No Input At All

No sooner had the last words of President Bush’s farewell address to the nation faded, than the liberal gals at PMSNBC felt compelled to weigh in with their usual “impartiality”. Keith Olberwomann, sportscaster turned liberal genius, who left ESPN “under a cloud of controversy”, was making cow eyes at Christine Matthews, the host of the wildly popular PMSNBC show “Noballs” and former “Carter Communist Club” “speechwriter.” Both liberals wearing their traditional skirts and wonder bras, are still getting “a thrill running up my leg”, about the next Socialist Svengali intent upon destroying the nation and both couldn’t resist one last opportunity to beat around the Bush..

This will be a recurring theme for the next four years as there will be no other excuses available for the liberals and the inevitable futility and dereliction that inevitably follow them in the world of politics. They will hold the Presidency, the House and the Senate. Any and all failures industriously implemented by the fifth columnists in search of the next “New Deal” will be quickly attributed to W. We will not have long to wait as the House Democrats are now working on a $825,000,000,000.00 “stimulus package”. With Rodham soon to be butchering international relations and BHO/JFK in need of the perpetual teleprompter and their scandals already accruing, the only thing funnier than the idea of a liberal “economic stimulus package” will be the magical transformation of Michelle O to Jackie O..

I suppose that with Bill yearning to get his weenie back in the political campfire as the “two for the price of one Secretary of State”, the idea of a “stimulus package” takes on an old familiar flavor, that of chubby interns, cheap cigars and countless lies under oath.

This story of the 825 billion dollar “stimulus” plan (“House Democrats Propose $825B Stimulus Package”, Foxnews.) made very few if any waves today, even with the liberals who are simply giddy with excitement over the Inauguration a few days from now. No one is talking about this first mash note that the leftists will be sending to the “Marionette Messiah”..

As always, when the left talks about “stimulus”, it always becomes the economic equivalent of tossing a cinder block to a drowning man. It has been broken down into two categories, “$550 billion in spending programs and $275 billion in temporary tax cuts”. Please make note of the word “temporary”.. In the end, it will probably be replaced by “non-existent”.

Of this $550 billion dollars in “spending programs”, it is being reported that there will be “$87 billion dollars to help the states meet the rising costs of providing health care for the poor”. Included as well are “39 billion dollars to subsidize coverage by out-of-work wage earners who cannot afford the cost of their employer-covered health care.” That is $126 billion dollars alone that will have absolutely nothing to do with “stimulating the economy”, it is just another step towards the socialized medicine that the left has drooled over since the last Clinton embarrassment.

“More than $100 billion dollars is ticketed for education”. We are now up to $226 billion dollars of this revenue grab that will not stimulate the economy which is what the left claims the bill is intended to do. The previously mentioned $100 billion dollars is the partial payment to the NEA for delivering their votes in November. This is just the down payment, remember, “it’s for the kids”..

There is “more than $20 billion dollars in tax cuts to promote the development of alternative to oil fuels..” Even the liberals themselves can’t agree on this over priced bio-diversity buncombe. Michael Grunwald claims that “one person could be fed for 365 days on the corn needed to fuel an ethanol-fueled SUV.” He further says, “hyped as an eco-friendly fuel, ethanol increases global warming, destroys forests and inflates food prices”. Time April 7, 2008.) What is truly frightening are the areas reported where no actual amounts of stolen/redistributed tax dollars are given.

The article states, “increased spending on food stamps, unemployment insurance and job training.” It goes even farther with, “..billions more to make public housing, federal buildings and modest-income homes more energy efficient.” Still waiting to hear about anything that might “stimulate” the economy. This is nothing more than just another series of involuntary doses of liberal Ipecac that will be forced down the throats of the tax paying middle class. At least when Roosevelt implemented his Socialist takeover, he created some cute little acronyms to soften the blows of his collectivism.

The liberals in the House decided that the measure should further penalize the middle and upper classes just for spite. They decided to scrap the request to include a $3,000 tax credit for each new job created by private companies. The left still believes that the way to “stimulate” the economy is to punish those who produce the jobs and the nation’s wealth and to give it those who are professional siphons and bottom feeders.

There is nothing in this bill to “help middle-to-upper-income taxpayers ensnared in the alternative minimum tax..” which “now threatens more than twenty million tax payers”.. Never mind that the IRS’s National Taxpayer’s Advocate Report of 2006 called the AMT “the most serious problem with the tax code..” The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) in a brief issued on April 15, 1994 said, “ in five taxpayers will have a AMT liability..” and it further said “the AMT has extended its reach to many upper-middle-income households”. When the IRS says a tax is a “serious problem”, you had to figure that that would be the green light for the liberal Reds.

David Obey (liberal, Wisconsin) said that this measure was necessary in order to “prevent an economic catastrophe..” The implementation of this tumor of a bill would be the cause of an economic catastrophe. Obey then verified his liberal provenance by adding, “that ($825 billion) may be insufficient alone” and to drive the nail home in the middle class coffin he added for full effect, “this product may undershoot the mark”. Obey decided to speak for all of the liberals when he said that the Socialists wanted this “bill” ready the day after the Inauguration, or as he called it, “the day after the crown prince is sworn in..”

For those who are observant, the progressive primer for this communist cash cow was the “Plan To Jump Start America’s Ailing Economy” from the January 2008 “Ridiculous Rodham Run”, and Rodham only wanted seventy billion to waste on the mendicants. Little did we know that we were getting off light.. The last “Obey observation”, and the most telling relative to the liberal “thought process” is, “I felt there was a hole in our hearts if we weren’t taking care of that problem”.. With the strains of Morris Albert’s 1975 hit (Feelings..) squeaking away in the background and as mentioned before, this has become the economic equivalent of having Kevorkian as your “caretaker”..

The summary of this bill claims an “unprecedented accountability”, which is as hilarious as Nancy “Where’s my 727?” Pelosi claiming that she will preside over the “most ethical congress in history”. This whole “compassion play” seems to make as much sense as giving $700 billion dollars in TARP money to the same people who created the need for the TARP money in the first place..

John Boehner of Ohio said, “the Democrats prepared this legislation with no Republican input at all”. That is actually a very good thing. That way the blame for this liberal floater can therefore be properly directed to the members of the liberal caliphate and its clueless leader, Barack Hussein Obama.



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  1. Sorry everyone, the first copy of this somehow had a whole paragraph missing when I read it early this morning so I had to erase the old one and resubmit it.

    Hope that you enjoy it.


  2. John Boehner For President 2012!!! Well, at least he and Sarah Palin can share a ticket, I don’t care which one is at the top. They both would make great Presidents. I swear John Boehner is one of the few Republicans in Congress with balls AND common sense. Every time I see him I get a glimmer of hope that maybe the Conservatives will grow a pair and revolt…

  3. Larry,

    Great article. I don’t know where to begin because there is WAY TOO MUCH Moonbattery going on at the moment.

    On Israel:

    Isreal is well within her right to defend herself. Hamas started it and deserves EVERYTHING Israel throws at it. It sucks that innocent civilians are killed or injured in the process, but the evil Hamas bastards use poor innocents as human shields. On the other hand, some of those “innocents” may not be so innocent at all. A lot of those people, children included, are so indoctrinated, it may be a blessing in disguise that they are “neutralised”.

    On BHO’s Cabinet of Lunacy:

    This is going to be a fun 4 years. Scandals are a-brewing and this charlatan is not even sworn in yet. His Cabinet is as unvetted as he is (should we really be all that surprised). I have a hard time believing that his Treasury pick’s tax problem was only recently “discovered.” Someone dropped the ball on a potential cover-up. Hopefully nothing changes too dramatically (and irreparably) and enough Kool-Aid drinkers are disillusioned that this fool is NOT re-elected.

    On BHO’s Pork-Free Pork Fest:

    If his “stimulus” package is not pork-laden, then I do not know what is. Government DOES NOT create wealth, BUSINESS creates wealth. The only projects that are worthwhile are the road construction (bridges, highways, etc.) and electric grid (minus the alternative-energy stuff) improvements and upgrades. Everything else left me scratching my head. I smell political pay-offs…

    On Bush’s Farewell Address:

    The one indisputable fact of Bush’s Presidency is that there has not been one terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11. Don’t get me wrong, Bush is an NWO RINO, but he has kept this country safe. He grossly disappointed his Conservative base after his re-election. Also, he does not readily admit his mistakes. He’s quite vague on his missteps (except for the “Mission Accomplished” banner from 2003). He’s not as humble as he tries to portray himself. He reminds me of Bill Clinton in his last days. He’s trying way too hard to leave a good legacy (I can see why considering how the Liberal Media has treated him, not always deservingly). History will be the judge of GWB’s Presidency.

  4. thanks for laying out how my great grandchildren yet to be born will be still paying for this nightmare of an administration.

  5. “That way the blame for this liberal floater can therefore be properly directed to the members of the liberal caliphate and its clueless leader, Barack Hussein Obama.”

    You mean like the housing fiasco was blamed on Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Dems. which resulting bailout got Red Sambo elected?

    Dream on.

  6. I believe John Boener’s first three words after looking at the spending spree were… “Oh My God”.

    Friends, we is screwed… This nightmare gets worse every day. Simply remarkable how the liberals spiked the drinking water in this country. If anyone has an idea how to stop the madness I am all ears.

  7. Redbone,
    I fear that the only way to stop the madness is with another American Revolution. God help us; I hope I’m wrong!

  8. Larry, another winner! Just keep them coming,

    Redbone… all we can do is keep talking, but let’s do it the same way that it was done when they were trying to pass that ‘comprehensive immigration’ aka amnesty bill last year. Get on the phone, the fax and the computer… Tell your congresspersons and senators how you feel. Warn them that we the people DO NOT support this pork-barrel mess, and that they had better get this right or they will all be one-term-wonders or early retirees! We managed to do it with immigration reform, we can do it with this if we yell loud and long enough.

    Oh, and we can (and must) keep praying. I believe that everything in our lives happens for a reason. To teach us something, or to test us in some way. Let’s not fail this test! I have a feeling it could be our FINAL EXAM!!!

    Never Stop!

  9. The only thing left out is that any money received by the lower income will be spent on products from China. It looks like China will be the receipient of a lot of the money.

  10. Excellent article Larry…..scary as hell, but excellent none-the-less. I just get so frustrated every time I hear about the massive amounts of money those who were elected to “represent” us just throw around with no real plan or idea if it’ll work or not. So….I’m with T! “Get on the phone, the fax and the computer… Tell your congresspersons and senators how you feel. Warn them that we the people DO NOT support this pork-barrel mess, and that they had better get this right or they will all be one-term-wonders or early retirees!” It seems that when we raised our voices against Amnesty, they finally LISTENED to us. We need to pack their in-boxes and voice mails with so many faxes, e-mails and phone calls that they can’t HELP but get the message “QUIT WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS” Enough already!!

  11. 1600 billion for the Inaugural Ball is a fair price don’t you think?
    I wonder if the party favors will be mini-bailout certificates ?
    Larry you always wake up the gray matter.
    I was almost to the point of depression watching George W. last night.
    Never have I witnessed such a change in a man. Broken down . The left did its job and crucified a man for no other agenda than to steal freedom from me.

  12. Let’s see…we are getting a President who probably is an illegal alien, and no one seems to care…he appoints a Treasury secretary who doesn’t pay his taxes, again it seems that we’ll just let that slide…a Secretary of State who likes to negotiate insider trading deals, that’s old news…a Governor from BHO’s homestate that tries to sell a senate seat to the highest bidder, and the courts are helping him fight it….a Senator supposedly-elect who won the election with more votes than there were voters, who needs a certification to be seated? No one according to Harry Reid. It’s not even January 20th yet folks…..Redbone is right, WE ARE SCREWED!

  13. The day the US Constitution ceases to be relevant, and those sworn to preserve, protect, and defend it refuse to do so, that is the day our government is no longer legit and our citizens no longer have any obligation to obey it.

  14. How come this Larry guy isn’t writing on the big sites? I’ve gone through some of these older pieces and this is as good as the stuff that I’ve read almost elsewhere else. Just my two cents worth.

  15. I am so sick and tired of hearing how “historic” BHO’s inauguration is going to be. What’s historic about it? The fact that the American public were bamboozled into voting for him? Or is it his litany of losers that he’s appointing to our goverment offices? Because he’s half-black? Why is this historic? This buffoon hasn’t done a damn thing for anybody except himself and his cronies, and I foresee more of the same in the days to come. Talking about bailouts, “stimulus” plans, etc. and then throwing himself the most costly inauguration ever…I guess that’s what is meant by “historical”. My stomach hurts just thinking about it…wish I could hibernate for the next 4 years, but hey, I may miss the fun of watching the liberal losers becoming disenchanted (though I am sure they would never admit it).

  16. Margaret in CT

    I read this in the Evans-Novak Report today: “The mood in Washington is transformed by Obama’s imminent arrival. The media are aflutter with talk of a new era and a changed town. Congressional Democrats are more self-assured with their huge majorities. REPUBLICANS ARE COMFORTABLY SETTLING INTO A MINORITY POSITION.”

    Glad to hear the cowards are so comfy. Where does that leave the rest of us?

  17. Friend of Fools?

    Being a conservative, I am offended by the Republican fools that represent me in the Congress~!!

    Do we need another Boston Tea Party?

    I agree that we citizens had better do some rebel rousing and again make our logic heard.

    Can someone list emails of the fools?

  18. blue state blues- RWG

    Michele- he isn’t even half black. He is only 6% Negro. He is 50% Caucasian and the rest is Arab.
    Redbone and Keyfish- I agree. We are screwed and the Constitution is being violated on a daily basis.

    Last time I looked it was a felony to deliberately not report income. Yet Obama’s Treasury Sec. is getting a complete pass from everyone including the Republicans.

    How on earth does Hillarious walk right though the Confirmation Hearings without a single Republican asking her how she intends to keep contributors to her husbands library and bank account from having unfettered access to the State Department?

    How does a Governor that is about to get impeached get to nominate a US freaking Senator?

    And last on my list today and something that has yet to be even mentioned in the news anywhere;
    How does ACORN get to administer the billions of dollars that were part of the Homeowners Relief Act (Hope for Homeowners) of July 2008? I swear to you that, because I have been laid off and seeking any assistance I can get on my mortgage, I contacted my mortgage holder and they directed me to ACORN in response to query on the Homeowners Relief Act. ACORN is managing all that money. Didn’t anyone pay attention to their complicity in the mortgage problem? Didn’t anyone pay attention to their voter fraud felonies? Who gave them that authority? And now they get to funnel all that cash back to the mortgage holders that shouldn’t have had the mortgages to begin with. Oh yea, by the way, I didn’t qualify for any assistance from ACORN. I didn’t have a Fannie or Freddie and, although they didn’t come right out and say it, I’m not a minority.

    My friends this is becoming a run away freight train that is not going to pay attention to laws or regulations. In fact, in my estimation, there is no Rule of Law for the Obama crowd. They are going to steam roll anything that gets in the way. I hate to say it, but the America we loved is almost gone. It is time to find a way to opt out!

  19. “We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much”

    -Ronald Reagan

    Why can’t ONE republican simply copy every move Ronaldus Maximus and get us out of this.

    My recipe would be to take Gary Sinise (actor, telelgenic) and infuse him with everything Reagan. Break him down and build him back-up. Gather huge piles of money and launch him in 2011. Bring a Sarah along as veep and ass-kicker.

  20. T… I have 2 words for you: Kennedy and Kerry. These would be my senators. Calling, faxing and/or emailing them is a waste of time and painfully annoying to boot. We had a wonderful candidate in Jeff Beatty who wanted to take Kerry’s seat but the majority in MA. did not select him to represent us. I have no voice here. Perhaps what we really need is, as Todd suggests, revolution. These people will not go willingly as they have no interest in listening to anything I have to say. They represent me as much as the obama represents me. Not at all. I have nothing in common with them and do not believe they love this country, our constitution or ‘we the people’. They are interested only in themselves and what is of interest to them. It seems to me that the day keysfish is referring to comes on the 20’th of this month.

  21. I know I shouldn’t but I do feel dirty, like my entire body was licked clean by the dirtiest prevent on the Planet, raped and then have the local law enforcement ask me “was it good enough for you as it was for him?” Then have them tell me they watched and enjoyed the show as they take a big inhale of their lit cigarette.

    They only “stimulation” that this latest assault on our economy will have is the stimulation of the already over blown liberal democrat ego. Let’s celebrate how fabulous we are and how we were able to con the public into thinking we would help them. Politicians never help anyone but themselves. The liberal ideology is that Government is responsible to make the 300 million citizens, plus the 12 + million illegals have everything they want and need to get by, no matter the cost or how to pay for it.

    The media has created another celebrity President in the vain of the Kennedy’s, who drooled over any pearls of wisdom that left his lips, even the burps, admired his aristocratic privilege wife and tried to tell us they were just like us. The staged photos of Obama frolicking on the beach and kissing his daughters goodbye as they head off to their new over priced private schools. Only more unnecessary public relations spin to try continued their desire to show us and the world he’s just a regular guy. The photos were staged, no paparazzi photographer, know matter what close up lens was used would ever be close enough to snap a photo of his unchiseled carcass, if they were I’d questioned the Secret Service on their dereliction of duty. Any sniper would have open access to him.

    The O’bama clan better hope they don’t meet the same fate as the Kennedy clan did.

    You can put dog shit in a box, wrap the box in pretty paper, and place a beautiful cascading ribbons and bows on it, but when you open the box, its still dog shit inside.

  22. Larry,
    Thank you, sir, for another truly informing and thought prevoking article.

    AMY D,
    I agree about Hamas. They remind me of schoolyard bullies who’ve been surprised in being beaten up by one of their victims. They, being the ones who cast the first stone, go crying to the school’s principal, the U.N. Hamas has refused to settle the differences between it and Isreal peacefully, I say don’t come crying on my sleeve.

    Screwed and not even get a kiss!

    blue states blue- RWG,
    Thank you. You saved me a whole bunch of typing, my friend.

    But on the ACORN issue, the monies that would be afforded them if Obamaears was elected was circulated during the campaign. Still, I wonder how many ACORN staff members are now driving new Cadillacs and Lincoln Continentals.

  23. My father has been saying for years we are headed for another Civil War, but this time it will be Conservatives verses Liberals. Knowing how the liberals hate guns (unless you’re a minority gang banger) and as a general assessment a majority of the military are Conservative and patriots, and since the liberal view to defend ones self is to hold up a sign. I think we’ll know who’ll win this time.

  24. More on BHO’s “Pork-Free” Pork Fest:

    BHO is so hell-bent on passing his “Pork-Free” Pork Fest otherwise known as his “economic stimulus” plan that he is hustling various Democrat Senators by making personal phone calls to them. Apparently his silver tongue is working, well almost. There is one Dem Senator (I didn’t catch her name) who CNN interviewed and she said that despite BHO’s telephone plea, she’s not buying his plan. She still plans to vote against it. If only more Dems were as smart as this lady. BHo’s idea of stimulating the economy through expanding government bureaucracy and creating government jobs is nothing more than a Liberal redefinition of “recycling”. The government pays your paycheck and takes out the requisite taxes. No new money is created, it is just recycled back to the Treasury. Only private industry creates new money. When are these Dimwits going to figure this out?? Larry Kudlow had a great interview with my Conservative hero, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH). Rep. Boehner has formed a working group with House Minority Whip Eric Cantor to develop a true free-market alternative to BHO’s Pork-Fest. As far as the rest of TARP, he plans to vote against it, but the House vote is merely symbolic. Hey, even if it’s symbolic, the vote will send a message to each Reps’ constituents. Vote for the people who spend your money wisely and vote out the people who squander it. Just a question: When will BHO quit campaigning and start governing, or at least prepare to govern. Someone send a memo to this guy that the election is OVER!!!

    Larry Kudlow’s interview with Rep. Boehner can be found here:

  25. You all have saved me time and posting this evening. I’ve said it before, but it still applies; Larry you are amazing with your wordsmanship. An apparently new poster, Poc-O, has it figured out. You can all re-read it above. Keep it up, Larry. Your day is coming – for the big time.

  26. I am amazed – and inspired! – by the imagination and just plain inventiveness of my fellow & sister Conservatives in identifying and re-naming the clowns on the Left who are drawing gov’t paychecks (rats! but who said life was fair?!?). And, of course, our Fearless Leader Larry is chief among the imaginative & creative! Rock on, Larry!

    I have to echo this civil war talk, too: The almost irreparable division in our country is beginning to look like the Civil War, but without guns! There is true animosity and, I would venture, few on either side today would echo one of our Revolutionary hero’s famous phrase, “I may not agree with what you say, Sir, but I will fight to the death your right to say it!”

    We can all hope & pray that the Left is exposed, ridiculed & defeated, but that won’t be so easy. What is in danger of happening, however, is that BHO’s economic bamboozlement, far from hastening the END of the recession, might just prolong it, perhaps edging it toward something worse – like another economic Depression.

    That may cause the history books to compare Bush more to Hoover than Truman, and Obama to FDR, whose country and whose ass was only “saved” by the USA’s entry into WWII. I hate to think of another World War, but, irony of ironies, Obama may have to declare Holy War/jihad against Radical Islam – just to save his ass and his Presidency (but to hell with his country).

    The whole thing makes me sick. Obama & the totally corrupt Dems in Congress may do more to harm us than any “foreign” enemy or entity!

  27. I can’t see Obama declaring war against Radical Islam as he has already stated that if the winds of change appear to be going bad, he will stand with the Muslims. It is my fear that he knows exactly what he’s doing and is trying to soften us up for an imminent invasion/attack by the Islamists. Anyway, he is 43.75 % Arab, so it really should not come as a surprise that he refuses to provide his birth certificate or do anything that could actually help this country!

  28. I’ve been around…just not saying much. Soon I shall explode from listening to the sound of “fingernails on a chalkboard” and knowing I am powerless to change this course.
    It’s difficult to maintain a train of thought with all the racket….so I have downsized my list of what is important.
    Getting “right” with the Lord and staying “right” is first. Knowing my daughter is, also gives me great solace.
    I agree that this country will probably experience a “revolution.” I live in NW Louisiana….most definitely not “obamaland” since most do find comfort in their religion and their guns. My church is experiencing exponential growth and Gun Shows are popping up all over the south. Most already own the’s the ammo they are buying up.
    I’m a staff accountant for a CPA and I figure this tax season will probably be my last considering our client base is small business owners, real estate agents and those fortunate enough to have had an investment portfolio. All of which have been severly hammered by this economic downturn.
    I figure with our newly appointed “Secretary of the Treasury” paying or filing of taxes won’t be so important and many will follow his lead deciding not to do so…even if they still have a reason to. I control my own paycheck and have decided that filing Single and 6 deductions gets me off the hook for federal income tax. I look at it this way…if obama intends to take my FICA and give it to those who pay no taxes I am entitled to take the deductions which means that is all I will agree to pay.
    Great article as always, Larry. Your ability to put it on paper goes a long way in alleviating the “stress” in our turbulant times. Keep it coming….it helps.

  29. Welcome Poc-O….good to have you with us.

  30. This would be funny if it were not so serious.
    They say they are going to jump-start the economy but their actions will be more like suffacating someone with a pillow.
    I heard about some of the things in the package, what a joke. A $4,500 tax credit if you scrap your gas guzzeler and buy one of their ” approved ” fuel efficiant cars. Which I’m sure will work for a family of 4 with company in town, or haul around the local little league players just fine. Can you say Yugo?
    Then they want to send money to school districts, not to improve education but to make sure no teachers get laid off. Forbid it that someone who is employeed by the goverment ( I was going to say ” works for ” but I’ve seen alot of them at their jobs and that is not what most of us define as ” working ” ) should lose their jobs when times get tough.
    And of course a lot of Pork spent to get themselfs re-elected.
    With the ones pick for Tresury Sect. I gues if we don’t want to pay our taxes we dont have to. And we can just pay them later with no penality. Must be nice.

  31. BTW Reporting on the US Airways crash in NYC. Reporters are prasint the fact that they had a experinced and well trained pilot and crew at the controls during this emergency. But somehow it’s OK to have an inexperinced politition in control of the country during this financial crisis. Boy, talk about a major disconnect!

  32. Obama will follow in the foot steps of one of his heroes, Roosevelt and I’m sure come election time he’ll tell the Country he needs more time to finish what he started.

    The democrats cannot fix our economy because they are the ones who tanked it on purpose so that they could get their “chosen” savior to do it for us. You cannot learn about the economy from an Ivy liberal book. I think a child can understand that if you have no money, you don’t spend what you don’t have, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, yet decade after decade, the democrats still follow the same, stupid philosophy that never has been proven to work and each new generation listens, elects them back into power to destroy what is left.
    You have to admit you made mistakes and are responsible for a large portion of our economic troubles and I cannot see how they would ever admit their roles. I’m afraid if action isn’t taken soon our once democratic society will become an Oligarchy governmental franchise were the politicians and the elite of society will determine who gets what and how much.
    I’m afraid that as long as money and power go hand in hand with our politicians, corruption will always reign.
    Joy, Amen sister, totally agree.
    Rayne I hear you, same thing happening in Alabama. More whites appear to be returning to the church. The black community here has always been church goers, but they’re celebrating Obama’s election instead of praying for the return of a solvent economy. I’d wish they’d pray of government sanity, financial responsibility and accountability. But since large majorities are awaiting their Obama checks, the reality will be Amen Obama. I guess their reaction depends on how large or small the check is.

    Who knew when he said he would be the first “green” candidate he meant lack of experience instead of environmental.

  33. Todd,
    You’re right about Obama siding with Islamic forces should it come to it. One outstanding reason I think, is that devoid of the religion, Islam’s economic structure bears a striking resemblance to socialism, in some ways harhser. If you don’t agree with the Islamic ways you are put to slavery or death. As a common citizen, no matter how hard you labor, the fruits go to the state.
    A little “spread the wealth” that Obama and encompaning loonies would willingly participate in in what President Reagan called,
    “The betraywal of our past, the squandering of our future.”

    To turn this around it will have to come from a grass roots movement. From the citizens themselves and it will be no easy task. These patriots will have to take on the entire political, legal, and media establishmet. How about something like Alliance of American Patriots?

    Friend of Fools,
    This is the site your looking for http:/
    You’ll be able to find e-mail adderess’ of every idiot in Washington. Start typin’ away, buddy, I have.

  34. I guess I should have said that with Obama being almost Arabic, it is understandable that he doesn’t want most Americans to see his birth certificate. This, of course, is not why he would side with the Islamists. He would side with the Islamists specifically to help destroy this country.

  35. Obama’s desire to destroy this country is the same as Pelosi’s, Reid’s, Carter’s and all the rest – they just plain hate to see winners.
    They will not be satisfied until the USA has no more influence on the world stage than Ethopia does. No more military power than Uganda, and no more money than Zimbabwa.
    “Who are YOU to be so rich when others are so poor?”, that is the liberals mantra.
    I emphasize ‘YOU’ because liberals NEVER include themselves.
    YOU and I, don’t deserve what we’ve earned, but THEY (liberal a$$wipes) must GET everything so they can RULE over us.
    Oshama is riding a train to the inauguration. I’m guessing to show all of US (you and me again) that we should be riding trains.
    I bet that’s the LAST time that SOB EVER rides a train (until the next election).


  36. Israel should have driven all the arabs out of the Gaza Strip and into the Sinai Peninsula before returning the Sinai to Egypt.
    Then return control of the Sinai back to Egypt.
    Now they would be Egypt’s problem.
    And….no more “Gaza Strip” issues.


  37. Dear Family,

    I have neglecrted the “Thought Of The Day” site for all too long..

    I threw down a quick “thought” on the GITMO/Obama situation, nip on over there, give it a read and tell me what you think.

    Thanks to all of you who, in my humble opinion, make the “comments” section of my site BETTER than anyone elses. Don’t believe it? Check out the “comments” after any Ann Coulter column. 99% nonsense.. A tip of the NLTZ cap to everyone.

    It’s nice to see a few new commenters here as well.

    Thanks to everyone for all of your kind words and all of your incredibly creative and insightful input. YOU make this site better.

    Thanks as always,


  38. blue state blues- RWG

    Pelosi is trying to silence Republicans and their resistance to allowing the Democrats pass legislation without voting on the “packages” entirely. What they are trying to do is attach legislation to bills that have been voted on in committee. This “attached” legislation gets passed without an up or down vote if the primary legislation is passed. By forcing the “motion to recommit” the Republicans are making Pelosi and company to vote on the specific legisation. Pelosi doesn’t want to have an actual vote on this midnight legislation. She does want us to know who actually voted for these egreious rules and laws. Among them is the notorious Fairness Doctrine which will silence conservatives and conservatives talk shows. Now Pelosi is trying to silence the “motion to recommit” rule so she can slide legislation through without any names on it. This crap makes me want to puke! And so does botox face herself!

  39. Blue State Blues

    I saw that too.
    Pelosi IS puke.
    That is the only way demonrats operate- in the dark, hidden, secretive, cowardly.
    They don’t have the sack to show their work in the light of day.


  40. Stitch

    Yep. I read i on Human Events as I suspect you did. I broke down and sent them a donaton so they could send out faxes our esteemed leadership. The Republicans need to grow a pair and stand up to Bella Pelosi, vampiress of the night!

  41. Friend of Fools?

    So…what should those of us reading these comments do to stand up to Pelose et al.

    If we did it for immigration and helped change their minds, tell us what to do now.

    We all need to show strength in numbers. Seems like I just keep reading all this and don’t do anything about it. Would if I knew how and felt there was a lot of support.

  42. Friend of Fools

    Until some REAL leadership emerges that we can get behind and support, the only outlet we have is to let our voices be heard by any means available. I personally write at least 5 emails a week to my representatives. But I also add my voice to actions being taken by conservative groups like the FRC, Human Events, Newmax etc. You can subscribe to these newsleters on line. But be warned, you do get asked for money frequently. I spread it around where I can and for causes that get my attention. You would be surprised how effective it can be. Pelosi is going about this campaign for secrecy because she does not want the exposure that she will get if they actually have a roll call vote on the stuff that she is trying to sneak through. You can start by checking out this article:

  43. If we pool our money, I have a family member that married into one of the mob organization in the NY/NJ area who would more likely remove Pelosi for a small fee.

    Bella Pelosi, priceless.

  44. Eileen

    We spent all that money and time chasing the Italians all over the place………. for what? Meanwhile we have the Russian, Chinese, and Mexican mobs running wild and nobody gives a hoot! And then you have the banks, brokers and insurance companies robbing us blind while our government is totally complicit.

    Where do I send my check? At least the Italians knew how to run an organization! I think the Italians have a legit discrimination gripe.

  45. Poc-O

    Spread the word and maybe this site WILL be as popular as anyone elses.
    Or at least get his articles published on larger sites.


  46. Eileen,

    Rest assured the photos we saw were staged. But they weren’t of the real Obama. He has to have a double filling in for him. Take for instance, the picture of him wading in the ocean, impossible! We all know from past accounts of the moronic media that the real Obama walks ON water.

    There we had it, boys and girls. In yesterday’s ‘Parade’ Magazine of the paper, Obama’s 2 page open letter to his daughters telling them what he wanted for them…. and for the rest of the children of America. Writting of how their smiles made his day’s “work” easier as in, ‘should I have voted Present or not’. The letter is one from an over priviledged dad to two over-priviledged girls going to expensive private schools. An added precaution so they wouldn’t have to be “burdened” with a little thing like pregnancy nor an ensueing abortion.
    While Obama expresses the desire that his daughters achieve all the goals that they set their sights on, as well as other blacks and the poor, I find this would be hard, if not impossible for the latter without the monetary headstart such as the Obama’s enjoy.

  47. This media snow job that’s been taken place this past weekend isn’t a snow job, it’s an avalanche. All weekend it’s been Obama this and Obama that, HBO had a free weekend and showed repeatedly documentary on the coming greatness of Obama and the significant of his train ride from Philadelphia to the Washington, DC truly means as the 3 or 4 millions, of celebrities, politicians, judges, teachers and the ordinary folks who want to get in line for the first government check, for his historic inauguration. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. I never wished or hoped that the KKK, the mob, Castro, the Russians, the Nazi’s and yes even to Taliban or al-Qaeda would make there presents own and their disgusted, by wiping out these morons; it’s a perfect importunity to remove both the flotsam and jetsam of the over indulged cesspool that has floated to the top.

    If this crap and nonsense continues for the next four years, and I’m having a difficult time holding down my breakfast, lunch and dinner, I can finally lose some weight. I’m an optimist and I’m looking at the bright side in all this.

  48. Friend of Fools?

    Blue State Blues-RWG

    Thanks…I copied the following list of legislators from one of your suggested websites. I intend to get their email addresses and fax numbers and post them here.

    Also, the potential anti gun legislation and the Obama administration are threatening imminent death to the Second Amendment. Eric Holder is known as a “gun-hater”. We need to watch the snobby Northeast legislators. The rest of the country..midwest, south and west are basically pro-gun.

    Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY, has introduced H.R. 1022 which does not just ban AR-15’s but many other rifles and shotguns. Sen. Frank Lautenbery, D-NJ has sponsored a bill prohibiting sale of fireams by private individuals. Guns are private property and banning such takes away one more freedom.

    There, of course, is all kinds of proof that an armed society discourages gun crimes.

    My husband and I are both life time members of N.R.A. More information about legislation can be found at &
    I encourage other women to look into membership of The National Rifle Association.

    The Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives:

    The Hon. Harry Reid, The Hon. Robert C. Byrd, The Hon. Richard J. Durbin, The Hon. Charles E. Schumer, The Hon. Patty Murray, The Hon. Robert Menendez, The Hon. Byron L. Dorgan, The Hon. Debbie A. Stabenow, The Hon. Jeff Bingaman, The Hon. Blanche L. Lincoln, The Hon. Barbara Boxer, The Hon. Thomas R. Carper, The Hon. Bill Nelson, The Hon. Russ Feingold, The Hon. Mitch McConnell, The Hon. Jon L. Kyl, The Hon. Lamar Alexander, The Hon. John R. Thune, The Hon. John Cornyn, The Hon. John Ensign, The Hon. Nancy Pelosi, The Hon. Steny H. Hoyer, The Hon. James Clyburn, The Hon. John B. Larson, The Hon. Xavier Becerra, The Hon. Chris Van Hollen, The Hon. Rosa DeLauro, The Hon. George Miller, The Hon. John A. Boehner, The Hon. Eric I. Cantor, The Hon. Mike Pence, The Hon. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, The Hon. John R. Carter, The Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter, The Hon. Pete Sessions

    Join me in trying to make our voices heard.

  49. Redbone… I can truly empathise with your predicament! I lived in MT and had to listen to Max Baucus, and then in NM had to put up with Jeff Bingamon… I am truly lucky to be represenhted now by Jim DeMint!

    I don’t kow what you can do, except keep fighting for any good conservative candidate you can find. Maybe you will be able to get the nitwits out of office after ObieMan and the dipshipts get done with their turn.

  50. Well, I just witnessed the travesty being billed as an inauguration. To set the record straight, all those who participated, knowing full well that OBH was not even Constitutionally qualified, can consider themselves as traitors for subverting the Constitution they were sworn to uphold. This country is now without legitimate leadership as of today.

  51. I heard something really interesting on FOX NEWS this morning… SecDef, the only hold-over from the Bush administration is the ONLY Cabinet member left today… so… he is not allowed to go to the inaguration. He will be in a secret bunker (where they take POTUS et. al. when there is a crisis) because if there was some terrorist attack or massive ‘act of God’ natural disaster (we could only wish) that killed everyone else, HE would be the next President!!! Now isn’t that something?

    Talk about an end-run around Bella Pelosi!?!?!

    Friend… I’m with you with the NRA, Hubby has been a life member for several years, now. but I finally renewed my membership again just this past year. They do some awesome work.

    I’m at home today ( it snowed an inch or three here in SC and that shuts down the state). So I’ve been enjoying some downtime reading and posting on a variety of sites. I’ve noticed that most of the current posts are about folks being sick to death of the Media’s “worship” of the ObieMan. I promised my hubby that I wouldn’t watch any of that stuff today, and I’m glad I didn’t. It has done wonders for my state of mind to commune with those of us who still have our common sense and intelligence intact.

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