Pocket Change

ABC News proudly proclaimed: “World wants Obama as president.” This amazing piece of “news”, which should be classified under “progressive partisan poppycock”, was based on the polling of a company called “GlobalScan.” It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if a little detective work uncovered that the title of the company was supposed to be spelled “GlobalSCAM” or “Globaloney”.

As it was when the “King Of The Universe” recently conquered Germany, the opinion of those who always have their hat in their hand when it comes time to beg for American aid should be of the utmost importance to us. They certainly know who they want in charge of the kitty when it comes to getting their allowance from their benevolent Uncle Sam..

The twenty-two countries “covered” in this poll all believe that Barack Hussein Obama would be a better choice than John McCain, eighty two per cent of those polled in Kenya alone. That percentage isn’t a shock because the inner cities of the United States, thoroughly decimated, devoid of productivity and intellectually barren, resemble Kenya in more ways than just their fondness for the progressive poltroon. Actually, the inner cities will probably put a higher percentage than that into the Obama fifth column due to the “historic”, always dependable “fairness” of allowing each of them to vote as often as they like on election day..

Global SCAM chairperson Doug Miller said that “large numbers of people around the world clearly like what Barack Obama represents.” However, none of those “polled” could “clearly” define what it was that Obama represents other than the duplicitous dodges of “hope” and “change”. Of course, “large numbers” of people want Obama in charge, they realize that the “Handouts of Hope” will soon be coming their way and the world will simultaneously discover that Santa Claus is black..

What is shocking is that five of thirty-five countries in the 2004 poll preferred George Bush to John Kerry. I’ll bet you that Iraq wasn’t one of those five..

The “news” that the likes of Nigeria, Panama, (Thanks again Jimmy, for giving the canal that we built away..) and Lebanon would all prefer a Democrat, whose political provenance is highlighted by the dastardly qualities of appeasement, redistribution and welfare, is certainly ground breaking and worthy of bold print or even italicized print on tomorrow’s headline..

Now we move onto, “Obama Pledges to fix No Child Left Behind.” The Wizard of Odds is throwing around progressive promissory notes with such speed and such ferocity that the potential for a life-ending series of paper cuts is running at an alarming rate. So with that, the “Emperor of Empathy” voices his vow to “fix” things via a “one billion dollar education reform.” “Reform” within the labored language of liberalism means, “more of the same, A LOT more of the same and don’t worry, we are just using ‘reform’ around the undecided in order to sufficiently gull them.”

Within all of the tripe and baloney, were the swollen and moist promises for “more federal aid”, “provide parents with more schools” and “more support.” There you have it: liberal “reform” just gets you a larger septic tank full of the sewage that you are already drowning in.

Obama, again “hoping” to fool the undecided said that the funds for this flatulent fallacy will come from “carefully winding down” the war in Iraq. You can always tell when the undecided are around or listening in any great number because the jingoistic jargon like “carefully wind down” gets passed around and used about as often as the bong does at Oliver Stone’s pad. When Obama is surrounded by the green haired “please don’t draft me” sissies, otherwise known as the “Democratic base”, everything reverts back to “time tables, exit plans and appeasement”..

Obama hysterically blamed McCain for the abysmal public schools saying, “he’s been a part of the scene for about three decades.” I hope that Obama’s own vice presidential candidate was given a sufficiently dirty look from the community activist because Biden has at least five more years of being a “part of the scene” than McCain does..

Obama says that he wants to “close low performing schools” as part of his “Innovative Schools Fund”. Were he actually to do so, there wouldn’t be a single public school left open within the inner cities of this country.. Earlier, while chastising the No Child Left Behind Act, Obama said that, “throwing your hands up and walking away is wrong.” Just what exactly does he consider the closing of “low performance schools” to be? Sounds an awful lot like ” throwing up your hands and walking away” to me.

Why is the No Child Left Behind Act so symbolic for the liberals of the Obama and Biden ilk? Because for nearly fifty years now, the liberals have been trying desperately to turn adults into dependent children and they have been doing so by plunging their hands into the pockets of the middle class. Judging by the satiated welfare ranks (and I do mean rank..) they are not only meeting with very little resistance from those the left has within their Bolshevik bull’s-eye, but they have also proven themselves to be remarkably resilient as far as the creative perpetuation and implementation of their “lower class final solution”.

The welfare mentality is just another extension of the deformed and dystrophic government that the left yearns for. They dream of a totally bloated bureaucracy, a behemoth of epic proportions.. There was a time in the not so distant past that the government that the left croons and bawls for today, was the type of government that worried them to death. The idea of the all encompassing, overbearing and intrusive government used to be called, “Big Brother” or “The System” by the liberals. With the left, it has never been the size of the government that has troubled them it was the fact that they weren’t the ones who were running it. When the left is doing the oppressing and the intruding, it is all done with “compassion” and “fairness” because they know what is best for you. With those as your governmental descriptors, a monstrous liberal government HAS to be a good thing, doesn’t it??

I certainly “hope” that the Barack and Michelle Obama version of “Sham-alot” doesn’t “change” its proclivity towards self induced spontaneous combustion anytime soon..



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  1. “Obama says that he wants to “close low performing schools” as part of his “Innovative Schools Fund”.”

    He would certainly need to start with the ones in the state where he personally worked towards lowering the standard.

  2. “Close underperforming schools”…. and replace them with what? If he gets the government more involved with charter schools and private schools, they will be just as ruined as the public schools are. Because we all know that if the government gives something more money, they want more control. NO THANKS Washington, you’ve done enough already!

    “Fix no child left behind”, right…. you mean take out the requirements and benchmarks and go back to graduating them without having educated them. NO THANKS Washington, you’ve………

    Do I really have to care if those European weenies like us? I don’t think so!!! “Let them eat falafel!”


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  4. JR,

    I’ve been asking Santa for some time for an author or publisher to give my submissions a look see..

    I came to the conclusion that Santa is at least a moderate or even a liberal with internet access and/or one of the elves advised him to,”put this one on the permanent lump of coal list, he is a meanie..” How did the elves come to disclike me? The only “little person” that I recall grilling is Dennis Kucinich and I’ll bet that the elves think he’s off his rocker as well..

    I have gotten more than a few stares when I am in the Santa line at the mall during Christmas season..I keep telling his “helpers” that I don’t want a picture, I just want the Old Man to “listen”..

    Maybe he finally understood that I wasn’t going away…

    JR, You will get more than one toast on October 26th from me…

    P.S. My best to the Mrs.

    Thank you for making the light at the end of the tunnel just a little brighter.


  5. Obama Slips and Admits Muslim Faith …

  6. Obama Slips and Admits Muslim Faith ….

  7. Larry,

    There is an article (and I use the term loosely) today on The Washington Post by Marc Fisher titled : For Working Moms, ‘Flawed’ Palin Is the Perfect Choice ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/10/AR2008091002573.html )

    Seems that Marc Fisher prefers to slam working moms that favor Palin. Reading the comments, you can tell that people are mad that she is in the headlines more than Obama is (even if most of Palin’s mentions are negative).

    The thing that still gets me is that liberals prefer superficial, shallow traits to actual, real substance and good, moral character. If they can’t find anything about your character to attack, they take aim and your wardrobe, hairstyle, etc. How is it that liberals and the liberal media always come across as such sore losers even if a “competition” hasn’t been decided yet?

    Why is it that Obama can go on his European tour, give speeches to adoring Germans (anyone else find that eerie?), give vague answers on important questions and yet some working moms that can relate to another “flawed” working mom that is running as a Vice President are made out to be dump sheep?

    They’d prefer to vote for a man that doesn’t want his daughters “punished by a baby.”

  8. I meant “dumb sheep” and not “dump sheep.” Although, liberals would prefer to dump them off somewhere if they couldn’t twist their words enough to suit their own purposes.

  9. Hi Larry,

    I sure “hope” that Hussein’s comments were heard by the NEA union leaders. Maybe they will “change” their votes 🙂

  10. Hey Larry,
    I wish you could have seen the Columbus Dispatch’s coverage of the Messiah’s most recent visit. In big, bold letters under his photo,”Obama: “Give more money to charter schools”.”
    I busted out laughing. Bambi is having to move to the right in order to find followers for his slowly evaporating ascension. I don’t believe it for a minute, especially since our own governor, Ted Strickland tried to cut funding to Ohio’s ground-breaking charter schools as soon as he came into office. Obama doesn’t have any more intention of giving more money to charter schools than he does of leaving Michelle for Joy Behar. Anyway.

    You might enjoy taking a look at my Sept. 10 post (short) titled “Good Analysis”. I argue that Obama is a socialist and explain socialism in the simplest terms I could manage so that even a college student could understand it. 😉

  11. What is wrong with the educational system these days? Look no farther then the extreme liberal educators. Those in charge, the teachers, professors, administrators ..l all radical liberals, have ruined education.
    Yes, they may know all about countries in Africa, but ask them about the history of this nation. I’ve asked such questions of our youth and they all get the same glazed over stare. “Who is George Washington?” An alarming number of them have no idea. How can we possibly expect our young to have any appreciation or pride in their country when they are illiterate to its history?
    They know all about Kwanza but, sadly, can not tell you why we celebrate the 4th of July. Curing the educational system would require we go back to having children who are disciplined, have manners, care about others, and maintain a sense of integrity. That would also require educators who possess the same qualities replacing the current teachers and professors who, for the most part, are radical liberals who have been brain washing our children for years. The professors who are cloistered in their ivory tower educators’ lives and know nothing of the real world. The following is a reply to an email I received to day with a link to it. Please watch this young man as he is an example of what our kids should be idolizing.

    “Please watch and pass on to as may as possible. Sadly, the only “role models” we are assaulted with on a regular basis are those with the hat on sideways, pants down below their butt crack, gold chains and fowl mouths. The young man in this video, he and others like him, those are quality kids the young ones should be idolizing. Not the Snoop like garbage that litters our air waves.”

    As to the rest of the world wishing to elect Obama as President? Good idea … lets send him there … anywhere … and let him be their savior. As far as we all know, he may be better qualified to be in at the helm in Kenya then the United States.


  12. ABC News proudly proclaimed: “World wants Obama as president.”

    GREAT!! Send him to some other country and save ours!! 🙂

  13. Someone in the Department of Homeland Security (I think that ICE is now part of DHS) needs to dig up Oshama’s real birth certificate and deport him back to whatever country he has real citizenship (Kenya, Indonesia, I don’t care where — anywhere but here).

  14. After BO came back from Germany my girlfriend who reads 3 German papers a day

    and talks to her relatives and friends in Germany regularly told me that the Germans don’t like Bo

    they think he is an empty suit.

    When I mentioned the US media says the Europeans loved BO.

    She then mentioned that the Americans
    are stupid.

  15. Whew. For a minute there I thought the Heinz 57 hater of white people might just manage to claw his way to the “White” House. (Just out of curiosity, if he actually makes it to the Oval Office, will he change the name to Questionable Ethnicity House?) Lucky for us, the rest of the world wants him. They can have him. As far as I’m concerned, any man who thinks there are “57 states” in the US (when really it was just another Freudian slip about the 57 Muslim Nations he supports in his Muslim faith), should not run for president but should run straight back to school to freshen up on American history.

    But he might want to rethink one of our schools since educators are concerned more with cranking out clones on this conveyor belt of idiocy than in actually teaching kids about the core values and beliefs of our founding fathers. But wait a minute. Stop the presses. What was I thinking? Obama never “found” his father as the “lead” foot drank and drove himself to death. So NObama’s idea of a founding father is a skewed version of truth. Oops. I just accidentally regurgitated the liberal motto: A Skewed Version of the Truth.

    I say let’s ship Obama bin Biden to the world in that un-patriotic plane of his and revoke his membership in the greatest nation on earth.

    But that’s just my humble opinion.

  16. Another Masterpiece of Political Prose!

    As to publishing, “You don’t need no stinkin’ publishers!”

    Have you considered self-publishing? It is oh so easy. See LuLu.com. I self published a ‘how to make wine’ book through LuLu., called “Let’s Make Wine”. Effortless. Visit the site and my book in particular to familiarize yourself with what LuLu can do for you.

    You can then open a ‘storefront’ at Lulu and sell your book through that site and/or link it to Amazon.com.
    Vince MVNY

  17. Larry: I think I read between the lines. I will be looking forward to Oct 26, I hope it is not to late.

  18. Larry,

    Do you need an editor for your book??? I would be more than happy to edit it for you!!! You don’t even need to pay me. I’ll do it for free!!!

  19. What’s happening Oct. 27?? Is it a debate???

  20. Larry,
    This may give you an idea of what awaits our country if Dead Babies wins:
    In a Chitcago Post Office,an elderly person suffers a heart attack. One of the customers in line had to call 911 because the Post Office had no working phone.I saw this news clipping.
    The local prison sent a letter it received back to Chitcago because the inmate it was sent to had MSR’ed and returned there. This occurred in 1995. TEN YEARS LATER, the prison got the letter back, as being “unable to deliver”.
    I have personally seen this letter, on the mailroom wall at the prison.
    This is the rathole from which Obama Dead Babies reared his thrice-cursed political head. Can any thinking person truly doubt he would not afflict this country with his incompetent cronies?
    I fervently pray this nation has not yet abased itself to the extent that God would allow this smiling Son of Hell to reign over us.

  21. I wonder if GlobalScan chipped in an extra dollar for Obama’s half-brother to live on before they polled him.
    As Larry points out, not only will inner cities “historic, always dependable” habit of multiple voting put Obama on top in polls, we also have Obama’s camp working hard to “dig up”, literally any stray votes. An action in which he’s been implicated of in past elections.

    “Build more schools!”, was a rallying cry by Obama in an earlier campaign speech to a “sea of black faces.” So which is it? Is he wanting to tear down the “low performance” schools, build new ones on top thus have smarter kids and a better community?
    With the drop-out rate amongst black teenage males at 56%, there should be no need to build new schools. There’s plenty of room there now!
    Of those 56% that drop out of school a good 40% turn to crime creating an ever widening problem for local and federal government. This is what needs be addressed. The black community as a whole to shed the “victimology” tunnel vision, finally take stock of themselves, admit their faults to themselves for their conditions and lack of progress. If Obama, or for that matter, any president could get that accomplished it would be truly “historic.”

    A charismatic speaker promising new hope and change for the country. Plus making sure good things are done for the people and their children. It shouldn’t be to much to ask for their patronage to him that he may gain power, now should it?
    Exactly the reasoning expressed by Adolph Hitler in his book, ‘Mein Kampf.’

  22. “The idea of the all encompassing, overbearing and intrusive government used to be called, “Big Brother” or “The System” by the liberals. With the left, it has never been the size of the government that has troubled them it was the fact that they weren’t the ones who were running it. When the left is doing the oppressing and the intruding, it is all done with “compassion” and “fairness” because they know what is best for you.”

    This is a most excellent point, deserving of its own column!

  23. seedsower,

    The whole “Germany/idolatry” business IS a little creepy..

    Thanks for your comments.


  24. Dr. Gene,

    They will do as their union bosses and newsletters tell them to do..

    Cooperative lemmings..

    Thanks as always,


  25. clevergael,

    Enjoyed your take on the Obama/Socialism umbilicus..

    Thanks for your comments.


  26. jj,

    Solid points. What they “know” about other countries is just the wildly ficticious ramblings of the creative writing set..

    Look at the textbooks your kids bring home..Then prepare to transfer your kids to a private school..


  27. Sil,

    Thats the ticket!!!


  28. Sister Amy,

    Do you think that anyone will??


  29. 3 head,

    Certain American ARE stupid.



  30. Heather,

    Humble and 100% correct..

    Thanks for your comments,


  31. Vince,

    Thank you for the tip, I will look into it..


  32. Dee and Amy,

    If I am correct, that is the 50th anniversary of one of our friends here at NLTZ..

    I was just going to make a toast, I didn’t mean to set off any alarms.


  33. Sling,

    We all must work to avoid what it is that you have described…


  34. Windrider,

    That was too good my friend.

    Excellent post, excellent.


  35. Crystal,

    Thank you for the lind words.

    I had given that some thought, never know what tomorrow brings..


  36. Dee and Amy,

    JR of MEDWAY MA. is going to be celebrating his 50th anniversary.

    Congrats again, my friend.


  37. “Look at the textbooks your kids bring home..”

    With great care I go over them with fined toothed combs and the things I find are pure ass scary. American History is now an oxymoron. Parents of today absolutely must make required reading of anything their kids bring home from school.

  38. When are the Republicans going to start making a giant fuss about the illegal source of most of Obama’s campaign funds? Over $200M came from Iran and Saudi Arabia. The muslims want to purchase the White House for their boy, Barack.

  39. Redbone,

    The schools may send home notes asking parents to volunteer in the cafeteria or on the playground but the parent’s time is much better spent going over these books as well as some of the assignments these teachers are demanding that the kids complete.

    Keep your foot up, my friend.


  40. Photo Joe,

    Give us more on this because this could be another straw on th camels back…so to speak.

    Lets see if old Charlie Gibson would heat up “The Great Slight Dope” over that one..

    Love to get some details on this…

    Thanks for your comments,


  41. Another great analysis as usual Larry. I’ll just comment on 2 points. The idea that the “world” would prefer Obama. Last time I checked the “world” didn’t vote here and I really don’t give a shit what the “world” thinks.(see the UN..that’s all the explanation needed). I would point out 1 person in Kenya that would not vote for Obama, and that would be his 1/2 brother who lives in poverty and squalor in a ghetto( a relative description) of Nairobi. Fearing for his life on a daily basis due to crime and living in a shack made of debris, Obama used him as a photo op on his voyage of “self-discovery”,and has since left him to his own desperate fate. As far as American education is concerned, the “re-writing” of American history had begun a long time ago. This is why school boards are so important when it comes to picking textbooks and curriculum. The left wing take over of university academia was well known 30-40 years ago. But the so called progressives realized that in order to re shape America philosophically and politically, primary education in America needed to be perverted. A college student will often begin to think for themselves a few years after graduating from a left wing apparatchik mill. But a K-12 child exposed to propaganda for their entire education will become the new Hitler Youth. Force fed all the lies and misinformation about the racism,injustice and sins of Western Civilization and the US in particular. More school kids read the autobiography of Malcolm X than the Declaration of Independence. And more frightening are taught that it is more important and significant. If we are to save this country we have to start with the education system. Otherwise the “ghettoization” of America is inevitable.

  42. tsnamm,

    Great commentary.

    This “We are the World” BS is getting more than a little old..

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  43. I read a lot of comments to conservative articles. This is the first one I’ve not seen negative a.k.a. liberal, angry replies.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that most liberals don’t understand quality intellectual writing.

    I really like reading “nolefturnz”.

    More, please on the sources of Obama’s campaign funds.

    I think more videos on youtube like jj recommended could go a long way towards making the typical youtube viewer think.

  44. Linda,

    We have had a few conversations with confessed liberals (James) who was honest about his beliefs and another who wasn’t (Wes), that is my interpretation. James was more than fair in his commentaries and he is a good writer as well.

    James was probably the only liberal I have ever met that didn’t see the need to resort to the typical screaming done by many on the left. He stated his points and accepted that there were vast differences between the ideologies.

    Thanks for your comments and please pass the word about noleftturnz to everyone..


  45. ROBIN'S DAD (RD)

    Hey, Larry,
    Great article again!! Just happened to catch the latest Bill Maher show last eve. Janeanne Garofolo says Republicans aren’t ‘decent’ people in her opinion and therefore shouldn’t win the White House. Also, she excoriated Sarah Palin over something she called ‘reproductive justice’ because she’s FORCING her daughter to have her baby. I love reading your thoughts, and I am continually informed by you, But, hearing the smug condescension of Ms. Garofolo speaks far more eloquently to the barren thought processes of the libs! (But you’re still more fun!!)


    Wall Street Journal

    Who Am I?
    I am under 45 years old,
    I love the outdoors,
    I hunt,
    I am a Republican reformer,
    I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,
    I have many children,
    I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor’s office.
    Did you guess?


  47. Addendum: The following was in 1900, I think.
    (This would make some liberals think about the issue of experience)


    Wall Street Journal

    Who Am I?
    I am under 45 years old,
    I love the outdoors,
    I hunt,
    I am a Republican reformer,
    I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,
    I have many children,
    I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor’s office.
    Did you guess?


  48. RD,

    Yet anthoer cashiered “comedian” as liberal sage..

    Chec my comment on The Thought for the Day about Whoppi Goldberg in “Should I worry.”

    Says it all about the libs..

    Thanks as always,


  49. Linda,

    You are obviously attempting to confuse the left.

    They don’t understand the things that you mentioned as relates to Teddy Roosevelt.

    This is what makes sense to them:

    I am under 48 years of age.

    I am a former community organizer.

    The Chicago power elite has greased the rails for me.

    I have had to work for nothing but my friends got me a 1.9 million dollar house.

    I enjoy the company of felons and domestic terrorists.

    What else do you need to know? Give me the keys to the country, racist…

    See how different we are to the liberals??

    Thanks as always,


  50. Larry,
    I love the way you respond to each and every one of your devoted readers. I’m afraid we will lose you to a larger enterprize thereby no longer enjoying this personal touch.
    Please check this site out … http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/video.aspx?RsrcID=2036

    Larry, please tell me, what hidden agenda does BHO have that he refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin. Nor will he put his hand over his heart during the pledge or national anthem. In the interview, he answers this question by not answering it. Could it be his true religion would forbid it?


  51. jj,

    I think that since it was found so early in the election process, he may fear being called a “flip flopper” or “giving in” if he were to drastically “change”. That is a change that shouldn’t require that much deliberation..

    I would like to think that there isn’t anything else to that but I am not 100% convinced.

    Questions on this and virtually anything else gets the “don’t question my patriotism”, “don’t question my Americanism” stuff.

    We should question everything. If you do not like it, you have a seat in the Senate that you are more than welcome to go back to.

    When people get inordinantly indignant over particular lines of questions, it only causes those asking the questions to continue onward.

    “Controversy” comes to an end once the first concise and logical explanation of or about an issue is stated. The appearance of “circular logic” piques the curiousity of the curious..

    I think about the “larger enterprise” occasionally. So much needs to happen in order for that to even be remotely possible.

    We will cross that bridge together once we come to it. I wouldn’t consider any alterations to how things are done without telling everyone because I appreciate the fact that readers take the time to post such insightful and meaningful comments.

    Thanks again,



    As I have finally retired I think I will spend some time looking at the history books my grandchildren are
    receiving from school.M y oldest son has all of his four children in private school and they are doing fantastic.I
    have 10 others in public school so I
    need to look into the books.

  53. If the war in Iraq is being fought on borrowed dollars and the cause of our deficit, then how will Obamics pay for all the “reform” by simply “carefully winding down” the war?
    Doesn’t ending the war simply bring us back to breaking even?
    Doesn’t spending more on “reform” put us back in the red??

    Obama’s idea of “no child left behind” means he intends to collect all children under his roof of welfare and make sure no child CAN succeed any more than any other child.

    McPalin 2008 !


    As I have finally retired I think I will spend some time looking at the history books my grandchildren are
    receiving from school.M y oldest son has all of his four children in private school and they are doing fantastic.I
    have 10 others in public school so I will go as far as needed such as visit the school committee meetings to question the material.
    Thanks to all that plan on toasting my 50th wedding anniversary on 10/26th
    REDBONE We need to plan a beer fest together
    L arry: I met with my successful daughter today and gave her your column as well as the book on OBAMA
    She has a new book being released in January

  55. JR,

    Enjoy that well deserved retirement.

    It’s time to get on with your new job: Spoiling your grandchildren. All 14..Wow.

    Thank you for passing my column to your daughter. That truly means alot to me that you would think enough of what I write to do so.

    My best to you and yours,


  56. Stitch,

    Liberal economics means that the “creative financing” element of their handouts and giveaways always comes from the middle class.

    The liberals don’t believe that a “rising tide raises all boats”, they would prefer to drill holes in that boat so that we all sink to the bottom “equally”..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  57. JR… my man! A beerfest it is and a high quality toast it will be! Google Sudsdog… my goofy beeradvocate.com name 😉 I really do adore my beer and always have something exceptional on tap here at home. There are a few things in life I refuse to compromise on, beer is one. Piraat Ale here now and you are welcome to a glass or two anytime, as are any who may be near and I truly hope the number is many! Something big and deep black next to summon the cool weather may be called for… the darker the better when the wind begins to blow cold.

    Watch careful those textbooks here in Ma. mohammed and islam are portrayed in positive ways… the “religion of peace” indeed. Not good at all. Look me up… ted@highendaudio.com All I’m doing these days is resting my leg, feeling like a bump on a log, keeping things real on NLTZ and sippin’ fine… would greatly enjoy the company and the opportunity to share a well crafted brew with a fine fellow such as yourself!


  58. Larry, this essay was excellent. As usual, you hit the nail on the head in a way that few can do. Why are you bogging and not selling books or licensed? Thank you for your efforts and I wish you the very best.

    Again, if there’s anything that I can do to help you, please let me know.

    Your newly found fan,



  60. DeedSower,

    I find it more than just “creepy.”



  61. Larry, I put a link to “conservative” at the bottom of my home page (www.fasttrackbooks.net). Hope it helps.


  62. John,

    If the edecision were mine alone it would be done..

    Those who make those decisions are very hard to get ahold of..

    Anyone know of a literary agent who specializes in “conservative issues”? I’ve tried to find out who represents Coulter, Malikn, etc. but no one wants to even share THAT information, AKA: return a call or email.

    This is “old boy/girl writing network” is a quite a tough nut to crack..

    Still trying though.

    Thanks as always,


  63. Larry,

    Have you sent any queries to publishers?


  64. JR,

    Congratulations on your Anniversary!!! I hope my Hubby and I reach that one (Lord willing).

  65. Robin’s Dad: Sarah Palin is demonstrating to women in America that they don’t have to kill their children to have a career. They can have their children and have a career, too. It’s not one or the other, but both if that is what they want. Also, she is demonstrating to American women by her anti-abortion stance in the case of rape or incest, that when they abort the baby impregnated by rape or incest they are punishing the baby rather than the perpetrator. She can always arrange for an adoption of a child she does not want. This is the godly thing that libs, like Ms. Garofolo and Bill Maher cannot comprehend. It takes a Christian new birth transformation to adopt these Palin views which is the genuine Christian view. God help us if we do not defeat the vile Democrat candidate creture from the black lagoon and Democrat hord at the polls. Pat Buchannan points out that we may have to face them in the streets even if we do beat Obama et. al. in the election. God help us all either way.

    Thanks, Larry, for you hard work and diligence.

  66. A friend sent the following to me. Thought it might be of interest to nolefturnz bloggers:

    The Ant & the Grasshopper in 2008

    Two Different Versions! Two Different

    OLD VERSION: The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long,
    building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

    The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays
    the summer away. Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.

    The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Be responsible for yourself!



    The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.
    The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

    Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands
    to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others are cold and starving.

    CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table
    filled with food. America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

    How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so ?

    Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper, and everybody cries
    when they sing, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green.’

    Jesse Jackson stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s house where the news stations film the group singing, ‘We shall overcome.’ Jesse then has
    the group kneel down to pray to God for the grasshopper’s sake.

    Nancy Pelosi & John Kerry exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and both call for an
    immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

    Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

    The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the government.

    Obama gets his old law firm to represent the grasshopper in a defamation suit against the ant, and the case is tried before a panel of federal
    judges that Bill Clinton appointed from a list of single-parent welfare recipients.

    The ant loses the case.

    The story ends as we see the grasshopper finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which just happens to be
    the ant’s old house, crumbles around him because he doesn’t maintain it.

    The ant has disappeared in the snow.

    The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the once peaceful neighborhood.

    Be very careful how you vote in 2008!

  67. “This is “old boy/girl writing network” is a quite a tough nut to crack..

    Still trying though.”

    Larry, DO NOT EVER STOP… please! There be great good here…

    Another topic entirely, please pardon me.

    My pastor gave a very difficult sermon today on forgiveness… I’m talking “ultimate forgiveness”… 9/11 forgiveness, as in forgiving osama bin laden for his “transgressions” against the United States. I’ve found that I’m not as strong a Christian as I thought I was and it has distressed me greatly. Perhaps a few words on such a topic may enliven such conversation as to help enlighten me until I have the opportunity to visit with my pastor personally. His motives are 1000% pure I am sure. I just do not think I have the ability or comprehensive powers to forgive such pure hatred… nor do I believe my God would either. Larry??? Amy??? Anyone? Read Matthiew 18 for reference and I thank you greatly for any and all enlightenment.

  68. Ken,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Readers like you add so much to the site and I appreciate that.


  69. Redbone,

    First: thanks for your vote of confidence..

    Second: I have to agree with you. I just don’t have the ability to forgive such barbarity. Pastors, clergymen, rabbis and priests, they all have an amazing inner calm that I will never possess. I will then say that they are better people than I..

    Were I to forgive, I feel that I would then become complacent. To truly forgive, you have to move on, to put things behind you..

    I can’t forgive because I never want to FORGET..

    Thats just me…


  70. I am with you Larry… got a very long way to go becofre I can forgive such brutality.

    Hope Basko’s feeling better man!

  71. Larry and Redbone: Christian forgiveness is a decision of the will. To forgive does not mean to excuse. What has to be avoided in this matter is the confusion of vengeance with justice. Vengeance belongs to God and He will repay the offender to the face…and show us. But we are required to carry out justice. A guilty party must be brought to the forum of justice and there confronted with his offense. The forum of justice is first being confronted by the person he offended, second the person he offended when reconciliation is not effected, is to take two or three witnesses and record the second confrontation, if no reconciliation is effected then, third the offended is to tell it to the church and the church is to confront the offender. This process brings into the matter Third Heaven and the “church of the firstborn” of all who have gone before us as Christians as well as all the godly people of ancient years. This is mind boggling power, Hebrews 12. It is not usually instantaneous but it is absolute. It is this process followed with the heart of God for the offender to stop doing what he is doing and yield himself to God of the Bible that upon repentance causes the joy and celebration in heaven; but upon rejection of the opportunity to repent brings the vengeance of God. This is what the two witnesses of Ch. 11 of The Revelation of Jesus Christ are doing. This scriptural remedy for offense by forgiveness is not to devolve into complacency but action that brings the results of spiritual law that cannot be changed. If it’s any consolation, Larry, The Bible says, “Let the murderer flee to the pit. Let none stop him.”

  72. Larry and Red,

    From my reading of Matthew 18, I am afraid that unless we want to be judged by God and not forgiven as we not forgive the terrorists, we must forgive the terrorists. At the beginning of the chapter, when Peter is asking Jesus about how many times he should forgive his brother, Jesus answers him “seventy times seven.” One could make the arguement that the terrorists were not our “brothers” because they were not Christians. But that theory is negated later in the chapter in the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant. In this parable, there is no mention of whether or not the servant or the master are “brothers in Christ”, so I think that means that it does not matter whether or not the person who sins against us is a Christian, we must forgive then just the same. Also, Jesus also commands us to “Love thy neighbour as thyself”. Neighbour in this sense means anyone we encounter, whether or not they are a fellow believer. Would you want someone to hold a grudge against you??? In the flesh it is easy to harbour unforgiveness, but we are new creatures in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), therefore we have the heart of Christ, not the heart of man. Unforgiveness is like cancer — it eats at your soul and spirit. I am not trying to negate the heinousness of what those 19 terrorists did on September 11, 2001. I just am secure in the knowledge that they are roasting in Hell beside Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and all other despots, evil-doers, and non-believers. For me, just having comfort in the terrorists’ fate makes forgiveness easier. That helps a lot in other situations too. Of course, this does not work in the case of believers, so I take comfort in knowing that they will have to deal with God — either here on Earth, or on the Day of Judgement. Sometimes it takes me a while to come to this conclusion. I have not yet come to that place yet concerning BHO. I will most likely get there after Nov. 4th. I hope this helps.

  73. Ken and Amy… thank you both very much. I heard much of this yesterday and am replaying most of it in my mind over and over again today. A Christ-like life is a journey and one I wish to walk. Gonna take me some time I believe… and some prayer to get through this.

    Peace be with you all!

  74. Red,

    Thanks!!! Yes, the Christian life is a journey. That’s why we say we “walk with the Lord.” The Apostle Paul called it a “race.” God knows that we will fall, but we need to ask and seek forgiveness, and pick up our cross and move on. Forgiveness is a hard concept for man’s heart to comprehend. Relkigion does not make it any easier. I always tell people when the ask if I am religious, “No I am not because it is not about religion, but faith and a relationship with The Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit.” Don’t get caught up in doctrine and religion. Read your Bible and focus on what God is telling you. When you get a revelation, bounce it with the Word. Have a conversation with God.

  75. Redbone,

    Basko is doing better. They think that it is an underactive thyroid, twoo meds at work on the problem..

    Thanks brother and I hope the bum wheel is on the mend.

    Thanks as always,


  76. Thank you Jesus that Basko is better!!!

  77. Sister Amy,

    Basko says thank you. It has been a rough two months for the canine section, two of our guys had to put their partners down and a handler from just outside the city was lost in the line of duty.

    I’ve been a little quiet lately, we are hosting the MPCA training and trials until Friday.

    I’ll be counting on all of you to get me the news..

    Thanks as always,


  78. I’m sorry for the K-9 losses. We just recently got a German Shepard-Collie mix named Honey. She is a very sweet, smart, and pretty dog (the canine version of Sarah Palin, maybe???), just don’t come to my house after dark…Halloween should be interesting this year. The Italian kids come down from the nearest town and Trick-Or-Treat in our neighbourhood. I normally don’t do Halloween, but the Italian kids get a kick out of it. I’m all about fostering good intercultural relations. I just hope doggie behaves herself. I may just have to put her out in the backyard that night. Did I mention she is also an escape artist???

  79. Random Thought:

    To those who say that John McCain is too old: His mother is 96 years old and still going strong. She attended the RNC to see her son accept the Republican Presidential Nomination!!! John McCain is from fine Irish stock. I’m sure he will be around for at least 8 more years!!!

  80. Amy: I’ve had to deal with the, “I’m not ‘religious’ ” thing, too. Non-Christians see faith and a relationship, unfortunately, as “religion”. As you, I’m not into all the religious fluff and window dressing, either. But the others don’t make any distinction. If someone comes to Christ, they consider that as having “got religion”. Sad.

  81. Amy, I believe McCain’s Mom, Roberta, could beat Obama in a fist fight. I believe she could beat him in a debate too.

    Maybe someone could start Roberta Facts like the Chuck Norris and Sarah Palin ones… “Roberta McCain is so tough, since they didn’t have prenatal vitamins, she ate grenades during her pregnancy carrying John.” Silly, but could have some fun with it. John seems to have a better sense of humor… scratch that… A SENSE of humor, period.

    Rick2, people that tell you you can have a separate church/personal/work life are liars. Either your beliefs drive who you are or you allow others to drive for you and, thus, you believe anything and everything except the Truth.

    The saddest part, to me, is that the vast majority of Americans say they are “christian” but I believe few of them would admit to it based on the merits of John 14:6-7 and Luke 6:43-49:



    Larry, how are you doing. It’s strange not seeing another gem from you. I hope all is well.

  82. “Have a conversation with God.”

    Therein lies the truth Amy… been doing it for many of my 45 years and the conversations only get more and more deep. Wonderful really!

    Larry… I’m so sad to hear about the loss of K9 life. Is it so strange that I should value so strongly the lives of our doggone friends? I think not. I’ve always had a dog about me and I can honestly admit that I’d not know how to feel completely human without one or two asking me “what’s next”? Such beautiful and pure creatures… they keep us human.

    muslims hate them as unclean… go figure. I love them for their absolute honesty and unwavering loyalty. May Basko live long and well.

    I can get around a little better as the leg heals thank you… made it to church last Sunday and had my wits challenged as you know 🙂 Another 4 weeks to see if it heals proper. I believe it will otherwise the TSA will never trust me again.

    You folks are most refreshing… thank you!

  83. .I think that the ” World” needs to stay out of our politics, and hopefully they will be disappointed when McCain is sworn in as president in 2009.

  84. Time to coin another term:

    Teletubbies (aka the View !)

    Vote for the Patriot!

  85. Redbone,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Basko certified at the seminar without missing a beat. They actually thought that he may have to skip this year as he is 10 years old and on two medicines..

    I said, “Let me go get him out of the car, he is 10 years young..”

    Needless to say he STILL has the highest certification available in the US..

    Keep your foot up,


  86. Stitch,

    Good one..

    Thanks my friend,


  87. johhny,

    A lot of work yet to do, but things look pretty good for McCain/Palin.

    Thanks for your comments,


  88. Larry,

    That is AWESOME that your fuzzy friend can maintain the highest certification while being 10 years old (young) and on two medications!! Go Basko!!!!

    Palin/Basko ’08 🙂

    MavCuda ’08

  89. Dear Larry, I’m so sorry to hear about your “K-9” losses. (My first post to your site had to do with my preference of dogs over people.) And I sympathize with Basko & thyroid problems. Maybe give him some ‘liberal’ books to read…that should rev him up!

    Have you read the “Writing” section on Dr. Sowell’s website? It probably won’t help you get published, but I find it quite funny on the ‘perils of publishing.’

    You obviously are DOING what you love…something will come of it.


  90. Sister Amy,

    Thanks for your kind words, Basko is doing much better.

    He has a cabin fever and he is racing around at top speed like his old/young self again..


  91. Patty,

    I hope something comes of it as well.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Dogs vs. people? Dogs, paws down…


  92. Larry,

    Let your poor dog outside!!!!

  93. Random 2 AM Question: What the hell is a “Neo-Conservative”??? I hear this term tossed around on the Human Events boards (usually hurled as an insult to Conservatives by Liberals or when referencing Karl Rove [why do Libs hate him so??? Probably because he is a successful political genius and they’re jealous] or the Bush Administration).

  94. Sister Amy,

    Depends on who is using the term..

    Neo conservative to me means “new consevatism”.

    The term I believe, started life as a shot across the bow of those who moved from left to right. (I.E.: Mort Kondracke.)

    Irving Kristol is the terms originator, I believe.

    Paleoconservatives differ in that they are more isolationist and less “interventionist”.

    If the left is using it, it is a shot across the bow.

    If a conservative is using it, it could also means a younger generation of conservative thought.

    Thanks as always,


    P.S. Basko FLEW through all five of his certifications today. I couldn’t be prouder.

  95. I don’t for a minute think Barack H. Obama
    is a Muslim or anything like that

    but do you realize that if he were applying for any kind of
    for any number of a dozen
    United States Agencies

    that because of his alliances and past relationships he probably
    and more than likely, would be rejected
    and we’re on the verge of possibly electing him as
    President of the United States!!
    That is NUTS!!
    Ah, Senators, would you all mind consider making a new law about Public Office!

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