you, “Pin the Tail on the Honkey, 2008″..”

    So true Larry… I will heretofore become extremely offended to be called white and just may become violent at the dropping of that cursed “H”-word. You may now refer to me as European American. There, I feel better introducing even more segregationalist sentiment into our discussion today and society at large! Also, your description of Ocra Whatsfree had me laughing uncontrollably! Sarah should boycott her show…

    “MavCuda ‘08 — If the Left deems me racist, then I shall wear that label with pride!!!”

    You betcha Amy! We know where true racism dwells… in the darkened hearts of the liberal elite.

    Hey JR… we’re neighbors! Franklin, Ma. Cheers bud 🙂

  10. Hi Larry

    Another classic, clever, composition – beautiful!

    The looney left keeps digging into the rich vein of the unhappy, unwashed and unenlightened. They then place them in neat little piles and label them as oppressed victims. They have created a “united” party of hopeless, hapless followers.

    In that group the very idea of the American dream is anathema. Freedom? Equal opportunity? Self-reliance? Pursue happiness? – no way! Where’s somebody I can blame my woes on!

    The answer for them, of course, is the Republicans. They are told that the people in that party have everything they do not have. Ergo, they successfully define an “enemy”. That gives them their reason to be angry, while staying totally oblivious to the fact that they are being manipulated.

    They promote the “hyphens” you spoke of; they fragment our unity with their demands for “diversity”; they protect their constituents with “PC” while holding them hostage.

    Yes, it is true that we conservatives don’t like a lot of those leftists. Whether it is an unhappy gay, an angry black, a felon, an anarchist, an ill-bred kid or a burned-out, left-over Hippie from the sixties, we are not thrilled. Why?

    Because they have been told that pursuing the American dream is not for them. They will be cared for by their party (vote), they will be given “stuff” (vote), nobody will be allowed to voice an opinion about them (vote).

    That’s why the party of Lenin is anti-American and anti-capitalism – no matter how loudly they squeal when accused of being unpatriotic. They do not love this country enough to teach the “dream” to their followers.

    It took many loyal and brave pioneers to produce that American dream. Over the years there have been many more who loved this country enough to defend it.

    This election may very well be the turning point. It may just reveal the true culprits who have been damaging this country. After a bloody Civil War, after the billions spent on “civil disobedience”, after the painful process of passing the civil rights act, affirmative action programs and more, we are still accused of being a racist nation.

    Let the Oprahs, Jacksons, Sharptons and the rest finally be revealed. They have benefited greatly in this free country, yet remain its true enemies. They still escape the scrutiny that would reveal their contributions to this lingering social problem. It’s about time we let everybody see this issue in stark black and white.

    God bless America

  11. Larry…is it any wonder that Oprah was also a member of “Rev” Wrights congregation? It never ceases to amaze me listening to these black celebrities/millionaires/politicians/entertainers criticize America and the (shrinking) white majority. Talking as if the Civil War just ended yesterday, or that they had endured Jim Crow laws of the South that where abolished 50+ years ago. Last time I checked Oprah was a BILLIONAIRE…what other place in the world has an ordinary black woman become the richest and most powerful media person in the world? Africa? nope…Haiti? nope…Jamaica?…nope…just racist white AmeriKKKa…as well as all the black multi millionaire athletes,entertainers,politicians, lawyers etc. Its really time to move on from the blame whitey scenario, and ask some tough questions about the underclass that exists, and whose fault it is that they are not succeeding. It certainly can’t be the TRILLIONS of dollars wasted on Great Society programs,housing,welfare,food stamps, job training,affirmative action programs in hiring,schooling,grants.set asides for government contracts etc. As Jack Kemp so succinctly observed,”when you subsidize something, you get more of it”. And the government (liberals) have been subsidizing, failure,criminality,laziness, self destructive behavior, and anti family behavior. If they would ever face the facts we would not have to keep hearing the shrill screams of the race baiters,demanding that the “whites give up” more tax money, and opportunities as the solution to the problems that have become governmentally entrenched as policy.

  12. Larry,great job.
    It’s now official:Oprah has a spread wider than the Ponderosa.
    Perhaps one reason there are fewer Republican blacks might be the unrelenting hatred and ostracism directed toward them by the majority of the members of their own race.Many may feel it is not worth being called a traitor(among other things) and being mercilessly vilified by former friends. Here is typical liberalism:they attack any minority member who leaves the democrat fold,then accuse Republicans of racism due to the dearth of minorities in the GOP. Even for all that,I saw many minorities in the crowd. Michael Steele,Thomas Sowell,et. al. should be commended daily for their true courage.
    I need a favor of you; do you know of the quote in Dead Babies’ book wherein he states something to the effect that he decided he would have no more to do with those of his mother’s race?If you or one of your readers knows of this offhand and can direct me to it,I’m going to cost Dead Babies some votes.I have read the excerpt in one of my mags,but I can’t find it, and Irefuse to buy or read that trash.Any help would be appreciated.
    Red State has a deal going where Conservatives are encouraged to take copies of the new US rag containing the hit piece on Palin and depositing them in the toilet paper section of one’s local store.Paid Wallyworld a visit this morning.Mission accomplished.Haven’t felt so good about myself in a long time.
    Carry on,Brother. You truly have the best site and the best commentators on the Web.
    P.S. If Palin and her daughter would just listen to Tinkerbell,their problems would be over. Both children would be dead now.

  13. In the same manner that white liberals embrace Islamics without thinking it through to the end, that if and when Islamics are empowered to impose Shria law on all Americans it is the liberals who will be the first to have their heads undelicately removed from their shoulders, in the same manner, they cannot grasp the fact that Obama and wife (prospective new co-president) both of whom are closet Muslims and subscribe to Rev. Wright’s Marxist subversion of Christianity by so called “Liberation Theology”, are committed to black separatism and are committed to upending white opportunities and imposing black supremacy on our commonwealth. This is made very clear in Obama’s book, ‘Dreams From My Father’, and in Michelle’s Princeton thesis, ‘Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.’ In his book and her thesis, it is not spearate but equal, but rather both declares any position of influence and power given them, they will use to elevate blacks over whites. It should also be noted that the American tax payer dollars paid for her scholarship to Princeton while an Islamic paid Obama’s way through Harvard.

  14. We need to take on this “racist” issue head on.
    Has it ever occured to anyone that “racist” is a good thing? For instance, don’t we all prefer to be with people who tend to be like ourselves? Of course we do.
    The real instance is not “race.” It’s “culture.”
    I am not a racist, but I absolutely am a “culturist.”
    There are parts of the “black culture” I detest (read rap-ghetto-overfat-black speak, etc.). And there are parts of the “black culture” I admire (read gospel-blues-Christian-church going-hard work).
    I would thing long and hard before I married into a “negative black culturist.” Wouldn’t you? If I’m black, I would think long and hard before marrying into a “negative white culturist.” Wouldn’t you?
    So, the next time someone calls you a racist, agree that you prefer to be with people who tend to be like yourself, and that you are definitely a “culterist.”
    Oprah is a culturist – she’s a yo-yoist. And a self-serving “negative black culturist.” End of discussion.

  15. Larry, that was beautiful! I believe it’s the best that I’ve yet read. I’m sending this one to friends and family.

    Thank you, Larry!

    Best wishes,


  16. On point, NLT. Most of it VERY well put.

    However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention your penchant for ad hominem attacks, ala the magnificent Ann C, which can easily turn an otherwise potential convert into a beleaguered homer for the REAL ad hominem experts in that other party. (To wit, the Oprah weight issue was a trifle overblown, no pun intended, along with a couple of lesser offenses).

    I say this not to chastise, but simply to elucidate. Case in point…my Mother and three of my sisters, Conservatives all, refuse to listen to Rush, as they regard his braggadocios behavior as intolerable. From that fact, FOUR within my own family, I am forced to conclude that there must be legions of others around the world who feel the same. Which begs the question, does Rush garner additional listeners by “feigning” arrogance? If so, is it enough to offset those turned off for the same reason? I think not. By a LONG shot.

    Would that it were as easy to gain Rush’s ear as yours! 🙂

    This is not to request an exorcism of your acerbic wit, but merely a toning down occasionally. Undoubtedly, others will disagree vociferously. 😉

    Write on, bro!

    McCain/Palin ’08

  17. Jimboree No. 2

    “Victimized blacks” (negroes) only need to look in the mirror to find the source of their “ills.”
    Everyone should read Pat Buchanan’s article as of 3/32/08. It’s called “A Brief for Whitey.”
    These are some examples about Barack’s comments on racism:

    “What is wrong with Barack’s prognosis and Barack’s cure?
    Only this. It is the same old con, the same old shakedown that black hustlers have been running since the Kerner Commission blamed the riots in Harlem, Watts, Neward, Detroit and a hundred other cities on, as Nixon put it, ‘everyone but the rioters themselves.’
    Was ‘white racism’ really responsible for those black men looting auto dealerships and liquor stores, and burning down their own communites, as Otto Kerner said (who was a liberal icon until the Feds put him away for bribery.)
    Barack says we ned to have a conversation about race in America
    Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a twwo-way conversation. White America nees to be hearf rom, not just lectured to.
    This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:
    First – America has been the best country on earth for black folks. 600,000 slaves have grown into a community of 40 million AND HAVE REACHED THE GREATEST LEVELS OF FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY BLACKS HAVE EVER KNOWN. (My comment – would you want to go back to where your ancestors reside??)

    Second – No people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than White Americans. Untold TRILLIONS (read 40 trillion) have been spent since the 1960s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and pverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream.

    We hear nothing but grievances. Where’s the gratitude? (Again my comment – Would you rather be living with those in your ‘home land?’)

    Sorry Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago.”

    So, everyone, here is the ultimate prood. There are legal immigrants who come to this country, don’t even speak English, are even blacker in skin than our so-called blacks, and yet in ONE GENERATION, their children are becoming doctors, business owners, and other successes. Why? It’s simply a matter of culture. “Our blacks” act as victims. “Immigrated blacks” act as opportunists.

    Clear, simple, and the blunt truth.

  18. If you can read this without becoming ill, it’s interesting that ABC even published this.

  19. Thank you! The articles I receive from you are always a fresh breath of conservative air!

  20. Vincent,

    God bless you my brother..

    Human Events ignores me. So be it. National Review ignores me. So be it.

    These are the “professionals” as I refer to them. They refer to you and I as “bloggers” or more often, “lunatic bloggers” or “extremists.”

    I have no idea how to advance things.. I can say that if everyone told everyone who thinks as we do it would help.

    The publishing business is like all of the others. It is an “Ol’ Boy Network” and this one especially does not like or appreciate outsiders like me and you. Whom that you know is more important than your ability. The proof is in the columns…

    These realities won’t stop me. Obstacles are the things that get in your way when you take your eyes off of your goals..

    Tell everyone, have them subscribe and tell everyone again.

    As Forrest Gump says, “That’s all I have to say about that..”

    Thanks as always my friend,


  21. Redbone,

    Thanks as always my friend..

    Keep applying the pressure.

    To your bum wheel and to the liberals.

    Your foot will get better, the left never will..


  22. I have been reading your articles for two weeks and am addicted. This one in particular caught my eye because I can’t stand Oprah and you hit the nail on the head with your assessment of her, my friend.

    She would rather have Tom Cruise jumping up and down on her couch acting like a fool than to interview a woman who is making history. I stopped watching her show years ago after people started elevating her to God-like status during her “Favorite things” episodes. Do people honestly care what kind of perfume she likes and what kind of nigthies she dons at night? And it’s not like she’s paying for all of that stuff herself. The product-makers donate all that crap to the mindless automatons in the audience but Oprah gets all the credit.

    As for the RNC–I don’t recall there being a sign hanging at the convention hall entry depicting a “whites only” viewing. And I’m pretty sure I saw a multitude of races represented in the audience. Liberals see what they choose to see. They are the ones making this a racial issue yet call conservatives racist. Obama–who is half WHITE, for Pete’s sake–even denounced his white heritage. And yet there were still white people in attendance at the DNC, oohing and ahhing over the chameleon.

    Great job, Larry. Keep ’em coming!


  23. Dr. Gene,

    You have said it all.

    When I grow up I want to be just like you…

    Thanks for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for not only me but for this great nation as well.

    Our country is a much better place because of men like you.

    It is an honor to call you friend.

    As always,


  24. Minoritys and a percentage of Whites have grown comfortable in their entitlements given them. Some even passing it on to their children as an acceptance of a twisted self-responsibilty.

    The promise of better education as in Obama’s wanting to “build more schools” is not going to do anything towards educating the kids. You can get education in an old garage as well as a brand new school, it’s the student’s attitude, their parent/s, the cirriculum and teachers that are the key.

    With the Democrats dangling the entitlement and “I feel your pain” bait into the seething pool of Americans from their lofty perches in Washington, they draw more and more “take care of me” inscrupulous dregs into their arms and immediatly begin telling them every thing will be all right.

    It is amazing to me that the Blacks, having attained access to higher learning academies still do not, or will not see the fallacy of the Democratic progams concerning their race. If the Democrats do finally acquire all peoples, all races, to lose any sense of self-esteem or self acomplishment, in other words end up on entitlements doled out by the government. Who is going to pay for them? There will be no workers, as they will be sitting on a couch or making more babies. Government paid labor perhaps? Same colored uniforms, boots, hats, long hours and you know the Democrats, high taxes on you paycheck.

  25. tsnamm,

    I have the best group of commentors around, the Dirty Dozen..

    Oprah reminds me of what the late great Sam Kinison said about Whoopi Goldberg: “America is the only country in the world that doesn’t have the guts to tell Whoppi Goldberg that she has no talent..”

    Thanks as always my friend,



    Thanks for your welcome as a close
    friend from Franklin.Left that town
    in 1971 Started to raise seven children
    in your town
    Happy to have found this site

  27. Sling,

    From Dreams of My Father:

    “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites..”

    “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mothers race..”

    How does that grab you??

    Spread the word my friend,


  28. Ken,

    Excellent points all.

    Thanks as always for your comments,


  29. Jimboree,

    Lock and load..


  30. John,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Wait until you read the “Directors Cut” of the story..

    Its a doozy…


  31. Ben,
    I am a charter member of Rush’s newsletter,have been with him since almost the beginning,and have been a vociferous adherent of his since at least 1990. I feel he has almost single-handedly brought the Conservative movement to the position of prominence it has attained. I also know of people who are put-off by his perceived arrogance, and it is understood.
    However, I have heard Rush -numerous times-state he is first and foremost an entertainer,and the cockiness is an act to infuriate the left. I believe,in this case,he is wrong.To chase off potential soldiers for the sake of fun is misguided.The stakes are too high.Would it be possible for you and yours to overlook the bluster? There is much knowledge to be gleaned.
    If not , it’s understandable.You all sound as though you are worth fighting for. The cause requires every erudite mind to join the fray.

  32. Ben,

    Ad hominem simply means an attack upon an opponents character..

    The assumption being: it is a defemation of character.

    I believe it to be a DEFINITON of character, or more aptly, a lack thereof.

    An ad hominem charge of mere calumny ignores the impact. When I observe outrage, I reserve the right to reply in kind. I will not sit idly by. If anyones feeling become hurt…good.

    Within your request to “tone down” you referenced both Coulter and Limbaugh. Opinion is a “salt to taste” kind of thing. Both that you mentioned are pretty salty and both quite well off.

    My apologies if your Mom and sisters find me as you have described..

    Are they subscribers?

    Reminds me of a very short converstaion with a liberal, “You’re hateful..” “You can’t say that I was wrong..”

    Peace out,


  33. Jimboree No.2,

    When anything becomes a “governmental right” or that which is handed out by the government, it then becomes the governments “obligation” therefore gratitude is unneccesary.

    Fairness begets and exaccerbates ingratitude.

    You owe me..

    Make sense?

    Liberal Destructive Cosmology 101.

    Class dismissed…


  34. Larry,
    Precisely the quote I was looking for. I knew you would come through.I have a co-worker who did not believe Dead Babies said this.
    I was telling him how I cannot believe the number of white people at Dead Babies’ rallies with their vapid,mindless expressions,gazing at this cretin with adoration.They have so much empty space crammed between their ears it has become a solid.All for a lying bigot who detests them. The stupidity of some people is breath-taking.
    Thank you again.
    My man Fred did great,didn’t he?

  35. Heather,

    Thanks for stopping in and commenting, don’t be a stranger..

    Oprah is like so many of the phony elitists.

    They take the credit, they stand around asking me to donate my money to these “causes” and all that they donate is their precious time.. and we don’t get any cool “swag bags” for showing up either..

    Thanks as always,


  36. Oh,by the way:

  37. Eddie H.,

    Welcome aboard and breathe easy my friend.



  38. Sling,

    Which Tigers?




  39. Windrider,

    Its just the “feel good about myself” mentality that keeps the charade going.

    Results are irrelevant. They just feel good having “done something.”

    The height of the rubble is of no consequence. The suburbs and their gated communities await, far away from the destruction they have created.

    In order to feel good forever, the permanence of the lowest class must be assured.

    It’s the circle of death.


  40. Larry,
    To the discriminating set,the GEAUX should be a giveaway.Tsk,tsk. You heathen.I can understand the confusion. I hear Missouri is going to start a football team at their college,also.Best of luck! I know starting from scratch can be a daunting task,but I’m sure MO
    will do alright in a few years(ha-ha).
    I remember when the Bayou Boys beat Auburn in ’88 at the last second,and the fan reaction measured on the Richter scale at the school.
    I read that you consider N.O. as your second home , so thought I’d throw that in.

  41. Excellent reading on the events. Just for the record:

    Stockholm Syndrome describes the behavior of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors. The name derives from a 1973 hostage incident in Stockholm, Sweden. At the end of six days of captivity in a bank, several kidnap victims actually resisted rescue attempts, and afterwards refused to testify against their captors.
    While some people are suggesting the recent Elizabeth Smart kidnapping sounds like a case of Stockholm Syndrome, the most famous incident in the U.S. involved the kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst.

  42. I need some help, I didn’t understand the last paragraph:

    [So the media tells us that there were no white faces in Minneapolis and that there are no white faces allowed on the Oprah Winfrey show. I will bet that you can’t guess where the “travesty” lies within the bloodshot and jaundiced eyes of the left over that last statement..]

    Should the first statement of this paragraph have said:

    So the media tells us that there were no [minority] faces in Minneapolis


  43. Danno,

    Sounds like you did understand it..

    I just used white as opposed to black.

    I hope the point somehow managed to make it across though..


  44. Larry,

    I totally agree, with having implemented “self-esteem” awards, second chances, no bullying and grade curves in the schools. This is “feel good about yourself”, not preperation for a vicious, cold, non-forgiving world.

    It is a circle of death. Not only their blindfolded death but the death of our nation as we know it. This can be blamed on us the voter too, however, in that some choose to remain un-educated about the candidates, re-electing incumbants or not vote at all.

    Complancency are where the minoritys are being juggled by the Democratic Party. They neither gain nor recede, yet they are told they are “better off” because of the Left. They are a detriment to the American society and amounts to spitting into the faces of our Founding Fore Fathers.

  45. Oshama and his family should be forced to live in one of the Rezko-financed slums that he helped create, and his children should be forced to attend the worst public school in Chicago. Then he and his wife should be forced to work for minimum wage. Then, maybe, he can claim to “feel our pain.” Until he has truly been “in the trenches”, he cannot truly know what it is like to live in the inner-city. Complaining about the price of Arugula at Whole Foods does not count.

  46. About bullying: I do not agree that having a “no bullying” rule at school is a bad thing. Bullying needs to have consequences. I was bullied at school and I would not wish my daughter the same fate. Bullying is not conducive to learning, and bullying has been proven to contribute to school violence a la Columbine. Bullying that occurs outside of the school setting is not tolerated. Last I checked, if someone assaults another person, the “assaulter” can be arrested, charged, and serve jail time. There are much better ways to build character than being shoved in a locker and beaten up at school.

  47. Windrider,

    All too true…All too true..

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  48. Holy crap, Larry

    Did you READ what I said? Quibbling over ad hominem (guess I shoulda said “ad hamhockinems”!) isn’t the issue.

    I have listened to Rush since Bush I was in office. We are in agreement on virtually every issue. I have read 2 of Ann’s books and have been reading her online columns for a few months. She gets “saltier” than Rush. Is THAT what catapulted her career? If you feel irascibility holds the keys to the kingdom, go for it. By me…
    I, of course, have no way of measuring my contention that Rush could increase his listening audience dramatically if he weren’t so interested, as you say, in tweaking the left. But I have no doubt in my mind. And, truthfully, if Rush is putting that before CAUSE & country, then I’m very disappointed with him, especially since that entertainment aspect is no longer germane to his mega riches (as if it ever was!).

    You seemed to get your ass on your shoulders, and I don’t understand it. Frankly, I found what the fellow who responded to me one post before yours to be far more palatable, and certainly more PR responsible. We’re fighting the same enemy here, pal.

    I told you WHY those family members DON’T listen. My brother and I and two brothers-in-law DO. My Mom doesn’t do computers. Only one sister is on frequently. I haven’t mentioned your sight to her yet, as it’s still relatively new to me.


  49. PS I should have mentioned that the overabundance of “fat” comments can cut a wider swath than you might imagine. At 6’2″, 200, I’m quite fit. But many aren’t, including Republicans. It becomes tedious, even, when the joke isn’t even applicable at the time of the writing.

    Remember “Rush……Fat Idiot?” Lefties said that unabashedly, even after he dropped all the weight. It isn’t a fight I would pick. There is FAR too much red meat to dissect without pursuing trifles.

  50. As a Christian African American conservative male, it gets hard to tolerate the belly aching you hear from other AA”s. All I hear is about race, what the white man is doing to me and we need a Democrat in the White House. For what? if after 40 years of the war on poverty and you’ve you’re worst off than before, the problems not someone else but the man/woman in the mirror. I had a determination to make something of myself and did. But when I got Jesus I really took off. This is the greatest country in the world. God birthed it, we must preserve it. McCain/Palin 08

  51. Moronic media, there were very few “black faces” at the RNC because they chose not to be there. Remember, an estimated 98% of the black vote is going to Obama. Not because he is qualified but because he too is black! Based on this, why would McCain (or the RNC) court the black vote? Even a black republican is considered a sellout.

    We can only hope that the racist Oprah will continue to fall in the ratings when her idiot viewers wake up and see her for what she is. I think there is a position waiting for her at a school for girls (all black of course) in Africa.

    Most Hispanics are hard working and industrious so I am not sure how they have been hoodwinked into thinking and voting like worthless democrats. Apparently, the only thing that unites blacks and Hispanics is there disdain for whitey.

    As the “browning ” of America continues and whitey is run out (including white democrats) , who will feed and clothe the blacks? One only look to Mexico to see how they treat their native indians for a clue.

    Perhaps when we are a third world, the black man will be picking produce for the brown man and the word racist will have been long extinct!

  52. Ben,

    How are you fighting the same enemy, pal?

    Let us know so that we can contribute to your site as well.

    I always visit the sites of those who stop in and contribute here. There are many excellent ones.

    Be sure and throw the link over here anytime.


  53. Andre,

    God bless you.

    This IS the greatest country in the world.

    It is what we make of it.

    Thanks for your comments,


  54. Touche & adios, Mr. Big.

  55. Joe,

    Excellent point.

    Black Republicans are castigated for their beliefs.

    The overwhelming majority of black votes WILL go to Obama.

    The Republicans should still try to some degree..the message is most important. Maybe if it is repeated often enough, the common sense of it will make the necessary impression.


  56. Larry,
    I know, I know…. You can lead a horse to water… Common sense is the operative term in your response. If these folks had an ounce of common sense they would have abandoned the Deomocrats a long time ago.

    Most “victims” languish in self-pity and, as you said, feel a sense of entitlement. I have seen first hand how these people live – much like the cockroaches that infest their residences. They are happy to live off the crumbs the Democrats dole out.

    These people only know how to take and they want more of our tax dollars to subsidize their reckless and irresponsible lifestyle. Obama is their man and is therefore not for those who work, regardless of pay grade.

  57. Joe,

    Right as rain. Sometimes I catch myself hoping.

    I have to deal on a daily basis with the failures of the liberal left and its effects upon the inner city.

    It’s a war zone. They have made it so.

    Lets keep up the fight, there is to much to lose if we don’t.

    Thanks as always for your help with the fight.


  58. Just when I thought you’d never top your”They Are Here” thought for the day, and “Parachuting with Tangled Lines” articles, you go and do it!!! Brilliant Sir-much thought and great reasoning, and writing.

    I liked your contrasting of the Republican’s ” help them help thyselfs” and the liberal’s “we can’t let them discover they can help thyselfs” or theywill no longer need us mentality. I personally call it “cradle to grave” welfare.

    The liberals, as you suggested, have succeeded to a somewhat alarming degree.

    An aside to HEATHER – the thought of “Opra in a nighty” caused me to do a little praying at the porcelin alter. This image , in itself, could cure D.Ducoveny’s sexial disorder if he could be made or programmed(possibly post- hypnotic sugestion) to think of that 3 times prior to his inclination to proceed in his professed illness and save himself whatever the cost of his clinic stay. Sorry, I digress.

  59. Larry,

    I know of a few sites that may be of interest to you. Their websites:

    These organizations, both Black/African-American and Republican or Conservative will give you cause to hope. The Left is losing ground in the arena of monopoly on the Black/African-American vote and that is part of what has the Left so panicked.

    I know there have always been Blacks/African-Americans on the Right, and it is good to see their numbers growing and their pride showing.

    As to the OW jabs: While I found some of them funny (I don’t watch her show and don’t know how much she weighs), I don’t see what her weight has to do with her politics. I think that the politics condemns her well enough without comments about her waistline.

    Having said that, I will also say, it’s your column, “Have it your way!” Free Speech RULES!

  60. Andre… nice to read your words. From what part of Africa do you hail? My pastor is Nigerian (not American) and one of the most wonderful men I have ever met! Cheers and God bless you and yours!

  61. I have another question but not about this exactly but maybe.

    I just lost another liberal to discuss politics with tonight. His blood pressure keeps going up as we talk. Interesting, our last conversation was about abortion and same sex marriage.

    I asked him why public funds had to be cramed down my thoat for abortions after he said it had beem cramed down his …. and the marriage thing, I suggested I would like three wives too and you know, the conversation just went to hell in a handbasket.

    The big one was Universal Health Care and I brought up the joy of having a bureaucrat between me and my doctor etc. etc.

    I’m Catholic myself but is abortion just a Catholic thing? I don’t even know, doesn’t seem like it. And on ‘same sex marriage’ why couldn’t they call that a “partnership” rather than a marriage?

    A radio commentator here use to always ask the question, how would a same sex marriage interfer with your life? Tough question to answer.

    But all this made me think of the Savior Obama, is this whole thing a religion thing for liberals, that shocked me even though I had just read your write up today. I hope you don’t mind I needed to just mention this and I have one more thing later, to post — then I’ll back up.

  62. TSNamm – in your long list (posted September 6, 2008, at 6:50 P.M.) of Great Society programs, housing, social welfare, etc., you omitted one of the premier modes of salvation: the Community Organizer!!!!! How dare you?

    Larry great article.


  63. orvill,

    Thanks as always for your kind words and your insights are always appreciated.

    “Cradle to Grave” is exactly right and the left ups the ante by making it “Generational” as well.

    Anyone who escapes such a life sentence is someone of incredible strength.


  64. Danno,

    About your question. I think that I look at it in a couple of ways.

    I see it as another “Morality Malleability” issue.
    Once ground is conceeded in the war of morals, those who sepecialize in contortion and distortion start working their magic. Then the “If that is OK then this has to be too” nonsense begins.

    For the longest time it was,”What goes on in the privacy of the bedroom between consenting adults…”. Now it has to be “We demand to parade and covort right in your face at two hundred decibles, good luck explaining us to your kids!”

    I don’t think that it interferes in my life, per say, but those raising children in an environment devoid of such “distractions”, that is reason enough as far as I am concerned..

    Danno, no need to “back up” here. The floor is always available for anyone who wants it. Speak your mind my friend, the liberals haven’t taken control yet..


  65. Loren,

    Nice catch..

    Where I come from, “community organizer” is code for “unemployable ex felon”.


  66. Larry,
    Was re-reading some of yesterday’s postings. Guess I should have read one in particular a little more closely.You were right again,as usual. I’m very glad I found this site.
    By the way,yes,I’m a rabid LSU fan(around 25 years). Are you a Mizzou fan? Looks like they’ll be super-tough again this year.
    All the best,my friend.

  67. AMY D,

    We have something in common other than our dislike for liberals. I too was bullyied at school, from grade school on up as my family moved to a different town every year. I was guaranteed one or two “see how tough the new kid is” fights at each school.

    But bullying and assualt are not necessarilly the same. Never once did anything like going “ala Columbine” enter my mind in taking the lives of other people. (Either because I was or I wanted to bully.) I’m sure that in reading your posts and knowing that you are a knowledgeble person of common sense, the idea did not cross your’s either. Or is it really true you joined the cheerleaders so you would have that baton handy at all times?

    I am not saying bullying should not be punished. There is a lack of communication or disregard there by the students, teachers or parents. What I am saying is the liberal schools are trying to build an almost pristine environment around the children that is unconducive and unrealistic with the real world’s functions.

    What’s going on is very disquieting to me in the fact that it feels like a suttle form of brain washing. In one aspect the children may get an education (statiscally large citys are worse than small towns) but yet they won’t know how to interact with this world.
    Solution? Turn to the government that knows “how you feel” and become a dependent.

    Just a thought… get’n off the soapbox little now

  68. Thanks Rider. I’m really glad you answered me because I was wondering why some were opposed to “no bullying zones”. I am about to get my daughter back from my step-mom and I am struggling with the balance between protecting her innocence and exposing her to the “real world”. I welcome any advice from all of the NLTZ family on this subject. I believe that the classroom is an artificial environment, hence the need for “field work” and internships, but its “artificialness” is not necessarily a bad thing (this belief fostered by college work and military experience). You have a good point that parents, teachers, and the students themselves need to communicate amongst each other — that is the best way to solve problems. One problem that existed in my situation was teachers and administrators basically taking the side of the bully by making excuses (i.e. coming from a broken home, “boys will be boys”, excusing bad behavior as normal). Their answer was to put me in therapy with the bully so the bully could manipulate his/her way out of trouble and continue to torment me. Needless to say, I lost all faith in “professional educators” with fancy degrees. My teachers were great, but I lacked trust in almost all administrators and psychologists — still do. I’ve been in and out of therapy since elementary school. I have given up hope in secular psychology as a means of healing human behaviour. I now trust in the Lord and talk to my close friends. It has made a world of difference — and costs less too.

  69. AMY D,

    I know well the “innocence” and “real world” fears you have for your daughter. In my case they were for my son whom I raised, solely from the age of twelve.

    Your fears are best met first if you can instill in her the same reverence you have for our God. This is not to say drive religion down the throat, but implant the bases of honesty, ethics and morals.

    I also believe it is important for the child to learn the principle of respect. Respect for their parents, respect not only for others but, most importantly, self-respect and self responsibility. You have this quality, Amy, while those in therapy with you didn’t. That’s why therapists were so repugnant to you.

    All in all, these can protect “innocence” through the child themselves and, hand in hand, introduce the child to the world as it is, for what it is.

    But I must stress that it takes the indulgence of the care, love and discipline of the parent/s to make the child whole, not a liberally swayed school.

    Best wishes for you and your daughter..

  70. Thanks so much for your insights, Wind!!! My daughter is very blessed to have salvation in Christ Jesus and she will have a two-parent home where respect will be instilled — respect for parents and other authority figures, self-respect, and self-responsibility. In fact, right now, my daughter has a problem with respecting authority and with getting along with other children. I have my work cut out for me, but with the help of my Hubby and the Lord’s blessing, Izzie, Bobby, and I will get through this.

  71. Amy,
    Having been in a nervous hospital myself(I’m not making a joke) ,and having been under the care of a psychiatrist(borderline manic depression),I share your cynicism as regards the psychological profession.As an aside,my son,who is beginning university,is leaning toward being a psychiatrist-talk about irony!
    I fully sympathize with your anxiety about the correct manner of raising your daughter. If I may be so bold, I would gladly share some thoughts.You may disregard them as you wish.
    Your daughter will see the “real world” despite your best efforts.It is very possible she may be led astray by the excitement of novel experiences,for a time. The Bible states sin is fun “for a season”.I believe this happens more often than not.
    I believe the most important thing you can do is let her know you love her more than anything on this Earth,and you will always be a safe harbor for her.I know you are a woman of high intelligence,so I assume you know I don’t advocate there being no responsibility or consequences or repercussions for her actions. I am only saying she MUST know you love her deeply,no matter what punishment meted out.
    I believe the only option we truly have is to conduct ourselves,to truly live our lives in such a manner that it shows our children we fervently seek to do,and actively defend,what is right and good and,yes,moral.After they decide we are not the dumbest,most embarrassing hawnyockers in the history of Mankind ever to shamble across the planet,they will need some type of guidepost,some template to follow. I truly believe if you have been a just,firm,LOVING example of rectitude(of course we all stumble sometimes),your daughter will choose to follow you.In any event, being the best person we can be is really about the only thing we can do,after a certain point.A big, BIG point in your favor is your faith in God. As I’m sure you already know, prayer precedes the miraculous.
    Sorry if I sound overbearing.
    May God answer your prayers,Sister.

  72. Sling Blade,


    Very true in that exceedingly important that the parent themselves in doing and defending what is morally right and good. Eventually the children will come to a realization about their parents being it from aging or experiences. But, again, the basics must be engendered within the fabric of their childrens teachings.

    I am reminded of an argument my son and I had when he was sixteen years of age. I told him then, “I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking I’m old, dumb and slow. I thought the same thing about my Dad when I was your age. But there’ll come a time, about age twenty one or so, that you’ll realize, ‘Hey, that old man was pretty damned smart! .” Of course he didn’t see the light or find any humor in that tidbit of wisdom, but years later when he was twenty one, living in another state, he called to wish me a “Happy Birthday” and during the conversation asked me if I remembered that argument. I said I did, he said, “You know what? You were right!” I told him that was the good news, the bad news was if he thought he was smarter now, he would find in another five years he was just as dumb (experience wise) as he was back then.

    Life is a continual learning process, the wisdom of aging/experience cannot be duplicated. As you told Amy, her daughter will see the “real world despite her best efforts.” It is how well children are armed to deal with it that responsible parents strive for.
    Innocence can only be preserved by total knowledge of carnage.

    You all may have gotten the gist that I love and respect my son. I do, and he loves and respects me. ‘Nuff said…

  73. Yehoshua Kahan

    No, abortion is not just a Catholic thing. The verse says (Genesis 9:6) that “Whomever sheds the blood of a human, his blood shall be shed by humans.” The Talmud points out that in Hebrew, this can easily be read as “Whomever sheds the blood of a human within a human, his blood shall be shed,” and rules accordingly that, at least under some circumstances, abortion is a capital crime.

  74. Dear Amy… I don’t know what church you attend and the only thing I will portend to actually “know” about you is that you (and so many others in this family) do have faith in God and Jesus Christ. Use your pastors, your ministers your priests to the best of their ability to assist you in your own personal and spiritual growth that you may attend to the personal and spiritual growth of your own children. Should you require a more constant, confidential and personal touch please examine the website I have linked to above. I became a Stephen Minister not all that long ago and it has been a very rewarding experience not only for those who require my care but for me as well. I am a care-giver… God is the cure-giver. If your church does not participate in this program I would urge you and anyone else who feels this would be a welcome addition to their congregation to look seriously into it. The program is a huge success in the vast majority of places where it has been implemented. If you or anyone would like to contact me privately regarding the Ministry program my email is I will be MORE than happy to provide any information required or to put you in touch with great folks who can.

    Strength and blessings!
    Redbone 🙂

  75. Danno, your question: “A radio commentator here use to always ask the question, how would a same sex marriage interfer with your life? Tough question to answer.”

    Go to, click on chapter eleven. You may find you answer to this particular question there. Then hurry back to Larry! Is Larry a great writer or what?

  76. All,

    Thanks so much for your insights and wisdom. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I glean the wisdom from those who are older than me. One thing that I have learned over the years, and that was mentioned by Windrider, is that there comes a certain point when all children realise that their parents are a whole lot smarter than they are. I call this “I told you so” moment the “magic age”. For most people, the magic age is between the ages 21 to 25. Some people reach the magic age sooner, some later, but it is ususally in the early 20s. Mine was 21 — right before I got married. Thanks for the info on the Stephen Ministry, Red. I will check out their site. I have two mottos for life: 1) It wasn’t long ago that I was just like you, and 2) When you quit learning, you quit living. The first one is actually a Green Day song lyric that I take out of context, but it so aptly applies to my life nevertheless. No matter who I meet, no matter their age, chances are we have many life experiences in common. In my life I have experienced much more than most people twice my age, and not all of it good. The second motto reminds me that every day should be a learning experience. Every day I should know a little more than I did the day before — learn something new every day. This does not just involve academic pursuits, either. Spiritual wisdom and “emotional growth” (for lack of a better term) are included too. I try to learn as much about myself and my Hubby as I do about the world around me, and my NLTZ family helps me greatly in the pursuit.


  78. Larry – great article. I would like to bring up a point. I was hearing this morning about the MTV music awards. I didnt watch it myself, but I heard that there was a host (from England) who was trashing Sarah Palin and begged everyone to vote for Obama. Most of the audience started cheering. Has our country come to this? And how is it that the music business and Hollywood feel that they can dictate who to vote for? I dont care how a celebrity votes, but do they have to bring politics into someplace where politics doesnt belong?

    About the Oprah thing – When Oprah came out with her support for Obama for president, I knew she would loose some of her audience. Not because she may be a democrat, but because for the first time in her life, she was supporting someone for president and he happened to have absolutely no experience. People couldnt help to think that she may be supporting him just because he is black. Before that, in my view anyway, she has always put race aside and Oprah was a race free zone. She has made millions off of being pro-woman and womens issues. But now she will not support the first woman republican vice presidental nominee. I think this will hurt her. The ladies on The View (which by the way – I cant stand) put their differences aside to interview Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama, why cant Oprah? If everyone had a narrow mind like her in Hollywood, then no one would ever see McCain or Palin (or spouses) on any show because they would feel they couldnt interview them fairly. I have lost all respect for Oprah. I thought she was a professional.

  79. Your articles are wonderful.
    I can’t tell you how discouraged I am. The list just goes on and on for BHO. He has no experience and is, at best, a complete charlaton. At worst, I consider him to currently be the most dangerous man in this.
    That such a vast number of Lib/Dems could even consider him for the job, I hope will serve as a wake up call. We can no longer be the “silent majority.” We must raise our fists and declare, “I’m mad as hell and will not take it any more.” Enough is enough.
    And, by the way, who is responsible for checking his credentials that he is even eligible to run for the office of President? Just for starters, I demand it. We must all demand it.

  80. Beth,
    I saw the piece you refer to. It was absolutely shameful. Conducted by a young man sporting a British accent so thick as to make it difficult to understand him, looking like he sorely needed to shower, dressed like a bag person, standing on stage literally begging our citizens to elect Obama. It was an out and out disgrace … the audience whooped, hollered and applauded.
    Of course, to point out this Brit has NO business in our politics goes without saying. Nearly as telling as Hussein Obama’s endorsement of several terrorist groups dedicated to the destruction of the United States of America.


  81. correction:

    “…endorsement BY several terrorist groups dedicated to the destruction of the United States of American.”


  82. Dear Sir,

    There is no doubt your writing methods are effective. In fact in my totally unprofessional and college educated (many times over with multiple degrees) at time too effective. I admitely had to lookup a few words. In your structure however, you are eloquent, and most importantly convicing. That being said I think you uncover the “roots” of liberalism most efficitively. You should package this as the online advanced conservative study forum!

    Well done and continue onward, I hope your writings do find you compensation without any influence. This platform you have created here is priceless.

    God Bless.

  83. George,

    Thanks for being there from the beginning.

    As always,


  84. Beth,

    Actors and musicians quickly come to realize that they contribute very little of value to society in general. That is why they have to become such “advocates” for things.

    Their opinions are always directed with the prevailing liberal wind, always sufficiently Socalist.

    Precisely on the Oprah thing. It was all “girls talk” before, kind of a cuddly “girls power” thing. Now its been shown to be a ruse for the pigmentational priorities of the host.

    It’s not that she HAS to be “fair and inclusive”, it just would be the honorable thing if she were..

    Thanks as always,


  85. JJ,

    Why shouldn’t the Brits have a voice in our election?

    Obama thought that the Germans should so why not the Brits?

    They’re still a little steamed over that whole “13 colonies” business a few years back.

    Madame Thatcher was their last leader.

    Now they are just our crazy grandparents who drool alot and occasionally soil themselves in public..

    Thanks as always,


  86. Midwest Mike,

    I greatly appreciate your very kind words.

    I’ve had more than a few readers give me more than a few hints in order to keep me in line and they have always been right. This particular article being one of the examples where a reader or two took me to task, causin me to do a well deserved re-read and edit.

    I know that I am not always correct, but I know that I am right..

    Hope to hear from you again,


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