Before Or After

The election of 2008 hinges upon one thing: action. What is of importance relative to that “action” is who is going to be taking it and when it will be taken, before or after the election.

For those somewhat uninformed as to a few recent and relevant current events, allow me to expose to the light a few media morsels and their foreshadowing of the political future if no action is taken..

On Friday, October 17, 2008 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, the “Barack Obama train” pulled into a place called “Mack’s Apples”. So full was the itinerary that the National Anthem was “scratched from the program” so the another “speaker” (propagandist) could talk to the assembled (m)asses.


In Volusia County, Florida, a twelve-year-old girl was called a “racist” for wearing a McCain/Palin shirt to school. In New York, a female McCain volunteer was physically assaulted with the McCain campaign sign that she was holding by a male Obama volunteer. A York County South Carolina McCain campaign office was vandalized and the words, “Republican means slavery” (Talk about “projection”..) was spray painted on the door.

Minha Husaini, the NEW “Muslim outreach adviser” to the Obama campaign, back on September 15th, met with some of the practitioners of the “religion of peace”, who have vociferously supported Hamas and Hezbollah, at a “closed meeting”. The LAST Obama “Muslim outreach adviser”, Mazen Asbahi, “stepped down” after he was directly linked to at least one radical Imam.. By the way, Asbahi was at the September 15th meeting along with Husaini..

On the judicial front, The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled in early October that gay couples have the right to marry. The Governor of Connecticut, M. Jodi Rell said that, “I am firmly convinced that attempts to reverse this decision -either legislatively or by amending the state Constitution-will not meet with success..”

In Washington, D.C., the Supreme Court overturned a federal appeals court decision that had ordered Ohio’s election officials to verify voter’s eligibility. Democratic Secretary of State for Ohio, Jennifer Brunner said that the Ohio GOP is “trying to disenfranchise voters.”

Lets try to approach these in their order of appearance.

This odd forgoing of such bothersome things as the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance are indicative of something habitual not accidental. The Anthem (and what an American is supposed to do when it is being performed..) and the Pledge are reflexive to those of us who honor this country and what it stands for or, depending on when the proper “action” is taken, what it USED to stand for. Those who have routinely overlooked such customs will, if they get the opportunity in the future, consider such time honored traditions to be “unnecessary”, “optional” or even “illegal”..

The idea of “contrary opinion”, protected as free speech (unless the courts have made any further decisions today that will erode more of the rights of the right..) has been twisted into “hate speech” by the liberal left. Physical assaults and the destruction of private property, exercised against those with “contrary opinions”, regardless of the victims age or gender, are nothing more than the “free speech” of the liberal left that has over time become “tolerated” by its victims. Welcome to Nietzche’s “transvaluation”. Unless there is an “affirmative action” taken by the right, the rights of the right will continue to be jettisoned in the pursuit of “fairness” and “tolerance”.

There have been countless liberal imbeciles of late compelled to expound upon all of the “racism” in the air. For example, John Lewis claiming that the McCain campaign was starting to resemble the cross-burning campaigns of the Democratic Party’s not too recent past. Barney “Fabulous” Frank claiming that the Republican criticism of Democrats like himself as relates to the “housing crisis” is “a veiled attack on the poor that’s racially motivated.” Who can forget the “Anointed One” himself saying, “They’re going to try to make you scared of me” and “I don’t look like the other Presidents who have spoken here”.. The “politics” of “racial recognition” will be replacing the “color blind society” of Dr. King’s dreams. Dr. King thought that the white racist Democrats would be the ones to implement the “pigmentational priorities platform”, he would have never guessed that it would be the Democrats who share his heritage that would be the ones poisonously implementing it..

We are being told to “overlook” as “propaganda” the “associations” of the Democratic candidate regardless of their absolute relevance. We are being told to “look beyond” the obviously questionable appointments and their more than questionable pasts, and this is before the Democratic candidate assumes the office of the Presidency. The Bill Ayers, the Tony Rezko, the Minha Husaini, the Mazen Asbahi, the Jeremiah Wright, the list goes on and on.. There needs to be a series of investigations. There needs to be some answers. If we don’t get them before the election, what do you think that the chances are that we will get them after?

We have also seen what the courts, in their present condition, have been accomplishing as of late. If the Democratic candidate wins in November, can we reasonably expect the “condition” of the courts to remain the same or will they deteriorate even further? Please keep in mind that the Democrats will be assigning judges to ALL of the levels of the judicial “Dante’s Inferno”.

We are going to see millions of votes that will be illegally cast by voters who don’t exist, voters who insist upon voting multiple times and almost worst of all, votes will be cast by untold numbers of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants who not only have no right to be here but they should have no reasonable expectation to vote until they are legal tax paying citizens of this country. As well there will be felons, who by their criminal actions have forfeited their right to vote, who will be casting countless ballots. “Activist” organizations that openly support the Democratic candidate are flooding the bureaucracy with bogus registration forms and demanding their “inclusion” so that their charges will not to be “disenfranchised” and/or “discriminated” against. This is all taking place with the approval of TODAY’S judicial roster..

There needs to be more “action” taking place now. The ridiculous judicial gyrations of Al Gore in the year 2000 after the election were childishly obscene. Gore, who was so concerned about “legal” votes being discounted in 2000, (even though he worked feverishly to have the LEGAL votes of the military personnel who were stationed overseas thrown out..) has nothing to say about the millions of illegal voters that are lined up for the Democrats in 2008. The Governor of Connecticut is giving up already, will the judicial picture be appreciably brighter come 2009?

Even more unsavory are the “single issue voters” who are going to vote against the beliefs that they supposedly hold near. Who are they? They are the ones sporting the “Catholics for Obama” bumper stickers. Makes as much sense as a “Jews for the Third Reich” lapel button or yard sign.

This is all about “action” but this is also about anger. Anger creates liberal votes and conservative apathy. If the left assumes the Presidency, are you prepared for the “action” that will be coming your way? “Action” that will be partially attributable to your apathy? Already in place is a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate and with that, a Democratic President. The “action” that you take would be best taken BEFORE November 5th,because AFTER, it will be too late..


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  1. Go git ’em, Tiger!

  2. Just returned from my anniversary dinner with my bride of 50 years. The
    big shindig is next Sunday when I raise a toast to Larry and REDBONE.

    LARRY this comment by you really heats up my being mad about what is going on in this country.

    We must wake up the true Americans that sit out the elections to take part now as this country will sink under a total democratic regime

    Hopefully the silent majority will respond and bury Obama

    They can not do much to an old timer like me but I have concern for my children and grandchildren.


  3. JR,

    To be thought of on you and your wife’s 50th anniversary is an honor.

    Your concerns are mine as well.

    Anyone at this point who happens to be a little wobbly needs to be brought here.

    The family will take care of the rest.

    The reason that the left avoids us so often is that they realize that there isn’t anything supporting their “arguments”.

    This is too important for us to ignore, silence is NOT an option.

    Again to my friends Redbone on the 22nd (20 years) and to you JR on the 26th (the big 50!),
    my best to you both and many more happy years.

    Lets bring home a winner, shall we?

    Thanks as always,


  4. Larry,

    You, as usual get the dander up.

    While listing all of the “actions”; how about the actions against Joe, the plumber? If the smear actions perpetrated against a person with a legitimate question of the Democratic candidate is bad, what actions do you think will be taken should that candidate actually be elected?

    I shudder to even think about it. I, like JR, am almost too ancient to be affected by it much; but, I also am concerned for my children (one of whom is on active duty with the US Army) and grandchildren.

    Come on people we must keep the faith and do our job.

    (just another Joe)

  5. Loren,

    Good point..the only reason his original question played was because the “Obamamedia” didn’t think that it would take off.

    When it did, the media does what it does best, it builds you up until they decide that its time for them to tear you down.

    That was the Obamamedia’s call and they never let you down.

    Thanks as always my friend,


  6. Family,

    What a big surprise..for more on this go to The Thought of the Day.

    It’s a DOUBLE Thought for the Day.

    Have you subscribed to the Thought of the Day?

    It’s free and its fun.

    Obama won’t be able to tax it, I promise..


  7. Family,

    I ended up making it a NLTZ coupon.

    It was a TRIPLE Thought of the Day.

    Hope you like it..


  8. Larry, I was not being a smartass, I was trying to encourage you above.
    What we have done is looked at the people, looney liberals, and said, “how can they be so stupid?” Stupid is the right word, but what we did not do is examine the man and say, “what is he doing to mesmerize these people enmass?” Mesmerize is also the right word. Obama is employing hypnotic techniques on a skilled level equal to the methods employed by Hitler at his mass rallies. The objective is to by-pass the normal critical facilities of rational judgment and speaks directly to the uncritical subconscious mind. The unconscious mind, called the “id” from which we get the word, “idiot”, is stupid, meaning it has no means of critical judgment and believes itself to be anything it is told it is. For instance, a person under hypnosis when told by the hypnotist he is a dog will bark and act like a dog as instructed by the hypnotist. The objective of Obama, and his own intelligence handlers who have programmed him, is to capture the free will of his listeners by a false emotional identification, and impose hypnotically on their subconscious the instruction to vote for him contrary to anything their normal critical judgment would cause them to dismiss Obama out of hand. And there is much. Mother in rebellion to her white roots and culture and that influence it had on him, abandonment by African Arab father, Black Islamic stepfather who passed on to him the Islamic heritage, Frank Marshall Davis self admitted sexual pervert and communist mentor of his youth, black separatist Islamic revolutionary Khalid Mansour, Saudi Arabian Prince Al-Waleed Bin Tala, Percy Sutton,black separatist Louis Farrakan, Liberation Theologists the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezco, influences by Marxist communist writer Saul Alinski, white revolutionary commuinist terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernadotte Dorn, and you need to check out what Larry Sinclair alleges about Obama.
    The hypnotic process he employs begins simply and increases in complication as he proceeds, using hand signals and body language was well as speech. It works well on the liberal sector “because they” are already, as Romans 1 says, “do not like to retain God in their knowledge, therefore God has given them over to a reprobate mind to do those things that are inconvient…” A reprobate mind is a mind totally devoid of rational judgment. His hypnotism also works on “moderates” because they are toying with liberal ideas.
    What has to happen is an awakening of those who have even a slim modicum of critical judgment left in them. Palin was one jolt toward this end, Joe the plumber was another. Hypnosis is witchcraft. Witchcraft is the manipulation of another or even of the self for control by a spirit that is not The Holy Spirit of God- Who is The Spirit of Truth- which is The Spirit of Reality. Witchcraft has no respect for free will. Eve said about her sin, “the serpent beguiled (hypnotized) me.” We are being challenged through Obama and his bewitched followers with a raw form of Luciferian manipulation. We have never encountered this in a direct personal way such as this. What is in the offing is a perfect storm that will produce the tsunami that will overwhelm Constitutional America, the bedrock basis of which Constitution is the culture in which we can exercise free will.
    How do we combat this predicament? 1.We must first recognize we are in a spiritual battle that is warring in our land. 2. Believe God. 3. Obey His Word, the Christian Bible. 4.In the Name of Jesus bind the spirit that is using Obama and his minions and has Obama and his followers hypnotized. 5. Loose the holy angels of God who are ministering spirits sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation into the leaders of the nation, and into the lives of those we know are “undecided moderates.” 6. Be calm. Treating the undecideds with respect will help them see they are “eating the husks left by the swine” and “come to their right minds” so they can vote in theirs and our best interest. 7. Of course, take our own medicine and vote McCain/Palin.

  9. Ken,

    You have succinctly put what I have been saying for the last few months. We are in spiritual warfare. We are not fighting men, but spirits and principalities of darkness. We need to take the fight into the spiritual realm. The only thing we can do in the flesh is vote for McCain/Palin and keep vigilant about the events going on around us. As we hone our spiritual weapons, we can successfully defeat the principalities of darkness, which in turn, changes our circumstances here on Earth. We are not to just sit and wait for Jesus to come back. We need to pray without ceasing and cast out demons in the Name of Jesus. When demons are cast out, multitudes are saved. Please visit for excellent teaching on honing our spiritual weapons.

  10. I really don’t think that if Oshama wins in November that he will get a second term. He will either be assassinated (God forbid) or he will not be re-elected. There have been multiple studies done that say that if our country elects a black President, that that person would not survive their first term. When the American people wake up and realise just how far-left and dangerous this guy is, he will not get enough votes for a second term.

  11. I have a question how were your finances about 15 months ago(before Obama). I bet they were fine…Than the perfect storm happened Fannie and Freddie whom congress was warned about 2003 2005 2006.
    Than We have Soros stating 11/07 he knew exactly where our Dollar would be next year at this time 10/09 it was already planned it is called Oct surprise…
    But something happened to screw up the Oct plan Her name was Sarah Palin We had to start the market manipulation early. You know the only way Barack Obama could win if the main topic is ECONOMY ECONOMY ECONOMY!!!

    Just go back and look at the rise and fall situations especialy DEBATE nights. Oct 7 -518
    Oct 15 -778 drops.

    I think a lot is manipulations, short sales and naked sales Soros has ties all over the world even in Dubai

    I feel it has plans on leveling out around Nov 5th
    that is why Obama has been so cool.

    He also is following his Saul salinski ,teachings rules for radicals. Hit the MIDDLE CLASS with the doom and Gloom

  12. Jim a SoCal Conservative

    Today’s LA TIMES endorsed Obama….had a follow up article on how blacks will feel if The Annointed ONE is not elected due to racism.

    I second KEN’S comments about the stupidity of people in mass today. Socialism is not too far from Nazism and Hitler’s SPELL on the Masses.
    What is going on here??? Over 100,000 people come out in a RED STATE to greet and worship this ONE. WHY?
    You’re right, Larry, about ACTION…and without it we create Apathy which gets us nowhere…then WE deserve what comes on Nov. 5th.
    This whole last month of the campaign has been confusing, bewildering and has created mass ANGER on BOTH SIDES. We, the Conservatives, due to Bush get blamed for the LIBERAL Democrats and the economic mess we now face….and our grandchilder will still face.

    The Vitriol of Palin is astounding!! Larry, we must RISE UP against this wall of shame and delusion that has spread across this country like a firestorm. WHERE ARE ALL THE SANE PEOPLE? Cowering in their closet, afraid to come out for fear of invectives thrown at them…being RACIST no less.
    I have TWO McCAIN-PALIN HATS that I won’t wear outside because I don’t want my foreign cars getting keyed!!! No Kidding!
    I have two Lawn Signs for McCain that have been taken away already…went and got more!
    But, frankly, I”M AFRAID. Afraid of the masses who worship this Idealogue with no credentials. Where is this country going?
    Larry, what do we do? I’ve run out of options…except to MAIL in my VOTE and demand FAIRNESS.
    God Bless America….we are dire need of it.

  13. ” The Tainted MSM Hype”
    Out of all the polls I’ve taken part in over the past few weeks ,the real Americans see this whole issue of our economy in a different view from what is imposed by our un-accountable left wing biased media. The results from Personal Liberty Polls.
    Which Candiate is better suited to handle the countries future economic policy?
    72 % voted John McCain
    9 % voted Barack Obama
    18 % voted Neither

  14. Larry,

    I like the question: Before or After? I submit that “after” is where we are.

    This die was cast in the 1940s with the systematic and unionized takeover of our education system. The “educators” and “experts” who convinced parents that they, not parents, were better equipped to bring out the full potential of their child’s mind. Parents, with their entry into the booming post-war economy, were an easy sell. Most of them, anyway.

    Today, we see the results of effort pitted against apathy. The Marxists have created the “perfect storm,” the big payoff. The “citizen of the world” comes to power. We watch as our once-sovereign American ass is handed to us. Instead of outrage, we see resignation. “Hey, no big deal. It’s just politics.” Well, it’s not “just politics” as so many would like to believe.

    It’s time for “plan B.” The plan for “after.”

    Plan B requires survival, education, and commitment. We must see why and how private property rights are the basis of our liberty. We must know basic economics, and how free market capitalism works. We must be able to show how these principles address and limit the power of the state, while still providing our best solutions.

    We cannot defend principles we do not grasp. We cannot leave a blueprint for creating order out of the chaotic rubble which our children and grandchildren will face unless we understand the tenets that maintained us for more than 200 years.

    We must remain committed to this effort. It would be easier to ignore it and just look out for ourselves. But everything we hold, however meager, was made possible at the expense of those before us. Our efforts are simply an attempt to pay on the debt, and cover their bets.

  15. Congradulatios to you and ypur bride. My wife and I celebrate our 48th on Wed. Like you I am probably too old to be affected too bad, but I am afraid for my grandchildren. No matter who wins there will be HELL. If he wins we poor dumb conservaties will go th jail for saying “gosh that is a queer bug” . If he looses there will be Watts all over the country because he lost due to the racial vote by the whites. Here in Texas we are allowed to use deadley force to protect our property. Signs are the property of the land ouner that put them there. yYou do not have to hurt anyone if you pull a good bluff. I gave my wife a 20ga pumpgun for our anniversy. On tue we will join the local rifle and pistol culb so she can get a lot of practice. We old GIs may be over reacting, but I would rather be prepared than taken without a fight. Great article Larry.

  16. The most appropriate comment here is that of a certain New York Yankees catcher (who hailed from the same town as Larry and myself, by the way). The MSM is doing their level best to cram Obama down our throats. You just wait. They’ve already talked about how big the Obama shindig was this weekend. Tomorrow they’ll harp on how small the McCain rally in St. Charles, MO will turn out to have been (it might even keep me from getting to work, since I work so close to where the rally will be). What they will not tell you is that Republican supporters generally have jobs to go to on Mondays.

  17. By the way, Larry, congrats on cracking the top million sites worldwide (932,327). Mine’s been on the way down recently, having peaked in the top 400,000 (it now ranks just south of the top 500,000).

  18. Larry–

    The pit of my stomach bubbles and boils over thoughts of the “chosen one” and his dubious dealings to buy the presidency. Are Americans’ souls really up for sale? It’s pretty scary to think that money, not mettle, can win an election. NObama is spending more money than any other politician to ensure a win. Do you know what that tells me? Two things:

    1. He believes the American people are for sale;
    2. He’s afraid that we will see through his shroud of subterfuge so he fills the stage with the smoke and mirrors of an illusionist, conning his way into the bleeding (sometimes non-pumping) hearts of the people.

    How can we let him get away with this? How are Americans not demanding that he answer to the same rules and standards they do? The mindless maniacal media mesmerizes the masses with their meaningless musings of the “Magical Messiah”. Where does the truth fit into that equation, much less Heil Hussein’s vocabulary?

    Worst of all Colin Powell had to endorse the devil. Does he honestly feel the Obamination can solve our economic problems? Hmm…let me think…aren’t his financial advisors the same jerks who got Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac into their mess? What juice was Powell drinking when he made that decision?

    I keep thinking of before and after and their meanings. Before implies the questions, the lack of knowledge, the idea. After implies knowledge gained and ideas reaching fruition. But once we reach the after, sometimes we wish we could go back to before. “He who increases knowledge increases sorrow.” I don’t want to know an America with Obama at the helm. I don’t want to see an after where he is the answer. The only after I can imagine is the aftermath of the complete and total destruction of the county our forefathers fought so hard to build, the country our brave soldiers fought so hard to defend, the country that gave BHO the chance to run for office. Let’s open our eyes, clear our minds, and think about now (the before); if Obama gets elected into office, I pray that my only after will be in the hereafter because I can’t imagine my life as I know it now will be vaguely similar. God help us BEFORE it’s too late…

    Thanks, Larry, for another great article.


  19. Larry,

    I most wholeheartedly support your thoughts. This increasing shambles of what used to be one of our treasured rights as free Americans, is being degraded and made a fallacy of.

    We may as well start watching our future presidents be “elected” like Hollywood celebrities, who has the bigger box office draw. No need to worry that he’s as dumb as post, he looks good, elect him!

    The very fact that our judicial system is not helping in the finding of indescrepancies of voter fraud, is cause to rename the system. To call it a Judicial System would be fraudulent in the onset. I find it difficult to believe that our court system, no more faster than it moves at present, cannot specify a number of courts, in which they couuld set aside their docket temporarily, to attend to the most important issue of voter fraud.

    A Lutheren minister about 10 years ago tried to make a documentary on racism, “A Time For Burning.” It didn’t go to well as the minister asked his members (all white) to invite blacks over to theri houses for dinner.
    A young black barber told the minister that it wasn’t going to work. That barber is now a senator in my state’s Unicameral and, for the lack of a better word, the most racist S.O.B. in the whole state. (he recently filed charges against God for weather damages in the midlands) They have brought the issues of the mini-documentary back to life (good timing) in my estimation trying to “help” black democrats feel discriminated against and the “feeling” white demos go off on another guilt trip. As a black woman who is promoting the movie said, “If you walk into a room and you feel different, you are racist.” This referred to being a white person walking into a room filled with black people. Somehow this never seems to be applied in reverse! Shouldn’t this same dogma then be applied that I different as I walk into the coolness an of air-conditioned building from mid-summers heat, I therefore am against global warming or ecology?


    “Make up a lie, make it a big lie, tell it often and the people will believe it.” ~ Adolf Hitler

    The minions of the Democratic Party are required to pass Realism Evasion 101. These are the people who say they, “I feel”, when asked their position on an issue instead of , “I think.”

    These are the same people who, as children, were subjected to the same lie repeatedly that the world is a rosey and happy place at all times, full of “hopes” and “change.”

    In this “training”, they grew into the person’s we call liberals who still suffer from the “hynosis” of their childhood only the damage done is permantant.

    Obama has seen the rewards in Hitler’s methology for he already has camps brainwashing small children, white and black, some as young as pre-school, singing songs about and in general giving praise to him, the Great One. I believe there is one on YouTube showing this, cutting in the middle to young children in the ’40’s singing in praise of Hitler.

    The parents of these children are sitting there adoringly in consent of such stupidity.

    This man, no matter what name he calls himself, is a great danger to all Americans. If Obama is elected, he will throw his “electable” campaign in the dirt and dedicate himself to the full realization of a Socialistic State.

    We as the People need to do a lot of cleaning up in the Capitol, and I mean a lot! I love this country and, well, all I can tell you is, if these mis-guided dogeared liberals start pushing me any further… my “clutch” on my gun is only gonna get tighter. NO body messes with my country!

  20. So Cal Jim,

    What can we do?

    Tell the world..

    Your world. Tell everyone in it.

    No holds barred.

    Send em here and show them around.

    You are now a tour guide on the “excursion to common sense.”

    It may not seem like much but every little bit makes a difference.

    Thanks as always,


  21. Stone,


    “It’s just politics”.. If anyone says that to you, remind them of just how important politics are to the left. They are their Alpha and Omega.

    Tell the world..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Graywolf,

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you..

    Congats on your anniversary..

    Thanks as always,


  23. Billsey,

    Excellent point about the rally.

    Top one million, eh?

    I’ve got alot of work to do..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  24. Heather,

    On Powell: see the “Triple Thought of the Day” on the Thought of the Day site. Powell POLITICALLY is a moderate at best and it would appear that he has a politcal weathervane atop his head.

    First he is Republican, next he is a Democrat.

    POLITICALLY, he has always been a RINO and now I think he is cadging for a job..

    Love the fire of your comments, you are quickly becoming the “Sarah Palin of NLTZ”..

    Lock and load.

    Thanks as always,


  25. Windrider,

    “A time for Burning” would have been a goodie.

    Whenever I walk into a room filled with Democrats I always feel “different”. Cerebral superiority would be classified as “different”, wouldn’t it? Hygienically clean would be classified as “different”, too. Gainfully employed would make you feel “different” in a room full of liberals..

    Thanks as always,


  26. I’ve been mad for weeks now…and getting madder. I am astonished that so many americans are acting stupid…or maybe they really are.
    Maybe it’s my background…accounting and finance…but when Obama says he will give tax breaks to 95% of taxpayers…the first thought that comes to mind is hey…40% of the taxpayers don’t pay income tax. Then you hear it explained that if you pay payroll taxes you will get a break…and the second thing that comes to mind is…that’s social security and medicare. Correct me if I’m wrong…but don’t we have 56 million baby-boomers retiring? Don’t you have to be 62 1/2 to collect?
    Are we so blind not to see what is coming? Those 40% who don’t pay income tax will now be receiving their tax breaks through the social security and medicare funds for which Obama intends to raise the cap. So not only will people who make more than $250,000 receive an increase in income tax but they will also be paying increased FICA so he can give it back …to those who essentially pay nothing anyway.
    I’m still praying for “divine intervention”….anyone care to join me?

  27. blue state blues- RWG

    Your words are inspired and they are truth. I felt truth and clarity when I read your post. There is no other explanation for Obama’s waltzing right through every minefield that is in his path. Today, for example, it was reported that he raised $150,000,000 in September. He can’t be raising that kind of money from members of ACORN or his support base. Under any other circumstances somebody would be asking questions about where that money came from. But did you hear any? With the exception of McCain, no one has asked a single question including Fox News. According to McCain, there is $200,000,000 in unaccounted donations. And no one is asking. He may win by buying this election. And no one asks where the money came from. After reading your post; I now believe I know why. We need to all take notice that this election is a battle of principalities. We will have to turn to God and pray for His strength and intervention. If we don’t, I fear that we will lose the election and our country.

  28. R.A.R.,

    We aren’t blind..

    They are. Blinded by the grasp for power by a 143 day Senator who is an unapologetic liberal.

    Start slapping them around.

    I’ve been trying as well..

    Thanks as always,


  29. “Welcome to Nietzche’s “transvaluation”.”

    Truly frightening Larry. The dems will stop at NOTHING to get this sham elected and radically alter (reverse) the values we as Americans hold dear. The left is hell-fired up after Gore’s loss (er, theft…) of the election by GWB and also Kerry’s loss to the same man. Obama does in fact seem to be the new Ubermench in so far as the MSM, hollywood, etc… (the democratic party of 2008) is concerned. ALL the odds are against us, yet we must have the strength and the faith to see this through to the bitter end and then to fight back if need be to re-claim what is our heritage as US citizens as the CONSTITUTION with blessings from GOD would have US live. We… US… are at stake like no other time in my memory, perhaps history! I do not want to live in the USSA with a truly purchased and stolen election.

    Larry, again… Thank you so very much for your well wishes! To JR and Greywolf on our anniversaries… I will raise a toast to you, my friends. To my conservative family… Long may we live! Long may we fight! I will see the liberal caliphate perish.


    maybe it’s too late, but i have an idea that might help. anybody have a way of contacting a “5 2 7” agency with the following ad. open with the now famous “we need to spread the wealth around ” scene. the pan from right to left on that picture of obama being the only one on the stage with his hands down as the national anthem is being played. then close with someone (? joe the plumber ) saying ” i just don’t trust this guy”. play that over and over till nov4th. that plus any “bradley effect” there is, may be enough to do it. maybe the obamapelosireid USSA should be included as well

  31. Feckless,

    I will tell you that these “527’s” are no where NEAR the news that they once were..

    I feel that your plan would make a difference.

    I have no idea how to contact any of them where ever they are..

    Thanks as always,


  32. Amazingly enough, Zogby has McCain leading in the polls today!

  33. Dee Smith has a valid point. Was this last bailout conveniently contrived to throw the American people into panic? Focusing their thoughts on nothing but the almighty dollar and little else?

    This a nation, that is steadily growing in numbers of the “me first”(baby boomers) mentality instead of “our country first”, the strategy of economy collapse would work well for Obama. He being in-experienced and untested in other areas to be a fully responsible leader, his campaign message to the people centers on budget and taxes. With this tactical co-ordinate on the un-thinking greedy, Obama can falsely project a tax plan that will never work. There is a possibility of Obama gleening some taxes if Pinko Pelosi gets a follow through her mention of a “Windfall” tax on Social Security disbursments.

    Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

    Have you ever wondered why if politicians are against deficits, we have deficits? Or if politicians are against inflation and high taxes we have inflation and high taxes?

    There is a Confidence Conspiracy in Washington of 545 people;
    100 Senator, 435 Representatives, one President and 9 Supreme Court justices who are directly, legally, morally and individually responsibe for the domestic woes that plaque our country.

    545 people out of 300 million American citizens, folks, and there is not a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people.

    When you full grasp that 545 people hold the power of our federal government, then it follows that what exists is what they want to exist.

    There are no insoluble government problems. Do not let these 545 people shift the blame on anyone or entity.

    Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like the “economy”, “inflation” or “politics” that kept them from doing the job they took an oath to do.

    These 545 people are our employees. Employed by us and held responsible by us for the state of our nation. It is of utmost importance that we become stricter bosses.

    Whether it be ineptness, strict party affiliation, absensce, or comfort in long tenure of any 545 people who do not put the interest of America’s Constitutional ideology and her citizens foremost in their minds, should be fired.

  34. Larry,

    Another Gem. You are correct, apathy kills. And BHO is another catalyst to the death of an empire. For ours can be great and be of the ages if we follow our doctrine (the constitution). However, with the outright disregard for our laurels and traditions I can assure you our liberties and rights will continue to diminish. Thus making this election for the potential 2 seats at the Supreme court arguably the most important issue.

    My big disconnect outside of “typical power and establishment for the politician” is why doesn’t the average American even begin to see this? Are we becoming that naive and corrupt to believe that not providing value or working within the confines of a capitalistic society is a great benefit, and socialism is the answer? You are a slave if you think of the government as your golden egg.

    Folks, as I preach to the choir (I am sure not many lefties stop by here), we must remain vigilant and continue to fight even if it’s thru McCain. We must not give up or feel like we are the minority now.

    Our beliefs are grounded on the principles unto which this nation was borne. A nation never seen before to mankind and to one that actually could last until the ages. However, if apathy continues to grow, government guarantees increase, and the continued breakdown of family we the great people of this great nation can check great at the door. Voting for the dems this election is close to treason in my book.

    I won’t even discuss race much simply due to the fact Barack’s resume is too thin for the position. And more importantly he couldn’t get a job at the CIA / FBI due to his sketchy associations. Race has only improved his standing, not hurt it. It might make a small % on election day, but for the “Bradley effect” will be wiped out by the brain-dead “I wanted to vote for the first black guy”. Hopefully, you too feel that dead horse has been beat too much.

    In conclusion, it is tough being a young man in a democratic town in the Midwest whose capitalistic opportunities are dwindling due to failed policy and negative government influence (that we don’t stop or demand corrected). Driving me to the point where I refer to myself as more so a libertarian. I don’t want to see the best nation established begin to decay. And really it’s not up to the elected it’s up to “We the people”.

    Keep up the great work, it does inspire me, and I sure many others.

  35. Also can you really believe all our government secrets and classified works will be able to be read by BHO if elected by Tony Romo in Utah (or was it Nevada)?

    As daffy duck would say… “shoot me now”.

  36. “Voting for the dems this election is close to treason in my book.”

    Midwest Mike… I could not agree more. The Billion Dollar Candidate must not become the Billion Dollar President.




  38. When Colin Powell feels he has to vote color, then look for the deluge of undecideds to follow suite.
    Hang On Folks ” It’s On “.

  39. Happy 50’th JR 🙂

    “Joe the Biden” just predicted that the US will be hit with a major international crisis within 6 months of the chosen one’s coronation. This announcement comes at a big dem fundraiser. How many gallons of kool-aide has this guy consumed? Fox is all over it… the gaff man strikes again!

  40. I keep finding myself comparing the Coronation of Saint Obama to the election of the Nazis in Weimar Germany, with a young charismatic leader. The media is on his side, and the amount of fawning admirers. The problem is, people today don’t bother to learn from history, thus we are compelled to repeat it. With that sort of parallel, one has to wonder how it will all end. Following the historical parallel, a World War would destroy this country, and pull all the rest of the world into the conflict.

  41. Redbone… Biden didn’t make a mistake… he let the cat out of the bag!!!!!

    It will happen, we will have another terrorist attack, because our enemies will know that we are toothless if Obama wins.

    I believe absolutely that this ‘economic crisis’ was contrived, and was scheduled to be the October surprise. They just moved it up to take the momentum from McCain, when Palin came along and shocked the snot out of the Liberals.

    ON another topic…I got an email today from one of those watchdog groups that is putting together an ’email your Senator and Representative’ drives asking them to recall the congress and pass a federal law requiring a picture ID in order to vote. I sent in my emails… you all might want to consider it. We have made some inroads with this kind of thing in a few areas. Remember immigration reform… so it could work. I thought it was better than standing around talking about it for a change.

  42. Windrider,

    545 people, eh..

    I smell an article..

    Good stuff as always,


  43. Midwest Mike,

    First: thanks for your kind words.

    Next: This “costituition” thing that you mention.. you might think about how its going to be “manipulated” if things don’t go as we plan..

    Keep an eye out for “Everyday Joe” which will hit NLTZ in a few hours..

    It’s a barnburner..

    Thanks as always,


  44. Redbone,

    “Close to”??

    “Is” is more like it..or as Billy Bob Clinton said, “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is”..

    Thanks as always,


  45. Dono,

    I am sorry but Colin is as important to the election TODAY as Dennis Kucinich.

    As a political flip flopper, he makes a perfect Democrat.

    Thanks as always,


  46. G.

    Shall we prepare for the “Night of the Long Knives” Volume II after the Pol Pot Luck dinner and beatification of the Dark Knight?

    Just a thought..


  47. T.,

    It’s already on the books..

    It’s called the “Help America Vote Act” of 2002..

    I will say no more here as you will know more about this Act when “Everyday Joe” hitz NLTZ in about two hours.

    Hold your breath, its a hottie..


  48. Larry,
    I concurr that that left has most of us on guard. Here in even central CA the lefties are out of control. The gays are going absolutely nuts against any who think marriage is for men and women and the Obamamaniacs deface anything pertaining to McCain/Palin! Colin Powell has shown himself to be an opportunist and permanently soiled his formerly impeccable reputation.
    Despite these discouraging events, we still have the power to hold the wheel if we will only VOTE. McCain and his opponent are far too similar in views for me. However, there is one area where McCain commands ALL my loyalty, and that is future Supreme Court Appointees!
    I will not write this election off. I STILL believe the majority of this nation can think!
    May God have mercy upon us all.
    Dr. Dave

  49. Night of the Broken Knives??? Try Night of the Broken Glass. If BHO loses, there will be so many riots, it will make Kristallnacht, Watts, and L.A. a la 1992 look like a child’s prank. Satan (as in Lucifer, not BHO) is planning a race war. This election is lose-lose, unless we pray fervently and bind the spirits of division. This truly is a war against spirits and principalities of darkness. Pray protection over your ballots, your homes, and your families.

  50. Amen, Amy………………………..

    Dr. Dave… You sure? I hope so man.

  51. Dr. Dave,

    Check out “Everyday Joe”..

    It will be up in about five minutes..


  52. Larry,

    I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problen was created by Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated it’s Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered but private central bank.

    I excluded all lobbyists and special interest groups for what I think is sound reasoning. The lobbyists or special interest groups have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a President, Senator or Congressman to do a damned thing. I don’t care if they offer a million dollars to one of the politicians, it is within the politician’s alone moral self-responsibilty to accept or reject the offer.

    It is the responsibility of the representative’s to determine how they vote with first in mind the interest of our great nation, not their pockets with lobbyist’s or special interest’s green.


    An interesting video. An interveiw of Philip Berg, a Democrat who has filed charges against Obama questioning his nationality, therefore his eligibility in the presidential race.

    Interesting! Either on YouTube or go to

    Between this, his as yet un-explained funding for campaigning and the voter fraud inuendos towards a black, subersive, socialistic organization of which he has a long and close history with and a campaign of “spread the wealth”… I mean, I, unless checking every pocket on myself afterwards, wouldn’t let Obama help me with my coat on.

  53. Can we start a collection for Joe? He was just tossin’ a football back & forth when he realized there wasn’t a single person asking real questions of this jack— walking down his street. So,unwittingly as it may have been, threw himself on the proverbial sword and asked a (horrified gasp) REAL QUESTION!!!!! And oh my god, did he get the unwashed truth! Spread the wealth. BLAM!! He actually said it! YOU DA FREAKIN’ MAN JOE!!!!! Oh yeah, great article as always Larry!

  54. Windrider… incredibly damning, we can only pass this around, pray people watch it and the courts listen to it! Thank you.

  55. The Democratic Party has endeavored to inch, if not push, the American populace towards a dependancy upon govermental progams. In truth, this has been acquired in part, with help by the Republican Party in it’s straying from it’s conventional moors of conservatism, having shallowed in their convictions over the last three decades. The end result will lead to a socialistic state of goverment, one which Obama, the current Democratic candidate, and his backers are well versed in.

    We are all well aware of the fact that the Soviet Union being socialistic based, failed. I ask, be they Republican, Democrat or Independent, why do they think that a socialistic state can succeed just because it is in America?

    Doe’s one think that just because we are American we can make socialism better? Socialism is a form of government with rules over the people rather than of and by the people, as is a free democracy.

    In a democracy may you choose self-independece and responsibilty and the resulting un-equal sharing of wealth.

    In socialism, the government chooses to solve your “problems” for you and cast an inherent sharing of misery to all.

  56. Our Democracy is being hijacked right from under our noses while we sit back and allow the tenets of Political Correctness to dictate a level of apathy that, I fear will be fatal, as we wait for someone else to “do something about it”. I will have to say about those who would “change” America into their socialist utopia. They are energized, they are committed, and they are organized. All the things which we seem not to be.

  57. Our National Anthem, Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance is of great importance to me. Not only in the reverance I feel for my country but I think the quality of all three should have a binding effect among all true Americans. I have said many times, I love this country! I’m proud to be an American, don’t mess with the fact.

    I, being a “country boy”, have worn a hat or cap most of my life and never failed to remove it and place it over my heart when hearing the National Anthem.

    This surprised a few of my friends when, first time at a local bar and ready for the Nascar races to begin, the Nationl Anthem was played as normal. I became silent, placed my cap over my heart and faced the TV showing the flag until the anthem was over.

    However, the good news is that within a few Saturdays that followed, the people in the whole bar were following my lead on their own free will. I don’t make a habit of going to the bars but I did stop in a couple of Saturdays ago and hit it just right. The anthem was being played and there, every single person in the bar was, hats off and or hands over their hearts with no one talking. Couldn’t have been more proud!

    Yet here comes a man named Obama who, earlier in his campaign, wore no National Flag pin in his lapel nor would he place his hand over his heart when the Nation Anthem was played or sung. It is pretty well assured that Obama began wearing the lapel pin ONLY for political purposes. The man who aspires to hold the highest office in the land, in the world, condemned Americans who displayed American flags after Sept. 11th as being “kneejerk, reactionary, false, patriotism.”
    “False patriotism”, Obama? Would that not apply to a lapel pin suddenly being worn?

    This man Obama, while seeking presidency, has come with sharpened tools. Tools honed by his undisclosed ideological and theological beliefs. Tools mean’t only to cut away at the Free Constitutional binding unity of our America until it falls into a moraless, confused, dependent, trashpile of souls. All the while the color inept and political blind are soothed by Obama’s ersatz promises… Promoting the destruction of our once great land.

    Anyone voting for Obama ought to be branded
    in the words of Forrest Gump;
    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  58. Heather,
    You asked what kind of “juice” Powell was drinking when he decided to place his support for the Obummer camp????

    Black-Barry juice, of course!

    Powell’s choice, in free America, was a disappointment, but really now–is his choice a surprise?

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