Brace Yourselves (Thanks Frankie)

Today, “writers” (the term here is used loosely) for the Associated Press (please take note of the first three letters of the word Associated..) are reflexively reinforcing what was summarily covered in “The Pot Calling the Kettle” back in June of this year. If I may summarize, the only possible reason that Barack Hussein Obama can lose the upcoming election is due to the “white racial prejudice” that is rampant in America. Just to keep things “fair”, the story and the “poll” (a mere 2,227 people..) included professed Democrats as well as the requisite and obviously racist Republicans as well.. Brace yourselves, you are all racists.

The story, “Poll: Racial misgivings of whites an Obama issue” is a cornucopia of gibberish that differs only slightly from the “they’re going to scare you about me” tripe that Obama himself has been laughingly advancing since the beginning of his sham-paign.

These “racial misgivings” are “deep seated” as well. According to the AP-Yahoo News poll (Sounds to me like they managed to find 2,227 yahoos who were then included..) “One third of white Democrats harbor negative views towards blacks”. A few points if I may..

The only “negative views” of consequence would be those relative to Barack Hussein Obama. The “generalizations” of some random “poll” about “blacks in general” are completely irrelevant. These Democrats or Republicans for that matter, aren’t calling Barack Obama “violent”, “complaining”, “lazy” and irresponsible”. The inference is that if you aren’t going to vote for Obama, the reason has to be that you are a racist. You are not allowed to disagree with his policies, (whatever they are..) you are not allowed to disagree with his take on the issues. (whatever they are..) If you aren’t going to vote for him, you are a racist, get it?

This ridiculous fairy tale (Thanks to Bill Clinton for that one.) goes askance right from the starting blocks “One-third of white Democrats harbor negative views towards blacks.” If that were actually true, wouldn’t Hillary Clinton have been the nominee of the Democratic Party? Maybe Dennis Kucinich could have gotten the nomination had not the Democratic voters harbored a negative view towards crackpots. Is it possible for the transparency of this “story” to be any more self-evident?

The story (which surprisingly didn’t humorously call this hokum an “epidemic” or “a crisis” as so many others before it have) says that, “40 percent of all white Americans hold at least a partly negative view towards blacks.” Mind you, this is based upon the “Yahoo” poll of yahoos done on line and by computer, of 2,227 people. Again, their inferred liberal syllogism falls short: 40 percent of “all white Americans” (“all”: fallacy of evidence) hold a negative view of blacks. (In this case we are only talking about 40 percent of the 2,227 people polled.) Obama is black. (Another fallacy of evidence. 50 percent, actually.) Ergo, 40 percent of all white Americans hold a negative view of Obama.

Utilizing this typically empty and vapid liberal logic, let’s try another Socialist “silly-gism”. 95 percent of all blacks support Obama. John McCain is white. Therefore, 95 percent of all blacks have a “negative view” of whites.. 95 percent is a vastly larger sum than 40 percent, isn’t it? Where are the cries of “black racism”? There are none because black Americans are entitled to support the candidate of their choice without all of the baseless charges others in this country are “subjected to” (AKA: harassed) in order to help them towards “changing their mind.” The blacks have already made “the right choice, which ain’t the white choice” and it’s only the racist whites of America that “need convincing”..

The liberal authors of this “piece”, who are trying so very hard to disguise their puppy love for Obama, also called Obama’s nomination a “seminal moment for a nation that enshrined slavery in its Constitution.” As Ronald Reagan said, “There you go again..” This farfetched Constitutional “stretch” tacitly involves the following: Section 9 of Article I, Section 2 of Article IV, Section 2 of Article I and Article V. I saved them the trouble of actually “researching” their flaccid, hollow and baseless statements. None of those four could even be remotely construed as “enshrined”, but when you have a liberal agenda to support, proof is irrelevant. It is nothing more than the liberal axiom, “I believe it, therefore it is so.” I supposed that Whoppi Goldberg helped vet this article for the AP..

The article again says, “Just seven in 10 people who call themselves democrats support Obama..” As well as, “The survey also focused on the racial attitudes..” Again, remember that this was a survey of 2,227 people. This article even called this survey “exhaustive.” 2,227 people.. Not much was said about “policies”. Not much was said about “the issues”. It’s all about the inherent racism of those who have the audacity to vote against the “143 Day Wonder” and his senseless sidekick Joe Lieden.

The groundless assumptions within this article are almost too much to bear. “Obama’s support would be as much as 6 percentage points higher if there were no white racial prejudice.” Brace yourself, there will be a lot more where that came from.. How much higher would McCain’s support be if there were no black racial prejudice? Or are we to assume, as the liberals have, that the concept of “black racial prejudice” is non existent?

“Nearly 17 percent of Clinton’s white backers plan to vote for McCain..” This apostasy can be quickly and efficiently renamed, “White backers equals red necks.” How many of that 17 percent were females? Females who have the right to be upset at the manhandling/disrespect showed to their candidate by the Democratic elitists? It is just too easy to re-categorize the Clinton supporter’s justifiable “feelings” into the imaginary pre election excuse of “white racism”.

I am sure that this will not be my last word on this topic simply because this will not be THEIR last word on the topic. Wait until the Obama yard signs start getting bogusly burned or destroyed as election day grows near..

The liberals are of the opinion that those of us who do not swoon over Germany’s favorite candidate are busy pressing our white sheets and building wooden crosses for some unfortunate’s front yard. The reality is that they are the ones busy pressing their brown shirts and polishing their jackboots.

Brace yourselves, unless you have an Obama sticker on your Prius or an Obama sign stuck in the compost heap in your front yard, you will be considered a de facto racist.





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  1. Larry,

    You hit it right on the head with this one. So, I guess that the McCain sticker on my BMW brands me as a racist? No wonder that I get all of those funny looks. Then again, those funny looks usually come from the same people who feel that, since I bathe regularly, that I am insensitive to the “epidemic” of “global warming”. Oh, well, you can’t please everybody.

  2. No surprise…following logically from their reasoning it should be a 100% landslide if it wasn’t for the “racism” of whites. Because it is so “obvious” who we should vote for if it weren’t for the “racists”. This is the source of all the ludicrous “slavery” comments et al. Of course, the hidden racism that Obama possesses is nothing of the sort in the liberal MSM worldview. The idea that he would patronize a church that spouted the sort of divisive,racist, hate ideas for 20+ years, and NOT subscribe to those ideas is absolutely absurd. and purposely denying reality. But they(the MSM) also subscribe to those beliefs as well. The idea that “their” beliefs are NOT racist, but ours ARE, is strictly preaching to the “progressive” choir. However if Americans are unable to think for themselves the MSM will be able to shame and bully the white majority into electing the biggest mistake in American history.

  3. The only person I have personally heard comment that “people” will not vote for a black candidate, is my liberal sister.

    I & every rational person I know would vote for Thomas Sowell in a heartbeat! (And there are many others.) I have not heard of or read about a single conservative knocking the idea of a black candidate. We are not about the superficial…we are about the substance.

  4. White people have a history of being racists.
    Black people have a history of being slaves.
    Its easy to imagine that there are still lingering racial issues among white people.
    At least with a black president that understands what it has been like for blacks to live in slums black people might get a fair deal in this country.


    larry great story.
    I too carry a MCCAIN sign but on my MERCEDES A gift last CHRISTMAS from my two boys.
    Had a scary ride thru ALBANY a couple of weeks ago on route 9
    EVERY OTHER HOUSE HAD A bama sign.
    In 1953 Iwas in an AIR FORCE training school in CHEYANNE WYOMING and experienced a racial
    attempted take 0ver of the squarden
    that required ths FBI to raid the place at 3am.More weapons found than you could shake a stick at

  6. Schuster, What is your motivation for posting on a “rich white racist site?”

  7. tccesq,

    Branded you are, my friend.

    The most offensive thing about you to the left is the fact that you have no need for them.

    They have to have people who can’t get by without them and their cancerous compassion.

    Thanks as always, my friend,


  8. tsnamm,

    No racism in old Reverend Wright…nahhhhhhhh..

    Well put. Good job, my friend.



  9. inalook,

    Substance over superficiality..


    Thanks as always,


    P.S. I didn’t hit the Missouri lottery tonight, (It might of helped had I played..) so the site is still a middle class site…

  10. Shuster,

    “Fair deal” ,eh?

    Do you know what the “Fair Deal” was?

    Truman era tripe. Heavy focus on the idea of Universal Health Care (No one with common sense liked the idea back then either..)

    It also brought about the “Housing Act of 1949” which made federal funds available for “urban renewal” and more public housing.

    Federal Interventionism and our first president as slum lord. The New Deal without the acronyms..

    “Fair” for whom?



  11. JR,

    Enjoy that Mercedes, you’ve earned it my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  12. As I used to tell my friends, I have one outstanding prejudice about color: I like my money green!

    The truly sad thing about this election cycle for the Black Members of our society is that they will be losers no matter which way the results go.
    If the “one” doesn’t win it will be because they did not present the right (well qualified, properly vetted, etc.) candidate – a Sowell, Powell, Rice, Thomas or other equally representative Black – as a contestant. This will cause more ripples of distrust for the White man and more years of false “racism”.

    If he does win the resultant damage done to our country due to his lack of qualifications and preparedness will be so devastating that another Black candidate will be shunned for years (in the same way we will not vote for another “peanut farmer” for many, many more elections).

    I sincerely hope that first option I have offered is the result of the coming elections as I think we can jump that hurdle quicker that the second.


  13. Shuster,
    Since when did Hussain O. ever live in a slum. If he had that would have be the first thing in his resume. Oh, I forgot – that would have made him look like a capitalist- and Move On would never backed anybody who appeared to have helped themselves.

    Keep it up Larry, you’re really P’ing Off the liberals! I know, I know, that’s not your intentions, but ain’t it fun?!!!

  14. Great article. This whole racism thing is balanced as the dead even race in the polls indicate. Any disadvantage Obama suffers because he is black is off set by the “historic moment” his blackness brings to the race. He is the Jackie Robbinson moment on steroids. In the black community this election is Joe Lewis v. Max Scmaeling (sp?). Prof. Kennedy, a black Harvard law professor, equates Obama losing with depriving all blacks the oppurtunity ever to be president. I think it is depriving all left wing political hacks from Chicago who have literally bomb throwing buddies.

  15. This racial propaganda is a set-up for “legitimate” Democrat protest if this election does not go their way, made obvious by their own figures. The only problem is, as in this whole election , they jumped the gun and have exposed themselves early.
    While insulting the intelligence of all thinking people , they totally ignore the resounding reality of Black Racism in this Country, rationalizing it by bringing up slavery as their mantra in defense.
    (600,000 whites and other nationalities and races died 150 years ago to help end this, right?)
    Of course there are segments of white society with misgivings towards Blacks. Seeing over and over Black Mayors (Marion Barry) and other officials being re-elected over and over….because the current black culture cares not for right or wrong, only that Black is in the seat! The ongoing filthy Rap Culture and the totally negative influence it has had on our kids and the hypocrisy of Black Leaders to deal with it in an effectual way, the ongoing hijacking of public school systems to push celebration of black achievements in this Country while eliminating all white Culture. The ongoing extortions and lies being perpetrated by the Al Sharptoins and Jesse Jacksons along with the spineless and shameful caving in to these criminals by so many of our so -called institutions.
    And they simply can not understand why some, not all, whites are suspect of the “Black Thang that us whites just don’t and can’t understand” being thrust to power in our highest office?
    It is not my intention to reflect a racist attitude, it is to reflect what is coming in our faces if whitey “steals this election! Or so we will be told by the Democrats!
    The pendulum has swung in one direction and is being held in place by grasping hands.
    Do we deserve this? Do we really?

  16. Loren,

    It is the “Lose/Lose” scenario, isn’t it..

    Thanks as always,


  17. orvill,

    It’s just one of the many services that I offer…

    Thanks my friend,


  18. Theop,

    Harvard, eh?

    Standing proof that education is by no means synonymous with intelligence.


  19. James,

    If it were only black racism that was being ignored..

    Black on black crime: ignored.

    Black abortion rates: ignored.

    Black drop out rates: ignored.

    Conservatives choose to work to eliminate these problems..and we are the racists.

    I’ll never understand it.




  21. Schuster,

    Are you white??? If you are, then by your own logic, you have a history of racism. I guess you’re racist by default, then, as well.

    P.S. If not voting for BHO equates to my being labeled a racist, then I shall wear that label with pride!!!

  22. Schuster,

    Blacks finally getting a fair deal?
    How many billions have been spent the last 40 years and Social engineering imposed on the populations in the “attempt” to give Blacks a fair deal?
    How many Black Leaders have emphasized education and self sufficiency to their Constituents to generate true self pride and Culture of Life over handouts and extorted payoffs?
    Does this Presidential hopeful understand what it is to be Vietnamese, African, white, red, Italian, Samoan or any other Culture in this Country?
    Obama does not even have a sufficient education in the History of this Country (all “57” States!?) to even understand the mistakes we have already made in even our recent past!
    Most of us who have lived through the Carter years and even the Johnson years (though I was a small child during that period I still remember the conflicts) and we hit our heads against the wall in frustration as these current Democrats regurgitate the EXACT same failed logic that wasted billions upon billions then!
    Obama simply can not be my President! I do not care if he is purple with yellow stripes , he is a Socialist! And he is a Socialist with NO Culture! He can not lead nor can he relate to a vast majority in this Country! He is a Liar searching for power created by the absolutely corrupt Chicago Politico! Nothing more!

  23. If a vote for Mc Cain makes me a racist, then I shall wear that badge with pride. I am sick of blacks calling us names, and that if we dare to respond we are labelled with yet more invectives. Enough. More than likely, once Oshama loses we’ll have a race war in this country, and they will have only themselves to blame (but they won’t).

  24. G.,

    If anyone would blame themselves in this liberal blameless society, I would flip.


  25. Just reminded me to get to Republican Headquarters to pick up my McCain/Palin white racist bumper sticker. Think I’ll stop at WalMart, as well, and pick up a rifle rack for the pickup truck.

  26. Thank you Larry for your outstanding article.

    I have heard black after black state that they are voting for BHO simply because he is black too. He could be Hitler incognito (no disrespect to Amos and Andy) and he would still get their vote. NO racism here however.

    Like BHO himself, blacks cannot delineate any of his policies except to recite “CHANGE” .

    Personally, I believe this refers to “pocket change” as this is all we will be left with after BHO taxes the living *#&^ out of us.

    Hopefully, articles like the one from AP contained in fish wrap around this country will infuriate and unite the masses to help send BHO back to his “chosen” occupation – socialist radical demanding more handouts for the irresponsible leeches that cling to prejudice and exploit “white guilt” in order to keep living off the system.

  27. I don’t care if Obama is “Purple”. I took the test on and I scored 100% against what Obama would like to enforce on all of us. I disagree with his policies 47 out of 47. I wouldn’t trust this guy to go to the grocery store and bring back a loaf of bread and my change, much less, be President of the United States. I pray he gets “buried”. So go ahead, call me “racist”. I could care less what you call me.

  28. Jeff // September 21, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    I don’t care if Obama is “Purple”. I took the test on and I scored 100% against what Obama would like to enforce on all of us. I disagree with his policies 47 out of 47. I wouldn’t trust this guy to go to the grocery store and bring back a loaf of bread and my change, much less, be President of the United States. I pray he gets defeated soundly in the election. So go ahead, call me “racist”. I could care less what you call me.

  29. I found this posting to be one of your most well-written. You awakaned my curiosity, so I went to Yahoo to read the article, and found it to be even worse than I expected.

    I sent them a comment, not that it will do any good. Maybe if lots of people write to them they’ll at least realize that not everyone is swallowing their crap.

    Thanks for the good piece, Larry.

  30. I’m a racist and have been long before the campaign started. Oh the shame, the guilt of it all! Constantly reminded, by the media, Jack$on, $harpton and the Liberals, I am on my knees daily begging for forgiveness, but alas there is no change in me.

    “Profiling, bigot, racist” are all hollow kneejerk liberal defenses when no viable offense can be offered. The echoes are mumbled somewhat sounding a little like “Hip-Hop.”

    The dismal continuance of the black community in it’s moral and ethical existance remains. After the many billions in dollars spent and programs (all provided by us so called racists) especially designed for their progression This same community in large, shows an enormous lack of responsibilty and respect for themselves and their future.

    A community where so-called “diss’n” or disrespecting another could get you killed, either on the spot or in a drive by as the ‘offended’ shoots with his Glock or AK57.
    Dropout rate of boys; Over 50%. Of those up to 40% will become involved with crimes.
    High teen pregnancys with “Grandma” raising the baby, should she have it, and no father figure for the child or to help with expenses.

    Racist? Yes, I’m discriminatory in the life style and self diciplines of the black community. When the blacks set a moral, self respective, self bearing standard for themselves and stop thinking the government or the white man owes them a living, not until then will my veiw change.


    As PAT B. said in a recent article,[to have been a slave you would have to be 150 hears old. none exist
    40million daollars and 40 years of programs later they still are not satisfied or take responsibilty for the actions daily

  32. Larry, that poll you cite is rigged like all the mainstream media. If they weren’t rigged they would show McCain leading by 20 points.

  33. Schuster wrote: “White people have a history of being racists.”

    Uh, actually blacks in America commit more racial crime than whites (i.e., black-on-white) by several orders of magnitude. E.g., black-on-white gang rape @ 10,000 per year; white-on-black gang rape @ one (1) per year, nationwide.

    Schuster wrote: “Black people have a history of being slaves.”

    So do Jews, Arabs, and whites. Remember Moses’ Great Escape from Egypt? How about the fact that several Arabian countries kept slaves until just after WWII? Qatar had slavery until 1952. Saudi Arabia until 1962! South Yemen until 1967!! Oman until 1970!!!

    Most of those slaves were European whites and other Semites.

    Schuster wrote: “Its easy to imagine that there are still lingering racial issues among white people.”

    Imagination is not a good basis for the formulation of national policy, now is it?

    Schuster wrote: “At least with a black president that understands what it has been like for blacks to live in slums black people might get a fair deal in this country.”

    How about the white people living in slums? Or the Hispanic people? Or the Asian people? Or the American Indians?

    Schuster wrote a lot of emotion-laden nonsense and little truth.

  34. Clint,

    That was a good one..

    Wal Mart for a gun rack.

    Grab a Larry the Cable Guy DVD while you’re there..

    Historically black means brotherhood. Historically white means racist.

    Now it all makes sense…



  35. Joe,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    The “catch of the day” doesn’t smell nearly as bad as that article..

    Thanks as always,


  36. Jeff,

    That’s what it takes, the “I don’t care” in the face of the guilt trippers.



  37. Derryl,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I am not sure if the efforts of concerned people like you are noticed at Yahoo, but I am glad that you felt compelled to speak your mind.

    Keep up the good work, every little bit helps.


  38. Windrider,

    Spoken from the heart.



  39. Ken,

    Polls by nature are “tricky”. Questions can be easily shaded and the only thing that you get are the “results”.

    Take them all with a grain or two of salt.

    Thanks as always,


  40. Charlie T.,

    The truth and nothing but the truth..


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


  41. Speaking of bumper stickers, I saw one, well, it stretched acrossed the tailgate of the S.U.V. saying; ‘I’m REPUBLICAN because not EVERYONE can be on WELFARE”

    Below that a ‘vanity’ plate that said, “I work”

    In the minds of liberals, a pure example of repressed, depressed racism. Why hell, the woman driving the S.U.V. would probably be sexist too.

    THEOP, Harvard’s Law Professor Kennedy is what we should worry about in our colleges. The influence of his like permeate the sound minds of our children.
    His statement of equating Barrack Hussein Obama’s losing with depriving all blacks ever the opportunity to be president shows his narrow mindeness, not only in thinking only of his race first before our nation, but no heed to the devastion possibly caused the our nation simply by electing a “black president” who is unqualified.

    Professor Kennedy is a hypocrite as is the nature of the Democrates. There will be black men who are far more enabled than the charade of “The One” we’re seeing now.

  42. Joe

    “Pocket change” is all we’ll have left is the truth! Obama is an Islamo Trotskyite communist. Trotsky advocated pemanent revolution. The “change” Obama is talking about is revolution with a capital R. The slogan “Change you can believe in” is a cynical joke on the white liberals who buy into his hype.



    Your option will elect Bama
    just like Ross Perot got us Clinton

  45. I watched a History Channel show last week that documented the takeover by two black men of the Harlem drug trade from the ‘Mafia.’

    These two black “businessmen” preyed on their own people and then were worshipped because they became rich. They had fancy clothes, cars & women.

    Then they doled out “charity” to the drug devastated families and became heroes.

    This is not a racist problem…it is a psychological malfunction, like domestic abuse. Why do women stay in abusive relationships? Why do black people support the very people/party who have held them down?

  46. George,

    Don’t vote for me..

    Conservatives aren’t really welcome in D.C…

    Thanks as always my friend,


  47. inalook,

    Stop making sense.

    Actually, since you have sense and intelligence in spades, stay here and keep the comments coming.

    Thanks as always,


  48. Windrider,

    I’m thinking of aseembling a “Windriders greatest hits” collection..

    I could just save myself the effort and just include all of your comments.

    Thanks for making NLTZ an even better site.


  49. Larry, once again a great and well thought-out article. Actually this shows just how out of touch liberals are with the general American public. Trying to shame us so we’ll vote for your candidate of choice. They need to categorize us because they don’t understand us and probably never will. They put us in categories of Christians, bigots, anti-Semitic, racist and rednecks that who actually have the nerve to have morals and values. Oh my God, what a nightmare for these poor bleeding hearts. Since most Americans are NOT elitist who think they are superior to all human beings, as liberals do. They are delusionist who can’t face facts; they once again picked the wrong candidate to be their representative in this Presidential race.

    When their Presidential candidate doesn’t have the slightest clue what America wants and what their needs are yet continues to show himself to be condensing elitist, and then they blame America for not standing behind their choice, especially when they took that choice away from their own voters, is just one more bad decision from the left, again. Since 2000 the Democratic Party has pushed an agenda on the public and keeps pushing more outrageous liberal’s candidates to the forefront as their political choice. The fact that they will most likely lose again, even when they’ll cheat by placing dead folks names on absentee ballots. They just don’t get it and probably never will. Turn back the liberalism a bit and go more toward the middle of conservatives, they might actually get some votes. But, they arrogantly think they are right to pursue their liberal agenda and Americans will likely push back every time. I always said God didn’t give liberals brains but he gave them huge egos.

    But, if Yahoo and AP wants to label me a bigot, go right ahead, because I know I am not. See, I know I’m making the best choice for this Country by not voting for an egocentric condensing liberal elitist who wants to bankrupt our Country so he can eventually hand it over to an even more corruptible international organization, such as the United Nations. Nice try, but I’m not buying it. Liberals need to learn the consequences of the choices they make and they were the ones who choice Obama.

    Ask the blacks who lived on the Southside of Chicago if Barack Obama was on their side when he was the State representative for them in the Illinois Senate? He wasn’t he’s only out to better himself and to promote himself. What about the blacks who are not voting for Obama you know the other 35% who are not voting for him, what category do they fall into? Smart, the must smell his BS a 100 miles away.

    In reading up on his policies, one of them being a 28.5% tax hike for homes sales. Senator Obama will have to explain how is that going to help our economy and our home sales situation or will it be one more thing he takes back and blames us for not understanding his agenda. We understand it, believe me and we don’t want it.

    Jeff, I took the test on Townhall as well and had the same score.

    I will never understand blacks. Abe Lincoln freed them from slavery and died because of his beliefs in proving them that freedom which they all seem to forget. Yet, they general vote democratic down the line and these were the people who had used them as slaves. I do understand that Democrats, especially liberal ones want to hand out tons of free stuff to them now so its really not about the what occurred 150 years ago, it’s about the free things they don’t have to pay for, but we do. I should have a say in that as well as all of us on these websites. The group that should be whining and aren’t are our native Americans who have been treated horribly in our past histories.

  50. I will not vote for George Soros OPPS!! Barack Obama, end of story!!!!!

  51. Eileen,

    Nothing to add..

    A great comment as always..

    Thanks again,


  52. Dee,

    Heres hoping that tens of millions of voters think that way as well.

    Thanks for your comment,


  53. Larry,

    Thank you.
    I must say that my words may seem common place, perhaps boring, but they are from my heart, my very core.

    I’m sure I join many others here on No Left Turnz who elucidate on your fabulous articles and your word craftmanship in bowing to you as “La Supreme Larry.”

    You keep on workin’…I’ll be here.

  54. Maybe Obama should try affirmative action, we owe it to him after all dont we??????

  55. By the way, blacks sold blacks to slavery. Even the infamous Roots movie depicts most blacks being captured by other blacks and sold to the whites.
    Where lies the real problem andd where lies the blame?

  56. Windrider,

    “Common place”? “Boring”?


    The funny thing is that the left has assumed the mantle of “compassionate”. However, in their world, “compassionate” means “patronizing”.

    One can’t help but hear “compassionate” in your comments. As well as Sister Amy, Stitch, Beanhead54, JR, the list goes on and on..

    The only reason the left doesn’t recognize the “compassion” in our words is that the the “meaning” of words has lost its value to the sanctimonious liberals.

    It also helps to listen but that it difficult to do when you spend your time screaming down the opposition.

    Thanks for your contributions to this site,


  57. Jamie,

    You had better stop telling the truth, you might hurt a liberal’s “feelings”.

    Proof and evidence are irrelevant in the left’s world.

    They only matter here. Good job.


  58. Is the USA Under Media Occupation? had a story today on how Israel is under Media Occupation by the failed left in Israel. Substitute USA for Israel in how the Media Occupation applies to politics and it is the same here in America. We certainly need change in that quarter!

  59. I no longer affix bumper stickers to my (yes!) Prius, because it makes my car a damage target for lefties. Funny how you never hear about right wingers torching things, over-turning vehicles in the street, throwing rocks, holding loud, obnoxious protest events. It’s always the lefties. Surprised, anyone? I’m not.

  60. Ken,

    That would be “change that we can believe in” wouldn’t it??


  61. Rick2,

    The left specializes in cowardice.

    Either in groups or in the dark of night, they skulk.

    They are not unlike vermin..


  62. “95 percent of all blacks support Obama. John McCain is white. Therefore, 95 percent of all blacks have a “negative view” of whites..”

    What could I posibly add to that? This race has nothing at all to do with race. God help us… lose/lose is all to real.

  63. Amy D & Dee, I am reading “Hitler’s Cross” and it is very thought provoking for our time.

    ‘Prophecy’ says that the Antichrist will come from Europe and that the world will end in the fourth year of his reign. (2012?) I was racking my brain as to who this might be…George Soros?!!

  64. inalook,

    Maybe it is someone who is “loved” in Europe (Germany?)


    Just for fun..

    Thanks as always,


  65. Larry, But who is behind BHO/JFK?

  66. I was all set to ask Schuster just when Barry lived in a slum when Orvill did it for me.
    Other than black leaders like Bill Cosby and similar like minds, the black leaders of this country are predators on their own race. Everything that happens is someone else’s fault.
    There have been special perks and quotas for over 40 years to help people of color “catch up”.
    I wish they would. Being responsible for one’s actions takes responsibility. the likes of Jackson and Sharpton perpetuate the current slavery of inadequacy.
    Dr. Dave

  67. No, it has to be someone BORN in Europe (somewhere that was once a part of the Roman Empire), born by Caesarean section (not “born of woman”) or possibly by IVF to a virgin, and then delivered via C-section, thus completely imitating a virgin birth. I don’t think BHO qualifies as THE Anti-Christ, but he is AN antichrist. Both are mentioned in the Bible. BHO, wherever he was born, was NOT born in Europe. I personally do not subscribe to the “Left Behind” version of the End Times, but according to that version (a literal interpretation of Revelations with the addition of the Rapture before the Great Tribulation), that is how Anti-Christ is supposed to be born.

  68. Inalook,

    I need to re-read Hitler’s Cross. I just ordered three Anti-Obama books from Amazon today. I ordered “The Case Against Obama” by David Freddoso, John Corsi’s book (I don’t remember the title) and “The Audacity of Deceit” (I don’t remember the authors). My mind is spinning tonight and I can’t think straight. Any coherent thought tonight is with God’s help (hence the above comment that actually makes sense).

  69. Larry,

    P.S. Found this last night…I have been thinking this would happen.

    JUST GOT THIS: The ‘DEMS’ know they’re in big trouble since Sarah Palin and I’ve heard, from > other sources, this is what they are planning to do about it. J.M. > > …from excellent sources within the DNC: > On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing > health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary. This is timed to occur > after the VP debate on 10/2. > > I have already seen a few short blurbs about this – the ‘health problem’ cited > in those articles was aneurysm. probably many of you have heard the same > rumblings. However, at this point, with this inside info from the DNC, it looks > like this Obama strategy will be a go. Therefore, it seems that the best > strategy is to get out in front of this Obama maneuver, spell it out in detail, > and thereby expose it for the grand manipulation that it is. > > So, let’s start mixing this one up and cut the Obamites off at the pass – send > this info out to as many people as you can – post about it on websites and blogs > – etc etc >

    King Bob – commentator 9/21/08

  70. Amy, I know what you mean by a spinning mind…mine never shuts up!

    The comments I made about prophecy came out of “Hitler’s Cross.” (which you turned me on to) I was referring to George Soros, who was born in Hungary, and backs BHO. I have had a bad feeling about him since learning his history.

  71. inalook, about Antichrist:

    Royal House of Windsor: Prince William.

    It is popularly presumed the Royal Family of Great Britain is figurhead and without power. In depth examination reveals this to be not so. In fact, Queen Elizabeth is the head of the European Black Nobility. It is from the evil heirarchy of the Black Nobility, International Central Bankers, and the Illuminati and secret societies and syncophantic pawns that much of our turmoil and cultural upheaval is formulated and dispensed to us. The following is from Cutting Edge web site:
    “Prince William Taking Two Huge Steps To Become The “Masonic Christ”!

    In line with our belief that Antichrist will come from the House of Windsor, Prince William joined the “Order of the Garter”, a secret society formed in 1348 which has long exercised great control over the global Illuminati

    Step 2 – Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II announce plans to put Prince William through an unprecedented course on how to be a King — a course of training never done before in all England’s long history! Is William going to be trained to be Antichrist, the coming “Man of Lawlessness?”

    Obama is backed by International Bankers led by Rothschilds, the Chicago interlopers challenging the New York cartel led by Warren Buffet and George Soros, two billionairs together who stirred up the financial pot last week to tip the scales for Obama. Soros is an Askenaze Jew who turned in Jews in his hometown in Hungry to the Nazis, helped confiscate their property and then helped send them to the consentration and death camps. Both Soros and Buffet are nation rapers in that most of the citizens bet on the success of the nation by investing in 401-Ks while the Soros and Buffets bet on the failure of the nation by buying short .

    On the Biden replacement, I saw one prediction that they will put forth Al Gore, the Clintons not wanting second fiddle and waiting for 2012 for best chance. Yes, they are desperate.

    Like you said, we ‘ve got to get this out into every blog we to bury this monster.

  72. inalook,

    Soros is an “economic war criminal”, quote from the people of Thailand.

    The England “Black Wednesday” speculator.

    He invests in the failures of currencies.

    No wonder he wants Democrat to be President..


  73. Dr. Dave,

    Jack$on and $harpton: They actively work towards the failure of their own people.

    What would they be called if they were white?

    Thanks as always,


  74. inalook,

    Hillary won’t help at this point to the degree that Palin has helped.

    It will appear too contrived.

    Won’t help even if it happens.

    Thanks as always,


  75. Ken, It is hard to imagine William as ten times more evil than Hitler…but as Larry just pointed out, Mr. Sore Loser specializes in destroying the currencies of countries. It is only a skip from there to complete control.

    “It’s the economy, stupid!”

  76. Palin has overtaken the girl-wonder. Hillary was done when Nobama and the DNC beat her back. A mere senator at best. The future belongs to Palin… what she does with it remains to be seen but I for one look forward to that at least. Who better to attack this blatant race baiting BS (Condi perhaps but that’s not to be) than Sarah? A “white man”??? Joe Biden??? I see only one political successor in this race.

  77. I am white, but I think everyone has some bit of racism, but I also think white people have even more. Mostly because of slavery and the way that black people have been kept down for 150 years since the Civil War.
    Reading all your comments just makes me believe even more that you’re hateful.
    With President Obama the black people will start to get their fair share, but its going to take time. He might have to get re-elected to really make a difference.

    That’s all I have to say about this topic here.

  78. Please don’t feed the trolls.

  79. inalook

    It would appear that way. But things are not what they seem. It is reported that Prince Phillip and Evelyn Rothschild have or are working out the new One World Religion which is eccumenical. People of this sort have no qualms about tampering with their children, i.e. Monarch Mind Control, etc. Soros or a type like Kissenger might fill the false prophet role in Israel. In any case there’s a WWIII between Antichrist and his emergence as world leader. Another reason Obama is wrong for America.

  80. Look,

    It’s been so long since I read that book (2002), that I completely forgot that that was in the book. I am sorry for any confusion. Also, my beliefs concerning the End Times have only changed in the last 2 years.

  81. Great article, as always. You have a lot of wisdom. One of my favorite Bible verses says it all: “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Eccl. 10:2

  82. Laura,

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Wouldn’t that verse make a great billboard?


  83. SHUSTER,

    Forgive my bluntness here but I’ve responded to you before in what I mistook for silliness on your part, I was wrong, it’s ignorance. I suspect you are young and along with that a good smear of liberalism is clouding the thoughts of an otherwise good and reasoning mind.

    “White people have more racism than blacks do?” Perhaps because of the disporprtionate numbers between the races with whites being in the majority. I can assure you that blacks are just as racist in the way you think white men are. I’ve been around long enough to experience it.

    You think with Barrack being elected the blacks will “get their fair share.” I’m repetitive in saying this but it has been almost 50 years since Civil Rights Movement and the black race won a great victory for itself. More than two generations, with billions upon billions of govermental aid and projects in helping blacks get “their fair share.” Yet, after all the money, all the programming which still continues today, where are the majority of the minority? Still dependent on governmental stipends to “get”, NOT EARN, their fair share.

    Think about those “not earn” words, Shuster.

    You think that 8 years of Barrack Hussein Obama would be even better for the black race. Try 40 or why not 50? The last 50 has done little good towards the advancement of the black people. A race who are content in the mindset of not earning, but rather having their living “owed” them because of their color and history of slavery, of which few can lay ancestral claim to.

    Because blacks are content with the “handout” existance they now have, the Democrats will do no more than maintenance work for them. Think about this, Shuster, it actually amounts to no more than a form of low paying slavery, the only work having to be done is to vote for the liberals.

    Is it racist of me to say that while it’s easy to hear the black community’s claim in the pride of their color, I’ve yet to see any major accomplishments by the black community themselves? I think not.

  84. Poor black folks have been voting democratic for 50 years….they are still voting democratic…and guess what…they are still poor.
    How’s that working for you?

  85. Right as Rayne,

    Stop making sense..

    But if you insist, you always have a home here at NLTZ.

    Tell all your friends.

    Tell the world..



  86. Shuster,
    In case you didn’t know it…the financial crisis is directly related to blacks getting more than their fair share…and now we’re paying for it.

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