Perverted Perspectives

In order to understand/dissect the liberal subterfuge, it is mandatory to identify their chief tactics. Misdirection and misinformation. I sometimes wonder if this is due to mere mischievousness or a malignant mendacity.

I believe that that depends upon the liberal that you are suffering through/listening to.

The simple garden variety of uber-liberal, the one at the “Free Cheese” hand out or the U-2 concert, relies on the regurgitated platitudes espoused by the likes of Franken or Olbermann. They operate through mere mischievousness as they are not lucid enough to create their own fictional fabrications. Their best moments seem to erupt after they have taken the bus to the public library where they have perused the latest copy of “High Times”..

The “intellectual” liberal, the one who is the “Dungeon Master” in his “off hours” or the pizza delivery guy, leans upon the malignant mendacity angle. Unlike the typical glue sniffing liberal, this one (or “that one” as phrased by John McCain..) can complete simple sentences and is most useful in creating wonderfully rhyming, but invariably misspelled placards for the next protest march or patriotic flag burning.

Regardless of the liberal sub species, one of the areas where they manufacture some of their most carcinogenic damage would be when they emote over crime and its sub class, terrorism. Keep in mind that come Wednesday, these are the people who are yearning to “talk” to Hamas, Al-Qaida and Iran..

Reflexively, when they talk of terrorism/crime, they childishly state that the “root cause” of terrorism/crime is “poverty”. Lets take these gags that make the sensible gag, one jape at a time..

Let us just suppose for a second that the infantile notion of terrorism being caused by poverty is true.

Terrorists are overwhelmingly Middle Eastern and the Middle Eastern countries are overwhelmingly saturated in crude oil. These days that sounds like a recipe for financial success for the Middle East, as well as all of its firmly ensconced reptiles.

So who then is responsible for this “poverty” and therefore, who should be the targets of “terrorism”? Not the United States. It is the Muslims in charge of the Middle Eastern countries. If the Muslims in charge would loose the purse strings, every Middle Eastern Muslim alive would owe a huge debt of gratitude to the United States for its unquenchable thirst for the only commodity exported from the Middle East. That is, if noxious cab drivers and exploding foreign exchange students do not count as “exports.”

The United States even mechanized the oil fields to enhance their production. The Middle East should be a petro-dollar paradise and a liberal redistributionists dream. Truth be told, if it were not for the Muslims desire to lord over and enslave other Muslims, the Middle Easterners should worship the ground we walk on for financing their way of life. Those responsible for Muslim poverty are actually other Muslims.

If poverty IS the cause of terrorism, the real enemy, the true Muslim “pauper-izer” is on the prayer rug next to you, Habib…

When it comes to “crime” or “domestic terrorism”, the liberals again reflexively retreat to their trusted “poverty polemic” as its stimulus. For example, within the inner cities, the liberals continuously point to “poverty” as the “Demon seed” of crime.

On virtually every street corner in virtually every inner city in the nation, the corners have upon them, a liquor store, a convenience store and a church. The “poverty” ruse insults the overwhelming number of inner city residents who faithfully attend those little churches who would NEVER consider crime as a palatable alternative to their daily struggles in life.

“Poverty” is the cause? How do you explain Bernie “Made Off” Madoff? How does that explain Ivan Boesky? Every day we are regaled with stories of our societies “privileged” or their sufficiently spoiled saplings and their involvement with crime. It would appear that poverty is irrelevant.

It is important for the left to blame an inanimate object, in this case “poverty” as the accelerant for crime. Poverty, exacerbated by liberal policies and practices, also allows them to wield their socialist “class separation” gambit. From their perverted perspective, blame can not be placed upon an individual but if it somehow ends up there, the left instinctively seeks to make the criminal “blameless”. It’s “societies” fault, “poverty” is to blame, never the perpetrator. The left firmly believes that the perpetrator is the “victim” and that the perpetrator is “addicted”. Remember, “It Takes A Village” to raise an idiot and with the liberals, their village has done magnificently.

The overwhelming cause of crime and terrorism is an individual’s lack of personal morality or their individual depravity. If you would like another way to phrase it: a conscience. Please refer back to the “street corner church” for the antidote.

The liberals “feel” in the same manner not only about GITMO but also about prisons in general. GITMO and prisons “incarcerate” and they “feel” that that is “cruel and unusual punishment.” The left has decided that “incarceration” has failed. It has failed to “rehabilitate” the criminal. The liberals have concluded that the goal of incarceration is rehabilitation. Leave it to the liberals to soften everything they touch. They are the equivalent of mental Ex Lax.

The purpose of incarceration is twofold: punishment and a forced separation from society. They are being punished (Liberal helper: “Time out-ed.”) for their actions and separating them from us justifiably removes them from the rest of civilized society. (Liberal helper: “The true victims.”) Incarceration, before the liberals began postulating that prison should be another Club Med, WAS the deterrent.

The liberals began this charade by making punishment virtually obsolete with the favorite “time off for good behavior.” If a thirty-year bounce gets reduced to four years due to “overcrowding” the deterrence of incarceration is eliminated. If your jails are overcrowded, the left feels there isn’t enough rehabilitation going on. Overcrowding, to those of us with a measurable IQ, means there are a lot of criminals. The liberal answer is to release them so they can victimize again. I would prefer employing them as they build more floors and cells at their prison, simultaneously learning a trade that they can utilize once their “debt to society” is fully paid.

The only reason the liberals feel that incarceration has failed in its task is because the liberals don’t understand the purpose of incarceration. If they yearn to “rehabilitate” the incarcerated, let them volunteer their weekends so they can bore those interned to death with their “compassion” thereby making room for more miscreants and terrorists.

You will notice that the liberals never want to “rehabilitate” the terrorists, they want them released. The liberals and the terrorists have the same goals in mind. The liberals would prefer that the terrorists and the criminals do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as the liberals do theirs..



29 responses to “Perverted Perspectives

  1. Family,

    I am almost “Obama-ed out”..

    Had to try to write about something a little different.

    We are already innundated with the Inaguration imbecility.

    However, I may touch on that topic tomorrow.


  2. Larry,

    There is always a poetic truth to what you write and it’s a great privilege to be able to read it, in a very dumb down society. Anyone willing to come to this website/blog will get an education in the truth that our media tries to distinguish. It’s what they do with this information that will sustain our Country and return it to the people who it was stolen from. Sometimes the pen is mightier then the sword.

    I’ve learned that the liberals are cowards when you confront with the facts that they’ve ignored or twisted to reflect their ideas, they generally turn tail and run. Because you’ve continually hammer away at the own hypocrisy. I believe you are the embodiment of what an American patriot is and should always be. Please never stop writing your articles and essays, especially now in light of the current liberal/Obama mania that is upon us. You are up there with the best conservative writers, and you may be better, since you’re also willing to expose the Republican’s own hypocrisy as well.

    I want to start promoting this website on the other online conservative websites/blogs that I frequently read and respond to; I’d like your permission to do so, before I put you out there. Be prepared for the onslaught of the liberals who will start to arrive to try to humiliate, ridicule, mock and degrade you, your ideals and political philosophy. There are some real jerks out there who celebrated Tony Snow’s death and other conservatives who succumbed this past year. But also note that their usual defense is to name call but if they do, please do not ban them the same way that the Huffington Post,, and the Daily Kos does when a conservative shows up to defend their position.

    I am sometimes able to make them run when confronted with the facts, with your writing they maybe looking to hide in the same cave that Osama bin Laden (since when did he change the spelling of his first name to Usama? Was it to close to Obama?), is hiding. I’ll wait for your response before I venture to the wasteland.

  3. …”It is important for the left to blame an inanimate object, in this case “poverty” as the accelerant for crime….. From their perverted perspective, blame can not be placed upon an individual….”
    and if the blame cannot be placed upon an individual terrorist or criminal…then it certainly cannot be placed on the self-centered liberal no matter what they do. This lack of any personal responsibility seems, to me, to be at the heart of the disease of liberalism. A return to that church on the corner would bring a realization that it’s not all about “me”, so liberals stay away from them in droves…..

    But I hope they do come to read what you have to say….Eileen is right…when confronted with facts, they eventually turn tail and run….so keep up the good work Larry….American needs it….and I sure enjoy reading it 😉

  4. Larry,

    AWESOME article, but you failed to mention why the terrorists continue to terrorise. The terrorist continue to terrorise because that’s what their religion tells them to do. Muhammad was a terrorist and a pirate. He was a profiteer, NOT a prophet. The Koran is very specific on how to convert and subvert — jihad, by the sword. Muslims are instructed to lie and break all treaties with non-Muslims — especially Christians and Jews (The People of the Book). That is why Hamas is always breaking its cease-fire agreements with Israel. It’s the “moderate” Muslims who are not practising true Islam, NOT the terrorists. The terrorists are the true Muslims. They are true to Muhammad’s nature.

  5. “If poverty IS the cause of terrorism, the real enemy, the true Muslim “pauper-izer” is on the prayer rug next to you, Habib…” Larry, I’m still chucking over that one!

    That does, however bring to mind a question: Do the high and mighty Muslims get to kneel at the front of the Mosque in some place of honor, or do they have to be down on the floor with the unwashed masses?

    I hesitate to open this site to the looney lefties; it can be very difficult to converse with them as many of them don’t understand the concept. Also, some of the posts that I’ve seen on other boards are so filled with obscenities, it makes them hard to read. The choice is yours. I am happy to help refute their pseudo-intellectualism and phony outrage if you are. Just be prepared for a little more blue air on both sides of this discussion, because they can really make me forget I’m supposed to act like a lady!! LOL 🙂

  6. The liberal ideology reminds me of the parable of the frog and the scorpion where the scorpion promises the frog he will not sting him if he is carried on the frog’s back across the pond. When the scorpion does in fact sting the frog and they both drown, the frog is bewildered and asks the scorpion why he stung him after promising not to. And he replies, “I’m a scorpion, it’s my nature to sting you”. It’s in the nature of a terrorist to kill, even after promising Obama he won’t or that he doesn’t have nukes. What will we cry when we collectively drown along with Obama?

  7. Hey, Larry, I take umbrage with your lumping gamers into the same category as liberals. I am a conservative, and a Dungeon master, and have been for years. Many gamers are liberals (you wouldn’t believe how liberal some are. One actually believes the media is actually Right-wing. Of course, he’s also dumb enough to think Republican and Conservative are one and the same), but not all of them. many in my group are conservative (many are prior service) and loud and proud about it.

  8. My goal is to bring more conservatives together, but by inviting them, we invite the liberals. There are some liberal who are willing to debate, and I enjoy that, it’s the ones who are closed minded, who spew their hatred who at times start to control the blogs. But there are also some very opinionated conservatives who turn out to be just as bad, if not worse then the liberals. There are pinheads on both sides of the political spectrum, that’s why I’m asking permission to promote his blog.

  9. Eileen,

    PLEASE do so, anytime, anywhere.
    However, the more conservative the site the better.

    The lefties don’t wish to “converse”, they try to link viruses, etc. They have no arguments so they seek to silence those who have superior ones. Remember, free speech only applies to them. If the lefties find us, then so be it. I’d perfer not to go chumming for morons..Lets stick to passing the word on conservative sites. I try to do this at least every other day so any help is appreciated..

    G., Just having a bit of fun, no harm meant. Many who are of a certain age went through a D+D phase.

    Feel free to kill off as many liberal characters as possible. Reward your conservative gamers..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Will do first thing tomorrow morning. Look out for some real liberal pinheads. Here are some that I’ve tangled with, and I think won my arguments. There silence to respond spoke volumes. (Heritage Foundation)
    Superbrit (Human Events)
    Hal Donahue (Townhall)
    Modmark (Townhall)
    Left Angle (Townhall)
    william (Townhall)
    Baci (Townhall)
    Rob (TH – this guy goes by numerous ids but his vile machinations are always clear his writing style never changes… he’s the worse of the lot.)
    Doc (TH – of liberal Professor)
    PeterE (TH)
    scooternyc (TH)
    Coultergeist (HE)

    You get the point. I have no doubt they’ll show up to espouse their liberal ideology. But once you point out their flawed thinking, they resort to name calling. They are really just talking heads or liberal parrots. Whatever the articles was about they ALWAYS post something unrelated. Many frequently change their ID’s but eventually get thrown off the boards for offensive behavior or language. Be prepared everyone; sharpen your minds as well as your pens/pencils. Also understand the reasons why they show up is to exasperate, annoy, infuriate and antagonize. I sometimes wish people would stop responding, it only encourages them to continue to post.

  11. Eileen,
    Even though I would be happier if the liberals would simply shut their traps, sometimes I enjoy confusing them with facts. Of course, I have also had my share of insults and names thrown my way when their constantly regurgitated platitudes failed to persuade me to their view of morality.
    Hopefully, the majority of the people who come from those other boards will simply be the conservatives.

  12. Folks, I just found a really powerful ‘movie’ that I wanted to share with you.


    The link is on the Conservative Hippies
    Hangout blog here at

    Some really interesting stuff.

  13. Just remember, we are a Family and we do a pretty good job of ganging up on unruly Moonbats and deluging them with facts and logic. Larry also has a magic delete button to remove any obscene, degrading nonsense to keep it from polluting the board.

  14. An excellent article, Larry. Pointing in part to irrational thinking of “I didn’t do it” and “It’s somebody else’s fault.”

    All liberals who wish to find a more humanitarian cause to lay blame for terrorism on should read the Muslim Quran. It is a basic Islam 101 of terrorism. The Quran is Allah’s personal word, revealed by an angel to Mohammed, the phropet. Every word in the Quran is Allah’s word and therefore NOT open for interpretation or discussion. It is valid for every Muslim and for all times and though there are ones that call themselves “moderate Muslims”, there can be no moderate Muslims.

    The Quran calls for hatred, violence, murder, submission and terrorism. The Quran calls for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, to terrorize non-Muslims and to fufill their duty to wage war; or violent jihad. Jihad is the duty of every Muslim; Islam is to rule the world by sword.

    The Quran is clearly anti-Semitic, describing Jews as monkeys and pigs.

    Islamic terrorists are neither poor or innocent, they mean the destruction of us all and thanks to mindless talking heads of humanitarian democrats they will remove ours just that much faster.

  15. Yes, Windrider and we may have just elected one of them to the top seat of our Country.

    It will be interesting to see if Obama goes back to church near the Whitehouse or continues to worship his physique at the gym on Sunday.

    You know, that horrible man, Rev. Wright still appears to hate Obama for being a traitor to his church; he says that he has some serious evidence “that will shock most Americans” and he said he’ll release it after the Inauguration. What could it be, I wonder? That he was paying attention in church and participated in the hate whitey and/or anti-American tirade that his wife participated in and is on tape. I guess time will tell.

  16. Todd,

    I like a good debate and there are some people who I continually debate on Townhall, Human Events and the Morning Bell at Heritage Foundation, when they are civil and state their views with logic, it’s fun at least for me. It’s the other 90-85% of the haters that end up taking over the boards.

  17. It seems to run in the family with warped medialistic people and the looney left demos. Remember the little Iraqi bastard that threw his shoes at our President?

    Several “peace groups”, for the Crowning of The One Obamaears celebrated the Bush presidency by throwing shoes at the White House. Had it been me, just for giggles, in comparison with Homeland Security when flying, I would have had these groups submit the shoes for inspection. Only for an undeterminably long time. Long enough to cause leave for a coffee or lunch break on their part during which trash collectors would come by and “mistakenly” take the shoes away.
    Their organizer, Jamill El-Shafei, of Kennebunk, Maine jjustified their, I can use a lot of words here but I’ll settle for, juvenile, behavior by saying, “They were expressing their anger at President Bush for ruining the Constitution.” I wonder if the blind s.o.b. will have anything to say when Obama gets through with his stated objections to “restrictions of the Constitution.”

    The Iraqi journalist jerk-off who was so heralded in Islamic countries and by our decrepit left is now seeking asylum in Switzerland. Not because he’s in danger, he’s still thought of as a heroe, but his life may be in danger because they want to make a martyr out of him.
    Seems like that ink stained Iraqi isn’t ready to meet his 72 virgins yet, not that it’d matter, they’re all male suicide bombers who believed in that crap! Surely the international liberty community will welcome him in supposedly nuetral Switzerland. With that kind of talent they may even get the local MSN to employ him.

    Here’s something for all Democrats to read;
    Neither Jamill El-Shafei or the shoe throwing journalist wouldn’t have worried about Constitution freedoms and rights in Saddam Hussan’s Iraq had they even dared their behaviour under his torturous regime. “Activists”, “demonstrators”, anyone expressing anti-govermental thoughts would soon be imprisoned or dead.
    How soon they forget the mass graves…..

  18. Windrider,

    Beautiful..just beautiful.

    You are always on your game.


  19. blue state blues- RWG

    Eileen, Larry

    Great article Larry. Great divergence from the BHO saga. Trying to understand liberals is like trying to understand the behavior of a drug addict………..there is no rational thought. There is only the intense drive to satisfy a need that they don’t even understand.

    Just be aware that once the liberals tune in to this site they will pollute it with as much garbage as they can. And I am not talking about divergent opions. I’m talking about sick, pathological, infantile behavior. You have only to look to Ann Coulter and Pat Buchannan’s weekly blogs to see how nasty they are getting. Worse, the libs are spoofing legitimate bloggers and posting garbage in their names.

  20. I trust me, I do reward my conservative players, not because of their political outlook, but because they actually bother to think through their actions. Liberals, even when playing characters tend to serve only themselves, even at expense of the party. I find roleplaying games, in many ways, reveal our own true character, even when the oppourtunity to be something else presents itself.

  21. Yes Blue and Latty understands that and said bring it on. It’s not up to me, I ask permission from Larry, it was up to him.

    I do understand your concerns and it was my fear that morons like Superbrit would show up here, but he is a coward and like most cowards they don’t want to take on the masses. On this board conservative rule!

  22. Opps sorry Larry for misspelling your name.

  23. blue state blues- RWG

    I did not intend to sound critical. My apologies if I came off that way. I did see that you put the question to Larry and he said he was good to go. I can see that you are familiar with the antics of the permanently drug impaired juveniles posing as adults on other web sites. Superbrit used to be a conservative blogger. A few months ago he got spoofed by a lib on Ann Coulter’s site. After battling with the impostor for several weeks, the real Superbrit gave up his handle and said goodbye.
    Anyway, I enjoy your posts. We need more people like you articulating your views and your opinions.

  24. Since Human Events refuses to allow direct contact with them to air any grievances or file complaints I unsubscribed from their service and should they ask me why, I’ll tell them. I also went to pure conservative sites that I sometimes visit, where there are no liberals in site. I went to Red States as well, where the conservatives outnumber them 10 to 1. So, the invitation to expose this site to the liberal element is limited to Human Events and Townhall. Granted, they are probably two of the biggest sites frequented by the liberal slime that show up, but there are also some great insightful conservative posters who I’d love to see added to this site.

    I didn’t know that about Superbrit, I’m sorry to hear what that liberal moron did, but I’m not surprised. I frequently changed my ID for that reason, because some warned that it happens. Its happened to some on TH was well but the original poster calls them out and rarely respond.

  25. blue state blues-RWG, Eileen

    We can rest assured that none of us in the family behave in “sick, pathological or infantile” way when posting here on NLTZ. And I for one don’t employee that type of behavior in my off time either.

    It goes without saying that any illogical liberal who would assume one of our identities and come across like a spoiled childish brat, would be instantly recognized as an imposter.

    I personally have had this happen to me, although the site didn’t involve political commentary, and at first frustrated me. No, it made me damned mad that someone found enjoyment in taking an otherwise ‘fun’ site and turning it into a garbage heap with language similar that of an inner city dropout’s while using my ‘name’.

    And the reason you will find imposters creating havoc on sites is because in their unproductive, small little minds, it’s “fun” for them. It’s impossible to fight and they know it making the little cowards feeling oh so brave.

    I found that instead of trying to correct any misunderstandings amongst the other commentators on the site (most of whom knew my writing style) that it was better to ignore the imposter. It took a week or so but the idiot finally gave up, I took his fun away from him.

    The bloggers who make no factual reasoning concerning an issue whether they use abusive language or not are best left unanswered. Why drag yourself down to their level?

  26. An idea to keep the rifffaff out might be through a small donate using paypal or something. If they have to drop a penny thinking it would go to a conservative cause they would reject the idea of joining in the debates, and Larry could donate the funds to a children’s charity. Just a thought.

  27. Or, just to give Larry a little retribution and maybe a few giggles, let him set up a “report abusive post” program. Whereby we report them and he do the same thing as Eagle press/Human Events did when someone reported him. As Larry said, “Took the path of least resistance” in blocking him but with no investigation into the complaint.

    I know that this isn’t the “fair” way to do things but new bloggers here would at least have the advantage of being judged by the fair minded people of our family, not a bunch of air-headed lefties.

    How much of an extra work load this or the donation idea of Eileen’s would cause for Larry, I don’t know. It’s his call.

  28. I don’t like the paypal idea, simply because I’m not giving them my card #, they’ve been hacked before… but something similar is OK with me!

  29. I have just been catching up on your posting while staying in Singapore on business. Singapore is the very antithesis of Liberalism and as a result an incredibly successful country. Very little violent crime, poverty, lawlessness. Hard working and friendly natives and a very safe place to live.

    A place where Christianity is not a dirty word.

    In short a place where people are held accountable for their actions.

    This ‘Village’ is intent on not raising very many idiots’

    A terrific post Larry, I can’t wait for your offerings once Obamanation gets into full swing. There will be a glut of subject matter that’s for sure.

    Keep up the good work.

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