How To Liberally Steal An Election

In a stunningly shocking revelation, the nuts at the ACORN headquarters in Nevada have been apprehended for falsifying countless voter registration “forms with bogus names, fake addresses or famous personalities”. Senator Obama when he was told of this revelation said, “I wonder if the ACORN offices in the other 56 states know about this great idea..” Believe me, if one ACORN falls, all of the rest of the liberal nuts won’t fall that far from the tree..

Even the title of the story is humorous: “Alleging fraud, authorities raid voter group”. That the equivalent of saying, “Alleging stupidity, Olbermann fails IQ test”.. “Fraud” is a Democratic default setting, look at their candidate..

All of this appears to stem from the “allegation” that the ACORN “volunteers” were being paid to submit (sign up) a minimum of twenty voters a day. These “volunteers” being atypical liberals when asked to perform anything remotely resembling “work”, they reflexively shirked the responsibility and they slithered down the path of least resistance. ACORN, it would appear, had a “quota”. Isn’t it clear that no matter where or when you apply “quotas”, they always end up inflicting an “unfair” burden upon everyone, even the life long loiterers of the left?

Liberals never lose their ability to amuse the rest of us. Interim Chief Organizer (why interim?) Bertha Lewis said that, “ACORN pleaded with Clark County election officials to take our concerns about fraudulent applications seriously.” The only thing that “seriously concerns” Bertha and her gang is the undeniable fact that they got caught. Lewis said that the raid was a “stunt that serves no useful purpose other than to discredit our work registering Nevadans”. When you are submitting the names of the Dallas Cowboys so that more Obama votes can be counted, the “stunt” is being perpetrated by the acrid acrobats of the lazy left..

This raid was seeking “information regarding current and past employees and managers.” I certainly “hope” that this investigation will uncover the activities of a “former employee” whom now “hopes” to directly benefit from all of the “training” that he passed on the slugs that he left behind. It would seem that trainer Obama’s ability to fabricate fantastic fictional yarns has rubbed off on all of the bottom feeders at ACORN.

“Other canvassers hired by ACORN were residents at the Casa Grande Transitional Housing Facility, a Nevada Department of Corrections institution the offers convicted felons an opportunity to take part in work-release programs, some of whom have been convicted of identity theft..” It’s good to see that Obama buddy Tony Rezko would get a chance to redeem himself if only he could get out to the ACORN offices in Nevada. If Hillary’s “Count Every Vote Act” from 2005 had managed to pass, not only could the felons work for Obama, they could vote for him as many times as they like as well!

Another “organizer” (code for; otherwise unemployable.) said, “powerful interests were trying to squelch the voices of the poor.” It’s not their voices that need squelching, it’s their unique propensity for voting twenty times in a given election.

Here is where the dirtiest of the dirty liberals begin doing their dirtiest work. They bring out the club of “class warfare” and they simultaneously try to morph the “right to vote” into the “right to vote as many times as you like”, only available within the inner cities and only available to qualified minorities. They call any legislation demanding an ID card or a driver’s license at the polling places as “racist” or “discriminatory”. Those are otherwise known as “completely correct” and “perfectly legal” to those of us who don’t mope around feeling that the election process and its rules and regulations are the sole (soul) provenance of the parasites of the lowest class.

ACORN owes a considerable amount to Obama because in 1995, he worked on a “lawsuit” that alleged that the state of Illinois was “putting up barriers to poor people trying to register.” “Barriers” in this liberal intellectual cesspool, are the same types of “barriers” that the left systematically identified as “racist”, leading to countless “bad loans” that the rest of us will be paying.

Other than submitting millions of phony voter registration cards in order to stuff the ballot boxes in the name of “fairness”, “ACORN’s other major activity is housing aid, for which it is eligible for federal grants from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under newly enacted affordable housing provisions.” The Obama/ACORN collusion is the logical extension of the liberal softening of life’s realities. When welfare became “entitlements”, when housing became a “right” and when the poor became the liberals “engendered species”, we as a nation empowered the Socialists of the Democratic Party and allowed them to dictate the rules of engagement.

In as few words as possible, this is how to liberally steal an election. Answer this question: If the poor didn’t have the right to vote, just exactly how much of the faux compassion of the left would they still have for them?

The answer my friends is none.

The bottom line is that when you positively contribute to society, you are then “entitled” to all of its provisions and privileges. If you are a siphon, a sponge or a parasite, what gives you the right to have an “equal” say as to how the unlawfully sequestered disposable income of hard working Americans should be “redistributed”? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The liberals have for generations cornered the “cemetery vote”, the “I know how my great-great-great grandfather would have voted, so I get to cast a ballot for him”. Their “tombstone tabulations” have been argued from the distorted progressive perspective of “fairness” when “fairness” never has had anything at all to do with at all. It’s the inner city “you owe me” racism, it’s the “fascist fairness” of the liberals and their lemmings.

We need to recognize that anything that directly benefits the Obama candidacy will be identified as “fair” and “inclusive” and anything that is deleterious to his campaign will be construed as “racist” or “discriminatory”.

The “rules” are irrelevant when the “Somewhat Dark Knight” is on the campaign trail for what so many imbeciles feel he and others like him are “rightfully owed.” This is the same Democratic Party that in the year 2000 worked feverishly to eliminate the absentee ballots of the military personnel overseas and they think that it’s okey dokie to allow the inner city idiots to vote without validation, proof or restraint.

If you are wondering just exactly how this will play out for you in the end, just consider for a moment the laundry list of liberal losers that will be demanding their recompense for their “services rendered” for they too will be “rightfully owed”. Then try to tabulate just how much that will cost you. Trust me, the figure that you eventually come up with will be way too low..



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  1. It seems to me the only way to stop them is to derail their candidate with big gun police and court and prison action because of widespread election fraud. I don’t think the dude is really qualified due to citizenship issues. I’d much rather the American people reject him at the polls but if it’s rigged, what next?

  2. Larry… I am biting my tongue at this moment so hard I taste blood. Until I can gain some semblance of control, I will only say thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. I sent an email to JOHN MCCAIN
    today after reading TOM OF TEXAS COMMENTS We must stop this socialist/communist from being elected Hopefully the vote rigging is in the major cities we can not win .That includes the taxachuseets state I live in and will die in.
    If this country is in such a bad shape
    why do we have 12 million illegals I
    caught a note on TV tonight that OBAMA is spending 8 to 1 AD dollars in NO CAROLINA Unfortunately I
    also saw that ACORN is pushing voter registrations in the toss up states

  4. Larry,

    Excellent article and a fun read.

    A bit more about ACORN from the Friday issue of Washington Times:

    The group has had its share of scandals from filing suit in California to exempt itself from the minimum-wage law, arguing that paying its employees more would diminish their activist zeal for the poor, to firing two of its workers who wanted to organize a union within its ranks. ACORN lost both battles, but ultimately partnered with the Service Employees International Union, which donates $2 million to ACORN each year. Mr. Rathke’s brother, Dale, embezzled nearly $1 million from the group, which his brother attempted to hide from the organization’s board.[1]

    It’s good to keep in mind that ACORN is an umbrella group for all the little groups such as Barack’s and Michelle’s “Public Allies” outfit where they both served board and executive positions, respectively.

    Indeed, it is both laughable and tragic.

    [1]Washington Times: EDITORIAL: What is ACORN?

  5. kid…another direct hit article.
    might I add, those same states are also being investigated for ILLEGALLY removing other registered voters from the rosters!!!!!
    Let’s see, add 1 dead guy in for Obama, remove 2 white voters who probably will vote for McCain… yep, that’s STEALING an election.

    visit my website and steal my latest picture of “Obama’s XXXXX House”.

    (I had to X-out the word “White”. I’m sure that will be the first thing to go his administration).


  6. Larry,

    Excellent article and a fun read.

    A bit more about ACORN from the Friday issue of Washington Times:

    The group has had its share of scandals from filing suit in California to exempt itself from the minimum-wage law, arguing that paying its employees more would diminish their activist zeal for the poor, to firing two of its workers who wanted to organize a union within its ranks. ACORN lost both battles, but ultimately partnered with the Service Employees International Union, which donates $2 million to ACORN each year. Mr. Rathke’s brother, Dale, embezzled nearly $1 million from the group, which his brother attempted to hide from the organization’s board.

    It’s good to keep in mind that ACORN is an umbrella group for all the little groups such as Barack’s and Michelle’s “Public Allies” outfit where they both served board and executive positions, respectively.

    Washington Times: EDITORIAL: What is ACORN?

  7. Larry,

    Excellent article and a fun read.

    This excerpt about ACORN from the Friday issue of Washington Times:

    The group has had its share of scandals from filing suit in California to exempt itself from the minimum-wage law, arguing that paying its employees more would diminish their activist zeal for the poor, to firing two of its workers who wanted to organize a union within its ranks. ACORN lost both battles, but ultimately partnered with the Service Employees International Union, which donates $2 million to ACORN each year. Mr. Rathke’s brother, Dale, embezzled nearly $1 million from the group, which his brother attempted to hide from the organization’s board.

    It’s good to keep in mind that ACORN is an umbrella group for all the little groups such as Barack’s and Michelle’s “Public Allies” outfit where they both served board and executive positions, respectively.

    Washington Times: EDITORIAL: What is ACORN?

  8. Ken,

    There are other ways.

    Tell the world. It’s THAT important.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Redbone,

    No blood.

    You are too valuable in the “War Against Helium”.

    Keep your foot up.

    Thanks as always,


  10. JR,

    Obama has cash.

    A lie is still a lie no matter how many commercial minutes are devoted to it.

    Tell the world, my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  11. Stone,

    Sorry but WORDPRESS put your comment into SPAM because of the link.

    I had to go grab it from the Spam file.

    I check it once a day..

    Thanks as always,


  12. Stitch,

    Thanks my friend.

    Check out Stitch’s site, its loaded with goodies.


  13. Hey, Larry,

    Oops! Sorry about the triple post. I was trying to figure out what in heck I was doing wrong. How should attribution for citations be handled?

  14. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Obama slipped up at the debate the other night and told us what he means by “change” with this remark: “The United States is the greatest country in the world, and I intend to change that.”
    If the mentally incompetent and the insane were prohibited from voting, McCain would be polling at 100%

  15. Stone,

    Can’t change it..I’m glad its in place, a lot of actual SPAM tries to get through.

    I check it once a day, its no biggie..

    Thanks as always,


  16. Dave,

    There would be no liberals as well.

    Now I know what to ask Santa for..

    Thanks as always,


  17. This is the year that people really should be voting third party. In the two major parties, we have a choice of either a man who hates America that he would rip it to shreds implementing his Socialist ideas, or a man who claims to uphold and protect the United States Constitution, yet authors McCain/Feingold. Time to vote third party, people.

  18. Bill,

    The unfortunate reality is that the third party candidates have received less exposure this election cycle than any that I can ever remember. Even John Anderson in 1980 got more..

    The “Yellow dog Democrats” and the “Obamazombies” cannot be deterred from seeing what is obviously wrong with the “beatified one”.

    Nader will get no votes from Obama Democrats.

    Bob Barr will get a few disgruntled Republican votes. He is no Ross Perot.

    I can understand your frustrations my friend, but this isn’t the time to be “symbolic” or to “send a message” by voting for Pat Paulsen or Elvis.

    Thats the idea behind the article. To fully comprehend what “Obama’s America” will be like. I will have more on this topic later..

    The left is already displaying their symbolism by placing an insultingly symbolic and hollow candidate on their ticket(Why not Harold Ford from Tennesse? He has tangible experience for example..)that has the blessing of the MSM as well.

    Yesterday, for a moment, I was one of the three people around the world who tuned into MSNBC. There the hot topic of debate was the lack of experience of Sarah Palin. Not Obama’s, Palin’s..

    Obama: 143 days in the U.S. Senate.

    Yesterday a man from Wisconsin PLEADED with McCain to fight for this Presidency. I don’t know if you saw the clip but he encapsulated everything that those upset with McCain are thinking.

    McCain wasn’t my first choice but he is the man left standing.

    Its McCain vs. Obama. I don’t make the rules and I am not prepared to give the rule making power to Barack Hussein Obama.

    If you dislike McCain Feingold, and I do as well, if Obama skulks in , McCain Feingold will be a cake walk compared to what you will have to endure.

    Democratic House, Senate, Presidency and coming soon to a thetre near you, the ultra left Supreme Court..

    Don’t so it.. Every vote makes a difference.

    Thanks as always my friend,


  19. Another ‘on-the-money’ article Larry, thanks for saying it out loud.

    Bill, I’m begging you to re-consider… If a 3rd party candidate is the answer to the problem (and I think it may be the only answer) we need to start much earlier int he process and really get the people behind someone… this last minute stuff will only take votes from where they will do the most good.

  20. Billsey-
    I dont agree with your assessment of Senator Obama. McCain, maybe, but not Obama.
    Don’t waste your vote!
    And a vote for third party (or McCain) is a wasted vote. Either way you run the risk of 4 more years of George Bush.
    Vote for Obama and this country will take a different course.
    President Obama is promising middle class Americans a tax cut. None of the others are even talking about it.

  21. either way we should get prepared for the coming civil war.
    If BHO loses, his “inner-city” supporters are most certainly going to “revolt”. Businesses will be looted, burned, etc. High rise office buildings in downtown areas will be stormed.
    …dogs and cats…living together…..MASS HISTERIA!
    Even if BHO wins, I suspect the “celebration” will “require” at least a few looted/burned buildings.
    Fortunately, these “inner-city” supporters are concentrated in the inner-cities….duh.
    However, just to be safe….lock & load.
    Make sure your ammo is dry and well stocked.
    And, if you dont already own a firearm, you might want to consider getting several (while you can).
    Hide at least one someplace.
    Polish friends of mine told me how they wrapped their guns in waxed cloths and hid them at the bottom of lakes from the Russians/Communists (aka, Democrats).
    Get them while you can folks, the anti-gun, anti-oil, anti-energy, anti-food, anti-thermostat, anti-car, anti-American folks (calling themselves the “yes-we-can” party) are about to take over ALL aspects of government.
    We need to pretend this is 1917 and the Bolsheviks are about to take Washington.

  22. PS – shutup Schuster…. We heard this “tax cut” crap in 1992 from Clinton.
    No one (not a single person) to this day can point out one single, nay not one single, “corporate loophole” that Bill Clinton closed while he had a Democratically controlled congress in 1993-94.
    However, Billy-boy did “promise” us a “middle-class” tax cut in 1992, only to give us the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN US HISTORY in 1993 (with the help of this DEMOCRAT-controlled Congress).
    Remember that crap, SCHUSTER! ??

    In 1992 Bill Clinton ran on the same LIES:
    1) raise taxes on rich people
    2) middle class tax cut
    3) close corp loopholes to pay for all his programs

    The only one that actually happened was raising taxes on rich people, and that was by ACCIDENT. Clinton/DemocraticCongress raised taxes on EVERYONE!

    Now this lying liberal SOB from CHICAGO is saying the SAME DANG THING!

    If we vote this liar into office, this country deserves what it gets.

    As for me, plenty of ammo,
    nice and dry, lock and load.

  23. I’m afraid this is going to get violent as well, win or lose. For more on ACORN and a way to contact them to let them know how you really feel, please visit:

  24. Schuster,

    Re: Tax cuts…

    Taxes on ANY type income — wages, salary, corporate, investment gains, savings interest, whatever — are borne by all of us. Taxes on income production are ALWAYS passed to and paid by all; rich, poor, or in the middle. Applied to “the rich” they cost investment that would advance industry and create jobs. Applied to workers, they remove incentive to earn more. The poor don’t pay them directly. They suffer them by way of higher costs and reduced job opportunity.

    To imagine that anyone, at all, profits from their administration is self-deceiving. Income taxes are merely devices by which class warfare is advanced by nation state ideologues — politicians who gain by granting “tax breaks” as a means to court the group likely to produce the most votes.

    They lower our standard of living and violate the tenets of private property. They are outright theft.

    We should be discussing how to replace income tax rather than advancing the ideology of who is more worthy of less taxation.

  25. I don’t for a minute think Barack H. Obama
    is a Muslim or anything like that
    (I agree there was a lot of questions related to this but …. look at his name and consider all the mis-understandings we have about
    his background with a father who is where and born here or there and the many documents still unreleased, starting with a copy of his vaulted birth certificate etc.)

    Google Obama’s birth certificate

    but what I can’t understand
    is why do so many
    from that group like him?
    (Then consider also, how there’s not been any true journalism in this campaign – here we
    are less than 30 days to vote and we’re only now discussing just his ties in and around Chicago)
    ” …Just how much in donations from foreign countries is pouring into the Obama campaign coffers is a question one FEC auditor would like to have answered. The problem is that evidently, his bosses at the FEC are refusing to move on the charges which would almost certainly require them to ask the Justice Department and the FBI to look into the matter. This would, their reasoning goes, take on the appearance of a “criminal investigation” and would impact the coming election.

    The anonymous investigator (who won’t reveal his name for fear of retribution) says that “I can’t get anyone to move. I believe we are looking at a hijacking of our political system that makes the Clinton and Gore fundraising scandals pale in comparison. And no one here wants to touch it.”
    Then add to that, Acorn – trust in freedom just got railroaded. Also, how the polls have been weighted to the left – google it.

  26. Schuster,

    Quit drinking the Kool-Aid. BHO is a sham, hence my nickname for him, Oshama. McCain WILL NOT be Bush III, contrayry to what BHO & Co. want you to believe. McCain COULD NOT have voted in concert with Bush — Bush is the PRESIDENT and McCain is a SENATOR. Two SEPARATE branches of government. Bone up on the Constitution. Speaking of which, for a Constitutional Law lawyer, BHO has NO CLUE what the Constitution actually says. Someone needs to let him know that there is NO line-item veto in the Constitution. For someone who is supposedly so damn smart, BHO is a moron. Any fifth grader can tell you what is in and not in the Constitution. BHO IS NOT SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER!!!

  27. Thanks, Larry, for another fine one.

    Loved the anology about Olberman.

    I used to think democracy would “really” work in my lifetime, but it seems doubtful.

    In my town, the registration–getter slugs hang outside the grocery stores and convenience stores in the less affluent neighborhoods — much more intrusive and obtuse than the panhandlers.

    With respect to NOBAMA’s litany, I am thinking repetition is the gasping breath of a dying intellect.



    Too early for Palin/Jindal-02012?


    Too early for Palin/Jindal-2012??


    Too early to tout Palin/Jindal-2012??

  31. Say, Billsey,

    McCain is a Fabian socialist, Obama is a Mauist communist. I heard it said somewhere that a socialist is just a communist without a gun, i.e., morally reprobate but relatively harmless physically until … But Obama not only wants America to be totally communist, he wants a domestic aparachink militia anserable to him personally and separate from the military to, no doubt, carry out the internal “change” which is a euphemistic term for revolution, the real overthrow of what’s left of Constitutional America. Frankly, a military dictatorship is coming. For me it is matter of under which of these two do I believe we will fair better: McCain or Obama. I believe we will fair better with McCain and if Providence smiles on us extending His grace more than we certainly deserve, who knows, perhaps He will intervene on our behalf for Palin to take the reigns of power. Palin knows God and He has His protection around her and His hand on her,even if her husband may not know Him and her husband is the handle on her the “unseen hand” evil forces think they have on her through him. There are spiritual forces with regard to Kenya from which Obama hales and from which Kenya the Christian pastor was sent to Palin’s church where he prayed that she be raised up by God to the place she now is in power and influence. I dispise John McCain’s ways, particularly with regards to his standing in the way of conservative judicial appointments the last eight years. Even though he is a war hero he is still a scummy neo-con (which is euphemistic term for fascist Trotyskite) creature but nothing in the way of scum in comparison with Obama. As a nation in apostasy we are grappling with violence and sexual perversions. We are now headed into chaos. Want to see what the Obama forces really have planned for us?

    Here’s another one of Obama’s mentors:

    Frank Marshall Davis was an admitted bisexual and sexual predator.

    William Ayers and Bernadette Dorn are the top surface of a very putrid barrel of mentors and associations for Obama along the way.

    This is no time for a protest vote for a third party candidate which will just be a vote for Obama. The year 2000 was probably the last chance for a third party candidate.

    I urge you to reconsider your position.

    Here is another reference with regard to Obama. This whole episode is a bottomless pit in itself:

    Ps. You have a great website from which I copied this quote and is revelant to today as it was when John Adams, the next to the last political Puritain, said it:

    “D]emocracy will soon degenerate into an anarchy, such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man’s life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and every one of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all the moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all the powers of wealth, beauty, wit and science, to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable cruelty of one or a very few.”
    — John Adams (An Essay on Man’s Lust for Power, 29 August 1763)
    Reference: Original Intent, Barton (338); original The Papers of John Adams, Taylor, ed., vol. 1 (83)

    God bless you, Billsey.

    Larry, thanks for your website.

  32. Larry–

    My friend, you truly are an inspiration. I look forward to your insightful, spot-on articles as they are a testament to the thinking class.

    I think a true sign that you are making a difference is the intermittent comment from someone from “left” field, like our old pal Schuster. If he is such a devoted mindless automaton following the conveyor belt of doom, why would he choose to read something, not only intelligent, but right as well? You are making an impact. As a matter of fact, I didn’t notice one single misspelled word in his entire diatribe. I think he got Hooked on Phonics before he decided to post again.

    I chuckled when he commented that the socially, morally, spiritually, and morally inept should “Vote for Obama and this country will take a different course.” A different course indeed…a crash course in radical ideologies and flawed fiscal finaglings, an obstacle course in consorting with terrorists and dodging missiles, a college course in managing your pennies and 30 Ways to Eat Ramen Noodles, and a four-course meal of ACORN stuffed weasel, Fannie Mae and Freddie MacBurgers, a side of toasted treason tossed in terrorism and topped with Rezco sauce, and a twelve-layer Wright cake that’s light and Ayers-y.

    Schuster…Shyster…whatever–get with the program.

    Larry–I wish we could keep these Obaminations to a minimum but, sadly, they are like those bopper clowns and keep coming back for more punishment.

    Thanks again for shedding light on what’s right.


  33. Amy,

    I thought I was the only one who picked up on BHO’s line item veto crap in the debate. And if I hear one more Obamabot spout off about a “middle class tax cut”, I’m going to throw something. Hey, Schuster, how come BHO could not answer McCain’s question, when he asked, “If you feel so strongly about a middle class tax cut, then why have you not once proposed one in the Senate?”

  34. who was the last “community organizer” to be elected President of his country??

    – – – Adolf Hitler – – –

    When the quiet moment in the voting booth comes to pass the intelligent AMERICANS will vote right and keep this empty suit and all of the left wingnuts out.I spent three hours this morning collecting for our disabled vets and fielded questions from the public scared that OBAMA will win.
    Told then to vote right and it wont happen

    Larry you must put alot of thought into your writings. They have all been great


  36. TC,

    Did you catch Biden’s Constitution gaffe in the VP debate??? He says it is dangerous that Dick Cheney has a role in the Legislative branch. Palin reminded him that that was part of his JOB as written in the Constitution. And Biden fancies himself a lawyer. I don’t know what law specialty Biden practiced, but I DO know that EVERY lawyer has to take a Constitutional Law class. Last time I checked, EVERY SINGLE ONE of our laws is based on the Constitution (at least, that’s how it is SUPPOSED to be). Looks like old Joe was drunk the day they taught the Constitution in law school. BHO was probably drunk and high that day too.

  37. T,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Don’t give up on Billsey, lets convince him.

    Thanks as always,


  38. Flying Rat,

    Good to go.

    In the pipe, five by five..

    Thanks as always,


  39. Fran,

    Democracy can work. We are seeing what haapens when Socialism supplants Democracy.

    If Barack/Biden stela the election, prepare for morning calesthentics and recitations from the Little Red Book..

    Thanks as always,


  40. RD,

    Yes it is.

    One victory at a time.


  41. Heather,

    That was outstanding..

    Bopper clowns: a DOUBLE analogy..wish That I would have come up with that one.

    The Obama diet menu was s classic as well.

    Thanks for the great post.


  42. Stitch,

    Does anything else need to be said??

    Community organizer??


    Thanks as always,


  43. JR,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Probably put more heart than thought into the words.


  44. Yes. Hitler started out as an organizer in his little community, aka “community organizer”.
    Through his colorful mastery of the German language, and capitalizing on a poor economy, and easy pickens as scapegoats (jews), Hitler became ever more popular.
    Sound like anyone we know??…..

  45. Everyone,

    Please before you leave, check out “Patriotic” on the “Thought Of The Day” page.

    Tell me what you think there..

    Thanks as always,


  46. Ever since JFK’s election in 1960, the Democrats have elevated voter fraud to an art form. At every major election, in every large city with a lot of “poor Blacks”, the Dems rent every available bus and fill them up with the “poor”, give them a bottle of booze and a sack lunch, then spend election day going all around town voting over and over again. All of the dead get to vote and they always vote straight Democratic. There is no such thing as an honest election in the big cities. The Dems try to steal every election. They need to be stopped! No one should be allowed to vote without showing valid photo ID and a birth certificate or passport.

  47. Photo Joe,


    After the 2000 election here in town, a number of the “discriminatted” stormed the election HQ downtown demanding to vote. The fiasco made national news.

    The next election, the Governor sent the Lieutenent Governor here to supervise the election process.

    I was the Lieutenent Governors body guard..

    He and I drove all over this “fair” city with a list of all of the “questionable” addresses from the last fiasco.

    Twelve addresses were good. Twelve out of thousands.. It gets even better: of the twelve, only ONE was the correct address of the voter on the registration card…

    He is now the Governor of the state. The problem hasn’t appeared since.

    Lets see if 2008 holds true to form..

    Thanks as always,


  48. Obama bragged about his experience when he was debating Hillary.

    He said his experience was as a community organizer.
    He thought that was more experiece than Hillary had.
    Now its starting to come out that he worked for Acorn as a community organizer for 3 years.

    And Acorn`s criminal tactics are coming to the surface.

    Then add that, BO gave Acorn $800,000

    Bo got $126,000.00 from Fanny May`s Raine

    Raine got $90,000,000 golden swindle from Fanny

    Te domocrats had $500,000.00 for Acorn in the bailout

    until McCain took it out of the bailout.

    Like I said”if wasn’t for bad experience BO would have no experience at all.”

  49. 3 Head,

    Its the liberal circle of death..

    Tell the world.

    Send ’em here.

    Thanks as always,


  50. Ken: thanks for them sites. I am glad you put larry sinclair’s up there. That guy has been trying to get the MSM attention for almost a year
    he has a video of Chris matthews that is funny.

    Larry has a press card to get into some of the press meetings. Well Chris Matthews know’s Larry, well enough they escort him away from the camera’s so the public doesn’t hear or see him. You would have thought he seen a ghost . blog site

  51. I hate to sound like the proverbial broken record, but yet another most excellent piece of writing.

    The mood here in NE OH is fury, most specifically over the ACORN fraudulent voter registration/early voting. Gee, the State has 25 days to figure it out and get it right … or they may face God knows what, given the prevailing mood of the average Jane and Joe here in our pleasant [no sarc intended, for real], very real mixed neighborhood.

    WooooHoooo! It’s getting vewy, vewy interesting hereabouts, Larry.

  52. Another one that’s right on, Larry, keep punchin’.

    When that ACORN fell, it cracked spilling what semblance of intelligence it may have had amongst the slime that spilled out. Had ACORN kept in mind the guidance of the first two minority socialist/liberals, Cloward and Pliven, they may have stood a chance at coming out looking somewhat like the ring master, not the clown.

    Albeit Cloward and Piven were anti-capitalist in wanting to bankrupt the welfare system. They succeeded in breaking New York City’s welfare in 1975 by rounding up everyone that was even remotely eligble for welfare benefits. All the while, under official government welfare ruling, they did it legally. The two head HumanSERVE today, a flagship of ACORN.

    As is the liberals habit, whining, sniveling, “shirking or slithering” are more their forte’ than work. Perhaps in the case of ACORN we could go back to the dark days of slavery purely for work conditioning purposes. The work thats required of the primarily black minority to build strong, in-depth, self-reliant, responsible communities without the political slants of incessant and costly “organizers.”

    Oddly(?) enough, I just had a call from Barrack Obama’s campaign office in Omaha. The woman asked me if I knew who I was going to vote for in the election. I said, ‘yes.’ She asked if I was un-decided as to I was going to vote for. I said, ‘no.’ She asked if I had any doubts as to who I am going to vote for, I responded, ‘no.’

    She thanked me and was going to end the conversation… I just had to do it… I asked her if she was paid employee for Obama’s campaign or a Democratic volunteer. She was a volunteer. I then asked her the very same three questions.
    When she said “no” to not having any doubts, I asked, why not? Are you going to vote for a man that, meaning no disrespect to you, promises glory, hopes and changes, expand the federal government into your private life, raise taxes on common people like me and yourself, making harder to live, to achieve the meaning of the American dream.

    She hung up without answering me! I think I deserved a least a ‘yes or a no.’ Pissed me off.

    Obamama had added another campaign since Sarah Palin was here last Weds., man, she was great!! I’d love to see a debate between this woman and “Liberally-eared Obama.” He no doubt would for the first time know what it would feel like to have his preened and pampered little ass, Pitt Bulled. She is good and she is getting stronger!


    Had to laugh my rear off at your copy of the Washington Times about ACORN trying to exempt itself from minimum wage laws. Uh gee… maybe the courts oughta let the minority group pay their employees nothing for their efforrs. Inter-racial slavery, don’t even think about it. Black pride, while the “evil whitey” is supporting your house, food, utilities and clothing.


    You read as a “Dr. Gene” trying on a disguise himself. Dr. Gene, another ‘useful idiot’ that would fit well into the ranks of ‘I believe in what ever comes out of those gleamy white teeth and that empty suit’ of Barrack Hussein’s.

    You’re early in calling Hussein ‘president’ and his promises of tax cuts to the middle class are just that, “promises.” Did you in your Democratic daze even consider that? There may be a distinct reason why other candidates haven’t mentioned cuts and that is they may not be possible. Has that simple fact processed through the left leaning, lethargical lymphnodes that Liberals call a brain?

    And, no, you aren’t going to blame the national economic mess all on Bush. Your like minded leftys were right there… and starting before.

    You were right about one thing, Schuster, a vote for Hussein would take this nation on a different course. However, I get up off the toilet and I don’t care much for what I see. I vote to flush for it’s “different course” and I sure as hell ain’t about to follow it.

    That course is where Obama will take your’s and my nation, Schuster.


    On this Sunday evening at 9:oo P.M. on Fox News, not sure if the regional time is C.D.T. so check listing, Sean Hannity will air new and little known facts about Obama’s early ties to his radical professors, friends and spiritual advisors, etc.

    Hannity has promised he has uncovered new things that the looney left media would never let reasonable Americans see!

  54. Fed Up,

    The squeeky wheel gets the grease.

    Squeek away..

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Good luck in Ohio,


  55. Windrider,

    Thanks for the tip on Sunday.

    Thanks as always,


  56. Great article Larry.
    Has anyone received information on the court case….Berg vs. Barack Hussien Obama?
    My source is in the legal community and apparently this man Berg filed suit against Obama to produce his birth certificate and other official documents proving citizenship.
    I was also forwarded a very indepth background article on this case….haven’t been able to get confirmation it’s legit.
    I would be happy to share if anyone is interested.

  57. Windrider,
    Is that a repeat of what what on Fox last weekend? If it is…it was great. I thought they should show it everyday from now til November 4th.

  58. I really enjoy most of the articulation on this site.

    The problem is and the problem is NOW, no one running for office that has any semblance of conservatism, is able to stand up to these DemoNeurotic assholes an the electorate.

    It is so easy to prove that the THE TWO C’s, Carter and Clinton are the absolute plop in the ocean that has created this monumental wave of financial distress.

    These Democrats, they try to buy votes. Give people something they did not earn, to get a vote.

    It doesn’t work. It never has.

    So where the HELL is the backbone of the conservative end if the spectrum??


    JOHN Mc Cain, as a former officer in the USN, as I was at a later date, but still important date, listen up Lieutenant.


    Why the hell can’t you show all of problems including Bin Laden go back to that self- serving asshole, Clinton?? The evidence is preponderant.

  59. “Good luck in Ohio”

    We need all that we can get and THEN some, Larry.

    FYI, Pennsylvania just weighed in with massive voter fraud, too:

    ====Begin Quote====
    [Retired Pennsylvania Supreme Court] Justice Sandra Newman, accompanied by Dauphin County District Attorney Edward Marsico and Pennsylvania Republican State Chairman Robert Gleason, expressed her concerns at a Harrisburg press conference this morning. A thick document replete with photo copies of phony registrations and aerial shots of vacant lots used as “addresses” for “voters” was handed out to journalists. …

    …”Between March 23rd and October 1st, various groups, including ACORN, submitted over 252,595 registrations to the Philadelphia County Election Board” with 57, 435 rejected for faulty information. “Most of these registrations were submitted by ACORN, and rejected due to fake social security numbers, incorrect dates of birth, clearly fraudulent signatures, addresses that do not exist, and duplicate registrations. In one case, a man was registered to vote more than 15 times since the Primary election.
    ====Close Quote====

    We live about 15 miles across the border from northwestern PA and the mood is equally testy and downright angry on both sides of the border.

    I think the $700 BILLION Dollar boondoogle,, ignited a firestorm whirlwind, into which the massive multi-state ACORN-engendered voter fraud has been swirled.

    People appear to be mad as h*ll and awakening from their collective malaise and slumber.

    Leave us hope it ignites real grassroots change, both on election day AND beyond.

    Call me sappy and a wishful thinker, but when I see our fine military men and women sacrificing for us and this nation, I know somewhere deep down, this is still OUR America … and I still believe there are more patriots than leftie village idiots.

    We’ll keep volunteering as much as we can to help over the next 25 days leading up to what may very well end up being the most important election of our lifetime.

    I lost 4 of my former colleagues on that awful day in September. For the longest time, I’d close my eyes and see the tail of that plane hanging out of the tower in the nansecond before it exploded.

    I remember that tattered flag blowing gently in the breeze that day … the one those three NYC firemen found somewhere in the carnage … and proudly hoisted.

    All that notwithstanding … God bless America, land that I love!

  60. Larry,
    My Web homepage right now is had a link concerning ACORN,and I had to check it out. We all know how the MSM is,but I am truly at a loss for words. The article mentions “alleged” violations, then begins quoting the ACORN scumbags defending themselves with, as you mentioned, claims they had tried to report violations to authorities. The headline states Democrat slime as claiming the Republicans are using “intimidation tactics” by actually forcing voters to show picture ID. The nerve of those Republicans! Then they quote some dude from some Social Security something -or -other saying his critics were trying to make this a partisan issue when it is “clearly not”.All of this with barely a mention of what these prime examples of (barely) human filth have done.
    I cannot convey the level of contempt I feel for the media, just when I thought it could not be greater.They are even worse than the feeble-brained idiots of ACORN. They were stupid enough to get caught. Now the worthless bastards of the MSM refuse to truly report on one of the gravest threats to our democracy.
    McCain needs to forget about Ayers-it will get him nowhere. He needs to have ads tying The Piece Of Trash to ACORN, and a picture of him standing before an ACORN sign at his rallies. If McCain does not at least try to ruin him with this, he deserves to lose. Judging by the past performance of McCain and his campaign, I don’t hold out much hope.

  61. Rayne,
    I saw something on this on either Our Country Deserves Better or Expose Obama, but they didn’t have much. Any info you wish to share will be mightily appreciated.

  62. I appreciate all of the responses. It really does not matter who the Democrat candidate is. The planks and platform of the Democratic Party are the planks and platform of Satan himself. Therefore voting for ANY Democrat candidate simply is not an option. As an American and—more importantly—as a Christian, I am not called to ELECT anyone at all. Instead I am called to VOTE. Therefore not voting is not an option any more than would be voting for a Democrat candidate. I MUST vote. As a Christian American I am called to obey the law of the land so long as obeying the law of the land does not cause me to violate the Law of God. I cannot obey that calling by voting for someone in whom I see a moral disconnect. Therefore voting for McCain is not an option. Most people refuse to vote third party because they think they are called to ELECT someone. They are not. Neither am I. I will vote (because I must), but this year it is going to be third party. Never forget that in 1860 the Republican Party was a third party (and less than 10 years old, if I am not mistaken).

  63. Dear Family,

    I need help convincing my mom and step-dad that BHO is BAD NEWS for America. My mother is a pretty logical person, so reason will work better than scare tactics, name calling, and moral platitudes. My mother proclaims to be a Christian, but using the Bible or Christianity as an argument is not effective. Appealing to the pocketbook would work really well. I have an idea of what to say, but I would like more ideas. I will also direct her here. I doubt she will comment, but hopefully the Family’s well-constructed arguments will sway her. Please also pray that she and my step-dad will see the light and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.



  64. R.A.R.,

    Don’t know a word about the Berg situation.

    Would like to know more..

    Thanks as always,


  65. TBone,

    We have reached the age of “political niceties”.

    Dennis Miller said that “My esteemed colleague simply means ‘this asshole next to me.’

    We have to read between the lines because the “undecided” are WAY TOO IMPORTANT this time around.

    It’s hard to swallow such pussy footing but I am of the opinion that they just don’t want anyone who sitting on the fence to think negatively.

    It’s the wrong way to do things. In the time since the last debate, the liberals have already come up with what they feel are good enough arguments for the the Ayers/ACORN points that should have been driven home last week..

    I too will be holding my nose but I will know what to do to keep the liberals from a clean sweep of the executive and judicial branches..

    Thanks for your comments and lets fight this ground war one vote at a time.

    Tell the world.


  66. Fed Up,

    That was beautiful.

    I am right by your side.

    I think that is a great point. The Bailout/ACORN factor, its just too much, excellent point.

    Tell the world.

    Thanks as always,

  67. Sling,

    It may be too late NOW for the Ayers point.

    I don’t think so..maybe not a deluge of commentary, just enough to remind everyone about terrorism and what could happen if Obama “sits down to talk” to “I need a new job” of Iran.

    The toothless troll might end up on some commission with the Obama administration..

    Don’t give up.

    Tell the world.

    Thanks as always,


  68. Please read my latest blog entry. It uses most of the points that I will use in the letter to my mom. I do not consider my mom an Obamazombie or a Moonbat. I am actually quite surprised and disappointed that she plans on voting for Oshama.

  69. Midwest Mike in Ohio


    Phenomenal article! I wish I could say we will use this as springboard here to victory but the DEMS or im my case where I live the “dummies (democrats hooked on failure) simply don’t care. The “default” if you will is for that kind of stuff and behavior. The way the ads here sound both by Democratic party with or without Obama endorsement are desperate in reaching out to the inexperienced and mindless. The elite left and white male will not get him in the game. I hope these lazy dirtbags will feel so confident they will not go and vote, and / or some of the “Bradley effect” will prevail. Good news for our side is McCain yard sign in rural Ohio outnumbers Bozo/Bimbo signs 8:1 It is the large city vote that I worry about.

    Nonetheless, your writing style is capturing and I must say I amthankful for the ability to hear your thoughts.

    ps. I know pulling out of Michigan upset alot of people as I live close to the border. However, Michigan is dead and a rotting carcass, that state is in need of a complete overhaul or it will just stay DOA for quite some time.

  70. RAYNE,

    A good friend and liberal loather who at times overloads me with anti-lefty e-mail sent what looked like a transcript of the Berg vs. Barrack Hussein Obama case. Go to;

    This is the second time I’ve run across this and you’d think that if it had validity someone of Federal authority would be getting on it. However I’ve heard nothing out of the Obama camp dispproving it either.

    As far as the Sunday night presentation by Sean Hannity on Fox News, I don’t know about it being a re-run. Obviously I missed the show that you saw, but heck, it won’t hurt anyone to watch it again with new veiwers, right? Maybe some more obscure facts have been un-covered “The Eared One.” Have a good one.

    AMY D.,

    Your Mom being a reaonable, logical person, ask her to gather up her calculator and go to Wikipedia’s homepage. Type in Barrack Obama and in “advance search”, type in certificate. His platform plans are laid out on all levels should he become the president.

    Ask her to keep in mind the current cost of daily living, the national economic crisis we’re facing, future prices of energy since Democrats have taken control of the Congress alone and the national deficit.

    As a reasonable, logical question and as I handed her a pack of fresh batteries for the calculator I would ask your Mom, ‘if she preferred the wisdom of an experienced painter or the enticement of a neon sign.’

    If all of that doesn’t make her grab on to her purse strings more tightly long enough to get to donate it to a church and pray, I don’t know what will, kiddo… God bless

  71. Amy D,

    Here’s a simple one for your Mom. In order to raise taxes on every American who pays taxes, the first move Barack Obama will make as President – O, the mere thought of “President” and “Obama” used together brings on a fresh bout of the vapors again – will be to ALLOW THE BUSH TAX CUTS TO EXPIRE.

    That will instantly raise the taxes on the 100% of ALL working Americans who pay taxes and don’t get those payroll taxes back in full when they file those dastardly IRS forms on/before April 15th.

    So there’s the fallacy of his first tax lie: 95% of Americans – with emphasis on the Middle Class, but of course – will get a TAX CUT. NOPE, NO WE WON’T!!

    That’s the big lie – “95% of Americans” or “those making less than $250,000” [more class warfare] getting tax cuts under Obama’s “plan” is BULL. Did I mention that letting those Bush tax cuts EXPIRE raises taxes on 100% of taxpaying Americans?

    So, that’s tax INCREASE #1 via an Obama Presidency … and that’s just the beginning of Obama’s bizarre plethora of tax ‘n spend weirdness to force the Middle Class down into a lemming underclass utterly dependent upon Big Government for everything.

    At the mere fleeting thought of it – an Obama Presidency – here come the vapors again…

  72. News this morning: At a town-hall event Friday in Minnesota, McCain took the microphone from a woman who had called Obama an Arab. McCain said, “No, ma’am,” and he called Obama “a decent, family man.”

    McCain drew boos at the same event when he told a supporter who expressed fear at the prospect of Obama’s election that the Democrat is a “person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.”

    Is this guy his own enemy, or what? Still, while you’re right in your assessment of your obligation – Billsey, and cannot in good conscience vote for the front runner, can you not see God’s hand in getting Palin on this ticket?
    Ask Him. If you really want to know He will tell you.

  73. Larry,

    I read somewhere , ‘The depression, had it not been for F.D.R.’s fiscal policies, would never have been the “Great Depression.”

    Tell me if I was thinking backward on this, but shortly after all the bailout mess was going down I thought that a version of Roosevelt’s New Deal could be put into effect.

    In paticularly aimed at and mean’t for putting the liberal low lifes (LLL) to work who had defaulted on loans. They could then pay off their own bills rather than having the taxpayer do it for them.

    Realizing the phrase “pay-off” in liberal lingo has nothing to do with monthly expenses however, there may still be a problem with the banks and other lending institutions.

    The (LLL) could then be put to work on roads, homes (the very kind they’ve defaulted), border fencing and much much more. All in all a betterment of the national infrastracture. Affirmative Action will get a boost and who knows, the LLL may find that work really won’t kill them.

    I figure their wages can be paid for by lowering CEO’s salaries of the banks and lending inst’s. They’re ain’t nobody worth that much money!

  74. Wind and Fed Up,

    Thanks for your input. If you want to read a slightly different version of the letter I am going to send my Mom, please click my name and visit my blog. I do not consider my mom or my step-dad Obamazombies, but I liked the title. I will now add your section (I combined both comments) into the blog version of the letter.



  75. Larry,
    Good point. I would not forget Ayers completely, but add him to the parade.
    As far as my giving up, have no fear. I’m the hard-headedest person you never met.
    This stuff just makes me sharpen that ol’ blade a bit more.

  76. blue state blues- RWG

    Amy D.
    What has worked on my “dyed in the wool FDR Democrat” family members is a good dose of tangible reality- Obama could never get a security clearance from any US intelligence agency. He could never be an employee at the White House. He could never be anywhere near a nuclear weapon or a nuclear submarine. He could never pass a basic background check by the FBI. Why? Because his relationships with Ayers and Resko would immediately surface and could never explain away those relationships in a manner that would satisfy our security requirements. Yet, he is on the verge of being handed the keys to White House by uninformed voters and, more importantly, Acorn registered illegals.

    By the way when our we going to get outraged enough by Acorn and the Democrats over the fact that every time they illegally register a voter the CANCEL on our votes. You vote becomes worthless! And when is somebody going ask Acorn how many Republicans they registered when they start yammering about how they are providing a service to people who would otherwise not have a chance to vote.

  77. I just recieved an 11 1/2 inch by 2 foot fold-out poster from the “Earily” Barack’s camp here in Omaha. I mentioned before that he’d opened a second camp in Omaha since Sarah Palin made a campaign stop here last Weds.

    The poster’s main message; “Remove race from this election AND IT’S NO CONTEST.”

    Among other bits of revelations as, I’m (“You’re) facing the most important election in your lifetime, and there’s more at stake in this race than RACE.”

    If we continue to let ourselves be distracted by race from the real issues, we can forget about a better future for America.

    Methinks this man has a problematic phobia about his heritage as I’ve heard no references to it from McCain or Palin or their campaign headquarters.

    I also think that, as I am not dead yet, “the most important election” Obama refers to is in his lifetime, not mine. There he has once again displayed his petty presumptiousness for the people’s will, like an apprentice carnival barker with a cheap side show.

  78. blue state blues- RWG

    Nicely stated. There is a lot of “carnival barking” coming from that campaign. It’s so appropriate…..”ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, it’s time for a change”. Just don’t look behind the curtain where the smoke and mirrors are hidden along with my real sponsors.

  79. Hey everyone…if you want to know more about Philip Berg vs. Barack Hussien Obama you should Google…Jon Christian Dryer…author of the article that was sent to me. Interestingly enough he has recanted a portion of the article I was sent having to do with the Judges ruling to produce documents verifying his natural citizenship. There are a number of motions and court documents to review…but some pretty interesting reading.
    It turns out Philip Berg is a democrat…who voted for Hillary in the primaries in Pennsylvania….who woulda thunk it.
    It does pose some interesting thoughts. If he really is a natural born citizen…why all the stone-walling…just produce the documents. If he isn’t…who let this fall through the cracks.
    Anyway go do your own investigating…and lets discuss it.
    You can also Google…Philip Berg vs. BHO. There must be something to this….the case is on going.

  80. Billsey,

    Without getting too personal, could you explain the “moral disconnect”?

    Why MUST you vote? There is no law that says you MUST. It’s nice that you will exercize your constitutional right, but you would not be placed in the stockade for not doing so..Unless Obama finds out who you voted for, then that stockade might be heading your way..

    In the 1860’s no one spent $100,000,000.00 while running for the presidency.

    The parameters have changed. We don’t cure disease with leeches any longer as well, we just allow the liberals to enable them..

    Thanks as always,


  81. Midwest Mike,

    Thanks for your kind words right up front..

    Next: Yard signs mean squat. Its called the silent majority..

    Take any given block in your town. Count the Obama signs, lets say, eight. Count the McCain signs, lets say one.

    More importantly: Count the houses with nothing…twenty five? Twenty?

    Any number of those “no sign” houses will make their decisions at the poll.

    One more discussion might convince a few…

    Don’t give up..

    Thanks as always,


  82. The Oshama campaign and the DNC are desperate to maintain the ruse. If this lawsuit prevails, BHO’s house of cards will fall, and all of his hopes and dreams will be dashed. He will have to return to “community organising” in Chicago because he will be ineligible to maintain his Senate seat, as well as the Presidency. Let us hope and pray that Mr. Berg’s lawsui will prevail and that BHO will disappear into political oblivion — this time FOR GOOD.

  83. Sister Amy,

    “Dear Mom,

    Bill Clinton campaigned on a platform of “hope and change”.

    He had a Republican House and Senate which extinguished his liberal propensities.

    He still caused untold damage and embarassment.

    He allowed Bin Laden to live and to complete his plans.

    He embarassed the nation with his Lewinsky liasons and lies.

    Obama will have a Democratic House and Senate. He will appoint untold judges who will distort the constitution. He will swing the Supreme Court to the left for decades.

    If he wins, we won’t be able to stop him and his friends for TWO YEARS.

    What will be left to salvage when those two years pass?

    It will be your fault.


    Cousin Larry”

    Hope that helps….

  84. Windrider,

    Thats the ticket.

    Roosevelts New Deal did lenghten the depression.

    It was loaded with friendly acronyms, not unlike your LLL’s.

    The difference is that back then, those out of work WANTED to work in the WPA, etc.

    Now work is classified as “unfair” for our mendicants. If they can’t be the CEO, they get more maoney in handouts than they do in an hourly wage were they working…

    Don’t forget, thats why we have 15 million illegals here, because they will “do the work that no one else will do”…

    Its a great idea that in a different time would have been law..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  85. Windrider,

    Imagine, my predictions from months ago are coming true..

    You could knock me over with a feather..

    Tell the world.

    Thanks as always,


  86. Billsey,

    You’ve got high sounding theology on the matter but if it ain’t practical neither is it spiritual. True faith requires boots on the ground. When a “re-education” party comes to your house and takes your kids to the re-education camp and separates you and your wife as dangerous “subversives” because you are Christians and marches you through the street in a fool’s hat forcing you to renounce you God at the top of your voice at the threat of your wife’s, your children’s and your own life- well, that’s where the rubber hits the road, Pal. McCain/Feingold is nothing compared to what we are in for with Obama. And yes, you are voting to elect a person.

    If you think you can live with him, go ahead and vote your “conscience” in a third party candidate. This may be your one last opportunity to actually make a difference in the outcome.


    And this:

  87. Amy,

    Will do. Kindred spirits – blogger profile Deb_B, FYI, will fill in any blanks.


  88. Windrider,
    If the Sean Hannity show is a repeat…it is well worth the time. I have received 3 separate emails to tune in so it is obvious there is a push to get the word out.
    It may very well be new material uncovered this week which may prove to expose the facts…something the MSM hasn’t been willing to do.
    It’s interesting…the word “mainstream” has taken on a whole new meaning of late. ….there is nothing mainstream about either the media or Obama.
    Let us pray the message for those still sitting on the fence gets through…the deck is stacked, but I trust in their ability to connect the dots.

  89. BILLSEY,

    As a Christian American you feel that all Democratic Party’s platforms are the same of those as Satan himself.

    You see voting as a law that you MUST adhere to and you do so willingly because it does not violate the Laws of God. As Larry pointed out, voting is a right, not a law… it is a freedom. Our Fore Fathers guaranteed this RIGHT, this FREEDOM, to all Americans. It is your option to use that freedom and in how you best use it with yourself’s and country’s best interests in mind.

    I’ve been around for awhile and I’ve never met nor do I know of any mortal saints. I believe we all are not without sin. Your distinction of the Republican candidate having “moral disconnect”, without any explaination from you of the inequity leveled, is puzzleing for me.

    Now let me see if I can unravel your arbitorial explanation for voting for a Third Party.

    Because you, as a Christian American who upholds God’s Laws will not vote for the evil Democratic’s “Satan progams and planks.”

    You will not vote Republican because the candidate is not close to God’s Laws as you think he should be. You, a mortal sitting in your personal judgement of God’s Laws upon another human being.

    You would cast a vote to a Third Party candidate (whom if front runner you may be questioning his morals) and in effect, be subtracting a vote to prevent a preponderence of and the growing of “Evil” as you recogonize it.

    By your reasoning, BILLSEY, it is YOU who will be going against God’s Law by promoting Evil.

    I’d do some serious thinking about your reasoning and where to place your vote.

    I can agree that Third Parties should or will have their place. But they will not have a difinitive voice in this election. The American people have to get more fed up than what they already are (if you can believe that) before Third Parties will gain political strength.

  90. Alabama Redneck


    Obama is allways touting his tax cuts for 95% of the american people. He says that he will cut taxes for the middle class i.e, not raise taxes. He is probably right in that respect. Consider that has stated that he will NOT extend the Bush tax cuts. If they are allowed to expire he will not have done anything to raise taxes but every american will get a hugh tax increase as a result. He knows this and hopes the american people don’t realize he will get his tax increase by doing nothing. Tell your parents this and see if it helps any.

    Always good to see your posts here and I thank Larry for giving us a forum.

  91. Larry, why can’t we just require that any voter registration and early ballot that has been submitted through ACORN has to be thrown out! Every last one of them! Problem solved!
    I was raised that when you cheat you lose… period!

  92. Ken,
    I am single.

    The very structure of the Constitution absolutely depends upon the assumption that those eligible WILL vote. Therefore, those who are eligible, but refuse to vote are violating the Constitution, and the Constitution is the highest LAW in the land. So, if you refuse to vote, yes, you ARE violating a law. Whether people will lock you up for it or not is irrelevant.

    McCain/Fiengold was an outright attack on the First Amendment rights of Citizens of these United States. It is therefore a violation—authored by McCain—of the very Constitution that McCain swore an oath to uphold, and not to violate.

    Keeping in mind that I have never, ever claimed to be a paragon of anything (and never will), I am still a Christian, and I am not called to support evil, no matter the apparent options. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, and I will not consciously do so.

    The only way that third parties will gain political strength is for voters to get over their popularity-contest-cowardice and VOTE FOR THEM!

  93. If you think Ohio will be bogged down with voter fraud, give a glance to States like Texas, Arizona, California, and millions of illegals registered to vote. David Simcox, former ex. director of the Centers for Immigration Studies released a study last week stating “an estimated 1.8 million to 2.7 million non-citizen illegal immigrants in the United States may be illegally registered to vote ”

    In Texas, a recent study shows the possibility of up to 400,000 ineglibile votes on the rolls. Teh Texas Auditors Office has already identified 49,049 ineligible voters on the rolls. Texas Watchdogs, a nonpartisan group, has found 4,000 registered voters on the rolls in Houston who are adea, and Simcox estimated a staggering 161,000 to 333,000 illegals may be registered in Texas alone.

    We’re in big trouble.

  94. If you think Ohio will be bogged down with voter fraud, give a glance to States like Texas, Arizona, California, and millions of illegals registered to vote. David Simcox, former ex. director of the Centers for Immigration Studies released a study last week stating “an estimated 1.8 million to 2.7 million non-citizen illegal immigrants in the United States may be illegally registered to vote ”

    In Texas, a recent study shows the possibility of up to 400,000 ineglibile votes on the rolls. Teh Texas Auditors Office has already identified 49,049 ineligible voters on the rolls. Texas Watchdogs, a nonpartisan group, has found 4,000 registered voters on the rolls in Houston who are dead, and Simcox estimated a staggering 161,000 to 333,000 illegals may be registered in Texas alone.

    We’re in big trouble.

  95. “Senator Obama when he was told of this revelation said, “I wonder if the ACORN offices in the other 56 states know about this great idea..” ” HUH ? Where and when did he say this. I don’t think anyone would want to vote a man into the presidency who didn’t even know how many states there are in the country he would be president of.

  96. Connie,

    This was a “take-off” on another statement where the Senator made the “57 states” quote.

    On May 9th, 2008, while visiting Beaverton Oregon, the Senator said that he had “visited 57 states during the campaign”..

    It still shocks me, as it does you, that a learned man could let that kind of a gaff slip..

    I just wanted to incorporate it once again, so I “tweaked” it and used it in relation to the shady ACORN ties that he has.

    Hope that helps explain the correlation.

    Thanks for your comment,


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