Spare Change

Just a few passing thought on the most recent of political jibberish..

Barack Obama while in Terre Haute, Indiana on the claims by the opposition that he is all talk and no action, “I mean come on, they must think you’re stupid..” I shall, as a public service for my liberal friends, complete that statement for the Senator: “because we Democrats sure think that you are..”

“Since the beginning of the campaign, we have been talking about change.” Again, allow me to complete that thought: “So empty your pockets because if I am elected, you had better get used to routinely having your pockets picked..”

A recent Associated Press headline screamed: “Palin’s Church Promoting Conversion of Gays to Heterosexuals”. The story says the church is promoting a conference to bring about these conversions through the “power of prayer”, something that the left used to find to be quite comical. As of late though, the left has itself begun to utilize the power of prayer. After all, a number of them have recently begun to pray for things like hurricanes to kill American citizens and destroy billions of dollars worth of property just in the “hope” that it would bring about the cancellation the opposing political parties convention. Prior to this most recent of epiphanies, what has the church of liberalism done with their prayers for their apostles and disciples? They pray that the minorities never pick up on the fact that the Democrat’s “racism of compassion” isn’t discovered by its victims/beneficiaries.. They pray that their bribes to the lowest class, forcibly extricated from those gainfully employed, are enough, along with their “message of methodical malaise” to keep the lowest class properly chained to the bottom.. You see lefties, prayer does work..

It seems that eighty four bags of United States flags “proudly waved” at the recent Obama beatification in Denver, didn’t mean enough to the Democratic patriotic “wavers” for them to keep them. The “country first” party of proudly waving patriots thought that 12,000 United States flags were more appropriately discarded in the garbage. I could think of a number of uses for these flags as a primer for the “tyro patriots” of the left. Several could have been sewn together to make attractive doormats for all of the Obama headquarters around the world. They could have been woven together to make Barack Hussein Obama Ramadan prayer rug gifts for all of those sporting burkas who have been summarily booted out from Democratic photo ops and political shindigs as the liberals try to appear “centrist”..

Again, for the twentieth time, Obama heaved out the stinking mackerel/mantra of racial recognition with his, “..going to scare people about Barack.. Maybe he’s got Muslim connections, he hangs out with radicals or he’s not patriotic..” He forgot to add to that impressive list, “He hangs out with felons..” My favorite word in all of that: “Maybe.” MAYBE?? “Boy Scout” Bill Ayers? Tony Rezko? Reverend Wright? Emil Jones? John Stroger?

Howard Gutman, one of Obama’s green eye shade “Hurry up, lets launder the Rezko donations” guys pointed out that Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin should “focus her energy” on her pregnant unwed teenaged daughter. Did Gutman mean that Palin should convince her daughter to do a little “family planning” at the “abortion abattoir” of the “Planned Parenthood” facility closest to their home? Those who escape the liberal roach motel, those who manage to allude the rubber aprons and the saline injections of the “Socialist Soylent Green-ers” are from that point forward encouraged by the left to reproduce regularly, for the compassion of the welfare system rewards you for every calf without a father that you can eject.. Gutman forgets to mention that it was the liberal media that forced Palin to discuss her daughters situation, or as Gut-less-man said, “on the international stage and broadcast it to the world..”

Obama said that he is better prepared to handle a disaster like hurricane Gustav, (the one that all of the liberals were praying for last week..) simply because.. He is running for the presidency. He is a leader. He is in charge. He is responsible. Therefore, the statements referred to earlier by Howard Gutman had to be from the man in charge. Any statement from this point forward by any Obama shill or zombie, is no longer the responsibility of the person who spoke it, it is the responsibility of the man in charge.

While verbally sparring with his typical ineffectiveness with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week”, Obama while attempting to outline his “Christian faith” “accidentally” said, “my Muslim faith.” This “slip” came after Obama AGAIN repeated the old “whitey gonna scare you” crackpotterie. Obama, as flustered as Barney Frank gets when he hears that the drag races are coming to town, said, “Let’s not play games. What I was suggesting—you are absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.” Stephanopoulos HIMSELF interrupted and corrected Obama’s alleged miscue, “Christain faith,” he said. Obama then clumsily went on to take a vamp of the wildly successful and always entertaining Hillary Clinton “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” gambit with his “it is coming out of the Republican camp” cover all baloney. I was under the impression that Joe Biden was going to be the “verbal liability” within the Democratic ticket, it turns out that Barack “Where’s my teleprompter” Obama is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the “John Kerry School of Political Self Sabotage”. Can’t wait for the pressure cooker atmosphere of the debates, this rookie is going to pop like a cheap bottle of champagne. Even with a friendly crowd, and George Stephanopoulos is about as “friendly” as it gets for the liberals, Obama folded like a house of cards once the juice was even mildly applied.

This might end up being even easier than anyone imagined that it could be..

P.S. Zogby and Gallup have McCain/Palin up 4%, USA Today Likely Voters Poll: McCain/Palin up 10%. It is still early and there is still a lot of work to do but with Barack Obama around, he just may do all of the work for us..


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  1. “My MUSLIM Faith?” Wow…I missed that. I saw Biden taking some pretty hard shots on NBC, but the follow-ups were fairly soft ball.

    If McCain/Palin don’t make a big mistake, they are starting to look better and better. In fact (gasp) I’m even going to make a political contribution to the RNC, something I vowed I wouldn’t do when I heard McCain, early in the campaign say, “The first thing I’m going to do as President will be to close down Gitmo!” What did he want to do with all these murderers? Take them to Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona? Hey, come to think of it, that may not be a bad idea.



  2. ‘Can’t wait for the pressure cooker atmosphere of the debates, this rookie is going to pop like a cheap bottle of champagne.”

    Truly, truly I say to you… I am beginning to salivate at the thought! The debates, all of them, should be nothing short of evolutionary.

  3. I wouldn’t bank on Obama’s own words counting him out since he has the mainstream media in his hip pocket, but it certainly helps give us something to point out to those that seem to think that Couric, Williams, Gibson and the like are doing a bang up job reporting the news responsibly.

    Here’s hoping, though, that having to face honest, trustworthy and genuinely compassionate people such as McCain and Palin will unravel Obama even further.

    It is sad and scary, though, how many people go along with what he says without giving ANY thought to the man saying it.

    We ought to come up with some new t-shirts (I’m a designer and get ideas all of the time) to promote his “just words, just speeches” even further.

  4. Eric,

    If you want to know how people can become so mesmerised by the likes of Oshama, I have a book you ought to read. It is called “Hitler’s Cross” by Erwin Lutzer. This book chronicles how the German church was hijacked by the Nazi party and also explains how masses of people were convinced of the lie of Nazism. Oshama’s campaign is eerily similar.

  5. KC,

    Check out Moonbattery’s clip of the interview at . Here is the full ABC News interview:

  6. Hey Larry,spot on as usual, I came across this very enlightening op-ed piece at the NY Post online, concerning Obama’s “community activism” resume’. You can just hear that “sucking sound” to coin a phrase from Ross Perot, if an Obama administration comes to fruition. However it will be your tax money going to these plethora of left wing socialist “community” groups wasting your money on useless and nebulous needs of which no one is overseeing at all. If they monitored where this money was going with as much zeal as say speeding on the highway,we could save billions of dollars per year. But if BHO gets in there will be an orgy of “social” spending not seen since LBJ.

  7. Eric,
    In order to give a thought,you have to have a thought.

    Most Dems have there heads filled up with the word change.

    The smarter Dems are able to have 2 words running around in their heads at the same time.
    The other word is hope.

    The really smart Dems can have both words running around in their heads and walk at the same time.

    There is no room left for a new though.

  8. If the Republican Party does not use the clip containing,”my muslim faith..”, they don’t deserve to win this election. Over and Over it should be introduced by Billy May and followed by a Head On commercial.

  9. Eighty-four bags of American flags simply dumped, without being disposed of in an appropriate, dignified ceremony? I say we make use of that, place those bags at the front gate of Fort Bragg, and let the Special Forces guys find out where they came from…

    This is further proof that the Democrats and their standard bearer have no patriotism, and have no respect for anything this country represents. They also think we’re too stupid not to see them for what they are. Why can’t we try these people for treason?

  10. I was truly upset that they threw away all those American flags. No matter the size, the use, the political party, all American flags should be treated with honor and respect. When I saw those trash bags full of OUR flag, I was livid. That photo told me more about what the LEFT thinks of America — the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH — than any words they can ever say or have ever said. The LEFT hates America as much as I abhor abortion. The difference is, with the LEFT in power, ALL of America is aborted, not just helpless little babies.

  11. Well done as always, Larry. I enjoy your un-inhibited ‘call a spade a damn shovel’ attitude.

    I also wanted to know what this book banning crap is about, that some left wing blogger is screaming about. I heard it on Fox News on Saturday; that the left is trying to tell another lie to make Gov. Palin look bad. Except no one knows what book it was that she supposedly wanted banned and no one could come up with the name of the librarian who supposedly got fired, or at which library it supposedly happened.

    I want to know someone can take these creeps to court for libel, slander, whatever… It just makes me SICK to have to listen to them make up stuff, and twist the truth into this garbage!


    I hope the people behind the MCCAIN
    camp are working on winning the states needed to add enough ELECTORAL COLLEGE NUMBERS TO WIN.Rove had that plan well defined.
    We must get all American Citizens
    that love this country activated to vote
    in November.
    Another message from Larry to keep us focused

  13. More Disgraceful and Treasonous Nancy Pelosi Moonbattery

    Courtesy of the Navy Times (

    Faces of fallen Marines removed from House hall

    By Andrew deGrandpré

    A North Carolina congressman is bracing for a free-speech fight after images of fallen Marines were deemed a violation of the House’s new anti-clutter policy and removed from the hallway outside his office.

    Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., whose district includes Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Stations New River and Cherry Point, said he is “willing to go as far as I have to go to make sure the First Amendment right to display the faces of these Marines is protected.”

    “It’s too easy for people not to think about the fact that men and women are dying for this country,” he said in an Aug. 26 interview.

    Building maintenance staff twice has taken down Jones’ posters, each bearing 42 photos of North Carolina-based Marines who died supporting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    At first it seemed to Jones that clear evacuation routes and public safety was the issue.

    But now, he’s not so sure.

    In April, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and leaders of both parties approved an edict barring several items from the hallways adjoining congressional offices.

    Pelosi’s “hallway policy” — signed by the House majority and minority leaders, Reps. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., and John Boehner, R-Ohio — cites codes designed to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act.

    It was implemented “on the strong recommendations of public safety and law enforcement officials,” said Nadeam Elshami, a spokesman for Pelosi, and is “entirely unrelated to content.”

    The primary concern, Elshami said, was eliminating any would-be obstructions to disabled visitors or to House members and staff in the event of a building evacuation.

    Jones’ display, titled “Fallen Heroes from Camp Lejeune” and mounted on easels lining the walls, was removed in July. Pelosi rejected his petition for an exception.

    Ditching the easels, Jones had his display made into adhesive posters and stuck them to the walls outside his office. Those were removed in early August.

    “They told us the reason for this was because of ADA and some other laws, that they want people to have free access to movement in the hallway,” he said. “Well, they got it with these screen posters.”

    Jones was working out of his district office in Greenville, N.C., during the last week of August but vowed to restore the displays — along with a note declaring his perceived constitutional right to do so — upon his return to Washington.

    “This is my humble way to say ‘thank you’ to that Marine that never came home and to say ‘thank you’ to that Marine’s family. … We’re right on this.”

    Before Congress adjourned for its August recess, Jones introduced a resolution asking Pelosi to set rules allowing the display of such tributes. Again he wrote to the speaker, this time with fellow Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, and two Democrats: Reps. Steve Cohen of Tennessee and Jim McDermott of Washington state.

    They noted that about 20 House members display some type of memorials outside their offices, and all had to remove the tributes.

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against the war,” said Mike DeCesare, a spokesman for McDermott. “It’s an honor to honor those who have fallen. … Jim wanted people to know where he stands.”

    Pelosi’s spokesman declined to comment on Jones’ resolution.

    In her July response to Jones’ letters, Pelosi noted the inscription of fallen troops’ names in the Rayburn House Office Building lobby, calling it “one measure of tribute.”

    “You know what? A name is not a face,” Jones said. “The least this Congress can do is to allow a face to be seen.”

  14. Well done, loved the article and Barack Obama’s Freudian slip. Made me want to go and look up what this could mean. This is what they say a Freudian slip means, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is believed to be caused by the unconscious mind. Also adding, Freudian slips, the error might appear to be trivial or bizarre, but may show some deeper meaning on analysis.

    So explain this away Barack baby. God, he’s an idiot.

  15. AMY D — Amen! Thank you for remembering the name of that book on Hitler. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think what book it was … mentalpause is killin’ me.

    KEYSFISH — Right on! If the McCain/Palin campaign doesn’t use it in a commerical blitz, maybe we can spread the word via YouTube. I haven’t looked for it yet, but surely it’s there.

    Speaking of YouTube, have y’all seen this? It’ll give you chills, and we need to share it with the world — specially all our liberal friends! Check it out –>> “”.

    Larry, as always, you’re spot on. The problem with Nobama — and maybe one of the scariest things — is that he BELIEVES the drivel that falls out of his mouth. His sincerity makes him attractive to those who can separate the wheat from the chaff … and scary to those of us who can — because of those who can’t. Or won’t.

  16. KC,

    Sheriff Joe would square things away..

    Good to hear from you again,


  17. Redbone,

    It should be good.

    I can’t wait.

    Thanks as always my friend,


  18. Eric,

    This season should be a field day for you in the tshirt business!!

    How about a close up of Obama/Biden with the line underneath,

    “They’re going to scare you..”

    Anyone else have any others?


  19. tsnamm,

    There is no doubt that a whole lot of people are going to be in “you owe me” mode were the Obama/Biden ticket to win.

    That’s another compelling reason for us to do all that we can because we will be paying for it, in more than one way..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  20. keyfish,

    Not Billy May!!! I don’t care if he was giving away money, that guy drives me nuts..

    Head On apply directly…


    Be careful what you wish for my friend,


  21. G.

    Within their own social circles, what they do is typical.

    That is why they lose elections on a national level, they don’t understand us at all.

    Thanks as always,


  22. LM,

    Nice analogy.

    The lines couldn’t be any clearer, could they?

    Vote and get everyone here to hear us tell it like it is.

    Thanks as always,


  23. T,

    Just for fun, check out “Truncation” on the Lagniappes page.

    See what happens to a shovel when some get ahold of one…

    Thanks as always,


  24. JR,

    Absolutely correct.

    It is up to us.

    Lets get to work.

    Thanks as always,


  25. Sister Amy,

    It is a good thing that I read your comment before I had dinner..

    They are disgusting. Period.

    Thanks as always,


  26. Eileen,

    Poor Barack has a tendancy to get a bit overconfident when he speaks without assistance.

    That bodes well for us, doesn’t it?

    Thanks as always,


  27. AnnieLiz,

    “Won’t” is exactly right.

    It’s up to us to spread the word.

    I’m in, how about you?

    Thanks as always,


  28. I caught that short news video of Nobama in Terra Haute with his reverse physcological question of “being stupid.” It was a rousinding response as the crowd, a sea of black faces, answered, ‘yes’ against any combination of Republicans, conservatives or evil Whites. I’d find it rather amusing if not downright historical if someone in the audience stood up and answered ‘no.’

    Obama’s economic plans include raising taxes on not only cooporations in America but also on the individual earning more than $250,000 a year. The extra profits taken in by the these taxes to be distributed to the poor (ie. those on benefits) and including free stipends for the 22 million illegal aliens in this country.

    So you can understand where Obama’s following comes from can’t you. He’s promising to put more money into the pockets of the idle, irresposible, race card playing, couch potato, baby making society, while those “rich” bastards that earn their way of living pay for it.

    It’s the Democratic Party’s dream. All people equal in profit controlled by the government. No matter how appealing the speaker, no matter how grand the rhetoric, the American people are no longer free but a victim of socialism.

  29. Windrider,

    What worries me even more is how the “taxable figure” always ends up being so malleable with the liberals.

    Today it’s $250,000. What will it be tomorrow?

    While Bill Clinton was running the first time, his figure was $100,000. The next week or so, it was $50,000. I still remember George Stephonopoulos two weeks later saying that the amount was to be $25,000.

    Even back in the ’90’s, $25,000 covered a lot of people..

    That kind of liberal flexibility I can do without.

    Tell everyone. Send them here so that ALL of us can tell them.

    “No undecideds left behind”!! Our rallying cry for 2008!!

    Today’s “Thought for the Day” kind of sums it all up for me..

    Thanks as always, my friend.



    for the t shirt :



  31. Great Blog as usual NLT,
    I’m really worked up at the moment because of your blog, The polls and the general enthusiasm of conservatives at the moment.

    I’m a firm believer in keeping up the momentum. McCain/Palin have a small lead but need to REALLY Pull out all the Stops. Hit Obama/Biden again and again… Leave them so punch drunk on 3 Nov that they will be a Political History Joke like Kerry, et al.
    Keep on Swinging Folks!

  32. I’m gonna put square tires on all my cars…
    Now THAT’s CHANGE !
    (never said it was good change, just change)…

  33. Feckless,

    I wish that someone with the computer savvy, the know how, could make one of those pictures where you morph two images together.

    I’d love to see what Barack O’Carter would look like..

    Thanks as always,


  34. Luke,

    THAT’S what I’m talking about.

    It’s time for the conservatives to be excited.

    We have every reason to be.

    Thanks my friend,


  35. Flying Rat,

    “Change”: Give me yours…

    The new liberal motto..

    Thanks my friend,


  36. “Anyone else have any others?”

    JObama yo mamma cracka fool…

    Did I just say that?

  37. Larry,

    While in Terra Haute, I noticed Nobama, full of himself, roaming the stage with “mike” in hand. No portable tele-prompter or a George Sthephonopoulos to remind him of the figures or even his faith being there he probably added the extra “zero.”

    It is the Democratic platform, no matter who the candidate, of “malleabilty” of tax payers that I dislike foremost. “Equal” or “fair” are not words in their tax codes.

  38. McPALIN 2008

    what a bumper sticker!?!?!?


  39. MavCuda ’08

    NO Way, NO How, NObama!!!!

  40. Red,

    I just visited the Stephen Ministries website . Thank you for such an awesome resource!!! In reading about leadership and the flaws of the Charismatic Leader Model, I have confirmed the fatal flaw in Barack Obama and offer a warning to John McCain and Sarah Palin. BHO may make flowery speeches and have a “commanding presence”, but that in no way can carry him through a Presidential term (or an election). To quote Joseph A. Raelin:

    “Relying on a single charismatic leader to part the seas for us works as long as the leader can
    successfully diagnose the environment and make correct decisions. But what happens when this same leader errs? What happens when his or her followers realize that they have the
    maturity to make their own decisions? What happens when the environment becomes so complex that no single individual could possibly
    discern all of its elements?”

    Each candidte must realise that they are but one person. Whoever becomes President must assemble an effective team (in the form of their Cabinet) in order to successfully lead this country. The President is important, but he is just the head. He needs the rest of the body (his Cabinet) to be effective. A head is useless without the rest of the body. BHO has a Messiah complex and those around him are easily drawn in — much like some mega-churches and cults. This phenomenon is dangerous and ultimately counter-productive. We Conservatives must not elevate John McCain or Sarah Palin to the level that BHO elevates himself. If we do, we will set ourselves up for disappointment, much like BHO is doing to himself and his followers. No one is perfect but Jesus. As has been said before, it is better to agree with someone 60% of the time than to disagree with someone 100% of the time. Let this serve as a warning.

    P.S. Red, you have inspired another blog entry. Thanks!!!

  41. Another excellent article Thank you!
    I am finally having a GREAT time watching the Left Wing talking heads in a feeding frenzy of desperation and the implosion building.
    These idiots STILL don’t get it. I heard one talking yesterday about the “top 2” issues the American People are concerned about, Gay Rights and Abortion….huh?
    If Abortion Stores were opened in every mall and Gays were handed marriage licenses and full benefits….would that make our Country safer and bring jobs and security back into the American equation and dream? I think not. The Left has NO clue what is driving the average American. Their media lapdogs know even less!
    Want to capture the hearts and minds of Americans? Let them KEEP their hard earned money and get the hell out of the way!
    Obama, Pelosi led Congress, a recipe for complete disaster!

  42. Windrider,

    His handlers were probably sweating bullets..

    I can see “bring teleprompter” as being the highest priority on their daily “to do” list.


  43. Stitch and Sister Amy,

    Maybe we all as conservatives should apply a little “Bumpersticker Cognitive Therapy” as well??


  44. James,

    Excellent points. All of this funny ‘look what Bush has done to the economy’ falls just a bit short when you consider that the Democrats control both the House and the Senate.

    Who is really responsible for the alleged ‘economic disaster’ of 2008??

    Thanks as always,


  45. All of the teleprompters in the world will not help someone who can’t say FOR and TO.

    It’s always fur and ta. Eloquence, isn’t it!!!

    Wasted education?

  46. Fran,

    Remember, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”…

    Thanks for your comments,


  47. wOw oH wOw …

    tAkE a LoOk aT tHiS … aNd pAsS iT oN….

    This is an uninterrupted 51-second video of Obama speaking; he’s telling us exactly what he will do to the military…

  48. Cheryl,

    You will note that this was supposed to be a “YouTube” video.

    The link now says that the video “no longer exists”, not that it “never existed”, it “no longer exists”…

    Nothing suspicious there..

    More liberal censorship.

    If anyone happened to see this video before the video was yanked, please leave a synopsis of what it contained.

    An actual transcript would be great if anyone managed to capture the vdeo themselves..



  49. Here is what I believe is the video, but in a longer form. Still scary, never the less.

  50. Has anyone heard this?
    That one of BHO’s Great Society ideas is to impose additional taxes on people who live in one city/town but work in another??
    Sort of like punishment for driving a bit further than they should.
    Some cities already have a “city tax” if you live in that city, or work in that city but live outside that city.
    BHO’s plan is to impose additional federal taxes on people who don’t live/work in the same town ( up to twice as much taxes!!)
    They are calling this an “incentive” to live in the same town you work in to force you to drive less.

    hmm, nice energy plan there….HITLER!
    B. Hilter Obama??

  51. Amy… it is a pleasure and a privilege to be of some use. Stuck as I am in this big ass leg cast I do hope at least some of my wits remain about me. Stephen Ministries has been a very positive influence in my church and in my life. I can not recommend it highly enough and absolutely feel you will be perfectly able to introduce it into your own congregation should you choose to do so. Your understanding of “the body” is flawless. BHO IMO is a great danger to our country… he is nothing more than a talking head and possibly much worse. Greatly enjoy your blog – hope you approve of my post 🙂

    Larry… My DEMOCRATIC sister went to listen to Sarah tonight in northern Va. at some high school near where she lives. I’ve been working so very hard to remove her from the grip of “dum hope”… as I believe real hope does in fact exist! JObama IS in the process of self destruction. As my very good friend Jim loves to say “it’s amazing how democrats have the ability in presidential elections to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!”

    McPalin ’08!

  52. Stitch,

    There will be plenty of “creative new taxes” if the liberals manage to steal the election.

    Thanks as always my friend,


  53. Redbone,

    Tomorrows Thought of the Day is going to touch on the “implosion factor”.

    Lets all focus, to paraphrase one of the liberals heroes, lets give the left the rope with which to hang themselves..

    Thanks as always,


  54. They seem to have braided the very same rope… my hope springs eternal. Can’t wait for my blackberry to ring!

    Cheers bud!

  55. Red,

    Thanks for your sweet comments!!!! I have yet to figure out how to respond in-blog to my comments, so I shall respond here until I do. Technology… 😛

  56. “N.Y. Gov: GOP Insinuates Race in Obama Criticism”
    New York’s governor says our laughing at NObama’s accomplishments as an “organizer” in Chicago is a “code” to slam at his color… I say the Governor is simply race baiting (again).

    Let’s see if Fox posts my following reply:

    … and what exactly is “that’s code” actually code for?

    Sounds like “code” for race baiting to me.

    By now everyone should know that “race baiting” is code for “if you disagree at any point, we’ll claim it’s all about color.”

    The fact of the matter is that, in the case of those like Obama, the (often) self-bestowed title of “organizer” is somehow supposed to be considered a great accomplishment rather than an activity.

    Chicago (like most major cities) has more self-proclaimed “organizers” than anyone can count, and one would be led to believe that with their help, with all the taxpayer tools that are readily available and with all the on-going funding that has been provided for multiple generations, the areas in which Obama’s vision and influence was most strongly felt (have) become a gem of hope and change.

    I invite everyone to take a good, close look at the areas of Chicago which were well within Obama’s direct sphere of influence, not only during his “organizer” years, but during his entire tenure.

    Notice any change?

    (feel free to insert laughter here)

  57. NObama is also claiming to have been “swiftboated” over the “lipstic on a pig” comment he made…

    The “Great Orator” has a great problem when speaking without a script, doesn’t he?

    Will there be a script there when that “3AM call” comes in? Will he know what to say, or more important what not to say, without “stepping in it” with some angry foreign leader in much the same way?

    Will he be able to look down his intellectual nose and say “this is all foolishness” once the bullets, bombs and indoctrinated rhetoric of our country’s true enemies really begin to fly?

    This entire incident is an exercise in the reality of Obama. One in which many, many people can learn a very valuable lesson in the art of diplomacy in a hostile world.

    A diplomacy that Obama simply doesn’t have.


  58. After a very long night of research and revelation, I have come to the ultimate conclusion that this election truly is about Good vs. Evil. This conclusion has been alluded to by me and several others, especially the NLTZ family, but last night it was confirmed. Please read my latest blog entry at:

  59. After a very long night of research and revelation, I have come to the ultimate conclusion that this election truly is about Good vs. Evil. This conclusion has been alluded to by me and several others, especially the NLTZ family, but last night it was confirmed. Please click my name and read my latest blog entry.

  60. bean,

    Good stuff as always.

    Did Fox post your comment?


  61. Sister Amy,

    Sometimes WordPress outs any comment with a link on it into the “Spam” file.

    Anytime it says that there is Spam out there, I go out and check it and I can put it back in.

    Too much work today..Sorry it took so long to retrieve it..


  62. Thank you for finding the solution to my disappearing link problem. Next time I shall wait for you to retrieve my comment so I’m not redundant. To technology I say 😛

  63. History shows my tangents to be either far too “wordy” or (one might guess) too off the path to ever be included in the comments section of most MSM boards.

    Thanks for letting me post those rants here in da’ turnz.


  64. Sister Amy and bean,

    You both make NLTZ better.

    Rant away..


  65. Red,

    Spirituality may not be a religion by definition, but people like Oprah and Tolle are making it that way. We can play semantics games all day long, but the reality is that souls are at stake. This shill that Oprah, Tolle, Chopra, and all the other so-called “gurus” peddle is leading Christians astray — just like the Devil intends. In this country the word “religion” is equated with Christianity and the word “spirituality” is equated with any philosophy/religion except mainstream Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. When discussing faith and religion with people, I often hear “I am not religious, but I am spiritual.” That usually means “I am not a Christian, but I pray, believe in God, and don’t subscribe to any set rules, values or traditions. I do my own thing.” Usually, that “own thing” has a lot of Eastern philosophy/mysticism mixed into it. It is quite sad how lost people are.

  66. Great piece Larry I love the term “Racism of compassion”. Is it your original? I was thinking racism of phony compassion but it is more racism of ignorant compassion. Someome (I can’t remember who said if the KKK tried to design a system to keep black folks down intensionally they couldn’t have designed a better system then that designed by Liberal’s. You know the one LBJ implemented calling it the great society. My daughter who is working in one of the toughest schools anywhere (predominantly black) tells me 90% of the boys cannot identify a father figure in their life. The girls want to see her wedding pictures because they don’t know anyone near their age (like anyone in their twenties or thirties) who are married. The women have babie Daddies not husbands.

    It didn’t used to be that way before the Great Society and War on Poverty was launched in this Country families might have been poor but Women had Husbands and boys had fathers. Now not. I realize this is a correlation only but the mechanisms are obvious. You make the government responsible instead of the Dad and husband you unhinge the responsibility mechanism. Did LBJ and the Lefties promote these policies to keep Blacks on the bottom and insure their slavish loyalty to Democratic politics or was the destruction of the Black family an unintended consequence of well intended but devastatingly bad policy?

  67. Theop,

    I THINK that it is mine, but it is not that tremendously or outrageously out of the realm of possiblity that someone somewhere could have said it as well..

    The public schools used to be a positive point for homebuyers, now they are the reason everyone wants to sell.

    You see what they have done to the public schools. It makes you wonder how long it would take them to have the same effect if they got their hands on the government..

    Lets not let them..

    Thanks as always,


  68. Amy, I am waiting for “Hitler’s Cross” to be transferred to my local library branch. Thank you for the recommendation.

    In “Knowledge & Decisions,” copyright 1980, Thomas Sowell wrote about the 2008 election:

    – hypnotic fascination and exhilaration of speeches (Hitler)

    – vision of the wretched of the earth creating a new world appeals to intellectuals (Communism)

    – “change” is one of the great promises of totalitarian movements

    When I first went looking for Thomas Sowell books, the librarian said to me, “No one wants to read intellectual & philosophical material anymore.” Scary…as I live in a highly educated area.

    I also agree with you about not “worshipping” McPalin…it’s just that it is the first time I can remember ever having someone to vote FOR, rather than against!

  69. inalook,

    Sounds to me more that the intellectual and philosophical material doesn’t meet the requisite liberal criteria…


  70. Lee - Missouri Ozarks

    KC Great Idea, Sheriff Arpaio would make them feel right at home in the tents in the middle of the Arizona summer.
    I wonder how they and their ACLU friends will react to the Pink Jailhouse Underwear.
    Picture the thought.

    PC is Thought Control


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