With all of this talk and “action” (“action” in the dystrophic political world of Washington, weakly translates to: political promises and petty posturing..) of late as relates to the daily requests for “bailouts”, my first thought invariably becomes “where is the reward for those of us who have played by the rules”? If there is no reward, can we at least penalize and or punish those who are directly responsible for their own “misfortunes”? Where is the “bailout” for those of us “little people” who have lost (so far; on paper) over one third of our life savings?

Even the Republican Presidential candidate John McCain was heard to say on more than one occasion, “we need to keep people in their homes”.. Those homes aren’t “their” homes until they have been paid off. Until then, “their home” belongs to the bank..

Scratch that, as of the last few months, make that “their home” belongs to the government.. The Democrats, namely Bill Clinton and Barney Frank, have for years been moving us one step at a time closer towards the “necessary nationalization” of the nations banking and lending institutions. Their hard work is finally paying off because very soon the government will “own” these institutions and the big three auto manufacturers are standing in line with their hats I their hands, willing asking to be accepted into the “Black Hole” of perpetual governmental control/ownership. With the “Great Redistributor” ready to “rule from Day One”, with his tarnished scepter of stupidity in his hand, it would seem that this rush to complete nationalization couldn’t have come at a worse time..

If some imbecilic lending institution “gifted” a home to someone based on “fairness” as opposed to realistic monetary qualifications, why am I being penalized financially? Isn’t this the reason that apartment buildings were invented? Pack up and move because you didn’t deserve the home that you are occupying. If your job involves giving loans to people who have no chance of ever paying a loan back, it is actually a good thing that you will lose your job.. The government (you and me) should not be in the business of “bailing” you out so that you can continue making the same illogical loans to the same types of blatantly unqualified “homeowners”.

I know that the liberals are good at creating “rights” out of thin air because having checked the “living document” rather carefully, I found that there are no Constitutional guarantees to “home ownership”. If everyone dealt in reality as opposed to real estate, everyone COULD “own” a home. That “home” might be vastly smaller in size and it might not be in an exclusive area of town, but it still qualifies as a “home” and it will do just fine until you have “earned” enough to merit the move to a bigger home. Everyone may want a 10,000 square foot home but the relatively small number of people that can realistically afford one is apparently “unfair”, therefor everyone “deserves” one based on “want” as opposed to “merit”. What could possibly go wrong with that scheme?

What would the idiot pop psychologists who routinely occupy space on obsequious Oprah’s couch say about all of this? They might say that we are involuntary enablers at the behest of the liberal collectivist caliphate.. Well, they may not say it EXACTLY like that, but I think that you see where we are headed here.

This is a veritable powder keg as we are about to witness the coronation of the collectivist illusionist from Illinois into the highest office in the land. Keep in mind how the liberals “solve” problems. They throw buckets of money at it and then they hold a press conference where they tell the world that they have “done something”.. How has this theorem play out as to the public schools? How does it work as relates to the ridiculous “War on Poverty” that we have been suffering through since the Johnson days? These amazing successes will be replicated if the liberals use the same song and dance with these constant requests for bailouts today. The liberals never want to solve a problem or a dilemma. They want to worsen or intensify it and they have unlimited potential for damage with this crisis.

Our “reward” for playing by the rules is for us to “rescue” those who haven’t. The midnight manager of the “Bowl-a-Rama” can’t make that payment on that home that he or she should have never been given (pardon me while I dash back to the whole “reality” thing: a home that they should have never taken..) so it’s only “fair” that I contribute to their house payment as well because we don’t want them to be “homeless”..

The definition of the word “homeless” has recently taken on a bizarre twist. It would appear that recently that word has come to mean, “someone who has to move out of a home that they should have never moved into in the first place.” They aren’t “homeless” they just need to realistically approach the idea of home “ownership”. “Own” a smaller home or rent an apartment. Please explain to me how these repulsive and repetitive “bailout” scenarios are “unfair” to anyone other than those who will be saddled with additional responsibility of paying the bills of others.

Does the fact that those who have played by the rules will now be bankrolling those who have not seem at all “unfair”?? Who determines just exactly who the “victim” is in all of this? Who is the final arbiter of “fair” here?

The government can and probably will, “bailout” every defaulting company and undisciplined individual on the planet but without sufficient consequences properly applied, the long term results will be duplicated ad infinitum. This whole unaccountability seems to be the illogical extension of this ridiculous “time out” way of thinking/parenting. There are no consequences for anyone’s actions at any time, regardless of the totality of the circumstances. It’s the same as telling Joseph Hazelwood that he can pilot the Exxon Valdez again while the clean up of Prince William Sound goes on around him..

Accountability has gone completely out of vogue. “The sun was in my eyes” and “the dog ate my homework” are all perfectly acceptable excuses for individual and corporate malfeasance in 2008.

These politicians, lenders and unrealistic “home owners” are turning the “American Dream” of the realistic into a nightmare of unnecessary bailouts to the undeserving.


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  1. LARRY
    This article sure hits home with me. I agree even MCCAIN was hoodwinked by these rediculous unacceptable borrowerers.
    In 1964 with 4 children I borrowed enough from the bank to occupy a 3 bedroom ranch, W orked three jobs
    went to six years night school had three more children and moved up to a 12 room home Raised those seven children and now moved to a small ranch for retirement This home ownership road started at a cost of 14,000. and ended up at 500,000

    You bet we are mad as hell that now the government wants us to bear the burden of these low lifes who look for everything as an entilement to exist.

    The best line I’ve seen recently is “STOP FEEDING THIS MONSTER”
    shut off the money supply obtained by taxation at all possible turns. This is my dedicated project now till I pass on

  2. Right on, Larry. I “own” (read: am current on my mortgage obligations) on a small house that I intended as an investment property. I was salivating like a Pavlovian dog with the prospect of a glut of tenants in the pipeline, increasing the demand for my wares, caused by all the foreclosures on those who should have been renting from me in the first place. As I continue to struggle finding a qualified tenant, I see where my prognostication went awry. This was exemplified by a recent prospective tenant who I showed the property too. She admited she was behind on her subprime ARM and that it was looking like she would soon be foreclosed upon, necessitating a look into my rental unit. She informed me she would “know something by Friday”. Friday came and went with no word, so I called her to determine her interest. It was then that she gleefully told me of how the bank, receiving capital from “the government” (read: me and you), had decided to restructure her loan to keep her in “her home”. One can only ponder whether I would receive the same bailout if I was unable to continue to make payments on my mortgage on my investment property. Probably not. After all, I’m a “greedy landlord-type”… Enjoy “your” home, Ms. Should-Be-A-Tenant, Not-A-‘Homeowner’. It’s on the house. You’re welcome…

  3. My husband says take the food away and they all starve. He says we should all refuse to pay our taxes next year and see how much the government can bail anyone out.

    I think he’s onto something.

    When I see a person making a quarter of what my husband does, living next door and in a house just a bit bigger than ours, I wonder how they are doing so. I know there’s no money in the family, so how is this person making it? Fannie Mae is the answer and my husband’s hard earned money that he is trying to earn to allow his own family to use is now going to our neighbor. I love my neighbor but I wish they would keep their hands out of my husband’s pockets!

    Thus the idea of not paying our taxes to help with the bailout. I know it’s something we would never do, but it is a dream, isn’t it? Something to think, “What if…” Sigh… And we would at last have a say in a government decision…

    Sweet until prison time and past due fees kick in.

    Oh, WAIT! I could ask for a government bailout!

  4. Larry, by all means, let the offended party come forth and state his objection to whatever it is I have said. We have on occasion parted from the topic of your articles. Will try to stay closer to the theme. I must say, though, that truth will always draw a negative reaction. I might add here that Eileen in the last thread explained in concise manner what we are embroiled in with Barak Hussein Obama and that program she laid out is the reason Obama is backed by George Soros, a Jew. It is not to be offensive that I speak, but to be truthful which is the only way to freedom. The very Person of Truth, Messiah Jesus, said it, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

  5. I might add, also, Messiah Jesus is also a Jew.

  6. Each and every month I thank the Lord that Hubby and I can make our mortgage payment on time and in full. The Lord has blessed us with a drop in our monthly payment thanks to the Fed cutting interest rates. Our rate is locked in until November of ’09. We have a VA ARM which is MUCH less risky than a conventional ARM. Our interest rate can only move up or down 1 full point per year, and it is locked in at that rate for a full year. Also, our interest is calculated based on the balance of the principal, instead of the full loan amount. Lord willing, we won’t have to worry about a mortgage payment for too much longer because we found a qualified buyer for our house. Please pray that the sale goes through.

  7. Updated YouTube Impact:

    Ronald Reagan: The American Sound: 65

    Unfairness Doctrine: 228

    Choices: 70

    John McCain, Patriot: 194

  8. Here is the root of our problem and part of the solution:

    “When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny…”IBELIEVE THAT BANKING INSTITUTIONS ARE MORE DANGEROUS TO OUR LIBERTIES THAN STANDING ARMIES. ALREADY THEY HAVE RAISED UP MONIED ARISTOCRACY THAT HAS SET THE GOVERNMENT AT DEFIANCE. THE ISSUING POWER (OF MONEY) SHOULD BE TAKEN AWAY FROMT HE BANKS AND RESTORED TO THE POEPLE TO WHOM IT PROPERLY BELONGS…… If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered… The body of the American people is substantially republican. But their virtuous feelings have been played upon by some fact with more fiction, they have been the dupes of artful manoeuvres, & made for a moment to be willing instruments in forging chains for themselves.”

    “… More that half the shareholdings in the Federal Reserve Bank arc controlled by large New York City banks, including National City Bank, National Bank of Commerce, First National Bank, Chase National Bank, and Marine National Bank. When Rockefeller’s National City Bank merged with J.P. Morgan’s First National Bank in 1955, the Rockefeller group owned 22 percent of the shares of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which in turn holds the majority of shares in the Federal Reserve System – 53 percent. But who really owns what? Here are the top controllers of the Federal Reserve Bank :

    1. Rothschild banks of London and Berlin.
    2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris.
    3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy.
    4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam.
    5. Lehman Brothers Bank of New York.
    6. Kuhn, Loeb bank of New York.
    7. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York, which controls all of the other 11 Federal Rwerve Banks.
    8. Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York.

    “…the controlling interest of our national monetary system is foreign. In 1797, John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson, “All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects of the Constitution or Confederation; not from any want of honor or virtue, as much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.” In simple terms, the United States Government borrows money from the Federal Reserve Bank with interest. Here is how it works: The Government wants $1 billion. The Federal Reserve prints $1 billion – based upon no hard asset – and lends it to the Government at a high interest rate. The bank did not have the original money, it created it and made a bookkeeping entry – like you writing yourself a check without funds and cashing it. The Federal Reserve controls the flow of money, making it tight and creating unemployment or printing more than actually exists and creates inflation. It is, in essence, a paper corporation, which controls the entire economic well-being of the nation.”

  9. KEN

  10. Stars and Stripes Forever

    Another great article. As always. These are exactly the points I’ve been trying to impress on people, but you say it better. Thanks again for being there, and thanks to the family for all the posts.
    God Bless you all.

  11. Thanks, JR. I forgot to post that the first cluster of quotes is from the founder of the Democrat Party, Thomas Jefferson. Have far have they fallen!

  12. Wow Larry very powerful assessment of the burden that faces Americans who played by the rules who will now be penalized for doing just that. Democrat’s policies are to throw money at problems and by doing that they don’t address the reason it happened in the first place. If they analysis the problem and tried to fix it by not using monetary funds but by creating laws or creating programs to avoid it from ever happening again would make more sense. But, like you said they don’t want to solve the problem because these are the same idiots who vote for them and sustain their power and control.

    Part of the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of our republican leaders for not pointing out the errors of their ways to the American public. Nor do they come up with a better plan. So it looks like the Democrats care about people and Republicans care about business. If I was as stupid as those who believe this crap I might buy as well. Luckily I’m not that gullible or stupid.

    I still cannot believe that 62 million Americans believed this crap that Obama was shoveling and had they thought and used their brains they would have never elected him in power. His ideas matched the democratic policies to throw money at everything that moves and then tax everything that moves as well, which was the answer they wanted to hear and they drooled at the thought of taking from those who they envied or hated who had all the monetary and materialist things they desired but could never afford. The idea that the democrats would use the law or create laws that allowed them to steal from the rich and give to the poor and there are no jail time or prison terms for them, then count them in.

    They believe now they will have wealth and can buy that Mercedes that they always wanted at the white people’s expense. Poor blacks and Hispanics in this country have always been envious of their abilities the whites have generated jobs, inventions, and the abilities to make money by working hard. The issue of working hard is the crux of this envy. They don’t want to work hard themselves to achieve the same things, and the democrats and Obama gave them the out when they used “spread the wealth” mantra.

    The problems with socialist, in doing research for the next slide presentation, is letting go of the money and handing it out to the public. The money collected never goes to those who need it, it remain in control of the dictators or leaders. Because they have no intention of helping them, they want them to remain in the dark and helping them means educating them, education breeds awareness. Many citizens, who live with malnutrition, live in deplorable living conditions without heat, electricity, clean running water, food, while the dictator lives in the opulent lifestyle and owns multiple homes. Some have solid gold toilet seats, while people don’t have clean running water. They count on their ignorance and work hard to make sure they stay ignorant. But should someone discovers the truth and tries to point out the discrepancy between his lifestyle and theirs, the police or military are called into action. They’ll be arrested, not tried in a court of law, imprisoned and eventually murdered. But the dictator doesn’t leave it at that; they’ll arrest entire families and torture them, remove limbs to stop anyone else from ever making the comparison again. They live in constant terror thinking the police or military will eventually come back to finish what they started.
    It’s a deplorable way to live. The more I find out the scarier it gets. Some Countries that have a Constitution and follow the pattern of democracy also have socialist tendencies. Egypt has a Constitution, has a legislative branch of government and has both a President and a Prime Minister, whose roll appears to be in line with our Vice President. They have a judicial branch of government that creates and enforces the law of the Country and they are an ally to the United States in the Middle East. They also arrest people, who are critical of their government, imprison them without a trial, which goes against the principals of democracy. They silence their critics the same way Kim Jong-il and Hugo Chavez does and in no way shape or form is this form of democracy. Makes them no worse or better than Saddam Hussein. We tolerant it because we need all the support we can get from the Middle Eastern countries but we should condone the practice.
    Egypt is also Muslim Sunni and will not tolerate Christianity. So there’s a type of silent class war being wage by the Muslim’s against Christians. I worked with a woman whose family immigrated to the United States in 1980. She’s told me stories regarding the Muslim’s in authority during the night would break into Christian homes and drag them out of the house and murder family members. It happened to her family and she and her husband and their parents found a United States citizen to sponsor them to move to the US. They raised three children, educated them and they took advantage of the American Dream. There family owns multiple real estate holdings and their businesses are prosperous. Her son at age 20 stated his own business towing cars. He borrowed money from his father to purchase a tow truck and the rest is history. He became a millionaire within 9 months, when he sold his business to one of his competitors. What he got for this business monetarily he used to create the next one. And, capitalism does work when you put it in the right hands.
    She never understood why Americans didn’t use our system of democracy and capitalism more. We take it for granted that it will always remain part of what America is about. Her husband as well as herself knew immediately what the Democratic Party goals and objectives were all about because they live with it most of their adult lives in Egypt and told me it’s never anything good. They were diehard Republicans and as I watched the recent events unfold I’ve thought about them and know they are most likely angry and pissed off that Americans brought the Barack Obama’s bullshit. They also told me they believe immigrants are more patriotic then those born here. They experienced what bad government was like and they relished the freedom that ours gave us. Those words are playing in my mind as all this unfolds.
    The more I learn about socialism the more I’m seeing the signs coming out of the Democratic Party.

  13. Again, great article, Larry!

    I remember earlier this year when Neil Cavuto from FOX News, before they spun off THe FOX Business Network, asking one of the Democrats in Congress about a big ‘bailout’ plan. This was in the spring or early summer, before this ‘crisis’ that showed up in September. He was asking this very question, and there was a very heated discussion betwen Neil and whoever he got to come on the show. He couldn’t even get this idiot to admit that it was a ‘bailout’. And he had NO answer to the question you are asking. Back then they were using some other euphemism and talking about ‘predatory lending practices’. Remember that?

    So, first it was all the banks fault, because they ‘arm twisted’ these ‘poor uneducated, ordinary folks’ into these ‘complicated’ loans that they couldn’t possibly be expected to understand. Now we are supposed to just forget about that and hand over our money to those same ‘predatory lenders’? I wish they would at least get their story straight!

    You know, we’ve all had hard times, lean times, times when, for one reason or another, it was hard to pay all of your bills on time. But we managed, we did whatever was needed to pay our bills, and get things back on track. I sure didn’t want the government to do it for me… their help comes with too many strings attached! I’ve been a single Mom, and I have lived on PB&J’s and mac-n-cheese. I’ve never asked for anyone to pay my bills, and I have a lot of trouble being expected to pay someone else’s.

  14. Updated YouTube Impact:

    Ronald Reagan: The American Sound: 66

    Unfairness Doctrine: 234

    Choices: 70

    John McCain, Patriot: 196

  15. CNN is reporting that a new poll is finding a jump in Gov. Sarah Palin’s approval ratings, with more Americans now viewing her favorably than unfavorably. (49% view her favorably compared to 43% who view her unfavorably)

    All of us at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee want to say “thank you” to all of you who have been working with us to stick up for Gov. Palin!

    Some of you have asked “what about the other potential conservative candidates in 2012?” and this is a fair question. Our view is that it is a very llloooonnngggg time between now and the 2012 election, and we don’t know who our candidates will be. However, what we do know is that some in the Washington establishment and the news media alike have tried to smear and destroy Palin for the very reason that she is a conservative, and we have said that we will not allow that to stand without rallying to Palin’s defense – she’s earned our respect and support.

    As soon as we complete our “Thank You Sarah Palin” ad campaign we will focus primarily on the 2010 congressional elections and also standing up to any over-reach by President Elect Obama.

    But before we do, we feel it is critically important to use our power and influence, made possible only by the support of YOU our supporters, to defend an honorable woman who conducted herself with such grace and dignity on the campaign trail and committed no offense other than to be a passionate and articulate advocate for common sense conservative ideals. How can we NOT stand by her side? If WE won’t stand in solidarity with Palin, then WHO will? So it is our duty to rally behind her, and let her know we appreciate her record of public service and her sincere and passionate advocacy for conservative principles.

  16. Absolutely true, Amy D.

  17. Redbone

    I left you a message in the comments for “A Penny for Your Thoughts” and don’t know if you go back and check them, so I will re-issue my request for a copy of “The Obama File” if you don’t mind. My e-mail is:


  18. Larry, you said, “If some imbecilic lending institution “gifted” a home to someone based on “fairness” as opposed to realistic monetary qualifications, why am I being penalized financially?…Does the fact that those who have played by the rules will now be bankrolling those who have not seem at all “unfair”? Who determines just exactly who the “victim” is in all of this? Who is the final arbiter of “fair” here?”

    This following if from on of my own works, “The Narrative of Babylon”:

    “While raw materials are the base of any economy, usury is the base of the economic system that drives Capitalism in the West. Usury is a sin and is forbidden to be instigated by members of Israel against each other. In Europe, as Christianity became the one popular and dominate religion, usury was seen as sin and not allowed, even enshrined in laws. Because Jews were popularly and erroneously believed to be cast away by God, they were permitted to practice usury giving economically strapped Caucasian entrepreneurs a door of opportunity when he had exhausted all other resources and all other doors were closed to him. This is the premise of Shakespeare’s play, “The Merchant of Venice.” It is through usury that banking Jewish family Baer, who changed their name to Rothschild, seized control of national credit and money supplies, and by credit and money control manipulate nations and empires. Our recent so called “economic meltdown” is an example of how they operate. This debacle was the singular reason they were given massive intrusive economic powers over the American economy, their own person as chairman of their central banking cartel being now proclaimed the economic czar. This chairman of the Federal Reserve, has as much economic power now as has the head of the newly instituted Homeland Security Office, who is also called a czar. The czars of cultural relations and religion cannot be far behind.”

  19. JR,

    If we put food out behind the house tonight, A cat would show up and take what we put out.

    Tomorrow, another cat and a dog or two.

    The next night, Two morer cats, three more dogs and some birds and squirrels.

    The next night, we don’t put out anything..

    The next night, none of them would come back..

    It’s time for us to stop putting the food out..

    Thanks as always,


  20. Junk Spread,

    “restructure her loan” sounds alot like all of the cooking of the books that has gotten this mess into the state that it is in..

    No consequences, lets just reshuffle…

    Thanks as always,


  21. LM,

    Now is the time!

    Everyone seems to be doing it..

    We are just too responsible for our own good.


  22. Stars and Stripes,

    Thanks for your kind words.


  23. Eileen,

    You are exactly right. The Republicans let everyone down as well.

    Maybe by 2010, things might “change”..

    Thanks as always,


  24. T,


    No matter how big an idiot one pretends to be, everyone knows what they can afford.

    Greed. All the way around.

    Thanks as always,


  25. Larry
    Your comment about the animals coming by to eat at night is a perfect
    example.Shut them off and thay will not come back.

    Looking at the results of the election

    The sixty odd million that voted for Obama includes the 47million that do not pay taxes affluent blacks, stock brokers and hollywood elite and the MSM.
    If the 55 odd million thta voted for MCCAIN stopped paying taxes it wouldn’t be long before Obama programs run out of money

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

    We need to triple the conservstive vote to be sure to beat the liberalsEach one of us must recruit 2 more and we reach 150million

  26. JR,

    I did not means to insult the cats, dogs and squirrels throught the comparison with the liberals..

    My apologies to the various fauna mentioned and all other through inference..

    Thanks as always,


  27. I agree with your sentiments. Many years ago, my daughter told me how she was making some extra money by switching phone companies. One would pay her $25 to switch to their service, then a couple of months later another one would offer her $50 to switch. She did this about 6 times.

    I wrote a letter to AT&T, my carrier for the past 30 some years, and asked what kind of bonus were they offering for those of us who stayed loyal for so long, since they kept upping the bonus to those pt jumpnig from one company to another. Of course, I never recieved a response from them.

  28. “I know that the liberals are good at creating “rights” out of thin air because having checked the “living document” rather carefully, I found that there are no Constitutional guarantees to “home ownership”.”

    Maybe not in the Constitution–but I think the Dimocrats may be basing their “rationale” on the Declaration of Independence :

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

    The “right” to a home can be inferred by the right to pursuit of Happiness. I know I’d be a lot happier if I owned my own home instead of helping to pay off homes of people who can’t afford them and are now getting a free handout!

    If there are any Dimocrats reading this, let me know if I’m right about my theory, thanks!

    Great article by the way. I particularly liked the line “tarnished scepter of stupidity”–pretty much sums up my feeling about Osama, I mean Comrade, er, sorry– Obama.


  29. Larry..
    A truly brilliant article. My husband and I are in our early seventies. We have, over the fifty years of our marriage, purchased and then paid off the mortgages of two homes. We contributed to our IRA as much as we could, paid off our credit cards in full every month, raised and sent four children through college so they did not start off their adult lives with huge student loans, retired with enough money for us to be comforable and hoping to leave money for our children and grandchildren. What fools we have been! We did what we thought was right and what was expected of us as responsible citizens and parents. Each of the last several months we have seen the money in our IRA plummet. Another eight months and losing money at the same rate, we will have lost an entire lifetime of work and saving and doing the right thing.
    I cannot begin to tell you how very angry we are about this bail-outs. The peolpe in this country who have played by the rules have been made to look like first class chumps.
    Keep up the good work..and pray for our country and our children.

  30. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

    Keep this in mind,
    when the BANK owns your loan, the BANK will call you when you are late on a payment. The BANK has a vested interest in YOU making YOUR payment.
    Now that the feds own all these low-life loans (LLL’s for short), who is going to be calling them when they stop paying?
    Other than buying up all the “high-risk loans”, is da gubment gonna hire people to harass the welfarians for not making their payments?
    And what happens when they refuse to pay at all?
    Idda gubment gonna kick’em outa dere houth?
    (English: Is the government going to kick them out of their house?).
    Is the gubment going to make them homeless?
    Is NObama going to kick them out??
    Forget about it.
    WE just BOUGHT all the low-lifes FREE homes.

    We’ve come a long way since the big “cheese give-away” days….


  31. Frankie,


    It’s all just a “game”. If we PUT UP WITH IT, there is no reason for the “players” to change their habits..

    Thanks as always,


  32. Sylvia,

    Tell the world!

    Now the inner cites of Philadelphia and Phoenix are lining up.

    Socialism 101..Redistribution at its worst.


    Thanks as always for playing by the rules.


  33. Stitch,

    Still love the “welfarians”..

    We buy their medical care, (look in any “emergency” room in any inner city. Free medical care out the wing ding..) their cheese, their cable tv, their dwellings, their electric, etc. etc..

    Sounds like we should all have salaried its just compensation without services rendered..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  34. John,

    Welcome to NLTZ, home of the disgruntled conservative.

    The pursuit of happiness involves the right to cinsume illegal substances..

    That “life” part escapes them while they sharpen their ice tongs wering their sporty rubber abortion aprons..

    “Equal” has a meaning all its own to the left. Equality of outcome on the left, equality of opportunity on the right.

    No matter what the liberal looks at, it is always viewed through the kaleidoscope of hallucinogenic leftist stupidity.

    Thanks as always,


  35. Frankie1429
    Having once worked for AT&T and knowing the type of morons they hire, America can always expect to come in last in their eyes.
    I’ve never worked for a company who hire the rejects other Divisions let go within their own company as a whole. They are completely disorganized and they know that they are and they just don’t care.
    At the time I worked there their stock was is the low 80’s and it appears nonexistent now. Which explains a lot, one of their idiots opened your letter and had a good laugh at your own expense.
    After being hired I was only able to tolerate their own incompetence for 3 months, coming to the conclusion unemployment would be better than staying. Luckily I found a better job right away.

  36. It seems the IRS has also become “Santa” for the grim holidays upon us. A black lawyer client of the CPA firm I work for just negotiated his way out of $90,000 in back taxes…including payroll. Had I not watched this scenario unfold before my eyes these past 2 1/2 years…thumbing his nose at every tax notice we received…and I counted 12 certified letter in one delivery…I would say it’s not possible…but it is…and it happened.
    So those of you who think we shouldn’t pay our taxes next year…you have my blessing…because I am surely not going to pay mine.

  37. Everyone has that “imaginery straw”….I just reached mine.

  38. Great article as always Larry….I’m thinking LM has something there. In fact I have been thinking of doing just that. I am sick of these crooked politicians, and I”m not speaking of all of them..just the 98% that are crooked and should be shot, of wasting money I have worked very hard for, to bail out people, who knew they cannot afford the houses they live in. I pay my taxes quarterly, and have been thinking of ..”forgetting”.. to pay them the next time they are due. I am sure I could get away with it. After all…Charlie Rangel forgot to pay his for a number of years, and he got away with it..Why Not ME? Or maybe he forgot because it was $75,000, rather the paultry sum I would “forget” to pay.
    I still think this is a great Country, and well worth fighting for. First of all…NO BAILOUTS.
    If a compant goes under, so be it. And that includes, banks, Insurance companies, car manufactures. Let the free market system work, and it will take care of the problem. This is something I have known for years. Just common sence. Let the car companies go belly up, and start all over. One of the biggest reasons I can think of for doing this, (and I’m gonna tick alot of people off here) BUST THE UNIONS. Thats why they are asking for a bailout now…because of Union demands. If they can’t make a profit, someone will come in and do it for them. (wonder if any thugs will show up at my door for me thinking the truth). But ifs they do I will be ready. I keep my precious metals ready to use, and have plenty of ammuntion for them. If good people want to work, I am sure there will be jobs for them..(WITHOUT UNIONS) I happen to live in a right to work state, and although business is a bit slow now, and there have been layoffs. Its probably better here than alot of places. Okay…back to the fight…sorry about the rambling. We’ve got to fight…and NOW. 2010 will be too late We have to find conservative leaders that will run for office and stay conservative after they have been in office.
    John McCain is no conserative, and neither is President BushI said before the election I could not vote for Senator McCain, but as I entered the voting booth, I changed my mind. Not because of McCain, but because of Obama. He will reek havoc on our beloved country. Our Constitution, yep, they same one he’s gonna swear to uphold an January 20, 2009, must be abided by. I predict their will be a revolution again…and soon. WE WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK

  39. R.A.R.,

    Govenment as enabler.

    Liberals are great aren’t they??

    Thanks as always,


  40. Frankie,

    Great stuff my friend.

    I have for years been wondering why W. has been allowed to be cast as a conservative..just something else that we have allowed.

    He has been conservative on a few things but really he is a moderate. Huge difference.

    For some unknown reason , the subscriber message for “Rewards” went out TWO DAYS AFTER the story was submitted.

    Thats why I tell everyone to just show up every day, there will be something new here..don’t wait for messages, be proactive!!

    However, a new article entitled “Diversifying The Portfolio” will be out tomorrow and its a whiz banger..


    Who is in on this?

    Thanks as always,


  41. Given the nature of the recent election, and the predominant attitudes displayed here, I thought a bit of news might cause some introspective reflection:

    Perhaps an uplifting article without the usual vitriol would be appreciated.

  42. I don’t mean to sound racist but mostly blacks and a few Hispanics will used their race/heritage to get out of their financial responsibilities, such as the black lawyer did. They also count of the government’s response to turn the other cheek, let it go. If they responded to them the same way they respond to whites they have their race/heritage to use should they choice the legal system to avoid their financial irresponsibility’s. Declaring racism and bigotry claims. I should know, I come from a large family of lawyers and have seen this first hand who plays these cards when needed. They also get away with it.

    One thing I’d also like to point out is the democratic method to fixing problems is to throw money at it. But they don’t look at what caused the financial crisis. If they looked at the bailout logically they could understand what caused it. But, truth be told they don’t want to solve it, these people are their bread and butter, these are the idiots who voted them into power, and they want them to remain needy. If they forced them to take responsibility for their problem, learn from their mistake, provide them with the tools to help them achieve financial independence then would then become Republicans. They cannot have that, can they?

  43. Charlie Rangel is a friend of my uncle, the LA lawyer. They went to law school together. I’ve met him and yes I agree with your assessment he is an asshole and irresponsible congressman from NY. Don’t hold it against though. I never voted for him nor would I ever.

  44. Looks like we’re on to something here. Gun sales have skyrocketed in Southern California and hopefully elsewhere. If a tax revolt and civil disobedience does not get the liberals off their high horse, watch out!

    Tax paying, law abiding (aka: Republicans) citizens have let the liberal degenerates decide their future for far too long. We may be down but we are not out.

    Obama is set to usher in at least 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS who will ensure more Democrat votes and ultimately a left wing Mexican President. This means the country will continue to shuttle in more 3rd world low life, uneducated, disease ridden vegetable pickers even though we don’t need them (or want them). We MUST fight this legislation with our last breath.

    I’ll say it again, the government can not exist without our support (and taxes). I am tired of hearing liberals say “the people have spoken” and Obama is our leader. This nullifies the millions who did not vote for him nor will we acquiesce to his socialistic and far left policies.

    If we do not want to lose this country to liberal ideological zealouts, We must be willing to stick our necks out and protest, boycott and even …..

    The gays are demanding marriage rights despite losing at the polls. They want us to recognize “their” President despite massive voter fraud. Why are our backs against the wall all the time? Even when we win, we lose (only a matter of time before the courts overturn prop 8).

    “F” them, I am fed up and ready to rumble. Lets get active people before it is too late.

  45. Bill,

    I won’t try to read between the lines of your comment but I am going to ask you exactly what you meant by that comment based on the link that you left.

    Be specific.


  46. Eileen,

    Don’t be fooled. The financial “crisis” was nothing more than a political tool to create an incident detrimental to Bush and thus Republicans in general.
    Fannie and Freddie were both over-extended for YEARS. They do not have enough cash to cover the HUGE “high-risk” debts they underwrote.
    It was a matter of convenience for Frank, Dodd, Reid, and Pelosi to “spread the word” 30 days before the election that F&F might have “issues” covering these high-risk debts IF they should default.
    Now they have created an economic tailspin in this country and around the world that they cannot control.

    “loose lips sink ships” just got a whole new meaning….

    Riddle me this one, Batman:
    If Barney Frank was in charge of the Senate oversight committee responsible for overseeing F&F, and he screwed up his job INFINITELY, how the hell does he get to keep his job???
    Or his boss, Pelosi????

    Its all a sham. Nothing but politically-timed sound bites to create an “issue”. Now the world’s economy is spiraling down the tubes and those jackasses don’t have a clue on how to stop it.
    Socialism created the mess, and they’re going to cure it with MORE socialism??
    Now that’s throwing fire on fire and expecting it to cool down.

    New bumper sticker:
    Socialism doesn’t work, stupid!


  47. Larry, another one nailed up tight.

    For those that have “played by the rules” or not in the surreal world of today’s politics, the Democrats battle cry is; ‘If you are losing the battle, change the rules.’

    This can be no more evident than in Barney “let me see your” Frank, who critizied the Administration’s warnings for the last eight years. Claiming Bush was more concerned with the economy than with housing developement, once the bubble burst Frank saves his roasting from the fire by claiming, “it was the private sector” that caused the collapse. What? Wait a minute, Uncle Barn, tell me again. You say the government was trying to interfere with regulations on subprime loans? But when your shorts fell down around your… it was all those dirty private people, not the Damnocrats that created it?… Tell me another fairy tale, Franky.

    The old axiom of ‘nice guys finish last’ serves well in expecting any so-called fair treatment planned by either party of the government, especially when it’s forced on the “nice guys.” Forced upon them to raise the standards of living of those who have not and, in many cases not made an attempt to, take that responsibility upon themselves.

    The banks and S/L institutions were the first victims of our “fair” government. By being forced with gun-to-head legal repurcussions to make totally unsound business loans. However, they, unlike us, are being rewarded and we have to pay for it all. For all of the governments mistakes and the banks gutlessness for not standing up to it and saying no. But also it is our mistake we are paying for. For our not saying no when the legislation for the subprime loans was first enacted.

    If there is one fast truth it would be this; Never borrow another man’s money to pay for what you cannot earn yourself.

    The Democratic party’s embodyment and cultivation of the leeches upon our society has weakened as a nation. It is their party and the dying guard of the Republican party’s principles that is promoting the change of America’s free republic to a state controlled socialistic country. That, unless “We The People”, step into the ring, gloves off, brass knuckles on, “fairness rules” trashed, will be our “reward.”

  48. Margaret in CT

    Among the worst things the liberal educational and social services establishment have done is to lead black children to believe that they are entitled to crade-to-grave support because their ancestors were brought to the country as slaves. Allowing teenaged mothers to apply for Section 8 housing is one of the worst crimes ever perpetrated against the citizens of this country. AFDC, once meant for war widows, has torn asunder the fabric of many a family because the woman is not allowed to have a man who is gainfully employed living in the house. Some men now spend their entire lives as “boy friends,” fathering children indiscriminately and walking away from one foolish woman after another.

    The great fraud in all of this is that it has kept a sector of the population (of all races) in economic slavery ever since the Roosevelt administration. Those who saw the light (e.g., Justice Clarence Thomas) knew that obtaining an education was the way out of poverty. They turned their heads into the wind and did what it took to succeed. They didn’t have some liberal offering them “pass throughs” to graduate from high school. They had to attain academic proficiency.

    Now our once-proud public school system is completely dysfunctional in many of the very communities that need it the most. The brutal Hispanic gang M-13 was allowed to form without intervention in a South Central LA high school. Many teachers who begin their careers in depressed communities with the best of intentions are completely defeated and retreat to better circumstances in the suburbs. In some cities the teachers are only minimally, if at all, proficient in the subject that they have been hired to teach, because “real” teachers simply won’t waste their lives trying to get blood out of a stone.

    Is it any wonder that people who are products of the current educational system were easily led to believe that they could own a large house with a lawn and a pool, while making a living that provides only a modest income? The auto finance companies showed them a way to own the car of their dreams while flipping burgers for 30 hours a week. The credit card companies were happy to charge them 29% for the pleasure of funding their inflated life styles. Such rates were once called usery–a sin in my religion.

    The silence of the Congress on the actions of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae is deafening. The Republicans hauled the executives of Enron and sweated them for days in hearings that the media gleefully televised for all to see. Where are Franklin Raines? Jim Johnson? Barney Franks and his boy friend, Herb Moses (once and executive of Fannie Mae)? Chris Dodd? the executives of investment banking firms (most of them Democrats) who turned Clinton’s demand that they give mortgages to the poor into a bonanza that was bound to end–was bound to have a descructive impact on our economic system? Believe me, all are resting comfortably in the assurance that no one is going to investigate their parts in this tragedy. Democrats never investigate themselves.

    I am afraid of my government. I fear for myself and my friends, all of us widows who were provided for by husbands who thought that we would be set for life. There are few times when I don’t wish that my late husband was at my side. Now is one of them.

  49. Frankie, I totally agree with your logical conclusion, but common sense is long gone in our political system. All I want is accountability from our elected officials. Based on this election it was only the Republicans who demanded accountability from their Senator’s and Congressman, the Democrats didn’t. As long as they don’t hold them accountable for the decisions they make our political system will always be lopsided in their favor.

    Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters should be held fully responsibility and prosecuted for their incompetence in this financial mess we find ourselves in now, as well as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. I think had John McCain said he would do that he would have won this election. They refuses to be held accountable for their crimes against the public and the idiots in their districts and states believed they weren’t, and were easily granted re-election. We should create a law to disallow anyone whose IQ is under 100, they should not be granted the right to vote or run for office. That basically removes most of the democrats running for Office to be unqualified to take Office. Yeah, I like this idea.

    I was against the bailout bill and totally against bailing out our automakers. If we start handing money to those who don’t believe in accountability they will always expect these types of handout. If we give to the automakers then the airline industry will most likely will be next. When will it be enough for the CEO’s who most Americans view as being incompetent for making awful business decisions that placed them in this mess? Should we give them more money to complete their incompetence to bankrupt their companies in full? The fact that our Congress cannot see that shows us we choice the wrong people to represent our interests.

    These car makers didn’t cut Americans a break; they charged us over and above what a car is worth. They didn’t cut us a break or lower there profits when they sold it to us. Congress should demand that they cut their expenses, demand the union reduce those hourly wages, and learn to make ends meet like the rest of America. That would be logical and sensible something that’s missing in our Congress.

    To me, after watching a documentary entitled “Who Killed the Electric Car?” only reinforces this belief. Great movie, highly recommend you watch it. The answer to that question is the oil companies paid our automakers to not make, market or sell the electric cars. They need the money now, get it from them again. You made you bed, now lie in it.

    Sorry for my incoherent rants, I’m so angry I want to rip the arms off of some in Congress and hit them over the head with their own dead limbs, and I still don’t think they would understand why I’m so angry.

    Stitch, I understand what your saying and have pointed out on other blogs just how convenient the financial crisis happened when John McCain/Sarah Palin’s numbers were up as Obama’s were declining and Congress returned from “vacation” when the bottom dropped out. I smelled something was fishy and it wasn’t the Haddock. It’s very suspicious and I believed Soros was involved and he has the money and power to manipulate the market. He was watching his disciple losing ground and needed to find away back. They didn’t fool me, I smelled a skunk.

  50. Windrider,

    Actually, when Barney agreed to chair that committee he thought they said, “Freddie’s Fannie”.
    Of course he was all over that.


  51. Windrider,

    Barney “let me see your” Frank.

    I am still laughing..


  52. Margaret,

    All too true.

    Thanks as always,


  53. too bad we can’t stuff that fat-ass Frank back in a closet…

  54. Stitch,

    I am done for the night..

    I will never be able top “Freddies Fannie”..

    Over and out my friend..

    A classic.. Typing through the tears..


  55. Bill,

    Still awaiting your response to my question..


  56. Thanks again for the ‘family’s’ postings…

    One step we must take, is to do away with the term “Government’s”, when referring to the $$$ that, in fact, it does NOT have, or own.

    We must replace it ALWAYS with the reference as: TAXPAYERS money…

    I notice that even financial experts such as Steve Forbes keeps using the wrong word…which continues to distort the TRUTH.

  57. great article!!
    thank you!!

  58. Dennis Miller was hilarious this week on O’Reilly. I’ve always been a huge fan of his because of his quick wit, he’s smart and has the ability to put American politics into comical tranquility. Here is a sort of their exchange this week.
    MILLER: I’m always skeptical about guys who want to be president, because it seems like its own form of madness to me. But I’ll tell you, if he wants to earn my goodwill and the goodwill of a lot of people, he ought to flatten these punks at AIG who keep saying — these guys party. They make Caligula look like a shut-in. enough is enough. We just gave them $150 billion. We’ve got to follow them around with hidden cameras, take it all back, and let them go away. It’s economic Darwinism. If they want to spend like that, they should go under. Forget the parties, you guys. And I think that he ought to come down hard on them right now.
    O’REILLY: OK, and then arrest Barney Frank, correct?
    MILLER: Barney might want to be arrested.
    O’REILLY: OK. Dennis Miller, everybody. I told you to hide the kids.

  59. STITCH,

    Actually what interested Frank was getting into “Freddies Fannie.”

    Blacks at night, traveling down a street, no lights on, “smoke” billowing from the windows cannot be stopped by an officer or a Middle Easterner, age 18 to 40, eyes darting about, and a light glow of sweat upon the brow, mysterious bulge around the waist, cannot be checked by an airport security officer be without fear of racial profiling charges. Shouldn’t we, as the honest, play by the rules, fair, support these bottom feeders, taxpaying people of this country be entitled to a bumper sticker or button?

    We’re profiled, Stitch. We just haven’t bitched loud enough. Let me hear your ideas on the stickers!!

  60. Loyal opposition is one thing, but many of the comments here are loaded with disrespect. I have known you for close to 40 years, now, and it seems like every time you write, you’re railing AGAINST someone or something. The link should be a wake-up call that disrespect and railing are the last thing we need right now. I’ve known you for what seems like forever, so I know that what the article is talking about is not something that you would ever do—the others here, I don’t really know (maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t; but that’s actually beside the point). The point is that, given the current atmosphere, someone could come here, read the articles, read what’s being posted in response, take it exactly the wrong way, then go off on people they THINK are connected with this site—because they THINK they know what y’all are like. Now, that puts the load of prejudice on them, and not on you—but it does not remove your responsibility for, however unintentionally, being the trigger for some very bad behavior. For those who are interested, I take that reasoning from Luke 17:1-2 (and keeping in mind that a wooden, literal translation of the first two words of verse 3 would be, “PROSECUTE YOURSELVES!”) One of the main reasons that “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is such a prevalent attitudinal question, even today, is that the answer (in this case, at least) is YES, because—whether you intended it or not—you would have been the trigger.

    So, that having been said, I think the readers here (myself included) need to examine themselves (or prosecute themselves, as in Luke 17:3), and that you, with your obvious talent for writing—instead of charging forth in battle mode—could turn the course of this ship to a course that is just as effective, but far more peaceful and respectful.

    I am dealing with this more in the January 2009 issue of the St. Louis Amigan, but that’s not finished yet.

  61. ALL OF US: We need to start writing our congress/representatives. We spend so much time telling each other but with that, WE NEED TO WRITE AND WRITE AND WRITE AGAIN, OUR CONGRESS. It’s either that or pick up a gun. We need to find ways to come together and call down our congress representative.

    stealing a line from LM above:

    We should all refuse to pay our taxes next year and see how much the government can bail anyone out.

    -Maybe we should create a new government and withhold taxes until they accept it –

    you would think w/ the internet, there would be a way we could vote on some of these give-aways

    How to find your congressman

    How to order post cards:

  62. Update on Hussein Obama’s birth certificate. This may be the best way to derail him. If the courts will not treat this issue seriously does that mean the Constitution has become a sham?

  63. Billsey

    I disagree. Disrespect and Railing is EXACTLY what we need.
    Democrats lie. We give in (retreat).
    Democrats steal. We give in (retreat).
    Democrats get recounts after recounts after recounts until they get what they want.
    We give in (retreat).
    Democrats register 200,000 ILLEGAL voters in Ohio. We give in (retreat).
    Democrats whine to the courts, the liberal courts give them what they want (not what the law says though). And we give in (retreat).
    Cowards retreat.
    If you want to kiss those Democrats’ asses, then you go ahead and back up (retreat) again and again and again.
    I am not.
    These “farmers” are taking up arms and taking action.
    We are going to fight back.
    Fight fire with fire.
    Lie with lie.
    Magically produce 10 times more “found” ballots on every recount.
    We give in (retreat) so much because we have had so much more.
    But now they threaten the very foundation of what we are.
    If they successfully turn the corner and “change” our Republic into Socialism, it could take generations to change it back.

    Negative Mr Billsey.
    What we need is MORE sites like this. Places where we hear fellow conservatives ‘railing’ about the same injustices.
    I am not alone, folks feel the same as I do regarding Democrats lies, thefts, and cowardice.


    the fight is upon us

  64. Billsey

    For the record, if this site is too “hot” for you, then back off.
    If you vote Republican, then continue to do so while the rest of us man front line positions.
    If you don’t vote Republican, then go screw yourself.
    If you find that offensive, then so be it. If you’re not voting Republican, then you serve no purpose to me, this site, the Republican party, or this country.
    And before you point a finger at me for being so blunt, let me remind you how Democrats have been getting with that for DECADES. It seems to ONLY be the Republicans who are not allowed free speech when it “offends” someone.
    If I offend you, get tougher skin, or get lost.


  65. A large chunk of Americans are going to get exactly what they deserve. Unfortunatley, they are taking the rest of us down with them.

  66. Bill,

    Lost a long return to your comment..computers.

    Bottom line: Your comments were irrelevant to an article about the bailouts which is where you placed your comment..bailouts..testing one two..

    There was also considerable confusion within your comment. For example:..”that’s actually besides the point..” or is it I am “my brothers keeper”? Everyone is responsible for their actions, period.

    I have never written about anything that you have grossly misstated and alleged. David Berkowitz blamed the squirrels in Central Park. I blamed David Berkowitz. Period. The next time another religious extremist does something wacky, I promise that I will not blame you as a Christian.

    Railing? To quote your brother, nonsense. The “against/for” comment: I have had this converstaion before, If I say that I am against higher taxes, I am FOR lower taxes. I dont wish to make the articles twice as long to state the obvious..

    “Trigger”? David Koresh and Jim Jones for starters, utilized the Bible to justify their madness. I blame them for their actions, not the book or its devotees like yourself. The Koran has also been used in this disgusting manner.

    If this “current atmosphere” that you speak of begets nothing (as it will) does your sanctimonious misinterpretations and blanket condemnations of me, my writings and the commenters merit an apology?

    Yes, and there is no statute of limitations on that as well..

    This sermon is done, we await your next one.


  67. As long as the CEOs of corporations are allowed to bleed millions of the company’s money into their personal pockets…companies will go bankrupt. Make Congress put Social Security & the bailout money into separate Trust Funds..the politicians will no longer be able to use any of this money for their & their porkys uses they will only be able to use it for the purposes generated in the original bill. Kick all non-citizens out of our country…no amnesty whatsoever….KICK NAFTA to the curb….make all who import or export anything in or out of our country pay the taxes they used to. SAVE companies that are based & operate in the US ONLY & the rest can take a flying leap…..Bring US jobs back home for ONLY legal US Citizens!……If politicians vote anything other than for the above….kick them out of office…. Take the US back for it’s legal citizens or we will have no country at all!………

  68. Stitch,

    It’s not the first shot across my bow and it won’t be the last.

    It’s also not the first time that I have been shot at either..

    No regrets, no apologies.


  69. Jamie,

    Hold out hope that the last second liberal efforts in Minnesota, Alaska and Georgia don’t pay off for them.

    Filibuster proof is a truly bad thing..



    I did not vote for the “usurper” or any of his cronies. They stole the election through downright lies, disception & thuggery…… If you don’t want to hear the truth GET OUT OF HERE!.. This is a fine site & the truth will stay on here as long as any of us want it!….. GO BUGGER OFF!!!!!…….KEEP IT UP NOLEFTTURNZ…….WE ARE BEHIND YOU 100%………..

  71. Caroltate2,

    Excellent points, but making them casts you as a “hate monger” of some sort and or variety.

    The left can walk about with “Palin is a c***” shirts and that is “free speech” and not deemed offensive.

    “Turn the other cheek”? Watch it get slapped too..

    Thanks as always,


  72. Let’s start this one:
    Constitutional Amendment:
    The US Constitution is ONLY applicable to US CITIZENS!

    Whaddya think??


  73. Billsey… are as stupid as they come….. typical bamabot rubbish……noticed they didn’t mention anything about what you numbnuts are doing……….What about that 69 yr lady that a bunch of your lily pansies attacked? Have you watched the videos…then you might have seen your lily pansies attacking verbally some young black men standing there using the “N…..”word & the joke is these black men were part of the pansie brigade… about lack of intelligence! anything near the truth is totally foreign to you people. Hope you don’t keep your noses glued to close to his blackside cause he’s gonna lay a good one on all of you dumbclucks that voted for him……

  74. Windrider,

    I hear ya. There are parts of my own city that I CANNOT drive through.
    The population in some parts is virtually 100% non-white. So the number of traffic stops is virtually 100% non-white.
    Therefore, according to the liberals, these cops are all “racists” and they are “targetting” non-whites.
    To help “balance” the sheets, ANY and ALL whites driving through these parts of town WILL be stopped.
    At least I can solve that problem….I don’t drive through the cities.
    They can’t solve their problem….they will ALWAYS be “non-white”.

    Funny thing about blacks, they all want their “rights” “respected”.
    But the one thing they will not tolerate is being treated AS a white.


  75. caroltate2,

    Billsey said that he voted for the Constitution Party this go around.

    He said that he couldn’t vote for Obama because of his abortion stand and that he couldn’t vote for McCain due to McCain/Feingold.

    If I am wrong he will correct me, but I thought that’s what he had said.

    His point (I think..) is that since it is over now, we should all “get along” due to the “current atmosphere” and that all I do is “rail” and talk “against” things..

    He worries about the commentators here as well.

    I think that’s all of it. Hope I didn’t offend anyone.

    (Not really..)


  76. kid, why do you hate me so, you’re such a hater.

    I hate the “impartial” media being UNBELIEVABLY BIASED in these elections.
    I hate the liberal courts making up laws as they go every time the liberal democrats file suit.
    I hate the hollywood “stars” using their shows to promote their candidate. (shouldn’t that be a campaign contribution? Are they not limited on the dollar value they can contribute??).
    I hate the college professors who use their positions as “god of their classrooms” to promote and brainwash their young students into their liberal ideology.
    I hate the ACORN nuts who can do anything they wish BECAUSE they are black and have “special rights”.

    My name is Stitch and I’m a hater.


  77. I for one am tired and oh so bored with the Billsey types attempts at negating my anger and frustration with the injustices and lies that permeated this election.

    It isn’t about black…it’s about inexperience.
    It isn’t about black….it’s about associations….and a pattern of behavior.
    It isn’t about black…it’s about whether a candidate is qualified to run for President…and if you are…why not provide the proof?
    It isn’t about black…it’s about how you raised the money and who you employed to “buy this election.”
    It isn’t about black….it’s about an ideology I abhor….socialism.
    It isn’t about black…it’s about my rights to feel this way and whether I will be able to continue to voice a decenting opinion without endangering my anonimity in this world of “change” we are about to have shoved down our throats….

  78. I believe to decide that “all of the above” doesn’t matter…now that the election is over…would be nothing more than “hypocracy”….just one more thing I abhor about the left.

  79. Stitch,

    You will never learn.

    All that you did was rail AGAINST things..nothing uplifting or positive..

    I am positive that an inexperienced man was elected with the help of a duplicitous media running intentional interference for him.

    I am positive that he will elect at least one confirmed liberal to the Supreme Court where any concerns about things like McCain Feingold will be childs play.

    I am positive that his policies and positions will be a complete surprise to the world because he was given a pass during the entirety of the campaign.

    I am positive that if the left manages to swipe the seats in Georgia, Alaska and Minnesota, you will not recognize what was once the United States as a filibuster proof Senate will clear the way for the Socialization of America before you can blink.

    See, I can be positive..

    I’ll never learn either..

    Thanks as always, kid.


  80. R.A.R.,

    Be positive Rayne..

    Lets buy the world a Coke..and teach it harmony..lets buy the world a Coke ..and keep it company..

    I feel so much better..

    Aren’t flowers pretty? Aren’t kitty cats cute?

    Now that we are back to reality, I have concluded that that little dash to our “happy place” has brought us back to the same mess that we left..shall we avoid reality for another five minutes or so?

    We will just be another five minutes behind..

    Peace Love and Understanding..not just a great song by Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello, it is now the NLTZ way of life.

    We will ignore the realities of the Democratic demogogues and their affects upon our lives..

    The sky is blue, and little puppy dogs are warm and cuddly.

    Lets all lay like spoons and make a cup or two of warm cocoa..

    Whatever. There goes another five minutes.

    Thanks as always,


  81. Stitch,

    “Freddy’s Fanny”

    I am “positive” that that is NLTZ Hall of Fame material.


    Still laughing…can’t stop..


  82. BILLSEY,

    You know you really should drop the “sey” from your name. That’s probably what kept you getting the hell beat out of you when you were in school.

    If you’ve taken the time to go to a liberal blog site, you’ll find commentary filled with little fact and an abundance of disrespect towards conservatives.

    It has been common for liberals to show disrespect towards conservatives. The word is listed in their “Play by the rules” handbook along with “mudslinging”, “character assasination” and many others. We as conservatives are just learning and applying their methods, and they (and evidently you) don’t like it. In your being so concerned with our disrespect you’ve overlooked fact over fiction, in other words, the TRUTHS that come with it.

    You patronize Larry in telling him what he wouldn’t do what he says when it comes down to hard tacks and as for the rest of the contributors here at NLTZ, “we’re beside the point.” WE AND LARRY ARE EXACTLY THE POINT, Billsey. There is a nation of us who feel as we do that have had difficulty in finding a uniting voice. The common sense, logic and reasoning of Larry through NLTZ provides a uniting focal point for a growing number of us every day… our “point” is becoming sharper.

    Should someone take “offense” to NLTZ and complain, I can hardly wait. For I will be at the forfront taking the blame for any and all things said here. (Politely excusing your comments.) Anyone will have long hours ahead of them in trying to prove “hate” of anyone or anything… it is this nation we love and we are dedicated to seeing the continuance of fairness, freedom and liberty as our Fore Fathers had intended.

    Into Bible translation now are we, Billsey? Just a small problem with your translation of “Am I my brothers keeper” to “Prosecute yourselves.” How does one prosecute an innocent man? I am a persecuted man who did not have the choice in being his brothers keeper? Persecuted by the oppression of the Democratic party government to be “my brothers keeper.” I didn’t vote for welfare, food stamps and all the rest of the free “gimme” entitlements that are payed for with my tax dollars. It was never then nor now I who was the “trigger”, hell, I didn’t even have the gun, the Democrats had a .44 magnum and it was pointed straight at the nations head.
    While I am forced to keep these brothers who have no will to keep themselves, I also am forced to keep illegal “brothers” who hold no allegiance to this nation and, in all sense of the word are not my “brothers.”
    Go work on your translating, Billsey.

    It is people like you, Billsey, with your namby pamby “respectful and peaceful” conduct of an old maid going to Bible classes in readying herself to die that will kill the Republican Party…. and ultimately this nation. Is that what you want?

    Do yourself a favor, Billsey, quit prosecuting yourself, stay in NLTZ boot camp and finally cut the grade in being an American.

  83. Windrider,

    The Peter Pansies take to the streets yesterday, upset that the NATION basically doesn’t confirm their interpretations of their “rights”.

    Hate spewing from them, they are mad that the NATION doesn’t feel the need to cower to another miniscule minority and their cries for their “snivel rights”.

    Maybe they should have stayed home and thought positive thoughts, prosecuted themselves and knitted a doily or two..

    No, they freely “assembled” and stated their case. We as a NATION completely disagree with their pleas but they have the right to do what they did.

    I have apparently gathered some conservatives who are speaking their minds and now its time to “prosecute ourselves” because we are responsible for this imaginary “current atmosphere” and I am responsible for the actions of anyone and everyone..

    In the old days, the light loafer crowd used to cry “what we do in our homes is our business..”

    Now it is, “We want to parade up and down the street and do anything we want in public and you have to put up with it because that is “fair and inclusive” Good luck explaining us to your children!!”..

    In the end, (sorry not the best gay correlation that I could have made..) what the gays did was completely legal and covered by the Constitution. The catch is that, as of today, we don’t have to “agree” with them.

    We “assemble” on the Internet and suddenly unrelated ALLEGED incidents are the responsibility of all of us. Wow, “It takes a village” must have been reissued..

    If it weren’t so sda, it would be incredibly funny but no matter, I try to make it as funny as I possibly can.

    Sometimes people intending to be serious end up being funnier than I could ever be..

    Thanks as always and prosecute yourself,


    P.S. My eyes weren’t working too well late last night and I thought that I was told to “prostitute” myself.. Being the nice guy that I am I tried but there were no takers. Women aren’t that desperate in these parts..

  84. Windrider,

    Sorry, that was supposed to be “sad” in the third to last paprgraph..

    Two finger typing..I am keyboard challenged.

    I will assemble a march for my right tonight.

    The government needs to compensate me.
    They need to pay for my typing classes and relative workbooks..

    Soon my carpal tunnel syndrome will need some type of attention and that is the governments responsibility as well..

    Someone else has a nicer computer and monitor (probably Billsey..) and that I find “unfair”

    I know (imagine) my rights and I will be contacting a lawyer (liar) so that I may be justly compensated by the taxpayers of the United States.

    What a country..


  85. I read your article and I have read the comments. I think that Billsey is mad because he is the night manager at the BowlaRama and you called him out. Shame on you. Billsey,go sanitize the bowling shoes, dude.

  86. Billsley,

    I will have to respectfully disagree with your points. I am angry with the outcome of this election, I understood the talking points Obama made, were just that and 62 million Americans just didn’t understand that. My angry is about the 62 million who voted for that smooth talking con man, who could not understand what socialism was or socialist stand for or don’t stand for. He threw the bait to the fish and slowly reeled them in. Unfortunately, 58 million people did understand what socialism is and it wasn’t enough people to overthrow this modern day Elmer Gantry.

    Our republican leaders had the choice to explain that to the public, or at least to the 62 million who didn’t understand the concept. Other republicans made the choice for us during the primary, and I think most us here believe that John McCain lacked the communication skills to explain the dangerous of what socialism is and what socialist leaders do.

    I will not tolerate watching liberals and democrats destroy my Country. A Country that I love and the same Country my father and others fought for. Those who have die defending our Country deserve the respect and acknowledgement of their scarifies so we can remain a free Country. As of now, it is still a free Country and our Constitution still allows us to protest against those whose soul purpose it is to destroy it, our rights that our founding fathers gave us. I am grateful they included that in our Constitution. We still have a right to assemble, still have the right to protest. Those actions are for all, not just the liberals who have abused that right over the past number of decades.

    One thing I’ve learn doing the research on socialistic leaders and what they do, once elected into power. Their first action is always a dangerous one. They throw away their Constitution and create a new one that only benefits their abuse of power. Since the liberals and Obama have indicated during the election, they felt the Constitution is inadequate and arctic; my only choice is to believe that they will follow the same pattern as other Socialist and Communist have also done.

    I dislike Obama, maybe even hate him and his beliefs it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, it’s about his socialistic ideals. My frustration lies within the black community who believed the political rhetoric. My educated black friends also understand his agenda and are just as scared. He used them he told them he’ll give them more than what they have now so they won’t have to work so hard. And they believe he will if he continued with his socialist ideals that other leaders followed, they’ll never get what he promised. We are already seeing the signs that they won’t get what he promised, but when the realization does kick in, the protest of the 60’s and 70’s will look more like a picnic then a protest rally. He may to avoid their outrage will find someone else to blame for why he couldn’t do it, that is why my blacks friends fear what will come after the realization set in.

    We need to demand that the press become more objective in their reporting skills, if they don’t want to do that, kick them to the curb and replace them with ones who do. We need to remove Judges who refuse to use the Constitution when setting and creating laws, if they refuse to follow what the citizens of this Country want, don’t vote them in any longer. We need to remove school superintendents who use their positions to create liberal policies in our teaching practices and remove teachers who incorporated their personal political views and use it in their teaching of our children. Demand that Congress pass laws that allow parents the option to where and how their children are schooled and provide them financial support should they choice a private or religious school.

    We are the people who make demands on those we elected into power. They work for us and they are behaving and creating laws on what THEY want, not what we want. It’s about time we start to explain that concept to them. Hopefully, it’s not too late to reclaim what is ours, a free Country that believes in the rights that were given to us by those who lived before us.

    All these lawsuits that are being denied to those who are challenging whether Obama is legally allowed to govern because they question his birth certificate and if he’s a natural citizen. It isn’t coming from the Republicans; it’s being questioned by other Democrats. These judges have been well placed over the course of time and may have been purposely placed so they will allow a man to govern, that most likely isn’t legally allowed.

    These lawsuits have some merit, and the Constitution says the elector college is legally responsible to verify whether a candidate is eligible to run for office. If they choose not to demand the proof they are no longer acting on behalf of the citizens of their state.

    All it would take to silence his critics is to provide the proof and instance of giving it; he is hiding it with the help from other Democrats in power. That is questionable action and I have become suspicious as to why he’s taken this action. What is he hiding that’s there in his background that he doesn’t want the public to know about? His birthplace? Who his parents were? His stalling and not answering his critics only creates more questions. He is obligated to provide the truth and he instant is hiding it from all. He has threaten some with lawsuits should Colombia University releases his thesis and grades as well as Harvard. What is there that he doesn’t want us to see?

  87. Last article ” Penny For Your Thoughts” I made the statement ” It cold here at Noleftturns”
    Mainly because it was all the depressed souls “just like me” pouring out the dismay of our setback.
    Today This place is on fire! Hooyah!
    Larry , Your atricle is right on. We are in deep s–t.
    Our new formed ( forming) government is backing away from the act of buying bad loans to
    “Hell lets just buy the banks” to” Hell lets just by FREEDOM” . So engulfed is their biddings to own souls . This time around will be their undoing. Patriots that dwell here in this place will bring this demise.
    I am blue collar America. I am proud of this fact. I chose not to be owned by these cowards. I also know I’m not the brightest nickle in the pot . Thats why I reside here. Sometime your going to need a nickles worth of spit. Right in The Eye!

  88. I apologize for my misspelling . I sometimes show my government schooling. I still know what luv is.

  89. OK, I’ve got one.
    If B. Hussein does make it through the electoral college, will he be sworn in on the Holy Bible?? Hmm??

    Please don’t forget, God is STILL in control.

  90. Let’s do something pro-active. There is a time for talk…and we can sure do that around here…and a time for action.
    Go here and write your respective Secretary of State demanding that they receive the proof that Obama is in fact a “natural born” citizen before they certify the electoral votes.
    Check out Berg’s website and read the latest…and write letters to the Supreme Court Justices letting them know that you believe every American has the right to challenge someone’s qualifications to run for the highest office in the land….and if you don’t who by GOD does? Demand they defend the Constitution…as written. D-Day is December 1st…there is still time.
    Google Alan Keyes and read about his case filed in California…and he absolutely does have the right to challenge Obama.
    Then “spread the wealth around” we’re running out of time.
    If this challenge is allowed to go unanswered, avoided or “swept under the rug” the presedence to allow anyone to run for this office will be set in stone…and it won’t be the “Terminator” we will be faced with the next time. Think about it.

  91. Dono,

    As I keep saying, the whole “oil crisis” and then “mortgage crisis” are just smoke and mirrors put up by the Democractically-controlled Congress to discredit Bush and the Republicans so they can garner more votes.
    I wouldn’t doubt they kept Obama’s grandmother alive until the night before the election, then pulled the plug, just so they could get some “sympathy” votes.

    Now that they have control of EVERYTHING, watch how fast the so-called “mortgage crisis” vanishes into thin air JUST LIKE the so-called “oil crisis”.

    Its the same old dirty trick BS politics.
    Unfortunately, it worked this time.


  92. Larry,

    In your “mistake” of “sda”, perhaps you may have had a Freudian slip in the perfect synonym for So Damnably Assinine. Special interest groups, while whining about their (SDA) “rights” as guaranteed them, force themselves upon the majority of the nation. That freedom or liberty is not what was intended through our Constitution. (SDA) People who claim it as their bullet proof vest should try reading it sometime.

    Through the ethics of my family I was raised with the value that you get out what you put in. I don’t care whether it’s a family, your job or raising an abandoned runt pup. You do you your job, you do it right and you don’t rely on another man to do it for you. In that light, I sure as hell won’t tell another man that it is my “right” that he has to do my jobs for me, or has to endure any of my problems I may have with them, real or imagined. That I consider not only disrespect but also irreverence to a human being.

    Larry, Larry, Larry… I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. Instead of going through typing classes and the cost of related workbooks, just apply for workmen’s compensation. While there express the need for a secretary (preferably young, nice looking) for dictation and typing services. This may present another problem, however, as your loving bride may object and your new secretary will be taking your dictation down on the back of an envelope. That’s all you’ll have left after the divorce when you’ll start calling your ex the “Second Coming Of Obama.”
    Better stick with voice activated, whaddya think?

    By the way, that runt pup… best darned dog I’d ever had.

  93. Watching “The O’Reilly Fact” this week a lot of things were put into perspective for me. From the continued attacks on Sarah Palin to the heated and physical confrontation in California over Proposition 8. Glenn Beck made an appearance on his show and he discussed the huge division between the right and the left. For a man who ran telling us we are Americans not Conservatives verses Liberals; Republican verses Democrats, what is transpiring is anything but unity. Blacks who complained they had no voice, now they believe they found there voice and someone who’ll listen. Gays demand special legislation that allows them the same rights that heterosexuals have to marry freely. It doesn’t matter that churches and their leaders don’t want to be forced to do something that they believe is wrong. These issues and freedoms are guaranteed already in the Bill of Rights and our Constitution but that’s not enough for them, they want special Amendments to reflect they are entitled to it. That’s what I object to, the singling out of a certain group of Americans, who believe and demand special right over and above those given to us in the Constitution and forcing people who object to it and tell them they have no choice.

    If a Priest disagrees with marrying Paul and Dan or Marilyn and Mary based on the religious teachings from the Roman Catholic Church and tells the church you have no right to object to their marriage, so shut up and perform the ceremony, isn’t right either. They once again remove choice from those who object. Not everyone will always agree with each other, but creating laws that force those who disagree and tell them too bad, isn’t the answer either.

    Glenn illustrated that the chasm that separates us is becoming wider and wider. Statement Obama made past and present regarding our Constitution has most Conservatives and Moderate Republicans concerned that this Country who other Countries try to emulate could be destroyed. He thinks it a real fear and if Obama does address it, the fear will continue to grow.

    I watch a movie last night called Demolition Man with Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock. He’s a former cop who was tried and convicted for not protecting citizens from an out-of-control evil criminal. A man who created a new society that eliminated crime, guns, outlawed meat, drugs, alcohol, just about everything else in addition to free speech and where everything is politically correct, wanted to eliminate a group of people from his society who held onto their old beliefs and lived underground. So he unleashed the same evil criminal to destroy them. In the end, he only unleashed his own killer. The illustration being we are unable to curse or move without being given the choice, our leaders will make it for us. Sandra’s character explains to Sly how life is happy, happy and joy, joy.

    She tells him to go to the Schwarzenegger Library to read up on the changes. Turns out the Constitution was changed to allow Schwarzenegger to become President. Was this a glimpse of what our future holds? If so, I’d rather live in the society who lives underground with Dennis Leary then live above where everything has been sanitized and everyone has no opinion, and who greet each other “Be Well” and “Greetings and salutations.” This is my liberal nightmare, the dumbing down of our society. The movie is an obvious farce but it hit too close to home for me and my beliefs of what the liberals have in mind for our future. Sanitizing our society.

  94. I thank God for NLTZ and the many contributors here. You people keep me sane with the realization that intelligent life does exist elsewhere in the universe. There is very little here in Ma. (with the great exception of JR of course). Thank you all so very much and please keep on keeping on!

    kaydoomom… email sent! I offer again to provide anyone a zipped up version of the obamafied website “the obama files” to anyone who requests it.

    May God bless and keep you all.

  95. The Obama File is back up.

    He wrote this:

    The Obama File has been re-hosted to its new server. We did experience some down time, but here we are again.

    I’m hopeful there won’t be any further interruptions, but we’re dealing with a lot of stuff here.

    We’re bringing up the database today and will be installing a bunch of new software throughout next week — so be advised.

    I will be doing limited posting of new items — but will make every attempt to keep you up to date with the latest.

    It’s a great site

  96. You all need to read this.. More question have merged.

  97. I found this document on the web regarding his duel citizenship, and a lawsuit was be filed to reflect his ineligible to take office.

    Read this…

    Don’t be distracted by the birth certificate and Indonesia issues. They are irrelevant to Senator Obama’s ineligibility to be President. Since Barack Obama’s father was a Citizen of Kenya and therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of Senator Obama’s birth, then Senator Obama was a British Citizen “at birth”, just like the Framers of the Constitution, and therefore, even if he were to produce an original birth certificate proving he were born on US soil, he still wouldn’t be eligible to be President.
    The Framers of the Constitution, at the time of their birth, were also British Citizens and that’s why the Framers declared that, while they were Citizens of the United States, they themselves were not “natural born Citizens”. Hence their inclusion of the grandfather clause in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution:
    No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the Office of President;
    That’s it right there. (Emphasis added.)
    The Framers wanted to make themselves eligible to be President, but they didn’t want future generations to be Governed by a Commander In Chief who had split loyalty to another Country. The Framers were comfortable making an exception for themselves. They did, after all, create the Constitution. But they were not comfortable with the possibility of future generations of Presidents being born under the jurisdiction of Foreign Powers, especially Great Britain and its monarchy, who the Framers and Colonists fought so hard in the American Revolution to be free of.
    The Framers declared themselves not eligible to be President as “natural born Citizens”, so they wrote the grandfather clause in for the limited exception of allowing themselves to be eligible to the Presidency in the early formative years of our infant nation.
    But nobody alive today can claim eligibility to be President under the grandfather clause since nobody alive today was a citizen of the US at the time the Constitution was adopted.
    The Framers distinguished between “natural born Citizens” and all other “Citizens”. And that’s why it’s important to note the 14th Amendment only confers the title of “Citizen”, not “natural born Citizen”. The Framers were Citizens, but they weren’t natural born Citizens. They put the stigma of not being natural born Citizens on themselves in the Constitution and they are the ones who wrote the Document.
    Since the the Framers didn’t consider themselves to have been “natural born Citizens” due to their having been subject to British jurisdiction at their birth, then Senator Obama, having also been subject to British jurisdiction at the time of his birth, also cannot be considered a “natural born Citizen” of the United States.]
    Barack Obama’s official web site, Fight The Smears, admits he was a British Citizen at birth. At the very bottom of the section of his web site that shows an alleged official Certification Of Live Birth, the web site lists the following information and link thereto: Clarifies Barack’s Citizenship

    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.
    Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982.”
    That is a direct admission Barack Obama was a British citizen “at birth”.
    My law suit argues that since Obama had dual citizenship “at birth” and therefore split loyalties “at birth”, he is not a “natural born citizen” of the United States. A “natural born citizen” would have no other jurisdiction over him “at birth” other than that of the United States. The Framers chose the words “natural born” and those words cannot be ignored. The status referred to in Article 2, Section 1, “natural born citizen”, pertains to the status of the person’s citizenship “at birth”.
    The other numerous law suits circling Obama to question his eligibility fail to hit the mark on this issue. Since Obama was, “at birth”, a British citizen, it is completely irrelevant, as to the issue of Constitutional “natural born citizen” status, whether Obama was born in Hawaii or abroad. Either way, he is not eligible to be President. Should Obama produce an original birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii, it will not change the fact that Obama was a British citizen “at birth”.
    Obama has admitted to being a British subject “at birth”. And as will be made perfectly clear below, his being subject to British jurisdiction “at birth” bars him from being eligible to be President of the United States.
    As I have argued before the United States Supreme Court, the 14th Amendment does not confer “natural born citizen” status anywhere in its text. It simply states that a person born in the United States is a “Citizen”, and only if he is “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States.
    Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States:
    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    The most overlooked words in that section are: “…or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution…” You must recall that most, if not all, of the framers of the Constitution were, at birth, born as British subjects.
    Stop and think about that.
    The chosen wording of the Framers here makes it clear that they had drawn a distinction between themselves – persons born subject to British jurisdiction – and “natural born citizens” who would not be born subject to British jurisdiction or any other jurisdiction other than the United States. And so the Framers grandfathered themselves into the Constitution as being eligible to be President. But the grandfather clause only pertains to any person who was a Citizen… at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution. Obama was definitely not a Citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution and so he is not grandfathered in.
    And so, for Obama or anybody else to be eligible to be President, they must be a “natural born citizen” of the United States “at birth”. It should be obvious that the Framers intended to deny the Presidency to anybody who was a British subject “at birth”. If this had not been their intention, then they would not have needed to include a grandfather clause which allowed the Framers themselves to be President.
    If you click through to, a more detailed discussion as to why Obama was a British citizen at birth explains the relevant statutes:
    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.’s children:
    British Nationality Act of 1948 (Part II, Section 5): Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.
    In other words, at the time of his birth, Barack Obama Jr. was both a U.S. citizen (by virtue of being born in Hawaii) and a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (or the UKC) by virtue of being born to a father who was a citizen of the UKC.’ ”

    The article goes on to state that Obama’s British citizenship was transferred to Kenya as Kenya became independent from the UK and that Obama’s Kenyan citizenship expired when he turned 21 years old. But none of that is relevant since the Constitution requires that every President be a “natural born citizen”. The word “born” is proof positive that the status must be present “at birth”. If this were not the case, then, as stated above, the Framers would not have needed to put in a grandfather clause.
    The Framers recognized that even they were not “natural born citizens” and so they wrote the grandfather clause in to allow any of them to become President. But the grandfather clause only pertains to those who were Citizens at the time of the Constitution’s adoption. And so, Barack Obama is not a “natural born citizen” of the United States and neither is John McCain who was born in Panama, and neither is Roger Calero who was born in Nicaragua.

  98. Dono,

    No apologies necessary..

    Misspell? I just call them “errors of enthusiasm”..

    Thanks as always,


  99. Windrider,

    I know the libs have never filed what it is that you have suggested, the “workmans” part has them completely befuddled..

    Thanks as always,


  100. Eileen and Redbone,

    Great work.

    This is the “information age” isn’t it?


  101. With bailouts of over $100 billion last spring, $300 billion last summer and the latest $700 billion bailout, we are well over a trillion dollars in rewarding business’ for their ineptness in running a business practice.

    These rewards do not carry the grandoise connotations you may think. In the eyes of liberals, the rewards are for those they hold in favor, and only for those business’ that have shown the ineptness in un-fair business practices.

    As of this latest bailout, (which has more pork in it than a poorly made hotdog) banks and saving and loan institution are rewarded for their greed, their ineptness and their lack of consideration for the country as a whole.

    Our Congress, who should be weekly have I.Q. tests ran on them, joyfully agreed to shell out this vast sum of money in order to “help” the business’ and our economy…with no regulations. It’s like, ‘Oh you guys did such a poor job with the money you had before, here, here’s another $700 billion try it again.’ Something I’d do, not. And without regulations? Pardon my play by the rules ass, but I would not only want to know where every penny of that money went, I’d want receipts!

    We’ve heard and read much about the conditions of subprime loans being forced upon banks and s/ls by the government. I seriously have to question that excuse used. Unless all the banks in America are foreignly owned, you would think there’d have been an outcry by these business leaders of being subjected to a tryanical form of government. I realize I’m being overly simplistic, if not wishful, in saying, The people that comprise the government “work” for them, the same as they do for you and me. I find it hard to believe that these institutions went against sound business practices, instituted from centuries of man’s interactions. I would think that there was an element of their own personal greed, along with the Democrat’s condoning sense of fair play, that earned them that unintentionally earned them their bailout reward, a.k.a. “Those who play fair by the rules”, punishment.

    In the twisted sense of what Democrat’s call “fair play” with it’s change the rules if your losing, fallacys, hypocritical distortions and perjuries, no one playing by the rules can ever be expected to get a fair shake from them. It’s inherent to them, it’s in their blood. Liberals are the original ‘bring a gun to a knife fight’ people we are dealing with and we cannot except anything else from them.

    Though we who have played by the rules have gotten stepped on in the biggest way. We will again be stomped on by the Demo’s when they, in the not so distant future, punish our fair play even further by offering the big three auto makers their bailout rewards for poorly ran business’. Even more punishment to those of us with a sense of fair play will be dealt out in uncaring fasion as the airline industry lines up for it’s “reward.”

  102. I am apolgize for not mentioning, in whom I see as the next following bailout reapers after the airlines. The big oil companies will soon follow suit. This being in the true to form liberal hypocratical form of “fairness” despite the fact “oil” represents the most hated form of “big business.” Gee, I wonder where are those windfall taxes being proposed will go.

    To confess, I did not have much faith in John McCain as a candidate in winning the presidential office. Yet I continued supporting him over what I think will be an abomination upon our country.

    It may have been the total craziness of the past campaigne, the unequal coverage of the marxistmedia. But I know that I lost more faith in hearing McCain say, “we need to keep those people in THEIR homes.” How? How is it THEIR homes? Through government and financial finigalaling not offered to the commone citizen because of his good credit or the color of his skin? Only THEIR homes? Through welfare and workman’s comp checks being accepted as gainful income? How could it be THEIR homes? Bad credit histories, not just one incident (and there shouldn’t have been a second) , but a lifetime of them.

    In effect, it’s not THEIR homes but all OUR homes. We have payed for the subprime loans since it’s (mis) conception with our taxes by a “I feel your pain” administration . We have been paying for the Democrat’s preening of groveling beggars based on the excuse of race and (because of) the economic standards they endure.

  103. In my last post, I mentioned writing further on the subject in my newsletter. That issue—while not linked in—is now online. It is in the root directory of my web site, and the filename is St-LouisAmigan090115.pdf

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