Kevorkian As Karetaker

All of the proper huffing and puffing over the obviously unqualified Caroline Kennedy as the replacement for the obviously unqualified Hillary Rodham as the “Sandbagger Senator” from New York has brought about an interesting scenario. Never mind that all of today’s “unqualified” talk, as relates to Kennedy, applied to Rodham as well before she began snoozing in the Senate and it was also relevant to her recent “appointment” as the Secretary of State as a “political payoff” by team (I want your) “Change”.. I am just a little curious, is her campaign still “suspended”? Is she still holding out hope? At least as Secretary of State, all of those attractive pantsuits paid for through the donations of Obama supporters won’t be going to waste after all..

It would appear that the wizards in the state of New York are now looking for a “caretaker” for the seat next to Chuckie Schumer. Being that the incoming President needs a chaperone, milk money and a hall pass pinned to his shirt sleeve, it only seems logical that “caretakers” are necessary for any and all political offices in the scandal stained and grimy hands of the liberals. What a novel idea it would be for the politically constipated state of New York to actually be looking for a “Senator” as opposed to a “hobbyist”.

There is a “short list” of three potential “caretakers” for a seat that for all intents and purposes has been vacant since Daniel Patrick Moynihan left office. Two are women, (Judith Kaye and Carolyn Maloney) both typically destructive liberals and the other.. Well, lets just say that he has considerable experience in “affairs” both domestic and foreign..

Enter one Bill Clinton. The Clintons are not unlike political canker sores. Try as you might to make them go away permanently, they keep coming back every month or so.

You had to figure that Bill would want to get back into the “fray”. After all, he finally got around to releasing (AKA: editing) all of the “foreign donors” to his “library” for the sake of his “better half’s” application for the next political position that she has no business holding and he is always in the market for a cherubic intern/humidor or two.

The man who will be making this monumental Senatorial decision is the Governor of the state of New York, David Paterson. Paterson replaced “disgraced” Governor Eliot Spitzer last spring. Who better to be a “caretaker” than the “disgraced” ex-President who puts “lying under oath” as one of his hobbies on his match dot com profile..

The idea behind this nonsense is that the “caretaker”, “wouldn’t be interested in running to keep the job.” A few years worth of political power and the requisite perks is nothing more than catnip for any Clinton. Even Rodham broke her promises to complete her term in the Senate if elected, the urge to embarrass herself and lose the Democratic nomination to someone with less experience than she has proved to be too strong..

Bill needs a job after his multi million-dollar position as sideshow barker for the country of Dubai “fell through”. It’s hard to believe that the “call to service” can be that strong, but then again, Clinton has made at least $70,000,000.00 “giving speeches” alone since 2001. It seems rather obvious that the best thing that can happen to your political career would to be for it to come to a close so that you can REALLY “cash in.”

This Clinton “itch for public service” seems only to be relieved by the scratch of “scratch”.. This is hard to believe when the Clinton’s have profited so magnificently outside of politics. I will give another partial example: their mutual forays into published fiction.

In June of 2004, Bill Clinton was paid a $12,000,000.00 “advance” for his memoirs entitled “My Life”. That was just the advance, the total sum that he received has never been released publicly. However, in April of 2008, Bill admitted that the actual amount of the advance was $15,000,000.00.

Hillary was tossed a cool $8,000,000.00 advance for her fictional “Living History”, which should have been more aptly titled “Creating History”. I can’t believe that there wasn’t a furor over the “equal pay” nonsense, but with the countless millions the Clintons have admitted to receiving (after months of “cleansing” and cooking), that would almost seem ridiculous.

In “speeches” and “advances” alone, the Clintons have garnered over $93,000,000.00, and that is what they are forcibly “admitting” to and this is only two areas of income for these two “public servants”.

The “Clinton Midas Touch” still appears to be golden. In 2008, Bill and Canadian Frank Giustra went on a little field trip to Kazakhstan. The boys came home with three uranium mining contracts for Giustra and he then kindly gave $31,000,000.00 to the Clinton “library”, the only “library” in the world with teller windows and a night deposit slot.

The whole “caretaker” option could become a liberal liability if BHO/JFK pulls a “Welcome Back Carter” rerun during his first two years in the White House. If Obama and his helpers live up to the expectations that we all have of him, it is possible that the voters of New York might consider anyone other than anther liberal for the seat in 2010. Then again, they have routinely voted for Bloomberg so common sense in the voting booth in New York is about as foreign as the cab drivers there.

I know that the liberals are all giddy about being “green” and recycling, but must they constantly recycle the Clintons to the point of regurgitation? I know that the particular brand of Clinton politics resembles a compost heap in more than one way but I wonder why no one else is bothering to “call out” the party of “change” for broadcasting this tired old re-run under the banner of “new and improved”?

Bill Clinton, caretaker. Makes as much sense as Michael Moore, dietician or Al Franken, Senator. The whole thing sounds too much like “Kevorkian as Karetaker” to me..




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  1. NLTZ family,

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment here.



    Up early waiting for a telephone repair guy. Suprised to see a new post LARRY Adifferent approach to filling the NY Sente seat.If this Quicker with the zipper clod every got that call
    they would have a few Senators
    dripping a foreign substance down both legs. .

    Another area-after reading LAME CHERRY BLOG yesterday highlighting the blackmail possibility
    from many foreign countriesm if the BIG O was not born here is scary and
    hard to brlieve we do not have
    someone in official capacity to
    investigate and protect us.


  3. Excellent post

  4. The Clintons confirm the Bible: Hell has no bottom.

  5. Kevorkian nominated for Department of Health and Inhuman Services?

  6. “The Clintons are not unlike political canker sores. ”

    I have always thought of them as “boils on the butt of humanity.” (borrowed from Ouiser Boudreaux, Steel Magnolias)

  7. Alabama Redneck

    Happy New Year to all.

    Another excellent article on sleazy antics of the looney left. Larry, you opened a can of worms here that most of us had not thought of. I almost regurgitated at the thought of Bill sitting in the senate. Just the mental vision of it almost made me go blind. A better selection would be Alfred (What, me worry?) Newman and would make as much sense. With blue dress Bill and upchuck Shumer sitting side by side it would be a match made in hell. Paterson may still appoint Coumo, Jr.

    Hopefully America will wake up by time 2010 rolls around and we can change congress. Both houses…..

    Reminds me of the old sayingL ‘Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.’.

    Now I see where Nancy want to increase the tax on gas because prices are too low. How about $.50 or $1.00 more per gallon in federal taxes.

    Got my guns and ammo and food ready.

  8. A Happy New Year to all.
    If Caroline Kennedy is qualified to take Hillrod’s senate seat them I’m qualified to be a F-18 fighter Pilot. I’ve watched Top Gun dozens of times.
    The Clintons are like Jason from Friday the 13. You think you are rid of them but thy just keep coming back.

  9. Intern/humidor… I’m dyin’ here!

  10. Former prez Bill as the “esteemed” senator from New York…. at least Hillary could keep a short leash on the old boy. Could he possibly cause as much harm as the ” Qualified only because of her name Caroline” ? On second thought… Happy New Year to all, and as always, great job Larry.

  11. “I know that the liberals are all giddy about being “green” and recycling, but must they constantly recycle the Clintons to the point of regurgitation?”

    Living in the state in question here, the “giddiness” for Kennedy/Schumer/Clinton is still baffling to me (or anyone with a brain)…but after this past presidential election, you would think we should know better. Perhaps I’m just thinking too hard. My mistake.

    Great article Larry, and a Happy New Year.

  12. According to BBN News an insider source has said today that Caroline Kennedy is going to get the NY Senate seat.

  13. It takes a Clinton to replace a Clinton, eh? This whole thing stinks more and more by the day. By the time 2010 rolls around we’ll need a Hazmat crew to clean up Washington, not an election. When all our liberals friends start crying about hard done by they are just remind them with a knowing smile, “You asked for it.”

  14. blue state blues- RWG

    Describing the Clinton’s propensity for never going away as “Recycling to the point of regurgitation” was brilliant.

    Happy New Year to you!

    I think that the most distressing element of these vacant Senate seat antics is that it exposes the darkest side of the political morass that has been created by a runaway congress and big party machines. They don’t seem to even care that these repulsive political shenanigans are being viewed by the voting public on a daily basis.

  15. I lean more toward this being the final presidency. It wont matter who sits in the senate seat, everything is going to change- one leader, one nation, one big catastrophe. The change we hoped for so we can go on to our next life is finally here- Praise God, He is in control.

  16. Being asleep at the wheel isn’t all bad , at least you don’t know what you hit till your on pain medication. The problem is there is no cure for Washington and no meds either. All is shot to hell for the time being and we get to watch. Maybe we need to start a political screeners union and weed out the undesirables before we send them into war. Against the craziest network of left wing lunatics the world has ever known. The only thing that saves us from throwing in the towel is the fact there are people like you good folks here still plugging away and leaving good fodder to chew on. If not for this, Kevorkian plan sounds tempting.

  17. Why would an ex-President downgrade to Senator??? I guess the Clintons are so power-hungry that they will take ANY position of power, no matter how much lower in stature that position is.

  18. You touched upon something I had been considering (what a waiste, ha) but shouldn’t we all be outraged that a past President could be given 500,000,000.00 for having been President?

    Isn’t that like the murderer getting the book deal and movie deal for having murdered Mr. and Mrs. X?

    Am I way off base that I’m actually angry that no representive now in congress is drafting a ‘bill’ to outlaw such behavior?

  19. Now all we need is for Oprah to get Obama’s seat and the U.S. will be….finished I guess. I truly believe that God has left us on our own, at least until we can get the Christian majority to stand up and fight for His ways.

  20. Another great article for the team here kid…

    Billy-boy would love the chance at being senator. He gets all the secrecy and privacy of being a senator while his “wife” is running around the world boring foreign leaders with her “35 years of experience”.
    Perfect scenerio for Billy to “interview” more teenage “humidors”.
    (just an historical note here: Monica was 20 years old when the story came out, but 19 when Billy “came out” all over her dress)

    Can you imagine the look on the Japanese Prime Minister’s face when Hillary is sitting there bragging about her “35 years of experience”??
    If you could read his mind it might sound like, “…I’m no American voter, bitch, you can’t lie to me about that crap”.
    Hillary adds whole new meaning to the term “C-word”.

    Happy 2009 to all, but remember…2010 is next….so start making copies of voting ballots for your state. We need plenty on hand for the endless “recounts” that can turn up in the darndest places….

    I crack me up….

  21. Larry,
    Happy New Year, and here’s wishing you many more!
    At the risk of being called a sexist pig- not that I care- but has it ever occurred to anyone that the U.S. continues to name females to the post of Sec. of State? I mean, it’s fine and dandy here in our thoroughly enlightened, politically correct, we’re-so equality-minded-it’s-coming-out -our-ears country, but in the Middle East and much of Africa-and other places- women are treated at-best as second-class citizens, and more usually as chattel. Does anyone really believe that say, for instance, the Saudis, are going to let some FEMALE- regardless who she represents- get in their ass? Even in “private”? They would be unmanned and a laughingstock. Condoleeza Rice was completely ineffective. These men who have lived all their lives treating women as slaves are not going to be told what to do by one. They may show respect in public, but I can imagine what they say to each other after she’s gone.At the very least, it causes unnecessary antagonism.
    What is required is a MAN who can diplomatically tell these people that nothing would give him greater pleasure than to play farmer and plant his boot in their ass if they don’t straighten up. In a genteel sort of way, of course.
    Keep up the great work, Larry, we need you more than ever!

  22. This statement comes from my father who has said this most of his life about this Country’s political landscape and the lack of competence our elected officials are even more clueless then the people they represent. Congress, politics and democratic politicians are about the art of lying and looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.

    We should just be grateful they aren’t doctors, someplace where the incompetent aren’t welcome, but sometimes show up anyway.

    As for Billy boy, I believe his next gig in politics would be the modern version of Caligula. Bedding every beauty from New York to California as he forces his essence on the liberal bitches who believe he’s a great lover that he professes to be, they have yet to know they will get the short of the stick. Bill doesn’t strike me as a man who wants women to get hers, only him. When one of them gets a book deal the title could be… Just Lay Back It Will Be Over in a Minute: Tails from the bedside of William Jefferson Clinton to have him befallen with syphilis-stricken agony where Hillary and Chelsea decide to put the poor bastard down. What a way to go, but he did it the way he wanted to go, with chinos around his ankles, exposing his short comings for the entire World to see, especially the ladies. Monica Lewinsky writes her last book that’s called I got tapped by that and still own that Blue dress: How to preserve your favorite memories.

    I Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and your families.

  23. Sling… I’m not going to call you a sexist pig, because you do have a point to make and I understand it. A dear friend of mine (female) was the commaning officer of an Army Reserve Unit that was deployed to Saudi Arabia during the First Gulf War. She had to take her other (read male) officers with her whenever she met with the Saudi military folks (the ones on our side) because they wouldn’t talk directly to her. They would accept what she said, but only if it was told to them by one of her male subordiantes.

    However, in the case of Condi Rce, I think she was hired because Bush thought that she had the best qualifications for the job. I believe that it is a testament to the fact that most of the State Department is staffed by left-wing idiots, and intransigent government beurocrats that she was not able to get much done. I’m sure that a man would not have been able to do much better in that area unless he had the ability to clean house and start over. I remember when they were preparing to set up some offices in Iraq after the surge began to be successful. The diplomatic corps had a FIT about being sent there. It was too dangerous, and they didn’t want to put themselves out to go there. She called for volunteers, and didn’t get many. Finally she had to put her foot down and tell them that it was their job to go where they were assigned and they could take their assignments and shut up or go find another job. After the first few went, and the word got back that things were better, the danger level was not so high, they stopped bitching and we didn’t hear any more about it. After all, if the word got out that the surge had worked, it would have made the Democritics in Congress look bad!

  24. Oh, BTW…. I do NOT think that Billary is in the least qualified to run the State Department. However, she will at least be there among friends. I think that scares me as much as anything else. She won’t have any resistance to her lefty ideas. As a matter of fact, she won’t have any resistance to any of her ideas, because it is pretty obvious to me that she is one of those bosses that only wants to hear what she believes is true, “don’t confuse the issue with facts!”.

    As for Caroline to be a Senator… what a load of crap! She is about as qualified as Marge Simpson for that job, but since when has that been a criteria for appointment or election to a political position? She can learn how to be a Seantor, just like Billary did. In the big picture, I’m not sure it really matters. Money talks in those circles of power and she can talk as loud as anyone. Her name is her calling card, and unfortunately, folks, that is all that she needs.

    Slick Willy for Senator? What did you eat before you went to sleep last night to come up with that nightmare Larry!?!?! That gets you a “full body shiver” Larry!

    Happy New Year everyone… only 2 more days of vacation ’till I have to go back to work! Sniff! Sob!

  25. Margaret in CT

    WJC as senator…interesting thought, but the wags around here think Paterson will appoint Cuomo, because he wants him out of his way in the next gubernatorial contest. I’m certain that the Kennedy clan is bringing all it has to bear on Patterson to appoint Caroline, but I will be surprised if it happens. Her “you know,” “um” interviews have provided much embarrassing fodder for the political satirists. But then again, you never know with these guys. Maybe this opportunity will be just the “little blue pill” that Willie the Snake needs to rise again!

  26. T,
    As I understand it Foggy Bottom is legislatively situated so that it now operates pretty much as a law unto itself with little or no real oversight. Not a place one would want Hillary Clinton. Clintons have proved over and over again and again that they are New World Order realestate agents out for the big commissions as they systematically sell off or barter away USA sovereignty.

  27. T,
    You make an excellent point concerning the State Dept. Rice had to deal with, and I was not trying to say she could not do the job as well as a man,nor cast aspersions on her courage.I believe she did the best she could with what she had to work with, and going by some of the reports I have read,she had more balls than a lot of the male State staffers. My concern had to do more with what went on in some of the foreign “dignitaries” heart of hearts. I imagine it’s one of those questions we’ll never have the answer to.
    Happy New Year!!

  28. I’d like to know why the media isn’t jumping up and down over her poor interviewing skills the same way they did Sarah Palin. Palin is far superior to Princess Caroline.

    I read a few articles where the author felt that Bill Clinton would make a far superior Senator then Caroline or Cuomo. So, Larry didn’t make it up, they are real morons out there who are stating that. I would think it would be a step down for the King of Bullshit.

    Margaret is right, I’ve read numerous articles online that say Patterson is leaning towards Cuomo and Cuomo is mulling it over and looks to want a better job as Governor in two years. So the thought that he’ll accept isn’t very high. Will he go with someone else other than Caroline. If he picks her it will become a life sentence like her Uncle Teddy. Do brain tumors run in families?

  29. Larry sez-
    “I know that the liberals are all giddy about being “green” and recycling, but must they constantly recycle the Clintons to the point of regurgitation? I know that the particular brand of Clinton politics resembles a compost heap in more than one way”
    [Hilarious-great image!!]

    I say, throw in Al Gore and you’ve got enough methane to power the planet for 5 years!!!

    Happy New Year everyone.

  30. Alabama Redneck

    I am inclined to agree with you. Doesn’t really matter who is president, he is number 44. I powerful number in Wica and he is certainly involved with the illuminati, CFR, etc. Thank God every day and be glad He is in control.

  31. T,

    Honest, I didn’t make it up..

    Story is titled: “Bill Clinton A Possible N.Y. Senate ‘Caretaker?’ 12/31/08.

    It hink that this may be a link to it:


  32. The “Liar for Hire” (a.k.a. BC [Beyond Contempt = Bill Clintoon]) wanting to be Senator from NY? Not surprised and won’t be shocked if he gets it. The only things bigger than his EGO are his sex drive and his lies.

    HRC’s middle name is “I Want POWER!” BC’s middle name is “I want it ALL!” Greed hath no fury like a Clinton sworn (into office, that is). They’ll take what they can get and then find a way to get more. If it happens to be taxpayer dollars, all the better because they know they’re taking it from the “little people” in “flyover country”.

    It’s a shame they feel so superior to the rest of us. “Pride goeth…” and all that. I just wonder how and when the fall cometh for them. Because I want to be there with popcorn, soda, a boatload of “little people” and a cheering section about the size of Alaska. I would go home completely and utterly sans voice for cheering, and totally satisfied at watching them in handcuffs.

    Sorry. A little fantasy… Well, that word and BC shouldn’t be mingled. Especially not with “handcuffs”!

  33. Alabama Redneck and Jamie:

    Biblical numerics and occult numerics do not always match. But in the case of the number 44 it is considered by the Satanic host (anything occult- Wicka, Freemasonry, Illuminati, OTO, Black Nobility, Jesuit Priesthood etc.) to be THE number of Antichrist (11) times the perfect number of the created world (4). While they are hailing and embracing Antichrist and most of them refer to him as “christ”, we Christians see and know he is God’s instrument of gathering all who reject and renounce and ultimately blaspheme God while being proclaimed and demanding worship of himself as God in the place of God, like putting all the garbage into one can for it to be burned in one heap. The USA and Constitution are obstacles to attaining New World Order (populace) One World Government (elitist rulers). Obama is definitely an instrument in the hands of his operators to end Constitutional and economic America as we have know it. He is certainly an antichrist to the USA.

    The number 44 in the Bible, on the other hand, means: PERDITION.

    “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God.” Psalms 9:17.

    It can certainly be said that, quoting Larry , “Kevorkian as Karetaker” applies to Obama as well.

  34. LM,

    Can we add the Oshama camp and all of his ILLinois cronies to that parade of shame too??? It would definitely justify the spectacle. I can’t wit to see the BHO/WJC crowd do the “perp walk”. I’d pay to see that, though the evnt should be free (except for Moonbats. Moonbats need to pay. Gouge the Moonbats like Oshama’s Coronation Committee is gouging people for his Coronation of Obamanation). ::Cue evil laugh::

  35. Continued from above:

    On the other hand, we Christians have this: “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

  36. Amen and Amen.


    New Mexico governor Bill Richardson withdrew his nomination for Commerce Secretary amid a grand jury investigation into whether he exchanged government contracts for campaign contributions. Seems like Blago isn’t the only governor whelling and dealing for personal gain at the expense of taxpayers. It’s a disease among Moonbats and I think its getting more contagious. Conservativism is the ONLY vaccine.

  38. Amy D:

    I’d love to add the Obamanites to the list of those doing the perp walk. Problem is, they won’t do it until AFTER he is out of office. It was okay to allow BC’s (Beyond Contempt’s) people pay the price for him (and, my, how many did!); it will be totally unacceptable for the Obamanites to pay while he is in office. After all, He is the Messianic Promised Lad, and if he is surrounded by corruption, then it may touch him. It must not happen that way and it won’t be allowed to happen that way.

    In BC’s time, others took the fall — or died suddenly — for him. In the MPL’s time, if corruption is there, it will go unnoticed, unwashed and unmentioned so as to not reflect upon the blazing sun appearance of the Promised Lad. Afterward, that’s when they shall all be thrown to the wolves.

    The Messianic Promised Lad will walk away, silent and above it all, beaming like a new day’s sunshine, reporters and others gleaming in his presence, and be untouched by scandal, shame, or ridicule. None shall question his innocence; none shall mention the shame. All shall bow down in worship, as the Messianic Promised Lad takes leave, adorned in his glory, and secure in his holiness.

    If I be wrong, I am glad to be so. As I said above, I will be there cheering until my voice is gone and I shall bring others with me. If I be right, and the Annointed One, Odama be his name, get through unscathed, I shall not gloat nor celebrate. Evil’s victory is nothing to celebrate.

  39. “What is required is a MAN who can diplomatically tell these people that nothing would give him greater pleasure than to play farmer and plant his boot in their ass if they don’t straighten up. In a genteel sort of way, of course.”…..are there any of these left in American Politics???

  40. Margaret in CT

    I read an AP article on a local radio’s Web site today that had the headline: “Richardson’s Public Life Imperfect but Resilient.” Had he been a Republican, it would have been “Richardson’s Public Life Tainted by Possible Pay-to-Play Scandal.” The media’s ability to be cheery about the foibles of their favorites would be comical if it weren’t so infuriating.

  41. My homeboy Larry, how’s the Big Easy?
    You’re rare shape.
    Great article.
    Univision had the Clinton boils at New Year clebration. Why/ I retorically asked myself and tune right out.

    Can you imagine Hillary representing US in the Middle East? what weight can that person have?
    Looking at Condy’s face during this weekend as Israel walked in made my blood run cold and then I thought Of Hillary there in a few weeks.

    God help us.

  42. From the lame cherr:

    “Richardson being investigated in this has nothing to do with the gravy train, but has more to do with him p*ssing in the Clintons tent after they gave him a bathroom pass to the White House.

    This is just poltical payback in one does not screw over the Clintons as they still have people in place to make your career a retirement experience. It should be noted so far that 2 out of 4 Governors who have jumped into bed with Obama have legal problems dealing with money…”

  43. WOW!!! Moonbats at AP and in the Congress are losing the honeymoon ecstasy with BHO!!! They are scratching their heads at his two Intel picks of Former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, an eight-term congressional veteran and administrative expert, as head of the CIA and Retired Adm. Dennis Blair as director of national intelligence. The more Moonbats get disillusioned with the Moonbats messiah, the better our chances of taking back Congress in 2010 and of electing a real Conservative in 2012.

  44. Join Pastor Manning’s revolution, the 2012 Conservative Resistant Movement!!!!

    Go to: and Click on “Register for the 2012 Elect Movement”

  45. As to the making of America a ghetto:

  46. Hey Larry,

    Happy New Year to you sir. I enjoy your post as always. I do have some opinions and you being the author may take them however you wish.

    1. I must say the Clinton cracks are old even though your written presentation still makes me smile. The humor you generate from them is too easily produced with the achievement of gaffes they have committed. The truth is they are people of no integrity, and we must not make them a punchline. This society and media is now “thats bill being bill or X being X,” if they are left, we can’t fall in to that or worse yet, accept it. For even though they didn’t achieve their ultimate objective this cycle, they are still in the driver seat moreso than people of our principle. They wear on, I know they are bums and so does everyone else with a brain. We need to focus on curbing or elinimating their objective and exploiting ours (which is in disarray right now). Talk more on that at the end of my comments.

    2. The analogy of Kevorkian I don’t agree with for even though his methods ethically questionable. I think he is a better caretaker of peoples needs than anyone else comparabily (other than themselves of course) mentioned in this article.

    3. Finally, we need to use our teachings, and principles to engage in dialect outside of what they are doing. We need always keep the enemy close and understand their motivation. However, we the right (notice I didn’t say Republican), are more outside looking in. We need to worry about our “offense” and developing a path back to leadership and more importantly prosperity, to ensure the liberties of this country. It is time now after this defeat to a BUM a JV (junior varsity) shmuck to get back t work. I know anyone but conservatives choose a JV representative for us, a huge mistake we let happen.

    We let our “house” (principles and foundation) go to the left and their ideals, our high level representatives for the most part SOLD OUT. We need to build a new house, foundation up and that takes educating the “oxygen thiefs” (or the left) or flat out beating them for I unfortunetly, unsurely say there are more of us than them for now. However, we are on the “swung” side of the pendelum right now.
    Reagen seemed to do it and we need to start on it right now of 2012. 8 years of Barry with a Dem House / Senate, just imagine. The constitution will be SOLD OUT.

    Just some thoughts and my relative small and younger perspective. Lets watch them but more importantly find a way to enforce our will.

  47. More than a few people have pointed out that Caroline “You Know” Kennedy is absolutely without qualification, ability, experience or appeal. But on the plus side, she’s a Kennedy, and what’s not to like about that! (Other than the booze, manslaughter, heroin, opposition to windmills, collaboration with Hugo Chavez, DUI, open border fanaticism, taxing, spending, and the unearned wealth, priviledge, and sense of entitlement, I mean.)

    The Democratic party find it wrong to judge Caroline you know, on past fund raisings as being her sole political accomplishments. This would not only cast doubt on her qualifications but a certain presidential nominee who’s prior accomplishments were community organizing and “present.”

    Plus Caroline would represent an important first in this year of political firsts. She would have been the first woman to inherit a New York Senate seat without sleeping with Bill Clinton. Such self-made women should be appointed as role models for all women.

    I’ve come to believe that a hereditary ruling class is what made America great. In fact, I believe the American Revolution was fought was fought specifically to give Americans the right to be ruled over by a wealthy hereditary elite born to power by the divine right of their family tree. Actually, I need to check that fact but it must be true because about half of our leaders in the last few decades have had one of three last names.

    Not only is eloquent royalty like, you know, Caroline, you know, Kennedy exactly what true democracy is all about but she is a perfect candidate for high rank in the Democratic party. I say this because liberals are essentially a coalition of the paternalistic and infantile. Think about this, liberals are a union of an elite that believes you must be taken care of like children with a voting block that wants to be taken care of like children.

    Caroline Kennedy, you know, is exactly the sort of leader New York and America needs. Connected to Washington and detached from Middle America, simutaneously part of the establishment and totally inexperienced. We can count on her to be a reliable and inspirational rubber stamp for the most high and holy Dalai Obama

  48. What a great read, you nailed it, the coffin is shut. Thanks for a great website I subscribe and read daily. Jim

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