The Immediate Aftermath

The aftershocks are still being felt. The reality of what the nation has put in place is still yet to be determined. Based upon the historical patterns of the liberal party, we can take painful but educated guesses as to the extent of the potential carnage that will soon be inflicted upon what was once known as “the middle class”. The wise are those who do not repeat their mistakes. It is time to get wise and to stay wise. It is time to get mad and to stay mad..

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, the Unites States took “one giant step for man and one giant leap towards a collectivist society”.. The blurring of the lines of reality will bring about the malleability of what were once static parameters. Under the next liberal “odd-ministration”, we shall see that the “rich” and the “middle class” will conveniently coalesce in the similar “Clinton-style” of the nineties. Under Clinton, the “rich”, those who he fervently declared were going to be taxed, went from those earning more than $250,000 to those earning a mere $42,000 when the moronic masquerade ended. The $250,000 mark was set during the campaign when the class warfare weaponry was at its sharpest. The $42,000 mark was reached in about 1993, safely after the votes had been tallied and the rococo ruse was up..

As of this moment in time, those who voted for Obama haven’t realized their mistake. Some will never admit to this mistake due to their vanity, others due to their cranial density. His voters fell into two distinct groups. The “true believers” (or “the usual suspects”) and the “cathartic cud chewers”.

The “usual suspects” can be easily identified. Not only by their Obama T-shirts that seemingly never left their bodies, (even to this day..) but by their race.. We can safely consider them to be about eighteen per cent of the nation’s population. This was a campaign of racial recognition and full frontal shrewdity. The constant barrage of “They are going to try to make you scared of me..” had altogether different meanings between left and right. The left was convinced that the right was afraid of his being black, the right could never convince the left that it was afraid of his being green.. In a campaign rife with color consciousness, the left refused to see that they were color blind where it really mattered most..

There is nothing wrong with his supporters reveling in the Obama victory but it is important to look at the totality of that victory. Are the Obama supporters going to emulate the achievement and individual effort of their President or are they going to simply expect the alms to increase with no change in their sedentary generational “careers”? To execute the former is to learn from and capitalize upon, the Obama victory. To expect the latter is to insist upon the collectivist redistribution that those of us who didn’t vote for the Democrats wholeheartedly expect to see come to fruition.

The right would like nothing more than for the Obama victory to motivate the under class to begin down the self-fulfilling path to individual responsibility and accomplishment. This would be shortest and most expeditious path towards turning the lower class into “taxpayers” which is the shortest and most expeditious path towards turning them into conservatives.

The “true believers” were those who felt that they had purged and cleansed generations of Democratic Party racism by voting for a minority candidate. The problem is that they do not recognize that the definition of Democratic racism has altered drastically. It has morphed from the fire hoses and baseball bats of years past to today’s mantra of indoctrination and the mythology of individual failure, as well as their depressing victimology that drowns them in the sempiternal cesspool of the welfare state.

The Democrats/usual suspects, who are spending such an inordinate amount of time on the racial aspects of the Obama victory, only reinforce the “superficiality” of his candidacy. The superficiality HAD to be reinforced during the campaign due to his vast and overwhelming inexperience. Superficiality as a campaign fulcrum became imperative when substance was unavailable.

The left who in most cases find the idea of a sermon to be blasphemous hadn’t a clue that the “homilies of hope” and the “helium of change” were nothing more than a series of sermonic laughable liberal lullabies read to them via the teleprompter. It was just an endless series of Communist conundrums and concentric circles given by a poltroon pastor..

When anyone in the “impartial” media mentioned “experience” during this campaign season, it was to express their concern for the lack of experience in the Republican Vice Presidential candidate and to trumpet the vast array of experience from the Washington thirty five year “insider for change” on the Democratic side. No mention was ever made of the experience of the Republican Presidential candidate and the inexperience of the Democratic Presidential candidate..

Those of you who didn’t vote at all need to understand the gravity of your individual apathy. These are the mistakes that the right needs to learn from. Conservatives seem to get angry when it is ineffective. Getting irked, peeved or exasperated after the votes have been counted doesn’t have the impact that it does before Election Day.

Anger is also utilized in distinctly different manners by the left and the right. The left, which bases all of their “logic” upon emotional outbursts, uses anger to enflame their monosyllabic tirades. It simply helps with the increase in noise, not intellectual content. The right needs to use its anger to focus its arguments, which are based in fact as opposed to fiction. Anger to the right needs to be a vehicle to create action. In the past, conservative anger has reinforced individual apathy.

Until now we have felt that the strength of our ideas and ideals were enough to win converts to our cause. We have essentially allowed the left to play in their stadiums while we played in ours. We need to rush onto their fields armed with the logic and sense of the conservative ethos. We need to understand that in the arena of ideas, the left is equipped with nothing more than volume..

Never give in. Never give up. Never again.



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  1. Guess I’m going to get in early

    Larry ,your paragraph starting with ‘THOSE OF US THAT DIDN’T VOTE ” makes it sound like you are one of them????

    Also sempiternal cesspool is close to the US MARINE ‘MOTTO

    About 30 years ago my wife gave me a
    picture of JOHN HOUSEMAN He was the gentleman that did the SMITH BARNEY investment house commercial

    It was always a conversation piece with my clients.

    About 47,ooo,ooo million in this country need to be made aware of that statement.

  2. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    I hadn’t voted for 16 years, but the assumption by the media that King Obama was a sure thing to be coronated made me register on the last day it was allowed. I went to the polls strictly to vote against Obama. There was the unrealistic “hope” that the majority of the voters would get a slap of intelligence across their faces and “change” their votes. The results of this election are proof that our forefathers were right when they excluded blacks and women from the right to vote.

  3. JR,

    Those of us meant those conservatives who sat this one out, for example, the “I’m still for Mitt” folks

    Seroiusly, do you really think that I sat this one out?

    Sempiternal cesspool? Another way of saying “an endless sewer”..


  4. Larry,

    Rarely do I disagree, but you wrote, in part, that, “those who voted for Obama haven’t realized their mistake”

    This is what I put on my homepage that will illustrate that disagreement. Please keep in mind while reading, that the person referenced in my post was just ONE of SEVERAL who had written similar things.

    “Apparently others are having different reactions than they expected. I saw one person’s post that said, “Even though the candidate I voted for won the presidential election, I am feeling pretty blue this morning…” Her elipses, not mine; that’s what she said in the context in which she said it. Now when someone who voted for the loser-cum-president-elect, and is “pretty blue” about it, doesn’t that tell us something?

    “This poster wasn’t alone. I have seen others who voted for the evil-that-is saying similar things. I don’t see them dancing in the streets. I don’t see anyone saying, “Hey, I’m so happy about this, I went out and bought a new Mercedes®!” I see despair, uncertainty, nervousness, gloominess, depression and disbelief.

    “And that’s just from his supporters!

    “Those of us who did not vote for the loser-cum-president-elect, are feeling much brighter and happier than those who did vote for him. Why is that?

    “I’m a Conservative Christian. I know who my God is; those who voted for the evil-that-is decided he was their god (definitely lower case there) and voted for their god. They wanted him to be president and they wanted to have him pay their rent and their car payments, put food on their table and take care of their children all as he sent them to the doctor for their medical care while not one dime of it came out of their back pockets; it all comes out of their neighbors’. And they rejoiced as they voted for the evil-that-is, and they celebrated his victory into the night.

    “And then came the morning.

    “And the evil-that-is didn’t look so good any more to most of them. The bloom was suddenly off the rose and the colored glasses had suddenly lost their tint, and reality struck as people realized that the evil-that-is was not at all the god they believed him to be.

    “He was different now. He was colder. He was already changing the things he promised. He was already saying he couldn’t do “X”. He was backpedaling and reversing course. He was not “the little god who could, would and promised”; he was now “the little god who won’t.”

    “And that bothered them. And they filled their hearts with woe and dread and cried out, “But you promised!” but they realized that the loser-cum-president-elect’s ears were covered with earmuffs with a presidential seal on each ear and he could no longer hear them. Their cries for delivery of his promises were not heard and they were ignored as the power he wanted desperately enough to spend years building an ACORN-based scheme to defraud the voting system into a win for him brought him to his desired outcome, and them to the category of “the little people” who live in “flyover country” and they were no longer of his concern.

    “Despair reigns in Obamanation. Gloom envelops them. Remorse eats at their very hearts and souls. They cry out to be heard; as though in a forest alone, their cries echo in the darkness that is their day. And as their hope slips away that they are now unimportant, that they are now to be ignored, that they are now to be left out in the cold until needed again to again make the evil-that-is into a second term presidency.

    “And when the evil-that-is runs again, we will know nothing more about him than we do now: that his friends are terrorists. His beliefs are socialists. His wife is not proud of America. That he hates America as it is and wants to change it. That he is not good for America and the next four years will prove this.

    “His minions and his supporters cry out, “Little “g” god, why hast thou abandoned us?!” and his ears are covered with the presidential seal and cannot hear.”

  5. Dave,


    Blacks are entitled to vote (once), women as well..

    What truly tipped the balance in my opinion was the young vote (I witnessed this first hand at my polling place) and the apathy of those on the right that should have known better and gone top the polls and done the “right” thing..


  6. LM,

    OK, they have realized their mistake..maybe they will learn for it..

    As for now, we need to focus and move forward.


  7. Larry,

    I guess the 20 years Obama spent in Rev. Wright’s auditorium not hearing what was said was true. He was there garnering a method of righteous rhetoric which he used to convert the masses. I was always told that the louder a preacher was, the more empty the content of his words. If you shout “We are what we’ve been waiting for” loud enough, you will have some conversions. Sorry for U.S. too many were converted.

  8. Yep Larry…”maybe”…the true believers i.e. African-Americans ARE dancing in the streets. However white/middle class,business owing and suburbanites are probably waking up to buyers remorse. Since as we all know, it is they who elected BHO. And I believe they will live to regret it. The real issue politics aside, is how we will culturally educate our people as to what America really represents and what our political system was supposed to be. Because it is quite obvious that the majority of our fellow citizens are idiots. I believe they spent more time researching their fantasy football picks or comparing the various features of that big screen TV they want to buy, than doing the slightest research concerning their presidental pick, and the philosophical differences and what that would mean to their lives and childrens future. They simply took their marching orders from the MSM,(something they would never do for a task as mundane as deciding what pair of shoes to buy), and went ahead and opened Pandora’s box. And because of their apathy and stupidity we all shall suffer. Frankly I really don’t know who I dislike worse, our new president or the fools that got him elected.

  9. “Buyers’ Remorse” will be the saying in 2009.

    When all the “Change-vocates” learn that the left turn they helped cause has driven this country right of the edge of a cliff.

    Some will say, “I voted for Obama because I thought it would be a nice change. I didn’t really believe he would win. If I did, I never would have voted for him”.
    Others with voice the truth, “the bastard lied to us, and now look at the mess we’re in”.
    It may take the Welfarians in our inner cities a bit longer to figure out they’d been “played”.
    All that money Obama is stealing from middle class white people is going overseas so they can print more anti-American hate literature.

    I figured out how Obama MIGHT be able to keep part of his word and NOT raise taxes on the middle class.
    By crushing the upper class (you know, those folks that give you and me our jobs) with excessive taxes (that don’t add up to squat in the overall budget), they will have to close their businesses, thus putting you and me out of work.
    Now that we are all unemployed, we are no longer “middle class”, but will become one of his “Welfarians”.

    When does this nightmare end?

    American Infidel

  10. “The Unfairness Doctrine” is now live on YouTube at:

    Special thanks to Eileen for providing the content of the PowerPoint and the idea for the song!!!!! has now blocked “The Unfairness Doctrine” due to non-specific copyright violations. I have e-mailed them asking where my “violation” lies and that I believe that my use of copyrighted material is “fair use.” This is getting ridiculous.

  11. LARRY
    Of course I did not think you were one of the non voters just feel that the phrase was wrong.Those of us ????

    Maybe “Those of you ”
    I’m not a grammer expert so do not hold me to proper useage, I did not want anyone to think you did not vote

    Tell your wife I will send her a complimentary copy of my daughters book when available.Unless you disagree

  12. What great prose found in the comments. I am afraid that it would be wasted on too many of those that voted left, because they are the product of the NEA ( communistic ) educational system.We have to stary last Wed. to build a machine that can attack the left” Move On “organization.Some areas here in Texas did not even put out yard signs until the middle of Oct. Keep the info flowin here so we can build for 2012. Great article Larry. LM if you are a writer I would like to read some of your works.

  13. We have to start last Wed. Typo. my bad

  14. Stitch,



    Thanks, kid.


  15. I am so frigging depressed about the election. The guy is a Marxist, and–teamed up with Pelosi, Reid and Barney Frank–he will be able to do major damage to the country.

    Mark Steyn wrote a good column recently (actually all of his columns are good!) in which he pointed out that very soon MORE than 50% of the voters will pay NO income tax. Obviously, most of these voters are not well educated and haven’t a clue how a free economy is supposed to work, so they will keep voting for more and more government benefits–because they don’t pay for them. FREE GOODIES! Of course, they really will pay because the economy will continue to tank as the jobs disappear.

  16. I’m still bewildered and in a fog. I kept telling my friends, “I trust in the wisdom of the American people”. Well there’s a platitude I can now live without.
    I heard that 69% of Jewish voters voted for BHusseinO, talk about ‘Jewish self hatred and guilt’! They’ve sown the destruction of Israel with their votes.
    Now we can only wait and hunker down for the first big test of BHO’s judgement. OBLaden must no doubt be rejoicing and unleashing the plans for his next attack on us while the lefties here are still in a rapture. My guess is BHO will be true to his rhetoric and capitulate to Islamofascism. The blame for all of his failures no doubt will be laid at Bush’s feet.
    God Bless, but mostly, God Help America.
    I fear civilization is entering another ‘Dark Ages’. I pray that I’m wrong about this too.

  17. First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech….”
    Obama’s First Amendment: Congress shall endeavor to make laws disrespecting establishments of religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof; abridging the freedom of speech, and the right of the people peaceably to assemble…

  18. Family,

    I am looking to put together a movie explaining the differences between Conservatism and Liberalism/Socialism. I need you all to help me. If anyone has a PowerPoint explaining this, that would be a great start. I would like everyone’s input for this one. We need to get our message out clearly and concisely. I want this to be our “piece de resistance.”

  19. Larry–

    I am overwhelmed once again with the blingage of your words: “full frontal shrewdity” was a classic–one I will use in your honor many times.

    This election opened my eyes to the sheer stupidity and seeming blindness of the vapid left. They are blow-up mattresses waiting for someone to fill them with hot air, then watch as Blowbama steps on them and punctures tiny holes in the fabric of their truth. As time passes, the air dissipates, leaving them empty and lifeless once again. When will they understand that when their ambitions rest on nothing more than an empty suit, that nothing can possibly save them from a life best spent hiding in the corner of a closet?

    On whom will they blame their problems when they can no longer blame President Bush or conservatives, or “the white man”? What will happen when they realize there is no turning back and their vote for “color” tainted the cultural landscape of America and will stain our future? Will they riot against themselves? Will the media self-implode? Will “Big Brother” resort to Newspeak and Thought Crimes so that forums like this will cease to exist?

    The NO-man reminds me of the soup Nazi from Seinfeld who refused service to people who ordered incorrectly. If, in his eyes, we voted incorrectly or earn too much money or refuse to buy into his mindless malarkey, will he refuse to serve us “soup”?

    In the words of Winston Churchill: “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Conservatives need to fight the good, honorable, decent fight and propel ourselves into a victorious future where Right reigns once again.

    In the words of Galaxy Quest: “Never give up. Never surrender!”

    Thanks again, Larry, for your brilliant social commentary on the biggest blight on America’s pages of history.


  20. Larry,

    Beautiful, man. You’ve dropped me to my knees with this one.

    If only I had your mastery of the words to get all my thoughts out.

    If I may,Larry, I would like to add upon the wisdom of “it is time to get wise and stay wise. It is a time to get mad and stay mad…” It is also a time to strive in educating others.

  21. As we seem to be in a Churchill kind of mood, I hope you won’t mind if I copy my comment from “The Stitch Thought of the Day” here as well?

    More Churchill (Winston, that is)…

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

    “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

    “Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

    “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

    And in honor of 11/11…

    “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

  22. Well said Larry,after the charismatic superstar gets his Pork and Beans adminstration assembled and heads down the road of chicanery and deception maybe the choke -n- puke crowd will see what kind of awful mistake has been made on America. Got to get armed for 2012 and some payback…

  23. I was reading triviaman’s posts in the previous article’s comments, and I hate to say it (particularly because the two of us seem to be on the same team), but it has occurred to me that, possibly, the only way to avoid violent conflagration across the nation
    might be to ride this out. It seems to me that, if we take this to its conclusion, there will be a price to pay—possibly quite a severe price.

  24. Folks, after this post, I hope we all will try to believe this is not the end of our beliefs.
    We all here feel each others pain for sure.
    Having said that, I also feel the rumblings coming from amidst hearts on fire. Hell hath no fury like a true heart scorned. Bully! Bully!

  25. “Hope &* Change”

    will soon become

    “Nope & Charge”

    Why is Obama says YOU and I need to drive less, heat our homes less, eat less, save less, etc, etc, yet no Democrat has EVER asked the Welfarians to get by on less? Or, to DO more to improve their lot?

    Amy – add this comparison: Jimmy Carter “negotiating” with Iran for 444 days, versus, Ronald Reagan being sworn in and the hostages being released THAT DAY.

    Well, in response to “The Immediate Aftermath”, His Majesty is planning to revoke President Bush’s order to allow off-shore drilling. I wonder if WHO the moonbats will blame $5 a gallon gas on now?

    Keep in mind, Pelosi has invested MILLIONS in her own money into “alternative energy” companies.
    Once they take over, she will divert BILLIONS of our tax dollars into those companies (and her personal fortunes will soar).
    However, the technology is still way too expensive to compete with gasoline, so guess what? They will probably impose a ban, or seriously limit, the amount of oil we import. We’ll just have to get by with what we have (remember His Majesty’s electioneering). Then a gallon of gas will be more to Pelosi’s liking- up around $10-15 per gallon.
    She has been quoted as saying, “$5 a gallon for gas is cheap”.

    the fight is upon us
    American Infidel

  26. Another great one, Larry.

    I’ve always said that liberals would vote for a monkey if he announced he was also a liberal. Of course those who are pure and sensitive will say that’s racist comment. So you can fill in the animal that’s more appropriate but you get the jest. For some they aren’t voting on the issues or political promises these politician claims they will provide to you. They are voting along party lines and it just doesn’t matter whether they are capable to handle the job.

    For those who voted for him based on my theory, are now the ones who have “buyer’s remorse” as they realize too late that he’s not ready to lead. He’s gone back on promises on providing “change” when he continually hammered at Hillary for her choices for aides he believed were wrong and considered they were part of the problem because they were beltway insiders. Some of those same aides are part of his cabinet or staff. I guess it’s a change of heart?

    This man earned a record number of campaign funds estimated to be between 600 and 650 million, maybe even higher but we will never know as he hides that as well, now suddenly he’s broke, he used all the funds and can no longer paid his supporters whom he claimed he would pay. I’m more interested in the names of those donors and the amounts donated, and of course he is mocking those who made the demand. Those documents, like his birth certificate are in hiding and he is refusing to release that information. Inside those documents most likely are amounts or names that are illegal or people not allowed donating and there is something to hide, because if it was all legitimate he wouldn’t need to hide them, he would produce them. We may find Mickey Mouse donated millions and actually did vote for the master of slime. Maybe the leaders in the Middle East gave him millions because they already know that he will never attack them back.

    There appears to be more underhanded actions made during this campaign then ever before and some questioned Slick Willie actions, also earned the name of Teflon Bill, where nothing stuck. This guy has out done sleaziest candidates, past and present. Does anyone else recognize a pattern here? Lots of hidden documents, endorsement from anti-American leaders/organizations and large funds with no back up documentation. Even he has out done the deception that was created by Sandy Berger, who’s in the background giving a standing ovation and shouting, Bravo, Brave, well done, Barack.

    Over a year ago I bet my dad, Obama would bet Hillary for the election. He disagreed and thought no one would vote for a novice politician. As I watched Hillary closes in on the popular vote but was succumbing the delegates and super delegates, I knew the fix was in. Howard Dean and the DNC clearly were using their influence on the delegates, forcing their hand to get Obama the vote and blindsided Hillary and Bill Clinton. Bill was the one who gave Dean his job. Like other liberal such as Bill Richardson and others they jumped off the Hillary bandwagon and went over to the bad side. The Clinton’s were dumbfounded and all those who they believed to be supporters such as those in Hollywood like Tom Hanks, Steve Spielberg were putting their money and support to this new upstart. The rug was pulled out from under them (in my view this was payback for the Clinton’s arrogance and belief that she had the nomination all sewn up). At that time I saw what the democrats were doing pushing Obama over Hillary. They were planning to play the race card and knew in advance that the Republican would never touch it with a ten foot pole, for fear of being labeled a racist, and watching their political careers get flushed down the toilet. It also explains why they were pushing a fairly unknown to the highest seat in the free world or what’s left of it. Liberals played us all, including their own.

    Bernie Goldberg, author and conservative commenter who’s recent book is, Crazies to the Left of me, Wimps to the Right. The Republicans are scared and the liberals are using that fear against them. We need leaders who aren’t afraid to confront their deception.

    I won’t put my gambling winnings in the bank though, more likely it will go under my mattress. Two more banks have failed; it’s not worth gambling anymore. What will Obama and congress do?

  27. I still can’t believe we let it happen.

    I think we need to use the internet to post all the letters we write to our Congressmice to expose the probable railroading of their agenda and not the will of the people.

  28. Dear Amy D…

    liberal – feeling
    conservative – thinking

    I am a ‘retired’ high performance driving instructor, both in-car & classroom. (In fact, it was the ‘driving’ connotation of NoLeftTurnz that originally attracted me to the site!)

    There is a lot of misconception about driving, especially among the testosterone crowd. But everyone who has passed a driving test thinks they are an above average driver!

    My job was to take the ‘delusional’ student from the “feeling” of superiority to the “reality” of the intense mental effort & physical skill that it takes to drive a car at speed on a racetrack (or on the street, for that matter).

    The classroom strategy that had the best result was to ask questions & get the students involved in the answers. And as the majority of people learn visually…the more visuals the better.

    What worked on the track (if you didn’t scare them to death 😉 was to take them for a ride & show them just how much there was to learn.

    How does this relate to your/our “project?”

    Conservatives have to figure out a way to awaken liberals from the “feeling” mode into the “thinking mode” as well.

    Can we do it with the right questions and the right visual aides? (Which you already have a great start on!)

    Can we do it with show & tell? Which, of course, conservatives have really screwed up in the last few years. Hit the wall, so to speak.

    I did learn, however, that there is an eternal optimism to do better, go faster, break thru the limitations. And as we all ‘unfortunately’ know, the Dems will help us in re-recruiting…

    The powerful message that is emerging “here (NLTZ)” is…love of country, love of freedom, love of common sense, love of family, and love of God.

    What more do we need?

  29. blue state blues- RWG

    Superb as usual. I can’t help but recall a scene from an old movie called”Bridge on the River Kwai”. A British Col. , who was complicit with the Japanese in building a railroad bridge during WWII in Burma, finally has an awakening from brainwashing as the first Japanese troop train is approaching. Discovering that an Allied team of commandos had rigged the bridge with explosives, he uncovers the plot before they could detonate the charges. The Japanese shoot the commandos, as the Colonel, now awakening from his fog, exclaims, “my God, what have I done”. I’m sure there will be more than a few Obama voters who have the same reaction over the next few months.

    By the way, I understand Dave’s frustration over who gets to vote. The egregious act of entitlement recipients voting themselves a pay raise is sickening. I think the intentions of the Framers was not necessarily to keep women and blacks from voting as it was to keep the power of the vote in the hands of people who were stakeholders; i.e, they were property owners and the source of funding for the government.

  30. I have done my level best to avoid listening to the news the past week. I know what they’re saying “Obama! Obama! Obama!”, and I just dont feel like listening to that crap.
    Well tonight I had to listen. A radio station “may” have mentioned this website on the Durham Crane show. I didn’t hear him mention it, but I did hear some very disturbing tapes he played by Obama:
    Plans to stand down our nuclear missles (with or without the Russians!!!)
    Plans to terminate all work and research into any nuclear program
    Plans to turn OFF our anti-missle defense systems.
    Plans to halt all future weapons systems development.
    Plans to cut the defense budget 25%

    Sounds like this asshole is planning to drop our hands so the other muslims in the world can have a clear shot at us.
    While countries like Iran and North Korea are building offensive missle systems and nuclear weapons, this idiot is dismantling ours.

    Do NOT allow this to happen!

    the fight is upon us
    American Infidel

  31. I personally believe that you should pay taxes in order to vote. People that don’t earn a pay check should have no say regarding how my taxes are spent or have a vote in whether they should receive government redistribution of my money. The voting age needs to be raised to 21 to eliminate high school and college kids that have no real life experience other than their liberal education(indoctrination). If under 21 and you work or are in the military then you obviously pay taxes and should be able to vote. I don’t believe there is any sound reason that anybody could give as a rebuttal to why this shouldn’t be the law. Sooner or later the people that have no common sense in this country will just vote for the politician who offers the largest redistribution of hard working Americans tax dollars. Oh my mistake, that sooner just became now with the election of Comrade Messiah Obama!

    yeah yeah, I know how to spel

  33. Heather,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Relative to your blow up matterss theory:

    Once pricked by the needle of reality, they will just fly and dart about the room blowing a giant sardonic raspberry at the nation..

    The joke’s on us..

    Thanks as always,


  34. Windrider,

    I read all of your comments, you do have the mastery of words..

    Let them flow from your heart as you do.

    Thank you for all of your contributions to this site.


  35. Amen boss… you say true!

    JR… glad you noticed and enjoyed 🙂

    Being a Sunday I tried to learn something useful after church and I found this for the families perusal. How are we as Christians to deal with the loss we just suffered? I believe this piece is a genuine compliment to what Larry has written here, and for sure contains a suggested book that I now must read.

    Should Christians honor BHO?

    A short Google search later, brought me here as well:

    We are not playing in a small game, we are approaching the Kingdom itself. We must do so deliberately and with great care and prayer. I am of the opinion that the obama is not in any way shape or form right/correct/appropriate/ or any “fill in the blank word” you care to choose… there is something deeply disturbing about this man, the feeling is as real as the days grow short.

    I ask again… where is Fox News in reiterating the questions regarding the obama’s citizenship? Why do they not pick this theme up and RUN WITH IT??? I have emailed many there with no replies whatsoever. Are they too choosing to be blind?

  36. inalook,

    I like to paraphrase Oscar Wilde:

    The liberal knows the price of everything and the value of nothing..

    Thanks as always,


  37. Georgia Dawg,

    Lock and load..

    As my friend Stitch says, “take notes and remember everything.”

    Thanks as always,


  38. inalook,

    High performance driving instructor?

    For a time I worked on an NHRA pit crew.

    Nothing beats 5,000 horespower and the smell of Nitromethane..

    Still love the game.

    Thanks as always,


  39. RWG,

    Thanks for the kind words..

    Its the same liberal mentality that allows our Congresspersons to vote them selves a raise as well..

    I have had ONE 1.5% raise in over five years.

    Soon the “welfarians” (thanks Stitch) will be catching me.

    As soon as the Obama gravy train pulls into D.C., they will pass me..

    Thanks as always,


  40. JR… brothers man. Send what you will and do it proudly. You have a friend here!

    EVERYBODY… I feel so very proud to be a part of this! Focused anger in motion could not be more beautiful. Oh… it begins NOW indeed!

    Put me to doing…

  41. Stitch,

    It’s the “Nothing But Truth” radio show with Crane Durham as the host.

    Crane is an exceptionally quick witted conservative who has as much fire as any that I have met..

    Everyone should go to

    I believe his show streams from that site.

    Its live from 6-8PM central time.

    Everyone go there and drop him a line and tell him that you are from noleftturnz, he will get a kick out of that..

    Thanks as always,


  42. dbinpv,

    I have said that instead of asking for an ID in order to vote, everyone should have to produce a W-2 or a 10W40.

    That would work, wouldn’t it?

    Thanks as always,


  43. inalook… Larry… nitromethane… WTF??? You dudes are making me seriously jealous 😉

  44. dbinpv,

    I am WAY too tired..

    Make that a 1040 form..

    10w40 goes in my carbon footprint mobile..


  45. Redbone,

    The NHRA rules.

    Lots of rule changes recently due to too many unfortunate accidents involving driver fatalities.

    Its still the best..



    when times are difficult such as now, i go to youtube , dial in annabelle and amelia sing———- works for me

  47. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    If people had to pass an IQ test to vote, it would take less than a minute to count the votes.

  48. yeah, an IQ test in order to vote!
    They could make them do something like, fill in a circle next to the candidate of their choice!!
    heh heh hehh, if they can’t figure that out, then they can’t vote.

  49. Redbone,

    You don’t need to “google” whether or not Christians should honor Obama. Like it or not, Obama has been chosen as our future leader. Simply open your Bible to Romans 13:1-5 and 1 Peter 2:13-17 and READ it.

    The Apostles COMMAND us to honor those in authority over us—WHOMEVER they are—and they wrote this during the most horrible time in the entire history of the Christian faith: When Christians were covered in beasts’ skins to be torn apart by dogs; when they were crucified (simply for being Christian); when they were fastened to poles, bound through the throat so that they could not bend, mouths sewn shut so that they could not cry out, covered in wax, paper and pitch, and set on fire as torches to light Nero’s festivities. It is Nero that the Apostles are commanding us to honor—and, as wicked as he might be, Obama is NOTHING to compare to Nero. Therefore, surely, as hard as it certainly will be to stomach for us, we MUST honor our leaders.

    For Christians it is not a matter of whether or not to honor our leaders; rather, it is a question of whether “to be or not to be” Christians. For those of genuine faith in Jesus Christ, there is no other perspective. There is only Jesus. To quote a missionary friend of mine (who might have been quoting someone else), “If Jesus is not Lord, nothing matters; if Jesus IS Lord, nothing ELSE matters.” That means that if Jesus is Lord, the proper perspective is that YOU don’t matter. Since you don’t matter, that means that what you think or feel or want or desire doesn’t matter, either. Jesus is Lord. Follow Him.

  50. AMY D.,

    When I read your post asking for thoughts on ideas for your new movie on explaining the differences between conservatism and liberalism/socialiasm. Slow ‘ol me, in trying to think of an optomistic suggestion, began feeling pessimistic about your efforts. I thought the movie in dealing with liberal minds of “feeling”, vs. rational, logical thought, that it would be easier trying to demonstrate mixing oil with water.

    But INALOOK has provided a unique approach in the “show and tell” method. A perfect method for all “feeling” minds, no matter how educated, even if you have to use Gumby Dolls.

    INALOOK’s input reminded me of when my highschool was paid a visit by a highway patrolman with a slide projector. A show and tell.
    He came to give us a lecture on driving safety and show to us pictures of some pretty grizzly accident scenes. I still to this day remember one of them, a de-capitation, most vividly. But the point is, I noticed after school had let out for the day, instead of the usual revving of engines, screeching of tires and drag racing for the exits, it was as if everyone was in a funeral procession.

    The officer and the slides had brought the kids from their, as Inalook says, “feelings of superiority to the reality of intense mental effort.”

    I would suggest a hard hitting presentation. As we know socialism has failed wherever it has been tried. It will not work in America just because this is America, why should that make a difference. People stream to get here from socialistic countries around the world. Is it because socialism is so great they want to leave?

    Democracies have failed due to the people finding they can be awarded free hand outs from the government. A program the liberal entity of a democracy persues while they “feel” they are helping the poor. By any common sense, the “poor”, who either by choice or conviction have not educated themselves nor sought gainful employment, should be exempt of “handouts.”

  51. INALOOK,

    One more from the ‘ol “Church”,

    “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”

  52. Another Moonbat Dissing Sarah Palin:

    Carl Cameron of FOX News. How do we contact him and his superiors at FOX and let them know that this will not be tolerated???

  53. go to
    ALL of the Fox people have their email addresses on there somewhere.
    We can email him directly.
    And, email all of his co-workers (esp Hannity).

    the fight is upon us
    American Infidel

  54. YouTube Impact:

    Unfairness Doctrine: 88

    American Infidel: 68

    Choices: 47

    Leaders On Holiday: 136

    John McCain, Patriot: 139

  55. Check out my latest blog entry, “Why I Don’t Vote Democrat”:

    This may be the springboard/outline for my movie outlining Conservatism and contrasting Socialism. Tell me what you think and please feel free to add anything I may have left out. I want this movie to be comprehensive. I want it to be the basis for our platform.

  56. “If people had to pass an IQ test to vote, it would take less than a minute to count the votes.” Then we can narrow it down to those who speak English and it would take less than 15 seconds!

    Can someone please inform me how a person who cannot even pick out a dog for his daughters is capable of running a country?

  57. Go Amy & Eileen!

    They are all great, but my favorite is the Unfairness Doctrine…will be sending that one to everyone on my mailing list, then they can get to the others from there…this is a MUST SEE.

  58. Ken,

    I just saw that video on Moonbattery. SCARY!!! I thought we lived in America. I never thought that wearing a campaign t-shirt would get one arrested. May God have mercy on these United States!!!

  59. Ken… as horrifying as that is, I think those cops saved that guys life. That mob would have torn him limb from limb. Brave new world indeed.

  60. I’m with ya Amy.

  61. Amy – liked the youtube videos. My favorite is John McCain, Patriot. The music is so fitting.

    Ken – That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever saw in my life. It’s true we dont know what happened before the camera was on him, but then we didnt know what happened before the camera was on Rodney King and he sued for millions.

  62. Larry – as usual, EXCELLENT. Thank you so much.

    Windrider: Yep, Larry is absolutely one of those masters of the language and I too wish I had “it”!

    Amy D: “Why I Don’t Vote Democrat” – AWESOME – you go girl!

    dbinpv: You nailed it! The W2 or 1040 would work too, Larry – but the 10W40 is for post election purposes – – when the liberal left gets the White House AND Congress – – and the rest of us are screwed.

    My husband and I went to my nephew’s wedding a few weeks ago – in Chicago, no less. Yes, we were VERY much outnumbered but, held our own. (at least in our minds we did!) There were a LOT of college-age “kids” at the hotel/reception – not just from our wedding but the 2 others going on as well. They were all very excited about voting for the chosen one but, couldn’t give us a reason – just the typical, zombionic (is that a word?), ritualistic chant: “CHANGE!!” When asked what exactly that meant, no real answer was given, no real facts provided, no real nothin’! When asked what BHO’s record was – what he had accomplished in his 143 days as a US senator – well, you know the answer – or no-answer rather. My husband and I could only look at each other and shake our heads. Incredible – these are the next generation socialists. Maybe there’s hope for them – but only after their leap into the real world where they’ll start their real life with real responsibilities, real bills, and real taxes. Then again, they might just hold out their hands unable to break the spell of their public school indoctrination. Let’s pray they can and will.

    And to the rest of this incredible family: Thanks to all of you too! Keep up the great work.

  63. Beth,

    Thank you!!! I love the John McCain, Patriot video as well.


    Yes, I am a writer.

    You can contact me at . That will send you to my homepage’s e-mail section.

    I have some things I can send you: political, fiction, children’s stories, non-fiction, etc.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Linda McKinney

  65. Larry – I am still in shock at what America has done. I have always said that one who does not respect or support our president is antiAmerican. Now I am in a situation where I dont know if I will ever respect or support Obama. After our election I kept hearing that it is now time for all of us to come together and be proud of our country. Why now are they saying to come together and be proud?
    When will people wake up and see what they have done? When the dumb-ass college students get their high paying dream job only to see half of their pay going to people who does not deserve it? When the Jewish community sees Israel being destoyed and Obama does nothing about it? When the middle class spends their entire paycheck to fuel their vehicle and heat their home? When someone’s home gets broken into, but all they can do is hide because our 2nd Amendment right has been taken away?

  66. LM,

    Do you put videos on your blog??? If you do, please embed my YouTube videos. My YouTube channel is

  67. Larry,
    We survived Carter, we’ll survive this fool as well. Yes, these are frightening times with BHO and the far left in power. But, are we such wimps that we will let these socialist march us into the ovens?

    Conservatives/Republicans have the brains to thwart this regime and we can shut off the money to bankrupt this corrupt administration. Yes, we’ll have to sacrifice but consider it deferred gratification.

    If civil disobedience does not work, we’d better rise up before BHO takes our guns and with them any hope for a return to democracy. We are getting dangerously close to a Muslim state in this country and the mASSES (Democrats) know not what they have done. I’ll be damned if I’m going down without a fight!

  68. Now that shock is wearing off and buyers’ eremorse sets in, maybe, just maybe, the voters will realize the damage they’ve done to this country. I’ve done all I could to help stop this train wreck from coming, and now I keep thinking that what the voters truely need is to be punished by Obama and the cavalcade of crude he’s bringing. The yuppies whom voted for Obama to work off their racial shame, now can be wage slaves to the unwashed, non-working class. Meanwhile the thugs are taking over. The PC Police in Arizona have already declared that one can’t call an illegal alien an ‘illegal alien’ in court, because the term is too prejudicial. BHO has also planned to shut down Club Gitmo, and bring the terrorists here to be tried in civil courts, where, of course, they’ll be let go by the Lefty judges. The bugger hasn’t even been coronated yet, and the damage has begun. See you all in the camps.

  69. Our hope is to look past previous leaders or at least the liberal ones when the Republicans came back stronger and Americans support their leaders. As an American history buff our history shows that Americans want at least a two party system and clearly don’t want to give one party total control. They eventually right the wrongs made when one party gains that control.

    That’s my hope for our future and I think if the liberals in Congress move to silence their critics, the public will respond in kind by removing them from Congress. Obama will learn very quickly what Bill Clinton learned that he cannot govern based on liberal policies; he has to move to the center angering those liberals who supported his campaign. We are already seeing he is back peddling on his campaign rhetoric. Liberal organization appears to be unhappy already.

    Amy, I’m working on another slide presentation and when completed I will forward it to you. I think using photos have a bigger impact then words and we can address what socialism truly looks like from those who lived it. I think it could have a powerful message visually by showing Americans what could happen here if we allow Obama and Congress to change our society from Capitalism to Socialism. If McCain had showed Americans what socialism is and gave the visuals of what damage it did to other countries, he would have won. He, like many Republicans were so afraid of alienating some voters or being called racist by the media and did or couldn’t find the right message to then hammer it home. Whatever courage McCain has was lost in Hanoi in the early 70’s. I still respect him for his service but I don’t understand why he didn’t take the opportunities Obama gave him. For me that is perplexing as he played the gentleman against a man who was not.

  70. Updated YouTube Impact:

    Unfairness Doctrine: 114

    American Infidel: 70

    Choices: 49

    Leaders On Holiday: 141

    John McCain, Patriot: 142

  71. Eileen,

    John McCain is honourable to a fault. He has too much honour (is there truly such a thing???) to play dirty politics, even if such conduct would be advantageous. John McCain was NEVER in this for himself. Like his campaign slogan, he is for COUNTRY FIRST.

    I can’t wait to see your slide presentation. I definitely want stunning visuals. Please do not add fancy animations to the slides because PowerPoint does not include them even when I save the presentation as a GIF.

  72. Larry,

    I want to thank you for adding the one hundredth new word to my, ( mistakenly thought was Damned Big), vocabulary.

    Content, (a given in genius) aside, coupled with your vocabulary and syntax, is enough to make a lexicographer grovel at your feet.

    Below are just the contributions from this article, ethos being #100.






    Hell, before defining ethos, I thought you might have discovered the 5th Musketeer.

    Thank God I installed the Firefox, “dictionary add- on”, which allows me to highlight a word, right click, choose ” look up” and a pop up window appears with the definition.

    Otherwise it would take me hours to absorb your articles.

    Thanks for another great one.

    Your Servant,

    Patient in PA


    This hurt his campaign as many have mentioned You better get use to mud if you want to win when wrestling with pigs.

    I have just settled down form the livid
    results of last week election.Hated everybody last week but now at least I’ll look at some data as I would only read this site since last Tuesday

    Numbers show by age categories that 18 to 30 yr old represent 18% of voters and went big time for obama
    over 65 was the only group that voted in MCCAINS favor also represents 18% OF VOTERS AN OFFSET

    So the ones that put the big o over the top were 30 to 64 Baby boomers will start joining the o/65 during the next four years ,not that age will play a part if we have a young ticket in 2012


  74. I was going to ask about the Those of us who did not vote with a say it ain’t so comment, but from another reply you made, you stated you did vote, but it wasn’t clear in your comment.

    It is my understanding that you did vote – Thank God. People who do not vote have no right to complain – thankfully that’s not the case in your instance – but again it was not clear to me or obviously to others from the comment you made.

    You confused me.

    I’m sure you believe it is vital for everyone to vote, as I do, and those who do not vote have no right to complain.

    Are we on the same page with that statement?

  75. J9,

    Thanks for the cover on the 1040/10w40 thing..

    Had I not been so tired that might have crossed my mind.. Excellent cover..

    The young: Most haven’t paid anywhere near enough taxes to be concerned.

    Give them time. Pass this along to their “energized” kids who put the “Invasion of the Income Snatchers” back into a theatre near you…

    Share the grief: When the young put their hands out at birthday/Christmas, etc., explain that your “disposable income” has been stretched too far to get them anything.

    Wrap a copy of your tax returns and a paycheck stub. Give it to them with a lump of coal.

    Tell them to get a job.

    Thanks as always,


  76. Beth,

    Valid points all..

    They just expect the world to get better by “feeling” good about the process again..

    Another step towards nationalization.

    Hang tough.


  77. Joe,

    You have come to the RIGHT place.

    Stick around..

    Thanks as always,


  78. Patient,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    5th Musketeer, I liked that..



  79. chuck0410,

    “those of us” was used as a collective statement to all conservatives. “who didn’t vote” was dirested at those who didn’t. I’m going to go back in and change it to avoid any further confusion on anyones part..

    I voted RIGHT. Don’t ever assume otherwise.

    Thanks as always,


  80. BILLSEY,

    To hell with the state privacy statutes of Hawaii. I’d say there are about 300 million of us that have a “direct and tangible interest” in Obama’s birth certificate. Well, that is discounting those that voted for their Messiah and his fountain of fodder.

    Hmm… messiah…immaculate conception. Perhaps that explains the “cleanliness” of the birth certificate.

  81. Updated YouTube Impact:

    Unfairness Doctrine: 125

    American Infidel: 76

    Choices: 57

    Leaders On Holiday: 147

    John McCain, Patriot: 148

  82. Full frontal shrewdity…brilliant. Welfarians…also a keeper. Unfortunately our Wall Street boys are also now welfarians with the auto companies next in line.
    We knew Bush was not a conservative. We who voted for him were deceived because he turned out to be quite a free spending liberal. He has been benign in his comments about the war on terror. We are in a religious war. Bush has not been truthful about Wahabis. Now we have a new president sympathetic (heavy on the pathetic) with Muslim ideals. That changes everything.
    McCain lost because he communicated no principles. He supported the “bailout” and was just another Washinton politician. The loss would have been huge without Sarah.
    What is this administration going to look like? Study the insanity of Democrat control in California and Michigan.
    Carter is going to look wonderful after this!

    Dr. Dave

  83. We need to support James T Harris.
    Add his link to your websites:
    James is black conservative radio host and is under some serious attack for “not supporting the BLACK guy”.
    That’s right, not that he supported a white guy (McCain), but because he refused to support Obama SIMPLY because Obama is black.
    You would not believe the outrageous and racists comments (mostly from black, but some white Americans) on his blog pages.
    Please support this trooper.
    James is out on the front lines taking sniper fire.
    We are his support team.
    Lock & Load!

    the fight is upon us

  84. Amy and others,

    I know John McCain is a patriot who paid a high price in defending our Country and yes he is honorable and forthright, something the liberals mocked during his campaign. My frustration with him was he had at least 50 opportunities to point out errors in Obama’s character and political ideals, and he made the choice not to highlight them to the public.

    When we watch the Democrats mislead the American public, like some claimed McCain was going to reinstate slavery, and doesn’t correct this comment, yes… I was frustrated that he did come out and say how preposterous that was and ask those who made that claim to explain or elaborate why they thought that. Since he refused to illustrate the obvious and remained quiet some thought it might be true. This is just a small portion of what some Alabamians thought.

    The claim was a lie, and most know that but the fact that he ignored this claim didn’t help his cause. He also didn’t attack those who criticized Sarah Palin, if he had explain why he made this choice by giving facts to support it, only allowed his critics gain more ammunition against her and himself.

    The facts are democrats lie, misinform, mock, cheat, steal, cajole and exaggerate the facts for most voters and elections. But when you don’t attack back and provide the true facts, it’s as if their claims are true. This is the Al Franken method of running a political campaign. When you don’t demand the he provide the documents that prove his theories and demand that he does, and then can’t shows the public those documents because they don’t exists shows what a liar, fraud and coward he is. Shows the public what a despicable human being he is. Not answering his charges or ignoring them is clearly not the best method to respond.

    McCain on a nightly basis was getting free advice from other previous campaigners who actually won their respective campaigns and made the choice not to take it. Newt Gingrich, Dick Morris, Karl Rove and many FoxNews commentaries, especially those who also have radio show heard daily what the conservatives wanted to hear from John McCain. They wanted to hear him talk about prosecuting those who wanted someone to pay for the abuses that caused our financial crisis. People are sick to death of watching once good companies fall to greedy CEO’s who bankrupt a company and walk away with millions.

    I think the person with the most insight was Dick Morris, who helped propel Clinton into Office, he knows the inner workings of the games liberals play during election campaigns. At least twice a week for at least a yea, Dick was giving campaign advice on how McCain should respond to Obama’s claims. After a while he became just as frustrated with him as I was. He knew how dangerous Obama’s White House would be to our Country. Same holds true with Bill O”Reilly, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. When McCain finally found his voice, it was too late; he only had a week to ten days to bring it to the people.

    When you play with scum, you need to reveal that scum to the masses and provide the proof that their ideals are not only wrong but also how very dangerous it will be. Using “Joe, the Plumber” as a campaign strategy was not the best method in trying to make Americans understand what socialism is, he needed to show us how it has destroyed so many Country’s and what “spreading the wealth” does to the citizens of those Country’s, as I continue my research on this subject for the next slide show. Spreading the wealth generally only remains with the head of states and their leaders. While the citizens live in some of the most abusive forms of poverty, their leaders are living the life of luxury. This I believe would have appalled all Americans, who then would have voted against Obama. Show us the faces of those who are currently living this dream of socialism.

    Immigrants who once lived in a socialist country know the damage of what that life looks like and were able to eventually escape from it. McCain should have used one of those immigrants to illustrate that point. Why did this person want to escape something that in his mind is the best life? Missed opportunities. We are fighting in a war to provide them with freedom that a tyrant took from them and create this socialist state. They now live with more choice then the ideals of Obama removes from us. There’s an irony there somewhere. We liberated them, while the liberals in our country remove ours.

  85. Eileen,

    I now understand where you were coming from. I too am frustrated with how John McCain let BHO have a free pass and did not call him to the carpet when he had ample opportunity to do so. Now we must not let any more GOP candidates make the same mistake and we must now mitigate the damage that has been done.

  86. Updated YouTube Impact:

    Unfairness Doctrine: 131

    American Infidel: 78

    Choices: 61

    Leaders On Holiday: 153

    John McCain, Patriot: 154

  87. Sorry for the delay for my next post–for those of you who are staying tuned– but my computer “crashed” Sunday!

    Documents of birth (Hawaiian and fake Hawaiian):
    1. Patricia DeCosta’s Registration of Live Birth is shown at (Notice the difference in color, compared to Obama’s document shown on the same web site, and that it states “DATE ACCEPTED BY STATE REGISTRAR.” Obama’s document shows “DATE FILED BY REGISTRAR.”) It also has the required wrinkling because of trifolding, before being put in the official Hawaii Department of Health envelope for mailing. (See “5” below.) To view the details of the birth, click on the bottom link of her name to the right of “Linked to” at the web site of
    So, does that mean that DeCosta WAS born in Hawaii, EVEN THOUGH the document shows “ACCEPTED”, instead of “RECORDED”? (As shown at the web site I mentioned in my first post of, where the Registrar tells Philip J. Berg’s assistant, Lisa, the differences between a native-born Hawaiian’s birth certificate and a foreign-born person’s registration of birth.) So confusing! This needs to be clarified by the Registrar, Mr. Alvin T. Onaka!!
    2. A blowup picture of the DeCosta document is shown at (Click on your mouse to change the image from “small” to “large.”)
    3. An older birth record dated Jul 12 2002 titled “RECORD OF BIRTH” is shown at (Notice the extensive details, as is commonly shown on an original birth certificate.)
    4. Another older birth record dated Jul 12 2002 titled “THE STANDARD CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH” is shown at (Notice the extensive details, again. These details would indicate the ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE–not the short form!)
    A question to ponder: Why are there two differently-titled birth documents made ON THE SAME DATE AFTER the “Nov/01” revised “Certification of Live Birth” form, UNLESS they are THE ORIGINAL “VAULT” VERSIONS?!! (Meaning that they are the original “CertifiCATES(S) of Live Birth”–NOT the “short form”! Remember, a CertifiCATE of Live Birth is for native-born Hawaiians; a CertificaTION of Live Birth is for foreign-born persons!) (Something to ask Mr. Onaka!)
    5. At the wb site of, Janice Okubo, Mr. Onaka’s fellow employee, states: “An electronic-only certification is not made, hence the wrinkled fold on the certificate, because it is mailed out to the authorized requester.”
    6. For fully-documented evidence that the Obama document is a fake, go to Read that page and all the links to the right side of the page–except for the top one entitled WHATSYOUREVIDENCE.COM. (Ronald Polarik is a technical graphics expert.)
    7. Another technical graphics expert analyzing the Obama document, who plagarized portions of Polarik’s analyses, is shown at Scroll down to “Image 15. Connected lines” and “Image 16. Mapped border pattern” for details of errors on the Obama document. (The analyst says that the Obama document was created with the Adobe Photoshop C53 Macintosh software.)
    Stay tuned.

  88. Here’s the kicker for all of us historians: The Republic of Hawaii was FORCED to become a State of the USA under duress, to prevent further bloodshed when the USA invaded it. Former President Clinton signed Public Law 103-150, apologizing that Hawaii was put into the USA illegally. The historical details are shown at The text of Public Law 103-150 is shown at
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the last quoted sentence! So, it would appear that Hawaii was not a legitimate State at the time that Obama was born! Interesting, huh?
    Stay tuned.

  89. Documents of birth (Hawaiian and faked Hawaiian):
    1. Patricia DeCosta’s Registration of Live Birth is shown at (Notice the differences in color, compared to Obama’s document shown on the same web site, and that it states “DATE ACCEPTED BY STATE REGISTRAR.” Obama’s document states “DATE FILED BY REGISTRAR.”) It also has the required wrinkling, because of trifolding before being put into the official Hawaii Department of Health envelope before mailing. (See “5”, below.) To view the details of the birth, click on the bottom link with DeCosta’s name to the right of “Linked To” at So, does that mean that DeCosta WAS born in Hawaii, EVEN THOUGH the document shows “ACCEPTED”, instead of “RECORDED”? (See my first post in the “Present and President” blog at, where the Hawaii Department of Health State Registrar, Mr. Alvin T. Onaka, explains to Philip J. Berg’s assistant, Lisa, the differences between a native-born Hawaiian citizen’s birth certificate and a foreign-born person’s registration of birth.) So confusing! This needs to be clarified by Mr. Onaka!
    2. A blownup picture of the DeCosta document is shown at (Click on your mouse to change the image from “small” to “large.”)
    3. An older birth record, dated Jul 12 2002, that is titled “RECORD OF BIRTH” is shown at (Notice the extensive details.)
    4. Another older birth record, also dated Jul 12 2002, that is titled “THE STANDARD CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH” is shown at (Notice the extensive details, again. These details would indicate the ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE–not the short form!)
    A question to ponder: Why are there two differently-titled birth documents DATED ON THE SAME DAY AFTER the “Nov/01” revised “CertificaTION of Live Birth” “short form”, UNLESS they are the ORIGINAL “VAULT” VERSIONS?!! (Meaning that they are the “CertifiCATE(S) of Live Birth–for native-born Hawaiians only!)
    Why aren’t they the SAME title! (Something to ask Mr. Onaka!)
    5. At, Janice Okubo, a fellow employee of Mr. Onaka, states: “An electronic-only certification is not made, hence the wrinkled fold on the certificate, because it is mailed out to the authorized requester.”
    6. Fully-documented evidence that the Obama document is a fake is shown at Read that page and all the links at the right side–except for the first one, that is titled WHATSYOUREVIDENCE.COM.
    (Ronald Polarik is a technical graphics expert.)
    7. Another technical graphics expert, who plagarized portions of Polarik’s analyses, is shown at Scroll down to “Image 15. Connected lines” and “Image 16. Mapped border pattern” for details of errors on the Obama document. (The analyst says that the Obama document was created with the Adobe Photoshop C53 Macintosh software.)
    Stay tuned.

  90. LARRY !!!!!!SPECIAL ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!





  91. Amy – not bad stats for only a couple days work.

    3 things already going our way since the election:

    1) Biden is free to speak.
    2) Michelle Obama is free to speak.
    3) Obama is free to speak – WITHOUT a teleprompter!

    Get your popcorn and scorecards ready, the fun is about to start.

    Question: whose side will Obama be on when his black wife is offended by his racist VP?

    the fight is upon us
    American Infidel



  93. Ronald Reagan: The American Sound is up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure at:

    Thanks Stitch!!!

  94. Amy and Stitch



  95. Triviaman,

    Powerful stuff..

    Good work to all, Amy, Stitch, JR and triviaman..

    Keep the fires burning!!


    Thanks as always,


  96. I cannot believe the people of Minn would even contemplate voting for that lying, gutless wonder known as Al Franken. Whatever they are smoking or drinking there they need to share with the rest of the Country so we can get through the next four years. It’s amazing how they suddenly discover votes between the seats of an election official car. Where did that come from? The corruption goes deep when the democrats want there way.

  97. The GOP just launched an AWESOME website to submit ideas:

    I just submitted our YouTube Videos and my latest blog entry. I plan on submitting ALL of our subsequent videos as well. By the grace of God, we will have a HUGE impact!!!

  98. Amy…….awesome…AGAIN! thanks so much for doing that.

    JR – I’m ready. I have a brother in Georgia.

    lock and load.
    the fight is upon us

  99. Sister Amy,

    Not to tax you further but if you want to submit anything from noleftturnz on that site, PLEASE go for it!!

    I would appreciate it immensely..

    Another article just posted up “A Penny For Your Thoughts” so its…back to the rehab project on the house..

    Thats why I need everyones help “pushing” NLTZ on the web..

    Only so many hours in a day..

    Thanks to any who give me a hand with that. I need all the help that I can get.

    Thanks as always,


  100. Barack Obama may not want his daughters punished with a baby, but I don’t want to be punished with having him as President!!!

  101. On This Week with George Stephanopolous, Rahm Emanuel, the new Obama administrations Chief of Staff, offered that he thought John McCain was a “true patriot” and that he felt that Mr. McCain would be supportive of Mr. Obama, and that he would be a “partner” in helping to solve the nations ills. Thats probably all true, and it was awful magnanimous for Rahm to say so in the spirit of a non-political, unbiased, approach to finding solutions.

    Then you have Senate Majority Leader, give em hell Harry Reid, on Late Edition saying to guest host John King that it would be okay with him if Obama decided to keep President Bush’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates;

    “He’s not even a Republican,” Harry said. “Why wouldn’t we want to keep him? He’s never been a registered Republican.”

    Sniff, sniff, what?, No I am not crying; I just got something in my eye. It’s just that when you hear talk like that from Harry, it just kinda gets ya. Such warmth, that feeling of love and bipartisanship that we all, left and right, were promised. I feel united.

    Digital Publius

  102. digital,

    the “unity” you feel is the shackles around our ankles.
    Now shut up and ROW before massa Biden gibs us a wippin!
    Thanks to the coming tax increases, we’ll have to row the “good ship Poppycock” for another couple months to pay our taxes to the gubment.

    Did anyone catch this: Obama’s plans to FORCE middle and high school kids to “volunteer” 50 hours a year for community service?
    Pardon the comparisons, but wasn’t this tried back in the 1930’s & 40’s?
    Back then I believe they were called “Hitler Youths”.
    Are we to call these “Obama Youths”? Complete with O-shirts (rather than those drab “brown shirts” they wore back in the 30’s)?

    Basically, this is an indoctrination of American youths to desensitize them to have Big Government intrusions into their personal lives.
    Now they can’t graduate high school until they’ve accepted “the mark”.
    And those that complete the “volunteer” sessions can be completely brain-washed into accepting government control of their lives.
    Not to mention giving them lecture after lecture on the evils of Republicans and how everything will be peachy as long as they vote Democrat.

    Also, what if I as a parent do not want my child to believe the gubment will solve all our problems and not allow my child to take part in this brain-washing?
    Will I go to jail?
    Will my child not be allowed to graduate (because they refused to “volunteer”)?


    the fight is upon us

  103. Stitch,

    The answer is to Homeschool your kids or put them in a private Christian school.

  104. I feel united.

    You feel united and I feel nauseous. Lucky you.


    Excellent, excellent work, my friend!!

    The veritable invasion and overthrow of the Sovriegn Nation of Hawaii gives one pause in thinking of America as a “peace loving” nation does it not?

    The Obama birth certificates or certifications now being shown are completely different in color than the one I’d seen on his “Stop The Smears” site. In fact they don’t even show it on there any longer, only have commentary about it. You now have to go to Obama’s web site to see the document and it has changed colors, somehow, matching it with all others that can be found.

    Another thing that had bothered me about the original document shown was that it had no state seal either stamped or embossed on it. The one shown now has the state seal of Hawaii but still no embossment… engraver still making it?

    I believe it’s (?) says it’s real after personally examining it.

  106. yeah, but homeschooled kids have certain State requirements they have to meet.
    I think this will become one of those “requirements”.

    New bumper sticker:
    Socialism Doesn’t Work, Stupid.

    the fight is upon us

  107. Eileen,

    Apparently the good folks of PA are drinking and/or smoking the same things as those in Minn since that scumbag Murtha is still in office.

  108. Your right, I stand corrected. Sorry for the oversight.

  109. I goofed again on 2 URLs at my 11-11-08 post at 10:01 PM (1 & 5), but they are shown correctly at the post on 11-11-08 at 10:09 PM. I left off the”.htm” at the end of the “12939” part. As for the number 7 point, it has apparently been taken down by the Atlas Shrugs webmaster. Too powerful an analysis, I guess, of the Obama document. My original URL is correct. (C’est la vie!)
    Stay tuned.

  110. This is for those of you who are wondering how the Electoral College fits in “all this mess.”:
    Regarding Electoral College issues about Obama are shown at
    (My note: I have paraphrased and edited some of the comments shown there.)
    1. Post #24: The USSC (United States Supreme Court) Chief Justice Roberts would have an interest in ensuring that he is (not) administering the oath to an ineligible person.
    2. Post #30: Each State’s Electors meet in each state’s capital city and vote on December the 15th. It is Vice President Cheney’s responsibility to certify the number of votes that have been received. A joint session of Congress is then held to count the votes and declare the winners.
    3. Post #39: The Electors act in a governmental capacity, and if they breach their duty to act within the law, they may be personally liable for the damages. It’s a tort concept, and it may work to make the loyalist Democratic (Electors) think before they vote. (Nothing like losing your personal fortune to sober up a corrupt official.) Since the Constitution says a person must be qualified to be president, either the Electoral College or the Congress has an obligation to verify the qualifications of the person who will be sworn in as president. The Electors will take an oath before they vote. They have a duty to follow the Constitution. If they don’t, they act ex juris and the action is void. So, anyone with standing has the right to challenge the Electoral College before the person is sworn in.
    4. Post #64: Assuming Obama is found ineligible, here is what could happen:
    (1) If BEFORE the Electoral College meets, McCain’s electors from all states would be seated (since Obama would not have qualified) and the vote would be 538-0. (Article II, Section 1, paragraph 3) This would happen, because Obama would not have qualified to run in the first place. Biden would be Vice President, since the 12th Amendment provides for the separate election of the President and the Vice President. Thus, there would be a McCain/Biden term of office.
    (2) If AFTER the Electoral College meets and certifies him, but BEFORE the inauguration, the 20th Amendment provides that, if before the time fixed for the beginning of the term, then the Vice President-Elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified. The same scenario as in (2), above, would then likely apply.
    (3) If AFTER the inauguration, the 25th Amendment would apply and Biden would be President and choose his Vice President (with Senate confirmation). However, McCain might be able to sue–based on fraud, and demand that the scenario provided in (2), above, be applied.
    (4) Of course, the Supreme Court of the U.S. could decide to avoid (1), (2), and (3) above, by declaring a fraudulent election and ordering a new one with verified eligible candidates. This would necessitate the implementation of Continuity of Laws–allowing Bush to remain as President until the new election. (Probably with the caveat that no new laws be passed in the interim.)
    (5) Here is another wrinkle: The Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 (IRCA) mandates employment eligibility verification. If the Supreme Court of the U.S. does not require verification (in this case, including natural born status), then it would set a precedent in violation of the law.

  111. Regarding Hawaii being forced into the USA by force through a resolution of the U.S. Congress, here is a quote in the web page of that I posted earlier:
    “A joint resolution of Congress has no legal standing in a foreign country.”
    Well, consider this: It is a legal fact that a RESOLUTION has no force of law; it is merely the opinion of Congress on a certain subject matter! Since Texas was a Republic also, just like Hawaii, it not legally part of the USA either. I can post the actual, official statement (by the U.S. Supreme Court, I believe) here–later this week, hopefully.
    Stay tuned.

  112. For Obama and Hitler, among many others, having narcissistic personality disorders, go to:
    1. and
    For the incredible similarities of Obama’s and Hitler’s lives, go to
    Very interesting readings of Obama!
    Stay tuned.

  113. I goofed again! Sorry, folks. The first URL should be

  114. STITCH,

    You said:

    “yeah, but homeschooled kids have certain State requirements they have to meet.

    “I think this will become one of those “requirements”. ”

    To what requirement are you referring?

    I homeschooled our two sons (now 21 and 23) and they are very intelligent, highly informed and very much aware of the current situation.

    One is quite stressed out about it, but I tell him three things that help calm him down.

    1) God is still in control and He knows what is going on and how hard we prayed against this happening. In His wisdom and insight, He saw what we needed better than we did and He provided us the opportunity to trust God instead of government.

    2) When it comes to B. Hussein O., he will probably become the only US President to have his inauguration and his impeachment in the same year. And, when that happens, HURRAY!

    3) Maybe we have been given the opportunity to teach someone with an ego the same size as Australia that the Office of the President is bigger than the man and B. Hussein O. will have to learn lessons from the Office, not teach the Office lessons himself (as he believes he will do).

    And then there’s always the one I don’t mention often: 4) If all goes wonky, there’s alway Panama which fashioned their constitution, society (not to the same liberal point as our as yet) and even their money after ours. Not something I like to think about, but if it’s close to our country, then all we’d have to do is learn a new language, although (if I remember correctly), they are teaching English as a second language in their schools.

    It’s not easy to believe that America is so stupid as to elect a Marxist Socialist for President. It’s like the aliens have landed. But, since it is so, we must deal with it and my way of dealing with it is to remember that — even though the idiot was elected — we have options, and God is still in control.

    As a Christian, I have to pray for B. Hussein O., but my prayer is not dictated. I pray that BHO will not be president for long (impeachment), that he will be constrained by the office and that he will be taught a lesson in office.

    A “lesson”? After all, didn’t his supporters want John McCain and Sarah Palin humiliated?


  116. It’s downright frightening how easily people can be swayed with smooth slogans and promises. America has become, cognitively, a mile wide and an inch deep. Rush’s phrase, “symbolism over substance” has taken on a distinct meaning in this election. Hussein rarely ventured into solid-substance territory. He’s ‘smarter’ than that. He knows how to pull the wool over his constituents’ eyes. It will continue for the next four years and might continue for eight more years. Lord, lord. He knows well how to shuffle and glide. He is fully aware of just how stupid so much of the citizenry is. And he plays them like a cheap violin. He’s a modern Harold Hill warning of the ‘dangers’ of a pool hall. His technique worked well and was completely supported by a supportive Big Media. I fail to understand one thing in particular: when issues arose for Republicans that the Left created, why in the world didn’t the RNC put full page ads in many of the country’s newspapers to counter the usual phoney claims? “Sarah Palin guilty of inappropriately firing state trooper??” NOT! (And here’s why). Come back on the Left tooth and tong about every wrong claim and publish the RNC’s response in a big way. Stop taking the Left’s phoney claims from a defensive posture. In other words: stand up and fight back and make a lot of noise doing it.

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