Patriotism Liberal Style

It would appear that those who have questioned the patriotism of the Democrats have some apologizing to do. Through their own myopic eyes and through the words of Joe Biden the liberals are patriotic. As shocking as this may seem the Democrats and Biden in particular, believe that it is patriotic to pay taxes. Its not as thought the liberals themselves pay taxes, they express their version of patriotism vicariously through the paychecks of others. The left experiences their exhilarating rush of patriotism as they infringe upon and extort the disposable income of the rest of us.

The problem that invariably rears its ugly little head whenever the liberals get around to talking about taxes, is the malleability of the parameters that they humorously set and when they set them. You will note that there are vast differences between the times and the amounts that they are asking for when they are begging for your vote and the times and the amounts when they have won elected office. The liberals always talk about the “magical $250,000 plateau” when it comes to the taxes that they wish to steal. Clinton himself started at that lofty figure only to drop it to the lowest six figures within days and George Stephanopoulos himself lowered the number to $25,000. At $25,000, the Democrats literally want everyone to be liberally patriotic..

This unique view of patriotism didn’t start with the team of O’Carter/Lieden. For example, let’s take a gander at the “Clinton Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act” of 1993. The Clinton plan placed a 39.6 per cent tax upon individuals, with a business rate of 35 per cent. Again, the liberals place the cross hairs of higher taxation upon the middle class. The Act also raised taxes upon transportation fuels (+ 4.3 cents) and the taxes upon Social Security benefits were increased. By the way, during the eight years of “Clintonomics”, Oval Office orgies and indictments, he and his motley crew did absolutely nothing to stave off the impending collapse of the Social Security system. This was just some of the handiwork of the last liberal necromancer to disgrace the Oval Office.

Biden said, “It’s time to be patriotic.. time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.” It’s safe to say that his symbolic figurehead at the top of the ticket is not responsible for this “rut” that the wispy haired vice presidential nominee speaks of. With only 143 days of “experience” in the Senate and hundreds of cowardly “present” votes under his belt, the blame for this “rut” lies elsewhere. A good place to start would be the guy with 35 years of senatorial experience in non-productivity and destruction who was personally selected as his running mate/chaperone.

Just exactly what would BHO/JFK like to do when he assumes office? Obama would like to start with a 28 per cent tax on all home sales. ALL home sales. The Socialist Sevengali would like to seize a 39.6 per cent dividend tax. John McCain would prefer to keep things at the currently established 15 percent. What does that mean to you, Mister or Misses $250,000/middle class tax payer? Everything that you have earned through your investments, IRA’s, mutual funds, and retirement accounts would be knee capped to the tune of almost 40%. Does anyone have any guesses as to where this ill-gotten theft from the middle class will go?

Obama would like to go back to the “pre Bush tax cuts” days. How will that negatively impact you? If you are single and you earn (Liberal four-letter word. Belongs with “work” and “soap”..) $30,000, you will pay $3,900.00 more ($8,400.00) to the federal government than under McCain. ($4,500.00) If you are married and you earn $60,000, under the “Obama Malaise” you will forfeit $16,800, which is $5,800 more the “tax and spenders” than under McCain. ($9,000.) That is only the beginning of their fervent felonious faux “patriotism”. Realistically, it will only get worse once they assume the mantle of power with a Democratic House and Senate already in place..

Under the Obama “terminal tax tomfoolery”, you can expect to see higher or new taxes devoted to gasoline, “natural resource consumption”, (heating gas, water, electricity, etc..), retirement accounts and what ever or how ever many taxes would be necessary to bring “Hillary Care” off of the liberal life support system and into everyone’s life as only socialized medicine can do. You will also see the resurrection of the inheritance tax that will undoubtedly cause many to lose the inheritances that are rightfully theirs.

Biden says that we should, “be part of the deal…” What “deal”? Is he talking about the “New Deal”? Perfect. The “New Deal” ushered in the idea of “liberal government as God” which is the fulcrum of today’s progressive oligarchies and dictatorships. Mind you, those were the days when “southern conservative” Democrats actually existed, and they believed in balanced budgets and they opposed new taxes. These days, “conservative” and “Democrat” appear contiguously within a sentence or a statement about as often as “Franken” and “sane”..

Biden’s comment also shows that the left has no comprehension of what patriotism is. Biden is apparently of the belief that the shared sacrifice Socialism of the “New Deal”, the involuntary acquisition of the remuneration of others, the typical mandatory ham fisted altruism of the left, is patriotic. The enlightened progressives of the left believe that those who prefer to pay their bills themselves should bankroll their bedazzling balm of benevolence. They somehow see a perverted “patriotism” in destroying and perpetuating the lowest class while trying their best to force the middle class to finance their follies.

It is imperative that we keep this presidential race in its proper perspective. These are the Democrats that we are talking about here. The Democrats are to taxes as Michael Moore is to Ding Dongs. Neither can get enough of what it is that they are addicted to. I will even quote Obama himself from just a few weeks ago as he spoke in Terra Haute, Indiana: “I mean come on, they must think you’re stupid..” To think that the party of the left WILL NOT raise any and all taxes if they are given the opportunity, taxes that will inordinately punish and penalize the middle class, is truly the definition of “stupid”.

If this is patriotism, then you may consider me a conservative anarchist.


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  1. Lee - Missouri Ozarks

    Hey, everybody has got to be patriotic about something. Its just that Liberal Democrats have chosen Taxes and the confiscation of your wealth as their patriotic duty and venue.

    Makes sense to me, I think.

    PC is Thought Control

  2. Larry,
    Another good article to tickle the grey matter. Hopefully, it will reach a few of the many fence sitters and cause them to think about what they will be doing to themselves if they make the wrong choice in November.

    I may be drifting a bit off topic by my next comments, but I have never been able to understand why the liberals have never been able to understand why the Democrats have always taxed so high and tried so hard to keep the average individual stupid. Keeping the majority poor and ignorant makes it easier to manipulate and control them. Not to mention the ego trips it takes the leaders on.

    Keep up the good work. We will not be denied.


  3. Lee,

    Good points..

    Liberal thought control is so “anti choice” isn’t it??

    As opposed to perverting the definition of patriotism, couldn’t the left just use the term “extortion”? Sounds like abortion so they would probably sign on, wouldn’t they?

    Thanks as always,


  4. Higher taxes, collapse of the middle class, Robin Hood (or should I say “Robbin’ Da Hood”???) mentality — more “change” we can refuse to believe in. He wants change, alright. He wants to create more poor people to beg for everyone else’s spare change. This guy kills me. The more I read about him, the more infuriated I get.

    NO Way!!! NO How!!! NObama!!!!

    MavCuda ’08

  5. Papa,

    Addiction is a powerful weapon, as is the liberals destruction of the ambitions of the underclass.

    The plan was to make the underclass permanent and multi generational.

    Dangling the carrot before the horse has worked quite well for them, so I don’t see the process ending anytime soon.

    Thanks as always for your comments,



    TAXES ,One of my favorite subjects.
    Since 1968 I have prepared tax returns for many people so I have seen the numerous changes.

    The current tax code results in the lowest tax payments for all individuals..

    However 33,000,000.people pay no income taxes at all and when questioned recently about how do you give a tax cut to these taxpayers the
    response was to cut payroll taxes. That means social security and medicare
    What do you think that will do to those programs that are already heading to default

    Also do not forget about the Earned income credit . Another enormous
    give away of Billions of dollars.

    Tax on Social Security was a Democrat move also.

    Everyday Small Buisness owners
    create JOBS that feed families and grow this country. SQUEESE THE LEADERS AND UNEMPLOYMENT

    Birth to death support by our tax money must end and the Old American way to work hard and
    reap the rewards should replace it.

  7. JR,

    I should have gotten with you prior to assembling this piece. Had no idea that you were so well versed in what it is that the left takes from us..

    Thanks for your additions to the article.

    P.S. Everyone, it is 36 days (October 26th) until JR and his Mrs. celebrate their 50th anniversary. Hoist one for the happy couple as I will from the balcony somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico on that happy day.

    Best of luck my friend and congratulations.


  8. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    If it is not illegal for the mentally retarded and insane (Obama supporters) to vote, it should be.

  9. Dave,

    Not only is it legal, but if they reside in the “inner city”, they have the opportunity to vote as many times as possible because of “fairness”.

    The left has the “cemetary vote” all locked up..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Hi Larry

    I love your stuff – “wispy haired”, “earn, soap, work”. You are one clever guy.

    Re: JR’s area of knowledge.

    I’m hopeful that the McCain/Palin agenda will include a redesign of the IRS and the addition of some sort of consumption tax. So many people have been removed from the tax rolls that it reduces revenues and places excessive pressure on the rest of our hard working citizens.

    If we paid tax on only what we are able to buy, it would not only be a “Fair Tax”, it would allow EVERY AMERICAN to participate. Even those who receive benefits from the government would be able to do their share.

    If we’re lucky, the byproduct of such a system would be the recovery of untold millions of illegal wealth. Even drug dealers would be “helping out”. Why, you could even say they were being “patriotic” 🙂

    God bless America

  11. Just what we need with the economy in the tank…more taxation…after the government gets done doling out trillions of tax dollars guaranteeing all the bank defaults, I’m not sure what will be left to squeeze out of the dried husk which will be the middle class taxpayer. What exactly will it take to wake people up?

  12. Google: Biden drunk.{email to everyone}

    I think this will explain a lot.

    Raising taxes is patriotic

    Ill drink to that.

  13. I am thinking war might be good. Never thought I would say this, after serving as a “Non Patriot” while in VietNam,(didn’t pay income taxes while in country) but the older I get, the more I want to fight. And I am preparing for war too. I see a a fight coming that will make the War between the States look like a walk in the park.If B HusseinObama loses this election, liberals will take to the streets, saying it was a fixed and or rigged election AGAIN. If B Hussein Obama wins, this will be even worse. Taxes on the middle class working man, which I am apart of, will increase dramatically. Everything we use on a daily basis, such as food, clothing, fuels for heating our homes and getting to and from work will be out of reach for the working conservative. This should be ok with liberals though, as long as the government checks keep coming in. I see people of every race, with the only ambition they have to to get on some government handout program. It seems that most of them want a Socialist Government. Thats not for me. I enjoy working. I like my job, I plan on working till I’m 94, or can’t work any longer. People that feel as I do are buying metals to protect their future. Not gold, silver or other precious metals….but brass, lead, and cold steel. We need to arm ourselves to protect what is precious to us. I mean our families, friends, and most of all…OUR FREEDOM. If I could command this war, the first course of action would be to get rid of the of the politicians that caused the problems in the first place. People like Pelosie, Reid, and Rangel would be charged with Treason..There are many more that would be charged also, but these would be a good start to zero our weapons. I would fire half the government workers, since its seem that only half work in the offices I go into. (Which are many) and I would say to all the illigal aliens, GET OUT….STAY OUT>>>Or be shot. (Another chance to zero our weapons) To the Hollywood Bunch..SHUT UP or get out…We don’t need you…YOU need us. Go to see your buddies to sell your product. Castro or Chavez might be interested in what you do or say, But I am NOT. And to all the burglers, thieves, murderers, and rapist..I HAVE A LOADED GUN.
    Come on LETS PLAY WAR

  14. Any American who receives government support of any kind should forfeit their right to vote as long as they are receiving such support. Social Security can be exempted as long as the individual has paid into it and earned this income. Let’s start a grassroots effort to add this as an amendment to the Constitution.

  15. Larry,

    You wrote: “At $25,000, the Democrats literally want everyone to be liberally patriotic..”

    You forgot their exception: Themselves. They make as many loopholes for themselves as possible. Thus, according to the Cato Institute ( ) “The number of pages in the tax code and regulations doubled from 26,300 in 1984 to 54,846 by 2003, according to tax publisher CCH.”

    Patriotism? Nope. Just a weapon to punish as many as they find who do not want to “jump in”.

  16. Frankie,

    I can’t tell you how many times I have thought the same thoughts you have just expressed. Amen, Brother. I’ll join your army!

  17. At best, superficial patriosm is the definition of the liberal party. It’s followers so enthralled with sight and sound it takes no time in thinking and soon forgets when new images are put before them. The leaders don’t trouble themselves in being found out by their constituents for this reason, they just keep promising better and brighter things while keeping them stalemated in their fetid conditions.

    Their fellow liberals tout a man who would be president that would not wear the pin of the flag of our nation upon his chest. Patriotism? Only until his election managers and his wife’s pressures did he again wear the pin to help the run for office.

    Biden speaks of getting out of the “rut.” The very rut he himself has helped make deeper in his tenure while in Washington. With being in a rut, the same as in a hole, only common sense should tell you to stop digging.

    “Nutcase Nancy Pelosi” is wanting to pull not only electrical plugs but more money out of you not just by taxes but by declaring Windfall Taxes on investments and Social Security. When asked how the money would be spent she responded, “There are 22 million illegal aliens along with millions of unemployed minoritys who need our help. The money would go a long way to guarantee those people the standard of living they would like to enjoy as ‘Americans’.”

    As I think Marxism here, I also think the economic condition of the “poor” people that the insane Speaker is worried about will remain the same. Leaving the shoulders of the common Americans to carry the load.

  18. “destroying and perpetuating the lowest class”
    Agree with most of what you’re saying, but how can you destroy and perpetuate at the same time??

  19. Dr. Gene,

    Stop making sense..

    Thanks for all that you have done.


  20. tsnamm,

    What will it take?

    How about election day being moved to April 16th…

    Just a thought my friend,

    Thanks as always,


  21. Frankie,

    God bless you and to your service to this country, then and now.

    I lost my brother just a short time ago, two tours in Vietnam.

    Frankie, check out “The Pot Calling the Kettle” in the archives in June 2008. Here I hit the topic with what iI thought was enough to warn the left, but not so..

    So, in your honor, please keep on the lookout for “Brace Yourselves” to be on the site, hopefully tonight.

    Dedicated to you, my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  22. BC,

    When the constitution was written, only property owners could vote.

    Kept the non land owners from penalizing (taxing) the land owners when they hadn’t done any “investing”.

    Made sense then, makes sense now..

    Thanks as always,


  23. LM,

    I mentioned them in the first paragraph.

    Believe me, they don’t include themselves, why do you think they all seal their records with such frequency??

    Thanks as always,


  24. Windrider,

    You just gave us EVEN MORE REASONS to work towards the liberal party’s demise..

    Lets keep it up.

    Thanks as always,


  25. How about after destroying, “everything within their reach”.

    Sometimes the two finger typing gets behind the thought process..

    Thanks as always,


  26. Stoffel,

    That last was for your comment..

    See? I have to learn to type better and faster..

    Thanks again for the catch,


  27. I’m guessing that under this liberal definition of “patriotism”, the FBI will have to change the crimes of “burglary”, “theft”, and “robbery” to “patriotism” ???
    I can see the headlines now:
    “Suspect arrested in the recent Patriotic act performed at the local 7-11”.
    “A patriot broke into the home of…..”.
    “Patriots were seen looting the….”.
    “Agents smashed a patriotic ring of home invaders today….”.
    “A pickpocket was arrested for patriotically lifting the wallet of….”.

    I’m also guessing that when we no longer have any money left with which to pay these taxes, we will be deemed “unpatriotic” and forced to leave the country – while the uninvited Mexicans stay living off the gubment.

    At least Karl Marx wrote out EXACTLY what his system was intended to do and why.
    These SOBs just keep lying to us.


  28. Stoffel (if I may answer your question),

    Destroyed does not mean non-existant.
    The lower class still exists, yet in a destroyed state.
    Berlin was utterly destroyed by May 1945, yet still existing.
    Unlike Berlin though, the Demonrats keep the lower class in their “destroyed” condition.
    Having been very very very poor in my life, I can testify that the liberals offered me everything (for my vote) except one thing: a job!


  29. Some thoughts:

    While I agree that anyone who has not worked and whose only aspiration in life is to get more government handouts is lazy, is a drain on and contributes nothing to society and should not enjoy any benefits, including the right to vote, there is one segment of society that benefits ( I use the term loosely) from government checks, and that is the disabled. I have a cousin who barely subsists on SSA and Food Stamps,k but has been denied Section 8 housing and Medicaid. Most of her check goes to her rent and utilities and her Food Stamps barely sretch til the end of the month (her parents supplement her groceries). She CANNOT work, partly because of her disabilities and partly because if she did work, she would lose her benefits and be worse off than she is now. She IS NOT lazy. She would love to work, but she can’t. In fact, she could lose her benefits if she came out to visit me — even if I paid her way entirely (from passport to plane ticket to accomodations, meals, trips, and souvenirs) and could furnish proof that I did so. She would lose her benefits because foreign travel would make the government bean counters think that she if she can travel to a foreign country, then she can make it on her own without government assistance — even though I would be the one assisting her.

  30. Stitch,

    Testify, my friend..

    Thanks as always,


  31. Sister Amy,

    Those who CANNOT work are vastly different from those who WON’T work.

    All conservatives know and understand that. We must weed the slothful from the ranks so that those TRULY in need can be given the assistance they rightfully deserve.

    Compassionate Conservatism.

    Thanks as always,


  32. Yes!
    It KILLS me to see just who the gubment sees as NEEDY.
    If you rent, you’re homeless.
    If your parent lives with you, they are homeless.
    If you are in the military and living on-base, you are homeless.
    If you are in college living in a dorm, you are homeless.
    Basically, anyone who does now own their own home is considered “homeless” by the loony left.

    It would amaze everyone if we listed ONLY those truely needy people. The numbers are staggeringly low.
    However, these fat-cat politicians can’t rob us of every nickle if there are only a handful of needy people. They try to convince us that 40% of the population only has one “good” leg and therefore needs our assistance.

    Clean it up Sticky!


  33. A friend told me about this right wing sight, but I had to check it out for myself.
    You guys sound like a bunch of rich white hateful people.
    Your so selfish you cant spare a few pennys in extra taxes and be patriotic?
    Rich people need to do more to help the poor people they stole their money from in the first place.



    Agree that tax system is not the best.
    Consumtion tax would cover all the one’s you mentioned plus the enormous green machine business that pays no tax including socail security

    A married couple today can make $60,000 AND ONLY PAY 10% in taxes
    at the standard deduction level.

    I’ll join your army also.
    Money magazine a few years ago sent out a sample tax return to many tax preparers and no one gat the right answer.

  35. Amy,

    I can relate to your cousin’s situation. My wife is blind, and, although she does work, she has many friends at the local blind services center who do not, and for the exact same reasons as your cousin. Many of them would work if given the chance (at least that’s what they tell me), but are too afraid of losing their benefits. It seems that the government has them trapped in a dependent state.

    As for ol’ Schuster here, it seems we have a troll on our hands. No, “rich” people worked for their money. Most of us here work very hard, and very honestly, for what we have and provide for our families. You may want to try it. You could even move out of Mommy’s house someday. If some of us sound bitter at times, it is because we have grown tired of paying some of the highest tax rates in the developed world, and loathe the thought of the situation growing exponentially worse if The One were to find his way to the White House. Besides, if you really want to read unhinged anger, go back to the Daily Kos where you belong.

  36. Schuster,

    The Lft is not talking about raising our taxes by a mere “few pennies” as you put it. They’re talking about HUGE increases in taxes. We are not hateful. We just see things from a common sense, rational point of view, vice an emotional POV. We don’t mind paying taxes, just cripplingly high taxes that make it harder to make ends meet. There are people who legitimattly need government assistance, like my cousin. But as Larry put it, there are others who are lazy and need to be “weeded out.” Sit back, take a deep breath, and think with the rational parts of your brain, instead of the emotional parts. Then, I think you will understand. We will not negotiate with moonbats.

  37. Larry,

    Your site must really be hitting a nerve with the moonbats on the Left — you have another troll in your midst. Keep up the great work!!!



  39. TC,

    It is sad how the government puts people in economic bondage under the guise of “help and benefits.” It’s no wonder that a lot of people who want to get out of the cycle of welfare but can’t because they would be worse off without it, than with it. Whenever I visit my cousin, I always pay her bills and buy her groceries and any other things that she may need or want. I always make sure that she is taken care of. I would take her into my home if she wanted to, but she does not want to be far from her parents and sister in WA.

  40. Schuster,

    Here we go:

    1) This is a “site”. Sight is what you use to..wait a minute you are typically blind liberal..disregard..

    2) Hateful? You didn’t say we were wrong…

    3) Sorry to be the pedant but it is “you’re”.

    4) Stole from the poor.. OK, I’m not rich and if I wanted to stay at the income level that I am at right now, I would steal from the poor. Good logic. Reminds me of what the comedian Gallagher said, “you bounce a check and the bank charges you more of what they already know you don’t have any of.”

    Feel free to stop in anytime. If liberals simply remained slient, we would never know just how goofy all of you are..

    Thanks as always,


  41. tccesq,

    And to Sister Amy as well: I will pray for your family members who have to live with such disabilities. We (I) sometimes take our health for granted..

    Thanks as always,


  42. tccesq and Sister Amy,

    Good comments..

    Ol’ Shuster might not make it at the Daily Kos, not enough mindless cussing in his response here..

    Thanks as always,


  43. “rich”…that’s a good one…stealing from the poor? That’s an oxymoron. Why would you try and steal money from people who don’t have any? Any one who is unwilling to bend over for the taxman is suddenly a “rich hateful white person”…love it, a typical liberal willing to use state power to separate you from your paycheck at the point of a gun. Only legally thru the compulsion of government power. Sounds remarkably like the Obama plan for the future of America.

  44. tsnamm,

    It DOES sound like the Obama plan.

    That is what little I can glean from his silly commercials..

    Thanks as always,


  45. These people on the left are so idiotic it takes one’s breath away.I know when I am looking for someone to rob,I go find some poor oeople, because they have all the money,right?
    We had for several seasons a pair of robins who built a nest on the ledge above our front doorWhen the eggs hatched, the young’uns would sit with their heads upturned,mouths wide open,with no other thought than waiting for the food to be dropped into their mouths. And they would devour anything given them.
    I am reminded of them whenever I read a post such as this dicksmack Schuster’s.Biden drops the imbecilic tidbit “paying more taxes = patriotism”, and before you know it, the little idiots are stumbling around, talking the same crap.Luckily I ‘m rich, so I can divert my mind from this stupidity. These morons actually believe they are scoring a rhetorical point by regurgitating asininities.
    Next they will tell us our fight against tax increases is racism.
    I see more and more new names in your comments section.Congratulations! I will say it again: you daily become a more important and consequential standard-bearer in the battle for the soul of this great nation. You make all your “family” proud of you.

  46. See “From Freedom to Fascism” by film producer Aaron Russo. This is a documentery on the illigality of the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Past Supreme Court rulings say that the graduated income tax is unconstitutional. Taxes collected from graduated income tax are used to redistribute wealth, ie. take it from the diligent workers and give it out as welfare and political pork and bribery. The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the federal govenment whatsoever. It is private banks, seven of which are foreign, five of them in Europe. We need a movement to do away with the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the American Bar Association which is the court agency that enforces court action to collect the taxes. Will a Flat Tax solve the problem? Not if politicians make the tax at the present rate of collections. But at least it would be more fairly distruted tax.

  47. I thought this was a free posting site?
    Is it, or is it you all cant stand my opinions?
    The poor people were robbed back before they even had a chance in this country. They had their dignity and pride stolen, and any chance of having an equal job. Now they have a tough time trying to brake through all these barriers imposed by the white elitists.

    By the way, Palin made in ill-informed decision when she had that baby. She did NOT consult anyone that could have told her what this would be like. She never visited Planned Parenthood or anything before she made her decision. That alone is why she is unfit for vice president. Anyone that doesnt know how to seek advice from the experts should not be next in line for president.

    Im not saying all white people are racists, but certainly a lot more than others.

  48. Larry: As to ‘extortion’ and ‘abortion’ rhyming, you reminded me of the left’s adoption of their ever so clever “General Betrayus” tag for our hero General Petraeus. I’m convinced the ‘brains’ at only used it because a) it rhymed and b) they were so impressed with themselves. The fact that it was the ultimate insult and backfired on them never entered their so called ‘minds’.
    As to the inevitable tax increases that will follow a BHO win, it will be another nail in the coffin of the Left. Remember how violently the electorate reacted when Bush Sr. was snookered by the Dumbocrats into reneging on his promise of “NO NEW TAXES”

  49. Check out Obama’s Chicago CAC scam with terrorists William Ayers and how this is being leveraged to the whole nation should he win the election: Campaign Dems are desperately trying to derail and hide his true dealings with Ayers.

  50. Schuster,
    You have every right to your opinion. The issue before us is the intellectual level of your views-which, not to put too fine a point on it-there isn’t one.
    Let me make sure I’m clear on this: Since Gov. Palin chose to have a Down’s Syndrome child without first consulting the “experts” at Planned Parenthood(how do you know she didn’t?), and did not abort the child,you claim she should not be the Vice-President? You are saying she is not qualified to be the VP because she has not had an abortion?
    You are without a doubt one of the most ignorant people I have ever had the misfortune to be exposed to.
    And if you want to see a racist, go look in the mirror.

  51. Schuster…Shyster…whatever your name is:

    1. Please only join in on the comments if you are going to contribute something moderately intelligent. Oh wait–the word moderate is too conservative a word for you. You have proven yourself (twice now) to be uninformed, uneducated, and under the influence of Obama bin Biden.

    2. Has anyone asked you for money? Why do you question whether the site (now spelled correctly–I guess you can read) is “free”? Under the Obama regime the only thing that will be free is air…and I’m sure he Heil Hussein will find a way to tax that, too.

    3. When you refer to the “poor people being robbed” (awful passive voice, by the way) to whom are you referring? See, unlike you, I don’t want to ASSume anything (I’m white and I’m not rich or racist; however, you seem to jump to conclusions and generalize about an entire race and that, my friend, is racism. Any way you want to “color” it.), so I need to know who you mean by “poor people”. Poor is a relative term. Are you referring to income or state of being? In my estimate, you are poor in that you lack the essential brain power to function in a conservative forum.

    4. As for the barriers: can you be specific? Minority groups have more opportunites and fewer barriers than white people do. From race-specific scholarships and universities to Affirmative Action and the NAACP, minorities have more opportunities available to them than white people. When was the last time you witnessed a white person receiving a scholarship for being white, or going to a school that only admitted white people? Hmm…probably not since desegregation. However, somewhere along the line, “they” turned it on “us” by creating schools devoted to one race. Is that equality? Is that fair?

    5. The mere fact that you brought up Palin’s baby and equate the birth of her precious child to an “ill-informed decision” verifies not only your stupidity but your missing organ–the heart. How dare you assume to know what she felt? Guess what? It was not a hard decision because she loves that child unconditionally…unlike liberals who place conditions on everything. An ancient tree is more important to a liberal than the life of a child. Just for your information, Planned Parenthood is meant for those people who keep having unprotected sex and can’t understand why they keep getting pregnant. Abortion is murder. Plain and simple. Your idea of a perfect world would be no different than Hitler’s if you think a child with down syndrome is an “ill-informed decision”. That child has more love than you could possibly know. I admire the Palins for NOT taking the murderous “easy” road. If liberals had their way, we would not have any special needs children because liberals are so needy on their own. Their hands stay open, expecting hard-working people to hand over half their paycheck. By the way, your candidate, is not poor. No sir. His WHITE grandparents raised him when his African-American father–a married alcoholic who got several women pregnant–left his mother the minute he implanted her with the devil seed. Yet NObama refuses to acknowledge his grandparents and believes “those people” were the cause of all of his problems. Typical liberal–blaming the white man for all of his problems. When are liberals going to learn to accept responsibility for their actions? I should not have to pay for your stupidity.

    6. NObama HAS to seek the advice of experts because he doesn’t know ANYTHING. The sad thing is, even his “experts” suffer deficiencies in the brains department.

    Larry–sorry to devote my posting to Shyster but I could not let his ignorance taint the brilliance of your message. His witless remarks “taxed” me greatly.

  52. Heather,
    Please marry me.

  53. Sling,

    I agree, especially if Obama wins, that more and more of the usual cronies will use the crutch of racism to acquire whatever it is that they are trying to acquire..

    It may not be a very “big” family, but it is a very potent one!

    Thanks as always for your contributions,


  54. Ken,

    Was it Steve Forbes who ran awhile back primarily on a flat tax platform?

    I’ve always thought that that sounded interesting..

    Thanks my friend,


  55. Schuster,

    The term is : “Oxymoron”, an internally confusing statement.

    Planned Parenthood…

    Do the math. Be prepared to show your work.


  56. Vincent,

    H.W.’s broken promise hurt him without question.

    The nail that you speak of may be for the entire country, not just the left..

    Thanks as always,


  57. Ken,

    beanhead54 a while back put a series of links to a number of stories about Obama’s “issues”.

    For a man with 143 days of experience, he sure is a quick learner when it comes to the Democratic methodology.

    Thanks as always,


  58. This site defines liberals as stupid and when a stupid person comes on the site we try to addresse his stupidy.

    Well you cant explain stupid to stupid people.

    Larry you should not allow stupid posts.
    If thats to much trouble,then lets not comment
    on them as it just begets more stupid responses
    and agragivates us.

  59. Heather,

    You need not apologize, your contributions make this “sight” better.

    Size is irrelevant to any comment, content and substance are the measuring sticks.

    Flawless commentary.

    Thanks as always for your insightful contributions.


  60. Sling,

    A NLTZ first: a marriage proposal..

    Good luck..


  61. 3 head,

    If we disallow stupid posts, aren’t we then left to only guess how “stupid” and dangerous the opposition is?

    I always want to give ’em enough rope to hang themselves..

    Let them talk, they’ll do the work for you.

    Thanks as always,


  62. Guess?
    It`s an established fact.
    Ann C wrote an entire book about it.
    If Dems had any brains they would be Repubs.

  63. Schuster,


    A) Planned Parenthood is not an expert organisation. They have no clue how to raise a special needs ch ild because they just pressure everyone to kill them all

    B) Raising a special needs baby is a BLESSING NOT A CURSE!!! My sister was born with Down’s and my mother always said she was the easiest of the three of us — despite having open heart surgery at 15 months old, multiple eye surgeries, her tonsils and adenoids removed due to recurrent strep and ear infections, and prompting my mother and father, along with several other families, to revolutionise the special education system in the State of Connecticut — which reverberated across the nation, etc., etc. Doctors said that she would never walk, yet she has won medals in TRACK AND FIELD!!! I potty trained my sister after she learned to walk (she was 4 years old).

    C) My sister has won many gold medals in Special Olympics and was an Honor Roll student in high school. In fact, she was more popular in school than either my brother or myself.

    There is a special place in Hell for people who think the killing of defenseless unborn and newborn babies is necessary and beneficial to society and are unrepentant for harbouring those thoughts and beliefs.

    P.S. I used to kick the asses of ANYONE who dared to say a bad thing about my sister or ANYONE with special needs. I am very passionate about the fair and humane treatment of the disabled — abortion IS NOT fair and humane treatment.

  64. Schuster, listen up!

    Here’s quote for you from one in your own quarter: Bill Clinton on Palin and McCain:

    “She’s an instinctively effective candidate and with a compelling story,” Mr Clinton said in an interview with CNBC.”I think it was exciting to some that she was a woman,” said Mr Clinton.”I think she, I get why she’s done so well. It’s a mistake to underestimate her. She’s got good intuitive skills. They’re significant.”Mr Clinton said he thought Republican presidential candidate John McCain, a Vietnam war hero and veteran lawmaker, was a “great man”…

    First time “Slick Willy” told the truth without having to have impeachment proceedings.

  65. Larry,
    Thanks for the good wishes. I doubt if my wife will see it the same way, but thanks.
    But then,we DO do things a little differently here in Little Egypt!
    I don’t mean to pry, and if it’s none of my business, feel free to say so,but are there any developments with the author who was to do something with your writings?
    Have you given any thoght to perhaps a mini-convention where we could all meet? I know there would be scheduling and logistical issues, but, wouldn’t that be an event to remember?
    I truly love the Waterfront.Perhaps bleacher seats at a Redbirds game to kick things off?
    Maybe we could watch the Cards put a whippin’
    on the despicable Cubs.We could get drunk and puke on our shoes.
    Just a thought.

  66. Sister Amy,

    Well done..


  67. Ken,

    Ol’ Slick was still a little shaky on that veracity thing while under oath..

    Close as he will ever get, I suppose.

    Thanks as always,


  68. Sling,

    The author is JR’s daughter. Haven’t heard anything but these things take time.

    A NLTZ convention would be interesting, realistically though, I am not anywhere near important enough for that..

    Lets see what next year holds, I am about to embark upon a trek to find a literary agent who might consider hawking my wares..

    I like BLUE water. The St. Louis brown water doesn’t do that much for me.

    Maybe a “Lets all get together CRUISE”? They have small meeting rooms on the cruise ships.

    Just as a lark, would anyone be interested in anything like that?

    Fall of ’09 at the earliest..

    Who would be in?


  69. I have found it to be a good idea to find a new reason to hate Obama everyday. Given what I make, under Obamanomics, it would take every dime I make just to pay my taxes and keep a roof over my head, literally. A second job would just get eaten up in taxes. I’m voting for my economic survival this time around. If the Dems win, and sweep the board, we’ll all be living in tar paper shacks.

  70. G.,

    Once we had “Hoover hogs” and “Hoover blankets” in this country, what will we have in the Obamanation?

    Thanks as always,


  71. STOFFEL,

    There should be no question to the term, “destroying and perpetuating the lower class” if kept in mind the gist of the article. The Democrats, literally, have no interest in “destroying” their most trusted voting bloc, but rather maintain it at the lowest level of human exhistance possible. All the while making that class feel good about it or, if the class doesn’t, blame their plight on Republicans.

    SHUSTER, You slay me. “Rich people need to help out the poor with the money they stole it from in the first place.” Sounds like a rehash of the blacks of today blaming their irresponsibilties for their communities on slavery. How many chances, much less help do they need to become a productive part of America? Oh, and let’s not forget about the 22 million illegal aliens in this country.
    How long do you need to be in this country before being eligble for the “rich white man fault” free liberal handouts, Shuster, one day?

    I’m white, go ahead, think what you want. But just like your’s, my brain is grey. I’m not a rich man nor am I hateful person. But I am damned angry!! While you and your fellow unthinking ilk that brings it out in me, I still retain my common sense and reasoning. Two terms I’m sure you’re unfamiliar with.

  72. Larry,
    Definitely count me in.

  73. Windrider,
    You are 100% correct. And I believe we may have reason for optimism. My son is a Freshman in college, and he tells me that more and more white student are fed up with the constant whining they hear from minorities and how all their problems can be laid at the feet of the racist white man. These brave young people,in general, either tell their idiotic,Socialist professors what they want to hear to secure good grades while becoming even more convinced of the correctness of their Conservative beliefs,or,what is even more heartening, are directly challenging the crude attempts at brainwashing by these despicable cretins,showing them to be the bigoted fascists they are.Granted, a small beginning, but a beginning, nonetheless.

  74. Google: Biden drunk.{email to everyone}

    I think this will explain a lot.

    Raising taxes is patriotic

    Ill drink to that.>>

    It’s really sad how a blow hard can fall from grace. Could it be he read one of his speeches and just had to have a drink to have it come from the heart?

  75. Dear Larry,

    I really do enjoy your writing and now I have become inspired to write more myself. You give thought provoking clarity to some very bad and corrupt liberal policies that will more likely not help anyone and could destroy the United States if they were to become laws. Barack Obama has some very lame ideas on how to collect dollars (using over the top taxes and contrary to what he says NO tax cuts) and hand some of that tax money over to illegal immigrants, to basically give them money so they’ll back the Democratic Party in the future. He calls it “redistribution of assets” I call it a political bribe. I have no problem with immigrants, since most of the United States is full of them; it’s what created our great Nation. Democrats for decades have pander to blacks and Hispanics citizens, who they have being trying to bribe them to vote democrat by giving freebies to these potential voters once elected, but at the cost to the middle class who always fall between the cracks of our society. What I object to are the illegal immigrants who want to bypass our Country’s law and go to the head of the line.

    All these freebie Obama wants will end up bringing more illegals into our Country when they realize that these freebies are available to them. It’s really not that difficult to take the Citizen test. I’ve had friends take it and easily passed, they have said it was easy. Come on, if Pamela Anderson took the test and passed, any one can. Pam’s future in the United States is so bright and her influence on popular culture will be enormous, or make that a FFF cup, new eyebrows and bigger lips to transcend how far plastic surgery can go. We have Joan Rivers, Cher and Pam to thank for the new and improved versions of their old selves by using plastic surgery, to enhance their looks but diminish their brain cells. Unfortunately, their brain activity, if they even had any has not improved with age. They’ve become dumber and dumber. Yet, their self esteem has risen to new heights. All three of these women are for Barack Obama. John McCain and Sarah Palin have nothing to worry about.

    The fact that Pam Anderson is supporting Barack Obama for President should have him shaking in his boots or his $1,000 Ferragamo Suede Loafers. The thing is Obama has very little experience which might be what the Hollywood lefties like about him. The can mold him into a great leader, unfortunately the rest of America isn’t on board because we do know his lack of experience, how long he’s been in the US Senate (143 days is not experience when you vote “present” most of the time, and try in everyway to avoid making a controversial vote). And, his raw arrogance and ignorance is very dangerous for our Country. We need a person who’ll fight for the United States and its continued sovereignty. Sorry Barack and Joe you aren’t it.

    The American public should be very wary of Ivy League educated lawyers who never actually practiced the law but, make the choice to go into politics instead because that’s where the big money is. Then, the Obama/Biden ticket fits that bill. It must be getting pretty crazy over at their campaign office, when Joe Biden needs to drink a lot of alcohol in order to make a speech at a campaign rally to try to look and sound sincere, to an audience who came their to see them. Fella’s, it’s not them you need to convince it’s everyone else but them. It shows just how scared they are about losing the popular vote from American citizens. Now the democrats want to have current and former felons be given the right to vote. (They better make it quick if they want to get OJ’s vote.) Boy, they sure are scraping the bottom of the barrel aren’t they? What’s next let cats and dogs be given the right to vote. Granted, I have both and they are a helleva lot smarter than any liberal democrat. Now, I’ll go off to wash my mouth out with soap.

    As the public comes to the realization about the Democratic Party starts voting republican the democrats try to find voters elsewhere. The public is a lot smarter then the democrats given us credit for and each democratic Presidential candidate they try to pass off to the American public to only have them lose, they blame the Republicans for their own loss. That ohh, I don’t know, you’d think they would try another angle and change their policies to where the public would be more comfortable. It’s their own arrogance that gets in the way.

  76. Windrider,

    As always a compelling commentary.

    I appreciate your contributions to the site.

    Thanks my friend,


  77. Sling,

    That IS good news.

    Take the campus back!


  78. Eileen,

    Inspiring writing, well done and thanks for your kind words.


  79. Sling–

    Hmm…I’m not so sure my husband would take too kindly to my acceptance of your proposal. He might be by the time this election is over, though. (I tend to express my discontent with Obama even more through verbal antics than through writing.) Until then, my friend, I am glad to have you in my voting corner. :o)


    Sign me up for the cruise. As long as it’s not the one Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon, and Rosie O’Donell will be on when McCain and Palin win this election.

    Continue with the column; I look forward to it daily.


  80. Heather,

    Sounds like you talk back to the television too..

    The Cruise? Will do. I will discuss with my boss the possiblity of next year, possibly fall..

    Does anyone have a preference, location wise? (Carribean, Alaska, etc.)


  81. Schuster’s just a troll, probably 10 or something. He’s not here to discuss, argue, or even disagree, just here to lob crap over the fence and see who responds. Big, tough guy behind the keyboard. Cowardly in person. Internet is full of them.

  82. I’m all for a cruise. I vote for Alaska. My Hubby and I want to go to Alaska.

  83. Patrick,

    “Argumentative Minimalism” has atrophied the left’s ability to debate the topics of the day.

    They have done it to themselves.

    Shuster is probably older than 10 but argumentatively, that’s about where he is..

    Thanks as always,


  84. Sister Amy,

    I am a big fan of the Western Carribean. (We will be back there come late October.) Wouldn’t mind the Mexican Riviera either.

    I am not sold on the Alaska cruise.. sounds a little too “sightseer” for me, but the majority (AKA: the MRS..) rules.

    Thanks as always,


  85. Larry,

    I’ll go wherever NLTZ wants to go. The Caribbean is closer than Alaska. I’ll go as long as Hubby and I can afford it!!!

  86. Sister Amy,

    Cruises can be pretty cheap as long as a person is unconcerned about their cabin location.

    You are in your cabin to sleep, shower and you leave your stuff there..

    Bottom line: a seven day cruise for two can be had for about a grand.

    Shorter cruises do cost less but it seems a waste to spend all the money necessary to get to the port of embarkation only to get off the ship three days later..

    We shall see..


  87. A friend told me about this right wing sight, but I had to check it out for myself.
    You guys sound like a bunch of rich white hateful people.
    Your so selfish you cant spare a few pennys in extra taxes and be patriotic?
    Rich people need to do more to help the poor people they stole their money from in the first place.>>


    Please give me a break. Most of the people on this board don’t want to vote for your candidate because he is a lame excused for a human being. All of his policies are destructive to the United States and its survival. We didn’t pick him as your party did, so if you want to really talk about a truth, that’s the truth. Plus your party should have chosen Hillary Clinton, who actually had more votes then your current presidential candidate. When given an opportunity to rectify that error what did you candidate do he choice a political has-been instead of choosing the correct candidate for vice president, Hillary Clinton. If this man is so fabulous as you and others have claimed then why has he done everything in his power to lose this election? Every single time when given the opportunity to help his party, he always chooses what was best for him and not for the party and your calling us selfish. Now, who is the bonehead here.

    If you want to continue to perpetrate the liberal myth that republican and conservative as being “rich” you are sadly mistaken. This is another false assessment that the Liberals in this world have stated that are very false assumptions on their and your part. Then, you want to call us racist because we disagree with the choices you made this and previous election years for NOT picking your egotistical candidates with bad ideas and even worse voting records and then want to blames us for not jumping for joy over the choice you made with your Presidential candidates.

    Taxes are a huge problem for most Americans and the amount of taxes Barack Obama wants to put into place is hardly a “few pennies” as you claim. If liberals would just tell the truth about what they want, things are so much more helpful to pick a Presidential candidate. Any distortion of the truth is considered by most Americans as a lie. There are no preconceived notions by conservatives regarding what Obama’s plans are for the United States. Here are some of the pennies he wants to take from us:

    Raise the top bracket of income taxation (on families income of $200,000 or more) to at least 39.6 percent rate that Bill Clinton imposed in 1993 (up from its current 35 percent under the Bush Tax Cuts).

    Impose Social Security (FICA) tax on all income, not just earnings under $102,000 as it present.

    Raise the capital gains taxes. Obama wants to almost double them from the current 15 percent rate to 28 percent.

    Double the tax dividends from current 15 percent to 30 percent.

    And, finally end the planned elimination of the estate tax and, most likely, lowering the threshold of which estates can be taxed, perhaps to as low as 1 millions.

    Increasing FICA tax by applying it to all of someone’s income would force companies to pay a penalty for paying any employee more than $100,000 each year.

    Now, these are the real truths that liberals refuse to acknowledge. He could and more likely would total destroy our economy. And to add to the damage Obama will also raise the taxes on real estate to t whopping 28.5%.

    That’s the Obama economic plan to save America and the housing crisis. But of course Obama could do another flip-flop on all of these as he watches his approval rating dwindle.

    One thing that Obama has not said he would increase taxes on, hedge funds. And what wealthy Obama supporter makes his money on hedge funds, George Soros. Obama has continues to help his friends over the American public.

    So before opening you mouth about the “few pennies,” grow a brain and look at the facts that you clearly want to minimalize so your candidate will win a very important election. Sorry I’m not buying his BS nor is most of America.

    So continue to co-departmentize Republicans/Conservative and continue to make false statements in accordance with your “beliefs” about us. As usual the democrats are always on the wrong side.

  88. Eileen,

    Remind me to never make you mad..

    Great rebuttal.

    Thanks as always,


  89. Boy do I come late to this party…

    Yes to the Army, yes to the cruise!

    Did anyone notice the smile on Biden’s face during the interview when calling more taxes patriotic? Sent a huge chill up my spine, freakin evil it was. So much more to come too. America needs to wake up… so refreshing to see the “awakening” taking place here!

  90. Redbone,

    Taxes always brings a smile to a liberals face.

    Here’s a few other liberal rib ticklers:

    Abortion, redistributionist, atheist..

    The list goes on and on..

    Keep that foot up and this cruise thing sounds like it may take off..

    Thanks as always,


  91. It takes more then lapel pins and being a POW to be patriotic. Sometimes you have to kick in and pony up your fair share.
    All these rich people walking away from Wall Street should be taxed 100% and give that money to the poor. Now that would be patriotic.
    The poor people deserve better from the richest nation on the planet.

  92. Schuster,

    Your Robin Hood/Socialist mentality is old and tired. Go hug a tree and feel better. BTW, if you tax the rich 100%, over time they will become the new poor, thus perpetuating poverty. If you eradicate the rich, who will be left to pay taxes and keep doling out the handouts you Libs say the poor so desperately need??? Your “logic” falls flat on its egg-laden face. I rest my case.

  93. Here’s a good reply to college students who support Oblama:

    the Democrats want to give you (student) a “free” education and that sounds good (but your parents are going to pay for with much higher taxes), however, its the Republican that will be giving you a job when you finish school.

    Democrats distribute wealth (mostly to themselves), Republicans CREATE wealth (ok, mostly for ourselves).

  94. Stitch: Republicans CREATE wealth yes, for ourselves, but also for anyone who is willing to join in and work for it!

    Democrats distribute wealth, but only to those who dance to their tune and don’t ask the important questions.

    That’s what our college educated students need to learn. (Oh, and also to write coherently, believe me, I used to teach college freshmen!)


  96. Note to Schuster :

    I pay $12,000.00 a year in federal income tax. That does not include state tax, county tax, city tax or sales tax. That does not include license fees or annual renewals.

    That all adds up to to quite a few (ahem) pennies every year, I’d say. I also work hard for what I earn. Damn hard. I don’t mind sharing a portion of what I have with those less fortunate, but I balk when some snot-nosed kid starts throwing around terms like “rich” and “thief” in such a surly manner. I have never taken anything I didn’t earn, and I have never refused to share.

    I really can’t get mad at someone who is obviously young, clearly uneducated, or, sorry to say, a complete idiot. Intelligent people have to make exceptions for those from any of these groups.

    I guess it’s sorta’ like an intellectual “Special Olympics” where everyone gets a trophy just for trying.

    Here’s yours, but don’t push your luck. I might not be so nice next time.


  97. bean,

    Lock and load my friend.

    Good to hear from you again.


  98. Larry,

    Are you sure you’re not “bribing someone to impersonate a “Schuster” just to get the fantastic comments that he produces?- (mine excluded).

    It seems that he brings out the best in everyone. Second to you, of course.

    I say, feed, pet, and nurture him to show the dumbness-(is that a word?) of the childlike,liberal mind. So far you’re doing a heckova job of it. Great stuff as usual.

    Darn, I love this site. (That’s “sight” to you Schuster).

  99. orvill,

    I wish that I had the “disposable income”. All that I would need to do is call it a “redistribution of revenue justifyably taken from the rich” and the place would be lousy with green haired, bug eyed Obamazombies..

    There really are several million Shusters with Obama/Biden stickers on their Hybrid cars, shiny little buttons on their dirty lapels.

    They truly “think” like this.

    If you can stand the smell, go by any liberal enclave (coffee house, etc.) and listen to them converse.

    In St. Lou, we have a “book store” called “Left Bank Books”. No foreshadowing there..

    One pass down the aisles with all of the “alternative lifestylers”, the alabaster imbeciles with dreadlocks and Bob Marley shirts and hirsute harridans in earth shoes is enough..

    Believe me my friend, Shuster is MILD compared to the libs that I hear..

    I’m just glad that someone from the left chooses to speak outside of their circle.

    Most are geuinely cowardly, confrontation without a group of fifty or more fellow travelers along side is verboten..

    Thanks my frien for all of your kind words.


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