Getting Out The Vote

Since the liberal left likes to lay claim to the concept of “guilty until proven innocent” (“racist!!”) and as they enjoy shifting the burden of proof to the accused as opposed to the accuser let me, in following their lead, say the following. I believe that the Democrats and ACORN are in collusion in order to get the most unqualified but pigmentally perfect candidate illegally into office. It would also appear that they have stooped even lower still, lower than they normally do, in order to achieve this “historic” goal. The burden of proof is theirs, because I say it is so.

Former ACORN employee Barack Hussein Obama (BHO/JFK or Barack O’Carter are acceptable monikers.) has the employees of his former employer in a apoplectic lather and their “enthusiasm” for Obama has led them to “overlook” a few nagging details when registering potential voters. The number of times that you have registered to vote is irrelevant. Whether or not you are alive is of no consequence either. All that matters is that the progressives know how you would have voted and how many times you would have voted, they will take care of the rest.

As of this writing, seventy-two registrations for one voter would appear to be the record. That honor belongs to Freddie Johnson of Cleveland Ohio. “Enthusiastic” Obama/ACORN “volunteers” just couldn’t be deterred by Freddie who try as he might, just couldn’t get the nuts from ACORN to leave him alone. Freddie was “paid” as well for his registrations, the Obama/ACORN folks tossed him a dollar a registration and when they were a little strapped for cash, a cigarette. By Freddie’s own tabulations, he has netted “10 to 20 cigarettes and anywhere from 10 to 15 dollars”. The way the liberals think, that’s enough for a down payment on a million dollar home as long as you are correctly colored.

I would have thought that paying people to vote for the “Mendacious Messiah” would have scored Freddie substantially more in the way of disposable income. I am surprised that the environmentally aware liberals actually gave away something as carcinogenic as cigarettes, something so hazardous for your health, to those they repeatedly register. “Vote or Die” has now become “Vote and Die” when the left is paying you off. No matter, dead or alive, the left will still vote for you as many times as they like..

The ACORN/Obama folks make very good Democrats in that the committing of felonies is hard wired into their political DNA. In the state of Ohio, bribing citizens with gifts is a fourth degree felony and paying “compensation on a fee-per-registration” when signing up voters is a fifth degree felony. I certainly hope that the state of Ohio has several more degrees of felonies available because the ACORN/Obama folks, good Democrats that they are, have just begun to get creative.

Here are but just a few of the “creative/enthusiastic” ACORN “greatest hits” of late:

Bridgeport Connecticut, a seven-year-old girl was registered by ACORN.

In April of 2008, eight ACORN “workers” in St. Louis pleaded guilty to federal election fraud for submitting fake registration cards for the 2006 election. ACORN has registered 53,500 “people” in Missouri this year, whether they are above room temperature is optional.

Kansas City Missouri, as of this writing, over 100 duplicate addresses and nearly 300 addresses that do not exist all thanks to ACORN.

Nevada, where imaginative ACORN “volunteers” signed up the Dallas Cowboys football team to vote. The only glitch within that swell plan is that none of the members of the team reside in the state of Nevada..

Their obvious “enthusiasm” for the King of “Bolshevik Baloney” is understandable, isn’t it?

Harris County, Texas has at least 4,000 registered voters who are all dead, 4,462 as of the last count. The state auditor’s office in Texas said that there are approximately 24,000 deceased on the rolls and over 23,000 who are possible felons. I’ll help the auditor by advising him or her that there are more than 23,000 Democrats in Texas, so that felon count has to be considerably higher..

In Cleveland Ohio, Christopher Barkley claimed that he was “hounded” by the ACORN “volunteers” and he himself estimates that he has “registered” at least “10 to 15 times”. Barkley says that the “volunteers” told him that they were “paid to collect names.” So much for being “volunteers”. Lateala Goins of Cleveland said that she “never put down an address on any of the forms, just her name.” Goins said, “They will follow you to the buses, they will follow you home, it does not matter..” A good rule of thumb would appear to be that any time you have contact with a liberal, go downtown and get a restraining order and if they get any closer, just to be safe, a trip the health clinic would be a good idea..

Jess Ordower, Midwest “director” of ACORN said that ACORN is “being targeted because some politicians don’t want that many low income people to have a voice..” If I may:

The only people that could allegedly hear the “voice” of the people the Obama/ACORN folks are “registering” would be John Edward or Jeane Dixon. When an “organization” is caught as deeply involved in criminal activity as ACORN repeatedly has, it is only logical that they become the “target” of further investigations.

ACORN/Obama spokesweasel Kris Harris said the group does not tolerate its workers paying people to sign the registration cards. “The group” doesn’t tolerate it, it ACTIVELY ENCOURAGES it.

In case you are curious, the reason for the “Obama/ACORN” umbilicus in this article is because the Obama campaign paid a “group” known as “Citizen Service, Inc.” $832,598.00 for “various political services”. Citizen Service, Inc. and ACORN share the same board of directors. Do the math, there will be a quiz on this later..

Chris Edwards, field director of the Nevada ACORN/Obama Potemkin village said, “We are proud of what we did here. We’ve got nothing to hide..” If I may finish that statement for Chris, “..because we think we have destroyed anything incriminatory..”

The Tuesday morning raid at the Nevada Obama/ACORN office coincided with their “Pol Pot luck” lunch to “celebrate the culmination of their voter registration drive”, which resulted in 90,000 new imaginary registrants/Obama voters since February.

According to ACORN itself, they have “registered” 1,300,000 “people” who are ready for the November election. Most of these “people” would appear to be as lifeless as the liberals are themselves. If I may borrow from the idiotic euphemism just once more, the liberal Democrats and the Obama/ACORN nuts have taken the ridiculous “Vote or Die” gibberish and twisted it into “Die and Vote…and Vote and Vote”..


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  1. It’s breathtaking.

    How can we really defeat the torrential, non-stop gushing of blatant lies when there are so many who willingly believe them? So many don’t want to know the truth because it doesn’t fit their “worldview”, or worse, they think the truth is irrelevant unless it directly promotes their agenda?

    I have friends at work on the left – Obama lovers – and it feels so pointless to get into it with them – a waste of my time.

    I’m so grateful for the tremendous power of the internet that has finally given those of us on the right an “audible” voice. We really, really need more forceful and unapologetic communicators like yourself and Ann Coulter to stand solidly against the tsunami of lies the left sends through the MSM mega-pipes.

    Has anyone read The Marketing of Evil? It’s unbelievable and sickening to see what we are really up against.

    Thank you for not allowing frustration to silence you. God bless you.

  2. Devri,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Why do they believe so easily?

    BECAUSE it’s too easy for them to do so. They just believe what they see and hear because it’s the path of least resistance.

    In their minds, if their union or their MSM personality says it’s so, case closed.

    “..the tsunami of lies” That was a good one.

    Thanks as always,


  3. I feel his pain. Most of my co-workers are die-hard Obamazombies, the union is in the tank for him, and even my sister (whom calls herself a liberal and almost a card-carrying memeber of the ACLU) and my brother-in-law are so far gone they’ve trained their children to call George Bush ‘the Devil’. Its hard to keep the conservative faith when everywhere you look the Big Lie is being told over and over.

    As I see it Liberal Socialism (and there’s no other way to label it) is the biggest threat to this nation, even moreso than Islamofascism, as they use their political activities to tear this country apart. Everything they touch they corrupt, and every bit of our culture is there for them to destroy. A part of me thinks that the best thing to do is let em win, and let these lack-witted liberal sheep find out the hard way how it feels to be under the jackboot, but I fear this country wouldn’t survive the lesson.

  4. Larry…as always you nailed it.
    Anyone wishing to vote to demand a full investigation of ACORN before the election takes place, please go to and vote….this may be one of our last opportunities to get this information out. Then forward it to your entire e-mail list.
    I also like “the tsunami of lies”….and I wish it weren’t so.

  5. John McCain has one last chance to prove “Country first” and I pray it is God’s will to save this great land from the clutches of “socialism”

  6. You will get to the petition faster by going to….please vote.

  7. I can’t believe the number of friends here in Key West who are supporting obama and his ilk. These are usually logical folks, retired and very well off. Interesting tho, I have offered $100 bet to them he will lose. Not any takers! I was even turned down by the president of the Dem party in our county. Fortunatly ACORN is not in our city taking names off the tomb stones in our historic cemetery.

  8. This is something to see and pass around it prove his is behind this acorn mess

  9. 3 Headed Rick

    It seems to me that the more dead people Acorn can register to vote

    the higher the collective intelligence of the total democratic voting population is raised.

    Don’t forget that Acorn registering dead people to vote is economical.
    You don’t have to pay them to vote, quite unlike , winos,derelicts
    the unemployed,the mentally insane and your typical democratic neighbor next door.

  10. The pressure is building due to the intense MSM pushing the democratic
    horse blip
    Even my wife said to me this morning she was afraid OBAMA was going to win.
    Caused a little heat from me but I told her the MSM is to blame. Getting to close to our 50th to irratate relations

    I went to the web site and signed the petition to investigate ACORN
    tHAT IS THE LEAST PRESIDENT BUSH can do to help this campaign

    Bill O’Rielly agreed with a caller this afternoon that MCCain should call on RUDY GULIANI AS HIS ATTORNET GENERAL AND HAVE HIM CAMPAIGN FOR HIM TELLING
    Pardon my ylling print but I am mad as hell

  11. The way I see it, the investigation details won’t be released until ofter the election is tarred and feathered by these groups. Just read nancy p was going to call a special congress after 0bama wins to hurry some business that should have been taken care of last year. She’s a real sweetheart, that one. acorn probably needs more money from the taxpayers.

  12. Fabulous article again, Larry. Calling a Spade a Spade may sound racist; but, I maintain it is just plain honesty.

    Just in case you, or some of your readers, may have missed it: Hannity Live at 8:00 Eastern/9:00 Central tonight is supposed to be loaded with “new” revelations about the Liberal Hero/!

    Keep the faith people. God never gives us a load we can’t carry.


  13. Jim a SoCal Conservative

    I agree with JR of Medway. McCain should announce his key cabinet now…with Guliani for Att General and Romney for Treasury.

    Let the people know his STANCE now… let voters get accustomed to his strong stand on issues by naming names!! We need a LEADER and he’ll be looked upto with a strong stance on this issue with the economy.

    Acorn is all over the news now….good news in that respect. Can’t believe the MSM is actually putting this news out there…hurts their candidate.

    I recommend the website RAYNE suggested…. … and send your petition.
    I believe this election will be closer than many think…forget the polls … they’re controlled by the Liberals.

    God Bless America….WE NEED IT !!

  14. By the way, for the uninitiated, Hannity is on Fox News Channel.


  15. Right on and right beside ya, Larry!

    I’ve been carrying on about ACORN and Obamaears bed sharing in a number of past comments.

    You’re right in let’s take it to them in an investigative action, to hell with their being the “poor minority” of slavery past. Let them disprove our allegations as it so sickenly has been the case in reverse when they even whisper the word “racist.”

    I’m surprised ACORN is handing out such meager rewards to those they register (and cherish so) since the organization recieved a $500 million a year pay raise last summer from (you and me) the government. Obama, not unsurprisingly, wants to raise that some more should he become president. But then again the higher ups in the ACORN tree are probably buying more gold chains, teeth, full length furs and Cadillacs to have concern for the poor people… they have qualifications of politicians.

    ACORN, dubiously refers to it’s efforts as “empowering the poor for registering to vote”, which is all well and good I guess if the people are so poor they can’t afford a pen or a means to get to the regsistrars. However, it seems a little odd that the ‘volunteers’ stand outside welfare offices or DMV’s to collect the unempowered poor’s signatures. None of which are un-empowered… every American has the right to vote. What is un-empowered? I think the words we’re lookin for here are “irresponsible”, “un-instilled”, “lethargic”, “un-inspired.” What’s next, taking the ballot box to their couch?

    And of empowering Americans, it would be most interesting to see the legal transcripts of ACORN’ in their ability to register illegal aliens as American voters.

    It seems as though Juan name is as good as another for ACORN as long as it can unscrupulously push it’s black brother, and make no mistake, favorite son, into the White House and a dunk shot in the alreadily decided daffy demo’s Congress. Will the hoop bend or the glass break, ending the game of America?

    That’s the question conservatives ought to be asking and at the same time be hollering about. It is about time we raised the height of the hoops, sharpened the axes, started taking down some trees and roasting acorns.

  16. did you mention that for every illegal entry ACORN/BHO supporters added to the voters list, two WHITE voters were removed from the registry???

    And, these white voters wont even know they were removed until they show up to vote.

    “Liberally Stealing an Election”.


  17. This whole mess is out of control,over the weekend Georgia congressman John Lewis had to inject race into the issue by his remarks of Senator McCain/Palin ,it is so shameful and appalling that a man that walked side by side with a great man as Dr. King that said a man should not be judged by the color of his skin,but by the content of his caracter.I suppose a black man running for President will make a racist out of most anyone for power of such high offfice.
    McCain/Palin 2008.

  18. G.,

    Two years.

    If the unthinkable happens, two years.

    Can we make it?

    Tell the world.

    Thanks as always,


  19. R.A.R.,


    Thanks for the tip.

    Tell the world.

    Send ’em here.

    Holds barred..

    Thanks as always,


  20. Dick,

    Wow, Key West.

    Been there once while on a cruise.

    Wanted to grab a moped and check the island out but the ship was there for about fifteen minutes.

    I know the area is predominantly liberal, you are a trooper.

    Glad you made it through another hurricane season..

    Hang tough and thanks as always,


  21. Dee,

    All of the links are getting alot of traffic, thanks for the info.

    This is too important..

    Tell the world.

    Thanks as always,


  22. 3 head,

    Very nice, but they would just spread around the riches to whomever shows up at the government office.

    Or they might skim just a little for themselves before they hand it off to the bums..

    Thanks as always,


  23. JR,

    The 26th is just around the corner..

    I will be hoisting one in your honor from the balcony of our suite..

    Redbone is celebrating his 20th anniversary on the 22nd as well.

    Another toast, my friend.

    Dear family, during this trying time, we can let down for a second and toast our two friends who are celebrating such special events.

    JR and his Mrs. will be celebrating their 50th on the 26th of October, Redbone and his Mrs. will be celebrating their 20th on the 22nd..

    Back to your comment, JR..

    Your wife is right to be “afraid”. She chose the right word.

    She is afraid for us, those who are against us will rejoice.

    Tell the world.

    Send ’em here and I will tell ’em the truth, warts and all. You think that you are mad..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  24. Richard,

    Yep, Ol’ Botox will be looking to fire up the gravy train ASAP.

    Do we need any more reasons as to why we have to fight as though our lives literally depend upon it??

    I’m in.

    Tell the world.

    Send ’em here…

    Thanks as always,


  25. Papasnake,

    Thanks for the tip.

    I remember that Mother Theresa supposedly said to that analogy, “but why does He trust me so much?”

    We can do this.

    Tell the world.

    Send ’em here.

    Thanks as always,


  26. SoCal Jim,

    Lets keep the train a rollin’ my friend.

    Don’t give up.

    Send the unbelievers here.

    We will set them straight.

    Thanks as always,


  27. Windrider,

    Chopping wood is great exercize and it will be more than just a little cathartic as well..

    This is a do or die debate coming up.

    Time to step up. The stakes are too high for another scratch fight.

    Right beside you my friend,

    Thanks as always,


  28. Great article.
    Love the wit.

  29. Stitch,

    I am stunned..

    I would love to run into one of those ACORN dolts with their greasy clipboards..

    I am going to actively try to find one and tell them I want to sign up so that I can vote for McCain..

    Does anyone know where these worms hang out??

    Thanks as always,


  30. Georgia Dawg,

    The thirst for power has warped the warped left even more.

    They are flailing wildly because the crazier things that they say, the more media attention they get.

    The True Believers just need to hear it..

    Thanks as always,


  31. BB,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Love when we see first time commenters.

    Keep coming back, I’ll be here..

    Thanks as always,


  32. If BHO can’t take any heat from critics during an election campaign, how is he going to handle getting called filthy names from the likes of Ahmedinejad??? What is he going to do, cry and say, “Mommy, that’s not fair!!!” or is he going to tell the Iranian Midget a racist??? NEWS FLASH to Bambi: If you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen!!!

  33. OOPS!!! meant to type “or is he going to CALL the Iranian Midget a racist???”

  34. Larry,

    ACORN low-lifes hang out in the seediest parts of town, the places where people REALLY don’t take their Second Amendment rights for granted!!! Lock and Load before you venture to where ACORN hangs out!!!

  35. This is one of those times when I am really glad that I am in EU-Land. I would probably be in jail for assault if ACORN harassed me and there was no police station near by. I have no problem turning them assholes in to the cops. Hell, I’ll call the cops if I see an Emergency Flare discharged.

  36. Larry,

    I have to admit that it would be a ‘Kodak moment’… or not, to see you in pants half way down your unempowered poor ass, high price tennies on, walkin’ the walk, with your “dogs” ‘n glasses on, walking towards the DMV to the registrastion of your new car, or outside welfare offices that are going to make the payments on it. You’d find registors there.

    The only problem is your white, Larry! The one and only un-empowered poor people in this country are black and ACORN fails to mention that in their main message. The unfair, leftist media will not point it out, no surprise there, so is it up to individual states to keep watch on these ballot stuffing bastards?

    The Governor of Ohio, a Democrat and having been ordered to verify backgrounds and addresses decided she will not share the results with the election board. What kind of Bullshit is that? The only answer is that the G0vernor and Nancy Pelosi are of inbred relations.

    The site RAYNE gave is a good one. Interesting videos and text.


    I agree… What God brings us to, He will bring us through.

  37. Sister Amy,

    I am all about “lock and load”.

    The bizarre areas of town don’t scare me i the least.

    I spend eight hours a day there..

    Haven’t seen any of the ACORN knobs when I’m there. THEY must be the ones who are afraid..

    Thanks as always,


  38. Windrider,

    I’m not kidding, if I could find one of those smelly SOB’s I will wire myself and try to get them to step into it.

    I’ll send that off to Fox so fast it will make their heads spin..

    If I can find one or two, I will do it..

    Thanks as always,


  39. Tom from Texas

    Great anaylsis as usual. But to my utter dismay, after witnessing McCain,s Town Hall Meeting on Fox this week where he was booed by the audience for actually defending Oslimea, as a “Good family man and citizen”. And his statement that we as voters shouln’t be “scared” of him (Oslimea) should he be elected, I now find that I can no longer support such lunacy. I can only wonder how many supporters McCain lost because of this.

    Perhaps you may have read an open letter I wrote to McCain last week imploring him to finally stand up and prove his stated convictions, but alas it was once again much ado about nothing.

    I no longer believe McCain wants to be elected. ACORN and the MSM aside, its the Socialist/Democratic sheep who are being led the the slaughter, and we Conservatives are being summarily dragged right along with them. I will vote, which will be wasted, but it will be by write in for the Candidate I have supported form the beginning, the identiy of which will remain with me. Wasted as it will be, at least when I come home for the polls, I can at least know I was true to MY beliefs.

    McCain simply needs to silently slink back to the Senate, where he can be respectfull, and be with all of his FRIENDS. He needs to move his chair over to the left side of the isle so it will be easier for him to reach out his poor broken arms in his attempts to WORK with them. I would never have believed that I could feel the way I now do, but my heart has been broken by what I am witnessing. Should we prepare ourselves to begin referring to each other not as Mr. or Mrs/Ms but as Comrades? Will our jobs be transformed into Communits Goolagogs? Will our Great young men and weomen who have volunteered to defend ths great Country, have fought and died be in vain. The Socilasit/Democrats know only two things, DEFEAT AND COPITULATION!

    God bless the wonderful people who come here and express their beliefs, hopes, and concerns, and you for giving us a forum to do so. And if I hear the word MAVERICK one more time, I honestly think I’ll puke!

    And God bless Sarah Palin, the first real breath of fresh air in Politics in my memory. She has at least shown to have more BALLS than the NICE, POLITICALLY CORRECT running mate.

    Exercise your right to agree or dissagree with my views, this may be your last time to exercise that right until November 4th.

    I’m through now, probably much to the relief of many of you, but sincerly, thank you for the privelage of expressing my deep concerns about where our beloved Country seems to be headed. I will continue to read and hope, but wll refrain from further comment.

    God help and protect us,

  40. Texas Tom,

    “The best defense is a good offense”..

    The Obamazombies have been working the “They will try to make you afraid of me..” which is nothing more than a slightly subtle “you are a racist” angle from the get go.

    This was something that I knew was coming down the pike back when Hillary was the front runner.

    The Domo’s just decided that for this election cycle that they would rather be misogynists than racists.

    Right off the bat they both started the “don’t pick on me because..” defense/offense. One of them had to lose..

    Now McCain, a REPUBLICAN, must go into “hands off” mode..because its all about the undecided.

    McCain’s people believe that the undecideds would be turned away by what has been successfully mischaracterized as “personal attacks”.

    I disagree, its not defimation of chracter, its a DEFINITION of character, or a lack thereof.

    “That one” will NEVER be a paltable option..

    Sorry to quote myself again but “Anger breeds liberal votes and conservative apathy.” The liberals will go vote, conservatives will watch television or vote for Pat Paulsen. Game, set and match..that was easy.

    “I feel your pain..” I personally was hoping that Newt would throw in.

    Just consider the option..

    Thanks as always,


  41. Tom,

    As high-minded as it may be to vote third-party, it is better to vote for McCain. ANY third-party vote IS A VOTE FOR HUSSEIN. Remember 1992??? Ross Perot tipped the scales in favour of Bill Clinton by syphoning votes away from George H. W. Bush. I really wanted to write in Fred Thompson, but I realise that that is useless. Unless EVERY Republican, Independent, and Undecided voted for Chuck Baldwin or Fred Thompson instead of voting for John McCain, no third party candidate has a chance. We would all have to rise up in solidarity behind ONE candidate in order to defeat Hussein. Unfortunately, that candidate is John McCain because he has the greatest chance of actually beating Hussein. I have a feeling that A LOT, if not MOST of the people polled by Hussein’s campaign or the MSM will actually vote for McCain, but they say that they will vote for Hussein to avoid harassment and being called a racist.

  42. I work with a high percentage of liberals. Smart people by and large, but a bit shy on common sense. They sport the tried and true liberal argument procedure, namely, when your argument cannot stand on it’s own merit, turn to name calling. It’s amazing to see well educated, allegedly intelligent people, react this way. Not sure why I’m surprised I guess, but I am. Last week the criticism was Sarah Palin’s voice and way of talking. I made the mistake of asking about the content versus the delivery style and was bombarded by eye rolling and predictably snide comments. Furthers my belief that liberals, by and large, don’t want political “dialog” unless it agrees with their view. They seem to have a remarkable ability to live up – or down – to their own stereotypes.



    They the OBAMA LIBERALS have sucessfully convinced you TO WASTE YOUR VOTE AND ADD ONE MORE TO THERE SIDE.

    THINK of SARAH PALIN if no one else and cast youir vote for her . I too was very dismade at MCCAIN comment and question if he was tyired and wanted to lose.

    Hopefully we can get control of at least the SENATE and with good men
    as advisors [ GUIANI,ROMNEY,GINRICH ] we can have a say on our future

    The Supreme Court appointments
    possible in the next turn will affect our lives for 20 years. Don’T give the dems that chance to screw up you and your family future.

    I followed your lead and sent an email to the MCCAIN camp after reading your letter DO NOT GIVE UP
    Vote 3rd party and make yourself feel better but remember the troops you mentioned do not let them down


  44. Tom from Texas

    Please note the I did not utter the most despicable term “my friends”, as I truly feel you are in this case, you have possibly opened my eyes to the error I was about to make.

    I do remember 1992 Amy D, and you are entirely correct. And Jr of Medway, I truly admire your spirit and continued optimisim. I once wore proudly the moniker of “Dumb Redneck” from Texas, even though I’ve never worn a “Cowboy Hat”, Oversized Belt Buckle, owned any cattle, or drove a pick-up. I do however proudly drive a “Mustang” GT convertable, and a new one at that!!

    I was fortunate to be sired by, and raised by two of the most wonderful people God ever breathed life’s breath into, my beloved Mother and Father. They taught me compassion for my fellow man, and that strength of one’s convictions and character were our greatest virtues. My Father would probably raise up from his grave and kick my ass if he only could for forgetting those principals. Thank you for re-opening my clouded eyes, I’m now back on track and will continue to fight the good fight. Real HOPE does not lead to HOPELESSNESS! And if I be viewed as racisit, make damn sure you preface the comment by calling me a “DAMN PROUD ONE”!!

    And Larry, you most of all, promise in the future, if by my emotional at times, slide from the grace of such fine people as yourself and these, wiser than I, just slap me in the face and back to reality.

    Thank you all, with all my proud REDNECK heart for helping me see the terrible error my own stupidity was about to allow me to commit. Together we can privail, singularly we don’t stand a chance. Here’s to all of we “RACISITS”!! and may God guide us to defeat the vile slime who are trying to destroy HIS NAME and all HE has so sweetly blessed this great Country and HIS people with!

  45. Larry – Sorry to change the subject, but what do you think about the polls? Could they be manipulated by the left? I thought this for quite a while, but now I am almost certain. The polls are saying that Obama is ahead by about 4 points in my state (Ohio). But our newspaper (The Columbus Dispatch) is saying that McCain is ahead in Ohio by 2 points. Everywhere I look in my town there are McCain signs in people’s yard. Obama had a rally in downtown Columbus on Friday and as I look over at it from my work, there wasnt as many people as I would have expected. As I think why would anyone want to manipulate the polls to show they are leading when they really are not, I came to the conclusion that it shows people who are undecided that the majority of the people want Obama to win and instead of doing their homework, they go along with them. Am I putting too much thought into this?

  46. The polls are rigged by the questions they ask to get the answer they want so they can then present this as news to advance their own chosen candidate. Before the “economic meltdown” if a true poll had been taken, McCain was leading by probably 20 points. That was the desperation of “powers that be” to impose the economic disaster as well as transforming our own national economic control from our power to the power of the globalists. (where do you want your mark, in your right hand or on your forehead?) For the globalists, Obama is their man because he will destabliize the USA which destablization serves their goals. For most pollsters, particularly Zogby, Obama is their man.

  47. I have a LONG way to go to catch up to JR but sure hope I get there… thank you Larry, very much!

    Petition signed and mailed to many! Keep fighting the good fight people. I honestly don’t know if we can pull it off but I know for a fact that we sure must try.

    May God bless us all.

  48. Tom,

    Thank you. I am glad that I was able to knock some sense into your head!!! It is easy to lose heart when we see John McCain putting a muzzle on when he should be ripping BHO to shreds. Keep praying without ceasing that McCain will win the White House.

  49. Via Ace of Spades: “US ATTORNEY IN OHIO TO FILE RICO ACTION AGAINST ACORN TOMORROW MORNING” …maybe something will be done about this fraud… Visit

  50. Obama is RIGHT !?!?!

    Visit my blog, take the graphic, and pass it around..

  51. PS
    Bonus points for the person who can tell me who the character on the right is…


  52. grrrrrr
    I think my first post went to the “spam bucket” cause I had an embedded link.

    anyways, go to my blog, get the picture, and pass it around….. OBAMA IS RIGHT ?!?!
    ….then tell us who the guy is on the right.


    The New York Times’ stock is at an all-time low.
    The New York Times’ readership is at an all-time low.
    Rumor is that the New York Times does not bring in enough cash to make payroll.
    And yet, the New York Times is still in business.
    Who is funding the New York Times?
    Has the New York Times become a front for the Democractic National Committee?

  53. Larry;
    Thanks for your best wishes
    on our 50th I will toast you at our party on the 26th

    Thanks for your compliment
    Glad you have rejoined the fight

    You are so right about the polls
    hope people realize they are being duped

    Market going crazy today so all that got in last week are reaping the benefits

    I also will toast REDBONE for his 20th anniversary

  54. Blue State Blues- RWG

    ACORN is simply a vivid portrait that captures the quintessential character of the Liberal Left. They have a self-given right to lie, deceive, cheat and steal. There is nothing off limits to the left as long as it serves there purpose. However the Left is dual purposed. The herded part of the Left is mad dog rabid over such issues as Global Warming, the war in Iraq, animal rights, and removing God from our culture. But the herding element of the Left are Socialists/Communists who view such things as energy independence and lower taxes as great threat to their ultimate purpose. That being a complete Nanny State where they are in charge of our lives and where they can dismantle the sovereignty of the United States in favor of a World Order and a World Government. And make NO mistake, Obama is their hand picked candidate, funded by not only the Socialist Left but also by Islamofacists who are using the Socialists to bring down the great Satan…..the United States of America.

  55. You are soooo right, Blue State Blues!


    The Dow has closed up 936.42 points to 9387.61. This is a record breaking close. If the Dow can maintain this upward momentum, I bet that the market will recover its 2400 point loss by Friday. Let us pray that this will happen.

  57. Blue State Blues- RWG

    The news on Dow sounds great but I fear what this is going to cost us at the end of the day. Every time the government interferes with the markets we get unnatural things happening. That’s how we got here in the first place. The FED handing out money to the banks like it was candy and Congress telling the banks that they had to lend to people that didn’t qualify. FED takes our tax dollars and lends to banks so that they can exceed the loan-to-deposit restrictions that would have normally limited banks and prevented them from getting into the mess that we are in today. Your tax dollars went to fund it in the first place and now your tax dollars are going to bail them out. Nice!!!!!!!!!

  58. Patrick,

    Good luck being surrounded by the enemy.

    Return to base here in order to resupply pertinent conservative ammunition.

    Thanks as always,


  59. The recovery in the market today and hopefully it continues for this week so the public can focus on the debate and MCCAIN opens up the lack of experience and the wild associations of Mr OBAMA then people will be able to pay attention to the difference
    between the two candidates

    It is amazing that OBAMA could not get clearance to become an FBI agent
    never mind putting him in the WHITE HOUSE

    Saw a news clip tonight that 80% OF THE CEO’S BACK MCCAIN I think it was in Fortune mag

  60. Texas Tom,

    Being part of the family, we knew that your words were all part of being a “compassionate conservative”.

    No apologies necessary..

    Thanks as always,


  61. Beth,

    Polls: remind of the comment made about statistics;

    “Statistics lie and liars use statistics”..

    Polls generally do the following: They use an incredibly small amount of people. For example: “Obama leads by 15%”.. they use 100 “eligible voters” and suddenly we have a landslide..

    You never hear the questions that the pollsters ask.. How msileading was their question? The result: “90% of Republicans balk at McCain stance”…

    Forget the polls. The only “Polls” of consequence are the wonderful folks over there fighting off the Russians..

    Thanks as always,



    Not to belabor the point but while your inspecting the fences don’t ride so close to the wire where you’ll get your leggin”s caught up in the barbed wire and pulled from the horse.

    Larry’s analysis of “don’t pick of me” (because I’m black) has firmly and successfully been implemented not only amongst their race in general, but all white bleeding heart,delirious Demo’s of today’s society. Despite every effort and billions in money of the government (you and me) having been spent to help the black race become self-accountable We the “evil whiteys”, otherwise known as “They”, some of whom are still walking on eggshells carrying a load of guilt falsely projected by a thankless, greedy race.

    “They” who would “pick” on them, as in expecting them to support themselves, be self-responibe and have some semblance of moral values held acceptable by American society, are tagged as ‘racist’, ‘egotist’, ‘having bias’ or being ‘bigoted.’

    Again, Larry amptly surmised the issue by terming it a “hands off mode” for John McCain in that Obama’s campaign managers implemented the “Po’ Me” strategy early in his campaign. Remember, “They’re going to try to make you afraid of me.?

    While McCain’s extreme diplomacy may be maddening to those of us who have our sights scoped in, he would’ve had no other choice had Hillary Clinton won the nomination. While being careful not to have himself branded a “sexist” with Hillary instead of a “racist” with Obama, McCain is on the short end of the stick with a left media ready to pounce on any raw meat.

    As has been said, McCain’s civility is an effort in the ‘undecideds’ war. Those undecideds, who in my estimation are like school children, afraid in being called a name. I don’t believe they possess good political knowledge nor do they care to. However, politics as it is must be played and the undecideds must be coaxed.

    The issue first is not the candidate’s diplomacy nor their skin color. Foremost in one’s should be is their policies and the differnces between them. Which of those policies will benefit or will cause strife for our America and ultimately, for yourself.

    I’m glad you’ve re-kinled your fire, Tom. Now build a bonfire so others may see the light!

    The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the benefits. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery –
    Winston Churchhill

  63. Windrider,

    That was beautiful:

    “build a bonfire so others may see the light.”


    Thanks as always my friend,


  64. Tom from Texas

    I have been properly chastized, and my leggins’ are safely girderd against any intanglement in the fence. Your reference to the bondfire is almost Reganesq and not lost on this proud RedNeck.


  65. Stitch,
    Is that Mohammed Atta on the right? What do I know, they all look alike to me, I’m just a dumb whitey.

    OK FOLKS……….., McCain is behind. Crunch time & Question time for me.

    1) Can anyone tell me Why McCain prefaces every line by “My Friends” – it bugs the hell outta me and everyone I engage in conversation with about McCain and his speechs? Vary it with My fellow Americans, or something.

    2) Can anyone tell me Why doesn’t the campaign turn Palin loose and let her make her own speeches, go to different places? They make her and McCain appear to be joined at the hip!! How many times do Bi-dumb and Hussein appear together? Is it because Bambi is ashamed of Bidumb? Or is it because the Main Scram Mud doesn’t cover Bidum and his speeches, therefore Hussein doesn’t have to spend all his time explaing bidum’s mistakes?

    3) Can anyone tell me Why not go back to last week and speak forcefully,(hell, loudly), about Hussein & Ayars, Hussein & Wright, Hussein and Rezco, Hussein and his other supposedly religious buddies, Hussein and Acorn. Talk about the Economy – but not how to fix it, you’ve screwed that up enough – talk about how it was caused by Barney fife and Chris Dudd, and their cronies – expecially Rangled? Take off the damn gloves. Talk about the regulation that was voted down by the Dumocrats. Get Mad, Hire the guy that guy that got mad last week at the rally and make him a part of the stump speech-pay his expenses—-that’s the best thing that’s happended since Palin. Forget about the Main Screamin’ Mudia and their whining about the Republicans going negative BS. They’re just PO’d because they have nothing on McCain, and McCain,s got a full arsenal to use. USE IT!!!

    These are not rhetorical questions, I would like to know the reasons.

    4) Talk tax cuts-at least talk about leaving the ones already in place, in place! Talk about Hussein’s supposed tax cut and all this other garbage he proposes every other day. So far, I think there’s about 1000 more zeros, since last count, Larry.

    5) Bill Cristol had the beginnings of a great idea, don’t fire the campaign staff- it’s too late for that – just hire somebody on the sly that’ll tell ya how to win and change course. McCain, you can’t win by being Mr. NIce Guy. But you can win by being Mr. Mad and Truthful Guy. Get the Silent Majority behingd you — it ain’t orginal, but it works.

    6) Cut the crap about working across the aisle, that’s getting you nowhere! When have the Dumocrats done that, or even talked about that? Only when they were afraid o pass the bailout bill by themselves. See where it got us? Now they’re talking about another 100 zeros to bail us out of the bailout!!!!



    Sorry for the language and the screaming, Larry. I’ve had enough lying for one election cycle, and when I started , I couldn’t stop… .

  66. orvill,

    Scream at will..or at Bob or at Tom or at anyone who will listen..

    Thanks as always,


  67. Attacks and attack ads are the only way voters have in most cases of actually being alerted to examine for themselves the past and the record of an opponent. Saul Alinsky would write the books Rules for Radicals and Community Organizers Revolutionary training manual which Obama studied and is now applying to his campaign, including attacking those who attack you with the truth.
    The premise of these books teaches to con people into your revolution by first asking them what they want and then convince them you want that too, so your means justifies lying to them for your own ends. Obama is applying Alinsky’s tactics to this election campaign on the one hand and is truly binding McCain/Palin from doing what would be normal by drawing attention to him and his real agenda. One of the talking heads Sunday said of the McCain strategists that they are in despair because they are relentlesly attacked for attacking. The Obama, Brezinski, Soros, Trilateral is far worse than most can imagine coupled with Arab Islamics America is in for the shock of its existence. We must ask God for mercy!

  68. everyone (actually, yes – everyone) is a bit upset over the “golden parachutes” these CEOs have.
    I dont like it either.
    And the Demonrats are really make a big deal out of it….like its their greed that is to blame for the economy.

    Someone please tell me, how many “golden parachutes” were deployed this year?
    How much did all these “bonuses” tally up to?
    $10’s of millions? $100 million? A bit more??

    Then riddle me this one Batman, how come this $100+ million is the root cause of our economic problems (according to the Demonrats), and yet the $18 BILLION is earmarks is a drop in the bucket (according to the Messiah BHO)????

    Idiots !!

  69. Poster #1 – yes, I am right in the middle of “Marketing of Evil” and it’s just as good as you mentioned.

  70. KEN,

    You’re absolutely right about Saul Alinsky (Communist radical in the 30-40′) and the study of his works by Obama. Obama once quoted as having said Alinsky being his “inspiration.”

    Barack Hussein Obama; A candidate not only with the socialist idealogy of the Democratic Party but also communistically inspired as well.

    I really don’t care who the person is, what party affiliation, what color, what gender or financial status… if they are an American who believes in the promise of their country beyond a “promise” to their pockets they had best do careful and deep thinking before they go to the ballots.

    I saw a presentation about “Body Language.” Both candidates were featured as well as past dignitaries, “stars” and past newsbreaking persons.

    Voices were part of the presentation and the experts said of Obama that, “He starts out low and builds up. As in, ‘They said it wasn’t our time”, and at a slightly higher and louder pitch, ‘They said whatever”, “etc.”,” etc.”, ever raising the pitch and loudness, building the crowd up to an almost fever pitch not unlike a Baptist Minister.” The experts went on to say that the crowd may have been “ecstatic in the moment” as it gave them a feeling of “belonging to something” but that there was little comprehension of the speech given or what it was they belonged to. (Useful idiots.)

    It is truly unfair to the responsible voting American citizen that “racism” or any word pretaining to racial in-equity be involved in this presidential campaign. After handed 40 years of 0pportunities in equality by the very people they still accuse, blacks are content to still enslaving themselves by suckling on government welfare milk.

    The bulk of the load of the Black people’s societal problems is to be placed on their shoulders and their shoulders alone. I don’t intend on being “socialized” into paying for them.

    AMY D.,

    The stock market’s veiw on this is; “It it’s worse than a divorce. I lost half my net worth and still have my wife!”

  71. I believe the polls are meant to work on the “mind.” Just look at the way in which the questions are asked. It isn’t to measure the pulse of the voter…it is to discourage those who may be more inclined to take the pass if they believe their guy or girl is too far behind…thus a “no show.”


    No chastisment mean’t there at all, I just commented after the fact. The “family” had already ‘re-converted’ you. (I just didn’t want your horse to get hurt either.)

    I think I can safely say that Larry and all will be here to help clear your trail when needed, and a willing push for any rises in it.

  73. Windrider, another commentator recently pointed out that if Obama is put in power he is not their friend as he pretends to be but will exploit them as he did in that Chicago education thing he was involved in with Ayers where the studens are actually worse off than before these two tampered with them. His true allegiance is with those he hangs out with, Arab Islamics and radical white communists. He stirs the 97% sure voters in revolution but will sacrifice them for power and his fatal ideology. It is dreadful to ponder Police State powers ,which are still in effect, in this guys hands. Looney white liberals do not have a clue.

  74. Here’s a site that may have the right approach:

  75. STITCH,

    I don’t like the ‘golden parachute’ either, nor some of the earnings the CEO’s pull down. As I’ve said before, no one is worth that amount of money. No one.

    I offer this, “Robin”, on your query about the millions the Demo’s deride going into the palms of executives while the earmarks go into the palms of their special interests. The difference is the color of the backside of those palms.

    An example of earmarks; the Socialistic, subversive group of ACORN, who claims itself to be self-supporting and non-partisan just recieved $500 million a year grant on top of what it was already getting from the our government.


    If Obamaears constiuents would have stayed or awake in school, not dropped out due to pregnancy, drugs or criminal activity, they may have been able to do the math here.

    The Black Race is doing a con job on the Founding Principles of our nation and they have politicians who are taking a cut out of the action. Then again that may well be their full intention. The black’s and the Democrat’s greed combined will bring misery upon all Americans.

  76. Martial Law Explained

    A while back, right after the $700 Billion bailout was being worked out, someone pointed out that they thought they heard Nancy Pelosi mention “Martial Law” in one of her speeches. If the government was to impose Martial Law, it would only apply to banks and financial institutions. Most likely what would happen is that the government would impose strict withdrawal limits (in amounts withdrawn and number of withdrawals per day or week or month) on bank accounts, 401(k)s, money markets, CDs, stock sales, etc. They would also restrict banking hours and may even limit the number of days the Stock Market is open for trading. Europe is already doing this to some extent. Some European stock markets have suspended trading (on and off) and some banks are imposing withdrawal limits (2 withdrawals per day, and I believe there is a total amount limit as well) and limited banking hours in order to prevent a run on banks a la The Great Depression. This is a drastic step, but I do not think it is necessarily a bad thing because banks and markets collapse when hoardes of people make a run on them. I do not like the thought of Martial Law on any level, but this may truly be for our own good — as long as it remains limited to banks and financial institutions and is imposed for a very limited time (and BHO is NOT involved).

  77. AMY D.,

    Well they could always try a little of F.D.R.’s “bank holiday”, just shut ’em all down. Not even a bank robber could get in.

    You know rich people have it good in this country. This a country refuses that the rich can’t be rich. I mean think about it, you’ve got rich people losing their rears and poor people bail them out!
    And then all that money is given to them without ‘oversight’s, WHAT?
    I want reciepts damn it!
    No oversights, what are supposed to do just hand it over and say “here, since you were so good with the other money I’ll just close my eyes?”

    I want all those high payed bastards from banks to Wall Street, and those reprehensible representatives sitting on their duffs in the Hill too, to have to go down to social services once a month and stand in line to pick up their paychecks.

    Then I want the only place they can cash them is at one of those little check cashing shops next to the neighborhood liquor store.

    Martial Law my patootey!

  78. Wind,

    I agree 100%. I’ll never forget going into the welfare office (not by choice, the State of Washington forced me to get Medicaid [it is illegal for minors to be uninsured]). It was scary. Every single person in there looked at me like I was intruding and stealing their handouts. I felt like I didn’t belong there, even though I qualified. I also felt ashamed because I was raised to disdain handouts. I’m glad that I did have the Medicaid because my daughter was born with birth defects and the State paid for her medical care, but I would have felt better had I been able to pay for regular insurance instead (it’s a pride thing).

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