They Are Here

In honor of those who have lost their lives on this most sacred of anniversaries. Please read this and say a prayer for all of the victims of terrorism..

I have heard President Bush on more than one occasion say “We are fighting the terrorists over there so that we don’t have to fight them over here.” Some of you may not remember this interesting fact: Right across the river from what was the World Trade Center is the Abu Bakr Siddique Mosque located at Foster and McDonald Avenues. A few of the 9-11 hijackers “prayed” there. Have you been to Detroit lately? How about Dearborn, or as it is more commonly known: Dearbornistan. As witnessed by AT LEAST 9-11, we had better start fighting them here because… they are here.

How many Middle Easterners have we seen lately who have been “absentmindedly” confusing American pedestrians for speed bumps? Try Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar. Try Omeed Aziz Popal. They are here.

Conveniently nestled under the fetid umbrella of “Snivel Rights” protections provided by their comrades in the ACLU, vociferously supported by the members of the liberal caliphate and wholeheartedly endorsed by the fifth columnists of the fourth estate, domestic terrorists are “free” to do as they wish courtesy of the unindicted co-conspirators of the American left.

Americans, within their own country, are performing a rococo dance upon the rotten eggshells of political correctness for fear of offending the CAIR and therefore, “further expanding Islamophobia within America”. The CAIR’s War on America is winning legal battles on a daily basis. They understand the support they have for their war within the hearts and minds of the unelected judicial activists. If by some miracle of fate the terrorist mouthpieces fail today, they just simply request more “petro dollar funding” from the homeland and they re-file their lawsuits until they find a fellow traveler in black robes. Needless to say, they do not have to look that long or that hard.

Take the fictitious epidemic of “Airport Profiling” for example. Muslim terrorist apologists began clucking about “flying while Muslim” based upon their concerns that Muslims are portrayed as being more likely to commit acts of terrorism than any other religion. The rest of us know that that is about as obvious as the deductive logic that says that Ellen DeGeneneres likes girls more than the Village People do. So, thanks to the liberal Quislings, the only people being profiled at the airports today are those least likely to be involved in the terrorist avocation of incinerating innocent civilians. The fellow with the ticking turban, the “Death to America” coloring book and the “Magnificent Nineteen” sweatshirt gets a pass. I always feel considerably safer when the white haired old ladies get pulled out of line for the once over..

They are here. Try Naveed Afzal Haq murdering Jews in the Jewish Federation building in Seattle.

It is time to call out the liberal Rosenbergs who place such high value on the “rights” of the valueless at the expense of all Americans. Their bizarre guilt over being American mystifyingly creates this childish desire to please those who would love to kill them in the hopes that they wont. They are nothing more than blubbering cowards who are maliciously cunning and conniving. It is a suicidal co dependency.

When did we stop applying the “You’re either with us or with the terrorists” plan? What is wrong with a little “terrorist im-moral absolutism”? That rule still applies and it needs to be applied to the “Islam-o-sympathizers”, placing the burden upon them to prove they aren’t what we already know they are. I know that there are those who insist upon “blacklisting” the likes of the Dies Committee and the work of Joseph McCarthy. The work of these patriots brought to light a problem that left unchecked would have had disastrous long-term consequences for not only our nation but also the world.

They are here. Try Hesham Mohamed Hadayet opening fire at an El Al airline counter at LAX.

Unlike the American War on Terror, the “local” terrorists aren’t held to “time tables”, deadlines and “exit plans” by the American liberals. Those obstacles are specifically reserved for those who are trying to protect the United States not those who are sent here to attack it.

There is a kind of “security malaise” that is constantly reinforced with the “We haven’t been attacked since 9-11” mantra. First, does an “attack” have to mean a thousand or more innocent Americans murdered? One dead is an “attack.” The “attack” is the final phase of a plan. We should remove all of the liberal barriers towards “aborting” (Great liberal action word.) terrorist murderers, at least in their planning stages, just as they did in London. The terrorists “right” to plan their attack is enthusiastically protected by the progressive hegemonists operating out of their ACLU madrassas. There is no rush on the terrorists part. Time is on their side as it allows their liberal compatriots the opportunity to portray Americans who want to preemptively stop terrorists as “Islamophobes.”

If the liberals don’t like the idea of preemptively stopping terrorist attacks using all of the technology we have available to us, I would like to hear what their alternative plan is. Cuddling with Osama and knitting whimsical doilies for Ramadan do not count, as I was hoping for potentially “effective” options.

It is truly time for a “War on Terror” but not this “sensitive” pansy non-sense. Abraham Lincoln eliminated habeas corpus during the Civil War. Drastic events merit drastic responses. Liberal hint: September 11th was a drastic event. Those who ignore what is happening here sound all too “Neville Chamberlain-ian” to me. They are just wishing for a nice rainy day, a gaggle of umbrellas and a little “Peace for our Time” speech. Then Poland gets invaded..

It is true that we need to fight the terrorists over there, but we need to realize that they are here. Further muddying the intellectual waters relative to this is the liberal caliphate, who have intentionally made it only slightly easier to kill the terrorists over there than it is to even INVESTIGATE them over here.

They are here. Try Shahawar Siraj and James Elshafay at 34th street and Herald Square during the 2004 Republican convention.

I am just wondering how many more innocent Americans need to be murdered on our soil before we begin to weed out the terrorists who have set up shop here. Who do we have to thank for the red carpet being laid out for the Islamofascists? Try our own Barney “Fabulous” Frank, Democrat.

Barney, as a service to America, did yeoman’s work within the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1990. Barney thought it was a good idea to change the “exclusion provisions” within the immigration laws, specifically, the “ideological exclusions.” In Barney’s myopic world, the Act needed a little touching up. Frank’s “sexual preference removal” also opened up the doors for the Islamic ideologues and their agendas to freely enter America. That’s right, as Azzamm enters America and yells “Allah Akbar!!”, Barney and his crowd believes that this is the “spirited cry of an overly excited new American”.. Never mind the warnings during the Avalon Project at Yale Law School regarding the numbers of radical Muslims who have been given the green light to enter America due to Barneys foresight. Those and any other “inconvenient truths” can and are easily written off as “racist Islamophobia.”

Fighting the Muslim terrorists here is just as important as fighting them anywhere else. Each location brings with it its own special considerations and tactics but the fight needs to be brought to them regardless of their location. No one including the liberals I would hope, wants to experience another travesty like Pearl Harbor or 9-11. Unfortunately with this “hurt nobodies feelings” liberal approach to dealing with the domestic terrorists, it is really just a matter of time before we start clearing debris, having charity drives and erecting another marble or granite monument to the innocent victims of political correctness and Islamic fascism.

Trust me Mr. President, they are here.


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  1. All this year my inbox has been inundated with emails from many sources concerning the growing problems that our nation and world now face. Indeed, we do presently seem to be in a perilous state of affairs, with infringements on our freedoms and threats to our way of life. This is something that I have felt I just had to address and sort out for myself, truth from untruth.

    I may very well be labeled by some as an alarmist for writing this. But, if I had told you before 9-11-2001 (a date we should all remember) that radical Muslim terrorists were going to fly jet airliners into the Twin Towers in New York and completely destory them, and on the same day attack the Pentagon and crash still another plane in Pennsylvania, which was headed for the Capital, would you then have said that I was an alarmist?

    Before going further, let me be clear in saying that I am not referring to truly peace loving, tolerant people of the Islamic faith, who do not participate in or condone violence and aggression.

    Bear with me, this is long. If you don’t read all of it, please at least read the end starting at (II CHRONICLES 7:14)printed in blue.

    To our astonishment, it appears that our nation is being invaded. Yes, ”invaded” by radical Muslims who are attempting to gain control not by guns and machetes, as they are brutally doing in the African countries of Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia & Zimbabwe, but by taking advantage of our own system of freedom and tolerance. Our multicultural politically correct society is allowing Muslims to flourish in America by changing our culture to suit theirs.

    Our Christian rights are being totally ignored while the followers of Islam are being catered to by our public schools and universities, and other public institutions. Some universities have installed ritual foot baths using taxpayers’ money, and given Muslims special privileges for Islamic prayers five times a day, and have arranged gym classes to accommodate Islamic religious dress codes.
    Many franchise restaurants have changed their menus to comply with Muslim dietary requirements. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Muslims are fervently working to influence every aspect of our society in politics, religion, economics, education and culture.

    In 732 A.D. at the ”Battle of Tours” in Gaul (present day France, Belgium, the Netherlands & other parts of W. Europe), Charles Martel was successful in leading his army to push the Muslim hordes out of Europe. But now 1,276 years later, they have gradually invaded as immigrants raising prolific families. By terrorists threats and political pressure they are forcing Christian churches to close in France while they build mosques with no opposition. They are gaining control all over Europe. There are over two million Muslims now residing in Great Britain, four million in Germany, and 6 million in France. More than 20 million Muslims reside in Western Europe.

    In America, with our open borders and liberal immigration laws, along with low interest business loans to foreigners and government subsidies for businesses and housing, we are setting our nation up for being overwhelmed by these radical Muslims just as Europe has.

    The Muslim population in the USA was 2.8 million in 2001. Now in 2008, they have grown to well over 6 million. However, because of the great sensitivity towards what is perceived as racial profiling, it is very difficult to obtain an accurate population count. Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, has the highest concentration of Muslims of any city in the USA, conservatively estimated at well over 40,000 (no one knows for sure). Some estimates for the entire Detroit area are as high as 300,000 to 350,000 Muslims of Arab descent, this does not include American converts to Islam.

    There are approximately 300,000 Muslims in the state of Virginia. There are so many in the northern part of the state that it is now being dubbed by some as, Virginiastan. They are all over America, down the street and right next door. While Americans are limiting their families to one or two children and thousands are being aborted, Muslims are having as many offspring as they possibly can.

    In the words of Dr. Serge Trifkovic, author of SWORD OF THE PROPHET, ”…Islamic conquest today is by demographic rather than military means…The blueprint was developed, over two decades ago, in 1981, when the Third Islamic Summit Conference of Kaaba adopted the ‘Mecca Declaration’. ”

    Nonie Darwish,the author of, NOW THEY CALL ME INFIDEL, warns us,”They (Muslim teachers on the East Coast of the United States) are saying that by the year 2050 it should be the law of the land -so America is not just threatened by terrorism, but (by) the conquering culture of radicial Islam.”

    Adherents to radical fundamentalist Islam want to impose oppressive totalitarian shari’a law on the entire world. This is a law that does not tolerate any other belief whatsoever. A law that allows men to enslave their own women, and condones brutal and even fatal consequences to them for any act considered an offense, including being a victim of rape. Disfiguring women by pouring acid on their faces and even stoning them to death are atrocities that are still practiced among radical Muslims.

    Contrary to those who declare Islam to be a peace loving religion, Gene Gurganus author of PERIL OF ISLAM: TELLING THE TRUTH, reveals that since the time of Muhammad the goal of Islam has been to ”impose the Islamic faith and rule (shari’a law) in all the world.” The Muslim fundamentalist’s definition of peace is Islamic domination.

    Seriously, these radical Muslims do not just want freedom to practice their religion,they want their religion to dominant the world. The Islamic Koran (Quran) calls for Muhammad’s followers to kill all infidels (non-believers). The final revelation Muhammad (570-632A.D.) founder of Islam, received concerning Jihad (holy war) is stated in the Koran in (Surah 9:5), ”But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” In PERIL OF ISLAM, ( p.114) Gurganus says, ”Muslims are commanded to kill everyone who chooses not to convert to Islam. The verse says wherever you find them. There are no geographical limits.”

    Moderate Muslims claim that Islam teaches peace and love. But when we actually examine the teachings of the Koran we find quite a different story. The Koran is divided into two different stages of Muhammad’s life; the peace loving Mecca years, followed by the violent Medina years. Muslims are taught that the latter takes precedence over the first. In Mecca, Muhammad tried to peacefully teach his religion and failed. Then in Medina he forced his beliefs upon the people by the sword. Therefore, the main objective of Islam is to conquer the world for Allah by any means.

    Muslim philosopher, Ibn Taymiyah (1263-1328) wrote in his book,THE SWORD ON THE NECK OF THE ACCUSER OF MUHAMMAD, how Muslims should conduct themselves when they are a minority. ”Believers when in a weakened stage in a non-Muslim country should forgive and be patient with People of the Book (meaning, Jews and Christians)…Believers should lie to People of the Book to protect their lives and religion.” Nonie Darwish explains this aspect of Muslim culture in her book,NOW THEY CALL ME INFIDEL,(p.120),”Lying to protect family, community, or your culture of origin from being exposed to outsiders is actually considered a virtue. Under such circumstances, lying is respected and rewarded.”

    Since the early 1970’s Saudi Arabia has spent well over $87 billion to spread Islam throughout the Western hemisphere. There were 1,209 mosques in the United States in 2001. Presently, there are some 2000 mosques in the USA. The Wikipedia website informs us that according to an article in The WASHINGTON POST, ”…backed by money from Saudi Arabia, Wahhabis have built or taken over hundreds of mosques in North America and opened branches of Saudi universities here for the training of imams as part of the effort to spread their beliefs, which are intolerant of Christianity, Judaism and even other strains of Islam.”

    Gene Gurganus says in PERIL OF ISLAM,”…Saudis are embracing ‘Wahhabism,’ an acute and violent strain of Islam. Osama bin Laden considers himself a ‘Wahhabi.’ So one has every reason to believe that what is being taught in these mosques and Islamic centers supported by Saudi Arabia is Wahhabism.”

    According to Gurganus’ findings, African Americans make up the fastest-growing segment of the Muslim population in America, an estimated 60 to 90 percent of all U.S. converts to Islam. Muslim chaplains are using our prisons as major recruiting centers. Christianity is still the largest religion in America, but Islam is the fastest growing.

    The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) fronts as a civil rights organization, but in fact, ”CAIR promotes militant Islam in the USA, it focuses on one main point: silencing those who have anything negative to say about militant Islam”, Gurganus says in(PERIL OF ISLAM). CAIR has attacked publications such as the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, the TAMPA TRIBUNE, the ATLANTIC MONTHLY and READER’S DIGEST, to name a few,for printing articles that reveal militant Islamic repression, violence and abusive activities.

    Most of our mainstream media is paralyzed by the prevailing ideology of political correctness. Therefore, a great percentage of Americans are kept in the dark. However, for a really eye-opening look at this menace to the world, check-out E.D.Hill’s video on Try,933,249560…-6k-2007-07-26. If this does’nt work, just key in E.D. Hill, Fox News Specials, RADICAL ISLAM:TERROR IN ITS OWN WORDS. Hill produced two other sequel videos; JIHAD USA and MUSLIMS AGAINST JIHAD (banned by PBS)
    Additional enlightening information can be obtained from these sources listed below:

    NOW THEY CALL ME INFIDEL: WHY I RENOUNCED JIHAD FOR AMERICA, ISRAEL, AND THE WAR ON TERROR, by Nonie Darwish, is a must read to get an in-depth look into Muslim culture from the personal stand point of a former Muslim woman, who was born in Egypt and grew up there and in Gaza and now is a Christian American.

    FUTURE JIHAD, by Professor Walid Phares who is one of the world’s leading authorities on the Middle East and the Arab World. In the final chapter of this book, Professor Phares warns us that we must look further than what is taught in the ”educational establishment, which is now becoming an isolated bastion of denial.” He also comments, ”…since 9/11 Islamist terrorism has been growing & changing in a profoundly dangerous way…”

    SWORD OF THE PROPHET, by European historian, Dr. Serge Trifkovic, answers a critical question about those who want to eradicate our way of life. ”Should organized intolence be tolerated?”

    PERIL OF ISLAM: TELLING THE TRUTH, by Gene Gurganus who has been a missionary in an Islamic country for 17 years.

    And check-out the Koran (Qu’ran), it’s readily available on the internet, just key it in and there it is for anyone to see.

    Yes, this is all very disturbing. And lets face it, we Americans in our ”comfort zones” do not like to be disturbed. But if the good people of Germany and the rest of Europe had been a bit more disturbed during the 1930’s they may have avoided the devastation of WWII.

    At a time when our rights as citizens and religious freedoms are being systematically taken away, we definitely have great cause for alarm. But don’t be surprised,these are not unprecedented occurrences, maybe for America, but certainly not for the world. Throughout all history mankind has endured foreign invasions, tyranny and persecution. America is not above or immune to such human sufferings.

    By the grace of GOD, the American colonists were able to successfully win their freedom from the oppressive rule of 18th century England. Our founding fathers were godly men who designed our government in such a way that would protect our citizens and preserve their rights to live and worship in freedom. In 1892 Francis Bellamy eloquently summarized their intentions with the inspiring words in our pledge of allegiance, ”One nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” We honored GOD and He has abundantly blessed us as a nation for two hundred and thirty-two years. Immigrants from all over the globe have come here for freedom and a better way of life, joining together as Americas.

    We have enjoyed those freedoms throughout the generations. But gradually our nation has been eroding by indifference, corruption, greed, injustices and moral decline. Our leaders were once servants of the people, but now so many have become merely politicians with self-serving motives and agendas. Payoffs, bribes and all sorts of unscrupulous dealings rule in many of our county seats and state capitals, as well as in Washington, D.C.

    What will be the end results when lobbyists in Washington continue to buy legislation that is profitable to them, but detrimental to the health and well being of American citizens? What will be the end results when big corporations continue to take away hardworking American’s jobs and give them to Communist China? Just as Rome fell from within, so can we.

    GOD has been expelled from our public schools and in the wake of His expulsion our schools have been plagued by drugs, rapes, guns & massacres. These atrocities were absolutely unheard of before the Supreme Court ruling to ban prayer from our public schools in 1963, which was initiated by atheist, Madelyn Murray O’Hare. The ACLU has been hard at work taking Christian’s rights away for decades. Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists and every other religion and belief system are allowed to say whatever they please, but Christians cannot even say the name of JESUS CHRIST without severe repercussions.

    In the fall of 2007, my family and I attended a large gathering on the campus of Virginia Tech University. When the American flag was raised and our national anthem was played, I was shocked to see that only an extremely small number of students placed their hands over their hearts in allegiance to our nation. What has become of patriotism and love of GOD and country? Our institutions of higher learning seem to be indoctrinating our youth against their own homeland.

    We have turned away from serving GOD and instead we serve the very things that He has so graciously given us. The love of money, pleasure, power and position has become our primary focus. Americans now put their trust in things like 401ks, the stock market and the lottery, they consult their financial planner and their therapist or even the psychic hotline, but there is very little faith in or communication with our Almighty Creator and Sustainer.

    The new one dollar coin is very symbolic of what we have done to GOD in our nation. We have moved Him further and further away from the center of our attention until we have finally pushed Him over the edge where He is not even recognized. ”IN GOD WE TRUST” has now been reduced to a minute, barely legible outer trim that indeed will soon wear away. Just this week I received yet another email saying that atheists in California are trying to completely remove ”IN GOD WE TRUST” from all US currency.

    Read the BIBLE, in the Old Testament and you will see how GOD’s chosen people, the Israelites did as we are doing now in America. After GOD so miraculously rescued them and brought them to the Promised Land, they had faith in Him and obeyed and honored His covenant for a while, but after time passed they turned away from GOD and trusted other things. Idolatry, immorality, greed and injustice were prevalent. GOD had patience and repeatedly warned them, but they continued to be disobedient and unfaithful, so GOD lifted His hand of protection and let them go their own way. Disaster ensued, foreigners invaded their land and conquered them. After many years, when they repented GOD brought them out of exile and restored their freedom and prosperity. The Hebrews repeated this pattern over and over, of repentence and obedience and later going back to their old wicked ways. Then finally in 70 A.D. the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and in 134 A.D. Hadrian banished the Jews and they were scattered throughout the nations of the world. Then 1,814 years later, in 1948 after escaping the threat of annihilation by the Nazis, they miraculously reestablished the nation of Israel again.

    It’s still not too late for America, there is definitely something we can do about our situation. If we individuals, White, Black, Asian, or whatever our racial background or political affiliation may be, who call ourselves Christians, will examine our lives and make some adjustments in our motives, interests and priorities it will have a profound effect on the direction in which our nation will ultimately go. Irish born (1729-1797) philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke said it well in this quote, ”All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

    As GOD tells His people in (II CHRONICLES 7:14) ”If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”

    The time for us to alter our present course is now, before our period of grace runs out. Our churches should be full and over flowing and we should all be down on our knees praying to GOD for a miraculous deliverance.

    This election year is of extreme importance. With hostile nations like Iran and North Korea working diligently to build nuclear weapons, we certainly need to stay strong militarily.

    WE MUST NOT LET OUR DEFENSES DOWN, as most assuredly Barack Hussein Obama has said he will do. Hear exactly what he intends to do in a video of his ”Disarm America” speech on YouTube, in,Obama Caucus 4 Priorities). Obama also made the statement that, ”America is no longer a Christian nation.” And he removed the American Flag from the tail of his jet plane and replaced it with a white sphere and red stripes over the bottom, with a blue background and a huge white O circling all of it.

    Let’s put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Obama is promising ”Change”, but the big question is what kind of change? Is this someone you want to be our next President of the United States of America, ”One nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,”? With his Muslim ties, who wants to run the risk that if he were to win the election it could soon be, ”Another nation under Allah, with oppressive Islamic shari’a law for all.” If this were in fact the reality of the matter, the radical Muslims projected goal for Islam to reign over America by 2050 would be greatly accelerated.

    Please of all times, exercise your right, honor and privilege to vote. An honor that has been fought and paid for by the lives and the blood, sweat and tears of all the American soldiers who have served our country over the past two hundred years. What we do now will determine the kind of world our grandchildren and great grandchildren will face in the future.

    Join with me and other concerned citizens as we pray for our nation. Set aside a few mintues daily to pray for the up-coming election, and for the revival of Christianity in this great nation.

    The good news is that many thousands of Muslims have come to recognize the intolence, injustice, inhumanity, hatred and cruelty of the Jihadist shari’a law of Islam. When they see the contrast between their religion which teaches to ”kill the infidel” and Christianity which teaches to ”Love your enemies”, they joyfully receive it as Nonie Darwish has. And when they have experienced the love and kindness of the many different Christian missionary organizations, such as those that have aided them after the natural disasters that have struck Indonesia, Malaysia & other predominantly Muslim countries, they quickly accept the Gospel of GOD’s Son Jesus Christ. Let’s pray that Muslims all over the world will see the truth that GOD loved us all so much that He sent His Only Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross to pay for the sins of all humankind. And that He arose from death to everlasting life. ”For GOD so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life”(John 3:16). Pray that they will accept Christ as their Savior and Lord by the multitudes.

    If we Christians will express the true love of Christ to Muslims and people of other beliefs on a one on one basis, what an impact it would make. GOD promises that His Word will not return void. ”It is the same with My Word. I send it out , and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it”(Isaiah 55:11).

    Use your GOD given privilege to petition your Creator in prayer that we will remain, ”One nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. And use your fought and paid for right to vote and stand up for our beloved country, still the greatest nation on earth.


  2. T,




  3. ok, I’m repeating myself, but here goes:

    If I woke up tomorrow and there wasn’t a muslim left alive on the planet…..
    ….I would not have a bad day…


  4. I live right next to Detroit, and I no longer go to Dearbornistan. Or Hamtramck, where in order to get paczki for Fat Tuesday, you have to listen to the call to prayer broadcast over loudspeakers. In a Polish, Catholic city. They’re here, all right.

  5. Stitch,

    Have a good day…

    Thanks as always,


  6. Allie,

    I don’t know how you do it..

    Thanks for your comments,


  7. T, amen. Thank you for so clearly communicating the dangers our nation and American culture currently faces, but more importantly the urgent need for Grace that is only found in our Savior, Jesus Christ; both for America and those chained to Islam.

    Larry, this is a great and timely article.

    I’ve been concerned more and more with the choosing of a presidential candidate with an Islamic name, Islamic father, Islamic early education, can recite the Islamic call to prayer (with a perfect accent) and continued to surround himself with radicals that absolutely HATE America’s founding values and ideals.

    Mr. My-Muslim-Faith is dishonest with the American people. If he isn’t Islamic, he should denounce Islam, but we all know he will not do that. He hides so much about himself that we should be concerned.

    Has anyone actually stopped to ask, “Why?” T has provided what I already knew about the deception and encouragement in Islam to deceive those that are not with them. Obama has lied about a lot of things, but he isn’t very good at it. He just has a liberal media that prefers to gloss over things in the name of abolishing conservative values.

    Why is Obama surrounded with radicals such as Bill Ayers who was intent on hurting people?

    Why does he go to the church/cult of a Caucasian-hating preacher such as Jeremiah Wright (he does not deserve the title “Reverend” as there is nothing reverent about his words or his actions). Why has an almost unknown socialist with the most liberal voting record (when he has actually voted), risen so fast, so quickly to possibly be our next President?

    He did/does nothing while in the Senate and has no accomplishments worthy of being in the Senate, much less being our President.

    Obama has no qualifications, but he was a Community Organizer.

    History is full of many other community organizers: Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mao, Bin Laden, etc.

    The fact that he wants to silence those that disagree with him mirrors the aforementioned leaders that left millions desparately hoping for change.

    If elected, it shouldn’t take long to see the COMMUNIST Organizer that Obama really is. His voting record and the people he associates with already give us an eerie view of what will happen.

    The liberal media will not ask “why?” regarding Obama because they prefer to chase after anything that distracts them from the truth of their need for the Savior or those of us that follow Him.

    Anyone that rejects God’s standard of right and wrong must also reject any politicians, speakers, preachers and basic Biblical family values that reflect or remind them of God’s standard.

    Lord Jesus, help us.

  8. The Religion of Peace provides accurate coverage of the effects of Islam (make sure you put ‘the’ at the front of it):

  9. “In honor of those who have lost their lives on this most sacred of anniversaries. Please read this and say a prayer for all of the victims of terrorism..”


  10. Larry and T,

    Your articles were wonderful and scary at the same time. We are in a time of great demonic activity. Between Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, a great number of people in Hollywood (and possibly BHO) with their “New Ageism” and the Great Muslim Invasion (which BHO may be a part of), we are being attacked by the spirits and principalites of darkness. Christians need to stop going to church to “feel good” or “feel damned”, and they need to arm themselves with the Armour of God for spiritual warfare. One thing that God has laid on my heart in the last 48 hours is that this fight is NOT against men, but against DEMONS. Voting will keep BHO out of office for a time, but he must not be the only target. The ONLY way to raise up a sufficient number of Sarah Palins and John McCains is to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING — CONDUCTING SPIRITUAL WARFARE. If enough believers get trained up in spiritual warfare and get strengthened by the Holy Spirit to prophesy and cast out demons, we could conceivably banish most evil influence from our country — possibly the world. As long as these believers have the God-given authority to cast out demons, this will be successful. This type of discernment takes time to build up; after all, the Army does not send fresh recruits to the battlefield. Just like our Army, God’s Army needs to have the proper training to conduct effective assaults on the ememy. This is the cry of my heart. Who’s with me???

  11. Seedsower,

    Thanks for you kind words.

    These are crucial times.

    The choices are stark.

    The ramifications could last a lifetime.


  12. Sister Amy,

    Well put.

    Thanks as always,


  13. Hi Larry

    “Is a puzzlement!” I know that I can’t blame everything on the looney libs, but I believe the “PC” they’ve imposed on this country is a big part of the problem.

    When we were at war with Germany, it was easy for us to BAN the Nazi Party as a political ideology. No sweat.

    The Muslim faith has our Constitution and this “PC” environment figured out – and it is killing us.

    That faith is both a religion AND a political ideology. There’s the rub. It’s a no-no in this fine country to discriminate against any religion. We can’t touch ’em. They have become the “perfect” enemy.

    Mark Steyn is under indictment in Canada for trying to warn America and Europe. His book “offended” CAIR – so there.

    If that isn’t weird enough, the Muslim world’s birthrate is larger than most of the developed free countries. Israel’s destruction is assured – they will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers in the future. Here comes the 12th Caliphate!

    And here we are, Rhett – “we don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies”

    To “T” – yes, let us pray!

    To “Amy D” – I’d join your team anytime – I’m locked and loaded. Semper Fi!

  14. Thank God we have had President Bush protecting our country, instead of caring about his popularity, since 9/11. History will show us
    the truth. I fear for what will become of us when he is gone. McCain/Palin will likely continue to protect us….Obama/Biden will feed us to the lions….or at least tear down the gates between them and us. Then, we’re on our own.

    Wonderful article Larry…I know some of us will never forget.

  15. Its funny, I hear my liberal friends say how we wouldn’t have had any troubble with the mullahs had we stayed out of their affairs. Trouble is, none of them pick up a history book. Our War on Terror didn’t start with 9-11-01, nor with GW Bush, it started in late 1790s or early 1800s, with our first four Presidents, when the Muslim Barbary Pirates attacked our ships, took our cargoes and killed our citizens. It is from this period where the ‘shores of Tripoli’ entered into the hymn of the Marine Corps. We declared war against them and took the fight to the enemy and we won.

    The Muslims have had issues with us for over two hundred years, because we were founded by Christians. This antipathy towards the West has been part and parcel of their beliefs for well over two thousand years. This why one of the Commandments is now translated as ‘Thou shalt not commit murder’, because they nearly wiped Christianity out in the second century AD. They hate us, not because we’re not sorry enough, not because our women wear short skirts, and not because we supported the Shah (until that dunce Jimmy Carter hung him out to dry), but because we are Christians.

    9-11 was this generation’s Pearl Harbour, a wake-up call, sadly we hit the snooze bar. The sooner we deal with the traitors whom aid and abet our enemies, and then go after the fifth column within borders, the better. Next time we might be so lucky and lose only a couple buildings. I pray to God (not Allah) that this doesn’t come to pass, but I believe that it will.

  16. Mr. Nichols,

    Great response!!! I think you meant seventh century because the Muslims did not exist prior to c. 672 AD.

  17. Dr. Gene,

    Start praying without ceasing for discernment and read your Bible (if you don’t already do).

  18. Thank you all on behalf of the actual writer of my discourse… (she wished to remain anonymous).

    It is easy to forget to pray when we are busy with our lives and families and jobs and on and on…. but pray we must. For without God’s help we will be the losers in this fight!

    Larry, your site is a winner!
    Amy D, I’m already on your team!
    Dr. Gene, fair winds and following seas!
    Seed Sower, keep the faith, my friend!

    “If you do what you’ve always done, you’re gonna get what you’ve always gotten!”

  19. Want to drive a Moonbat crazy??? Use your computer’s idle time for a good cause. Join my Floding@Home team. Folding@Home is a Stanford University research project using “distributed computing” to model and study protein folding and understand many diseases caused by faulty folds in proteins. For more information on this worthy cause, please visit the F@H Homepage:

    After you download and install the software, you should be directed to a set up page. In the Team field, enter the number 147371 to join my team. If for some reason you are unable to join my team, please keep running the software and help in this great project.

    P.S. It’s FREE!!!

  20. So, while Obama worries that his Muslim and Islamic brothers and sisters may be put upon somewhat like the Japanese Americans during WWII, these people hiding behind their “religion,” plan, fund and enact murder upon our citizens? Oh, of course, as a political super star, the security for he, and his family, is impressive by any standard.
    I have an idea. Any person more concerned with profiling at the airports, etc. than appropriately aggresive security measures … kindly volunteer yourself and your children to fly (for free of course … we’ll all contribute to cover costs) on these flights shoddily secured. Mr. Frank, please, you and your significant other, please be the first to sign up for a free flight. And if the powers that be have their way, give our regards to Allah.


  21. How about it Hussein, sign up those little girls for a free flight.


  22. Sorry, but I’m absolutely fed up with all this nonesense. Play fast and loose with your own life if you will, but leave my loved ones and fellow real Americans out of it.


  23. G. Nichols – Excellent comments.

    Soon the USMC will celebrate its 233rd birthday. That’s one year older than the USA itself. And it was because of those “Barbary Pirates” who took Americans as “slaves” – (they were not black people).

    The Marines did such a good job, the president said, “Let’s keep these guys around!”

    That’s why the Marines Hymn contains, “First to fight” and “To the shores of Tripoli”.

    God bless the USA and the USMC

  24. Dr. Gene,

    I too cannot blame everything on the looney libs..

    Almost everything..

    Thanks as always,


  25. Sil,

    Thanks for your insights.

    The right choices today will help with the choices we have to make tomorrow.

    Thanks as always,


    P.S. I don’t ask for much from those who so kindly read and comment upon this site but if it does not seem too trite, I would appreciate any prayers for my partner on the front lines in the domestic war on terror, Basko.

    Basko had some trouble with his balance today and the vet is worried about my fuzzy friend.

    Tests to follow.

    Thanks for any help with this…


  26. T,

    Thanks for all of your comments.


  27. Muslims were here in the 4th Century A.D., I think.
    To elect Barack Obama will be a dangerous thing for the United States.
    We had better work on electing John McCain before we lose the chance to work on the Muslims that endanger our freedom.

  28. There was a time when a common knowledge was shared between the vast majority of all Americans concerning any enemys. “You reach out and hurt us and we will be coming after you, and we will be coming after you with a vengeance.” That time was sixty some years ago when the Japanese reached out to Pearl Harbor. The American people did not shirk their duties in the effort to keep our nation free, while others made the supreme sacrifice for us all.

    Of course there were a trifling of anti-war protesters then. People who would rather give up the freedoms they enjoyed in this great land or watch their children being slain at the barrel of a merciless enemy.

    September 11th, 2001 a brutal enemy reached out and hurt us with not much more than bureacratic programs being slapped into place hopefully, so it wouldn’t happen again. Although these programs do seem to be working somewhat, as they have lessened the number of hijackings and most certainly must provide entertainment for any airborne Islamics. In fear of the “profiling”, Airport Security would rather slam grey-haired old ladies up to the wall for frisking, it’s a wonder the terrorists can keep their bombs dry from all their tears!

    With all reverence to the innocents who died that fateful day, I pray for their souls and their loved ones.
    May we hold “We’ll Never Forget” as a rallying cry…. not just a saying.

  29. Larry,

    I am sorry to hear about your fuzzy friend, Basko. We will keep him in our prayers.

  30. Dr. Gene,

    Semper Fi, Marine!!! My Dad celebrated the USMC birthday every year. It will be a solemn birthday without him.

  31. Well done! Once again Larry your insight is spot on.

    This is a spiritual battle which must be fought with spiritual weapons……………..If God is for us WHO can be against us.

  32. Larry,
    As always, an excellent article. T, your piece was excellent.
    During the Clinton era I maintained that we were about to diversify ourselves out of a country.
    Now during the Bush era we have been sold a bill of goods about fighting terrorists “over there” while allowing them here with no border security yet bankrupting ourselves in two foreign wars.
    Our sitting president and the rest of the UN elite serving in congress have never communicated to the populace about Wahabi Muslims. That is purposefully deceitful. I thought the president was in charge of protecting us! The Wahabis and Saudi Arabia are not our friends. They wish us non Muslims DEAD! What percentage of American Muslims are Wahabis?
    Oh, for some leadership!!!
    Dr. Dave

  33. Dr. Dave,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I too appreciated T’s commentary.

    I’m always happy to read the comments on this site.


  34. John,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I just hope that people don’t lose sight of 9-11.

    Apathy is our true enemy.


  35. This has been a very difficult day for me. Our country suffered the most wicked attack 7 years ago and it seems that most Americans including some in my own family would regard these attacks as something other than 100% morally reprehensible… as if we somehow deserved it. What the fuck???

    There IS a thing called RIGHT and there is a thing called WRONG. Black and white does in fact exist in our world. Hate is wrong, love is right. Is it possible that these few words are the most complicated to understand in any human language?

    Me… not only will I “never forget”, I am simply unable to comprehend the alternative. I do not want to be LIKE THEM… but I must understand THEM on their level if I am to somehow counter their motives. Is this wrong? Today, of all days, I have been told that I AM wrong… I don’t feel wrong. Violated perhaps… wrong, NO.

    Fuckin hard day… thanks for allowing me to vent. 11:52, 9/11/08

    Larry… Basko is in my prayers. People are screwed by their complexity… dogs rule by their simplicity. Want to know what’s right… ask a dog! I’m very sorry my friend and pray the wonderful fuzzy beast heals quickly! Please keep us posted.

    God Bless the USA.

  36. harry a nelson

    without a warning the towers would fall
    from where they once stood so proud and so tall
    besieged by an evil and fueled with hate
    innocent people met a terrible fate
    pray for the people whose lives now are lost
    pray for the people whove paid such a cost
    honor their memory, lest their loss be in vain
    let them in your heart forever remain
    (paraphrased from the original which i composed on sept 11 2001.) the first time in a 16 year marriage that my wife would see tears in my eyes.

  37. Hi Larry,
    I’m in my mid-fifties and needed a cane last time I flew due to a temporary medical problem. The security guards darn near dissected the cane to make certain there wasn’t a bomb in it. Then they wouldn’t let me keep it with me on the plane even to use for getting to the restroom. Apparently, an old, fat WASP like myself is just the kind of kamakazi deperado they really need to watch out for.

    My poor husband, who looks like a friendly giant teddy bear and to whom children fight for his attention, is always getting hauled off to the side for special searches. I swear they do this because he’s so patently docile and innocent looking that they know he won’t give them any guff over it. But he does get tired of being their poster boy for “enhanced security.” He’s another WASP, so obviously together we don’t look like what you’d expect of terrorists. It certainly makes me feel safer knowing they’re targeting old folks like us while people we’ve clearly heard speaking Arabic are walking straight through the wanding and onto the plane.

  38. Dr Dave,

    The purpose of the piece was not to heap more criticism on the Bush administration although I admit there is some to be dumped there. The information is out there, if my ‘Auntie M’ could find it, anyone can.

    Think of how it would be for the President or a Senator if they were to say those words out loud, on television… in our PC world that person would be villified in the press, their reputation destroyed by the looney left. (That is why I posted it for her, she is afraid somone will come after her business.) We must not allow ourselves to stand idly by and expect to be spoon fed everything we need to know. It is also up to us to educate ourselves about what is going on around us.

    This is why it is so important that our children get a good education, so they will know their history, know how to research a subject, know how to read a book with critical thinking skills and not be lead around by the nose by anyone who tells them something. And you really don’t want to get me started on that subject…. 🙂

    Bottom line Dave, we are responsible for figuring this out, and we have the tools to do it! We may well be the last generation to have those tools and we MUST dust them off and get busy.

  39. Redbone,

    Thank you for your words and prayers.

    I just there coming a time in the very near future that even “remembering” 9-11 will be considered “Islamophobia” or any of the idiotic derivatives anyone conjures..

    Trust no one.


  40. Harry,

    If there is more to that piece that you composed, put the whole thing up.

    Very well done.

    Thanks for your comments,


  41. Vicki,

    First off, I hope that you are feeling better and that cane is a thing of the past.

    Have you heard about the new “CLEAR” card?

    For a straight fee, I think that it is about $125.00, they take your fingerprints, scan your pupils and no more waiting in line.

    It’s not in use at all domestic airports yet. The fees are being used to generate the necessary funds to implement it on a “supply and demand” basis. On the CLEAR card site is a request form for your particular airport. The more of these they get, the faster your airport will get the scanners, I believe..

    The only people getting through security faster than CLEAR card holders are the ones hollering “Allah Akbar.”

    Thanks for your comments and I hope that the both of you are allowed to enjoy the freedoms that this country is supposed to be giving you.


  42. So the Muslims sell their souls to get through the airport and the rest of us have to pay $125.00. I’d rather wait in line. The fingerprinting and pupil scan give a shudder. That seems a little too New World Order-ish for me. I think I’ll stick to MAC flights as much as I can.

  43. T! I thank you for you comments on mine. I do understand and agree.
    I voted for the president both times . I even was fortunate enough to look him in the eyes and tell him “God bless you , Mr. President!” I regard him as a tender man of genuine quality. I simply question many of the decisions and political positions. God help us if Kerry had succeeded!
    The internet is a blessing. Given the OVERT biases of the media, the internet is liberty’s best hope.
    I am thoroughly enjoying the new acquaintanances here at noleftturnz!

    Dr. Dave

  44. The more I read this website, the more I like it. Thanks to “T” for the wonderful, accurate posting at the top. Thanks, also to Amy for her great thoughts. And most all of the rest of you, too! So good to know that there are fellow Christians posting here. T, you have the Gospel message 100% correct. Bless you. This election is shaping up to likely be, just possibly, the most important presidential election in history. It will determine which direction this country will go from here on out. Heavy duty stuff. Those of us who have read Matthew 24, know that the world is heading downhill. All of the signs are in place. Just 7 weeks or so to go. And the Left has its 20 lawyers up in Juneau trying to dig up dirt on a great Christian lady and her family in an effort to smear her image and sully her reputation. Can you believe this?? Unfortunately, I can. Last night, Sarah was “interviewed” (interrogated) by Charles Gibson. Trying and trying to get her to “admit” to certain things with his loaded questions. She won, he lost. How about one of “our” people interviewing Nobama using the exact same questions? Nobama would never submit to it. Never. Hope and Change. That’s all we need to know. As the former Democrat governor of Alaska just said, “Sarah has more experience where it counts than both of her opponents together.” (Paraphrased). And he’s a Democrat! What kind of actual governing experience does Nobama have? None! 140-some “present” votes in the Senate and being a “community organizer”. That’s it! What qualifies him to be POTUS?? Skin color, apparently. Plus “hope and change”.

  45. Dr. Dave,

    You have made this site better with your insightful commentary.

    Thanks as always,


  46. Rick2,

    We are blessed to have you here.

    I truly enjoy reading everyones comments.

    Thanks as always,


  47. Larry,
    i may have used the wrong word to describe the piece i posted in honor of 9-11…i used the term paraphrase because i wrote it from memory, and some may words may have been different. i planned on copying it, but i cannot find any copies of my original, which was printed on a backdrop of the tower and the american flag. the words may change a bit, but i think the meaning is still there. thanks for the kind words……harry


  49. George,

    Thanks as always,


  50. It seems that we as Americans will never learn.When the Jihhadists killed my brother Marines in Beirut,when did they choose to do so?On a Sunday morning,knowing that it is our day of rest,that most of them would be sleeping,relaxing or preparing to worship our God.Coincidence?I think not.And how did we respond?By high-tailing it out of there.We must understand that if you do not respond to Muslim aggresion with equal or greater force,then you are weak,and they will continue to come at you until you run or are dead.That is why hand-slapping will never work.You have to kill them,plain and simple.I know that is what a lot of folks don’t want to hear,but it is the truth.And if the average American is not up to this,I know some Marines that are.My dead friends would understand.

  51. Michael,

    I’ve never understood the “response” to the Marine barracks bombing. I would have expected that from Carter, not from Reagan..

    Thanks for your comments,


  52. It is always good to keep the victims of terror in our prayers and we need to keep the troops in our prayers as well after all they are on the frontlines in this war on terror.

  53. It looks like what may really get us in the summing up is voter fraud. Check this blitz in my state of North Carolina from lamecherry:

    How can this be stopped?

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