Dancing With Myself

John McCain has decided to step up to the plate because the game is literally on the line. Barack Obama has decided that he would rather be “Dancing With Myself” at the debate scheduled for this coming Friday. Have no fear, even if Obama shows up and he debates himself in Oxford Mississippi on Friday, he will still figure out how lose. That prediction would be a stone cold certainty if the TelePrompTers advising Obama were to go on the fritz. If Franklin Roosevelt were here today, he’d go on television, right Senator Biden?

John McCain says that he is suspending his campaign and he is going back to Washington. There are a number of reasons why Obama still wants to continue campaigning during this crucial time.

With 143 days of “experience”, Obama has no idea where to go in Washington without the GPS module that the DNC has attached to his Dennis Kucinich tin lunchbox and thermos. He has so little time in the Senate chamber that he still has to go to Harry Reid in order to get a hall pass so that he can go “#2”. He is the only member of the Senate who has no choice but to abide by the curfew laws.

The state of the economy is of no consequence to the Obama/Huxtable family because with felonious friends like Tony Rezko landing you sweet million-dollar real estate deals, the problems of the “middle class” and their mortgages are totally foreign and insignificant to them.

In the “experienced” eyes of Barack Obama, this can’t possibly be as big a problem as everyone says it is. After all, “these two nice people named Fannie and Freddie had enough money to donate $125,000 to my campaign so both she and he must be doing pretty darned good..”

John McCain is heading back to Washington after he speaks at the “Clinton Global Initiative”. If I were John I would head back before then because little does he know, but the Clinton Global Initiative instructs politicians from around the world in the proper uses of an intern, a cigar and how to obstruct justice and lie under oath after you are caught.

McCain said that, “I have spoken with Senator Obama and informed him of my decision and have asked him to join me.” The only problem is that Obama has two book reports due and he will be grounded if he doesn’t turn them in on time.

Here Obama the orator, who humorously claims that he wants to bring people together, has been asked to join the Republican candidate because “it is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem.” The idea of addressing an issue has actually caused Obama to break out in a case of the hives. “Both parties come together”, wouldn’t that be a “change”? No, Obama is just going to grab his “Magic 8 Ball”, turn it a few times and “hope” for “change”…

McCain thinks that it is a good idea to “delay Friday night’s debate”, not cancel it. The Obamazombies are of the opinion that McCain is now running scared and that this is some kind of political stunt. Being that their candidate is himself nothing more than a political stunt, it is easy to see why the liberals would jump to this ill-informed conclusion.

These are the apparatguys and apparatchiks that prayed for a hurricane to strike New Orleans in order to delay or cancel the Republican convention a short time ago but the idea of a national economic disaster isn’t enough to “delay” an insignificant debate. The LAST thing you ever want to do is threaten to take the spotlight and the cameras off of BHO/JFK..

McCain wants to “set politics aside”. Because McCain isn’t a Democrat, he has no conceptualization of the fact that politics trumps everything within the liberal mindset. Nothing is more important to the left, it is their Alpha and Omega. As affirmed atheists, Government is their god.

McCain said, “Following September 11th, our national leaders came together at a time of crisis.” Many of us remember that on September 12th, the liberals began their campaign affectionately known as “Target America First.” All the singing and handholding was just a favorite fellow travelers ruse and smokescreen.

McCain was trying to be “diplomatic” by saying, “Americans across our country lament the fact that partisan divisions in Washington have prevented us from addressing our national challenges.” What that actually means is: “As Chuck Schumer blocked the legislation that I co sponsored back in 2005 (S.190) which attempted to address this problem and as Christopher Dodd ($165,000) and Barack Obama ($125,000) directly took “contributions” from the institutions that are responsible for this fiasco, it will be difficult to overcome the liberal obstruction that has created our national challenges…”

Even Dopey Joe Biden after giving Roosevelt credit for immediately addressing the depression three years before he took Presidential office said, “Part of what being a leader does is to instill confidence, is to demonstrate what he or she knows what they are talking about..” Aside from his public school sentence destruction, aside from the fact that Biden himself doesn’t know what he is talking about, what I think the Delaware dimwit was trying to say is that a “leader” goes to Washington in a time of crisis. Washington, not to Mississippi. By the same token, Biden made heavy weather of Roosevelt getting “on television” so being on the “boob tube” always takes precedence to “solving problems” in the liberal mind.

Obama in Mississippi “on television” dancing with himself, McCain in Washington working towards a solution exacerbated by the Democrats themselves. Which sounds more like a leader as opposed to a narcissist? Who sounds like they “know what they are talking about” and who just enjoys hearing the amperage, timbre and flatulence of their own insignificant words as they posture in front of the cameras? Who wants to at least attempt to solve a national problem and who wants to sell more buttons, bumperstickers and yard signs?

The liberals have prayed before for a disaster to strike the United States just for political purposes. I think that we should all pray to avoid the disaster that would inevitably befall the United States during an Obama Presidency, not just for political purposes but for the survival of our nation..





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  1. Is it neticate to copy your article and post it in the blog of another website? Evans-Novak seems to be shilling for D’s in this economic mess.

  2. Ken,

    I don’t know what “neticate” means…but..

    if you want to cut and paste the article, at Evans and Novak go ahead.


  3. Nice article as usual, but did you have to insult The Cosby Show, though? (It’s one of the last great, family-friendly sitcoms we had to watch.)

    On a more serious note, I haven’t been commenting here as much since I’ve been adding you to Digg. From there, I’ve gotten caught up in promoting the good articles (like yours) and burying the bad ones (95% is a lot, but I’m working on it). We could use some help.

  4. I was trying to say netiquette as in proper behavior in use of your website. Your’s is the best explanation I’ve seen on the economic catastrophe so far. Keep up the good work. Hope your work will reach as far and wide as it can go in the realm.

  5. McCain——

    Right about the surge!

    Right about Senate Bill S 190!

    Right about delaying the convention Ike!

    Right picking Sarah Palen!

    Right on suspension of his campaign to try and help stave off an economic disaster!

    Hussein O. ????????????

  6. McCain——

    Right about the surge!

    Right about Senate Bill S 190!

    Right about delaying the convention for Ike!

    Right picking Sarah Palen!

    Right on suspension of his campaign to try and help stave off an economic disaster!

    Hussein O. ????????????

  7. I think in describing this economic mess we are now in, the expression….the haves and the have nots is about to take on a whole new meaning.

  8. Eric,

    I was just palying off the “Sham-alot” concept surrounding Obama.

    Love Cosby ever since I was a child.

    Thanks for your comments,


  9. Ken,

    I wasn’t trying to be cute, I freely admit to being out of the computer loop and I thought that it might have been a term that I was unfamiliar with.

    Thaks for all of your comments and lets keep up the fight.


  10. orvill,

    Good points.

    Lets hope that the “independents” see the light as well.

    Its up to us to convince them..


  11. Rayne,

    Thanks for joining the family of commenters on NLTZ.

    “Right as Rayne”… That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?




    President Bush has recalled both Senators back to Washington for the meeting. At least John McCain went willingly, BHO was forced. Even if BHO doesn’t take his ads off the air, maybe enough voters will get sick of seeing his ugly mug and hearing his condescending voice (and annoying “uhs”) that they will vote for McCain. THis may end up backfiring in BHO’s face. I hope and pray that it will.


    Last night some jackass commented on HE to call McCain Headquarters and demand that the debates go on. So I called and congratulated McCain and gave my full support to his decision to do something about the crisis. Show your support by calling (703) 418-2008.

  13. Rayne,

    Lets look to the future:

    The Democrats are calling this a “stunt”. They are just bracing us for the 2005 “Schumerization” of the Hagel/McCain bill addressing this problem.

    The problem gets bigger, the left led by Schumer can again stand athwart actual “change” merely for political convenience and expedience.

    The problem worsens due to their action/inactions. They then blame the President and the Republicans.

    “Oblivious Obama” can keep running around selling liberal snake oil while MCain gets to work.

    They will laugh as the situation worsens.

    That’s how I see it..

    Shall we tell the voters as well??


  14. Sister Amy,

    Unfortunately, Human Events is loaded with jackasses, and their comments.

    I avoid the place like the plague.


  15. Yesterday afternoon at his press conference Obama said that he had been in contact with Harry Reid and that Reid told BHO his presence was not needed, except maybe to vote for the completed bill on Saturday if they think they are a few votes short.

    I think that says a lot about how the Dems in Washington really feel about BHO and who expects to actually be in charge once he gets in the White House. They know he is useless, and will only muddy the waters and open them up to questions they don’t want to answer, when they are trying to get another piece of this Socialist agenda enacted. “Thanks, bud, but we’ve got it handled. You just go run interference for us and we’ll do what we planned to do all along.”

    I think Reid is hoping that Obama will be able to lure McCain to stay out of Washington so they can just slide another piece of crap under the table without letting anyone really study it. Obviously they don’t know what a real leader is doing to do… they aren’t real leaders either!

  16. Hi Larry

    Good comments on Hussein “Dancing Alone”. It’s going to be tough on him – who’s going to lead? 🙂

    BTW – I have ceased going over to Ann’s site for good conservative comments. I will now only read Ann’s stuff in her published books. The people who comment on her site are a mess.

    That trend is clear re: Amy’s comment, as well. That should be good news for you, buddy. Your site and your readers are the best around – and it’s growing every day.

    I can live without a column by Ann, but I don’t dare miss any of yours and the comments by the great following you have.

    God bless America

  17. Personally, Larry, I believe you should be on Human Events web even if we have to blog you on. Your voice is important in human events.

  18. As a nation in apostasy we are grappling with violence and sexual perversions. We are now headed into chaos. Want to see what the Obama forces really have planned for us?

  19. Great article just like all the others.
    You have made my day. The polls seem to show that most people believe that the pres and repubs are responcible. Thanks to you and others hopefully we can get that turned around. McCain has taken a big gamble in going back to D.C. and suspending campaigning, hopefully it pays off. I hope that later today McCain announces that he wants to debate on the economy and not foreign policy. BHO will be like a deer in headlights.

  20. Superb Larry (as usual),

    Isn’t it BHO’s MO to vote “present” and then go back to sleep? What could he possibly lend to an intellectual debate about the economy (or anything for that matter) anyway?

    My suggestion for a McCain sit-in at the debate – the 11 year old girl who stumped BHO when she asked him why he wanted to be President.

    I also doubt Biden or BHO (57 states) could pass a citizenship test. Sounds a lot like “dumb and dumber”! God help us.

  21. No surprise Dingy Harry Reid didn’t recall OHB to Washington, what can the Annoited One actually do? He probably can’t even find the Senatorial Bathroom by himself. McCain setting aside his campaign to do the work of the country is further proof that he will ‘put his money where his mouth is’. OHB can ‘dance with himself’, it’ll be like peeing in a pair of dark trousers. Nobody will notice, but it will make him feel good.

  22. Larry!
    Truly one of your very best! I do hope that B. Hussein DOES debate himself. He just may receive some actual questions involving thought.
    It troubles me greatly that our boy John is a member of the “Global Warming Church” and that he actually thought speaking at Bill’s party would be helpful. That is like thinking corporate medicine will ever like chiropractic!
    Dr. Dave (D.C.)

  23. Dr. Gene,
    Ann`s site today had an article on the bailout.
    I suggest you read it,as well as everyone one this site.
    It was right on the money.

  24. Larry… that second paragraph had me in stitches.

    If McCain must miss the debate the team can always send Palin!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6-K7JwwV0U 😉

    Ken… then I watched your link and the smile left my face immediately.

  25. ROBIN'S DAD (RD)

    Hey Larry,
    The only thing worse than a Harry Reid press
    conference is watching Bill Maher without a ‘mute’ button. Maybe you can tell me: I heard JMcC was actually ‘personally’ asked to come to DC post-haste, and that he was responding-not ‘showing off’. Any chance you can get on Olbermann’s show?

  26. Did I hear Obama State The American People Need to help out in this Quagmire in his speech
    after MCcain put him on the spot?

  27. T,


    Leaders they are not.

    There is an incredibly long list of places where BHO/JFK is not needed..

    Washington is just the start.

    Thanks as always,


  28. Dr. Gene,

    Your kindness is only exceeded by your generosity..

    I can’t thank you enough and I can’t say that enough.



  29. Ken,

    Relative to your comment:

    Go right ahead! If I had more time I would do the same.

    I used to go out and “shill” myself but I’ve flat run out of time. If I could just figure out how to get around this pecsky five hours of sleep a night…

    Any help from anyone in that area would be greatly appreciated, believe me..

    Let me know how it goes.

    Thank you so much,


  30. Mr. Franklin,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I am honored to have a man of your stature who visits my site.

    Hi to the Mrs..


  31. Joe,

    Prepared text: great.

    Ad lib: horrible.

    Bill Clinton would have wiped the floor with such a busher..

    Thanks as always,


  32. G.

    Love the “trousers” analogy, it’s one of my favorites and man does it fit!!



  33. Dr. Dave,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    The “Warming” thing still needs alot of assitance from others before we get to the point where the liberals would like it to be.

    I think that we would be OK on that one under McCain.


  34. Redbone,

    Easy, man..don’t want to be responsible for any further damage to your ankle..

    Thanks as always for your comments,


  35. RD,

    Olbermann’s show? I get probably about four times more hits in a day than he has viewers..

    It might be a kind of going in reverse kind of thing.

    Just kidding, I’d take any offer as long as I could plug the old site.

    Olbermann was a pretty good sportscaster but his politics….

    Thanks as always,


  36. Great article. I will be linking to you shortly. Provided you don’t mind of course.

  37. Jennifer,

    Link away…

    Thanks as always,


  38. Larry

    I’m still laughing!!! Especially “T”‘s comment, about “you’re not needed here… just stay where you are and run interference! What Obama-Ma- Momma does best. Let’s all remember, Obama called McCain first, probably to ask him what to do, I’m only a Harvard graduate and I still learning to use my GSP around Washington, much less the rest of the world, and oh by the way, I way I got my degree in community organizing with the best con artists available; I dud, didn’t sit in on the economics class. John… I’m still holding!

  39. Thanks, 3 H Rick.
    You’ve reminded me to go directly to her site where I don’t have to read those “comments”. I had been going to it through the Human Events site. That one is contaminated.

  40. T’s got a good point. Tinkerbell says this is the gravest threat to our economy since the Depression, and Reid says, “That’s alright, we don’t need you.”Classic. Then they have to drag Worthless back to D.C.
    If McCain’s camp doesn’t beat him to death over his “Call me if you need me” remark, they deserve to lose.
    Great column,Larry, as always.

  41. The real problem to this unmitigated disaster is that Congress will attempt more bad medicine to try and “fix” the problem “they” created with governmental interference in the financial markets. The best thing for them to do is get out of the way. Ron Paul made a fabulous statement concerning the “crisis” saying that why on earth should we trust people who have demonstrated absolutely no idea about economics to promise to fix the problem. The Great Depression was lengthened by about 3 years due to government meddling to “fix” the problems that were blamed on free markets. And of course the only prescription coming from Washington today is more control and more spending; wasting your tax dollars and destroying the future of America. Pathetic.

  42. LARRY,

  43. George,

    Right you are my friend.

    Tell the world..


  44. Well the connection was made….did anyone hear Lindsey Graham’s comments on Fox News?
    The dems were trying to sneak a few earmarks into the bail-out package. Didn’t catch the exact dollar amount but it did end with a B for guess who? ACORN.
    That… I would imagine is why the House Republicans bolted….notwithstanding they weren’t consulted.
    Watching the coverage across the board…as much as it’s fingernails on a chalkboard….there is a major case of CYA on the Hill!
    Dirt-bag Dodd etal are up to their eyeballs in this scam on the American taxpayer…and I thank God McCain is there to watch out for us.
    Obama may not be doing the dance alone…I hear Cynthia McKinney offered to debate him…and would probably do well…hell, anyone would.
    Right as Rayne signing out…hey Larry, I like the sound of that. Thanks.

  45. Beautiful article with much stated…all factual…all pertinent to this diabolical stage show the Dem’s are trying to produce. I guess this was “above his pay grade too”..no show Obama till pressed into duty by McCain….

    As evidenced above…McCain and the House Republicans won’t budge without some written details that ALL America can READ and digest since we just bought the FARM. What’s a few more days to wrangle over the BIG details the Liberals don’t want us to see.

    Larry, just began reading your column about a month ago..and am an avid reader today. Bright and refreshing with Conservative Humor only a good Republican can understand and appreciate. Go Man Go.

  46. LIke many of your responders…I am fearful…no very fearful of what this country would be like with Obamanation in control…the Senate…the House and then Obama….too much to consider. Too much control. And God Bless America..cause we will need all of God’s good blessing to withstand that four year stretch.

    It appalls me to think Americans are this STUPID and GULLIBLE to this man’s earthly whims. We re beginning to look like Germany with the Master standing atop the podium..and us…all in AWE….Bull….s…. I say!!!

    WAKE UP AMERICA….you are being led down the path to destruction. And to what many foreign leaders want of us…failure.

    We need McCain and Palin. We need responsible leadership with the right goals for this good country. No Negativism…like Obamanation preaches. No Socialism like Obamanation preaches.

  47. Did anybody catch DumbA.s Harry Reid’s comments after the White House meeting withPresident Bush? Can’t recite it word for word, but something to the effect that during the meeting O. Hussein made a couple of well thought-out, meaningful, helpful and constructive statements-[where’d they hide the teleprompter?]: and, McCain’s comments were unintelligable and confusing. What a low-life piece of garbage, and poor excuse for a human. (Reid that is.)

    There, I’ve got that out of my system and I can now rest easy. Thanks Larry for another great piece of writing and thinking.

  48. Somewhere today I heard this heated discussion about who is the best at handling crisis.

    What about not getting into a crisis in the first place!

  49. Orville,
    I couldn’t agree more. Reid is a low life, scum sucking peice of garbage…and a poor excuse for a human being.
    Gee that works…I feel better too!
    Anyone else care to join in?

  50. ….and Pelosi was lying through her teeth so bad….she couldn’t even look into the camera.
    Barney was talking to fast…I think he was spitting on everything. What a group.

  51. But you can’t negate how slick-Willie-Bammie-Wammie Obomb-ma-aluma sounds when he talks and as we all know, his people just don’t know how to find ‘truth’. I listen to this one liberal station here to some guy called Tomma-time, and he is just so off the wall in far out lala land it’s difficult to even wonder where to start with him.

    I was anxious to post this point w/out reading all that’s above but I caught this several times today and wanted to ask/comment:

    Obama keeps saying, “I think the American people want to hear about this when we debate in Mississippi etc.” …. but isn’t the debate on ‘Foreign Relations’?

    And is it true banks ‘must’ loan out 10/20/30% to the poor, even if they look like they might be from Mexico – they’re not allowed to ask? Is that true?

  52. Forgot one question:

    What happen to that ole Mortgage Insurance that I use to pay and hated and hated and hated?

  53. Rayne, (R.A.R.)

    I had predicted in the “unedited” or “the dierctors cut” of the article (To be released in the second NLTZ book..) that the bill would be “Schumered” as it was in 2005 or “earmarked to death”.

    In the latter case the left can just squeal that the “right refused to sign the deal..”

    The DETAILS as to why are always conveniently left out..

    Tell the world.

    Thanks for your comments as always,


  54. Lord Jim,

    Now I have ROYALTY reading my atricles..

    I had better keep concentrating, don’t want to let the crown down..

    Thanks for your kind words and welcome to the family.


  55. orvill,

    I can’t imagine the “Land Grab” Harry Reid being so impartial..

    He can say what he likes, Obama has to stand on his own when the debates arrive.

    Right now, I am calling in the “Saddleback Factor”.

    They will so OVERprepare that Obama will collapse like a row of dominoes..

    Don’t worry my friend, Harry will still say that Obama is a genius..

    Thanks as always,


  56. inalook,

    That would have been for the best, but with Schumer running interference since at least 2005, this could have been dealt with in a less imperative manner.

    Can we please tell EVERYONE who is responsible for the fact that this scandal is as BIG as it is??

    The Democrats and the execs. Period.

    Tell the world.

    Thanks as always,


  57. RAR,

    Plastic Pelosi and Blubbering Barney (reminds me of the cartoons growing up..”Sufferin’ Succotash..”)

    If you or anyone else knows anyone who is “sitting on the fence” this election year, get them over here to Noleftturnz.

    The family will tell them straight.

    Tell the world. Tell them NOW.

    Thanks my friend,


  58. Let BHO go to Mississippi. He has taken so many opposing positions on so many issues that he could debate himself…and still lose! Would make some pretty good prime time comedy.

  59. Danno,

    Correct. “Fairness” precludes the standards that are applied to you and I.

    “Fairness” means that the mendicants are “entitled” to that which you and I have “earned.”

    This is a two way street in which we will be run over in both directions..coming and going.

    “PMI” insurance on your mortgage is there in case of death. It is mandatory UNLESS you apply 20% down.

    It can be removed once you reach 20% equity.

    Oh, you are the one that has to remind them when you’ve reached that 20%. Otherwise they will allow you to pay that PMI for the duration of your loan.

    That undeserving profit goes towards securing the loans for those who can’t pay off the loans they are given..

    “Fairness” has made the idea of a “125% loan” a great idea…

    Blame the Democrats.

    Either we subsidize the bums in places like Bedford/Sty or we give them houses and make the payments for them because it “builds their self esteem.”

    Any questions about the cancer that is liberalism??

    Find “Yearning Versus Earning” in the archives. It is an old one but it adddresses this issue at its ground level..

    Thanks my friend.

    Send everyone to NLTZ. WE will set them straight..


  60. Larry,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site and your spot on comments. Yours is the very best site on the web for espousing truly Conservative views and debunking the Liberal/Socialist/Communist Dimocratic (misspelling intentional) Party. I am truly sick at heart at what they are doing to my beloved Country. As I watch thier preening punk prance across each stage and READ what is WRITTEN for him, I want to puke. He is incapable of forming a single original thought on his own. Absolutely not one accomplishment he can truly claim, just do as he is told by Soris, Pukeolsy, and the spineless Hairless Reid et al. Hell Lennin isn’t dead, he’s alive and well and resting comfortably in the Left side of both Houses of Congress. God bless you, and keep up the good fight.

    Tom from Texas

  61. Since Roosevelt wasn’t even president in 1929 and television wasn’t commercially available until the late 1930’s, the nearest explaination I can come up with for Joe Biden’s comment is that the guy reseeding hair in Biden’s pointy little head must have been a wannabe brain surgeon and did a frontal lobe on him just for practice.

    Barrack Hussein Obama and Barrack’s rallying cries as of late have been of “patriotism” by showing more money to the Democrats. If not voluntarily then by force of taxes and the “donors” remaining mute about it.

    Biden (“I was taught to take care of the people who need help the most.”) and his wife showed their Red White and Blue form of patriotic hypocrisy when they released their tax returns recently. It was revealed by the Washington Post that the two had contributed $380 in annual charitable contributions per year over the last ten years. A mere .02% of their income while the national average is 2%.

    Never knowing what will fall from of the mouth of Hussein Obama when he’s away from his trusted golden teleprompter or Biden either taking lessons from him, Howard Dean, or simply going senile. Let’s face it folks, if they’re elected we’re faced with a Laurel and Hardy comedy team for an administration at the expense of our nation.

    Obama and Biden’s own slow self-destruction has taken it’s toll. I’ve seen more and more internet polls from both sides, liberal and conservative. The liberals are swinging away from slated ideals put forth by Obama should he be president. While Democrats place higher value on materialistic things than they do of moral standards, some must be figuring out that higher taxes would allow them less of the things they love most.

  62. Bravo! I love the bit about Obama being a political stunt in and of himself. I could not have said it better!

  63. Speaking of Taxes, when I have compared Obama’s tax plan with McCain’s … but only compared the tax rates on various folks, it does appear at first glance that Obama has a lower tax program. However, I haven’t seen a good response to this from anyone (someone might want to inform McCain about this); but however, there still remains some noted taxes and indirect one’s that no one talks about to any detail. Even a democrat Governor from Pen. I think got away with saying Obama’s taxes were lower on Fox; but the not so clear blatant aspects of Obama’s taxes are not addressed. Like the following:
    1. what’s the outcome of his higher Capital Gains higher tax? 0% up to $500,000 on McC but 28% on Obama’s.
    2. 15% dividend w/ McC , is Obama’s nearly 36%? That’s what I have.
    3. On the income side mine all show higher Obama but I need to go look at a better source I think (again).
    4. Obama restores the Inheritance Tax, McC doesn’t
    5. My list shows new taxes proposed by Obama on gas, and of course socialized medicine
    6. then the mother of it all is higher taxes to businesses over $250,000 , so if you buy just about anything, it will be higher — would love to see some economist spell out what that might mean in higher prices.

    I have the feeling however, that Obama has been winning the air-waves on this issue and I haven’t seen his statement of 95% will pay less responded to — sure wish someone would nudge the McCain team to this. This would be the kind of campaigning people would like. While it’s not rocket science, it is a bit mis-understood by a lot of people.

  64. I didn’t write down which source this was but here’s one place that reported their outcomes and I think it only considers part of Obama’s but it final outcome is in favor of Obama?

    Here’s how the average tax bill could change in 2009 if either John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s tax proposals were fully in place.
    Income Avg. tax bill Avg. tax bill
    Over $2.9M -$269,364 +$701,885
    $603K and up -$45,361 +$115,974
    $227K-$603K -$7,871 +$12
    $161K-$227K -$4,380 -$2,789
    $112K-$161K -$2,614 -$2,204
    $66K-$112K -$1,009 -$1,290
    $38K-$66K -$319 -$1,042
    $19K-$38K -$113 -$892
    Under $19K -$19 -$567

  65. Blue State Blues- RWG

    Great article Larry. BHO didn’t want to go back because he doesn’t know what he is supposed to don while he’s there!
    “We have to able to multitask”? Yea, like we really need a President that thinks you should still go to the ball game when financial A-Bombs are falling everywhere. Yea, “just call if you need me”! “I’ll be out here campaigning because I can multitask”. Hey Obama, can you say financial disaster of biblical proportions! And he and his campaign have the gaul and arrogance to attack McCain for going to Washington and putting his campaign on hold until we get some resolve. The man is an idiot and half of America is gearing up to vote for him. Can someone remind him that welfare checks and unemployment checks should probably not be used to qualify a home buyer in the future.

  66. I see the tax issue the same as how retail works.
    They raise the prices then put them on sale.
    Obama lets the Bush tax cuts expire then says he is giving 95% of Americans a tax break while raising the upper 5% to Clinton levels.
    What he doesn’t tell you is that a great deal of the 95% don’t pay any taxes…so in order to give them something back…he needs to rob from the haves to give to the have nots. Those of us in the middle see no change and we are about 70% so in the long run when Obama raises taxes on everything else we still lose. Do the math.

  67. Rayne: I agree — my only point is that McCain is losing this argument on the air-ways. jmo

  68. Texas Tom,

    Thanks for your kind words and welcome to the NLTZ family.


  69. Windrider,

    Good stuff as always..


    That is amazing for a lefty..

    Thanks my friend,


  70. Michael,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Obama the Oblivious is a veritable gold mine..


  71. Danno,

    I’m trying my best to help in that regard..check into “patriotism Liberal Style”, I tried to touch on most of those points.

    Thanks for the extra info and data, no one has any excuses for being “uninformed”..


  72. RWG,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Multitask in liberal speak means “more than one helper.”


  73. I thought there was more to this than meets the evident eye. As a result of the economic crisis in USA, Globalist are calling for a world monetary authority to oversee all national authorities and global financial companies. The fix is in. International trade treaties were the nose of the camel under the tent, this is his head poking through. The vision is for a new “monolithic world authority to oversee all financial activity around the globe.”
    Pretty soo, no one will be able to buy or sell without bowing down to you know who.
    If central bankers get their way on this, that will be the end to free markets and the end to freedom. Say “no” to the fix to both Bush and McCain and pray mightily that Obama and Islamo commies do not win the election. See the full story here:

    I got the story from here:


  74. R.A.R.,

    Its the liberal three card monte..

    Its a shell game the we all will lose.



    The dems created this mess so let’s let them sink
    Market is up today.
    I’ve paid my mortgage for 44 years and raised seven children worked three jobe to do it and do not think I have to pay for the loafers and con men that are involved in this mess.
    I hope MCCAIN tells the public tonight to let them eat cake to prove he is not a liberal

  76. To the readers who are having trouble understanding Larry’s very succinct “Reader’s Digest” version of the current financial crisis, here is a YouTube video that explains it well. PASS IT ON!!!

  77. DANNO,

    Obama’s problem with his tax plan is he’s trying to tie the issue of social justice in it. Economic growth and prosperity just for the poorest people will not work, evidence is not on his side.

    The Annual Wall Street Journal-Heritage Index of Economic Freedom plus world wide studies have revealed conclusively what is only common sense, that those countries with low taxes tend to have a low poverty rate. As I said, it’s only common sense in figuring that out and I don’t honestly see how the people who “study” this are bold enough to take pay for doing it.

    It should also be noted that in the past, the higher the income on the top percentage earners, the lower paying number of those earners there were. This lies in direct correlation to the lower tax rates when the same earners had an increase in payers.

    What Obama is suggesting in his tax plan is Socialism, pure and simple. A taking and sharing of earned wealth and dispersing to those who don’t earn it.

  78. Eric // September 25, 2008 at 3:49 am

    Nice article as usual, but did you have to insult The Cosby Show, though? (It’s one of the last great, family-friendly sitcoms we had to watch.)

    On a more serious note, I haven’t been commenting here as much since I’ve been adding you to Digg. From there, I’ve gotten caught up in promoting the good articles (like yours) and burying the bad ones (95% is a lot, but I’m working on it). We could use some help.>>

    If you need help you can count on my help, tell me what to do.

  79. Once again Larry, great and very truthful article by pointing out the liberal agenda regarding our financial, Wall Street and banking mess that was actually caused by the Democrats in the House and Senate.

    America should be concerned that the Democratic Presidential nominee was more concerned about himself then the fiscal irresponsibility cause by the Democrats in Congress. What this “candidate” has shown us, is America and Americans come in last on his priority list. My run for President out trumps everything else because of my own political ambitions. Next he showed us that he made a call to democrats and said if you need me call me.

    The problem with that is he doesn’t answer to the democrats; he has to answer to the constituent in Illinois. It only took President Bush to ask him to attend a meeting regarding the bailout Bill to get him to do anything at all. He looked more bored then concerned during the press and photo session. Of course he immediately ran to the plane to take him back to Oxford, Ms. It was pretty clear that Obama and the democrats in Congress wanted McCain to stay in Washington then to travel to Oxford. It turned out that that move was great but not for Obama but for John McCain. Giving his illusion and lack of concern over the financial and banking mess, it can’t be that bad.

    You downplay the whole episode and make false claims that John McCain was afraid to debate you. But, the truth always wins and you lost that debate when John McCain has asked you over the course of this Presidential race to join him in a Town meeting, which you continually declined. John McCain was more knowledgeable and forceful during the debate. He was able to frustrate Obama fairly easily, get under his skin and continued to put you on the spot. You were unable to take the offense and were being forced to take the defensive strategy. No matter what the liberal press and democrats say, John McCain won that debate. That I have no doubt, he wasn’t the one looking like a babbling idiot and lying about things that he said in the past.

    But, they are all drooling over this inane liberal candidate, trying to convince the American public that Barack won this debate. But the poll numbers favor John McCain that 86% of Americans believe that he won the debate over 14% who believe Obama won. The fact that the press continues to try to tilt Americans toward their candidate, Barack Obama, are the same people calling Al Franken a political genius.

  80. Ken // September 25, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    As a nation in apostasy we are grappling with violence and sexual perversions. We are now headed into chaos. Want to see what the Obama forces really have planned for us?

    Wow ken what a excellent ad and yes I will forward all of it to friends and family. Thanks

  81. Eileen,

    Thanks for your kind words..

    I appreciate your thoughful commentary.

    I really have it good, I have so many great commentors who come back and add so much to this site.


  82. Pingback: In Jennifer’s Head » Blog Archive » Dancing With Himself

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