The Jig Is Up

Logically, we should have heard the last sardonic salvos of “America is a racist nation” with the election of Barack Obama. The only problem is logic and the left doesn’t often merge with palatable results.

The bottom line is that “white” America placed the Senator into higher office. Admitting this should end the ruse of “institutional racism” and other such numbskullery. If white Americans didn’t put him in office, then the left is confessing that there was more than just a little ballot box stuffing and we should look into the carcinogenic can of assorted nuts known as ACORN in order to find the culprits. White America had to tip the scale. Today’s demographics do not lie, the liberal left does.

If America is such a “racist” country, if there were and are so many “confirmed racists” here, the proof of the pudding should have been a complete McCain landslide during the last election cycle. The Democrats were certainly guilty of an overt misogyny, but that is where the discrimination ended in the election of 2008.

Voting is one of the most private of individual enterprises. It is totally confidential and anonymous. Where else would those with a racial axe to grind have had such a discrete opportunity to reinforce this “systemic racism” phantasm of the left? Voting affords the “perfect” opportunity for this “racist” nation to have made a bold statement. It did. This “racist” nation elected Barack Obama.

Racism, as a yoke placed without proof around the necks of white Americans, is simply a distraction technique utilized to avoid the uncomfortable reality that it is a cover for individual failure and sloth. When accused individuals started asking for and demanding “proof” of their being “racist”, the left just responded by blurring the lines separating fantasy and reality by fabricating the illusory “systemic racism” and the ever-present “institutional racism”.

As well, when individuals began insisting upon “proof”, the opposition realized that an individual has a better chance of disproving their lies than a gigantic group or organization would. The natural extension of that dystrophic dance is to falsely accuse a bigger group of people and to be even more intentionally vague and unspecific. The time and effort involved to “prove that you aren’t” is unnecessarily daunting. It isn’t called “blackmail” for nothing..

That is the dirty little secret. The burden of proof under “normal circumstances”, falls upon the accuser. With the intellectual sophistry empowering the vacuous charges of “racism”, overblown by the duplicitous “impartial” media, the burden of proof mysteriously fell upon the “accused”..

The liberals who so fervently supported obvious Communists like Alger Hiss in the past now demand a complete quarantine of anyone or any group that they falsely accuse with “the ‘r’ word” today.. That is, until they pay the proper ransom in order to reassemble what is left of their reputations.. Yesterday’s hollow cries of “McCarthyism”, used as a liberal diversion from real crimes and real criminals, have now become “Mc$harptonism”, where the real “victims” are falsely convicted without proof or evidence in the court of public opinion.

Can we finally agree that we are all “equal”? The equality of opportunity has been firmly in place for decades, the question becomes how many of those who have had the equality of opportunity available to them have taken advantage of that opportunity? President Obama did.

Quite frankly, the opportunities over the past decades have been decidedly in the favor of the minorities. Set asides and “quotas”, all unfairly implemented in the spirit of “fairness” have been utilized by those who could see the obvious advantages now placed in the “system” for them. I would imagine that some decided to run with it because they figured that someone with a measurable IQ had to catch on to this scam and bring it to a screeching halt soon but it has been creaking along for entirely too long virtually unimpeded..

Even though these “advantages” were made available, people still needed to extend a modicum of personal effort in order to benefit and unfairly profit from what became an unbalanced advantage that was conveniently labeled a “leveling of the playing field.”

For so many, the easiest route was and is to bellow for more “redistributed revenues”. It is the easiest because the cowardly politicians always take “the path of least resistance” which is also “the path which exacerbates the problem.” It is the easiest for the recipient because the “real world”, the one with a time card attached to it, expects effort and tangible results before one is given a paycheck. In the “unreal world”, a little more volume and a misspelled placard or two gets you a “raise”. Those who make a career out of grousing about their “standard of living” understand that they are one or two organized marches and/or protests away from raising their standard of living at the expense of the rest of ours..

Sure, they may be living below the “poverty line”, but what are THEY doing to “change” things themselves, other than stomping around in circles and hollering when the cameras gather?

The “equality of outcome” that the left hopes and dreams of has become today’s racism. The “equality of outcome” robs its recipients of the ability to savor the success that they have EARNED. The liberals believe that they can hand out things like self-esteem and accomplishment by demanding the inclusion of some and the exclusion of others.

Wouldn’t it be a good thing if we could add $harpton and Jack$on to the unemployment rolls and their destructive brand of racism to the “dustbin of history”? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we really could? Will there ever come a time when the liberals and minorities who squawk about “color blindness” actually mean something other than “color consciousness”, where “fairness” doesn’t means “discrimination”?

So the dance is over and the jig is up. Is it really? If not, then why not? Isn’t it about time that we get around to the “equality” that is supposed to be in place? To me, racism is a word where the consonants have lost all of their weight and the vowels aren’t that far behind..


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  1. Dear Family,

    I am again leaving the country until December 15th.

    Take care of the site, continue the fight and be good to each other.

    Pray for Amy, Eileen, Cathy and Redbone. Lets see them back to health quickly..

    Stitch, Windrider, Eileen, what you do best. Speak the truth.

    To all commenters: Comments with “links” and NEW commenters will be in the dreaded ASKINET file until I return, I can’t do anything about it so be patient.

    See you all very soon,


  2. Have a great time and enjoy yourself. Stay health and safe, while we await your return.

    Unfortunately, the attacks on Christmas are already starting as the morons and idiot come out of the wood work. Fortunately, the news appears to be good, since Senator Chambliss has won re-election, 58% over 41% and Norman Coleman has gain some ground in the recount over one of those morons I already spoke about. With 92% of the recount done the gap has widen to 340. All I can say is there is a Santa Claus.

  3. You might want to check out lamecherry dot blogspot dot com for December 2 blog. His speil is complimentary with Larry’s.

  4. Want to tell everyone that I have just discovered the NLT website and that I will be a frequent visitor, provide occasional comment, but will be forwarding this website to everyone one of my fellow AMERICANS who still belive in this country and spread the word.

    All is not lost, 2010 will be our first step back , and 2012 will be the return to what is right!

  5. Have a great trip Larry. Be safe and hurry back to us… you know how far afield we can get when you are not here… LOL

    It was good to hear about Saxby Chambliss. Thank the good Lord for small favors!

    And, Eileen, you are right, the attacks on Christmas have already begun… I’m interested to see how many places take the stand that Washington State has taken. Let’s not bother with the do-not-offend-at-any-cost tack, let’s just let it all hang out and offend as many people as possible.

    So the real work begins; watchdogging and uncovering the lies and “spin”. I sure hope we are up to the challenge. It will be a tough one this time, I believe. Ya know, I lived in New Mexico when Richardson first became the Governor… what an idiot!

  6. Thanks once again for another great column. Safe travels. I shall await your return for my briefings of common sense.

  7. Patient in PA

    More than just a race, these are the people who put BOH in office.

    And it will be for them that ” The Jig Is Up”

  8. Ken..thanks for the suggestion regarding lame cherry. It is well done. Do you know if there is a way to subscribe to the site and receive notice of new postings?

  9. It does one well to get away and cleanse the “mental” palate occaisionally. Bon voyage!
    In earlier posts I stated that Barry had better watch his backside. His success contradicts everything that the two “Reverends” have used to leech off their own people. No war was ever fought for principle, just $$$. A viable black career man will be quite expensive for the “poor business” carpetbaggers on the left.
    Dr. Dave

  10. First… safe and fun travels Larry (and BTW it’s still Pres-elect obama)… I’ll fight to the end 😉 Thank you for your continued prayers, I am well on my way to recovery!

    Ken… thanks so much for introducing me to the Lame Cherry some time ago. To bad he doesn’t allow comments as that one could get real hot!

    A short story regarding racism and the “typical” American. Since I still can not drive, big aircast on the lead foot, I need a ride to and from physical therapy. The gentleman who stepped up and volunteered is a friend of mine from church who works from home. This is a very well respected member of our church, a Stephen Leader in Stephen Ministries (my leader in fact as I am a Stephen Minister).

    At a meeting last Monday evening between the group, we went way off typical SM topic lines to allow him the floor to consider with us some problems he is having with our new Pastor in his “liturgical style”. He was very upset and is thinking about actually leaving the church. These meetings run about an hour in length and I felt concerned enough to invite him to lunch the next day so we could continue the conversation. I’m the assistant Lay Leader and thought I may be able to address some of his concerns with our new Pastor if I new more about them.

    We have a nice lunch, I listen to him carefully and add my two cents in that I have some political differences with the Pastor but nothing the two of us can’t get past as they are relatively minor, hoping this would help a little. When I told him that I absolutely did not support obama in any way, what were the first words out of his mouth?

    “Why, cause he’s black?”

    Inside I just said shit man, why does this have to come up? No, I told him… because he’s green and I feel he’s a usurper and a fraud not to mention an ultra liberal freak with all the associated baggage.

    Why am I telling y’all this? My friend is white, our new Pastor is, guess what… Hypocrisy rules!

  11. Wait Larry! We want to go too! I swear you’ll never know we’re there, (heh heh heh). All joking aside, roll on,we’ll see you when you get back.
    On with the program mates. But wait! Larry is leaving, Rush is sick (flu) and we’re in need nurturing! Newsmax! where are you?

  12. Larry,

    Best of traveling conditions to you, my friend. Enjoy.Take full advantage of the rest as you have earned it.

    I can easily say that I as well as ‘the family’ will miss the knowledge, sarcasm and inherent wisdom in your writings. Be safe.

  13. This is a response to a letter I sent to my Senator regarding BHO’s birth certificate problem:

    Subject: Response to your recent comments

    Below is a response to the recent comments I received from you:

    Dear Mrs. Coone:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding President-Elect Obama’s citizenship. I appreciate hearing from you and would like to respond to your concerns.

    Like you, I believe that our federal government has the responsibility to make certain that the Constitution of the United States is not compromised. We must fight to uphold our Constitution through our courts and political processes.

    Article II of the Constitution provides that “no Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” The Constitution, however, does not specify how that qualification for office is to be enforced. As you may know, a voter recently raised this issue before a federal court in Pennsylvania. On October 24, 2008, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania released an order in the case of Berg v.Obama.In that case, the plaintiff, Phillip Berg, raised the same issue that your letter raises regarding proof of the President-Elect’s birthplace. Through his lawsuit, Mr. Berg sought to compel President-Elect Obama to produce a certified copy of his birth certificate.

    The District Court dismissed Mr. Berg’s suit and held that the question of Obama’s citizenship is not a matter for a court to decide. The court further noted that voters, not courts, should decide whether a particular presidential candidate is qualified to hold office.

    Presidential candidates are vetted by voters at least twice – first in the primary elections and again in the general election. President-Elect Obama won the Democratic Party’s nomination after one of the most fiercely contested presidential primaries in American history. And, he has now been duly elected by the majority of voters in the United States. Throughout both the primary and general election, concerns about Mr. Obama’s birthplace were raised. The voters have made clear their view that Mr. Obama meets the qualifications to hold the office of President.

    After he is sworn into office, Mr. Obama will be our nation’s President and I intend to bestow upon him the honor and respect due any man who holds that Office. Yet, I am certain that there will be times when I will disagree and oppose President Obama’s policies. When that happens, you can be assured that I will pursue vigorously what I believe to be in the best interest of Florida and the nation.

    I thank you for sharing your views with me and will keep your concerns in mind. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact me. For more information about issues and activities important to Florida, please sign up for my weekly newsletter at


    Mel Martinez
    United States Senator

  14. The Republican Party is dead….

  15. Red Bone, There is no such thing as Pres-Elect (or VP Elect), at least no office in the US Constitution, as Mr. Obama would like to have us believe. He is doing his best to have that office. I think he even has his own seal.

    Just so you’ll know there have been 5 other black(part black anyway) presidents. Jefferson, Lincoln, Jackson, Clinton(no Clinton was not the first) and one other in the 1800s.

  16. The District Court dismissed Mr. Berg’s suit and held that the question of Obama’s citizenship is not a matter for a court to decide. The court further noted that voters, not courts, should decide whether a particular presidential candidate is qualified to hold office.

    Yes, the court should not uphold the Constitution? They gave Bush the Election in 2000.

  17. Mc$harptinonism… loved that one. HAH! And of course Je$$e Jack$on should be tied right in there with him. The democratic lie of “racism” in this country is bi-fold and it is not white upon black in the proportions as they would have you believe.

    To begin with there is more black on black divisivness that has been a disruptive force in black communities and the advancement of the people for many years. I have posted this before but now is even a more opportune time to strengthen Larry’s point.

    “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negroe race before the public. Having learned that they can make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negroe to lose high grievances because they do not want to lose their jobs… There is a certain class of race problem solvers who do not want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium in which to make themselves prominent before the public.”
    Black author, Booker T. Washington in his 1911 book “My Larger Education”

    Too bad he didn’t name them, I’ll bet Jack$on and $harpton’s dads names would have been there.

  18. jagger… welcome bud, where did you find the site? Glad you are here!

    Eileen… as to your last post on the last article, I believe we start here:

    And, Dono… an article on Newsmax by Ronald Kessler regarding CPAC can be found here:

    We are ready to fight. Palin 2012!

  19. keysfish… Mel Martinez is just plain wrong. SCOTUS will look at all the lawsuits filed on Dec. 5’th and make their decision to move forward or not. The action is before them as we speak. With all due respect, I’m not dead yet.

    The Berg case stated that voters were not able to compel obama to disclose his vault birth certificate. Just because voters were duped into voting for him does not mean he was properly vetted by the constitutionally “sworn-in” powers that be.

  20. Enjoy the vacation Larry, looking forward to your return, this is one of the only places where a person can feel sane.

    Keysfish…at least your senator mentioned the issue within the text of his letter, mine (guess who?! None other than Hillary!) just mass e-mailed everyone in NY with some generic “I am always looking out for your best interests” bullshit, most likely her standard reply to anything brought to her attention. Well, Mrs. Clinton, you are most certainly NOT looking out for mine! Grrrr….

  21. Larry,

    Happy trails, my friend. I look forward to you getting back.

    I was thinking right along these same lines on election day, as I was working for the Nevada Republican Party as an attorney/poll observer. I was stationed at a polling location that was primarily Hispanic and African American. Needless to say, I was the only Republican representative there, and I spent the day with four Obama attorneys at the same location. All white. Most of the other Republican attorneys I spoke to that day told similar stories. So, where is the “institutional racism”, when it was largely a white-dominated operation that worked for Obama, and a primarily white electorate that elected him?

  22. Racism as an institution is I believe indeed dead. But as the quote below reveals; pig ignorant blinkered statements like:

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    In making that statement; ironicly Joe Biden, That stalwart fellow of the post racial left, gave us one of the clearest studies in deep rooted bigotry that you could hope to find. There is no more racist individual on the face of the earth than a liberal white person. They really have no respect for black folks; because they can only see us as victims; that they, have to save. But don’t forget Barack, you are a “credit to your race”.
    I don’t think Biden would have described John Edwards as articulate, bright and clean as if they where exceptional traits for a senator of the United States of America. That sort of praise for the head of the democratic ticket, is change you can believe in.

    Digital Publius


    Hope you are not on another cruise.
    Would not want the pirates to get in our way here on your site
    74 years ago today my mothe delivered
    a blue baby that was put in the oven .
    That was me and I have had numerous phone calls from my children wishing me a happy birthday.
    Spent the day with my BRIDE of 50 years at a christmas show and had dinner with one of my daughters that lives next to me. all in all a great day

    This article by LARRY hits the nail on the head and I plan to reprint it to forward to a lot of people to spell out how racism is a farce.
    I am close by and am willing to help you get to your therapy any day of the week call me DON’T HESITATE
    I’ll email you my phone number.

    The win in GA keeps some control over the white house.
    Think about it —we have 41 senators
    maybe 42 all we need is 9 or 10 more in 2010 to take back some control
    Someone should be working on that.
    M y state is useless
    Was up at 6AM so it’s bed time goodnight

  24. JR,

    Happy birthday..or is it your 73rd anniversary?

    My best to you.


  25. Jagger,

    Welcome to the family here at NLTZ.

    Thanks for your kind words and dive right in and make yourself at home.


  26. “Mc$harptonism”.. Bingo! right on the button…tell that to Steven Pagones who will never get his reputation or job back. And the deaths at the Poor Freedys clothing store…the Red Apple Deli incidents…Crown Heights…need I go on? And WHO are the racists? You would think that this is all behind us…but you can rest assured it isn’t.I can never understand why O’Rielly insists on having “slim shady” Sharpton on his program to prove he’s even handed. I guarantee that in the 1st year of the Obama administration, there will be a slavery reparations bill created and passed through the Democratic Congress. Just wait till you see the lines for THAT handout. It’ll make the free cheese and powdered milk pale by comparison. And after that money is squandered on malt liquor and lottery tickets,what then will be the excuse heaped on AmeriKKa and white European Americans? It will never end. Unless we say the magic word….NO.

  27. beyond disgusted


    Our senator Mel Martinez is a disgrace, and fortunately we will be rid of him in 2010. I will never forgive him for his position on the shamnisty bill in the summer of ’07. Hopefully, if there is any sanity out there, we can get a real conservative to run. Wouldn’t that be a nice “change”!

  28. Where’s my check? When do we get bailed out?

    Tokyo-Pelosi uses a government Jet but the working stiffs for Ford, GM & Crystler are lectued to drive.

    New ‘WELCOME CENTER’ in washington was to cost 71million but finished at 641 million & is absent of any ‘faith’ history inside; King Reed said, ‘the tourist SMILED’; who steered this center?


    I smiled at the King when he said we smelled:)

  30. Now that we have elected a black President, and race has been proven not to be a barrier, can we finally get rid of “affirmative action”? Talk about a racist program…

    And why do groups like the NAACP still exist? Isn’t that racist? It would be if it was a “white” organization! Why do we never see “Reverend” Al Sharpton and his ilk protest when a white woman is raped by a black man? Yes, it does happen! You’d never know it by reading the liberal papers though!

    If we are a “racist” nation, Why do some black people manage to be very successful despite their race (Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Jesse Jackson, “Reverend” Al Sharpton–just to name a few.)? So many questions…

  31. Ha!! Not Reed but Reid, damn liberals can drive ya ta drink!! REID SMELLS 641 MILLION but was projected 71


    CONGRESS IS wacked

  32. Can hardly wait for your “discussion” of Stuart Smalley’s stop-at-nothing race for the US Senate from Minnesota. Somebody put a gag on that idiot loudmouth!! I was frightened, however, to discover that the same “advisor” who helped the current Donkey WA State Governor steal the 2004 race from the rightful GOP winner is also working on Franken’s robbery project. They are ALL scumbags and Franken needs to be put out to pasture PERMANENTLY!!

  33. Sylvia, I don’t think he has a place for comments. I just click on to his site from my browser history. His investigative skills are far reaching. I notice he is sometimes way out ahead of the pack on some issues. For instance, the Iceland economic meltdown bankrupcy this year and resulting civil upheaval as an experiment for how it will be done in USA, some say by June or July of 2009.

    Not many realize USA has been operating under bankrupcy since the beginning of the Great Depression. Larry mentioned FDR’s threat to pack the court. The real story behind that was to get a Supreme Court to set a precedent case to radify the dirty dealing of the secret bankrupcy, not only of USA but several countries at the time. USA was not the only nation to suffer Great Depression. FDR finally got Supreme Justices who got the precedent needed in 1936. The case was some railroad vs. a prosecutor. As a result, our courts have been slowly turned from common law to maritime law, or law of the seas, which is interntional law, not Constitutional Law. That’s why you see those flags with gold trim around them. In a court room that means that court is operating by maritime law. ABA lawyers take an oath, I understand, not to go back beyond that precedent in cases involving IRS etc. I had info on that but can’t locate it right off.

    Redbone, you’re quiet welcome.

  34. This is the site that explains the national bankrupcy in the 1030’s and how it has worked out to this day:

    barefootsworld dot net slash usfraud dot html

  35. Excuse me, that would be national bankrupcy in the 1930’s.

  36. A friend pointed out to me that there is no longer a need for the NAACP-with the election of BHO they have “advanced” as far as they can go. Now if we can just convince Sharpton and Jackson andall of their cronies….nevermind. Enjoy your vacation Larry.

  37. MIKE P.,

    Your friend could not be more wrong. As long as a minoral people, be it culture, color or religion, has acclamated themselves to exist upon the earnings taken from the savings of a working man, they will never reach a proverbial end of the road in “advancement.”

    As long as there is a political party sympathetic to their “non-advancement”, it will only lengthen that road. The sympathy being a lie by the Democratic party in this case.

    Does your friend think that if one of the lack of ethics, morals, self-respect or self-responsibility (or combination of any) are the causes that keep these peoples from rising above their current conditions, that one man of their color will somehow magically dispell these wrongs? Had theses people taken accountability of themselves through the years of programs and billions of dollars in funding, they would not need a black president or the NAACP to feel advanced…they would be, and they would be a viable input to our country not a detraction. Least of all, they certainly wouldn’t have needed the bottom feeding ilk of the Jack$ons and $harptons.

    Blacks have to look past color and analyze the lies. They are being held in “paid slavery” now by the Democratic party devised by white politicians.

  38. JR, you’re a great man. Thank you very much for your offer. Happy birthday my friend, speak with you soon!

    Ken… another fascinating site. Much to explore there, thanks again.

    Windrider… a detraction indeed. If only they paid attention to the cream of their crop Mr. Bill Cosby.

  39. The Republican party that I signed up for during the Reagan Revolution has been dead for some time, if this version is dying we should let it pass.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Larry, Heaven knows there will be no rest once Obamanazis take power. Oh, wait a minute they already are. Bush hasn’t even handed over the keys to the new tenant, and he’s already got his feet on the desk.

  40. Happy Birthday JR, I hope you had a joyous day! 73 years young and 50 years married. Wow! Do the pollster know about you/

    I was irritated by a blogger on the Human Events site regarding the Ann Coulter article submitted. He was boosting about telling the Noleftturnz site off. The name used was Kevin Smith, NC has he been on this site at all? The name sounds like an alias. And the idiot savant who congratulated him was Butch, Chicago. Do any of these names look remotely familiar? Since Butch had to tell him the correct spelling of our site Larry, it’s been confirmed he’s a liberal with a speech impediment. Ann’s topic this week is are least favorite liberal moron, Al Franken. The all out fight to the death to become a US Senator. It is truly frightening why anyone would want him to “represent” them in Congress. Could it be the cool air has frozen their brains?

    Danno, your right they will drive you to drink, but be cautious and don’t drink Whiskey or Scotch cause the earnings line the Kennedy’s pocket. Drink wine, beer, vodka, Bourbon or Gin.

    We’ve all had issues of racism over the course of our lifetimes, especially when you focus on white against black. The name calling and the use of the “n” word is front and center. And it’s coming out of the mouths of blacks calling other black this supposed horrible word. Michael Richards, a white comedian and appeared as Kramer on the series “Seinfeld” can attest to the criticism of using the “N” word while honing his craft at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood on November 20, 2006. A group of African Americans decided to “heckle” Mr. Richards while on stage. The video and audio tapes don’t show what might have set him off, they were just minding their own business when this man lost it and I guess one of these friends just happened to have a camera cell phone handy.

    The press covered his remarks but clearly omitted what this young fella said to set him off. He called Michael Richards a cracker. The guys were laughing at first and so were his friends and continued to call him names I believe he said “you’re a stupid cracker ass motherf*****r.” They quickly left the comedy club and headed straight to a law office. As the lawsuits fly, there is a clear separation between what whites say to black and what blacks say to whites. One is allow in our society the other is not. Which reeks of hypocrisy?

    A week or so after this national incident, another comedian, and I’m not sure which, it was either D.L. Hughley or Damon Wayans appeared at the Laugh Factory and his act was “n” this and “n” that and some people in the audience were offended by this language and use of the word, so soon after the Richards fiasco. So the club owner has now banned the “n” from all acts. Hughley or Wayans whined about the loss of one of their favorite words. The club owner told him if it’s wrong for whites to say it, then it’s wrong for you to use it as well. No debate just total removal an offensive word and he is right. But according to Ms Whoopi Goldberg it’s fine as long as a black says it about other blacks. Which should be file right next to the word frequented by our rap and hip-hop artist the word Ho’s? So the question should be asked if Emimen does a rap that a black rap artist used the foul “n” and “ho” in and wants to pay tribute and raps these clever lyrics (what do they call what they do, they don’t sing?) as is, would he then be labeled a racist and a sexist? Is there a Rule Book of words we can’t used about Blacks, sorry I mean African Americans?

    Hughley is not even remotely funny, but Damon is choice and really hilarious. I’ve been a fan since the days of In Living Color. I think the difference between them… is Hughley’s act is to make fun of whites, whereas Wayans’ act is about making fun of everyone. I still laugh my ass off every time I remember the skit about Milli Vanilli and the dreadlock hair kit. Or the Al Sharpton and Lou Farrakhan Comedy Hour. They mocked the ridiculousness of all people, not just whites or black. Anton Jackson, Homey the Clown, and the “Boys” were all so hilarious. Two snaps and around the world. Loved it. My favorite episode was after the Super Bowl and their act was side-splittingly uproarious. Tight pants, loved it, the helmets hated it.

    So the logic that some of these supposed black “comedians” who use reverse racism by creating shows and acts around the “white folk” and are allowed to mock and ridicule the white race but if we try to do the same against them, we’re called racist. Sounds fairly close to the Obama campaign of change, don’t it?

    I think Keenan Ivory and Damon understood all races are to be mock and ridiculed since we all do some pretty stupid things. If they only focused on the white race, I’m sure the black audience would have tuned in, but the largest populist wouldn’t. They mimicked celebrities from MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. They were really funny and pissed off some blacks for mocking Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan. If you can’t laugh at them you shouldn’t be aloud to laugh again. No one race is superior to the other but by black’s hoisting themselves above the line of intolerance aren’t endorsing only more hate?

  41. Let me ask this… are blacks, by referring to themselves as African-American, elevating themselves as something above ordinary Americans? Or, are they somehow denigrating themselves as something less than simply American? I’m not sure. Someone asks me what race I belong to I answer white, not European-American as I am very proud to be simply American even though my roots are European. If I were African I would be proud to be simply African.

    Whenever a black person introduces him/herself to me as African-American my first question is… Oh, from what part of Africa do you hail? Does the hyphen not not separate or distinguish us from each other even further? Is this not the opposite of what we as AMERICAN’S should be trying to accomplish? Black, white, who gives a crap?

    Sorry, hyphens piss me off.

  42. REDBONE,

    Yeh, they piss me off too… OH! Hyphens! Them too.

    I believe blacks in coming up with the designation of “African/American”, were in somewhat like “black pride”, trying to elevate themselves above normal Americans. Plus it’s a whole lot easier for them to say than the National Association for the Advancement for Colored People! But moreover the phrase also serves as a sense of unity for them. In unifying themselves as a seperate group or culture the same as the Latinos are doing, they are contributing to the erosion of our country. History has proven this in other great societies.

    A thing that pisses me of is why does the Mexican/American, Latino/American and African/American all have their nationalities ahead of America? Why shouldn’t it be American/Whatever? They’re living in our country, damn it, we’re not setting up camp in theirs.

  43. Redbone and NLT, thanks for the welcome. I will be “diving in”. But red, I can’t honestly remember how I found this site, I know it was linked from somewhere, just can’t remember where it was.

    They say the knees are the first thing to go, but in my case, I am not so sure.

  44. Eileen,

    The way I see the black/white tolerance issue is very simple. When blacks say and do things it is called brotherhood/sisterhood. When white people say do things it’s called racist.

  45. EILEEN,

    That tape can be found on

    I recieved an email awhile back attributing what it contained as being Micheal Richards own court defense over that instance. Snopes found that it was untrue and just a partial forwarding of the anonymous screed “Proud to be White.” I agree with it just because we, as whites, are only permitted to call other races by names that are approved by them. If we don’t, we are bias, bigots or racists They, on the other hand, can call whites by any number of nicknames and that is OK. Why don’t THEY practice what they preach, or rather whine, about! I’m proud to be white!

  46. If 75% of whites had voted for the “white” candidate, what label would have been shouted excessively? But if 93% of blacks voted for the “black” candidate, what label is applied??

    The fact that I raise these questions clearly shows that I am not smart enough to understand the answers.

    I’ll resume reading the blog.

  47. Larry…we will miss you. Hurry back.

    keyfish…thank you so much for posting the Martinez response. My sister forwarded it to me and I was also going to post it here…got interupted…had to go to work, what a concept.

    The line that absolutely blew me away was “The Constitution, however, does not specify how that qualification for office is to be enforced.”
    Did I really read that? Was it not in direct contradiction to “We must fight to uphold our Constitution through our courts and political processes.”
    Is the double-speak disease in Washington now spreading to all “elected officials?”

    Mel Martinez is too….not a “natural born citizen” of these United States…so I guess we know where he stands… or lack thereof.

    The only thing I give him marks on is the fact he even responded…so many got the “Hillary” version…which makes me sick and wondering what is next on the horizon for the “fabric” of our Constitution…as it is ripped to shreds by the progressives.
    If the vetting process is conducted by the voters….who’s next? If Obama weren’t riding in the President-elect bat mobile he wouldn’t even receive clearance to get beyond the gates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue….and that is a fact!

  48. The stipulation of having to be a natural born or citizen of the United States in becoming president, I’m wondering if this might be one of the “restrictions” Obama was talking about when he said he wanted to “Remove restrictions of the Constitution placed upon us by the Fore Fathers.” What’s next, an illegal alien with an interpretor as his vice-president??


    Where did you find that site? I’ve googled it and tryed several other search engines without any results.

  49. Windrider, are you trying to get to judicial watch? or barfootbob?

    I contend that if the Supreme Court does not take up the issue of Obama’s legitimacy to assume office then that is the signal that the Constitution is being declared officially dead.

    The legislature is corrupted Rep and Dems past the point of no return, the presidency is corrupted beyond the point of no return, the Supreme Court is corrupted beyond the point of no return. Enlightment forces who entered into the social contract with Christians in America in the 1770’s is now broken by them and they will have to be forcefully brought back to their original agreements within the Constitutional boundries. What we’re facing ain’t pretty!

  50. Windrider, are you trying to get to judicial watch? or barfootbob?

    I contend that if the Supreme Court does not take up the issue of Obama’s legitimacy to assume office then that is the signal that the Constitution is being declared officially dead.

    The legislature is corrupted Rep and Dems past the point of no return, the presidency is corrupted beyond the point of no return, the Supreme Court is corrupted beyond the point of no return. Enlightment forces who entered into the social contract with Christians in America in the 1770’s is now broken by them and they will have to be forcefully brought back to their original agreements within the Constitutional boundries. What we’re facing ain’t pretty!

  51. Found this article on another blog that relates to the topic of Larry’s article. The subject is black the witness and victim were white. Read and find out who’s smarter. Posted by Chris. First the article in paper

    Thomasi McDonald, Staff Writer

    FUQUAY-VARINA – Fred L. Ervin got his Thanksgiving turkey early this year.
    A passer-by armed with a frozen turkey used the bird as a cudgel upside Ervin’s head Sunday while coming to the rescue of a woman outside a grocery store on Sunday, Fuquay-Varina police say.
    Police Chief Larry Smith said police think Fred L. Ervin, 30, of 9221 Ten-Ten Road, Raleigh, had gone to the parking lot to find a getaway vehicle after stealing cash from the cash register of the BP gas station, across the road from the grocery store. Ervin spotted a 53-year-old woman who was walking toward her car with groceries. He tried to wrest away her car keys, Smith said.
    “The suspect attacked her and began beating her,” Smith said. “Her injuries are fairly serious.”
    Some other shoppers witnessed the attack and called 911. Several ran to the woman’s aid, including a man with a frozen turkey, Smith said.
    Smith did not know how many times Ervin was struck with the turkey. He declined to release the name of the turkey-wielding hero.
    “I’m not in a position to release that information, because we’re not sure who all was involved,” he said.
    Gloria C. Ventura, 54, of Fuquay-Varina, had just entered the parking lot, where she saw a woman on the ground as a man wrestled with her.
    “I think: ‘Maybe they’re husband and wife,'” Ventura said Monday, “until I heard her screaming.”
    Ventura stayed at a safe distance because she thought the man had a gun, but she said several shoppers went over to the wrestling pair. One woman tried to hold the man to prevent him from escaping, she said.
    Despite being bludgeoned on the head with the frozen turkey, Ervin managed to drive off in the victim’s Nissan Maxima. But he didn’t get far.
    The stolen car hit five other vehicles in the parking lot of the Harris Teeter on Ten-Ten Road, Smith said. Police from Fuquay-Varina and Garner joined Wake sheriff’s deputies in pursuing the car into Garner, where they arrested Ervin.
    The BP station is in Garner, and police there have charged Ervin with larceny in that theft, reported about 11:30 a.m. Sunday.
    Ervin also is accused of a carjacking Saturday night at the McDonald’s, which is in the same building as the BP.
    Garner police Sgt. Joe Binns said that Ervin implied he had a gun when he took a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier from a man who was not injured. The car was recovered Sunday night at the intersection of McCullers Road and Gulley Lane.
    Ervin was under police guard Monday at WakeMed, where he was listed in good condition. So far, police have charged him with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, robbery and a host of traffic violations.
    The woman who was attacked was treated at WakeMed and released.

    Now, the comment by Chris.

    Meet Fred Louis Ervin. Now it stands to reason that Fred has had a hard time in life. When you spend your days trying to avoid work and listening to rap cd’s, you’re not going to very successful. So what to do? I know. Carjacking! That’s a good career. And robbing gas stations! That will bring in some money!

    So good old Fred heads on down the street looking for some free cash. He walks into the BP on ten-ten road and holds the place up. Now Fred isn’t too bright. He did all this without having a getaway car. What to do? Hey, let’s carjack a 53 year old woman. He heads across the road where he runs into Irene Moorman. He beats her up trying to get her keys from her. She’s pretty feisty so he wrestles her to the ground. While on top of her, other shoppers decide “No more” and circle him and try to get him to stop. A woman tries to hold him to stop him from getting away and a man cold cocks him repeatedly with a frozen turkey. None of the witnesses can recall exactly how many times the guy nailed him, but it was bad enough that when he finally stole the car, he couldn’t drive very straight. He nailed 5 cars on the way out of the parking lot.

    The police arrested him and booked him so he won’t have to worry about how to get cash for a while. Unknown people stepped up and helped a stranger being attacked by a thug. They didn’t care whether or not he had a gun. They saw wrong and stepped in. None of them were named in the article so for those anonymous strangers, here’s to you. You make the world a better place and Irene may have been killed had you not stepped in. Thank you.

    i have to say they certainly make them lazy and stupid. So, let’s make more… is this what Biden was talking about when he made his clean comment about Obama?

  52. Windrider, are you trying to get to judicial watch? or barfootbob? Click onto my name and leave me your e-mail address in my order form and I will send you the addresses

    I contend that if the Supreme Court does not take up the issue of Obama’s legitimacy to assume office then that is the signal that the Constitution is being declared officially dead.

    The legislature is corrupted Rep and Dems past the point of no return, the presidency is corrupted beyond the point of no return, the Supreme Court is corrupted beyond the point of no return.

  53. Here is an interesting take on the Obama birth certificate issue:

    latimesblogs dot latimes dot com slash washington slash 20 slash 08 slash 12 slash obama -birth-cer dot html

  54. Larry,

    We love reading your comments. And couldn’t agree with you more. It is hard for people looking so far left to see anything right. See you this Christmas Eve.

    James and Stephanie

  55. Larry,

    If would write about the senate races, I would love to hear about that from your perspective. Perhaps about the rife corruption in which the manual recounts are taking place.



  57. Family,

    As you know, I have been laid up with a broken ankle, but I have not been out of the loop. I have been following all of the latest events and below is my take:

    On BHO’s Cabinet appointments:

    • Hillary Clinton: As immoral and corrupt as President and Senator Clinton are, I can sleep well at night knowing that a true American is the head of the State Department. Say what you want about the Clintons, but at the end of the day, they will do anything to secure personal power, but they will NOT do so at the expense of the Country (at least on purpose). Also, Hillary will likely stand up to BHO if his policy ideas will hurt the country. She is not afraid to speak her mind or pursue her own agenda, for better or worse.
    • Retired General Shinseki: I have no problem with his appointment to Secretary of Veterans Affairs. He is a wounded warrior himself and therefore has personal experience to help him improve the VA and the lives of our Wounded Warriors.
    • Tom Daschle: I really have no opinion, but from what I have seen and heard, both sides of the aisle are happy and comfortable with his appointment. He himself is also very happy with the appointment because that is his “dream post”. My one reservation is that since he is a Democrat, he may want to socialize our health care system. In the near term, that is not feasible due to the current economic situation; but, in the medium and long term, there is a higher risk of Mr. Daschle endorsing or pushing such a program. We shall wait and see.

    On the Auto Industry:

    • The bottom line is that the Auto Industry is broken and in trouble and if it fails, it may be catastrophic for the workers and the satellite industries and their workers. Either way, the economy will recover, but we shall not let the Auto Industry fail. Granted, this has been coming for a long time, and the Auto Industry should have acted a LONG time ago. I don’t think that Government is the answer, nor have I turned Democrat, but SOMEONE needs to hold these companies’ feet to the fire. Unfortunately, the government seems to be the only group that is willing to do so. This is what I think should be done:
    o Give the auto makers a “bridge loan” so that there is still an American Auto Industry to save, but have many strings attached such as:
     Mandatory restructuring
     Limits on executive compensation
     Slash labour costs by cutting or shrinking unsustainable pension and benefit programs and reducing wages to the level of the foreign auto makers who have factories here in America. Unions must be willing to make these concessions.
     Mandatory modernization
     Implement streamlining programs such as AIRSPEED and/or Lean Six Sigma to cut manufacturing costs
     Some kind of oversight and accountability. Unfortunately, that may mean Government oversight unless the BIG 3 are willing to police themselves effectively. If oversight is provided by the Government, it must only be for the purpose of making sure that changes are actually being made and that those changes are effective. The Government MUST NOT take over decision making for the BIG 3.

    On the situation in Washington State:

    • To the atheists: If Christmas and other displays of religious devotion offend you and give you feelings that we are “pushing our religious beliefs down your throat,” I hate to break it to you but your offensive denouncement of our beliefs makes us Christians feel the same way. You are NOT tolerant and NOT open minded. You are hypocrites. You are guilty of the same crimes of which you accuse Christians. If you truly possessed the reason that you claim to possess, then you would see that, but you do not. This is the last straw. Christians will NOT sit idly by and let the Godless minority silence the Christian majority.
    • We must contact Governor Gregoire and tell her that she needs to move that awful display to another part of the State House, away from any Christmas displays. Go to to get her contact info.

  58. Good News:

    The media are starting to actually REPORT the news and investigative reporting is making a comeback.

    Bad News:

    The MSM should have done all of that BEFORE the election!!! I just watched an investigative report on the Today Show (I have limited choices here in EU-Land, also God tells us to know our enemy) on how much money the execs at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made and how most of them were Democrats who went from government posts to executive positions at Fannie and Freddie. NBC should have aired that report MONTHS ago. The same info that took them TWO MONTHS to compile, took bloggers DAYS to post on the Internet, back when the events were unfolding. On the one hand, I appreciate the media’s attempt at learning its lesson and shaping up, but on the the other hand, it still seems fake. Also, it still shows that the MSM was influencing the election by its strategy of only reporting stories that were beneficial to BHO and Democrats and hurtful to John McCain and Republicans. ARGH!!!


    We already tried teaching them to work and gave them every opportunity to take what they’d learned as advancement of themselves. In it’s infinite wisdom, the government forced a program on us kind of like a “show and tell” in hopes these liberal low lifes would get the idea of what it means to “earn a living.”

    That program was called Affirmitive Action 30 years ago and is still in effect today… but so is the same ignorance and poverty among them and as you say, we’re building homes for them because they don’t want to work for them.

    The desire to better oneself comes from within, it’s not taught by another. Many of these people have learned to or never have known any other way than to live off of another man’s earnings or savings. Some have the audacity to complain to the liberal lefts ear and media, about their living standard not equaling those they are leeching from. While at the same time blaming it on society because of the color of their skin and our racism.

    I never thought about voting for Obama after the third time I heard him speak. But I don’t feel sorry for him either. The lie infected campaign he ran will bring him trouble with constituents in his own Dippycrat party, let alone most of the mindless zombies who voted for him. (There’ll always be those boot-lickers, to put it politely.)

    What I worry about is the damage he and the Democrat majority Congress (Pelosi-Reid you talk about nut-jobs!!) will do during his term. That we must all pay close attention to, all the time.

  60. Happy Belated Birthday, JR!!! I’m a December baby too!!! I’ll be 27 on the 10th!!!

  61. Anyone want to talk about pink Christmas in Amsterdam

  62. Amy D: dig deeper. Clinton avoided the draft fleeing to Canada, from there went to Russia where he marched with chanters screaming “Down with America!”; also, took $5 million dollars from Chinese in second pres campaign- illegal contributions, and there are a stack of bodies piled up all around their regime.

    Investigative reporting making a come back in mainstream media? Not likely.

    Hope you are recovering successfully.

  63. Amy… welcome back and happy birthday! Pray you are doing well.

    Ken… it does seem that all is lost, but I’m still wearing my tinfoil hat:

    www dot americanthinker dot com/2008/12/obama_derangement_syndrome.html

    Look at the corruption in IL. today. The Governor and his chief of staff trying to sell the obama’s senate seat. I smell boatloads of shit on the way.


    AMY D

    Thanks for your birthday wishes and HAPPY BIRHTDAY to you tomorrow the 10th

    Old saying give him a fish or teach him to fish

    Born into the entitlement world
    they expect ia all free from cradle to grave

  65. Amy, Glad to hear you are progressing. 27?!?!? You are a baby! 🙂 Happy Birthday to you and to JR.

    Ken is right… dig deeper on Hillary. She will make decisions baed on what makes her look good… regardless of the long term damage to this country. She and Bill have entirely too many skeletons in the closet, under the bed and stuffed in several attics!

    A return to responsible journalism? You’re being entirely too easy on them, Amy. You need to see the website for the Media Research Center. (They are a “.org”)They have a daily list of the stupidity that is reported in lieu of news in the MSM. No, one half-told story does not make up for all of the years of left leaning BS we have been subjected to.

    Redbone, do you think that Obama will get splattered in that crap storm? That could be a really ugly way to start a new administration.

  66. Ken,

    I forgot Slick Willie was a draft dodger and an active Commie sympathiser. I also forgot about the illegal Chinese campaign funds (BHO must have taken a page out of Slick’s playbook). Must have been the meds I was on 🙂 As far as the body count, I pretty much covered that in the “immoral and corrupt” statement. As far as the choices for State Secretary go, I am comfortable with Hillary at the helm. She has experience dealing with foreign countries and I just don’t think she will do anything to intentionally harm the country (Keyword: Intentionally). I don’t like her as a person and she is as morally bankrupt as her husband, but I think she can do the job and do it well.

  67. Ken and Red,

    I should have worded it “investigative reporting is starting to make a bit of a comeback”. I get excited when the MSM criticises Democrats.

  68. T… I think that the MSM will protect the obama at all costs. Way to many exceedingly powerful people and organizations want this scum bag installed as POTUS. At a presser just a few moments ago he basically “plead the 5’th” by saying re. the investigation surrounding the “former” gov.: “I can’t comment because it’s an ongoing investigation.” There is so much dirt (and so many dirt-bags) surrounding this son of a bitch something has to break at some point. I just pray it is before the coronation so he does not have the opportunity to pass any legislation.

  69. Amy, it’s just nice to see you back. How’s the leg?

  70. T,

    I may be chronologically a baby, but I have more life experience than some people twice my age. I have been studying the Holocaust and following politics for over 20 years. My dad forced me to watch the news and documentaries. I have been a news and documentary junkie ever since. Don’t get me wrong, the MSM still pisses me off. Wolf Blitzer boils my blood every night. Most nights he kisses BHO’s ass at the beginning of his show. The BHO story is ALWAYS mentioned first. I have not been able to surf the Net like I normally do. If I take my pain meds and if my foot is not elevated, I get dizzy and I can’t read, so I am stuck getting my fix via Channel 5. Unfortunately, EU-Land only supplies me with the MSM, and very limited Conservative sources. I think it’s rotting my brain 😛

  71. KEN,
    Tried to give you my email address at your order site…it wouldn’t happen. Need I order wood too?

    A little more on the houses… It appears now that lawyers associated with the American Civil Liberties Union are being employed to bring suit for damages suffered by the blacks and latinos for having their homes foreclosed on. The L.A. Times carried a Nov. 30th article about the National Community Renivestment Coalition suit. The NCRC is an affilliate of ACORN and other race based organizations wouldn’t ya just know it.
    Go to for full read. Unbelievable.

    AMY D,
    Now, if you just stay of those darned ol’ horses you’ll make it to 28? ; ) I have two grandkids both with December birthdays, 5th and 17th.


    Illinois Governor Bladojevich has been arrested for corruption. The Chicago Machine is unravelling. It shall be interesting to see how this affects BHO. From what I have read, BHO may benefit from corruption, but he never actively participates in it. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he made one mis-step and ends up subject to a corruption investigation and impeached or worse??? We shall see.

    Here is a link to Governor Bladojevich’s indictment. This stuff could not be made up. Truth really is stranger than fiction. This guy is a reincarnation of Tammany Hall politicians from the 19th century. For a good read:


    WARNING: Full of foul language

  73. Red,

    The leg is alright. I hate this cast. The one cool thing is that it has teddy bears on it. I wanted something fun and not monotonous. I thought everyone would laugh at me, but they think it is great. Some people at the hospital were jealous because all they got was a plain white cast. I can’t wait to be “normal” again. I get it off in three weeks. Then, I get a boot. At least I will then be able to do for myself. My Hubby and my neighbours make me my meals, Hubby has to help me shower, I sleep on the couch because I can keep my leg elevated and because going upstairs is a major ordeal I cannot do without help. At least I get a shower on my birthday!!! Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said a new long sleeve shirt to replace the one that was cut when I broke my foot, brownies, and sex. I think I will score on all three fronts.


    Illinois Governor Bladojevich has been arrested for corruption. The Chicago Machine is unravelling. It shall be interesting to see how this affects BHO. From what I have read, BHO may benefit from corruption, but he never actively participates in it. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he made one mis-step and ends up subject to a corruption investigation and impeached or worse??? We shall see.

    Here is a link to Governor Bladojevich’s indictment. This stuff could not be made up. Truth really is stranger than fiction. This guy is a reincarnation of Tammany Hall politicians from the 19th century. For a good read:


    WARNING: Full of foul language

  75. Amy… HA! That’s great, score baby, score 😉

    I hated the cast as well, but don’t expect miracles just because you get “the boot”. It has taken me 4 months and I can just about walk, albeit very slowly, without a cane, sans boot. Still need it to shoot darts well. You have my prayers best wishes for a thorough recovery… which mean baby steps – don’t re-injure.

    I drove (by myself) for the first time yesterday and man it was awesome! Free at last, free at last… thank God Almighty I am free at last!

  76. Red,

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you for your prayers. They are well appreciated. I am well aware that I may never be 100%. I elevate as much as possible, eat right, take my vitamin, and get lots of rest. I move my toes and stretch as much as I can. I want to do as much as I can to get back to 100%. For a while I could only move my first two toes and when I was in the hospital, I refused to move my toes, though I could move them, it just hurt like hell. I am very glad that I am off the pain meds (my bowels are happy too 🙂 ). Everyone was worried that I would become addicted. I was taking 4 mg of Dilaudid every 4 hours. I reassured them that opiates in pill form do not do anything for me except dull the pain. I won’t be doing any driving unless the car is an automatic and those are scarce here in EU-Land. I don’t drive stick.

  77. Stars and Stripes Forever

    Amy, I’ve missed your posts and am glad you’re back!
    I too had a broken ankle a few years back, and I can relate to what you’ve been going through.
    Glad to see that it hasn’t diminished your spirit any. : )
    Keep on fighting the good fight, girl!
    My very best regards to you and all.

  78. Thank you, Stars and Stripes!!!! Semper Fi!!!

  79. Family,

    If you can, please make a donation to one of my favorite charities, Toys For Tots. It’s a .org website. They are really hurting for toys this year due to the economy. If there is not a drop site in your area, you can donate money at their website. Thanks.

  80. Stars and Stripes Forever

    I hope you’re having a good time, and thank you for fighting the good fight as always!
    I haven’t been reading much lately due to my own health issues, so just wanted to check in on everyone.
    I am looking forward to your return Larry, and to your always-informative, right-on-the-spot articles.
    Take care everyone, and God Bless you all!

  81. Red,

    Do you have any metal in your foot?? I have a plate and some pins and screws. I have a neat scar on the right side of my foot and the metal and torn ligaments are on the left side. My ankle is really swollen — even when elevated. My doc says that it will probably stay swollen for a while. My skin is also deteriorated. It is better now, but I had a blister earlier that felt electric when it popped. I required an immediate splint change when that happened.

  82. Stars and Stripes Forever

    Amy, I hope you get to feeling better really soon. I know this will last for awhile! My ankle was broken, and the break ran all the way up my leg. But I hope you have a good doctor taking care of you. That can make all the difference.
    Please take good care of yourself.
    God bless you, and thank you for reminding us about Toys for Tots. I have been meaning to look into that and make a donation.
    Semper Fi, dear Amy!!

  83. Amy, the first set of docs wanted to plate the leg together. This was in Northern NH where I busted it. The tibia shattered lengthwise. I said no, put it in a cast and I will get back to MA. Next ortho surgeon didn’t want to touch it and sent me to an ortho trauma doc at Brigham and Woman’s hospital who said it was 50/50 that surgery would help. We opted to let the leg set as it was seeing that all of the pieces were very close to where they needed to be. Thank God for big ass hiking boots… kept everything in place. I hope to be able to jog once again.

  84. Watched ABC News on the Ill. Gov. arrest. They deliberately spun it away from “Obuma”. It is speculated that Axelrod was the party dealing with Gov and they were willing to play ball two years later when nothing could be directly connected to “Obuma.” You’re gonna need more than a tinfoil hat for protection fromt his guy. It’s vomit fromt he Clinton era and sh*t from the new Chicago gang. If he takes office I doubt we’ll get to 2010 without major conflict.

  85. Amy,

    First off so glad your back and hope you are progressing in your therapy.

    Second, A Big Happy Birthday to you and I’m giving you a cyber hug. Hope you have a great day.

    Now, onto the Clinton’s and their corruption, deceitfulness and pure deception. There’s a line of dead bodies on the roadways leading to Little Rock, Arkansas Governors Mansion and the White House. The list is long and elaborate but close to 60 individuals who were connected to the Clinton’s who were once “friends” or “colleagues” suddenly found themselves a bump in the road to the greatness to this fine communist American President who has an issue keeping his zipper in the upright position.

    From James McDougal (Whitewater conviction), Vince Foster (he was to be a key witness in Ken Stars investigation of Clinton, plus it’s a little hard to shoot yourself twice in the head in a suicide when to first bullet was fatal), Mary Mahoney (a member of the Clinton sexual harassment club), Ron Brown (former DNC Chairman. t the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors. He died by impact in a plane crash, but pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown’s skull resembling a gunshot wound), Ed Willey (found dead deep in the woods in Virginia of a gunshot wound to the head. He died on the same day his wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House, her sudden availability?), Jerry Parks (Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team in Little Rock. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock. Park’s son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton. He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house), Suzanne Coleman (Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas Attorney General. Died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide. Was pregnant at the time of her death).

    Like I said the list is long and arduous. It’s really interesting that so many died from a gunshot to the back of the head, and they deemed them suicides; who knew they were so flexible, they could have gone into the circus. Then there’s the Kevin Ives & Don Henry case. Mena, Arkansas Airport Drug Operation. Known as “The boys on the track” case. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the airport drug operation. Controversial case where initial report of death was due to falling asleep on railroad track. Later reports claim the 2 boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury. Names of people who died during the investigation. They are: Keith Coney (Died when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck July, 1988), Keith McMaskle (Died stabbed 113 times, Nov, 1988). Gregory Collins (Died from a gunshot wound January 1989), Jeff Rhodes (He was shot, mutilated and found burned in a trash dump in April 1989), James Milan (Found decapitated. Coroner ruled death due to natural causes. He cut off his own head?), Jordan Kettleson (Was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup truck in June 1990), Richard Winters (Was a suspect in the Ives/Henry deaths. Was killed in a set-up robbery July 1989).
    The state crime lab director is appointed by the governor and serves at the will of the governor. At the time of the boy’s murder, the director’s position was vacant. Three department chiefs, Ken Michau, head of toxicology; Ralph Turbyfill, who I believe was head of latent fingerprints and; Bear Chandler were designated by Clinton to be the “acting directors. When Steve Cox, who was the crime lab’s trace evidence expert, found cuts in both of the boy’s shirts, he wanted to do further testing to determine whether or not the cuts in the shirts matched any of the wounds on the boys’ bodies. Cox received a memo from the acting directors stating that no further testing was to be conducted because the crime lab was “going to back Malak’s ruling”. This information came from Cox’s grand jury testimony. In fact, Cox left the Arkansas state crime lab and moved out of state. I do not believe that the acting crime lab directors would have made the decision to stop Cox from doing his job without orders from above. The only person they answered to was Bill Clinton.

    For 5 years Clinton steadfastly defended Fahmy Malak (medical examiner who ruled the boy’s deaths accidental) despite a huge public outcry for his dismissal and even recommended a 41% salary increase in his salary.

    I understanding that Malak was a definite liability and problem for his presidential campaign, when Clinton decided to run for president Clinton’s office participated in “negotiations” to create a new position for Malak in the state health department despite a hiring freeze. Then when the “negotiations” were exposed in the media, Clinton lied about his involvement, which was also exposed and loudly protested to no avail.

    I’m just getting warm… An FBI agent stated that the Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman, Lib Carlisle, called the state capital to call off the state police investigation of the boys’ murders.

    Robert Shepherd, appointed by Clinton as the state drug czar, interfered with three separate investigations of the boys’ deaths. He tried to convince the U.S. Attorney’s office that Jean Duffy was “crazy”; He warned John Brown to back off the case and; he attempted to intervene in the FBI investigation.

    Linda Ives (mother of one of the boy’) was placed on Clinton’s “enemies” list and, in fact, singled out by White House Counsel Mark Fabiani to reporter Phil Weiss who wrote for the New York Times Magazine article, “Clinton Haters”. The “Mainstream Conspiracy Commerce Report” she questioned why was she so important enough to even be on the list, much less be singled out to a reporters? Phil Weiss’ conclusion was much like her own – she said that she is not a conspiracy nut out to get Bill Clinton – she has a legitimate complaint about the handling of her son’s murder case.

    You cannot pinpoint why Clinton got involved in a murder investigation about two young men who were drugged and placed on a railroad track because they may have saw something at an ambiguous Arkansas municipal airport. Yet, he took every opportunity to hamper this investigation.

    Some of these murders are really fascinating and would make great books or films. But, Billy is one of their liberal heroes so even if someone wrote something it wouldn’t go any farther. I find it all very fascinating and intriguing especially why he involved himself in the Kevin Ives & Don Henry case. If he was involved it was probably drug money he received. There is a video available on this case entitled Obstruction of Justice. It details Linda Ives and Jean Duffy’s investigation into this case to find justice for their murders. Through the tenacity of Kevin’s mother, Linda, the cover up was finally unraveling. Kevin and Don inadvertently witnessed a drug drop that was part of the international drug smuggling operation out of Mena, Arkansas. The cover-up, which had been perpetuated to prevent exposing the involvement of three U.S. presidents in the crimes of Mena. Obstruction of Justice, which was meticulously edited for accuracy, tells the amazing story of drugs, murders, and betrayal by our government officials.

    I can give you more but I believe you get my point that he is more then just “immoral and corrupt” as the evidence is listed above. He makes Manson look like a choir boy. 60 unexplained deaths, from questionable suicides to outright murder. That’s why his nickname is Sick Willy and Teflon Bill.

  86. Larry,
    I thought you might enjoy this.I was reading a column on the Human Events site(which I know you don’t read) and posted a remark stating NoLeftTurnz had just run a column on the same subject which I thought readers might find interesting.
    Well ,one of those red-letter notices appeared stating I should clean up my comments. So, I deleted any of the sentences I felt might possibly offend anyone, although nothing I wrote could possibly be considered offensive by any stretch of the imagination.
    The notice continued to appear.I then deleted the mention of your site, and the warning disappeared. Imagine that.It is no wonder the Republican party is taking such a beating. This type of in-fighting is nothing short of suicidal. The liberals speak with one accord, and the so-called Conservatives censor each other.Unbelievable.
    Needless to say, I am allowing my subscription to HE-which was up for renewal- to expire.
    I try not to sound pompous and overly-dramatic, which I know I have a habit of, but I truly believe sites such as yours-where freedom of thought still thrives- is the true wave of the future of the Conservative movement.
    God bless you for the work you do.
    Liberty or Death!

  87. With all due respect to Larry’s reasoning, I have to ask, is it politicians lies to the American people, or the ignorance of the American people themselves that are the cause of the sad state affairs our country is in. Methinks it is a combination of both. It cannot be denied that Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of political lies. I cannot find fault with racial minorities or the poor, although the percentages are higher, for ignorance because it applies to everyone from all races and from all walks of life.

    Our government is dirty, our politcians are dirty. Lying to their constituents, holding “behind closed door meetings” unavailable to the public in which they pass laws that affect the public they represent. “Pork”, “special interest groups” and a myriad of below the table dealings that are designed for the betterment of themselves, not for the common good of America. Lies or no lies, that is a broken government my friends.

    I have long said, and after awhile felt old-fashioned in doing so, that an educated voter and their turn out were the key to good government. The media has made a point about low voter turn out through past years with the exception of this last election, no matter how dubious the turnout. (The ability to speak English is helpful.) I re-emphasis my point that the voter should be educated. Mass turn-outs accomplish nothing if the voters are as dumb as a board about the issues or candidates. The mere fact that self-education was not there means we are not welcoming McCain to the presidency.

    The ignorance of the American people would surprise you. Again, I’m talking about people of all political persuasions, race and walks of life.

    John Zogby, a reputable pollster, decided to design a poll to ascertain if the mass media had any influence on shaping public opinion. The results of which, if any, bottom lined in 66 million of us being profoundly stupid. The results of his poll are, I would say, a no brainer in more ways than one. The Patriot Post picked up on Zolby’s findings and reported them in a recent digest;
    56.1% of Obama supporters did not know that his political career was launched by two former terrorists from the Weather Underground; 72% did not know Joe Biden withdrew from a former presidential race because of plagiarism and that 87% thought that Sarah Palin “could see Russia from her house” when in fact the line is attributed to “Saturday Night Live” comedian Tina Fey. Like I said, media brainer. (s)

    Mark Anderson of the Patriot Post went on to report that the Intercollegiate Studies Institute did a study of young people and the faculty at colleges and universities. ISI conducted the tests for civic responsibility and their ability to make decisions in the matter. You know, things like presidential elections, why your paying more taxes to an ever growing government and getting nothing in return, little things like that.
    Nationwide more than 14,000 freshmen and seniors at 50 schools were given a 60 question test. More than 50% of the freshmen failed. 54% of the seniors failed. OK, so some politicians try an out in saying, “the test was conducted last year.” Ever hear of ‘dumb and dumber?’
    This year the ISI went beyond the so-called “institutes of higher learning” and conducted tests across demographic groups. They asked questions similar to those asked of the collegiate and university students and faculy the year before but also included questions about civic participation and policy issues. The outcome of the test were then ” subjected to “multivariate regressive analysis” to determine if collegiate and university graduates had a better civic IQ than the rest of society. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!?!

    71% of Americans FAILED THE TEST with an average score of 49.
    Researchers noted, “Fewer than half of all Americans can name all three branches of government, a minimal requirement in understanding America’s Constitutional system.” Now don’t that just make you proud?

    Less than 24% of college earned degrees knew that the First Amendment prohibits establishing a religion for the United States. Only 54% could identify the basic tenets of the free enterprise system.

    Take a closer grip on the reins and move further up in the saddle for this one friends;
    Our trusted, venerable elected officials have a lower civic IQ than the public that they ostenibly reprepresent!! These charalatans of representative government answered just 44% of the questions correctly! That’s 44% people!!! A failing grade!!!
    Almost a third of these irreprehensible representatives could not correctly identify “Life, Libery and the Pursuit of Happiness” as the inalienable rights in our Declaration of Independance.

    We have set our political sights in regaining the White House and/or the Congress. I say we have to adjust the sights to eliminate political ignorance. I believe with all my heart that there is no future for a country of ignorant people.

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant — and free– in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and what never will be.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

  88. Eileen,

    Thanks for your list. I always knew Vince Foster was murdered. I just was not aware of all of the others. Where can I get a hold of “Obstruction Of Justice”??? I would love to see it.


    WOW!! I’m glad that you were wearing large boots. I was wearing big Doc Marten oxfords and one got stuck in the stirrup — the one that was decimated.

  89. Windrider,

    I bleieve our founding fathers said that our form of government is for a VIRTUOUS people. If the people are ignorant of some things but virtuous their virtue will safe guard the republic because they will not tolerate the profane. But when they are profane and ignorant it will not survive. Profaning of the populace was designed and deliberately fostered off on the populace. See William Carr’s “Pawns in the Game.” Carr was a Jew, by the way. You will see within his thesis that what we are experiencing now was a strategy devised long ago. After that see Pat Buchannan’s “Death of the West.” There Buchannan explains how the profanity was dispensed to the Baby Boomer generation.

  90. Windrider,

    If you want to see how the dumbing down of America has been accomplished see Antony Sutton’s “How The Order Took Over Education.”

  91. Redbone,

    David Horowitz is an ACLU Jew set on profaning the USA to the utter dregs in accordance with the Jewish mandate to uttertly secularize the USA. The ACLU was orginally founded as an organization to defend communist in America. Michelle Malkin is a second generation Japanese. Neither has real vested interest in the purpose for which America and USA are established. Horowitz, remember, was the lawyer on the O.J. Simpson murder trial team who turned the whole murder trial into a trial about race. Malkin, I have to give credit to, for writing a book advocating the internment of all Islamics in the USA and I believe their systematic deportment out of the country. Her idiocy on Obama’s qualifications to be president came as a screed against 9/11 Truthers who, led by Alex Jones, went after her on the streets at one of the presidental conventions. Jones believes 9/11 was a government inside job. There’s strong evidence there that it was, especially after the Aaron Russo/Nicholos Rockerfeller association in which Rockerfeller revealed to Russo some plans that are definately 9/11 connected a full year before the event. But his beef with Malkin was that she advocated internment of Islamics. That experience with Jones in the streets in all probability in wanting vengeance is why she equated the 9/11 Truthers with those of us who believe the birth certificate issue is revelant and should be examined and dispensed with according to the Constitution, because not a few of the 9/11 Truthers agree that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to be POTUS.

  92. Windrider,

    John Zogby is a flaming liberal and his poll questions are almost always contorted to get the liberal results he seeks.

  93. T,

    Former Illuminatus, Doc Marquis, says she is a fourth level witch (while Bill is a third level). Some of the Monarchs speak about her: see Cathy Obrian’s “Tranceformation of America.”

  94. actualintelligence

    To the “9/11 Truthers” who have posted the insane post above me, you are trulty insane. Michelle Malkin was threatened by you beloved Alex Jones and please dont use other peoples forums to spew your Aryan Anti-Semitic trash, get lost Mr. Brownshirt, if your government(which i am no huge fan of myself) is horrible enough to blow its own trade center down, why do you even live in such a horrible place???? Why not go live under such just and nice leaders like Robert Mugabe or Vladimir Putin. Oh I’m sorry, not Mugabe, hes black, strke that one down from your list, sorry man, your crap just doesnt fly here, not yet at least

  95. It should be pointed out that Aaron Russo, who was Jewish, was an upright man who had a heart of gold and a mind for the truth. We will sorely miss him as his was a strong voice for the good things of virtue in America. If you haven’t seen his last film “America: from Freedom to Fascism” it will educate to the source of some of our present woes. It is highly reccomended.

    Here is an interview about the Rockerfeller association with Russo:

    www dot youtube dot com slash watch? v=7nD7bkkBIA

  96. Ken,
    If Zogby is a liberal… and I’m not saying he isn’t, I never really paid much attention… then why would he publicly announce the results that prove this lefty controlled education system of your is not educating anybody? Or doesn’t he think folks will see it that way?

    BTW… did any of you see the FOX and Friends show this morning where they have started identifying the children’s text books which have loony left wish-it-were’s in place of actual historical or scientific facts? I’d sure like to get a hold of those book titles so I can make sure my child is not being taught from one of them.

  97. Amy… It is obvious that you are a very mature 27… It’s just that I have children, surely shoes, and probably underwear older than you! LOL:)

    Take good care of that foot!

  98. T,

    It’s a pick and choose matter. With regards to political campaigns it has to do with perception of the favored candidate as far as public consuption of results and private polls for acurate reporting for the person to gage what he has to do. As far as polls for education etc., it gives picture of how successful the dumbing down program is going. You will notice that the dumbed down will not be concerned with such matters as education.

  99. T,

    The first thing I’d want to know about a poll is who hired the pollster and why? Was it State sponsored? Foundation sponsored? Privately sponsored? Also, why this particular pollster? Or were there several pollsters doing polls on the same subject?

  100. KEN,
    I don’t know of John Zogby’s political affilitation. All I do know of him is he was employed by John Zeigler in the filming of “How Obama Got Elected.” An un-complimentary video towards media influence on Obama voters. Zogby was also mentioned by Mark Alexander in the Patriot Post as being “a reputable pollster.” The Patriot Post is a conservative journal and does not take lightly to liberals of any kind, aflame or just smoking.

    I have watched the “dumbing down of America” as it progressed. I am 63 years old. Just another old man to some, ancient to others. Within those years came the wisdom that comes with growing older, that most all people will experience. It’s a good thing. I have seen our America desolve from when the only reason I had to move a toy from our front yard before I went in for the night, was when it was on the sidewalk and someone might trip over it. It was always there the next morning. I recall when a man’s handshake was his word of honor and as good as signing his name on a piece of paper. But most of all I remember when people were responsible for themselves and they alone suffered the consequences if they weren’t.

    I agree with you in our Founding Fathers saying that our government is for a virtuous people. They also added that it be for an educated people.
    John Adams wrote: “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, inaliable, indefeasible divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge; I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers… Wisdom and knowledge, AS WELL AS VIRTUE, diffused generally among the body of the people, being necessary for their preservation or rights and libertys.”

    I am of the mind that neither the greater percentage of the people NOR the government are virtuous let alone knowledgeable.
    It seems that in today’s America, ignorance is not only bliss but also virtuous.

    Don’t get me wrong here… I love America. I love the ideology upon which our country was founded and I thank God every day that He blessed me that I was born in this great nation.
    It is the simple fact that I grow ashamed of more of my fellow Americans. Their growing complaceny and apathy (virtue) plus their irgnorance, will mean their total dependancy on the government, then, the downfall of our country as we know it.

    Our schools are turning out educated dummies by the thousands, and as we sit idly by. Oh they may be a whiz in whatever profession they’ve chosen, but can they add two plus two?

    In 1993,Walter E. Williams, an Economics Proffesor at the George Mason University said, “A Department of Education survey found that 50 percent of whites and 80 percent of blacks couldn’t state in writing the argument made in a newspaper article; 56 percent could not calculate the right tip of a dinner ticket; 57 percent could not calculate the correct change they should get back after putting down $3.00 for a $.60 cent sandwich and a $1.25 bowl of soup; and over 90 percent could not use a calculator to calculate the cost of carpeting a room. But not to worry, a 1999 survey taken by the American Council of Trustees and Seniors at the nation’ top 55 liber-arts universities and colleges found that 98 percent could identify Snoop Dog and Beavis and Butt-Head, but only 34 percent knew that George Washington was the general at Yorktown. With limited thinking abilities and knowledge of our heritage, we Americans set ourselves up as easy prey for charalatans (Obama), hustlers (Obama) and quacks(Obama).”

    Ken, I’ve always been conservative in thinking by nature and liberal thinking never really quite rang my bell. To me, for the most part, those people are a bunch of blathering idiots. I believe the family here at NLTZ are all agreed on that.
    Your point on virtue is well taken, but I must insist that as we stress to change the political scenes in the years to come, I believe we must take a broader veiw. Education is vitally important to 4-8 and beyond years, politically and nationally.

    I think the best means of building a robust, virtuous and happy population will be found by the right education of the youth. The young are this nation’s generational foundation’s replacement. We must keep them as strong if not stronger than those that preceded them. If not we will eventually have lost all.

  101. Windrider,

    No argument with you here. I totally agree. I believe what I am trying to get accross is that virtue must be at the base, and I agree with you totally that we must have literate populace. I am using the word virtue as moral as well as literate or educationally enabled. Today the nation as a whole is neither. It has been said that a man without virtue nor education may steal another man’s billfold, but a man without virtue but educated will steal a railroad!

  102. T,

    I have shoes older than me too 😀 I collect shoes (real shoes, Christmas tree ornaments, figurines, etc.) and I have a dandy pair of turn-of-the-twentieth-century olive green and brown leather lace up boots. They’re older than my grandparents!!! — and old by Italian standards (“my grandmother’s age”). My dream pair is a pair of black and white high button boots, preferably my size (9). I have not found them yet. I know that there was at least one woman who had big feet back then 😉 .

  103. Fun Fact:

    Rod Blagojevich stole my birthday!!!! This dirtbag has the same birthday I do!!! I’m outraged!!!

  104. Some Perspective:

    Contrary to the MSM’s doom and gloom, the unemployment rate has only grown about 1.2% year-to-date. On 4 January of this year, unemployment hit 5%. The last report said unemployment hit 6.2% in November. As horrible as it is to lose one’s job, especially in lean economic times, this is not catastrophic for the country as a whole.

  105. Amy,
    For $2.5 million, I’m sure Inmate Rod would gladly change his birthday!

  106. LOL @ Sling!!! I don’t have that kind of money. Inmate Rod just needs to change his birthday.

  107. KEN,

    That is a definite! Virtue and education must be at the base. And I had understood that you are talking in the moral sense of the word “virtue.” As conservatives, if we are to correct our nations course, we all have to expand our aims beyond the political scope, charge ourselves with educating our children in moral values and civic knowledge as well. An insurmountable task? How much do you value your America.

    There are a lot of ways to kill something, either slowly or quickly. As for a living thing you can shoot it, run over it, or use some other method to get rid of it. There are slow ways, such as poison administered gradually, or perhaps taking away it’s ability to care for itself. If you took a domesticated animal and turned it out into the wild, it would either starve or be eaten because it wouldn’t know how to take care of itself. In the animal kingdom, the weak and sick are eliminated because of not being able to take care of themselves from the predators. It is the Natural Order of things.

    I use this as a comparison in how America and is being killed. (1) Currency destruction. (2) Weakening of the population.

    The currency destruction is an inseperable link to the second method. Before FDR, people used to plan for their retirement, save in sound dollars, own a home or in a hundred ways, plan for old age. Americans were strong, intelligent, hardworking and knew that if they didn’t plan for old age they might die early. Did that type of planning pay off? Of course it did!! Naturally the weak and stupid didn’t plan and guess what? They died early, which is as it should have been in the Natural Order of things. People had to pay their debts, pay off their home and PLAN. If they did, everything was OK, if they didn’t they died early keeping the human strain strong as in the animal kingdom.

    What stopped this necessity to save and plan? Social Security, for one. The government would take care of oldsters, remove their duty and necessity to care and plan for themselves. Government would force a dedution from their paychecks, put it away for them, and then when they retired, all would be just okey-dokey. A weakness occured because they no longer had to save, plan, sacrifice for their old age. The weak no longer failed and died. They lived, and continued to live when they should have, by all logical means, been dead and buried. By staying alive they become more of a burden on the rest of the populace and their families.

    Does my reasoning sound coarse, crude, mean, ungodly to you? Think about it. It is so illogical. We, who elevate ourselves above the animal world by simple equative reasoning, are still God’s creatures and prone to His Natural Order.

    (2) Orignally there were no public schools. Everyone taught their children at home. Literally in a private or religious school. Caring, smart parents taught them well and their kids succeeded. America, a hundred years ago was far more educated, virtuous and cultured than it is now. By knowledge of skills of reading, the math and other subjects, the eighth grader of a hundred years ago compares equally with today’s college student or maybe even a graduate. This was without ANY public schools!! The stupid parents who didn’t show caring, demonstrated in their kids who failed in life, probably died early and didn’t become a burden on society.

    Next, there were thousands of one-room school houses, paid for by local people and these schools did very well, but it was the beginning of large public schools which has turned out to be no more than baby sitters. The failure and costs of public schools (like all government programs) have resulted in the partial population of American streets with thugs, druggies, rapists, shoplifters, burglars and all sorts of criminal riff-raff which should be dead… maybe not even having been born in the first place.

    Cruel, ungodly, coarse? Think whatever you may of me, it is the future of our America I think of. The youngest of our children can be indoctrinated to this “new” old educaton.

    All of you may have taken note through comments from the family in reference to Obama organizing young children’s groups. While these are personal gain oriented, they strongly resembled Adolph Hitler’s youth groups in the 30’s and 40’s. Obama, for what he is, recognizes the ignorance of the people and the advamtage can be taken advantage of.

    I plead to all of you, my fellow conservatives, do not let this happen to our children!!

  108. Windrider,

    My wife and I homeschooled our son. We came to see the public schools as ‘goverment’ schools and founts of indoctrination rather than education.

    The main source of the public education problem goes deeper than is evident. That is why I recommended Antony Sutton’s “How the Order Took Over Education” along with Pat Buchannan’s “The Death of the West.” These books go to the levers of power that direct the kind of schools and teachers we have and how and why the decision was made to dumb down American students. Dumbing down of American populace was in conjunction with the profaning of America as is explained by William Carr in his “Pawns in the Game.” If education in America is to be taken back it has to be wrested from the hands of these people who are written about in these books.

    FDR was a total shift in all things social. As to what you said above, “the Fear of The LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction,” Pro. 1:7; “…knowledge of the holy is understanding.” At the same time, we have taken this, I guess you would call it ‘unnatural’ turn in Social Security, I am thankful for it for myself, my mother and my sister and many others I know who are in or entering into the winter of life. That program would have been just fine had not LBJ opened up the accounts and made them available for any and everything for which the funds were not intended. But that’s another theme.

    I appreciate you.


    Our education system is following the road taken by General Motors
    Heavy union involvement with enormous retirement benefits based
    on years of service and pay scale
    allowing teachers to retire at 80% OF FINAL PAY So they hang in and upgrade the pay by adding education levels and number of hours to a dr. degree waiting for the day they retire as they do not wish to work for the other 20% in fact when they retire they take home more money as they do not pay union dues,health insurance,or in MA state income taxes
    Attention span is spent looking for that carrot of retirement
    Dedication to educate is gone

  110. KEN,

    With all due respect to your mother, sister and others that you know, the alloted Social Security is not a “caring for the elders” as the government had introduced it. People living solely on Soc. Sec. checks reap limited income. They most generally live on a budget to sustain a modest means of living.

    That “unnataural turn” now matter how well intended, still removed the basic morals of the American people and could not, or did not, defend against politicians that are inbred with a driven force of greed. True, LBJ and his Democratic congress converted the Social Security into General Funds, and the Democrats have had the audacity to accuse the Bush Administration of the sad state in which Social Security finds itself!

    The Democratic party has seen cause to give social security benefits to illegal aliens who’ve never paid a dime of taxes into the fund.

    Without the illegals, there are far more retirees than workers, (this is not counting the baby boomers about to retire) and the original 1% deduction is now close to 20%, still not enough, thereby weakening all of us.

    If that weren’t bad enough, the government continues to lie about inflation, which it causes, so the welfare checks are far less than they should be, thereby screwing the supposedly “well cared” for recipients.

    No one can live on a Social Security check alone today, even though we’ve been force through our noses to support it. Through this program, the entire American citizenry has been made weaker. We’ve been even more unable to care for ourselves when we should have been doing it ourselves, and at the same time we’ve been stolen from in a wholesale manner.

    I suggest that our government then, is killing it’s populace and itself at the same time.

  111. Some Comfort:

    God is still at the helm, and as far as I can tell so far, He has been mitigating the damage. Even though we are going through economic turmoil, I can see the silver lining — as long as times are tough, BHO & Co. will be kept at bay and will be prevented from wreaking havoc on our economy by hiking taxes and implementing crippling environmental fees and regulations. Granted, other chaos may ensue from “bailouts”, but I really think that if the American people (and Republicans) keep voicing their disdain for bailouts, the Dems will keep themselves in-check. The Dems are campaigning for 2010 by their actions now. They know that the American people are watching (hence the closed-door meetings). They can’t do anything too radical without risking their prospects in 2010. Also, BHO has to play it cool until 2012. If he becomes too radical, he will pay for it next election. God is still in control!!!

  112. AMY D.,

    I agree that God is still at the helm of America, but the American people and their government are rocking His boat.

    I have no intention in being a “dooms-day sayer” for our country, but if I may be so bold, I feel that I am helping God in steering a clear and steady course with the warnings I issue.
    Yes, the facts of the warnings are gloomy. We have strayed far from God’s teachings and do not pay homage to Him as we once did when this nation was founded in His name.

    In it’s own way, higher taxes may be good for this country. It would be a come uppance for the materialistic majority that permeates our society today. Having to do “without” may give a different outlook on life that can be taught like no other method. I’ve been there, done that and now am doing it again.

    What I’m trying to get across here is that it’s not just Democrats we need be concerned with. Republicans held their own closed door meetings too. Although Obama poses a threat to our Constitution which we must watch very carefully, it is all of the government AND society that I am concerned about.

    The American people expressing disdain over bailouts. Would it be merely a reaction out of the status quo? You have to wonder whether they are truly concerned over multi-billions of dollars when they can’t figure the change they should get back from a meal.

    You are an intelligent woman, Amy, but all the undisputible, logical facts are there. We have to regain civil control of our total government and our kids for the good of the whole of America’s clear course.

  113. Wind,

    Thanks for the complement!!! I could not agree with your reasoning more. I realise that Republicans are not perfect and I am disdained at their utter lack of leadership ability. On some levels, we get what we deserve. If we the people are willing to elect these fools year after year, hoping for something different, then the joke’s on us. I am actually hopeful that this lean economy will force everyone, but especially my generation to learn what hardship is truly all about. I think the American people are concerned over bailouts because the amounts of money required are so huge. No one likes their pocketbook threatened. They may not be able to make change, but they do realise that a billion dollars is a substantial chunk of change. It’s the opposite of the normal reaction. We usually fret over small amounts of money spent, lost or wasted, but we ignore or shrug off spending, losing or wasting large amounts of it — hence the reason why most government spending goes largely unnoticed by the majority of Americans. Also, the media does a great job of encouraging reactions. I see this every night. Sometimes it’s subtle — a facial expression or tone of voice. Sometimes it’s obvious — word choice, continuous hammering or ignoring of a particular point or position, etc. America needs change, but not the kind BHO advocates. We need to pare down the fluff and excess and get back to the basics — morality, civic responsibility, the Bible, and the Constitution. I learned the Constitution in 5th and 8th grade and have never forgotten those lessons. My daughter goes to Christian school and learns the basics. She will be a better person for it. BTW, BHO scared the bejesus out of my daughter — she’s 8 years old.

  114. This thought on the “weakening” of the American people:

    “Americans work harder than the people of any other wealthy nation. We are willing to tolerate more economic instability and we are willing to take more risks (vrs. planning and saving) to get ahead. But WE can o-n-l-y compete if our government makes the investments that give us a fighting chance — and if we know our families have some net beneath which they cannot fall.”

    Barrack Obama “The Audacity of Hope”

    Remind anyone of Social Security? How great is that, an already inept system. The elderly that are living solely off of the meanial checks aren’t living on a so called “limited budget.” They’re scrimping every last penny just to exist from one month to the next.

    And Obama is of the mind that we, WE, the people of these United States would not be able to take care of ourselves were it not for the government’s investments? The government, with the exception of burdensom laws and a mountain of BS, doesn’t “make” money. We supply and support the government with our money. The government should not be in the position to “invest” our money, that is for the individual citizenery to decide for themselves.

    It would seem Obama is all about funding, a lot of funding from the looks of his Urban Policy. The directions that are given for the funding doesn’t appear that you will find any “light” equality.

    Jobs are going to see him try to help “low income workers” enter the job market…I still haven’t figured what in the hell that means. I mean, their working aren’t they?

    He will be dumping millions and billions of dollars here and there into his favorite shades of the cesspools of our cities. But when it comes to Homeland Security, Obama believes that our “precious” homeland security dollars should be directed according to risk, not as general fund sharing.
    My thought, that these “things” that live within the inner cities be included under Homeland Security.

    AMY D.,

    You’re quite welcome…I mean’t what I said. You’ll be having a birthday soon. My early congratulations!! Enjoy YOUR day! I don’t know quite how to put this, but you’re young yet. With a few more miles on you…or not : ), you will make a formidable political candidate. I know you’d debate Hillary out of her pantsuit… OH, WAIT!! Bad mental picture there!! I hope I don’t have nightmares…

    I hesitate to find any good qualities in the Republican “leadership” we have. I believe that most have fallen to the wishes of the moderate or left leaning moderate’s and will not hold the line of the true conservative. They are doing this for personal gain, not out of interest, defense of their constituents or for America. I trust few politicians at their word and those, it may surprise you, are relatively young. But they have the honesty and integrity to listen to the people they represent and act accordingly. I watch them and I encourage them in their actions in the Congress and the Senate.

    The sad thing about the American people not caring or caring about the bailouts is their in the belief that they are for billions of dollars when in fact they will amount to $1.5 trillion dollars. And the government isn’t yet through handing out all of the money that we worked for.

    Don’t ever expect the government to “pare down” anything within itself. The bureaucracy will not stand for it, the American people will be the lambs of sacrifice.

    I, Ken, and probably many more here in the ‘family’ couldn’t agree with you more, Amy, in getting back to the basics of morality, civic responsibilty, the Bible, and the Constitution. It is vital. This is what I’ve been trying to say, but we have to start with the very young for I fear that any attempt on older children would be lost. We must teach our young intelligently and from our hearts, out of our love and knowledge in the heritage of our country. We must never approach the teachings in a propagandist or brainwashing way, rather let the children discover the meaning of their nation, America.

    Picture America if there had never been a public school, every child had been home-schooled or sent to a private school, paid for by it’s parents, with little or no property taxes, and no terrible, microscopic educating in public failing schools. There would be thousands and thousands of private schools operating for profit, and competing with each other for achievement, being used by parents who chose not to home school. No teachers unions and no inept teachers! There couldn’t be because the competition in the market wouldn’t allow for it. There would be schools specializing in cooking, engineering, math, language or whatever the parents chose for their kids. There would be an abundance of religious schools, paid for by their parents of the pupils and the churches, but no drain on taxpayers of any kind, with superb education.

    The public school system, even in the small towns like the one I live in, have proved to be disasters. Homeowners are being taxed severly to pay for these incompetent, inefficient, poorly educating, sinkholes of fading dollars.

    How ingrained has public schools and social security become in the American mind? You, Amy, and probably aroung 99% of the “family” will disagree with me. Most likely in the reasoning, “We have to take care of our old people and educate our young.” That reasoning, despite all facts and logic has proved that the exact opposite happened, costing a fortune in dollars, not to mention the crime.

    America has inflicted wounds on itself over the last one hundred years, because the general public opinion is that — people needed to be helped or taught — regardless of the cost or the success at either.

    The government that we entrust ourselves to, in it’s infinite wisdom, cannot control it’s spending. (Of our dollars.) One example;

    The Department of Energy was implemented by President Jimmy Carter, bless his heart, in 1977 to lessen our dependence of foreign oil. OK, now this was during the time of gas shortage and the cost of gas jumped from $.88 cents to over a dollar per gallon. Whoo Hoo!
    Here we are, 31 years later, with the Energy Department working their little hands to the bone and we’re paying 700 billion dollars for foreign oil. Be proud, you’re witnessing govermental efficiency at it’s best!
    Oh! And one other…little?… thing. The budget for the Energy Department. This “necessary” department’s cost to the taxpayers is $24.2 billion a year.
    They have 16,000 federal employees, and approxiametly 100,000 contract employees, you can do the math.
    What a way to get oil(ed?).

  115. AMY D.,

    I trust few politicians except, which may surprise you, a couple of young ones from my home state. I’m sure there are others, but these young men have entered into the political scene, bearing the conservative standards as their philosophy. I encourage them, congratulate them and at times, admonish them. They still have an ear for and a goal of the good for their people and America as they have not yet been tainted by Washington bureaucracy.

    Wanna hear a good joke on us? (Sheep to slaughter)
    Remember the reasons given for the setting up of the Department of Energy? Yes, No? Does anyone remember the reasons?
    We had an oil “crisis” in the 70’s when the ragheads decided to squeeze off some of that precious black gold. It created a gas shortage and gas went from $.88 cents to over $1 dollar a gallon! Oh My!! O.K., so President Jimmy Carter decided to set up the Energy Department, it’s function being to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Now that’s not the punch line because at the time, it seemed pretty appropriate.
    Ready for a laugh on us? The Energy Department was instituted in 1977. Here we are, 31 years later paying out over $700 billion a year to foreign oil. The Department of Energy budget itself cost the American taxpayers $24.2 billion dollars a year! (Are you giggling yet?) They have 16,000 federal employees and aproximately 100,000 contract employees.
    Governmental bureaucracy ineffeciency at it’s best.

    That is the problem with any federal government departments or “programs.” It’s like drinking a “Slurpy”, it tastes pretty good at first, you take a few big drinks and then the cold hits your head, or the bureacracy and you’re going, “OW! OW! OOWWWW!!! what in world was I thinking?”

    It is my understanding of the Constitution, that the Federal Government was never mean’t to rule (as in Departments, Programs, etc.) over the people. The government was designed to be of very limited one of intrusion upon the citizen. If called for, “To protect the citizen from his fellow citizen, not to protect him from himself.” The “power” of rule, to interact with it’s citizens, was designated to the government of each individual state. The only political ties between the states and the federal government were to be for the country as a whole, not as the federal government being an overlord.

    I, for one, and many others here in the ‘family’ will agree with you, Amy, in getting back to the basics of morality, civic responsibility, the Bible and the Constitution. With these principles, we have a long, hard, fight ahead of us to gain footing in the political arenas. I reiterate that we must start with the very young and let them discover the heritage of America that we all hold so dear.

  116. AMY D.,

    Whoops, look who can’t add or subtract. I believe you mentioned that you’d be 28 this month and here I am asking you if you remember a 31 year old joke. Jokes on me…

  117. Wind,

    I love you, but you still can’t do math because I’m 27!!! 😀

  118. Wind,

    On a more serious note, I did not know about the history of the Energy Department. I do remember reading about the manufactured gas “crisis” of the 1970s, though. You’re right, the joke’s on us, and I ain’t laughing.

  119. Some Perspective on 666:

    I was watching today and heard an awesome explanation about 666. 666 is the not just the number of The Beast, it is also the number of Man. The Beast is not just a literal creature, but the carnal, animal nature of man. For example, the riots in Greece are man acting like a beast or animal. The rioters are acting in the flesh and are expressing their carnality. That is 666 in action. 666, as a number, is not necessarily the “evil” force whose appearance should strike fear in the hearts of all who gaze upon it. Its appearance can be interpreted as a sign that we are acting in the flesh, rather than in the spirit. Case In Point: Right after BHO was elected, the winning numbers for the Illinois Lottery were 6-6-6. Some say that that means that BHO is the Anti-Christ. According to DPM, it’s more likely God telling us that BHO’s election was not His will, but man’s will. That makes sense considering how many see BHO as a “messiah” or “saviour” and practically worship him. Those “ominous” Lottery numbers are God’s subtle way of telling us that we all need to remember “Not my will, but His will be done.” We need to cast aside our false idols and turn back to the ONE TRUE GOD.

    For more information, please go to You Tube and type in Prophet TV and watch the 11/30/08 and 12/07/08 broadcasts.

  120. AMY D.,

    Oh, oh. I know how touchy gals can be just on one year of age. My ex of many years ago, being one year younger than myself, had a problem with that. So much of a problem she would get in a foul mood when it was time for my birthday! My daughter’s the same way. Women!! Some people try to turn back their “odometers” of life. Not me, I want people to know “why” I look this way. I’ve travelled a long way in life so far, and a good part of the roads weren’t paved…

    Speaking of women, I was entrapped yesterday by two of them. My daughter had invited my mother and me to meet for lunch. I picked up my mom and we all had an enjoyable time. That’s when they disclosured the full purpose of the lunch…Not only did I “get” to pay for the lunch, but I had to take them SHOPPING! One man with two women shopping is decidedly another Democrat’s version of “fair.”
    Instead of spending weeks in stores, I, being a man, am of the type that can go shopping on Dec. 24th, buy presents for all of my relatives, return home and have them wrapped within four hours. Women! ; )

  121. Windrider… I feel your pain man, hate shopping almost as much as hyphens 😉

    Amy… re: 666, freak me out! I’ll go watch.

  122. REDBONE,

    Well, I’m still not quite recovered but I do hope your pain has lessened. Another good meal, a little wine, a good nights sleep and the morning will see me doing my normal hand springs again. (over hyphens)

    As long as you and Amy D. are on YouTube, this might interest…or entertain you. Interesting thoughts, religiously, politically.
    Pastor James Manning….& the Anti-Christ.

  123. My father lives on social security and being born in 1926 he’s in the notch group. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, here’s a brief explanation. Our Congress in 1972 screwed up their calculations on the COLA for social security benefits to those born between 1912 and 1916; as a result, they were given more or extra benefits.

    Congress corrected this error five years later, by gradually adjusting benefit levels (replacement rates) for those born after 1916. If no correction had been made, the system would have gone bankrupt and been unable to pay any benefits. That’s what happens when you have idiots at the helm.

    In order to avoid an abrupt change for those about to retire, Congress phased-in a new benefit formula for those born from 1917 through 1926. This phase-in formula only applies to the 1917-1926 groups. Everyone born after 1926 has their benefits calculated in the same way. Unfortunately, some of those in the 1917-1926 groups have been led to believe that they are being cheated out of Social Security benefits and want a change in law so that they can get extra benefits.

    That’s what Social Security tells us, but the reality is that my dad had an advanced education, worked in NYC for decades earning a great salary working in all forms of telecommunication, from a programmer and satellite engineer for NBC, to coordinator and satellite engineer for HBO, he worked in radio, television, satellites, cable and telephone for over 4 decades. He earned a great salary and had a 1st class FCC license. Salaries in NYC are competitive so he made a nice, comfortable living.

    Every now and then he receives a letter from some Congressman or Senator (usually a democrat) saying he’s working on fixing the situation and if he just donated a few bucks he’ll work even harder. First time he believed them a sent something and nothing happened, next time they sent something again asking for the funds to fight the good fight on behalf of all seniors. We took the letter, rub it in some dog poop and sent it back. Basically the message was you talk shit you get shit back.

    Anyway, while my uncle (his younger brother) did not have any higher education and went from job to job as a salesman. He never lived comfortably and struggled all his life, he was unable to afford to send my cousins to college. My uncle received $1,200 more per year then my father. The reality is clearly different from the press release.

    There were no 401k back then, but my father put his money in the stock market. He made an error in judgment when he placed all his funds into one company stock, instead of spreading it out over a number. His stock was worth at one point over $400,000, but corrupt and greedy CEO’s and CFO’s destroyed the company as well as the stock. That company was MCI WorldCom. For whom at one point in time he worked for MCI before it merged with a European telecommunications company, WorldCom.

    There of course was a class action suit filed by the ex-Governor of NY, Elliott Spitzer when he was the attorney general, who walked away with millions and millions in legal fees, whereas the former stockholders got pennies. After years of being a stockholder, my father received a check for $278.87. He owned about 5,600 shares, so do the math. Who knew he would use those millions to hire prostitutes, and useful thing for most democrats.

    When the stock was at it’s highest I did advise my father to sell, but he listened to the idiots at CNBC and Bloomberg who kept up the pretense that the stock would go higher. Then overnight when the truth was revealed on what Scott Sullivan and friends had lied about the companies’ finances and annual reports, the $400,000 was worth zero. It wasn’t a slow decent into hell, it was literally overnight.

    Needless to say my dad is getting screwed in all directions.

    As we watch Congress bailing out everyone left and right, even those companies who are corrupt; it’s interesting to see how little Congress did when these huge companies lied to their investors. MCI, Enron and the others openly mislead their investors, so where are the bailouts for those who invested? They’d rather give them the money to misuse and abuse then help out the employees and the investors who trusted them to do the right thing and instead did the opposite.

    I guess it’s more about who contributes to a candidates campaign, the CEO and they like then the hard working Americans who contribute little to their campaigns. So is it the big bucks that motivates Congress and that is who they are looking out for? Then the idiots who voted them into Office.

    I always thought we should hook up our elected officials to a lie detector but then I realized they’re should good liars they would not register on the machine, plus you’d need a conscience to show guilt.

    My political motto is never trust a politician especially one who smiles too much. Smiling is their deflection of the immoral thoughts and values. Carter, Clinton (both Hillary and Bill), Obama, the Kennedy’s, and so many others I cannot name them all because I’ll be here for all eternity.

  124. Amy and all,

    I’ve been trying to get a copy of the video Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection which appears to be out of print. There are some reviews on Amazon as well as comments made regarding this case. The documentary is available online but I’m afraid if I type in the link to view it, it will sit in Larry’s file until his return. I’ll send the link to you directly via private email. I’ll post it when Larry returns in the next few days.

    It’s an amazing story of corruption of so many Arkansas officials from appointed judges by Clinton, to the gross incompetence of the first investigators, to the autopsy and the inept Medical Examiner. I’ll never understand why politicians try to cover up their crimes, the cover up is sometimes far worse then the original crime itself. These boys deserved justice but Clinton and others wanted to hide their culpability in an international drug operation.

    Jean Duffey, the Saline County head of the Drug Task Force was fired for her probe into this case, as the Prosecutor tried to get her before the Grand Jury. She was ordered to drop the case and she refused to do so. Dan Harmon, was then placed in charge of the investigation for the Prosecutor’s Office, a case that he was fully apart of, where witnesses who placed him at the drug drop site or had knowledge of his involvement with the drug gang. Every single witness who could place him at the site or knew of his involvement all ended up dead.

    She fought the dirty political machine in Arkansas as hard as she could in 1990, but it was a losing battle. Even though a leaked federal memo that named Dan Harmon as the target of a federal drug and corruption investigation, the media supported Harmon for district prosecutor. And even though a federal grand jury was unanimously ready to indict Harmon, U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks cleared him. Duffey was personally discredited and professionally destroyed, and Harmon inherited her task force probe when he became prosecutor.

    Harmon had set up his office as an extortion and drug ring. An FBI agent told Ms. Duffey they “had known about Harmon for years but are not going to do anything about it.” However, by 1995, Harmon’s criminal behavior had become blatant and he got careless. His now ex-wife, Holly DuVall, got caught outside Harmon’s jurisdiction with cocaine packages from the district’s evidence locker. The local paper ran a story, and the feds were forced to make a big show. A year and a half later he was indicted by the Grand Jury for racketeering. A hit was put out on Ms. Duffey’s life and she had to flee the state.

    The government’s case is based primarily on indicted witnesses who have been given leniency in exchange for their testimony; as a built-in defense for Harmon; which was absolutely unnecessary. The indictment could have gone back ten years (to 1987) and included ALL the witnesses provided to the 1990 grand jury. Those witnesses included an attorney, a secretary, two of Harmon’s ex-girlfriends, another ex-wife, and at least two friends. Not one of them was indicted for anything, and each had various testimonies about Harmon’s illegal drug activity, yet the government chose to ignore them. There is no excuse for them having a weak case against Harmon, now during the recent case, the evidence was always there, and they were just unwilling to prosecute the County Prosecutor.

    The local papers choice to spin the story about his indictment as a victim, instead of the true villain that he really was and career criminal who went unpunished for so long. As head of Arkansas’s Parents of Murdered Children, Linda Ives has watched countless criminal trials. She knows ineffective prosecution when she sees it, and trail proceedings nearly brought her to tears. When court was dismissed, she walked outside where the media cameras were waiting to interview Harmon. She sat quietly to the side on a retaining wall while Harmon crowed about how well the trail was going for him. When the interview was completed, Harmon turned to Linda, smirked, and bade her with a drawled, “Well, hello Ms. Ives.” Harmon did not expect a response, but he got one.

    Linda Ives flew off the retaining wall, and yelled, “You SOB, you should be on trial for murder and you know it.” Everyone was momentarily stunned, and then Harmon took off without responding. Linda chased after him with reporters, cameras and crew in-tow – insisting that he participate in the exchange that he started. Harmon did not respond, and most remarkably, neither did the media. Not one question. No one asked, “What is she talking about, Mr. Harmon?” “What murder?” “Who is she?” “Why don’t you respond to her?” Of course, they knew the answers, which is why they didn’t ask. They also ignored Linda. This incredibly newsworthy encounter was a non-story in the Arkansas and national media.

    This case and all the events that transpired from two young men who went deer hunting and accidentally stumbled across a law enforcement official, international drug runners and corrupt elected officials that caused the death of those two young men, who were witnesses to crimes against the people of Arkansas and the United States; and a mother who relentlessly refused to allow the killers and career criminals to get away with murder of her 17-year old son.

    This is hands down an incredible story of political corruption of the highest order. Why no filmmaker or screenwriter hasn’t been attracted to this story is beyond me, they could ignore Clinton’s involvement like the rest of the media has done.

    It’s a fascinating case of gross injustice as well as the obstruction of justice perpetrated by the Clinton goon squad. A judge and a former prosecutor did time for lying to investigators as well as the Grand Jury, also indicted was the former head of a Drug Task Force.

    Anyone interested in this case, there’s a book on this case entitled, “The Boys on the Tracks: Death, Denial, and a Mother’s Crusade to Bring Her Son’s Killers to Justice” by Mara Leveritt

    So, whose worse, Clinton or Blagojevich?

  125. Our country is doomed because we have these corrupt officials making judgments on laws that hide their culpability, their treasonist acts and a media that remains complacent as they hide the facts and truth from the American public. It’s truly unbelievable and if it appeared in a movie no one would believe the whole story.

    Ron Howard has produced and directed the next Oscar winning political drama, Frost/Nixon, which is based on a play. It’s to show us the arrogance and defiance of Richard Nixon, who tried to use “Executive Privilege” to hide his involvement with Watergate and subsequent cover up of the crimes perpetrated by the Watergate Plumbers.

    Isn’t “Executive Privilege” the same thing Clinton tried to hide behind? I was too young and don’t remember much about the Watergate break-ins, Nixon or the usual suspects named in the conspiracy. I was about 10 or 11, and I wasn’t the least bit interested in politics. And I refuse to believe the film “All the President’s Men” given the fact the both Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman are raging liberals, Redford produced the film along with director Alan J. Pakula. All well known anti-conservative and conspiracy theorist for all things Republicans and blatant communist a fanatic and Fidel lover. So, what the true story of Watergate break-in?

  126. Stars and Stripes Forever

    Eileen, I too would like to know the truth behind “Watergate”!!
    I was about the same age as you when all that transpired. I refuse to believe the stuff the liberals have to say about it.
    Can you imagine, if the Dems were the ones caught snooping on the Republicans, would it ever have been mentioned?! I don’t think so!!

  127. EILEEN, AMY D.,

    Amy, ready for another belly laugh? On us? How about “The War On Drugs.” Another govermental ‘program’ implemented by Richard Nixon.
    While Eileen brought up the subject of drugs, I went to the DEA’s site to find out what their budget is. As of March this year in a report to Congress, the Drug Enforcement Agency recorded drops in drug usage as compared to the last several years. Did that stop them from asking for more money? Are y’all kidding me? This is guv’ment we talkin’ ’bout here. The current expenditure for the DEA is $2.6 billion a year. For 2009 they want $79 million more plus 41 more employees added to the payroll. But, but, the drug use is declining, I mean…

    Nixon, in my mind, was an odd story within himself. I felt it at the time of his campaign and thought of him as being a person who would only stand for full and sole adulation unto him, not as if he were the president or the “messiah”, but as an absolute ruler over “his” people and was calculated into how he acquired that leadership. His mentality of ,’when the president does it, it is not illegal’, only strengthens that point. The Ron Howard film should be an interesting one to say the least if not for anything other than finally the truth. I believe it was Robert Redford that said he was going to leave the country if George Bush was elected… just more proof of liberal lying.

    By the way, it took Hillary Clinton longer to produce the Whitewater papers than it did for our military to secure the safety of Kuwait in Desert Storm. Must have been more in those files than what she manages to get squeezes into pantsuits!

  128. Windrider

    It was Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand, Redford, Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio and etc. But it never dawns on these dimwits that is why so many people may have voted for Bush so we wouldn’t have to live with these numbnuts anymore.

    The Ron Howard movie has already won the Oscar for 2009, yet it was just released. They are also saying that Frank Langella (sp?) will most likely win the Oscar for best actor. Why bother releasing anything else when the decision has already been made. Two big political movies Nixon/Frost and Milk will be released this month to fulfill the requirements for the Academy rules. Milk, is about the murdered Harvey Milk when Dan White shot and killed both Milk and Mayor Mascone (sp?) If I remember the case Harvey Milk was a Republican I think, which is ironic considering who plays him in the film, Sean Penn.

    Isn’t it against his ethics to play a republican? I have no desire to see either film and I once was a fan of Ron Howard’s work, but lately he’s placing his politics over “artistry.” Whatever respect I had for him was long gone when he made the film The Di Vinci Code. I have no plans to ever see anything he might do ever again.

    As for the Clinton’s wouldn’t both of them have to give up the payoff, I mean fees they collected from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for their advice. It was certainly an error in judgment since she’s a member of Congress and a former candidate for President, but now that she’ll be the Secretary of State, wouldn’t there monetary involvement with these to foreign “allies” pose a conflict of interest? Just curious.


    Well LARRY is due back tomorrow and I think his fsmily has kept the site busy in his absense.Let me be the first to welcome LARRY back
    A couple of issues BUSH makes a secret trip to IRAQ again as a final farewell to the troops. That makes me happy. I would hope he would use the remaining days in office to clean up a few things like amnesty for the border patrol guys in jail.clear the plame
    victims of all charges ETC

    The MSM could not report the trip by the PRESIDENT without repeating the number of military personnel killed in the IRAQ WAR.They never printed the number killed while CLINTON was in office twice as many.
    They also have to get the big O’S name in the article
    I did not look at the video but the big Omust have requested permission to move into the WHITE HOUSE early
    BUSH said NO
    Do you think the MSM would push that idea if MCCAIN won
    We need to develop a similar method to infiltrate the MSM and the liberal blogs with a true conservative position.
    I do not watch the liberal TV channels
    anymore but during working out at the gym watch the Price is Right and it seems that all the advertisers have
    added people of color in the commercials. AmI prejudice?????

  130. Stars and Stripes Forever

    I just wanted to say I totally agree and hope that President Bush will do the right thing and pardon those two brave Border Patrol agents. My heart really goes out to them and their families.
    I am praying every day that they will be granted amnesty.

  131. Eileen,

    It may be against Sean Penn’s religion to play a Republican, but since Harvey Milk was a GAY Republican, that trumps Milk’s “Republicanness” and makes it okay for Penn to play him. Milk is probably a hero to Penn.

  132. JR N.O. DALLAS,

    Here, here to the Commander In Chief’s final farewell to our brave warriors. A truly honorable thing for him to do.

    I agree that he should commute the sentences of the two border guards. I have signed various online petition, whatever good those may do, have called the Whitehouse and left messages with the staff and have e-mailed President Bush at on several occasions in voicing my opinion in this matter. I think the conviction of the guards is nothing but a travesty of justice and the men should immediately be set free with no record to blemish their fine service in their duty to our country or them personally. There should be no reason this can’t be done in light of the discovery of some members of the jury being coerced in their decisions.
    The decision actually didn’t surprise me much as I’ve grown so used to the liberal limp wrists, calling themselves judges that permeate the majority of today’s courts. Democrats are so damned good at taking money away from the people who worked for it and giving it to the trash that don’t. These judges will more than gladly hand over the $5 million the puked filled, slime bag, drug runner is suing the United States (Government?) for. This illegal alien is the same piece of filth caught by our two border guards.

    Oh, by the way, about you being prejudice or not. Are you white? If you answered “yes” to the question then yes, JR, you are. You’re also racist, bigoted, intolerant, biased and narrow-minded, just to name a few, so don’t let that one bother you any. The Liberal Democratic’s Dictionary (which has more pictures than text) will have more definitions for you.

  133. Eileen,


    The Pentagon Papers were secret military documents published by major news media. What the Pentagon Papers did was reveal that the military had determined the USA could not win the Vietnam War. Kissinger complained to Nixon that he could not carry on his work with leaks such as this. The Plumbers were then set up. The problem was that this kind of work the Plumbers were set about doing was the baliwick of CIA. Thus, CIA determined to teach this upstart president a lesson and thus began the saga that ended with Nixon resignation. Nixon then used the Plumbers for his own problem he thought he had wherein he had taken a bribe from Howard Hughes which had led to the “Checkers Speech” which bribe nearly ended his political career and so he was very paranoid in that after all that he took another bribe from Hughes, in 1960, I think. In any case, in interium of the 1960’s Nixon was paranoid that Larry O’Brian, the Democrat National Party chairman had worked for Howard Hughes for a brief time, six months, in the late 1960’s and Nixon was paranoid that O’Brian might have knowledge of Nixon’s taking the second Hughes bribe and would use that info in the 1972 election against Nixon thus the Plumbers breaken at Watertgate where was the office of Larry O’Brian and the Democrat National Party offices. The lesson here: Kennedy had determined to utterly do away with the CIA and Nixon thought to set up his own mini CIA in the basement of the White House. The CIA was alledgely deeply involved in the murder of Kennedy (but just one of a host of people and agencies who had motive to kill him as well as another foreign nation and its leader) and the CIA was deeply involved with the Nixon Watergate scandal.

    The tragedy is that Nixon/Kissinger and the Pentegon knew for certain the war would not be won as early as 1968 prompting LBJ’s decision not to run for president, but they kept up the facade for other more devious reasons thereby needlessly sacrificing over 20,000 USA soldiers as well as civilian Viets.

    Here is story on our more recent problem as citizens of USA:

    worldnetdaily dot com slash index dot php?fa=PAGE dot view&pagedID=83477

    The Constitution is dead if this proceeds to enforce all the compromises to the Constitution we have suffered. New World Order marches on impeded.

  134. Eileen,

    That was a POWERFUL video. It has opened my eyes to the amount of blood on Bill and Hillary’s hands. I blame her too because she had to have known what was going on because it was all over the news, and she did nothing to try to stop it (that I can tell). This makes the successful prosecution of Blago (and possibly his wife) all the more important. Machine politics have been in D.C. as long as they have been anywhere else. BHO & Co. are just the latest rats to infest the Capitol and White House. I hope and pray that Blago, BHO & Co’s investigation is NOT treated the same way as ALL of Clinton’s investigations. BHO is not nearly as squeaky clean as he and Biden would have us believe. Every criminal screws up at some point. Hopefully BHO has already screwed up and U.S. Attorney Fitzpatrick finds it sooner rather than later!!!

  135. Amy,

    Fitzpatrick find criminal connection of Blago with Obama? The reason Fitzpatrick did not let the pay-off go forward so that Blago AND OBAMA would be caught red handed was attempt to rescue Obama from what would have happened. Fitzpatrick was just opting for a continued employment with Obama regime. Look deeper.

  136. Ken,

    Thank you for the history lesson. I had no idea what was going on in the Watergate hearings or why Nixon sent a bunch of bozo’s to the Watergate Hotel. I remembered someone with the last name of Mitchell who had a loud mouth wife who seemed to be on TV a lot. All I remember is that the Watergate hearings were on all summer long, which was why I spent so much time in our pool. On raining days we were forced to find something else to do instead of watching TV. Hollywood Squares and Match Game were preempted and cartoons weren’t shown and there was no such thing as cable so all we had were the shows off our antenna.

    I’ve seen “All the President’s Men” a few times and my parents took both my sister and I to see the original movie in the theater, but I was about 13 or 14 and didn’t understand a whole lot, so I basically watched Redford because he was so good looking. My parent also took us to see Cabaret, MASH and a number of other films I was most likely too young to understand.

    I understand the Bob Woodward according to the Redford film fell across the story by accident. As he was assigned to cover the court hearing story about the five plumbers who were caught. I cannot trust the film since it was written. Produced and acted by some of the biggest flaming liberals who clearly could take a piece and blow it out of proportion. And, I’m not basing the information on Forrest Gump, Dick, Nixon or any other films that is based on Nixon or Watergate because we all know how much Hollywood loves to spin a story toward the negative when a conservative or republican is involved. Was Nixon a liberal republican?

    His first term was it scandal free? Who leaked the Pentagon Papers? The film Dick was funny especially the part where Arlene sings “I Honesty Love You” on Dick’s hidden tape, which was erased as part of the 18 minutes that were missing. BTW, were they ever found?

    I guess what he did was just stupid and paranoid; did he have a real reason to be so paranoid? Is it true that Hillary Rodham was one of those who participated in the Watergate Hearings?

  137. Express your questions, dismay, and ideas regarding the bailouts to the Congressional Oversight Panel. Here is the address:


    Here is what I sent:

    Why is it that banks, insurance companies, and finance companies get a bailout, and the average American doesn’t benefit one iota?? Why are there ZERO strings attached to the financial bailout, but the auto companies are expected to jump through hoops, and still get no money? Both the auto industry and the financial industry are failing and have many of the same flaws and problems. Did the financials donate more to political campaigns than the auto industry? Companies that did not even need a bailout (Bank of America) received money and then they layoff 35,000 workers. If they did not need a bailout, why are they cutting jobs? Why did AIG receive a bailout when it spent some of its money on fancy executive “training sessions” at expensive luxury resorts? Why did they receive MORE money even after said “training sessions”?

  138. From what I can tell, Nixon and Blago suffer the same narcissism, egoism, and delusions of grandeur. They also both believe they’re above the law. I believe both suffer from some sort of mental disorder. Nixon was also notoriously paranoid, even before Watergate. Blago is quite the opposite. He knew he was being recorded, did not seem fazed by it, and he still blabbed on as if there was no wiretap. Frost/Nixon is probably the most accurate Nixon movie because both the play and the screenplay are based on transcripts and actual footage of David Frost’s interview. It’s about 85% true, with the other 15% being additions or modifications for dramatic effect (i.e. the actor’s interpretation of certain scenes, interpretation of events not filmed or tape recorded, compensating for possible slips of memory due to time passed since actual events happened, etc.). All involved tried to make the movie as true as possible.

  139. The truthfulness will be revealed if Obama follows Bill Clinton’s style to political corruption investigations. See Billy boy fired all 93 federal prosecutor’s because the one in Arkansas had about five or six multiple investigations happening all at once that involved him or an associate with wrong doing and hampering an investigation; investigating why decisions were made about the boys on the track case as well as so many other questionable decisions that were made, including Whitewater, when he continually stepped in to change the investigation. He had to eliminate the investigations, based on Vince Foster’s suggestion that Whitewater would be deadly. Foster was about to be subpoena regarding his role in Whitewater. For the convenience and to stop all investigations on him he fired all 93 to cover up the one he really wanted gone.

    If Obama fires Fitzgerald he’ll be accused of hiding his involvement with Blagojevich, if he keeps them all, people will believe he had no involvement.

  140. Ken,

    Maybe Fitzpatrick will implicate BHO once his job is secure?? Fitz is a straight-shooter known for being above politics. I know it’s a naive shot in the dark, but I still believe that every dog has his day. If that day does not come in this life, it most certainly will happen in the next. Judging by Eileen’s video she sent me, BHO may not suffer any consequences this side of Heaven. Great, BHO is being compared to FDR and Truman because they all came from corrupt political machines. His ego must be through the roof now.

  141. Eileen,

    Hillary was part of a Dem liberal team working like rats in dark places looking for anything they could find to impeach Nixon and get the power. The overseerer of this group had been a Kennedy operative, I forget his name. She was on the staff in 1974, at the tail end of the Watergate scandal. She was considered by those who worked with her as less than hygenic and a feminazi type.

    Hollywood is the last place to get history lessons. Maybe place to start interest in a subject but never for facts.

    Nixon was an opportunist. Rather than meet the communist issue head on Nixon played the Illuminati plan of ‘containment’ of communism instutiting detante with both the Soviet Union and China. He was a traitor to those who trusted in him, but he was always a Rockerfeller pawn. In fact, Nelson Rockerfeller took the Watergate scandal to leverage himself into the vice presidency with Ford as President.

    Daniel Ellsberg, a protege of Henry Kissinger, leaked the Pentegon Papers. One of Nixons Plumber’s black ops job was the breaking in and firebombing of Ellsberg’s psychiatriast’s office.

    Here is what Nixon had going for himself: he forgave his enemies who brought him down. The “Deep Throat” person was a Jewish man who had wanted to be named FBI Director after J. Edgar Hoover died but Nixon named another person. Nixon and intimate staff knew who “Deep Throat” was and could have done any number of things to silence him but didn’t. Whatever his faults, Nixon’s ability to restrain himself from what he could have had done to “Deep Throat” and subsequent forgiveness of all his enemies is the mark of a real man even if he did handle many other things miserably.

  142. Amy D–

    As much as I hate to disagree with you, since I value your opinion so much, But, I’ve been following this story since it broke and everybody seems to think that Fitzpatrick is so honest and above politics. So, why then did he keep going after he found out who leaked the name of Valarie “Flamin’ Liberal”? He was named to investigate the Leak and who leaked, and he found out much before he had to ask anyone else all the silly questions before the Grand Jury, and later had to have something to show for all his “hard” work, so Scooter Libby became the fall guy for perjury – not the leak!? If he were above politics and a straight shooter, he would have stopped when he had the name of the leaker, said who it was, and then have slowly ridden off into the sunset.
    Also, why did he stop the investigation so soon? Was he afraid he’d go too high and bag a real “biggie”? Or, did he stop in hopes of getting a nice prize for stopping? Like keeping his job, the governorship eventually? Is he another “Southern District of New York” type guy?
    Just asking?

  143. Fitzgerald was the New York gang with Clintons to try to get impeachment of Bush as payback for impeachment of Bill Clinton. The set up was to lure the Attorney General Gonzoles into inside info on the investigation which would involve the White House and upward putting Bush in compromise position. But they did not bite. Notice, Fitzgerald did not convict Scooter Libby on the original investigation of who was the “leak” but on technicality of “lying.”

  144. Here is the link to view the video on the “boys on the tracks” case. It’s a great documentary that shows Arkansas has a good old boy corruption machine similar to Illinois’. It’s in two parts… here’s the link


  145. Here’s a website that contends just about everything that’s available on this case. Tons of newspaper articles. Read it and weep,

  146. KEN,

    You are right about Nixon’ second bribe from Howard Hughes being in 1960.
    One question, why would you consider Nixon’s “restraining himself” in what he could do to a politcal foe, compared to sacrificing 20,000 more of our soldiers in Viet Nam, as it giving him the mark of a real man?

    AMY D.,

    Nixon, suffering from “paranoia”, egotism and delusions of grandeur” rather reminds me of a soon to be, slightly toasted, president we are about to acquire, don’t you think?

    I’ll probably catch a lot of flak for this but what the heck. We can all say what we’re thinkin’, right?
    Is there a purpose in re-hashing Nixon? We are all well aware of the debauchery of our government, then and now.

    We should be concentrating on the ways of counter-acting and terminating political corruption now and in the future. The things that have happened have happened and without inside knowledge, will be nothing more than a conjectural argueing point among us. Corruption has reigned in our government starting one hundred years ago. As long as the degeneracy continues, the American people shall never know truth. We must look forward.

    I recieved this from my Aunt today;
    “One Sunday morning during service;
    a 2,000 member congregation was surprised to see two men enter…

    both covered in black from head to toe and carrying submachine guns.

    One of the men proclaimed, ‘Anyone willing to take a bullet for Christ, remain where you are.’

    Immeadiately, the choir fled… the deacons fled.. and most of the congregation fled.

    Out of the 2,000 only 20 remained.
    The man who had spoken took of his hood…

    He then looked at the preacher and said, ‘OK Pastor, I’ve gotten rid of all the hypocrites…
    Now you may begin your service.’

    Funny how everybody wants to go to Heaven…
    provided they do not have to believe, think, say, or do anything the Bible says.”

    I found this to be very congrous to the ills of our country today. Everyone enjoys our freedoms and liberty, but few want to sacrifice anything, let personal physical harm. And yet, through an increasingly intrusive government, the public grows more and more dependent on it, we are losing our freedoms, our liberties and our sense of being American.

    The government has coerced many Americans, from all colors and creeds, to believe they need not follow the word of the Bible, or think, the government knows best, and the political abyss of corruption is their heaven.

  147. Orville,

    I’m going to play Devil’s advocate and give Fitz the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Fitz was afraid for his life and that of his witnesses if he bagged a “big fish”. Also, the ENTIRE Plame case was a joke from the beginning. She wasn’t a high-level undercover operative, she was a secretary (the administrative assistant variety). The whole thing smelled from the beginning. It may not have been initiated by Fitz, but he should have put the kibosh on it. Watch the video “Obstruction Of Justice: The Mena Connection” on Yahoo Video. Since BHO is not entrenched in the upper echelons of government yet, it may still be possible to bag him with little risk of life and limb. Also, Fitz may have learned some lessons from the Plame case, at least I hope so.

  148. Wind,

    Yes, there are definitely parallels between BHO and Tricky Dick. We shall see if BHO suffers from the same paranoia as Nixon. Hopefully it will manifest itself as a huge scandal that will cause his downfall. My real fantasy is that BHO and Biden both go down in 2011 and Pelosi and Reid are voted out and John Boehner is Speaker and becomes President. And Hillary is marginalised as VP. I have an over-active imagination. Has anyone noticed how skeezy Rahm Emmanuel looks??? There is something funny about that guy and I cannot quite put my finger on it. He has a slight resemblence to Pee Wee Herman, so that may be it, but I still think Emmanuel is slimy.

  149. Windrider,

    You are right. I considered it later after the post. I’d have to say it was only when he was the target and hit politically that he measured up and forgave rather than take vengence which he could have done having the power to do so before everything began to unraval around him. The inside out of this matter was that Kissinger and Alexandar Haig were manipulating him with a Tavistock devised method to leverage him into resigning. There is an irony of the matter. Kissinger, for whose benefit the Plumbers were orginally formed to stop leaks went on totally untouched by Watergate. Study him and you’ll see, he stinks.

  150. Amy,

    It is not paranoia when the fears are actually real. In Nixon’s case his fears actually came upon him, a Biblical reality, i.e. Job. The difference between Nixon and some of the politicos of late is that he did not resort to murder to save his own hide. That is a very, very important distinction. Haven’t you been studying the Clinton saga? If you look under the Bush rock you will see things that will utterly astound you.

  151. Tell us how you want to get rid of BHO, Windrider.

  152. AMY D.,

    Plain and simple, he’s a liar. He had “contacts” with Blago before recieving the offer of Chief Advisor to Obama. After the Blago scandal broke, Fox News of Chicago reported that Rahm had tipped off the authoritys. Rahm says the report was creative conjecture in reporting. An interesting thought here is that if he did tip of authorities, he would be short-curcuiting an extended investingation that may have led into the Obama regime.

    Of course the looney liberals are all over Fox as being a source of news you can’t trust.

    Just recently, at the invitation of Rahm, he let an ABC cameraman in to his house to use the bathroom. While inside Rahm told him that he was “pissed” at all the news medias because they had given out his address and he was now getting death threats. This was reported on ABC, one of those media sources you can trust. Whoops! Rahm realized that he would have to provide evidence to the inquiring minds of the legal authorities and reporters.
    Last Friday and aide for Rahm said that he made no statement and that the cameraman had an overly active imagination.

    This should be one of the most interesting administrations that has come down the pike in a long time. We’ll have a president, vice-president and a chief advisor who all keep sticking their foot in their mouth. Along with the rest of the ‘cast’ and their various diseases, if they don’t kill our country first, they should provide material for a good TV comedy series!

  153. KEN,

    I didn’t like Kissinger from the moment I layed eyes on him. I don’t know, call it my “ESPN” but I’m 99% right with it. I’ve also studied him and if I were one to be invited to his funeral I’d attend, just to make sure he was the honoree.

  154. EVERYONE,

    In an analysis of all of our discussinons here, don’t you think that we, the American people, are responsible for the corruption of our leaders by failing to demand a higher standard of conduct from our politicians? Increasingly, we have grown accustomed to a culturecharacterized by moral relativism and individualism. We have mocked Judeo-Christian values, honor, humility, virtue and in the process, eroded restraints on social conduct. How can we demand honor, virtue and accountability from our leaders when we don’t expect them from ourselves? Or have we merely gotten the leaders we deserve?

    The path for reform in the political arena runs straight through the people. It is we, who must find a renewed appreciation for humility, virtue and honesty in ourselves and in our fellow citizens.

    If the private virtue, if “right” is established in society, it will eventually become public and find it’s way back into the hallowed halls of our government.

  155. Ken,

    Sometimes in the search for the fine details, one forgets the glaringly obvious. I forgot the main difference between Tricky Dick and Slick Willie and his ilk — Tricky Dick did not kill his political opponents. I think I need to raise my foot higher. All my blood is leaving my brain and pooling in my foot. 😛

  156. Amy,

    Truth be told BHO, Nixon and Clinton could all be the same individual. Regarding Emanuel, Dick Morris and his dealings with him, while being an advisor to Clinton, came right out on TV and said Obama made a huge mistake in trusting Emanuel with confidential information. Dick went on to explain why he couldn’t be trusted. There was a leak in the plumbing of the Clinton administration and for the life of Bill he could not pinpoint who was leaking the information to the press. Clinton was in a rage, screaming at Morris to “fix the problem” find the leak and shut them up. After some time past and things were quieted down, Bill Clinton made a “confidential” statement to a person on his staff, a few days later, the confidential information was the headline in the Washington Post. He found the leak, Rahm Emanuel.

    Emanuel’s role at the White House was first as the Assistant Advisor and then Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy. I guess his strategy was to destroy Clinton. Rahm was a huge part as to why Clinton won both elections, he had a list of big money names, who were also Jewish who would donate to his campaign if Emanuel just snapped his fingers. He was a leading strategist in the unsuccessful Clinton White House efforts to institute universal healthcare and many other Clinton initiatives. He has a clear “style” and is best known for his campaign fundraising skills, but he is only loyal to himself and the Democratic Party, not to an individual, whether he is the President, Governor or a Senator. It is believed that he was the one who leaked the information about the Blagojevich scandal. It sound like something he would do, but how deeply involved in the scandal is anybodies guess.

    For all I know, and certainly have no proof, Obama could be neck deep in this and Emanuel disclosed Blagojevich deceptive behavior to discredit and taint whatever he says about himself or Obama. Time will tell. Your instincts are right; he is a dirt bag of the highest order.

    Trust? Hmm, I trust no one from a long history of people who told me I was there best friend, and when I needed their support, they were no where to be found or were just too busy. Yet when they needed support I was always there with a kind word, money, alcohol or whatever else was needed. So, sorry I longer trust any people, I’d rather trust my two golden retrievers who are always loyal and loving than to trust a neighbor. I would certain never trust a politician nor would I shake their hand, I’d be afraid to lose mine own and never get it back.

  157. Wind,

    I knew that little pissante was dirty. I never liked him. His facial expressions and mannerisms make him look either flaming gay or up to no good (most likely both). He gives me the creeps. I was actually very suprised at first that he was selected as BHO’s Chief-Of-Staff. After a little more research, I’m not so surprised. Actually, I watched the news and it said that Rahm may have been “Advisor A”. It’s one thing to talk to Blago and inquire about Obama’s Senate seat, it’s another thing entirely to lie about inquiring about the seat. It’s the LYING that’s bad.

    From Wikipedia:

    Emanuel is known for his “take-no-prisoners attitude” that has earned him the nickname “Rahm-bo.”[16] Emanuel is said to have “mailed a rotten fish to a former coworker after the two parted ways.”[13] On the night after the 1996 election, “Emanuel was so angry at the president’s enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting ‘Dead! … Dead! … Dead!’ and plunging the knife into the table after every name.”[5][7] However, by 2007 his close friends were saying that he has “mellowed out.”[13] Stories of his personal style have entered the popular culture, inspiring articles and websites that chronicle these and other quotes and incidents.[20][21][22][23]

  158. Random Question:

    If the Constitution bars Congress from passing ex post facto laws, why are retroactive laws not struck down for being unconstitutional???

  159. Ken, you said… If you look under the Bush rock you will see things that will utterly astound you.

    Well, I guess it depends if the rock is the Rock of Gibraltar or the Blarney Stone.

  160. Windrider,

    I think it was Phyllis Schlafly who said, “I can’t help feeling a little uneasy when the National Security Advisor speaks with a foreign accent.” Both Kissinger and Brenzenski speak with foreign accents. Brezenski played the National Security role to Carter and it is he who has mapped out the Obama foreign policy plans, I understand. Kissinger weilded more power in his era but Obama, it is alledged by a few, is Brezenski’s toy boy, meaning not sexual but rather using him, possibly as a Monarch. The government has already been taken over by these frauds. What you are suggesting above will require a Christian spiritual revival. I for one am all for it.

  161. Eileen,

    Try a tomb stone. The one that houses Skull and Bones at Yale University.

  162. KEN,

    You’re question of how I would get rid of BHO. Would you’re inquiry be of my legal or illegal interests?

    Very, very simply.

    (1.) May God strike him dead. As Obama would of the lives of the 44 million un-born and those who would have lived had they not been neglected after birth.

    (2.) The last, if any, vestages of integriment of this goverment should be shown in the investigation of Obama’s citizenship. If it is to prove it’s interest in the rights, the fair play of American citzens, it should stand up in the interest and the good of America.

    (3.) The M107 .50 caliber long range rifle with attached optic/electro-optics that supports all weather, day/night tactical dominance with armor penetrating, incendiary, dual purpose ammuntion. This weapon is designed to defeat parked aircraft, command, control, and communications of the non-intelligent babbling liberal Democrats. Need I make it any clearer?

    Hey, I’m no Lee Harvey Oswald. That would be my last choice. But I don’t believe the story of Oswald that was “given to us by the g0vernment or backed by the Warren Investigation either. Again, political corruption, lying… we will never know truth.

    Is it a challenge of Christian spiritual revival? As I see it, partially. The very words of “Christian spiritual revival” while acceptable to some, others have a revulsion, if not down right fear of it. Where they have mental images of people, stiffed laced, quoting Bible passages or dancing in the church, arms raised, eyes fluttering and at the touch of the pastor, falling to the floor, some people don’t realize that the revival that is talked about is within themselves.

    Going to church does’ not make you a Christialn anymor than standing in a garage makes you a mechanic of cars. The belief of knowing that there is a higher power must come from within the individual. The education in all the morals and virtue are vested in God’s will must be reintroduced to the populace, not as a movement,but as a realization in it being the solidarity and future of our county for the future.

    I was in the times of the “flower children”, LSD, “peace” and aware of all the things that went on with it. Although I never did drugs, heck, I didn’t even put stogies to my lips and take a draw unlike Clinton who “didn’t inhale.” I did however own a pair of “bell-bottom” pants, yeh, you should have seen those things and with the pair of white shoes, WHOO!, man you talk about ‘Saturday Night Fever”!!! I (thought) was hot.

  163. While we should work to eradicate the lying, corruption, misgivings and the general ills of politicians from both political partys and in the populace too. Regrowing, or re-establishing the values, virtue and self-reliance that was once this country’s calling card needs to be reinstilled.

    Most of all we must vehemently defend our Constitution in that it remains un-tainted by current day politicals who would omit or change the words of wisdom of our Fore Fathers, for their personal gain.

    A recent case in point;

    A week ago the Supreme Court decided not to hear the “Donofrio” case concerning whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen or not and therefore qualified to be president.

    David wHorowitz-less told the American people to “Shut up about it.” and rushed right by the issue of Obama being Constitutionally qualified by saying, “What difference does it make to the future of this country whether Obama was born on U.S. soil.”

    I think that when the U.S. Constitution is clear on a matter we are not supposed to re-think ‘what difference it makes to the future of this country.’ If we did this re-thinking at every step, we wouldn’t need a Constitution. We could just re-think how say, Project Y was going to affect the future of our country. No need for a Constitution there.

    In this case the Constitution tells us exactly what to do in the current situation by way of the 20th Amendment. Which, by the way, wasn’t written by a bunch of dead white guys 200 years ago, it was ratified in 1933.

    For whatever reasons, political, racial or general dislike that people may have for wanting to see the Obama never gaining the presidency, I most of all would hope that it would be because of dis-qualification by Constitutional standards, and the support of the Constitution itself rather than for other goals.

  164. You all give way too much homework… I’m trying to run a business here. Why do I keep coming back? 😉

  165. Wind,

    Love your idea, but the reality is we first need to change our schools, our media, our Courts; anything we would try to change would be overridden by our teachers and reaffirmed by the media.

    Our children are being taught to cheat on tests that O’Reilly said was at an epidemic. Something like 93% of children in school have at least cheated at least once and said that have no guilt about cheating. That’s a sad commentary on our society that children feel the need to cheat and share their methods of cheating on the internet, like it’s a game; then show no remorse. They’ve learned the methods of those who’ve cheated for money, power and fame, and the media glorifies them as some superhero in a bad comic book. They’ve seen our politicians cheat and steal for decades and still retain their seats in Congress, so what’s so bad about cheating? They still have their jobs.

    I think we need to bring back morals and values into our children’s lives and explain why cheating only hurts themselves not the teacher, professor or instructor.

    My sister teaches medicine at Florida State right now, but prior to this job she taught at a medical school at the University of California, Irvine campus. She had some real dumb jerks that were training/learning to earn the bucks, more then for the science or to help others. It was these jerks who would file complaints about her tests and grading methods. Her tests were directly from the Department she worked for and graded the answers on how best they understood the material. A few recipients, whose parents were big donors to the school, got together and file a formal complaint. They had a huge discussion when she was called to the Dean’s Office; they went down the test and explained to both the Dean and the Big Daddy’s why they were wrong. She then said, we are here to create the best doctor’s who’ll are supposed to take that knowledge to help those who need help. I’m not here to teach a so-so medical student to become bad doctors who’ll become the recipient of the latest malpractice lawsuit.

    Do you really want to pass a bad student to become an even worse doctor? Knowing what you now know how little your son’s understanding of the material, would you go to him for medical advice? Will he become your doctor? They all said no. She made her point but if these students who are now cheating to get a better grades on a subject they don’t understand and continue to pass their grades and move up the ladder in our educational system that’ll eventually get jobs. How much or how little of that information was retained?

    One of the medical students dropped out and decided to go into law, maybe to represent his former medical student pals who need legal representation in Court. There’s a degree on the wall that shows us that our Lawyers, Doctors, Veterinarians, and Dentists passed, yet we don’t know if they came in first in their class or barely passed. I’ve been a victim of a few that barely passed. How about you?

  166. EILEEN,

    I think if you will have read, will read or re-read my comments beginning from the start of this article, you will find that we are in total agreement, dear lady.

    Not only you, but KEN, REDBONE and later AMY D. joined in and from the lack of any dis-agrable comments, are all in agreement on the issues of honor, virtue, self-responsibility, morality and accountability.

    I have been harping about public schooling as being a weakening of the people. We must get it out of the government’s hands and back to homeschooling and/or private schooling. We as a country would be stronger.

    I have had my run-ins with 99th out of a class of 100 doctors. I was 23 years old, sitting in church with my wife and our 9 month old daughter. Next thing I knew, I was sitting outside on the church’s steps. I had had my first Grand Mal Epileptic seizure. At the time I didn’t know whether this was God’s way of telling me, “Don’t Cometh To My House Again” or whether he was admonishing me for something. Turns out it must have been the later as I’ve yet to have kicked out in the same manner since! Anyway, I had screwed up on my medication and suffered a siezure while on the job. I was transported to a clinic, a doctor came in, asked me what was wrong, I told him and he promptly left the room. I sat there and sat there. Finally, I was going to just walk out as I was recovered from the seizure and there was nothing medical that could be done for me anyway. I cracked open the door and directly across the hall sat the doctor at his desk, studying a medical book. It was taken from the line of them across the wall behind him going from A, B, C, D, ,F, you get the idea. I closed the door, I wanted to hear what this idiot had to say to me. He finally came into the examining room and told me that I could no longer play video games. I said, “What?” He said that I could no longer play video games because of the flashing lights on them and that would cause me to have a seizure.
    The great #1. myth that flashing lights cause all Epileptics to have seizures. Wrong!!!

    I worked construction at the time and when I unloaded on this “doctor” it was laced with it’s glorious language.

    I don’t know whether it was fear, the unfamiliarity of the language, or considering his ignorance, maybe I should have used small words so he could understand, but he didn’t say a thing. I walked out of that clinic and no one, not even the company I was working for, was billed for services.

    I’m just glad I didn’t have to rely on that idiot for a tonsilectomy. I’d bet I’d come out of the O.R. with a vascectomy!

  167. Windrider… Damn right I agree. While following up on all the leads I find here and in regards to education (this of the higher variety – post high school) I came across the “Academic Bill of Rights” as written by David Horowitz and post it here for the families perusal:

    Academic Bill of Rights

    I. The Mission of the University.

    The central purposes of a University are the pursuit of truth, the discovery of new knowledge through scholarship and research, the study and reasoned criticism of intellectual and cultural traditions, the teaching and general development of students to help them become creative individuals and productive citizens of a pluralistic democracy, and the transmission of knowledge and learning to a society at large. Free inquiry and free speech within the academic community are indispensable to the achievement of these goals. The freedom to teach and to learn depend upon the creation of appropriate conditions and opportunities on the campus as a whole as well as in the classrooms and lecture halls. These purposes reflect the values — pluralism, diversity, opportunity, critical intelligence, openness and fairness — that are the cornerstones of American society.

    II. Academic Freedom

    1. The Concept . Academic freedom and intellectual diversity are values indispensable to the American university. From its first formulation in the General Report of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure of the American Association of University Professors, the concept of academic freedom has been premised on the idea that human knowledge is a never-ending pursuit of the truth, that there is no humanly accessible truth that is not in principle open to challenge, and that no party or intellectual faction has a monopoly on wisdom. Therefore, academic freedom is most likely to thrive in an environment of intellectual diversity that protects and fosters independence of thought and speech. In the words of the General Report, it is vital to protect “as the first condition of progress, [a] complete and unlimited freedom to pursue inquiry and publish its results.”

    Because free inquiry and its fruits are crucial to the democratic enterprise itself, academic freedom is a national value as well. In a historic 1967 decision ( Keyishian v. Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York ) the Supreme Court of the United States overturned a New York State loyalty provision for teachers with these words: “Our Nation is deeply committed to safeguarding academic freedom, [a] transcendent value to all of us and not merely to the teachers concerned.” In Sweezy v. New Hampshire, (1957) the Court observed that the “essentiality of freedom in the community of American universities [was] almost self-evident.”

    2. The Practice . Academic freedom consists in protecting the intellectual independence of professors, researchers and students in the pursuit of knowledge and the expression of ideas from interference by legislators or authorities within the institution itself. This means that no political, ideological or religious orthodoxy will be imposed on professors and researchers through the hiring or tenure or termination process, or through any other administrative means by the academic institution. Nor shall legislatures impose any such orthodoxy through their control of the university budget.

    This protection includes students. From the first statement on academic freedom, it has been recognized that intellectual independence means the protection of students – as well as faculty – from the imposition of any orthodoxy of a political, religious or ideological nature. The 1915 General Report admonished faculty to avoid “taking unfair advantage of the student’s immaturity by indoctrinating him with the teacher’s own opinions before the student has had an opportunity fairly to examine other opinions upon the matters in question, and before he has sufficient knowledge and ripeness of judgment to be entitled to form any definitive opinion of his own.” In 1967, the AAUP’s Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students reinforced and amplified this injunction by affirming the inseparability of “the freedom to teach and freedom to learn.” In the words of the report, “Students should be free to take reasoned exception to the data or views offered in any course of study and to reserve judgment about matters of opinion.”

    Therefore, to secure the intellectual independence of faculty and students and to protect the principle of intellectual diversity, the following principles and procedures shall be observed.

    These principles fully apply only to public universities and to private universities that present themselves as bound by the canons of academic freedom. Private institutions choosing to restrict academic freedom on the basis of creed have an obligation to be as explicit as is possible about the scope and nature of these restrictions.

    1. All faculty shall be hired, fired, promoted and granted tenure on the basis of their competence and appropriate knowledge in the field of their expertise and, in the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts, with a view toward fostering a plurality of methodologies and perspectives. No faculty shall be hired or fired or denied promotion or tenure on the basis of his or her political or religious beliefs.

    2. No faculty member will be excluded from tenure, search and hiring committees on the basis of their political or religious beliefs.

    3. Students will be graded solely on the basis of their reasoned answers and appropriate knowledge of the subjects and disciplines they study, not on the basis of their political or religious beliefs.

    4. Curricula and reading lists in the humanities and social sciences should reflect the uncertainty and unsettled character of all human knowledge in these areas by providing students with dissenting sources and viewpoints where appropriate. While teachers are and should be free to pursue their own findings and perspectives in presenting their views, they should consider and make their students aware of other viewpoints. Academic disciplines should welcome a diversity of approaches to unsettled questions.

    5. Exposing students to the spectrum of significant scholarly viewpoints on the subjects examined in their courses is a major responsibility of faculty. Faculty will not use their courses for the purpose of political, ideological, religious or anti-religious indoctrination.

    6. Selection of speakers, allocation of funds for speakers programs and other student activities will observe the principles of academic freedom and promote intellectual pluralism.

    7. An environment conducive to the civil exchange of ideas being an essential component of a free university, the obstruction of invited campus speakers, destruction of campus literature or other effort to obstruct this exchange will not be tolerated.

    8. Knowledge advances when individual scholars are left free to reach their own conclusions about which methods, facts, and theories have been validated by research. Academic institutions and professional societies formed to advance knowledge within an area of research, maintain the integrity of the research process, and organize the professional lives of related researchers serve as indispensable venues within which scholars circulate research findings and debate their interpretation. To perform these functions adequately, academic institutions and professional societies should maintain a posture of organizational neutrality with respect to the substantive disagreements that divide researchers on questions within, or outside, their fields of inquiry.

  168. REDBONE,

    I can agree with the philosophy of the Acedemic Bill of Rights…

    I agree with it’s “Mission of the University”, intrinsic values.

    I agree with “Acedmic Freedom” in 1. The Concept, that, no matter the age or station in life, we must never “shut up about it” or think “what difference does it make.”

    2. The Practice, I can agree only somewhat with the first paragraph in which it calls for the protection of both faculty and students “from interference from legislators or authorities within the institution itself. This hasn’t happened.

    The rest of the points would involve burdensome, time consuming, expensive, get nothing done, panels set up by the Universities to arbortrate disputes over faculty disputes on firings or tenure, student’s grades on test scores because he/she diagreed with a professor.

    I submit that to remove the gooey mess that as our educational system out, be it higher learning or high school, would be to get the ones out of it who gummed it up in the first place, the government.

    We have an academic bill of rights, we don’t need the government’s “help” in educating us in their dogma. It has weakend the American People and will continue to do so until we say, “Enough.”

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