Everyday Joe

Those of you who may be wondering why the Democrats are spending so much time attacking “Joe the plumber”, please keep a few thoughts in mind:

“Joe” is YOU. The liberal Democrats are directly attacking YOU.

This is exactly what they do when they manage to hoodwink the electorate. For example, any time that you hear this “Tax the rich” nonsense, replace the words “the rich” with “YOU”. Case in point, “tax the rich” under Clinton went from the “rich” being classified as those earning $250,000, then down to $100,000 and it ended up at $45,000.. The left has a chronic history of assaulting the middle class after morosely microwaving the same old mantras and then serving them up to “undecided” fools during the election cycle. Sometimes this ruse works and sometimes it doesn’t. It didn’t seem to take when political zombies Gore and Kerry tried it. The left just decided to “color” things a bit differently for a “change” this time through..

After it’s all said and done we get, “It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody..” Socialism 101. They begin their “com-passion play” with “class seperation/envy” (don’t you feel so much better hating those rich guys..) and then its back to their Paleolithic Collectivism.

Keep in mind that the media was caught with their liberals shorts down by the “Joe the plumber” “phenomenon”. Once the jig was up, the media tried to keep the negative focus on “Everyday Joe” (AKA: YOU) but the conservatives picked up on the free advertisement being inadvertently ladled out by the simpletons of the liberal media.

The right knew that this Obama “sound bite” exposed the Socialist underbelly of “Teflon II”, the latest candidate to receive the media’s Mafia type “protection”. The focus of the “phenomenon” then became the “spread the wealth” collectivist claptrap of the liberal 143 day wonder. The media, so easily outsmarted as all liberals always are, then turned on the only other player in the scenario who wasn’t a liberal.. Joe, also known as: YOU.

By the way, the Obama team has assembled the largest team of lawyers ever, 5,000 head of weasel, to “monitor” this election. Mind you, these Democratic assassins will not be trying to PREVENT voter fraud, they will be ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING IT.

I am here to tell you that the Constitution will be on the endangered species list if the Obama team manages to “lawyer” their way to the White House. The Constitution will become irrelevant. The “Fairness Doctrine” (Yes, it will be back..) will be a walk in the park compared to what the left will create. Laws that are already on the books are being fought tooth and nail by these liberals all in the pursuit of their naked bloodlust for power.

The recent “Ohio” decision by the Supreme Court goes against the “Help America Vote Act” of 2002. The Act was written in order to PREVENT another situation like the one in the 2000 election. The left puled and moaned that the election of 2000 was allegedly “stolen” from them. The difference now is they are the ones doing the stealing, so all bets are off. The liberals are now demanding that the Act be ignored in order for their 1.3 MILLION newly registered “voters” to be fast tracked with no proof of either residence or identity. One facet of the Ohio case involves a request to “reject the ballot if the applicant hadn’t checked the box indicating that they are a qualified voter”. How absolutely unfair. 660,000 “new” Ohio “voters”, 1,300,000 “new” “voters” nationwide.. I hope that Mickey Mouse can get his absentee ballot in the mail in time. His inability to grasp a pencil or a pen can be construed as “discriminatory” and I am sure that a “qualified” liberal will then cast Mickey’s vote for him. If it’s being done in the inner city, Mickey will probably get twenty or thirty cracks at it..

The left is working slavishly to RECREATE the Florida fiasco by demanding that preexisting law must be ignored because they say that its “fair” to do so. Only this time for good measure, they want Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and many other states in the mix as well. In 2000, the left wanted to eliminate legal votes cast for Republicans. In 2008, the left demands the inclusion of their illegal votes because they will be cast many times over for Democrats.

The 2002 Act tried to “establish minimum election standards”. The liberal lawyers want all “standards” to be disallowed while they are loudly claiming that the Republicans are trying to “improperly disqualify voters”. What we are saying is that you should have to PROVE that you are a “qualified” voter. This is how to liberally steal an election.

With the pre-approval of the United States Supreme Court, (these are the types of judicial decisions being made BEFORE Obama gets to reward his friends and punish the electorate..) anyone who shows up anywhere sporting a shiny Obama button will be allowed to vote until exhaustion sets in. A number of the 5,000 liberal lawyers employed by the Obama campaign are currently working on a lawsuit demanding electric wheelchairs be made available to Democratic voters felling a bit puny after their fiftieth Obama vote of the day..

Even though the last was submitted sarcastically, this type of “fairness and inclusion” when applied in the typical ham fisted liberal manner, isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility. If the nation allows Obama to prevail, get yourself ready for more “fairness” than you can possibly imagine. You might want to prepare yourself for mandatory morning calisthenics in the new “Fairness Tiananmen Square”, built in your home town with “revenues” “fairly” taken from the “rich”, with monotone recitations from the Obama Little Red Book to follow. In the first 100 hours, Obama will be on the phone to Putin asking, “How did you guys make that whole Gulag thing work?”

These 5,000 marionette lawyers, with the Democratic paymasters pulling the strings, are actually going out into the public saying that the Republicans are “trying to improperly disqualify voters”. Close, but no cigar.. We are trying to “properly qualify voters”. Better yet, after the proliferation of Obama approved (after all, he TRAINED them..) ACORN shenanigans, all the Republicans want is for the word “voter” to mean “one legal vote for each legal voter.”

The next step in this illogical liberal poltroon polka will be the thought that allowing inner city minorities to “vote with unlimited and unverified multiplicity” is nothing more than proper “reparations” for the years when they weren’t allowed to vote at all.. Never mind that it was the DEMOCRATS who made it a habit of murdering the minorities who wanted nothing more than to exercise their Constitutional rights..

Those who will feel the cathartic weight lift from their shoulders by basing their vote upon the race of the liberal candidate, need to understand the actual representation of “black” in this election. It’s not Obama’s race, it’s the fact that your bank account will never be in the “black” ever again if

“The Great Equalizer” steals the election.

Get used to it, “Everyday Joe”, they are targeting you as we speak..



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  1. Larry:
    A must read more than once to get the full impact.
    Biden did it agsin for us.His promise of an attack on this county within six months of the big O election to test him gives us more ammo to play up MCCain as not one to be tested.


  2. The 5,000 legal beagles siked on us and the election officials will end on Nov. 4th or 5th we hope. But an Obama win causes some real problems for Biden whose son Beau is said to be up to his neck in a legal quigmire regarding Larry Sinclaire, whose Constitutional rights Beau as Deleware Attorney General allegedly violated. Biden may just want out by a McCain win in which case Sinclaire has indicated he will be willing to drop the whole matter. Is it possible that is the reason Biden is making such dire predictions? Certainly, McCain would be more likely to handle a possible nuclear catastrophe better than Obama. Another problem Obama faces is the matter of proof that he can legally, as a bonifide citizen, meet all the birth and citizenship requirements to be president. The true Messiah, Jesus, can without doubt or contradiction prove His credentials to be the heir and ruler of the world as stated in the two thousand years old authentic documentation in the Christian Bible’s Matthew and Luke. “Messiah” Obama hasn’t to date presented a mere official birth certificate that authenticates him for the position he seeks. Then there is the matter of alleged illegal foreign contributions accepted by Obama, allegedly estimated at least 200 million. All of this legal morass goes away if he loses. And if he wins…well, maybe it will, maybe it won’t. And while on the subject, Obama has not to date to my knowledge renounced the pronouncement of himself as Messiah which is to say, God. He is thus allowing himself and receiveing the worship of himself as God. This should be a dire warning to any sane human being.

    Thanks Larry for you great insights and for all the great people who read and comment. Much to think about here.

  3. Correction please: Obama has not renounced the pronouncements by others about him that he is “Messiah.” By doing so he is receiveing worship of himself as God. etc…

  4. AWESOME article kid!

    The whole thing just makes me sick.
    Such blatant acts of organized crime.
    Its comical listening to these idiots trying to justify their criminal behavior. They have no sense of even doing anything wrong.
    The mere fact that they can do this and get away with it simply justifies their believe that they must be doing something right.
    Its like robbing a bank and getting away with it. Since they got away with it, there must not be anything wrong with it!

    I remember reading a long time ago that democracy could be the best form of government, or the worst. It all depends on WHO gets elected.

    We’re about to find out just how bad “worst” can get. The felons are already running the election booths AND voting in them.
    Next the felons will be in office.

    We need to keep in mind, Hitler was VOTED into office. And in a society leaning so far in one direction, no one stepped in to stop him from tilting ALL the power to himself.

    Its amazing to me to see the utter stupidity of so many white people being duped by this liar.
    Reminds me of the people who keep letting criminals out of prison early. I absolutely have no compassion for their victims. When people are so stupid they keep repeating the same mistakes, I have to laugh at them. Not feel sorry, but laugh at them.
    When these idiots allow this liar to be their president, I suspect I will be laughing my ass off for the next 4 years…..at least.
    I can’t wait to photocopy my paycheck and publish it online for the world to see how this LIAR raised… RAISED…my taxes.

  5. “In 2000, the left wanted to eliminate legal votes cast for Republicans. In 2008, the left demands the inclusion of their illegal votes because they will be cast many times over for Democrats.”

    There it is Larry… you said it clear. This time they will stop at NOTHING… therefore we can not stop. But I repeat myself yet again. Come what may, this is gonna be ugly.

    I have to bump a link posted by Windrider from “Before or After”… read, watch and pass along!

  6. I think there are two words we are all looking for here: Desperation and Power.

    B. Hussein O. is so desperate to win that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Five thousand lawyers (what do you call six attorneys at the bottom of the ocean? A good start!)? Get real. That’s enough to give one to every Gitmo detainee and then have extras left awaiting more prisoners.

    The other word, Power, is more telling. He wants POWER so badly that he will do whatever it takes (and I am beginning to believe that word, “whatever”, more and more) to get that POWER. B. Hussein O. is the most power hungry person I have ever met, read, or heard about.

    While reading his first book, “Dreams From My Father”, I was amazed to see how much his world, hopes, dreams, energies, went into POWER. And not just ANY POWER: POWER for HIM. B. Hussein O. was always being told, “It’s not all about you, Barry/Barack!” Almost everyone in the book told him that. Well, it didn’t matter that they all told him that: to B. Hussein O., it still IS AAH (All About Him) and it always shall be. He likes to be fawned over. He likes to be treated as though he’s special. He likes to be worshipped. He likes POWER and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Let me say that again: BHO will do WHATEVER it takes to get POWER.

    That is part of the reason all of this is happening. In studying Bill Clinton, you see B. Hussein O. has adopted some of Clinton’s techniques, his prowess with those with money, his cultivation of the “elites”. You see how B. Hussein O. glad-hands those with the ability to help him, ignores those who cannot (see him spending time with the injured troops in Iraq? No? Well, doggone!), and you realize that it’s that important to him. POWER is the be all, end all.

    Reading his books, you see the ego, you see the desire, the drive, the racism. Yes, the racism: he hates his “other half”: the side that raised him wasn’t to his liking at all. When I read the books I got the distinct impression that it was something B. Hussein O. wanted almost as much as he wanted power: ridding himself of the caucasion half of his heritage was something worth throwing his white grandmother under the bus for, and he took the opportunity when presented and did so. Power meant more to B. Hussein O. than his own blood, than the woman who raised him most of his life, who sat by his bed when he was ill, and stayed up and waited for him to get home at night.

    Power and the desire for it rules B. Hussein O. and desperation set in when Palin joined the opposing ticket. We shall soon see just how desperate he is. I predict that shall be before the election and it shall be a national shocker that unveils B. Hussein O.’s obsession with POWER and shows us his true identity. And when this happens, be prepared for some to not care and to vote for him anyways.

  7. LM,

    You succinctly described what BHO is all about. This whole election reminds me of the old adage: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


    Awesome article. It is scary that the whole system seems hell-bent on electing this asshole to office. We must pray without ceasing that the truth will come out before it is too late. Where are the whistleblowers when we need them??? I guess we are they. This election is truly Good vs. Evil, and Evil MUST NOT prevail. I am calling on the whole family to sharpen their spiritual weapons and pray in the Spirit, take authority in their locales and cast out the demons that have possessed Liberals and especially BHO and MO IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! The only way to win this battle is to vote and stand in the gap spiritually. We need to have hearts of warriors. We must take our anger and direct it toward Satan and his minions IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! We need to bind up the evil IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

  8. Larry,

    Spot on. Average Joe… the plumber is from the town next to mine. I think he has handled himself very well in the matter. Concerning the number of lawyers that is just mind-boggling and scary. 5000! That is unbelievable. Funny story I have is I know one of them. A good friend of mine was his roommate. When he said he was going to DC to be on the staff, I just laughed at him; neither he nor his wife appreciated how I mocked his work without any regard.
    Anyways, this guy being a hardcore liberal never wanted to debate me or speak these issues. He always deflected any political conversation. He always said that I was anti-Obama but never wanted to take me up on the matter. Now the saddest part of the matter is even though I can’t say I had much respect for him cause he was always a what you can do for me type of guy (and largely involved in local politics for the dems – riding the coattails), he was intelligent. I could never really gauge if he actually believed what he was saying. Sounds like he is practicing for his future in politics especially for the left…

    Anyways I can say BHO legal staff alone is a strong signal he is power hungry and desperate for it as everyone indicates. And back to we the people… donations to feed that hunger in breaking records is just sick and treasonous. I can understand if you’re not thrilled with McCain, really I can, I am there with you. But nonetheless, he is a true American for starts, and I truly do feel he loves this country. I will leave it at that and not go issue by issue. He is our representation and compared to the opposition, he is the better choice by an infinite percentage.

    And going back to the American part Midwest Mike here is having his art team develop a new symbol/seal, this American flag is getting tacky and lame you know. How do you guys feel about a star and sickle of some sort?


    When my wife turned 57 I sent out invitations with a picture of the front of the Heinz ketchup bottle 57 varieties

    The big ‘O’ must have had some that day for breakfast


  10. Well, damn, Larry… I guess I was not paying attention that day! I don’t remember this Help America Vote thing… and now the Supreme Court has OVERTURNED the ruling that said Ohio had to verify the new registrations?

    We haven’t yet heard the last of this story, have we? This election may not be decided until January 19th! And if we thought there would be riots of Obama lost, we can be assured that there will be massive riots if the election is challenged in court and he loses. And the main stream media will fan those flames like nobody’s business, because they will not be satisfied until their guy wins.

    I’m stocking up on ammo, food, medicine and getting ready for the onslaught!

  11. Were we all just asleep when the circus came to town? Were we all asleep when the republicans lost interest and let the dogs in?
    This whole scenario has just scared the hell out of me. We are on the brink of a revolution. Spread the word, VOTE for your lives! Signed; JOE AKA Dono

  12. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    It’s amazing how the media is plugging this 78% white, 16% arab and only 6% black guy as the first black president.

  13. Great article Larry. Right on the money.

    It does make me wonder though, with all of the people working to get BHO into office how is he going to pay them back? A cabinet full of Tony Resko types is a scarey thought.

    Equally as scarey is the race issue that continues to rear it’s ugly head at every turn.

    Looking back on history greed for power is what usually where our society comes off track. BHO and his minions are well down that road and the results can and will be devastating.

    Just one lonely man’s opinion.

  14. I’ve just found another nugget that the MSM would rather we didn’t know about the heir apparent. You can bet your last dollar they won’t report on this one except to complain that it isn’t fair!

    here’s the link:

  15. 3 Headed Rick

    It saddens me that we fought in Iraq to bring them democracy
    and look what our democracy has turned into.
    Just the voter fraud alone is enough to disgrace AMERICA in the eyes of the world.
    Can you imagine what the average Iraq citizen is wondering what were doing there.
    Acorn and the liberal left[is that redundant?] have made a mockery of our democracy.
    Two years of media distortion[news you cant believe in}
    Hundreds of millions of dollars spent campaigning,
    The liberal media propping up Obama.
    Imagine if the liberal media told the truth about Obama,how long do you think he would last?
    Garry Hart had a bimbo sit on his lap and he had to drop out of the race.
    Obama and the dems have disgraced this great country.

    Stupid statement of the year:
    Biden “It`s patriotic to pay taxes”
    I say it`s patriotic to pay your fair share of taxes.
    To pay more of your fair share of taxes is socialism

  16. Just one word…..Megalomaniac.

  17. Dead on again, Larry!! Obama’s gestapo almost makes the infamous Clinton Machine look like a ferris wheel – sure, it may have been a political ploy to put out the fire that the Joe the Plumber thing started but look how they’ve tried to personally destroy this man, digging into & revealing his private business in order to shut him up! So, in other words, should Obama win the election (God forbid!!) if we don’t show the “mark of the beast” and speak out against him, we’ll live to regret it!!?? If this doesn’t spark a revolution or another civil war, I don’t know what will…hit your knees everybody – we definitely need Divine intervention here!!!!!!

  18. JR,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I would like for it to be read about 10,000,000 times..

    Maybe it would help.

    Thanks as always,


  19. Stitch,

    Hope you don’t have to do any photocopying.

    Lets keep working..14 more days.

    Thanks as always,


  20. LM,

    Sound words..excellent points.


  21. Sister Amy,

    Thanks for the kind words..

    Keep the faith, it ain’t over till its over.


  22. 5000 lawyers, is that all? We were told that the Obama campaign was bragging to the Clark County elections board that they would have 3000 lawyers in Nevada alone. (Not that the Dems would exagerate or anything) Those of us volunteering as lawyers for the Republican Party will certainly have our hands full, that is for sure.

  23. Midwest Mike,

    Liberals only feel comfortable around other bottom feeders.

    Conservatives can walk into a room full of lefties in hopes of a challenging exchange of ideas. Every guy in there will lift their skirt and shriek as though they have seen a mouse.

    Star and Sickle? How appropriate..well done, my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  24. JR,

    The cad who reminds us all of an Easter Island statue has always envied McCain for the heroism that he could only imagine.

    With Democratic zombies Kerry anf Gore, we staved off Americas demise for eight more years.

    Lets keep up the fight.

    No “Obamie the Commie”.


  25. T.,

    That’s my point.

    We need to win this before the ballots are cast.

    To messy after..


  26. Lonely Man,


    He will either bring in other 143 day wonders like himself or he will surround himself with Biden types.

    Can we survive the former and what does the latter have to do with “change”?


  27. 3 Head,

    Ah yes, Donna Rice.

    Clinton made Hartpence look like a piker..

    I heard the New York Harpie yesterday out there singing for her supper for “Obamie the Commie”..what a horrible voice.

    Now I know why Clinton screws around..


  28. Yvonne,

    Tell the World.

    Don’t give up.

    Send em here.


  29. tccesq,

    God bless you and we are all praying for you.


  30. Ok Larry, I get that you know what your talking about and I agree with you. So how about an article telling us what to do about it, or how to prepare, or at least why is this allowed to go on???

  31. BHO writes on a third grade level. Bill Ayers, who he describes as only a casual aquaintance, wrote both of his books for him from his notes. His relationship with Ayers the terrorist is just another in his long list of outright lies. Everyone with an IQ higher than the average turnip should realize that he will have to greatly increase taxes on everyone making over $12K per year. If you own any firearms, you had better start looking for a very good hiding place for them because president BHO wants to take them away. He is flush with cash because every muslim in the world is supporting him. I don’t have millions to contribute to the campaign but the ragheads do and BHO is spending it bigtime! Right now, there are thousands of ACORN liberals sitting around filling out millions of vote- by-mail ballots for dead and non-existent voters. There isn’t a single, good reason why voters cannot be required to show a valid, photo proof of ID in order to cast a ballot. They cheat, we lose!

  32. “illogical liberal poltroon polka ”

    Shear genius…

    Thanks Larry.

  33. Frankly with the self righteous “progressives”, the ends justify the means…as far as they are concerned breaking the law is justified because in their twisted little minds they are upholding “justice”. Obama will bring in lots of militant black nationalists and social engineers for his domestic programs. As if 75 years of New Deal and 45 years of Great Society programs needs to be enlarged to bring about “economic and social justice” for blacks. These are the same people who think that the KKK is a BIG problem in America, but the Crips and MS13 are not. If the political and racial majority in this country don’t wake up and say NO! now, the future of America will be grim. And we all will be hoping for our own “John Galt”.

  34. Hi Larry,

    Great article yet again. One thing that really, really concerns me about BHO is all the God like adulation from his followers and the rabid masses.
    And as mentioned here by others, BHO does not reject it. Comments like “contrary to popular belief I wasn’t born in a manger” even in jest are outright blasphemy.

    God is NOT mocked, a man (in this case read nation) will reap the whirlwind if this man is elected.

  35. Perhaps it just because the air is cleaner at his height, but Charles Barkley, basketball legend and talk show host, put it eloqently simply in saying, “Poor folks have been voting for Democrats for 50 years…. and their still poor.”

    While Barkley’s words are not exactly prophetic to the rest of us, how would one possibly go about explaining them to the “poor folks”, a.k.a. black minority. Barkely, of course would be considered an “Uncle Tom” and a white man a “racist” should he try speaking against in what they believe in is the dictorate principles of the (almost) all giving Democrats.

    Only 5,000 lawyers behind Omamaears? That should be a drop in the sleazy slush bucket for him. The Whiz Kidder should have a well of lawyers to draw from at his whim. All he needs do if he finds himself short of lascivious laywers is beckon the Devious Demo’s party.

    The Democratic Party has become a party of lawyers. Obama and his wife, Michelle are lawyers. Bill Clinton and Hillary are laywers.
    The ‘chastised’ ex-candidate, J0hn Edwards and wife, Elizabeth are lawyers.

    Every Democrat nominee since 1984 went to law school (although Al Gore didn’t graduate… busy inventing the internet?)

    Every Vice Presidential nominee except for Lloyd Bentsen went to law school.

    The majority leaders in each house? Both lawyers!

    Keep in mind that these people are schooled as trial lawyers. As opposed to corporate lawyers who will, for the most part, play by the rules, the trial lawyer will nit-pik at the rules in order to get the best possible outcome for themselves. Those rules they are attacking being know as The Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

    Who does Obama and his following of lawyers want to punish? It’s the big business’, and worst of all the small business’ that provide the services to the people and the growth to our economy. Small business’ account for 7 out of 10 jobs in our country.

    Obama’s “spread the wealth” amounts to no more than a back-alley crime. He assualts you in taking your money then spending it on pet programs of pleasures for himself. While Congress will provide the weapon enabling him to take your money, he will also be trying to take your guns.

    It is ignorantly accepted by a majority of Americans today that in 1789, Washington intended this republic, in which every major government action taken, must be blessed by nine unelected judges. (Brace for Hillary as a Justice should Obama win)

    Less in number but just as ignorant are the Americans who accept the ACLU lawshops biting at the heels of our brave young military warriors.

    The Loony Lawyer Party will not restore declining morals or the spark of enterprise back into our great nation. In their lawyer’s mind, a move in that direction, they see only what would be a loss of clientel.

  36. Hi Larry,
    Great article as usual. Thought I would do a little something different ….share with everyone an email I received today. It goes like this:

    Just wanted to thank you for the great emails you have sent me. Trust me I have sent them out by the hundreds this time around. At first, before I really knew who Obama was, I was voting for McCain anyway, but not enthusiastically at all. There are just no more Reagans, but compared to Obama, McCain and Princess Palin are Reagans. God bless you and thanks again. Be sure to let all know not to trust the polls. I have checked many and most are two thirds dems.
    Take care.

    This is what makes the extra effort worth it….reaching people…one voter at a time.

  37. Joe the Plumber…is the divine intervention we seek. Let’s not let him down.
    Anyone catch c-Span today? Chris Shays is my new hero…he’s banging the GSE drum loud and clear….while the dems avoid his calls to go to the source of our financial disaster. Why is that?

  38. I believe our problems with Obama and his radical ties go well beyond our shores. I have been receiving some very disturbing emails about him and his “family ties” in Kenya…not a pretty picture….no pun intended.
    Please let Larry know if you want this information to share with others. He can email me your requests.

  39. Jamie,

    An article isn’t necessary.

    1) What to do: Follow Rayne’s lead. Talk to everyone. JR, Redbone, Amy, Windrider, Stitch, even little old me. We are all talking to ONE voter at a time.

    We approach things logically, we don’t scream at them, we don’t belittle them. Fell free to cut and paste anything that you want. An article, a comment, whatever. Send it in an email to anyone who is “undecided”. “Link away” my friend. If not, then send them here and let them navigate around. I do this every day.

    2) Prepare? Hide/invest as much of your income as you possibly can, legally. 401k, individual retirement accounts, etc. Take as much off of the top “pre tax” which lowers your taxable amounts come April 15th. I maxed out ALL of my investments last week. Find a really good investment person, someone from word of mouth that you can trust. Sit back and invest for the long haul.

    3) Why is this allowed? Why is the silent MAJORITY silent? Start screaming..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  40. Photo Joe,

    Points well taken.

    That’s why our “grass roots” level work will pay off if each of us does his or her best!

    Our friends will listen to us before they will listen to a commercial or an infomercial.

    It’s up to us to keep talking and to stay level headed. Let the liberals fly off the handle and become illogical.

    Keep pushing on, my friend.


  41. Michele,

    Thank you..

    Tell the World.

    Send ’em here.


  42. tsnamm,


    The liberals can’t fathom the huge difference between justice and law.

    With their robed fellow travelers inventing “justice” as they go along, the parameters are being intentionally blurred by a mountain of “legal” polysyllabic pish posh.

    You are getting very sleepy…

    Thanks as always,


  43. John W.,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I noticed almost from the get-go that the Obama supporters were “not normal”..

    It’s been a topic of mine within “Beatifying Barack”, Much Ado About Nothingness” and several others.

    One of the liberal election officials sarcastically said last week relative to what he thought was the EXAGGERATION of the ACORN/liberal “cemetary vote” phenomenon, “It’s not like we are going to have zombies showing up to vote..”

    My response was, “You haven’t been to an Obama rally, have you..”

    Thanks as always,


  44. Windrider,

    You are an NLTZ national treasure..

    Whiz Kidder..THAT was a classic..

    I’ve said for years that D.C. needed more ACCOUNTANTS and less LAWYERS..

    Maybe I wouldn’t be paying off someone elses house for them had anyone listened..

    LAWYER and LIAR, the only difference is a few vowels and a few consonants..

    Thanks as always,


  45. R.A.R.,

    You aren’t called “Right as Rayne” for nothing..

    THAT’S how this thing can be done.

    Logic can lacerate the liberal lies.

    We cannot allow Obama to complete the “Axis of Taxes”..

    Talk about an “Axis of Evil”..

    Keep up the good work and congratulations!!


  46. Okay thanks. But I am talking more in the short run. Is everyone expecting a crazy 2009? Should we be storing food, heat sources, buying guns that arent registered (legally at gun shows), and things like that. I guess I am so naive in that I find this hard to swallow here in the USA.

    I feel sick.

  47. Alabama Redneck

    Another great take on the upcoming “Big Steal”. Just to add a little fuel to the fire click the link below for some interesting reading about the messiah.
    http://theobamafile.com/ Don’t know how long this site will be availble but it does shed a lot of light on dark places.
    Thanks again for the forum. If the site is down, I have printed it to make it available to anyone that may be interested.

  48. Obama’s personality was flawed from the beginning, as a result of a father who deserted him and a step-father who did the same. Because he thought he wasn’t good enough for his own father and step-father to remain with him, he has an incredibly low self-esteem – which remains in his subconscious, and which he masks with an enormous ego and hunger for power – which he wants so that he can correct all the world’s wrongs, to show everyone he is, in fact, worthy of his father’s love.

    Toss in a mother who also essentially deserted him, leaving his drunken grandfather to dump him with Frank Davis, a sex pervert and communist, and the result is one incredible psychopath. Obama is capable of incredible damage to himself and to our nation. He is mentally unstable, but hides it skillfully.

    In fact, he surpresses it, but it will find a way out, a way to express itself and take the revenge it so much was wronged by — beware if you’re
    in it’s path ….

    Good luck if he’s elected… we’ll need it.

  49. T: that story about Obama having belonged to the socialist “New Party” group is picking up steam. They are doing just what you said they would, saying that by calling Obama a socialist is invoking code for “black.” See drudgereport.com

    PAPER: ‘Socialist’ label called ‘old code word for black’…

  50. Larry,

    A national treasure to NLTZ? Thanks for your kind words!!

    Of the blind followers in Nobama’s economics one has to wonder if, by their parent’s Democratical preference, they were discouraged, perhaps even restricted, from any form of mathematics while being schooled.

    100 years ago an economist, Joe Wurzelbacher gave this analysis, “They are always under the dominion of the superstition of government, and forgetting that a government produces nothing at all, they leave out of sight the first fact to be remembered in all social discussion that the state cannot get a cent from any man without taking it from some other man, and this latter man must be a man who produced and saved it. This latter man is the Forgotten Man.

    In realistic terms of Obama’s “spread the wealth”, Joe the plumber is the Forgotten Man as will we all be who have strived to make an honest living.
    The Obama promise of “change and new direction” for America will be the new direction of your change out of your pockets.

  51. Jim a SoCal Conservative

    Larry, emphatic article … loved it. I’ve read all the comments above….so many qualified people putting excellent ideas forward….amazing the potential of the RIGHT WING….the Conservative side.

    Yes…the words to describe the ONE have all been used here. From giant ego to the next Hitler. Larry, how did it all come to this? I’m a Christian who believes God has a big part in all of this. Why does He allow this, at this time in our country’s more difficult times?
    I’m spreading the word to all my friends and those who are still undecided; and I’ve been blessed to contribute much toward McCain and Palin in destroying this EVIL that confronts us. But with all this effort…and your fine column…and many more like it…. we seem at times to be preaching to the choir.
    I can’t get those who DON’T GET IT….they got glassy eyes with ZOMBIE written all over them. He has this way about him…this trance like effect….and try as we may…you can’t get through to those affected…. Our only hope is the PA and OH and VA crowd that are still on the fence.
    I dislike the Electoral College Way…. I’m in a state that I have no control over… it almost seems hopeless at times when you stop and consider the situation. BOH has learned from the losers and has adopted those tactics necessary to beat the Electoral College HIS WAY. And he’s doing it with Chicago politics and Axelrod.

    Larry, keep up the great work. Your column is an inspiration that I continually look forward to. I just hope it’s not too late.
    God Bless America. God Bless McCain.

  52. Jim a SoCal Conservative

    Larry, to further your point about what to do in the fatal case of BOH as a leader….we probably now have to adopt the Mormon Way…begin storing our monies, food, family and preparing for the worst…. a long drawn out affair.

    Which brings me back to Dick Morriss’s comments about Hillary. He may be wrong about her coming about in 8 years. If she gets her wish, and Obama stumbles as badly as Biden thinks he will…she may get her run at the BIG PRIZE in 2012 instead.
    But…she’ll have Palin to look at and Pawlenty….the Young Guns who will lead the Conservative Party home to VICTORY.
    Chalk this up as an early prediction. And not YET giving up on this election.

  53. Great article! Found this blog on the Urban Conservative Top Conservative Blogs list. I’ll be adding it to my blogroll.

    But anyway, the article is great! You’d think common sense would show even the Kool-Aid Obama supporters that a) increased spending + b) “tax cuts”= MORE deficit. So, either Obama will lead us further down an infinite debt hole, OR he will have to raise taxes on everyone. And history proves it will most likely be the latter.

  54. Jamie,

    “Crazy”, yes.

    The idea of even a slight majority approving of the Obama sleight of hand is crazy.

    Bottom line: the liberals don’t like to fight.

    If they want to take something from you, directly challenge them, they’ll back down.

    Don’t sweat it brother, if the picture looks that bleak, get out and fight all the harder.

    I’ll be out there.


  55. Alabama,

    It’s still up for now..

    Check in and if it mysteriously goe sdown, just let everyone know how to get a copy.

    Thanks as always,


  56. Danno,

    I like to think of it as the fact that the President gets too much credit and too much blame.

    Obama has no clue what he will be doing. 143 days of experience, lets be serious..

    Obama will be nothing more than a figurehead, but it is what the consolidation of liberal power when both the House and the Senate combine with the “New courts” with the spots filled by the left, that is a bigger concern.

    The Presidency is the last stop-gap.

    Lets get to work.

    As I have said for months now: Tell the World.


  57. Windrider,

    I like to think of the liberals as I utilize the words of Oscar Wilde..

    The left, “knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

    Thanks as always,


  58. SoCal Jim,

    Remember, He doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

    But in the words of Mother Theresa, “I wish that He didn’t trust me with so much..”

    Hillary will always be damaged goods. Face it, she couldn’t beat a nobody with 143 days of experience. She was the preordained winner. She had the entirety of the liberal stock to choose from when it came to her campaign and she chose a group of imbeciles who chose the “experience” lie while BHO/JFK took the “change” lie.

    All that she has left to do is pick up her checks from Obama, beg for the chance to run Hillary Care II (If Obama is smart he would let her. Remember, Bill let her do it knowing that the blame would be all hers..) and drool onto Chuckie Schumers shoulder for the rest of her “career” while she blows spit balls at SOMEONE ELSES State of the Union address..

    Don’t forget Mike Pence and Jim DeMint from Ohio as well..

    Thanks as always and thanks for your kind words,


  59. Rick,

    Thanks for joining the family here at NLTZ.

    The easiest “solution” from the lefts jilted perspective is to simply throw money at any and all problems.

    They never seek to “solve” a problem, they actually seek to exaccerbate them.

    “Solving” problems takes intelligence and ambition, two things lacking in the liberal genus.

    They just hand money to the same people who have created the problem that they allegedly want fixed..

    Who knows, maybe in 2009, the world will learn that Santa Claus is black.

    The left already believes that their god is…

    Thanks as always,


  60. I enjoy reading all the comments here.
    TO SO CAL;
    Living in taxachusetts my vote no doubt will not matter however:
    It IS the reason we stop the multitude of liberats [misspelled on purpose} in the blue state from winning GOD BLESS THE HEARTLAND AND THE SOUTH FOR

    Thanks for including me in your comments.I have decided what I will
    say Sunday at my anniversary shindig about the election when I
    get the mike. It will be short sweet and to the point without screeming
    or sarcaism {spelling??}

  61. JR,

    If it’s not too much trouble, could you share it with us? I would really like to hear those thoughts.

    I wish that all of us could be there to share in what is in this day and age a rarity, a couple that understands and cares for each other through good times and bad for 50 years. Such a milestone is a testament to both of you.

    I will send my best wishes to you and the Mrs. from the balcony of the ship that we will be on, so appropriately named the “Liberty”, on the 26th.

    As well, today is our good friend Redbone’s 20th anniversary..

    All political palavering aside, everyone sign on and wish these two fine couples your best.

    Congratulations to the both of you,


  62. JIM SOCAL,

    According to The Book of Revelations;

    The Anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40’s, of Muslim descent, who will decieve nations with persuassive language and have massive Christ-like appeal. The prophecy says that the people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, he shall destroy everything.

    The similarities in the prophecy with Obama are great, and one can only ask oneself if is the Anti-Christ, and pray that he is not.

    You ask where our Almighty God is in all this. I believe He is waiting, patiently, on the sidelines where we Christians have placed Him. Due to our complacency and apathy, we’ve rested on our laurels as prayer is not allowed in our schools. The recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, containing the His name, God, was driven out of our schools. The display of His word in public places or the sight or mention of His name is being driven from our nation. All the while the so-called christians the nation have sat idly by. Helping God off the nation’s field.

    In a Free Nation Founded Under God, the very same nation who’s equitable laws are allowing unbelievers groups to remove His name from our nation. It only follows that in so doing the morals of the country will further decline as will what remains of the christian ideals.

    You may have felt indignation, perhaps a little anger when some of the above described events took place. But they are done so can you blame Him in taking a “benchwarmers” seat in the welfare of this nation. A nation that no longer trusts in Him?

    There is always goodness in God, my friend, as he promises in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

    I propose that not only sincere prayer save our nation, but resistance by strikes, pickets, legal or any other reasonble means be carried out at any attempt in removal of our Almighty God’s name and the weakening of Christianity, past future.

  63. Margaret in CT

    It’s astounding that people who have lived in freedom for more than two centuries could be lured by the promise of a free pass to a socialist Disney World. When Congress comes to collect ticket money before they are allowed to get on a ride that they were told would be free (for them, but not for the “rich”), it will be too late to turn back. Medicare Part B benefits were $3.00 per month in 1965. Today they are $45/month. Adjusted for inflation, $3 in 1965 would be about $20 today. Rampant fraud has added untold cost to the program. Why do the voters think “universal coverage” with the same steward as Medicare, would work out any differently? It baffles and frightens me–Margaret

  64. Windrider,

    Mandatory reading there.



  65. Margaret,

    And that’s just the beginning..the left intentionally screwed up the schools, basically everything that they touch.

    The bigger the government gets, the easier that it is for them to “hide in plain sight” as they “Murtha/Cunningham” you and I to death.

    The screw hurts just as bad regardless of who is turning it..

    Thanks for your comment,


  66. To JR and Redbone:

    Congratulations on your anniversaries!!! I hope and pray that you will have many more!!! May God bless you and yours!!!

  67. Windrider,

    Wrong. I received the same e-mail and as a person who studies the Bible (as well as the other religions’ books: Quran, Torah, Tanakh, Book of Mormon, etc., etc., etc.), I did the research to find out if that e-mail is true. I am no supporter of B. Hussein O., but the e-mail merits no credibility.

    Yes, it does say that the dragon was given power for forty-two months, but other than that I see nothing that states that the man shall be in his forties (age is never mentioned) or Muslim descent (in fact, it states that the dragon will come from the sea in 13:1; otherwise, it does not state what nationality or religion he will be).

    Also, the Bible never mentions “Muslim” nor “Islam” because that religion was founded many years AFTER the Books of the Bible were completed.

    B. Hussein O. does not meet some of the criteria of the Anti-Christ’s character: he has not been mortally wounded with a head wound that mortal men would die from (I can’t guarantee that won’t happen between now and the General Election, Nov. 4th, but so far), he has not been able to deceive most people (in fact quite a few of us abhor him) and he has not yet blasphemed and stated personally that he denies Christ (he is supposedly a Christian; although is “church’s” teachings come close). So, I think that we are safe right now; however, I do believe (strongly) that B. Hussein O. is a preparation for the Anti-Christ. If you look at what he is doing, how he acts, his attitudes, I think this is a candidate who is a preparatory thing.

    It’s kind of like the old “put the frog in cold water and bring it slowly to a boil” thing so that the frog doesn’t jump out. B. Hussein O., to me, is the pot of cold water. America and the world should be on close guard — especially spiritual guard — in the next several years. I can see the evil in the man: I see the willingness to do evil. I just don’t see him as meeting the biblical requirements of the Anti-Christ. He doesn’t have all of the boxes checked; he cannot be the Anti-Christ.

    I read through the entire book of Revelations just to be sure. The info in that e-mail is a hoax and it does not merit worry.

  68. Windrider,

    I always interpreted Revelations as saying that the Anti-Christ will come from Europe (the old Roman Empire), NOT Africa. Although the Bible does not explicitly say his location (use of symbols, instead), it also does not say that he will be a Muslim (Islam had not been invented yet, and I MEAN invented), but any false religion could be used (for if it is not of God, then it is of Satan). I agree that Obama’s campaign and his actions DEFINITELY have antichrist elements, I don’t think that he IS the Anti-Christ. But, I could be wrong and I will keep ever vigilant, for we do not know the day or the hour of Christ’s return or of the End Of Days. We wsaid “Never Again” after Hitler and his atrocities, and we need to keep that promise and keep this charlatan out of office permanently. PRAY HARD!!!

  69. Windrider… I love your toast, and congratulations on 50 years… I hope to live long enough to make it that far!

    I do have one small issue I’d like you to explain, however. I read all of the ‘Left Behind” seriese books about the end times in the late 90’s and did a good bit of research back then, and I’m certain that the Theologians had decided that the Anti-Christ would be a “Roman”. How does that translate into a Muslim today? You are not the only one I’ve heard say this, and so I thought I’d ask, since I believe you will give me an honest answer, rather than an angry tirade for asking.

    Thanks in advance!

  70. Well, now don’t I look like an idiot?

    Happy anniversary to JR and Redbone…

    Windrider, I guess I’m not the only one who wonders about the Muslim anti-christ thing. Perhaps it falls into the category of ‘overzealousness’ on someone’s part. I get a lot of emails from well-meaning folks that are just full of exaggerations and just plain balderdash, in the hopes of discrediting Obama. I just tell them that they don’t need to stoop to that level in order to change the minds of intelligent people. Just get out the facts and they will speak for themselves.

  71. Blue State Blues- RWG

    The only piece that is missing to complete the prophecy is the Rapture and the signing of the Peace Agreement between Israel and the Arab states which will be orchestrated and brokered by the Antichrist. If you have read any of the Left Behind series you would see striking similarities between Obama and the Antichrist character Nicoli Carpathia.

  72. Jim a SoCal Conservative: “I’m a Christian who believes God has a big part in all of this. Why does He allow this, at this time in our country’s more difficult times?”

    God deals with the subject with regards to the individual, marriage, church and nation. With regards to nation God deals according to the following:

    “The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in ungodliness…”

    It’s laid out in Romans 1:18-32 in clear sucession:

    a. became unthankful (post WWII abundance with Baby Boomers having more than any generation in the history of mankind yet the most miserable, unthankful generation in USA history)

    b. have access to the truth but “hold the truth in unrighteousness” (have the Bible- won’t let it be taught to the young and mock those who refer to the Bible and mock the one true God of Christianity. Any religion but Christianity is advocated and allowed in public schools and the public sector ).

    c. the above led to “darkening of the heart”

    d. “professing themselves to be wise they became fools”- worshipping the creation, putting man at the center of their worship in the place of God (humanism & New Age eastern spirituality and animals i.e. regarding whales as more important than human babies in the womb)

    e. “God gave them up to vile affections”: women led off in putting career and other interest before marriage, children, family- changing “the natural use of the body to that which is against nature” (most of the top echelon of the first leaders of the Feminist Movement in the 60’s and 70’s were lesbian or pro lesbian) led to introduction of abortion as “legal right”: 45 million murdered babies in the womb. What is more unnatural than a mother deliberately killing her own baby? This is one reason God has raised up Sarah Palin. She is a woman on the national stage -put there by God if you follow the spiritual background- to show that a woman does not have to kill her children, even if she is going to have a career.

    f. “and likewise the men leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another” ” (the homosexual agenda for ‘rights’ began in earnest with a 1979 book “After The Ball” using psychological techniques and cunning advertising propaganda techniques which have been successfully followed to desensitize the populace to openly receive homosexuality as norman and homosexuals as ‘just another’

    g. “and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind” (which is a mind totally devoid of the capacity for judgment -a mind that puts evil for good and good for evil)

    h. they know deep down in their hearts beneath their self justification that they are “worthy of death” but still take pleasure in doing those things and “in those who do” the deadly 23 things listed Romans 1:29-32. The Biblical meaning of the number 23 is death.

    Republicans as well as Democrats are to blame for the national depravity from a governmental and cultural standpoint. What has to be remembered is that “the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.” He has a way to deal with these issues when we are willing to receive Him and His way.

    Windrider: I believe the Bible shows that Antichrist, as Amy D pointed out, comes from the sea which means the populace outside of Israel. Israel in Biblical terms is the earth. Antichrist is of Easu who married into Ishmael line, afterwhich Ishmael is not mentioned in the Bible as a distinct people again. The purpose of Antichrist is to return the birthright of Abraham from Jacob and his descendants back to Esau. Many expect him to emerge from the Black Nobility of Europe. It’s very debatable as to what sort of person he will be. He may not be a charasmatic fellow but a sort of vile pithy type of person.

    Thanks Amy for turning me on to prophet.tv.

    Thanks Larry for your diligence and insights.

  73. Ken,

    You are very welcome. If you go back to Prophet.tv’s archives (search YouTube), you will find some videos of DP debunking Dispensationalism (Left Behind’s Theory of the End Times). I personally think that the Anti-Christ will have to be charismatic, because how else can one man deceive the masses. Almost every dictator has been charismatic — it’s their secret weapon on how to worm their way into power. Once they’re in power, they employ goon squads and propaganda to keep the lie going. The scary thing about BHO is that he is ALREADY doing this WITHOUT BEING IN POWER. Even Hitler was ELECTED to office before he made himself Fueher.

  74. Larry Amy, JR, T (no idiots here, T) and all…

    It was 20 years ago today,
    Mrs. Selders took the man to pray,
    She said it’s gonna take a while,
    But we’re guaranteed to raise a child,
    So let me introduce to you,
    The “Bone” you’ve known for all these months,
    Mr. and Mrs. Lonely Hearts Club Band…

    Well… I’m not much of a song writer but I couldn’t help myself… a bit of levity is always a good thing to share with my NLTZ friends. Thank you all very much for your well wishes, they are greatly appreciated!

    Ok, back to business… NOBAMA, NOBAMA, NOBAMA 😉

  75. Amy: The Holy Spirit is removed from restraining Antichrist from being “revealed”. His removal is from the operation of evangelical outreach to operation of building of the Church which will confront as witnesses the world of the Beast and Israel. I agree that church tradition rapture teaching as set forth in “Left Behind” is misleading. The church may very well see this guy Antichrist on the world scene and soon. But with regards to what kind of person he is, he is “revealed” upon being installed. 2 Thess. 2:3-12. He is not elected. He is installed as bing identified with the government, the Beast, and the governed who are like the beast in spirit, character, and actions. He does not have to “win” or “prove” himself to anybody as do politicians. Americans have a tough time thinking in terms other than by process of election which requires a certain amount of charisma. Arrival of Antichrist is like coronation not election. His arrival and revelation is also counterfeit of the genuine. Some of the trauma based Monarch Mind Control victims allege that there is a replica of the German Dachau consentration and death camp in Sibera financed by certain international bankers who are collecting skins from the backs of women victims to make Masonic aprons to be worn by a personal body guard of 144,000 for the installation of Antichrist as “Messiah.” The reason for the endtime scenerio with regard to Israel the land is to find and seal the 144,000 of the Jacob, Isaac, Abraham blood. The False Prophet of Antichrist is a charismatic figure, a false Elijah, pointing to Antichrist as “Messiah.” In America Farrakhan can play that role for Obama but not in Israel where it counts. The False Prophet is Jewish of Syrian descent.

    The next big prophetic event is not Antichrist but The Valley of Dry bones. The rule of prophecy is that a later prophecy cannot preceed an event prophesied before it. The next prophecy is Deut. 28:68: “And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there you shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.”

    That has never happened before.

    I try to be open to any prophecy and search it out by scripture keeping an open mind on all these prophetic issues not essential to the doctrines of the Christian faith. God bless you.

  76. Well, at least we will have established something if this guy is assassinated and miraculously comes back to life 3 days later, won’t we?

  77. Larry:
    The content of my remarks will have to wait until Monday as it is part of a surprise I have had for my BRIDE nad is intertwined in my message.




  79. Ken,

    Thanks for the explanation. If BHO steals this election, your description of events may just play out (at least as a “dress rehearsal”). I don’t understand “The rule of prophecy is that a later prophecy cannot preceed an event prophesied before it.” I need that explained to me in pictures (I can’t discern direction through words. It must be in pictures. I can’t tell left from right either). Can you point me to a website with a graphic that can explain it???

  80. Ken,

    About the Dachau camp replica built in Siberia:

    1) Can this camp be found on Google Earth??

    2) I suspect that George Soros is probably one of the international bankers backing this project.

    3) Why isn’t anything being done to stop such vileness???

    4) Where did you hear this???

  81. Rick2… don’t give me the shivers man!

    Amy… I’d like to see this camp as well but Google is part of the obama campaign far as I know.

  82. You can’t even get Siberia, Russia when you type in Siberia or Siberia, Russia. Crying-ass shame, if you ask me!!!

  83. L M, AMY D., T., KEN,

    As L M points out the supposed revelation prophecy I shared was taken from an e-mail. An e-mail that was recieved from a person who is deeply religious and that I love and trust.

    Forgive my ignorance in theology. (As well as many more things, be assured!)

    As I stated in my second paragraph, as well as did BLUE STATES BLUE, there are many similarities.

    This is what bothered me the most about that prophecy no matter how far off the vane it is. The question of the beast rising from the sea; could Indonesia or Hawaii, both islands, be considered coming from the sea or am I showing my ignorance again?

    All in all, this is something we need not be debating, although our faith in God should remain strong. We must keep our eyes on the enemy and our ammunitions dry for Joe the plumber and America.

  84. Wind,

    Debating about the Anti-Christ is healthy, and could very well be relevant to this time and season. Even if BHO does not prove to be THE Anti-Christ, he IS a prelude to the actual Anti-Christ. We need to be ever vigilant and keep our eyes open to avoid falling for the lies and deceptions of ANY Anti-Christ-type figure that rears its ugly head. If anything, we can view BHO as practice for what is to come. The bottom line is to pray and stay ever vigilant so we as believers can stand in the gap by praying in the spirit and binding the enemy to prevent evil from getting a stronghold. Also, we must be pro-active and vote. Pray over your ballots and pray against ACORN and other enemies of truth and democracy. THIS IS WARFARE!!!

  85. Windrider,

    I do not hold anything against you and, as far as I am concerned, it is not a debate. I corrected you for the reasons of accuracy, not because I thought you ill-informed or any other reason.

    As a student of the Bible (as I said I study them all; believe one: the Bible) I think it important to clear up things that could cause others to stumble, to think that the Bible is in error, or to look for something that is not there. I hold nothing against you and do not think poorly of you.

    I have a reputation amongst my friends (and enemies) of being someone who researches and finds the truth. I have been asked to investigate more things than I wish to recount here. Someone had sent me the same e-mail earlier this month and I investigated it and found it to be in error so I simply made sure that the error did not stand here because it may cause others to stumble.

    My personal motto: “Find the Truth!” I like to help others along that path, too. That’s all. We’re not arguing, not debating, just finding the truth in all things. Not a problem.

  86. Amy:

    I don’t know about google search on this I doubt it.

    That information I have on it came from an interview with a Christian deliverance minister in Washington State who is highly effective with trauma based Monarach Mind Controlled victims. I will find it for you. It may take a day or two. I shouldn’t have brought it up. I did so to point out that the Antichrist program has counterfeits for the real Jesus Christ every step of the way to his end: there are 144,000 Hebrew children sealed in their foreheads by God (an angel of God) and the counterfeit of this is Antichrist’s 144,000 counterfeits who are his body guards who accompany him.
    George Soros is allegedly on the heirarchy as well as allegedly Warren Buffet: where is another question. Frankly, visible politicians and economists and religious figures involved are not top line decision makers but foot soldiers who carry out orders.
    3. Why hasn’t somebody done something about this?

    The Bible says: “Let the holy be more holy still and the righteous be more righteous still and let the unclean be more unclean still and the vile be more vile still” as we move toward the great divide of God’s people from people of this world.

    4. As Christians we need to know our enemy as well as we can.

    Meantime, if you want to see what the trauma based Monarch Mind Control is about here is a link:

  87. As far as Hawaii and Indonesia being islands and that being “out of the sea”… That’s not the context of the Book of Revelations. When you look at the context, it starts with the seven headed beast rising out of the sea. Someone here referred to the sea being around Israel, I do not know which sea it shall be.

    Another problem I have with BHO being considered a candidate for the anti-Christ, is that the beast was seven headed, the DRAGON gave him his authority, and one head got mortally wounded but lived. I can see that the Dragon may be considered China (who has been giving a lot of money to the BHO campaign), but I do not see the other six who would be with BHO, nor do I see the ten horns.

    I cannot see the leopard part in BHO, nor do I see the feet of a bear, mouth of a lion (“lying”, yes, “lion” no). I see nothing in Revelations that would lead me to believe that BHO is definitely the anti-Christ.

    As I said earlier, he may be a precursor for it, a taste of evil to make us less aware of the evil to come (the add salt routine — a pinch today and tomorrow, a half-teaspoon the next day, whole teaspoon in a week, etc.), but not the actual anti-Christ.

    I do see people worshipping BHO (amazing, isn’t it?), but I do not see him as having all of the traits of the anti-Christ. There are way too many specifics that we could recognize. There are way too many things that are not present. So, I think that the boxes aren’t checked, thus the prophecy is not fulfilled in BHO.

    I also think the world will look a bit different than it does today. I look at the preceeding chapters (1 – 12) and I see a bunch of things that are supposed to happen first that have not come to fruition yet. There is much to go yet. How fast it will happen, when it will start (or if it already has) I do not know. But there are many things that are not fulfilled as yet that shall be before the anti-Christ comes.

    At least, that’s the way it looks to me. Others may disagree without condemnation. 😉

  88. AMY,

    Agreed, my dear lady, but first methinks I will pray for my sanity.


    Again I apologize to you and all here on NLTZ.

    Concerning my post on Oct. 22 with the 100 year old quote of a supposed ‘economist’ by the name of “Joe Wurzelbacher.”

    While it would have been most interesting to see the look and reaction of Nobama, had that statement been made to him, obviously, Joe Wurzelbacher did not have any knowledge of it. Joe Wurzelbacher as a result will always be more popularly know as “Joe the plumber.” An economist pehaps, 100 years old, no.

    Again I apoligize to all for the infraction and for any plagiarism I may be guilty of.

  89. Amy: as to your first question about prophecy:

    Predicted events, which is what prophecy is, are in sequence in their outworking in every subject. Concerning the land of Israel, the prophesies begin with the Diaspora of the Jewish people – all tribes of the Hebrew children Deut.28:36. The land must have all the Sabbaths years of rest it was denied while the Hebrew children were there. In this time, the Hebrew children go through the stages of the Deuteronomy curses, the last being Deuteronomy 28:68 “And the LORD shall bring you into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto you, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.” This has never happened before and involves the prophecy in Isaiah 19:18.

    There are four distinct operations of God regarding the Hebrew children and the end time. The first is where we are now and are on the cusp of entering into the second. The first is preparation of the land for the eventual reception of all the Hebrew children. To Ezekiel God said, “Son of man, speak to the mountains…” Ezekiel 36:1-15. This began in 1839 when Jewish preachers called “Lovers of Zion” preached sermons that it is time to return to Israel. In 1869 Rothschilds financed a party to return, bought land, and began farming. In 1897 Theodore Hertzel began Zionist Movement when he realized the world will not permit Jews to assimilate. In 1906 David Ben Gurion went to Israel. 1917 Balfour Declaration promising the land back to the Jewish people. WWI the land is liberated from Turkey and placed under the authority of Great Britain. Great Britain renegs on Balfour promise. WWII afterwhich United Nations is formed. By UN Mandate, Israel granted reentry as nation among nations.
    This was for the fulfillment of preparation of the land only.

    The next prophetic event for the Jews is The Valley of Dry Bones the second operation in which God prepares the Jewish people and Hebrew children by turning them in repentance to the Mosaic Covenant in prepartion to enter into the Abrahamic Covenant involving the land. Ezekiel 37:1-28. Dividing of Jerusalem, and dividing of the land of Israel is the start of this second operation. While this operation is going on with the Jews and Hebrew children, God is preparing the Church with The Foundation for its unified standing as witness when God (rather than the UN) gives the land to the Hebrew children.

    Right here Satan has another counterfeit, WWIII as the fake Armageddon. This is to convince the people of Earth that it is, in all its aweful horror, Armageddon, but it is not. . It will destroy many, possibly billions, of people.

    The Valley of Dry Bones does not occur in Israel, but in the wilderness. Ezekiel 37:1-28. The intent of Satan in this operation is to utterly destroy the Jews and Hebrew children. His counterfeit of this was the Holocaust. Not to belittle what happened by any means. But the Holocaust was about European Jews, not the “whole house of Israel.” After turning them back to Himself in the wilderness they return to the land prepared for them and totally overwhelm the Palestinians, all of the promised land now being given to them by God. Operation three involves Antichrist. Operation four involves the return of Jesus in the Second Coming and His revelation to them of Himself as their true Messiah. Even so, Lord Jesus, come!

  90. Wind, Amy, LM…

    Although I have no problem asking questions and pointing out inaccuracies, it occurs to me that this particular discussion is, although interesting, not really very productive. If he is the AntiChrist, if it is prophesied to happen… it will and we can’t do anything about it… if he is not, then we should be able to work to stop him.

    I am more practical, I guess, and just want to do as much as I can to get McCain/Palin elected. Side discussions are great, but aren’t going to get us where we need to go. I mean no disrespect to anyone, and there have been some awesome explanations of biblical prophesy and theory here… we could go on for days.

    As Larry keep saying, tell the world!

    Keep the faith, and lets keep working to get this country back on track.

  91. We all need to let the main stream media know that we are “on to them” by sending letters, emails, phone calls, whatever means… I don’t expect them to change but it may get them thinking.

  92. T: With all due respects to you, I agree it seems a bit much that when someone asks for a glass of water to tie a rope around their leg and throw them in the drink! But you yourself said, “This election may not be decided until January 19th! And if we thought there would be riots of Obama lost, we can be assured that there will be massive riots if the election is challenged in court and he loses. And the main stream media will fan those flames like nobody’s business, because they will not be satisfied until their guy wins.

    “I’m stocking up on ammo, food, medicine and getting ready for the onslaught!”

    And right you should! But, listen to what Joe Biden said. He is warning us that if elected, the One as Larry calls him, will be tested- and what’s on the table now is a nuclear smack down, so the discussion goes to the heart and not the surface of the matter. Biden, confirmed by Madelene Albright is telling us we may be about to elect the One who will be the spark to fake Armageddon. All of it is very revelant.

  93. T: not to labor the point or beat a dead horse, but if you check out Lame Cherry today you’ll see what I mean. Don’t be put off by the strange way he writes. He has to do it that way to evade the google Obamaniacs who tamper with his blog:


  94. Folks,

    Not here to discount religion… I respect your beliefs and faith. However, to think you can try to find evidence or hints that Jesus will return via BHO elected, is chasing your tail. It is outside of your control, and the truth you seek only will be found if and when it does happen. Faith is the belief in truth/fact that has not transpired.

    Remain on point here; Obama is a wacko, nut case, human. That somehow is ushered into a position to be president with the thinnest of resumes. He has no qualities or experience and worst of all is unable to make decisions, and if forced guaranteed will be bad ones. The “kid” is not a leader, has horrible morals and values, with his poor and radical upbringing. He doesn’t understand America and why it is great; he can’t fathom how a common person like us thinks.

    He is a joke, and everyone with a brain can see that. If anyone spent 1 hour of their life vetting him they would see how superbly under qualified, and extremely radical he is. He is dangerous and that danger will only multiply if he is surrounded by the same people he has now on his campaign (which is virtually certain). His economic adviser is a former chief Fannie guy (Raines).

    I don’t know why none of this breaks through on the mainstream… Does his skin color and they we attack or treat him have to be screened and censored? Well, as I said earlier to me that is a dead horse. He is a man, and for that for such a high office needs to face the music. Music no one wants to play, however I and hopefully WE will. Hell, the guy may not even be a citizen, can you believe that? However, before going into a tangent just make it simple for us… he is a bum.

    We have treated him so unfairly in the perspective of it being positive for his campaign and life. It’s time to treat him fairly and get to understand the real threats and danger this emphatically poor candidate will bring to this great nation. And ask “Joe the Plumber” questions. He has been privileged and not due to his efforts or hard work. Privilege comes with the value you provide to our nation and market place. Capitalism 101. I don’t hate rich people I attempt to learn from them, it is something I strive to be without sacrificing happiness.

    When he loses and I have faith in the American people, he will for those that are without a brain want to riot, great, assemble, do it without peace (riot) then we shall quell it without peace. Imagine a white house with the Ayers and likeminded professors of America visiting. Treason folks.

    Speak your point with passion and knowledge and if you can’t appeal to the those who do plan on voting for them, don’t feel bad I maybe have convinced 1 of numerous people not to vote for O”bum”a. And yes I just made that. Don’t take it without giving any “props”.

  95. Patient in PA

    I know I may seem dense.

    But will someone explain to me what the MSM has to gain by being so blatantly in the tank for The Messiah?

    I understand the politico’s motivation to keep the”Great Unwashed” uneducated and brain dead, thereby insuring continued power, control, and incumbency.

    But how does one sided reporting, distortion of the facts and withholding pertinent information, (germane to objective journalism), serve their cause?

    In 67 years on this planet as an American, I have never witnessed such an abhorrent display of journalistic subjugation.

    Unless my understanding of history is sadly deficient, isn’t corruption and control of the press one of the first goals of totalitarianism?

  96. Patient in PA,

    You are not deficient, however the press is..

    Your understanding of history is correct.

    The press went from reporting the news to making the news.

    Who watches MSNBC? Who reads the New York Times?

    They are preaching to the choir.

    A few nights back I tuned into the Olberwoman show for a moment. I tried an experiment, I turned the brightness knob on the television and relative to Olberwoman, it didn’t work..

    Keep the faith, my friend.


  97. It certainly evoked a cogent response from you, Midwest Mike. I think we all ought to copy your response from that point, “Obama is a wako, nut case, human…etc.” and plaster it all over every blog we can.

  98. Larry, is that your picture along with your article on the allrightmagazine.com? (just kidding!)

  99. OK, Ken, I respect your point. I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t point out the biblical stuff. Go to it, man and let’s tell the world, as Larry is so fond of saying.

    Patient… I believe that the media is the way they are because they, too are all about power. If they can get us to elect ‘their guy’, then they have proven what their journalism professors in college told them they could do. Truly bend the will of the ‘great unwashed’ people to what someone more intelligent decided ‘is best for them’.

    Remeber that line about: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely?

    One of the unintended consequences of McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform was that the grassroots organizations are limited in their ability to campaign for or against a specific candidate throughout the campaign, and especially in the final days before an election. They are also a whole bunch of new regulations about which donations can be used for what kind of advertizing, it is a mess! Therefore the only ones who ‘have the microphone’ are the media. They get to say it all, and there is no one to contradict them because the FEC can put people in jail if they say the wrong thing on the wrong day!

  100. Ken – Thanks. It wasn’t written that well… just more so from the heart. However, I swear the O”bum”a I came up with. If someone else said it before me, I will pass on the kudos to them. I hope you find it funny.

    And patient in PA… good point on the media. Every dictatorship, totalitarian government owns it. I see most stations “going in the tank” to be able to be a part of it. They want to be the history not report it.

    Even though I see Sean Hannity as the Republican cheerleader (too damn much). I do agree with that man, whom in my opinion has incredible intregrity, when he states that journalism is dead.

  101. Larry,

    I re-upped your subscription for you of the Times. However, I hope they don’t return the payment I sent in on Quilted Northern. Triply ply is great for mailing.

  102. Ken, I just read some of the stuff at the lamecherry site. He (she) is terrific. I especially enjoyed the “America of my desire” posting…
    It took me a few minutes to get into his rythm, but when I did, it was hillarious! I’ll be adding his site to my short list of places I go for rejuvenation and enjoyment.

    Thanks for adding that link, I highly recommend it to everyone!

  103. Midwest Mike, I think its hilarious! And you got right to the heart of what’s going on.

    T and Patient, they are no longer the independent reporting agencies they used to be but corporate mouthpieces. But for the life of me I can’t understand what these corporations will get out of what they are doing with this election. If somebody knows, please tell us.

  104. Midwest Mike,

    Plum hateful, man..

    The Times is so desperate, if you sent it in on triple ply they would send three copies of every issue..


  105. Ken,

    Here is my guess..

    The Fairness Doctrine.

    The left wants “in” on the lucrative markets and stations that the conservative broadcasts have drawn.

    Short of MANDATORY listening, (morning calisthenics in “Obama Tiannamen Fairness Square”..) we will do what the liberals themselves do when idiot liberals like Olbermann are “on the air”.

    Turn the radio or television off..

    Check out “A Day at the Fair” in the Noleftturnz archives, it covers it all from scoop to liberal nuts.

    Thanks as always,


  106. T, you’re quiet welcome.

    Do you think McCain is regretting the campaign reform thing? He’s holding fast to his word. That says a lot to me.

  107. Larry, I bet you’re right. Never thought about it from that perspective. But the bottom line rules and that would be the bottom line. I agree that it will probably be red when we turn off. Each of the “big” three have lost up to 500,000 nightly viewers directly caused by election propaganda.

    I must be doing something wrong, I can’t locate “A Day at the Fair.”






  109. Ken,

    On the front page, on the right margin in the “Archives”.

    Click on “November 2007”.

    Scroll to the bottom of November 2007 and you will see the words “older entries”.

    Click on that and it should be the second article down, I believe.

    Thanks as always,


  110. JR,

    Thank you and I can’t wait to read what you tell everyone..

    Congrats on 50 my friend,


  111. You know, Larry, I was just thinking: It’s a good thing you’ve got a blog, ’cause you certainly couldn’t fit these things in that huge, old notebook you used to keep. 😀

  112. Oh yeah!

    Three words:

    Barack Hussein Dewey!

  113. Billsey,

    You remember those crusty old notebooks? I still have those old dogs!

    You had a notebook or two yourself as I recall.

    Those were the days.

    P.S. The “Dewey”, very nice..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  114. Billsey,

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone could get McCain to hold up a copy of the Chicago Tribune from November 3, 1948 on election night 2008?

    Wouldn’t that be one for the ages!

    Thanks as always,


  115. Wow! ’48 Truman win paper. What a great idea, Larry.

    Someone emailed me this thought you guys would enjoy it:

    “My experiment with redistribution of wealth… —

    Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read “Vote Obama, I need the money.” I laughed.

    Once in the restaurant my server had on a “Obama 08″ tie, again I laughed as he had given away his political preference — just imagine the coincidence.

    When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He
    stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed more in need–the homeless guy outside. The server angrily stormed from my sight.

    I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to thank the server inside as I’ve decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful.

    At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waiter was pretty angry that I gave away the money he did earn even though the actual recipient deserved money more.

    I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application.”

  116. Sorry. Wasn’t trying to turn it into a religious discussion, just wanted to straighten something out. When I see that sort of thing, I have to nip it in the bud.

    Okay. I’m tired and dense right now. Someone refresh my memory on the “Dewey” thing. I know I should be getting it, but I’m working on about three hours of sleep and brain’s not functioning properly. Barack Hussein “Dewey”. Why should that work for me again?

  117. Larry, I think I’ve got it on the Fairness Doctrine: they want into the talk radio that works for rational people and are willing to destroy free speech and journalistic integrity to get the man into office who will reinstitute Fairness Doctrine so they can get into the talk market. But you say and I agree, their very entrance into it will destroy it. So then, it is destroyed for them as well as us. I think that is what is called envy. I predict it will not be profitable to invest in corporate journalism. Losers all.

  118. By the way, God has given you a great talent to write and gift to explain complicated things in an easier to understand manner. Thanks Larry. I, and I’m sure all the rest do too, really appreciate you, Bud!

  119. LM,

    “Dewey Defeats Truman” the election of 1948.

    The famous picture of Truman holding the newspaper declaring his opponent the victor.


  120. Ken,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    “Fairness” when applied by the left never has anything to do with fairness.

    It’s just “definition inversion” with the left.

    Fairness equals fascism..


  121. Sorry to bring this back up so late, but I just saw it this morning. When reading Revelation, remember one thing: it was a letter written to people who were alive in the first century—not today. It had to make sense to THEM. You will NEVER understand Revelation (singular, NOT plural) unless you put it in its proper context—the first century. You might also note that because John was told to measure it, and because no mention is EVER made ANYWHERE in scripture of the fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s own prophecy for its destruction, the Temple was still there when John wrote Revelation. You now have the proper context: the first century BEFORE AD70. Please, stop practicing eisegesis while claiming some level of Biblical scholarship.

  122. With all due respects, Billsey, The Revelation of Jesus Christ was written by a person named John, thought to be the original Apostle John, between 90 an 96 A.D., twenty five years AFTER the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D. It is a Spiritual book to the seven churches for practical application that applies to all people who call themselves Christians in all ages, and the prophesies in the book after the specified letters to the churches testify that the remainder was written for a specified generation and time (this generation shall not pass before all these things be fulfilled) : for instance, Mark of the Beast wherein All peoples of Planet Earth must accept or reject the Mark to be permitted to buy or sell in the market places; and when it would be technologically possible for All people eveywhere to SEE the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11 dead in the streets three days before their resurrection, i.e. satallite tv. The true Temple of God today is the Body of Christ, i.e., the believers who will submit to The Seven Spirits of God for laying of The Foundation on the Rock of Jesus’ life, shed blood, death, resurrection, and ascension. The measure of The Temple in Rev. 10 is test of preparation for the service of witness in that time, i.e. have they eaten the book Rev. 10, i.e., have they submitted themselves under The Seven Spirits of God for the doctrinal teaching of each Spirit to each Spirit’s standard, and are they skilled now to be the witnesses God calls the Body of Christ to be in the end of the age. The angel of Rev. 10 is saying, the end of the age is coming whether you are ready or not. Are you ready, Billsey?

  123. Ken, I heard an interview that McCain did early in the primary campaign about campaign finance reform. I can’t remember where, but he said that he sponsored the bill it because he believed that it was ‘the right thing to do’, but that it sort of ‘got away from him’ in the all of the gyrations that were necessary to get it passed. It’s not that he regrets it, but that he wished he could have kept a tighter hold on all of the compromizing.

    That was one of the reasons that I was NOT really thrilled to have him as the Republican nominee during the primary. But, I did come around, especially considering the alternative, and then when Sarah Palin hit the scene, I was sold!

  124. T,

    I feel your pain. I, too, have come to realise that McCain had to help pass the bill, even though it was laden with pork. It’s one of those “lesser of two evils” type of situations. If John McCain had had his way and time permitted, he would have fought long and hard to prevent any pork from being added. If that had failed, he would have voted against it. Unfortunately, there was no time to remove the pork or renegotiate a pork-free bill. I had lost respect for John McCain until I had come to this realisation.

  125. Ken,

    You can spiritualize Revelation all you want to. I can’t stop you, of course, but there is a reason that John repeats Moses’ admonition against adding to or subtracting from the Word of God in his writing down of Revelation. Are YOU prepared to face that judgment? There are many variations of those who claim Christ when it comes to that final book. For my own part, I refer to myself as a POWist (Pra, Occupy, Watch; anything more is dangerous and COULD lead you into heresy).

  126. Patient in PA


    You made my day.

    The Dewey analogy occurred to me some time ago but I was reluctant to raise it for fear few of this generation would know of it, and, the rest of us that did, would be on our third nap of the day.

    That was one sweet piece of history I won’t soon forget.

    Speaking of history:

    All the “History,” we of the “Right” need remember, has it’s foundation in a quote from “The Emperor”, (a title I’m sure, much more preferred by BHO than President), Napoleon.

    It has also, incidentally, been the dogma of Liberalism for decades.
    Responsible for their ascension to power as well as their death grip on incumbency.

    To wit:

    If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Hopefully, our Liberal aspirant to the throne will meet his “Waterloo”, sooner, rather than later.

    Have a Great Trip! You deserve it.

    Till your return,I’ll just have to be,

    Patient in PA

  127. Biden is an idiot, but a republicans best friend. I’m so scared that McCain seems determine lose this election by playing “fair” to a bloodlust of power hungry liberals who don’t care anything about fairness. They are still angry over the 2000 election. The scariest thing being an out of control spending Congress and Supreme Court, who will remove our rights. If he wins, I’m outta here. I won’t sit back and watch our Countries destruction.

    Someone in power, who has a great deal of money and seems to be manipulating our financial crisis, maybe someone like Soros. He saw McCain’s numbers rise and saw the election going bye-bye, you look at the polls, many thought McCain was weak on the economy. Our democratic Congress returns from vacation and the economy tanks. Obama rises in the polls. He has no knowledge on our economy, you don’t raise taxes when its down. He’s idea about McCain giving tax breaks to the rich is first false and the standard language of all democrats against Republicans.

  128. If the news media doesn’t accurately tell the news they are not reporting the news — they are shaping public opinion. CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and all of the other liberal news sources need to be held accountable for their refusal to report the facts and instead promote their darling Obama.


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