The Checks In The Mail

As all of the hollow speeches fade from memory and as the salty tears of righteousness dry from the cheeks of the ridiculously mesmerized, the realties of the liberal political way of life are becoming quickly apparent to those who are used to being its beneficiaries. It seems that a large group of what they thought were “paid” volunteers for the Obama campaign in the Indianapolis area are finding out that they are eye witnesses to what “change” really means. “Empty promises, “change” your mind”..

The fact that anyone would find this type of behavior surprising only speaks to the gullibility or naiveté of those who “believe” in the Democrats and their transparent nonsense every four years or so. The most recent example of reflexive Democratic thievery came back in February when the Clinton campaign (“The Great White Dope”) was showing the world how they were going to treat the middle class/small business owner if they were again given the opportunity to do so. Hillary shafted Top Job Services, Inc. for $7,561.70 for services rendered and in Portsmouth Massachusetts, the Rodham team there ducked out on the landlord and left all of their trash strewn about the property.

These Obama “volunteers” are just now waking up to the realties of atypical Democratic politics. These types of stunts are hardwired into their dystrophic Democratic DNA. These “volunteers” are now discovering that there is a significant difference between being the recipient of the theft from others and being the sufferer of the swindle.. Suddenly there is a problem with how the Democrats handle their business when the donee involuntarily becomes the donor..

Nearly four hundred volunteers had agreed to work a staggering three hour shift at a time for campaign “Hope-a-Dope”. Each exhaustive three-hour “day of work” was supposed to earn each volunteer a thirty-dollar pre paid Visa card. The “cause” wasn’t important enough for the “volunteers” to volunteer.. The overwhelming strain of a three hour day of work and all of the cathartic joy of a “volunteer’s” job well done wasn’t apparently payment enough for these volunteers, they want their Visa cards and they want them now.. Imagine that, the Obama team breaking their first campaign promise and it was a promise made to his supporters. What do you think is in store for those of us who didn’t vote for the Hammer and Sickle Party representatives this cycle?

Suddenly the “Obama New Math” began to hit these temporary workers in the pocket book. “It should have been $480. It’s $230”, said Imani Sankofa. Charles Martin worried that, “ was supposed to be at least $120. All I got was $90.” This could be one of two things. Maybe Charles and Imani didn’t understand the “mandatory donation” that the Obama campaign required of its “volunteers”. For these uninitiated and apparently inexperienced “volunteers”, these are just examples of the “mandatory donations” that the working middle class will be making in even higher percentages all too soon, fifty two times next year to be exact..

The Obama campaign seems to be banking on their volunteers having the typically deficient and inferior public school systems education, an “education” lovingly provided by the proud Obama supporters in the NEA. The campaign was probably thinking that the “Obama three card monte” and shell game would so confuse these volunteers that these mathematical miscues could therefor slide by completely unnoticed. When the volunteers actually work and EARN their money, suddenly the urge to “keep what’s mine” overtakes the “we need to spread the wealth around” sing song vacuity of the day before..

Volunteer Randall Waldon said, “I worked nine hours a day for four days and got paid half of what I should have earned.” Randall must not spend a lot of time perusing a pay check stub on a Friday afternoon. Those who work just a little more often than during the campaign seasons understand that they “volunteer” half of what they earn fifty two times a year and for good measure, the liberals usually demand just a little bit more come April 15th.

Volunteers began to notice that their hours and their pay weren’t quite matching up and their blood started to boil and an anger usually reserved for the “racist” Republican Party began to explode. Those who were “missing hours” were told to fill out some paperwork and that “eventually they would get a check in the mail.” I am going to go out on a limb and say that the vast preponderance of the Obama volunteers who were crowing about a thirty dollar Visa card probably get their “paychecks” from the mailman anyway so why all of the huffing and puffing?

An unnamed volunteer was heard screaming, “I want my money today! It’s my money. I want it right now!” This volunteer’s volume and vitriol seems to stem from the fact that he or she is learning the lesson that the middle class has learned decades ago that when they are ruled by a liberal caliphate, “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine to redistribute”. Maybe if they had worked prior to the campaign season they might have noticed the healthy cut this and every Democratic government/Congress involuntarily relieves the middle class of without fail.


Volunteer Diane Jefferson said, “I’m glad for the president, but I’m disappointed in the system”.. “The system”? This “system” is under the “leadership” of the new president, this “system” is his campaign. Here we have another “victim” of the Democratic victim mentality who just can’t place the blame where it properly belongs. They have to blame the imaginary, the invisible or the nonexistent. They create such colorful and metaphorical phantasms as “institutional racism” and “the system” in order to justify their “feelings” of individual persecution.

Charles Martin said, “They’re not going to mail nothin’ “. Charles, you just received a first hand sampling of what the five-day a week, forty-hour a week middle class taxpayer will be experiencing many times over. You “volunteered” for the wrong campaign. Your “hard work” as a temporary “volunteer” might have gotten you screwed for out of three days pay, but it has gotten the middle class of this country screwed out of one thousand four hundred and sixty days worth..


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  1. I’d read about this earlier from Drudge and boy did it ever make my day! The irony is staggering… just staggering.

    I also love how all of his volunteers seem to have no grasp of how paychecks and being paid works. If they ever get real jobs (unlikely, all things considered) boy are they in for a surprise.

  2. Dan,

    That was the point..

    Without the “experience” of suffering through that Friday ride home boiling about whats left of your pay, this trick isn’t a really big deal for them.

    Maybe they’ll learn..

    Thanks as always,


  3. Some idiot “professor” is claiming that rural Missouri whites are racists because of their reasons for voting McCain. Tell me the truth. That “professor” is black, isn’t he? The BBC-gathered data from this election shows that the racist problem is far more prevalent in the black community than among whites:

    Of course, this is not being brought up by the mainstream media, is it?

  4. LARRY
    My kind of subject matter I like the comments pay cneck in the mail
    Also pinning the NEA for the dumbing down fo AMERICA
    Closing number did not get br me .Hopefully your right and he’ll be gone in 4 years

    Must recruit the half of this country that does not vote as we know the iilegals will be added to the MOONBAT party by 2012


  5. LARRY
    My kind of subject matter I like the comments pay cneck in the mail
    Also pinning the NEA for the dumbing down OF AMERICA
    Closing number did not get by me .Hopefully your right and he’ll be gone in 4 years

    Must recruit the half of this country that does not vote as we know the iilegals will be added to the MOONBAT party by 2012


  6. Bill,

    I suppose that we will be dealing in somantics..

    They view their “sticking together” as brotherhood.

    When the whites do the same, it’s racism..

    Thanks as always,


  7. JR,

    Funny when the unemployed get employed for nine hours, suddenly their paycheck belongs to THEM..

    When we say that after forty hours, we are “selfish”..



    Thanks as always,


  8. I read that Obamas father is Arab per his birth certificate and his mother of course is Caucasian. Do you know if thats true?

  9. Jamie,

    Don’t know a thing about it..

    I am sure that someone else does though..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Larry – How much trouble will I be in if I run some people with Obama bumper stickers off the road?

  11. Jamie,

    Like Obama himself (according to his surviving grandmother), Obama’s dad is Kenyan. Obama’s grandmother insists that she was in the delivery room when Obama was born at Mombasa Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. IF THIS CLAIM IS TRUE, then, because of laws extant at the time, Obama is NOT a natural-born citizen of the United States of America, and if that is true, then Obama would be illegally taking the office of President of the United States of America.

    Documentation supporting this can be found at although I am experiencing some difficulty getting the largest of these files uploaded.

  12. Beth,

    Don’t get caught, and you won’t be in trouble with the law. However, God sees everything we do and probably won’t be pleased.

  13. OK,

    Ever since I took up the banner to at least TRY to stop Obama, my website’s world ranking has been steadily dropping—and I have been having trouble uploading files TO MY OWN WEBSITE. This time, I decided to switch platforms, thus using different software to execute the upload. The files are now online at in-spite of efforts to hinder my efforts.

  14. I have made Stitch’s awesome PowerPoint “Leaders” into a movie called “Leaders On Holiday” featuring Green Day’s “Holiday” as the theme music. The video can be seen here:

    Here’s my reasoning choosing the music:

    1) The lyrics make sense in light of recent events

    2) The feeling of accomplishment one gets from turning a Moonbat’s (in this case three Moonbats) words against another Moonbat. Sweet revenge.

    For the record, I love Green Day’s music, but DESPISE their politics.

    Does anyone have any PowerPoints that they want me to turn into movies??? (I’m having fun doing it) I think I shall appoint myself and Stitch Propaganda Ministers of the New Republican Party.

  15. Larry, This is Priceless!

    I’ve been concetrating on other things for a while (trying to keep my blood pressure down) and I missed this story.

    So let me get this straight… These campaign “paid volunteers” (now there’s an oxymoron) are complaining because they are actually getting shortchanged, or because taxes are being removed from their earnings? I know, I know, same difference, but humor me, here.

    So, a litte taste of the real world, and they are whining and crying that somone cheated them. Well, I have a quote for them:

    “Cry in one hand and pee in the other and see which one gets filled up first!”

    GET OVER IT, you whiny crybabies!

    Oh, and Beth, sorry girl but that move only works in NASCAR. It’s called getting under then and putting them into the wall!

    A co-worker of mine sent me pictures on Wednesday morning innocuously titled ‘grand kids’. He does have a new one and is justifiably proud, but when I opened them up both mother and child were decked out in their Obamamania shirts… what a waste…


  16. T – I know, I could only get away with that in NASCAR. But that was last night and I’m feeling much better this morning. I’ll leave the immaturity up to the dems.
    By the way, its sounds as if your co-worker might be rubbing it in???

  17. Jamie… learn all about the obama’s family (and a whole lot more) here:

    Larry… I had not heard a thing about this but I’m lovin it now 🙂

  18. I’m laughing so hard it literally hurts. I thought it’d take a LITTLE, albeit not much longer than this for the “hey, where’s MY money” outcries from the “downtrodden” pro-Obama masses.

    Oh, this is so rich, I can’t stop laughing.

    Did no one explain to these paid “volunteers” the concept of TAXATION without representation? No? well, shut up, bend over and live with it you dupes. You fainted for it, you sold your collective soul for it and, most especially, YOU voted for it … now LIVE with the consequences of your self-serving, selfish, village idiot insanity.

    Oh, God forgive me, Larry, I’m headed off to laugh a while longer. This is only the beginning … we’re going to suffer, yep, that’s a fact, but those who voted for their pseudo-Messiah are going to suffer more … the ideologues always do when all their idiotic illusions are stripped away in a blinding bright light moment of utter and complete disillusionment.

    We told you so! 😉

  19. I enjoyed this immensely! For some of these folks “work” was an entirely foreign experience. That Obama would cheat them is as predictable as Hillary cheating her vendors and making the Democratic party pay HER debts.
    And yes, only Caucasians are racists. That will always be the case…unless of course you are a Mexican and are having problems with Blacks!
    Dr. Dave

  20. Rush Limbaugh said recently that he enjoys teaching people about the evils of Liberalism so that they learn why its a bad thing. Personally, I like nothing more than seeing the light of realization appear in the piggy eyes of a brain-dead Liberal when he finally figures out just how badly he’s screwed himself, and that his ‘kind caring’ leaders that he voted in were the ones whom did the screwing.

    All the news coming out about the things the Annoited One is doing in the aftermath of the Great Fakeout makes me chuckle. I knew this stuff would happen, and lo and behold its happening, and the beatification has yet to occur.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  21. Billsey

    We should find out who that professor was and storm/protest ON their campus until he issues a full apology.
    Who is he? Where is he?

    We will NOT back away from this.

    We should also find out where he lives, where his spouse works, children attend school, and picket them all.

    We will NOT back away from this.

    Find out what you can and post it here.
    I will contact the local people to get something organized.

    the fight is upon us

  22. Nah, Stitch. That would only get you arrested, while doing no actual good at all. Let it be enough to say that the wingnut is local to Larry and I.

  23. AmyD – good job on the movie – well done.

    Happy 233rd Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps on Nov. 10 (They are 1 year older than the U.S.)

    And a snappy salute to all of you veterans out there (Nov.11)

    God bless America

  24. Another classic case of ham and eggs where the volunteers are the chickens producing one days work to further a life time commitment for a pig.

    It further proves the prevalent ignorance in the leftist minions as to the actual policies of the Democratic party they so eagerly cling to.

    The poor babes, or should I say “poorer”, in the woods have had executive seating in finding out the worlds tough and even tougher if your stupid.

    There should have been some clue amongst a few of the lapping “let me’s” that having Barney Frank around was a sign, being an expert, that someone was going to take it up the rear.

    Next time around they’ll just stay on the welfare roles instead of doing something…no matter how misuseful.

  25. Party values goes a long way.
    I voted for Senator McCain,but he did not fit the party of a true conservative,when almost 80 % of americans said no to the cronies wallstreet bailout, and if Senator McCain had gone back to Washington to rally the Republicans to say no,we want stand for this BS until a program with oversite,regulation and accountabilty is in place, we want support it,he would be the President elect today.
    God Bless the USA.

  26. Beth,

    The Obamamobiles that I ahve seen around here are without question the worst drivers out there..

    Most of them already drive off of the road..

    You would just end up bumping them back!

    Thanks as always,


  27. Stitch – great PowerPoint presentation.

  28. Sister Amy,

    WOW!! Graet job on the power point.

    I’ll bet that Stitch will be happy too when he sees it.

    Perfect execution.


  29. T,

    They were “promised” basically $10.00 an hour to “volunteer”

    Three hours pay for a $30.00 Visa card probably left over from Katrina..

    $120.00 was becoming $90.00, etc..

    No taxes, those are for us to pay.

    Thanks as always,



  31. Fed Up,

    Sttich told me (I don’t want to steal his thunder here..) that he wants to make a bumpersticker that says “Don’t blame me, I voted for the white guy..” and a Tshirt that says (I think that I got this right..)

    “At least if McCain had ruined the country it wouldn’t have been on purpose!!”

    He and I are working on his idea of starting a “NObamaBS” meeting here in Missouri.

    This should be an undertaking all over the country.



    Thanks as always,


  32. Dr. Dave,

    Hope that this doesn’t seem like a silly question but as a Californian, have there been alot of incidents involving “hate crimes” between the Hispanics and the blacks? How do they get along out there?

    Just curious..

    Thanks as always,


  33. G.,

    Again, remember the mindset of the folks that we are dealing with here..

    No matter what, the fault lies with “others”..Fill in the blank..

    He walked on water for them in Denver, that’s all that they need..

    Thanks as always,


  34. Dr. Gene,

    Once a Marine, always a Marine..

    Thank you, Sir.



  35. Beth

    If I’m a juror at your trial, my verdict will be “Not Guilty” (by reason of sanity).

    the fight is upon us

  36. Windrider,

    We beg them to go find work, they do as “volunteers” and the first time out the Democrats screw them..

    No wonder they want to stay unemployed..

    Thanks as always,


  37. Georgia,

    You could be onto something there..

    The proof of your pudding..if I may paraphrase the next President; “Barack Obama voted along with John McCain 100% if the time for the bailout..”

    THAT is known as a clue..and you are right, alot took it..

    Thanks as always,


  38. George,

    So true…so true..

    We wil all be laughing at them with the “I told you so” not too far behind..

    Thanks as always,


  39. Amy

    That was AWESOME.
    I wish I could clean up those overlays, especially the last slide, but that’s ok.

    Do something with this one.
    (I know its late, but never too late).

    Please, feel free to repackage and redistribute any of my work.

    the fight is upon us

  40. Stitch,

    Billsey says that that nutbag “Professor” is here in Missouri..

    He’s close…


  41. Larry and Stitch… if the two of you work up a successful game plan for your area I would greatly appreciate hearing about the details.

    I had the very distinct pleasure of sharing a brew and some excellent conversation with JR this afternoon in my home. What a wonderful gentleman! If we are going to begin something meaningful in terms of educating (and while I hate to use the word…) “organizing” our local bases, he and I can start in Ma. You have my email address.


  42. Amy and Stitch… re: the video. Wow, just wow!

  43. Redbone,

    A NObamaBS wing in Kerry’s backyard??

    That’s what I’m talking about.. We will be in touch..

    Thanks as always,


  44. Bill
    That’s ok, because I am local to you as well.
    This LIE cannot go unchallenged.
    If you know who it is, tell us. Or stop wasting our time.
    We are at BATTLE STATIONS!!
    Don’t tell me the enemy is taking pot-shots at me but you refuse to say from where.
    Tell me who it is and I will organize the troops to “deal” with this individual.
    I WILL have the press on their campus and in front of his house. They WILL be there because I will organize 1000 soldiers to confront him. The picketing will be enough to draw the media. Then, maybe, we’ll have the chance to say WHY we are there. Then maybe they will ask that asshole to explain himself.

    the fight is upon us

  45. “A NObamaBS wing in Kerry’s backyard??”

    It just feels “right”, no? Heh, heh, heh… 😉

  46. In case any of you don’t get the emails from Human Events, the recent one is Michael Reagan (adopted son of our great leader Ronald Reagan) who is starting a New Republican website!!
    Sounds like Michael is as PISSED as the rest of us.

    I will become his foot solder.

    the fight is upon us

    PS – rather than sitting back, stunned, trying to figure out what the hell just happened and what’s going to happen next, I say this:
    Its time to plan the attack.
    3 things:
    First, what steps can we take within our own party to put conservatives with COURAGE on the front lines to challenge the common socialist agenda?
    Second, what is coming up in 2009 and 2010 that we need to lean into to push those elections to our advantage?
    Third, what is up for midterm election in 2010? Which do we have good or even fair shots at winning? How can we push those? And even the long shot elections, how can we get in their and muddle them up and create a stink that draws attention to the New GOP FIRE!


  47. Redbone,

    I’ve started my Battle Board.
    We’re in Missouri.
    Got you and JR down for MA.

    Need to hear from the rest of the states.

    If you need motivation, read about the Revolutionary War. I hear the main characters in that were……motivational….

    the fight is upon us

  48. Michael Reagan’s new website URL is actual very simple:

  49. ROFLMAO…..I had not heard about this…..and it has made me smile more than I have since Wednesday morning. BHO’s “volunteers” aren’t getting all their “pay”….for all their “work”….LOL…I just can’t stop laughing!!! It’s only a matter of time before the MM turns on their hero and starts exposing him. I can hardly wait!

  50. Sil,

    I tried to remind him of the media in “From Present To President”..

    I tried..

    Thanks as always,


  51. Amy!

    Thank you!
    that music is awesome for the slideshow!

    Please, everyone go there and play it once.
    Pass it around to everyone.
    Get the “view” count up so that it is at the top of the list when someone searches for McCain or Patriot.

    Awesome, Amy!

    the fight is upon us

    PS – I think we’re going to make a good team with stuff like this…

  52. Well, the man who ran on “Change” during the entire campaign has now started to pick members of his staff and Cabinet and as far as I can tell, there really isn’t any change there, just more of the same. It appears he’s changed his mind about the Clinton’s administration and his staff might not have been as bad after all as he was against them during the primary and Hillary’s debates. He is now embracing the same folks that he complained about, so has he had a sudden change of heart or is it more about the fact that the pickins are so small; he has no choice but to “recycle” Bill Clinton’s leftovers. I just don’t know.

    I subscribe to Dick Morris’s website because like me he once was a liberal and work for the Clinton’s and knows most of those that Obama’s has chosen. According to him he’s not too surprised by the choices but is I guess mad at the choice made about his chief of staff, whom he describes as being disloyal to Bill Clinton when he continually leaked information to the Washington Post, which eventually made Bill irate, including some Monica Lewinsky items. I have a feeling this administration might be fun to watch as their arrogance starts to implode.

    But, some of the names that have surfaced have those on the hard left already seeing red and have started to bad mouth Obama’s choices. Obama made a lot of promises to a lot of organizations and people who now believe they have a say in what he does with his administration, when reality sinks in and he blows them off, get your umbrella’s out because the shit will hit the fan. The DailyKos and Moveon are already up in arms. They gave him millions toward his campaigns and their dissatisfaction now, with the promises made on his campaign means a great deal because they did believe he was going to bring change and reject the usual liberal suspect firmly planted in Beltway boys and girls. The question being that you can’t bring change if you always use the same people who don’t represent all Americans or their liberal’s views.

    I think all this is very humorous and sad at the same time. Funny because we knew what was being said was just more political BS in a lifetime of liberal political BS. Sad, because this is our Country which was handed over to a untested slick talking con man who used all the right words and freebies to gather his base to stand behind him. But, I guess that base is holding their arms out already to gather the promises goodies, and so far all they got was a lot of hot air. Promises made, promises broken that’s the century old tale from those on the left. You would think by now America would have learned from our previous mistakes and recognize a line of bull when we smelled it coming.

  53. I wonder if his constituency will want a “do over?” Sounds more like a “do in.” I needed a good laugh…thanks for sharing Larry.
    If Stevens R-AK goes to jail…I’ll betcha dollars to donuts his seat will be Palins for the taking. Being in the trenches a/k/a “enemy terrortory” is just what Sarah Barracuda needs….and wants.

  54. We’re now being told that the “rest of the world” is looking forward to the “change” in American policy that will be coming from a “President” Obama.

    Well, since a lot of the “rest of the world” are poor or socialist or both, that should not surprise us.
    They share the same “spread the wealth” mentality.
    They also believe the “wealthy” should be robbed and redistributed to….them.
    And of all the nations of the world, who do they see as the richest?
    You got it.

    Not only will we have large segments of our own people standing around with their hands out, but you can bet the “rest of the world” will too.

    The “rumors” must be true.
    Obama had promised almost a trillion dollars to the UN, and almost another trillion to African nations.

    You and I are going to have to find that second job (that the lazy-asses wont take) so we can afford to pay the “rest of the world”.

    Although, I bet Poland, Germany (eastern parts), Ukraine, and the rest of the former Soviet bloc nations won’t be in that line. They know all to well the stings of socialism.

    the fight is upon us

  55. Thanks Larry for the article.
    Brings to mind an interview I heard on the radio where the “reporter” was interviewing a Black woman who just cast her vote for Obama (surprise). The reason she voted for him “I don’t have to worry about my mortgage or puttin gas in my car now”! “I heleped him, now he’ll help me”!

    Like the volunteeers, this dumb ass will also get bent over by Obama. Imagine how she, and many other Obamamites, will feel when they realize they will have to keep working for the pennies their peanut sized brains can earn them.

    As usual, these folks are not looking for a hand (that’s already there), they are demanding a handout. Without “rich” people, poor people starve to death.

    Obama’s and the Democrat’s socialist tactics will only work if we allow them to. If the hard-working tax paying citizens unite, we can bring this country to a halt and “change” the direction of our future.

  56. what worries me most about a Democrat being president, is THIS Democrat.
    This guy so far left, I actually consider him to be a terrorist.
    Its like 9/11 all over again, only this time they CAPTURED Washington DC!!
    I feel as though our nation’s capital is in enemy hands. And fully HALF of our country is OK with that.
    Also, I believe Obama not only won’t lift a finger against these nations developing nuclear weapons, he most likely will HELP them.
    This guy won’t bat an eye when Israel is “wiped off the map”.
    He won’t care when millions upon millions of WHITE Americans begin losing their jobs because of his “spread the wealth” policies.
    In his mind, its get even with whitey time.
    Like none of us have ever been poor.

    The biggest question is, will the GOPers have the cuts to confront this guy?
    Can we use information like this article (cheating campaign workers, hiring former Clinton people, stiffing his supporters at every turn) to give those swing states “buyer’s remorse”?
    If so, then we can start turning things around immediately.
    Start pushing his poll numbers down.
    Start pushing the Democratic Congress’ poll numbers down (although, I don’t know that we can go lower than ZERO!).
    That will give the GOPers in Congress the power and confidence they need to fillibuster these policies for the next 2 years.

    the fight is upon us

  57. in fact, let’s start spreading the “rumor” that the polls are already showing “buyer’s remorse” in those swing states.
    Like those people really didn’t think Obama would win. Because if they did, they never would have voted for him!!


  58. There are several unavoidable facts that need to be addressed.

    “Racism”, be it real or illusory is inherent to mankind. It doesn’t matter the tone of the skin, racism runs through all colors. It is not set aside for one culture or class alone, but resides in all no matter how numerically or finacially sound. Racism will always, in a real or imagined form, will exist as long as man is alive.

    The “poor” have existed through millenia yet no one goverment has been a eutopia in which all were equal. The poor still exist and forever will, barring high taxes, who will not take self-responsibilty in their lives.

    The greed and envy, inate to all mortals, combined with money, can lead to power, corruption and deception. It is the willingness of the person in his lack of morals to follow that path.

    So the deception of poor led throuhout the campaign to deception of the working poor will show no improvement in statust or econic bas ad it has been for years/

  59. Larry, I’ve been reading your stuff for some months now and the articles just keep getting better. I appreciate you and the family writers and I, for one, am ready to fight the evil that these MORONS just elected. I write from Florida, so count me in to be a foot soldier for the cause.
    Still boggles my mind that they elected a terrorist, like Stitch says. Sure didn’t take B. Hussein long to show his true colors (no pun intended).
    Thanks to all of you extremely talented writers out there. You are an inspiration to me. I am going to introduce you all to my college-attending son. He’s of like mind and also can’t understend how this happened. I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to get support from his classmates and baseball buddies at school.
    Thanks again.
    ps. Amy, GREAT JOB on the powerpoint presentation!!

  60. STITCH


  61. Larry: “Don’t blame me, I voted for the white guy..”

    Make another one like so: “Don’t blame me, I voted for the wrinkly old white-haired guy…”

    THEN would could watch that disgusting PMSNBC duo, Tingle-Leg and Psychosis (guess who?), twaddle, twitter and prattle on in perpetuity about the “subtle racism buried in that slogan…”.

    LOL! My hubby’s company is already laying off on the left coast … that company employs almost half a million American citizens, so as the economy continues to plummet, regrettably, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Employee benefit premiums – health, dental, eyeglass, prescription co-pays, etc. – have increased to epic amounts for 2009, even with the company paying what we consider to be more than its fair share (especially since they don’t owe my hubby or any other employee a thing more than the agreed upon exempt salary, but that’s just us and how we see it).

    For the first time in our lives, Larry – and we have til the “no exceptions afterward” Nov 21st deadline to make a decision “yea” or “nay” to continue our bennies for 2009 – we face the very real possibility of having to drop our coverage across the board … and that’s with a balance of zero on our ONE credit card.

    I reiterate, it is NOT the company’s fault (blame ever-skyrocketing health care and health insurance premium costs on our greedy, LITIGUOUS populous), nor is it the responsibility of ANY OTHER hard-working AMERICAN CITIZEN to cover any aspect of MY health care either, period.

    H*ll no, I ain’t filing for disability. I’m NOT throwing away all those years of graduate education, post-grad internships and fellowships and just plain old hard work to declare myself formally “disabled” for the rest of my life.

    But that’s just me. Just like you and countless others get up and do all you can to keep an all too often ungrateful populous safe and free.

    No matter, we shall fight on, hopefully much the wiser after weathering the storm of 2006 mid-term elections and the disaster of holding forth a centrist under the guise of “conservative Republican”.

    As always, God bless America.

  62. Ooops … typo:

    “THEN WOULD could…”

    should have read:

    “THEN WE could…”




  64. I live in Indy – when this hit the airwaves it was the first time I had laughed since the election – now you know why the anoited one won IN.

  65. Amy D, Redbone, T: I finally located that article on the Monarch Mind Control thing. You can see it at this link:

    Sorry it took so long. I was watching tv when The Lord checked me in my spirit and reminded me of the name of the guy who did the interview. Hope it opens more understanding for you.

    There is a chance to derail the election which means setting it right. It was not that pagent that happened last Tuesday that is the final end all. The Electoral College doesn’t meet and vote until Dec. 6th, I think. That is the real election. What can we do to get that group to do the right thing and not allow a person not legally bonifide to asend to the Presidency? A man born in Kenya cannot Constitutionally be President of the United States of America. If he gets to the office he will be all but impossible to remove because of the numerous police agencies that surround him under his control.

  66. Amy

    Here’s another one if you’re interested in just having some fun.
    I don’t know why the images were made so big inside this ppt. Outside they were only 40-50k each.
    This is about 4.5 mb so it may take a minute to open.

    the fight is upon us

  67. Stitch,

    I honestly do not remember his name, but he is at St. Louis University.

  68. Larry, if our agencies do what they are paid to do, the bill for illegal donations to the tune of an estimated 200 to 400 million dollars will fall to the Democrat Party to pay up. We’ll get an ear full of whine and gripe then all the way up the line.

  69. Bill

    Thanks, with that info I was able to find the articles online.
    This is the guy:

    Kenneth F Warren
    political scientist
    McGannon Hall
    Room 135
    Frost Campus
    Saint Louis University

    This little weasle will be getting an earful from me. Letters from me. SLU will get calls and letters from me.
    I will try to organize a picket, but it may just be me and the dogs.

    the fight is upon us


  70. There are going to be sooooo many more of the same stories….except it will be angry Obots wanting to know when the check is coming to cover their gas and mortgage payment. I can’t wait. I will relish in their disillusionment. When the light bulb finally goes on, and they realize that that is not going to happen I can’t wait to see the anger directed toward Dear Leader. I know, I am evil; but I have to look forward to something besides my taxes increasing in the next four years.

  71. You guys might enjoy these:

    The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume I: The Adulteress

    The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume II: In The Temple

    The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah Vol. III: Walking On Water

    Here are 2 others that are just as funny:


    Obama Added To Mount Rushmore

  72. ooookay, I changed the images at the end a little, but its still basically the same.
    I just think it “looks” a little better.


    the fight is upon us





    this is day three and our troops are not home – why?


    and when will Katie Pukic ask him about what color is his dog, again

  74. We all knew this would eventually happen, I just didn’t think it would happen just three days after the election, did you?

    Maybe I should explain little bit about myself, because I kind of felt the same thing that these volunteers expected and believe they deserved.

    My family, both sides we polar opposites politically. My father is a die-hard conservative republican; my mother was a die-hard democrat, who prior to her death became a Reagan Democrat, a President whom she loved and adored. I come from a large, Irish/Italian Catholics and have 4 Doctors and 16 lawyers on both sides of my family. So, with so many lawyers you can understand the bullshit flows at family gatherings such as Thanksgiving. My uncle is a Republican and once was the Mayor of Morristown, NJ. Which kind of made politics front and center for the majority of my life and a lot of family debates.

    In the early 90’s I thought George Bush Sr. was a liar when told Americans that under his Presidency he would not raise taxes, eventually he broke that promise (because the democrats forced his hand, then used it against him when he ran for a second term. Those manipulating bastards). I believed what he said and took him at face value. Out came my mantra, that all politicians do is make promises they have no intention of ever keeping.

    At college, although I did not attend a liberal school, there were enough liberals there and I thought some of their ideas worked. Boy was I wrong and in hindsight I realized I was duped by their liberal rhetoric.

    My older sister and I became supporters of Bill Clinton much to the disappointment of my father. We know of course what his administration was about as he too was a smooth talking SOB, sort of in the vain of Obama. He appeared on hip talk shows and played the sax on Arsenio Hall, now I know his appearance was more about grabbing the 20’s something’s voters and to show us what a great and fun guy he must be. First reality check.

    After the election suddenly all these stories that were suppressed by those in the media, finally came out. At first I thought it was just sour grapes and a way to undermine why he was elected. Then, all those sweet talking promises that he made on the campaign just seemed to be an illusion and they never came to fruition. I started to get angry again and repeated my old mantra that all politicians tell us what they’ll do for us to get our votes and then do the opposite once elected. He repealed all those tax cuts that he promised. Then he tried to tell America that he had to because of the Reagan/Bush ideas regarding the economy. I got a little suspicious but let it slide. Then the string of bimbo’s came out telling us that they were sexually harassed by him. Even Jennifer Flowers claimed it was consensual sex, but did get pregnant by him and eventually had an abortion.

    My head at this point was spinning from all the lies and broken promises. I became angry and disillusioned by a hip, sweet talking Southern con man that played me and others like me as if we were a Steinway. Once the all the Clinton scandals played out nationally he became a real dirt bag. So I do understand why some of Obama supporters can believe a sweet talking con man can grab your attention as they break their promises to the American public. But, when the reality comes into focus, it won’t a pretty sight and I would hate to be a democrat when they realized what they done. This made me a conservative and I will never go back, because I’ve experienced and saw that liberal don’t know how to put on the brakes or have any conscience, its all about them when it should be about the American public. And as long as they keep that thought process, it will never be good for our Country.

    The good news is that Clinton took some democrats and turned them into conservatives because of his lies, misinformation and manipulation of the public trust and once these Obama supports discover the same thing that I did with Clinton, more conservatives will be born. Dick Morris, Jon Voight, Dennis Miller were all once die-hard liberals and once they look past the hype and really looked at the message they gave out, they too discovered the fraud that is the democrat party. We’ll never get all of them, but we can get enough to help support the conservative movement.

    I look at these polished politicians like Clinton and Obama and try to put it in perspective that they are like the owners of a traveling ice cream truck as they go to neighborhoods ringing there bell to try to get there attention. They tell us the ice cream is free so stepped right and get your free ice cream. As we take their ice cream and take off the wrapper, all we got was the stick. A few weeks later we discover in the mail a bill for $10.00 for the free ice cream.

    We cannot look to government to solve all our problems because they are a big part of what’s wrong, so we should be limiting just how big they get. The more they try to control it, the bigger the damage.

    My uncle is a well-know litigator in Southern California, who happens to also be a democrat, in one of our family discussion he said something that still stands up in my mind. Our founding fathers understood the damage that government could cause by giving total control to just one person and wanted to ensure that what occurred in England with King George’s shouldn’t happen here. So, they created a government that would protect its citizens from government abuses. Our Constitution was created to protect the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker and also gave us an out should our government abused their power. Thank you Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

  75. “…how could you screw up the economy worse than Bush and Paulson have done in the last six months?” Rep. Jack Kingston, a conservative Republican from Georgia

    Newsflash, Mr. Kingston: Bush and Paulson didn’t screw it up. Congress (i. e. you and your fellow toadies) did a fine job of that by ignoring the cries of Presidents for the past 10 years begging for reform of Freddie and Fannie.

    Republicrats and Demokins: opposite sides of the same bilge pail.

  76. EILEEN,


    The Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, set about the Federal Government having only a diminuitive role, if any, in the affairs of the citizens.

    The common, every day to day grievances and alliances of American citizens, and governance thereof, were to be the responsibility of the individual States.

    As I interpret it, the only Federal Goverment interaction would have been between the various State’s local governments with no intervention in citzens lives.

    With the State’s government interaction with Federal government only involving matters of national importance, the resulting smallness of both would ensured freedom and fairness for all citizens.
    The very escence this nation had been founded on, thereby promoting and remaining a free democratic republic.

    207 years later… look at us. I can’t put my hands into my pockets without poking some damned politician in the eye.

    We used to have presidents that took seriously the oath of office to, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The American people have just elected a president who, in his own words, “break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.”
    We have built a guilded mansion to house our president in and call it the “White House.” Some have paid us back by letting our worst enemies sleep there.

    We elect men to best represent our interests and our individual states and we call them Representatives or Senators, yet they do not. They make laws in meetings whose doors are closed to the public, the very public that elected them. Laws that go against the wills of the majorities of the people. Yet we re-elect them and have them enshrined in a grandiose edifice in Washington D.C. that we call Congress.

    As the 545 members, that is our federal government, creeps slowly upon you taking over every fiber of your being, you may ask how could this have happened? Who let this happen?
    Sadly, the only answer is… “We The People.”

    It would be sadisticly ironic if the document, in declaring independence and freedom began with, “We The People” were were to be matched by a second certificate. A death certificate for, and signed by, “We The People.”

    Unless Americans wake up and realize that taking back the government is not a crime, that the government is rightfully theirs because they are the government, we will continue on a path of destruction.

  77. Stitch,

    I already made a movie out of Patriot called John McCain, Patriot. It’s available on YouTube at:

    Did you take your medicine this morning???? (hehe)

    Today is my dad’s 233rd birthday today. If only he was here to celebrate it. Semper Fi, Marines!!!

  78. Larry,

    I am reluctant to take an area because I won’t be back to the States for a few years. Communicating through the Internet is great, but face-to-face and on the ground are the most effective. I will be happy to work on any media/propaganda that needs to be designed and packaged.

  79. blue state blues- RWG



    Make no mistake as to the historical nature of Obama’s election victory.

    Americans throw overboard a man who had devoted his entire life to his country for 55 years – a man who had fought against corruption in Washington and voted in one of the most corrupt anti-American, Americans in the history of Presidential elections.

    Americans have now made a virtue of and institutionalized corruption. They have also made a farce out of serving your country.

    Americans have effectively voted to bring an end to their two political party democracy and will now impose one party rule. Democratic totalitarianism is coming to America.

    When Nikita Khrushnev stated that the Soviet Union will bury American capitalism little could he have realized that Americans would finish the job for him.

    The prime imperative directive for the Obama and the Democrats is to move asap under the national radar screen to create a nation wide system of community organizers to bring revolutionary ideology to the streets and organize every street, every apartment building to establish a permanent dependency of the masses with the Democratic Party. Key to the creation of this Democratic Party majority will be to organize and fast track all illegal immigrants and open the flood gates of immigration.

    It can be anticipated that over the next 8 years, 10’s and 10’s of millions will pour into the US. Perhaps as much as 100 million will be in the US to take active part in the state welfareism.

    ACORN and the new civilian militia that Obama wants to build will be central to this massive organizational effort to create a permanent voting majority leading to a bullet proof 270 electoral votes.

    The tens of billions to support the tens of dependent millions will come from the bitter Americans who will now fund the new Democratic permanent majority of state dependents as their patriotic duty.

    Forever and ever, the new President will be selected by the Democratic Party. Whomever they decide will be President will be President. A Democratic totalitarianism of sameness will be institutionalized in the schools and across the land.

  80. Patient in PA


    Why don’t we recruit everyone in the NLTZ family to form our own 3rd Party with you for President and Amy D as your VP?

    We could call it “The Phoenix Party”

    We’d have 4 years to put it together, and judging by the energy, commitment, and intelligence demonstrated on this site, we’d be unbeatable.

    Ah! If only…………

    Hey Larry, what did you think of Ahmadi Nejad, (that, as some may not know, is actually how his last name is spelled).

    It’s two words.

    No wonder the Bastard hates us, we can’t even get his name right.

    Or, maybe it’s done on purpose. Like Bush 41 used to pronounce Saaadam Hussein.

    Oh, I digress.

    I started to ask about the Iranian Presidents congratulations to our new President Elect.

    Unless I miss my guess, that was the “kiss of death” for our new Administration.


    Cause, I really believe, (as others have speculated), that after a comfortable amount of time has elapsed, (but certainly before the Inauguration),

    Israel Will Attack Iran.

    With the full knowledge, (if not open support), of the existing Bush Administration.

    What’cha Think?

  81. Thank you all for your kin words and compliments regarding my movies.

  82. Patient,

    Thanks for the endorsement, but I am not old enough to become President. I think that is a stipulation in becoming VP. I will only be 31 come December of 2012. But, I would LOVE a job in Larry’s Administration. I would also love to head the media/propaganda department of his campaign. Also, I have too many skeletons in my closet to run for elected office.

  83. 3 headed Rick

    This is just the tip of the tip iceberg.
    Wait till April 15th.
    40 million citizens who are not paying taxes and are expecting a check.
    But Obama never mentioned how big a check they will get.
    Could be a dollar or $100.00, or $1,000.00
    Nothing was ever mentioned by obama of the amount of the check.And nobody else mentioned it
    Bottom line there is no money to pay out,even if obama takes all the money the rich earn
    and gives it to the the needy people that voted for him.
    Obama got $600,000,000 in donations even after Mchelles $450.00 lobster lunches you would think
    three would be some money left to pay the volunteers.

    There is going to be a lot of unhappy and disappointed people who pay no tax come April 15th,and are expecting
    a check.The size of their check will vary in their mind depending on their gullibility.

  84. Eileen and Windrider, you two have got it right. It’s too bad, Eileen, that Clinton didn’t do a better job of making more conservatives out of liberals. But, Windrider, Obama, I believe, means the end of the Constitution in any effective use when he reaches office Jan. 20th unless the Electoral College does it responsible duty in Dec. or, and this is a long shot, the Supreme Court rules Constitutionally on the matter of Obama’s birth place qualifications to be POTUS. Germany had a constitution but when Hitler assumed office, the Nazis merely acted as if it didn’t exist. The German Jews in the thirties did not believe the Nazis would murder them and burn them in Hitler’s ovens in the forties. Christians and conservatives are the new Jews in this senerio today.

  85. Stitch,

    Choices is uploaded to YouTube. It is not yet live, but here is the URL:

  86. I have signed up for a Veoh account and am in the process of uploading all of Stitch’s videos!!!

  87. Amy!
    you go girl!
    you’re the best!

    Daily Battle Log (aka DBL):
    Today (around my homework- yes- 50 years old and still doing homework!! dang Conservatives! We never know when to quit!!), the plan is to recruit as many Conservatives as I can to my MySpace account.
    Here is my request to them:

    I’m building a base of Reagan Conservatives.
    The GOP needs grass-roots movements to restore this party.
    Will you join me?

    I’m going to post this SLU professor’s contact info on MySpace. See if our Conservative friends care to enlighten the old fool regarding their decision NOT to annoint the annointed one.

    I know, I know. That site is mostly MySpaceCadets, but, its a quick way to get a message nationwide if you have enough “friends”.

    the fight is upon us


  88. Stitch,

    I’ll send a bulletin on my MySpace. I now regret that I did not use my MySpace as effectively as I should have.

  89. Amy

    Me too. I let it molt out there.
    However, we WILL use EVERY resource at our disposal to wage this war.
    When the enemy has us surrounded, every scrap of ammo, every morsel of food, every drop of water, needs to be collected and used efficiently AND effectively.

    AND – please Amy- use my ppt work as a “seed”. I have ideas, but apparently not nearly as talented as you and the people helping you put those videos together.
    So, please, take license with them and get “creative”. Add slides, add effects, get wild with them.

    thanks again, all 3 videos are GREAT!

    the fight is upon us

  90. Getting back to this article’s original message, “Checks in the Mail”, here are some thoughts to consider:

    Obama is a liar, that’s a given.
    So we need to get ready to harvest the young, educated, black males as Republicans.
    They have just been heavily fertilized with Obama bullshit.
    Next they’ll be getting watered down rhetoric as to why the “wealth” hasn’t been “spread” to them yet.
    And the final straw will be when they see the same Old Democratic weeds popping up in their once “promising” little garden. Each “weed” only concerned with their own political cut.
    And all it cost them was their vote?
    Give them a little time. They will soon learn it also cost them their dignity. Their pride. Their manhood. They will realize they’ve been “played”. Played like a fool.
    Then, its harvest time.
    When we flip a black man to the GOP, we’ll get his whole family eventually.
    This will be a man determined to raise his children believing welfare is for poor people and they won’t have a clue as to how to even apply for it – let alone even think of it as something they even want to do.
    That is our eventual goal. So besides the obvious racism involved in them voted for Obama, the end result is winning this war. And for that I want to see the number of black Republicans DOUBLE in the 2012 election.

    I just saw on TV where Obama called a 106 year old activist to let them know that he will continue their fight for equality.
    I bet he didn’t apologize for his Democratic party’s vehement opposition to those civil rights marches, nor did he mention that the Republicans were the ones that marched along side them.

    the fight is upon us

  91. Stitch,

    I sent my bulletin and I am now in the process of uploading our movies to MySpace Videos. Next stop, Google Video!!!

  92. Movies are now uploaded to YouTube, Veoh, MySpace, and Google!!! I am now working on another video based on the Leaders PowerPoint. This is the best therapy!!!

  93. Amy,

    I have a powerpoint slideshow on the Fairness Doctrine can you take it and turn it into a movies? If you can, then tell me how I can send it to you. There is no sound so if you want to add so go right ahead.


  94. STITCH, AMY D.,

    It is imperative that we as “the family” report all misdeeds, shortcomings, deceptions and downrights lies from the president-elect. All must be accurate and we must make them publicate these to the American peoples through receptive medias of any sort.

    A case in point I will be watching is an Obama barely whispered perfunctory camp pledge to offer U.S. citizenship to an estimated 7 million illegal aliens for work, plus their 3- 14 million relatives.
    Yet during his campaign promises of economic control, the result of which, he and Joe Biden both promised 5 million new jobs to help, and in the interest of, American workers.

    He cannot possibly do both. Amnesty is not favored by the majority of Americans, and if force is applied to Congress and the president-elect, I would think he would honor his pledge of helping the American worker. This then may rankle Latino voters to turn away from the Democratic party and seek, if for nothing else, less bullshit and turn to the Republican party. Latin’s having a rolling start anyway as most do believe in the sanctity of family and the morals of God.

    Liars should not make promises.

  95. blue state blues- RWG

    Stich and Amy and all;
    Check out Michael Reagan. He is asking for conservatives to join his Conservative Revolution. See We have to organize resistance before the inauguration and this is a good place to start. He’s advertising it through Human Events. Our neighborhoods, our freedoms and our futures are at steak.

    If you think that your neighborhood is immune to chaos and home devaluation………think again. The libs have already proved out the model. They took a sleepy working community of 125,000 working middle class people and destroyed neighborhoods and property values. How? The Federal Government together with the unwitting participation of the Catholic Church’s, Catholic Charities Organization, provide mortgage funding for illegals from NYC and New Jersey that allowed them to purchase homes at market value in middle class communities and then provide monthly welfare checks sufficient to cover the mortgages. They moved 3 and 4 Hispanic families into single homes in this community of mostly white working families. The results were disastrous to an entire way of life. Crime escalated out of control as these neighborhoods were preyed upon by vicious predators. Murders and robberies became common place. Schools were overrun with Spanish speaking children who spoke no English.

    If you think it can’t happen to you, check out Hazleton PA. Hazleton finally elected a mayor who promised to deal with the crime and school problem. He insisted on illegals getting identified by the police and English spoken in the schools. He is now being sued by several groups including the ACLU and the Federal Government. He is constantly harassed by the wackos from Move On and Daily Kos.

    We can’t wait until it starts happening everywhere. We need prevention or they will be buying up 4 bedroom homes in your neighborhood and, before you know it, your world is changed forever. Ask the working people of Hazleton. They are trapped. They can’t move because their property values have plummeted to almost nothing. They buy guns and security systems in a community that never had to lock its doors.

  96. Windrider,

    Maybe we need to plan a march on Washington the way those 60’s radicals who seem to be supporters of Obama. They were allowed to voice their opposition, then so should we… Anyone want to voice there opinion on January 20, 2009? Maybe we can get radio host such as Rush, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Dennis Miller to come as well and promote it. They (the powers that be) know conservative as nervous about the Obama presidency and we need to remind them we still have a powerful voice that will not be silenced. Used the same tactics that worked for them, and flip it on them.

  97. eileen,
    email it to me:

    You bet.
    However, it will not be sufficient to simple “report” that he lied.
    We need to somehow MAKE news with that news.
    We WILL post and catalogue EVERYTHING.

    Blue state blues
    We’re already on it.
    Saw it yesterday and registered right away.
    Hoping to get this site, mine, Amy’s, others(?), to catch on ride on his wake.

    We the troops out in the field are NOT getting much communications from our leadership.
    That leadership was McCain – he capitulated.
    We’re all out in our foxholes listening to the radio to see who is in charge.
    Is anyone in charge?
    What is going on back at headquarters?
    But wait!! we are starting to get some signals. There is a rising leadership at HQ.
    Rush is pissed. Reagan is pissed.
    Several others are speaking up angrily over the complacent attitude in our leadership.
    We will appoint new leaders.
    The old leaders need to step back and take another position.
    This is like the early days of WWII. Old generals were replaced. Colonels began generals.
    Majors become generals in a short time.
    Anyone who can show leadership qualities and is willing to pick up their sword and take this fight to the enemy, WILL be the next general.

    Make note of everything.
    Yes. It will not be difficult to split the Latino people away from Obama. They know a lie when they see it too.

    the fight is upon us

  98. those of you that pray, pray for Bush and his family.
    And here is why:

    The US Armed Forces, FBI, Secret Service, and a host of other agencies (both domestic and foreign) have done one hell of a job protected not only us, but President Bush as well.
    Don’t you think the terrorists would get to him – if they could!
    When Obama takes over, he already plans to surrender in both Iraq and Afganistan. As well as close Gitmo and release all those “prisoners” (probably with a “reparation” check to boot).
    Obama will stand down the military.
    Obama believes in allowing anyone to enter the US – at any time.
    Obama believes illegal aliens can have drivers licenses and vote.
    Obama won’t bat an eye when these people enter our country and seek their revenge on the President that “ruined their day”.
    And Obama will consider that “payback” for Bush killing so many of his relatives.
    Once out of office, Bush will have, at most, 2 Secret Service agents protecting him.
    This aint looking good….

    the fight is upon us

  99. Eileen,

    I will gladly make a movie for you!!! Leaders II will probably be up tomorrow.

  100. Dg,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Since your son palys the great game, I am sure he will be along for the ride..

    If you get a second, run thriugh the arcives and read, “Let’s Play Two”, an homage to the greatest game.

    Thanks from an old second baseman,


  101. Fed Up,

    Hang tough..

    We’ve only begun to fight.

    Thanks as always,


  102. Sister Amy,

    Don’t worry about an area, your talents in the directorial area are second to none!!

    You’ve served your country now you are the NLTZ audio visual director.

    Thanks for doing a great job.

    Our best to your husband as well..


  103. Patient in PA..

    Me, a politican?

    They’d be lining up to bump me off.

    Relative to the Iranian waterbug, I prefer to spell his name “Ineedanewjob”..

    Israel can do it. Hope that they will. The first thing that the Israeli’s used to do with the F-15’s that they would get from us is strip them of all of the computers.

    Their pilots fly old school with the stick alone.

    Let ’em turn Iran into a glass factory.

    See why I’m not a politician??

    Thanks as always,


  104. Leaders On Holiday has been blocked by MySpace for Copyright Infringement. they said it contained content by Lewis Black. Well, it contained a Green Day song, not a Lewis Black song (does he even sing??? I thought he was a comedian). I thought there was such a thing as “Fair Use.” I gave credit to Green Day for using their song. It’s not as if I took credit for writing their song. Oh well. It’s on YouTube.

  105. 3 head,

    Just like I warned in “From Present To President” his “base” will turn on him if he does “deliver.”

    We will turn into focused fanatics if he does “deliver”..

    This is getting better by the minute..


  106. Larry,

    I’ll serve NLTZ like I served my country, with pride and distinction. I am honoured to be the NLTZ Audio Visual Director.

  107. Scorecard (# of views on YouTube):

    Leaders – 82

    Patriot – 108

    Choices – 14

    Thanks again Amy!

    Right of Reagan!

  108. There is hope that our message is a common one amongst our fellow Conservatives in the House.

    From Human Events:

    Conservatives Take First Steps Toward Rebuilding GOP
    by Elisabeth Meinecke

    Less than 72 hours after a disheartening Election Day for Republicans, Capitol Hill conservatives are showing their mettle.

    Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, endorsed Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) Thursday for the number 3 leadership position among House Republicans: chairman of the Republican Conference. Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Oh) also endorsed Pence after asking him to run for the post.

    The Conference — formerly chaired by Rep. Adam Putman — is responsible for communicating the House GOP’s message to the media and American public. It also elects House Republican leadership and is an internal organizer for Republican representatives. The chairman is the voice of his party’s message.

    Moving Pence — former RSC chairman and 2005 HUMAN EVENTS “Man of the Year” — into the House leadership is evidence of the rapidity of conservatives’ resurgence after the McCain loss Tuesday. As of now, Pence is running unopposed. The election is on Nov. 19.

    In a statement announcing his bid, Pence writes, “If you elect me as your new Chairman, I would take a page from the playbook of President Ronald Reagan, who taught us that it is not enough to believe great things, we must effectively communicate great things to the American people.”

    Pence understands the twofold challenge Republicans face: fighting and defending ideas and then communicating those ideas to the voters. A former radio talk-show host, Hensarling and Boehner reportedly are looking to Pence’s communications skills to improve significantly Republicans’ outreach to voters.

    Pence’s advance — in the face of the Obama landslide and liberal Democrats’ desire to flood congress with all sorts of “reforms” — is reminiscent of an earlier era when conservatives also had to face a long struggle.

    It’s worth raining on the Obama parade by looking back — a direction they never want to go unless it’s framed by “the past eight years” — to a speech given in 1976.

    Ronald Reagan, without notes, without a teleprompter, as Peggy Noonan describes in When Character Was King, spoke to his supporters after losing the bid for the presidency.

    “It’s just one battle in a long war, and it will go on as long as we all live…Don’t give up on your ideals …And don’t for heavens’ sake, having seen the inner workings of the watch, don’t get cynical.”

    This is why Reagan accomplished so much. Rejection should not make conservatives cynical; it should make them fight harder. After all, the only real reason to be a conservative is because you believe in something, or some things. And those things inspire you. They don’t make you bitter. But they do make you want to take a stand.

    I’m not propagating Reagan nostalgia (that’s not Reagan’s style, anyway). But I appreciate his message.

    So did the American people.

    And so, apparently now, does the GOP.

    Obama may have awakened a sleeping giant.

  109. Stitch, where’s Eileen’s PowerPoint????

  110. Family,

    Check out the Thought of the Day.

    It came from an email that I got from Stitch..

    Do the math, learn who Obama will TARGET..

    Thanks as always,



    Let me clarify myself in the Latinos when I refered to them as having a “rolling start” in believing in the sanctity of family and morals of God. It was the LEGAL Latinos I mean’t are more prone to hold these qualities and NOT, although I’m sure there are some illegals that do, that I was talking about that will be disillusioned by the Democratic party and Obama’s lying.


    Allowed to voice our opposition?


    Little lady, it is our RIGHT to voice our opposition… let us do it before that too is also taken away.

    I’d love to meet Ann Coulter, a brilliant woman and her sarcasm runs just down my creek, if you know what I mean.

    I will meet you in Washington, young lady, no matter the numbers. And that is a promise from a man who does not lies.


    In “reporting it”, I mean’t to “make the news with the news” as you suggested. As I said, by making sure they are accurate and publicating them to the American people through any media that is receptive to the conservative line of thought.

    We must, the still free thinking Americans who value God, country and family must investigate, catalogue and unite in this common bond.

    “The Fight Is Upon Us”, to take up the slack…

    The slack of those who would stand with their hands out having been wooed by political persuasion.

    It is we, ‘the family’, and those like us who must make a commitment of our efforts to grow and shine the light for others of the good of sound reasoning and common sense on which this great nation was founded to save this country we love.

  112. Family,

    I am looking to put together a movie explaining the differences between Conservatism and Liberalism/Socialism. I need you all to help me. If anyone has a PowerPoint explaining this, that would be a great start. I would like everyone’s input for this one. We need to get our message out clearly and concisely. I want this to be our “piece de resistance.” Eileen and Stitch, I still need the Fairness Doctrine PowerPoint as well.

  113. Stitch,

    Thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll. I’ll add you to mine!!!

  114. Amy/ Stitch,

    Since I am a bit ignorant when it comes to blogs and uploading the power point presentation, someone needs to help me. Explain to me how I get it to you? It’s about 60 slides on the Fairness Doctrine, and compares our American dictators to the world dictators. The background music that I think conveys our message and I chose the song from Paul Simon’s “The Sound of Silence”. I’ll send you everything so you create the movie and upload to the world.

    My ignorance on just how to do that is clear and evident.


  115. Eileen,

    How To Attach A File In An E-Mail, From Yahoo Mail:

    1. Create a new message, address it, and write the text of the message, as described in Composing a New Email Message, Addressing Your Message, and Writing Your Message.

    2. Click the Attach button (the one with the paper clip on it). The Choose File or Open File window appears (depending on your operating system).

    3. Locate the file you want to attach, select it, and click the Open button. You return to the new message tab, which displays the progress of automatic Norton AntiVirus™ scan of the selected file. Tip: Norton AntiVirus™ doesn’t let you to attach infected files.

    4. To attach more files, repeat steps 2 and 3. You can’t attach the same file more than once to the same email message. You also can’t attach multiple files in one operation, or a folder containing multiple files. Although Yahoo! Mail often shows attached images and HTML files within the messages you receive, it doesn’t display the files you attach within a message while you’re composing it. Instead, it lists the files in the attachments area. Attached images and HTML may appear within the text of the message when your recipients read it if their email applications support inline graphics and HTML content.

    5. If you decide before you send the message not to include an attached file, just click the Remove link to detach it.

  116. Unless the song is included in the PowerPoint, you don’t need to send the song file to me because I already have it in my collection. Simon & Garfunkel are one of my fave bands and “The Sound Of Silence” is one of my all-time fave songs.

  117. Above all else, remember this my friends,

    “You may not have voted for me tonight, but — I will be your president too.”—

    Barack Hussein Obama’s BIGGEST LIE.

  118. blue state blues- RWG

    My reference was more about the Social Engineering that will take place. I was not bashing Latinos or Hispanics in general. And the hard working middle class in Hazleton does include some Latinos.

    “Never give up! In all things, big or small, never give up”. Winston Churchill- WWII,

  119. Please sign the petition at

    I pledge to publicly expose and actively oppose all of John McCain’s staffers smearing Sarah Palin and will oppose any candidate who hires these people for a 2012 race. These smear artists must become political lepers for the good of the country and the Republican Party.

    Here is the address:

  120. A few days ago, I notified the kind folks here of a couple of files on my site. I have made them public in no other places. Yesterday, my site got an interesting visitor:

    OrgName: Booz, Allen, and Hamilton
    OrgID: BAH-2
    Address: 8283 Greensboro Drive
    City: Mclean
    StateProv: VA
    PostalCode: 22102
    Country: US

    NetRange: –

    Wikipedia Page:

    Logfile Entry: – – [07/Nov/2008:14:44:35 -0500] “GET /temp/Obama/affs/ReverendKweliShuhubia.pdf HTTP/1.1” 200 150371 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008092417 Firefox/3.0.3 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)”

    Watch your backs, folks.

  121. Windrider,

    Here is how I heard that quote..

    “You may not have voted for me tonight, and I already know who you are and you will PAY for that indescretion”…

    THAT’S what I heard..

    Thanks as always,


  122. ok, one more powerpoint.
    This one is just silly.
    But, with the right music (hint hint), it might be kinda funny.

    the fight is upon us


  123. ok, here’s another powerpoint.
    This one is kinda silly but, with the right music (hint hint), it might be fun.

    the fight is upon us

  124. Sorry for the late reply, jafamimi, Mike from New York, Jamie and others who wondered what happened to me. I noticed the last post on “From Present To President” was on 11-8-08 at 1:58 AM, so I assume it is closed to new postings. I have a lot to say about my latest findings, so I’ll break it up into several posts, since I don’t know what the “byte” limit is on postings.
    Anyway, I talked to Lisa, Philip Berg’s assistant, Friday on 11-7-08 after I saw comments that she was to have made at Devvy’s web site of
    She talked with the head of the Hawaii Department of Health, Alvin Onaka, whose title is Registrar of Vital Statistics. I believe mistakes were made on that web site, so I called her to ask for a clarification. She has not yet replied back to my emailed summaries about Hawaiian records of births in Hawaii. So, please take what I am about to type here, with reservations. Here is the partial transcript on that web site, with my notes in brackets and corrections of typographical errors.
    “The issue of what kind of birth certificate constitutes proof of citizenship is the most asked question in my mail box. Philip J. Berg’s Assistant, Lisa, has done the research and provides us with this clarification:
    ‘Once you are born, the hospital transmits the information to the Health Department; a birth certificate is created. If you are born abroad, you must take the original foreign birth certificate to (the) Department of Health in the State which your birth is being registered, the original foreign birth certificate is placed and stored in the State Department of Health and a Certification of Live Birth is created. If you were born at home, then you must register that birth with the medical records (even births at home, a doctor must check the woman and child, then a birth certificate is issued by the doctor; the mother must register the doctor’s birth certificate of the child with the Department of Health).
    ‘I spoke with the Director of Records [My note: Alvin Onaka] in Hawaii; he explained to both (name withheld for privacy) and myself (we were on a three way) the above procedures. So yes, everyone in the United States and other countries (unless you were born in a field and never sought medical care) has a vault version of a birth certificate.
    ‘On another note, in 1961 (My note: The year Obama was born] the Hawaiian birth certificates are black and typewritten–this is true. In 2001, the Hawaii Department of Health changed formats and offers a short version and a long version. The short version, if the birth occurred in a Hospital in Hawaii is called a CertifiCATE [ Note: My emphasis] of Live Birth”, not a “CertifiCATION [Note: My emphasis, to distinguish between the two documents, which is explained below] of Live Birth” (COLB) that Obama is using, fake or not), so there are differences in the wording which most folks are not aware of, unless they asked. A Certification of Live Birth is nothing more than stating, NOT PROVING, YOU WERE BORN; IT DOES NOT PROVE YOUR CITIZENSHIP STATUS OR ANYTHING ELSE. [Note: My emphasis]
    ‘Now, the CertifiCATION [Note: My emphasis] of Live Birth is issued for foreign births abroad, which are registered in the Hawaii Department of Health. But there is more: On the bottom left of a Certificate of Live Birth [My note: Remember, this is for Hawaiian-born persons only!] is the word “recorded”, which is the date the hospital transmitted the information for the production of the birth certificate or the Certificate of Live Birth.
    ‘However, on the bottom left of a Certification of Live Birth, again for births abroad, it states on the bottom left corner “accepted” [My note: She is wrong here; did Mr. Onaka misinform her? It should be “filed”], as Obama’s COLB, fake or not, does. The wording “accepted” means that is the date the Department of Health in Hawaii accepted the registration and the documentation. [Stanley, Obama’s mother] Dunham COULD NOT HAVE REGISTERED OBAMA’S BIRTH IN HAWAII WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL “VAULT” VERSION OF THE FOREIGN BIRTH CERTIFICATE [My note: My emphasis], nor could she have gotten Obama out of Kenya.”
    As you will see, on my further postings, that two people, who are said to have been born in Hawaii, have their birth documents that show that theirs are “FILED BY”, not “ACCEPTED BY” (for foreign births), or “RECORDED BY” (for Hawaiian births) as per Mr. Onaka’s comments to Lisa on that three-way phone call. Something is obviously amiss here.
    Stay tuned.

  125. Here is a comment by AsperGirl on Fri June 13, 2008 at 8:05:30 AM PST at the pro-Obama web site (of the person, Kos, who first posted the fake “Certification of Live Birth” of Obama’s), which is shown at
    “In Hawaii, anyone can claim they were born there and submit the evidence years after the birth to obtain a late Certificate of Birth…[as provided by Hawaii statute] law HRS 338-15, 338-29-5:
    ‘Any person born in Hawaii who is one year old or older and whose birth has not been previously registered in Hawaii, or that person’s parent, or guardian, next of kin, OR OLDER PERSON AND HAVING KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACTS OF BIRTH [Note: My emphasis] may request the registration of a late certificate, except that an application will not be accepted for a deceased person.’ ”
    The web site for that sentence is
    Wow! How did Kos let that one slip by, instead of being deleted?
    Stay tuned.

  126. The list of persons authorized to apply for certified copies of vital records in Hawaii is shown at This list includes the following person:
    ” a person whose right to obtain a copy of the record is established by order of a court of competent jurisdiction.”
    When Philip J. Berg’s present legal action is concluded, wouldn’t there be enough time before the Electoral College convenes to vote on the official President on December the 15th to request a U.S. federal district judge, or even better, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, to force the Hawaii Department of Health to turn over Obama’s “vault” version of his birth record to one Philip J. Berg? (See Post #24 at point #1 and Post# 64 at point #4, subsection (5) immediately following this sentence, regarding Electoral College issues about Obama.

    Regarding Electoral College issues about Obama which are shown at [Note: I have paraphrased and edited some of these posts.]
    1. Post # 24: The USSC Justice Roberts would have an interest in ensuring that he is (not) administering the oath to an ineligible person.
    2. Post #30: Each State’s Electors meet in each state’s capital city and vote on December the 15th. It is Vice President Cheney’s responsibility to certify the number of votes that have been received. A joint session of Congress is then held to count the votes and declare the winners.
    3. Post #39: The Electors act in a government capacity, and if THEY BREACH THEIR DUTY TO ACT WITHIN THE LAW, [Note: My emphasis] they may be personally liable for the damages. It’s a tort concept and it may work to make the loyalist Democratic [Electors] think before they vote. (Nothing like losing your personal fortune to sober up a corrupt public official.) Since the Constitution says a person must be qualified to be president, either the Electoral College or the Congress has an obligation to verify the qualifications of the person who will be sworn in as president. The Electors will take an oath before they vote. They have a duty to uphold the Constitution. They elect the president, so they have to follow the Constitution. If they don’t, they act ex juris and the action is void. So, anyone with standing has the right to challenge the Electoral College process before the person is sworn in.
    4. Post #64: Assuming Obama is found ineligible, here is what could happen:
    (1). If BEFORE the Electoral College meets, McCain’s electors from all states would be seated (since Obama would not have been qualified) and the vote would be 538-0. (Article II, Section 1, paragraph 3). This would happen because Obama would not have qualified to run in the first place. Biden would be Vice President, since the 12th Amendment provides for the separate election of the President and the Vice President. Thus, there would be a McCain/Biden term of office.
    (2). If AFTER the Electoral College meets and certifies him, but BEFORE the inauguration, the 20th Amendment provides that, if before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, then the Vice President-Elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified. The same scenario as in (2) above, would then likely apply.
    (3). If AFTER inauguration, the 25th Amendment would apply and Biden would be President and choose his Vice President (with Senate confirmation). However, McCain might be able to sue–based on fraud, and demand that the scenario provided in (2), above, be applied.
    (4). Of course, the Supreme Court of the U.S.
    could decide to avoid (1), (2) and (3) above, by declaring a fraudulent election and ordering a new one with verified eligible candidates. This would necessitate the implementation of Continuity of Government laws–allowing Bush to remain as President until the new election. (Probably with the caveat that no new laws be passed in the interim.)
    (5). Here is another wrinkle: The Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 (IRCA) mandates employment eligibility verification. If the Supreme Court of the U.S. does not require verification (in this case, including natural born status), then it would set a precedent in violation of the law.
    Wow!, again. Who has the courage to pick up the ball and run with it–all the way? Anybody out there in Freedom Land?
    Stay tuned.

  127. I goofed on the last link in my second-to-last post about requesting a late registration of a Birth Certificate. I left out the “l” after the “htm.” So, the web site link should be Sorry ’bout that, folks! I’ll try and be more careful in the future!

  128. Documents of birth (Hawaiian and faked Hawaiian):
    1. Patricia DeCosta’s Registration of Live Birth is shown at (Notice the difference in color compared to Obama’s document shown on the same web site, and that it states “DATE ACCEPTED BY STATE REGISTRAR.” (Obama’s document states “DATE FILED BY REGISTRAR.”) It also has the required wrinkling because of tri-folding before being put in the Hawaii Department of Health envelope for mailing. (See “4.”) To view the details of the birth, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Patricia DECOSTA” link to the right of the “Linked To” phrase of the certificate shown at But, does that first line mean that DeCosta WAS born in Hawaii, EVEN THOUGH the document shows “ACCEPTED” instead of “RECORDED”, as stated at the Devvy web site of by, supposedly, Mr. Alvin Onaka, the “head honcho” at the Hawaii Department of Health. Is obfuscation occurring here? This needs to be clarified by Mr. Onaka!!
    2. An older birthdate record dated Jul 12 2002 by the Department of Health titled “RECORD OF BIRTH” is shown at (Notice the extensive details.)
    3. Another older birthdate record dated Jul 12 2002 by the Department of Health titled “THE STANDARD CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH” is shown at (Notice the extensive details, again. These details would indicate ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES, the “vault” version–not the short form!)
    A question to ponder: Why are there two differently-titled birth documents DATED ON THE SAME DATE AFTER the “Nov/01” revised “Certification of Live Birth” form, UNLESS they are the ORIGINAL “VAULT” VERSIONS? (Meaning that they are the “Certificate(s) of Live Birth.) Why aren’t they the SAME title? (Another thing to ask Mr. Onaka!)
    4. At, Janice Okubo states: “An electronic-only certification is not made, hence the wrinkled fold on the certificate, because it is mailed out to the authorized requester.”
    5. Click on the current page at, read it and click on all the links at the right and read them also, except for the top link titled “WHATSYOUREVIDENCE”, for fully-documented, technical, analytical evidence that the Obama certificate is a fake. (Ronald Polarick is a graphics expert.)
    6. Another technical graphics expert analyzing the Obama document, who plagarized portions of Polarick’s analyses, is shown at
    Scroll down to “Image 15. Connected lines” and read through “Image 16. Mapped border pattern” for details of errors on the Obama document. (The analyst says that the document was created with the Adobe Photoshop C53 Macintosh software.)

    Here’s the kicker for all of us historians: The Republic of Hawaii was forced to become a State of the USA under duress, in order to avoid further bloodshed during the USA invasion. Former President Clinton signed Public Law 103-150, apologizing that Hawaii was put into the USA illegally. The historical details are shown at

    The Public Law 103-150 is shown at
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the last sentence!


    That is more than interesting. When I had done what little research I could into this matter and found Obama’s supposed birth certificate posted on his web site, it created even more curiosity and suspicion.

    First, why would the man openly display the certificate on the web, offer it up for print to everyone, and yet refuse to produce it to the courts in order to dispell all doubts about the issue? More duping the “don’t thinkers.”

    Second, upon looking at the certificate, I found the absence of any attending physician’s or medical personell’s name. Also the certificate does not carry the seal of the state of Hawaii as is the habit of registering legal government documents. Hell, even your car title has to have that stamp on it. Conceding although that this may not be a requirement state to state and will vary.

    My original birth certificate carries the signature of the doctor that delivered me and the seal of state in which I was born is embossed in the paper. Any copies I have ordered of it since have always been stamped with the seal of the state.
    Obama’s does not.

  130. Windrider,

    I noticed that Oshama’s “birth certificate” looked very “cartoonish”. It was too clean. It looked as if it was created in Photoshop. When contrasted with a scanned copy of a genuine Hawaiian birth certificate (not Oshama’s), BHO’s birth certificate looked even more contrived and phony. Too bad most of the American electorate is too stupid and easily led to think critically — even when the facts are placed squarely in front of them. Like BHO, they dismiss facts as “lies” and “divisiveness”. I pray that our country will wake up before it is too late.

  131. Larry,

    I guess I wasn’t as finely tuned in as you. But, hey, there’s nothing scarely premonistic about “I already know who you are.” All you need be is White, Conservative and making over $250,ooo a year and, automatically, you qualify for Hussein’s hit list.

  132. Larry,
    You have to stop making so much sense in such a biting manner. I am laughing so hard at this column my co-workers are starting to wonder about me.

  133. Windrider,

    There is a distinct possibility that you would only need to have ONE of those prequalifications for “consideration”..

    We shall see..

    If that were to be the case: “Two years to lame duck”!!

    Thanks as always,


  134. Triviaman and all,

    Sorry for the delay in your comments appearing.

    WORDPRESS AUTOMATICALLY puts any comment from anyone with more than ONE link into a “Spam” file.

    I have to check it and approve or delete EVERYTHING in that file..Its a good safety measure as this “deSpammer” has blocked 900 TRUE Spam’s from having to be manually deleted from the comments.

    Be patient, I go to that file once a day to fish out the true comments like those from triviaman..

    Good work on that by the way, triviaman.

    What do you see as the realistic chance that this can be expedited before the electoral college meets?

    Would any true believer look at the evidence with any neutrality?

    Seems silly to ask doesn’t it??

    Thanks as always,


  135. Ken,

    Nothing wrong with laughing at work..

    Soon enough, you will be laughing at your take home pay when the “reconstuction” takes place..

    Thanks as always,


  136. Ken,

    Make that “reconstruction”..

    I need to slow down a bit..


  137. NEW VIDEO:

    Here is my latest creation called “American Infidel”:

  138. My video has been up on YouTube about 30 minutes and already has 9 views!!!

  139. Oops. I stand corrected. My video has been up barely 20 minutes and already has 9 views!!!

  140. AMY D.,

    Yes, I noticed the “cleanliness” of the certificate also when I first looked at it. But I figured if it was a copy, that it could possibly come out with that appearance. Although any copies of mine, the paper has had my state’s motto lightly imprinted in the background. And again, what interested me and what I centered on most was the two reasons I mentioned in my last post on it.

    Veiwed your new video! Liked it! Um, can I ask a favor? I’m a little more on the country western side if the fence when it comes to music, could ya maybe tie some of that in on your next one. I might be able to understand it!
    ; )

  141. Wind,

    Most of my collection consists of punk and metal. I have a very limited Country library. I use whatever music I feel goes with the theme of the visuals. It’s an inexact science. I will try to keep your suggestion in mind, though. Thanks!!!

  142. Amy

    “American Infidel” is AWESOME. Nice job.
    View count up to 23 already.
    Some idiot posted a comment calling us racists. I immediately slammed him (I’m C128D on YouTube).

    I got your note about the other ppt. I’m thinking of some ideas.
    I’ve got homework to get done today, so we’ll see how much time I can put in tonight.
    Then tomorrow, as all good Republicans do, I have to work!!
    And no, Latishawanda, I won’t get to keep 100% of what my boss promised to pay me…… get use to it, dumbass.

    American Infidel

  143. Freaking outstanding work people!!! I’m truly amazed. I have a question however… why has Fox News NOT picked up on the obama’s lack of a valid birth certificate? And… how do we get them to pick up on it? I’ve sent several emails to several different anchors and nothing has gotten their attention.

  144. Well, Larry,

    You are a great communicator which seems to be lacking in our conservative leadership these days.

    But the bigger issue is true leaders never realize their power, while those who believe they are powerful leaders never realize no one is listening, especially when there is no message to send to the masses. Which is why John McCain lost, he changed the message almost weekly and refuse to point out the discrepancies in Obama’s promises had real consequences. He played a gentleman and a fool until he realized he was playing with scum, liars and frauds. Just my observation.

  145. This is funny… emailed from my dad. A little levity goes a long way these days.


    Obama Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want. He Leadeth Me Beside Still Factories, He Restoreth My Faith In The Republican Party, He Guideth Me In The Paths Of Unemployment.

    Yea, Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Bread Line, I Shall Not Go Hungry.

    Obama Has Anointed My Income With Taxes, My Expenses Runneth Over My Income, Surely, Poverty And Hard Living Will Follow Me All The Days Of My Life.

    The Democrats And I Will Live Forever In a Rented Room.

    But I Am Glad I Am an American, I Am Glad That I Am Free. But I Wish I Was A Dog And Obama Was A Tree.

  146. I believe the BHO document to be a total fraud, too. But it’s not his birth certificate that bothers me the most.

    BHO spent six years educating the ACORN people on how to register people to vote and get those newly registered people to the voting place. Six years teaching them how to get people to register up to 35 times! Six years.

    Then he ran for Illinois State Senate and tested his system. Then he corrected his system. Then he ran for US Senate and tweeked it a little bit more, fine tuning it, if you will.

    He found out Republicans did not have the spine to withstand voter fraud; to stand against it. They did not want to face the charge of “racism”. So he continued to his goal: POTUS.

    Then he ran for POTUS and found out his theory was correct. Republicans cannot stand the possibility of being called a racist so they sat back and watched without a word as the worst case of voter fraud in history was perpetrated on the American electoral system.

    He worked for this. Had done so since he became a “community organizer.” He studied how to do this and created the way and followed through.

    When someone plans to rob a bank and follows through by succeeding in robbing that bank, do we call that bank robber our banker? No? Then why should we call BHO our PRESIDENT?!

    BHO is NO MORE MY PRESIDENT than the bank robber is my banker.


    I wonder if this matter is just one of the “constraints” Obama plans to attend to when he said, “break free from the essential constraints placed upon us by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.” A little matter of being a U.S. citizen to hold public office much less the presidency?!?

    Once accomplished, Joe Biden would take his plugged scalp, retreat to decades deserted “Katy’s Diner” or “Lowes”, and then resign only to be re-placed by Bin Laden.

    Biden, Bin Laden….Bin Laden, Biden… Hey, in the legumenous left’s vegitational reasoning, it’d be OK… they would “feel” the two names are similar.

  148. “The Unfairness Doctrine” is now live on YouTube at:

    Special thanks to Eileen for providing the content of the PowerPoint and the idea for the song!!!!!

  149. has now blocked “The Unfairness Doctrine” due to non-specific copyright violations. I have e-mailed them asking where my “violation” lies and that I believe that my use of copyrighted material is “fair use.” This is getting ridiculous.


    Great research and interesting analysis including the Constitutional amendments analysis.

    Like you, I did tons of research on his birth certificate and I even called the local FBI office in the process to question why they weren’t looking into any of this. They’re response or lack there of only proved to me they just don’t care. So, I tried another tactic and thought of taking the information I’d found and forwarded to conservative radio host. So I package it up and mailed it out. Only one responded to my research, Glenn Beck who sent me a letter in return thanking me for my vigilance and research and said he or someone on his staff would look into it. And if true, would expose the fraud. I have no idea what his outcome was since we don’t get his radio program in Alabama.

    I spent close to 5 weeks doing the research, although not a document expert, but just eyeballing other certificates from his birth year appeared to be blatantly and logically false. The border was different and the font was newer, and that was just eyeballing to two documents side by side. The other thing was in 1961 there were no computers so the certificate would have been hand typed and it was fairly clear that it didn’t look hand typed. Again, I’m not a document expert just giving my gut opinion. My research included typewriting manufacturers and the type of fonts that were available at that time and I was unable to find an exact match. The pitch was different, spacing between each letter didn’t match the carriage return spacing didn’t match as well. All a big waste of time because the outcome didn’t seem to matter.

    I gave up because it appeared no one really cared, or at least any officials didn’t seem to give a crap that we may be voting for a President who was ineligible to serve. While in the meantime Congress will create laws that make him eligible.

    I have only become more disillusioned that any authorizes could care less as the liberals mock and ignore the truth by scamming the American public.

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