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The Other White Meat

The liberals, who are so easily confused, appear to be completely baffled by their own “economic stimulus package”. Based upon what they are offering up, they have no idea what is supposed to be “stimulated”. (Feel free to insert your own Bill Clinton joke..) It would seem that the actual definition of the first word of the phrase has alluded the insightful ignoramuses of the left.
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Progressive Priorities

In the blink of an eye, liberal leader Barack Hussein Obama decided to dash off with his chaperone/envoy George Mitchell to the Middle East. The assumption that an AMERICAN would make from that sort of information is that Obama and his Middle East envoy went to our closest of Middle Eastern allies, the Israelis, to reaffirm the United States place right beside them as they struggle to survive. Actually, Obama went straight to the Al-Arabiya television network to give his first television interview since becoming President of the United States. This episode/stunt brings so many questions to mind, as does every move Obama has made since his 200 million-dollar beatification.

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The Path Towards Disappointment

These first few moments of the budding Obama administration have been quite hectic to say the least. They have already begun to make America less secure by closing Guantanamo Bay. All of its manacled malcontents will be given freshly flushed Korans autographed by the liberal of their choice (My bet is they will want America’s Hussein to sign..) and a Fannie Mae home loan for a comfy condo close to their next infidel laden target, all courtesy of the American taxpayer.

As a security sidebar, the Iraqi government is reopening Abu Ghraib proving decisively that one government is moving backwards while another is moving forward towards being secure.. They are renaming the facility “Baghdad’s Central Prison” because its old name leaves a “bitter feeling inside hearts”. In the similar spirit of healing, the “collectivist caliphate” was renamed the “Obama administration” here in America..

They have been ever so busy as well twisting arms as they are desperately trying to drum up support for their one trillion-dollar “progressive payoff” that is being passed off as a “bail out” for the country, all being done without the least amount of accountability. Billions for the public schools, alternative fuels, contraceptives and energy efficient government buildings and billions given to the same thieves to continue their confidence games. It is a veritable Swiss watch..

Their activities also extended to the overturning of a ban on state funding for “family planning” groups that perform abortions overseas and this was on their third day in power. Archbishop Rino Fisichella identified the move as “arrogance”. He is absolutely right and I’ll bet that the Archbishop has never met Obama. Unless he gives sermons critical of the United States and democracy, then I would guess that Obama would have had a front row seat for twenty years or so..

Obama has overturned the “global gag rule” which effectively ended United States funding to overseas “family planning” “clinics” which provide any abortion “services” at all. It’s bad enough that the United States participates in this liberal barbarity but for the taxpayers to fund this pogrom “overseas” is an abomination, or an Obama-nation, which ever you prefer..

To dismantle the façade of the rubber apron and ice tong crowd is absolutely necessary. Let’s tackle and set fire to one of the left’s most popular straw men relative to their enthusiastic infanticide.

“Family Planning”. They aren’t brave enough to call them abattoirs, so they have created the verbally whimsical “family planning center” moniker. To call their abortion mills a “family planning center” is as imbecilic as calling AIDS a “great weight loss program.”

The Archbishop said, “What is important to know is how to listen..without locking oneself into ideological visions with the arrogance of a person who, having the power, thinks they can decide on life and death.” The Archbishop seems to have absolutely no working knowledge of how the liberal sub species functions because this is exactly how they operate. Obama is the lord and ruler of the world, (just ask the Germans) he is America’s answer to Longshanks, and he is now telling anyone “overseas” that they too are under his command. Surely the Europeans won’t be docile as they recognize the similarities to the last time that they were confronted by a megalomaniacal tyrant endorsing and implementing genocide with his jack booted sycophants and his brown shirt buddies in tow..

The Archbishop continued, “If this is one of the first acts of President Obama, it seems that the path towards disappointment will be very short.” “D” doesn’t stand for Democrat, Archbishop, it stands for “Disappointment” and it has for the last fifty years or so. The “path to disappointment” began on November 5th and it WAS very short..

“I do not believe that those who voted for him took into consideration ethical themes, which were astutely left aside during the election debate.” Sir, allow me to assist you.. Those who “voted for him” aren’t all that “ethical” themselves. The vast majority unethically demands that the government (the taxpayers) provide them with everything, essentially allowing them to be enslaved. Expecting deep thought from these minions is unproductive at best. The Archbishop it seems, did listen to the election banter because nowhere within the mantras of “hope and change” did anyone hear anything specific, ethical or otherwise..

More than 250 health and human rights organizations thanked Obama for, “ending a policy which has contributed to the deaths and injuries of countless women and girls..” “Countless”? What, ten? Twelve? If this were the 1700’s and we were still curing cancer with leeches, such a childish claim may have medicinal merit but the fact is that the abortions “performed” since 1973 have “contributed to the deaths” of probably twenty five million women in the form of fetuses. Isn’t it funny that they call themselves “Human Rights Organizations” when they demand to end the lives of those in the womb but they wail and moan when the terrorists are questioned? They will boohoo for days if a wayward whale or two ends up on the beach in California but if Zoe doesn’t want to miss swim suit season because of her tryst with the football team, it is time to grab the saline injections..

In the years since Roe v.Wade has been “law”, it is estimated that anywhere from forty to fifty million abortions have been completed, or forty to fifty millions lives have been extinguished. The obvious statistical and ethical comparisons between the liberals and the Nazis aside, if the liberals were as intelligent as they insist that they are, they would understand that they have missed out on a golden opportunity..

Let’s suppose that only ten million abortions/murders had been carried out in the warm spirit of Eugenics since 1973. There are two ways that the Marxists should have looked at this. They would have had either ten million more working Americans that they could have exorbitantly taxed into oblivion to assist them with their redistributionist racket or they would have had ten million more mendicants who would have had to turn to their Bolshevik babysitters for their sustenance. If the mendacious Mengeles had any foresight, America’s Auschwitz might have been aborted well before it went to court..

An incident from a few nights back will reinforce what the Archbishop already knows to be true. While at a meeting to “discuss” (Remember Rodham: “there is nothing I welcome more than a good debate..”, so much for the “bipartisan Obama” campaign clap trap, “discuss” in liberal means “agree with me”..) the “bail out” plan, the egomaniacal Barack Abraham Hussein Kennedy Obama said to the members of the Republican party who had the audacity to question the assembled liberals penchant for unbridled spending and where that spending is allegedly going, “I won”..

That is right, you won.. The nation and now the world has lost..

Acting Boldly And Swiftly

With each passing day, the liberals “in charge of things” keep upping the ante in terms of their “bail out”. They claim that it is hard to be specific because the scope of “the problem”, (a “problem” that they have created, mind you) is yet to be determined. The reason they can’t be specific is they have no idea what they are doing because they have never done anything “productive” other than “community activism”, for example.

Obama said during a Saturday radio address that, “if we do not act boldly and swiftly, a bad situation could become dramatically worse..” Understanding the liberal avocation of misdirection and misinformation, please take note that Obama did not say “efficiently and effectively”.. With the left, it is always about “doing something” because all motion is relative to them. Direction is important to everyone else, the left is concerned with motion and the direction they invariably end up going is backwards.

Here are just a few of the areas that have been mentioned in relation to the “economic plan” and what they really mean to the middle class taxpayers (AKA: the people who didn’t vote for the leftist.)

“3,000 miles of electrical lines”.. It would seem that the left is just getting around to the realization that we have harnessed electricity and it has been made available for the citizens of this country since the early 1900’s, but there is a driving need apparently for three thousand more miles of line..

“Increased security at ninety ports”.. Why is ‘security” suddenly so important to the liberals? If “security” were so important, why would they want to close GITMO and bring its “detainees” (Terrorists. In other words bearded liberals that dress better and bathe with greater frequency..) inside of our borders? Does that in any way sound like a “security risk” to the leftists?

“Double within three years the amount of renewable energy that could be produced from renewable sources..” Here BHO/JFK decided to channel his mentor and tweak the challenge that he made in 1961 to place a man on the moon. The difference is that at that time the liberals hadn’t yet destroyed the idea of “education” and replaced it with the “positive self esteem” failure in place today. The thought that two plus two equals six may get you a gold star and a round of applause in today’s liberal infested public schools but years back you would have been CORRECTED. The world of “science” has no room for such folderol over fact, except within the “fields” of Darwinism and global warming. There two plus two can and does equal just about anything..

“Upgrade 10,000 schools and improve learning for about five million students..” If the left would get beyond their childish notions of indoctrination and “change” back to the idea of “education”, this promise might actually have some meaning. Today it is just another payoff for the pockets of the NEA and its marionettes whose dystrophic “idea” of education is simply the replication of the next generation of the lowest class who are manacled to the tenets of liberalism.

“Save two billion dollars a year by making federal buildings energy efficient..” The bigger concern for the taxpayers that are being bilked would be making liberal politicians “more efficient” or better yet, “extinct”. Wow, two billion saved, only $1,000,000,000,000.00 to go, Commander Green!!

“Triple the number of undergraduate and graduate fellowships in science..” Are we talking about actual science here or are we talking about the typical “junk science” invariably forwarded by the liberals? If these fellowships are handed out based on “diversity and fairness” as opposed to accomplishment and merit, we will again be inundated with more of the two plus two equals seven kind of “scientists” who are already tenured at too many liberal madrassas across the country.

There was still more talk of health care coverage for over eight million Americans (are they really Americans or are they just taking up space here?), increased need for public assistance like Medicaid and children’s health insurance, shifting to electronic medical records, (easier for Rodham to “borrow”.) investing in preventative health care.. These are all long and wordy renditions of the “socialized medicine” sonnet and it has nothing what so ever to do with “stimulating the economy”, the one that is driven by those who are employed. Those perpetually unemployed, the liberal base, are a drain upon society, not a benefit. As long as they “feel good”, why don’t they get around to grabbing one of these imaginary “Obama jobs” in this “stimulus plan”?

This is not the only facet of this gem of a package. We still have the left determined to give multiple billions of dollars to the same people who have lorded over this financial melt down. It is impossible for the Obama simpletons to ask for “accountability” because as beginners in the world of politics and business, they have no idea what to ask for. Obama wants to use at least $50,000,000,000.00 to “help troubled borrowers and avoid foreclosure on home loans..” If you are a “troubled borrower”, who in their right mind would give you a loan? This whole “troubled” part, the one tied to the whole “unfairness” of “certain people” not getting loans (AKA: the blatantly unqualified) that they can’t afford to ever repay, is where this whole fiasco started. The sub prime mortgage industry was a demand by the Clinton administration and Barney Frank enabled it.

To boot, Freddie Mac’s conservator, The Federal Housing Finance Agency is bawling for thirty five billion dollars more after already receiving nearly fourteen billion of the one hundred billion they are slated to get. Remember: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are at the heart of the problem. Doesn’t it seem logical, thinking like a liberal, to give them more money to make more bad loans? What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

Even liberals themselves are seeing through the gossamer gibberish and asking for something of substance. Senator Kent Conrad (L-N.D.) the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee no less said, “The last thing I want is to come back here in five months and have another big package. I’d rather do it now.” He also added, “It seems to me that there are inadequate resources to deal with housing, deal with the financial sector and to give an immediate lift to the ailing economy”..

This Saturday radio appeal is part of his desire to “fulfill campaign promises”.. The problem with making campaign promises based on the “hand out mentality” that the left has nurtured for generations, is that those who get the hand outs, view the government as an employer when it is actually an enabler. Even the Obama administration can see that those who have no hope of ever contributing to society should be last on the list for this liberal lotto. These are otherwise known as “the liberal base”, the ones that voted any number of times for him. The mendicants Messiah will soon begin feeling the wrath of those carrying the promissory notes bearing his goofy grinning likeness.

The “first black President” and his friends may never get the blame they deserve for all of this. It is up to us to make sure that the second black President and his friends do.

America’s Broad Astanding

“I believe with all of my heart that this is a new era for America”.. No truer words have ever been spoken by America’s rookie Secretary of State.

Already this “new era” has seen the liberal leader promise to bring “home” all of the misunderstood Middle East miscreants known to the rest of us as terrorists from the “hateful” confides of Guantanamo Bay, as their rooms at the Ritz await them. No more imaginary tales of flushed Korans and “cruel” waterboarding, the liberals just want all of their compatriots closer to their American targets so they can make a “level playing field” for their bet as to who can destroy America first, the liberals or the terrorists..

Rodham gave her little pep talk to the assembled underlings in order to underscore the “administration’s commitment to diplomacy”. The conservative interpretation of that is, “our willingness to have ‘peace in our time’..” With this “commitment” to “talk”, Obama should have chosen Oprah as his Secretary of State. After all, Oprah has as much experience as Rodham does. With all of this “talk show diplomacy” in the offing, we should simply sell off all of our military hardware and we will use the cash to buy some comfy couches, some glazed chintz for the walls and some wonderful votive candles for our new Secretary and her “ruminations and rap sessions” with Hamas and Al-Qaeda..

This is going to be a “new era of robust U.S. diplomacy (talk) to tackle the world’s crises and improve America’s standing abroad.” The Obama administration, like the Obama campaign, is and will be standing proof of the adage that “talk is cheap”. Can’t wait for the “hot air strikes” and the “syllabic sorties” of “Rodham’s Raiders”.

Why are we concerned now with “tackling the world’s crises”? Didn’t the liberals say that our “interventionist” policies were what made our country the target of terrorism? (We all know that that was and is tripe, but that is what the progressive pansies said..) Just how “interventionist” is Obama going to be? Since when did the liberals suddenly adopt the “we are the world’s policeman” philosophy? Never mind that Rodham is zaftig enough to play tackle, the liberals, who know what’s best for YOU, now know what’s best for the WORLD, whether they like it or not.. The real problem will end up being “America’s broad astanding..”

Rodham wants to “seize our opportunities” and she wants everyone to “think outside of the proverbial box”. This involves thinking outside of the pusillanimous Pandora’s Box of liberal appeasement, no small order for a gaggle of Democrats. “I want you to give me the best advice you can”.. Lets pick the best ending for that last sentence: “because I have absolutely no idea what I am doing” (otherwise known as the Obama administration mantra.) or “because if you don’t, you will all end up like Ron Brown or Vince Foster”..

Rodham unleashed a patented howler by saying, out loud no less, “I want you to understand there is nothing I welcome more than a good debate..” That is about as ridiculous as Rosie O’Donnell saying that she likes a “good man”, a “good book” or a “good diet”.. “A good debate”, unlike the ones she flubbed during the primary season.. “A good debate”, similar to the ones she has with Bill when he gets caught after embellishing the outfit of yet another female intern.

Rodham spoke of “the importance of defense, diplomacy and development- the three legs of the stool of American foreign policy”. The unfortunate thing is the Rodham State Department is responsible for two of those legs. In the spirit of collectivist share the wealth liberalism, at least one other liberal will be responsible for the demise of the nation’s defense.. When the softies starts talking about stools, Barney Frank usually ends up running into the room and turning all of them over so that all of the liberals have a place to sit..

When you have complete beginners running every element of the government, there becomes an internal desperation to assemble a supporting staff with something remotely resembling experience. With that in mind, Rodham has tapped Richard Holbrooke as a “special envoy” to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Holbrooke does have experience but it is the kind of experience that the pacifist liberals may not approve of.

Here is a quote from Holbrooke during his farewell press conference to the United Nations on January 11, 2001. “Iraq will be one of the major issues facing the incoming Bush administration.. Saddam Hussein’s activities continue to be unacceptable and, in my view, dangerous to the region and, indeed to the world, not only because he possesses the potential for weapons of mass destruction but because of the very nature of his regime. His willingness to be cruel internally is not unique in the world, but the combination of that and his willingness to export his problems makes him a clear and present danger at all times.”

If we dissect the “potential for weapons of mass destruction”, (nuclear versus the obvious biological weapons of mass destruction that he repeatedly used.) and the “cruel internally” (the libs just can’t bring themselves to consider mass graves anything other “cruel internally”, so that’s about as good as it gets..) and we remember how Rodham herself along with other liberal luminaries like Bill, Kerry and Edwards, to name but a few, all found Hussein to be conveniently scary when it came to useless saber rattling and pedantic posturing. These traits will undoubtedly be the hallmarks of the budding Obama diplomatic corps.

Also brought into the fold is the former majority leader George Mitchell who has been tasked with the responsibility of being the special envoy to the Middle East. Mitchell’s last full time job was that of Chairman of the Walt Disney company. There we see the application of direct experience as it seems that Mitchell has considerable experience in dealing with Mickey Mouse organizations, so he should fit right in..

Never one to temper her lunacy, Rodham conclude with “we are no longer going to tolerate the kind of divisiveness that has paralyzed and undermined out ability to get things done for America”. Considering that the liberals have actively and intentionally encouraged “the kind of divisiveness” that has separated the races and the genders for generations, this new “intolerance” is a refreshing “change”..

As the neophyte administration deals “with particularly vexing problems abroad”, I will bet that they will be dealing with the “problems” of a “particularly vexing broad” that they have for some unknown reason made the Secretary of State.




Party Like It’s 1999..2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the “Coronation of the Brummagem Bolshevik” has begun. The “charade parade” began in Philadelphia. Not one to shy away from the ridiculous comparisons to the great Presidents of the past, comparisons that he himself makes in front of the mirror, the next Carter clone has followed the Lincoln train path before his inaugural. For four days and nights, liberal vermin of all types and varieties will be befouling the nation’s capitol in numbers that we have not seen for generations. P.S., you and I are going to be paying for a considerable share of these debaucheries.

In case the liberal leader hadn’t noticed, unemployment is up, the middle classes life savings are worth about half of what they were a short time ago and every bank and lending institution still solvent is the responsibility of the federal government. I would hope that he is aware of these facts as he spent a considerable amount of time braying about these circumstances during and after his campaign of empty symbolism and solipsistic socialism.

The word is that this fiasco will break all previous records for needless expenditures at a time when such needless expenditures seem “undignified”.. Then again, dignity and liberalism are as foreign to each other as Bill and Hillary are to each other. The estimates for this moronic Mardi Gras is at about $150,000,000.00 and counting.

Four years ago, several liberals, concerned about President Bush being “circumspect” at his second inaugural event, went so far as to send a letter expressing their “feelings”. Representative Anthony Weiner (L-NY. Aren’t all liberals Wieners?) and Jim McDermott (L-Wash.) dashed off a note no doubt fueled by the loss of yet another liberal zombie to George Bush. Shall we take a look at these two liberal bastions of “political circumspection”?

For his name alone, I must start with the liberal Weiner. Though a relative newcomer to liberal politics, Weiner nonetheless has assembled a budding Democratic dossier of disgrace. Weiner has a 100% rating from NARAL and a grade of “A” from the uber-liberal group “Drum Major Institute”. The Federal Elections Commission investigated the “Friends of Weiner” (stop laughing..) group (MUR 4995) over “financial misconduct” and (MUR 5429) involved a shady loan from mommy and daddy Weiner to one of his “campaign committees”. Weiner’s biggest political legislation to date has to be his 2008 bill to allow more H-1B visas for foreign models to work in New York City. My guess is that Bill Clinton, his pockets full of gift cards from “the Gap” at the ready, asked to be part of the “Weiner Welcoming Committee”..

You might be a bit more familiar with McDermott, especially his trip to Iraq. As a typical liberal patriot, McDermott went to Iraq in 2002, before the invasion on a trip paid for by Saddam Hussein’s intelligence agency. Thus the moniker “Baghdad Jim” which still sticks to this day. McDermott also caught the attention of the House Ethics Committee. Jim “violated ethics rules by giving reporters access to an illegally taped telephone call involving Republican leaders a decade ago..” Just another of the typical liberals who will be cuddle buddies for the next four days and the next four years..

Weiner and “Baghdad Jim” said, “President Roosevelt held his 1945 inaugural at the White House, making a short speech and serving guests cold chicken salad and plain pound cake. During World War I, President Wilson did not have any parties at his 1917 inaugural, saying that such festivities would be undignified”. All things being what they are, Obama should have a Pol Pot Luck Dinner, the chicken salad would work as well for obvious reasons and it should be topped off with a nice humble pie.

The “symbolism” of a black President takes precedence over the need to be prudent during this time. The question becomes how much of this symbolic celebration should the American taxpayers have to underwrite?

The Obama inauguration committee says it is “not worried people will see the four days of festivities as excessive.” Linda Douglass says, “That is probably not the way the country is going to be looking at it, it is not a celebration of an election. It is a celebration of our common values”. Based upon the history of the liberals currently in office, the vast majority of our nation has nothing in common with the party of abortion, corruption and useless symbolism.

The committee is admitting that the taxpayers will be saddled with the costs of “security and transportation”. Obama has “pledged transparency in his inaugural fundraising”. If you take a look at two of his top campaign fundraisers, you might have to question this ridiculous claim of “transparency”. First we have Louis Susman. Louis just retired as the vice-chairman of one of the recipients of the “bailout”, Citigroup. Louis’ former company picked up a cool $45,000,000,000.00 to help with their active participation in the sub prime mortgage crisis.

Next in line we have one Penny Pritzker. Pritzker was Obama’s original choice as his Commerce Secretary. Pritzker, who is worth nearly three billion dollars, took herself out of the running for the spot. You may be shocked to learn that Pritzker was “involved” in the sub prime mortgage crisis herself. She was the chairman of the “Superior Bank of Chicago”, which was purchased by her uncle. The FDIC finally had enough with this Chairman and her incessant efforts to stay in the sub prime market and they seized the bank. Pritzker eventually had to pay the regulators $460,000,000.00 due to their “unsound financial activities and predatory lending practices..”

This is not even taking into account Obama’s favorite real estate agent and fundraiser, Tony Rezko. With two campaign fundraisers like this in charge of “transparency”, we can only guess as to how many “swag bags” for all the gauche glitterati and liberal weasels that the middle class will be paying for.

President Bush in an act of clear and salient prophecy, declared a state of emergency so that the “district can recover some costs of the event..” I hope that this is not the last presidential move made by George Bush before he leaves office, hopefully a full pardon for Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean will happen as well. However, with liberals like Obama, McDermott and Weiner, “fundraiser friends” like Susman, Pritzker and Rezko, the incredible humorous irony of declaring a state of emergency prior to the Obama administration taking office is not lost upon me..

Perverted Perspectives

In order to understand/dissect the liberal subterfuge, it is mandatory to identify their chief tactics. Misdirection and misinformation. I sometimes wonder if this is due to mere mischievousness or a malignant mendacity.

I believe that that depends upon the liberal that you are suffering through/listening to.

The simple garden variety of uber-liberal, the one at the “Free Cheese” hand out or the U-2 concert, relies on the regurgitated platitudes espoused by the likes of Franken or Olbermann. They operate through mere mischievousness as they are not lucid enough to create their own fictional fabrications. Their best moments seem to erupt after they have taken the bus to the public library where they have perused the latest copy of “High Times”..

The “intellectual” liberal, the one who is the “Dungeon Master” in his “off hours” or the pizza delivery guy, leans upon the malignant mendacity angle. Unlike the typical glue sniffing liberal, this one (or “that one” as phrased by John McCain..) can complete simple sentences and is most useful in creating wonderfully rhyming, but invariably misspelled placards for the next protest march or patriotic flag burning.

Regardless of the liberal sub species, one of the areas where they manufacture some of their most carcinogenic damage would be when they emote over crime and its sub class, terrorism. Keep in mind that come Wednesday, these are the people who are yearning to “talk” to Hamas, Al-Qaida and Iran..

Reflexively, when they talk of terrorism/crime, they childishly state that the “root cause” of terrorism/crime is “poverty”. Lets take these gags that make the sensible gag, one jape at a time..

Let us just suppose for a second that the infantile notion of terrorism being caused by poverty is true.

Terrorists are overwhelmingly Middle Eastern and the Middle Eastern countries are overwhelmingly saturated in crude oil. These days that sounds like a recipe for financial success for the Middle East, as well as all of its firmly ensconced reptiles.

So who then is responsible for this “poverty” and therefore, who should be the targets of “terrorism”? Not the United States. It is the Muslims in charge of the Middle Eastern countries. If the Muslims in charge would loose the purse strings, every Middle Eastern Muslim alive would owe a huge debt of gratitude to the United States for its unquenchable thirst for the only commodity exported from the Middle East. That is, if noxious cab drivers and exploding foreign exchange students do not count as “exports.”

The United States even mechanized the oil fields to enhance their production. The Middle East should be a petro-dollar paradise and a liberal redistributionists dream. Truth be told, if it were not for the Muslims desire to lord over and enslave other Muslims, the Middle Easterners should worship the ground we walk on for financing their way of life. Those responsible for Muslim poverty are actually other Muslims.

If poverty IS the cause of terrorism, the real enemy, the true Muslim “pauper-izer” is on the prayer rug next to you, Habib…

When it comes to “crime” or “domestic terrorism”, the liberals again reflexively retreat to their trusted “poverty polemic” as its stimulus. For example, within the inner cities, the liberals continuously point to “poverty” as the “Demon seed” of crime.

On virtually every street corner in virtually every inner city in the nation, the corners have upon them, a liquor store, a convenience store and a church. The “poverty” ruse insults the overwhelming number of inner city residents who faithfully attend those little churches who would NEVER consider crime as a palatable alternative to their daily struggles in life.

“Poverty” is the cause? How do you explain Bernie “Made Off” Madoff? How does that explain Ivan Boesky? Every day we are regaled with stories of our societies “privileged” or their sufficiently spoiled saplings and their involvement with crime. It would appear that poverty is irrelevant.

It is important for the left to blame an inanimate object, in this case “poverty” as the accelerant for crime. Poverty, exacerbated by liberal policies and practices, also allows them to wield their socialist “class separation” gambit. From their perverted perspective, blame can not be placed upon an individual but if it somehow ends up there, the left instinctively seeks to make the criminal “blameless”. It’s “societies” fault, “poverty” is to blame, never the perpetrator. The left firmly believes that the perpetrator is the “victim” and that the perpetrator is “addicted”. Remember, “It Takes A Village” to raise an idiot and with the liberals, their village has done magnificently.

The overwhelming cause of crime and terrorism is an individual’s lack of personal morality or their individual depravity. If you would like another way to phrase it: a conscience. Please refer back to the “street corner church” for the antidote.

The liberals “feel” in the same manner not only about GITMO but also about prisons in general. GITMO and prisons “incarcerate” and they “feel” that that is “cruel and unusual punishment.” The left has decided that “incarceration” has failed. It has failed to “rehabilitate” the criminal. The liberals have concluded that the goal of incarceration is rehabilitation. Leave it to the liberals to soften everything they touch. They are the equivalent of mental Ex Lax.

The purpose of incarceration is twofold: punishment and a forced separation from society. They are being punished (Liberal helper: “Time out-ed.”) for their actions and separating them from us justifiably removes them from the rest of civilized society. (Liberal helper: “The true victims.”) Incarceration, before the liberals began postulating that prison should be another Club Med, WAS the deterrent.

The liberals began this charade by making punishment virtually obsolete with the favorite “time off for good behavior.” If a thirty-year bounce gets reduced to four years due to “overcrowding” the deterrence of incarceration is eliminated. If your jails are overcrowded, the left feels there isn’t enough rehabilitation going on. Overcrowding, to those of us with a measurable IQ, means there are a lot of criminals. The liberal answer is to release them so they can victimize again. I would prefer employing them as they build more floors and cells at their prison, simultaneously learning a trade that they can utilize once their “debt to society” is fully paid.

The only reason the liberals feel that incarceration has failed in its task is because the liberals don’t understand the purpose of incarceration. If they yearn to “rehabilitate” the incarcerated, let them volunteer their weekends so they can bore those interned to death with their “compassion” thereby making room for more miscreants and terrorists.

You will notice that the liberals never want to “rehabilitate” the terrorists, they want them released. The liberals and the terrorists have the same goals in mind. The liberals would prefer that the terrorists and the criminals do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as the liberals do theirs..