When All Is Revealed

I fear that my blossoming career as a political prognosticator may be over.. Well, sort of..

I had thought that the first of the sempiternal scandals related to the Presidency (that still has thirty days worth of “down time” before continuing the Democratic avocation of sullying, soiling and otherwise defiling the Oval Office..) would be the direct correlation between the Obama campaign and the can of assorted nuts known as ACORN.

The ever complicit and “impartial” media decided that the multiple millions of “registered votes” cast by the deceased and any number of fictional cartoon characters were properly cast for Barack Hussein Obama, therefore there was no “scandal”. (For those who are somewhat curious, here is an incomplete list of non-fictional cartoon characters: Michael Moore, Dennis Kucinich, Nancy Pelosi..) You will note the absence of any of the previous cries of “voter fraud”, “voter irregularities” and “voter intimidation” as relates to the “complicated” machinery used for voting. Please note that these “scandals” always pop up in states that the liberals “need to win”, for example, Ohio and Florida, never Wyoming or North Dakota and these bellows only are only heard when the liberals LOSE. When the left’s patented chicanery elicits a WIN, all is right with the world..

I knew that there would be a scandal BEFORE the next liberal takes office. Little did I know that the scandal would be about the office that he left behind.. So I batted .500. That is better than your local weathercaster and it is considerably higher than any ridiculously overpaid New York Yankee..

Governor Rod Blagojevich, Illinois’ favorite liberal Chia pet, took a page right out of the Randy Cunningham political play book. Blagojevich all but put the vacant Illinois Senate seat on Ebay, hoping to cash in just in time for his Christmas credit card bills that will soon be hitting his mailbox. (I will also state that for the record, I believe that the Senate seat in question has been vacant since January 3, 2005..) The next liberal President chose as his Chief of Staff one Rahm Emanuel, who either on his own or with some prodding from his new boss, decided to put his weenie into this political campfire which I hope will soon become a political wild fire..

Now the Democratic dance of the “definition of ‘is’ is” begins.

Let’s fill in our scorecards. Rahm Emanuel succeeded Blagojevich in the House and he also served as a campaign adviser for Blagojevich. He “claims” that he spoke “just once” about Obama’s seat and he spoke “four times” to Blagojevich’s former Chief of Staff John Harris, who was himself arrested relative to this “scandal”.

“Change”, eh?

When applying “the totality of the definition of words” to any liberal statement, “just once” leads to a litany of contiguous questions.. How long was the “one” conversation? Just exactly what was said as well?

When the incoming President’s Chief of Staff says, for example, “We would appreciate your consideration of Valerie Jarrett” (a close Obama friend). The weight of those few words and their direct implications aren’t lost upon the liberal wonks within the state of Illinois, but they will no doubt become ridiculously vague when the “Clinton magic” is applied (app-lied) to either an impending impeachment proceeding or a federal prosecution or two.

The Obama team has conducted an “internal investigation” and the “facts” that they have unearthed were to be released during “Christmas week since it may mean it will be quietly forgotten..” What if Nixon had been allowed to “internally investigate” Haldeman and Ehrlichman? What if Clinton had been allowed to “internally investigate” himself pertaining to the litany of female victims who have stepped forward? It was funny when Nancy “727” Pelosi promised “the most ethical Congress in history” but Obama’s cacophony (caco-phony) of “Change” didn’t even make it to Inauguration Day. Isn’t there an old saying the goes, “the more things change, the more they remain the same”?

Joe Lockhart, a former Clinton press secretary who is well versed in the “Democratic dance of deception” said that Obama was “right to play it safe”, so that the Obama obfuscators could “make sure the accounting was complete..” The question here is who will be the Obama team’s Susan McDougal? Who gets to publicly walk the plank first while the Obama team “takes care of them” after the deed is done and the smoke has cleared?

Not only are there Obama cabinet VIP’s mired in all of this, but a “Democratic donor” named Raghuveer Nayek, who wanted Jesse Jackson Jr. to fill the Obama seat, seems firmly ensconced as well. “Democratic donor” in the world of Democratic alliteration, is another term for “Future felon” and this one wanted Jack$on’s kid to continue the procession of poltroons, otherwise known as “Illinois politicians”, otherwise known as “fabricated figureheads.” (Be careful with the spelling of that last word. Je$$e or $harpton, when he is not lunching with unqualified, inexperienced carpetbaggers, might become “offended”..)

Blagojevich’s former aide turned snitch, John Wyma, has a number of “clients” who contributed over $100,000 to Emanuel’s campaigns and “clients” who have forked over more than $445,000 to Balgojevich. All good liberal politicians should at least have a good banker and a good bail bondsman on retainer at all times..

It is no surprise that “money talks” with a campaign that thought that the idea of “raffling” a chance, at twenty-five bucks a crack, to spend election eve along side Obama, was a great idea. That “game of chance” is the appropriate analogy for a campaign that should have billed itself as “America’s ultimate gamble”..

Another disgusting element of this multi-layered Democratic scandal is the fact that the federal prosecutors are telling the Illinois House panel considering their Blagojevich impeachment proceedings that the House probe is “interfering with his (their) criminal investigation”.. My guess is that the federal prosecutors are singing for their supper.

Blagojevich doesn’t have any friends here, but the “wider implications” involving Obama staffers and possibly Obama himself, could cause the federal prosecutors to take “action”.. How much and what kind of “action” is a matter of conjecture..

The incoming President has the staffing of the federal prosecutor’s office as one of his concerns. “Adjusting” the line up at the prosecutor’s office becomes a “scandal” depending upon who occupies the office of the President. President Clinton fires ALL of the federal prosecutors, no scandal. President Bush fires eight prosecutors, therefore it is a scandal of mythic proportions. Surely the Obama team wouldn’t consider taking any “action” against any and all thorough and competent federal prosecutors that might discover or unearth any and all malfeasance on the part of any and all Obama staff members, would they?

Political consultant to Blagojevich Peter Giangreco, said that Emanuel and Blagojevich “only dealt with each other because they occupied the same political geography..” That “geography” is known to the rest of us as “the fetid swamp of Illinois politics” and the incoming President, hailing from the same political cesspool, has more than just a little of the noxious odor of “Illinois politics as usual” about him.

The “Champeen of Change” said that “when all is revealed, it will be clear that neither he nor his staff had any contacts with Blagojevich..” “When all is revealed”? To paraphrase his political predecessor, “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is..” In this case, it depends upon what the definition of “all” is and what the definition of “revealed” is..



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  1. NLTZ family,

    WOW! First off, a belated Merry Christmas..

    Major computer melt down..Finally fixed. This article has been done for four days while I awaited new hardware..Computers..

    Back in the saddle, let’s rock my friends..

    Thanks as always,




  3. “Rahm Emanuel, who either on his own or with some prodding from his new boss, decided to put his weenie into this political campfire which I hope will soon become a political wild fire.”

    Stop, stop, I’m already laughing so hard (well, it damn sure beats crying, which all of we tax-paying suckers will doing all too soon), I’m about to take a dive off my office chair…

    Have mercy – I thought the fun wouldn’t start before inauguration day, but what with the stale dirge of “Camelot” being reincarnated through the imminently unqualified singular remaining [legitimate] off-spring thereof, Caroline, coupled with Blago-butthead, I can hardly contain my sardonic peals of laughter.

    Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, a belated Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for as prosperous as possible under our forthcoming “change is all you’ll have left” el presidentanista coming New Year.


  4. First off, I’m glad you got the computer back up and running; I was beginning to wonder if you were going to have an article this week.
    Now most sensible people ralize there must be some connection B. Hussein Obama and Blago, but if the courts won’t even make BHO prove he is constitutionally qualified to be president, why should we expect any evidence pointing to wrong-doings by the Obama camp to even see the light of day. If the evidence does surface, we all know the Mainstream (liberal) media will claim it was fabricated and the rest of the looney left will agree.

  5. Glad to have you back, Larry! Aren’t computers just a joy? The latest and greatest toys are always breaking down…

    ‘In this case, it depends upon what the definition of “all” is and what the definition of “revealed” is..’ You’ve got that right Larry… same song, second (or is it 4th?) verse!

    Todd, you are eactly right…and your belief leads me to this thought……….

    What is really going on here? What are they brewing under the radar, while the nation is fixated on this “scandal”? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this is all just a smokescreen for something else. I believe that the “financial crisis” was planned down to the hour, and that every economic issue that we are facing right now is on someone’s list of things to do this decade so that they can implement their grand scheme of power and influence. With the Mainstream media’s complicit agreement, if the Liberals in power didn’t want this story to be told, it wouldn’t be out there yet.

    So, what are they up to now?

    Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone.

  6. Forget all that for the moment….Where the heck is the birth certificate?!


    -Following Rush Limbaugh’s
    suggestion I EMAILD Hillary campaignto push her to stay in the race.
    Since then I get all kinds of requests
    for help to reduce her debt. Even
    Now I get a solicitation form Chelsea
    for the Clinton Foundation.

    After seeing that the Clintons are worth $100MM and the Foundation
    $500 MM .You have to laugh at this
    slimy crew.

    Larry , your article clearly points out that the DEMO=CRUDS will do anything and the press helps them hide from the public.

    The growth of corruption has spread to so many with acceptance by the
    large majority of the KOOL AID
    drinking public it is going to be a
    miserable four years . Hope we are lucky enough to stop this machine
    in 2012 for my family sakes as well as
    your readers and contributors.


  8. Its enough to make one gag. Why didn’t he simply put the Senatorial seat up for auction on E-Bay? Since we know the left doesn’t care about propriety, or what we think, they might as well be bold as brass about it. Its gonna be a long four years, but it’ll be worth it to be see the Hope-a-Dopes get the reaming they voted for.

  9. Hi, my name is Jim Davis. I’m the Newsmax guy who revealed that yes, Barack Obama did attend Jeremiah Wright’s church and yes, he really did hear Wright say those awful things about America, and about white people. “Individual D” in the Blagojevich criminal complaint is Raghuveen Nayak, who had hosted fundraisers for Jesse Jackson Jr. The LA Times just reported that Nayak is seeking immunity. This means he has information about criminal activity by bigger fish; and that he’s giving it to Patrick Fitzgerald in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Tony Rezko, of course, is also making a deal; his sentencing has been indefinitely postponed. Both Jackson and Rahm Emanuel are in hot water. How many of you still believe that Barack Obama was submerged in this political cesspool for 20 years and came out smelling like a rose? How many of you still think he lived for his entire adult life in this political whorehouse, but he’s still a virgin? Merry Fitzmas, everybody. Be careful what you wish for, Joe Wilson. You might see a president frogmarched in handcuffs, but not the one you were so eagerly hoping for.

  10. Emmanuel spoke to Gov. B. “Just Once”, reminds me of a girl I met in Japan. She only had sex once. It was with the 5th Air Force.

  11. Prince Obie and his gang of Chicago cronnies are so dishonest, any expectations we may have in government will only be failure,inefficency and stagnation for the next 4 years.
    So Much for “Hope & Change”….

  12. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    You don’t have to worry about suffering through 4 years of Obama’s reign. His mission is to destroy the United States and it won’t take him long to do it. With the Media and Congress in his pocket and the Supreme Court afraid of him, he will rule as the Dictator of Obamastan. The current “scandal” is a smokescreen just as the Monica Lewinsky scandal was a smokescreen for Clinton’s treasonous activity with China.

  13. Margaret in CT

    I’m all for an eBay auction. We’d probably end up with a senator of better quality than the “vetting” process in Illinois has any hope of providing. Blago’s determination to “fight, fight, fight” is truly inspiring. Fight for what, dimwit? Your “right” to peddle a senate seat and God knows what else to the highest bidder?

    We have others to look forward to. Al Franken, for example, whose best attribute seems to be the ability to “find” enough votes to assure his election. He doesn’t even need joke writers to get a laugh for his shenanigans in Minnesota.

    And then there’s Caroline Kennedy, who has decided to exchange a life of gardening and bike-riding on Long Island for a seat in the U.S. Senate. I understand that she’s written books on constitutional law. Do you suppose she has a better familiarity with the contents of Article I than Joe “the professor” Biden has?

    She most certainly now realizes that the “Kennedy myth” is getting a little long in the tooth—so long that most of the news reporters who were present for her visit to that foreign and dangerous land, Syracuse, were barely conscious or still unborn when her father was assassinated. Thus, they didn’t know any better than to ask a member of the royal family such a disrespectful question as “Have you ever been to Syracuse, Ms. Kennedy?” I doubt she’s been north of Central Park. She had no better answer than Teddy had for Roger Mudd, who innocently asked him why he thought he should be elected president. Mudd didn’t know that Teddy was preparing for the coronation due a Kennedy, with no more idea why he should be president than a monkey knows why it likes bananas. I see the same tendency in Ms. K.

    With the advent of these new faces, we can be assured that the Senate will continue to devolve into a costly human zoo. What a dismal prospect!

  14. Like it or not, even Blago deserves a fair trial during his impeachment, and he is very unlikely to get one if the Feds have their way. The irony is that in U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s attempt to do a thorough investigation (at least as thorough as possible considering who he is up against [I’m trying to give Fitz the benefit of the doubt]) and ensure a fair trial, he is obtructing the fair impeachment of Blago. This trial is supposed to expose corruption, but it seems like it is going to be sullied by its own corruption. Oh the irony…

    On a lighter note, this is from gateway Pundit:

    Obama Visits Marines… Met With Silence

    Let’s face it.
    The cut-&-runner is no George W. Bush.

    No applause.

    Barack Obama with US Marines in Kailua, Hawaii. Obama, on vacation in Hawaii, made a Christmas Day stop at a Marine Corps base in Hawaii, where he greeted troops and their family members during holiday dinner. (AFP/Tim Sloan)

    Barack Obama visited US Marines in Hawaii on Christmas.
    …He was met with silence.
    Political Punch and PL Forum reported:

    President-elect Obama stopped by the Marine Corps base in Hawaii Kaneche Bay where servicemen and -women were eating Christmas dinner in Kailua Thursday evening.

    “Just wanted to say hi, hey guys,” Obama said as he walked into the Anderson dining hall which was decked out in Christmas decorations.

    The diners represented seven military units — Marine and Navy — some of whom were joined by their families for Christmas dinner.

    As Obama entered the room, it was absent of the regular fanfare of cheering and clapping. The diners were polite, staying seated at their respective tables and waited for the president-elect to come to them to stand up.

  15. Larry…..
    Thanks for the wit and wisdom you’ve shared this year. I look forward to next years revelations from NLT . Happy New Year.
    This show just keeps getting better every minute in Chicago . By next year most of the players will be on Americas Most Wanted or American Idol. I don’t watch either so let me know. Al Capone is dancing in his coffin don’t you know over his brothers in arms carrying the torch to the White House. But just as justice prevailed when bringing down Capone & Co. It will prevail again in bringing down Obone & Co.
    Keep stiring the pot Larry, you do more than you know in this demise of Obamafather IV.

  16. AMY D…..
    How asinine a statement Obama made when showing up at the Anderson Dinning Hall. Here is the President elect mimicking The President of The United States of America . Maybe he should have used a banner to let the troops know he was coming, something like
    ” Mission Impossible”

  17. Keysfish,
    The birth certificate is exactly what I was talking about, when I said the courts won’t even make BHO prove he is constitutionally qualified to be president.
    You’re probably right about the whole financial crisis and the Liberals in Power wanting this particular story out at this time.

    Have a Happy New Year, everybody!

  18. this was on world net daily

    it is true I checked cook county records

  19. I’m afraid the Chicago corruption and Rezko, Daley, Obama and Blagojevich goes way back to over six years ago.

    When the media refused to do any negative story or articles on Obama, I took it upon myself to search for information on him and I hut the mother load when I discovered a series of articles written by an investigative reporter, Evelyn Pringle, who broke it down. All the corruption involved Obama, his wife, the Governor and his wife, Tony Rezko and his wife, the Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley, his brother, Former Governor and prison resident, George Ryan, Howard Dean, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Marc Morial, and Julian Bond, among others. and from the religious, entertainment and business arenas, Nation of Islam Leader Minister Louis Farrakhan, activist and entertainer Harry Belafonte; and prominent business executives Cathy Hughes and Earl Graves.

    In the June of 2005, a meeting was called by the leaders of the Rainbow/PUSH, within the conference plans were being hatched for the next Presidential race. At the time it was thought that Rod Blagojevich would be the DNC’s choice for the Democratic Presidential nominee. He was all set for greatness, but something happened either during the end of the meetings or immediately afterwards that change the dynamic and they changed the choice and what direction they were going to head, they choice Barack Obama instead.

    They started to plan their strategy. The Conference was held at Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. Toward the end of the conference, the Illinois corruption investigation “Operation Board Games” in Chicago was starting to make headlines. Which is the investigation that was started by Patrick Fitzgerald? This goes back over three years and not all the players have been indicted, arrested and tried, many insiders turned states evidence for leniency.

    Personally I think they knew that Blagojevich would eventually get nabbed by the Federal investigators and either dropped him or set him up to take that fall. His blood thirsty greed as well as his wife’s was well known, they used that and played him like a fool. Obama is knee deep in this corruption scandal and Ms. Pringle was been threatened as well as the 50 lawyers who threaten to sue should she continue to expose his involvement.

    I think they sat down and planned their strategy on how to win the next Presidential election. I read another piece today that confirms my beliefs from a former employee to the Obama Campaign. She exposes their calculated plans to lie to the American public about his weaknesses, which the media happily played along, how they play FoxNews and especially Bill O’Reilly, by purposely kept them out of the loop, so they would beg for information and they fell for it.

    This was all planned and executed by Obama, Howard Dean and David Axlerod, who she called Axlerod extremely smart, but corrupt and devious. The lying, the misinformation, their calculations on how Hillary Clinton and John McCain were carefully calculated. They made a number of miscalculations, they didn’t think that Hillary would hang on as long as she did, he most likely negotiated with her to drop out for a seat in his cabinet. They counted on McCain to choose Lieberman, and had researchers investigate his background as well as Romney, Pawlenty and Tom Ridge and had planned strategies on how to downplay his choice for VP. They never counted on him choosing Sarah Palin, which through a wrench in their calculated plans. We all know what happened then, the lawyers were dispatch to Alaska to dig up the dirt on her and all they could find was her husband’s arrest for drunk driving 20 years ago and the firing of the staff guy. It was slim pickins.

    Obama got scared and started to panic and the news media played along.

    Well, its getting late. Take care and goodnight.


  21. Hey, Larry, it’s good to hear from you again my man!

    Lot’s to think about in this article, but I kind of think there’s some merit in that Ebay auctioning… for the whole bunch of those halfwits in Washington.

    I, mean what difference would it make? The highest bidders getting the positions may do little if any good for the country as compared to the high payed elected ones that are there already doing little if any good, I mean could it hurt?

    The democrats would be gone because they’re poor, represent the poor, the downtrodden and hate the rich guy, right? Oh wait, they just “feel” for the poor don’t they. Ah, we’d still be stuck with them, never mind.

  22. Larry,
    This is off-subject so forgive me. I’ve been away awhile , and was reading some of your older posts to sort of catch-up. I saw where someone had a question concerning Tinkerbell Messiah’s father’s lineage. According to his birth records, this piece of shit’s dad was 87.5% Arab, and is identified as being an Arab on his birth certificate.
    So, what we have is the first black president who is 50% White, 44%(give-or-take a %) Arab, and 6% black.Allahu Akbar!
    If anyone has already submitted this, please forgive me , as I am just to your 11/6/08 posting, and enjoying all the comments immensely.
    Here’s hoping your vacation gave you pots of lifelong memories, and it is great to have you back.
    Once more into the breach!
    P.S. I happened upon a couple of websites you may or may not find of interest- “Global Guerillas “and “India’s Naxalite Rage”. Fascinating stuff.

  23. From Jim Kelly:
    And now does the 100 year old Kenya (non-biblical) prophecy of the future “Son of Kenya” (Obama) begin to unfold?

    From last century’s great Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo, the founder of Kenya’s Nomiya Luo Church, and who among the Kenya people of the Luo religion is believed to be a prophet similar to Jesus Christ and Muhammad, and who in 1912 made this horrific prophecy about the United States:

    “So far have they [the United States] strayed into wickedness in those [future] times that their destruction has been sealed by my [father]. Their great cities will burn, their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death, their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I reveal to you the greatest [mystery] of all as I have been allowed to see that their [the United States] destruction will come about through the vengeful hands of one of our very own sons.”

    NOTE – Barack Obama, Sr. was born in Nyanza Province, Kenya, of Luo ethnicity.

    Q. Is Barack Obama the “promised warrior” coming to help the Hidden Imam of Shiite Muslims conquer the world?

    A. This question has made the rounds in Iran since last month, when a pro-government Web site published a Hadith (or tradition) from a Shiite text of the 17th century. The tradition comes from Bahar al-Anvar (meaning Oceans of Light) by Mullah Majlisi, a magnum opus in 132 volumes and the basis of modern Shiite Islam.

    According to the tradition, Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”

    In a curious coincidence Obama’s first and second names–Barack Hussein–mean “the blessing of Hussein” in Arabic and Persian. His family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means “he is with us,” the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition.”

    From these secular sources it appears that people from diverse backgrounds believe that a leader matching Mr. Obama’s description could appear in the last days, and that his impact will not be good for America. Time will tell.

  24. Good to have you back and writing Larry. Missed my weekly dose of reality and truth.
    I’m truly disgusted and trying to make sense of what is happening to our great Country.
    Spiritually, I am preparing for what has been prophesized, and pray that others will too. I am of the belief it is the only way in which we can turn this around.
    Does anyone else wonder why Fitzgerald “exposed” the investigation on the “Obama seat” before it came to fruition?
    Does anyone else doubt for a minute that Obama, etal are up to their “nose hairs” in this “Illinois Politics As Usual Caper?”
    Hugh Downs wrote an interesting article on Obama not so long ago….he decribed BHO in one word…..a FLAKE. Flaky enough to be controlled by the “machine” I am afraid. Just another “puppet on a string.”
    Knowing where this “pack of slime” come from….it’s just business as usual and I’m stocking up on “Pepto Bismal.” I’m investing what’s left of my 401k in it.

  25. Amy….I tried to read your latest article…Thug Life…all I got was a picture of Obama toking on weed.

  26. LOL @ Rayne!!! That was the point!!! It’s just a picture of BHO toking!!!

  27. Ken,

    The main question is are these “prophesies” biblical??? On the face, they don’t seem like they are. Although, when Muhammad was creating his religion, he borrowed (perverted) heavily from Judaism and Christianity. I would not take much heed from non-biblical prophesies, but the whole thing is interesting.

  28. Amy D,

    They are revelant only in the context of what God will and will not allow in any given situation. There are many occult or Satanic prophesies that are in reality true but true only because they fit with Divine Will for the all inclusive ends of a matter. For instance: Albert Pike, appointed to be head of Illuminati on the West or USA etc upon death of Guissippe Manzini who had been appointed to replace Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, had a Satanic vision that predicted three world wars to bring in the Luciferic New World Order. Two of these have transpired and as to the third world war, agents of darkness are working night and day to provoke. Brezinski, who established the Trilateral Commission for David Rockerfeller, is said by many to be the major obvious person to activate it through Obama. It may interest you to know that an old “seer” Jenne Dixon who “predicted” the assination of JFK also predicted the birth of a revolutionary person on the cusp of the “Picean Age” to the “Age of Aquirius”. There is speculation that this is actually Obama whose actual birthdate is known only to some close relatives. That date was Feb. 4-5, 1962, the date of the so called transition from Piscese to Acquirus. I would remind you that God sent a Christian Pentecostal person from that same country Kenya from where Obama hails to prophesy and pray prayers of protection over his Pentecostal believing child, Sarah Palin, at the same time frame Obama was being raised up on the National scene. These are not coincidences or blind speculations. There is direct spiritual connection here. As I have said before in previous threads, Sarah Palin was a messenger from God to American women that they do not have to murder their children to have a career. In large part American women voted Obama to President Elect. It is called the orgasmic vote. In reality it is up to women as to whether a culture continues to exist or becomes extinct. American women have voted to bring America to its end by mocking and derriding Sarah Palin.

    The question now is, will the Christian Church in America humble ourselves? repent of our wicked ways? and pray for Obama, those women, men, and all others? and seek God’s face? which means relationship with God on personal basis which is what Pentecostal Christianity is? Or will we all continue as usual, and try to reclaim and restablish what we have taken for granted?

    It is highly unlikely that a political scenerio as in 1965 when liberal swept the political scene will reverse from liberal power to conservative power in patters of the past. The script calls for a major upheaval such as the earth has never known. This is why it is necessary to inspect the situation from every perspective beginning with the spiritual. If you cannot connect the spiritual workings in reality to the physical you will not understand where you stand and what is happening to you.

  29. “Governor Rod Blagojevich, Illinois’ favorite liberal Chia pet”

    Still giggling…

    Welcome back Larry, glad to hear its just the computer that’s ailing, not you, was worried there a bit. Merry Christmas also!

    If I see one more 1.20.09! bumpersticker I’m going to puke…what do these people think is going to happen that day? Or in the days afterwards? Nothing good I’m sure, so why the rush? I agree that the Blago scandal is a cover up for something else, this entire shampaign has been a cover up and a fake, how can anyone believe that Obama has NOTHING to do with this? He never knows a THING abouth ANYTHING, yet the liberals want this clown for a president. I just don’t get it.

  30. Ken,

    Thanks for the perspective. Obama needs a public rebuke on “Coronation Day” by EVERY Bible-believing pastor in America.

  31. Ken: then the messiah (small ‘m’) will then unleash the IRS on each one of them. I’m waiting to see how long it takes for the messiah to arrange for churches to start paying their “fair share” of taxes – with the idea of squeezing them financially and closing them down.

  32. I didn’t have enough time and energy yesterday to discuss the connections to the Obama’s, the Rezko’s, the Blagojevich, the Daley’s, Bill Ayers and the Chicago Corruption Machine.

    The corruption in Chicago goes back to the twenties when Al Capone ran the City between the weak Republican Mayor (the last one ever elected), Judges, Police Captains Union leaders, Councilman and other mobsters fraught for control over the money and influence, but Capone and the Irish mobster out did themselves by paying off the politicians and killing those who refused the generous campaign contributions. Most of the politicians were terrified of Capone, who had no problem killing his critics so in order to stay alive; they looked the other way and pocketed his political contributions. In less than 20 years, here is the list of corrupt politicians and officials who got caught.

    Guilty parties
    Here are the sorry statistics:
    Governors: 3.
    Other statewide officials: 2
    State legislators: 15
    Congressmen: 2
    Mayors: 1
    Other citywide officials: 3
    Aldermen: 27
    Cook County judges: 19
    Other Cook County officials: 7
    The reason Chicago politics is so corrupt is because, in post-modern American history, it has never not been corrupt, which makes it very difficult to find an honest man or women; who’s willing to clean it up. Especially because every politician who says they’re going to try and straighten Chicago out ends up lying and cheating worse than the moron who came before him. Basically, it’s the Frankenstein’s monster of political machines—a thing, composed of scrap materials functioning for a common cause (money and personal wealth), that will only be stopped if it commits to self-immolation.

    So, the thought that Obama is the first honest, forth-right, trustworthy and sincere politician to ever make it out of the Chicago/Illinois Political machine, is highly unlikely. Why would they want to get rid of him? I would think he be a keeper coming out of the cesspool of useless scum, where soap and water just won’t do, you’d need a flamethrower to get rid of the scum and a whole lot of air fresher to get rid of the stench; I guess he’s just taken the art of deception, dishonesty, insincerity and fraud to an all new level. Especially coming out of the liberal Ivy League University system, where deception is taught.

    But the back story to Chicago corruption dates back to about 100 years ago, when Chicago’s elected officials started to realize they could play the city’s increasing number of immigrants off one another for financial and political gain. Shrewd politicians would employ ward heelers (now known as Community Organizers), people who implanted themselves into ethnic enclaves and promised government handouts in exchange for votes (Gee, it sounds vaguely familiar) . “Vote for [insert a rotten corrupted prick’s name here],” they’d say, “and you’ll get a leg up on those no-good Eye-talians.” This is why so many Irishman became Chicago police officers. Enter Capone and his cronies. This type of political landscape has spread across the Country from Boston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

    They haven’t changed much in 100 years, only taken in more money (inflation) and as long as American voters continue to look the other way and continue to vote for them, the corruption only gets worse because their confidence grows. It seems every election; the more polished the corrupt politicians become. They are no longer pitting the Irish against the Italians; they’re using blacks against Hispanics, Orientals, which include Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. Which is why the Democrats are so desperate to get the illegal immigrants so they can control not only the largest world population, but those who come here to live? If they can control the Hispanics and the black communities here in the US, they’ll appear to be deemed by the World as great people and not the true slimes that they really are. They want to force distrust and anger into these ethnic communities as the each fight for dominance the politicians go about their deception and greed. The communities are now just too busy fighting with each other to notice what’s happening in front of their eyes.

    As a general rule, and my investigation of corruption, the Democrats far outweigh the Republicans in lying, cheating, stealing, shrewdness, deception, conning and misinformation. But, we’ve had are share as well. Yet the Democrats hammer away at any deception a Republican may have had, whether it was cheating the public or misrepresenting how they may have voted on an important issue. Yet if the republicans try to do the same, the public finds it revolting. The Democrats have deemed Republicans, especially conservatives as ridged, narrow-minded, bigots, racist, intolerant, religious zealots and bias. And, of course the media repeats the misinformation to favor the liberal democrats.

    I’m afraid it’s an up hill battle for Republicans and conservatives, especially those who are Christians. Reagan was smart, he called them out and exposed their sham and they tried like hell to bring him down, but he was too likeable, had a great sense of humor and used it wisely and at the appropriate moments, which only brought the public to stand behind him whether he made tough decisions. We need another likeable, affable, honest and above board Republican conservative politician who can explain the truth to what is going on, in a way that the public won’t reject the information. I’m afraid John McCain was not that politician even though he had a great connection with Ronald Reagan, he seemed to reject some of his style, but he has a great sense of humor, I only wished he had shown it more on the campaign trail.

    Obama has no sense of humor and he certainly botches any jokes he tries to tell, as he claims with the way our Country is at, no one should be laughing at this critical time, to hide behind his wall of incompetence, even a joke. Since vaudeville came out of the Depression, my only thought is can it make a comeback during Obama’s Administration? What do you think?

    Again it’s getting late and I’ll promise to share what I learned about the Chicago corruption and the Obama’s tomorrow. Has anyone here read any of the articles written by Evelyn Pringle?

  33. Hi Larry,
    Another excellent article. Do you think the good Gov Blago is worried about getting Fosterized? Or do you think he has enough friends in the right places to keep him safe?
    Also why do so many of your commentors think this nightmare is going to end in 4 years? Obama has no intentions of ever stepping down once he assumes power (Why do you think he wants a separate civilian security force?) Mark my words! You can vote a communist into power BUT you never vote him out. This guy is in no way another “Silly Billy put that back in your pants” kind of guy. This guy is a seriously hard core leftist and like him or not is a scarily good politician!
    From the Joyce foundation to ACORN to Bill Ayers (failed as a terrorist now “peacefully” teaching Marxism at Columbia univ) to George Soros to Rev. Wright to his flag burning parties. We are now living in a different America than we were in October. So fasten your seatbelts folks there’s gonna be a little turbulence for the rest of this trip. This Blago thing is just the first episode.
    To Ken: I think your “prophesy” comments are interesting and are worth thinking about.

    P.S.The U.S. Marines and Sarah Palin are my heros!

  34. I thought that revelations were reserved for the handing down the details of the latest version of the perfect word of allah/god/yahweh in order to start a new Abrahamic religion?

  35. There is little doubt in my mind that Obama is not running the “Obama administration”. He is merely the mouthpiece for a far more nefarious organization in which the likes of George Soros are now running the show. Through their control of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, and with the fifth column comprised of the media firmly in their camp, America is now in the hands of this oligarchy from hell. (The supreme court will be irrelevant as the rule of law will be suspended)

    I expect to see:
    -Our constitution shredded.
    -Weapons confiscation (a necessity for total
    -The current, self imposed, agenda driven
    activism by the media will become official
    government policy.
    -Strong Political opponents will disappear.
    (Republicans need not worry)
    -A form of martial law imposed using Hussein’s
    civilian militia.
    -Rights of the individual will cease to exist (this
    goes for minorities, homosexuals and all other
    “protected” species as well)

    The American people will continue to remain ignorant while the winner of the super bowl or the next American Idol or some other equally irrelevant, mind jelling activity captures their attention….until it is too late ……and then…….
    a collective cry of “What the hell happened?” and “Who can we blame for this?” will erupt.

    Far fetched you say………let’s talk again in 18- 24 months.

  36. Rick 2,

    You’re right. Wanna be and original Biblical “messiah” Antichrists either kill God’s people or rob temples or both. LBJ was the author of the IRS church attacks in USA in the 1950’s. The IRS ramped up their attacks against Christian churches during the Clinton Admin. years. Last year Christian legal defense teams have begun to challenge the legislation that censors free speech for non-profit organizations in a serious way, some 30 preachers or more deliberately “violating” the “law” so that they can bring the issue to the Supreme Court.

    Chris and Mac: You’ve got it.

  37. I’m sick of hearing about Oshama already. I live in EU-Land and I am suffering severe BHO fatigue. It’s almost as if it is now a law that EVERY news story relate to the Obamanation, even if the reference is misplaced and irrelevant. Can’t he just crawl into a hole and disappear for like ever???

  38. Mac and Ken:

    There will come a time when we Americans must judge those elected to office, as well as those appointed, whom, having sworn to uphold the Constitution of these United States and its amendments, now seek to overturn that document, in sum or in part.

    I wrote this during the reign of William the Impeached during the seige of Waco, but these words may be more appropriate in the reign of Barrack the Illegitimate. These people will commit Treason and shred our Constitution before they leave office.

  39. Where is Larry?

  40. Rick,

    William the Impeached and Barack the Illegitimate…very good!

  41. Rick,

    You could add to that Herbert Walker the Unbeliever and George the Missleader.

  42. And don’t forget Ronald the Great and James the Weak

  43. And Gerald the Pardoner and Richard the Crooked

  44. And JFK the Martyr and LBJ the Farter

  45. Surprise… (???)… not. Blago set to install Roland Burris into the ever vacant senate seat of the obama at 3:00 EST.

    Found out that Amazon.com is selling copies of the “We Hate the USA” Cd by Paul Shanklin which contains the new classic conservative hit “Barack the Magic Negro”. Get em while they’re legal 😉

    Happy New Year and AR-15’s to all.



    Blago’s move will put HARRY kARI
    as head of the senate in a tight spot with the bigO if he stops this move
    First black in chicago in 1979
    also first of few blacks in AG spot in the Nation


  47. I believe they want to appoint then hold an election for fear of losing the seat to the Republicans. Congress, Harry Reid said they would not except any candidate that Blagojevich put up, let’s see if they follow through on their promises, which they generally never keep.

    But, Burris has been a big campaigner for the greedy dimwit by donating to the Friends of Blagojevich, something like $1,000 here, $1,500 there and $2,600. I guess compared to the previous demand for half a mil, I guess this would be like a happy meal in comparsion.

  48. With regard to the present blog and what is really going on:


  49. Blacks on Blacks:

  50. Ken, you’ve hooked me on the Lame Cherry. Are you in contact? Would love it if that site was somewhat interactive!

  51. And FDR the Socialist and Truman the Nuclear (or Atomic)


    That is quite a story on LAME CHERRY,Thanks for the input
    REDBONE looks like very few of the
    posters are active this year
    I know it is early

  53. It is early… most are probably away which is cool. If I want to make a buck I need to stay by my computer for the most part… so here I am 🙂

  54. Redbone,

    I don’t know who he is. He’s way ahead of the game though. I glean that he is about retirement age, he has lost his wife, he lives on a farm where there are cows. He makes me laugh. Out loud.

    You’re welcome, JR.

    Did you guys check out Rev. Manning? This guy has been on Obama’s case from the first time Obama raised his big eared head.

  55. For some sanity regarding the latest violence against Israel, please read my latest blog entry:


  56. The Rev. Manning is a RIOT!!! Go get him dude!

    Amy… anyone who uses a child as a human shield is inhuman, just pure evil. Call the exterminator!

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