The Return Of Agent 86

The liberals are, above all else, incredibly generous when it comes to their inherent ability to create an overwhelming amount of grist for a conservative’s mill..

This week, we saw a megalomaniacal comedian lay claim to a Senate seat in Minnesota and another megalomaniacal comedian from Illinois (under what has become the normal amount of scrutiny and investigation for reflexive Democratic felonious chicanery) has chosen another megalomaniacal comedian from Illinois to replace another megalomaniacal comedian from Illinois.. That isn’t nearly as dangerous as the last political move that they have made.

Comedian Al Franken simply becomes the latest best example of the need for some type of mandatory proof of measurable intelligence before anyone is allowed to cast a vote. Rod “Clinton” Blagojevich, the freshest member of the Democratic pantheon to hear, “place your hands behind your back”, decided to “appoint” Roland Burris to take the Illinois Senate seat that has been vacant for years. The rest of the liberals decided that another liberal that HAS YET to be charged with a list of crimes should make this selection. (There is still a search committee looking for said liberal, don’t hold your breath..) Burris, suffering from an “Al Haig moment”, decided to wing his way off to Washington anyway. For the sake of the perpetually embarrassed liberals, we certainly hope that he doesn’t go all Cynthia McKinney on the Senate security team once he arrives..

In their attempt to “one-up” each other when it comes to the comedic content of their political labors and endeavors, the Obama team pulled their latest trump/chump card. They have decided that another cashiered Clinton wonk, Leon Panetta, should be the head honcho at the CIA. The Obama administration, formerly known as “Change”, is now known as “Clinton II” or “Clinton redux”, if you prefer. The Obama knobs are keeping the ruse of “change” alive as the incoming head of the CIA has no experience whatsoever relative to the world of the CIA. Obama, Rodham and now Panetta, all in need of baby sitters, all in positions of power.

According to the L.A. Times, “Obama appears to have concluded that a spy chief who understands politics may be better equipped to carry out the incoming administration’s national security agenda than one who understands espionage”.. Coming from someone who had the unmitigated ego to believe that a “community activist” is “better equipped” to carry out the duties of the commander in chief, this appointment is no surprise to us..

On the other hand, the appointment appears to be a surprise to a number of liberals. Dianne Feinstein, the first female head of the Senate Intelligence Committee (oxymoron.) said that, “My position has consistently been that I believe the agency is best served by having an intelligence professional in charge at this time.” An aide to John D. Rockefeller, the outgoing Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee (still an oxymoron.) said, “..the director of the CIA needs to be someone with significant operational intelligence experience and someone outside the political realm.”

In his infinite wisdom, Obama has decided to appoint someone to be the Director of the CIA who has no operational intelligence experience, who is someone from inside of the political realm.. Using this convoluted logic, we should call a roofer to perform a heart transplant and we should have the dentist building our bridges. Isn’t “change” exciting?

A few points, if I may: If experience is so important, why weren’t the liberals saying as much during the last election cycle? When someone with no experience is the one making the choices, who can be surprised when the choices that he makes are so abysmally idiotic? When Dianne Feinstein starts making sense, it’s time to really begin questioning this whole “change” idiocy. Isn’t it funny that the ones asking the questions now should have been the ones asking the questions about a year ago when it really would have made a difference..

It would seem that the Obama team in charge of filling the slots in his administration simply borrowed Bill’s Rolodex and gave jobs to the half dozen or so liberals who weren’t still in prison or wearing ankle bracelets..

The Times attempts to explain away the choice of Panetta as “an experienced managerial hand to steer the administration away from political intelligence scandals.” As the former Clinton Chief of Staff, Panetta has scads of experience when it comes to “steering” an administration away from scandals, but with the Clinton record, it appears that Panetta wasn’t that good at what he was tasked to do.. It’s tough to be the captain of an administration that was the political equivalent of the Exxon Valdez..

Panetta and his old boss were so good at the whole “intelligence” thing during the nineties that he and his staff let liberal poster boy Osama Bin Laden off the hook on at least two occasons. If Panetta was so observant about the potential for Clinton administration scandals, how did he miss the scandal that erupted over one of his own interns, a portly little gal named Monica Lewinsky, and that’s just for starters..

Panetta, as Clinton’s Chief of Staff, led the charge for the appointment of John Deutsch as the head of the CIA in 1995. Deutsch is widely considered to be one of the worst CIA chiefs in the history of the organization and to prove Deutsch’s liberal provenance, after his resignation, CIA security teams found classified materials on his home computer which is a clear violation of all CIA security procedures. If that kind of thing is good enough for Rodham, it’s good enough for Deutsch..

Panetta also served two years time as a member of the review board that attempted to oversee two important reports on the history of sex abuse in the Catholic dioceses. Having direct experience in overseeing and excusing the copious Clinton sexual abuse escapades, Panetta was finally given an appointment worthy of his political experience.

What does any of this have to do with the operation of the CIA? Nothing could go wrong here..

Obama as President, Rodham as the Secretary of State and now Panetta, as Agent 86 with his shoe phone at the ready, in charge of the nations most important intelligence agency.. There are certain governmental hiding places and agencies where one’s inexperience wouldn’t cause any noticeable harm to the nation but when then those offices are the President, the Secretary of State and the Director of the CIA, we may be about to enter into the darkest time in the nation’s history, no pun intended..

Unfortunately, we may be stuck with someone who, after all is said and done, the best that can be said of him is, “maybe Carter wasn’t so bad after all?”..


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  1. I’ve been brainstorming lately about what I am and have concluded I’m first a Capitalist, then a Conservative …. but boy, that word “capitalist” looks or seems so ….. ‘nasty’. Maybe I should say a strong supporter of the Jury system and a Capitalist. Greed seems to spoil this position more times than not.

    Then I read that Obama will create 600,000 new Federal voters, no I mean workers/jobs.

    Hmmm, maybe I should be a Conservative first, then a Capitalist. No one manages the Federal Government do they.

  2. “When Dianne Feinstein starts making sense, it’s time to really begin questioning this whole “change” idiocy.”

    Oh boy, we are in deep, deep, deep.

  3. Someone needs to stop this phony before he does any more damage. Maybe the “Change” that is needed is motivating the Congress to actually do their JOBS and mercilessly vet each and EVERY one of Oshama’s appointments. This may take four years, but it should almost guarantee that this Illegitimate Idiot is not re-elected, EVER.

    Oshama’s CIA pick reminds me of a song. To quote Green Day, “There’s no return from 86…” Help!!!

  4. blue state blues- RWG

    I don’t remember much about the Carter years except that it was the last time I voted for a Democrat (my second Presidential election). Yes, I know what you are saying to yourself………… “what kind of moron would have voted for Carter”! In my defense, I was in my 20’s and had just stopped smoking a pound of pot a week two years earlier. My brain was still recovering. And I was just starting to notice that all my hippie friends were idiots. Now, over 30 years later, I am watching the Obamathon of appointments and thinking that it probably closely resembles what the Carter appointments must have looked like.

    By the way, the friends I left behind in 1976 are still pot-smoking idiots and extreme Left Wing Libs but now they have a little money and they just got Obama elected. How do I know this……..I go to high school class reunions and holiday dinners. These people are still looking for Camelot and the reincarnation of JFK!!!

  5. “Obama, Rodham and now Panetta, all in need of baby sitters, all in positions of power.”

    Billary’s 3rd term:

    God help us all.

  6. As I think Rush said awhile back, “Democrats are all about politics, all the time.” Everything is politics to these people. It’s never about country or the people, it’s just about eternally preserving political power. Excellent treatise, Larry. All of this, and this goof hasn’t even been innaugurated yet! I can only try to imagine what the next 4 years of the Dear Leader will be about.

  7. Perhaps we should promote January 20 as a National Day of Mourning. (?)

  8. Obama in Wonderland. Fitting title don’t you think? New characters added every day. Doing the background on Panetta makes you take pause at the fact he is to become the head of the Greatest Intelligence network in history. His forte is public relations. Russian KGB operatives are scratching their heads on that one.
    It will be interesting to find out how this movie turns out,and how deep the rabbit hole really is.
    And Loving it! Not.

  9. Obama and his appointments!
    A lot of his so-called experienced people are former Clintonites that have not held the job in 8-12 years and when they did hold it, it was for 4-8 years. Clinton is the one who started the deregulation and now these same people are supposed to regulate things.

    Now you have Hillary Clinton with no State dept experience and no mid-east knowledge. I feel that the Sec of State should be an expert on the mid-East. This is where most of our and the world’s problems exist. Also, I am guessing that Clinton’s Presidential hopes are shot. When ws the last Sec of State to become president?

    One of his appointments already forced to withdraw his name due to scandal. This came out now, not when he was running in the Primaries? He may have been our President?

    By the way, there is no office of Pres-Elect provided for in the Constitution, even though Obama just created one.

  10. blue state blues- RWG

    What we witnessing is pure lunacy and it is unfolding before our eyes. There is no way that any one of us would have ever believed that we would witness this level of calamity in our Federal and State governments.

    You have :
    Franken(stine) being allowed to steal a Senate seat in Minnesota.

    Blago appointing a Senator from Illinois who is being locked out of the Senate.

    Our legislators giving away trillions of dollars to bail out companies whose management is shoving it out the back door as fast as it comes in the front.

    A pathetic excuse for a presidential candidate who slides into the White House with no vetting by anyone.

    And now our faux POTUS Elect is going to give away another TRILLION dollars before he gets in office.

    And there is no one, and nothing, that will stop the insanity. Our leaders are rolling over. Our courts are too corrupt to give a hoot! The inmates (ACORN, Environmentalists, Planned Parenthood, Move, etc) are running the asylum while we sit and watch. Face it……..we have no leaders. No one is willing to fight the good fight. Just the lunacy in the bail outs should be sending shudders down every one’s spine. We are going to spend $10 Trillion dollars and no one is marshaling the courage to say “hey, we don’t have that kind of money and it will take 50 years of tax increases to pay it back if we borrow it”.

    My only comfort is in knowing that this will implode in a few short years and we just might get he chance to rebuild the America that we once had. Of course that assumes that we still exist as a country by then.

  11. Ye 52%, ye suckers!

    If things weren’t so disasterous for this country it would make a lovely comedy. Emperor Nero is stoking the kindling already, I wonder who’ll light the fire?

  12. Here’s another for the mill… CNN’s Sanjay Gupta is the new Surgeon General.

    Someone please wake me up now…

  13. Yes, as mentioned above, that phony-baloney “Office of the President Elect” seal that he plasters on every podium he stands behind really galls me. It says far more than he intends for us to know. I wonder just how much of this crap it will take for the sheeple of America to revolt? Another goody: Hussein’s civilian “corps” he wants to assemble. Wouldn’t that just make a dandy “listening” device to circulate around the sheeple and find out what they’re up to? Brownshirts all over again? You bet. Coming to a front door near you at 4 a.m. to question you about that web posting you made about Obama. Hands behind your back, come with us. Like blue state blues – RWG said: “where are all the leaders? Franken’s buddies just keep digging around for any “misplaced” votes and surprise! we found a few! And if they don’t “find” enough, they just keep “looking”. Corruption, Inc. Same exact thing happened in Washington State. It was even PROVEN that the woman governor’s people committed fraud and made up names and counted dead voters, but the Republican that lost by about 1,100 votes or so decided to pass on challenging it. Probably to save his life if the truth were known. I think her name is Christine Gregoire or something. For the Lefties, the ends always justify the means; claw, cheat or steal – whatever it takes. Just get the power. I’m waiting to see if our Supreme Court will reconsider and take an “honest” look at the Barry Saetoro birthplace issue. If it continues to refuse, this country is essentially toast.

  14. Need I remind everyone that the S*B still hasn’t proven his citizenship????If the Constitution of the United States of America no longer matters, then we have no legal, or moral obligation to the new government.I cannot believe that this abomination has been allowed to proceed. Is anyone listening?….anyone?

  15. Considering what’s going on with our rapidly-declining country these days: there is no mention of the “eagle” anywhere in Scripture. There is mention of the “dragon” (China) and the “Bear” (Russia), but no eagle. As to End Times aspects, that doesn’t bode well and I hope it doesn’t mean what I think it means. But…with you-know-who about to take the throne, it very well could. Get right with God if you haven’t already, folks.

  16. Rick2….I really believe your observations are correct…get yourselves prepared!

  17. blue state blues- RWG

    Rick 2, Redbone
    When I hear Conservative leaders, talk show hosts and pundits, all distancing themselves from the only Conservative with balls, Ann Coulter, you have to start wondering who’s distributing the saltpeter. If Ann Coulter is too harsh for these wimps because she dares to confront the lunacy of the Liberal agenda, God help us all.

  18. “When Dianne Feinstein starts making sense, it’s time to really begin questioning this whole ‘change’ idiocy.”
    ROTFLMAO! God save the Union, ere all is lost. Well, 52 million idiots wanted “change” and they’re gonna get it, but unfortunately so are the rest of us. Welcome to your new world, moonbats, no thanks for dragging us sane folk along with you, damnit.

  19. Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham are both terrific writers. I can’t get enough of either of their books. (And Larry’s columns, too, btw).


    As usual some great lines about a very scary situation.I read lame cherry
    last night again and definitely wonder
    when the shoe is going to drop by the
    upset muslims over the big O’s lack
    of performance re ;the war in process
    The whole CIA fiasco has to be debated by some of our serious leaders
    in Congress to represent the people.

  21. blue state blues- RWG

    The jack-booted tan shirts are having no problems keeping Ann Coulter from promoting her new book on main stream TV. They managed to keep her off the Today Show and the spineless conservative talk show hosts like Smerknoish, Medved and Giordano had no problem with the censorship. Boy, are we in for a long ride! I guess the Office of the President Elect has decided that some 1st Amendment Rights are not necessarily protected.

    I think I need to buy more ammo!

  22. Who wants to bet that Sandy Berger will be next on the hit parade. Seems to me that huge payback is taking place.
    I’m with Rick2….get right with GOD.

  23. Hey RWG, you definitely need to buy more ammo! I figure by about May they should start really pushing for this Fairness Doctrine B.S.


  25. i’m hoping that Blagojevich will inspire Congress to finally grow a pair and uphold the American legal system (by putting this guy away for a long time)

  26. “A roofer to perform a heart transplant and the dentist building our bridges.”

    You relly got me with that one, Larry… and it is right on the money! I didn’t realize that is what he meant by change! I wonder if any of that 52% thought that was what he meant… Oh, but the moonbats probably agree with him!

    I remember Sanjay Gupta… seems like a pretty harmless guy… I always wondered how he was able to have an active medical practice and be a CNN news correspondent, too.

    Keys… I’m listening, but I’m not sure that the SCOTUS are. It makes me wonder why someone won’t just lay it all out, require him to provide the documentaion, and be done with it. I’m willing to accept that he might be a citizen, but since the issue has been brought up, it needs to be addressed. I would think that he would see that, being a lawyer and all… makes no sense to me! Addressing it forthrightly with ‘full disclosure’ and ‘transparency’ would certainly put it to rest. Or do those tems only apply to the rest of us and not to the Obie-man?

  27. Will this circus never end? Gupta for Surgeon General? Who’s next, Oprah? Hannah Montana?, or “gasp” Dr. Phil? This is becoming an American Idol episode. The only consolation I’m gettingis the amusement of watching the liberals desperately trying to defend this imposter and his court of jesters.

  28. Anyone who’s read my blog, Just askin’ – Just sayin’ at (, knows I’m no fan of Obama’s – smart but too inexperienced, good speaker but doesn’t really say anything – but since he did run a successful campaign and was elected, I was willing to give him some benefit of the doubt.

    I still kept my Veterans for McCain sticker on the back of my SUV, though, so I could point to it in two years and say, “See, it wasn’t me – it was you other guys who elected this guy and gave all the power of BOTH elected branches of our government to the looney libs.”

    I was encouraged by Obama’s retention of Gates at Defense but his “payback” naming of Clinton for State and now his nomination of Panetta, arguably a political hack, for CIA bother me a lot. His nominees for Homeland Security and Attorney General don’t inspire a lot of confidence either.

    And listen closely when Obama talks about his much vaunted Stimulus Recovery Package, especially the part about making it work by “streamlining” and eliminating wasteful government programs and reducing budgets. I’d be willing to bet that no entitlement programs will be scrapped, but watch out for the Defense and CIA budgets.

    And, yes, as some of you have already said, time to pray but also prepare. I’ve recently bought more ammo for the guns I already have, have bought a new gun, and my new shotgun is on back order. Seems, since Obama’s election, gun and ammo retailers, as well as some manufacturers, are having trouble keeping up with their increased volume of sales. Hmmm, big surprise there, huh?

  29. Vincent MVNY

    Although all of the Liberals I know were mesmerized and enthralled with the coming of CHANGE which they thought meant new ideas being implemented by new people, it turns out CHANGE was really ABB (Anyone But Bush). So now they see the prospects of their dreamed for Socialist government evaporating before their eyes. What they’ll get instead is tired ideas which should by now be in the dust bin of history along side the old tired proponents of those ideas. Worn out retreads of bad ideas and tired old people.
    We were hornswaggled when we got Bush believing he would act as a Conservative and he did not quite measure up to what we expected on the fiscal side but compare that to what the looney Left is getting now compared to what they thought they’d get.
    Kinda’ brings a smile to my face…

  30. He hasn’t taken Office yet and he is surrounded by liberal democrat after liberal democrat corruption scandals and they really want us to believe he hasn’t stepped into the crap and got shit on his shoes. The idea of four years of this shit will just be more comic incompetence as we sit back and watch the liberals self implored as their egos continue become like an overgrown vine crawling up a brick wall and as their own self importance take precedents terminating all logic, common sense and what is the best interests for our Country. So, get out your umbrellas so you can dodge the arms and legs, and possibly some brain matter that maybe flying around.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… When will the public ever realize that Congress, politics and politicians, especially the liberals are about the art of lying and looking for trouble (and the trouble is usually them), finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and then applying the wrong remedy. It is like applying a tiny Band-Aid to a huge gapping wound the size of a California Redwood or Sequoia tree truck and applies Crisco instead of an antibiotic ointment to kill any infection.

    They are totally worthless pieces of scum. It breaks my heart to watch our Country go into the hands of the morally bankrupt, with no virtue or values and watch the press celebrate its demise. I don’t know how we can remove this malignant growth, but maybe with the rise in gun shows that are already appearing before the King of the Liberal Morons takes office (two gun show the past weekend and one this upcoming weekend) may be the best answer to send a message to the liberals in Congress. But I’m sure they will misconstrue the message the public is sending and try to apply new laws to counteract the publics distrust and anger over the bureaucratic imbeciles they once again were conned into electing into Office. Their arrogance is just dumbfounding.

    When will the majority of the public ever learn from their mistakes for believing the corrupted? I thought the last message was pretty clear, when some of our government and financial landmark were destroyed and the majority of the Nation mourned the lost of 3,000 people from CEO’s of companies and their employees, public servants in the form of fire and police department personnel, airline companies, their employees and patrons to Pentagon employees who worked hard to defend our Country from the unrepentant terrorist; who’s only goal is to hate and destroy. Obviously the last message didn’t take for some Americans or at least they forgot what happened and their lack of concern for what occurred recently in India, only shows they cannot see past their little self-involved world.

    With an unintelligence career politician with a background for deflecting scandals, in a scandal ridden Clinton administration (Whitewater, Cattle and Nanny Gate, the selling of the Lincoln bedroom to the highest donor, selling our military technology to China in favor of a large donations to the DNC, Travelgate, Filegate, his controversial Pardongate, the endless debate in the NSA about what to do or not do with Osama bid Laden, making deals with Saudi Arabia, who later became a big donor to the Clinton Library [will there be any documents and books there or will there be just wads of cash and who donated it], Sandy Berger scandal, Web Hubbell scandal, Buddhist Temple scandal, Vince Foster scandal or the trail of 60+ dead bodies from former friends and associates who were prepared to turn states evidence, and of course everyone’s favorite Jewish pork roast aka Monica Lewinski affair [it was just another left leaning cigar] and it’s subsequent cover up [my mother and aunt just love him and cannot wait until we marry]. That’s just the start; there are a ton more unnamed here). So the question to Panetta is how many unnamed scandals were you able to totally cover up, because if there weren’t any more, then I would say you were a collective failure.

    We’ll never know all of the insider stuff or private conversations, although Dick Morris has revealed some. (Side note, there’s an interesting story in his book, Fleeced that relates an incident with regard to Mrs. Clinton who went on a 15 minutes diatribe that was laced with profanity and Jewish references and adjectives that would be deemed prejudicial in any community. It will be interesting to see if she’ll be able to refrain from her racial and ethnic slurs when “negotiating” with Hamas and the Israeli government whom she’s referred to as “those kike” and “those f**king Jewish, blood-sucking bastards” seem to be some of her favorites. Don’t you just love Ms Rodham-Clinton’s descriptive alleges, it just screams fair and balanced? She’ll make a wonderful representative of the US to the rest of the World. You go, girl!)

    With these top idiots (Obama, Rodham-Clinton, Panetta, Feinstein, Biden, Lugar, Mikulski, Feingold, Boxer and the brain dead, barely breathing members on the Foreign Relations and the Senate Intelligence Committee members who will more likely place a straightjacket on our intelligence agencies and provide the Braille version of the liberal agenda of what intelligence really means to them, which never means relying on ones brain matter.

    We can only hope that the Committee voting to appoint Panetta to his new job will look at his lack of intelligence experience and not seat him. And there are some, well I wouldn’t call it a bright spots, more like a dimmer switch, where some Senators and liberal newspapers are questioning Obama’s choice. I can only cross my fingers that sanity will prevail and they will choose someone with more intelligence experience. But Congress will still try to assist the world’s terrorist by giving them what they have craved for the last 7 years, the removal of safeguards like wiretaps and waterbroading to try to get information out of the terrorist. As the ACLU try to get them released from G ITMO to be able to terrorize again.

    If the new President, new Congress, new CIA Director and our new Secretary of State hamstrings the gathering of important lntel information that provides protection for the Nation, and according to some former CIA division chiefs the 9/11 incident will pale in comparison with their next message, this time being more public; with more death and destruction. I’m almost afraid the write down what will be their next attack but I’ll say it and maybe call it clairvoyant message. It will be huge and very destructive, something like Disney World or a possible nuclear facility such as Susquehanna Steam Electric Station. Which would serve numerous agendas for the liberal Democrats whose detain for nuclear energy is well known but also shutdown huge electricity fiasco on either the Eastern or Western part of the United States. I hope I’m wrong.

    blue state blues- RWG wrote “friends I left behind in 1976 are still pot-smoking idiots and extreme Left Wing Libs but now they have a little money and they just got Obama elected.”>>>

    Well it may explain a lot, all their brain cells have died and are buried within their useless cranium. We can only hope after 30 years of token on a Doobie they end up with a bad case of lung cancer or end up brain dead from an overdose of angel dust (Do they still use angel dust anymore? I’m not up on the new drugs that are so openly available now) or so overweight from 30 years of eating McDonald’s garbage from the roaring case of the munchies, they have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, gallstones, lung issues (anyone see Biggest Loser last night? Oh my God! A 19 year old boy weighs 454 lbs! Put down the folk). And will probably be the first in line for the Obama free healthcare plan.

    Larry this was probably your best article to date for me and has opened up a huge can of worms for me as I believe National Security is our number one issue. The economy will eventually recover from the liberal policies that destroyed it. But if we are not safe or secure from another attack, who will be there to buy the cars, the newspapers, banking or take a mortgage out that the stimulus and bailout packages were suppose to encourage. The endless insanity that has become our Government and is expected to become bigger under the tutelage of the liberals makes about as much sense of getting marriage tips from Elisabeth Taylor or sex advice from Madonna.

    So sorry this has become my version of War and Peace, never meant to make it so long. My sincerest apologies to those on this blog.

  31. Larry, it couldn’t have been better said.

    Although I believe it applies to both Republican and Democrat politicians, with the liberals being more glaringly so, the politicos are more interested in futherance of themselves than their party or the welfare of America. The politicians of this nation prove this quite readily as they have rather over abundantly within the last election. This very fact frustrates me, keeps me in awe, if not dumbfounds me, that liberal politicians can blantantly abuse and rape the voters. I simply cannot believe that there are that many ignorant people who would follow along, believing a politicians words, not thinking for themselves. Let alone the media, for all it’s sins, not have an inkling, a shred of common sense in what is right for this country.

    We must build upon electing the people who believe in doing what is right for the good of our country now and for it’s future. People who will truly ‘work across the aisle’, not “You don’t need God, you have us Democrats”, Nancy Pelosi.

    We need government that is smaller and more efficient, not larger and more wasteful. Larger breeds corruption and Washington is a shining example. Adding to the Rod Blagojevich and Ted Stevens scandals; The House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Charlie Rangel (D-NY) asked the taxpayer-rescued insurance agent AIG for a donation being built in his honor at the same time his committee was considering legislation that would save AIG millions of dollars a year. Cute huh?

    That’s not all on AIG. I found this on Investor’s Business Daily… WE’RE SPONSORING TERRORISM!
    “Earlier this month, as the New York-based insurance giant benefited from $153 billion in tax supported bail out funds, it launche a business unit offering Shariah-compliant insurance products in the U.S.
    Forl the first time, homeowner’s insurance policies “compliant with key Islamic finance tenets” will be marketed to Muslims in America.
    ‘We are pleased to offer socially responsible solutions to this segment of the domestic market.’, the near bankrupt AIG announced in a press release, explaining the Islamic market represents an ‘important and emerging growth opportunity for AIG.
    But there is little that is “socially responsible” about Sharia law, which regulates the “takaful” insurance AIG is selling, along with other finance.
    Sharia law authorizes horrific human-rights abuses, including the kind of violence and oppression against women, homosexuals, apostates and non-Muslims seen in Saudia Arabia and earlier under the Taliban in Afhganistan.
    To fully comply with Sharia code, AIG has hired a “Sharia Supervisory Board” composed of Sharia sholars. One, according to it’s press release, is Muhammad Imran Usmani, who happens to be the son of Sheik Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, who supports violent jihad against Westerners. The elder Usamani is so radical that Dow Jones & Co. recently removed him from the board of it’s Islamic market index.”

    At a minimum, AIG has to do better due dilligence if it’s going to use taxpayer’s money for such a controversial enterprise. But what’s the responsibility of the U.S government here?

    The Thomas More Law Center, a public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Mich., argues that the U.S. is promoting a religious legal code at odds with democratic values and capitalism. And that makes the bailout unconstitutional.
    So it’s suing Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and the Federal Reserve to stop all bailout funds from going to AIG. According to the suit, use of taxpayer funds to acquire ownership of a business that intentionally promotes, endorses, supports and funds Shariah-based Islamic religious practices violates the Establishment Clause of The First Amendment. ‘The U.S. government, through it’s ownership of AIG, is not only violating the Constitution”, the suit claims, “but also promoting and financing the destruction of America.”
    While that may sound over the top to some, consider this… a sizeable share and any interest earned by AIG’s Islamic subsidiary must be “purified” by investing in Islamic charities. Such transfers will be controlled by Usmani and other Sharia advisers. Since 9/11 dozens of major Muslim charities around the world, including several based in the U.S., have been tied to terrorism and shut down. In other words, money laundering.

    So, is it AIG or the government? If AIG was the supposed “giant” in insurance, how in the hell did it come to it’s financial straits? If, because of size, thinking itself invincible layed open to to an economic stone.
    Yet the Treasury Department, one of which responsibilities it is to control and rid our nation of terror financing is encouraging firms like AIG to go into Islamic finance. There should have been a ‘stop payment’ on that bailout check as soon as the Treasury Department heard about this, I mean, c’mon these people are selling our country out from under us to the people that would behead us rather than look at us!!!

  32. I don’t usually like Andy Rooney. But someone sent me the following email,what he said on ’60 Minutes’ a few weeks back. It has the ring of truth and stikes a cord:

    “I don’t think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens…Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door.

    “Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game.

    “I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, which is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE ?

    “I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion.

    “I have the right ‘NOT’ to be tolerant of others because they are different, weird, or tick me off.

    “When 70% of the people who get arrested are black, in cities where 70% of the population is black, that is not racial profiling; it is the Law of Probability.

    “I believe that if you are selling me a milkshake, a pack of cigarettes, a newspaper or a hotel room, you must do it in English! As a matter of fact, if you want to be an American citizen, you should have to speak English!

    “My father and grandfather didn’t die in vain so you can leave the countries you were born in to come over and disrespect ours.

    “I think the police should have every right to shoot you if you threaten them after they tell you to stop. If you can’t understand the word ‘freeze’ or ‘stop’ in English, see the above lines.

    “I don’t think just because you were not born in this country, you are qualified for any special loan programs, government sponsored bank loans or tax breaks, etc., so you can open a hotel, coffee shop, trinket store, or any other business.

    “We did not go to the aid of certain foreign countries and risk our lives in wars to defend their freedoms, so that decades later they could come over here and tell us our constitution is a living document; and open to their interpretations.

    “I don’t hate the rich; I don’t pity the poor. I know pro wrestling is fake, but so are movies and television. That doesn’t stop you from watching them.

    “I think Bill Gates has every right to keep every penny he made and continue to make more. If it ticks you off, go and invent the next operating system that’s better, and put your name on the building.

    “It doesn’t take a whole village to raise a child right, but it does take a parent to stand up to the kid; and smack their little behinds when necessary, and say ‘NO!’

    “I think tattoos and piercing are fine if you want them, but please don’t pretend they are a political statement.. And, please, stay home until that new lip ring heals. I don’t want to look at your ugly infected mouth as you serve me French fries!

    “I am sick of ‘Political Correctness.’ I know a lot of black people, and not a single one of them was born in Africa ; so how can they be ‘African-Americans’? Besides, Africa is a continent. I don’tgo around saying I am a European-American because my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was from Europe . I am proud to be from America and nowhere else

    ” And if you don’t like my point of view, tough…


    “It is said that 86% of Americans believe in God. Therefore I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a problem in having ‘In God We Trust’ on our money and having ‘God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance. Why don’t we just tell the 14% to BE QUIET!”

    What will it take to get back these grounds we seem to have lost the last twenty years with NWO Republicans and Democrats betraying us?
    Are we too far gone? Can it be done with the ballot box?

  33. Sign the petition to remove Rahm “Ratface” Emanuel from Oshama’s Chief of Staff!!!

    Go to:

  34. Windrider, I totally agree with you when you spoke of the corruption from both parties. Let’s face facts, those who are greedy and crave power are always drawn to what will give them that and obviously politics is the crux that will provide both those needs. I think it’s the money first, giving themselves wealth at the public’s expense, they need to control and determine what is collected from the public so they can spend like Paris Hilton with mommy and daddy’s credit card at Neiman Marcus spring fashion show shoe line from Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin, whose shoes cost are close to a third world country annual budget. There’s no reality, it’s like giving a prescription drug user the job of CVS Pharmacist all the drugs that are fit to abuse.

    I’m sitting hear trying to come up with a politician who’s not a millionaire and I cannot think of one who is not. It’s a sad state of affairs that we have a bunch of arrogant, pompous, self-important, egomaniacal millionaire lawyer whom determine their own self worth, which is what lawyers do best, to run this Country into the ground dollar by dollar. That’s why lawyers are known as blood sucking leeches and I’ll respect a leech before I ever respect any politician or trust one for that matter. I’d say most should forego their annual salary because technically they don’t need the money, yet their greed is evident from those like Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden. They should give it up or at least donate it to a children’s charity and unfortunately Biden is one of the skin flint lawyers who only donated something like $800 last year. Unbelievable. They shouldn’t be allowed to determine if or when they deserve a raise, yet they do and they generally all agree and say yea. The voters should be the ones to determine if they deserve it. They’ll be receiving their latest raise this February, that’s something we can look forward too, more nonsense. They said today on FoxNews the real estates assessment of what the White House is worth was $308 million. So I guess Obama over paid for the property, what was it $750 million?

    Anyway, it seems the more money you earn the more it’s just not enough; the more they crave wads of cash. Their cravings seems to take on a life of its own which causes creative ways to use, seize and abuse the thing they admire and worship the most, cold hard cash. These actions for some politicians means an end for some corrupt politicians career, who limps off into the sunset to their twilight years, hopefully looking out from jailhouse or prison bars. Both parties have their fair share of culprits, some get nailed while others walk away to lie and steal again. In the end it’s always the taxpayer who pays for their shenanigans because we will pay for their room, board and meals for however long some liberal judge determines their stay.

    Two of the biggest money hungry, get all you can whores in politics are the gruesome twosome known as the Clinton’s, and they are two of the most corrupt politicians in the history of the United States. The press continues to try and convince us that they are upright, solid patriotic Americans who just want to fulfill their dreams of being civil servants and help the less fortunate and minorities. I think at this time in life the public has regurgitated the bile since living through the blizzard years of the Clinton Administration and watch scandal after scandal materialize sometimes on a monthly basis and the Till of the Hun, known as wifeypoo, Hillary Rodham-Clinton referred to the coverage as the right-wing conspiracy to destroy her husband’s good name…ROLFMAO!

    What good name would that be? The man tarnished what image he had by being the sex crazed horn-dog that he is and based on the cornucopia of women he chose to “engage” with, he’s not only stupid but blind. From their little tryst with the media and bodacious Billy, they’ve all partaken in the surgical solution to a makeover; a facelift here, a nose job there and breast implants for everyone! They tells us in the beginning they were treated as a sexual objects for Bill’s desires, their physical improvements only guarantees it might be possible again to be treated as another sexual object.

    It’s a shame these women as well as Bill and Hillary and most politicians, should all undertake a soul makeover; it’s not readily available or as easy to obtain and requires deep soul searching into your own character, to gain any rewards. It’s unlikely that these two career morally bankrupt politicians will never do any soul searching, unless there’s money involved so they could then negotiate a better, more financially rewarding payout, the usual Clinton way.

    Our government is supposed to serve the people in this Country, but the politicians are only serving themselves and are looking for the free money trees that holds the millions that contain the image of their greatness they always knew they had… and the confirmation they have desired. I think I would prefer the image of Barney the Dinosaur before seeing either Clintons or Obama deface it.

  35. Perhaps I judged voters, be they liberal, legal or dead, a little to harshley in not giving them credit for more intelligence. I will not re-tract anything I’ve said or will say in the future about the irresponsible, bias mass medias.

    Each day Americans are bombarded with troubling economic news ranging from the imminent collapse of the U.S. auto industry to failures at large established institutions such as Lehman Brothers and Meryl Lynch. Considering our current economic crisis, the resulting turmoil in the financial markets and continueing government bailouts, you would think that a majority of Americans would be hesitant to base retirement decisions anywhere near Wall Street.

    A recent study, however, has found that there actually are some intelligent Americans who consider another long term investment choice to be even more uncertain, that being the U.S. government. A recent Rasmussen study found that 46% of U.S. voters believe that Americans should be able to opt out of Social Security and provide for their own retirement planning. Something I happen to agree with as I believe Social Security creates governmental dependency. The barely liveable amounts paid by Social Security are well below what could be drawn from properly invested monies by a persons planning responsibly for their retirement.
    Compared with only 38% who opposed the idea (16% were unsure either way) the numbers suggest that the voters are more confident in the market’s long term ability than the governments.

    It will be interesting in seeing what the Obama-gaga voters who’s palms are already wet from drool waiting on the “Spreading of the Wealth.” While federal taxes may change for the better, the states govenors haven’t been paying any attention. New York is talking about raising taxes on everything from popcorn to a can of pop while, in one of the highest priced fuel states in the nation, California, there is already legislative plans to raise the gas tax $.38 cents a gallon.

    I am beginning to believe that Nancy Pelosi believes the liberals are gods when she said, “You don’t need God, you have us Democrats.”
    This is a classic example of They giveth and They taketh away.

  36. Could the larcenous left actually be trying to clean up it’s act?! Today the Illinois House voted to impeach Rod Blagojevich, imagine that. But he’s not out of office yet, this action merely sets the stage for a senate trial on grounds of corruption and abuse of power.

    It’s probably dillusional on my part in thinking liberals would find the need for honest government. Blagojevich spent little time attending, if he even passed by the doors of Coverup 101, that he has proved to be such an immense embarrasement to the Demos. Following the guidlines of the Democratic party’s politics, this makes him expendable and he’s lucky the Clintons aren’t in charge of the circus… he’s still breathing.

  37. Windrider, if Pelosi actually said that we don’t need God (and I’m not doubting your word), she’d better watch out. I immediately thought of the Titanic and those famous words “even God couldn’t sink this ship” and we all know what happened to the Titanic. God will not be mocked!

  38. Presentation is great. Research is great.

    This comes as no surprise to me kind sir. What did anyone with a Brain this Kenyan (ok I should stop this too, for he only knows but won’t tell anyone) excuse me American would bring to us. He is a puppet and I almost feel sorry for the hanger of Barry’s suits. Well maybe not for if Barry was to have it on while still on the rack the weight could only be the same or less.

    He is Jimmy Carter, he is Bill, he is Hillary, so lets change for some more of the same.

    I am still pissed at George for he deserves alot of heat especially looking back over the 4 years he had, it was for the most part wasted. He became a spending machine just to make sure the idiots would vote for to keep the shirts on our soldiers back. What a bargaining chip he let the assholes have on him. I know its extremely more complex than my understanding level, and I know George is much more intelligent than me, but nonetheless, I wish he took them on and provided more support to the right. Anyway, I know the war was his ultimate burden, one very necessary, and quite frankly was delayed until the catalysy of 9/11. He has done many great things, but he didn’t get the first down. The punt, got us Barry. Oh goodie.

    Time for us to make a stop now, the other team wants to rack up the score while they have the momentum.

  39. Good news people for those of you somehow engulfed with white hate monger racism, shed it, that garbage is over. That is the best thing that has happened so far. So America as a whole is no longer racists for we elected a black man. He is also white, or better yet who cares?

    Cut the crap.. I know is he American ??? A better question, I must say. I gotta get over this.

    Maybe it is beyond me for my youth concerning the guilt montif, so excuse me.

    Sorry for the rant, just looking for something positive right now. And though I admit its reaching this is the best I can do.

  40. the spiraling incompetence of the Obama administration will stagger the imagination…

    blue state blues:
    remember, anyone under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart;
    anyone over 30 who is not a conservative has no brain!

    2012: Schwarzenegger for President!
    If we learned anything in 2008 it is this:
    1) Citizenship is irrelevant as relates to the office of President.
    2) the US Constitution is irrelevant as relates to the office of President

    And, as Franken (Frauden) is showing us, the Minnesota State Constitution is irrelevant.

    Rules that don’t apply to everyone, don’t apply to anyone…..least of all me!

    Time to start printing 1000’s of blank voting ballots that can mysteriously appear in the strangest places during the next recount.
    99% voting in favor of Republican candidates.


  41. TJFincham,
    I read the quote of Pelosi in one of the on-line news digests that I subscribe to or research. It struck my eye and I remembered it exactly for the reason you gave of mocking God. The audacity of the woman is chilling and I think her acquired power makes her a dangerous person, thinking herself above reproach.

    No matter how good a Muslim friend you may have, if you are Christian you will always be an Infidel. No matter if all the offices in our federal government were held by black men, white men will always be racists in the eyes of the black race and the liberal democrats. No matter if the black and white races were somehow decreed reversed in social and economic status, the white man would still be held as biased. The miniscule number of blacks that actually can lay claim to their ancestory as being the victims of the “terrible national sin” of slavery, will continue to stir the pretense for profit or politics or both.

    I agree!! These damned politicians with the help of the voting commissions are making laughing stocks out of our Federal and State Constitutions.
    Holding an election with democrats is like playing musical chairs against them and they never get their wide ass out of the seat.
    Some of the “lost” ballots in favor for Franken were excused by the ballot counting commission as being an error on the part of the counter’s being “tired.” Still others favoring Franken were found to have been cast two days before the polls opened. My advice, work your employees on regular hours and you won’t tire them out thus insuring a fair American election.
    Franken came no where close to making it as a comedian but he’s going to have plenty of material when he gets through trying to be a politician. Dumb-ass!

  42. Midwest Mike:

    In a few short days, an African American man will move from his private residence into a much larger and infinitely more expensive one owned not by him but by the taxpayers. A vast lawn, a perimeter fence and many well trained security specialists will insulate him from the rest of us but the mere fact that this man will be residing in this house should make us all stop and count or blessings – because it proves that we live in a nation where anything is possible.
    Many believed this day would never come.
    M ost of us hoped and prayed that it would, but few of us actually believed we would live to see it. Racism is an ugly thing in all of it’s forms and there is little doubt that if this man had moved into this house fifteen years ago, there would have been a great outcry – possibly even rioting in the streets.
    Today, we can all be both grateful and proud that no such mayhem will take place.when this man takes up residency in this house.
    This man, moving into this house at this time in our nation’s history is much more than a simple change of addresses for him – it is proof of a change in our attitude as a nation. It is an amends of sorts – the righting of a great wrong. It is a symbol of our growth, and of our willingness to “judge a man, not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character”.
    There can be little doubt now that the vast majority of us truly believe that this man has earned both his place in history and his new address. His time in this house will not be easy – it will be fraught with danger and he will face many challenges. I am sure there will be many times when he asks himself how in the world he ended up here and like all who have gone before him, the experience will age him greatly.
    But I for one will not waste an ounce of worry for his sake – because in ev ery way a man can, he asked for this. His whole life for the past fifteen years appears to have been inexorably leading this man toward this house. It is highly probable that that in the past, despite all of his actions, racism would have kept this man out of this house. Today, I thank the lord above that I am an American and that I live in a nation where wrongs are righted, where justice matters and where truly anything is possible.

    Who is this man? you ask. You think you know, don’t you?

    Check the next comment post:

  43. Midwest Mike in Ohio


    My gut is about to explode, good delivery sir.

  44. Thanks, Ken. You had me wondering if something was wrong with your mind until I got to that last part.

  45. I can’t take credit for authorship of that piece. The author is anonymous It was sent to me in an email. Glad you enjoyed it as I did.



    When i first read this post I was building up anger to respond to all
    your comments.

    I reread it this morning knowing who you were talking about and want to tell you it is a wonderful piece and
    shows that a conservative can print
    a message like the liberal press that
    can be misundertstood


  47. coin this phrase:

    Roland “e-Bay” Burris

    We all know the position was up for bid.
    So the only question for Burris is, “how much did you pay?”.
    We all know it was on the auction block, so stop denying you paid something for it.
    Lying MF’ing bastards!


  48. KEN!!

    ROTFLMFAO ! ! ! !

    reminds me of my comparisons of this Annointed One with one Adolf Hitler.
    Both community organizers, both had/have youth groups, both racists, both wrote their book, both lied, cheated, and concealed their way to the top, both are national socialists, etc, etc.

    NICE, Ken, very nice…


  49. start registering “homeless” shelters in your local communities.

    These shelters can be used to register 1000’s of homeless Republicans for the next election.
    Since we cannot question the integrity of the “registrants” in Democratic district shelters, they cannot question ours.
    NO reguirements to prove residence.
    NO requiremnets to prove citizenship.
    NO requirements to prove legal voting status.
    ONLY requirement is that you register. Then you get to vote.
    AND, no one is checking to make sure YOU don’t vote in multiple polling stations.

    200,000 ILLEGAL VOTERS in Ohio alone. All thanks to ACORN.

    Boston Tea Party: be willing to sacrifice something for your country.

    Its time for another revolution.


  50. get your hands on as many blank voting ballots as you can.
    Be prepared for the next “recount”.

    For every ballot the “Frankens” find, we will find 10.
    For every 10, we will find 100.


  51. Look, if these no-nothings, touchy feely, everyone has rights even foreign terrorist who come here to destroy the American way liberals are confirmed to their posts, then so be it but I hope they are capable of living with the results of poor judgment.

    The democrats generally don’t believe in religion, I’m not sure they believe in God, and what I personally think they believe is that the liberal Democrats are the only party that cares about the little people, we’re only looking out for you, but are really only looking out for themselves, the democratic party and it’s continuation to dominate (in stupidity) in government.

    Their theories are generally flawed and have created the national, international security breaches, their theories on finances, banking and their downplaying morals and values as being old fashion and antiquated. But trying to discover a scintilla truth and facts are generally limited to the Dick/Jane books mentality. See Jane run, see Dick fall. Bush must have tripped Dick. That bastard.

    Our national security will become compromised in the next few months as the Islam and secular terrorist (foreign and domestic) readies themselves to pick up the slack from 2001. The evidence is already out in the open with the latest attacks between the Israeli government and the Palestinian terrorist organization known as Hamas and let their feeling be known with their attacks in Mumbai.

    Between 1918 and 1936, the majority of modern-day Middle Eastern statal entities were created, such as the Palestine British Mandate, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and a freer Egypt and Lebanon were established by Great Britain and France. Most of these countries were granted independence only after terrorist operations were directed against Britain and France in the region. The background behind, the rationale for, and the importance of Israel are essential to understand the Middle East and Israel’s survival. The British and French governments created this mess and they have basically washed their hands of any involvement in trying to defeat the terrorist groups.

    The fighting between these two Countries has gone on for centuries and their hatred for one another is deeply entrenched. But they are no longer fighting over land, they are fighting about religion. It is the Jews verses the Muslim, as the Muslims control most of the terrorist organization throughout the world. They control the following terrorist organizations: Taliban, Hamas, al-Qaida, Hezbollah and whatever Islamic and secular organizations who demand control over the world’s population in the same vain as the Nazi’s and Hitler demanded world dominance.

    It’s going to take all of Europe, Australia, India, parts of Africa, friendlies in the Middle East and South America, Southeast Asia, along with the United States, Canada and Mexico to come together to defeat them and we are not even close to coming together to do that as the touchy feely liberals have taken over most of these countries and/or continents. A fact to realize and acknowledge is the world liberalism has allowed these organizations to come to fruition and have slowly infiltrate these same Countries and they’re lack of courage to remove, fight or defend has allowed them to become only stronger and recruit more individuals to destroy the infidel.

    At issue or one of the issues is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence services have been working closely with the United States against the terrorist threats posed by Al Qaeda and the others. However, the Kingdom has an agenda which is often at odds with US policies and their intelligence services are a key element in pursuing this agenda. The periods in Saudi history which have impacted how their security services are used; the services’ organization and leadership; and case studies which are used to illustrate the services’ efforts to advance the Kingdom’s agenda.

    The principal Saudi Arabian intelligence services (Mabahith, Mukhabarat) Military and SNSC; they are all operating against the US intelligence services’ organizations and their leadership. As long as individual wealthy Saudi’s are allowed to fund these terrorist organizations, who blatantly serve them in the open and in front of the Saudi Arabian government and who turn a blind eye, their true cooperation with the United States is only as good as the paper that it’s written on to end up in the trash.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton openly accept funds from them as well as other Middle Eastern financially solvent kingdoms, and as our possible next Secretary of State, she and Bill will continue to accept their donations in favor of looking elsewhere for financial and terrorist culprits and try to find new and creative ways to blame Bush and the Republicans as the MSM ask where can I sign up? When the next attack on America occurs, which will be fairly soon, they won’t blame the attack on Obama’s new no terrorist left behind policies, but what Bush’s policies caused that irritated them to want to attack us again. And based on the outcome and whether you’re a pessimist or optimist; or see the glass as being half full or half empty will depend on who’ll you’ll blame.

    The blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of Obama, Clinton, Biden, Panetta and the array of ill conceived foreign and intelligence policies that have never worked from the liberals. The policy that’s coming upon us of “make the terrorist comfortable”, cigar, cigarette, vodka, gin, scotch, bourbon, beer, ale, stout, single malt or wine. Massage? Facial, manicure, pedicure liposuction, sleep number bed, Tempur-Pedic or Sealy/Serta? How can we serve you to make you more content and comfortable? Blow my brains out? Wouldn’t that hurt?

    The Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad is generally the sole responsibility for gathering outside Israeli boundaries of collecting intelligence, counter-intelligence/terrorist organizations, covert actions/operations and paramilitary activities and even sometimes political assassinations. They are usually very quiet when they seek revenge (remember the 1972 Munich Olympics?). They are also a loyal United States ally and we pay dearly for that loyalty. It was noted that Mossad informed the FBI and CIA in August 2001 that as many as 150 plus terrorists had slipped into the United States via Canada and Mexico and were planning “a major assault.” The Israeli intelligence agency cautioned that it had picked up wire chatter that a “large-scale target” in the United States and that Americans would be “very vulnerable.” A month later, the terrorists struck at the twin towers. I don’t know why they never acted on that information.

    But, in the hands of the new administration and Obama’s policies from the closing of Gitmo, no torture rhetoric, the Attorney General whose itching to prosecute any soldier or civilian who tries to harm a terrorist, the new CIA Director who could not quell the scandals during the Clinton administration, has no intelligence background, will form new policies that are for the Islamic Jihadist and Muslim extremist over American lives. I’m picturing Osama doing high fives with his fellow terrorist and supporters; as they do the Snoopy “happy” dance and laugh hysterically at the “stupid American people” in his plush surroundings in his Afghanistan cave, being a good troglodyte that he is and planning the next Stone Age known as Osamalithic era; as he rids the World of Judaism and Christianity. Why don’t we slap a big O on his chest and make him the next comic book hero. I’m sure Hollywood will do a great PR job and convince Americans that his image was tainted by the Bush administration and he’s not such a bad guy, he’s only expressing his feelings and outrage over the hypocrisy that is known as America!

    I want to remind these ineffectual, incompetent and inept bureaucrats that these terrorist organization don’t make their American or its allies that are captured comfortable, they are generally tortured and beheaded; it won’t matter if we stopped, they won’t. In the case of Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Franks, both Clinton’s, Franken, Reid and Dodd, I wish they’d volunteer to negotiate with these terrorist in person so they can be made “comfortable” by their captures and if they are beheaded will have to adjust to the knowledge and mourn their loss and realize that in their current beheaded state, they are now more intelligent then they ever were before.

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