Before And After An Open Forum

Before and after the debate tonight, I am going to mix it up a little again..

Before the debate, lets try some predictions. After the debate, lets put on the analyst’s cap and have at it.. Here is my “prediction”..

With the possible exception of the Nixon Kennedy debates, there has very rarely been anything resembling a “defining moment” that has swung the tide relative to the popular vote.

If McCain was going to unload upon Obama, it should have been done right from the get go. For it to be a full scale offensive tonight might appear to be “overkill” and can be easily deflected as “desperate flailing” by the Obama camp. Mind you, they won’t answer a single charge, they will just pooh-pooh them as “dirty politics”.. For those of us with IQ’s above room temperature, or for all of the millions of Democratic ACORN voters who themselves haven’t been above room temperature for the better part of fifty or more years, the fact that they WON’T answer the charge means that they CAN”T answer the charge..

McCain lost the “element of surprise” by not unleashing the facts as soon as possible, especially in relation to the Palin/convention “bounce”.

The “surprise”, which we all know is the BEST weapon to use against Obama, needed to be put into play at the FIRST debate, that way the liberal media could not “spin” what was happening “LIVE”. They should have let them make fools of themselves by “cutting and pasting” words together to try to cover for their Democratic hero when the whole country saw it happen “LIVE.”

The time in-between has allowed the Obamazombies to formulate greasy diversions as opposed to watching Obama stumble over the evidence before the lights and cameras.

The “hard hitting commercials” of late are simply that…”late”. As in “too late”..

I truly feel that the almost non-combative nature of the McCain performances to date has to do with the size of the “undecided”, the ones without yard signs, buttons or bumper stickers. The ones that say, “I don’t talk about politics” when anybody asks them.

Regardless of the polls from such obviously impartial sources as the NYT and others, this election is still clearly within the “margin for error”. The policy wonks always talk about the “plus/minus” of a given poll, based upon the abstracts of their statistical formulations. I however, take the “margin for error” to mean that “who ever makes the biggest error from now on loses..”

McCain, by playing it a little too safe for a little too long, is saying that he doesn’t want to be the one to make that “error.” He is hoping for a conservative to stand up and be like John Lewis, someone who will fire the “outlandish” salvos from the conservative cannon as it’s pointed at the opposition. McCain can then just brush aside the resultant “outrage”, saying that he had no knowledge and “so and so doesn’t speak for the McCain campaign..”.. Or the “rogue volunteer” who “no longer works for the McCain campaign..” who is then ceremoniously marched out of the campaign office. As I have said, at that point, it’s too late, the damage is done, the candidate is clean and the check is in the mail..”

These have been the hallmarks of liberal politics for generations. So much for “change”.. Republicans just don’t seem to want to “play” that way, the “undecided” might not approve..

The “undecided” never make it a point to disclose their pleasure or displeasure, which is why they are called the “silent majority”, so there is no way to tell if they would be offended by a frontal assault upon the Obama “sham-paign”. McCain already knows that the first response from the fevered liberal swamp would be, “you are just picking on him because he is black” and the previously mentioned liberals cut from the same odiferous cloth like Lewis would then take that mild “moral outrage” and amp it up, causing the media to feature the liberal crackpot at the top and bottom of every news hour..

McCain will win the debate tonight, but whether that makes any difference to those who “don’t talk about politics”, is uncertain.

What is certain is that those who are still uncertain will make their final decision once they get behind the curtain..

We have to have faith in their ability to read between the lies..






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  1. Behind that curtain, there is no pressure to be ‘cool.’ There is no risk of being labeled a ‘sell out.’ We can only hope that people are smart enough to make the right decision.

  2. I hope that McCain does unleash. Who cares about the undecideds ( what are they waiting for anyway?). McCain needs a frontal assault to get his base reved up. It is all about getting out the vote. If McCain can get out the vote on his side he wins. He can win the debate if Shieffer (sp?) does not stack the deck for Obama like Brokaw did.

  3. Larry,

    I agree that it may be a little late for the “bare knuckle tactics”. Senator McCain may consider himself too much of a gentleman to go down that road anyway.

    McCain needs to get passionate about the facts of how, not necessairily why, pulling the rug out from under the upper income wage earners is going to reduce the number of available jobs, reduce the tax base and run up the debt even further. BHO continues to stay the course on wealth distribution which does not pass the “sniff test” in a strong economy much less when we are faced with the current turmoil.

    Just another lonely man’s opinion…..

  4. He’s promised to bring up the past but like you very well noted — the O will be ready for that one. And he still has to knock-out ecomonics. For instance, he never has explained that raising business taxes is a round about ‘but still a tax’ on the middle class; why in the world hasn’t he done this? Time and time again, O still advertises that 95% of us won’t pay more taxes. Also, I hope he does’t sing that one song tonight, “I can do this”, it’s like a broken record.

    And man I can’t believe journalism today, it’s right up there with how a communist government communicates to it’s pawns. This year is a drastic drastic absence of ‘reporting’.

  5. ….sometimes napaalm is the best recourse

  6. Alabama Redneck

    napalm is nasty. How ’bout an RPG???

  7. New Debate Protocol:

    1.Strap both candidates to a stainless steel table wet towel over their face, pour water over towel

    3.ask same question over and over until the polygraph indicates a truthful answer

    4.five minute penalty on the table if untruthful answer is detected

    5.begin a new question and repeat

  8. McCain needs to unleash and stop playing it safe.There are people who have taken notice that Obama has contacts with Ayers and other anti-American leftists. The more they hear about it ,the more uneasy the undecideds will fear backing this guy. A liberal Commander in Chief’s policies leaves our country to open for attacks by our enemies such as Al Qaeda. He’s planted the thought, now he just needs to take it further,put pressure on OBama to answer the questions .Unfortunately they telegraph to much to the public and press ahead of time. All Christians pray Matthew 10:26-For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed and hidden that will not be known. McCain will win.

  9. For the life of me, I don’t get the “undecided” thing.How on earth can anyone be undecided with such stark differences between the two candidates. I’m reminded of the Jack Benny skit when a masked stick up bandit thrusts a gun into Benny’s side and says, “Your money or your life?!” Benny known for his parsimonious nature just stands there leaning his chin on his hand for a good minute. The thief is rattled and demands “Your money or your life!” even louder.
    Benny turns around and says, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking”.
    I guess that like Benny the “undecideds” are “thinking”…

  10. I thought about both ways to handle
    the debate.
    KICK A**What is there to lose . the press will say what they want but the people will hear the truth,Look at your opponents background and experience spell out ACORN for what it is by negating his responses with facts before hand His campaign gave
    $800,000 to them to steal the election
    He couldn’t gst clearance to be an FBIagent because of his association with unsavery types. We could go on and on but the SILENT MAJORITY will prevail

  11. All the presidential debates have been like “watching paint dry”. Tonight will probably be no exception. There are at least fifteen or twenty “very important issues” that need discussing. I say important issues because how they are dealt with by the next president will decide if we are going to remain a “Free” country with free speech, freedom of religion etc. or will the next president and congress take us down the road to Socialism and Slavery. I fully realize that “the economy” is uppermost in everyones mind at the moment, but it is the economy which is the “result” of how we handle the “Other Issues”.
    In the challenge of Ben Franklin, (We have given you a Republic if you can keep it.) I hope and pray we all choose to “keep it”!

  12. I like your idea Larry… let’s do it.

    Keysfish… I like your idea, but really don’t think that the towel and water are necessary unless a non-truthful answer is detected. Oh, and by the way… no lawers are allowed to protest the findings of the polygraph, and no spinners are allowed to re-define the ‘what is the meaning of sex’ moments.

    I want to see McCain tell the moderator, “Bob, that is a meaningless and biased question, and I refuse to answer it! However, let me use the time I have to clear up a couple of things on that very topic.” That is not yelling at anyone, or being angry. It is just stating his point of view, and moving on. I think McCain could do a very good job of that in his reasonable and gentlemanly way.

  13. I really do think that the “Silent Majority” will overwhelmingly vote for McCain. There are a lot of people who are not ready to vote for a black man (sad, but true), but that isn’t the only reason. There are a lot more people who can see through BHO and know he is a sham artist. They just don’t want to say it out loud because they don’t want to waste thir breath arguing with Obamazombies and they don’t want to get hatred spewed upon them by said Obamazombies. Two of my brothers, who can’t vote, but if they could they would vote for McCain, cannot get a single reason out of an Obamazombie as to why they support BHO. Not one Obamunist can come up with a coherent reason why they support him. That’s sad. I can think of at least five DIFFERENT reasons why I support John McCain WITHOUT citing BHO’s name.

    Why I support John McCain:

    1) Sarah Palin

    2) Has served his country with distinction, and will continue to do so.

    3) Puts the country first before politics

    4) Is truly compassionate

    5) Is not a lawyer


    The Dow plunged 733 points to close at -733.08. The Dow Jones Industrial Average now stands at 8577.91. It’s going to be a rough one.

  15. Larry, I’m in total agreement with your article.

    I don’t believe that it is in McCain’s character, or his campaign managment if he has any control over it, to go out bare knuckled by himself. I’m not saying he can’t do it, it’s just not his style and won’t do it. This proved itself when, at their first meeting, had he been aggressive enough to discredit Obama, I think he may even have had the lefty talking heads and ink pushers calling back over their fliplopping shoulders for the Hillary.

    McCain no doubt has more and better working knowledge of the government rather than “hopes.” Theres no doubt he’s better qualified.

    It is frustrating for everyone to try and figure the strategy of his campaign when you know of the lies, unsavory characters, hell, criminals, I’m not afraid of hurting their feelings. Of Obama’s association with terrorists, ACORN and the list goes on.

    Damned right it’s frustrating, but at the same time this might be what McCain is relying on. That enough people have heard, researched or in some other way been exposed to some of the truths about Obama’s devious past.

    This would then enable McCain to maintain his present tactics and negate any possibility of the black minority woe leaders, with the tireless help of the left media, in dragging him into the cesspool of pointy fingered, guilt tripping “undecideds”, branding him as a segregationist.

    Again, I’m not looking for anything much different in tonights debate than the past ones and expect to listen to all the “informed” news declare Obama “the winner.”

    But ya know, get your ass blown out of the water by being wrong every now and then, kinda sets your world straight!
    I’d just love being wrong once in awhile!!!

  16. SO TRUE. I have Emailed McCain and the NRC with the suggestion that he hie B.O. withe the 800 million he wants to give the UN. Ask him how much of that amount would go th Ms. Peters the gun control nut from Ausie land. This would hit two groups. There are many voters that are anti UN from the gitgo, and many in Pa.WV., OH., and MI. that are rabid gun ouners. No answer from McCain or the RNC. We can’t be mean. BS the truth is not mean.I am afraid we are sunk because McCain will not learn from Sara Palin. Any old GI knows you do not tell the enemy what we are going to do. Blind side and broadsides work. Keep up the good work Larry.

  17. I believe that while we can hope for a McCain victory (I certainly do) we all have to take into account what exactly tonight is. A 90 minute debate which gives McCain approximately 45 minutes of speaking time – less the moderators questions and Obama’s interruptions. As ewings correctly points out… there is so much to talk about it’s stunning. I think he will land a few body blows but no knock out punch.

    4 hours and counting…

  18. I think tonight will change everything. I dont think McCain will bring up Ayers. Obama is expecting it and he wanted him to in the last debate because I think he had a comeback for that. I do think that McCain will tie Obama to Acorn and the bad mortgages they made the banks give because that’s what America is mad about and that’s why we have this $700 billion bailout. If not that, I think McCain has something else up his sleeve.

  19. Good analysis, Larry.

    I also agree with ewings.

    Essentially this will be the usual series of pissing contests. Any attacks on Obama policies which have corresponding McCain policies amount to zip. Obama needs to do no more than maintain a superior tone and continue to “look presidential,” as I’ve seen it written.

    Conversely, McCain must make convincing arguments in the form of great sound bites. Sadly, we may get one or two good sound bites, but the arguments will be tepid at best.

    We’re already doomed by a society that insists on socialist remedies. They have neither the slightest guilt nor knowledge of the freedom they cost.

    I don’t watch these farces. I’ll read the transcript. I already know what is right and wrong with both of them according to their histories and actions. A brain-dead debate won’t change that.


  21. Personally I think it would be a hoot to see McCain pull the “liar, liar pants on fire” rebuttal on NObama, only the liberals would spin it into a web of “racial implications” dating back to crosses on lawns and would claim McCain’s true intentions were to make voters envision Heil Hussein in a ball of fire as if he were the devil. Hey wait a minute…that would be too close to the truth. That would never happen since liberals flee from truth the way Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac flee from responsibility.

    I am going to continue with Amy’s list of “reasons I like McCain”:

    1. He’s a Christian
    2. He’s intelligent
    3. He’s tough
    4. He put Babs in her place (if you haven’t seen the video of McCain singing Streisand songs, you really should–it’s hilarious)
    5. He’s NOT Barack Hussein Obama

    As for the debate– I probably won’t watch it. I already know McCain’s my man and watching Obama speak is about as intriguing as watching someone cut their toenails. He’s a puppeteer, manipulating the media circus and his mindless followers into believing he’s “the one”. They have one thing right–he is the one–the one who will annihilate the landscape of our freedoms and bury things like independence, responsibility, and accountability beside life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He will forever alter the meaning of America. Our new motto will be “Give us your money–all the poor people have ours!”

  22. Funny aside (not really)… O’Bambi is now complaining that he would be further ahead in the polls if not for FOX News harsh treatment of him.

    Collective sigh………………….. now!

  23. I don’t know what to think about tonight’s debate. About all I DO know for sure is that we’re voting McCain/Palin.

    We’re trying to do what we can in our area to grassroots campaign … BUT if I hear McCain start in on the bipartisan clap-trap again tonight, I’m gonna lose a full third of the McCain/Palin leaning undecideds here in the neighborhood we’ve been walking and talking to about the election.

    They are irritated at McCain’s lukewarm-ness, if you will. They DON’T want to vote BHO, but they don’t yet believe McCain has given them a solid reason TO vote for him – they want to see some of the fighting spirit that must have surely sustained him in the hell of Hanoi for 5+ years.

    Among those undecideds who are leaning McCain/Palin, BTW, ARE people of color – we have an excellent blended middle class neighborhood of hard-working and retired folks.

  24. I don’t know what to think about tonight’s debate. About all I DO know for sure is that we’re voting McCain/Palin.

    We’re trying to do what we can in our area to grassroots campaign … BUT if I hear McCain start in on the bipartisan clap-trap again tonight, I’m gonna lose a full third of the McCain/Palin leaning undecideds here in the neighborhood we’ve been walking and talking to about the election.

    They are irritated at McCain’s lukewarm-ness, if you will. They DON’T want to vote BHO, but they don’t yet believe McCain has given them a solid reason TO vote for him – they want to see some of the fighting spirit that must have surely sustained him in the hell of Hanoi for 5+ years.

    Among those undecideds who are leaning McCain/Palin, BTW, ARE people of color – we have an excellent blended middle class neighborhood of hard-working and retired folks.

  25. Larry
    Great Idea.

    Like most others here, or the consensus, it ain’t gonna change any minds. I don’t think there’ll be any game changing moments or “sound bites”, except those that the Main Scream Muddies think are negative by MCain. It’ll be the truth, but anything truthful about Hussein is negative according to the MSM. All the “bites ” will be from Hussein.

    Since this is gonna be about the economy, it’ll be worse than watching paint dry. Hussein will repeat his “tax cut for the middle class” – McCain will stumble over his “new ” plan, whatever that is. I don’t expect fireworks or anything earth-shattering. Gawd, I hope I’m wrong- on McCains behalf. Here’s a couple of paragraphs I wrote some days ago that McCain should do………. Talk about-
    “Talk tax cuts–at least talk about leaving the ones already in place, in place! Talk about Hussein’s supposed tax cut and all this other garbage he proposes every other day. So far, I think there’s about 1000 more zeros, since last count, Larry.”

    “….Speak forcefully,(hell, loudly), about Hussein & Ayars, Hussein & Wright, Hussein and Rezco, Hussein and his other supposedly religious buddies, Hussein and Acorn. Talk about the Economy – but not how to fix it, he” confused people on that enough – talk about how it was caused by Barney fife and Chris Dudd, and their cronies – expecially Rangled? Take off the damn gloves. Talk about the regulation that was voted down by the Dumocrats. Get Mad, Hire the guy that got mad week before last week at one of your rallies, and make him a part of the stump speech-pay his expenses—-( also get the plumber in Holland, OH that told Hussein off about taking away his company with his (Hussens) tax hike -that’s the best thing that’s happended since Palin. Forget about the Main Screamin’ Mudia and their whining about the Republicans going negative BS. They’re just PO’d because they have nothing on McCain, and McCain,s got a full arsenal to use. USE IT!!! They whine anyway.

    But the MSM is already saying he’s gonna bring up (Timothy McVey) Ayers, –and Hussein is expecting it. Got his answer already. McCain himself has said that he’s not gonna make Wright an issue.

    Yeah, I saw the Fox new thing about Hussein saying he’d be 4-5 more points ahead if it wasn’t for Fox. Great, lets get more Fox Watchers.

    Darn, I start to write a couple of lines and then get direhha of the fingers.

  26. Another great article Larry.

    I’m disgusted with both of them. The last debate seemed to be about which candidate will give the most money away.

    Many of us have already decided so the purpose of this debate is to sway the undecided.

    McCain must step up to the plate and deliver.

    Most people who do not support McCain do so not because they do not trust him. they oppose him because they believe He will not help their situation.

    Many people, being selfish and stupid as they are don’t care about Obama’s associations.

    McCain must present his case for the Democrats role in the economy, Obama’s voting record, his complete inexperience and his far left of left views (most American’s do not share his way out there worldview).

    It won’t be easy to do in a debate and I will be surprised if McCain will do those things.

    Unless there is a Youtube mistake video moment by Obama, McCain will probably not sway anyone.

    People are so angry with the economy and blame the current adminstration and Republicans for everything. McCain must change their mind; a tall order in a debate.

  27. Ooops, Larry, methinks I double-clutched and accidentally uploaded my last post twice. My apologies…

  28. train your kids to be plumbers…


    Hey Larry,
    If I read the tone of your article correctly, and
    I feel the same way…what is a descriptive word just below ‘PANIC’?

  30. WOW… I’m proud! And, it feels good 🙂

  31. McCain will win the debate and maybe the election if he will just remember Ronald Reagan’s “creeping socialism” and go the next step and call Mr Obama a SOCIALIST.

  32. Who is this “old white dude”? Half way there and Obama’s on his heels. Please… please, let me be wrong about not landing head shots.

  33. McCain will win as usual, unless you talk to a Democrat. I think he should not attack but just ask for explanations. Be persistent with control. Give everyone something to think about, back it with facts. If Obama wins it will be his president too. He has a right to know.

  34. We got US a clear win. By far the best of the three debates. McCain took the gloves off (mostly and with respect) and did the RIGHT thing. Now we must wait and see how what went down tonight alters the ‘discussion’. Strong McCain performance, more impressive than I expected IMO.

  35. NLTZ Family,

    Lets go..

    McCains best performance yet.

    Obama was on the defensive and again he dodged most points because the few moments where he attempted to get “technical” or to be “detailed”, McCain had an answer for him.

    Even Obama’s closing statement was a stumble-fest.

    Keep your chin up, people..

    The floor is YOURS.

    Do me proud.

    Thanks as always,


    P.S. Beanhead54, where have you gone??

  36. Why does everyone keep referring to BHO as a “black” man? I have more Cherokee blood in me than BHO has black blood in him but I don’t go around asking for preferences, set-asides or votes based on it. He chose to become a “Black” with less than a 10% black bloodline. He is almost 50% Arabic Muslim and 50% liberal white un-American. If he gets elected, he has sworn to reduce the U.S. military down to about the strength of Saudi Arabia in the name of fairness. Sarah Palin is much more qualified for the presidency than BHO will ever be. The real racists are the people who will vote for BHO just because they think he is black.

  37. Couple of good shots by the old white whale as my neighbor REDBONE called him.
    Told OBAMA he should have run four years ago if he wanted BUSH
    also got some licks in about ACORN
    Looked much more comfortable sitting down and appeared more aggressive
    OBAMA reminds me of the joke about a guy in the three piece suit when questioed why the new suit said he just came from the doctors and said he was impotent so he felt he should dress the part
    The word important with OBAMA
    is like MCCAIN ‘S friends comment dinotr hear his use that tonight

  38. “Told OBAMA he should have run four years ago if he wanted BUSH”

    JR… that was a great line and one you will not hear the last of for a while. Who here does not want to be “Joe the plumber” right now? That dude must feel like the man… what awesome fodder; how much fun must he have had tonight!

  39. Is my brain too “tetched” by that nefarious pair of rare blood clots I struggled with a while back, or did I not hear BHO blatantly lie about WHERE his political campaign kickoff began … as in BHO claiming his political career did NOT begin/kick off in Ayers living room (which, of course, we all know it DID – in Ayers home is where the retiring Illinois Senate forerunner of Obama passed the torch TO BHO, yes?)

    Or maybe it’s just that BHO has lied so much even a freshly channeled Einstein couldn’t keep ’em straight?

    Somebody fed McCain three B-12 shots and half a side of red beef today. He acquitted himself better, by FAR, than in previous debates. He dropped the ball a bit in a few areas I’d like to have seen him swing harder at, but, OTOH, he punched home his defense of the REAL conservative base at one point and blatantly clarified his pro-life/anti-murder stance.

    Of course the primo elitists, a group into which I roll BOTH elitist media liberals AND elitist media [pseudo-]conservatives – that print/video media group I refer to collectively as the Eastern Seaboard Royal Order of Incestuous Prattlers – will insist BHO left that the wrinkly ol’ white haired dude in the dust. Methinks not.

    Joe the Plumber was on Cavuto’s 4pm Fox Cable News show today and Cavuto had him back on the phone live, post-debate on the Fox Business Channel (which, I must confess, I watched post-debate in lieu of Brit Hume,’s stuffed shirt round table pontifications – I preferred Cavuto’s live post-debate show on FBN, BY FAR, over the Hume panel’s prototypical “analysis”).

    Joe the Plumber was and is still, post-debate, NOT impressed with BHO, as if you all didn’t already ascertain that.

    In closing, I reiterate yet again, if by some miracle, especially with the RAMPANT ACORN-engendered voter fraud, McCain/Palin prevail November 4th, it’s time to ostracize the pseudo-conservative pundits and politicians, EN MASSE insomuch as the real Republican party and base are concerned.

    It has always been my opinion that the conservative movement was first diluted, then utterly corrupted by an influx of moderate to slightly left of center Democrats who hopped on board under the Republican party in the years immediately following the 1994 sweep into power by the Republicans.

    IOW, they just wanted to be on the winning team, but were NEVER truly conservative Republicans to begin with … and, as such, should never have been welcomed into the Republican party at the outset.

    It’s PAST TIME to weed out the RINOs. Period.

  40. My Friends,

    Only used that phrase once -in his closing statement. Great Debate. Wish he’d done this sooner. Lots of Hussein uhs-ahs- Like you said Larry, a stumble fest.

    IMO it was McCain’s night. Far and away his best performance. And, he mentioned the things that most of us-at least me- wanted mentioned, but failed to follow thru – However, Hussein got away with his stock answers. “Timothy” Ayers was mentioned, Hussein gave his stock answer – same with accorn. Then the subject was dropped. Hell, half the people watching probably don’t even know who Ayers is or was, or what accorn is or does. McCain did, however, mention the statement that “Timothy” Ayers made in 2001 – But,almost as an afterthought.

    McCain took it to Hussein on the tax issue. He should have pounded him into the sand on that. (Loved Joe the Plumber refrence)-(caught him on Fox yesterday). However, time constraints, and the moderator had a lot to do with his following up on a lot of things. Loved the “shoulda run 4 years ago” comment. Loved his implied comment about “the way the dimocrats fix a problem is throw throw money at it”

    Is it my imagination or was Scheiffer asking McCain directly about HIS
    negative campaign? MSM for ya! Great answer by McCain. Great lick getting in the campaign finance money, calling Hussein a Liar, and the amount of money Hussein is spending. If he had only mentioned that a lot of it is coming from out of the counry. (BTW, that’s a rumor that I haen’t been able to track down yet.)

    Also, loved McCain’s refrences about Palin, and how he got a punch in about the shirts being worn at rallys. I heard a commentator say McCain didn’t say she was ready to be President. Was that true, Guess I was cheering so loud I may have overlooked that. This might have been a good place to mention 2 years as Governor vs. 143 days as a do-nothing senator. Like I said when Hussein picked him, Hussein & Biden never miss the chance to bring up Pennsylvania in the same sentence as Biden.

    Never heard a direct answer from Hussein. No solutions to problems. But, he knows one thing, whatever the problem- “we’ve gotta spend more money on it”.

    I was wrong, it was a great deal better than watching paint dry. There was a lot more McCain could have said, but he only had 45 minutes. I can sleep better tonite.


  41. “Undecideds” is what it always comes down to.
    And, unfortunately, those people usually go into the voting booth to vote for the candidate whose jingle they JUST heard on radio.
    Sorta like that sappy tune you can’t get out of your head.

    So, try this:
    President McCain, the one with the brain.
    President Obama, hates his white momma…

    VP Palin, has the liberals wailin’
    VP Biden, what the hell is he hidin’

    I crack me up…

  42. Tom from Texas

    Well the RedNeck is back. What I saw tonight was another attempt by McCain as the Nice Candidate. This was the last time he had the dirty little Mouse face to face and didn’t deliver. Who cares about the so called “undecided” voters. I don’t believe they exist! If anyone by now, can say they are undecided, then thier vote is worthless anyway. Cowards hiding behind the voting booth curtain. I have never seen an election when “none of the above” should apply more! I will vote for McCain, if for nothing else but to cancle out a vote for Mickey Mouse or whatever name ACORN has falsely put into the mix. But I absoluely do not believe he deserves my vote, to me he is a coward, “MY FRIENDS”. He could have put the little Monkey on the ropes tonight, but just didn’t have the balls to do so. Slip, Slip, Slidin’ away. I surmise the outcome will be decided come November when all of the undecided COWARDS can hide behind thier curtains. You better enjoy, you scum sucking pigs, you will get just what you deserve, the first CLEAN, WELL SPOKEN, BLACK PRESIDENT, and the damnation of our Country!!!

  43. As I said, getting proved wrong once in awhile sets your world straight, and I enjoy it.

    McCain proved me wrong in my prediction last night… sort of. While coming out in the more aggressive style that we’ve all been wanting to see and some have been screaming for, McCain still did not carry through with a left cross after a hard right in some issues. It is hard to debate against someone who, with the has looks, a flair in rhetoric and presentation Obama possess’.
    However, Obama lacks the key ingredient vital to someone who doesn’t tell the truth and that is a good memory. He must be able to recall any variances of any lies, something Obama has an abundance of. This was evident as we’ve seen in his “slipping” answer to issues, often going to a completey different issue. McCain’s aggresivness last night prove the fact that Obama is not of presidential quality and would be a travisty upon our nation.

    Obama really, pardon my french, pissed me off, when on the outset of the debate said that “The current economic crisis we’re experiencing is a result of OUR living beyond OUR means.” Uh, excuse me my floppy eared lunatic, but my house mortgage is regular interest rates, payed for by budgeted wage earning job, not welfare or workman’s compenstion checks.

    Obama was telling lies when McCain brought up Ayers and ACORN. Obama, trying to dis-connect himself from the “terrorist” image that the un-renounced Ayers still carries said, “I was only 8 years old when that happened.” McCain pushed it further but not far enough.
    Obama said that his ONLY association with ACORN had been to help in getting the Motor Voter legislation passed. McCain let me down on this one. He should have picked his scrawny ass up and nailed to a cross with that blatant lie with the pure facts and figures of Obama’s long history with ACORN and it’s subversive, socialist noteriety.

    As McCain would make valid points, quite naturally Obama would repudiate them. I felt that is where John needed to come back with more facts, figures and dates to put that son-of–

    Lisening to the “analyzers” tongue lapping Obamas “certain part of the male body”, as said in late night commercials, adulating and praising his “coolness” was a call close to regurgitation. I was pleased with McCain’s preformance last night only, as the rest, had rather seen this from the onset in all of the debates.

    FED UP,

    Couldn’t agree with you more in “ostracizing the pseudo-conservative pundits and politicans”that have permeated the basic core beliefs of the Republican Party. From the bottom up.


    In not believing the existance of “undecideds”, again with no chastisment mean’t, may I remind you that it wasn’t to long ago that you, for all intent and purposes, were technically and an “undecided” by declaring you would vote Third Party.

    Had it not been for the ‘family’ here at NLTZ in helping clear your thoughts, you would have indeed given your vote to Obama indirectly instead of where it’s needed most in giving it directly to John McCain.

    Take another notch up in your leggin’s, let your horse get a drink and throw a little more wood on your bonfire, my friend. Their hogleg ain’t cleared leather yet.

  44. A quick question for Billsey, if you are out there..

    Sunday night is the debate for the third party candidates.

    Cynthia McKinney (the “Psycho Muppet”), Chuck Baldwin (no relation we hope..) and Ralph “Where’s my Corvair” Nader will be there.

    Bob Barr said he will only debate Nader, so the chances are that he won’t show up..

    Does he think that the others don’t have a chance or does he think that the others aren’t “legitimate” candidates and therefore not worthy of his time?

    Isn’t that the same complaint that all third, fourth, fifth and sixth party candidates have relative to being excluded from the debates involving the “major” party candidates?

    Is that the “cowardice” that you had mentioned previously or is that just reserved for those who might consider voting for McCain or Obama?

    Just exactly who is the “best” third party candidate and what is the biggest difference between them and the “major” party candidates?

    Believe me, I’ve looked at Barr and Baldwin’s sites..

    Tell us what you think.

    Thanks as always,


  45. Windrider,

    Wasn’t Voltare that said that “a liar should always have a good memory?”

    The “8 year old”excuse..

    How about:

    “Senator the nation isn’t concerned about you and Ayers when you were eight years old. The question is: what were you doing with him when you were in your thirties? Isn’t it just another example of questionable judgement on your part and the nation has the right to be leery of your decision making processes?”

    “When you were eight years old Senator, and your “pal” was setting off expolsive devices targeting Americans, I was being held captive and tortured. I wasn’t released until you were thirteen years old.”

    Those answers would have worked, eh?..

    I agree that the ACORN door was open, Obama was obviously stumbling over his responses with the requisite smirks, I wouldn’t have allowed the subject to change.

    If you bring up a topic of considerable importance and the moderator whisks you away, then the “debate” is nothing more than an “infomercial”.

    The good thing is that it frees up the topic to continue to be brought up as another of the “typically unanswered” controversies surrounding the Illinois Senator.

    Thanks as always,


  46. Blue State Blues- RWG

    Political races are about two things; Issues and Character. Voters need and want to know; the candidates position on the issues, and, why should we believe in them.

    I cannot believe that the entire McCain campaign could not come up with a simple statement of position regarding Obama’s obvious character problem. Something as simple as “Senator Obama, political candidates campaign on two major platforms; the issues and the character of the candidate. Character is very important to voters. And Senator, there are serious questions about your character that need to be answered by you.” Bingo, that statement alone takes the accusations about negative campaigning right off the freakin table. And it places the character question right in front of Obama. Of course he would respond with usual rhetoric that he was 8 years old when Ayers blew stuff up. But now McCain, because he is thoroughly prepared, responds with; “oh well that’s all well and good Senator, but… worked with him on such and such, you met with him on many occasions during such and such” etc. etc. The point is that there are lots of data point with which McCain can totally undermine the facade that Obama has brazenly erected by hiding behind feeble answers and hysterical accusations of race and negativity. CHARACTER is hugely important and McCain has let this fraudulent, lying, socialists, mostly Arab Muslim, arrogant, flim flam man get away with it.

    However, I still think we win. I refuse to believe that the America that turned down Gore and Kerry would suddenly turn Blue and go for Obama. The polls are not reflecting the country. I think Ann Coulter is right. The Bradley affect may be causing the polls to be off by as much as 12%.

    God save us all.

  47. RWG,

    Gore and Kerry aren’t Obama..

    The Democrats have nearly two hundred years of racism to jettison.

    A vote for Obama beats an apology from the House by a long shot..

    The “racial recognition” factor, endorsed by the “they are trying to make you scared of me, I don’t look like that other Presidents..” candidate is a ridiculously strong and an obviously evident “under/over” current in their campaign.

    The weak will be mislead, the lemmings will be smitten..

    Didn’t read Coulters column. For some strange reason, Human Events has banned me. I can’t even sign on with my code name, “noleftturnz.”

    If you try to leave a comment and it has “noleftturnz” in it, you will get a message telling you to “clean up your comment”..whatever.

    Anyone who takes a poll seriously regardless of its outcome without knowing the questions asked (how misleading were they.) and how many were “polled”, is a fool.

    “500 registered Democratic voters” becomes, “Poll says Obama has a 25 point lead” and everyone hears about it at the top and bottom of the hour…

    Keep the faith.

    Thanks as always,


  48. Blue State Blues- RWG

    Somebody probably bitched about you on Ann’s blog and got you and NoLeftturnz blocked.

    I’m not buying that the red states are going to be swayed by the lexicon of Obama to the extent that they dump their ideology and, yes, even their justifiable fears of a radical black being president, and vote for this Democrat more than they voted for Gore or Kerry. That just is not going to happen. The Democrats could not have been more intent on beating Bush in 2004. They lost in 2000 by the slimmest of margins and they believed the lie that Bush stole the election. No question in my mind that in 2004 they got everything they could get from the independents and their own base. And they had a smaller ACORN factor that went, pretty much, unnoticed. And they still didn’t win. If they had Hillary today, they would kill -check that- trounce McCain. She would absolutely take away fringe Republicans and Conservatives. Obama cannot do that. In fact, he will get less of the independents than Kerry or Gore did. So I am going on record and predicting that if McCain is within 8 points of Obama based on the average of all major polls, he will win.

  49. Blue State Blues- RWG

    FYI from Ann’s column; this is the Bradley Effect:

    Named after Tom Bradley, who lost his election for California governor in 1982 despite a substantial lead in the polls, the Bradley effect says that black candidates will poll much stronger than the actual election results.

    First of all, if true, this is the opposite of racism: It is fear of being accused of racism. For most Americans, there is nothing more terrifying than the prospect of being called a racist. It’s scarier than flood or famine, terrorist attacks or flesh-eating bacteria. To some, it’s even scarier than “food insecurity.”

  50. Larry,

    Darn! Just my luck, a philosopher beat me to it! Voltaire had to have been a conservative… or at least an honest man.

    Like the come backs you came up with. That’s what I mean’t by McCain not pushing it far enough. He could have thrown in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that Ayer’s was key in and Obama dispensing $8o million as chairman.

    The time limits set are ridiculous when one thinks of the ultimate consequences. Of course a limitless time would be of comparable idiocy also in that a debate becomes a “I said – he said” on topics. But once spirited rebuttals on a specific issue are taking place, I believe they should be aloud to continue. Otherwise the debates are, as the first two had been, little else than “info-mercials.”

    I recieved a generic e-mail from the McCain/Palin campaign extolling the “grassroots” movement and their reliance in helping them win. They are calling for people to organize/find neighborhood gatherings in support. Also to go door to door, put yard signs up and hand out buttons.

    I may be a little late in finding this out but it seems Obamaears has a substantial number of contributors to his campaign… 11,500 of them. According to some accounts they have contributed $34 million to his campaign. Small potatos as far as political contributions go, however if even one foreign national gave as little as, I don’t care, fifty cents to a candidate, it’s against the law. If the Federal Election Committee finds that this is actually the case, which looking at his past record it probably is, Obama would be looking at heavy fines. That would undoubtedly sway some voters away from him. The only problem is that the slowness of the way our court system moves, it would be long after the election.

    Obama’s flush funds have given him enough room to negotiate the purchase of 30 minutes primetime airways on Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. eastern. CBS has already commited. Here’s a good chance for that Obomination to spread further lies about his relationships with Ayers, Renzko, Wright or ACORN while doing it unchallenged.

    Think I’ll be doin’ a little “Daniels” and put some, “Willy” on.

  51. Ooops, the 11,500 campaign contributors I mentioned… they’re all foreign.

  52. Windrider,

    Imagine an “American” like Barack Obama buying television time and causing the “American Passtime” to be delayed..

    Baseball will be delayed so that more liberal “improper-ganda” can be thrust into the country’s collective faces..

    The Series is being broadcast on FOX…FOX, the network that is never allowed to host or to send “moderaters” to the debates, and they are taking the Obama monies and they are DELAYING THE START OF THE WORLD SERIES.

    Fox..Is this whole “fairness” thing just a one way street for you?

    When did Obama start negotiating his price for your air time? Why didn’t you demand to host or moderate a debate?

    What is this world coming to…

    Thanks as always,


  53. “If you try to leave a comment and it has “noleftturnz” in it, you will get a message telling you to “clean up your comment”..whatever.”

    This is true… on Human Events, happened to me the other day. I just write out the words now and say google it.

  54. I found something shocking on my satelite TV giude this week. ‘Dish’ channel 63 is , are you ready for this, the OBAMA channel. The play a constant loop of some infomercial that he put together called Obama’s vision for the future or something like that! I have to pay good money to get my local channels on the satelite (cable is not available where I live out in the sticks) but this one was just ever-so-quietly slipped into my local channel numbers. On off times they run some of the early morning religious shows from Sundays and I don’t know what else.

    I guess he has money to burn. What a crock! I am steamed! I can’t get the local channels that I want, even if I pay for them, but I can get this crap free!
    I guess it’s time to send a nasty gram to Dish Network.

  55. HE KNOCKED BHO DEAD!!!! I think Sarah Palin helped John McCain prepare. He slammed that smug little upstart all night long. The only truths I heard out of BHO’s mouth were stolen from the Republican Party platform. JSM brought up Ayres and told BHO he has not been upfront and the asshole still did not come clean. BHO is still using the truth is lies and smears tactic. BHO looked smug and arrogant (no surprise there) and JSM was humble, poised, and Presidential. Hopefully the undecideds have chosen McCain and will drive the final nail into the coffin of BHO’s campaign.

  56. Larry,

    It’s that “typyical un-answered” issue that will never be brought up on a national TV debate again. McCain should have drove Obama back to shining shoes with his claim of, “I only.”
    For Christ’s sake the man has given $800 thousand from his campaign money to ACORN to help pay for the so-called “registrars” and the growing evidence against them involving fraudulent voter redisration.

    Where is the Justice Department in all this? Can the American people no longer expect, are the American people no deserving as citizens, of a fair election to the highest office of our nation?

    This government as we now know it is pure and simple bullshit in the most complicated pile ever imagined. The government was founded in the ideology that government would protect the a citizen from another, not from oneself. Now there are the increasingly government encraochment of programs upon programs of “care.” What used to be known as self-dependance and self-reliablity by a steady growing populace is receptive of this in that they think only of themselves and not the future of their country.

  57. Windrider,

    Let’s hope for some help from Fox on this.

    They were all over it tonight.

    19 days. It would seem that McCain needs everyones help. I’m in..

    Got not one but two calls tonight from “helpful” Obama volunteers.

    Led them down the prim rose path and then I laid into them.

    They had no idea what the Annenberg Project help as far as Project Hope either..

    They couldn’t tell me the name of Jeremiah Wright’s church of hate..

    They couldn’t explain Obama’s tax plan..

    They sounded like little college freshmen hoping for extra credit from the professors for volunteering for Obama.

    If that’s the best that they have, the more calls they make, the better things start to look and sound..

    Hang tight, my friend..

    Thanks as always,


  58. Larry, do it this way: no left turnz dot com.

    Windrider: I’m beginning to believe that McCain really does have integrity. You remember he got severely burned by Karl Rove tactics in the 2000 race when in South Carolina primaries when he was falsely accused of having fathered a black child. I know it is strategy and cunning, but I have to wonder given that McCain has held back so far and even chastized one woman on the trail for referring to Obama rightly as an Arab (born in Kenya to Arab father who passed Muslim heritage to him by the Islamic name Hussein- it is through this name that that heritage is passed from father to son- thus, every Islamic everywhere knows no matter what he says otherwise that he is one of them) Still, I’m not in this for McCain but for Palin, even though I have a gruging respect for him. It is obvious to me the debate showed McCain so superior to Obama in qualifications to be president that it becomes laughable that the dems have nominated Obama. At least, it would be laughable if the outcome wasn’t so dire.

  59. want a good laugh?

  60. Larry,

    Sorry, I just got a little carried away there, happens once in awhile.

    The frustration over the candidates mincing of words just drives me up a wall. Come out and say who you are and what you stand for, what and how you are going to accomplish something in no uncertain terms, and do it in the common English language the American people can understand for cryin’ out loud!

    I do, however, think John McCain did do a good a job with the debate on all points over Obama, all in all keeping Obama with his characteristical ‘back against the walls,’ “Uh’s, well’s, ahem’s and you know’s” for much of the night. McCain only faltered driving in a few places, one in particular is the appointment of Justices.

    Although the appointment of Federal Judges isn’t on what’s people minds first hand, it is of considerable importance.

    Your point on the ignorance of the volunteers is well taken. For fear of being called a racist I won’t mention the color of the people being interveiwed on the street in Harlem by the Howard Stern show. The Stern show inteveiwed the people asking them who they were going to vote for (guess who) and if it was because of this or that policy. The only thing was that they’d reversed McCain’s and Obama’s policies. Stearn also asked them if they agreed with Obama’s decision on Palin as vicepresidnt.
    The people agreed with Obama’s policies (McCains) and thought he made the right choice with PALIN for vice president.
    We don’t be votn’ fo Obama jus cauz’ he be black, man! We be votn’ fo Obama cauz’ he be black n’ we be stoopid!

    I was reading Ann Coulter. Had an article about polls and their inaccuracies.

    Of course they always favor the liberals by as much as 6 to 10 points. You can pretty well shave that off of any poll you see and get more of an accurate poll… if you follow the things at all. I don’t.

    Thinking about all this, doesn’t there appear to be some similiarities here of the Democratic Party, not having a really viable candidate to run for president has forced in Obama in an Affirmative Action tactic. Think about it. The man has almost no experience to do the job that he’s supposed to do, haslittle working knowledge of the expanse of the job he is supposed to do and his background that put him in position for this job has never been fully cleared!

    Now if that isn’t affirmative action I don’t know what is!!


    I’ve no doubt about John McCain’s integrity nor his true interest and concern for our country and it’s people above all else.

    I believe in the man because I, being made the way I am, can hear it in his voice when he says, “I will fight for America.” I can see the honesty in his eyes and in his face. I know that what I’m hearing and what I’m looking at isn’t just another politician with the usual campaign promises.

    I’ve been around to long and I’m not fooled easily, my friend.

    I agree with you in that there are a lot of voters that haven’t been heard from and won’t until the levers are being pulled on Nov. 4th. I, as you, believe that there are the majority of sane people that will put John McCain into the White House.

    Sorry, didn’t see your website posted below/above, whatever. I went and explained it to Larry, having gotten the same thing through an e-mail.

  61. McCain needs to unload on Obama, unleash the truth of every underhanded dirty trick Obama has ever pulled, and remind all Americans that if the Democrats get the clean sweep that they are predicted to get, that we’ll be handing our paychecks over to them that the Communists will be running this country, with a black supremiscist in the (formerly) People’s House. It’ll be a quarter century before we’ll see the end of the mess that four years of Obama will make of this country, assuming we have one left by then.

  62. Forget “Get out the Vote”.
    Now its “Bring in the Fraud”.

    Supreme Court has ruled that Ohio does NOT have to verify the 200,000 “Mickey Mouse”‘s registered to vote in the election.

    Any suggestions on how I can setup a “registration farm” here in my hometown?


  63. STITCH’
    First— get a registration form. Doesn’t matter which state.

    Second—- Find the nearest graveyard and hope the “acorn ilk” didn’t beat you to it! Then practice your penmanship with your non-dominate hand.

    Third–cross out the state, substitute Ohio.
    Fourth —photocopy to desired number.

    Fifth —Send to FED UP IN OHIO, or someone in that state to take to the registrar – Preferably, the closer to Cuyahoga Co. you can get the better, because they’ll take anything there.

    Sisth–Request an absentee ballot in each name and vote.

    You don’t even have to be too creative with addreses or SS#’s in Ohio now that the court says they don’t have to match….!!!

    Now, wasn’t that easy??

  64. STITCH

    Forgot Two (a) – be sure to register as a dimwitocrat, but you can vote for whomever you like.

  65. Orvill,

    thanks for the tip, but that only does one registration — for me.
    I want to setup a “Registration FARM” where I can crank out hundreds, even thousands, of registered voters. My schizophrenia has been running unchecked lately, and I want to make sure EACH AND EVERY voice in my head is registered and gets a chance to vote on Nov 4.

    The latest polls (in my head) shows McCain leading 4-1 (yeah, well, we each have our “dark” side….), so I want to make sure ALL of those McCain supporters have EQUAL opportunity to vote…..EVERY VOTE MUST COUNT…
    I’ll tell the other 25% of the voices that since they didn’t vote in the last election, they can’t vote this time. It takes 2 election cycles to get re-registered… They’re not very bright, so they’ll probably fall for it….

    STITCH !

  66. The Supreme Court ruling, which in my opinion never should have reached there in the first place, was denied because the Republican Party was considered a “private entity.” What crock! What nitpicking! The Justices (?) payed no attention to the merit of the case whatsoever.

    Would that then mean if you or I filed suit in the same regards that we would be considered “private entities?” Another example of the more than ample supply of liberal judges that already permeate our justice system today.

    This is what I mean’t by Obamaear’s possibility of election in his doing the great harm of appointing even more left wing justices to the Supreme Court. Might as well be putting all innocent people in prison and giving criminals their freedom.


    Along with the farms, you might try concentrating on the Third Parties also, hell, throw in the “undecideds” too. Drive them in with a cattleprod and water board ’em if you have to. Just help make up or switch their minds what little minds they seem to functioning with.

    Coulter’s article had numbers of the undecideds in the 1988 race between ‘Copulating’ Clinton and H.W. Bush.

    Bush 56.6%
    Ross Perot – 18.9%
    Bush 37.7%
    Clinton 43%

    Round ’em up, flood the registrar’s offices, rawhide!!!

  67. just think, 200,000 fraudelent registrations means 1000 ACORN Obamanations are going to be driving around Ohio on Nov 4 voting 200 times each. Each with a different last name (that’s normal for their “families”), but with the same first name:
    Jameka Jackson
    Jameka Johnson
    Jameka Washington
    Jameka Smith
    Jameka Smithie
    Jameka Obama
    Jameka Biden
    Jameka Dodd

  68. You forgot Jameka Clinton!!

  69. GM posted BILLIONS is losses.
    Is the Messiah gonna raise GM’s taxes??
    Is he going to try to collect more of what he knows that don’t have any of??

    Does he want to completely drive them out of business, or just out of our borders (like, to Mexico)??

    Oil companies posted $36 billion in profits.
    Is the Messiah gonna take ALL of it (100%)?
    That only leaves him $1,264,000,000 more to collect to reach his $1.3 Trillion in new spending.
    Basically, that can be rounded up to $1.3 Trillion. So, we’re right back where we started.

    Then, since there is NO profit for these oil companies, why stay in “bidness” here?
    So, another company moves to Mexico.

    BHO will cost $4000 per year for every man, woman, and child in America.
    That’s assuming that all 300 million Americans pay taxes.
    Since the Messiah claims HALF of America is “poor”, that leaves the rest of us to pick up the slack.
    So get prepared folks, $8000 per family member for each of you reading this.
    For that “family of 4”, get ready to shell out another $32,000 EVERY YEAR to support the Messiah’s addiction to “free” stuff.

  70. ACORN:
    Another Criminal Organization Raping the Nation

    (that’s RAPING, not Rapping).

  71. ACORN:

    Accreditted by Congress Organization Raping the Nation

    (Among many, many others!)

  72. You heard McCain say on the debate he wanted to “buy the loans” (or papers) in order to gain control of the current economy crisis.

    That is absolutely beyond reasoning for a so-called “maverick” and fit the category of capitalism cronism.

    It now stands that if you have 100 houses and one defaults on the loan, your are able to adjust your assests to level the loss. In other words, lower the value of the other 99.

    The government is terminally stupid in that it has made up a rule where a company can go “falsely bankrupt.” This has resulted in the mess we’re in today and the government in all it’s wisdom say’s, “Hey, wait a minute let’s change the rules. Let’s help all the business’ out.

    Also in this mix are companies where executives acting out of personal greed, have operated illegally, hidden their profits or taken other actions that would not behoove the best interest of this country. Rather than punshing the handful of these valueless people responsible for the millions or billions of dollars stolen, they punish the nation.

    After Enron and Worldcom crashed Congress enacted the Serbane Oxley bill, a burdensome accouting mess that punished the nation’s small business’ and start-ups instead of enacting reform measures that would prevent fraud. the Serbane – Oxley Bill forced many companies to move from New York to London.

    McCain, should he gain presidency, should repeal the law

  73. This would never happen with Obama but there should be 100% annual expensing for small business’. Small business’ create 7 out of 10 new jobs in America and account for more than half of our economy.

    Also, remove capitol gains tax.

  74. Nebraskaka, my home state, is traditionally a red state. The amount of money being spent here by the Obamasmear’s campaign in all medias must be staggering. You can’t enjoy half hour TV program without two or three of Obama’s misleading or truth bending campaign ads.

    I’m sure the small battery companies enjoying the extra profits reaped as I am wearing batteries out faster in my remote by switching channels on the TV when ads appears.

    Further proof of this being a red state appeared today a headline of the Omaha World Herald;

    Pressure Not Behind Cancelling Ayers Talk.

    It was someone’s not so bright idea to invite Ayers to give a speech on DNA on Nov. 15th as part of the university’s 100th aniversary celebration.

    An official at the university, after recieving thousands of angry e-mails and phone calls, consulting with law enforcement security teams and the Chancellor of the university, cancelled Ayers’ un-repentant rear.

    Governor Dave Heineman said, “I am strongly condemning the invitation of Ayers and considered it to be an embarrassment to the state and that the university has gone beyond it’s mission.”

    Makes me feel a little better now that Obamination is wasting all that campaign money.

  75. Windrider,
    that is our one great hope, that they do in fact dump tons and tons of money into red states, just to fall flat on their face in Nov.

    The level of effort, money, fraud, lies, threats, vandalism, criminal affiliations, and legally-questionable assistance from the news media, Hollywood, Universities, local and state Demonrat officials, etc, etc, etc, you would think Obama just can’t lose.
    Yet, that’s exactly what could happen on Nov 4.

    And when he does, we should be prepared for one hell of a celebration!!

  76. If we keep it up the curtain will be a camera and your voting consultant will be Mickey Mouse hailing from Acorn – Southern division.

    Faith, I have it and frankly feel like I am banking on it too much.

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