Diversifying The Portfolio

A recent newscast had the audacity to state that the Republicans need to “reach out to a more diverse segment of the population”.. Since “change fever” is still apparently gripping both the nation and the “impartial” media, I have but one question to ask of those enthusiastically imbibing the elixir of “change for change’s sake”. Just how many conservative principles are you willing to pervert, jettison or “change” in order to diversify the Republican portfolio?

The mistake in logic here is that the belief that the “reason” the Republicans lost the election has more to do with a lack of “interior decorating” than with the “biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen” (Thanks, Bill..) hoodwinking the mentally deficient. For the sake of argument we shall define “interior decorating” as how many people of “color” call themselves either Republican or conservative. I would like to submit for the record that white is a color..

The politics of “racial recognition” seem to trump the dissemination of ideas. The “priorities of pigmentationalism” are of greater concern than the ideals that you espouse. Should we have gone out and tried to find as many figureheads, (careful with how you spell that one..) straw men and minorities as possible in order to compete and to complete the illusion? In other words, should we have resorted to the same shallow snake oil salesman or lawyer tactics as the liberals?

I have long advocated for the “change” in “political consonant identification”. Now the milquetoasty RINO Republicans are proving that the letter “C” or “L” is of greater importance than the letters “R” or “D”. The first set of letters bases their work on their principles (in the case of the “L’s”, it is a lack of principles that propels them.) and the second set of letters bases their work on the acquisition of power alone.

“Converts” to the cause of conservatism should be enticed by the ethos of conservatism alone. If the tenets of conservatism are altered or varied solely to increase an amorphous “head count”, you prove that the acquisition of power is your primary concern. The power of ideas wins individuals away from the cancer of liberalism.

We should never try to be more like them. No one has ever been impressed by “liberalism-lite” as witnessed by the last presidential election.

Is the urge to “diversify” so strong that we should “reconsider” the liberal “principles” of higher taxation? Should we sign on to the “welfare mentality” and the policies of “victimology” espoused by the left? Should we embrace the “philosophy of failure” proposed by the Socialists for the last fifty years? Would it be a good idea to revisit the whole Rowe v. Wade pogrom so that we can swing a few more strays from the party of Mengele and Kevorkian?

Shouldn’t the “more diverse segment of the population” be the ones reaching out to us? One would hope that after sixty years of indoctrination into the quicksand of liberalism, those so imprisoned would be clamoring for real and genuine “change”..

When it comes to the “War on Liberalism”, we reach out to the “diverse segment of the population” every day. They have just chosen (discriminated) for generations now, to follow the path of least intellectual resistance. What should we do to counter that, make concessions to our principles and standards? Should we become as fond of appeasement and non-confrontation as the Democrats? Should we water down the watered down liberal Socialism a bit more, repackage and regurgitate it with a refreshing ebony spokesperson or two?

After generations have fought and died to end the subjugation of their fellow man, a group of dystrophic followers generations later are enthusiastically reapplying the chains of Democratic slavery to each other. Why go out and work for a living when you can be promised enough “federal assistance” to keep you sufficiently mired in the lowest class? Should we try to recruit these Democrats by offering more and better-redistributed governmental stipends? This is the only language the Socialist serfs seem to understand and respond to.

The question then becomes who wouldn’t want to escape from the bondage of liberal slavery? If the totals from the last election are any indication, it would seem that there are vast numbers of Democratic lemmings who aren’t that concerned about “change” after all..

The Democrats have succeeded in raising generations of disciples who are so intellectually disjointed that they are addicted to the government telling them their every move to make and when to make it. The liberals who used to abhor the idea of “Big Brother” as a governmental overseer were just upset at the fact that they weren’t the ones doing the overseeing. Once in power, the left wants government to be as intrusive and oppressive as possible because “they know what is best for you” and they will give it to you and take it away from us with both barrels.. Should we join in with the “me-too” liberalism of a typical Democratic Leviathan government?

Illusion and fantasy are always more important than substance and fact. Liberals abhor the ideas and facts that must be a part of the confrontation between beliefs systems. They quickly came to the conclusion that the reason they lost in both 2000 and 2004 was because they simply didn’t tell big enough lies. The audience for the 2008 campaign of the fairy tale “Brothers Dim” was totally receptive to their ridiculous bedtime stories and sermons.

Should the conservatives “change” to this type of nonsense? Isn’t it more important to reiterate the conservative nomenclature with firm consistency as opposed to molding the shape of your beliefs from the liberal mortar of malleability?

It has been said recently that the conservatives need to become more “mainstream.” By that I believe that they mean the conservatives should morph into “intellectual liberals” in order to “reach out to a more diverse segment of the population”.. If today’s Republican Party ever decides to make the move to the “mainstream”, where the undertow of liberal stupidity has ruthlessly drowned generations of intellectually challenged Americans, then I say that it is time for us to begin to change the shape of the river..


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  1. I aint changing a damn thing.

    One thing that hurt the Republicans in this past election was the major news media giving their “annointed one” a pass when it came to scrutinizing his credentials (actually, in this case, the lack thereof).

    No sir. We, as conservative Republicans don’t need to change our core beliefs.
    There are still core Democrats and core Republicans on both sides.
    Its the fight over the so-called “independents” that’s where the battle lies.
    As long as the “independents” solely rely on CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN for their “daily ration of kool-aid”, they will only ever get one side of the stories.
    And of course, the glass is always half empty when they’re talking about a Republican, and yet that same glass becomes half full when there’s a Democrat sitting there.

    Nice article, couldn’t agree more.


  2. I might add we do need to “change” a couple things:
    First, we need to make sure we have plenty of blank ballots on hand just in case we have any nasty recounts. We need to make sure we can “find” bundles of them in heavily conservative districts.
    And, we need to make sure every small town in the great midwest Red states have at least one homeless shelter registered. A place for the conservative homeless people in that town to take a shower, have a hot meal, and register to vote.
    And, we should be better prepared in knowing which states allow people to show up on the last day of registration, register and vote on the same day, and all without any proof of residence, eligibility, or citizenship.

    The one thing the liberals really need to change is their mouthwash…something to get the ASS smell under control….


  3. I am changing. Or, rather, have changed. I wrote about it here:


    I think it’s important to do the right thing; not just the Republican thing. So I did.

  4. Larry,
    You do have a knack to get the grey matter churning. Good thoughts, well presented, as usual.

    Stitch, I, too am not going to change. I do believe the Conservative foundation is just as sound today as it was in Lincoln’s day. The job we have today and tomorrow is to find representation that will adhere to those principles and not allow themselves to be altered by the District of Columbia Disease of I must get reelected as opposed to I have a job to represent my constituents. Should our elected representatives follow those rules they would not have to worry about being returned to the Job in Washington. Unfortunately, the Democrats keep sending the same old trash back to DC year after year after year irrespective of the condition of their morals or judgement. And for some unknown reason our elected Republicans seem to think that is the way they have to do business in order to get reelected also. But what happens is they lose the core that got them there, along with a handful of moderates and uncommitteds , if they would only stick to the basic conservative principles.


  5. Stitch,

    A conservative homeless shelter..

    Aren’t conservative and homeless together kind of an oxymoron?

    Being a conservative homeless person would be too much of an embarassment and we as conservatives would never stand for it.

    Being homeless taxes the liberal genus but they will do anything for a handout.

    Thanks as always,


  6. LM,

    “Change” in and of itself isn’t bad, what really matters is who is doing the changing and are they really changing at all?

    “Change” to a liberal is the same as “fair” or “inclusive”..

    Liberal definition inversion.

    Thanks as always,


  7. I agree that the conservative foundation is still strong, however that foundation has been lost in the republican party itself. I know that I was ticked when we put up a moderate after the primaries, because I knew we could not win with that. Palin should have been at the top of the ticket to give us a chance. Until we, as a party, come back to the conservative foundation that we once had, I expect many more years of losses both political and personal. We need a united conservative front and young conservative leaders to get involved. Another good article Larry, I’m glad they are becoming more frequent. I would imagine with the nightmare administration that will be put to power in January, we will be hearing much more from you. I would call that a silver lining. God Bless.

  8. Papasnake,

    “DC” disease..

    I believe that it has to do with the distance the elected official is from “home”.

    In this computer age, all of their “meetings” and “get togethers” should be held over the internet via a conferencing system. All of their votes could be done on line.

    If your elected representatives HAD to stay home at their local offices, we could find them quickly and “contact them” in a personal way, not through the impersonal and easily discarded emails and snail mailings..

    The charm of distance. It works well as insulation, too..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Jarrod,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    One of our jobs as Stitch remainds us, is to stay observant. Take note of everything and work towards 2010.

    Try to minimalize the liberal damage.

    Thanks as always,


  10. JARROD,

    You said:

    “Palin should have been at the top of the ticket to give us a chance.”

    I LOVE that idea. I agree with that idea. I think you are absolutely correct.

    However, I have a “friendly acquaintance” who said (after the election and after voting for the ticket) that choosing Palin was a big mistake because he thinks that those who said “How can she be VP and raise a family at the same time?” were correct! My jaw dropped and I called him a sexist pig. I did the ol’ VP’s have a staff, she has a stay-at-home hubby, she is there with the child or he can travel with her, etc., routine, but he insisted that she was the wrong choice because she was a WOMAN!

    Another male I spoke to said that the people in his church have a problem with Palin because in the Bible women are not supposed to have authority over the men. I said read the context: that is in the CHURCH and HOME, not in government. Look at all the great women in the Bible who were leaders and you will see that a lot of them had influence and places of honor in business and influence in the government. Deborah, Bathsheba, Rachel, Sarah, Lydia, Mary, etc., all participated in getting things done.

    Some of the Conservative base is willing to vote for a ticket with a woman on it as long as the opposition is bad enough. To vote for a woman on the ticket without horrible consequences if the other side wins (as in this election) is seemingly unthinkable to some on our side. To tell you the truth, that shocks me. I thought women had proven themselves by now. After all, Sarah Palin was the only candidate on the major tickets who had ANY governing experience at all. Yet some on our side sat out the election instead of voting for her because she was a woman. How idiotic. She has proven herself worthy to run the biggest state in the union. More than the others could say.

    As to my change: I changed from being a registered Republican (after 31 years) to a “No Party Affiliation” person. I did so legally and fully, not just verbally. I signed the paperwork and left the Republican party because I do not think that they represent the Conservatives anymore. They represent the mollifiers, the moderates, those without a spine to get things done and to stand up for what is right. I am a Conservative first and foremost. When the Republican party left me, I followed Ronald W. Reagan’s example and I left them.

  11. Excellent article as always….two statements stand out the most to me:

    “The liberals who used to abhor the idea of “Big Brother” as a governmental overseer were just upset at the fact that they weren’t the ones doing the overseeing. ” – is so obviously true, since they are trying to take control over more and more of our lives….
    “If today’s Republican Party ever decides to make the move to the “mainstream”, where the undertow of liberal stupidity has ruthlessly drowned generations of intellectually challenged Americans, then I say that it is time for us to begin to change the shape of the river..” – Oh Larry, its definitely time to change the shape of the river…or at least those navigating it. Those in power in the GOP seem to have forgotten most conservative principles. I personally think its time to forget the “Republican Party”…it’s become Democrat-lite, and its time to migrate to the Conservative Party….totally unwatered down. We have 4 years to bring that party to life…..lets get started!!!

  12. Here is a letter I sent this morning to my Representatives. I am asking that all citizens, especially those who at one time or the other swore an oath to ‘…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…’ to also contact their Representatives and DEMAND that they also uphold the oath that they took when they were sworn into office. Obama IS NOT the President -elect until the Electoral College casts their vote on December 13th.

    November 17, 2008
    Dear Representative Bilirakis,
    Dear Senator Martinez,
    Dear Senator Nelson,

    Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution reads: “No Person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”

    There are numerous questions as to Obama’s citizen status raising suspicion and doubt about Obama constitutional qualification to be president. To settle these questions Mr. Obama must produce proof of citizenship!

    Documents that must be produced include;
    (a) a certified copy of “vault” (original long version) birth certificate;
    (b) certified copies of all reissued and sealed birth certificates in the names Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham;
    (c) a certified copy Certification of Citizenship;
    (d) a certified copy Oath of Allegiance taken upon age of maturity;
    (e) certified copies of admission forms for Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School; and
    (f) certified copies of any court orders or legal documents changing his name from Barry Soetoro.

    It is reasonable that these documents should be produced considering that his father is Kenyan, his adoptive father is Indonesian, and his grandmother claims to have been present at his birth in Kenya. If he is a natural born citizen then producing these documents should not be any problem.

    These allegations will not go away until Mr. Obama produces proof to federal authorities and the public. If he will not do so voluntarily he must be compelled by every means available. You, as an employee of The People, have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

    We The People are demanding you to make every effort, both public and private, to resolve this fundamental Constitutional question before 20 January.

  13. Sil,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    How about we take things back come 2010 at the midterm.

    We can just call it the “mid-term tourniquet”..

    Lets prepare to apply it.

    Thanks as always,


  14. LM: two words: Margaret Thatcher.

  15. keysfish,

    THAT’S the ticket..


    May we copy it and utilize it as well?

    Exceptional work.

    Thanks as always,


  16. It’s all yours….that’s why I posted it

  17. RICK2,

    Margaret Thatcher: Great lady, but she didn’t have small children while in office, and she wasn’t mentioned by name in the Bible, thus she did not meet the requirements of my conversations with my male friends.


    Great letter. I may change it slightly to make it look as though it’s not a mass mailing. I think they just ignore those so I make mine a bit different.


    Thanks for posting on my blog. I told my readers that your blog is one of my favorites. It ranks right up there with Ann Coulters, so they should read it. Hope that makes your day.


  18. Yet another brilliant piece of thinking and writing Larry. I am seeing more so-called moderate Republicans popping up in the MSM extolling the virtues of the NEW Republican party. We simply must bring our party up to date. Learn to use the internet and use social chat rooms. Spread the word. Be bipartisan. Right! I am never again voting for any so-called Republican like John McCain..sorry. I will stay home rather than give up on my core beliefs. It puts me in mind of some “Catholic” friends who keep telling me to give it up..get over it..the battle over abortion (oops..soory..choice that should be) is over so grow up and stop calling it infanticide. I ignored them this election and shall continue doing so. The country we leave to my children and grandchildren is too important to “go along to get along.”
    Keep up the good fight!
    “Success is never permanent, failure is never fatal, the only thing that really counts is courage”…to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill.


  20. Larry: Forgive me, this quote is meant as a compliment to your unexcelled use of the English language to express every conservative’s belief system. It’s from Blazing Saddles and it sprang to mind after I read your most recent post:

    Hedley Lamarr: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.
    Taggart: God darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

    Vince MVNY

  21. What change do we need with words like these to live by?

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness–

    That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is
    the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    Declaration of Independence

    I think this sums up what we are about very clearly. Now we just have to implement! Let’s roll troops…

  22. Constitutional Amendment:

    “The U.S. Constitution ONLY applies to U.S. citizens”.


  23. One must remember that in the 2008 Elections conservatism won every time it was put on the ballot. Witness the anti-gay marriage Proposition in Californication, for one example. There were no true conservatives on the ballot, they had all been eliminated in January, after the driveby media appointed John McCain as our standard bearer.

    If we wish to win next time, we shouldn’t let our enemies pick our candidate for us. We should also find out whom they revile the most, because chances are that’s where the true conservatives are. Whomever it is had better not pander to the media expecting any love, because they won’t get it.

  24. Margaret in CT

    With no facetious intent, I have to say that I am for “change.” Unlike Obama, however, I’m not afraid to state concrete changes that I would like to see in a 2010 platform: an open, honest airing of the part the Congress played in the current mortgage mess; an interpretation of the First Amendment that favors all political discourse, not just that of Al Franken, Chris Matthews, Keith Obermann, and Chuck Schumer; a complete reversal of the you-make-it, we-take-it Federal fiscal policy through true tax reform, along with a slash-and-burn approach to Federal budgeting that doesn’t regard a reduction in the yearly increase in expenditures as a “budget cut”; the appointment of justices to the Supreme Court and the Appeals Courts who will fulfill their intended role as interpreters of the law rather than as secondary legislators; and a requirement for expertise in teachers, rather than an increase in per capita expenditures and soft-core academic curricula.

    My reading of the postings today tells me that WE are the ones for change, and that we aren’t afraid to voice the changes that we can enthusiastically support. WE ARE THE PROGRESSIVES, not those who foment racial and economic class warfare like the Marxists of old. We know that socialism has failed in most of the developed European countries during the past century, and we will fight against those who want to turn our United States into a third-rate country. On to 2010!

  25. Submitted for all y’alls approval…


  26. Excellent article once again.

    The question from the unbiased media was “Just how liberal do you want to go? The once hailed as brilliant Hillary Clinton was damned by those same media as “not being liberal enough?” I had to clean my ears out to make sure I heard them right. Considering her husband embraced all the liberals’ ideals when President and I don’t believe he made any decision from the middle, as the media is claiming he did. Can you show me an incident that supports this claim? Just one incident, I’m not asking for much. No? I can still hear the crickets chirping.

    The fact there are levels of liberalism is even scarier. Are there levels to conservatism? No, I don’t believe so because if there were we would learn about it nightly on Letterman’s Top Ten List. Just one more thing to mock by those from the far left.

    Does going so far left create more conservatives? That answer I believe is yes. I am one of those who saw first hand the damage Clinton was able to do, which he was against during his campaign. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words, campaign promises are not “real” promises it only talking point for the news media to harp on. If America follows the pattern, Obama will create tons of new conservatives. He is so far left, the label of liberal doesn’t stand up to his ideals and policies he wants to put in place and create new laws. Is he an ultra-liberal if such a label exists? Absolutely. Does that now make me an ultra-conservative because I don’t like his ideas or policies, especially when it comes to abortion? I’m probably going to be labeled that by the media. Do I care? Absolutely not, because they are no longer interested in reporting facts or objective reporting, everything is mocked that has a conservative spin to it, everything is praised with a liberal point of view. Being fair and balanced isn’t even in the equation.

    On Townhall someone wrote an article about the demise of MTV’S show “Totally Request Live” and how the teenage public will mourns the lost. They stopped watching so long ago once Carson Daly left, when the new hosts took control the subject change from Britney, Christina, and N’Sync to political rhetoric from the far left to continue their indoctrination of America’s youth. Carson kept the political BS to a minimum, once gone they were free to pick up their mantle. Month after month their ratings declined. Year after year they wonder where did they audience go? 12 to 15 years want to see Britney and what she’ll sing or what will she wear or not wear. They wanted to hear Christina Aguilera sing not espouse her political opinions, something the MTV executives and show host failed to take into consideration. Teens aren’t interested in politics they want to see and hear their favorites stars sing and dance, not listen to the views on abortion or religion.

    I’m celebrating the lost by those stars that lost another platform to espouse their political views by the waiting public. Chalk up one for us; they got bit in the ass for under estimating their audience intelligence, believing that teens would listen to their liberal platform but instead actually wanted to hear music. Now where will Madonna go to share her political opinions with? Her soon to be ex husband doesn’t seem to care anymore, he finally made a decision I can support, but his films still suck, sorry Guy.

    All your points are well taken and I totally agree with your assessment. Yours too Stitch. The media did what they want, praise the Liberal candidate and point out all negatives of the republican candidate. Does matter that they once praised him for turning on his own party, he was there favorite Republican in office, and suddenly was no longer their favorite son. So McCain became the bad guy for both parties, they reminded Republicans that he betrayed them and confirm to democrats how easily he could turn back into a republican and voted with Bush. Once again we under estimate just how far they were willing to go to discredit the Republican Party. So many more Republicans made the choice to sit out this election because McCain wasn’t their ideal candidate and they hated the democrat’s choice even more. Their decision is costly for all Americans. 69% of the voting people came out to vote, 31% stayed home not good, not good at all.

    It’s a little hard for conservatives to have a voice when no one wants to transmit.

    Larry, “mid-term tourniquet”.. I love it, love your articulate and colorful prose. Let’s hope it will be enough to stop the bleeding.

    G. Nichols, I think that Sarah Palin fits that bill and may explain why they’re still attacking her. She’s gotten more press then Obama since the outcome of the election. It’s a shame McCain misused her. Had he given her more freedom and allowed her to do what she did best the outcome may have been different.

  27. Larry,

    Great perspective.

    As an independent conservative, It is obvious to me that the Republican Party has left it’s coservative roots. The Democratic party has been taken over by far left wing nuts.

    The situation is what it is. Obama is President, and Keysfish, no matter how many petitions are signed or letters written, Obama will become our next President.

    What all of us should be focused on is making sure our voices are heard if Obama decides to pursue a far left wing agenda, which, under our current economic circumstances will destroy our nation.

    No matter what you or I think about Obama, I can assure you he is not stupid. Is He a Muslim?
    No. Is a He a Christian? No.

    He’s a 100% politican who will do and say anthing to hold power.

    His personal views and beliefs are very far left wing liberal. Whether he governs from that position will and should determine our response.

  28. blue state blues- RWG

    I can’t even imagine how we could not only elect a guy to the highest office in the land that has several aliases but who also cannot produce a valid birth document of any kind. We threw away part of the constitution and ignored campaign funding laws while waltzing this fraud into office. The worst part is that our Republican leaders and pundits have taken the easy road by not asking for further investigations or even launching one themselves. Some conservative pundits have even suggested that we drop all the chatter about his birth documents because it doesn’t matter now that he is elected. DOESN”T MATTER??? Of course it matters!!! We keep reducing the expectations and the standards for Democrats in the White House. As Ann Coulter said while Clinton on the verge of getting tossed from the White House, “if he gets away with perjury and obstructing justice, the Republic is doomed”. Well Clinton survived and now we have a real mess with this guy. Looks like Ann was right.

  29. Blue State Blues, does it matter regarding Obama’s citzenship. Yes, however:

    This is also a guy that couldn’t get a security clearence, and is now President-Elect of the greatest nation on Earth.

    This is the first African-American President in this countries history. I can assure you and everyone else it will not matter what evidence is supplied or supressed, Obama will be President.

    Can you just imagine what would happen if that did not happen come January 20th. Many of this nation’s cities would be burned to the ground.

    It’s time to deal with reality. Facts do not seem to matter to many of the people in our nation today.

    Many have already been convinced that although it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like it’s a duck – IT’S A MOOSE.

  30. LM,

    It does make my day.

    I enjoyed your article as well.

    Everyone run and check out the link to her site.


  31. Thank you for your article……I enjoyed it very much along with the replies! We need to continue to fight the traitors in this country…. I have NO PRESIDENT…..there isn’t a darn thing in the Constitution that states I have to like this “usurper” or show him respect AT ALL!… The Constitution states to show respect to the OFFICE of the Presidency not to the person who occupies it………..the media, the illegals & liberals have shown no respect at all for the Constitution or the Office of the President or even to our Country…… I will simply give them what they deserve, nothing more & nothing less….they do not belong in MY Country!

  32. Sylvia,

    Every “moderate” Repub (RINO) in town has a full dance card.

    Let ’em lay like spoons with the libs.

    Thanks as always,


  33. George,

    Right on the mark..

    Thanks as always,


  34. Vincent,

    Love Blazing Saddles.

    I think I’ll go watch it right now..

    Thanks as always,


  35. G.,

    Excellent point.

    Even in California, “morality” votes won out.

    Wait until the ninth circuit gets ahold of it though..

    Thanks as always,


  36. Margaret,

    We are the voice of “effective change” which is a huge difference from the “imaginary change” of the left.

    We expect and produce “results”, THAT is why no one listens to us in DC..

    Thanks as always,


  37. Eileen,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Hope that things are going well for you and your recovery.


  38. Check this one out!


    This is a pitiful cross-section of the electorate who are responsible for the increasingly dismal future of our country.

  39. chuck,


    Our voices will be heard.

    Thanks as always,


  40. blue state blues- RWG

    Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

    Unfortunately, as I alluded in the earlier post, too many good people are sitting on the side lines since the Clinton’s were in office. The last 8 years have not produced a single conservative leader of note. And now I hear capitulation from our leaders, pundits and on the blogs. If the threat of violence and thuggery is that scary to you that you would surrender your values and courage then we are indeed history as a functional society and the rule of law of order is but a memory.

  41. caroltate2,

    Be observant and never let them get away with a thing.

    Two years.

    Stay alert.

    Thanks as always,


  42. beyond disgusted

    You have so nailed this, Larry. We conservatives continually need to educate people on conservative principals and why they are the answer to all ills. Our biggest problem (which I attempted to allude to on an earlier post) is that we conservatives have no elected leadership expousing our principals on a continuous basis.

    Let’s face it, we had Ronald Reagan in the 80’s, & Mr. Newt from ’94-’98. Since then, who has there been in a leadership role? “W”, while doing a couple of conservative things, is no conservative. Sadly, I think he has done more harm than good to our cause; & McCain really was just more of the same.

    I really hope true conservatives can rest control of the party away from the country club blue bloods & if it won’t be too late, prevail in either ’10 or’12.

  43. beyond disgusted,

    There is some talent out there, Mike Pence, Jim DeMint, Tom Tancredo..

    Now would be a good time to let the left know that they do not have a free pass.

    If we don’t let them know, they will have a free pass..

    Thanks as always,


  44. blue state blues- RWG

    Thanks for the link to that video. It becomes easier and easier to see why our founding fathers wanted only to give the vote to stakeholders (those who owned land and were invested and vested in the country). If you are a stakeholder, you are more likely to be an informed voter and act in the best interests of the country. However, as is readily seen in this video, these people are voting without the slightest bit of concern as to who they are putting in office. Why? Because the very thing that they are trying to destroy has allowed their weak minded, ignorant, spoiled asses to survive. These idiots could not survive in the countries that they think we should emulate.

  45. Larry, thanks for your kind words. Everyday it gets a little easier, a little more progress than the day before.

    Fran, I’m afraid trying to understand how so many could be duped to believe this career politician was the end all, be all will never be fully understood by the 58 million who didn’t vote for him. We can thank the 31% who chose to sit this election out because they didn’t like either major candidate. The alternative candidates generally come out of the Republican side, not the democratic side. So Republicans always seem to only screw other Republicans when they are unhappy with the choice.

    Now we are left to have this liberal socialist start making his decisions. He said last night he’s closing Gitmo, but didn’t say what will happen to those who are imprisoned there. Will they be tried in civil court which is what the ACLU wants, will he allow the military to try them outside the gates of Gitmo, or will he pardon them totally to show the world and our enemies it’s always better to turn to other cheek? If we try them in civil court, nation security will be jeopardized, thus the appeal for the ACLU. If he chooses civil the left will be thrilled, if he chooses military the right will be happy, the left will be pissed. He’s in danger of losing it all and pissing off a large group of people on the opposing sides. Who will he make happy? Letting them go outright is soooooo wrong, they will just return so they can do even more damage a second time. If he’s the career politician I think he is, this won’t even be considered. He’ll choice civil court and may have to create a closed court to keep national security tight. If he does anything other than that he’ll piss off a lot of people on both sides.

    The issue of whether or not he’s a citizen will never go any farther. I don’t expect the electorate will demand anything, they know if they do chaos will ensue. Nor will the Supreme Court they should have demanded it prior to the election and no one did, times up, move on. It’s what I think, not what I believe. I still question why he has never given up his Kenya citizenship especially from a father who ignored him his whole life. He needs to denounce it and most likely won’t and I don’t imagine anyone in authority will request that he does. Is it wrong, sure but no one in any kind of authority will ever demand it. Let’s face the facts everyone is concern that race riots will ensue should anyone demand he produce the proof and they will work hard to not let that happen. Republicans, at least the ones left are more afraid of them then they will ever be afraid of Republicans. They don’t want to upset the blacks and look racist. That simple, that’s why the DNC picked Obama to begin with, but, like Geraldine said if he was a white guy no one would’ve looked twice at him. Sad facts, but still the facts.

  46. blue state blues- RWG

    We have to keep from being frightened into appeasement. Chaos or not, this is a President with 4 aliases, no official birth certificate and list of friends that would keep him from getting a security clearance at Walmart. Don’t go gently into that good night!

  47. Eileen… I love ya (seriously… would never not read what you say) but… no freakin’ way. Can’t accept that yet… will not stop till you know who sings. IF this “issue” has merits, exploration IS required till no rightly explanation can be justified other than the truth.

    blue blues… EXACTLY man!

  48. Larry,
    Great , simply great.
    Its hard to take in that the media would take time to help us understand our mistakes. Now thats precious. I applaude you for your ” slap up the side of the head” statement, White is a color.
    It made me stop and realize” Damn” he’s right!
    I almost forgot,” we are a race”. Thanks for the heads up.
    “Intellectual liberals”, I thought that was an oxymoron ? You have a gift for the obvious Larry , don’t lose it or we’re all in trouble.
    This place is so gifted with brilliant minds . Its hard to take it all in and not lose your train of thought. Like I’ve said, I’m Blue collar and government educated but I know what Right is. Thats why I’m here. There has been a lot of dissention in the air , leaving the GOP for the NOP (new old party) . I have to admit it has a nice” ring” to it. If dividing into a new party is what it takes ( and I don’t mean giving in to be counted) then raise up the Old Banner without the O’s for stars and let Freedom Ring!

  49. Larry, sometimes I swear you can read my mind and I’d better start keeping a little closer tabs on what I’m thinking.

    White being is a color, then, for the sake of argument, it could be said that black is the absence of color. Therein follows the Democratic hyocritical divisionary arguements of color discrimination.

    In delving out monthly welfare checks only as they saw fit, promising them the moon and giving them asteroids, the Democratic party has cultivated a poor, hate whitey and poorly educated class of people.

    I too had asked myself over several days, had things been so desperate, who the Republicans might have gotten as a black presidential candidate. My final answer, no one.
    First, unlike bambam, the investigative reporters, having been fed scrapes of meat, water and bread would be turned lose from deep within the bowels of the mass media to converge on the conservative candidate. Scrutinizing every day of his life from the time he was in the crib, no bys like bambam, this is called fairness, liberal media style.
    Second, and a big second. We have no one with the morale character, ethics and experience capable in handling the presidency. Need I make any comparisons to the Democratic nominee? And we refused to push some fake, lowlife excuse like Obama as our best representation in our party’s ideals. We are not liars.

    We must continue the work in making known the ideology of conservatives during the next four years. It is imperative that we push harder than ever to “get the word out” to as many as possible. We must never retreat or waiver from our main course and always leave one hell of a wake behind us so that others may follow.

  50. Dono,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Speaking of brilliant, NOP? New Old Party?

    That’s good.

    Are we : NOPsters? NOPs?

    I like NOPS, like cops, we shal police the left and hold them accountable.

    Excellent comment.

    Thanks my friend,


  51. Windrider,

    I would also like to add to your excellent comment that “Democrat” is the absence of scruples…

    As far as diversionary goes, we recognized the tactic and we were “tolerant” of it. Those days are gone.

    The magic word is “proof”.

    They will need it from now on and we will use it as the evidence to jettison them from office.


    Thnaks as always for your contributions to this site.


  52. ROBIN'S DAD (RD)

    After reading your exceptional article I began to wonder how the ‘libs’ dumb-down the populace. I argue that it begins in grade school when ‘unionized’ teachers hold spelling bees, for example, and ALL the kiddies WIN regardless of an actual competitive outcome. This begins the path to believing that any outcome is o.k. because you’ll be rewarded ANY WAY. Why strive, why think about results if it becomes clear your ‘self esteem’ will suffer no consequences? Wish I was 6 years old again! (not really!)

  53. Larry, I give you and the family this;
    A contributing columnist to the PatriotPostU.S, Austin Hill, had this to say about conservative’s future.

    “Conservative Americans need to understand that in this new era the rules have changed. And to understand this change,conservatives need to begin by reading ‘Rules For Radicals’ a book published in 1971 by a noted ‘community organizer and a man who is said to have had influence over Obama, Saul Alinsky. Consider the notion from Alinsky’s Rule #5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage. And consider this language from rule #11 where Alinsky suggests the main job of a ‘community organizer’ is to bait his opponent into reacting a certain way: The enemy, properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

    An openly socialistic Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals in the late 30’s or early 40’s. Obama became an expert on his teachings. And although I don’t quite understand exactly what “era of changed rules” Hill speaks of, conservatives know it is the modus operandi of liberals, especially when they find themselves losing.

    However it seems the Democratic hierarchy, in their quest to reign supreme above all, must have found “enlightenment” for their cause in it’s words and have made it their bible.

    The obvious ridicule of being racist, egotist or prejudice whenever conservatives utter the truth in minorities disgressions. Having favortism to ‘big business’ when it is the business’ of this country that employee the people, well, those that are willing to work anyway.

    This a giant mind game and the Democrats do have an advantage in the fact that you can not reason with what is, in all actuality, “their enemy that they have properly goaded and guided.” Logical thought is lost on these types of people and even some ‘moderates.’ We must widen our fight in reclaiming the numbers of true conservatives with a ‘show and tell’ offense also.

    It is possible. Reagan did it!

  54. From what I understand Obama would not muster even his own background check to work in the White House. He’s got so many rules regarding a credit check, drugs or alcohol abuse check and a background to see what organization you belonged to what college you went to and who your friends are. So, I’m thinking in a normal world because of his Marx association, his drug abuse he would not disqualify or employment don’t ya think? He also had an issue with his student loans too, right? I’m not going to attempt putting in an application. I paid off all the student loans and earlier then I needed to. I went to a college that didn’t have a liberal agenda or Marxist Professors and in New Jersey to boot.

    Yes, I went to concerts to watch my favorite bands, and while there the weed was flowing but, I didn’t partake in the delight and the smell from those that did was nice and I may have inhaled a little more than I should have. And, if I’m honest I did belong to an organization the might be looked at as racist in the eyes of this President. Yes, it’s true I was a Brownie and Girl Scout in my youth and I did acquire a lot of awards and badges, I sold over priced cookies to my neighbors, but they still tasted good and my neighbors were happy to buy them anyway. I would think with that background and seeing I’ve got no radical association to make my job application stand out or listened to any Marxist professor talk about the greatest benefits in a socialist government. My application wouldn’t stand up to the muster. It did take me a little longer to pay off my car, because there are no jobs in Mobile, Alabama. That might just be my only positive on the job application. Whadda think? Should I apply?

    Redbone, I love ya too. My doctor told me to let things go so that my blood pressure remains low. I’m letting it go for survival and to stop from having a possibly fatal stroke next time. Believe me I’m not happy about giving him a pass, but out of necessity I’m doing it. The blood pressure was starting to creep up again so I have to watch it. I’m counting on you and others to carry the torch. I’ve got to let go for my future so I can survive my past, so to speak.

  55. Mistake.. I wrote…. he would not disqualify or employment

    I wanted to write… he would be disqualified for employment

    Maybe I took too many deep breaths at that Doobie Brothers concert in 1987.

    My bad.

  56. Eileen… Doctors orders rule. Do take exceptional care of yourself and know that my prayers, and I’m sure the prayers of all here are with you! Stay well…

  57. Larry.
    Your article spells out what we must do. To hell with th RINO’S and the MSM Let’s push our old line conservative values that made this country what it turned into before the left wing liberals spoiled it.

    The Republican Party let the MSM pick our candidate for there benefit
    and want to destroy Palin for her virtues. Family values were ruined by the CLINTONS All of her BS ABOUT IT TAKES A VILLAGE GET LOST

    EILEEN ;
    Ijoin REDBONE in pffering my prayers for your good health


  58. RD,

    YES!! Equality of outcome vs. the equality of opportunity.

    Doesn’t work in the real world. Whent hat lesson is learned, its too late and you are a liberal marionette attached to the governmental teat forever..

    See how they run?

    Thanks as always,


  59. Windrider,

    “Argumentative minimalism” works ONLY WHEN WE ALLOW IT TO.

    No more.

    Liberalism is a game of Jenga and we are pulling the crucial piece.

    The result is the inevitable collapse of their “theory” as the wall did in Berlin.

    “Mr. Obama, tear that wall down..” Has a nice ring to it , doesn’t it? If he doesn’t do it, logic will disintegrate the mortar..

    Thanks as always,


  60. I became bored today and thought I’d watch a movie, what mistake. Here’s my review.

    I realize this may be off topic, the contempt for woman holding a seat of power higher then that of a Senator was part of this past election, so this may have some merit, at least small merit.

    In 2000 a film was released during the election regarding the death of a Vice President and the President having to nominate of the first female Vice Presidential nominee to Office. The film, “The Contender” is about that subject. Of course the President is an enlighten Democrat, who feels the time is now to place a woman in the second most powerful seat, just happens to have chosen a former Republican who became disillusioned by the lower standards her party held and switched parties, she saw the light and became a Democrat.

    I know, I know Hollywood made it and they have an aversion to Republicans and their party beliefs. The shame in thinking you live in a great Country, one that provides freedom to all, not just the Republicans (I know it must be torture for them to have to write this garbage, so let’s give the guy who wrote it an Oscar nomination for having to put it down on paper. It must have been horrific for him.) I’m sure if you haven’t seen the film yourself, you still know where it’s going.

    The President picks this woman only after a conniving democrat who was the first choice nominee killed women whose car came off a bridge, where he just happened to be fishing with a reporter by his side. Imagine the coincidence that he just happened to have a reporter there to record his heroic acts. But, he’s too overweight and is unable to hold his breath long enough to help her open the door to get her out. She dies and he is called to the White House where the president tells him, he will be removing his name from consideration.

    Dumbfounded, he doesn’t understand why, I’m a hero and the press loves me. Come on, buddy it wasn’t just a coincidence, he had someone investigate and found… oh my, she happened to be a secretary from his older brothers law office, that’s why he is removing his name. (Let me remind you this is not a biography, it’s fiction from the best fiction writers in Hollywood. It may explain why there sales are down.) The President allows him to save face and in a press conference announces he told the President to withdraw is name. What do the Yiddish call it, mench, what a mench to withdraw his name? So the President picks the former Republican Senator, who became a Democrat and just happens to be female.

    She has a past; her father was once the Governor of his state. She went to college and tried to join a Sorority and the students set her up for pledge week to participate in a gang bang. The head to the Committee is a horrible Republican, whose pinch face, constipated and hasn’t been laid in a decade finds out about this and sets out to destroy her and her nomination. He’s got all that penned up sexual rage.

    The lines are drawn in the sand. The head of the Committee is an asshole, bigoted and sexist lying hypocritical pig. Like Hillary before her, the nominee tells him, the Committee and the press they have no right to dissect her past that way and put it under a microscope. Enter a young naïve Republican who was just elected to his congressional seat takes a meeting with her and ask her to talk about, even if its wrong and you were young most people won’t hold I against you. She stands by her principals and says no.

    She has lunch with the constipated Senator who shows her his proof from photos that showed up and the internet. He threatens to release them if she does withdraw her name and back the lying piece of shit Senator and hero. She tells him take your salad and shovel it.

    She’s called to the White House where the President tells her he is thinking of withdrawing her name. He wants her to defend herself from the constipated Committee chairman who so critical of her. Standing by her principals she tells him no, it not right to answer the “allegations” when he doesn’t ask the same questions to men. Hence, the lying hypocritical pig scenario.

    The President sees her side and stands by her still. (Ugh, I was afraid he wouldn’t. I was so scared he couldn’t see past her sexuality. He’s an enlighten President, it must be because he’s a democrat.)

    They schedule her for an interview about her nomination, while in the interviews, which is live of course (she’s not in the studio but at a remote location) they introduce her to one of the man in the gang bang who discusses the details of their fun night of sex. She becomes angry and her handlers and husband are going crazy, with her righteous indignation she takes her mike off and walks off.

    The wife of the constipated Senator talks to her husband and tells him it is wrong what he is doing. He tells her he dislikes her and will continue his pursuit to make sure she doesn’t get the nomination; he wants the fisherman hero to get it.

    She wife goes to her home to speak with the female nominee tells her, I’m on your side, what he’s doing is wrong; don’t hold it against him or her. Then she drops the bomb. If he asks you about abortion and if you ever had one, tell him the truth, no I didn’t, BUT YOUR WIFE DID. (I can still hear the audience shocking surprise gasps, can’t you?) A republican’s wife had an abortion, really? (I guess that’s the liberal writer’s idea of conservative hypocrite. Which is clearly different from a liberal hypocrite, like believing in Global Warning and telling Americans to cut back on electric while I drain Tennessee’s yearly output in a week? That kind of hypocrite?)

    Anyway, the President conspires with the Vice Presidential nominee to setup the hypocritical, constipated republican Senator and Committee Chairman. The President will withdraw her name and setup the heroic fisherman name again so the person who’s investigating the details of what transpired will release the information about the car accident to the press. Doesn’t matter that the fisherman is also a democrat, this President has scruples and wants to embarrass the constipated republican and Committee Chairman, who has been backing the fisherman since day one and doesn’t know about the sham that he’s not really a hero.

    Of course it all plays out, the constipated Republicans eventually has to withdraw his support and the female, once Republican and now an enlightened Democrats wins the nomination and will take office.

    At the celebration, the new Vice President and the President takes her aside to ask her what happened that night at the gang bang. She tells him, she knew it was a setup because her father was a Republican Governor and when the guys revealed themselves and what they expected she told them, sorry, I don’t smoke got up and left. This confused the President, why wouldn’t you just tell the constipated Republican Committee Chairman that. She explained that by answering the question it gives the question merit that it was alright to ask it in the first place.

    There are a few things I left out. The hypocritical constipated Republican Senator haled from the State of Illinois, which I think is an oxymoron. The last Republican that came out of Illinois was Lincoln. The junior Congressman who just arrived and was also a Republican, and one that is rare, was finally became enlightened learned to dislike the constipated Republican Senator from Illinois. This rare republican congressman haled from Delaware. Interesting coincidence or a setup for this election?

    Gary Oldman, who is usually a good actor, played the constipated Republican Senator from Illinois. He’s British and did a horrible American accent and wore a bad Richard Dreyfuss wig, who once played a constipated vulgar Republican Senator in another political movie from the meathead actor, turned Director Rob Reiner, “The American President”.
    These Hollywood liberals always depict conservatives as intolerant and nasty who call democrats names and point out sexual ideology as a lifestyle from the under sexed republicans. But, reality is too hard for them too understand. The democrats are the ones who are intolerant, they are the ones who resort to name calling. They are the ones who are against so much and wear it like a badge of honor. Hollywood reality, women with fake boobs, lips, butts and anything that can be suck or pinched, poked or prodded. Injecting chemicals and Botulinum toxins into their face and elsewhere which is also known as Nancy Pelosi’s or Joe Biden’s idea of a restful weekend. I’d preferred my reality to theirs. The land of fakeness. Movies based on republican politics never represent the truth, only distortion of facts to fit their needs. Who’s with me? Let’s revolt against their depiction of us. All constipated Republicans unite! So, I guess Sarah Palin came out better than this fictional female did, we can be thankful for that.
    Would you like to read my review of “The American President?”

  61. Eileen,

    If “letting go” means that you need to comment on NLTZ, you will ALWAYS have the floor.

    You are too valuable to us..


  62. I’m learning from the democrats and their enlightened teacher Saul Alinsky and lesson #5 from his agenda/manuscript… Ridicule. How did I do?

  63. JR,

    In the words of Dono, we are the NOP.

    I’ve made this request in the past but I will do so again, lets all send our prayers to Eileen who suffered her stroke prior to attending a Palin rally in Florida..

    The best way to survive? 1) Stay with NLTZ. 2) Two years, concentrate and focus on 2010.

    There, I magically cut your misery in half!

    Thanks as always,


  64. Eileen,

    Review away..


  65. Larry, thank you for your kind words and encouragement, it’s always appreciated. This ridicule stuff is great, my blood pressure is down. Gee… if only I had known…

    My thanks to Saul Alinsky for his encouraging optimism and enlightenment of his Marxist beliefs in his book “Rules for Radical” and what the concept of ridicule means politically. Thanks, Windrider by provided the information to us as well as Austin Hill for writing the article.

    Of course thanks also goes out to Hillary Rodham Clinton, who wrote her college thesis on Saul and how he has provided her with someone too idolize other than her oversexed hypocritical sexist pig of a husband, Bill. The lying sack of shit that he is.

    Finally, thanks to President-elect, Barack Obama and Vice-President-elect Joe Biden who will provide me with 4 years worth of gaffs, misquotes and politically incorrect comments that will provide the tools I’ll need to ridicule him in the same manner they’ve ridiculed George W. Bush. As well as the democrats in Congress, I’m sure Nancy, Chris, Barney and company will provide light comic relief as we will ridicule them as well. Payback shines the Excellency that propels the Republicans forward and sustains us.

    I’ve been reading Ann Coulter, does it show?

  66. As I have read these posts, I am heartened that we still have those who will never give up. It is my understanding that the Electoral College does not cast their vote until December and their votes not opened and counted until January. I was just wondering what would happen if they, in an act of Patriotism, voted NOT for Obama, what would happen?

  67. EILEEN,

    I also never skip past your posts. I think you and I would get along well as your comments are in agreement with many of my thoughts. I only envy you in your ability of putting them down in writing more sensibly than I.

    Larry is absolutely correct in suggesting your writing to help you “let go.” The method does help relieve tension or agressiveness no matter what the forum, use it, you’ll feel better.

    Although you know me no more than words across your modem, and being a man of experience in this, may I humbly suggest to you not to let the words or tactics of the opposition control your body, instead remain calm and let your mind control opposition.

    Eileen, it takes some self-training but you can do it. You can learn to prioritize stress, which in itself will reduce blood pressure problems. You can ultimately learn to let stress of the every day world be a second hand thing. It is always going to be there, for crying out loud, there’s not a darned thing you can do about it.

    You can categorize politics, family affairs and other such goings ons in such a way to ease what was previously a jumble, thus reducing stress. Your mind will learn to prioritize these categorys and still conduct it’s own bodily carryings on. Like having to go potty, stuff like that, you know.

    The point is we need people like you around, Eileen. Do not let you mind nor your emotions sucummb to the “oppostion” through name calling or goading by the liberals. You are to valuable, they are a dime a dozen.

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