Two Years

For those who are somewhat undecided about this election, please allow me to clear a few things up for you.

This political season has been rife with the vacuous and gossamer term “change”. If you believe that Barack Hussein Obama will “change” things, I am here to tell you that he would “change” some things and some things would remain the same.

Here are but a few of the things that Obama would like to “change.”

Obama would like to socialize the nation’s health care. Anyone who would be interested in seeing an accurate template as to the proven perilous affects of such an egregious idea, please refer to England or Canada. If you do not wish to do the leg work, I will save you the time and suggest that such “change” will leave you with nothing but “change” in your bank account..

Senator Obama would like to “change” the way the United States fights the War on Terror. Obama would like to “negotiate” with “rouge dictators and despots”. As opposed to eliminating them in the old fashioned way with bullets and bombs, Obama would much prefer to bore them to death with excessive adjectives and adverbs.

The United States has never elected a President with only 143 days of “experience” as a U.S. Senator. The United States has never elected a President that was chummy with an avowed domestic terrorist. The United States has never had a President whose personal Pastor made a weekly habit of damning the United States. The United States has never had a First Lady that took so long to finally be proud of her country. Never has the United States considered the office of the Presidency to be part of the Job Corps program.

Senator Obama’s Vice Presidential candidate has said that paying taxes is “patriotic”. With that as your patriotic parameter, Obama would like to seize 28% of the profit from all home sales. He would also like to seize a 39.6% dividend tax. He would like to raise the income taxes of average Americans anywhere from $2,500.00 to $7,800.00 per year. Obama would like to restore the Inheritance tax. He is proposing new taxes on homes over 2,500 square feet, (except his, of course..) a natural resources consumption tax, new taxes on retirement accounts and new gasoline taxes. Mind you, these are the ones that he is TALKING about NOW, just try to imagine how many more will be raised if he is given the opportunity.

Here are just some of the things that he won’t “change”.

The festering cesspools known as the public schools will continue to betray the lowest classes. Obama, like all good liberals, genuflects before the NEA who in turn “advise” their members to “Vote Democratic” during each and every election cycle. The abortion pogrom will continue on meanwhile the liberal phonies will croak about the “genocide” in Darfur. The first disease brought about through individual volition and made sacrosanct by a distinct “special interest group” will receive more federal funding for research than heart disease. The progressive “engendered species list” containing the homeless, the poor, the “working” poor, will all receive a “humane” increase in the alms justifiably removed from those who insensitively have the audacity to take care of themselves and their family.


As a true devotee to the liberal necromancy, Obama will only appoint fellow travelers to the courts and most assuredly to the Supreme Court. Justice Stevens is now 88 years of age, Ginsberg is 75, Breyer is 70 as well.. The chances are that he will have at least one opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice. Obama will have a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate and there is a distinct possibility that he will oversee a decidedly leftist Supreme Court. That is not taking into account the judges that he would place in the appellate courts, the various courts of appeals and the federal courts.

A little over two years ago, the unemployment rate was 4.5%. Gasoline was about $2.00 a gallon. Just a little over two years ago, the Dow Jones Industrial averages hit 14,280 points.


Just about two years ago during the mid term elections of 2006, the voters of this nation turned the House of Representatives over to the Democrats by a margin of 233 Democrats to 202 for the Republicans. The Senate as well went 51-49 for the Democrats. The progressive pollution of “change” was in the air.

In just about two years time since, the Democrats have overseen an over 4,000 point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, gasoline is nearly $4.00 a gallon, the unemployment rate has gone up over 10%, and the Congressional approval rating is in the single digits. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been involved in an incestuous relationship that brought about the biggest single day drop in the history of the Dow Jones Industrials.

This is just a small sampling of what the Democrats have accomplished in the last two years. How much more damage could (and would) they inflict if they are left unchecked over the next two years with a Democratic President, House and Senate? This dear friends is just some of the “change” that we got, there is no telling how bad the “change” will be that we will get.

The next mid term election would be held in the year 2010. That is a prophetic date. Separate those numbers, break it down and include two great big “ifs”. “If” Obama is elected and “if” the nation actually manages to survive intact for the first two years of an Obama administration. That being said, “20” today will be worth “10” in two years.. May I add another “if”? “20” will be worth “10” in two years, “if” that..

Were Barack Hussein Obama to be elected due to the negligence of the undecided and the madness of the mesmerized, there would be two years until the mid term election. The question becomes how much of what was once America will be left that could be salvaged after two years time?



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  1. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    One thing that has been left out is the fact that if Obama is elected, Israel will have to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities by the end of the year, while there is still a President in the White House that considers Israel an ally. Obama’s first act as President will be to disband our military and invite his biggest supporters (Iran, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, North Korea, Venezuela and Russia) to attack the U.S. without resistance.

  2. Larry,

    Spot on, as always!!!


    I don’t think Oshama would disband the military, but I think he definitely would a) reduce its ranks considerably a la Bill Clinton in the ’90s and b) pull us out of ALL foreign countries (including NATO countries — aren’t we obligated to be in NATO countries by treaty??? — oh well, I doubt that would matter much to BHO, anyway. He is clueless on how the presidency works and fancies himself a dictator. He’ll just ignore all treaties and the Constitution and make his own rules — if we the people let him. If BHO pulls us out of all foreign countries, then the US military will be nothing more than a “peacekeeping force” only brought out during national emergencies and natural disasters. I see BHO emasculating our military by culling the ranks, and forcing ridiculous rules of engagement and foolish liberal peacenik policies, but not completely disbanding it.

  3. I just read that Jerome Corsi, author of the Anti-Obama book “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics And The Cult Of Personality” has been detained in Kenya (where BHO is disgustingly popular) on “immigration charges”. He was working with a Christian missionary group and was going to file daily reports, but apparently he did not have a work permit to do so. I smell a rat. I think BHO’s camp is paranoid that Dr. Corsi may inform the Kenyan public of the truth about BHO and cause the snoke and mirrors to fade away and reveal BHO to be the sham that he is, so they had Dr. Corsi “taken care of.” In fact, the Kenyan authorities have no idea what to do with him. If that does not send a signal of foul play on the part of the BHO campaign, I don’t know what does.

  4. Excellent and well-written truths, yet again.

    Larry: “As a true devotee to the liberal necromancy, Obama will only appoint fellow travelers to the courts and most assuredly to the Supreme Court.”

    This is, I fear, where the worst of the damage for decades to come can be done – appoints for life to the judiciary – especially if he were to appoint relatively young “fellow travelers” to the highest Court in the land.

    That notwithstanding, as indicated earlier, should he be elected – I get the vapors at the mere thought of it – and end up with a filibuster proof Congress … well, I cannot fathom the damage which could be done to America as we know it, even if only in two years before a majority of Americans would presumably come to their respective senses and restore sanity (if such is possible) to Congress.

  5. Dave,

    That is a great point.

    When it comes to the “court of world opinion” we know where Germany stands, but how do the rest of our allies feel?

    Especially Israel.

    Thanks as always,


  6. Sister Amy,

    That is all too coincidental..

    Prediction: The debate tonight will be an absolute barnburner.

    Fight to win.

    Thanks as always,


  7. Fed Up,

    Your state will be a key battleground in what should be the “War for the Future of America”.

    I agree, the worst potential long term effect has to be the Supreme Court.

    That could easily be a twenty year legacy..

    Thanks as always,



    You said all the target areas that John MCCain should attack Obama at the debate tonight
    The 143 days stikes an important chord with me.I was introduced to that exact number when I was first courting my wife.Her co woker on the swithboard where she worked was a women named GERTRUDE This woman recognized my wifes hesitency
    to say the words I LOVE YOU and suggested to my wife that she could replace that phrase with the numbers 143.That was in 1956 So I cringe everytime that number comes up about this empty suit.

    I have told everyone around me that the MSM and polls are nowhere near correct and that the average hard working American will vote for MCCAIN/PALIN overwhelmingly
    Hope my projection is right.

    Happy twentieth on th e 22nd
    We must meet and hoist a few after the election. Had a great ale combo
    at the EAGLE BROOK SALOON in Norfolk Sunday They called it the BRADY BREW

  9. Larry- it is truly scary. In talking with my wife about what an Obama presidency would do to us, I couldn’t even muster a single positive thought. This is a dangerous election for the reasons that you stated. We can only hope that reason will come out of the woodwork on election day and vote to preserve this great country.

  10. Spot on as always Larry.
    Sometimes I wish I could temporarily relocate to a battleground state. Alas, I love it too much here in flyover country

  11. Fed Up in OH

    Yes, Larry, I know.

    In lieu of just working the phone banks, I’ve just decided – in large part based on the fiesty McCain of yesterday, coupled with the unleashing of Gov Palin – to drag up my stroke riddled carcass and do the OH RNC’s “Walk the Vote”option.

    It’s keyed to your home address, gives you a print out of a small number of registered voters surrounding your address, and taking up your little print out, you hit the road supplying the shoe leather and facts.

    My service dog is already the popular neighborhood people magnet: a gorgeous, well-behaved and flawlessly trained English Springer Spaniel.

    I’m off to try to persuade any fence-sitters to vote McCain/Palin, along with any “soft” Obama/Biden commits … this is a hard-working, mixed middle class neighborhood.

    I’ll let you know how the first round goes. Hope springs eternal because as corny as it reads, this is still my America and I still believe there are more level-headed citizens than stark raving lunatic lefties.

    So called me old-fashioned, already, I reckon I am.

  12. JR,

    With the surrounding economical downfalls, both will have to try to attach it to each other.

    Obama however took $125,000 in donations from Fannie folks.

    He’s just wrong for the job for all of the right reasons..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Jarrod,

    Agreed. We have to do all that we can in the days before the liberals begin their typical election day chicanery.

    There is too much at stake.

    Tell the world.

    Thanks as always,


  14. Jennifer,

    With the internet, you can be anywhere that you want.

    Reach out to everyone that you know.

    Tell the world.

    Thanks as always,


  15. “A little over two years ago, the unemployment rate was 4.5%. Gasoline was about $2.00 a gallon. Just a little over two years ago, the Dow Jones Industrial averages hit 14,280 points.”

    Truly a stunning realization… who would have thought that 2005/beginning ’06 will be remembered as the good old days? How fully half the people in this country can not, or refuse to see exactly what “change” the democrats will welcome in, I will never be able to understand. It is this financial crisis itself which SHOULD make the average American run screaming from the democratic party! Yet McCain still falls in the polls on a daily basis.

    Fed Up… you should come pay us a visit here in MA. if you believe the country is lacking in stark raving lunatic lefties. I’m completely surrounded! God bless your efforts in OH… I should “change” my name to Hopeless in MA.

    Larry… as to your ending question, I fear, not much, but we must continue to fight to get whatever is taken away back… never give up, never shut up, never quit.

  16. Fed Up,

    You are everything that is RIGHT about this country.

    Victimized by strokes, utilizing a service dog, you still get out and pound the pavement because you believe in what you are doing.

    You are an inspiration to everyone.

    You have proven that there are no excuses.

    Thank you for all that you are doing and for being an intregal part of the NLTZ family.


  17. Larry,

    Right on…. I especially appreciate your comment about the “festering cesspools” and democratic pandering towards the NEA. We are so fed up with The Never Educate Anyone crowd that we made the sacrifice to educate them ourselves. If it’s good enough for our Founding Father’s it’s good enough for my children. They are florishing in this environment.

    You know the school system is in the tank when teachers squarely place the blame of the failing school system at the feet of the Democratic Party.

    As far as tonight goes, McCain should be in his element with the town hall meeting format and he needs to come out swinging. There are too many targets to aim for.

    Just one lonely man’s opinion.

  18. Lerry,
    An Obama future is indeed fraught with fear for those of us who love LIBERTY.
    It amazes me that McCain has run such an inept campaign. He really blew the bailout issue by becoming just another senate democrat vote. John could have offered an alternative and captured the entire country. A country STILL angry about the bill.
    I hope he finds some stones in tonights’ debate.
    Thanks again for this site!
    Dr. Dave Modesto, CA

  19. Lonely Man,

    Never Educate Anyone..

    I like that, thats a goodie.

    Thanks as always,


  20. Dr. Dave,

    The bill doesn’t seem to have that big of an impact yet..

    Unless making everyones life savings valueless was the goal.

    Down another 300.

    Oh well..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Amy, I believe we are in these NATO countries (Germany, Italy, and to an extension, Japan) due to the fact that we never left in 1945.
    I believe our “exit strategy” then was: “make us”.

    Kid, I can see you’re temperature rising on this article. Excellent insights, as usual. Couldn’t agree more.

    Both candidates are talking about “change”.
    One has absolutely NO history of making ANY changes (and not much history of anything else (legal, that is).
    And his first decision was to select as his VP…

    Biden ?!?!?!? ……so much for “change”.

    The other candidate, also talks about change, but actually has a record of change.
    Has a record of going against the grain, going against his own party, going it alone if he has to.
    This candidate has so much record of “change” he is the ONLY person in Congress, EVER to be called “Maverick”.
    And his choice as VP:

    turned the political world UPSIDE DOWN:

    PALIN !

    now that’s what I call CHANGE!


    PS – hey, all you fellow “neo-cons”, let’s start a contest??

    I think we all agree this website deserves some “front row” attention.
    Let’s see who can get the most new subscribers to this site.
    Get your friends to subscribe and have them mention your tag name (the name you use to post comments here).
    Larry can keep score (and maybe post the top 10??) periodically?
    Winner(s) get the satisfaction of moving this website and this writer up front with the big dogs.
    Our goal: 50,000 subscribers.
    GO! GO! GO!

  22. Larry… make that 500. Thanks Ben!

    On a brighter note, watching the news today I was reminded of a general election poll of likely voters taken in October of the year 2000, it read:

    Gore 51%
    Bush 40%

  23. Larry….awesome explanation of where we were…where we are…where we will end up.
    STICH….great idea…I must have been reading your mind.
    Somehow….and maybe a little to do with the divine intervention I pray for…I forwarded an Obama email to my ex-husband’s secretary…who I have always had great affection for. I hadn’t been in touch in several years.
    We’ve been emailing our Obama arsenal to each other all day and forwarding to each other’s lists.
    I’m in Louisiana…she’s in Florida a/k/a battleground state. She has a very looooooong list….I invited them to join our family.
    Tonight’s the night. Time to take the gloves off…and take back our country.

  24. Fed Up in OH


    You have my LEARNED sympathy of the HIGHEST order. The metro Bawston area is where my hubby’s company had us ‘fore they transferred us here. I worked in the “evil” [sarc intended] biotech/pharma industry for a company in Cambridge during our tenure there (Commuter Rai + Red “T” line to Kendall/MIT Square, M-F and more Sats than I care to recall ). Loved hiking/backpacking in the White Mountains way up in the north country of NH away from the crowds every chance we got.

    I R a research psychologist … if the blasted MDs would sign that little piece o’ paper ‘n let me get back to work full time. Right now, I’m a FRUSTRATED research psych – clinic, too, but VERY little since I never could stand the society of victimology and the therapeutic equivalent amounting to the purchase an assymmetrical “friendship”, if you will.

    Speaking of which, folks, the little earmark the Senate slid into that multi-multi-BILLION DOLLAR bailout bill is gonna cost us ALL a King’s Ransom more than any of the pork inherent therein: just wait ’til your group health insurance premiums readjust to allow board certified wonks like me to be paid just like your primary care physician, WITHOUT ANY annual limits on office visits, my dears, one and all.

    That means – and I SHUDDER at the financial, AND other consequences of it – if a board certified psychiatrist, psychologist or clinical social worker deems you need to be seen, O, say, maybe 3 times a week, your insurer will be forced to cover that just like it provides coverage for a primary care or specialist physician.

    Bend over, folks, bleeding heart liberal wonks in Congress have been trying to slide this piece of garbage through for nigh on two decades. Welcome to the new socialism … on YOUR [and my] DIME … cause even if you and yours don’t need a head doc, you’re gonna subsidize it.

    See, the uber-libs say I ought to rush off at the tender age of 54 (two years removed from the pair of extremely rare blood clots – thalmus/basal ganglia) and file for disability. Crap on that.

    We lived in Middleboro/Middleborough (as you wish ) for nigh on a decade. ‘Tain’t MUCH better here ‘cept in rural areas.

    ’nuff said.

  25. Fed Up in OH

    typo alert, as usual:

    Redbone, that’d be Commuter RAIL, not “rai” … but you already knew that. 🙂

  26. Stitch,

    September of 1073, Johhny O’s, “Hold my feet”

    For some unknown reason, without warning, in a room full of people, you put your trust in me.

    That’s how it started.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Kid.

    As always,


  27. Redbone,

    Shows the inherantly fickle nature of polls and how arbitrary they are.

    I never trust them.


  28. R.A.R.,

    Thanks for the help.

    It means alot to me.

    Thanks as always,


  29. ROBIN'S DAD (RD)

    I don’t know exactly when our Republicans decided ‘bi-partisanship’ was a desirable outcome, but that’s when conservative principles went to hell…and us with them.

  30. RD,

    The “lets all get along” school of milquetoast.

    “Principles” are now “partisan”.

    I’d prefer to reach across the aisle in order to get them into choking distance..

    Thanks as always,


  31. I think Maverick and Saracuda need to tag-team Oshama tonight. Both (J & S) are in attack mode. Oshama and the MSM are running scared now. I think Saracuda has been reading the same books I am. I feel really strongly about tonight. I think the kid gloves will come off, and BHO will whimper off the stage licking his wounds. Check out Mav’s latest sppech on his website. You’ll be hotting and hollering and shaking your fist in agreement. BHO has no clue what is about to hit him. Let the shit storm begin!!!

  32. Thank you, Amy D, for the typos, it’s makes be feel better to find another kindred spirit … my posts of late are replete with typos. 😉

  33. I will send out an Email to everyone on my list now. Great articles. Glad I found this site. There are so many things B.O. will do to sink this country one could write a book on it. I fear the supreme court, second ammendment, civil rights, and taxes the most. We all have to do what we can to not allow this liberal disease to infect our country. God made all men. Samuel Coult made all men equal. Thats 2 big reasons the liberals want to take over the country. Thanks Larry

  34. Jackie Mason on Obama:
    Jackie Mason: “They talk about how much money McCain is raising versus Obama. Its a pittance compared to the huge amount of press publicity he gets. He’s a fraud. Like this pastor thing [Obama’s former outspoken pastor Jeremiah Wright]. First thing he says this guy is his mentor, his teacher his philosopher, I learned everything for him. Then they ask, did you ever listen to him? Never. I was in the church but I never heard him. He was talking, but I didn’t know I should be listening. And besides, whatever he said he didn’t say it on the days that I was there. He said it on Tuesday. I came on Thursdays. Then when he saw his polls started to go down a little he said: he was always my mentor but he wasn’t a close mentor. I saw him, but not very often. I heard him, but only maybe once in a while. Then he said: I never even liked him. I never got involved with him. Then he said: whatever he said was disgusting to me and if I knew he was saying these things, I would have hated him a long time ago. And he sounded like he just found out about him 20 years later when he wasn’t in the church. He was in the church 20 years, and he never heard anything. Now that he’s out of the church for a year, he suddenly found out what he said in church when he wasn’t actually there”

  35. An over-whemingly great article! The truisms in the knowledge is cleanly expressed by a master shepard. Those that have tendency to disbelieve should find it hard to stray from the flock.

    I have the blood pressure of a teenager, but when it comes to hearing someone say they “are on the line” or “are voting for another person”, blood starts running from my ears. You,Larry, have said in this article what I’ve been trying to say more strikingly than I could ever do in my last few comments. Thank you!

    One thing of importance that should be added to Obama’s background for those “undecideds” is the fact of his long and favorabale relationship with ACORN, forming his own organization in Chicago (A.K.A. community organizer) and other flagships organizations of ACORN. ALL of whom are racist, communist and intent on seeing the downfall of the capilist system. This is the man we would elect as president?

  36. 3 Headed Rick

    B0 will be a black Jimmy Carter. Only worse.

    If it wasnt for bad experience {ACORN,
    BO wouldnt have any experience at all.

  37. Larry,
    Excellent, as always.
    Stitch has a great idea. I’ve been passing your name around to my fellow Conservative co-workers for some time. I later asked a couple of them if they have checked it out, and they said “not yet”. Needless to say, I find this discouraging. I believe the greatest enemy we face to be apathy.As St. Ronald asked,”If not us,who?”
    I fear that the fact that this creature even stands a chance to win does not bode well for this nation, regardless of the outcome.


    Apathy may, in part be caused by the swayed leftist media. But even then the media cannot be blamed as facts don’t matter much politically if there not reported. From what we’ve been witnessing for quite some time, is the Republican Party, for reasons unknown, don’t seem to know what it is to counter attack, let alone attack.

    The Republicans in this sense deserve to lose this election were it not for the salvation of our country that does not deserve to be put in the hands of a glib and cocky know it all who has accomplished nothing beyond the advancement of his own career with rhetoric and help of shadey friends, and who has for years allied himself with a succession of people who have openly expressed their hatred for America.


    You can add Mike Klonsky to that list of names.. a Maoist and protege of Ayers. He is now serving on the Obama campaign staff.


  39. Ha! Fed Up, you have me covered, covered and covered again 🙂

    “the therapeutic equivalent amounting to the purchase an assymmetrical “friendship” ”

    Absolutely priceless!

    I’m a “re-locate” here because my wife is the insured one in the family… you know, the one with the “real” job. Me, just a simple self employed American dreamer… though I do my best. Psychology/Philosophy major many moons ago (yup, in my liberal days of the early 80’s, tho I have learned my lessons well, since then) went back and tested out of a Bio degree to become a science teacher in CT in early ’03 (thought I could actually make a difference) now there’s a story for another day indeed! Inner city Hartford… can ya guess where this one will go?

    It is a stunning piece of Earth, MA. and the NE in general but oh, these human inhabitants… I’ll refrain from repeating what you already know all too well. Surely, the conversation continues! Many blessings to you and yours!

    Prayers given to McCain this evening… and I wholeheartedly agree to any and many attempts to lift NLTZ up anywhere and everywhere possible! Cheers all…

  40. Sister Amy and Fed Up,

    No apologies necessary..

    Everyone knows what we are saying and I do not give out “style points”..

    Thanks as always,


  41. Graywolf,

    Lock and load my friend..

    Thanks for your kind words and for your contributions to NLTZ.


  42. Ken,

    The “once a week” liberal church goers who don’t even go once a week..

    Hypocracy, thy name is liberal.

    Thanks as always,


  43. Windrider,

    The comments that you have formulated and submitted are all read and are all of extreme importance. The passion comes from your commitment to your principles and your beliefs.

    You have made this site better and I thank you for your contributions.

    And your kind words,


  44. 3 Head,

    He has had the path greased for him since his days in the Illinois Senate.

    He only has experience in shaking hands and being smug..

    Thanks as always,


  45. Sling,

    Thanks for your efforts.

    The introduction to the NLTZ book, “Navigating the Liberal Labryinth” (limited copies available soon.) says it all.

    Excellent points, my friend and thanks for all of your help with NLTZ.


  46. Windrider,

    The plot thickens, eh?

    He will never let you down..


  47. redbone,

    Keep the wheel up, pop the top off of a cool one and lets bring home a McCain slam dunk tonight.

    I really feel that he needs to do something extraordinary tonight..

    No pressure or anything..

    Thanks as always,


  48. JR… thanks friend and the same to you! My door’s open anytime and you have my email I believe. Love the Eagle Brook but I serve better beer, heh, heh… 😉

    Windrider… you know we’re cool! Would hate to not have you on my side bud.

  49. Cool one poured from the fountain Larry… tuned in big time and I hear you loud and clear! Lets go JOHN!!!

  50. Hey, Camelot (1073?!?!?!),…
    I think you meant 1973.

    If you’da dropped me (3 stories high), I probably would have become a (gulp…) Demonrat!

    (PS – any seen Any Coulter’s legs lately??)

  51. that’s, “anyONE seen….”


  52. GAD! we’re getting old, kid!
    That was Sept 1972 !!!! not 73…


  53. I couldn’t have said that better myself Larry. Especially the last half of your article about what the Dems have done for us/to us in the past two years.

  54. Larry….Great words of TRUTH and WISDOM.

    I will carry your theme a little further…WHY ARE THE MASSES MESMERIZED by this Phony..empty suit???? It’s the Media my dear!!!
    GREAT Example tonite…on CNN they did a poll of 25 “undecideds” and the vote was McCain won. Soon as they went back to the Studio and the LIBERAL PUNDITS that infiltrate that network…it was all OBAMA…Obama!! Unreal !!
    The voters let their feelings be heard but CNN was aghast and had to TURN IT AROUND for their Boy!!! Prime example of BIAS in the MEDIA.
    I am SICK of it….and you’re right….in 2000 GORE was leading in early October…but who won!!!
    The public will speak. Especially with a Senator with only 173 days in you ably stated!
    The MEDIA will be scorned over these last few weeks….and Palin will yell to the tops of the Colorado moutains…McCain will prevail.

    I don’t think AMERICA is this STUPID or can be so DUPED as to aspire to this lame rhetoric. Each sentence is weighed to appeal to all those undecided voters..even if like BIDEN it isn’t the TRUTH to be told.

    Larry….God Bless America. And tonight we need to come to our senses! Amen.

  55. Tom from Texas

    Well, I refrained in remarking on this until after I was able to see the Debatacale last night. Once again, with ample opportunities presenting themselves on several key issues, McCain let the Half-Breed slime-slime his way out!

    The Holey(no typo)one in all his purple lipped glory, once again preened and postured, lied and conjolled his way out of every so called TownHall question. Once again the so called Moderator, this time Tom Broke-Haw, made sure that the format would benifet Oslimea.

    My God, what is happening here? Are the people of this Country so nieve or down right stupid as to just sit back and allow this scum and his kind to actually gain the office of President? Seems to me that is becoming more and more evident. The fine people who opine here on this and other conservative internet sites, BELIEVE, but who hears us? Once I believed that our collective voices would be heard at the ballot boxes across this nation, but now, judging from all the MSM propaganda, I’m not so sure anymore. My County(Van Zandt) is strongly Republican, but as I travel around, I see many more Oslimea yard signs than those supporting McCain. As I work the phone on my own initative, I am apalled by the shear lunacy I continue to be confronted with. As an example-McCain is a fine man, but he is too old and is living in a time that doesn’t pretian to us anymore. We need a strong, young, person to lead our nation. DAMN idiot!! After some strong obsanities directed to the person on the other end of the phone and a personal invitation to meet me in person to further discuss the leadership qualities of this strong, young, piece of s**t, for some reason the connection is termanated. Guess I make my point a bit too strongly. In closing, may I quote that Great American, the holy right reverand J. Wright-God Bless America, God Bless America, No, God Damn America–And that is just exactly what Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Kennedy, Durbin et al are doing and are condtinually allowed to do with of all the sit on thier asses so called caring individuals who refuse to take any action or reposibility for doing so.

    Once again, thank Larry for all you and these fine people are trying to do for Our Country, I only hope with only less than 30 days, there is still time.

  56. Larry, WELL SAID as always. Love your insight.

    Texas Tom — YES, the people of this country apparently ARE that naive.

    Has anyone here read this morning’s commentary from Thomas Sowell? You can see it here –>

    I had to turn off the “debate” last night, it was making me so sick. Physically sick.

    What is wrong with us conservatives that we can’t make our voices be heard above the wacko moon-bats?

  57. Oops — the link to Sowell’s commentary got deleted. It’s at this morning’s Jewish World Review if you want to go look it up …

  58. Tom from Texas

    To AnnieLiz,
    Thank you mam, now at least I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. May God Bless You,
    Texas Tom

  59. keep in mind…
    with Carter, his trailer-trash family/friends ran Washington.
    with Clinton, much the same except for the Arkansas in-breeding part…
    with BHO will come the Chicago Crime Collectives & Progressives (or as I like to abbreviate it: CCCP)

  60. spread the word:

    “Its ok white people…..
    …you’re not a racist if you’re not for Obama…”

    STITCH! … a proud Nordic-American!

  61. Sad… One shot left on the 15’th. Let’s hope he takes it.

  62. I don’t think the debate went too badly. I laughed my ass off when Tom Brokaw refused to let Oshama have more time to speak (begging for more time only works on the floor of the Senate, asshole). It made my night until Brokaw caved later and pretty much let both talk as long as they wanted to, though John McCain was much more respectful of the limits than BHO. Then again, John McCain is a man of his word and BHO is, well, not. Also, BHO really was the Wizard of Uhs tonight. I wanted smack him so many times tonight. I really think John McCain did a super job of putting BHO in his place. Remember, John McCain is not going to lose his cool, no matter how much we want him to. If he let himself lose his cool, it would do a whole lot more harm than good. Remember, BHO wants to paint Mav as a hot-head who will lose his temper at the drop of a hat. Staying calm is not necessarily a weakness, so long as that calmness does not devolve into smugness and indifference, as in BHO’s case. John McCain looks Presidential. BHO looks like an imposter.

  63. Tom from TX… you are not alone, but I agree that we each seem to be ‘one lone voice in the wilderness’. I talk as much as I am able, but it is hard when I’m at (or on the way to and from) work 11 hours a day and have a family to care for when I’m at home.

    Redbone, I’ve been thinking seriously about your stats from 2004, but I greatly fear that we could be hard pressed to prevail this time because ACORN is a lot more active and emboldened by getting away with stuff this cycle.

    I want to know how we could arrange a debate, with a fact-checker on site, in real time who has the stones to speak up and say, “STOP!!! that’s a lie… try again dipshit!” That is the only way we will ever hear the real truth.

    Annie Liz, I wonder the same thing. But I do have a theory about why we can’t raise our voices over the idiots… Tell me what you think….

    Where I work I have to put up with several stupid rules, because I really need this job, and because otherwise, this is a pretty good company to work for…so… I can’t carry my handgun (I have a CWP permit) and leave it locked up in my car during the day, even though I drive 45 minutes each way through the country to work each day… and… it has recently become against company policy for me to smoke anywhere on the campus, even in my own car… and…I had to fill out this ‘wellness survey’ (even though my insurance is not provided by this company) or else I would be charged an additional $10 per week in insurance premiums… and well, you get the picture. So, I have to shut up and take this crap, because some executive committee has decided that these things will make us more safe, or reduce our health care costs, or whatever nonsense they are peddling today unless I want to lose my job, or never get another promotion.

    So I’m conditioned to not saying anything because I’m a good person, and I just want to keep my job so I can help support my family. Now, when I talk to my co-workers, 90% of them agree with me, and even when I ask my bosses what’s up with all these rules, they dont really seem to agree with them either, but the higher up the food chain I get, the less they are willing to talk about it. My boss will go to bat for us about nearly anything, he is a great guy, but man, you don’t dare even bring this stuff up!

    There is abject terror when anyone talks about bucking the HR department, or the executive committee… when they implement these rules there is just that ‘deer in the headlights’ look and we all go along like sheep.

    It seems to me that we have been cowed by something that has us so fearful of losing our jobs or our way of life that we CAN”T speak up loud enough to be heard over the moonbats!

    I have no idea of that made any sense at all, but maybe someone can help me translate it into a simpler statement.

  64. Matt,

    It always does my heart good when the younger generation sees the error of the liberals ways.

    Tell everyone.

    “They have the House, they have the Senate, NO to the Presidency and NO to the Supreme Court!”

    Thanks as always,


  65. Lord Jim,

    If you have sec, check out: “Much ado about Nothingness” and “Beatifying Barack”.

    I think you might enjoy them..They kind of explain the Omama mystique.

    Thanks as always for the kind words,


  66. Texas Tom,

    If only John McCain would get as justifiably upset about things as you have..

    Obama didn’t answer a single question. Brokaw let him slide. McCain mentioned it twice. I would have mentioned it with every evasion.

    I would have even donated my time were I McCain: “Tom, If Senator Obama would like to answer that last question as opposed to exaggerating and evading, I’ll give him my block of time because I feel that the question needs to be answered..”

    Obama interrupted, chnaged the rules of the debate by DEMANDING rebuttals.

    THAT’S why they won’t let FOX moderate any debate.

    Tell the world and send ’em here..please..

    Thanks as always,


  67. Stitch,



    No truer words were ever spoken.

    Thanks as always,


  68. Sister Amy,

    I don’t think that there was enough to make a palatable difference.

    McCain needs to be confrontational during the debates, not with the commercials.

    The “personal touch” takes precedence over the impersonal commercials.

    Just a thought.


  69. T,

    The liberals used to call it:

    “Question Authority.”

    Now its “Don’t question authority because WE ARE IN CHARGE and we know what is best for you…”

    Hope that helps,


  70. Tom from Texas

    A to me, astounding thought just crossed my feeble mind. Did occur to anyone but me that if Oslimea were to apply to the Secreat Service or FBI, he would not qualify due to his association with William Ayers, a know terrorist.

    And that if God Forbid, he is elected President, he wouldn’t even qualify to be his own BODY GUARD!!!! Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you support.

    Larry and T, thanks for the kind words, and T, thank god for people like you who will work 11-12 hours to take care of your family and be greatful for the privledge to do so. I just going to stay pissed and keep on keeping on, if they hang up after a kind invitation to meet face to face, then so be it. I’d just give my qehoens to get that Rat Faced half breed alone for a discussion!!!

  71. Tom from Texas

    Please forgive the numerous typos, I’ve never said I was a stenographer!

  72. T — Do you work where I work? It sure sounds like it! Oh. Wait. I only have to pay an extra $25/month if I want to smoke. At home. Otherwise everything you said exactly describes the company for whom I work, and the people with whom I work!

    I just try to stay calm and state what facts I know about how the U.S. got into this economic mess. And the facts that I know about Nobama’s political record, and McCain’s political record. I state them calmly, quietly and as clearly as possible — no emotions allowed! — and PRAY that “they” hear me. That it sinks in. And I keep asking this question (although so far NO ONE has given me an answer): “What makes Nobama believe he is equipped to run the United States of America? What experiences has he had that makes him a viable candidate? And WHY are so many people so enamored with him?”

    I also recommend that everyone reads, “While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within”. It describes very well what’s happening in Europe and HERE. All this PC business has opened the door for radical Muslims to take over the U.S. as they are doing in Europe — but G-d forbid we should critize anyone!

    The one thing I try to avoid doing overtly is slamming Nobama as we do here in this forum. To “the others” it just proves to them that I’m a racist, narrow-minded old woman. I *do*, however, let them see that I’m reading “The Case Against Barak Obama” …. that in and of itself is shocking to a lot of people — even those who are conservative.

  73. Wow, Texas Tom — A new little blurb to offer about Nobama. GREAT thinking! Thanks!

  74. AnnieLiz,

    I will answer your question for you:

    “Because he is different.”

    And because he says so..

    That’s all the left needs.

    Thanks as always,


  75. Tom from Texas

    To AnnieLiz,
    Thank you mam, just doing my part for all free thinking individualists. It is damn funny though, isn’t it! Just a little joke for the biggest JOKE OF ALL.


    anybody out there know how to get it into mccain’s head that the slickster from chicago is about to take our country away from us ,and he isn’t even upset about it. come on john, you’ve got nothing more to lose—– sound off like you’ve got a pair !!!

  77. I can’t be sure but I feel the “worm is turning”…the winds of change are about to blow the smirk off the face of that snot nose Jr. senator from Illinois.
    The three “A”‘s are singing loudly throughout the blogisphere…could this be our OCTOBER


    i am a blogisphere dolt. what, who are the three “A”s ?

  79. It’s hard to beat a candidate whose Ohio supporters round up homeless people, then provide them guidance as they bus them to register and vote early. How hard could it be to help homeless alcoholics or schizoids mark their absentee ballots correctly? How much “help” are other U.S. absentee voters getting from the Obama-Nation.

    More AmeriCorps money well spent on organizing. Our education dollars are now paying off big, for the Democrats.

  80. Feckless, Ayers, ACORN, Alinsky…

  81. Stone,

    That’s just some of the good work taking place in ONE state.

    We had better take the gloves off. We know what they are capable of, just exactly how much are we going to allow them to get away with?

    Once they steal the election, we won’t be able to even slow them down..

    What’s it worth to you?

    Thanks for your comments,


  82. Prayer is the ultimate weapon against BHO and all of his corrupt minions. Pray forcefully and frequently that the truth will set us free and that America will elect John McCain and Sarah Palin in November. I truly believe that God WILL NOT allow tyranny in America — IF WE PRAY. If we do not stand up in faith and fight in the spirit, then we will get what we deserve. But, if we stand up to the demonic realm and fight the good fight (in the spirit) we can defeat evil and elect John McCain. BHO is not just controlled by the Demonrat party and the Chicago Machine, he is ultimately controlled by demons — how else can he surround himself with despicible people and not bat an eyelash?? How else can he lie so effortlessly??? How else can he support and defend the killing of innocent survivors of botched abortions??? He may not be THE Antichrist, but he is AN antichrist.

  83. Tom from Texas

    Thursday, October 09, 2008
    To: Senator John McCain
    Washington, D.C.
    I am writing this to you in the hope that it is not too late for you to understand the importance of your Presidential aspirations and what I see as potential weaknesses. First of all I am not your friend. Please refrain from referring to me and others in such a manner. I have not met you personally and that term does not endear me to you or your views. I am sir, an Independent Conservative voter who, wants to believe that you are our last best chance to return our Country to its former greatness. You must understand that when you deliver your speeches whether on the stump or in debates, you are NOT delivering said speech on the floor of the United States Senate. The time for Senatorial Courtesy has no place in these situations.
    Politics, by its very nature is a dog eat dog world, and niceness has no place in it. I will not cast my vote for an individual who is nice. I want to see a Candidate who will fight for the people of this Country. Those individuals who every single day, get up and go to mundane, boring, low paying jobs just to support their families. I am sick of Political Correctness, unbearable taxation without true representation, and a Socialist/Ultra Liberal Congress that is putting our Country in mortal danger.
    I, sir, am not a naïve person who will be led by the nose by those people that I and people like me have to my utter shame, put into office. It would seem to me that by being elected, gives those elected, the power to forget those who put them there, and why they were elected in the first place. Power, whether given through election or imagined by arrogance or ignorance really is a corruptor of those we have placed our trust in. I will no longer stand for the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Biden, Webb, Franks, Kennedy, ET. Al. to continue to waste time during an active session to slur Conservatives, the President, YOU, and other members, while pushing aside the real issues that they are supposed to be working on.
    It seems to me that you neither understand nor appreciate the overwhelming task you are faced with if you truly want to have a chance to become President. The Socialist/Liberal disgusting Democratic Party is destroying America, and you continue to call them friends. Where is the fire that you once exhibited as a true hero of this Country? Stop with the Maverick Reformer referrals and PROVE IT! When you reach across the aisle, grab the despicable pigs by the throat and stop kissing their collective a**es!
    The time is now! Confront the filthy little Junior Senator from Illinois and show his true nature. He cannot rebut his lack of a record, his say anything, do anything effort to be elected. You have the Liberal Media, T.V., newspapers, magazines, Acorn and others doing everything they can to steal this election and put that piece of garbage into the most powerful office in the world.
    My question to you sir, is just how badly do you want to really want it? Are you willing to cut through the vile lies that the Democrats are putting forth? Will you finally get tough and prove to those of us who place our faith and trust in you that you have the internal fortitude to expose Obama for what he really is-a Socialist/Communist pig, who by his very associations with terrorists, thieves, liars, and malcontents want to destroy this Country ? If you continue with the methods you are currently following, YOU WILL LOOSE, and so too will America.
    I implore you sir, cut the Political Correctness, the niceness and prove you truly stand for those things you say you do. I can only pray it is not too late.
    Believe me Senator, the real, caring people of this great Country are watching— GOD IS WATCHING!
    In closing, if I were to aspire to the Office of President, I would much rather loose having known I had had the guts to Kick some Ass rather than Kissing it!
    May God bless and guide you sir.
    Thomas Munns
    Wills Point, Van Zandt County, Texas

    I sent this to McCains Office today, although he will probably never see it and most assuredly will not reply!



    I cheered all the way through your comment letter to MCCAIN.
    You covered all the bases.
    Maybe all of us should send a similar note to MCCAIN to wake him up.I will
    As I said before this is no tommorrow this is it and we must beat B.OBAMA
    Tom, you are my hero

  85. GRRRRRR… computers…

  86. Larry’s correct when he says, [quote]Once they steal the election, we won’t be able to even slow them down…[/quote]

    I’ve been trying to get this message out for the past year, and especially since Sen. McCain’s nomination. This is not the time to lose an election. Sadly, too many more libertarian-leaning voters believe that a vote for Bob Barr will “send a message.”

    It sure will: “We’re stupid.”

  87. Oops! My post also shows that I’m stupid. Not sure which tags to use for formatting: HTML okay? Guess we’ll find out.

    Larry said: “Once they steal the election, we won’t be able to even slow them down…”


    The Dow has fallen below 9000 points. It closed at -678.91 to 8578.19. The sell-off occurred during the last hour of trading. This is nuts. Some economists have estimated that Americans have lost $2 TRILLION out of their retirement accounts. God help us all.

  89. It may not be as bad as we may be thinking. Check this from tubemogul which tracks youtube video hits:

    Barack Obama’s dominance in online video views is a cliche by now, but the overall figures mask the fact that John McCain packs more punch per video, especially recently. I pulled this for AdAge, but was sufficiently amazed that I thought I would re-post here.

    McCain and Obama’s average views per video from their official YouTube channels for the month of September:

    McCain: 150,948
    Obama: 59,253

  90. Of the debates we’ve learned that Biden is a smarmy pinhead, whom thankfully only has to play to his fellow pinheads, that would be the Obamaniacs, that Obama himself is an empty shirt, and that McCain doesn’t have the spine to stand up and call his opponent out as a fraud. Yes, it is mean, but who says the truth doesn’t hurt? We have seen the rebirth of the old “Know Nothings’ party from the 1800s, and now is not the time to have it happen.

    Obama will defang our military, and ensure we return from our wars in disghrace and defeat, that our boys in uniform will have fought and died for nothing. There will be no new weapon systems, no research , and you can forget the space program. All that money will go to sponsors programs to help welfare recipients and the new Democrats (that were formerly known as ‘illegal immigrants’), and he will hand what is left to the United Nations.

    In an Obama administration, there will be nothing but pain for all, and we will no longer be citizens, but subjects.

  91. A little financial advice from my friend on Wall Street.

    If you had purchased $1,000 of AIG stock one year ago, you would have $42 left.

    With Lehman, you would have $6.60 left.

    With Fannie or Freddie, you would have less than $5 left.

    But if you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all of the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling REFUND, you would have had $214. Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle. It’s called the 401-Keg.

  92. @ Ken,

    I don’t think we should put too much stock in video “hits” because a lot of lefties reference McCain videos as a basis for their “the lying liar lied” charades.

  93. Stone,

    As far as video hits go, at least McCain’s message will be heard and possibly change some minds. LOL @ 401-Keg.

  94. Hi, Amy D,

    We can hope enough people would follow through and help us “steal” back this election. We might do better if they let Gov. Palin do the talking from here on out.

    Yep, everyone should have a financial plan that good. 🙂

  95. Hi, G.Nichols,

    I agree with you regarding Obama’s disregard for the value of military strength.

    He would also have the chance to appoint several judges to the federal bench and the Supreme Court.

    Worse still, he has said he would sign UN climate-change treaties. These would effectively give UN control over which of our resources we could use and how we could use them. On his way out of office, Mr. Clinton placed Yellowstone, AND private lands three miles outside of it, under the UN’s ultimate purview. At the time, it was solely to shut down a specific gold mine outside the park.

    Mr. Obama would sign any UN treaty having to do with environment, world poverty, and gun control. He simply holds a positive view of world governance. That makes him a serious threat to both our sovereignty and constitutional rights.

    Apologies if I’ve repeated what others have already said.

  96. Looks like voter fraud is going to be the biggest problem we’re facing in this election. Check out what’s happening in my own state of North Carolina.

    How can we stop this?

  97. Ken,

    Check out:”How To Liberally Steal An Election”

    It will be on the front page in less than five minutes.


  98. G.,

    So unfortunately true…

    Thanks as always,


  99. Stone,

    Just ANOTHER reason to work against Obama.

    There’s hundreds more..

    Thanks as always,


  100. I gotta wonder, what catastrophy does Pelosi have up her sleeve for the end of October?

    The oil shortage they engineered backfired on them, so they quietly agreed to let the offshore drilling go through.

    Now the mortgage crunch is running waaaaaay better than she could have hoped for, however!…the facts are coming out how this crap was brought to her attention 2 years ago and she did NOTHING.
    (She has to start wondering if she can control this downward spiral or not?)

    But, the final question is, if this economic crisis does backfire on her, what ELSE does she have waiting to unload on us just so the DemonRats can get a few more votes in November?

    PS – does anyone know, is Biden sober today??
    (haven’t seen him in awhile…)

  101. Larry,

    My beliefs and convictions were instilled in me as a child by loving, moral parents. Growing from a child, and in following the many paths in life, I kept in mind their ideologies in developing a greater understanding of and a deeper respect for my country… I am an American!! The words I write are out of sheer, apprehensible concern for my nation’s welfare and it’s collective citizenry, both present and future.

    I am an American! I’m a Liberal-Progressives worst nightmare. I believe in God, in American made products and I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some Liberal government functionary be it Democrat or Republican. I don’t hate the rich or pity the poor… “self-responsiblity” applies to both.

    I think the “Undecided” column should be retitled “Too Friggin Lazy.” Researching for themselves what would be best for them and their country has obviously proved overly strenuous for them. If it were not guaranteed, sloths like these should be stripped of their voting rights, if not their citizenship.

    I believe if you are too stupid to know how a ballot works, I don’t want you deciding who should be running the most powerful nation in the world for the next four years. I want intelligent voters, concerned about their country, not ones told how many more free handouts they might get.

    I as a true American, I believe that the President of the United States should, and without reservation, wear a lapel pin of our country’s flag in his lapel and place his hand over his heart when he hears or recites the Pledge of Allegiance. I believe he who wouldn’t shows no interest in my country and would do it harm.

    I think it is good, I don’t mind a bit and I’m proud that “GOD” is printed on our money. I believe my printing “In GOD We Trust” on all outgoing envelopes will sear the eyes of any would be atheists who might be earning their living working off my tax dollars at the United States Postal Service.

    I think the American flag should be the only flag allowed in America. It should be the only flag allowed to fly from flagstaffs, and used honorabally at rallys or marches or demonstrations… the only one!

    I think owning a gun doesn’t make one a killer. It makes one a prepared and smart American. I believe those having been convicted of having heineously or purposely killed, should be… without delay. Especially those who have preyed upon children.

    I think that a person being a minority does not make him noble, ‘victimized’, or caused hardship by itself and does not entitle anyone to anything. I never have been a slave and never owned a slave and neither were they nor did they, so they should shut up already, quit the whining, get their ass’ of welfare couch, be an American, and get over it.

    I believe that the random urine test I am required to take in order to assure my job, be stopped or that there be random urine tests of welfare recipients. This to be only fair as my hard earned tax dollars support these free handout people, with no questions asked.

    I believe that “illegal” is “illegal” no matter the politically ‘correct spin’ is given to “illegal aliens” or what bleeding heart lawyers think. If illegals aliens have snuck into my country, against it’s laws, taken Americans jobs, lowered wages of of American workers, the food and the very lifestyle away from American citizens, get the hell out here… now!

    I believe that if you’re selling a Big Mac, or anything else for that matter, you’d best be doing it English.

    I believe those people standing on the corners trying to guilt trip me into making donations for their ’cause’ should get their own job and donate their whole damn paycheck to it, not trying to suck hard earned money out of me.

    I think the media should realign itself with respect and re-invest itself in “responsible journalism.” The resulting fairness and honesty of investigative reporting would do great service to their fellow Americans and the nation in general and restore respectablity and honor to themselves.

    I believe if were not for the Armed Forces of America, many warriors of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice, has kept our nation a free America. They’re gallantry and bravery since this nation’s conception is, today, allowing me the freedoms only Americans enjoy. I humbly give thanks for those past defenders of our great democracy as well as today’s and I pray daily to God for the well being of defensive corps. They will see victory… as Americans.

    Perhaps some may see my veiws as being a “Bad American”, I am not. I am a Damned Proud American, born and bred!

    Proud and True, Red White and Blue!!!!

    sidenote; I’m a laid-back, easy-going person by nature but if someone got in my face, called me those “two little” words… They’d get a whole lot of fist back in their’s.

    ‘n that’s all I got ‘t say ’bout that.

  102. One more thing,

    I believe that a Liberal Democratic man who directly holds in close contact another a citizen, Bill Ayers, a bomber of our country in protest of Viet Nam, is not worthy of presidential office. A Democratic man, the very nature of the Liberal party that spawned the spitting upon our returning soldiers of the war.

    Now I think that’s all I got ‘t say.

  103. Stitch,

    Regardless of who has seen him the answer is…

    no, he isn’t..

    Thanks as always,


  104. Windrider,

    You have the floor and our undivided attention any time you wish to speak.

    The NLTZ nation does not ever wish to hear, “that’s all I have ‘t say about that”..

    Side by side my friend,


  105. Windrider, I couldn’t have said it better myself… please keep right on speaking!

    Stitch… I truly believe that the economic crisis we are in is a direct result of market manipulation caused by George Soros and his cronies… the Dumbocratic party has been bought and paid for by this guy, and I believe he has created this mess for the express purpose of stealing this election. Can I prove it? No, but I believe it! He has his greddy litle hands in every nook and cranny of the far left, because he wants power to go along with all of that money.

  106. Pelosi and the Democratically-controlled Congress were warned AT LEAST 2 years ago (and actually McCain is ON RECORD at least 3 years ago) that BOTH the oil crisis and the mortgage crisis were heading towards us.
    But, since neither was expected to come to a head until 2007-08, Pelosi chose to do NOTHING.
    Why? Because that would be an election year.
    And the blame could be placed right on the President, who just happens to be a Republican.
    How convenient (for HER).

    Actually, George Bush is on record in 2001 (2001 !!!) telling Congress this mortgage crisis was coming, and they did NOTHING! (hear that Frank & Dodd??).
    The Democrats can say what they want about George Bush. Like how he’s not very smart, etc.
    That’s ok (I dont agree, but thats ok), however, I have one question for the Democrats:

    How does it feel being OUTSMARTED BY A FIFTH GRADER?!?!?!?!

  107. Ah hell, folks, I was just catching a breath.

    “We live in the greatest nation on earth… I hope you will join me in trying to change it.”
    Barrack Hussein Obama

    Mark that down as a Fruedian slip of his and the Liberal/Socialist Party’s true intentions to bring upon a free America. That’s your’s and my America he’s talking about changing with “hopes” and “dreams” somewhere off in his never never land and our tax money.


    Having an “instant access fact checker” coincides with my saying before about a person having to be a politician, a private citizen in the know, (very rare) or have a device similar to which you suggested. I’m all for it! How about a lie detector if nothing else to start just for giggles. Then again, knowing politicians as they are, they would pass legislation making all political debates illegal.

    Amy D.

    Wasn’t it awful in 2006 with the price of gas over $2.00 a gallon, why that oilman Bush was screwing the hell out of us!We needed change in the congress we were told. “Elect us, said “Numbskull” Nancy Pelosi, “and we (Democrats) will lower the price of gas.” Like whiskeyed up wranglers after a hard day in the saddle, we followed “Past Her Prime” Pelosi and her fellow dance “Hallocrats” to ‘lower’ gas prices. Problem here is I’m still trying to figure out just exactly which way in a Liberals mind is up… but I think I’m going to go over the edge in trying.


    I don’t mean to be a I told ya so, but…
    Congress had passed a $300 billion dollar housing bailout earlier this summer and out of that a pork of $500 million a year is going to the Black racist, socialistic, extremely left wing liberal, sometimes violent group of ACORN. In short, a political extortion group. A group Hussein has a long and close relationship with.
    ACORN is now busy bussing people to vote early in your state of Ohio where it has just recently been made legal to register and vote on the same day. ACORN sees the opportunity here and will bus in anything from criminals, to homeless people, to illegal aliens as it is near, or not impossible, to run background checks. Our tax dollars at work, eh?
    I’m sure that those pencil necks in your state legislature would have to start parking elsewhere if you’d just tell them stupidity does not qualify for “Handi-cap” zones.

    Upon the American people being nieve,

    A politicians greatest ally is the public’s poor memory as can be attested to by the lengthy tenures of some politicians. Hello, Joe!

    Are Americans to ignorant to learn, to acquaint themselves with the facts of a presidential candidate who may direct the country? No.

    Are they to lazy to acquaint themselves with those facts? Yes. They are content to watch the newscaster, read newspapers, listen to radios that may or may not be the whole facts instead of burrowing deeper. Years of “thoughts” handed to some Americans by a media “plate” has left him either devoid or un-caring of the protective and provisionary instincts for himself, an otherwise basic instinct within us all.

    This is not nievety but complaceny and I believe with some mixture of apathy.

    In a Democracy, if history serves correctly, apathy will be followed by dependence. (On the government) This will, in turn be the collapse of the American Democratic Republic.

    Hussein knows where to work… he has childrens camps and he’s utilizing them to brainwash the kids of our nation. Does Hitler ring a bell with anyone? I’ve caught videos of pre-schoolers singing songs praising “him” while their parents sat adoringly by.

    We must lawfully or un-lawfully kick these Liberal Party of lawyers out of Washington and unabashedly, unbiasedly, show the door of our great country to every welfare ingrate, no matter what color, just for starters…

    It is an un-deniable fact, however, that the dire state of our union today and the progression to it, rests primarily upon all of us, the American voter.
    We, and we alone are responsible for the men and women in the Congressional offices of the House and Senate.
    We and we alone are responsible for having kept re-electing those representatives who proved not to be holding your’s, nor the country’s, best interest to heart.
    It is we and we alone who hold the power to elect and re-elect the representatives who only have the best interest of their constituents and our country in mind.

    VOTE !!!!

  108. Larry,
    It’s 1:00 p.m. here in Little Egypt. I’ve been watching the news(Fox,of course) concerning Tinkerbell Messiah and Acorn. I can’t wait to hear Dead Babies’ newest disclaimer.
    “Acorn is just a group of people from my neighborhood.”
    “Acorn’s kids went to madra-I mean school-with my kids one year.”
    “Acorn is not the same people I knew for the past 20 years.”
    And my personal favorite:”I hate to call anyone a liar- no, really, stop laughing- but these accusers are lying. About everything.”
    How will we ever know who truly won this election, if it is close at all?
    Yesterday, I saw a report-finally-concerning Tinkerbell’s ties to -I think his name is Khalid, or something like it- who was Arafat’s mouthpiece in Lebanon, after being an advisor to the SOCIALIST SCUMBAG.A fact doubtless to be vehemently denied by this Son of Hell’s campaign.
    And yet he still leads in the polls.
    How much more does it take to wake people up?
    I know the democrats would happily vote for Satan (they practically are now) were he to run on their ticket, but what of the undecideds?
    If the people of this nation will vote this creature in after all ,this country is doomed.
    I agree with Stitch and Tom’s comments. Yhis info is being actively hidden by the despicable MSM, and a lot of people are either too naive, too lazy,or too stupid to inform themselves.
    I talked to a college kid the other day who said he was not going to vote because he felt he was not able to make an “informed decision”. I told him the men and women who fought and died for his right to vote would uderstand. Then I told him he should get off his lazy butt and GET informed,and that his excuse was crap.
    He is not the only person I have talked to who used the same excuse, unfortunately.
    We know from the Bible that something-I believe- must happen to remove us as a defender of Israel, in order for certain things to happen. Might this not be the beginning? I don’t want to be overly dramatic. Any thoughts on this from you, Larry, or anyone else?

  109. Sling,

    Read my above comment. There are two things that we need to do to win this election 1) Vote for John McCain, and 2) Pray without ceasing that Good will overcome Evil. Pray in the spirit to cast out the demons within your territory. This goes for EVERYONE. If ACORN is in your neighbourhood, pray to cast out the demons that are operating. People are evil because they are demon-possessed. Demon possession does not necessarily mean that a person is acting crazy (like a drunkard or a schizophreniac). A person can be demon-possessed and not even know it (most are like that). Go to and check out their website for more info.

  110. Larry and all,

    No need to reply to this if you don’t want to. Just thought I’d return to your site to tell you that yesterday I decided to vote for . . . . .

    This post of yours illustrates exactly what the problem is with so many conservatives these days. It is all complaining, poking fun and nay-saying and slander. There’s little substantive arguing for possitive ideas!

    Exhibit 1: You start this post with “For those who are somewhat undecided about this election, please allow me to clear a few things up for you.” And then proceed only to tear into Senator Obama. You don’t even mention McCain. Not once.

    Never mind that much of what you wrote is factually false — Obama isn’t chummy with domestic terrorists, he doesn’t want to socialize health care (any more than it already is) and we have previously elected a trained lawyer and former Illinois state legislator with less than a full term of experience in the US Senate (his name was Abraham Lincoln).

    The main point is: I want to vote FOR something.

    Our economic mess is the most important topic of our time. Both McCain and Obama voted for the bill that had $700 billion for the people who caused this mess, plus $125 billion in ear marks. I was previously leaning McCain because he promised to veto bills with ear marks. But he voted for this one. He voted for four of the last five horrendous ear mark laden budgets. And now McCain wants to, in essence, socialize home ownership by having the government buy people’s mortgages!!?? That’s the last straw for me.

    Look, I know Bob Barr isn’t going to win this election. But he is — without question — the most fiscally conservative candidate. In voting for him I’me voting for responsible budget priorities.

    If Bob Barr gets enough votes it will send a signal to politicians that there are votes to be had by being fiscally responsible. Then then, maybe, next time the GOP will run a REAL conservative.

  111. WES,

    If you’ve visited Liberal sites you would’ve found they’ve much in common with conservative as far as the points you make… with the exception of there’s no common sense.

    Abraham Lincoln would have gotten my vote but that is hind-sight isn’t it. An 1863 quote, “Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale or undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled or hanged.” May I put Nancy Pelosi’s name in the hat?

    Although the times were tough for our nation then, they at the same time can be considered simpler and easier going than in the world of today.

    Speaking of Abraham Lincoln, did you know he had tried to enact legislature to deport all Negroes back to Africa once the Civil War had ended? The Congress defeated it however due to pressure from the slaves former owners and other business’. That’s for real and in the history books… look it up.

    To me a president is no more than a figure head. Granted he may have certain powers but they are few and even those are monitored. If we are to get a strong America back, as you seem to be interested as much as I in doing, we must start at the ground level and work up.

    Fair and honest men and women elected to government, especially the Congress, is what this country is in need of. It within itself has the power to give or deny permission towards a president’s proposed fiscal plan.

    There simply has to be a “re-newal”, if you will, of what we have today,,, the nitpicking, tag you’re it, refusals to work across the aisle differences between the parties. These people have lost sight of the people and the nation.

    I say again, one man in the White House will not, cannot change all this no matter how responsible his budget priorities or prudent his platforms. They all have to be approved by Congress before enacted.

    This may seem short but my college football’s comin’ on!!!

  112. Windrider,

    What a thoughtful reply! Thank you.

    I didn’t know that about Lincoln. Will try to find out more about that.

    I disagree that the president is no more than a figure head. For better or for worse, we are in Iraq right now almost entirely because of Bush. With a different man in the White House but the exact same congress and citizenry and we might not be there. That’s a big difference.

    That said, I agree 100% about this nitpicking tag, tag-you-are-it politics. (Which is what’s so depressing about these negative ads). I agree 100% that many politicians have lost sight of the people and the nation. To create positive change we must indeed start from the ground level and work up.

  113. Wes,

    “No need to reply to this if you don’t want to”..

    That is your quote.

    Consider that my formal preamble to every article just for you as well..

    Barack says hi..


  114. Wes,

    Bush did not singlehandedly bring to war in Iraq. The President DOES NOT have the authority to declare war, the CONGRESS does. Only CONGRESS can declare war. Please read the Constitution. Bush had to have a willing Congress in order to put our troops in harm’s way. Congress passed a resolution to go to war in Iraq. Granted, the President was the one who suggested it (for lack of a better word), but the President did not declare war. Congress writes, debates, and passes legislation. The President either vetoes the whole thing and makes Congress try again, or he signs it into law. May I suggest reading a fifth grader’s Social Studies textbook to learn about the Constitution and how a bill becomes a law. You seem to know as much about the Constitution as Constitutional Lawyer Extraordinnaire, Barack Hussein Obama, which is nada.

  115. Wes,

    I have taken the liberty of posting the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Amendments to my blog. Please click my name and read it.

  116. WES,

    Thoughtful? Educated… a virtue valued when in contest with one’s foe.
    You would do well, Wes, to gain more knowledge in not only the present but past actions of politicians and their associated party.
    It might also be of an interest to you that many Democratic Congressmen/women voted to go to war in Iraq. Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton are just two of them. Look it up.

    I ask you to always educate yourself on issues or candidates before you vote!!! That is from the ground up!!

  117. The economy is a convenient distraction for our politicians. Mr McCain is wrong to pay too much attention to it. The economy is resilient. The market always bounces back (more quickly if the geniuses inside the beltway don’t try to help it). The biggest threat to the US and our way of life is radical Islam. To be sure, Mr Obama’s revolutionary turn to socialism will be painful but it will be civilized. When those who want to destroy us (ever heard “death to America”) get revved up we should brace ourselves for some intense uncivilized pain (was anybody around Sept. 11, 2001?).

    Mr McCain should have stayed on the national security subject and explained to the American people (as GW Bush has not done) how Iraq is the center piece of our war against the jihadists.

  118. HI AMY,

    I am aware Congress has the power to declare war. (And also aware that they haven’t done so since WWII and look how many “wars” we’ve been in since).

    Windrider argued that the president was almost a figure head and I was disagreeing with that. If Gore had been elected president in 2000, even with the congressional elections turning out exactly as they did, we almost certainly wouldn’t have gone into Iraq. Bush was elected and we did. Regardless of your views on Iraq I think it is clear — it makes a HUGE difference who sits in the oval office.


    While there are always new things to learn I believe I am educated on the issues and candidates.

    Each American family’s share of a national debt is $86,000. $86,000!! Half of that to communist China. I’m voting for the one candidate in this race who opposed adding $700 billion to that debt and who proposes serious spending cuts. Senator Obama has basically refused to curtail any of his spending plans and now Senator McCain wants to spend another $360 million so the government can own people’s houses.

    For myself (and I suspect Larry and most people on this blog) Bob Barr is the best ideological fit. Ask youself: Who would you vote for if yours was the only one that counted? Who would you vote for if you knew for certain Obama would win (which looks increasingly likely).

    If you want vote for McCain because that’s the best way to vote against Obama then, okay, I half understand that. But in voting for McCain you are voting for a lot of the policies people on this blog claim to decry.

  119. WES,

    Now why would you worry so about the debt to Communist China… You will be voting for a man well versed in the works of Saul Alinsky, a 30-40’s Communist rebel, whom in his own words Obama has said, “He is an inspiration.”

    Combine the ever so slowly sliding of the Democratic Party to socialism and you should be comfortable amongst the dregs of what little respect for humanity there is.

    If you’re so damned worried about money, you should find Bill Clinton, who since you’ve now resigned yourself to ignorancy, must be a god, and kick him square between his Monica Lewinsky’s parking spot. Clinton started legislation in the 90’s that instituted federally subsidized Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac in issueing subprime loans. They couldn’t get hurt, do you understand?

    The dem’s promised lower fuel prices IF we elected them two years ago. What are you riding a bike or do you have a math problem.

    Clinton also threatened banks and loan institutions to issue the ridiculously bad for business loans (at their risk) or face federal repercussions.

    Fanny and Freddy deal was signed by Clinton in 1995 and right there in the Oval to hold his little white “I feel your pain” hand was executives of ACORN.

    Not familiar with ACORN… a socialistic, subversive organization with the front of helping the poor. (Black) They declare themselves non-partisan, and a nonprofit organization. However, they just recieved a $5oo million a year grant from the government (that’s your money there, Wes) over the $300 million they were already getting.
    Obama wants to double that should he become president… cutting expenses, my ass!

    And the man who you would elect president has had a long and merry association with ACORN as a “community organizer” and as a lawyer. He associates himself with a know and un-renounced terrorist of the Vietnam War and criminals of Chicago.

    McCain went back to Washington and they managed to trim the pork off the first ‘bailout’ bill. It ended up being a little over 100 pages long and passage was defeated because of Democrats.

    The second bill was over 500 pages, had more pork than a hog farmer would know what to do with. These favored the daffy demo’s ideals of a bailout, in other words, stick it up the ‘ol ass a little more… a phrase Barney Frank is familiar with.

    I think my explaining my reasons for staying behind John McCain would be wasted on you. But to put it as simply as I can; I believe in the morals, the honor, the virtue and the love the man has for this country.

    My voting for Obama would in my opinion, from all knowledge I have gained of him, would be voting for immoral, dishonorable, virtueless man with having only love for himself and his race.

    You can forget about the big debt you owe, Wes. Once Obama and the looney left in Congress turn our nation socialist you can just share in the misery that will be afforded equally to us all.

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