Debate debate

I am going to do something a little different..

I have such high regard for those within the NLTZ family that I want to know what YOU think of last night’s debate FIRST.

You have been a major part of what this site has become and I thank you.

This is not all about me, this is about the conservative message and that fact that there are millions of us who can formulate that message and package it in a highly intellectual manner. 

I’m glad that I can provide the platform for those who think conservatively and as all of you do with each and every comment that you leave here, you enlighten and inform ME.



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  1. McCain did a fair job, but so did Obama. There was no knock-out punch from either one. I do think McCain had Obama visibly miffed several times and I found it amusing when he would look at Lehrer for support or permission to jump in, which brings me to my main point. Have we become so politically correct in this country that some in-your-face debate is instantly deemed “offensive”? Many liberals will presumably see it as hypocritical coming from a Christian, but I want to see John McCain get down to the nitty-gritty. For instance, I thought he missed a great opportunity to distinguish himself from Obama during the earmark portion the the economic debate. While he pointed out Obama’s 900-million plus earmark record, he failed to point out his own record of 0. At a time of great economic concern, that point is HUGE!
    My advice: get in, get dirty (grass stains and blood), get mean. If your attacks are truth, us good-ol’ boys will respect you for it.


    Only saw last half hour.Obama
    was trying to tie President Bush
    around John MCCain’s neck.He
    had that cocky smile while John MCCain was responding.
    I was concerned about the way
    John MCCain glared with big eyes as it looked like he was angry to fall into the other sides talk about his losing his cool.
    Fox channel spent a while filming John Kerry roaming the audience
    after the debate. Was this a message that the losers are there?
    Will be interested in other opinions.

  3. Hi Larry

    Yes, I watched that dull reminder of how devoid of talent we are as a nation. Hussein should have hit the canvas last night, but he was in there with a guy who has come to believe in light, PC punches.

    I honestly have to give it to the Muslim guy. He wins the way JFK won and Nixon lost in their famous TV debate. The “old guy” seemed old and the “young guy” seemed young. Neither seemed qualified to be on that stage, but youth will always win visually.

    What McCain lacks is what “W” lacks. It’s what I have been missing and what I think this country really needs.

    I’m referring to leadership qualities. I don’t see them in McCain. Where’s the passion? Where is the ability to speak in a normal conversational manner? Honestly, I thought I was watching the sophomoric efforts you’d find in a middle school class.

    McCain is almost as uncomfortable with speaking as “W” is. Where’s the ability to lead, to inspire and to create a sincere relationship with the people of the country?

    Now, I know that McCain is not too old, that he went through hell for us and that he is an experienced guy. But, that’s all he wants to keep saying. He sounds like a guy who wants to lead an army of 300 million troops, but can’t because his weak voice can’t be heard when he gives commands.

    Why not speak to us as Americans, John? Where’s the flag? Where is the pride? Where did your military officer training go?

    I used to say, “Where is Jimmy Stewart when we need him?”. It turns out that “Mr. Smith” is a woman. If Sarah was up there she would have mopped up the floor with Hussein. She has everything that McCain lacks as a leader.

    Sarah knows how we all love to cheer the good guy when he goes after the bad guys. She has seen the Rocky movies and the Clint movies. She knows how hungry the country is for a leader who can stand up and say, “OK, make my day!”

    My remaining hopes are for the lady who will have to be the man this country needs!

    God bless America

  4. BHO was arrogant and naive as usual. John McCain missed an important opportunity to mop the floor with BHO. Again BHO talks about his “Iraq vote”. BHO was NOT in the US Senate when the resolution was passed to enter into war against Iraq, and John McCain let it slide!!! I was yelling and shaking my fist at my computer. John McCain seemed in another world. I think the “bailout” legislation is weighing very heavily on him and he is distracted. I got the feeling that he really did not want to be there. He’d rather be in DC right now putting together legislation to help our economy than do a debate to help his political career. I don’t blame him, but he needs to learn how not to wear his heart on his sleeve. It’s all about the poker face. Another interesting thing, BHO said he agreed with McCain NINE times!!! He really shot himself in the foot!!! He also did his infamous “uhs”. That was annoying. I just hope that the American people can see through this dangerous, empty suit. At least mcCain did call Oshama dangerous, and not ready to lead.


    Agree with DR, GENE
    October 2 will tell

  6. McCain…hands down…even though he was being gentle with Obama…after all, he’s just a kid.

  7. I watched the whole thing, nearly an hour and 45 minutes, or so. I was worried before hand that McCain might lose his temper, and though I sensed seething a bit below the surface, I think he did fairly well. I agree that he comes across as lacking in projection, but he has recognition for past deeds (some questionable when attempting to cross the aisle), his reputation as honorable, and years of experience. BO came across as arrogant, though knowledgeable or maybe appears that way as he is so well-spoken. However, for those of us who care, he has a reputation of ducking the vote and I can’t help but believe it’s because he’s afraid of having to answer for his decisions. What kind of leader would that make a person? All in all, I was pleased with McCain, though he lacks luster, and I would call the thing a draw. Looking forward to the Palin/Biden debate. Also, is it typical that when these debates are put on that so many “celebs” show up (Kerry)? I thought these things were for “the people”. Kerry is not “the people” by any stretch.

  8. I was appalled that a US Senator running for President of the United States could continually issue false statements regarding his record. I am speaking of the snarling, rude and sneering junior Senator from Illinois, BH Obama. In my opinion McCain took the night with his patience and sound advice. I heard many media pundits give the round to Obama but I disagree completely. Maybe the next debate will finish off the junior Senator when McCain uses some of the amunition he has revealed in his TV ads. It is clear that Obama and his like have caused the financial debacle so now is the time to tell the world about the subprime loans and who forced them on the banks. Acorn, acorn, acorn.

  9. I watched yester-evening’s debate…….my comment…………”yeah, so?”.
    Nothing new, nothing revealatory (is that a word?), and nothing to get excited about. I think if each is viewed in the context of their individual generation, you’ll agree with me. One worked for it, the other just feels entitled.

  10. Larry,
    I`m getting a bad feeling about this guy Gene,
    and it`s not the first time.
    It seems like he should be wasting someones elses time ma be on some BO site
    If he wants MC Cain to raise his voice and do a
    tap dance like its some addition on American idol,it ain’t going to happen.
    McCain is a doer,not a speech maker.
    Just look at what he is doing with the bailout.
    Wait till the rot comes out about Acorn.
    MC Cain is going to put a stop to that.
    If you don’t know about Acorn just Goggle:
    Obama Acorn.
    I know what your doing on this site Gene.
    Your criteria for the leader of the free world baffles me. Or is it your excuse to knock a great man.
    Nelson Mandela was 75 when he became President of South Africa.

  11. PS.
    MC Cain is running on his RECORD


  12. No one caught Obama using the word “luck” in connection with “700 BILLION” regarding this current millstone our liberal Congress is laboring [even as I type] to hang about the necks of we tax-paying, hard-working Americans? Fall is here and ACORNS are falling, ACORNS are EVERYWHERE.

    Obama also raised the word “naive” in relation to his major flub way back in the primary debate with Hilary. The infamous promise to meet with the lunatic from Tehran without preconditions [lunaticS,, Chavez, Raul Castro, etc., etc., and so forth] (last night, he haughtily informed the nation that as almighty ruling monarch – errr, ahem, I mean POTUS – HE would meet with whomever HE deemed fit at a time and place of his OWN highnesses choosing … and thus hinted to the nation that since the madman [President] of Tehran might be a toothless wonder, perhaps he’d opt to meet with Tehran’s merry band of murderous Mullahs without precondition as well?)

    Ah, well, what do I know, clingy, embittered small town lemming though I be … but those are the two buzz points which lept out at me (there are others, too): hey, folks, IF your liberal Congress is LUCKY with YOUR 900 BILLION buck socialist bail out… and not only will I meet with the lunatic of Tehran if I, the almighty one so dictate, but I’d even meet with the murderous, terrorist-supporting Mullahs of Tehran without precondition … cause I’M the almighty ruling one [IF only you, the people, will vote aright, which of course merely requires you, the American people, to fix your eyes upon my glittering, charming, arrogant persona – WE are the ones WE having been waiting for – whilst concurrently ceasing and desisting this silly insistence on digging for substance. I hereby order all shovels to be cast in the sea. What? What’s that you say? I’m NOT POTUS yet? Mere formality, I have my OWN seal already, you MUST elect me …. I, the glittering man-child DEMAND it]).

    Now, as the post-debate incestuous prattling of the eastern seaboard media, please, spare me the ruminations of yet another breathless psuedo-conservative “journalist” … PLEASE.

    Elitist media wonk to elitist media wonk: [::with horrified affect::] are WE biased? Elitest media wonks respond, in UNISON: Of course NOT. [:::shudder:::]

    YooooHooo discredited elitist media wonks, we small town, hard-working, tax-paying lemmings have a message for you… 🙂

  13. I only got to hear (not watch) the first few minutes….
    but the one thing that I picked up on (and apparently the McCain camp did too) was B.Hussein Obama kept saying “Senator McCain is absolutely right when he says…..”.

    Didnt we hear this “tax cut for middle class and closing corporate loopholes” BS back in ’92 from slick Willy?
    Why should we believe this Muslim guy with his vile hatred of all things American???
    ( when we want, drive when we want, cool our homes, cling to guns, religion, etc).


  14. The one thing that came through loud and clear to my husband and I, who watched the whole thing, was Obama saying “spend spend spend” and McCain saying “cut cut cut.” That was the bottom line during the economic portion of it to us. I loved the way Obama called a tax cut “spending” and it was for people who “don’t need it and never asked for it”! Wow, is this guy arrogant! I loved the moderator’s Freudian slip — “when you are the ruler of this country”! YIKES!!

    The war part of it was so painful to watch, that I had to go to bed with a headache….

  15. PS – forgot to mention, after lying to the American people and getting himself elected, slick Willy dumped the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN US HISTORY on the middle class.
    And those corporate loopholes?? Apparently the still exist….BHO thinks so anyway…

    If the people of this country elect this arogant lying SOB, I will pull down my American flag from my front yard and raise up an old red hammer & sickle flag with BHO’s smug mug in the background…
    If the people of this country are so damn dumb as to listen to this tripe, then maybe Rev Wright had it right…..G.D. America!


  16. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. My stomach was turning from watching the puppet of the left repeating the same lies that every elected Dimocrat has been spewing for the past several weeks. This guy is truly an empty suit with no original thoughts. He has spent the last three days memorizing this tripe, and practicing not saying “uh” twice per sentence. But true to Marxist form, repeat a lie often enough and it will be accepted as truth.

    McCain, on the other hand, missed so many free shots that he looked downright wimpy. I guess the communists really did break his cocky fighter pilot spirit (the liberals in Congress, I mean).

  17. Hard as I try to overcome it, I continue to feel an emptiness in my physique every time John speaks before the cameras.

    His delivery, whether reading from a teleprompter or answering questions, is never conversational or relaxed, but rather, always stiff and cautious.
    If he could add a little “straight delivery” to the “straight talk”, BHO wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Just imagine, if we could clone some DNA from Sarah and combine it with some of John’s, instantly grow and age it to 49 years old, we’d have the perfect candidate, with youth, good looks and experience.

    As for Sarah standing on her own in a debate, I’m not so sure. After seeing her last two interviews, although coming across as genuine and sincere, she clearly gives the impression of decidedly lacking in experience ,with answers that were tentative and unsure.

  18. Similar theme… I did watch the debate in it’s entirety and while BHO was more or less polished and studied up well he still says very little worth listening to. McCain needs to let himself go a bit, get feisty and show this fake what a real leader can and should be. He missed a great opportunity to take Obama down several pegs last night and that’s to his shame because I know he can do it. Greatly looking forward to the Palin/Biden debate Thursday night. Thanks for the opportunity Larry!

  19. Did anybody else notice the McCain reference/preference for a “League of Democratic Nations” to address world conflict resolution ? Meaning, I assume, that this would be nations with legitimate governments inhabited by civilized peoples governed by the rule of law. He would probably deny it, but it sure sounded like: “ditch the UN” to me. If so, and he meant it, this is a whole new side of John McCain…..and, I’m prepared to like it and be enthusiastic about his candidacy for the first time (hate to sound like Michelle Obama, but there you go).

  20. Steve in Dana Point, CA

    Obviously, there was no clear winner at this debate. Both were well prepared, which surprised me coming from McCain, since he has definitely been more preoccupied with the bailout legislation than has Obama. Overall though I think McCain did a little better. He was on the attack more and didn’t let BHO off the hook on his stupid positions on Iraq/Afghanistan wars, earmarks and spending, taxes, etc. He repeatedly accused BHO of being either naïve or just plain wrong. When BHO would try to interrupt to explain his position, sort of a weak “yeah, but….” type of thing, McCain smartly continued to talk right over him. I saw a strength there that I had not seen before in McCain. That’s why I gave him the slight edge in the debate, but I doubt that he converted more than a few “undecided’s” with this performance. But I am certain a few is more than BHO converted.

    But could we see the type of leadership that it takes to turn this nation around and get it on the right track? I didn’t see it from either, hence no clear winner. Maybe Sarah will show that leadership quality in the upcoming VP debates. We can only pray.

  21. Thanks for the opportunity but I am too biased to even be credible, if they would have had to prop McCain up with a stick I would say he won. I am so sick of hateful democrats.

  22. Having watched the entire thing, I must agree with Redbone. I didn’t pick up on the fact that BHO accually gave credit to McCain as “being right” nine times. Glad McCains people did, and made a video of it immediately. Perfect ads keep coming from the McCain camp. Looking forward to the Biden/Palin debate on Thursday. I hope they un-hogtie poor Sarah and let her be herself. She’s terriffic…..Mrs. Smith goes to Washington! Yes!!

  23. DR. GENE, I’m kidding with you here but I can’t agree with your analysis because it is only physically looking at the man who would be president. I’m listening to the words of the man whom I’d trust with my way of life in leading our nation. I don’t care if the guy mumbles and drools, if he makes more common sense to me than a rhetorically polished idiot I’ll take a course in mumbling.

    In watching the debate I couldn’t get away from the fact that McCain, while not the “star” figure, was speaking from his heart. The very differences between the debators in their age exemplifies the effect of government will have on our own lives in the future. Hussein being inexperienced but full of ideas will, at best, be a gamble. McCain, old as he may be, has that experience and has the wisdom of having past through those years, something you don’t get from books or party affiliations.

    I think it’s ABC’s that I saw a bit “Headline News” this morning in which they showed they had taken a telephone poll asking who “won” the debate last night. The results were Barrack Hussein Obama 51%… John McCain 38%. They had in parenthesis, of those that watched the debate. It only seemed fair to me that Headline News should include asking the callers if they had any political knowledge.

    Obama is so eager to pin the present economical situation on Bush and is saying that electing McCain will only be a continuance of it. He is dead wrong in the debates last night and McCain has fought against this economic upheaval we face today. Should Obama want to lay proper blame where it belongs, he should start with President Clinton and then work his way through the rest of his little lefty lunatics.

  24. Just like Slick Willie in 1992, OHB tries to sound like a Republican so he can get elected. Some of his comments made perfect sense and if he weren’t a Democrat (the party of pathalogical liers) I would be tempted to consider him as a person with potential. However, knowing how Democrats can’t recognize trueth when it slaps them up side the head, I could never vote for one.

    McCain was tolerable but he definitely did not smack one out of the park. He appears to be the best that the MSM could float to the top of the Republican party.

    All I can say is “God help us!!!” We are in such a dearth of national leadership that one can only wonder if God’s judgement hasn’t already started and getting the world ready for the end of days. If the USA cannot or will not continue to be the Protector of Isreal then the end is near.

  25. I listened to the debate. Even listening I felt it was a draw at best. I felt McCain threw away multiple chances to impale Barry with past associations, ACORN, etc., etc. It reminded me of Dole vs. Clinton.
    I also concurr with Dr. Gene. Sarah Pahlin is the only candidate with fire and conviction in this race.
    People are so ANGRY about this bailout. McCain really blew his opportunity to exploit the issue and the primary democrat players involved.
    Dr. Dave Modesto, CA

  26. Hello!

    I accidently discovered this site a couple of months ago and have been enjoying it so much! It is so nice to read a great conservative point of view of what’s happening these days. Whenever I get so frustrated by the ObamaNetworks… other wise known as the “News” media, I know I can come hear to hear common sense and real logical thinking on the days events. Thank you for giving me a place to find sanity.

    Onto the debate last night….
    I agree with all those that have posted so far about how Senator McCain did not take advantage of of the lies (or is the correct PC speak mistruths) that Obama said. My husband was in the room and he was almost yelling at the TV at the garbage that Obama was saying. He said he wished he debated Obama… and he wouldn’t have been so “reserved” – he would have called Obama out on his lies.

    Unfortunately, I would have to call the debate a tie… especially since Senator McCain should’ve / could’ve wiped the floor with Obama.

    Just a note, if I may, about a real neat video on YouTube that a friend of mine sent me today about this financial crisis. I won’t put a link as I’m not too sure it’s allowed but go to YouTube and search for “Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?” It’s almost ten minutes but it’s loaded with info on this crisis and whose fault it really is.

    Thank you again for giving me this haven.


  27. Interesting reading and thoughtful. I have to agree with some ….and disagree.
    I watched before and after…channel surfed for the slant and decided after all was said and done…McCain came out ahead…but only slightly.
    Yes, to some he probably appeared tired and old…to me he was a man truly anguishing about what looms ahead for our country and it’s people whom I believe he loves and wishes to serve. I saw and felt his heart last night.
    BO was as rehearsed as he could be about the subjects…but without point of reference and not to sound redundant…lacks experience. I am sure he did well on the debate team in school…except for the sneers, grumblings and constant interruptions….showing lack of respect for the senior Senator from Arizona. I just wanted to say “didn’t your momma teach you any manners?”….and under my breath wishing he would just plain shut up until his turn.
    Yes…there could have been more passion in his delivery…but his message was clear…he is ready to lead this nation and there is no time for “on the job training” for the junior Senator from Illinois because his socialist agenda will surely push us off the cliff.
    We need major reform in Washington…that is the dire message I believe the people need to hear. If we can fix that…the rest will fall in place. I trust McCain/Palin to do it.

  28. JR,

    I wasn’t worried about Mccain losong his cool. I thought Obama might lose his..

    I thought that the “Saddleback factor” would play in and when McCain called him “dangerous” I thought that we might see it.


  29. I feel the debate was mostly a draw.Obama was so rehearsed he couldn’t get far off track until he would start his uhuhuhuhuh. As I explained to a family member ..if I want to make a point with someone I talk a little louder (like Obama) and with forcefullness in my tone and don’t let anyone get a word in edgewise until I am through making my point (like Obama). Obama is a real threat to this country. He is OWNED by Soros and the rest of the liberalistas. Our freedoms as we have known will be going by the wayside if he does get elected. What is this business in MO of some lawyers and law enforcement going after anyone with a different point of view or bad view of Obama and prosecuting them? We are still America and still have some freedom of speech.
    And where did Obama go after the debate? McCain flew to Washington to go to work. I guess Bambi had to rest up after all that training this past week.

    I pray that Sarah will mop the floor with Biden.

    Go McCain/Palin

  30. Dr. Gene,

    Tell me what you think of this theory:

    McCain has what most military personnel have.

    The demeanor. The composure.

    John’s years in virtual solitary captivity, the years of merciless torture has made him a different kind of man.

    The “pulpit” oratory of the Obama’s is as foreign to him as spitting on the flag.

    I felt that even he was a little nervous.

    I would like for him to say the next time Obama tries his negative connotations relative to the Bush/McCain business..

    “The 109th congress consisted of 230 republicans and 201 Democrats. Mid term 2006 came and the 110th cingress consisted of 202 Republicans and 233 Democrats. The Senate as well went to a 51-49 Democratic majority.

    In two years time, the Democratic majority in both Houses could not achieve a single reform of any consequence.

    So much for “change”..

    The President submits a budget and congress votes on it.

    If things are as bad as you believe that they are, why haven’t you and your friends in the majority done something to “change” things?

    How responsible do you feel for what is taking place..”

    THAT is what I would like him to say..

    Did you hear McCain talk about the “eggs in one basket relative to Fannie/Freddie? Has he been reading this site???

    Thank you for all that you have done for NLTZ.



  31. I got the same inner feeling as BC. I felt like I was watching a man coached by Slick Willy.
    The debate as a whole, in my effort to look at it unbiased, was pretty close to even (if both Candidates were telling the truth).
    McCain did better than I thought he would, he took no crap or lies from Obama and he spoke the truth and with consistency. I believed what he said, and I disagree with those who say McCain does not reflect as a Leader. He does that quite well. My life experiences in the Military and in Management have shown me the difference between a doer and a talker. McCain is a doer, Obama is a talker.
    I give credit to Obama as he certainly did his homework and I understand now why he was so urgent to put this debate as important ahead of the current `crisis…he wanted it to happen before he forgot the answers to the big exam!
    I am praying that future debates will bring to light to all of us the real truths about BHO and his shady past. Such as being a Layer for several years for ACORN, the unConstitutional Left wing organization that has been using our Tax dollars (with the blessings of the Socialist Democratic Party in charge) to recruit Voters into the Democratic Party as well as committed thousands of instances of voter fraud. Why the hell don’t we hear more about this corrupt organization and why the HELL is a 100 billion dollar package being included in this bailout package being targeted for ACORN when they are directly responsible for putting our Country in this fiasco?
    In the next debate I want McCain to come out swinging Teddy Roosevelt’s big stick right into Obamas face!

  32. Sister Amy,

    Even a battle hrdened veteran can get the “nerves”..

    While Obama sold bumperstickers, McCain went to work.

    Obama should have won deciseively. At best it was a wash…


  33. Clint,

    It was funny to see that Easter Island statue wandering around with his “Presidential Loser” shirt on…


  34. Stitch,

    I can’t believe that some liberal hasn’t already been offended by the American flag and flagpole in your yard.

    Loud and proud, my friend.


  35. Redbone,

    Short of the Nixon/Kennedy “perspiration” debate, none have ever had any lasting influence upon the electorate.

    The more impromtu these debates become, the better chance that we have to see an Obama foul up..

    Lets see what happens next.

    Thanks as always,


  36. Windrider,

    Check out my comment to Dr. Gene.

    I think that that is where McCain needs to go.

    What do you think?

    Thanks as always,


  37. The empty suit took a lot of coaching to bring his “game” to this debate. Honestly, it did not work. Too many times he said “John, you are right”… and many times McCain said “you just don’t understand”.
    This pretty much sums up the debate angles and why Slick Willy Obamanation looked to smooth, too coached and naive on some matters of great importance…LIKE TAXES.
    John should hammer that home on the next debate…that Obama wants to spend spend spend and he’ll have to TAX TAX TAX to accomplish that….and those getting taxed will have to cut off jobs and growth….AND where does that leave Obamanation??!!
    Why can’t the PUBLIC …dumb public get this?
    They listen to the Pundits who lead them astray with thier babble about who won…and they buy it. Honestly…McCain won with his Presidential presence and his knowledge of current events and solutions to those BIG problems.
    Now…we get Palin and Biden. Can’t wait.
    God Bless America…and we need it. This time’s getting scary. Can the public be so gullible?

  38. BC,

    Yes, the great “Centrist Illusion”..

    Gets ’em every time..

    Unless we get involved.

    Thanks as always,


  39. Dr. Dave,

    I concur. The Democratic operatives mentioned in “Democratic Systemic Risk” would have had the “Wizard of Uh’s” (Not my quote but I wish that it was… GREAT!!) reeling.

    No ones mind was changed by the debate.

    We still need to remember tah if the Democrats win, we are ONE LIBERAL SUPREME COURT JUSTICE AWAY FROM LIBERAL TOTAL CONTROL.

  40. R.A.R.,

    I agree.

    Obama reminded me of the wierd new store mannequins with his odd pointy fingers and his “debate by rote” delivery.

    A Red is a Red is a Red…


  41. Larry,
    I believe I heard BHO say “John’s right” about
    8 or 10 times last night. How do you think his
    handlers will spin that?

  42. James,

    The next debate will see a different McCain in the batters box.

    Especially if the libs keep monkeying with the bailout..

    Lets wait and see..

    Thanks as always,


  43. Lord Jim,

    I think that the tally was either eight or nine “John is right about..”

    I think that that lends creedence to the McCain won by a nose theory..

    Thanks as always,


  44. Four items from the debate: (1) Obama finally got a lesson about sitting down with assholes who hate us, and I think that came across very clear and (2) Obama if elected will not set a time frame to bring the troops home; but on either one of them, he still could very possibly screw up if President, (3) had Obama been President just a few months earlier he would have mistakenly brought troops home leaving a huge problem to follow — to the point where we would have had to actually go back into Iraq. (4) Obama seems to think he’s running against Bush, not sure he understood or recognized John was across from him. What it all means: there’s probably a lot more he doesn’t know about being President. He later might make a good President but he still harbors a lot of socialist views that are very contradictory to a capitalist market and to the working blue collar population of the United States or why would democrats so embrace millions of illegal workers taking residence in the United States thereby completely creating a significant competitive advantage against working citizens of the U.S.

    Lastly, it’s becoming even more clear what Ronald Regan noticed some time ago when he said, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me”. Democrats are more and more evolving from an elitists population who drink lattes and wines, embrace an almost impossible environmental mind-set whose Washington D.C. power base far exceeds the Republican myth of being the Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffetts’ (despite Buffett’s leaning) of the world (where there’s only two!) or the small number of CEO’s who actually are grossly over-paid into a “do as I say, not as I do” counterfeit and mordant leach off of the backs of the truly poor. This brigade of forged righteousness only serves the pitiable to the degree in which the deprived can deliver the necessary vote to sustain their falsery which is nested in their own greed for power and money. To this end Country is never first.

  45. RD,

    Oops, sorry.

    Sick minds think alike at the exact same time apparently..


  46. Hi Larry,
    I watched the whole debate twice.
    and admire That John didn’t want to dissapoint
    his supporters. He did fine and held his own. Did you notice how nervous Obama was and how he had to literally force himself back into the discussion.
    Even more important to me is that John is now back to work on the important job we hired him for. Solving the Financial Emergency in Washington while OHB went out on the “happy campaign trail” It is pretty obvious who is leading and contributing.

    Fox News asked us to respond to the inclusion of a slush fund for ACORN and so we sent the following:

    A BIG NO on Acorn and a BIG YES on the INSURANCE Plan favored by the Republicans.

    Doesn’t it make sense that an organization that has been convicted of
    Voter Fraud should automatically be excluded from any part of a
    Financial Recovery Plan or Government funding of ANY KIND.

    We believe the Republican Insurance based plan is vastly superior to a bailout purchase plan of ANY amount.

    In this way those firms who have been operating ethically and wisely would have the market advantage they deserve.
    Thanks for asking for our input.

    everett & grace willis, PTL
    Scottsdale, Az

    It amazes me that the Financial Revovery bill as of tonight still includes a slush fund for that

  47. Danno,

    His “Campaign against Bush” thing is intentional.

    It’s up to McCain to lower the boom on him.

    I think that if he were to say what I referenced in my comment to Dr. Gene, that would bring closure to the issue..

    That second parargraph was a barn burner my friend..

    Thanks as always,


  48. Greg,

    The moderator had to prod the candidates to debate against each other!

    It was kind of a different format that both were a little uneasy with..

    If the same format is in play next time, there will be some firewoks..

    Thanks as always,


  49. Pego,

    I believe that the ACORN bit should be tabled if the negotiations over the bailout go astray.

    Gloves off baby..

    Thanks for your comments,


  50. Pat P.,

    Agree. No knockouts, just glancing blows.

    Next time, off the top rope my friend.


  51. 3 Heade Rick,

    Dr. Gene is a few years older than McCain.

    An Ex Marine. (Is there such a thing?)

    A PHD and a retired (I believe) exec at IBM.

    He is a fire breathing compassionate conservative who would have preferred a gloves off encounter to a sissy debate.

    Dr. Gene is a bare knuckles kind of guy.

    A hero.

    I’m not worried in the least.

    Thanks as always,


  52. I watched the whole thing last night and, although I think overall Senator McCain did an acceptable job, he missed too many opportunities to point out Obama’s failings and shady associations. He did, however, make the only mention of border security during the entire debate that was supposed to be about “foreign policy”, when they were asked a question about whether another 9/11 style attack is possible. It was at the very end of his answer, almost an after thought, but it was one of the few “YES!” moments for me during the debate. Obama was obviously well coached and I am not surprised he wasn’t eager to postpone the debate…I just wish there was a way we could make the weasle say what he really means, as opposed to what he thinks will get him elected.

    I, too, am looking forward to the Palin/Biden debate.

  53. Fed Up in Ohio,

    “Incestuous prattling”..


    Good stuff my friend, hope to hear from you again.


  54. Vickie,


    Impartial moderator, eh??

    Thanks as always and I hope your migrane gets better..


  55. Dennis,

    Don’t give up “Hope”..

    McCain has alot of spunk and if they try to beat up on Palin on the 2nd, watch out..

    Thanks as always,


  56. PA patient,

    John is certainly not a polished speaker, but that lends itself to the apperance of being “bookish” like Barack.

    Palin has a tough task but if Biden tries to put her in a corner, he might be surprised by what she hits him with..

    Thanks as always and….Steelers or Eagles,Who are you for? (I’m a Steelers guy from Day One..but the Eagles are a darned good team.)


  57. BayouRat,

    Nice catch..If McCain has been talking to John Bolton, you could be right on the money..

    Bolton was a straight shooter. McCain could count on him..

    Where in the Bayou, my friend?

    Enjoy a Barq’s or a Dixie for me..


  58. Steve in Dana Point,

    Tie goes to no one on this one..

    The bailout will play heavily next time.

    Hopefully Palin is getting out the study materials on this because they will try to front her out experience wise on this..

    Thanks as always,


  59. coloneljohn,

    By your lead, Sir..


  60. N. Bailey,

    Agreed. Let Biden try to thump her..he will be in for a surprise..

    Thanks for stopping in,


  61. During the first 30-45 minutes McCain performed poorly. It did a lot better during the last half.

    McCain missed some great opportunites. When Obama said 6 years ago He was against the War and He blamed Bush for everything, McCain should have mentioned Obama was not even in the Senate 6 years ago. Several other missed opportunities regardin ght eeconmy and letting Obama Blame Bush, Bush, Bush and the Republican party. He can’t let Obama get away with that. there are many facts he could present.

    The Democratic Part leadership, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, etc have their fingerprints all over this mess.

    In the end, I think the debate changed no ones mind, and undecided voters would not be swayed either way, but I must admit, if I did not know better, I would put Obama slightly ahead in the overall debate; although McCain picked up steam towards the last half hour.

    Don’t take Obama for granted. His ideas are dumb, but He’s not stupid, and he’s a good debater and will be prepared. What he says does not reflect his record, but for many of the naive that does not matter.

  62. Debbie,

    Link away my friend!

    I am glad that you take the time to stop by here and leave comments. That means alot to me.

    Sounds like your husband is another “Compassinate Conservative” as well.

    I’d love to just cut up pieces of red foam to look like bricks so that I could hurl them at the television and not cause any damage…

    I’d send two to your house..

    Thanks again,


  63. aznana,

    Agree. It was a draw.

    That isn’t so bad, were we expecting too much?

    The truth is self evident..

    Thanks for your comments,


  64. Mr. Willis,

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving your comments.

    Obama was nervous. The Saddleback “debate” had him scred out of his wits.

    Imagine if that “debate” hadn’t taken place and Obama would have gone into last night just as he did at Saddleback??

    THAT would have been a momentum changer, wouldn’t it?

    Hi to the Mrs.


  65. Sil,

    I think the next debate might produce some well anticipated fireworks..


  66. Chuck0410,

    Obama was in the Illinois Senate at that time and he was a spokesman for the anti war sentiment.

    He knew that the rails were being greased for him by his “Illinois helpers” who knew that he would be in the U.S Senate.

    Obama was wrong and he still is wrong..

    Imagine that.

    Thanks as always,


  67. Thought I saw steam coming out of BHO’s ears a few times. So much for McCain being the “hothead”. I also thought BHO was disrespectful, arrogant and condescending.

    I just do not understand why McCain let BHO pin this mortagae mess on the Republicans. I was hoping McCain would shoot back and remind the audience of BHO’s association with and cotributions from Freddie and Fannie. Also to remind the Dimwitcrats that the liberal led Congress insisted on these subprime low income loans which created this mess.

    For my money (which will be BHO’s if he wins in Nov), McCain won the debate.

    I think McCain could have been more forceful and decisive if he reminded everyone of the Carter administration with all it’s tax and spend programs causing inflation, unemployment and double digit interest rates?

    Hopefully on the next debate, McCain pulls no punches and maybe we’ll BHO’s head explode!

  68. I agree is was a draw so no one loses. Things that were strange to me: the body language…wow it was heavy. John had the Name rank & serial # stance (don’t look don’t react, don’t respond). While Obama had this horrible worried scowl.
    I think the reason it was a draw is because 1. McCain was tired doing the peoples work (and I think we have him to Thank for the GOP not putting that bill through for the ACORNS). 2. I think he was wise to just lay low this time, it will give Obama false confidence so watch out the next time. 3. I felt it was a good thing McCain came out good on the economy thing right now. He will have more ammunition next go round. He shined in the last half which is his forte.
    Obama: he did well w/o his promptor but he does always llok so rehearsed. And look at the two and listen to them both and try to have an open mind and an open heart and this is what I see and hear: Obama: I am the man ..oops don’t let me act too proud right yet, I don’t have the real seal yet, but I’ll say and do ANYTHING to get it!
    McCain: I love this country and I say and do EVERYTHING I can to make sure she survives whatever we have to do to keep her afloat. I’d even die for her.
    I know where my heart is
    I used to be a DEM! (makes my dad so dern mad!)

  69. Hi Larry

    Thanks for the cover fire.

    My disappointment in McCain’s performance is that we forfeited one more game. There aren’t that many left in the schedule.

    Here on your site, we deal in the issues and your reader’s comments cover all of the right arguments and the flaws in the candidates. I believe that those who already back one candidate are not going to be persuaded at this point in the game.

    However, the people who will use the debates to make up their minds aren’t as thoughtful or knowledgeable of the “facts”. Whether they know it or not – they will find themselves going for the guy who they see as likable and who talks to them in a way that they can understand.

    I like McCain and I certainly will vote for him, but I can’t keep hoping that he’ll be better the next time. The game is underway. People were actually concerned that he might lose his temper – really. If there was a half-time break, I’d have told him to get mad, fight to win or get off the field. Or, in a more sedate mood, I might say, “What would Reagan do?”

    BTW, Larry – Eagles all the way!

    God bless America

  70. I am hearing impaired and my hearing aids connect the sound directly to me leaving out noises around me. As I listened, I thought it was all chest thumping and finger pointing, no depth at all. We have heard all they said last night eons ago and there was never any actual solution to hang your hat on anything. One thing I did pick up that about drove me ’round the bend, was how much Obama said uhhh. I learned in college many years ago that this is like leaving the motor on with the transmission in neutral. So Obama could never start a sentence without Uhh… meaning his brain wasn’t in gear. I would give the night to McCain, but just barely. On the whole, I was disappointed. I’m looking forward to Oct 2!


    saoittle follow up
    Carter 1977 started the organization
    that was used by Clinton to expand mortgage redistribution system to the ineligibles , Acorn with 20 % OF bailout is rediculous. I received a ten page message that details how this mess was created.

    Also got some stats on war dead
    14,000 in Clinton 8 years vs 7000
    in Bush 8 years and that was without a war in IRAQ

    MCCain has to drop being respectful to Obama and go for the throat.
    Victory is a must there is no next time

  72. I missed the debate helping my wife in throwing a party for her co-workers. The main complaint I heard from John at Powerline and some other conservatives is McCain didn’t attack on the reasons we are stuck in a bailout to save the economy but how can he do that when he is in the middle of negotiations. He basically had bigger fish to fry. There is plenty of time and there are plenty of debates left to throw those punches. Will McCain throw them and should he? It would give me a visceral thrill to see McCain calling Obama out on things like earmarks Obama 780 million McCain zero, Obama and his fellow Democrats protecting Fanny and Freddy against Republicans trying to legislate sane reg.s for those two, while Clinton Franks and other Dems twisted the arms of banks to make bad loans.

    It would give me a thrill, but not nearly the thrill I will have in seeing two true warriors win on Nov. 4 against all the odds. I am sure McCain will do what is needed to win. He has so far. and if he never throws those punches it is because that is what he needs to win. If he trows them it is because that is what he needs to win.

    This week he did exactly what was called for for his Country. It also will help him get elected. It was also clear that he was so inside Obama’s OODA loop that Barack ( I’ll be here if you call me) Obama was chasing his tail. The only thing that saved him for the moment was his Dem buddies pulling a –we have a deal- oops no we don’t– to make McCain look bad. But at the end of the day it should work out great for McCain because he is the only ones who can deliver the Republicans to the deal. In the mean time all you NLTZ folks how many calls have you made for McCain today. ( to do it just go to the McCain Web site they will give you people one at a time over the webb site) You can do it in your spare time. Have you checked out all your Friends Family and acquaintenances to see who they will vote for so you know who to drive to the polls on election day, or better yet help them apply for and then fill out an absentee ballot. I want to be dancing all week after Nov. 4. And more importantly I know that with John and Sara, come, what may My country will be in good hands 2009 to 20013.

  73. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, found your blog reading Ann Coulter comments. Love the site and comments on it. Read Debbie’s comment and wnet to You Tube for the video. Sent the link to my entire address book. Forgot to copy it so annot post it here. Keep up the great work as I pass along your site to everyone I know.

    By the way I came from Bayou Country many years ago and I still like Barqs and Dixie.

    McCain/Palin Victory 2008

  74. McCain completely missed the chance to attack Obama over Fanny/Freddie money — both contributions to him (BHO) and his advisors’ previous employment. He was nervous early on, but got somewhat better as the debate wore on. Still, what does it take to find a Republican or Conservative who can freaking TALK?!? BHO was there for the taking, and JMcC just stumbled and bumbled. Extremely disappointing.

  75. Joe,

    I wish that there was a way to get the comment that I left for Dr. Gene to the McCain Camp.

    I think that it is something that would have Obama sputtering..

    Thanks for commenting,


  76. Sister Amy,

    I knew it wasn’t an original idea but it is certainly well overdue especially during the campaign season!!

    Thanks as always,


  77. alleylaw,

    Good stuff.

    The body language observation is spot on.

    Excellent stuff..

    Thanks as always,


  78. Dr. Gene,

    That’s why I wanted to open this up to my commenters.

    Every opinion on NLTZ gets read and absorbed by me.

    I have never “zapped” a comment yet, I’ve never had to..

    There are just too many insightful commenters and I wanted them to have the chance to shine!



  79. Richard,

    Yes!!! “Uh” is just the interim between thoughts, the sign of a mind in Intellectual limbo.

    Or onr seeking to stall for time in order to fabricate..

    Excellent point.

    Thanks as always,


  80. JR,

    I believe that your prediction will come to pass, especially if the “polls” show McCain losing any more ground.

    Thanks as always,


  81. Theop,

    Excellent points.

    Because of my job, we are not allowed to actively work for or campaign for any candidate.

    For awhile there was talk that we wouldn’t even be allowed yard signs..

    In the interim, I try my best to get the word out.

    My acquantances know where I stand and the few who disagree with me kind of avoid the topic with me..

    Thanks as always,


  82. ‘Bama Red,

    Thanks for the kind words..

    I appreciate your passing the site along to your friends.

    It means alot to me that so many NLTZ friends pass the site along.

    I hope to keep you coming back and thanks for your contributions.

    How about Alabama tonight? WOW!!


  83. Bill,

    I know that it could have been better but Obama himself could have done better.

    There is still two more debates and VP Palin will give McCain a “bump” I’m sure.

    Keep the faith,


  84. The old war horse McCain was extrodinarily patient and gentle with a fiesty, neophyte Obama without qualifications to be president. McCain was point by point teaching the naieve young man how experience trumps emotional appeal and hype. McCain’s presentation was a story that moved through the event with a climax and conclusion that Obama was actually a dangerous person to have as president.

    The liberal media were all too eager to give Obama “presidential” bling because they are all about image and celebrity and do not understand nor do they desire substance. Obama to them came across as “presidential” when in reality he reminded me of actor Will Smith playing his signature role of a bumbling character, in a place where he doesn’t belong, trying to pass himself off as credible to white people, blabbering and blubbering his way through, a pretender to legitimacy and an imposter.

  85. Larry, why not just send it to McCain’s website. I think it would benefit him to read every comment here. He missed too many opportunities last night. My main observation was that Obama took control too much of the time. To just introduce yourself and tell what you do and show the responses you get surely would be of interest to someone on his staff….it might be just that simple. What could it hurt? They might start reading you all the time. Can’t tell me they are not constantly looking for a pulse.

  86. azanan
    “What is this business in MO of some lawyers and law enforcement going after anyone with a different point of view or bad view of Obama and prosecuting them?”

    Where did you get this?

  87. jafa,

    I will.

    I’ll let you know if anyone responds.

    Thanks as always,


  88. It seems the ACORN connection is beginning to take hold. I believe the “real meat” can be found within the Foundations Freddie and Fannie utilized to funnel millions of dollars to the so called “communities” in exchange for voter loyalty. An insurance policy to guarantee that certain members of Congress…remained in Congress…and the “pick of the litter” who would further their agenda.
    My gut tells me we have our “October Surprise.”

  89. Lamecherry has an interesting take on the debate entitled Obama Psyops. That revulsion some say they felt may have been a ploy by Obama’s handlers, terrorist Bill Ayers and David Axelrod, that has backfired.

    See the story here: (scroll down to last story):

  90. Having read all the comments, I don’t have a lot to add, but here are my impressions. 1) (a)I also, do not think this debate did much to change minds. (even so-called “undecideds” have an idea who they will vote for-if they vote!). (b), I happened to be watching my local news tonite and there were interviews of a couple of local people and their impression of the debate. One was a rather mature(not old mature) person and she said that the debate didn’t sway her idea of McCain. He was her choice before and nothing changed her mind; and there was a younger college kid who said that Hussein had put forth some new and fresh ideas that impressed him. (c) Does that sound like he’s had his mind mushed by the MSM and the commo-socialist proffesors, or what? Give me a break, new ideas!!!
    2) As to winner or loser, it was my opinion before I read all these comments, that there was no clear winner or loser. I made up my mind at the end of the debate – without help from the “talking heads”, and before reading these great comments by all. But I liked what McCain said and the way he said it better. But that’s unmitigated and umremorsful bias.

    My impressions were- 1) McCain’s answers and comments did not sound as if they were re-hearsed. 2) McCain had a much better understanding of the forign policy issues, (and I, like many others here, felt that McCain missed some opportunities to make further points, and show that he had a much better comprehension of the Iran, Georgian, and nuclear proliferation, etc, issues than the manchild. Also the Irag, Afganistan, Pakastaini problems. 3) I felt too, that he missed opportunities to stick it to Hussein on the domestic, economic issues that others have mentioned,ie, how we got into mess, how we could get out. He should have explained further his attempted solution put forward 2-3 yeas ago that was voted down by the ones who profited most. 4) Hussein did not give us anything new, but then neither did McCain, but Husoma sounded just like he was reading one of his stump speeches from memory or a teleprompter on everything that came from his mouth,(read A.. H). His answers and comments sounded “canned”. (But that shouldn’t surprise anyone on this site. Unless Husoma is spoon-fed the BS he regurgitates, he wouldn’t have any thoughts,but I digress!). 5) I have heard the chosen one’s garbage a hundred times, (not intentionally, but before I can change the channel from one of the MSM channels). 6) Hussein’s solution was the demwitocrat’s talking points on the solution, which I saw earlier in some news report prior to the debate. (thanks to someone here for the dimwitocrats thing. )

    As an aside, it was rumored before the debate, that Husoma’s camp had given him a number of “zingers”, or “gotchas”, to use on McCain. I didn’t hear any, did you? Or maybe I don’t get the left’s so-called sense of humor,(not that’s an oxymoron for ya). I heard a couple from McCain, or what I thought were put downs, then maybe I was just being hopeful.

    BYW, here’s a link I think that was mentioned a couple of times as to what caused the mess the Dumocrats want so desperately to fix.

    There’s also a list of the top receipants of Fannie and Freddie’s generosity and the amounts they received -not including the favored Counrywide and other Loans at rates your or I could only dream about. Anybody wanta guess why the dumocrats didn’t want any oversight?

    Thanks again Larry for the opportunity to read the great insights and the comments of these great people and as alway…yours. And to put in my 2 cents worth,
    Darn , I sleep better knowing that I’m not surrounded in this universe by stupidy. Which is certainly not apparent if one just heard from the news spewed by the MSM.

  91. Forget the above link – I copied, but didn’t paste the way it should have. Hope this one does.

  92. Enough already!! I have the utmost respect for John MaCain, but where are his cahones? He could have really spear-chunked the rodent looking Socialist punk, if only he would have! I absolutely seethed at the missed opportunities J.M. had, but for whatever reason let slip by. If he is truly to have a hope of beating the Dimocratic Juggernaught that is destroying this Country, He needs to get mad. They surely don’t have a problem in blaming and insulting every Conservative/Republican/Independant for what is wrong. If it’s raining, it’s Bush’s fault, if night falls and it’s dark, it Bush’s fault. I am so damn sick of thier vile attacks and want someone to show the power to attack back. I say Hoo Ya to the House Republicans for standing up and refusing to be pressured into passing the Wall Steet/Acorn bailout.

    John take one of those “little blue pills” before the next debatacle John and forget “P.C.” Get some of his blood and guts on the end of your spear, and watch just how fast he crumbles into the pile of vile slime that he is and represents!

    And one more thought, just who will the Dimocrats put fourth as the next moderator, Larry King? Leher is a complete looser and obviously biased. They are afraid, very afraid, and it’s time to make them pay!!!!

  93. R.A.R.,

    Me too…

    This big “delay” with the bailout simply means to me that there are more than just a few people who need to cover their tracks…


  94. orvill,

    I think that you nailed it.

    “Fresh ideas”? That cracked me up. The indoctrinated of the Obama camp are starting to remind me of a Communist cult with their blank stares and their juvenile grins.

    Stepford Socialists..

    Thanks as always,


  95. Texas Tom,

    We all know that the MSM would take the “frontal assaults” of McCain towards Obama as “veiled racism” therefore it is prudent to warm to the task of flattening him like an Oklahoma armadillo..

    Timing is everything. It is best to “peak” at the right moment. I was a little concerned about the “post Palin” bounce falling a little flat. It did.

    As wierd as it sounds, moderation is the key. Those on both sides with their heels dug in aren’t going to be swayed by the debates.

    The undecided, overwhelmed by the MSM’s over coverage of a McCain deluge of truth, short of moving to a deserted island until election day, will be slammed by the “impartial media”.

    We have to work with what we have. There is plenty of wiggle room and if Obama believes that he is off the hook because of the “kid glove” treatment that he recieved, good.

    Time is on our side.

    I would prefer to make steady gains every day until the election as opposed to a gigantic leap that slowly erodes until election day..

    What do you think?

    Thanks as always,


  96. Thank you, Larry.

    I’m about ready to drop kick the pseudo-conservatives out publicly. The conservative platform has been watered down by allowing those whichever way the wind blows folk to leap aboard what they perceived (throughout the years our toothless Repubs held a Congressional majority) as the “winning team”.

    These wolves in the proverbial sheep’s clothing, politically speaking, were never more than pseudo-conservatives to begin with. Or, should I said in lieu of the ridiculous “compassionate conservatives”, “CONVENIENT CONSERVATIVES”? (Now, it isn’t “convenient” for them to espouse REAL conservative values anymore, so it’s time for them to do just what they’re fervently doing: work from WITHIN the ranks to rot the movement and bury it. Is anyone really surprised by this?)

    Now we have what I’ve come to think of as our elitist, ivory tower ensconced pseudo-conservative “journalists” and “commentators” sharpening either their poison pens or their poison tongues, whichever is applicable to those nefarious incestuous prattlers who’ve walled themselves off from day-to-day reality somewhere between the northeastern seaboard corridor and the corrupt Beltway clap-trap, pap and drivel.

    I wake up every morning and force myself to try to find some real facts to evaluate about what the heck our liberal, corrupt Congress is going to put forth in continuance of robbing, raping and pilfering ever more of our paychecks.

    Line of the day (I can’t remember who to credit, but it sure didn’t originate with me – I only wish it had):

    Point: Obama has thousands more turning out at his rallies than does John McCain.

    Counterpoint: That’s because the majority of McCain/Palin supporters/conservatives are at work during weekday campaign rallies.

    As to the pseudo-conservative poison pen/tongue gang who are breathlessly hyperventilating about how GOVERNOR Palin should remove herself from the GOP ticket, I find that a GREAT COMFORT. They must be utterly affrighted she’s going to help carry her ticket to victory Nov 5th.

    Just more angry ruminations from one of those embittered clingy small-town types, don’tcha know!

  97. oh please, Senator Obama won this debate hands down.
    He was more polished, looked more presidential, and brought more ideas including facts and figures that McCain did.
    McCain kept talking about the same old politics as usual, while Obama put forth specific plans.
    You can say he was “coached” if you want, but he still brought the better message. And, they are both “coached” at some point, so what difference does that make?
    President Clinton would have accomplished a lot more if he wasnt being blocked by the Republican Congress all the time.
    With a Democratic Congress waiting for him, President Obama wont have any problems enacting his policies starting on Day One.

  98. Shuster….you should be careful what you wish for.
    None of Obama’s policies…whatever they might be will work or be enacted on an economy that has been extorted….the well is dry…and the native’s are wrestless.
    Obama couldn’t deliver the goodies…and believe me he tried.
    I guess now it’s on to plan B—voter fraud.

  99. The best thing that has come from all of this is….the American people are mad…and better yet they are engaged. The silent majority will rise again…they won’t stay asleep at the wheel this time.

  100. To Shuster’s point:
    “With a Democratic Congress waiting for him, President Obama wont have any problems enacting his policies starting on Day One”.

    And therein lies the problem.

    To the point about McCain losing his cool. I don’t see a problem here. I want McCain to get in Obama’s face and remind him that he is a naive pup of a Senator with no record of accomplishments. I want him to declare forcefully and with conviction exactly what he is going to do and if he gets angry and steps on some toes, Republican or Democrat, so be it. I want McCain to call Obama on every lie or exaggeration that he utters. When they accuse McCain of being a racist, I want him assert that, if disagreement with Obama is the new PC criteria for racism, then please use a capital R when referring to him.

    As far as undecided voters go, I’m not concerned about them. The way I see it, anyone who is undecided at this point is probably too dumb to vote anyhow. I know there are those who claim to be undecided because they think this elevates them intellectually, however, in reality it is simply a childish play for attention.

    Strong opinions…..I know….however, the time for beating around the bush (no pun intended) is
    long past.

  101. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr … whilst the “honorable” Speaker of the House, otherwise known as the nipped, tucked and BoToxed San Fran Nan (I’m in the mood to be especially kind today), is out publicly ripping conservative Republican Congress men and women and calling them unpatriotic for not coming to the table sooner (errr, ummm … they weren’t initially invited to sit at the table with the Dems and the fiscally liberal flim-flam highway robbery of working American taxpayers complicit President of these United States about our little $700 BILLION dollar “charitable contribution” to the incompetent and irresponsible at the outset, were they? … they were just expected to let Paulson, President Bush and our liberal Congress bamboozle them into passing an un-Constitutional, social engineering bill … $700 BILLION DOLLARS worth of charitable socialist contributions to be involuntarily ripped from the paychecks of hard-working Americans, did I mention that … again?)…

    …and we have McCain is out there with Georgie S praising the kind-hearted bipartisan effort to get this bill passed into law.

    Am I the only one enraged by this dichotomy?


    Apparently, not. Especially since Barack Hussein Obama is even now, as I type, speaking about how HE is RESPONSIBLE for what we all know the Tancredos, Cantors, Boehner and other true conservative Congresspeople insisted on being either removed or included, if they were even to consider supporting our little $700 BILLION DOLLAR charitable welfare for the irresponsible and incompetent.


  102. The big picture….REPARATIONS.
    Think about it.

  103. Larry,

    Your reply to Dr. Gene was spot on and the main avenue John McCain should take, which is the truth. The truth in what harm the Democratic party has played in the energy shortages and the current economic fiasco that faces American today. There is no possible way you can blame any of that on one man.

    It never fails to intrique me at election time how the finger is pointed towards that singular man in the White House. As if he were annointed ruler, the king, the majesty of the realm in which he and he alone is responsible for any ills within it. Meanwhile the 100 Senators, 435 Congressmen/women and nine Supreme Court Justices will sit back on their butts and claim they didn’t have a damned thing to do with it. When in fact it is those 544 people along with that man in the White House who are directly, legally, morally and individually responsible for all domestic problems have plaque this nation today, in the past, present and will continue into the future.

    By future I mean it is even more intriquing, if not dumbfounding, in the constant supply of American voters ignorant enough to believe this tripe. Obviously these people have never read the Constution of the United States, the Bill of Rights or do they ever intend to. It’s so much “easier” to have a nice looking, glib mouthed, empty suit, talking head tell them of all the “happy” change he’s going to “for” them. The word “for” in leftist language meaning “given out” rather than earned. That’s so much easier than the drudgery of looking at voting records or even (gasp) recent historys of the candidates. This isn’t even going to touch the millions who are content to flop their saggy ass’ in the ‘Lazy Boy’, click the remote and let the ever so warped, leftist media, truth as they want you to see it, permeate their minds with disinformatia. But it’s easier!!!

    On the debate whether John McCain would lose his temper or not I will offer this; In military boot camp you are taught not to engage in rhetorical or physical confrontations with civilians. While I realize that doesn’t apply to McCain any longer, that “training” may still be there. Combined this with his many years service as a politician in which diplomacy is utmost, not shouting matches and his long years in captivity when confrontation was severly punished. “Losing or not” I see as no more than a judgment of McCain’s personality, not his leadership ability.

    I never have shouted back at someone who is shouting at me because I think it only drags me down to their level. I will not shout at anyone nor will I listen to anyone who is shouting at me because I think you’re acting on emotions, not reasoning.

    DR. GENE,
    Within the years of President W. Bush we have seen a number of Republican Senators and Congressmen turn against him. I believe if you were an elected official you would fall within that circle. Your tendancy to favor what’s popular would have you “flip-flopping”, somewhat like Hussein Obama has already done in his campaign. Your understanding of what the Republican Party, not to mention Conservatives, concepts are seem lax if not misguided.

    And by the way, Dr. Gene, have you noticed an historical trend in the way Democrats have of trying to idolize their presidential candidates?

  104. Rayne: “The big picture….REPARATIONS.”

    Aye, point regrettably taken.

    My picture: Never mind, it’s too crass to put into vivid word pictures, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

    Ironically, the uber-communist (socialism is merely a euphemistic pretty-ism analogous with “communism”), liberal Congressional ruling elite,, has so successfully fomented and engendered class warfare for the last half Century plus, its own constituency is stark raving mad about the $700 BILLION charitable gifting cause it’ll bail out – at least for a week or two til the next penniless Wall Street wonk cries “WOLF! WOLF! WOLF” through Paulie-son and Bernie-mackie-boy – how utterly and completely and deliciously ironic is THAT????

    Not to mention we, the level-headed, hard-working American taxpayers are mad as heck from the other end of the spectrum. Imagine that, our elitist Congressional leadership getting squeezed from BOTH ends of the continuum. That’s about all I can manage a sardonic laugh over given current events.

    I grow ever more agitated as I gaze upon my spouse’s incredibly shrinking pay check/stub [due to the highway robbery our Congressional “leaders” euphemistically refer to as “taxes”].

    O, in case you liberal wonks and netroots are reading along here and are wondering (assuming you ever actually think of INDIVIDUALS instead of merely in BLOCS of issues), that paycheck starts out at $32,000.00 annually BEFORE TAXES, so we ain’t yer average “rich conservatives”.

    We are, however, THINKING Americans who haven’t checked our brains at the door for a Government handout looted from the pockets of our fellow Americans and neighbors.

  105. Windrider

    Your comments did not offend me, (well maybe the part where you likened me to Hussein :-).
    I’ll respond since the remarks were personal:

    I know that you probably didn’t mean to turn the discussion into an appraisal of my character -so, no problem.

    Like many, I am disappointed in McCain’s weak performance. That doesn’t mean I would turn on him. Heck, I’ve been known to watch my QB drop a handoff and still be able to make my assigned block for him and the team.
    Debate and disagreement is OK.

    For the benefit of all of us who support Larry and his work, let’s continue to help this site by steering away from any desire to make negative personal references.

    Larry has assembled a fine group of people here. They provide thoughtful and cogent comments that are at a higher level of quality than any we can find on the entire web.


  106. The dems never think of individuals…much the same way they package legislation…loaded with pork to keep the farm animals in line….feeding from the trough of dependency.
    It allows them their “talking points” when election time comes around…
    I think the first order of business to reform Washington is to set term limits, take away the host of goodies that creates the corruption they all dabble in when it’s time for the vote.
    Hell, make them live on Social Security like the rest of us…maybe they wouldn’t be to quick to rob from it every chance they get.

  107. Someone should check McLame’s pilot light, I think it’s gone out!
    I wanted to reach into the TV to shake McLame up. God, what ever happened to righteous indignation. What ever happened to phrases like, “That’s a downright lie and you should be ashamed of yourself” Whatever happened to using the opportunity to set the record straight about this financial mess and outline for the American people the part that Frank, Shumer, et. al. played in opening the bank vaults to the people who had no way of ever paying back the mortgages they were given under the auspices of “homes for the poor”, thanks to Washington.The Wall St vs. Main St thing will resonate with the people who don’t know that Wall Street is there to make money on other peoples bad judgement. Case closed.
    McLame should have eaten him for lunch, but to be honest, BHO did look Presidential, full of sh*t as usual, but Presidential. McLame, get fired up, get f***king angry, I want to see you demolish him in order to save this country’s future. The men out here might respond to that approach.

  108. P.s.: McLame should have said what I heard radio personality Barry Farber say so many times,

    “Pardon me for speaking while you’re interrupting”.

    Or try maybe, “I didn’t interrupt you, please allow me the same courtesy.”

    That would be putting the schoolboy back in his place.

  109. My husband and I both felt like McCain beat Obama and felt that it was a pretty obvious win. Then the pundits came on and said the opposite. I can only know how I felt during the debate. And I felt quite comfortable with McCain’s performance. I found myself happy with the exchanges more often than not, and felt that McCain kept Obama on the defense a good part of the evening. It was very frustrating to me to then listen to all the negativity about McCain and then how Obama did so well. B/c that just isn’t how I saw it. It seems like everything else this election cycle….reality happens (ie, Obama and all his shenanigans) and then it gets so spinned the real story is unrecognizable or the story is completely ignored by the media. I tell you, I am at my wit’s end with it. I am so distressed at seeing the people of this country being decieved into electing a true socialist who has no respect for the ideals that America is founded upon. It just breaks my heart to think that my children will quite possibly grow up in the United Socialist States of America. Sorry for the negativity. As I looked at the polls today, it just keeps getting worse. I will say this though, your articles keep a smile on my face and keep me laughing. Thanks for that.

  110. Schuster // September 28, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    oh please, Senator Obama won this debate hands down.
    He was more polished, looked more presidential, and brought more ideas including facts and figures that McCain did.>>

    You want a polish politician instead of having someone who knows what they are doing? If you look at how polished he is, it’s only external. The important thing is internal and real life knowledge. It’s the brain that is required not a polish stone. It’s not about how one looks it about whether one can make important decisions based on facts, not propaganda. Obama said nothing new or groundbreaking in the debate, he just repeated everything again. His consistent spiel about the Bush Administration and the republicans in Congress are responsible for everything bad in the world and the democrats will save us all.

    You need to read about the facts as to how this financial mess was started by policies created by Jimmy “Peanut” Carter and my favorite President Bill “I’ll screw anything in a skirt” Clinton.

    Both Carter and Clinton removed needed regulations regarding mortgage loans so that low income and middle income Americans could purchase homes they could not afford or pay back. If that is how you are basing your pick for President, based on the free stuff you can get from democrats, at the cost of every other American, then go ahead believe the MSM propaganda but be prepared for the rest of America to not vote your way to come back and claim republican cheated. Democrats have a difficult time dealing with rejection. Make an appointment with Dr. Phil, maybe he’ll care so long as his ratings are up.

    It’s your own party who took numerous funds from those CEO’s who ran their Companies into the ground to which all Americans will have to pay, while they walked away with millions. It’s these same people, who the Democratic Party is trying to protect now, with this Bill. Some include numerous individuals who are advisers to Barack Obama on his over the top policies that will only benefit the democrats in the United States. Unfortunately, there are others people out in America, non-democrats who will have been forced to pay the cost of really bad democratic policies from the past. So, continue to polish you candidate and make him shine but the glitter of the lights and the glare will get in everyone eyes.

  111. I got this site off of the Drudge report site:


    I have a question: I am not too smart in politics but if Obama is always saying that McCain is privatizing social security isn’t that what he is doing with the taxes….like the more you make the more you pay? What is the difference? We are talking they are both taxes: SS# and the taxes Obama is talking about? So Obama in fact then is privitizing the riches takes? Am I getting it?

  112. Hi Alleylaw

    Hussein was trying to take advantage of the down stock market. The Republican plan for privatization of SS is it would allow 2% to be invested in the market.

    Hussein’s plan for taxing us is easy to understand – if a person works, invests or dies – tax him!

    God bless America

  113. oh ok I see now. You breathe you are taxed. My idea of privt SS was that it would be pvt as to who they shafted, like for instance a senator like John McCain, who almost DIED for our country, wouldn’t be able to draw SS because he has a rich wife etc. YOu get the picture. Any way he does draw a check, after all he paid into it, why shouldn’t he? Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  114. DR. GENE,

    We all on NLTZ , with the leadership of Larry, have one common focus, the United States of America. We, with heartfelt endearance, strive towards the betterment and wealth of our country, it’s citizens and future existance as a free nation. For the most part all of our “family” comments show this as there have been very few “disruptions” occuring such as ours.

    Your comments of, “I have to give it to the Muslim guy” and “we forfeited another game”, among other things, merely gave me pause as to your focus of the continueing welfare of our country.

    You think that my words were personal towards you. In my opinion, your words were personal towards John McCain not only in his debating abilities but in his personality. The point that I’m trying to make, Dr. Gene, is that my faith in conservatism runs a little deeper than it does in you. I judge men by what they do, what they say and how they can back it up.

    If my words offended you… I am not sorry. I have only spoken truths. Nuff’ said.

  115. Larry, I do love this website and I do appreciate allowing other voices to be heard.

    I believe that John McCain won the first debate, which surprised me. With all that was going on in the last week. I thought he might be distracted and I was wrong, I’ll admit it.

    This is what I saw, more of the same rhetoric from Barack Obama, nothing knew was added to his political theosophy, who just brought the same crap as always and did he’s numerous attempts to show America that he is Presidential. He still doesn’t understand it’s not about “looking” Presidential; it’s about making the correct choices and decisions to keep America safe and sovereign. It’s not about a great suit and looking good on camera and smiling pretty. That’s what Victoria Secret models are for. There needs to be more substance than just what is on the outside. Difficult decisions need to be made and are you capable of making them on your own, without the help of other democrats in Congress? I don’t think so. I think you can’t make a decision in the Senate before speaking to other Democrats prior to a vote. You did the same thing in the Illinois Senate. You run in the opposite direction when hard decisions need to be made and what have you done, you vote Present to avoid any controversy.

    Yet every chance John McCain was able to wipe that smile off his face and he did, yet Obama wasn’t able to return the favor. John got under his skin and appeared rattled at times. John showed more respect for Obama then Obama did for McCain. This is something that John McCain does with all politicians, even though he disagrees with them politically, he still respects them. I’ve seen it time and time again. Barack Obama has shown America that his focus is on winning the election at all cost, be damn the economy and everything else. It’s all about me, my political ambition and the Democratic Party and Americans be damned.

    When Obama tried to sound human when he made the claim that a women gave him her son’[s bracelet and added, she said no other parents should have to live with the death of they child. John McCain sounded sincere in speaking about this and Obama sounded force, insincere, not written into his nightly rehearse script and couldn’t even remember the mans name, he needed to look at his numerous notes. McCain did not. Where was that eloquent speaker we are always hearing about?

    Obama lied numerous times, he lied outright about what Henry Kissinger stated and Kissinger said outright Obama got it wrong. He tried to do what John McCain does, and fails imperfectly, trying to sound like he’s one of us. He isn’t and will never be one of us. He continually shows off his elitist and condensing attitude, as well as his arrogance. Generally, Americans don’t like or trust people who claim to care but really don’t and that’s what Obama’s all about. We have had them as our President’s before who always makes tough choices; they were the same people that started the decline of finances and banking issues. Do we really need to put another one in place? I think that John McCain can fix this crisis, Barack Obama will more then likely increase the damage with outrageous tax policies. Placing high taxes when the economy is down when there is no economic growth will create a depression not just a recession. Is that the label the Democratic Party really wants to put out there?

    He claims he is capable to being President, yet he knows nothing about the American economy or how to fix it, he has no military experience or any idea regarding military procedures. Oh, he’s read books on both subjects. What great personal experiences to have… Go to the Library and read some books that qualify you to be President. Travel around the World… that’s foreign policy experience. A bigger question is where do they find these idiots who create false and fake life experiences?

    John McCain showed how little knowledge Barack Obama has regarding the Economy, Military Expertise and Foreign Policy. He convinced me, but the question still remains did he convince other Americans. Based on the poll numbers right after the debate shows exactly who won the debate to save the United States. McCain numbers were 47% to Obama’s numbers of 14%. America has spoken; let’s hope John McCain continues to show his Presidential side by keeping American First overall else. While Obama continues to show America his political ambitions outweighs everything else. I want Sarah Palin to not only blow the sock off of Biden but I’d like to see some more humiliations coming from the ineffectiveness of Joe Biden, but if I were her I send him an anonymous bottle of Scotch to lose his tongue and watch him dance, he’s just an old out-of-touch jerk who can’t dance and is desperate to be labeled cool by the youngin’s’ out there in America.

    I am so discussed with the Republicans in Congress. Everyday people are pointing out the errors Democrats have made and they are NOT ones telling the American public about any of it. Bernie Goldberg is correct, when he says Crazies to the left and Wimps to the right. The information is out there and they seem to refuse to point out how this happened and who created it. They are so afraid of alienating republicans and independents by pointing out the error and damage the Democratic Congress has made to our Nations sovereignty. Their silence is deafening. So its conservatives online and elsewhere who are educating the American public about the errors in judgment made by our democratic leaders past and present.

    What this election has shown me is all America has a voice that should be heard, not just the democrats in our nation who pop up on MSM shows, which includes Fox News now. They have more democratic strategist on then republican strategist. Rarely do they debate Obama’s policies but they always seem to debate John McCain. America has seen they are no longer fair and balanced, but out of all the news media they cover republicans more then any other cable channels and I don’t know if it’s a help or a curse. But I am discussed with all of the media, newspapers, magazines who are no longer capable of reporting news, but are more interesting in creating and manufacturing it. Everything has a political spin on it, to prop up Barack Obama and demean John McCain. Which is why I no longer watch TV, go to the movies or read any newspapers. I read books about American History, politics both past and present. It’s been eye opening for me. I’ve learned and discovered the errors Americans have made by placing their faith in the wrong politicians, to have them continually disappoint all Americans, not just those whose party they represent.

    Politicians, from both parties really need to start looking at past errors that were made to prevent anymore from coming to the surface. Democrats ideas to try to save the rest of the world, is all great and good. But, they are not the ones who elected you to your office. We should worry about the citizens of the United States and those who are homeless and/or in need of medical care, not free medical care. They believe they will continue to get the publics votes by handing out freebies to minorities, but not because they care, it’s to get their votes come election time, which is why they are courting felons and illegal immigrants. It’s only about the future votes and illegal policies that should and would be ignored by Democrats. Democrats haven’t learned anything over the years or understand what every day Americans wants and needs are. They don’t really care it’s the illusion that they care is what they place out there to the World.

    If you want to see the uselessness of our Democratic Congress, who has spend more time congratulating colligate football teams, national soccer teams, renaming federal post offices for those individual who supported democrats, debating the number of hours and days spent in Congress and telling other governments what our government believes they should do which all occurred during the first five months in 2008. There is no data to show they were the least bit interested in our declining Economy or the troubled mortgage crisis or banks that made poor business decisions that now all Americans will have to pay for. Don’t believe me, visit this Government website and become an informed voter. or read our Senate voting records here and here to read up on the incorrect information that Barack Obama gave during the debate regarding his voting record in the Senate. Interesting reading but I personally would prefer to read real fairy tales or Dr Seuss, then listen to him explain this.

    So sorry this is so long, but I am a really pissed off voter who wants to destroy those who have placed us in this fiasco.

  116. ALLEYLAW,

    Doesn’t a windfall tax on your social security when you become of age sound like fun?? A little double taxation going on there, but what the heck, in the eyes of liberals that’s what it’s all about.

    Combine that with “Neurotic” Nancy Pelosi’s desire of windfall profit taxes incurred on maturitys of CDs, 401Ks and the like, plus profits made in the stock market. Sounds fair, right? Next they’ll be digging up the dead checking for loose change. Oops, Obama’s already gotten their votes in Illinois.

  117. Did I understand this right, that we are as of now under martial law? This Republican Congressman from North Texas just said this:

    What is going on?

  118. I feel that if this bailout bill is passed, and any money is “earmarked” for ACORN in any way, all those who voted for the bill should be voted out of office at the next election.

    Frank, Dodd, Obama, Clinton and all their ilk should be frog-marched out of the capitol in handcuffs. They allowed this to happen by halting the 2005 bill sponsored by Sen. McCain which would have enhanced the oversight of FMae and FMac. As as result, we are now being “taxed” over 800Billion dollars to save the sorry arses of a bunch of white collar criminals.

    McCain has to prevail in November for the sake of the country.

    God Bless America

  119. Shuster,

    Are you saying that the Republican House and Senate FORCED Clinton to the middle?

    That his “Centrist Illusion” was just that?

    Thank God there was a Republican House and Senate..

    Thanks as always,


  120. Fed Up,


    The fly over country folks like you and I arne’t of any value BETWEEN the election cycles..

    Sad bu t true..

    Thanks my friend,


  121. R.A.R.,

    YES!! When the silent majority is silent no more, the left will have to run for the hills.


    Thanks as always,


  122. Mac,

    If they aren’t too stupid to vote, they will probably be hung over or still high from the night before..


  123. Fed up,

    Good point, the tone appears to appease the undecided and not appear hostile or confrontational which could easily alienate the conservatives..

    Thanks as always,


  124. Vincent,

    I really feel that the next debate will see a spunkier McCain, especially if Biden takes a few dirty shots at Palin.

    That’s what I hope for anyway..

    Thanks as always,


  125. Annette,

    “Negativity”? Hardly. You are just being realistic and truthful. Period.

    Thank you for your kind words as well.


  126. Eileen,

    No apologies necessary. Its all good information spoken compassinately.

    Feel free to contribute where ever and when ever you like.

    Thanks as always,


  127. KC,


    Accountability is not only gone from society, it is long gone from the halls of congress as well.

    Its up to us to hold their feet to the fire..

    Thanks as always,


  128. Larry,
    And, apologies to FED UP IN OHIO, but in that great state of the Buckeye(s), the Secretary of State,(guess the party affiliation), has taken a dimwitted view of election laws and are letting the dimwitocrats save gas and time by making only one trip to the voter registration office with the homeless, mentally handicapped, and whoever else they can pass off as voters-and letting them register and vote at the same time. Hey, they’ve out-Chicagoed Chicago. And, it’s even legal, according to Stupidary of State. Think that’ll catch on? Hey, it’s better than spending all that money on legal fees trying to steal the election.

    Hey Schuster,
    This should be one of your happier moments, seeing all of us pay for the stupidity of your party. And yeah, I lost money too, and I’m bitter, but I accept the responsibility for my actions and don’t expect anyone else to pay for my poor judgement. They wouldn’t anyway, I’m just a member of the middle-class, tax-paying, retired, silent majority that the dimwitocrats have been promising to help since their ill-conceived conception,(in hindsight, I may have approved of that abortion). Instead, it appears that I, along with all the other contributors here, are gonna pay dearly for the lack of judgment excercised by the lazy, moronic, money-hungry, campaign contibution hungry, ilk that is supposed to be looking out for us.
    Schuster, it’s OK to have a different view -Minds can be changed, but remember, stupid can’t.

    But, Hussein is gonna take care of us!!! No thanks, I can’t afford any more “tax breaks for the middle class” and “no taxes for 95% of the people”. That’s just plain Bulls—. I’m like Limbaugh, go home Congress, if your’re not there, you can’t take our hard-earned money or take away what’s left of our freedom.

    Larry, I know these particular comments are supposed to be about the Debate, and you don’t need my input for the great Articles and Thought of the Day – [as evidenced by the response to this,(your), Article], but I’d like to hear your and other commentors’ opinions, since the comments here are far and away better than the talking heads of the MSM,)(including print), and cable news. Your commentors are the people who actually make this country work and give a sh..,- they get paid nothing for their opinions, unlike the ones whose livelyhood depends on Washington and spew the spin given out in press releases and are afraid to upset their “sources” with any worthwhile opinions, because they might loose that livelyhood. Your people actually care.

    Larry. thanks for listening, I feel better.But I’m thinkin’ that there’s others out there that might want to weigh in on this also. Sorry, I got diaherra of the fingers. But again, I’ll sleep better.

  129. Sorry, all this comment didn’t get there, I started by asking your opinion on the bailout plan, knowing you probaly know little about it like most of us, until it’s passed and the hand, (not outs), goes into our pockets.

  130. Read the House’s version of the EESA 2008 and write them with your feedback — before they vote on it!!!

  131. Using the Search function of Adobe Acrobat, I did not find any pork barrel amendments or ACORN mentioned by name. Now, that does not mean that they’re not there, since i am not familiar with the ways in which Congress can hide pork inside the text of a bill. Can someone please enlighten the rest of the class??

  132. SCHUSTER,

    You really should have tried to veiw the debate with an open mind but I see by your comments that for you, that is an obstacle.

    Excuse me, same old politics? You may have had your finger in your ear by not hearing McCain speak of shrinking government, it’s spending and cutting taxes.

    Tell me how one “LOOKS more presidential”, I am dying to know. If one removed both brains, did the old walnut shell game with them, would Hussein’s still be the one looking more presidential?

    Hussein’s “ideas” were the same old “hopes for change” he’s been touting throughout his campaign. The “facts” he presented were sometimes inaccurate and misconstrued. Plus the fact that the some issues should have been seperate debate althogether.

    John McCain talking about “same old politics” is again an attestment to your not paying attention. He outlined future policies he would like to enact to better government, the energy policy and ultimately our country. He is dealing also what is ailing our country today, not in never never land as with Obama’s world of dopes of Hope.

    Which brings Hussein, and you, to the fact that he will NOT be able to start enacting his policies if elected from day one. He has to deal with the current govermental and social ills with something other than a wave of his magic wand.

  133. orvill,

    No apologies necessary.

    Rail away my freind..

    Thanks as always,


  134. Windrider,

    Those sufficiently mesmerized can see Obama as “presidential”.

    They can also see Al Gore as “scientific”, Al Franken as “intelligent” and Micael Moore as “svelte.”

    The liberal kalidescope of ca-ca..

    That’s BEFORE they get “high”..

    Thanks as always,


  135. Larry – I dont agree with most people here and I think McCain won the debate Friday. I think he had Obama on the defense. Obama could not and would not say one thing that he would do away with if this $700 billion bill passed because he was afraid it would cost him votes. My concern though with McCain is that he didnt get fired up. There were issues that I wanted him to pounce on like:
    illegal immigration;
    the 700 bill. bailout;
    wasteful spending;
    missile defense and why Obama wants to get rid of them.
    All of them are within topic (economy and foreign policy). I’m angry that he didnt take the opportunity to attack Obama on these issues.
    By the way, I too live in Ohio and I see the problems we are having with our Secretary of State and she’s an embarrassment to our state. There is a law suit right now against her.


    very underwhelmed with sen mcain’s performance. if there isnt a reversal soon, we will become the USSA

  137. Larry,
    The Goddess Ann sent me to your site. This is great; I get to listen to Rush kicking ass today on the radio and read you and your cohorts doing the same on NLT. Wow…and thanks.
    The Bayou is Bernard, just a short stroll from my favorite eatery: The Blow Fly Inn. We still have our Barq’s but the Dixie disappeared during Reconstruction, Phase III. Sipping Whiskey will be next since we take all the corn to make that worthless fuel – ought to call it some sissy Euro name, like Peetrol.
    John Bolton…now thats a name to stiffen our collective spines. Good, straight talking, tough guy who belongs in the next republican administration. Hope John McCain has the sense to find a place for him. Thanks again for the enlightenment and entertainment.

  138. BREAKING NEWS!!!!

    God Bless the staunch Conservative Republicans in Congress!!! President Bush’s Socialist bill HAS NOT PASSED!!!!

  139. What all these loony lefties don’t get or don’t want to take the self-responsibilty of, is that it is one of their own kind that that caused this financial breakdown we’re seeing today, not simply the 8 years of the Bush admisnistration.

    Slick Willy Clinton and his slick with who knows what pen started this monetary fiasco ball rolling by blantant blackmail. As president, he threatened banks and loan institutions with Federal reprisal if they did not start making low interest housing loans to minorities who, by any normal standard to all other citizens, did not come close to qualifying for a loan let alone having a good credit history if any.

    But why should that bother Ol’ Bill, right leftys? You all can feel so much better that you’ve been a humanitarian, a stupid businessman, but a humanitarian and let’s just blame all this on Bush.

  140. Larry’ I did not watch the debate, but I have a tip for McCain: when Tinkerbell is speaking,walk over next to him and stand about 10 inches from him in an attempt to intimidate him. It worked for that clown Gore!
    Honestly, McCain should be a pitbull without being overly strident. The media is going to do him no matter what he does, so I say go for it, no holds barred. Dole tried to be a gentleman in ’96, and we Know what happened there. This is Mac’s chance to bring out what the MSM won’t report.
    This is off-message, so please forgive me, but what is this BS about attorneys and sheriffs over there trying to put the arm on media outlets running ads against Dead Babies, telling them to cease and desist?Any info?
    I don’t believe a lot of people understand the importance of this election. I truly believe a Tinkerbell presidency to be a forerunner of the Balkanization of this land. I pray I am being melodramatic.

  141. And Larry , thanks for keeping Schuster in. Everyone needs I good belly-laugh. I must say I was shocked-shocked!- that he believed Tinkerbell won “hands-down”. A rare display of bipartisanship. Bravo, Schuster, bravo!

  142. Beth,

    I too feel that McCain won, but not decisively enough to sound any bells.

    We shall see what happens next.

    Thanks as always,


  143. BR,

    Thanks for being a part of the family.

    We grow stronger each day.

    Thanks as always,


  144. Windrider,

    As I have said, “Fairness” has its price.

    This price is a big one..

    I am still combing my copy of the Constitution that covers the “right to a home larger than you can afford”. Or the “credit for everyone” articles or amendments..

    Last time that I checked, there were still “apartment buildings” and “mobile homes” available for those who cannot “afford” to buy a home today…

    The “American Dream” is available for those who have the ability to “earn” it, it isn’t something that the left can hand out to any and all comers regardless of sloth.

    As witnessed by this latest fiasco..

    Thanks as always,


  145. Sling,

    Tell the world.

    Tell ’em to come here and we will ALL tell them..

    Thanks as always,


  146. Larry and Folks, I apoligize for misleading on the “Martial Law” post above. My bad. I was ignorant on the subject. My daughter straightened me out on “Martial Law” in the House of Representatives:

    “Congressional martial law:
    The House leadership is using a parliamentary gambit to evade a longstanding House rule that is supposed to ensure that this kind of obfuscation does not occur. That House rule (Rule XIII(6)(a)) provides that a resolution (called a rule) reported by the Rules Committee cannot be considered by the House on the same legislative day that the rule is reported (except by a two-thirds vote of the House). This is supposed to ensure that Members of the House and the public have at least one day to examine and analyze what is in legislation before they have to debate and vote on it.
    This extraordinary procedure is known as a “martial law” rule because it suspends the normal procedures and safeguards and allows the House Leadership to operate in a more authoritarian fashion. ”

    The NOrth Com Operation placement of troops fresh from Iraq is on, however, as a “bivwak” starting Oct. 1. It is no coincidence that these troops will be here at this especial time on home soil during the economic meltdown, possible Constitutional Crisis concerning Obama’s inability to provide a ligitimate birth certificate, and a possible racial uprising if (and hopefully) Obama loses the election. Nevertheless. I was wrong in posting information that was misleading. I’ll try to do better.

    Here is a funny take on the debate from Jewish comedian Jackie Mason:

  147. I’m $3500 lighter after today…but I’m still an american….not a socialist…I can live with that, and still smile.

  148. AMY D.

    It’s of no consequence now, but here’s a link to the “EXCLUSION” of the ACORN giveaway in the revised bill that didn’t pass today. Also it lists some other giveaways and paybacks to their favorite contributors that were taken out.

    You have probably seen the pertinent part of the original inclusion by Sen. Dodd, if not the pertinet part that deals with the ACORN giveaway is at this site also -an earlier article – here’s a link:


    Hope the lawsuit is successful. It just ain’t the same since Taft screwed up.

    Also, I forgot to mention that there are to be chartered buses to and from one of the biggest source of dimwitocrate votes – running from OSU campus to voter registration site. Probably gonna do the same in the other college towns too – such as Kent state, Cleveland, (couple of schools), Miami, Dayton, OU, et al.. We can pray for a miracle. Today is proof they are still happening.

    I, for one, am glad that no brain Pewloser,and her vile partisan buddy, Barney Rubble, screwed this up. They couldn’t even keep their own party together. Does that suggest what kind of leadership there is in the majority party? And how screwed up it is. She didn’t even get all of her OWN state reps to vote for this mess.


    I haven’t been reading your stuff too long, but this is a heckava lot of comments for one article. This is a tribute to your astute grasp of what’s important to us. Thanks again, Larry

  149. Larry,
    Thanks for your answer to my emotional tirade. I never used to be involved in political issues, just exercised my privaledge to vote and let the chips fall where they may. That’s because I was young and misinformed, and thought I had done my duty as a citizen and continued on my merry way, not realizing what impact my niavetee had on our Country.

    As I have aged, I can only hope that I have become a bit wiser in my considerations, even though as we Texans are famous for our sometimes uneven temperments when we feel we are being trodden on. I, by my very heritage, sometimes allow my emotions to outweigh good sense. I realize there is a proper time to peak in an election cycle, but when I see that ignorant, stupid, stammering bitch(SanFranNan) open her vile mouth, I can’t help but see red!! Silent Majority, Silent no more!! We have a famous saying in my precious State–“Remember the Alamo”, and in the case of our Country’s current condition, it refers to more than to a holy shrine in San Antonio. The enemy(Communist Democratic Party) is gathering around the walls, only this time we cannot allow them to over run us. There were 13 days of Glory in the original fight, now we have 40 days to really kick some ass.

    Thanks for allowing me an opportunity to vent and may God Bless us all.

  150. Texas Tom,

    Speaking of the Alamo, and speaking of what we need to do relative to this election, I am reminded of what Billy Bob Thornton said in a recent Alamo movie:

    “We need more men..”

    And women.

    Tell the world, tell ’em to come here..

    Thanks as always,


  151. Did anyone count how many times BHO lied?

    We know 9 times he said, “Senator McCain is absolutely correct when he said….”.

    But how many lies total?

    I know of one in particular (saying the Kissinger agreed with him).
    But since I only watch the first few minutes, I didn’t get to count all the lies.



  152. Thanks, Larry.

    Orvill, I know – we are in temporary exile from the State Jindal is currently running, having been born, bred ‘n raised all our lives there til we got transferred. You know, it’s that responsible gainful employment thingie.

    Although after that little game in Dome last January, I do rather enjoy smiling, winking and asking my neighbor periodically, “How ’bout them Tigers!” [:::wide-eyed innocent look:::]

    Homesick. 🙂

  153. Some of the Republicans who voted against the bill yesterday said on TV that they had other options they were working on. One of them, and I can’t remember exactly what it was, referred to modifying the “mark to market” (or something like that) bill. I read something else about that which would ‘SOLVE’ the problem without any bailout, and keep the market solvent with almost no effort.

    Does anyone have any input on this? I’ll keep looking, but it was a brilliant plan and seemed so simple. The Republicans who spoke last night (I think on C-Span) mentioned they would work to get that plan approved. No one on TV or in leadership positions in either party are talking about it. Why Not???

  154. Found this article on Mark to Market accounting. Newt has some good comments.

  155. Enron adopted mark to market accounting, in which anticipated future profits from any deal were tabulated as if real today. Thus, Enron could record gains from what over time might turn out losses, as the company’s fiscal health became secondary to manipulating its stock price on Wall Street during the Tech boom. But when a company’s success is measured by agreeable financial statements emerging from a black box, a term Skilling himself admitted, actual balance sheets prove inconvenient. Indeed, Enron’s unscrupulous actions were often gambles to keep the deception going and so push up the stock price, which was posted daily in the company elevator. An advancing number meant a continued infusion of investor capital on which debt-ridden Enron in large part subsisted. Its fall would collapse the house of cards.
    Example: If an investor owns 100 shares of a stock purchased for $40 per share, and that stock now trades at $60, the “mark-to-market” value of the shares is equal to (100 shares × $60), or $6,000, whereas the book value might (depending on the accounting principles used) only equal $4,000.

    Similarly, if the stock falls to $30, the mark-to-market value is $3,000 and the investor has lost $1,000 of the original investment. If the stock was purchased on margin, this might trigger a margin call and the investor would have to come up with an amount sufficient to meet the margin requirements for his account. – Wikipedia

    Read: “The Smartest Guys In The Room” .
    If our congressmen are using mark to marketing bookeeping they’re the dumbest guys in the world!


  157. in my humble opinion…
    Barack Hussein Obama is a lying son of a bitch.

  158. Re: Stitch ——–Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  159. the last time we had to choose between “maturity” and “youth and inexperience” we got…
    … Ronald Reagan …
    TWICE !

  160. Can we hear an “AMEN” to that, Stitch?
    TWICE !!!

  161. wondering…
    are the white supporters of BHO ready to give up their “white” jobs to their darker “brothers”?

    This seems to be the rumor.
    With a President BHO leaning on corporate America, “quotas” are going to take on a whole new meaning….

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