From Present To President

As of this writing, we now have someone running the show who has the vast “experience” of an awe inspiring 143 days in the United States Senate and an exhaustive dossier of 129 votes of “present”. That’s alright though, the Germans like him.. To me it is the equivalent of the twelve-year-old who just got the newspaper stand on the street corner who then stomps into the New York Times offices and demands to be the editor in chief. Just a minute, the New York Times is probably not the best analogy, any twelve year old could do as good as Sulzberger, but I think that you get the point..

Enjoy your bubbly bottle of “sham-pagne” because with your ridiculous “sham-paign” of lies, deceit and deception, you have managed, with the help of your ACORN friends, to “steal the show.” Be sure to keep up the JFK ruse with your own version of “Shamalot” as the media is still behind you.. For now.. Your inexperience in matters above and beyond politics alone is self evident in that you have yet to figure out that the media enjoys pushing people up to great heights only to then shove them from the precipice into the abyss..

The Job Corps Program will now have to open a satellite office right next to the Oval office while the nation holds its collective breath and crosses its fingers and toes for quite some time to come. As scary as the reality of you being the next President is, the thought of your Vice President having to step in is even more frightening. If it weren’t for the fact that you were elected President, with your unsavory “friends and pals”, you couldn’t get the necessary security clearance to even visit the White House.

The normal “transition of power” will take on an altogether new perspective as we “transition” from capitalism to socialism. We “hope” that you will have all of the necessary workbooks and study guides available and a good supply of highlighter pens at your disposal. Be sure to grab the “Communist Manifesto”, by Marx and Engels, (keep in mind that Marx called the “proletarian revolution” the “transition” stage between capitalism and communism.) “Prairie Fire”, by one of your terrorist buddies, Bill Ayers, “Palestinian Identity” by another of your terrorist “pals” Rashid Khalidi, Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book” from your personal library and that’s just for starters..

You will be surrounded by all sorts of liberal “helpers”. I suggest that you ask Hillary Clinton to be a national financial adviser of some sort because she miraculously turned $10,000 into over $100,000 in no time with her abilities as a cattle futures speculator. She is also a gifted magician who can make FBI files disappear and then reappear months later and she made a sure fire candidacy vanish into thin air to boot..

I know that you need a new financial guru because your last one, born in Syria, is now a convicted felon. He was your real estate agent as well landing you that multi million-dollar home near Chicago. Your buddy Harry Reid is quite familiar with funny land grabs in Nevada, so I’ll bet that he could be of assistance..

You have Bill Clinton who can advise you about the impeachment process, testimony before Congress, lying under oath and so much more. The Clintons also have the proven ability to “multi task” vast numbers of illegal and immoral enterprises simultaneously, so their help will be invaluable to you.

Barney Frank will be there to help you expedite the Chapter 7 and/or the Chapter 11 process that he has been feverishly driving the nation towards for many years now.

Whatever you do, don’t ask Ted Kennedy for driving lessons, don’t ask John Edwards about fidelity or don’t ask Jack Murtha about integrity..

After the dust settles and the “dance of the liberal ballot ballet” or the “Lord of the Lies” is gauged as accurately as your socialist government will allow, we will be thrust immediately into your first “Clintonian” cover up and scandal even before you are sworn in: nationwide Democratic/ACORN voter fraud. And I thought that the Clintons were fast.. Otherwise, I see a series of “good news, bad news” scenarios for all parties involved..

The bad news for us is that your “supporters” already have their grimy hands out and they are awaiting their “daily bread” which will be systematically (read: illegally.) taken from those who used to work for themselves and their families, but who now unfortunately work for your collectivist liberal government.

The bad news for you is that even though your campaign of gossamer gibberish was blatantly transparent to the rest of us, your “base”, as mentioned above, heard things that you never even said. Remember that they have very creative imaginations. They are expecting “payment for services rendered” and if the level of your handouts don’t meet with their approval, the media (remember the precipice to the abyss..) will let you know in no uncertain terms.

The good news is that in two years time, if you do destroy the middle class in order to soften the life of your constituents to the degree that they will demand of you, the House, the Senate or both could end up back in the Republican column. Hopefully this will transpire in enough time to staunch the arterial bleeding from the beating that you will be delivering to the middle class.

The bad news is that if you succeed in your collectivist wet dream, in two years time there may be very little that is recognizable of what was once our country that can be effectively salvaged..

The good news for you is that you will only have to respond to your “supporters” who happen to be vertical or breathing after November 4th. The other millions of ACORN registered Obama voters who are deceased and/or fictional cartoon characters won’t be a concern for you until November of 2012 when they will again be systematically dug up and rounded up so that their “disenfranchised” voices can be again heard from the grave or the funny pages in order to keep “hope” alive..

These supporters are the people who “idolize” you and you have done nothing to dissuade these simpletons so I am of the opinion that you believe this tripe yourself. Again, by supporters, I am speaking of the ones with a measurable pulse, but the verdict is still out on whether there is any discernable movement on a liberal’s EEG.. Even the most recent nauseating example dripped with obsequious fawning and unnecessary adulation. Bishop Cornal Henning thanked God that He has “given us a Moses and a Martin called Barack Obama..”

Again I can only speak to the ambulatory Democratic deceivers, those who are figments of the ACORN-ers fertile imaginations will have to be told through a Ouija board or a séance.. To all of the Obama voters who have been gulled by this “change” nonsense, thanks for removing “choice” (Except for the progressive pogrom of “abortion at will”, laughingly called “choice” by the rubber apron crowd..) from the vocabulary. Your “change” leaves me no “choice” but to pony up more of what I have EARNED so that our new Santa and his liberal elves can “spread the wealth around.”

In voting for BHO/JFK, it would appear that one or another of the following rationales was used. Either you enjoy paying higher taxes or you pay very little if any taxes yourselves and you enjoy making the rest of us pay for you. Since you are so “patriotic”, as defined by your Vice President, I feel that it is YOUR “patriotic” duty to pay the taxes that “The Great Collectivist” will be levying upon me because I didn’t vote the Hammer and Sickle ticket today. That seems “fair” doesn’t it?

From this point forward, Mr. President, your excuses are your own. Your fellow travelers control the Senate as well as the House and you are but one nominee away from tipping the balance of the Supreme Court to the “Dark Side”. Your agenda (whatever it is other than “Implode America”) should be easily implemented, as there are enough progressive poltroons in place to push through any and all of your veiled Marxist “Five Year Plans” without effective resistance or deterrence. However, “Beating around the Bush” will not suffice as an excuse for your future failures when the Eucharist of “change” has been swallowed by so many imbecilic “true believers”.

You might want to ease off on this “Civilian National Security Force” business. Remember that your base, and I do mean, “base”, is all part of the “Don’t Draft Me/I’m A Coward” crowd. We certainly wouldn’t want all of our green haired X-Boxers and MySpace cadets skulking across the Canadian border to dodge the Obama draft.

Government (even when it has been at its best in its most basic and scaled down form and that hasn’t been the case recently..) has of late concerned itself altogether too much with the acquisition of and the redistribution of, ill-gotten “revenues” forcibly taken from those who have worked to earn them. We will now see the application of a ridiculous barometer of “fairness” and we will all watch in disgust as this bounty is given to the undeserving and the ungrateful. We have allowed those addicted to “revenue theft” to resume the mantle of power..

The economy (just one of the many topics with which you have no experience..) that you and your minions will be in control of has taken a drastic down turn within the past two years. You will note that that time frame coincides with the Democratic Party taking control of both the House and the Senate. That is just an incredible coincidence I am sure..

In closing, I would like to leave you with just a few last thoughts before the “Fairness Doctrine” is resurrected and contrary thought is an offense punishable by years of mandatory “Scare Amerika” radio broadcasts and Keith Olber-womann MSNBC telecasts..

I find it morbidly humorous that during the debates you claimed that you can “find Bin Laden” when you had no idea how to “find” or get in contact with your illegal alien aunt Zeituni who has been in Boston for years living on the dole..

Please allow me to paraphrase your wife, “For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of my country..”

There is one wonderful little snippet that I have left for last. This was an election that ANY Democrat could have won and that almost ANY Republican would have lost. This election was about voting against someone, not for someone. There is one person right now who better understands that than anyone alive. Hillary Rodham Clinton. This election was hers to lose and she did so magnificently and for that I am thankful.

Congratulations, Mr. President, but if I may, all that I would like to ask from you at this moment is that you pace yourself when it comes to fulfilling your campaign promises to bankrupt our nation, eliminate our constitutional rights and destroy that which has taken generations of great Americans to envision, build and bring to fruition..


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  1. Dan In Oregon

    “For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of my country..”

    Damn. That actually brought a tear to my eye, such is its unfortunate veracity.

    I was just kind of numbly clicking around the internet looking for some mental solace, and I had a feeling I could count on you to provide it. Thanks for summing up my thoughts in your usual eloquent fashion and confirming that I’m not the last sane person in this country.

  2. Dan,

    Have no fear.

    You live in such a beautiful area of the country. For now at least, your property is still yours.

    Relative to the election, children have always been fascinated by magicians and sleight of hand.

    Je$$e, Oprah, all the tear shedding infants.

    I actually couldn’t stop from laughing.

    They reinforce every thing that I write.

    The truth is stranger than fiction..

    Thanks as always,


  3. Well, Canada is 15 minutes from here – and even their health care isn’t looking too bad right now. Of course, we’ll all be one happy family soon with the North American Union. Anybody want to join me in finding an island in the South Pacific? We can take the Constitution with us, they won’t miss it here.

  4. I am so angry that I cannot see straight. I do not recognise BHO as my President. Like Conservatives did under Clinton, I want a t-shirt with Oshama’s ugly mug on it that says “Not My President” and I want like 100 of them. I will wear one every day until he his booted from office. I hope and pray that he IS NOT re-elected. I cannot believe that there are this many stupid people in our country. I fear that we are living in Nazi Germany all over again. See you in the camps!!!

  5. I have to agree with your comment about this being the first time in my adult life that I am ashamed of my country.
    When I joined the army, I had to swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic; unfortunately, it looks like the only way to do that now is to join Allie and take it to an island in the South Pacific. If we leave the Constitution here, it will probably be put in the bottom of some Dense-o-crat’s bird cage.

  6. America will soon regret the choice she made on November 4, 2008.

    RIP United States of America July 4, 1776 – November 4, 2008

    United Socialist States of America January 20, 2009 – ???

  7. Read my new blog post titled “RIP United States of America 1776-2008

  8. I am so disappointed as well. I really believed Americans would get in that poll booth and recover their consciences, their brains, something
    If this is Gods plan, I pray it happens fast, this is not a world I want to live in.
    On the other hand, if we all quit our jobs the day he takes office ………

  9. Hi Larry,
    First let me say (while it is still legal) I love NLTZ! I do disagree on one thing though-Barak should have no trouble finding enough Jihadists to easily meet staffing requirements for the new “civilian national security force” and since they’ll soon have their own driver’s license they’ll be able to get to work every day (you know what dedicated employees Jihadists can be). And look at the bright side of this election, whole new fashion trends are going to be created-like red ties for the kids, burqas for the wife, and I’m sure you’ll look cool in that new designer turban (it’ll look good with your new beard)! And what about the new dance moves we’ll be learning? How about “The Goose Step”? How bad can this really be?
    Soon it’ll be legal for us to smoke the same stuff the libs where smoking yesterday in the voting booth (the live ones that is). And the troops will be coming home too! And what about Hillary? Don’t you think she’ll be just as cute on the supreme court as in the oval office?
    And I doubt if anyone has had sex in the oval office in a while either. We can “Hope” for this “Change” too!

    Keep up the great work Larry! I’ll read you even in the Underground!

    TTYL Chris.

  10. Well, Larry, a majority of the voting American public (both dead and alive, including, but not limited to: human primates, dogs, cats, gerbils, etc., etc., and so forth), has crowned the Dear One as President … and now they shall have to live with the sad, sorry consequences of their collective decision (at least those human primates still breathing, of course, all others are excused from the consequences of casting their pro-Dear One ballots post-mortem).

    Chapter 13 of Romans, specifically verses 1-13, tells me I must respect this election’s outcome, irregardless of the bile rising in the back of my throat. But, then, unlike the Dear One and his Marxist, Black Liberation Theology cronies, I truly do fear Jehovah God, that is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as He has revealed Himself betwixt the pages of Genesis and Revelation (one must take care to detail precisely which God to whom one is referring in our post modernistic era here, don’t you agree?)

    After all, the American people twice put a rapist in the White House, so why not a liberal Marxist this time, eh?
    [::grinding teeth::]

    We tried our best to LEGALLY (our conservative deceased graciously declined to vote) cajole, pull, prod and push McCain to victory, but it ’twas not to be – most of the time we were campaigning not just against the Dear One, but also with our own candidate at odds with his own voter base, if you get my drift. We did the best we could with what we had to work with insomuch as the top of the ticket was concerned, which often-times, much as it pains me to admit it, wasn’t much.

    “For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of my country..”

    For myself, I would amend that to read: “for the SECOND time in my adult life, I am thoroughly, absolutely and utterly ashamed of my country … a once great nation, a nation founded under God once upon a time by truly honorable men…”

    The FIRST time I was ashamed of my country was when the highest court in the land abandoned the Constitution and began to sanction the slaughter of its unborn innocents upon altars of convenience scattered across our amber waves of grain, from sea to shining sea.

    The SECOND time I find myself ashamed of my country is of course in the aftermath of the vote.

    Now, once the buyer’s remorse starts rolling in, probably in less than 6 months, from the newly disillusioned who helped vote Dear One into office, I’m not going to want to hear it. Let them live with the consequences of their foolish votes … even as we do all we can within the bounds of the rule of law to minimize the damage to the tattered shreds of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    God have mercy, even though America long since ceased to merit it.

  11. Amen, Larry, and to the other posters as well.

    May God have mercy on us.

    We have much, as a country, for which to ask forgiveness. And this is only the next in a long line of stupid, Godless decisions that we, the faithful have allowed to happen.

    I don’t care if there is a “Fairness Doctine”. We are a resourceful people, we will find a way to go around it. This is NOT the time to sit and feel sorry for ourselves, this is the time to resolve to fix what has gone wrong and fight to get our country back from the godless horde!

    Speak out!
    Teach your children the TRUTH!

    The Republican party MUST get it’s collective ‘poop in a group’ and be ready in two years to start to turn this around!

    God have mercy on us!

    We have well and truly ‘screwed the pooch’!

    “For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country.” AMEN, Larry, AMEN!

  12. I wrote this as another blog post, but I wanted to share this with the family in order to add any suggestions y’all may have to help mitigate the damage of BHo’s presidency.

    How to Mitigate The Damage

    Now that Barack Hussein Obama has been elected as the new President we as Christians can mitigate the damage by warring in the Spirit.

    1. Do NOT accept defeat. This is America’s wake-up call, not necessarily a judgement, but a warning that if the Church does not effectively rise up against the demonic realm and reclaim its authority, the worst is yet to come.

    2. Continue to follow politics. Come against the power of the government by praying against their evil plans (i.e. The fairness Doctrine, Freedom of Choice Act, repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, crippling taxes, etc.). Take dominion over your locality.

    3. Hone your spiritual weapons. Read and study the Bible, especially on the subject of spiritual warfare and discernment of the spiritual realm. For a good primer and continued support in your “training,” go to and study the BTWs and watch Pastor Don’s weekly live broadcast. Pray and ask God to show you how to become a spiritual warrior.

    4. Pray. Pray for protection over our land. Pray that the light of truth will be shone on BHO and will reveal his true intentions and his true nature. Pray that all those with eyes to see and ears to hear will receive the truth — and act on it.

    5. Do NOT forget all of the information learned about BHO during his campaign and this past election cycle. It will come in handy during the next election cycle in 2012. Download and archive as many videos, websites, blogs, etc. Do not throw or give away any of your anti-Obama books. They will be just as relevant come 2012.

  13. Also, when the consequences of this election manifest I will tell every Liberal, “I told you so. You believed the lie, and now everyone must pay the consequences, including you. It’s your fault for letting this happen.” I’m trying not to act in the flesh, but I really want to chew out and disown every Liberal I know, including my mother, my step-dad, and my sister — and y’all know how much I love my sister. My brother and I are the only sane ones, and he’s not old enough to vote yet. Please pray for my sanity.

  14. New Slogan:

    Don’t Blame Me!!! I Voted For McCain!!!

  15. To coninue the fight What can “W”
    do to protect us??????

    Must be some maneuvers that he
    can do to stop this madness

    Bomb IRAN
    PARDON some of our afflicted


    It is a sad day for us but we must continue and immediately work
    to elect our types to the next election

    I will print your message of today LARRY and use it to update all my family and friends


  16. I for one will not even say I told you so. I understand the liberals,and blacks, and latin vote, they are already in the tank. But the white blue collar,white middle class,and white suburban vote is unfathomable. The idea that”this is such a wonderful thing”, is absolutely ridiculous. Since most of these people live right next door to municipalities run by politicians of BHO’s ilk and race, should understand full well what they are going to unleash on the country. Everyone sat on their hands for decades as the “progressives” indoctrinated our kids, perverted our history and immigration laws, and now everyone is surprised that every legal and illegal immigrant voted for the socialist paradise, just like the ones they had in their third world pesthole countries they came from. We brought this on ourselves, and I frankly don’t believe we have the stomach to fix it before it’s too late.

  17. It’s nice to see that I am not alone in my horror.

    I’m really depressed. I was hoping I would wake up to “McCain actually won.”

    It saddens me that a war-hero, who comes from a military family lost to a guy who associates himself with anti-american people; a guy who can call ppl in PA rednecks who cling to their guns; etc.

    I’m sorry but I am not going to be gracious. I do not consider him my president.

    I only hope that people who voted for him will actually see they made a mistake. With our media, I dont see that happening.

    I pray.

  18. JR,

    The only thing that W can do is call for an investigation into BHO’s background and have his election invalidated on Constitutional grounds. Unfortunately, not one government agency has done that, and I do not think that they will. The DoJ is completely in the tank for him. BHO should have been properly vetted as soon as he petitioned the DNC for his candidacy.

  19. I guess we the people can try like Phillip Berg to petition the government for a full investigation.

  20. Here is something we can do to try to help persuade Congress to stop BHO from taking office:

    Go to and sign the petition.

    The petitions will be delivered to your Representative and Senators. For maximum impact, you can also have them hand delivered for a small fee (it’s what I did). Hand delivered letters are more difficult to ignore than e-mails, and if they see your letter twice, they may be more inclined to act.

  21. Allie,

    Surely we are better than the liberals who led by Sarandon, Baldwin, etc., threatened to leave our country if W won.

    He did and they stayed.

    I understand the “emotion” of the McCain loss, but I refuse to give up on the bigger picture.


    I will have my copy of the Constitution with me and I will refer to it any time the liberals decide to chip away at it.

    The fight has only just begun..

    With me its: family first. You are a part of the NLTZ family. We won’t let you down.

    Thanks as always,


  22. Sister Amy,

    Again, lets turn our “anger” or “dismay” into being focused on the hocu pocus of the left.

    If we lose focus, they win.

    Keep fighting.


  23. Todd,

    You have fought before and you did so honorably.

    Lets not make you efforts to be in vain.

    Now is when the fight really begins.

    Thanks as always,


  24. Jamie,

    Who couldn’t use a little “vacation time” in January..

    Thanks as always,


  25. I believe John McCain said it best all… “Stand up and fight” and that’s just what I intend to do. Defend the constitution against what we now have in the highest office… a serious domestic threat.

    Thank you for the link Amy. This will be a great start. Keep up the fantastic work Larry, we need voices like yours now more than ever. To the family… don’t go anywhere. Stick around. Strength in numbers. May God bless us all and may God bless the United States of America.

  26. Chris,

    I’m out on the whole turban thing.

    I do have some drapes that we were going to change out and a table cloth or two for instant burkas..

    Some may remember “Hoover Hogs” and “Hoover Blankets”. What will the depression era togs under Obama be known as?

    Thanks as always,


  27. Fed Up,

    As far as I am concerned, your personal efforts during the election season were not in vain.

    We fought the good fight and there is a dignity in that that the left will never understand.

    The good news is that they didn’t end up with a filabuster proof Senate. That would have spelled disaster.

    Hope that you are doing and feeling better.

    Stay strong as the NLTZ family needs you.

    Thanks as always,


  28. T,

    THAT’S what I’m talikng about!

    “poop in a group”. They can only divide us if we let them.

    Not on my watch..

    Thanks as always,


  29. JR,

    They may have won in the booth (as of this moment, they won by less than half of the population of one city in the country, Chicago. No mandate there.) but I won’t let them win anywhere else.

    I know that you are with me.

    Thanks as always,


  30. tsnamm,

    I leave this more at the doorstep of the “young” voters.

    Their inexperience matches their leader.

    Without the knowledge and history that USED to be taught in the schools, the tenured radicals on the campus and the protected members of the NEA molded the minds of the nations youth.

    They don’t pay taxes so it doesn’t matter to them.

    The opinions of their parents were irrelevant, what did some “VJ” on MTV say or what did some gold toothed illiterate rapper say between curse words?

    I believe that the green haired knuckleheads swung the balance.

    He won by less than half of the population of the city of Chicago.

    I’ll bet that they thought that they were going to do better than that..

    Hang tough,


  31. CJ,

    I understand exactly how you feel at this moment but I myself feel that the office of the Presidency is still entitled to the respect it deserves. For now.

    Until he “Clintons” or “Carters” the White House up, I’ll be watching and waiting..

    The “emotion” of the loss is not unlike the “emotion” the liberal used during the campaign.

    They abhor facts, they want just hollow symbolism.

    Look at how many of them were on television bawling last night.

    Je$$e, The Twinky Queen, I found it to be an immense comic relief.

    Now they have no choice but to PRODUCE. They have a wide open field, no distractions or obstacles.

    Do you remember my article “Two Years”?

    That’s our goal.

    Never fear, they never let you down..

    Thanks as always,


  32. tsnamm:

    As you say, so many of those “young people” who were were educated in the schools, the universities and MTV were able to relate to a “cool” guy and a familiar Marxist sing-a-long.

    God bless America

  33. We the people failed, those that voted legally. I am ashamed of our decision making and what it took to even to get to this point. I am officially declaring this day the death of common sense. Capitalism is at risk along with plenty of constitutional amendments.

    My snap reaction beyond total disgust blood shooting through my capillaries and it my blood turning black is… generally I am optomistic.

    HAH. cynic much? yes right now.

    But if they take the fairness doctrine forward then thats a direct attack at freedom of speech, or try to control the 2nd amendment. Then guess what – time for another civil war whether fought with violence or in the court room. They do need to pace themselves and limit themselves or we will have to do what our obligation is and that is to protect the constitution and put them down.

    Dan in oregon can’t agree more with you on your visit today to NLTZ.

    Larry very eloquent writing and snipets as usual. This one is a gem. Thanks for your service and passion.

    They fight has begun. The only positive I can draw now, is all mistakes are on them – and with a dem controlled government in entirety they might have to take some accountability. But I doubt it seriously, they will find a goat, they are pro at that.

    What a terrible day, far from historic becuase of skin pigment – that’s the smallest point of this election to those who have brains.

  34. I am a woman of few words today as I have had to swallow so many of them. I am taking the watch and wait stance. I believe goodness will prevail if we band together as conservatives and open America’s eyes to what it means to be a Republican. I think, like Larry said, that we have so many young people who allow Matt Damon and P Diddy to sway their vote and who are as malleable as Silly Putty. We need to educate America once again about platforms, ideologies, and tenets, and pray that we can make a change that will count. Let’s mold those young minds into seeing the big picture. There is nothing we can do at this point. The American people elected him (I refuse to add Fair and Square as I know that is not true), but we will be no different than Gore four years ago if we hang our hopes on a “chad” rather than on something substantial. Let’s build our army of warriors and equip ourselves with our collective knowledge. Conservatives have been the wallflowers of politics, blending into the landscape of change. It’s time for us to step away from the wall and reach deep within ourselves and find those voices of reason. Shout to the rooftops, across the mountains and valleys. I, too, am angry and depressed, but I know that I alone can do nothing. We must work together but we can’t do it with dissension and fear. We must be strong in our convictions and fight for the America we know and love.

    Watch and wait. Have patience. Faith can move mountains. Work hard these next couple of years. Get involved. This isn’t over. We still have too much to live for, fight for, and too much love to allow hate to erode our values.

    OK–so I guess I found my words.

    Thanks, Larry, for giving us this platform to come together. Now more than ever, I am ready to fight for the Right.


  35. Dr. Gene,




  36. Midwest Mike,

    Today begins OUR FIGHT.

    The difference: we fight FAIR. The word “fair” in our vocabulary means exactly that.

    “Fair” in the liberal lexicon flips 180 degrees.

    Thanks as always,


  37. Heather,

    Consider your self to be NLTZ’s “Onna- bugeisha”..

    Feudal Japan: “Female Warrior”.

    Thanks as always,


  38. Snarky moment:

    I wonder when the statues and gaudy posters will start to go up??? Our tax dollars will probably be used to “decorate” the country a la the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. It makes me sick just to think about it.

  39. The country is internally diseased, and the election results simply confirm it. The most recent period of decline began with Kennedy, and has now reached its culmination. I see no future worth contemplating.

  40. Margaret in CT

    The Civilian National Security Force sounds chillingly like the Hitler Youth to me. We have the National Guard. Why do we need a paramilitary force? I can see thousands of “unemployed” teenagers going on the national payroll to provide “security” for all. The only difference between having a National Security Force and the current situation in our cities is that we will be paying people to stake out their turf and make their own neighborhoods barely habitable. My cynicism knows no bounds.

  41. With a son with the Army in Baghdad, I will now encourage him to get out. No way I trust this commander-in-chief to do the right thing. The Iraqis will soon learn to hate us like the Vietnamese when we bailed out on them. Once again, the only position more dangerous than being America’s enemy is being her friend.

  42. The Civilian National Security Force will probably look remarkably similar to The New Black Panther Party or The Nation of Islam.And probably have the same tactics as well. Of course then who will them need the “occupying force” of the police dept. imposing their “white” control of the hood, incarcerating all those “young black men”, who did “nothing”.

  43. I love this article. I had to read it twice. The words resounded in my head as though they were my own. EXCELLENT.

    I plan to create a bunch of t-shirts (to sell on e-Bay), here are a few examples (if I use yours – you get a freebie…):

    Stand Back!
    I use offensive language

    I dont owe you
    a damn thing


    I’m thinking of
    an N-word

    I don’t look like
    George Washington

    Obama has all the anwers….
    until you ask him a question!

    Not My

    the fight is upon us…


  44. Larry,
    For the FIRST time in his life Barack Obama will be accountable. It will be something new for him. “Present” will no longer suffice.
    The Black culture in America can no longer blame “whitey” for their non-participation, non- motivation and non-achievement. Scholarship, educational achievement and financial success is no longer “a white thing”. Barack has refuted all that.
    Jesse and Al should now be out of work. All their lies perpetuating the failure of their people have been rendered void by Barack’s election.
    The Clinton beast is dead.
    The country has shown itself to be purposefully ignorant in this election. They will rue their choice.
    Obama will find that even HE will not be liberal enough for the left and “Move” branches of his party.
    The media whores will turn on him, almost immediately.
    May God Bless us.
    Dr. Dave Modesto, CA

  45. Larry, one chilling thing none too many, if any, have elaborated on or even mentioned in this aftermath: the damage which can and undoubtedly will be done through a plethora of back-room executive orders … which Clinton used to pander to the insanity of the ‘green’ movement.

    Question: How many Republican Presidents promptly over turn even the most outrageous executive orders of their liberal predecessors?

    Well, we know Bush did at least ONE, but only AFTER gasoline had shot up over $4/gallon and that was only all for show since he lacked the Congressional clout to back it up. Just a thought.

    Remember what the Clinton aide flippantly tossed out during his tenure, referring to executive orders: “Stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda neat, huh?”

    We can and will remain vigilant as bizarre uber-left legislation is introduced in Congress, it’s the executive orders where the real underhanded damage can initially be done.

    Nonetheless, we can do naught but to fight on within the constraints of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Fight on we will.

    Anyone who awoke this morning under a pall thinking we have no hope, lift your head and cast your eyes a world away to our brave young men and women serving tirelessly under the worst of circumstances.

    Then, lift your head and cast your eyes about for the retired veterans among us who have served so honorably, many of them still standing at the ready in reserves to serve again should the clarion call of the nation they love come again.

    If you can’t look into the eyes of just one veteran who served so selflessly and honorably to keep you free and be filled with hope for tomorrow, then you are to be most pitied.

    God bless America.

  46. On Election Eve I actually had a dream that every bill signing was just a photo-op because BHO (I refuse to call him “President”) would sign every bill “Present” instead of his name. I wonder if that would actually render every bill null and void??? Maybe he should try it and find out!!!


    AWESOME T-shirt ideas!!! Keep them coming!!! Thanks for the free shirt!!! I’ll send a bunch to the sane members of my family.

  47. Still hanging in the balance: the ultimate result(s) of those 4 lawsuits against Nobama and the birth certificate issue. Which will likely fail to produce anything, anyway because a perfect replica of the desired certificate, I’m sure, is even now being crafted. Nobama is about to be promoted to “Teflon II”, I’m afraid (but hope not). Also, those of us who trust Christ as Savior need to remember: it’s not likely that He will return to call us away while everything is hunky-dory here. This election disaster could very well be fulfilling prophesy. Keep looking up.

  48. Fly-Over Girl

    I live in SW MO. My associates and I are ready to succeed from the state, form our own state, and leave Kansas City and St. Louis to themselves. We here are suffering from a double dose of reality. Not only must we live with the fallout from BloHOle being elected, but we must also live with the big city’s choice for governor. Those of us in the Southern part of the state have no representation in Jeff City for our conservative values.

    Which leads me to my vow to never again make the mistake of scheduling a hair appointment the day after an election. As my stylist and I are commiserating each other over the sad state of, well, the state. The 20 something stylist in the next booth pipes in, ‘Well, don’t lecture ME. I’ve already been lectured today on voting for Obama.’ Aside from the fact that we weren’t even speaking to her, but she is so self important that she felt germane to the conversation, we weren’t lecturing anyone, we were just making observations (to each other) about the various taxes that will increase when BloHOle implements his bed of roses for the lazy.

    When we spoke of how much our property taxes have already increased in the last 4 years, BloHOle supporter says, ‘Well, I rent, so that doesn’t bother me.’ I managed to refrain from trying to educate the indoctrinated about how her landlord will pass along the increase in HIS property taxes in her un-price controlled rent. I don’t try to teach pigs to sing. It frustrates me and annoys the pig.

    As my eyes met those of my stylist in the mirror I said, ‘Wait until she starts paying all those estimated taxes for the self employed. We will have to listen to her whine.’ And I thought to myself, ‘No. She will probably just quit working.’

    Lead our march to redemption, Larry,
    Fly-Over Girl.

  49. We have sown the wind, and now we will reap the whirlwind. “They have chosen kings (a President) without my consent, and have appointed princes ( Congress) without my approval”. Hosea 8:4
    Does this mean judgement is next?
    Where do you send a President for basic training?
    Does our new Commander-in-chief even know how to hold a rifle let alone use one. Sarah could help him out there. Maybe he should fly a few sorties with one of our carrier based fighter pilots in the middle east to get a feel for things.

  50. Everybody,

    I am not American, but I am so depressed and sad today I can’t explain it. I see it as the end of the civilized world. We now have an African (partly brought up in Indonesia – the largest Muslim populated country in the world) in charge of the great USA – and what has the African leaders’ track record been these last 60 years or so? Appalling. And just to set the record straight not all young people are so easily led – my kids and their friends (all in their early 20s) are absolutely appalled at what is going on right now!

    God help us all.


  51. There is still another “issue” lurking in the shadows: that of the spurned Hitlery Klinton. She and the Impeached One seemed awfully smiley and energetic toward getting Nobama elected. Too much so, in my opinion. Are those two trying to instill something in all of us out here? I.e. how they just “love” Nobama and that we won’t look in their direction if Nobama has an unfortunate accident in the future? It wouldn’t put Hitlery in the White House, but it might satisfy a certain need that she must have. Such as, oh, r-e-v-e-n-g-e or something along that line. Just a thought.

  52. All valid points. We do need to regroup and not take our eye’s off the ball. Loosing a battle from time to time, while deflating, can also invigorate the effort. We must stay focused on the War.

    I think the dem’s were handed just about what they wanted and now it’s up to them to fix the mess they got us into in the first place.

    The battle lines have already been drawn and we need to stay focused and determined to meet the challenge. The dems got change in the White House, but in order to move forward we need to take back the legislature, BOTH houses. The sooner we go to work on that the better.

    I did hear one comment this morning that brought me some comfort…. The fact the we now have an African American President Elect does wipe out the argument that Blacks can work as hard as they like but they can never amount to anything. I does not legitimize the election but it does take a little wind out of the sails in some respects.

    Time to hunker down and get ready for the next round.

  53. Don’t despair, America! Remember Yogi Berr’s famous quote: “It ain’t over until it’s over.” Most people don’t realize that they did not for a President yesterday; they voted for electoral delegates who will be the actual ones who vote for the official President in mid-December this year. I believe three Presidential candidates who lost the popular vote in November were elected as the official President by the Electoral College in December! Rutherford B. Hayes was one of those three, if I remember correctly. If enough people present the irrevocable, fully-documented truth that indisputably proves that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen, then that might convince the electors to vote McCain as the official President! There is enough time to do so! Think about these facts: Obama told McCain that he would accept federal campaign funding, then he suddenly decided not to do so. McCain called him up on that. Why did Obama not decide to accept the funds? Well, in order to accept federal campaign funds, the Presidential candidate has to, by law, present incontrovertible evidence that he/she is a natural born U.S. citizen! Makes you wonder why Obama never followed through on his statement to McCain, doesn’t it? DUH!!!

  54. For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be an American, and ashamed that I ever counted myself as a Republican. Our fellow electorate voted in an inexperienced flim-flam man into the highest office in the land. The Republicans abandoned their core beliefs, and chose to make nice with the enemy. Thankfully most of these moderates have just been shown the door. The enemy picked our candidate for us, and we were too blind to figure it out. We can only hope McCain will be shown the door when his term is up. Sarah Palin will probably never be considered for a shot at the Presidency, at least not for 2012, if there are elections then. The Republicans could not stand apart from the Democrats, so the electorate decided to vote for the real thing instead of the imitation. They stood for nothing and got nothing.

    The Election of 2008 has taught me one inescapable truth: that the American people are stupid, fat, lazy and complacent. They have chosen to barter their hopes and dreams and their freedom for a welfare check. Those that trade away their liberty for security deserve niether, and we should let these fools wallow in their prideful ignorance. The Republicans have seen their last iota of support from me, and I encourage everybody else to do the same. Until they rediscover and adhere to the principles of Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, they are not worthy of our respect, our time or our tears. As for the Obamazombies whom brought about this travesty, they deserve what is to come.

  55. Stitch,

    Here are a couple more t-shirt ideas:

    Go cry to yo mama–
    You voted for Obama

    Feelin’ the pain
    of Barack Hussein

    Spare some “change”?
    We’ll need it.
    Sponsored by Handouts Across America

    We would not be failin’
    If we had McCain and Palin

    Give us “Allah” your money.
    –The President

    Feel free to use them as you wish.


  56. Rick2, There is Romans 13 we, as Christians are bound by, whether we like it or not. To ignore and reject its clear message is to rebel against what God has mandated.

    There are many other related passages as well, but this, Romans 13 in context, is very, very clear what our position as Christians MUST be with Government.

    When Paul penned Romans early Christians were under the cruel, iron yoke of Roman rule, so it wasn’t like everything was coming up freedom and roses for the audience to whom the Roman letter was initially directed.

    Therefore, while I may loathe and chafe at what election day has wrought, I will NOT, God being with me, rebel against Him by de-legitimizing the office of the Presidency of these United States … no matter how I wish Barack Obama was not the President-elect.

    From the tome of your comment here, I don’t reckon you will either, my brother.

    Again, God being with me, I will set my face like flint to submit to and honor that Romans 13 mandate of holy writ.


  57. Amy,

    There is a restaurant on a very well traveled street here in town that has THREE oversized renditions of the next President on the southbound side of the building.

    That didn’t take long.


  58. “For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of my country..”

    My sentiments exactly…I seriously cannot fathom the incredible stupidity/sheeplike behavior of the people of this nation. I am so disgusted that there are no words for it. My only consolation is to see those same “supporters” whining a year from now when they cannot afford their “Uggs” and hideous designer purses because they’ve been taxed into the gutter. They won’t be “feeling good” about “doing good” any more. Get a grip America, you’ve just been duped.

  59. Once again, amazing as always Larry!

    I may be disappointed with my country today, but I am never disappointed with your ability to put it exactly how it is!

  60. Carl-Edward,

    Call me crazy, but I do see a future.

    The future is for us to fight for.

    They understand how demoralized the Mccain supporters are right now. Understandable.

    We chose not to burn our neighborhoods down.

    We chose not to riot in the streets becaus e we didn’t get our way.

    We have the dignity that the left and its lemmings don’t understand.

    Our resolve places us right back in the game.

    We learned a lesson.

    Anyone who “stays home” from now on gets just what they deserve.

    The Dow is down over 400 points after the news of the next Presidents election.

    However the Dow is irrelevant to the Democratic base..they await the governments retirement plan coming soon..

    Hang tough.


  61. Margaret,





  62. jimpny,

    I don’t know what to expect from the “Hope-a-dope” flatulence machine..they spent so much time saying nothing that the whole thing is a “free fall”

    I would be concerned about what will be taking place after mid January.

    The “world” may have danced in the streets last night but they are puking in the gutter on Wall Street.

    Dow down 400..make that 485..


  63. tsnamm,

    Talk is cheap and Obama did an awful lot of talking..

    He didn’t say anything though..


  64. Stitch,

    Me thinks you may be a millionare soon..

    The Obama people can’t wait to tax your success..

    Think about buttons and bumperstickers too..

    Thanks for your kind words my friend.


  65. Spent the day working out and closing up some of my wealth spreading activities. Today I have reduced my spending to others by $765.00
    Includes reducing my tip to a spanish waiter who asked me if I watched the election and how did I like it. I told him yes I watched it and did not like it. He turned and did not chat with me anymore end result lower tip.SO MUCH IN TV’S had jackson on one and oprah on the other

    IT’S been a very ugly day so I have
    jumped into my cacoon and meditated

    Maybe the ASTEC calender is right with 12/12 /2012 being the end

  66. Dr. Dave,

    At first I thought that the “racist” game was over with the elction of Senator Obama..

    Then I remembered how creative the $harpton and Jack$on types are..

    We still have 55,821,650 “racists” who voted for McCain.

    They still believe that any vote for McCain was cast by a racist..

    Whatever. As my friend Stitch pointed out to me, “If you take out the inner city math scores, the U.S. is second to none in mathematics”..

    The inner cities will still be what they are. So what if you put a flower pot on the corner, a cesspool is still a cesspool..

    Maybe the next President can talk more about that “individual accountability” that he mentioned during his campaign.

    Or will it just be the typical throw money around and watch it go down the drain..

    Whats your guess?


  67. 3 headed Rick

    That was the most brilliant article you ever
    wrote,and just what I needed to get me out of my funk.
    Thank you.

  68. Fed Up,

    The “stroke of the pen” is nothing compared to the “drop of the gavel”..

    What the President doesn’t overturn, the activist judge will take care of..

    If I may, I would also like to have those who are fighting the “domestic terrorists” each and every day to be thought of as well.

    I will be attending another associates funeral as he was gunned down in his police car as he completed some paperwork.

    The scum bag was found on the run in Kansas City.

    Keep us in mind as well..


  69. Fly Over,

    Anywhere near LaRussell? Sarcoxie? Carthage?

    Your comments were spot on, without flw


    Thanks for your kind words,

    Hang tough.


  70. drgolfer,

    Basic training..I like that.

    We won’t need a military in a little while.

    The President will just have all of the bad guys come and sit on Oprahs couch and after a few tears and a little tea, all will be well with the world.

    “The diplomacy of the hug”, Dr. Phil will be the Secretary of state or will it be the Obama “house slave” paraphrasing what Belafonte called him, Colin Powell?

    Thanks as always,


  71. Tamara,

    You are not alone over fifty five million others are scratching their heads as well..

    Maybe we should go turn over some cars, break a few windows and grab a big screen or two.

    That would help wouldn’t it?

    Thanks as always,


  72. “I would also like to have those who are fighting the “domestic terrorists” each and every day to be thought of as well.”

    O, shame on me for forgetting to include those who risk their lives every day – often for darn little recompense – in America to keep us safe from thieves, thugs, muggers, rapists and murderers,

    But of course, along with those who shall forevermore remain nameless and faceless to we average Americans, but who have likely had a part in thwarting more attacks on America soil and who have helped to stem the rampant flow of drugs and illegals across our borders.

    Kudos to and fervent prayers for safety to ALL of those brave, unknown warriors. My bad for neglecting to include you all in my initial comments!

  73. Rick2,

    There has to be a payoff.

    I have postulated upon the Supreme Court. I see it as possible due to the lifetime appointment. I can’t see her possibly making it though..which sets up the ridiculousness of some other patronage kind of job pointing to the obvious “payoff” appearance.

    Or another crack at the Socialized medicine thing. (Whose failure could be laid at Hillarys feet while Obama is clean..)

    I remember when Carter beat Ted Kennedy in the 1980 primaries, Ted refused to endorse Carter.

    I found there to be a dignity in that. All these ringing endorsements (from BOTH sides..) after a campaign season just seems..unseemly.

    Thanks as always,


  74. Lonely Man,

    All good points.

    Realistically, what are the chances that the “racism” dodge will be off the table..

    Not much I feel.

    Thanks as always,


  75. President Obama.
    See Hillary? now THAT’s a Vast LEFT Wing Conspiracy!!

  76. Copy of letter to a friend early this AM…..

    “as we turn our country over to a terrorist”

    Those are some very profound words my
    friend but, sadly, far too near to truth. If not a terrorist, one who clearly sympathizes with our nation’s enemies … those who would destroy us … overtly if possible, and covertly if necessary. We now stand on the threshold of our nation’s destruction “from within” as has been their mantra.

    Here is another quote of yesterday, “Today marks the end of one of the most dishonest, relentlessly one-sided campaigns of bias and distortion by the mainstream media in American history.” One side held to the highest of standards while the other given latitude as never before seen. One side tainted by deep ties to terrorists, black militants chanting “God Damn America,” and people who would, and seemingly have, sold their soul to the devil to successfully infiltrate and take over our government. As an Independent, I have long felt every person’s true entitlement is the freedom to enjoy their thoughts and feelings without repercussion. As demonstrated by Obama and his supporters, those days are gone. When a simple, straight forward question from an ordinary citizen is responded to with a no holds barred witch hunt, culminating with a radio talk host proclaiming, “mother fucker Joe the Plumber, I want him dead,” my friend, it seems the majority of this country just signed away their first amendment rights for it will be their way or no way. As a woman operating in a man’s world, I have much personal experience in this position. As a nation, it puts us all in jeopardy.

    In their zealous to elect a black man (were he white, he would never have been even considered, you would not even know his name), our nation has just turned itself over to the enemy. Don’t believe me? I pray to be wrong but time, I believe, will prove this to be quite the case. Our enemies, world wide, are this very morning salivating. From Putin to Hezbolah, they can barely wait for January. God help us.


    > May you be blessed with all things good.
    > — Kate Nowak

  77. G.,

    Your observations about the Republican Party during this election are absolutely true.

    One hopes that they have learned a lesson that they will not repeat.

    Thanks as always,


  78. You’re right. By nefarious means, THE ONE has bluffed and won the pot, but now he has to start showing cards. And Wall Street is showing just how anxious they are.

  79. Rick,

    IF Nobama was to ‘exit’ the stage and Biden took over, who do you think he would pick as his new VP?
    Wasn’t it Biden who said (just a few months ago) that Obama was not ready to be president??
    Wasn’t that when Biden was sham-paigning for Hitlary??

    Since, Joey Biden is such an alcoholic, how long do you think he will last before he has to “step down”.
    Then its President Hitlary!

    Other than the Annointed One, can anyone name any other “community organizer” that was elected president of his country?

    Adolf Hitler, 1933.

    Hitler’s book: My Struggle
    (Mein Kampf)

    Obama’s book: Dreams of My Father
    (Träume von meinem Vater)

    the fight is upon us…


  80. Heather,

    Each one an absolute CLASSIC..

    Allah yo money?

    Too damn good I wish that I had thought of any one of them..


  81. JR,

    The spread the wealth thing isn’t going to play well for those who have their hands out already.

    The unfortunate thing is that the legitimate charites will take a hit because of the income that will be taken from the productive.

    I wish that we could demand what I had asked for in “Proper Earmarks”.

    Taxes would be a little less painful under my plan..


  82. Larry,

    Racism is just another form of descrimination and descrimination in all of it’s forms will always be part of society as long as there is greed and lust. If it goes away something else will take it’s place.

    Religion is the thing that crosses those barriers and conservatives are in the “drivers seat” when it comes to taking the advantage. We must get back to what makes us who we are.

    That’s how we win the war.

    Just one lonely man’s opinion.

  83. Fed Up,

    Its not a “bad”, we always seem to fly under the radar..

    We always get the bad press so to speak..

    The pilot of a B-52 never writes your son a ticket..

    The Marine infantryman never “beats up” your nephew..

    It just comes with the territory.

    People generally like us about as much as used car salesmen and lawyers.

    Basko and I don’t mind, we go out and do it for fun..

    After all, Basko’s favorite game is “hide and seek”..

    Hope that you are feeling better,


  84. JR,
    Watch and wait.
    The time will come for all good middle-classer – small business (bidnes) owners to act.
    Once the Annointed One tries to sneak in the tax hike, we must all act at once.
    I will be promoting that EVERY small business owner layoff 10% of their workers (aptly toned) and raise their prices/fees by 10%.
    Double-digit unemployment, and double-digit inflation (alla Jimmy Carter) should send a message to these pinheads just how much middle-class, small-bidness-owning Americans run the show in this country.

    As of now I absolutely refuse to patronize ANY business that employs so many non-George-Washington-looking people (basically that would be most of your fast food resturants inside and close to large cities).

    the fight is upon us…

  85. JJ,

    Prayers will help.

    We need them now.


  86. Lonely Man,

    Couldn’t agree more.

    We can do this.

    What was the quote from last night?

    “Yes we can.”

    and we will..


  87. Stitch,

    Can we call it the “10% mandate”?

    What do you think?

    Thanks as always,


  88. 3 head,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    They helped with my funk as well.


  89. Britton,

    Coming from Americas hottest new band, “This is Energy” that is quite a compliment.

    It those like you that give the rest of us hope for the next generation..


  90. ‘the fight is upon us’

    in case you’re wondering (I’m an old kickboxer), this term means: the bell has rung, the fight is on, talking is over.
    Now shut up and FIGHT!

    the fight is upon us

    (PS: of course, this fight is actually fought with words, but……you got it..)

  91. Wesley,

    The penny dropped.

    Just consider it the Fairness Doctrine applied to a shill…


  92. kid, the problem with Basko’s version of hide-and-seek is, when he finds me, I lose a piece of flesh!

    the fight is upon us

  93. bye Wes.
    ( or is it bi Wes?)

    the fight is upon us

  94. I plan to file “hate crime” charges against the next person that accuses me of being a racist.

    the fight is upon us

  95. I hope and pray that the Electoral College suffers buyer’s remorse when they meet in December and they choose John McCain.

  96. Stitch,

    Lets fill the room with upper cuts..

    I’m in.


  97. Amy,

    I’ll buy the popcorn..

    I’d like a front row seat on that one.


  98. Stitch,

    Great idea..

    Just call you butter today, you are on a roll…


  99. Thank you, Larry, for everything.

  100. Heather

    Thanks! those are great. Consider them added to the inventory..

    the fight is upon us

  101. I woke this morning with a deep pit in my soul that the liberals finally were able to take the collective IQ of the nation to below moron. I was so sick, I almost called in sick for work, but then realized it would seems as though I voted for the Messiah in the eyes of my coworkers. So, I dragged myself out of bed and came to work. I have made an effort to avoid all election coverage and my mad seems to have lessened. I realized that while McCain was the Republican candidate, he was also a wolf in sheep’s clothing for us. While he would not go as far as the Anointed One, he was a RINO and would put us into a worse position in 4 years of getting a real Republican elected. And if we are going to go marxist, let’s let the Democrat’s have that honor, so when it blows up they get the credit. Tomorrow, I am going to get up and start fighting the forces of liberalism again, because I need to keep as much of my country the way it is now, so there is less to fix when we get back into the control seat again.

  102. All,

    Borrowed from The Patriot Post.

    If nothing else, flying “Old Glory” in the inverted position, as a sign of “National Distress”, affords me some semblance of protest and retribution.

    The Patriot Post

    Wednesday Chronicle 5 November 2008 – Vol. 08 No. 45
    PDF Version Subscribe – It’s Right, It’s Free Support The Patriot

    Mourning in America

    “We should never despair, our Situation before has been unpromising and has changed for the better, so I trust, it will again. If new difficulties arise, we must only put forth new Exertions and proportion our Efforts to the exigency of the times.” –George Washington

    Fellow Patriots,

    Tuesday, 4 November 2008, is a date which will live in infamy. While most presidential elections are followed with calls for unity by both candidates, Barack Obama issued no such call in his speech last night, with the possible exception of his observation, “I may not have won your vote tonight, but … I will be your president, too.”

    Of course, none was expected — liberals have elected a Socialist with deep ties to cultural and ethnocentric radicalism, and his executive and legislative agenda poses a greater threat to American liberty than that of any president in the history of our great republic.

    Obama has twice taken an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” He has never honored that oath, and, based on his policy proposals and objectives, he has no intention to honor it after again reciting that oath on 20 January 2009. Obama seeks to, in his own words, “break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.”

    For that reason, this morning, the symbol of our national heritage of liberty, the American flag atop the 35-foot mast at our editorial offices, was respectfully lowered, inverted, and raised to full mast as a sign of national distress. It will remain inverted until next Tuesday, when we right it in honor of Veterans Day.

    Today, at least 55,805,197 Americans are concerned for the future of our nation’s great tradition of liberty. Some 63,007,791 Americans have been lulled, under the aegis of “hope and change,” into a state of what is best described as “cult worship” and all its attendant deception.

    One of our editors, a Marine now working in the private sector, summed up our circumstances with this situation report. It aptly captured the sentiments around our office: “It’s been tough, fellow Patriots; tough to stomach the idea that more than half of my fellow citizens who vote, have booted a genuine American hero to the curb for a rudderless charlatan. What a sad indictment on our citizenry that some are so eager to overlook his myriad flaws — his radical roots, his extreme liberalism, his utter lack of experience or achievement. Barack Obama is the antithesis of King’s dream: He’s a man judged by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character. If it’s God’s will that Barack Obama is our next president, then so be it. We Patriots will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and wade back to the war front, intent on liberty or death.”

    This battle is lost, but the war is not. Let’s roll.

    Mark Alexander,

  103. Stars and Stripes Forever

    Dear friends, I haven’t posted here before, but I joined the list and have been reading the posts for a few weeks now. Last night I cried myself to sleep, after the election returns.
    All of your comments today echo the thoughts and fears going through my mind.
    I feel like this is place where I can go right now and be among friends. Thank you all for your comments, and thank you for this website, Larry! It has been an inspiration to me!

  104. I am curious if we can remove race from the protected class now that one has proven he can accomplish the highest position in the land? Can we stop hearing about prejudices now that such a majority of Americans are not prejudice at all?

  105. John,

    YES! Get friggin’ mad.

    Fill the room with upper cuts!!

    If you need a hand, I’ve got gas money and friends.



  106. Stars and Stripes,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Lets get mad and lets make a difference.

    Our voices shall be heard.

    I am trying to contact as many conservative sites as possible, for the better part of ten hours today, trying to get the NLTZ name and its family before a national audience. Anyones help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Together we cannot be defeated.

    Two years. Keep your eyes open and

    Tell the conservative world.


  107. Stars and Stripes,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Lets get mad and lets make a difference.

    Our voices shall be heard.

    I am trying to contact as many conservative sites as possible, for the better part of ten hours today, trying to get the NLTZ name and its family before a national audience. Anyones help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Together we cannot be defeated.

    Two years. Keep your eyes open and

    Tell the conservative world.


  108. A friend and I were talking this afternoon, attempting to sort out our emotions after what has happened to our country. She was relating that her husband, a Marine that proudly served his country in Iraq,wanted to take the American flag down from the front of their house,that he was ashamed to be an American at this point.She talked him out of it,as she viewed it as a form of disrespect to all of the brave men and women that have served and paid the supreme sacrifice for our country. She then asked what my take on the situation was, with the knowledge that I had served in The Corps as well. I told her to take heart, that our service members were still toeing the line all over the world and that the worst danger that faces us is from within. I then tried to put into words the emotional roller coaster that I have found myself on today. Anger, disbelief, confusion, dismay, more anger,more disbelief,ect….Then it hit me – the last time I felt like this was September 12th,2001. The day after 9/11. And that’s it, the same things I felt then, I feel now. Am I the only one? My only hope lies in the knowledge that our great country has weathered many storms,and we will weather this. Just what unrepairable damage will occur before we can get rid of BHO remains to be seen. All I can say now is “God Bless America”. We are going to need all of the help we can get.

  109. Jamie,

    According to the Jack$on/$harpton-ites, there are still 56,000,000 racists who voted for McCain.

    To them these were all votes AGAINST Obama.

    As I said earlier, they may be dancing in the streets around the world but the Obama fever made Wall Street puke in the gutter as the Dow fell 486..

    Thanks as always,


  110. Mike P.,

    Don’t let them get away with a thing.

    Hold your ground, don’t give an inch.

    The fight goes on.

    There is no quit in you.

    They don’t know what they have started.

    Thanks as always,


  111. This was the 50th. election in which I was a voter. Needless to say, I have been happy with some results, disappointed with others. This is this first time I have been overwhelmed with fear for my country. I shall try to hold the faith!


    And they wandered in
    from the city of St. John
    without a dime,

    Wearing coats that shined
    both red and green
    colors from their sunny island.

    From their boats of iron
    they looked upon the promised land
    where surely life was sweet.

    On the rising tide
    to New York City
    did they ride into the street.

    See the glory… (see the glory of…)
    of the royal scam.

    They are hounded down
    to the bottom of a bad town
    amid the ruins.

    Where they learn to fear
    an angry race of fallen kings
    their dark companions.

    While the memory of
    their southern sky was clouded by
    a savage winter.

    Every patron saint
    hung on the wall, shared the room
    with twenty sinners.

    See the glory… (see the glory of…)
    of the royal scam.

    By the blackened wall
    he does it all
    he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven.

    Now the tale is told
    by the old man back home
    he reads the letter.

    How they are paid in gold
    just to babble in the back room
    all night and waste their time.

    And they wandered in
    from the city of St. John without a dime.

    See the glory… (see the glory of…)
    of the royal scam.

    Donald Fagen/Walter Becker

  113. Mike,

    Tell your friend to hang his flag inverted as a sign of “National Distress” as Patient in PA has related.

  114. P.S. Semper Fi, Marine. My dad was a proud Marine and if he was alive today, he would be just as upset and saddened as we all are. Buck up, Marine. The battle may be lost, but the war still rages on. Put on the full armour of God and fight the good fight.

  115. Sylvia,

    Congratulations on the milestone!

    You are among family, have no fear.

    Tell the world.

    Get mad.


  116. Redbone,

    Love Steey Dan..

    Probably the greatest “driving music” group around.

    Remember playing the Royal Scam at an audition for a band decades back..

    Thanks for the memories and the words are too true today.


  117. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, an absolutely “get out of the funk mood” article that bouyed me up considerably. Thank you again.

    After reading all the previous posts I agree that our best course of action is to start building and recruiting outstanding candidates for the next congressional elections in 2010. We need to take a page from the liberal mantra and get the grassroots moving towards taking back both houses of congress. Count me in for the long haul if the Lord lets me live that long.

    Love the idea of the T-Shirts so add me to the list of buyers.

    Just some thoughts about the damage that BHO can do before we realize what is happening. His desire to create a million person civilian security force with the same training, equipment and funding as our military has sinister, darker meanings. Consider that our present military. i.e. Regular forces, reserve forces and national guard all are restricted by the posse comitalis act which prohibits them from exercising power against the civilian populace. They would not be bound to follow orders of POTUS as a constitutional lawful order. However a civilian security force would not have that restriction or constraint. And if you want to see what such a civilian security force would look like, remeber the video of the black panther with the night stick at a polling place. Once in place that could prohibit our free speech expression such as the T-Shirts suggested above. Shades of Nazi Germany with the jack booted goon squads rounding up any and everyone who disagrees with ‘that one’. I fear that more than the economic crash that is coming. I am converting all my paper money, except what I need for monthly expenses, into metals. BHO is only a tool for his controllers, the money people. BHO is too stupid to have an original idea and he is controlled by the same people who control the FedReserve, a private corporation. They are the ones who will bankrupt not only america but the world and we will be forced to accept their one world currency. Prophacy being fulfilled before our eyes. An old political addage: “Follow the Money”

    While I still live and breath, this is still my country and I love it and will defend it as I have in tha past both in Korea and Vietnam. I cannot lay down and say ‘woe is me’ but will work silently and diligently to restore our land to a God fearing Republic as envisioned by our founders.

    Many thanks to all who share their thoughts and prayers on this site and special thanks to Larry for providing all of us an outlet for our frustrations with the kool aid crowd.

    May God once again richly bless our nation if we put Him back into our government, schools and personal lives.

  118. Stars and Stripes Forever

    Larry, thank you so much for your warm welcome, and I will absolutely keep my eyes and ears open.
    My dear departed father was a WWII veteran.
    He was my hero, and a part of what I still consider to be America’s greatest generation.
    I cannot comprehend what his emotions would have been at this time, but I just can’t get my head around BHO becoming our Commander in Chief, you know?
    Thanks to all of you for your insight, and I look forward to getting to know you all better.
    My very best regards.

  119. Larry, absolutely perfect commentary – as a life long Hoosier I was ashamed and knew we were toast when the tv mediots first comments about IN were “it’s too close to call” – our ACORN friends were trained in my place of birth – Lake County (you remember Lake county from the primary where they couldn’t come up with enough votes from the cemetaries to beat Hillary and finally gave up around midnight). At least we had enough sense to re – elect the best Governor in the country with 58% of the vote. I was disappointed that Mitch announced this would be his last political race as the country could benefit from his leadership as President. My 18 year old daughter called me from college at 11:00 pm and said “what the &&^% is wrong with these people – we need to find a new country asap!” Keep the faith and the insight coming – unfortunately there will be plenty of opportunities in the next few years to point out the insanity surrounding us.

  120. Larry,

    Does this mean the end of racism as we know it is in sight? After January 20th, I mean?

    Lisa(who’s really bummed out in CA)

  121. Don’t let this test bring us down Brothers & Sisters,
    Now is when the Big Dogs show their worth.
    Lick your wounds , heal and get on with the hunt.
    Its never easy but damn sure satisfying when you skin the beast.
    God Bless America & America is who defends Her,
    You & Me.

  122. By the way Larry, You said you wish you had a staff. Could have fooled me you didn’t.
    Your a great patriot, kinda remind me of a John Wayne , Mark Twain.
    Thanks again for your mind.

  123. I will sleep better tonight with the knowledge that regardless of what has happened, there are still plenty of patriots in this beloved country of ours. The battle to re-claim our nation and return it to something that the founding fathers would recognize will be long and hard. But anything worth having is. Time to roll up the sleeves…..

  124. beyond disgusted

    Larry & everyone at NLTZ,

    Another great post & comments by all. I especially agree with G. Nichols.

    Regarding the Republican party, as a conservative, I no longer have any idea of what they stand for. Last year when we had 10? possibles running for President on our side, only 3 of them were true conservatives: Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul & Tom Tancredo. Of course the MSM dismissed them, but so did the Republican party; so thanks to demorats, independents & the RNC, our candidate was Mccain.

    I heard much on talk radio today of how we have to rebuild the conservative movement. All well & good, but, truth be told, until conservatives within the party apparatis (if there are any) are willing to clean out the moderate deadwood, nothing good will happen. The head of the RNC, Mike Duncan, is a disgrace. What we conservatives are sadly lacking is elected leadership, and until that comes to pass, we’re not even treading water.

    It was infuriating today listening to supposed conservative talking heads on TV saying we need to move left to be more in tune with the 21st century. Hello – that was what we did with Mccain & that’s why we lost the election. Enough of the “me too” republicans! True conservative values never go out of style and are needed more now than ever.

  125. I’m ready to fight (as soon as I get over my quezy stomach)

    I have the equipment

    I have the huspa

    I’m ready for the South Pacific Isle to regroup.

    Thank you Lord for the NLT family.

  126. Alabama Redneck,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    We tried. We lost.

    We will LEARN from this.

    They have a slogan that they have been repeating I say we start one of our own..


    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks as always,


  127. Stars and Stripes,

    My father was as well. Air Force.

    My brother two tours in Vietnam.

    I hope to hear from you again and again..

    Thanks as always,


  128. JB,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    There have been a number of young voters that I have had contact with that think exactly like your daughter.

    The others who have been gulled will turn pretty quickly..

    I feel quite positive..this is an opportunity.

    Our job from this point forward is as follows, as I see it..

    1) Be observant. Note any and all slip ups. remember that there are no excuses available. Demo House and Senate.

    2) Don’t give up and don’t give in and don’t give an inch.

    3) Learn from the past.

    4) Fight for what is right.

    There is nothing like a good fight.

    The sleeping giant is awake..

    Hang tough.


  129. Lisa,

    No I am sorry but 56,000,000 racists didnt vote for Obama.

    Its not hard to think like a minority racist.

    All that you have to do is..not think.

    Thanks as always,


  130. Dono,

    Thnak you so much for your kind words.

    They have bitten off more than they can chew and they are going to choke on it.

    I’m not feeling like administering the Heimlich (sp?) maneuver any time soon..

    This is getting better by the minute.

    P.S. I still haven’t set my neighborhood on fire, flipped over any cars or busted a window and hauled off a flat screen television..

    I’d make a bad Democrat…


  131. as I mentioned before, this dog is an old kickboxer. 6’4″ 205# back in ‘the day’.
    I’ve been in ring many many times.
    Lost a 12-round world title fight on a split decision back in 1992.
    (I would LOVE the opportunity to get in the ring with one Barack Hussein Obama (for a kid that’s suppose to be from the ‘tough streets of Chicago’, he sure is a prissy son-of-a-bitch). But, alas, its not to be so.)

    My point?
    John McCain got in the ‘ring’ with him.
    Or so he thought.
    Rather than being a ‘man-to-man’ contest, McCain had to take on the whole gang.
    (amazing how some people only fight when they have a ‘gang’).
    If McCain would have won, he would have beaten not just that kid from Chicago, but:

    All of the liberal news stations:
    All of the liberal newspapers:
    New York Times, LA Times, etc
    The entire corrupt Congress fabricating one disaster after another, withholding facts about the war, the economy, their own comments.
    Illegal campaign contributions.
    All of Hollywood.
    Illegal foreign contributions.
    ACORN and their illegal voter registrations.
    Colleges & Universities and their liberal professors.
    and I’m sure there is much much more.

    Having been in the ring with the best of best, I tip my hat to this John McCain.

    …”prissy son-of-a-bitch”….heh hehh hehhh, I crack me up…

    the fight is upon us


  132. Mike P.,

    THATS the ticket my friend.

    Reminds me of the line spoken by Billy Bob Thornton in the recent movie about the Alamo when he peers over the wall at what’s coming at them..

    “We’re going to need a lot more men..”

    And women.

    They are getting madder by the minute.


    Lets go.

    Thanks as always,


  133. beyond disgusted,

    One gigantic misconception that has always puzzled me is how George W. and McCain can be classified as conservatives.

    We have allowed that to contnue.

    The conservative movement didn’t lose a thing. We were never really in the fight.

    The conservative movement will GAIN from this as the left stumbles into tomorrow, they will turn moderates into conservatives for us..

    This is getting better by the minute..


    I like the battle cry..


  134. Larry, as I went through the day in a daze, it was very hard for me to express exactly how I felt. My husband probably said it best. He said this is the worst thing to happen to this country since 911. That is exactly what I compare this pain to. The crying just comes out at any moment without any trigger. It took me months to get over 911, especially since my husband was in the army at that time. Will this take the same amount of time to get over? One thing that is keeping me up is looking forward to Jindal in 2012. We need to start right now and get our country back!

  135. Catherine, (the great)

    We thank the Lord for you.

    Lets rock this house.


    Thanks as always,


  136. Stitch,

    That is the best series of points that I have read in some time.

    Wish that I had thought of it..

    Excellent work.

    You McCain powerpoint on your site was a masterpiece.

    Thanks as always kid,


  137. WOW! Great article! I, too, am ashamed of my country for the first time in my adult life!

  138. Beth,

    I am seeing more positives coming out of this by the moment.

    The Democrats will turn more moderates into conservatives and we won’t have to do a thing.

    Let ’em dance and sing. When it comes down to doing the work..well we all know that work is a dirty word within the liberal lexicon..

    Get mad, stay mad and let it out…


    I bet you fell better already..

    Thanks for your comments and our best to your husband.


  139. The media are calling it a landslide election win, I prefer to think of it as a mudslide.

    I give this guy 3 months before his popularity rating is in the toilet.

    I hope his speech writers stay on board or it could be shorter.

  140. Jo ann,

    Maybe I should elaborate upon that point..

    Beyond the obvious paraphrasing of Michelle Obama, the shame comes from the totality of the candidate, not his race.

    It seemed insulting to the whole process for someone with as little experience as either Obama or Clinton to be serious contenders.

    When left with Obama, the lack of experience when thoroughly investigated was startling.

    There was an air of “you owe me” to his selection, that any minority “deserved” the position.

    What about Harold Ford, a man with tangible political experience for example.

    As I have said, this was an election that ANY Democrat would have won and almost ANY Republican would have lost.

    They have no obstacles, no excuses..

    Produce or get out of the way.

    Thanks as always,


  141. John W.,


    He won by less than half of the population of one major city in the United States.

    The electoral count may be lopsided, but he won by, for example, half of the city of Chicago..Wow..

    Nonsense. Whatever, let the media call it a “mandate”.

    Just puts more pressure on the man to “produce results” something that he has never had to do in his life.

    This is getting better by the minute..


    Thanks as always,


  142. NLTZ family

    I know its disappointing to lose.
    I hate to lose.
    Winning isn’t everything, but losing sucks.
    That said, the only thing worse than losing is becoming a loser.

    This isn’t the time to quit.
    This is the time to START.
    We’ve taken our LAST STEP BACK!
    Draw a line in the sand and declare, “NO FURTHER!”
    “I am not backing up past this line”.
    “This is not the end, its the beginning”.
    “This is where I START”.
    “Lean into it”.
    “I will NEVER apologize for being conservative (or white)”.
    “I will speak my mind”.
    “I will voice my opinion”.
    “I don’t OWE anyone a DAMN THING”.

    I’ve heard some blacks talking about Obama getting them “reparations”.
    When you hear that talk, speak up. Tell them this:
    “There are 300,000 tombstones all over this country. On every god damn one of them is written, “Paid if Full!”.
    “The blood of this nation’s FINEST apparently isn’t good enough for you? You want cash?!?”

    And keep this in mind, there are 58+ million Americans that voted EXACTLY the way you did.
    For John McCain. Against Barack Obama.
    Half the people you talk to today will be Obama supporters. The other half, ARE NOT!
    Seek the other half. The better half.

    As for me, I plan to join the Republican party.
    I will attend their meetings.
    If allowed, I will speak at those meetings.
    And they will hear, in my most colorful vocabulary, how I will NOT retreat from the likes of Barack Hussein Obama.
    This is Round 2.
    The fight is upon us.
    Gird up, glove up, and stand up.

    let’s roll…


  143. Stitch,

    We’ve gone back to back in more than a few situations.

    You and I and Basko in the darkest of alleys..

    They had better call for alot of help, they’re going to need it.

    The first leg of this race may be over but the “righteous wind is at our back” and I can’t wait.


    Thanks as always kid,


  144. How can we win back the House and Senate in 2010 when the Libs will spend the next two years blaming every failure on either the previous administration, or the Republicans in congress if they are able to filabuster any of the Dem give-away programs?!?

  145. Larry,
    Great article, and I like Stitch’s points, also. I was a precinct committeeman for four years, and ran the Young Republicans here in the county for three years.The pathetic in-fighting chased me off. I decided yesterday I am going to call the County Chairman, who I helped in his first political campaign back in ’94 when he won the County Coroner’s spot, and tell him I want to take a precinct again.I believe mine is open, but if not, I will volunteer for another precinct . We have trouble finding people to run precincts, sometimes.
    I am not saying this to sound like,gee, look at me.The simple fact is almost every vote cast yesterday was cast by someone living in a PRECINCT. The precinct is the most basic component of a political party. It all starts there.
    I am, as Stitch said, drawing a line in the sand, and saying,”NO FURTHER.”
    If I stand by and do not get involved in a more substantial manner while these traitors do their best to destroy what is finest about my country, I have no one to blame but myself for what ensues.As a great man said,”NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY.”
    I am as guilty as anyone for standing back and being lazy.
    I am sorry if I make this sound as if it’s all about me-it’s not. I encourage any members of the family, if they feel the same, to contact their Co. Chairman and see what they can do, such as a precinct, etc. I know you and Amy and some of the others are already doing yeoman’s work with your blogs, and I know many here are already deeply involved in party work, more so than I.
    But if some of Larry’s Maniacs here ever get involved with nuts-and- bolts stuff the dems where they are will wonder what the hell blew into town.
    This election may be a blessing in disguise. Shades of ’94.
    To the ramparts once more!!
    Thank you, Larry, for all you do.
    P.S. I think I see Fred Thompson in the future. What do you think, o illustrious swami?

  146. New powerpoint (watch it all the way till it stops).

  147. Thank you, Larry! 🙂

  148. No bambots celebrating in my apt complex last night or least in public or where anyone could hear them! One apt started hollaring bama is president & I hollared back NO HES NOT.I was SO ANGRY…..our manager went down & told them to keep quiet. I will NEVER ACCEPT the results of this soiled election……Please go to the link Amy put in her post & send your emails to congress…..don’t ever let up…….If a revolution happens so be it! I can still shoot a gun…….at 65 I’m in almost perfect health & a son-of-a-gun grandma who’s afraid of no man ONLY GOD!……if God is with you, who can stand against you! I’m a pretty darn good shot with rifle & gun & I’m not afraid to use it………..I’ve stood up to bullies my entire life I won’t be backing down from any of these slime swilling bullies. God Bless America & God Damn bamatraitor & his supporters…….we are the Eagle Nation in the Bible……this country belongs to God. PS: did you know that muslims are deadly afraid to have any part of a pig touch them?…….everyone buy bacon & slap a few silly………giggling

  149. Want to know if bama is muslim, put a little pig blood on your hand & then shake hands with him, & tell him what it was……..he’ll freak out……oH this is too much……….tks very much for your article……..we’re behind this site 100%…….God Bless us all!

  150. Oh I just got a great visual! Remember the black panther (their muslims) with the nightstick…..well we’ll show up with pig parts…………good night all….I’m laughing so hard I’ve got tears in my eyes…….Blessings

  151. Over here in Scotland the local daily newspaper cries out on full front page “its a new world” with photos of the annointed one and family.
    But many of the saner ones here fear a darkness coming from this man who demonstrates all the traits of suffering from NPD (see ali sinsa’s excellent website

    I truly fear for the US and other western democracies … I truly do.

  152. A note to “reverend” je$$e Jackson … your prayers have been anwered – but you must be careful what you pray for – God may give it to you as a judgement !

  153. Triviaman, How do we get on board with what you mention? Do you know anywhere we can sign up to get that info out and be a part? Although I am suffering with PPFS, (Political Pundit Fatigue Syndrome) I would definately work to make it happen.

  154. What a great website….just found you guys a couple of weeks before the “disaster”.

    I just want to say that this election was ALL ABOUT RACE. A whte person with B.O.’s “credentials” wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in hell of being appointed the local dogcatcher.
    B.O. is not my president and I will NEVER SUPPORT HIM. We conservatives who love America may be in exile for awhile, but only long enough to gear up and get going.
    I’m so glad I found NLTZ….it sure does give me hope and a plan.
    Love the t-shirt ideas ( yes I’ve read every one of your comments this a.m.)
    Thanks AMY for the link….I’m going there next.

  155. Audacity is here.

    They walk among us.

    Thanks, Larry, for keeping the dialog going.

  156. Donna,

    That is an excellent question.

    1) Never allow that answer to sit. Point out the “clear path” that they have had to implement their version of “change”. Then dig into your pocket and remove a dime and a nickel and ask, “would you like this “change” too while you are at it?”

    2) Get mad. Not liberal mad..focused intense conservative mad. Ask the question again..”Since you didn’t answer the question the first time…” should be your preamble to the reasking of the question again.

    3) After a few times at this they will walk away.

    We cannot allow this misdirection of the focal points from this point forward.

    November 4th was alearning experience. We should learn from it and it should happen..


    Thanks as always,


  157. Sling,

    First off give up on the apologizing thing. The only thing that we should apologize for is the fact that THIS HAPPENED. It did, its over time to move FORWARD.

    This IS about you. If its important to you, yell it from the rooftops.

    ACTION is not the domain of the left any longer. You are doing the right thing.

    Need a hand? Ask for it. You never know who amongst the family is near to where you live. If not, Stitch and I have gas money..



  158. Stitch,

    Nice powerpoint, where do you find the time to do that??

    Thanks as always,


  159. caroltate2,

    Good stuff..

    Never give up nevr give in..


    Thanks as always,


  160. A.B.,

    Scotland, what a beautiful part of our are so blessed.

    The first decisions that a President makes almost always involves those he seeks to surround himself with, their cabinet.

    This will set the tone for what to expect.

    This is what made Reagan such a great President. He made the RIGHT choices.

    This “change” ruse means nothing and it never did. Now is when the substance of an administration is formed.

    These will all be Washington insiders, favoritism, cronyism and patronage will rule the day. As to be expected..”change” right?

    A RINO or two will be thrown a bone. There are more than enough of these dispicable creatures to go around.. Snowe, Collins, Coleman, etc. Lieberman is the “Man without a country”.

    I definately don’t want the president to fail because he will take all of us down with him if he does.

    As long as the filibuster is in play, we may be able to hold off the Red Army in Congress.

    Watch as the Democrats earmark up every single piece of legislation forcing the right to stand as one in revolt. Then the left starts the finger pointing game..

    Stand as one is what they had better do.

    Keep an eye on Mike Pence and Jim DeMint. Two conservatives who should take us to the next level. Someone should step up RIGHT now and be the standard bearer.

    Thank you for your comments and enjoy every day in the paradise in which you live.


  161. jafamimi,

    I sincerely hope that you don’t consider NLTZ to be part of your PPFS..

    I wear no makeup, and come only armed with my beliefs, principles and least a Glock 9mm..

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  162. caroltata2,

    lock & load.. this battle is just beginning.
    Unlike the liberals (whose revolutionary heros are Muhhamed Atta, Bill Ayers, and the like), our heros are George Washington, Ben Franklin, etc).
    Their revolutionaries want to blow things up, tear things down.
    Ours built a nation.
    The revolution has just begun.

    The enemy has taken the high ground (note: NOT the ‘high road’) and we seem surrounded and besieged on all sides.
    Some of our troops are looking a little timid, talking a bit weakly.
    They’re standing around, staring at the enemy. Wondering what will become of them.
    Grab them!
    Shake them!
    Remind them from whose seed they sprang forth.
    We are not quitters.
    We will NOT retreat.
    We will NEVER surrender.
    We WILL dig in. Prepare ourselves.
    Wrap yourselves in Conservative Americanism and wait.
    Put a shit-eatin grin on your face and smile, wink at the enemy.
    When the enemy asks for our capitulation, remember how General McAuliffe, commander of the 101st Airborne at Bastogne in December 1944, answered the enemy ultimatum, “Nuts!”.
    These are our heros. These are our forefathers. This is my strength.
    And, we have 58+ million fellow Americans on our side.
    Dig in.
    Watch the enemey.
    Wait for them to make their move.
    Biden can’t open his mouth without putting his foot in it.
    Then ATTACK!
    Don’t wait for the news media to report…they WON’T! And you know it.
    ATTACK! MAKE NEWS with that news.
    FORCE the media to HAVE to report YOU making an ISSUE out of Biden’s nonsense.
    Watch. Be prepared. Dig in.
    As Colonel Travis said at the Alamo when surrounded by 5000 Mexican soldiers, “I have Santa Anna right where I want him”.
    If you know the purpose the Alamo sacrifice gave Texas, then you understand Travis’ words.
    Dig in. Draw strength and courage from one another.
    Our time is coming.
    From our foxholes, look around you. Do you not see we are besieged on all sides?
    Look harder…Do you not see there is more with us, than against us.

    the fight is upon us

  163. I am madder today than yesterday
    Delivered day old bake goods from
    the local supermarket to the senior center
    Saw a local democrat who asked how I was Told him terrible after the election HOPE A DOPE and walked out

    STITCH great power point



  164. Joan,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Welcome to the family.

    The Democrats have been blaspheming the legacy of Dr. King whenever it has been convenient for them and the last few decades they have been doing so.

    Color blind or color conscious?

    Equal means equal. There are no set asides within equal.

    We believe in equality of opportunity, they believe in the equality of outcome, a goal that is not only inherantly deviseive but it can never be met..



  165. Fran,

    Thank you and stay with us.

    Together we cannot fail.


  166. JR,

    Mad is where we need to be.

    They may have taken the election we cannot allow them to take our freedoms and our rights.

    We will stay focused and mad. Mad because we understand exactly what it is that we can lose.

    The only way that we will lose is if we become complacent.


    During this election, I said that anger creates liberal votes and conservative apathy.

    How many conservative friends looked at the line and said, “I’m not waiting”. How many conservative acquaintences said, “McCain doesn’t have a chance, whats the use..” or “I’m still for Mitt”..

    The difference in this election was about one half of the population of one major metropolitan city..Chicago for example.

    That leaves an awful lot of territory and votes.

    The excuses are over for the left. Its clear sailing for them and their agenda.

    Now they have to do something.

    We will be ready with our response.


    Thanks as always,


  167. I’m really liking the attitudes which I see here. Focused anger… makes me feel much better about this situation we find ourselves in.

    What is truly pissing me off right now are the attacks against Sarah Palin coming from within the failed McCain campaign. This is patently absurd stuff… listen to the O’Reilly/Carl Cameron interview:

  168. On the question of whether or not BHO is the Anti-Christ:

    Right now as it stands, BHO is NOT the Anti-Christ. The main feature of the Anti-Christ (besides deceiving the masses and coming as a “man of peace”) is dying for three days and “resurrecting.” That has NOT happened to BHO. Watch very closely during his administration though. If he dies for three days and comes back to life (this will be broadcast around the world and NOT kept secret), then he has met the test for being the Anti-Christ. Let us hope and pray that he is not, because if he is, then Lord help us all. Keep up the good fight and resist the urge to drink the Kool-Aid.

  169. Amy,

    I hope he is.
    Then my enemy is within my sight.
    I do NOT back away. I do NOT retreat.
    I am an “in your face” kinda guy.
    My wife says I take a lot of crap from people, but when I reach my limit – its over – its all over.
    This, this joker of a “president”, is my limit.
    The way ALL of the liberal entities worked together to lie, steal, misinform, avoid, coverup, fabricate, and did so openly, without concern for the “appearance” of misconduct or “bias”, that…is my limit.
    These bastards have pissed off the big dog.
    No fence can hold me back.
    I’m not waiting around to see what happens.
    We’re meeting. Formulating strategies. Preparing for the OFFENSIVE to take this fight to the enemy.
    I can’t hit the enemy if I can’t reach him.
    And I’m not waiting all day for these cowards to come within reach.
    Rather than “defend the faith”, we will “attack the faithless”.
    We are OFFENSIVE!

    The enemy is meeting too, formulating their strategies to rape and plunder the middle class of this country.
    Keep strong. Continue training (mentally). Be patient. Our time is coming.
    Eventually these primidonas will begin to execute their plan (and “execute” the American way of life).
    Then we will seek and find their weaknesses.
    We will expose every chink in their armor.
    We will, with a loud voice, expose the LIES.

    For today, plan! meet! strategize! be confident!
    The enemy cannot help itself. The liberal mind is so unpredictable it IS predictable. We KNOW they will screw up. The LIES they ran on are not the PLAN they’re working on right now.
    Now that the LIES have gotten them into office, they can do as they please…..or so they think.

    What can you do today (from our foxholes)?
    The enemy has snipers out. They’re called late-night comics.
    Target them. Criticize and ridicule them. They’re not funny. They’re lame.
    Tell people you’d rather watch Family Guy.
    Leno & Letterman are old dogs, on their way out.
    O’Brian is just plain retarded. Absolutely the most NOT-funny “comedian” I’ve ever heard.
    Kimmel is too much of a pussy to go against the grain. And Ferguson, well, he’s an immigrant, so we might be able to bring him back from the dark side. I say that because I have know a LOT of people not born here who are more American that half of the rest of us (you know what I mean).

    the fight is upon us

  170. Family,

    I would like to propose an open question:

    What was California thinking?

    The state went overwhelmingly for the Democrat but the state roundly rejected the idea of gay marriage by overturning Prop 8..

    It would appear that the state has some moral fiber but how could they jettison that and vote for the immoralist party for President?

    Of course, as soon as this gets back to the ninth circuit, a couple of activist judges will overrule the votes of millions, as so many other states have had to sufferbut it is an interesting dichotomy..

    Wide open forum..


  171. Look, when will America learn there is a difference between reality and political rhetoric? We have all seen this before with Carter and Clinton. Both made a lot of promises to a lot of people and in the end were unable to deliver. Obama continued the democratic policy to promise and not deliver, but this time he promised even more then the last two democratic Presidents and I’m afraid when he’s unable to deliver there may be a huge problem. Even in his exception speech he told us to lower our expectation. Problem is you made them and a lot people are expecting the results to come through. A person like the woman in Sarasota, FL believes he’ll provide her with free gas and she won’t need to pay off her mortgage. What will she do as the authorities in Florida remove her from her home, for non-payment? Tell them get it from Obama because he promised me he would take care of me? I think conservatives know all of it was just political rhetoric to gain votes but what will she do when he doesn’t deliver and reality sinks in?

    Obama is the candidate who was able to garner for the first time the gang vote, what will they do when he doesn’t deliver on his promises? There may be some violence that goes along with their disappointment. Blacks believe he is one of them but they need to really look at the man to discover he’s just another politician. He lives in a million dollar home, Harvard educated lawyer and he’s just another sweet talking, teleprompter reading snake-oil salesmen who won’t deliver on his promises. They are going to be angry when they discover the truth.

    Foreign Policy from the left is to throw sanction at those who want to destroy America. Can you name one incident where sanction worked and they through up their hands and said we give up? Sanction don’t work the same way an order of protect doesn’t work for abuse women. Our enemies are exultant with the choice America made. Think about why? With Obama as President and a democratically controlled Congress, they won’t need to destroy our Nation, the democrats will do it for them without using one American plane, and not one bullet will be used and they then could use that bullet on their own, who disagree with the Taliban or al Qaida policies.

    Blacks will hurriedly try to procreate so that by 2012 they can continue to vote for one of their own, who in reality isn’t one of them, he just another politician who just happens to be black who has no idea what middle Americans needs are or theirs, because he just happens to be just another rich, Harvard educated lawyer, who like their other Harvard educated lawyers before him, he’s just another democrat who excels in political bloviating just like the rest. And, the democrats complain about Republicans incompetence?

  172. Eileen

    You are thinking from the assumption that someone will actually hold these bastards accountable for their words.
    The media will not.

    Obama ran on the EXACT SAME SHIT that Clinton did. The only difference was Clinton proposed $100’s of billions in new spending, and Obama is over $1.4 TRILLION.

    When Clinton gave us the largest tax increase in US history in 1993, the media didn’t evan bat an eye.

    Obama is more than just a politician.
    He’s a politician with a terrorist streak in him.
    This, we will use against him. Watch carefully for the anti-American activities to come from the “High Yellow” House.
    Then WE will have to tell everyone. The media will NOT.

    Obama has NO intentions of standing up to ANY rogue nation. He really does not care, in fact may even encourage, nations like Iran and North Korea to develop and explode nuclear weapons.
    In his mind, that would prevent any future American president from “pressuring” those countries for their terrorist acts.
    Make no mistake, this guy IS a terrorist.
    He IS anti-white.
    He IS anti-American.
    The BS from the campaign trail is just that, BS.
    His stripes will come out in his actions.
    Fortunately, the man is also a coward. Apparently where the black blood and white blood meet inside him produces a yellow streak all up his backside.

    the fight is upon us

  173. Larry,

    Thanks again to you and the NLTZ family for another wonderful article and comments. A friend sent me the following quote in an e-mail and it really speaks volumes about what’s going on today:

    “You cannot help the poor, by destroying the rich.
    You cannot strengthen the weak, by weakening the strong.
    You cannot bring about prosperity, by discouraging thrift.
    You cannot lift the wage earner up, by pulling the wage payer down.
    You cannot further the brotherhood of man, by inciting class hatred.
    You cannot build character and courage, by taking away men’s initiative and independence.
    You cannot help men permanently, by doing for them what they could and should, do for themselves.”

    – Abraham Lincoln





  175. Don’t patronize their businesses.
    We all know where MLK Drive is in our towns (and we avoid them). But pay particular attention to all that is around them. Avoid them. Spend no money there.
    Same for the liberal areas (we all have that “gay” section of town). Avoid them. Spend no money there.
    Avoid the big cities. Spend no money there. Attend no events there.
    If I walk into a place this is mostly non-George-Washingtons, then I will turn around and walk out. I will not spend a penny there.

    the fight is upon us

  176. My sincere hope is, now that the “Messiah” has been elected, that the media will cease reporting his every bowel movement to us in blazing headlines.
    To paraphrase Ann Coulter, I now feel that it is my solemn duty to repect BO ( appropriate initial don’t you think?) just as much as the liberals did with GWB. In fact, with BO, I’ll bet I can come up with a whole lot more colorful, insulting names than they did for George. God, I love a challenge…..

  177. Amy – as to your Anti-Christ posting: isn’t the Anti-Christ also supposed to come from northern Europe as well? I wonder if Kenya qualifies for that. We all know that bHo is very charismatic, so that part fits well. Also that the A.C. will also become impowered by Satan at some point. Wadda think?

  178. to answer the question:
    The state (CA) went overwhelmingly for the Democrat but the state roundly rejected the idea of gay marriage by overturning Prop 8..”

    Blacks in Callafagnia voted 99.9999% Obama. Hispanics probably high percentage too.
    Gays/Lesbians/Retards were at 100%.
    However, blacks and hispanics are NOT big supporters of the fags.
    In fact, they are very anti-gay. Probably more-so than even right wing conservatives.
    (though not more than neo-nazi skinheads, etc).

    the fight is upon us

  179. BHO has a 100% pro-Israel voting record. His first cabinet choice is his chief-of-staff, Rahm Emanuel.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  180. Amy, Rick2,

    Don’t worry about BHO being the anti-christ.
    At this point, he’s anti-American enough for us to take action.
    If, later, he decides to “enhance” his invisible resume’ by night-schooling a diploma in anti-christianity, then we’ll have to call in the Big Dog to take care it.
    As long as he remains flesh and bone, he’s ours.

    the fight is upon us

  181. Mike from New York

    I would first like to apologize for my state – and secondly I’m happy to say that my county (I’m from UPSTATE NY, where our conservative voices are drowned out by New York City) at least went for McCain, 18k and change to 16k.

    To you southerners, beware, because people from liberal states are moving south (towards prosperity, ironically) and threaten to take states like North and South Carolina away from us. I’m moving south myself, towards lower taxes and like-minded people. Half my family has already done so.

    Anyone who doesn’t already – tune in to Rush Limbaugh! He’s the leading voice for those of us who believe that we are free BECAUSE of the ‘essential contstraints’ put upon us by the constitution, and he’s saying what we are saying – it’s time to rebuild, reload, and tell the moderates to get the hell out of our party.

    Want to be ‘me, too!’, then go be a Democrat. If you want to stand for something more than just re-election, welcome to the new Republican Party. All the rats who jumped ship can stay gone, because the great truth is this:

    Conservatism works every time it’s tried.

  182. Mike

    welcome on board.
    But don’t apologize for your state.
    As part of the New Republicans, don’t apologize for a damn thing!

    Let’s not look back.
    The only thing behind me is the line I drew that I will not back-up over.
    Start from this point, lock arms, and let’s move forward.
    We ain’t apologizing for SHIT!

    the fight is upon us

  183. Well, I just got off the phone with my parole officer, opps I mean SSI/Disability representative who explain to me that my disability benefits should kick in by May. By May I might be able to actually write my name again, but it doesn’t help now, now does it?

    Comically, I told him, “I guess I’ll have to wait for Obama’s spread the wealth plan to kick in then, ah?” He laughed and implied I have the wrong skin color to benefit from his plans.

    The scary thing is he’s probably right. For blacks they don’t think there are poor whites or injured whites, it’s a foreign idea for them because they’ve never ventured outside their own little cubby whole of life. They only see through black out glasses to see the world through their own misery and believe they are the only ones who are entitled.

    I spoke to this man and he was really nice, pleasant empathic person. He missed my phone appointment, so after waiting almost 45 minutes I decided to try to find out if I misunderstood the time or date. Spent another 30 minutes trying to talk with someone but ended up negotiating with a machine. When it asked, “Slowly and clearly say your name and then spell it.” And I did and was told “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that” repeatedly as frustration won out, over logic. When I was finally able to actually get a live person after being on the phone for 45 minutes. I got a nasty, rude black woman on the phone who continued to place me on hold. I had to ask, why do you need to be rude to me? I’m not being rude to you or disrespecting you. She apologized and claimed they were busy and she was having a bad day. So if you are having a bad day that gives you the right to be obnoxious, arrogant and rude to the public? I can’t wait for the next four years to be over with. It can’t come too soon. When they do things like that we need to call them out.

    I think America needs to prepare ourselves with even more incompetent machines as Obama continues to grow our government bigger. The fact that the Democrats don’t understand just how incompetent a lot of government workers are (because they believe they are competent and we all know they aren’t) and now they want to handle our health care? There are no requirements when you work for the government, I should know, I worked there for 5 miserable years as I watched one incompetent leave and saw two more take there place, all hope dissipated for many of those from the public who just wanted to trying to talk to a person who actually had a brain. America is in trouble when some think that government controlled healthcare is the answer to their prays but me thinks it will most likely become everyone’s living nightmare. Can anyone name a government agency that is competent and runs efficiently? I rest my care, opps, I mean case.

    Stock market is down as all those who hold stock are selling to avoid the Obama/Biden patriotic tax plan and are trying to save what’s left of their 401k. Martha Stewart thinks we should suck it up. I’ll tell her to suck a rotten egg. Go make a thanksgiving centerpiece that’s about as good as your capable in the advice department. Explain to us again how this is good for our economy. Democrats are already devising another bail out for our car manufacturing companies so that they can thank the Unions for putting them in charge. Does anyone in Congress ever explain to them lower your cost and cut back? They saw how angry America was over the last one, but they blamed the wrong party for turning it into law. Maybe now they’ll see the error of their ways, but I won’t hold my breath

  184. Stitch… I’m with ya brother.

  185. TJ – thanks for the Lincoln quotes.

    Tom – I will make an extra effort to give BO a bit more “respect” than they gave GWB. We’re just “returning the favor”.

    Eileen – you would have had better luck pressing “1′ para español.

    Troops – get tough. get mean. get nasty. But most of all, don’t give an inch!

    the fight is upon us

  186. never give up



  187. I wish President Obama luck.

    For he has come before us as a healer with a vaccine that will straighten the shoulders and backs of the guilt laden. The vaccine is for the disease of racism in our midst. A more often illusory racism advanced for self gain, but when it comes to curing the gullible minds of the left, they deserve to be shot… one way or another.

    It is ironic, and somewhat twisted that so many followed, that Obama came before the black people promoting the idea they needed him in order to be black.

  188. WOW!

    I think the looney left is in for a rude awakening. Even some of the pundits are starting to talk like all of us here.

    It’s time to rebuild, it’s time to re-tool. Jim DeMint is my Seator, and he is one of the few who is absolutely ANTI earmarks. I believe he is the future of the Republican party… now we have to support him and find some other true conservatives.

    I’m with you STITCH!!! Lock and load!
    Let’s get started today!

  189. T (or Mr T?),

    good to hear.
    I’m thinking of coordinating a meeting here in Missouri (east side – in or around St Charles) (not St Louis – that is a dead city).
    Anyone interested?
    Not going to wait, needs to be next week (otherwise after Thanksgiving).
    The loonie left has to be thinking they need to get things moving ASAP before the Right comes to their senses (after this loss).
    What they dont know is, we were never out of our senses. Complacent? Maybe.
    But now we’re pissed.
    We need to start NOW. Let them know that we ARE 56 million strong.

    Riddle me this one, Batman:
    the loonie left is all upset about “golden parachutes”. CEOs walking away with 10’s or 100’s of millions after bankrupting a company.
    While I am not in favor of that, all of it doesn’t add up to $1 billion.
    Yet, the loons are convinced that if they stop this “hemmorage” of money, the economy is “fixed”.
    But, their next sentence is, “$18 billion in earmarks is a drop in the bucket compared to the entire federal budget”.
    So which is it?
    $1 billion is the cure, but $18 billion means nothing??
    Do we really need to question WHY we call them LIARS?

    the fight is upon us

  190. Re: the California vote.

    Beyond the liberal stance of the voters, one very personal characteristic regarding the marriage amendment may have been at play.

    The people who followed the traditional man/woman wedding, had the blessings from their God, friends, families and civil authorities. Some may also see it as sacred – a sacrament. As a result they feel validated, righteous and “normal”.

    They certainly want gay couples to have equal and legal rights, but may feel that their own “natural” marriage will somehow lose relative value.

    I think that pride, individuality and the need to be “right”, may have trumped their feelings for gays.

  191. New York Mike,

    Started saying it five minutes after McCain gave his concession speech.

    Now is when the fight stsrts.

    Thanks as always and we don’t hold New York’s final tally against you, we know you are running against the wind..


  192. Western NC is known for alot of closet republicans who register dem to get to vote in the primaries. Might also be said to be known for moonshine and rednecks, bringing the term Appalachia to mind. Great disparity of wealth and poverty exists.

    This morning, huge quality printed signs along the road sides, with such choice comments as


    Glad to be a Damn Yankee in these wonderful mountains…..

  193. T,

    A while ago, maybe fifty or comments back, I said that we should look to people like DeMint and Pence.

    Our next move should be:



    Tell everyone you heard it here first..


  194. Dr. Gene,

    I’ll bet that the Hispanic vote played a large role as well.

    They are a very family oriented/Catholic buch of folks.

    God bless ’em.

    Score one (for now) for the good guys..



  195. Fran,

    Hold down the fort, if you need reinforcements, just holler.


  196. What shame.
    What sorrow.

    North Carolina electoral votes have gone to NObama.


    Rugged individualism of the mountains got snookered by the Acorn’d eastern populace.

  197. It’s really interesting to learn a few truths a black friend told me. She called to see how I was doing and want to know if I’ve been watching, what she called, the dumbing down of America on our cable news channels.

    Anita is a very smart, highly intelligent and holds a MBA. She’s angry, really angry that the black communities brought the “bullshit peddler’s I’m one of you rhetoric”. She referred to them as steers that follow each other as they head for the ax, dumb and naïve because they don’t know any better. She is really afraid that one day we will be handing our Country over to these imbeciles.

    She explained to me why they followed Obama. It has nothing to do with any of his policies (at least not all of them). Nothing to do with his education, terrorist friends, his wife, his religion or lack there of. They followed because of one thing, his skin color. If he had been purple or even white they wouldn’t have followed him.

    His policy of handing freebies to those who don’t want to go to college and learn a trade. Who continually don’t believe in working hard to earn the materialist things they desirer, they always want to take the easy way out, which she believes is why crime is so high in large cities. Instead of going to college, getting a degree, finding a great and well paying job, then turn around and actually give back to other blacks in the community by showing them that education and hard work actually does pays off so they can learn by example. For them it takes too long to do that, they don’t want to make that investment because it’s much easier to take from someone else.

    So, according to her Obama gave them what they crave. Things they wanted, by taking from those who did work hard, made the investment by getting an education, they can sit back, take it easy and watch Obama steal it legally and hand it over to them. Easy, and there will be no court appearances, no lawyers or jail time. He told them what they wanted to hear and they believed him. When he unable or unwilling to do what he promised it could get really ugly.

    He talks about education and tells them to turn off the TV and study. Nice words from a polished politician, but if you look at his voting record in the Illinois Senate, the opposite is true. He didn’t care about the student, who schools hours were reduced from 6.5 hour to five and the student, who did want to learn were upset and angry. His double talk of saying I’ll look into it, only went on deaf ears. She explained why the hours were reduced. The City of Chicago raised teacher’s salaries so high they were unable to afford the salaries if they kept the 6.5 hours. Did the high salaries benefit the students with the hiring of better teachers? No, she told me that some teachers are making over $100,000 for 9 months of work, who are now driving into the school parking lot in a Lexis, Mercedes and BMW’s, while the parents who drive their children to school in a 15 year old Chevy has cause some problems between parents and teachers. The salary was payback for the two teachers union who back him as state senator. Chicago has the third highest drop out rate in the Country, where every 1 student in 3 will drop out before graduation. Poor example to look forward to as he takes his education policies nationally. She’s angry as she watches him slowly dismantle our educational system in favor of poor teaching skills that only benefit those that don’t know how to teach. The fact that at one time our Countries education system was very high on the world scale of best education system. According to her, we are now very low on the list, something like 22 or so. Pure evidence that the liberal system has helped no one and the outcome is proof of its failure, so let’s keep it and spread it nationally, then globally. This is not the way to educate and expect to hand the Country over to those who feel they shouldn’t have to work or get an educate because they don’t want too.

    She also pointed why he got the nomination from the DNC; it had more to do with people who hated Hillary Clinton then it had anything to do with him. I do believe she’s right. If they had come up with someone more likeable, qualified and appealing he wouldn’t had won.

  198. Eileen,

    Tell your friend that she is an honorary NLTZ family member.

    Take care of yourself.


  199. Well, Larry she is smart, which automatically makes her a conservative Republican. Education for liberals isn’t a high priority but it is high on the list for conservatives.

  200. Eileen,

    Liberals believe that they are brilliant no mater what their transcript says..

    Thanks as always,


  201. Hi! Gang –

    Can President Bush put enough pressure on (whichever Fed. Agency has the cajones)?? to get Obama’s (certified as authentic) birth certificate made known..? Why is this not of overriding concern, when it is something demanded by the Laws of the U.S.A.

    Bless you, Larry, & extended family, for your uplifting posts in the aftermath of what may turn out to be a disaster.

  202. Stirling,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    You are part of this extended family as well..

    I am not 100% sure but I believe that someone named Philip Berg is trying something like that in some court somewhere..

    Maybe someone else has more definative information..

    Thanks as always,


  203. Larry – here is Philip Berg’s website:

    He lost his case in Phili.

  204. Larry,
    Didn’t mean to sound apologetic. Just meant to say it’s time for me -and anyone else-to get off the sidelines and back inj the game.
    ALL segments of the Conservative movement must close ranks and communicate, and work as one under the banner of Reaganism.This snobbery which exists among various factions MUST CEASE. Case in point:the sniping toward Palin by some McCain operatives should be met by a swift kick in the ass.These people ARE NOT Conservatives. We must hold them accountable, and NOT FORGET who they are. We must shed the dross and become a lean machine with all components pulling together toward a common cause. The first time one of these mealy-mouthed bastards surfaces he should suffer the intellectual equivalent of defenestration.
    I didn’t mean to sound weak.
    I’m ready to kick some ass.

  205. Larry,
    I see it didn’t take long for the repercussions from Tinkerbell’s “victory” to manifest themselves. I see the market has lost almost 10% in two days, the worst two- day performance EVER. Let’s see, how many points did the Dow gain in the last three days before the election? I know , more than I have ever known anything in my life, that this is just the beginning.
    The markets will react to his Marxism in a BIG way. I predict the Dow to be around 4000 by the messiah’s assumption day. You heard it here first. This will be a natural self-defense reaction to The One’s megalomaniacal policies. I see the “news” media already scrambling to make excuses.
    But don’t worry.All Dear Leader needs to do is issue an Executive Order making it illegal for the market to drop any further. Problem solved!!
    I think we’re going to have a lot of fun the next four years.

  206. John McCain is my hero- but not powerful enough to defeat these evil schemers. ( all democrats & liberals) More importantly, it is sad to admit that our own citizens have become indoctrinated with the liberal BS. Whats more- they lost their nerve with the Iraq war- they were just like the Vietnam protesters-only worse. This time our own government was doing the right thing by trying to WIN. They don’t give a rip if we do defeat jihad. They’ve got some false sense of security that they won’t attack again- they even think that we are the cause of the aggression. They want what the media wants- big controlling government, the end of Christianity, the end of men being the heads of their households ( especially white men)-because that threatens them the most, gay marriage, abortion on demand, pornography on tap and a nazi-like control of education & the media. (lib docrine only) This election was ‘won’ just like how the evil brother/cousin of the true king in days of yore would have stolen the throne- though thievery, deceit, propaganda, lies, illegal means & back street deals. They couldn’t intimidate or physically threaten for fear of revealing their true selves- but that’s something we can look forward to soon. How a country can reject a great war hero for this scavaging carpetbagger I will never know. I would love to look for another country to live in- but the faggots are launching a worldwide takeover of their sin-based paradigm. No place is safe. But you know- its not patriotic to run. Our forebearers didn’t run- they fought & died. I just detest the thought of my grandchildren fighting & dying over our religious liberties in 2020. This is what we are facing.

    Maybe the Good Lord will send a GREAT PLAGUE

  207. John McCain is my hero- but not powerful enough to defeat these evil schemers. ( all democrats & liberals) More importantly, it is sad to admit that our own citizens have become indoctrinated with the liberal BS. Whats more- they lost their nerve with the Iraq war- they were just like the Vietnam protesters-only worse. This time our own government was doing the right thing by trying to WIN. They don’t give a rip if we do defeat jihad. They’ve got some false sense of security that they won’t attack again- they even think that we are the cause of the aggression. They want what the media wants- big controlling government, the end of Christianity, the end of men being the heads of their households ( especially white men)-because that threatens them the most, gay marriage, abortion on demand, pornography on tap and a nazi-like control of education & the media. (lib docrine only) This election was ‘won’ just like how the evil brother/cousin of the true king in days of yore would have stolen the throne- though thievery, deceit, propaganda, lies, illegal means & back street deals. They couldn’t intimidate or physically threaten for fear of revealing their true selves- but that’s something we can look forward to soon. How a country can reject a great war hero for this scavaging carpetbagger I will never know. I would love to look for another country to live in- but the faggots are launching a worldwide takeover of their sin-based paradigm. No place is safe. But you know- its not patriotic to run. Our forebearers didn’t run- they fought & died. I just detest the thought of my grandchildren fighting & dying over our religious liberties in 2020. This is what we are facing.

    Maybe the Good Lord will send a GREAT PLAGUE TO THIN OUT THE EVILDOERS.

    I do not believe Baracks presidency is Gods will. Punishment for our disregard of his laws maybe is what it is. A conservative wake up call maybe. Or maybe just a signal to the end of the world and the ushering in of armageddon.

    I was raised Catholic even though I embrace all other Christian denominations and now especially these wonderful Latter Day Saint persons who are absolutely suffering for our cause and working tirelessly to preserve traditional marriage.

    But let me share a little ‘Catholic’ story.

    My school was run by German nuns- I mean from Germany. Some were concentration camps survivors – the pope had helped them escape ( this was in the 60s when I attended school). One nun confronted me one day by asking ” what will you do when you know that your neighbor will be put to death” ” Will you stand up to defend them? or take the road to hell and allow suffering around you to save yourself?”- paraphrased- but that was the gist.

    I pray if I have to answer that soon, that I have the courage of John McCain or the nuns who went along to the gas chambers with the Jews.

    As for the Jews- why have the new world ‘Seinfeld Jews’ all fallen for the democratic rhetoric. Don’t they know that these old world ancestors would be turning over in their graves? Did the Dems convince them that their holocaust sufferings were the result of loss of religious liberties? and that the dems hold the key to liberty? They do not! They seek to squelch it! The current DEMS are as analagous in the left to the Nazi’s in the ‘right’. Its the DEMS that want you to reveal how you voted on the labor union! Where’s the privacy there? They want loss of life liberties like abortion & assisted suicide- these will creep further into our fabric and someday liberities will be of the past.

    Where is our next hero? Who do you think we can support in 2012? We need the person with the most PUNCH!

  208. STITCH,

    Your call to arms is exactly against what exemplifies the Republican party and most conservatives today, and I agree with you.

    We conservatives, being a thinking,reasoning lot have become docile. We must learn to shake this and revert back to take no prisoners. Instead of the namby pamby asking, “Would I offend you?”, kick ’em straight in the balls and offer no ice pack.

    When a man like Obama has taken the oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic” and to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same” and has not, by of record his propsoals and objectives, upheld that oath.

    I don’t give a damn for liars. I tell none and will have none for my friends.

    But Obama again will take that oath on the 20th of Jan., 2009 with intentions to pursue, in his own words, “break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.”

    We have lost a battle, Stitch, but not the war!
    Lock and load, son. Let’s roll!!!

  209. RE: PROP 8,

    The defeat of Proposition 8 by Californian voters may have indirectly caused a few knots in Barney Franks shorts. No, wait, he would have enjoyed the redistribution of wadding so that wouldn’t have been the intent.

    Perhaps Californians, I’m told there are a few intelligent ones that live in the mountains, are waking up to the fact that they have to Wicked Witches of the West already in the Capitol and didn’t want to take the chance on sending any ‘fairies.’

  210. Rick,

    He is part white European, so that may count for something. Like I mentioned, he may or may not be the Anti-Christ. I don’t know if he is. We just need to stay vigilant for the signs and avoid drinking the Kool-Aid at all costs.

  211. Sling Blade,

    let’s do it. I’ll hold ’em down so you can beat ’em with both fists.
    ANYONE bad-mouthing Palin is getting a swift kick in the ass.


    Dead on comments about race.
    For 30 years we’ve heard the rumors that Colin Powell was a “token”.
    Now we see his true “colors”. Strictly race issue for him.


    kick ’em hard, then kick ’em again.
    When Obambi takes the “oath”, he would have to fall on his sword to keep that oath.
    Keep in mind, Northern Californians floated around petitions years ago to try to break away from Southern Callafagnia and create their own state.
    So, we have plenty of troops there “behind enemy lines”.


    Our “polished” conservative politicians have become just that – “politicians”.
    And as most politicians do, they choose their words, seeking not to offend.
    Since it is ONLY conservatives that are held under that spotlight, I can understand why.
    However, I declare those days as OVER.

    Conservative Americans that enter the GOP because they want to FIX something, are NOT politicians.
    We come from all walks of life (as opposed to strictly ‘lawyers’ for the Demos).
    This should remind us of the ‘farmer-soldiers’ from centuries ago.
    Normally peaceful farmers working day in and day out.
    However, when backed against the wall, they put down their shovels and pick up their muskets.
    Its time to set the shovel down for a bit.
    Challenge them on every front.
    All able-bodied men to their posts.
    The fight is upon us.

    Remember, we’re all still conservatives.
    So, even though these complacent, namby-pamby GOPers need a kick in the ass, we will not drive them out of the GOP.
    We ARE the GOP.
    Some of us have to be willing to take the fight to the enemy’s front lines and beyond.
    In WWII for every soldier on the front lines, it took 9 others to support them.
    There are plenty of support roles in the GOP for those not willing or able to man the front line positions.
    And some us, those with plenty of “sack”, will take this fight to the enemy.
    We will stand nose-to-nose against them.
    Match word-for-word.
    Every action on their part will have an equal but opposite reaction on our part – and them some!

    Obama’s association with terrorists is nothing compared to our revolutionary founding fathers whose spirits dwell in EVERY Conservative American.
    These are our “pals”.
    These formed the greatest nation mankind has ever known.
    We “pal around” with the knowledge and memories of those people that made this country great.
    (and “Ayers & Atta” ain’t among them).

    the fight is upon us.

  212. Mike Huckabee issued a statement after the election expressing his disappointment in the results.

    “Our (Republican party) problem is not that our veiws aren’t acceptable, it is that many in our very party have abandoned the very principles that once drew Americans to like us. But tonight we should all celebrate the historic nature of this election (it would have been historic had McCain been elected as the oldest man) and put our country ahead of our party.” Funny, sounds like a campaign poster for Mccain doesn’t it. To my mind I voted for my country and against a socialist agenda.

    Huckabee went on to say, “I can’t help but feel that many a courageous leader of the civil rights movement looked down from heaven (the ultimate welfare office) with a smile (not to mention those with permanent smiles and the help of ACORN) when a man is elected without regard to his color.”

    WHAT?!? If that inexperienced fool’s color wasn’t a major factor in this, Mike Huckabee is trying to tell me he was elected on his CHARACTER. Of what little character the president elect has, it is low.

    I join those who paraphrase the Rev. Geremy Wright not in asking god to damn America, but the AmericanS that voted for him, and who will cause the suffering of all Americans.

  213. Mike from New York

    I think there’s alot to the idea that Obama refused to take public money because he’d have to prove he was a natural born citizen.

    Mr. Berg’s voice should not be the last that calls for an investigation –

    We all know that Obama bought the election in more ways than one, but at the bottom least we should make sure he was legally able to make the purchase.

    I’d suggest a fact-finding trip to Kenya, but if there’s any evidence it’s probably ashes by now.

    Maybe Aunt Z knows?

  214. Mike

    With the coming political wind (demos running 2 out of 3 branches, then soon to be all 3), they wont have a problem fabricating a “valid” birth certificate.
    Expect to see that “proudly” displayed by CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the New York Times around mid-Feb 2009 as “proof” that put to rest these “rumors”.

    the fight is upon us




  216. Larry,

    Welcome back once again. This is not on point, but I gotta say it——-

    Hussein held his first “press conference”(if one considers talking about dogs and slurring Nancy Reagan a press conference). The D..bA.s reporters asked such penetrating questions as “what kind of dog are you getting?” “Have you talked to any of the other living Presidents?” [Can you talk to any other kind?] [ guess you can if you’re the messiah!!!]

    Dummy didn’t know it was Hillary “pants suit” Clinton who talked to Elenor Roosevelt, Nancy R. only “consulted” an astrologer!!! Thanks to Charles Krauthammer for that info on Fox News tonite. I had forgotten it.

    The press was peeing their pants waiting for Hussein and the press conference, so he would say something “heavenily” to get us out of this financial mess. He could hardly put more than 3 words together without his teleprompter.

  217. Although WE know that The One raising taxes on the wealthy and middle class will cause lay-offs and raise prices, the voters that put him in office will inevitably blame “big business” and will praise nobama for making their unemployment checks bigger. I am not sure that we can win for losing…

  218. choppie,

    We CAN win..

    Check out “The Immediate Aftermath” on the front page.

    Some thought as to why it happened and some thoughts on how it will never happen again..

    Thanks as always for your comments,


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