Democratic Systemic Risk

As of late, we have heard a considerable amount about any number of governmental acronyms, MBS (mortgage backed securities) and GSE (government sponsored enterprises) among others, that have been involved in the “sub prime” lending calamity. Included in all of this are the huge Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These last two, who sound and act like “Arkansas Clinton Cousins” who insist on marrying, are at the heart of this “scandal.” Right in the thick of this mess is the Democratic Party and their presidential candidate who are participating in their habitual hobby of “political projection”. All of their obfuscatory finger pointing is in need of clarification and the proper redirection.

It is difficult to delve into this immensely complex topic in a cursory manner. However, it needs to be done in light of the roller coaster affect it is having on the economy and the life savings of the hard working and investing Americans.

For years, people like Alan Greenspan, Congressman Richard Baker (R- LA.) and Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) (has anyone detected a pattern yet..) have been warning and working towards alleviating what it was they saw in the future. You may be surprised to find out that standing athwart these brave attempts were folks like the homebuilders, the realtors, Chuck Schumer (D-NY.), Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) (has anyone detected a pattern yet..) and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama (D- IL.). Shocking, yet completely within character. (Or the lack thereof.)

Those who have blocked the valiant efforts of the previously mentioned have set in place a phenomenon known as “Systemic Risk.” In this case and for a number of reasons, this is “Democratic Systemic Risk.”

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have basically placed all of their eggs in one basket and to compound the severity of the problem, Fannie and Freddie are the only baskets in town..

Fannie and Freddie have become the vehicles that have careened into the wall known as the “mortgage crisis.” Since they have “cornered the market” as pertains to this lending practice to the tune of nearly 3.7 trillion dollars, when they go we all go. In order to place some parameters upon the size of the problem, U.S. Treasury held public debt sits at 4.4 trillion. These “intermarrying cousins” have a lot riding on them.

In or about the middle of 2003, Freddie replaced internal auditors Arthur Anderson (the company responsible for the loss of 85,000 jobs at Enron. Has anyone detected a pattern yet?) Everyone was surprised to discover that Freddie via Andersen had fudged the books in order to appear more solvent.

By 2004, the Senate and the House were of the opinion that these inbred lenders were in desperate need of some type of regulation. Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) put together a bill in the hopes of ringing in both Fannie and Freddie.

Fannie and Freddie decided that it was time to make a few phone calls and they begin twisting a few political arms and poking an eye or two. Their “reminders” that they had contributed over $165,000 to Christopher Dodd and over $125,000 to Barack Obama worked the magic that they had hoped that it would. The bill was opposed on a conveniently straight party line in the committee, effectively ending its political life.

From a May, 2005 article entitled, “Regulating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” Peter Wallison said, “It is a classic case of socializing the risk while privatizing the profit. The Democrats and the few Republicans who oppose the portfolio limitations could not possibly do so if their constituents understood what they were doing.” Alan Greenspan predicted, “There will be massive default with huge losses to the taxpayers and systemic effects on the economy.” It is time to properly place the blame upon the Democrats and their nominee for the presidency, Barack Hussein Obama for this potential financial catastrophe.

However, in mid 2005, a little know bill, S. 190, was introduced to look into this problem. The bill was sponsored by Chuck Hagel (R-NE.) and was co sponsored by Elizabeth Dole (R-NC.), John Sununu (R-NH.) and John McCain (R-AZ.). (Back to this whole “pattern” thing again..) This “trivial” piece of information keeps slipping by the “impartial” media as the Obama “sham-paign” insists on repeatedly placing the blame for this at the feet of President Bush and through political osmosis, John McCain.

The scope of the Democrats involvement in this “scandal” doesn’t end there. The base of all of this is the concept of “bad loans” and the unnecessary risks associated with giving them. Countless bad loans that should have never been made. How could so many bad loans have been made for so long?

Many years back the ever diligent and supremely sensitive liberals discovered something askance. When “fairness” is involved and the imaginary “rights” of the undeserving are being lacerated, the lachrymose lefties don their superhero costumes and being to legislate “inclusion” regardless of the consequences.

Not too long ago, the liberals were told of an “unfairness in lending.” The “Color Conscious Communists” (Dr. Martin Luther Who??) were compelled to spring into action. Suddenly there was “discrimination” everywhere. “Action” had to be taken. There were ‘wrongs” that needed “righting.”

The principle that the left in their histrionic huff overlooked was that “if you do not have the ability to completely pay off a loan you are not entitled to that loan.” Things like “credit history”, income level” and “job history” were now categorized as “discriminatory” and “exclusionary”. Suddenly the imaginary “right” (the left is incredibly efficient at creating “rights” out of thin air. Abortion, for example..) to a loan, regardless of your ability or desire to pay it until its conclusion, was all the rage and “something had to be done about it”.

Those who already have a deficient credit history, for example, have proven that they do not have the ability or the desire to pay their loans to completion. The logical liberal answer is to allow them to have a loan for a home that they have no chance of ever being able to pay to conclusion. The identifiers that used to preclude a person from acquiring a loan were now the guidelines by which you were “entitled” to one, especially if you, or someone like you, had been “discriminated against” in the past. Who could see a problem with that as your parameters?

So Barack Hussein Obama and his Democratic cohorts are responsible for the financial crisis that they wish to project upon George Bush and John McCain. We need to keep all of this in mind when we “discriminate” against the liberals the first Tuesday in November 2008. Tell the world.





47 responses to “Democratic Systemic Risk

  1. BHO and Co. have made their bed, and come Nov., they shall lie in it.


    Your comments are so right
    The best line ‘identifiers used as a precursor from acquiring a loan now
    are the guidelines to entiltle the ones that were discrimnated against ‘spells out how this whole problem was generated. Pushed through by the Democrats

    payback on NOVEMBER 4TH

  3. Sister Amy,

    It’s up to us to not let anyone forget it.

    Tell the world.

    Bring them here.

    Thank as always,


  4. JR,

    “Never forget”..

    It applies to so much during this crucial election..

    Thanks as always,


  5. Just one more case of passing the buck–only this time the libelous lefties aren’t passing bucks–they are passing out home loans.

    One of my co-workers has filed for bankruptcy twice. Yes, twice. Meanwhile she and her husband have five kids between the two of them (and she is considering another one), her two-pack a day husband doesn’t work, and she continues to stack up a debt she has no intentions of paying. She gets mani-pedi combos, buys Crown Royal, and eats out every day for lunch. Why should she worry about the debt she’s accruing when she KNOWS the government will absolve her of all responsibility? The other day she received a phone call from a mortgage broker, offering her a low-interest home loan. Sure, that’s exactly what she needs. We are enabling her by giving her so many chances. She and I have gone round and round about fairness and who the “system” truly caters to. Certainly not to me. I have finally turned on a light bulb over her head and at least she and her hubby are voting for McCain and Palin. She had no idea what being a democrat meant; she just thought Clinton was cool. I have educated her–don’t worry.

    The longer we sit back and allow the biased media to turn the tides of votership, the fewer rights we will have. I will tell every person I know about the Fannie and Freddie debaucle and will pray that they use their noggin in November.

    Thanks for educating me, Larry. You’re a source I can trust.


  6. Heather,

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    There is too much to lose.

    The “handout” mentality delivered by the left robs everyone of their dignity.

    The easiest road then becomes the most difficult road. That’s their plan.

    Thanks as always,


  7. Thanks Larry, you’ve boiled this complex issue down to it’s basic components. It is easy to forget about the small things that are done, just a trickle at a time that no one thinks about until they suddenly become an avalanche of destruction. A ;help this one out’ here and a new ‘right’ without any corresponding responsibility there.. and pretty soon, well, here we are!!!

    We have to keep working and praying that we will be able to continue to do even this small bit of speaking out. Because if BHO gets in the White House, we may not even have this avenue any more with the “Fairness Doctrine” and all of that Crap!

  8. T,

    The whole topic really needs 5,00 to 10,000 words..maybe even more.

    That is why we must do all that we can to keep the “Democratic Trifekta” from materializing..

    Both houses Democratic, Democratic President and a majority liberal Supreme Court.

    “Fairness Doctrine”? More of the liberal “If I say it, it is so” oppression and censorship..

    Thanks as always,


  9. A great succinct synopsis of what has happened. Many of us have been worried for years about what was going on and unfortunately, our worries were not unfounded. McCain had it right on this one – we need to make sure everyone knows it!
    Great job again Larry!

  10. KK,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Tell the world.


  11. We’re gonna need a bigger megaphone. . . .

    As usual, you bring the truth front & center – – and we thank you for helping peel away the “trillions” of tons of garbage stuck to it = let there be light!

    You’ll never hear any of this from the MSM either:

    Do you think Obambi will EVER be forced to completely (key word) answer ANY ligitimate, questions? Or, will the sheeple (this includes MSM, of course) continue to fawn all the way to election day?

  12. “Action” had to be taken. There were ‘wrongs” that needed “righting.”

    Worlds collide when liberals spring into “action” and look at the mess they leave. We here all know who eventually will have to clean it up. Roll up those sleeves everyone!

    Anyone living in swing states contact your local Republican council chair and ask what you can do to help get US elected. I may not be able to stand and carry a sign but I can email and make phone calls!

  13. Once again a concise witty essay.
    Dr. Dave Modesto, CA

  14. Larry – Since the MSM isnt doing their job, do you think all of this will come out during the debates? I am so sick of the MSM ignoring all of “the chosen one’s” faults.

  15. Dr. Dave,

    How is California looking?

    I know its a pretty sure thing for the Demos but are the percentages getting any closer out there?

    Thanks as always,


  16. Beth,

    It depends on the formats. It will also depend upon whether both candidates agree to the formats.

    The usual “presubmitted” question thing will accomplish nothing.

    We shall see..

    Thanks as always,



    Glenn Beck’s letter yesterday spelled out in detail 17 times the White House
    warned about problems with Freddie and Fannie FROM 2002 THRU 2008
    I hope McCain uses this info in debate
    and on the campain trail

  18. I have told all of my conservative friends that the culpability of Congress has never been explained in it’s entirety. Everyone believes the MSM that it’s Bush, or Republicans, or the lenders, whatever. Thank you, Larry, for making this situation as clear as you have. I only hope we can all survive til November, and that there are enough of “the good guys” to make a difference.

  19. Go say it on the mountain brotha! Let’s pray they don’t come up with enough dead voters in November, or we will find ourselves on a ‘hope-a-dope’ flight to socialism with the dems handing out golden parachutes to their cronies.

  20. JR, nice point…..Reagan had a way of naming names and prooving blame w/out pointing fingers. Just once before he leaves office, I’d love to see Bush bash the dems political faces in!!!!!!!!

  21. The sad part about all of this is that a lot of people who are now in financial crisis can’t receive any help,while others just dump their responsibilities with no concern to be held accountable. Of course this multi-trillion dollar disaster will be dropped on the lap of the middle class taxpayer as usual. I’m not really sure how much everyone’s life will need to be eroded before REAL change is demanded, or “a little revolution” will be enacted. But it’s starting “to get late earlier”.

  22. President Bush began warning as early as 2001 when he said, “GSE’s could be problamatic towards the security of the economy.” Bush’s warnings and urgings every year, sometimes multiple within a single year, went to a Congress turning a deaf ear. Not until June of ’08 did Congress in it’s esteemed wisdom of “cover your ass”, choose to take action toward GSEs and the like of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

    You bet the liberals will try to blame their faults on an accountable conservative. (Accountable in liberal terms means someone who adds funny while tallying up the books.) As did both the Demos and their liberal media allies, who all accused Bush of giving a road map to Mother Nature and specifying the amount of destruction to be done to New Orleans.

    It is natural for Democrats never to blame themselves in failed policies, they cannot or will not face, much less admit, the truth. To lay blame is so much easier. They are the original creative influence of “I didn’t do it” and “It’s not my fault” to those who have little or no creative influence.

    The “Idiot Of Iran” is now claiming that because President Bush doggedly following Iran’s trying to develope nuclear weapons, as well as other nations that, “He is responsible for the downtrend in the global economy.” It sounds like Barrack Hussein Obama will have a good negotiating buddy there as he had planned.

    Has anyone looked at the state of Illinois’ condition where “The One” came from? State pension fund, $44 billion dollars in debt. (Worse in the country) Sales tax in Cook County (Chicago) 10.25%, the highest in the nation. The school system in Chicago is rated the worst in the country. Yet he, as president is to cure all ills of our nation?

    It would be most interesting to hear Barrack Hussein O, if elected, and his majority Congress of Democrats answer when they come close to destroying our nation. They could not blame it on the Republicans and all that would be left to them is the hollowness in “I didn’t do it… It’s not my fault.”

  23. Larry,

    Another great article.

    I cannot stop myself from commenting on the latest housing crisis wipeout of yet another huge investment bank, and now a huge bailout by taxpayers.

    I am becoming ill with the politics on both sides of the latest failure of investment banks (and more to come) – and now the biggest bailout in United States history on the table.

    In my humble opinion,

    It may be too much to ask our presidential candidates to quit demagoguing the economy, when both are ready to discuss the woes of Wall Street without admitting that those problems began because of bad credit and banking practices that began under the previous administration:

    In his reaction to the Wall Street meltdown, John McCain is playing the part of Teddy Roosevelt, man of the people: Don’t use taxpayer money to bail out greedy financial titans, he says, and don’t be afraid to regulate Wall Street.

    Barack Obama is playing the part of — well, Barack Obama, man of change: This mess proves what I’ve been telling you, he’s saying, that the team in charge of the economy has to get off the playing field. Oh, and I saw this coming, and they didn’t.

    That’s the picture that emerges from the campaigns’ initial reactions, and conversations with some key advisers, in the wake of Wall Street’s 2 week walk on the dark side.

    The problems that plague major Wall Street firms actually began under the Clinton Administration.

    If we are going to play politics with our present economic crisis, we might as well blame the man in power when the mess began.

    The rotten fiscal practices that led to the current meltdown began and became common practice when Bill Clinton was residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Barack Obama will blame “Bush McCain” (What the H-ll is that? It sounds like a landscaping tool of some kind), while John McCain blames “greedy” people on Wall Street while playing a game of How to Sound Like a Liberal.

    The truth is that neither Bush, McCain, or Clinton are to blame for the present crisis if we parse it down to the root. The problem which started it all was poor lending and financial practices on the part of our nation’s banks and creditor institutions.

    Further, the American people are at least somewhat to blame (yes, I said it) for taking out credit that many of them could not afford to finance and loans at terms that no reasonable person could afford to repay.

    Irresponsibility on the part of banks and the public at large can have a massive and terrible economic price.


    The people of this country have been living well above our collective means for entirely too long, and now the piper is calling to be paid.

    The loan amounts given out on all of these sub-prime mortgages and the annual income of the borrower paying $0 down were jaw dropping stupid!

    That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    In the 1990’s the ACLU and the NAACP actually threatened a lawsuit because housing loans were considered to be too restrictive (and the their belief was everybody deserves a house). They got their wish – Now it’s payday – and the American Taxpayer is called upon to bail these banks out.

    Thank God the FED had the sense to say NO to Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch got the message, so they let Bank of America step in and take them over. They had no choice.

    But now, we have this. Perhaps now we have no choice, but it’s a bitter pill to swallow, Larry.

    It’s not about regulation, it’s about ACCOUNTABILITY within the creditor institutions and RESPONSIBILITY and using some plain ole COMMON SENSE among the people of this country (like if you make 40k/year why would you buy a $300,000 house, even though it’s zero down and low payments for 3 years). Oh, you forgot about that balloon payment you would have to make, and your monthly payment might double.

    I cannot afford it but I can get it + I want it + I want it NOW = you got it, you cannot afford it so now you got to get out of it – NOW……

    Also, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank should be made to answer for their stupid idiotic leadership. As a part of the bailout, they should be forced to resign. I’ve heard nothing about their responsibility in this matter.


  24. WINDRIDER… 4 years of a dreadfully failed BHO administration can “only” be blamed on GWB. “He left this mess…!”

    You speak true my friend… keep on doing.

  25. Subprime loans for subhuman primates sponsored by liberal race baiting lunatics disguised as Democrats.

    As one who works with lenders on repossessing these houses, I can tell you we are dealing with low-life scum elevated in status by a completely out-of-control media. These vermin are laughing all the way to the nearest liquor store.

    They received 100 plus percent loans (that’s right, money back at close of escrow) and live in these houses for up to a year (or more) without paying a dime.

    When they finally get evicted, they steal everything in site and trash what is left. Typical Democrats – slash and burn.

    My motto – Let them eat S#&^ and die!

  26. harry a nelson

    I am glad I consider myself a “poor republican”… there must a hidden code that lets the loaners know your political affiliation also. my turn downs for home loans must have really been about me affording them rather than not, as i would tell them up front what i could afford. perhaps if i had said..yes, i can afford 3 times my income level, i could be living in the same neighborhood as the wealthy liberal businessmen. wow. great article……harry

  27. Clint,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    November is right around the corner, lets all stick together.

    United we stand..


  28. Coopster,

    You and I both know that the left has the “Cemetary Vote” all locked up, especially in the inner cities..

    Thanks for your comments and kind words,


  29. tsnamm,

    That’s right..

    Its going to be you and me holding the bag.

    Sad but true..

    Thanks my friend,


  30. Windrider,

    Liberal duck dodge and hide has been their style for 50 years.

    They still aren’t any good at it.

    Thanks my friend,


  31. Chuck,

    The left is about as allergic to responsibility as they are to patriotism.

    I touched on this as well a while back with “Yearning Versus Earning.”

    Its in the archives..

    Great comments my friend,


  32. Joe,

    “Fairness” has a price and we are about to pay it.

    Thanks my friend,


  33. Harry,

    I still have no idea who came up with the idea that making a loan that has no chance of ever being paid was a good idea..

    The problem is that it is almost too late to say “No” anymore.

    Once the “Yes” momentum starts, the mendicants come back with, “Well what about and what about..”

    They’ve become spoiled children.

    As Nancy Raegan said, “Just say NO”..

    Thanks as always,


  34. Sweetie – Your heart is in the right place and you give me the great laughs that Buckley did and Coulter still does. I support you, but, let’s get down the the dumbed down level of the American Republic (which is changing very quickly to American Socialist). I know it’s hard, but tone down to simple language that the dumbed down can understand – then I can share your comments to many – not few.

    Yes – the $700B bail out is a quick step toward the socialism that the left wants. It’s scary that it has been proposed by “Bush,” but I wonder if it was proposed to make the grassroots rise up, as I, you, and many others are. Let’s keep rising.

    love you – mom catherine

  35. economics is the one common denominator that is black and white (or rather red) at the bottom line. The D’s, though, seem to have the megaphone on this issue and because the whole matter is a can of worms (or vipers) can the true predicament be layed out for the average voting person to see the true nature of the problem and who is the most responsible in dealing with it?

    Your explanation is a very good start, Larry.

  36. Hi Larry

    I can’t imagine that you have enough time to do the research it requires for you to write so many great essays. Ergo, you are then one really knowledgable guy who is blessed with being both witty and wise.

    Re: the subject. The idea of making loans that have no chance of being repayed was invented by the gamblers (aka investors). The loan establishments bundled up those mortgages and sold them as a “sure thing” investment package.

    Those packages got scary as the ARMs were raised and foreclosures increased. So the guys who were holding those “sure things” tried to sell ’em – no dice. Everybody wanted a profit, nobody wanted to take a loss.

    So what do irresponsible people do when the music stops and they don’t have a chair? They pull one out from someone else. That may not be the whole story of the “bailout”, but that’s why “we” are now holding pails in our hands.

    God bless America

  37. “Tell the world”….Well, I started with my so called “representative” Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton (God help me!) via e-mail. Which I copied and forwarded to everyone I know…and you!

    “I oppose the proposed bailout plan because the government made it easy for the mortgage companies to make bad loans. In fact, they ENCOURAGED IT! It would be a wonderful world if everybody could afford their own home, but the fact is everybody can’t! When I bought my home, my bank required me to have a substantial down payment, they checked my credit rating, they verified my employment status and history and even reviewed my budget with me, so we both knew, as much as we possibly could, that I could afford to make my mortgage payments. Over the last several years
    government (especially Democrats) encouraged the banking industry to relax their standards so “everyone” could afford their own home. And now those people – who should not have been approved for a mortgage to begin with – cannot payfor them, the banks and mortgage companies are losing money and now the government wants ME and the rest of America to pay for these bad loans!?!? Really?? Maybe I should just default on MY home loan and let the rest of the country pay for it. LET THEM FAIL. We will be hurting for a while, but this is America….we’ll pull ourselves up eventually and get back on our feet. And we’ll be better off in the long run.”

  38. Catherine,

    Don’t sell “the many” short. They will pick up on where things are going.

    In the second paragraph I said that this is a tough topic to simplify. I tried my best.

    Send it to them anyway.. A little homework might scare them half to death about the severity of the problem..


  39. Ken,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Everyone should pick up where the article left off..


  40. Dr. Gene,

    Speaking of busy, I know what you have been up to lately as well.

    I thank you for all that you have done.



  41. Dr. Gene,

    Sorry I forgot to add:

    “Gamblers” Perfect. There are no consequences for these gamblers who roll the dice with yours and my investments.

    There money is elsewhere..



  42. Sil,

    YES!! Thats the ticket.

    The left created the “right” to own a home. They upped the ante by saying that everyone should live in (different from OWN) a great big home..

    You and I will be paying for the homes that should have never been given to those who can’t pay for them..

    Thanks as always,


    John McCain has suspended campaigning, and possibly the first debate, to return to Washington to help Congress work out this bail-out. BHO, meanwhile, is still “sham-paigning” and still wants to debate. Looks like he will be talking to himself…John McCain is a Senator first. He is returning to Washington to do what he was elected to do — write, debate, and pass legislation. BHO wants to continue to do what he thinks he was elected to the Senate to do — run for President.

  44. It’s 3am…can’t call the shrink…so getting your anguish out this way does work.
    A fellow Republican sent me your article…and I just love your site…another clear thinking American.
    I was a Commercial Lending Officer in Florida when the Community Reinvestment Act was enacted in the 70’s. Everything I ever learned about the principles of lending went out the window for those less fortunate. Dealing with a huge Latino population I found myself relying on handshakes and Cuban welfare checks as the source of repayment for many loans. My exposure to the secondary mortgage market came while I was the head of a large loan department. We had huge credit lines available for the assembly lines underwriting these mortgages. We did the interim financing until the packages were complete. The analyist in me couldn’t help but take a peek at the underlying criteria for the loan decision….it was scary. After several mergers and buyouts I decided to leave banking for bikini making.
    I’ve done the research on Freddie and Fannie as well….and I have also watched and read a lot by Wallison. I keep waiting for someone to expose the Foundations these two entities used to facilitate their agenda by funneling millions into these not so credit worthy communities in exchange for “votes” to keep certain members of Congress….in Congress. I would bet there is a grossly familiar connection between Fannie…Freddie…Obama and ACORN.

  45. Yet another mess to clean up…compliments of Bill Clinton…is there no end?

  46. Rayne,

    From now on, you are known as “Right as Rayne.”

    As I have said before, “fairness” is just fascism without the matching outfits and the hygene..

    Thanks for your comments,



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