Monthly Archives: September 2008

They Are Here

In honor of those who have lost their lives on this most sacred of anniversaries. Please read this and say a prayer for all of the victims of terrorism..

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Spare Change

Just a few passing thought on the most recent of political jibberish..

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Because of Obama

The very next morning after the Republican convention ended and the well maced liberal protestors all slithered back to the Methadone clinic, the ever vigilant and impartial media has advised us that the convention was a “sea of white faces.” Minutes later we hear of the Oprah “Where the Hell are my damn Twinkies!!” Winfrey Show’s refusal to book the first woman ever to appear on a Republican presidential ticket. I have warned you about this before: the racial segregationists of the left, the politics of racial recognition and the weapon of “white guilt” have all just left the Democratic dressing room with their marching orders in their hands. Coming soon to a theater near you, “Pin the Tail on the Honkey, 2008”..

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Parachuting With Tangled Lines

As the 2008 campaign painstakingly bumps and grinds along, both tickets have finally been established and the rift between the supporters of each candidate widens with each passing moment. I would like to explain to the Democratic opposition why we oppose your candidate of choice. This is just one man’s opinion..

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