One Year

Lets consider this an open letter to the No Left Turnz family..

By the time you read this message, we will be on our way to the Caribbean for a well-deserved vacation. I would like to say something to all of you in the interim..

Thank you.

No Left Turnz has been alive and kicking for about one year. Wonderful things have taken place in that one year’s time, things that I would have never thought possible and I can’t thank you enough for being such an integral part of it.

I would have never imagined that there would be so many subscribers to No Left Turnz. The fact that so many of you want to read the articles on this site makes me concentrate all the more on making each and every article the best that it can be.

We have a number of exceptional people who comment and add so much to the exchange of ideas within No Left Turnz. I read each and enjoy each of them knowing that I learn something from each of your posts.

While I am away, I have just a few things I would like to ask of you..

The next article probably won’t be on the site until about November 2nd or so. In that time, please continue the dialog. Talk about the news. Continue the fight. Encourage each other to keep pushing because the opposition will be doing the same.

The problem is that their arguments aren’t based on either logic or common sense. Lacerate the liberal illogic. Talk to each other here and tell the world to join us. Actually, don’t leave them any choice..

Here is an important note: If you are a FIRST TIME COMMENTER or if you put links into your comment, WORDPRESS puts new commenters and linked messages into a file that I have to approve. I won’t be able to do that until November 2nd. This is WordPress’ policy and I can’t change that.. Believe me, I am not ignoring you. I just won’t be near a computer until then.

Another note for SUBSCRIBERS: My subscription notification service is sometimes a little dicey.. I would suggest that after early November, if you don’t receive a notice telling you that a “new article has been posted” in your email box every two days or so, log onto and check the home page because that has been about the pace that these articles have been going out as of late..

While we are away, I would ask that you dig deep into No Left Turnz. There are over 100 articles on the site that can be referenced by the month on the right side of the home page. There are some real gems out there in the archives. I recently read the articles from when Hillary and Obama were just getting started in their respective “sham-paigns”. (Quick NLTZ joke: What will Obama be drinking if he and the ACORN slugs manage to steal the election? Sham-pagne.. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) It’s kind of interesting to see how it is that we have gotten to where we are. Baseball fans, when the World Series ends, check out, “Let’s Play Two.” “A Day at the Fair” takes a look at the “Fairness Doctrine”. “Grim Fairy Tales” and “Alternative Reality” weighs in on the enviro-whiners and alternative energy. “Yearning Versus Earning” takes a long look at the “bad loans” before the veils had been lifted. “Vacation Ruminations” is a few thoughts on some of the observations from last years vacation, who knows what this year will bring.. Just have some fun reading them because I had a lot of fun writing them.

Go ahead and click on to the “NLTZ Thought of the Day” tab on the right side of the No Left Turnz home page, too. As opposed to saving all of these thoughts for “Lagniappe” articles, I just decided to create this page for some quick hitters. Keep in mind that if you want to subscribe to “The Thought of the Day” it is a separate subscription that you can find at the top of the “Thought of the Day” page.

Tell me what you think about the pages. Tell me what you think would make the sites better. Your opinion matters here.

I would also like to ask that when you visit any other conservative web site out there on the web, would you kindly put in a word (and a link 🙂 ) to No Left Turnz for me? I spend a considerable amount of time going to other sites, commenting/contributing and then inviting others to be a part of No Left Turnz. I will need some help with this while we are away…

Due to the invaluable help and guidance of Dr. Gene Ciliberti, I have another announcement:

The No Left Turnz book, “Navigating the Liberal Labyrinth” will be available starting in about mid-November.

I will be posting either a tab or a link on the No Left Turnz homepage with all of the pertinent information as soon as it is available. Let me know just how many of you would be interested in the book so that I can notify the printer as to how many copies I will need to print.


“Navigating the Liberal Labyrinth” is the “unedited” or the “directors cut”, if you will, collection of the early No Left Turnz articles. No holds barred, extra thoughts that ended up on the cutting room floor… Here’s how the writing process works for me. I’ll sit down and type out the initial article, read it through, make a small tweak or two and then I send it to the web site, warts and all. A day or so later, I will give the article another read, refine it a little, add another thought or two or three and these are the versions of the articles that will appear in the book. I’m already in the works for a second, yet unnamed No Left Turnz book.. Anyone have an idea for a working title?

I am asking for all of your prayers relative to December 1, 2008. This could be an incredibly important moment in the life of No Left Turnz and I will let everyone know the details and the specifics as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you for making the dream that was No Left Turnz into the reality that it has become.


144 responses to “One Year

  1. Hey Larry,

    About that second book: Why not “No Left Turnz”?

    I could invite some extreme liberals (just to add to spice—or fodder 😀 ).

  2. No Left Turnz until Nov. 2? How will I survive for that long? I guess I will have to read the archives since I am fairly new here. Anyway have a great vacation, you deserve it. And thank you for all you do.

  3. LARRY





  4. Awwww, geesh, none of Larry’s lacerating liberal witticisms til NOVEMBER 2nd? Whatever ARE we to do, deserving of a vacation break though Larry and his family be.

    OK, NLT faithful, perhaps our incessant prattlings in the comment thread here can help stave off at least the worst of the NLT withdrawal in the interim!

    Here’s hoping by the time Larry reads this he and his family have had an absolutely incredible, thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing vacation!

    Here’s to you and yours, Larry!

  5. Looks like we have to castrate the liberal caliphate ourselves for a little while… somehow, I think we’re up to it!

    Have an awesome vacation Larry, thanks for all you do. By all means, put me down for a copy of your book!

  6. Larry,

    Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into this site.

    Since I am relatively new to this site myself, I will look into the archives to help combat my NLT withdrawal!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful and restful vacation and I will keep December 1st in my prayers.

    Until November 2nd . . .

  7. Larry, have a great vacation. We’ll do our best to stay focused while you are gone. This will give me an opportunity to read more of the archives. I have found some real gems there in my previous forays.

    Save a copy of that book for me, and I’ll be praying about December 1st. You know that isn’t fair to leave us hanging like this! 🙂

    How about a 2nd book called, “It’s just me, isn’t it?”. I find myself feeling that way a lot when I talk to a nitwit liberal, er, excuse me, a nitwit “progressive”.

  8. Enjoy your vacation! I hope that yours is as relaxing as my last vacation was!

    Book? Excellent! Second book? Even better! Suggestion for title? “Taking on the Progressive Prattlers”.

  9. Godspeed to you, Larry!

    I relish each new essay that comes my way. With the challenges ahead to our Republic and its constitution, our discussions here are of paramount importance.
    Enjoy your respite!

    Dr. Dave

  10. Larry,

    We’ll miss you but you have a well deserved break coming. Enjoy….

    Book name???? Let’s see…..

    No Left Turnz Is Always Right…..

    Just a lonely man’s opinion…..

  11. Larry,

    Enjoy your vacation, you and your family deserve it!!!

  12. Folks,
    I’ve been writing a devotional (well, OK, more or less) newsletter since September of 2003. I have issues written all the way through December of this year, and am currently considering two themes for the next issues:

    That Final Sin
    On being freed from that final sin the day He calls you home.


    Which relates to being faithful enough even to a commercial enterprise that not only do they know your order, they know YOU.


  13. 3 Headed Rick


    Have a great vacation.

    Not to worry,I saw McCain on TV today at a rally and he was kicking butt.

    He slammed into BO and said everything we hoped he would say and then some.

    Now you can enjoy your vacation knowing that McCain, Palin and Rush

    will bury BO.

    As far as Biden, he will bury himself and take BO with him.

    McCain is a back runner.

    He got his legs and he`s ready to cruise into victory by a large margin.

    The wind to BO`s back was just Biden`s hot air blowing heavy.

    Remember the old saying:

    You cant send a boy {obama} to do a mans job {McCain}

    But then again I don’t mind BO getting in as long as he redistributes some of your money to me.

  14. Have a relaxing and refreshing vacation. If your travels take you anywhere near Hawaii, perhaps you can help BHO find the birth certificate which he is likely to produce when he returns to the lower 48. As for book title, if (Heaven forbid) the Messiah is annointed in November, you might work some concept of “A Necessary U-Turn” into the title or sub-title. Be healthy, Larry.

  15. Gotta a great idea today from a mail I received. Between now and 11/4, if you’re in a situation to give a tip (restaurant or other), ask the person to receive tip who they are voting for. If they say “Obama” tell them you have started Obama’s redistribution of wealth early and are giving his/her tip to someone else (homeless person, charity, etc), in order to help Obama get started on the program early. Don’t give the Obama supporter a penny. Do you think that might make them think again when they cast their ballot (or ballots if they were registered by Acorn)?

    Have a great vacation! We look forward to 11/2!

  16. 3 H R… I saw McCain today as well. Giving me hope in the future man! Kicking butt and taking names and that’s exactly what he needs to do. This ain’t over yet.

  17. Beyond Disgusted


    Enjoy your well deserved vacation. We’ll look forward to your return.


    You have an interesting idea, but you forget that Obama supporters don’t think.

    Has anybody heard any more on the Berg vs Obama case? Yesterday Phil Berg was on a local radio show in Hendersonville, NC talking about the case. There was also an article titled “Is Obama really eligible?” in The Hendersonville Tribune today, so word is getting out.

  18. Alabama Redneck

    We will miss you, friend, but I think we all understand the need for a short reprise for you and your wonderful family. Just really enjoy and hurry back for the final 48 hours.

    Love your idea about tipping when we go out. Will put it into practice next time I dine out.

    The latest I have seen on the Berg v. Obama, et al. is found here: . It is at the bottom of the site so scroll down. It is really quite interesting and really scary if they pull it off . This case will tie up our election process for months if not years.

    I live in the deep south and I know that if NOBAMA losses, the black community will say it is because of race. I have bought my ammunition and am ready to ‘lock and load’ May God have mercy on our once great nation.

    One thing that really gives me hope is when I read all these reports about how much NOBAMA has spent on this illegal “shan-paign” (thanks to Larry) and all his rhetoric and lies that have mislead to many, he still has not put it away.

    My niece sent me a video link that knocked my socks off. It is black pastor in a black church and what he has to say about NOBAMA is absolutely amazing. It is about 15 minutes long but well worth watching if it is still up.

    To all my friends here, I read all the comments and would like to comment but somtimes my poor old fingers do not want to co-operate. I just keep praying and have turned it over to the Lord. We still can win this like Larry said, oine vote at a time.

    Look forward to Larry’s return on 11/2.

    Larry, enjoy and be safe. We all love you.

  19. Larry Have a well deserved great Vacation. I will buy a copy of the book also. As far as leaving us hangin….you’re starting to sound like a Politition….Your wife would make a great First Lady..Have fun and we’ll see ya when you getback.

  20. Larry, Hope you have a nice vacation and return refreshed to take on the left, revigorated for more spicy columns.

    Billsey, as to your last posts in the last thread, Everyday Joe: as gently as I can say the following, who made you sheriff in the Kingdom of God? You call yourself a Christian POW which is derived from Prisoner of War, in other words, a defeated Christian believer, occupying what? A spiritual waste land. Watching what? A barren spiritual wasteland? Praying what kind of prayers to whom? It is theological and spiritual ignorance you exemplify to which Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, and thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” It is that kind of church leadership and so called Christian believers that has resulted in the depravity of the culture of the nation. As to your saying I spiritualize The Revelation of Jesus Christ, you should take notice that the messages to the believers in The Revelation of Jesus Christ is “The SPIRIT says to the churches…” You should also be reminded that the only ones who are rewarded in heaven are “Overcomers,” which is what The Spirit in The Revelation of Jesus Christ is saying in the letters to believers in the seven churches. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is written only to “he who has ears to hear let HIM hear.”

    As I pointed out to those who were asking the questions to which I was responding, I am open to what anybody has to say and then to examine it scripturally for relevance.

    I am quiet willing to let you have what you have, or think you have. As to your book of devotions, well, good luck with all that.

  21. Larry,

    Good Luck and enjoy! Well deserved.

    I think the 2nd Book would be well-named if it was “No Left Turnz” as Billingsly suggests. Put me down for a copy.

    Hey Family, this is as good a place as any to post comments in Larry’s absence. I suggest we use this article to write about what’s relevant on a daily basis. This is as good a place as any. Suggestions are what prior artcle did you find interesting, what is the latest Hussein news, The latest Biden gaff, McCains’ latest triumph and Sarah Barracuda’s latest triumph. In this manner we won’t suffer withdrawal symptoms as much. Just an idea.

  22. Not going to stick around for the party hu Larry? I might turn the television off in early November too.

    Your December 1st date has me a bit more than curious. So, now you’re going to leave the country, hu?

    I was thinking about canceling my liberal newspaper too.

    Your new book needs a name, hu! Here we go:


    The Dumbing of America

    What I really want to know, do we have a real conservative out there for 2012?

  23. enjoy that vacation, if BHO gets ‘lected’, that may be the last vacation us “rich” folks will see for the next 4 years…

    Big Glory

  24. Cha-ching! Count me in for at least one copy of your book.

    Relax on your vacation and recharge your batteries. We’re going to need you to be energized for the critical times America will be facing, whomever is elected.

  25. blue state blues- RWG

    Enjoy yourself. Thanks for fighting the good fight…………all the time.
    We will keep the candel burning til November.

  26. Hey everybody,

    I just read an article by Charles Krauthammer at Nationreview dot com, entitled “Wht I’m voting for McCain”. I got the idea from Limbaugh and it’s a good article. It’s a good read.

  27. Regarding what Ken wrote to me,

    Where’s that 🙄 emoticon when you need it? You look absolutely liberal in your tactics. It’s not POW, it’s POWist, and it has nothing at all to do with war, it is an acronym, standing for Pray, Occupy, Watch. You need to stop twisting people’s words and stop twisting Scripture. Twisting other people’s writings to your own desires makes you look like a CINO (Conservative In Name Only).

  28. Have a great vacation, Larry. It is well-deserved. Although we will be counting on you to make us laugh if Hitler…oh, I mean, Hussein and his ilk manage to steal the election.

  29. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation, Larry. Since I’m relatively new, I’ll dig into your archives and catch up a bit, as well as subscribe to the Thought of the Day. I’ll keep you in my prayers for whatever is to come on December 1….May you and God be on the same side.

    And may we all continue to remind those we are in contact with….when it comes to this election…….Country First!

  30. Billsey, I love you, man. It’s not a feeling, it’s a decision of the will I make willingly. I sincerely want the very best for you. When Jesus went to the cross for you and me he didn’t first have to have us to ask him for forgiveness. He did it anyway. That’s the true example. Isn’t it awesome? Likewise, because He showed me the way to forgive, I don’t have to have you to ask my forgiveness to forgive you for the slurs you made against me. I forgive you. May God’s highest and best be yours, now and forever.

  31. ARGHH!
    NO NLT for a week!!
    I’m losing my mind!
    I’m losing my mind!
    I’m losing my mind!

    Quick! ….someone say something conservative……QUICK!

  32. Ken,

    I have made no slurs against you, but only defended Scripture against borderline heresy.

  33. Anybody with ears to hear will see and understand. It is not heresy, Billsey. You have to read the Bible, my friend. You have not given one thing from scripture that will substantiate your charge of heresy. And it was a slur, Billsey. But as I say, I forgive and pray God’s highest and best on you.

    As to your charge that I am a CINO. Th

  34. Billsey, (sorry I hit the submit button by mistake earlier)To accuse me of being a CINO is laughable to anybody who knows me and my background.

    Billsey, in 1968, back when I was a young man in my early twenties and had hair, I had the privilege of working at the broadcasting company that produced and aired Mr. Jesse Helms “Viewpoint”. Because of the conservative nature of “Viewpoint” and the volatile times, Mr. Helms did not require any of the staff who disagreed with him to participate in producing them. I thought Mr. Helms was one of the very finest persons I ever met in my whole life. I thought the world of him. And I went to school on him as best I could while working in that job that brought me into association with him for about three years. I was one of five who worked on every “Viewpoint” production while employed there which required a director, audio man (which was me), floor manager, camera man, and teleprompter operator. I asked him many questions when the opportunity was available, which he patiently answered and he allowed me to challenge anything I disagreed with and would explain his position. His door was always open. One such time was when he backed George Wallace who I thought was over the top. The then Mr. Helms explained that Wallace would not win but Nixon, which was part of the strategy, wherein Wallace would throw his support behind Nixon. There are a lot of people who believe that Jesse Helms carried the Conservative Movement in his very person until it, the conservative movement, gripped traction in the seventies. In 1969 NC Sen. Sam Ervin came to the station to defend himself against an attack on some position or other, having to do with somebody giving Sen. Ervin a shotgun, I forget the details. In that encounter I just came to believe that Mr. Jesse Helms would be a terrific U.S. senator for North Carolina and the nation. He was not there when Sen. Ervin came but on his return the following week he was enquiring about how things went and what went down. At that occasion, I took the opportunity to say to Mr. Helms that he should run for the senate. I just believed that was what that man must be born for. And I encouraged him to run for that office. Frankly, I was the only one in that hour besides the titular owner who supported him, which is what he told his daughter who encouraged him to change his affiliation from the Democrat party to Republican.
    Later, when Mr. Helms became Senator Helms, and Watergate detracted conservative power, Senator Helms, as a junior senator, was discouraged. He was the object of ridicule and mockery by, as Ann Coulter called him, the national windbag, Walter Cronkite among an army of others. That was during and after the 1976 Republican Convention when Helms actually went against the sitting Republican president to support Ronald Reagan in the primary in NC which Reagan won, which support is a definitive singular moment in history that saved Reagan’s career to run in 1980 and bring in the Reagan Revolution. It was at this time that I could, when summoned on a personal business matter, encourage him to stay the course, even though all around him seemed to have turned against him or were not supportive of him, still he had little guys like me who supported him and counted on him; that all this would pass and he was badly needed no matter how it looked at that moment, and to give Walter Cronkite the middle finger. I was not a Christian at that time. The rest is history and though there is more to the story, I would just add that my wife and I were strong supporters of Senator Helms and the conservative movement and were prayer warriors on behalf of Senator Helms until his death earlier this year.
    These things I learned from the master of conservatism I hold to today:

    1. Strict interpretation of The Constitution as written by our governmental Founding Fathers.

    2. Limited government.

    3. Low taxes ( 2% or under as the Founding Fathers inferred)

    4. Return of States Rights to pre Civil War status.

    Billsey,I would say to you that I would vote for Chuck Baldwin in a heartbeat because The Constitutional Party is in keeping with what I want for The USA. But the predicament of our nation in this hour is such that the people will not support good sense and moral responsibility. The Constitution Party needs people with intense zeal and commitment at least, in my estimation, 10 years out, with careful strategy to come into power and transform the USA to their espoused ideals. McCain/Palin are not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but in our predicament, they are a preference with regard with what we are realistically offered because, I sincerely believe, if the power goes to Obama, he will, I believe, bring in communism, no matter what labels it goes under, with all its hideous Leninist /Stalinist horror, including re-education camps . Obama and his wife when they joined the company of Bill Ayers and Bernadotte Dorn were not sitting around eating watermelon. They were refining the old program that requires getting power first.

    See .

    And I just don’t believe the nation, nor the Church, is in any way prepared for that debacle.

    I would add one other note: Senator Helms was a strong advocate for spiritual revival which the Lord told him personally in his first campaign. (see his biography “Righteous Warrior” by William A. Link). We have not had that revival yet, but that is one reason I comment the way I do, to stir people to seek God, go to the scriptures and see for yourselves what the Bible says. I came to see from another great personage by whom I was taught, Dr. Derek Prince, hailed by many the world over as probably the greatest Bible scholar and teacher of the last half of the 1900’s. (millions in countries the world over cannot tell you the name of the President of the USA but know the name Derek Prince very well).

    It was not my intent to insult you or belittle you in any way. I know you are sincere. Perhaps you can encourage The Constitutional Party to get going and help them gain strength so they will become viable as a choice with realistic possibility to win. In any case, God bless you.

  35. Your description of Revelation does not match what is written in the book, but is a view that is less than 200 years old and is one that the Apostles never had.

  36. Like I said, Billsey, I’m perfectly willing to let you have what it is you think you have. But the truth is, what you are in this issue is an agent of the accuser. You have your opinion but it is unsubstantiated, and I have what I have. I will express as I see fit. Your slander and your accusations will not stop me. Nevertheless, I still love you in the Lord and will pray for you that God give you His highest and best.

  37. In the very first three verses of Revelation, John clearly identifies to the readers to which he was writing (who were alive at the time of that writing). First, in verse 1 he writes of things α δει γενεσθαι εν ταχει (that must arise in a brief space of time). He then concludes verse three with γαρ καιρος εγγυς (for the time is at hand). 2000 years is neither a brief space of time, nor particularly at hand. Regarding the measuring of the Temple, telling him to measure the Temple (with the exception of the court of the Gentiles) would make no sense if he knew that the Temple (and the attending excepted court) was no longer there. It is therefore far more sensible to assume that the Temple was still there, as the writer clearly implies. John was a fisherman and not at all an academic sort, and therefore knew quite well what his readers would and would not understand. John has a particular habit of explaining that which his readers might not understand. In this case, however, he makes no explanation at all—not even to tell the results of the measurement. From his writing habits, this of course means that he assumed that his readers knew quite well what he meant, and in fact what that measurement would be. In fact, after the command to measure the Temple, the earthly Temple is no longer mentioned at all. John never offers any explanation at all regarding the earthly Temple, therefore leaving us as our only viable option to assume that the plain language was meant to be clear to his readers—that being that the earthly Temple was still there when John wrote Revelation.

  38. Larry,

    Enjoy the vacation, you’ve certainly earned it. Looking forward to your return…

  39. In addition, this placement of Revelation in the AD60’s puts it precisely in front of one of the most horrid pogroms to ever occur. δει γενεσθαι εν ταχει … γαρ καιρος εγγυς (must arise in a brief space of time … for the time is at hand). John wrote that 2000 years ago when Nero was in Rome—not in the 21st century. If John meant that 2000 years would pass before its initial fulfillment, he would have said so, because that was his style of writing. If you would like to know what his readers subsequently went through, I suggest that you pruchase and read Ussher’s “Annals of the World”. You will be horrified, but you will be better informed.

  40. I will check it out. Scholars I have studied do not place the writing of Revelation in A. D. 60’s but rather between 90 and 96 A.D. “It was not till this time that the first day of the week began to be called ‘the Lord’s day,’ yet it was on ‘the Lord’s day’ that John was in the Spirit, and saw the opening vision of the Apocalypse (Rev. 1:10).”**

    The Roman Emperor Domitian (81-96 A.D) was in power at that time. Irenaes, Bishop of Lyons, who knew Polycarp, verifies that Polycarp knew the apostle John and spoke about John writing The Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ near the end of Domitian’s reign. Domitian demanded that all his subjects address him as “Lord and God.” Of course, this produced a confrontation between those willing to worship the emperor and the faithful Christians who confess that only Jesus is “Lord and God.”* This book was not written to the Hebrews as is the book of Hebrews (thus its name), written in about 65 or 66 A.D., to prepare the believing Jews for the coming destruction of the Temple, to transition them from Temple worship to worship of God in spirit and in truth in Jesus Christ as the new Temple, The Body of Christ. The book of Revelation was written to the seven churches in Asia made up of primarily gentile Christians to encourage them in a time of already ongoing persecution. It was for this persecution that John was exiled to the Isle of Patmos where he wrote The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

    I agree there are two interpretations of when exactly The Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ was written. The interpretation to which you refer “was first invented by Roman Catholic Jesuits with the view to rescue Popery from the prophetic visions and denunciations of the Apocalypse.”* When you study the Jesuits and understand the purpose of their origins, to utterly destroy the Protestant Movement and bring all under the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, and their methods of attaining their end, you will see there is great suspicion as to the verity of this interpretation. We only have to read the late Malachi Martin, who was a Jesuit Priest, to understand their deplorable state in the upper level hierarchy becoming Illuminati and throwing in their lot with Lucifer to establish the New World Order which is totally anti God and Antichrist.

    Persecution under Domitian was the same kind of persecution we will experience (both Jews and Christians) when Antichrist comes on the scene demanding worship of himself as god in the place of God. The previous threads asked the question “is Obama Antichrist”. I was saying he does not fit the scripture to be that personage even though he is proclaimed to be “Messiah” by Lewis Farrakhan, and to my knowledge has not renounced and rejected worship of himself as “Messiah.” But he will be persecution with a capital P if he gets in office.

    *The Full Life Study Bible, General Editor, Donald C. Stamps, M.A., M. Divinity
    **Enoch Pond in 1871 Theological Seminary, Bangor, Main.

  41. Again, God bless you, Billsey. Why did you take down your website? I thought it was really great.

  42. Has anyone been following the story on what the M. Screaming Media is doing to Joe the Plumber? I just heard tonite that government computers have been used to dig into his background.

    There have been no reports that I know of in the M Screaming Media about how they have dug into his background and tried to discredit him and report all the negative things they can dig up, like owing back taxes,(whch he is paying), no plumbing license,(which doesn’t matter because he is an employee of another), etc., AND ABOUT HIS RIGHTS TO PRIVACY BEING VIOLATED. Just as have the rights of Sarah Palin and others who dare to disagree with them, or dare to differ with their views.

    Now, this is the same M Screaming Media that accuses McCain of mudslinging in his commercials, and stump speeches, when he tells the truth about Hussein.

    And this is the same ilk that SCREAMS like hell about the rights of terrorists being violated when Homeland Security trys to protect our country.

    And this is the same ilk that fails to report Hussein and his associations with terrorists, and felons, and who fails to dig into his background and give the country any information about his cocaine use, his buddies/roomates in college while in California before he did his world tour thing before he enrolled in Columbia and Harvard.

    Oh well, only the press and the elitist idiots think it is fair and impartial. I’m sure that somewhere, there is someone in charge of sending an email every morning to every member of the M Screaming Media that says ” remember, no matter what the people say or think, we are fair and impartial” “repeat to yourself 3 timesor until you actually believe it………..

  43. While Larry is away we need to share the faith. As a recommended reading copy the following link into your browser:

    Don’t just read the article; but, also read the comments that follow.

    Keep the Faith, people.


  44. Oops! That link following .com/should say: 2008 not 2998.

    Sorry about that,


  45. Ken,

    My site is not down. I just checked it.

  46. I just read the article on FOX News about the news anchor in Florida who asked Joe Biden some of the real questions that everyone has wanted to hear the answers to for a while, now… It is PRICELESS!!!! He was so outraged, and arrogant, it was great! And the n the O-man’s campaign wrote them a nasty-gram and said they couldn’ have any more interviews!

    What I want to know is how arrogant do you have to be to think that no one has the right to ask you the hard questions? They have been so coddled by the MSM that they just can’t believe it when a real journalist asks the questions that need to be asked!

    The video of the interview is on u-tube this morning, so they can’t hide it or cover it up. I’m laughin’ today!

  47. In Larry’s absence, for a perfect encapsulation of BHO’s biography go to Paul Schnee’s blog (his name followed by dot com) and read his latest posting, titled Trojan Horse. It’s amazing!

  48. Orvill,
    Yes, I heard that too. Government computers are being used to spy into Joe’s personal life.

    If BHO gets elected, we need to get use to this NAZI-era style of government.
    Finally, Big Brother will indeed be watching us all.
    With the DEMONrats in control of all aspects of government from the head (president) to the tail (local officials in larger cities – how appropriate….this is also the end where the ‘crap’ comes out), WHO is going to stop their blatant, open, unrepentent, crimes against the citizens??

    Lock & Load folks, the coming revolution is going to be a doozy…


  49. Obama’s White House:

    (he’ll probably have the word “White” removed):

  50. Happy 50’th Anniversary JR… I hope this day is long enjoyed and remembered by you and your wife! God bless and keep you both. 50 years is truly an inspiration to us all.

  51. Father Safety

    Please put me down for the book, and any that follow.

  52. Orvill, you think Joe the Plumber is getting rough treatment by Obama crowd, check this out: scroll down to the part about Obama’s Secret Service detail:

  53. T, here’s the link to that Florida interview with Biden where she asked him what’s the difference between Obama’s socialism and Karl Marx’s communism:

  54. Sorry, Orvill, I posted the wrong address. Here is the story:

    “Secret Service Sent By Obama Campaign Questions Mother of Three

    “Roger Hedgecock, former San Diego mayor and radio personality sheds some light on the beginning of the end of freedom as we know it. You MUST read this!

    “Jessica Hughes of Lufkin, Texas, former Marine, mother of three, answered her cell phone in the car, coming home from the emergency room. Her 9-year-old had suffered a mild concussion, but was OK. The caller was a female Obama volunteer who asked if Jessica would support Obama for president. Jessica replied, “No, I don’t support him. Your guy is a socialist who voted four times in the state Senate to let little babies die in hospital closets; I think you should find something better to do with your time.” Then Jessica hung up. The next day, a man and a woman in suits showed up at the door of her home, identifying themselves as members of the Secret Service. The Secret Service agents stated that the Obama campaign had complained of a death threat. They had quoted Jessica as saying, “I will never support Obama, and he will wind up dead on a hospital floor.” Jessica’s husband had heard Jessica’s side of the original phone call and verified the actual quote. To which the female agent replied, “Oh? Well why would she (the Obama volunteer) make that up?”

    Jessica replied that the Obama volunteer was probably unhappy about what Jessica had said about her candidate. The female agent then said “That’s right, you were rude!” The male agent then displayed a file with Jessica’s full name prominently printed on it and asked her how she felt about Obama. At this point, the former Marine told the agent “in no uncertain terms” (as she later recounted) that this was America and that the last time she checked, she was allowed to think whatever she wanted without being questioned by the Secret Service. And was being “rude” a federal crime now too? The agents then admitted they had no tape of the conversation, just the quote from the Obama campaign. Responding to Jessica’s questions, the agents would not identify themselves by name, nor reveal the name of the Obama volunteer who had made the complaint. The agents did indicate that Jessica was not in a court of law yet, and that they were trying to not embarrass her “by going to all her family and neighbors.”

    To these implied threats, Jessica invited the agents to speak to whomever they wanted, and stated she would happily go to court since she had done nothing wrong. Jessica asked the agents, “Look, someone calls me unsolicited on my cell phone to ask me to support their candidate, and I can’t tell them why I don’t?”

    The Secret Service left Jessica that day, but she could not get the “visit” out of her mind.”

    Children made a video of our wedding pictures that they played on a big screen tv with music for all of the guests to see during cocktail hour
    Had a sumputous meal and also open bar for all

    plus family my own and all of our sisters and brothers plus three local priests

    Will post my speech seperately tomorrow and I did a lot of pushing for MCCAIN/PALIN

    Thanks for your congrats
    We must meet after the election

  56. I would welcome such a visit from the “Secret Police” aka Gestapo.
    It would not be some obscure news article that only a few people heard about.
    These “so-called” agents would get an extremely verbal display FREE SPEECH regarding my OPINION of BHO.
    I doubt they would get a word in edge-wise.


  57. Yehoshua Kahan

    Some good news, guys. I’ve been arguing for a while with a liberal relative of mine, and she just sent me an email confirming that she’s not voting for Obama. One down, 150 million to go…

  58. JR-
    Congratulations. I have 3 more years to go for my 50th.

    Great article in the American Thinker. Read a lot of the comments – couldn’t get thru all of them.

    Thanks for posting the article on the sectet service. I tried googling the article, but to no avail. (It wasn’t a complete waste tho, I now have a gmail account!!). This is what we have to look forward to and a great reason to VOTE McCAIN/PALIN , if you needed one. I also saw the interview question somewhere earlier on TV – maybe Fox -you sure ain’t gonna see it anywhere else.

  59. Check this out (converting to text to avoid the vetting mechanism):


    Copy and paste it, then convert the parenthesized text to the appropriate punctuation (BEFORE hitting return). This is getting extraordinarily serious.





  61. JR… It would be an honor to meet you! Use your brain… vote McCain, saw it at the mornings Palin rally as well 🙂

  62. JR, congratulations on your 50th. It is a testament to marriage. You and your wife encourage us all who are married.

    Orville, you are welcome. Glad to be of service to you and to g mail!

    Yehoshua Kahan, way to go! We can win this thing in spite of the “main stream” media Goebbels propaganda spin machine.

    Stitch, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I agree.

    Redbone, if your website doesn’t convice I don’t know what will. I watched Obama’s Denver speech from your link. He is very clear there in what he is going to do if elected. What most people who applaud do not know is that what he’s talking about is re-education camps on a massive scale.

  63. Ken… I sent a copy of that website (not my own, just a link) to my sister, she thinks I’m out of my mind but I have put questions into the minds of some others.

    We got less than 8 days… send it everywhere!

  64. This guy wptg has a very comprehensive youtube page with numerous videos on obama and its connections, I have it linked above. It will give you nightmares… send it everywhere as well!

  65. Patient in PA

    Greetings All,

    Are we surviving Larry’s hiatus?

    I think now I understand, (although do not support), the premise for Methadone.

    Last week I posed the question, “What’s behind the MSM’s one sided reporting for the Messiah?

    Below is a rather insightful article, (borrowed from the Drudge report), in answer to that question.

  66. That was a very powerful article, and I have to admit that I had never looked at the issue from that point of view.

    So, now that the cat is out of the bag, how do we get this word out to everyone before the election? I’m going to post this link everywhere I can find a place to stick it!

  67. obama crimes… the official Philip Berg website linked above.

    Just send em everywhere T.

    Philip J. Berg, Esquire
    555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
    Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
    Cell (610) 662-3005
    (610) 825-3134
    (800) 993-PHIL [7445]
    Fax (610) 834-7659

  68. This was sent in an email to me:

    Hard to believe we slipped this far !!!!

    The American Flag

    From Sunday’s Televised ‘Meet the Press’ Senator Obama was asked
    about his stance on the American Flag. Obama Explains National Anthem Stance

    Sun, 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, General Bill Ginn’ USAF (ret.) asked Obama
    to explain why he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.
    The General also stated to the Senator that according to the United States Code,
    Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171… During rendition of the national anthem when the
    flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform are expected to stand at attention
    facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.
    At the very least, ‘Stand and Face It’
    Senator Obama Live on Sunday states,
    ‘As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides,
    Obama said. ‘There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a
    symbol of oppression.
    And the anthem itself conveys
    a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped
    for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the
    World To Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.
    ‘We should consider to
    reinvent our National Anthem as well as to redesign our Flag to better offer our enemies
    hope and love. My wife disrespects the Flag for many personal reasons. Together she and
    I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past, many years ago. She has her
    views and I have mine’. unbelievable
    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right. This could possibly be our next President.
    I, for one, am speechless.

    Dale Lindsborg,
    Washington Post

  69. speaking of flags….

    someone download this powerpoint and turn it into an “autorun ppt”.



  70. Just another fabulous idea from the looney left…I hear they (Pelosi etal) want to buy out our 401K’s and hold them in trust for Social Security earning 3% per annum.
    Yikes……what next?

  71. I found this on MySpace:

    To Barack Hussein Obama,

    The New York Times carried a story on Saturday, October 4, 2008, that proved you had a significantly closer relationship with Bill Ayers than what you previously admitted. While the issue of your relationship is of concern, the greater concern is that you lied to America about it.

    The Chicago Sun reported on May 8, 2008, that FBI records showed that you had a significantly closer relationship with Tony Rezko 20 than what you previously admitted. In the interview, you said that you only saw Mr. Rezko a couple of times a year. The FBI files showed that you saw him weekly. While the issue of your relationship is of concern, the greater concern is that you lied to America about it.

    Your speech in Philadelphia on March 18, 2008, about “race” contradicted your statement to Anderson Cooper on March 14 when you said that you never heard Reverend Wright make his negative statements about white America . While your attendance at Trinity Church for 20 years is of concern, the greater concern is that you lied to America on March 14.

    In your 1st debate with John McCain, you said that you never said that you would meet with the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea without “preparations” at lower levels … Joe Biden repeated your words in his debate with Sarah Palin … while the video tape from your debate last February clearly shows that you answered “I would” to the question of meeting with those leaders within 12 months without “any” preconditions. While your judgement about meeting with enemies of the USA without pre-conditions is of concern, the greater concern is that you lied to America in the debate with McCain.

    On July 14, 2008, you said that you always knew that the surge would work while the video tapes of you from more than a year ago show that you stated that the surge would not work. While your judgement about military strategy as a potential commander-in-chief is of concern, the greater concern is that you lied to America on July 14.

    You now claim that your reason for voting against funding for the troops was because the bill did not include a time line for withdrawal, while the video tapes of you from more than a year ago show that you voted against additional funding because you wanted our troops to be removed immediately … not in 16 months after the 2008 election as you now claim. While your judgment about removing our troops unilaterally in 2007 is of concern, the greater concern is that you lied to America about your previous position.

    You claim to have a record of working with Republicans while the record shows that the only bill that you sponsored with a Republican was with Chuck Lugar … and it failed. The record shows that you vote 97% in concert with the Democrat party and that you have the most liberal voting record in the Senate. You joined Republic ans only 13% of the time in your votes and those 13% were only after agreement from the Democrat party. While it is of concern that you fail to include conservatives in your actions and that you are such a liberal, the greater concern is that you distorted the truth.

    In the primary debates of last February, 2008, you claimed to have talked with a “Captain” of a platoon in Afghanistan “the other day” when in fact you had a discussion in 2003 with a In your debates last spring, you claimed to have been a “professor of Constitutional law” when in fact you have never been a professor of Constitutional law. In this last debate, you were careful to say that you “taught a law class” and never mentioned being a “professor of Constitutional law.” You lied last spring.

    You and Joe Biden both claimed that John McCain voted against additional funding for our troops when the actual records show the opposite. You distorted the truth.

    You and Joe Biden claim that John McCain voted against funding for alternate energy sources 20 times when the record shows that John McCain specifically voted against funding for bio fuels, especially corn … and he was right ….. corn is too expensive at producing ethanol, and using corn to make ethanol increased the price of corn from $2 a bushel to $6 a bushel for food. You distorted the truth.

    You and Joe Biden claim that John McCain voted like both of you for a tax increase on those making as little as $42,000 per year while the voting record clearly shows that John McCain did not vote as you and Joe Biden. You lied to America .

    You and Joe Biden claim that John McCain voted with George W. Bush 90% of the time when you know that Democrats also vote 90% of the time with the President (including Joe Biden) because the vast majority of the votes are procedural. You are one of the few who has not voted 90% of the time with the president because you have been missing from the Senate since the day you got elected. While your absence from your job in the Senate is of concern, the greater concern is that you spin the facts.

    You did not take an active role in the rescue plan. You claimed that the Senate did not need you while the real reason that you abstained was because of your close relationships with the executives of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Countrywide, and Acorn … who all helped cause the financial problems of today .. and they all made major contributions to your campaign. While your relationship with these executives and your protection of them for your brief 3 years in the Senate (along with Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, and Chris Dodd) is of concern, the greater concern is that you are being deceitful.

    You forgot to mention that you personally represented Tony Rezko and Acorn. Tony Rezko, an Arab and close friend to you, was convicted of fraud in Chicago real estate transactions that bilked millions of tax dollars from the Illinois government for renovation projects that you sponsored as a state senator … and Acorn has been convicted of voter fraud, real estate sub prime loan intimidation, and illegal campaign contributions. Tony Rezko has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to your political campaigns. You personally used your political positions to steer money to both Tony Rezko and Acorn and you used Acorn to register thousands of phony voters for Democrats and you. While your relationships with Rezko and Acorn are of concern, the greater concern is that you omitted important facts about your relationships with them to America .

    During your campaign, you said: “typical white person.” “They cling to their guns and religion.” “They will say that I am black.” You played the race card. You tried to label any criticism about you as racist. You divide America .

    You claim that you will reduce taxes for 95% of America , but you forgot to tell America that those reductions are after you remove the Bush tax reductions. You have requested close to $1 billion in earmarks and several million for Acorn. Your social programs will cost America $1 trillion per year and you claim that a reduction in military spending ($100 billion for Iraq ) can pay for it. While your economic plan of adding 30% to the size of our federal government is of concern, the greater concern is that you are deceiving America .

    The drain to America ‘s economy by foreign supplied oil is $700 billion per year (5% of GDP) while the war in Iraq is $100 billion (less than 1% of GDP). You voted against any increases to oil exploration for the last 3 years and any expansion of nuclear facilities. Yet today, you say that you have always been for more oil and more nuclear. You are lying to America .

    Mr. Obama, you claimed that you “changed” your mind about public financing for your campaign because of the money spent by Republican PACs in 2004. The truth is that the Democrat PACs in 2004, 2006, and 2008 spent twice as much as the Republicans (especially George Soros and You are lying to America .

    Mr. Obama, you have done nothing to stop the actions of the teachers union and college professors in the USA . They eliminated religion from our history. They teach pro gay agendas and discuss sex with students as young as first grade. They bring their personal politics into the classrooms. They disparage conservatives. They brainwash our children. They are in it for themselves ….. not America . Are you reluctant to condemn their actions because teachers/professors and the NEA contribute 2 5% of all money donated to Democrats and none to Republicans? You are deceiving America .

    Oh, Mr. Obama, Teddy Roosevelt said about a hundred years ago that we Americans should first look at the character of our leaders before anything else.

    Your character looks horrible. While you make good speeches, motivating speeches, your character does not match your rhetoric. You talk the talk, but do not walk the walk.

    1. You lied to America . You lied many times. You distorted facts. You parsed your answers like a lawyer.

    2. You distorted the record of John McCain in your words and in your advertisements.

    3. You had associations with some very bad people for your personal political gains and then lied about those associations.

    4. You divide America about race and about class.

    Now let me compare your record of lies, distortions, race baiting, and associations to John McCain: War hero. Annapolis graduate with “Country first.” Operational leadership experience like all 43 previously elected presidents of the USA as a Navy officer for 22 years. 26 years in the Senate. Straight talk. Maverick. 54% of the time participated on bills with Democrats. Never asked for an earmark. The only blemish on his record is his part in the Keating 5 debacle about 25 years ago.

    Mr. Obama, at Harvard Law School , you learned that the end does not justify the means. You learned that perjury, false witness, dishonesty, distortion of truth are never tolerated. Yet, your dishonesty is overwhelming. Your dishonesty is tremendously greater than the dishonesty that caused the impeachment and disbarment of Bill Clinton. Your dishonesty is tremendously greater than the dishonesty of Scooter Libby. You should be ashamed.

    Mr. Obama, it is time for us Americans to put aside our differences on political issues and vote against you because of your dishonest character. It is time for all of us Americans to put aside our political issues and vote for America first. It is time for America to vote for honesty.

    Any people who vote for you after understanding that you are dishonest should be ashamed of themselves for making their personal political issues more important than character. Would these same people vote for the anti-Christ if the anti-Christ promised them riches ? Would they make a golden calf while Moses was up the mountain? Would they hire someone for a job if that someone lied in an interview? Of course not. So why do some of these people justify their votes for you even though they know you are dishonest? Why do they excuse your dishonesty?

    Because some of these people are frightened about the future, the economy, and their financial security …. and you are preying on their fears with empty promises … and because some (especially our young people) are consumed by your wonderful style and promises for “change” like the Germans who voted for Adolf Hitler in 1932. The greed/envy by Germans in 1932 kept them from recognizing Hitler for who he was. They loved his style. Greed and envy are keeping many Americans from recognizing you .. your style has camouflaged your dishonesty …. but many of us see you for who you really are … and we will not stop exposing who you are every day, forever if it is necessary.

    Mr. Obama, you are dishonest. Anyone who votes for you is enabling dishonesty.

    Mr. Obama , America cannot trust that you will put America first in your decisions about the future.

    Mr. Obama, you are not the “change” that America deserves. We cannot trust you.

    Mr. Obama, You are not ready and not fit to be commander-in-chief.

    Mr. Obama, John McCain does not have as much money as your campaign to refute all of your false statements. And for whatever reasons, the mainstream media will not give adequate coverage or research about your lies, distortions, word parsing, bad associations, race baiting, lack of operational leadership experience, and generally dishonest character. The media is diverting our attention from your relationships and ignoring the fact that you lied about those relationships. The fact that you lied is much more important than the relationships themselves …. just like with Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon … Monica Lewinski and Watergate were not nearly as bad as the fact that those men lied about the events … false witness … perjury … your relationships and bad judgements are bad on their own …. but your lies are even worse.

    Therefore, by copy of this memo, all who read this memo are asked to send it to everyone else in America before it is too late. We need to do the job that the media will not do. We need to expose your dishonesty so that every person in America understands who you really are before election day.

    Mr. Obama, in a democracy, we get what we deserve. And God help America if we deserve you.

    Michael Master

    McLean , Virginia

  72. Rayne-
    If they would buy my 401k for what is was worth before they screwed everything up, I’d gladly sell it to them. 3% is a hellava better return than I’m getting now!!
    Great slogan JR.

    Great article from M. Master. Thanx for posting it. Let’s Invite Mr. Master to take a look here.

  73. In part of his dismissal order, the judge claims that “voters do not have standing to bring a claim under the Natural Born Citizen Clause to exclude a candidate from the presidential primaries.”

    If not a voter, then who? Some illegal alien, perhaps? If voters do not have standing to bring claims, then how is this not a violation of the First Amendment’s statement that citizens have a right to a redress of grievances? How is this nation a democratic republic instead of an oligarchy? If an oligarchy, then how does that not violate Article IV Section 4, which states that the United States shall guarantee a REPUBLICAN form of government (not at all meaning the Republican Party of course, but that form of government made up of representative democracy)?

    This judge (along with a hell of a lot of others, by the way) ought to be impeached and thrown out of office, but the Congress is far too busy lining its own pockets to care anything at all about upholding their oaths by actually defending the Constitution (as they swore to do).

  74. They stole my yardsign. Take Ammendment 1 from me, guess its time to goto 2.

    In all seriousness, however, I pray we win. The guy doesn’t even respect the constitution. He is a complete radical willing to be a vessel for his radical pals.

    We need to win if we want to perserve what is great for America, unfortunately, all our chips rest on Mr. McCain.

    Here is a bomb shell for you too… Obama was born in Kenya, he is not even qualified to be president. Minor point. I know.

    Again, who needs a constitution?

    Will not release college records, or birth certificate, do the simple math.

  75. riddle me this one folks:

    BHO is dead set against displaying the American flag. He says its a “symbol of American oppression to some parts of the world”.
    If, as Commander-in-Chief, this traitor has to send US Forces into harms way, and some of those soldiers die in performance of their duty (the duty to which BHO sent them to perform), and these same soldiers are returned to America for a “soldier’s funeral”, :
    – will Obama allow their coffins to be draped in the American flag?

    – will Obama allow that flag to be folded and handed over to the family of the fallen soldier?

    -will Obama allow that family to proudly display that flag to represent the sacrifice they made?

    Or will he condemn them for display such a “symbol of American oppression”??

    Our Flag


  76. Folks, in an earlier post I spoke of how Obama is employing hypnotic techniques to messmerize. Lamecherry is speaking about the wider dimensions of what this will mean to us all. It is at the bottom line a spiritual problem of horrendous soul and material proportions. See here:

  77. Here’s an invitation someone sent in an email for all:

    Disregard if you disagree….otherwise trust God to do what is right for our country “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” .

    Don’t forget “it’s not over yet”


    This is the scariest election we as Christians have ever faced, and from the looks of the polls, the Christians aren’t voting Christian values. We all need to be on our knees.

    Do you believe we can take God at His word? Call upon His name, then stand back and watch His wonders unfold. This scripture gives us, as Christians, ownership of this land and the ability to call upon God to heal it. I challenge you to do that. We have never been more desperate than now for God to heal our land. This election is the scariest I remember in my lifetime.

    2 Chronicles 7:14. ‘If my people, which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.’

    During WWII, there was an advisor to Churchill, who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every night at a prescribed hour for one minute, to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. This had an amazing effect, as bombing stopped.

    There is now a group of people organizing the same thing here in America.

    The United States of America, and our citizens, need prayer more than ever!!! If you would like to participate, each evening at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific), stop whatever you’re doing, and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, for peace in the world, the upcoming election, that the Bible will remain the basis for the laws governing our land, and that Christianity will grow in the U.S.

    If you know anyone who would like to participate, please pass this along. Someone said if people really understood the full extent of the power we have available through prayer, we might be speechless. Our prayers are the most powerful asset we have. Thank you.

    Please pass this on to anyone who you think will want to join us.

    God Bless You!!!

  78. Amy D., I’m still looking for the copy of that interview I promised to get for you. It’s buried somewhere in a pile of papers, probably right in front of my nose. I will keep looking.

  79. This just came to me in an email from Call… email!

    What if the Los Angeles Times had video of John McCain toasting a known Islamic terrorist? What would the reaction be if the Los Angeles Times told everyone it had the tape, but refused the release the tape? And what if credible people who had seen the tape reported that other terrorists were in the room?

    This is not a hypothetical. This is actually happening. Only it involves Barack Obama. And the Los Angeles Times has admitted it has the tape.

    In 2003, Barack Obama lavished praise on Rashid Khalidi, a mouthpiece for Yasser Arafat. In the room were Weather Underground members Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. It was all caught on video. The Los Angeles Times blandly mentioned the tape in passing a few months ago, but I’m told there is more to it than that — the tape shows enough sympathy from Barack Obama toward the causes of an Islamic radical that the American public has a right to see the tape.

    But the Los Angeles Times will not release the tape. Peter Wallsten, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times has seen the tape. He wrote about the tape.

    Email Peter Wallsten at Tell him to release the tape.

    Call the Los Angeles Times at (213) 237-5000. Tell the Times the American public has a right to see this for themselves.

  80. Did ya know:?

    HouseRepresentative Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) has proposed H.R. 808, the Department of Peace and Non-Violence Act. The bill would establish a “Department of Peace and Non-Violence…headed by a Secretary of Peace and Nonviolence appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.”

    The mission of the Department would be to…“hold peace as an organizing principle; endeavor to promote justice and democratic principles to expand human rights; and develop policies that promote national and international conflict prevention, non-violent intervention, mediation, peaceful resolution of conflict, and structured mediation of conflict.”

    H.R. 808 also would establish within the Department an “Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Peace and Non-violence [to] provide assistance and make recommendations to the Secretary and the President concerning intergovernmental policies relating to peace and non-violent conflict resolution; a Federal Interagency Committee on Peace and Non-violence; [and] Peace Day.” The purpose of Peace Day would be to urge all citizens to observe and celebrate the blessings of peace and on that day to strive to create peace.

    While this may sound like a joke, the bill currently has 70 co-sponsors. And it appears that some liberal Members of Congress eagerly anticipate establishing such a Cabinet-level department.

    This item has been shamelessly plagiarized from an article written by Paul Weyrich which appears at the following link:

    Jeeze…. I hate to even say it, but, what’s next? The Department of self-esteem and good feelings?

    For Pete’s sake! This is just stupid!

  81. Billsey,
    I have examined Ussher’s Annals of the World. It is a big bite. And the singular thing I clearly see from his opus dealing with Jerusalem is, as someone somewhere said, “if Israeli F16s are flying over Israel, the Pope in Rome has got a problem.” And apparently, some among the Protestants do, too. Israel was not to ever take its place as a nation among the nations ever again, because, according to popery eschatology, Divine Authority was passed from Israel to him, and him only as he became the self appointed Vicar of Christ, and in his eyes the Roman Catholic Church became the new Israel.

    What complicates the Pope’s problem is that the Roman Catholic Church looked suspiciously like Revelation 17 and 18, and the Pope has an uncanny resemblance to Antichrist. And this became really serious beginning in the 1300’s when John Wycliffe decided to put a Bible in the hand of every person so that they could read it and see for themselves the things that are written therein, sort of like the same danger the internet poses to the powers that be today. Thus began the Protestant Movement. This led in 1517 to Luther’s 95 Thesis as the nail in the coffin for the Holy Roman Empire feudal system, which became a threat to the Roman Catholic Church’s claim to be the new Israel and meant for the Pope that every person would see The Revelation of Jesus Christ for himself and the Pope’s jig would be up.

    But he had a fixer who would doctor it for him. That fixer was the Jesuit Priesthood founded in 1541 for the sole purpose of utterly destroying the Protestant Movement. They were led by Jesuit Luis De Alcasar during the Counter Reformation in this matter concerning that bothersome book, The Revelation of Jesus Christ. What we’ll do, they determined, is just cut the whole book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, from its true chronological order where it goes, during the time of “call me Lord and God or I’ll cut off your head” Domitian, 90-96 A.D., and paste it onto the time of Nero and Vespasian and his son, Titus. That way, they saw, they could kill three birds at one time, render the entire book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ irrelevant to all who bought their ruse, and rid themselves of these pesky Jews and their Passover toast, “next year in Jerusalem,” and provide a wonderful heresy as a handy knife to divide and conquer, or at least render irrelevant, those of the Protestant Movement who will buy into their eschatological skull duggery. And those Protestants who do buy into that ruse also vie with the Pope and Roman Catholic Church as the new Israel , claiming for the church all those scriptures and promises relating to Israel and the twelve tribes of Israel. It’s called Replacement Theology.

    Ussher no doubt took the premise for his work, Annals of the World, to have its conclusion with the destruction of Jerusalem from this Jesuit tampering with scripture. Hear it for yourself from the mouth of a former Jesuit Priest who while reading The Revelation of Jesus Christ was convicted and saved, Alberto Rivera: (scroll down to the video and with the curser wheel over to 1 hr. 24 min. 11 sec.)

    You can’t blame Ussher. It was the tenor of his age to think that God was through with the Hebrew people, and the barren land of what was once Israel seemed to confirm it. And though Ussher was a stout anti Pope and Roman Catholic Church person, he had close relatives who were Catholic, his mother and another who was a Jesuit Priest. We can only conjecture what influences these closest to him may have had on his view of Jews and the Hebrew children and Biblical eschatology.

    No one could imagine that the footprints in the sands of time left by the Jews would one day lead back to that barren place where they would begin to kick sand into the Pope’s eyes of ambition for himself and the Roman Catholic Church and into the eyes of the ‘fill in the blanks’ theologians among us Protestants. The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ was a total enigma before this age. Only now is it being unsealed and with the unsealing the revealing of Jesus as Lord and King.

    The way The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ is viewed determines how a person will relate to the total of the Bible and what kind of relationship he will have with it and The Holy Spirit of God. When one believes it was written before the destruction of Jerusalem and Diaspora, it will be but a historical thesis that does not speak personally nor prophetically. It becomes largely an appendage to the gospels and the epistles. On the other hand, if you believe the Bible is an up to date book, not only to those who read it first in the first century, to those who were suffering the persecution by an Antichrist person demanding worship of himself as God, then The Holy Spirit and that The Revelation of Jesus Christ can speak to you today as the world stage is being set for the final Beast government with Antichrist who also will demand worship of himself as very God.

    I am not a preterist. I believe Micah 7, that God will fulfill His promise to show His mercy to Abraham and the Truth to Jacob and that there are a mountain of prophecies to confirm my belief. Being taught, skilled and led by The Holy Spirit, therefore is the Protestant Movement toward becoming the Sons of God, Romans 8, for the agency of God for that purpose. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is singularly important in that preparation.

    The Bible interprets itself. It does not need another to interpret it for the work it does in transforming a believer into a manifested Son of God. The entire Bible is necessary for this. The central importance of the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the central role The Holy Spirit of God as the key in Who He is and what it is we as individuals and as a church must allow Him to do in us.

    Notice, please, in the introduction to The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the book is written from Eternal God who is on the throne of final and absolute authority, “and from THE SEVEN SPIRITS which are before His throne” and, of course, Jesus who has made us “ kings and priests to God and His Father.” It is this relationship with each one of THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD that is essential to realize the meaning and purpose of true and functional Christianity. Knowing each Spirit individually, by name and what He does, submitting ourselves to Them and obeying as each reveals Jesus in His specific portion is how Jesus is revealed to us, individually and thus prepares us as we obey to corporately in unity reveal Him to the world. This book, in the letters to the churches, is John’s picture or rendering of Jesus to Paul’s Foundation by which the picture is realized in our personal lives, and subsequently, in our church unity. The Foundation is what determines how the finished house will appear. Get it wrong in the Foundation, you get it wrong in the whole remaining structure. The Foundation is the particular ministry to which I am called.

    The Bible is fulfilling itself in its eschatological prophecies by leaps and bounds. We are called to take heed for our preparation.

  82. While our good friend Larry is on hiatus I have been spending more time away finding solace in the words of other pundits. My searching has been an effort to try to determine why such a large number of citizens find anything of substance in the “empty suit” Obama. I ran across a good part of the answer in another article by the American Thinker. It, and, the commentary establishes a very sound reasoning for the phenomena we are witnessing. This is a well planned and long term endeavor that in coming into maturity (at least the proponents of the effort believe the time is right). The link – for those of you who might want to inspect – is:

    I only wish he had written this a couple of weeks earlier so I could expose more people to the facts presented.

    Vote, people, vote. Pray, people, pray. We must persevere.


  83. Papasnake, they’ve been playing us for years. That article speaks volumns. Thanks for it.

  84. Just thought I’d try to bring a little levity to the fray. I read the “Thought of the Day”:

    “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.”


    If you want some more fodder for thought, try my website: http::// and be sure to click on the “My Blog” square near the bottom left of the page. Yes, I do cover local politics in my area, but I also have two very good website pages on BHO as well as my blog’s comments on him and other things. It may keep you entertained for a little while as we miss NLT.

    No harm in trying it.

  85. Ken… I like the Lame Cherry!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    BTW… where is everyone? Since ‘the obama’ is on TV, in all likelihood bribing the world while he buys attention, I figured I’d find some company here.

  86. Hey redbone… I’m here because I sure don’t want to see that nitwit!

    I’m sure enjoying ‘the american thinker’ site.

  87. American Thinker is awesome T.

    Question… if this election is in the bag for the obama, why is it still selling so hard? I do believe there is a shift taking place, a very fundamental shift, however slight, away from the obama. This is not over!

  88. Ooops… I forgot. Congrats Philly on the World Series win! Well played… now vote RIGHT!!!

    Thought of you at my party Sunday
    also Larry and TEXAS


    Had a political injection in my speech
    and after seeing the audience made up of all family 75% and remaining
    25% old friends mostly retired service personnel all in the MCCAIN camp I
    dropped the politics .

    This liberal state will stay blue

    Had some great pictures taken including one of me my wife seven children fourteen grand children and the spouses all toll 30 people
    when developed maybe we can have a beer and look at them together


  90. Went to Baltimore, MD last week…thanks Larry, had a great time breaking up the six hr. drive looking at bumper stickers.

    I hit the absolute peak of color in the hills on the way down and had the most beautiful view of the inner Baltimore harbor…which looked like a Christmas tree at night. We are so blessed in this country.

    I toured the museum ships (my first time on a submarine) & the amazing aquarium.

    But the most special trip was to Fort McHenry. The fort was in active duty for over 140 yrs, but was only attacked once…

    The British were on their way back up the coast after taking Washington, D.C. in the War of 1812. The few soldiers at the fort, supported by the local residents (white & black alike) gathered together to stave off a 25 hour bombing of the fort by the British navy.

    The outcome of this battle was probably saving our fledgling country from the re-installment of British rule and the penning of the Star Spangled Banner.

    This is a bit of a scary time for our beloved country…but I think we have great strength in the power of prayer.

    Ken, Thank you for sharing the info on the evening prayer ‘minute.’ I have an audio program on the amazing power that is generated by group prayer.

  91. Redbone, your welcome. That guy cracks me up! I believe you’re right about that shift.

    Inalook, “if God is for you, who can be against you?” I don’t believe He allowed Palin to come on the ticket just to satisfy her political ambitions. He’s telling us something important. (anything He has to say is important).

    LM, you have a really fine website. (your religious section just burned me up though!– just kidding.)

    T, I hope Nov. 5th is the last time we ever have to see or hear that fellow.

    JR, you sure are a blessed man. We should all be so blessed!

  92. Any of your folks ever read Pat Buchannan’s “Death of the West” ? Frankly the first section on demographics is borning. But the section on Gramsci/Lukacs communism tells what has happened to us the past forty years. Saul Alinski was a part of that group.

  93. Following is a section from one of my own books, “Kiss The Son”. Though it is long, I believe it compresses the procedure that we can recognize in our own country: I gleaned materials for this from Buchannan’s “Death of the West” and another, communist watcher, Father James Thornton, among others. You may recognize the Obama panorama is the destabilization stage. With an alleged 8,000 FEMA camps built, staffed, and complete with railroad lines and railway cars equipped with manacles and cuffs, plus execution facilities, Obama’s connection to William Ayers and Bernadotte Dorn, with their communist intellectual friends who want to exterminate 25 million capitalist, takes on spectacular ramifications.

    It’s a little long but hopefully explains our predicament:

    “From about 1900, they (secular humanists) enshrined, over the next sixty years, in the foundational structure of the emerging state institution of public education, tenants that are contrary and contradictory to Christianity. It was this opening, then, through secular humanists, which Gramscian-Lukacs communist tactics were introduced largely through state controlled public education into the culture.

    Understanding the connection of secular humanism to communism, we must hold sight of the fact that John Dewey (called the Father of modern education) was a carefully selected and cultivated pawn of the Illuminati; and that communism, of whatever stripe, Marxist, Lennist-Stalinist, Gramcian-Lukacs or other, is an Illuminati originated tool and put into use for their purposes.

    From education the assault moves to the mass media, and through the mass media to the marriage covenant, portraying marriage as an evil plot by men to dominate women and children. From marriage the assault moves to the family which is pictured as a dangerous institution of violence and exploitation.
    In public education radical permissiveness replaces orderly classroom structure with standards lowered by an eviscerated curricula. Schools are transformed from institutions of true education to laboratories of conditioning with teachers transformed from instructors in basic individual skills to social engineers. Students are reliably conditioned to respond in certain predictable ways rather than taught to individually think and act within a Biblically based moral framework.

    While other cultural institutions are being worked on as well, the above: church, marriage, family are harassed by educational institutions and by mass media, and legal institutions, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, continually for a period of between 20 to 30 years. It is during this phase that Lukacs’ “demonic ideas” are rigorously implemented in public schools. By demoralization churches are transformed from Biblically founded institutions to social clubs. They are commercialized, politicized and turned into forums of entertainment celebrating the humanist’s “spirit of man” in the place of true worship of God in “spirit and in truth.” Christian society is repeatedly depicted during this phase, over and over, again and again, as the fountainhead of racism, sexism, nativism, xenophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, fascism, and Nazism. Biblically foundational teaching is compromised, marginalized, then made out to be irrelevant and finally an object of mockery, ridicule, contempt and laughter.
    During this phase of extended conflict, the Christian old order is dispossessed of its main sources of strength, authority, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism, convention, and conservatism. These depletions rob it of its ability to aggressively fight in the next phase, that of destabilization.

    (This next phase is what I believe Obama represents)

    Destabilization last from two to five years. In this phase is an up-close and personal knockdown, drag-out power struggle between the old guard of the traditional Christian order, and the opposing invading secular humanist, Marxist communist forces. Guardians of the old Christian order are usually not prepared for the battle before them. Here is the reality of the scripture that laments, “My people perish for the lack of knowledge.” They are often confused, usually disorganized, and sometimes easily embroiled in peripheral issues that drain time, energy, and vital resources spuriously.
    During the destabilization phase everything shakes as passions of traditionalists and invaders rise and polarization widens the gap between them. Financial markets become unstable, crime increases, and disorder ensues with government impotent to stop chaos. When chaos blossoms into full bloom most citizens yearn for restoration of order, stability, and security.

    It is at this point communists emerge to seize power which phase Gramsci called, “normalization,” to give the people what they “want,” peace and safety on the terms of the communists, which is to say, the Illuminati. The key for the Illuminati is to have their people in place and ready to take the reins of power at this essential moment of crisis.

    (This is the real danger I believe Obama poses)

    Into political office communists flood. With a vengeance, they implement the last phase, eradication of every vestiage of the former culture in every institution. This includes extermination of every possible rival who would pose a threat to them. This is necessary for the obliteration of memory of the old Christian culture, which makes full and complete implementation of the invader’s “new” secular humanist, Marxist communist culture possible.

  94. JR… we can have a beer anytime. Just put a log of Southern Tier Oat (imperial oatmeal stout) on line. Would be a great pleasure to share some with you. Perhaps after the election we might celebrate or commiserate with each other.

    Ken… I am interested in learning more about the Illuminati. I have a Christian friend who believes in some ‘odd’ things (in my limited opinion) regarding this group. If you might provide a useful link, that would be great.

    The numbers are in… 21.7 million people watched the obamathon last night. If 70 million watched the Biden/Palin debates, what does that say about the effectiveness of the obama’s made for TV infomercial?

    Keep up the prayers all… we do have a shot at this. McCain was looking a little drawn out this morning so perhaps we can pray for his strength and stamina for this final 5 day push!

  95. I became informed that at least one city was planning on having every member of their police force on duty on election day because they had received word that there would be either “partying” or rioting depending on the results of the election. Out of couriosity I googled “cities preparing for rioting on Election Day”. I’ll leave you with this:

    Being prepared to protect one’s family is not racist, but is only wisdom. This nation is a powder keg, and it might be ready to blow. Y’all might want to batton down the hatches, just in case.

  96. Redbone, sorry to leave you hanging… it was my turn to help with homework. I thought I was cruising until that nasty writing assignment came up. LOL!

    I agree with the premise of your question… why, indeed. I think that the ‘independents’ and those who don’t have the time or patience to listen to all of this policial wrangling, are just now getting their thoughts in order so they are ready to vote. They habve been registered since they were old enough, and have lived in the same community for awhile, so they aren’t having any problems voting.
    Obama hasn’t had time to indoctrinate them because they actually ‘work’ during the day instead of having time to go to rallies and such to get their daily dose of ‘koolaid’.
    He’s having to work hard to snow these folks, because they aren’t interested in pretty words, they just want the bottom line. So, they go to their usual sources of information: the NRA magazine that gives a clear run-down on how every candidiate has voted (specific you the reader’s state). They listen to FOX News because they ahve already gotten sick of the MSM. And they talk to their friends at church, their spouses at home and their families.

    These are not the caviar-and-canapes folks, these are the budwiser and pizza, or sweet tea and barbecue folks. They don’t give a fuzzy rat’s behind what Europe thinks of us, and more than half of them have a son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, or wife serving in the military. These are the folks who are busy making the profits that Obama wants to tax. And they are not going to fall for his nonsense.

    Yes, Obama is in trouble, and he knows it… he may yet cheat his way into the White House, but he’s going to have to get down in the dirt and fight for it, now.

  97. Ken, we could not get so lucky… even if he loses, we are going to have to listen to him and his lackeys whine and cry and throw a screaming FIT for months after it is all said and done.

    I will be truly surprised if we have a clear winner by the end of November, because you can mark my words, they have planned this time, and there will be a fight to the state supreme court in every state they can find ANYTHING to cry about if the O’man doesn’t win. And that’s on top of the riots and violence.

  98. Redbone, the book “The DaVinci Code” had a lot of references to the Illuminati, and there was some thread of truth to the story line, although I do not know how far it goes. If you start a Google search with that and be careful of the looney sites, there have been quite a few books written about it.

    When I get home I can give you some names of books… I did some reading on ths topic at one time, and it is pretty interesting.

  99. I found this cartoon on another site that I think you all will get a kick out of. It is an old cartoon that warns about an Obama. (It is about 10 minutes long)

  100. Redbone, my suggestion would be that you start with Antony Sutton’s series, THE ORDER. AFter this work your way back. Constance Cumby’s “Hidden Dangers in the Rainbow”, Texx Marrs has many good books on the subject, to Alice Bailey and Theosophy writers, and on back to Helena P. Blavatsky. The Order is the Skull and Bones at Yale, but it is not just a college fraternity. They are initiated toward the end of college for service their whole lives afterward. Both Bushes and Kerry belong to The Order. Skull and Bones is the USA version of the Thule Group in Germany from whence emerged Adolph Hitler where he was initiated into connection to Satanic infernal spirits that used him. T said it right. There is a world of disinformation out there. But as I said, Sutton is the best place to start. Another one is Dr. John Colman, “Conspirator’s Hirearchy: The Story of the Committe of 300.” Eustace Mullins has much revelant materrial, also he has boo koos of You Tube interviews. It will make you alternately angry and sick and feel helpless. Pray up and read your Bible much as you delve into this area. When John was told by heaven to take the little book out of the angel’s hand and eat it in Rev. 10, he was told it would be as honey in his mouth (new knowledge) but bitter in his belly, i.e., make him sick at what he learns. This is raw Luciferian/Satan stuff.

  101. Beth, that is a great cartoon and hits the bull’s eye.

    T, Redbone, and Billsey I got this email. This is taking place not 100 miles from where I’m sitting:

    “If you have an open mind, read the following. If you read it and don’t
    believe it’s true, call the Lenoir County Elections office. I talked with
    Lester at length to confirm the event before passing this on. May God bless
    you even if you don’t read it.

    “There was almost a riot at the voting location.
    With all the discussion about voting fraud and acorn I thought you might
    want to know what was going on in my home town today. I live in the town of
    Kinston in eastern North Carolina. I am an insurance agent with Farm Bureau
    Mutual Insurance Company of N.C. I received a phone call from one of my
    three sons this morning. He had been talking to a republican that was a
    member of the local board of elections. The board member had just left the
    Kinston early voting location with some very disturbing information. He was
    involved with an attempt to stop the ‘circus’ that was going there. He had
    stated that bus loads of mentally retarded and severely handicapped patients
    from a state funded facility called The Caswell Center were being
    transported to the voting location and that their black democratic state
    employee aids were voting for them. They claimed they were assisting; but,
    how can institutionalized mentally retarded patients know how to vote much
    less make a reasonable logical decision? Most of them cannot read or write
    and many of them are also blind. This must be illegal!! He also reported
    that democratic supporters were passing out shot bottles of alcoholic drinks
    to other voters before and after they had voted. The parking lot looked
    more like the back alley of a local tavern on a Saturday night than a voting
    location. This news was verified by my 60 yr old sister this afternoon . I
    stopped by her home after work and was sharing the info when she advised me
    that she had personally witnessed what was going on because she had voted
    today at the same facility. She said that many voters
    black/white/democratic/republicans were questioning what was going on there.
    I am 55 yrs old and for the first time in my adult life I don’t have much
    faith in our democratic system and the way it operates. I hope this info
    will somehow help correct our countries direction and help make other
    Americans more aware of our serious voting flaws and expose the democratic
    party for trying to steal our Presidential Election.

    “A Concerned American,
    Lester Jarman “

  102. T… you didn’t leave me hanging bud. Cheating is the only method the obama understands. I read “The Code” and while I thought it was an entertaining story, I did not find all that much truth in it. My problem with learning about the Illuminati is all I seem to run across is the loony bin! A non-loon link would be a great place for me to start. Keep up with the homework first… I hear ya loud and clear on that one!

    Beth… awesome cartoon, loved it! Simple explanations (examples) for simple minds… absolutely perfect. My sister gets a copy of this one 😉

  103. Ken… you write fast! Thank you. The Order, A. Sutton. Got it and I will be careful and go slow.

    Crazy what’s going on in NC… like Billsey, I am afraid this is only the beginning.

  104. Billsey, much to praise God for there! Thanks for that link.

  105. REDBONE


  106. Hi all. I have been reading what ya’all have been thinking about and what others have been writing about. I didn’t have anything equal to or better than what ya’ll have had to say until I ran across this in my email, sent by a friend. Make’s one wonder how anyone could even want someone from Chicago anywhere near them.


    Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 12:36:59 -0500


    Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago?
    Body count:
    In the last six months:
    292 killed (murdered) in Chicago;
    221 killed in Iraq.
    Chicago…. Who Runs it:
    Senators: Barack Obama & Dick Durbin
    Rep: Jesse Jackson Jr.,
    Illinois Gov: Rod Blogojevich,
    Illinois House leader Mike Madigan,
    Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike),
    Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J.
    …..our leadership in Illinois….. all Democrats.
    Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago.Of course, they’re all blaming each other!
    Can’t blame Republicans; they’re aren’t any!
    State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country.
    Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.25% highest in country . (Look
    ’em up if you want).
    Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country.

    PS. And how about gun laws in Illinois can any one own guns in Illinois
    ,can the every day guy have a gun permit in Illinois ?

    This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois.
    And he’s gonna ‘fix’ Washington?

    Wake Up America!

  107. Redbone and T, here’s a financial expert on CNBC saying the Illuminati is the real culprit in the last three weeks financial debaucle:

  108. JR… Done,

    Papasnake… killer man, I dig it! Why don’t we leave them in Chicago where they belong… wait, that would be cruel to the good people there.

    Ken… thanks for the link. Interesting stuff!

    Interesting developments on the obama’s campaign trail this morning. Kicked off the foul smelling aircraft are three newspapers, the Washington Times, the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News, supposedly for lack of space. All 3 papers have endorsed John McCain for POTUS. Replaced with Ebony, Jet and “others” to “document the obama’s victory celebration.” The Audacity of Arrogance indeed… This is evidence of the kind of “open” administration the obama has promised us.

  109. Alabama Redneck

    Hi all. Been gone for the past few days and just wanted to check up on what my friends here were saying.

    Ken, I get regular updates regarding the Illuminati and will look up the link and pass it to you for your perusual.

    Also just received an email that Fox news is going to broadcast a tape of Michelle Obama tonight on Hannity and Greta. May or may not be true but will be tuned in to see if it was right. Tape said to be about Michelle telling an African audiance about Barak’s plans for American.
    Redbone, Billesly and Ken. Enjoy your posts very much and the thought that goes into them. With my limited education I find it hard at time to express my self the way I would like to. Also enjoy what AmyD posts.

    Just as an afterthought the following link is most interesting being as this is a black man, probably in his 20’s. What he has to say is not what you would expect or what the media is telling us about blacks in general.

    Ken. you might try the following link for 411 on the illuminati.

    Hope this helps. More and more we learn about BHO and his plans for America. Let u s all pary that it is not too late.

    God Bless America.

  110. Ken,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll get around to the “Religion” part of the site after the election is over. I have done way too much work on it as is, according to my family. I will take a few days off after the election, and then start focusing on offending the rest of the people I haven’t done so yet.

    I also wanted to say, “Congrats to the Phillies!” even though I live in FL, I like the Phillies better. So, I am glad they won. I know, I know. Offending other people now.

    Don’t worry. If you’re not offended yet, I’ll get around to you. Wait your turn.

  111. A. Redneck… now that’s a righteous brotha and a fantastic video to pass around! I also signed up to receive the newsletter from Looks like some good things going on there… many thanks!

  112. Stitch,

    I made a movie out of your PowerPoint and posted it to YouTube. It is called “John McCain, Patriot.” I hope you like it. The address is www(dot)youtube(dot)com(slash)watch?v=eDch-k1kXbY It is not yet live as of 0106 Rome time. Give it a few hours.

  113. Stitch,

    I posted that open letter to my blog and the movie I made is now live!!!

  114. P.S. My YouTube user name is DirntFiend. It may be easier to search for videos that way, because I only have four.

  115. Ken and Red,

    Thank you Ken for informing me on the Illuminati and the Committee of 300. My husband now thinks that I am a moonbat. Once I learned about the Cmte. of 300, EVERYTHING makes a lot more sense. I do agree that there is A LOT of tin-foil hat type stuff out there (e.g. reptiles who live under the Earth’s crust [these people have reptiles confused with demons — demons exist, reptiles under the crust don’t]). I just wonder if BHo is actually a part of the Illuminati or if he is just a puppet and pawn, though he is dangerous either way. The Illuminati have a habit of using and disposing of anyone who can further their evil ends. Was BHO a member of Harvard’s elite Skull and Bones-type fraternity (is that another reason why he refuses to release his college records???)??? Aren’t the Illuminati generally a whites-only organisation??? They’re also anti-Semitic and yet the Rothchilds of England and America are members (and other Jewish families). But, religion should not matter if they are all slaves to Satan. But again, they will use and discard whoever they need to further their ends.

  116. Amy… how in the world could you be a moonbat if you refuse to negotiate? You’re on the right track and it’s good to see you back! How much good have we heard you speak about your husband here? Tons is the answer!

    Listen to your own heart and listen to the one who matters most to you… no way y’all can possibly come up with the wrong answer to anything.

    I actually don’t credit the obama with all that much, intelligence wise… not stupid, but overconfident. The people who it’s indebted to is another story… ‘hell’ of a team goin’ on! He can talk up a storm… fire the mindless up… but nothing else. That’s frightening (cause there are plenty of mindless about – “jerks on the lose” – music quiz…) though it can’t last long term, no how no way. The People WILL See Eventually. In either circumstance we need to be cool and be strong. Nothing else will do. Peace to you and yours!

  117. Alabama Redneck, I stop by about once a day. Lots of info there. I notice, though, that each one of these conspiracy watchers has his own little corner to defend. For instance, Alex Jones protects Catholics who are involved from the glaring light, cuttingedge protects Fundamentalists Christians who are involved who have religious iconic value.

    Amy D., none of this is worth enmity with your husband. You’re too smart to let any of this stuff mess with your marriage relationship. Skull and Bones is located at Yale University. Harvard’s version is I think called Scroll and Key. When Pres. John Kennedy was informed about Skull and Bones he quipped, “I always wondered why Harvard men worked for Yale men.”

    There is a Negro version of the Illuminati based on Sklull and Bones that is allegedly based from Howard University. It is called the Boley (pronounce “bow-lay”, don’t know how it is spelled) and was formed with W.E.B. Debois with the NAACP being formed at the same time. Obama appears to be a highly crafted pawn. If he gets into power his handlers will probably find they cannot control him in the same way those who cultivated Hitler found they could not control him.

    I’m still looking for that interview.

    It goes like this: Jesuit Priests, Black Nobility, Central Bankers, Illuminati, which corresponds with religious, cultural, economic, political.

  118. To all who have thanked me for links to other people’s works, you are welcome. However, it is I who should thank Larry, NLT and y’all for helping me find new spaces and places.

    Listening to the conservative Talk Radio this evening leads me to believe that our hard work in sharing news items with one another and especially our prayers that He help us make the right choices is paying off. The October Surprise may turn out to be the Big November 4th Surprise. Use your brain; vote McCain.


  119. Red,

    wptg’s YouTube account has been suspended. gotta love Google/BHO’s “Truth Squads”. I am going to try to find an archived page of his collection.

  120. Amy… incredible. Must have happened overnight. I’ve sent that page to many, many people. If they go to look at it perhaps something will click.

  121. Red,

    He has a MySpace. The address is: profile(dot)myspace(dot)com(slash)index(dot)cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=130219969

    He has a few videos and articles on there, but probably not as many as he had on his YouTube profile.


    BET THAT doesn’t show up on MSM

  123. UPDATE


    IN SEPT.

  124. Beth,

    Liked the cartoon so much I embedded it onto my homepage.


    “wptg’s YouTube account has been suspended. gotta love Google/BHO’s “Truth Squads”. I am going to try to find an archived page of his collection.”

    Wonderful… Free speech anyone? With BHO as President we can kiss that goodbye, too.

    But, to tell you the truth, I don’t think he’s going to win. I think it’s going to be Palin/McCain… I can’t keep that straight for the life of me… All the way, Palin/McCain.

    Riots may ensue, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a decisive victory. I’m thinking 55%/45% or something thereabouts. I know those figures won’t be exact due to Nader/McKinney (no relation)/Keyes, etc., but I think that the final fallout will be around there.

    Big turnout, too, considering how long the lines are down here (FL). We voted early on the 27th and had to stand in line for about thirty minutes. Those who came after us stood for about fifty minutes. So, I’m thinking it’s going to be about 85% (or higher) turnout here, about the same everywhere else, and Palin/McCain victory.

    From my fingers to God’s eyes and (if I could make it so) His will.



  126. From FOX NEWS: Absentee ballots from Israel show McCain with 70+% of the vote (I don’t remember the exact figure). Most of these Americans are Jewish. The Great Schlep may be backfiring. Also, a good percentage of the Israeli-American ballots are for battleground states, including FL.

  127. Also Remember:


  128. Here’s the article on the Israeli-American Absentee Votes for McCain:

    For US voters abroad, the global is truly local
    Friday, October 31, 2008
    By JOSEF FEDERMAN, Associated Press Writer

    JERUSALEM — Tova Weinberg is a lifelong Democrat, but she’s voting for John McCain.

    Weinberg, 54, isn’t attracted by the Republican’s position on the economy or the Iraq war. Like many of her compatriots living in Israel, she is voting for the candidate she believes will be a better friend to the Jewish state.

    It’s a pattern seen around the world. While the millions of Americans living abroad remain connected to home, they view the election through the distant lens of their new surroundings. As the old adage says, all politics truly are local.

    In Israel, the main issue is the country’s security. In Mexico, it’s trade ties, and in Russia, the deteriorating relations with Washington. Almost everywhere, Americans want a leader who can deal with the global financial meltdown and _ even more important _ fix what is widely seen as a U.S. image tarnished by the Iraq war and the Bush administration’s go-it-alone foreign policy.

    “We’ve been on the front lines and we’ve seen the reputation of the U.S. plummet. That has motivated people to vote,” said Margo Miller, a Democratic activist in Britain.

    For Weinberg, a retired dentist who splits her time between Pittsburgh and Jerusalem, voting Republican was not easy. She describes herself as a “die-hard liberal Democrat” raised on the values of the civil rights era.

    “I was so excited when Obama was up and coming,” said Weinberg, who now runs a Jewish dating service. She first had doubts about Barack Obama over his relationship with the incendiary pastor Jeremiah Wright, and was further upset when Obama said he was willing to speak to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction.

    Obama says dialogue might be the best way to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but Weinberg disagrees.

    “To me, as a Jew, that’s like having diplomatic relations with Hitler,” she said. “As a result, he lost my vote.”

    Such feelings are apparently common in Israel. While Jews in the U.S. have traditionally voted Democratic, the 250,000 Americans living in Israel appear to overwhelmingly support McCain, said Israeli-American political analyst Mitchell Barak. He estimated 70 percent of the roughly 40,000 votes expected to be cast in Israel will be for the Republican.

    In contrast to Israel _ where both parties have held rallies and registration drives _ the election generates little enthusiasm among the Palestinians, who view the U.S. as biased toward Israel. Few of the estimated 40,000 Palestinian-Americans in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are expected to vote.

    “The candidates are not interested in Arabs and their causes,” said Walid al-Sous, 52, a former New Yorker who runs a pizzeria in the West Bank city of Ramallah. He said he did not bother to register.

    In all, an estimated 6 million Americans living overseas are eligible to vote, according to the federal Election Assistance Commission, though far fewer will likely cast ballots.

    Almost 1 million people requested ballots in 2006 midterm elections, but it’s estimated only about 330,000 votes came from abroad. Hundreds of thousands of ballots never reached expatriate voters _ apparently because of outdated addresses _ and many others were rejected for irregularities such as arriving too late.

    Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, president of the Overseas Vote Foundation, a nonprofit group that helps expatriates register and vote, said she expects about 2 million people to vote this time, including about 500,000 military personnel.

    With many absentee voters coming from battleground states, including Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, their votes could make a difference. “Overseas votes are a wild card,” Dzieduszycka-Suinat said. “They can be deciding votes.”

    But it’s hard to say which candidate will benefit.

    A series of global polls in recent months have shown that foreigners overwhelmingly favor Obama over McCain _ largely a reflection of Bush’s deep unpopularity overseas. The surveys have found especially heavy support for Obama in many U.S. allies such as Australia, Canada and countries in western Europe.

    It’s not clear whether American expatriates share these views, although the country’s poor image is clearly on many minds.

    “The most important issue is the war and its impact on America’s image abroad,” said Doretta Dow-Freidl, a 47-year-old yoga teacher in Berlin. “After 9/11, Europeans gave America massive sympathy, but Bush has really blown it.” She has already mailed her absentee ballot, cast for Obama, to her home district in Lady Lake, Fla.

    Miki Bowman, chairwoman of Republicans Abroad in the United Kingdom, said she expects McCain’s strong foreign policy credentials to appeal to many expatriates. The estimated 300,000 Americans in Britain include a large number of military personnel _ some 10,000 Americans live on U.S. air bases _ and Bowman said they tended to be conservative.

    In Mexico, which has the world’s largest U.S. expatriate community, political activists say interest is high.

    Larry Rubin, head of Republicans Abroad Mexico, believes about two-thirds of the estimated 1.2 million Americans in Mexico are Republicans. He said voters there are drawn by McCain’s support for NAFTA, the North America Free Trade Agreement, and oppose Obama’s ties with labor unions.

    But Tess Wheelwright, a 26-year-old from Massachusetts living in Mexico City, said she wanted to help make history by voting for the first black president. “I don’t want to have to tell future generations I didn’t vote for Obama,” she said.

    In Japan, registration among Americans is up 50 percent from 2004, said Lauren Shannon, head of Democrats Abroad in Tokyo, adding that voters are concerned mainly with “plans to get out of the current economic crisis.”

    Andrew Hardisty, chairman of Democrats Abroad in Moscow, said the relatively few Americans there are like a “small town” where partisan sentiment is held in check. Both Republicans and Democrats worry about the poor state of American-Russian relations, he added.

    Anne Martin, 43, a native of Shepherdstown, W. Va., who has lived in the Philippines for four years, said America’s faltering reputation overseas decided her vote.

    “I just thought Obama is going to bring a nice face to the Americans abroad again,” she said. “He’s got a good way of dealing with the world.”

  129. From a newsfeed via email:

    Friday night’s polling for Zogby of 1000 likely voters shows a huge shift for John McCain. Zogby’s poll, conducted on Friday night only, has McCain at 48% and Obama at 47%.

  130. Hi Kids!

    Made it back alive..

    Checking out the many exceptional comments.

    You all make me proud.

    One of out breakfast table guests from Georgia said that he went to vote early before the cruise.

    He said that the poll workers never asked for his ID before or after he voted..

    He was so upset about it that he called the board
    of elections and they told him that “according to their records”, the poll workers asked him twice and they marked it as such in their books..

    Thus begins the “Big Steal” circa 2008 as the ACORNers are out voting early and often, we know that they have the “cemetary vote” all but locked..

    TELL THE WORLD. This is still quite “do-able”.

    If I had the time, I would comment on all of the exceptional comments but I’m going to start hitting the news wires to try to get something out ASAP..

    I missed the family, glad to be back..

    Lets roll..


  131. Welcome back, Larry!

  132. Welcome back, Larry. We are glad you and your family made it back safe and sound.

  133. Welcome Bacl Larry. Glad to see ya!!!

  134. McCain/Palin are going to win. But, you’re right, can’t take chances. Got to get the voters to vote McCain/Palin. Welcome back, Larry.

  135. Welcome back Larry… hope you had a great time. We missed you!

  136. LARRY
    Glad to hear you are back in action
    my anniversary shindig was great and I know you toasted it on your cruise
    I raised my glass to you. redbone and texas as well as all the commentors here. lloking forward to new thoughts from you and our victory Tuesday

    use your brain VOTE MCCAIN

  137. Family,

    Thanks for the kind words..

    Hoping to have “Hot Off The Presses” out tonight, I’m going to let it fly warts and all.

    Still tired but rarin’ to go.

    JR: Love your new tag line.


    That is classic.

    Thanks as always,


  138. Hope you enjoyed your vacation Larry! Looking forward to hearing from you…what’s this new bit about BHO’s illegal alien aunt? The fun just never stops!

  139. Michele, et al.,

    Re: – -Hussein’s illegal alien aunt.

    Read all about it at CBS new online. Go to allrightmagazine dot com – one of the other blogs Larry contributes to and you’ll find the story – then follow the link.

    Of course, Hussein denies any knowledge of the problem, the same as he didn’t know about Wright; Ayers & His wife;Rezko; his buddy the LA times is covering up ; his Cathlolic Priest buddy; and countless other “SHADY”, and questionable friends that have shaped him these past 46 years. But, we’ll all find out about them when their it hits us in out bank accounts,individual freedom etc., after he finishes re-writing the Constitution.

    It’s amazing he knows just exactely how much campaign money to return to her since the contribution is illegal.

    I’m surprised that CBS even reported the story unless it was to report his denial. AP is reported to have uncovered her. I don’t remember when it was supposed to have occurrred, but Limbaugh has been talking about it for about a week.

    Again, welcome back Larry.

  140. Hey Larry… good to have you back man! Hope the trip was awesome…

    I love this dude! Enjoy! McCain/Palin ’08


  142. George,

    You always have something constructive to say.

    Keep saying it..

    Thanks as always my friend,


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