Barney Herbie and Fannie

As the $700,000,000,000.00 bailout was passed, more than just a few thoughts came to mind..

The first and most important question seems to be: are there more zeros in the cash prize’s just approved by congress or, are there more zeros in congress itself? I’m torn on that one..

The idea of a “bailout” of these government entities Freddie and Fannie, proves in a rather linear fashion that the bigger our government is, or the bigger it is allowed to become, the more that will inevitably go dreadfully wrong. Please keep that paradigm in mind as you consider the following: Barack O’Carter wants the government, the same government which he believes screwed up so badly with Katrina, the same government which he believes bungled the War in Iraq, the same government that EVERYONE knows destroyed the public school system, (this could go on for days..) that that same government should now be in charge of the Socialized Medicine plank of his termite riddled progressive platform..

This “bailout” needs to take the “free market” responsibilities AWAY from the government. They tried to over involve the government with Fannie and Freddie and as we saw, they failed miserably. So their answer was to make government even more responsible, intrusive and appreciably bigger. While we are at it, why don’t we just give Bill Clinton another cherubic intern and a cigar, lets give William J. Jefferson another deep freeze and lets give Michael Moore another Moon Pie..

I’ve heard a number of progressive pule-ers claiming that borrowers were “tricked” into signing for these loans that were destined to fail. Let me get this straight: You are the night shift manager at the Dunkin Donuts and someone wants to “lend” you the money for a three quarters of a million dollar house.. The deception/denial factor is somewhat universal on both sides of that equation..

So loans based on “fairness” as opposed to income, “inclusiveness” as opposed to work history and “equality” as opposed to collateral failed in mysteriously large numbers.. Who would have believed it? Isn’t it great to know that those who live within their means regardless of its “unfairness and exclusiveness”, will now be paying off the “loans” made by Fannie and Freddie. “Loans” to those who live inordinately beyond their means because of the carefully camouflaged and concealed “Constitutional rights” to a home and an illogical number of credit cards…

What was Wall Street’s response to this “give government another chance to ruin what they ruined in the first place” program? The Dow dropped another 159 points. Barney Frank, chairman of the House financial services committee and potential progressive physician said, “We will be back next year to do some serious surgery to the financial structure.” Two points: First, architects deal with structures and second, Barney’s statement is about as encouraging as hearing that Dr. Jack Kevorkian wants to drop by for a nocturnal visit..

The circular illogic of the whole “bailout” necessity seems to conveniently boomerang back to one Congressman, Fabulous Barney Frank. This is certainly not the first time that Barney has been under the unethical gun, so to speak, but this one turns out to be considerably more costly to the middle class than his other run ins..

Back in 1990, Barney found a new “friend” in the back of a magazine. This is not the kind of magazine that your grandparents might have on their coffee table. Barney’s new “friend” was named Steve Gobie. Steve, allegedly unbeknownst to Ol’ Barney, was running a male escort service right out of Barney’s tax payer provided apartment in Washington D.C. It seems that the “one way street” of homosexuality saved Ol’ Barney because the House just gave him a “boys will be boys” reprimand, a kind of a slap on the limp wrist, if I may.. Were any Republicans to partake of such deviant debauchery, well they would just Mark Foley or Larry Craig them right out of the building..

Back in July of 2008, Barney said, “I think this is a case where Fannie and Freddie are fundamentally sound, that they are not in danger of going under.. I think they are in good shape going forward.” Why was Barney so optimistic about the future of Fannie and Freddie? Because his ex “interpersonal alternative lifestyler”, Herb Moses, was the financial assistant director for “product initiatives” for Fannie Mae. In other words, “Moses helped develop many of Fannie Mae’s affordable housing and home improvement lending programs.” In short, Barney has a major conflict of interest.

Moses was at Fannie from 1991-1998, during that same time Barney was on the House Banking Committee, which, Ta-daah!, oversees Fannie Mae.. Barney and Herbie “broke it off” right after Herbie ended his stint with Fannie. They both managed to “break it off” inside the middle class just for laughs and giggles.

Frank has been trying to lay down a suppressing fire of progressive projection by blaming the Republicans for these federal failures, but it was Frank who has been deviously deflecting lawmakers from both sides of the aisle from scrutinizing Fannie and Freddie. Barney has succeeded in “scrutinizing” the middle class.

Barney worked aggressively to eliminate as many restrictions as possible relative to the mortgages on multi family homes even though they were defaulting at up to “five times the rate of single family homes.”

Frank even worked against his own political party when in 1994, the Department of Housing and Urban Development tried to reign in Fannie. Bill Clinton himself said, “I think the responsibility that the Democrats have may rest more in resisting efforts by Republicans in Congress or by me when I was President, to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.” President Clinton was being a bit too generous in his identification of “the Democrats” as being responsible. There is nothing wrong with laying the blame where it belongs. Right on the saggy shoulders of bathhouse Barney Frank.

The bottom line appears to be that Barney Frank is in need of investigation and more than just a little jail time. However, I would suggest that Barney be placed in an all women’s facility not the typical all male institution. Incarceration is supposed to be a punishment, not a paradise..


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  1. Great read again Larry. And you hit it right on the nail AGAIN! There is alot of blame to go around on this issue, on both sides of the isle, but this will s00n fade away in the media, because more of the blame is on the Democrat side. There will be little or no investigations. The same people who started this mess, will be put in charge to fix it, and “We The People”, will end up paying for it, while theses crooks squander the money on their pet projects…THEMSELVES. Last week I was listening to a local radio talk show, “The Bob McLain Show”, and he had Jim DeMint, Senator from SC, on the show, and the Senator said that all of these bums should be voted out of office, and if that means me…so be it. I will not vote for anyone that voted for this mess, so if that means my vote is wasted, and Obama is elected. so be it. I have plenty to do for the next four years, such as cleaning my precious metals, ie brass, cold steel, etc, working my but off, so I can be patriotic, and pay taxes, protect my family and friends, and to prepare for war. I will vote for Jim DeMint , but he is the only incumbent in the state I will vote for. Gonna start getting ready for the 2012 elction too. “Larry For President” sounds good to me..Are you interested?

  2. Frankie,

    I am unequivically unelectable.

    My wife would make a great First Lady though..

    Thanks for your kind words as always,


  3. Frankie… I tend to agree with you about throwing the bums out. However, I CANNOT waste my vote if there is even a chance that Nobama will win this election. I, too will be voting for Jim DeMint, because he is one of the few that I think really ‘gets it’. I’m a SC transplant, but I sure do like it here.

    Larry, right on the money, as always… bath-house Barney… I love it!

    Thanks for what you do.

  4. I’ve been waiting to hear from you Again lARRY;

    This subject matter sure hits home as I live in Massachusetts HOME OF

    The local democrat news BS paper
    had a write up on Barneys run in with Bill O’REILLY of course he was not happy to be called a coward and claimed to want changes to his favorite FANNIE AND FREDDIE
    He believes the world should be ADAM AND STEVE
    learned his lessons from Gerry Studds
    He should be in jail at SHIRLEY MA
    God help us if the Government takes over the medical industry.Howie Carr
    a favorite of mine at the BostonHerald has a good line
    The halls of justice the only justice is in the halls
    Had to educate my youngest son this morning as he commented that he thought the BAMA was going to win
    He is like the other 80 % of the public that believes the BS press . He doesn’t anymore
    Keep the heat on folks lets dump can I call you JOE and his partner

  5. Beyond Disgusted

    Hi Larry,

    I’ve been reading your articles & following your site for many weeks now. Everything you say is right on the money. Thank you for expressing it all so eloquently. This bailout boondoggle is just beyond the pale. Unfortunately, no harm will come to Barnie, Chris Dodd, or any of the other democrat weasels who were up to their necks in this. The democrat party is indeed the party of liers & cheaters, & they get away with it each & every time. What a disgusting political party! This is just one of the many reasons I am beyond disgusted!

  6. kid, you had me rolling on the ground with this article. But dont let “Bathhouse Barney” know….he might want to watch.

    Sheesh, its getting hard to sleep at night wondering if “Robert” the night manager at McDonalds is going to default on his quarter million dollar home loan this week or not. Not that he/she gives a damn. Now its going to fall on my (our middle class) shoulders to make sure his house gets paid off anyway. Wonder if he/she gets to keep living there??
    Probably will since evicting them would make them homeless in which case we “owe” them a new home anyway…

    All you conservatives, let’s start this one:
    WWRD (what would Reagan do).

  7. JR,

    Thanks for the best laugh of the night: “Shirley, MA.”

    Thanks for your comments as always,


  8. Beyond Dis,

    You have come to the right place!

    Have a cathartic laugh at the lefts expense.

    I live for this..

    Thanks for stopping in,


  9. Stitch,

    I’ll never understand why the idea of loans to those who are “risks” was ever considered to be sound business?

    Kid, many years back, I had to ask my sister to co-sign for a loan so that I could buy a couch.

    Credit was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get.

    Cash was king and the only people who could get credit were the people who didn’t need it, AKA: the rich folks who NEVER defaulted on a loan.

    Hope we don’t get to the point where the lowest class (the liberal Democratic base.) understands that Santa Claus is black..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Great post as usual. This collapse came at just the wrong time for the Warrior and his Warrioret but it is still early. All we need to do is kill Osama (p.s. to the Secret service I said Osama not Obama in case you are watching) and bring his scalp to the electorate or foil a plot to destroy Detroit or Cleveland. Of course the down side of that is Detroit or Cleveland will still be standing (just kidding folks I love Detroit and Cleveland go Browns go Red wings) although even a tactical Nuc with Wayne State as ground zero would bring Michigan back into play for the Republicans (my wife says make sure you say just kidding again, JUST KIDDING who would throw the octopi onto the ice during the Stanley cup). Even without any of the above occurring the margin will close as it comes to election day. I’m working hard and I’m still betting my skin on McCain and Sarah. If Barrack the big Lacuna Obama and Joe — I don’t know what the Constitution says about the job I’m running for or which Article talks about the executive and which the Legislative branch but I’m a Law School Professor teaching (your not going to believe this) Constitutional Law really no really no really really– Biden do win I am starting on Oct 5 working for the Sarah and Bobby G. ticket in 1012. I am persuaded the Warriors will win and I can start working on the Sarah and Bobby G. Ticket 2016. There are still Clinton’s to beat after all. Flying Johnny McCain is gonna make a great President and Sarah a great Vice President. Worse case scenario I’ll see you in the Camps. If so O’bama will only be the King. I know the king of kings. We will see who is the Alpha Omega (see Powerline for the reference). Ain’t life grand. Once again nice job Larry

  11. Larry,

    First of all, you’ve outdone yourself again. Great writing and a lot of thought went into this. Thanx.

    Answer to your first and most important question of: are there any more zeros in the BO bill, or are there more zeros in Congress itself, this is not a definitive answer, but mine, – tho there are a lot of zeros in Congress, (the House had 273 zero’s plus the Senate zeros that voted yea, makes more than 350 or so) -( don’t remember how many Senate votes it got). But while this may seem a like a lot of zeros.,in the end, it may be close because-

    First, if one believes 700 B is all this is gonna cost initially, point me to him/her, I’ve got a couple of bridges I’d sell cheap! Then, you have ro consider that the first thing the gobment has to do is to create the biggest asset management firm in the world to take care of the mortagees, (read garbage), that it buys, (or should I say the biggest, most highly educated garbage collectors in the world), to do whatever it takes to service this garbage, and make sure the taxpayers only loose 15 or so billion on the buyout.

    Now, add that to the dept. that will have to be created to make sure the proverbial nite manager can keep his 750 million dollar mansion. These 2 dept’s alone will add somewhere around 20-30 B/year to the bill-just to keep it operating on a yearly basis. And who among us has ever seen a gobment dept. eleminated, or that ever finishes its work, so plan on that adding to the annual budget. (which will give the communist/socialist demwits a reason to increase out taxes again, as if they needed one) – this does not include the first tax increase to pay for this smelly piece of crap just passed.

    Then, eventually a Cabinet dept.will be created to overseee the garbage collectors — (I know, let’s call that the Dept. of Fairy Dust, in honor of it’s creator –the mess – not the dept.). Add more zeros.

    This dept. will then need their own building which will be estimated to be built at a cost of 2 billion, build by the Pewlosi Const. Co. but with campaign contribution added to the cost plus no bid contract, will wind up costing 4 billion. (I know, lets call that the Chris Dudd Building.) The land for the building will be sold to the gobment by the Reid Co..Add more zeros.

    So, you can see there are a lot of hidden zeros which is not been public knowledge, but one has to consider them. It is therefore my humble, conservative, republican answer that there will eventually be more zeros in the “cash prize” than in congress. Hope I’m wrong .

    To reduce the number of zeros, lets throw the bums out!!!

    I don’t think there were any more questions for the class to answer, just more truth and knowledge.

  12. Why does it not surprise me that Barney Frank has screwed the public again via another Fannie?

    Great article, Larry.

    Who wants to bet Frankie gets no punishment whatsoever? He deserves jail, repayment of all that money (as do Dodd and B. Hussein O., etc.) and his Senatorial retirement plan stripped from him. He deserves to spend the rest of his days in Alcatraz: worse than a woman’s prison because they have male guards. Just leave him out there completely alone to go blind and rot.

  13. Larry,
    Excellent, thought provoking essay again, as usual. I believe the reason this bailout was delayed or brought up this late in the season was to assist The One with the economic problem and the Bush Administration. Too bad the general public can’t think for themselves and rely on the MSM for their talking points because we all know who they promote. Thomas Sowell has an excellent article in Real Clear Politics today.

    A little off topic for your essay of today but I don’t know how else to get the information to you and your readers except through this method. A commentor at another blog had an excellent essay that you should peruse: 2008/10/04/reprinted-here-for-maximum-dissemination/

    As aways enjoy your thought provoking essays.


  14. Larry,

    Type the entire (is that called a URL? I’m not computer savvy enough to know why the entire address did not show up blue.


  15. Tom from Texas

    Insomnia isn’t such a bad thing when I can come to your site and read true Conservative wisdom such as your comments always bring. Alway on target and food for my famished soul. It gives me hope for this Country. I just can’t help but wonder, just how long it will take the Communistic Democratic party to eliminate the 1st Ammendment and take away our free speech rights and brand us as domestic terrorists? Keep fighting the good fight, and thanks from my heart.

  16. orvill,

    Chris Dudd.. Excellent.

    That would have been probably a better take on the article, “More Zeroes”

    Then as you did, formulate the number of cabinets, lackeys and overall moochers who will…add “more zeroes”

    I wish that I would have thought of that..

    Thank you for your excellent comments. You and so many others make NLTZ a much better place.


  17. LM,

    Barney will get off Scott free.

    Everyone will be taking the “lets look forward” mode of thought.

    Funny, they found time for a special prosecutor in the firing of a few federal attorneys SCANDAL during this election season. Funny again that they never found the time to find one when Bill Clinton fired ALL of the attorneys..

    The One Way Street of liberalism.

    Thanks as always,


  18. Fed Up in OH


    Superlative and, as usual, absolutely brilliant!

    Here is an article that may very well tap into why so many of us are so frustrated and downright angry with the ridiculous “nice” and “bispartisan” aspect of both the McCain/Palin campaign and conservative politicians in general.

    The lefties (otherwise identified as the Democratic Party) are never going to do anything “bispartisan” unless, of course, it furthers and satiates their one and only great lust: absolute and complete control of the United States Government and its citizens. That is, absolutely POWER over every, single aspect of life and living in this country. Period.

    Why is it our conservative leaders [alleged] in Congress and elsewhere in Government do not grasp this factual reality? Why they apparently seem unable to do so, I cannot fathom.

    It does, however, appear Gov Palin came out swinging yesterday, sans her ladylike gloves and McCain has retired to Sedona for the weekend … hopefully to rethink the error inherent in his gentlemanly approach to the ravenous wolves and other unsavory creatures running against him on the stark raving lunatic left Socialist Party of, by and for Communism, otherwise known in abbreviated form as the “Democratic Party”.

    The following link exemplifies in large part my own view of what I have come to refer to as the Eastern Seaboard Corridor Segregation of the Royal Order of Elitist Incestuous Prattlers … whether written or verbal pontifications (most, if not all of which are to be disregarded if one is seeking facts, reality and truth).

    Enough Already. Accept what the Left AND its Propaganda Mouthpiece – the Mainstream Media – IS and Get ON with the BATTLE for a Nation!

  19. Loren,

    Timing is everything isn’t it?

    NOW we also have a special prosecutor in the NONSCANDAL over the attorney firings from yera ago.

    They never let you down.

    Thanks as always,


  20. Fed Up in OH

    O, Larry,

    I neglected to mention the article linked to in my previous post points to our great sister in arms, none other than Ms. Coulter, in the most glowing terms and by way of shining example.

    We must point the author of the article to your blog and enlightening prose, Larry, that ye may be counted amongst the wise generals of the battle for a nation as well.

  21. Texas Tom,

    Those kind words were food for my soul.

    Thanks for all that you do for NLTZ.


  22. Fed Up,

    I agree. John needs to “fight” for what the nation needs.

    180 degree difference in promises and 180 degrees difference in results.

    How about this: Lets all go to Ann’s and Michelle’s and Laura Ingraham’s site and comment about NLTZ, and link THEM here. Lets see who can bring the most conservatives to NLTZ.

    Any takers? Ready, set, GO!!

    Thanks as always,


  23. Fed Up in OH

    One taker on board …

    ‘Twould be my pleasure, Larry.


  24. Fed Up in OH


    AT is fully moderated so it can take a while for comments to show publicly, but if I were a betting lady, which I’m not, I’d bet it won’t take you long to find my mercifully (and uncharacteristically ) brief verbiage which culminates in a link right back here.

    Thank you, Larry, for this blog and comment section. ‘Tis greatly appreciated.

  25. Fed Up,

    Lock and load, my friend..

    Thanks as always,


  26. You rightly point out Barney’s criminal role in that terrible bail out bill. But you write like the blame is all his. All the top Dem leadership supported it. So did all of the top GOP leadership. So did BHO. So did McCain!

    Sadly, McCain represents one of those left turnz. Anyone who voted for that bill doesn’t deserve our vote in November.

  27. scs,

    I wrote about Barneys fine work leading up to the bill. I didn’t mention anyones vote relative.

    Understanding the realities of the political season, voting for Pat Paulsen accomplishes nothing.

    Allowing a Democratic House, Senate and Presidency combined with the potential for another liberal Supreme Court justice or two is unacceptible and downright dangerous.


  28. 3 Headed Rick

    Bunny Frank didnt take any Funny May money.
    But Bo took $126,000.00 from FM.
    In light of BO culpability in the larceny of homes for votes, and homes for holms does anyone know if he should have to give the money back?

  29. 3 Headed Rick


    I stated that BO took $126,000.00 from FM.
    The correct figure is $126,387.89.
    I believe that change is important.


  31. T….I can see your point in voting for McCain, just to keep Obama out, but I have come to the conclusion that their is not much difference between McCain and Obama. Both are voting for a Socialist government. We may have a chance for a third party in the furure, but we must start now. Voting for the same parties gives us the same results…more pork, more socialism, more crooks waisting our money

  32. Frankie,

    The difference between McCain and B. Hussein O. is their followers. McCain proved that he can be pressured to do the right thing by deciding on Palin for his VP. B. Hussein O’s followers pressure him to do the wrong thing; be more liberal. That’s the difference. It is not so much the candidates any longer: it is we, the VOTERS, who are the difference.

    Who is following/voting for whom is the difference. We look at McCain/Palin’s voters and we are (with Palin on the ticket) conservative, pro-gun rights, pro-life, anti-tax, smaller government through and through people. And McCain realized that and chose to try to please us by putting Palin on the ticket.

    When we look at B. Hussein O.’s voters, they are pro-abortion, anti-gun rights, environmentalist wackos who want the government involved in every jot and tittle of every American’s lives.

    If we take that into consideration, the choice becomes crystal clear and easy. We vote for Palin/McCain (sorry… I can never keep that straight) and we do so to prevent B. Hussein O’s voters from having someone they want in office.

    That’s what it boils down to. It’s no longer just the candidates; it is the voters who will be voting for those candidates. Do you want Rosie O’Donnel, Oprah and Sandra Barnhard happy, or do you want Ann Coulter happy? Your choice.

  33. Great article Larry. I do believe Bill O’ will stay on Barney like stink of you know what…and Barney being Barney…where everyone else is to blame but him…he’ll have to throw the rest in.
    I still believe there is much “meat” for the voters to chew on with the connection between Obama…Acorn and the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac Foundations. These were the organizations that funneled huge donations to the “communities” for which we are now bailing out. It appears the Messiah Obama taught them everything they know. The payback now…is voter fraud…votes for crack, cash and conniving.
    I believe McCain is boning up for the kill on tuesday night. Sarah Barracuda laid the groundwork for what is on the menu compliments of the NYTimes…never thought I would see any value in that rag. Surprises never cease.
    We all need faith and a prayer for a little “divine intervention.”

  34. Not to change the subject…but where is Alan Greenspan? Better yet…where was Andrea Mitchell when her husband sounded the alarm in 2004….2005….
    She’s been looking a little “ashen gray” lately…which could explain her preoccupation with where she believes she will be 6 months from now.

  35. One of the comments referred me to an article that spelled out the fact that the MSM will never come over to our side on anything HOW TRUE
    Now is the time for MCCAIN to blow the lid off Obama using his connections to AYERS ,WRIGHT AND the chicago group that assisted
    his hime purchase ACORN RESKO

  36. Could you tell me how much difference, if any, there is in what Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and all their ilk did and what Ken Lay and all his ilk did? In both cases, people were told don’t worry, everything is ok, you’re not going to get screwed, and tah dah, we got screwed. Why do Barney and Max and their ilk still have jobs and Ken Lay and his, don’t?

  37. Larry,

    I agree with you in your response to SCS. The prospect of an Hussein Obama presidency, supported by a legislative branch filled with like-minded liberals, and only the slightest of margins of conservatives in the judicial branch, poses a greater risk to American liberty than any domestic enemy in our nation’ great history. Like John McCain or not, every vote counts for him. To place them elsewhere would only guarantee the alternative of Hussein Obama and in his sacrilege of what our nation stands for.

    FRANKIE & T,
    I can agree with both parties having a common goal in sight, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for them working together. But with both partys it is simply a matter of choosing different paths in guiding their believers to follow. Today’s government in general is not the government as our Founding Forefathers envisioned of checks and balances. The paths the government has taken, not to mention it’s growth, should not be placed totally upon the govermnent itself as a fair share should fall upon the shoulders of we citizens. For we as voters, through complacancy and apathy, have allowed the government to become what it is today. The government are our employees and we cannot deny our faults in this in not having tended them well.

    The bailout is to me a classic example of a kind of affirmative action gone wrong. You don’t deserve the job because there is no call for more employees, you have no training or taken even the mimimal required testing of other employees for the job requirements, however you are a minority, so you deserve it.
    By the same token you don’t deserve owning a house in that if you even have a credit rating it is so low you’d have to tear up the sub-flooring in the slum apartment you’re living in to find it. After years of repo’s on $600 tennis shoes and big screen TVs there should be “no credit” instead of a “risk” but then, you are a minority, so you deserve it.

    Not to fear though, just back from hugging a tree, here comes the looney, I know how you feel, liberal bunch of greedy, lacivious lenders just begging you to let them put you and your fatherless kids into a residential castle at low interest rates all because, afterall, you’re black.

    Sounds fair a man that worked and payed for his home with no help. NOT! The greed and corruption in Wall Street, lending facilities and government… What can we do with these pigs.

  38. Great article once again Larry; it was informative and sadly funny at the same time. But I don’t think too many Americans are laughing.

    I am livid that the bailouts plan past, sorry I forgot, rescue plan. But, we are hearing now some more information about it here in Alabama. Some people believe that possibly 50% of the people who are foreclosing on their homes, might actually be doctors, lawyers and etc who over spent using credit cards by buy too much materialistic items that they couldn’t afford and became over extended. For those people, they don’t deserve to be “rescued” by Americans taxpayers with this Bill. They should be forced to sell all those items they thought were important, forced to sell their homes with their 17 rooms, 5 bedrooms and 10 baths so they could keep up with the Joneses.

    Conservatives are generally cautious people not only in politics but in life, who don’t take many chances, if we get a pool, it’s usually an above ground, watch their spending and are generous and giving people. We don’t spend, spend, and spend on things that aren’t needed or wanted. But, liberals are extremely materialistic individuals who not only want to keep up with Joneses but want to bypass them as well. So, they add a larger built in pool then the neighbors hire groundskeepers to keep up their manicured lawns and add additions to their homes. These individuals deserved what they get and no government money should be passed to them. Sell your home to pay off your debt. If we keep bailing them out of their greed, they’ll never learn a lesson.

    One of the things this Bill was suppose to help were small businesses, I own and operate a small S-Corporations. And, I understand others who also own them as well; many need to have capital in order to stay current. Many acquisitions are needed to run a small business and to stay alive in a very competitive market. They use and borrow from banks in order to get inventory or pay employees. I don’t need that in my business, but I do understand why others do. That part of the Bill I was for because small businesses are a huge part of America and capitalism.

    My major objection to this Bill was the added stuff or freebies that the liberal’s injected into the Bill. To place funds for La Reza and ACORN who are both corrupt organizations who promote dishonesty and corruption in the American voting system, who are already receiving taxpayer’s funds to continue their corruption policies. One of our favorite liberal leaders, Harry Reid wanted to include the lifetime ban on off shore and shale drilling. Wouldn’t that be good for our economy?

    This is a real fact that the Democrats continually try to sneak and slide liberal agenda into almost every Bill, especially to repay liberal organizations, causes and individual who support these elected democratic assholes. If there’s money lying around, a liberal will be there to scarf it up and stick it in their pocket.

    Nancy Pelosi promised Americans that she would remove any corruption and unethical practices as Leader of the House. Most of us are still waiting. But, it’s pretty clear she’s not going to investigate herself or her moronic and corrupted cohorts. It’s obvious that she wants to ignore facts regarding Williams Jefferson and his cold hard cash. She refuses to remove him, John Murtha and many other democrats who are involved with receiving cash payments, influence peddling and any other type of bribe, oh I forgot it’s not a bribe it’s a cash gift for being a great human being. For her it’s unclear but for the rest of America it is very clear. Every single thing that she promised Americans that she would do as Speak of the House she lied. If she is unwilling to admit, correct it or investigate her own party deception, then we don’t need her. Keep quiet and maybe we will forget about it. That’s not an answer.

    She’s very willing to investigate any Republicans who burped or farted in the House but has a problem admitting when Democrats have their hands in the till, let alone wants to investigate it. She won’t release information and only saying the investigation is ongoing. Her idea is to remove their voting privileges until the democrats have enough time to shred and discard the corresponding documentations that shows corruption vis a vis Sandy Berger style. Why wasn’t he ever arrested and put in prison? Or at least forced to spend the night with Barney Frank, with a full case of KY products, watch all 98 episodes of Gillian’s Island, and learn the meaning of Barney’s favorite phrase “little buddy” and what it means to him. Then return to Congress and give Nancy a blow by blow of all the details and an explanation of where are Barney Frank’s teeth and are they removable to get better suction?

    Can Americans request our elected officials be strip and cavity searched them before leaving for home every day? I am sure Barney will be one volunteers to perform the cavity search.

    I watched the animated interview he gave with Bill O’Reilly by the end of it I wanted to put my foot through the TV screen. I was happy Bill nailed his lying ass on TV pointing out the lies and misinformation. One of Bill’s best interviews ever.

    I am proud to tell you I have official joined John/Sarah’s campaign by volunteering my services and attending their campaign locations in Northwest Florida. I’ll be calling you to come out and vote for the party that’s against political corruption, over spending, lower taxes and common sense.

    Be prepared for more fake and opportunistic waterworks from Joe Biden, his mother-in-law has passed away; maybe she died to get away from hearing another one of his speeches. I wanted to jump out my window to get away from his comments at the VP debate. Sarah Palin stopped me.

  39. Born in Liberal SoCal you get used to this Barney “Bubbles” on the Westside. What a jerk! Iloved how O’Reilly finally let his Irish up and took this b….std to the task.

    Larry, great article, articulate as always. But the worry is ….what do we do with the MSM? They won’t chase Frank, Dodd and Schumway (?) and we the taxpayers get stuck. This will blow over, of course, and Obamanation will just skate through this mess with no crap on their pants thanks to their Liberal Media Boys.

    I am hoping McCain lets Palin “do her thing” and chase these guys with their horrid associations.
    We need ATTACK…attack…attack. All the way to Nov. 4. Palin is the ACE In The Hole…McCain is acting too old right now…and She needs to AGAIN energize this TEAM…and this Country.
    I promised I would not contribute another dime till after Tuesday’s Debate. I’ve got to see a FIGHTER in there…a FIGHTER for the CAUSE of SAVING America.
    Is he up to it? I pray every night.

  40. LM,

    An excellent point.

    Lets stretch it a bit further:

    Look at who each candidate will need to answer to after the election.

    Then consider how they will answer to them..

    Then consider how much more it will cost US..

    That should make the undecided vote right.

    Thanks as always,


  41. Kisa,

    Stop making sense..

    They will never answer that one for you..

    Thanks as always,


  42. Windrider,

    What can we do with them?

    When a bailout waits around every corner or bump in the road, accountability becomes irrelevant.

    The template was formed in the ineer cities, the left has just carried it to Wall Street.

    Note how they carfully avoided coming in contact with us, the middle class..

    Great stuff as always,


  43. Eileen,

    17 rooms, 5 bedrooms and 10 baths? Keeping up with the Joneses?

    Sounds more like they want to keep up with the Obamas..

    Send those doctors over to talk to Rezko, he will square them away.

    Good for you on the McCain/Palin front. Let us know what to do and you have the floor any time you need it.

    Thanks as always,


  44. consider this.
    Other than us (you and me, middle-class America) now owning all the high-risk loans, what else has changed??
    Those idiots are going to CONTINUE loaning money to other idiots who cannot and will not pay it back.
    So, in 3-5 years how much more “bad debt” are we going to have to buy then?
    If BHO (public idiot Number One) gets elected and that process is multiplied by a factor of 10, we could be back in this same boat in 2 years.

    Mark my word. If BHO is ‘lected president, by Dec 2010 we will be paying for another $1 TRILLION “rescue” package.


    are the white supporters of BHO ready to give up their “white” jobs to their darker “brothers”?

    This seems to be the rumor.
    With a President BHO leaning on corporate America, “quotas” are going to take on a whole new meaning….

  45. Lord Jim,

    The MSM is GONE my friend.

    You already know that and that’s why you are here..

    Avoid the MSM and tell the world to flock to the internet.

    Here the unvarnished truth awaits those who would prefer to look for it as opposed to taking what the talking heads are dishing out.

    Send ’em here and let ’em read. It won’t take long for them to start boiling..

    Thanks as always for your comments,


  46. Stitch,

    It won’t be pretty..

    Thanks as always,


  47. Vincent MVNY

    “Barney has succeeded in “scrutinizing” the middle class.”
    Did you not mean “screw-tinizing the middle class”???

  48. All excellent points …… but how do we get them to the people who need to hear them.

    Liberals send other liberals, conservative jokes or just a picture of George. Conservatives send likewise.

  49. Sorry to post twice:

    Just frustrated as I think there’s so many good messages to send out to O’s people but I just don’t see them going.

  50. Vincent,

    You caught it! Gold star for the day.

    Thanks as always,


  51. LARRY-

    More Zeros to add……

    Does everybody know that while the people had their attention diverted this past week on the BO bill, the DC cowards quietly gave a 25 Billion subsidy to the auto industry? Actually, maybe this is the same bill that was passed sometime last year as part of the “energy” bill that set the ridiculous “café” standards by the “tree huggers” in congress, to help solve the energy crises. But since there was no money allocated for it then, and while out attention was diverted – the cowards may have allocated the money The 2 candidates voted “Yea”, and the Prez signed it Tuesday, I think. I seem to remember The House of dummies passing something like that last year, but the Senate didn’t. Whatever!!!! Look into this further if you like. It disgusts me. But they, like the deadbeats, have their “constitutional rights” according to the liberal lackeys.

    And, if that isn’t enough, the auto makers’ chief puppet, Carl Levin, is promising to try and get a bill thru to give them more in ‘09 & ’10. Do you think he’ll have any trouble if Hussein and the hand puppet are elected and the dimwits continue to control Congress?

    Then, if all this wasn’t enough ….., the makers get 25 years to pay off this “loan”, and they can ask for another 5 years to repay this “loan”/ giveaway. Further, even if the “loan”/”gift” is repaid, the interest rate is so good, even tho there credit is bad, that it will cost the taxpayers(us),about 7.5 Billion to cover the cost and fantastic interest rate given to them. In my estimation, we’re already up to an extra 3 Trillion. AND NOW HUSSEIN IS GONNA LOWER TAXES FOR 95% OF THE PEOPLE??!! HOW IN HELL CAN PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS HORSES**T? And crap, we don’t even get a free tire gauge! Idea it, let’s all buy one and send it to our Congresspeople and tell them what to do with it. Everybody but ‘ole Barney-who would love that. But I’m bitter….

    Speakin’ of Barney, he didn’t even ask us to bend over backwards –or is that frontwards, first!! Pardon me ladies!!! Now I’m stooping to their level, so, goodnite. Thought I’d save this piece of garbage and not ruin the weekend. Hope all had a good one. Looking forward to your next one, Larry.

  52. orvill,

    As I said in “777 And Counting” relative to the 25 billion, I wonder if we have reached the point where something becomes too big to fail..

    If you are a small business owner, strive mightily to become big.

    You will ensure your offspring eternal employment regardless of how you manage to run the company into the ground.

    Orvill, you and I are here to pay for those above us who need the government (us) to bail them out and we are here to pay for those below us who need the government (us) to enable and mollycoddle them.

    Thanks as always,


  53. Looks like Sean Hannity went after Obama on his radical ties…and now it looks like his campaign funding is being closely looked at for illegal foreign donations which are pouring in by the millions. Unfortunately those wheels turn very slowly…we’ll be lucky if they address it before 2012.
    Hannity’s America did a good job…it’s worth sharing with the “undecided’s.”
    Are there any left?

  54. Larry,

    AWESOME!!! Where exactly are Barney Frank’s teeth??? You can tell he ain’t wearing them and you can’t understand a damn word he says (not that I really WANT to, but it helps to hear what he is saying in order to throw things at the TV!!!). He creeps me out. Gay guys make me want to puke.

    As far as the bailout goes, McCain was painted into a corner. A lot of his constituents are older and either retired or close to retirement and were demanding that something be done after the market’s reaction to the failure of the first bill. Also, this is one of those situations where doing nothing may be worse than doing something. I understand that A LOT more needs to be done, not the least of which is hold ALL of the people responsible for this mess (from the Carter Administration forward, if possible). Like John McCain has said, let’s stop the bleeding before going after those responsible for causing the bleeding in the first place. I hate the idea of other people suffering because of something I helped create. I did my part to create this mess, and I am ASHAMED of it. I made some HORRIBLE business and personal financial decisions, but I DO NOT think ANYONE should foot my bills, except me and my business partner. (Please don’t hate me now!!!)

  55. Sister Amy,

    I personally think that Henry Waxman earns the title of “Creepiest Congressman”.

    Did you ever get a look at his nostrils?

    You could look up his nose and see what he’s thinking..

    Thanks as always,


  56. Everyone,

    Just for fun, go the “The Thought Of The Day” and check out “Unemployment”.

    Add to the list.

    Go crazy..


  57. Larry,

    Ah, the good ‘ol “Irrelevant accountability”, a phrase quite common in Liberal lingo. I do believe it’s the very same one Bill Clinton had urged (threatend) banks and lending institutions with when good businessmen balked at lending money to minority low lifes that could no more get a loan for a free urine test . Clinton’s irrational, irrelevant accountability was then applied in forcing banks and lending facilities to accept welfare and workmen’s compensation as qualifying income.

    What I had said about “every vote counts”, I mean’t and your comment, Larry of, “forming in the inner city” cannot be more closely connected with the upcoming election … and more deadly a threat to America in the result of it.

    Saul Alinsky, a communist radical in the 30’s and 40’s and a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, wrote several books one of which entitled, ‘Rules for Radicals.’ Hell on wheels Hussein became a student of Alinsky and an he is an expert on Alinsky’s works.

    Obama joined ACORN, a low key, subversive, communist, anti-capitilist organization then directed by Madeline Talbott. Talbott saw at first saw Obama as an adversary, but after getting to know him, took him under her wing and he started training people for ACORN. He was a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER but not exactly the self-proclaimed lamb he makes of himself.

    Hussein went to law school and upon returning from it handled legal work for ACORN.

    In 1992 Obama founded his own organization in Chicago, a flagship of ACORN, call ‘Public Allies’ with his wife, Michelle “I’m proud of it now”, becoming Executive Director in 1993. The main purpose of this organization was and still is today is to herd as many young (minority) people into government (you and me) funded reduction camps and “Brainwash them into thinking America is a greedy, racist place of the utmost degree and is in need of urgent change,” said one of the less enthusiastic inductees about the experience at one of the retreats.

    70% of the “graduates” are colored and go on to staff AIDS clinics, hand out condoms, (a good idea but someone should tell them their purpose. Animal balloons their not!) bailing out criminals and helping illegal aliens and the homeless in obtaining welfare and other benefits.

    80% of the “graduates” go on to work in nonprofit organizations or goverment jobs.

    Government (you and me) funds 1/2 of Public Allies expenses started in part through, guess who, Bill Clinton’s Americorp.
    Obama wants to expand that government (you and me) coverage to full funding, estimated at 500 BILLION a year.
    He also wants to expand government (you and me) coverage of expenses for ACORN.

    The long and short of it is that if he gets into office he will be trying to change the very essence of what this country is founded on and what it has stood for since it’s conception. By inciting or funding the dregs, the leaches of this nation, he will try to enable the irresponsibles, those with no ethics or values towards their country or themselves to throw away all American’s decency, our decency. I for one, will not let this happen.


    Can you hear me now?!?!?

  58. I can’t afford a mortgage, and I live within my means. Thanks the Democrats and the Repub turncoats whom felt the urge to grab up the pork waved at them, I’ll be paying for someone else’s mortgage. The whole thing turns my stomach. The turncoats failed their constituency, whom said “—-no!” to a buyout, and now our economy has begun the journey that only end in us becoming The United Socialist States of America. I’ve heard it said that we don’t get the leaders we want, we get the ones we deserve. Maybe we deserve Obama.

  59. Windrider,

    Excellent points as always.

    Mark my words my friend:

    The debate Tuesday night is going to be a BARNBURNER.

    Everyone should tune in and listen.

    Thanks as always,


  60. G.,

    I couldn’t afford a mortgage either for the longest time.

    I did the honorable thing just like you did, I lived within my means and I started putting aside for the time when it was LOGICAL for me to do it.

    When that time came, the bank offered us $330,000. We took a home at $70,000. THAT is what we felt we could afford.

    My wife said that she didn’t want to be “house poor.” She meant that we could get the house but there wouldn’t be anything in it..Unless we gave in to the credit card craze and ran our debt to an illogical extreme.

    Thats why I married her, beautiful and PROPHETIC.

    We may “DESERVE” Obama but he and Joe Biden are the last things that we NEED.

    Just simply for the total control of all of the elements of the House and Senate. Then throw in the logistics of the potential for at least one Supreme Court nominee, Obama can’t be allowed to walk away with it..

    I hope that you were just kidding..

    Thanks as always,


  61. “How about this: Lets all go to Ann’s and Michelle’s and Laura Ingraham’s site and comment about NLTZ, and link THEM here. Lets see who can bring the most conservatives to NLTZ.”

    I, for two, will do whatever I can.

    Fed Up… if I send you my number will you whisper sweet conservative nothings in my ear 😉

    What are the two most liberal states in the Union? CA. and MA. correct? Now that the bailout has passed and the stock market has crashed (crashing) who has their greedy little hands out first? CA. and MA. Those saying that this is only the beginning are so right it’s frightening.

    My prayers are with McCain tomorrow night… he absolutely must come out swinging without looking petty. Hope springs eternal I guess but I must admit that my hopes are starting to falter.

    Cheers all;

  62. REDBONE,

    In reading the past articles comment of Larry’s Articles, I had just noticed a reply of your’s to me. You may think I’m I seem little slow in gettin’ back on this I know, but I’ve always been a little slow so it’s seems normal to me and the subject is still relevent.

    Your remark that this current economic mess can be blamed only as a direct result of “GWB”‘s fiscal policies leads me to ask, with no offense, Redbone, that you try to be a little more informed conservative before you lead anyone here, not that NLTZ the folks here can’t handle themselves.

    President Bush, in 2001, the first year of his presidency, issued a papers warning Congress to take regulatory actions of the GSE lending policies and their “Having a dire effect on the future economic structure of this country.” Congress paid no heed. In the following years Bush again, sometimes at mutiple times per year drew up regulation procedures to rein in the GSE lending, again without heed from Congress. A 2003 regulation was placed before the House by Bush was met with strong opposition not only by the “daffy Dems” but the International House Building Association… guess the good ‘ol hardhats would rather sell the nation down the drain than tighten their tool belts, of course again they are liberals.
    Along with Bush repeatedly trying to cap the idiotic lending, Sen. John McCain co-sponsored a similar bill in 2005 and it was defeated by Congress. It wasn’t until July of 2008 did Congress, in their infinite wisdom, decide to try to cover their ass… a whole lot to little to and a whole lot to late. All that was left was for the Left to point fingers at Bush and cry, “It wasn’t my fault” ,”Well, sniff,sniff, they did it!”

    I’m sorry, Redbone, this mess is not all Bush’s fault. It actually started with Jimmy Carter, and was catapulted by Bill Clinton (whenever any cherubic aides managed to get her head above his desk) and was ultimately topped off with greed and corruption in the very system it was ill-concievably designed to help, but the bankers and loaning institutions also.

    Another not so “sweet nothings whispered in your ear” is that FED UP could be one of the only conservatives living in a totally Red State. And I mean totally red as in the sickle and hammer type. In my earlier post I mentioned ACORN and their communist, anti-capitalism, anti-white, flagship orgs. All of the organizations push in getting the minority people to register for voting. Now this is all well and good, it’s what America’s all about, right? The only problem is they push for people (primarily minority) to register with little time left before the election. In this way, election officials have no way of checking backgrounds, ACORN and their ilk could care less, it is their intent and all their interested in is flooding the polls with as many Democratic votes as possible. These “on the spot” registrations include criminals, illegal aliens and people who have long outlived their usefulness you might say, as they are residing in cemetaries. Evidence of the latter was uncovered involving an Obama Illinois election but the swayed responsible journalism of leftist media has failed us once again in diligent investigative reporting.
    FED UP’s home state of Ohio has just recently passed a law where “same day” registration is perfectly legal. Unless having a technological system of lightening speed background checks, it would seem to me the state is feeding right into the hands of the communistic, subversive ACORN and it’s flagship organizations.

    Just a few conservative “bittersweet somethings” for you, Redbone. All the best to ya!

  63. Windrider…???

    “Your remark that this current economic mess can be blamed only as a direct result of “GWB”’s fiscal policies leads me to ask, with no offense, Redbone, that you try to be a little more informed conservative before you lead anyone here, not that NLTZ the folks here can’t handle themselves.”

    With all due respect (and I have much for you) when did you EVER hear me blame GWB for this crisis which we find ourselves in? Please feel free to quote me I beg. I do believe that you will find that you have mistaken me for someone else entirely.

  64. Fed Up… if my attempt at humor was given/taken poorly please accept my sincere apology! On the 22’nd I will be happily married for 20 years to the same lovely woman.


  65. REDBONE,

    Please accept my most sincere oppology in mis-quoting you’re “4 years under failed BHO administration can ‘only’ be blamed on G.W.B. He left this mess…”

    It is so common that a current administration (no matter what party) can be blamed for the ills of the nation inherited by the former administration. I’m sure you’ll agree on the point that congress kept telling Bush, “Go on back to the White House, little boy, we are errant, er,… (whoops a little freudian slip there) elected in the unwavering watch of the good over our constituents and our country.”

    When there is a conflicting media, that one gets inundated with a common thought like this and it was a kneejerk reaction on my part. I do not mean that I, like the liberals, am looking to shift blame on anyone else, hey my friend, I made the mistake. I’ll just try to remain a little more calm with a little tighter grip on my guns and my bible.
    All the best to you and God bless.

  66. Windrider… apology most humbly accepted my friend. We’re on the same side here! God bless you and yours and say a prayer for McCain tonight… I’m sure we’ll all be watching anxiously!



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