America’s Broad Astanding

“I believe with all of my heart that this is a new era for America”.. No truer words have ever been spoken by America’s rookie Secretary of State.

Already this “new era” has seen the liberal leader promise to bring “home” all of the misunderstood Middle East miscreants known to the rest of us as terrorists from the “hateful” confides of Guantanamo Bay, as their rooms at the Ritz await them. No more imaginary tales of flushed Korans and “cruel” waterboarding, the liberals just want all of their compatriots closer to their American targets so they can make a “level playing field” for their bet as to who can destroy America first, the liberals or the terrorists..

Rodham gave her little pep talk to the assembled underlings in order to underscore the “administration’s commitment to diplomacy”. The conservative interpretation of that is, “our willingness to have ‘peace in our time’..” With this “commitment” to “talk”, Obama should have chosen Oprah as his Secretary of State. After all, Oprah has as much experience as Rodham does. With all of this “talk show diplomacy” in the offing, we should simply sell off all of our military hardware and we will use the cash to buy some comfy couches, some glazed chintz for the walls and some wonderful votive candles for our new Secretary and her “ruminations and rap sessions” with Hamas and Al-Qaeda..

This is going to be a “new era of robust U.S. diplomacy (talk) to tackle the world’s crises and improve America’s standing abroad.” The Obama administration, like the Obama campaign, is and will be standing proof of the adage that “talk is cheap”. Can’t wait for the “hot air strikes” and the “syllabic sorties” of “Rodham’s Raiders”.

Why are we concerned now with “tackling the world’s crises”? Didn’t the liberals say that our “interventionist” policies were what made our country the target of terrorism? (We all know that that was and is tripe, but that is what the progressive pansies said..) Just how “interventionist” is Obama going to be? Since when did the liberals suddenly adopt the “we are the world’s policeman” philosophy? Never mind that Rodham is zaftig enough to play tackle, the liberals, who know what’s best for YOU, now know what’s best for the WORLD, whether they like it or not.. The real problem will end up being “America’s broad astanding..”

Rodham wants to “seize our opportunities” and she wants everyone to “think outside of the proverbial box”. This involves thinking outside of the pusillanimous Pandora’s Box of liberal appeasement, no small order for a gaggle of Democrats. “I want you to give me the best advice you can”.. Lets pick the best ending for that last sentence: “because I have absolutely no idea what I am doing” (otherwise known as the Obama administration mantra.) or “because if you don’t, you will all end up like Ron Brown or Vince Foster”..

Rodham unleashed a patented howler by saying, out loud no less, “I want you to understand there is nothing I welcome more than a good debate..” That is about as ridiculous as Rosie O’Donnell saying that she likes a “good man”, a “good book” or a “good diet”.. “A good debate”, unlike the ones she flubbed during the primary season.. “A good debate”, similar to the ones she has with Bill when he gets caught after embellishing the outfit of yet another female intern.

Rodham spoke of “the importance of defense, diplomacy and development- the three legs of the stool of American foreign policy”. The unfortunate thing is the Rodham State Department is responsible for two of those legs. In the spirit of collectivist share the wealth liberalism, at least one other liberal will be responsible for the demise of the nation’s defense.. When the softies starts talking about stools, Barney Frank usually ends up running into the room and turning all of them over so that all of the liberals have a place to sit..

When you have complete beginners running every element of the government, there becomes an internal desperation to assemble a supporting staff with something remotely resembling experience. With that in mind, Rodham has tapped Richard Holbrooke as a “special envoy” to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Holbrooke does have experience but it is the kind of experience that the pacifist liberals may not approve of.

Here is a quote from Holbrooke during his farewell press conference to the United Nations on January 11, 2001. “Iraq will be one of the major issues facing the incoming Bush administration.. Saddam Hussein’s activities continue to be unacceptable and, in my view, dangerous to the region and, indeed to the world, not only because he possesses the potential for weapons of mass destruction but because of the very nature of his regime. His willingness to be cruel internally is not unique in the world, but the combination of that and his willingness to export his problems makes him a clear and present danger at all times.”

If we dissect the “potential for weapons of mass destruction”, (nuclear versus the obvious biological weapons of mass destruction that he repeatedly used.) and the “cruel internally” (the libs just can’t bring themselves to consider mass graves anything other “cruel internally”, so that’s about as good as it gets..) and we remember how Rodham herself along with other liberal luminaries like Bill, Kerry and Edwards, to name but a few, all found Hussein to be conveniently scary when it came to useless saber rattling and pedantic posturing. These traits will undoubtedly be the hallmarks of the budding Obama diplomatic corps.

Also brought into the fold is the former majority leader George Mitchell who has been tasked with the responsibility of being the special envoy to the Middle East. Mitchell’s last full time job was that of Chairman of the Walt Disney company. There we see the application of direct experience as it seems that Mitchell has considerable experience in dealing with Mickey Mouse organizations, so he should fit right in..

Never one to temper her lunacy, Rodham conclude with “we are no longer going to tolerate the kind of divisiveness that has paralyzed and undermined out ability to get things done for America”. Considering that the liberals have actively and intentionally encouraged “the kind of divisiveness” that has separated the races and the genders for generations, this new “intolerance” is a refreshing “change”..

As the neophyte administration deals “with particularly vexing problems abroad”, I will bet that they will be dealing with the “problems” of a “particularly vexing broad” that they have for some unknown reason made the Secretary of State.





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  1. Family,

    Obama, Clinton, Clinton, Obama..

    They give you SO much material in such a short amount of time that it’s almost unfair..


  2. AS much as it pains me that we now have the most liberal president our nation has ever been cursed with; I can not help but laugh when I imagine what the Muslims in the Middle East are going to be saying about Hillary, “We didn’t take Condi Rice seriously, because she is a woman, but at least she made sense; this Clinton woman changes course so many times during a single speech that she must get dizzy. Does she even know if she is supposed to ride the camel or is the came l supposed to ride her?”

  3. Between Clinton retreads and dangerously inexperienced Cabinet members and other officials, The Oshama Regime is a sad, cruel joke. Change, my ass. I guess it’s a change to have an inexperienced, radical Marxist elected by affirmative-action to the highest office in the land. The Moonbats can keep their change. 2010 and 2012 should bring the change this country truly needs — Conservative leadership. Is the nightmare over yet???

    P.S. Hubby and I watched “An American Carol” last night and he became energised on the political front again. I am well pleased 🙂

  4. Larry, another home run! Right on the money!

    It will certainly be interesting to watch her gyrations and double-speak as she attempts to re-energize our “world-reputation” so the victims in Europe will like us again! What a farce!

    If it weren’t so bloody important, it would be laughable… it’s really hard to laugh when you’re terrified!


    I am just waiting for one Obama/Clintonesta supporter to say what was I thinking…

    danger will robinson danger

  6. “When you have complete beginners running every element of the government….” well that pretty much sums it up! And it doesn’t seem to matter what “we (the little) people” say. I’ve written to my Senator (I’ll have two again as soon as Hillary’s replacement is seated…woohooo!) and Congressman, about the destructive and unqualified choices being made by Obama, OBVIOULSY to no avail.
    As my hubby said last night as we were watching Glenn Beck…”We are so screwed”
    God help us all…

  7. If the consequences weren’t so tragic, this would all be a great joke. Oshama’s policies and Clinton’s ascent to Secretary of State will practically garantee another 9-11. Does an American city have to vanish under a mushroom cloud for the Left to get the hint that our enemies don’t want to talk to us, they want to kill us? Still, the American people voted for these clods, now its BOHICA time.

  8. …awhhh!
    Finally, I have been waiting since Tuesday to see what you had to say … I’m glad you survived that day! And that you made it through!
    Thanks for keeping me on the edge of my seat … through your writing! It’s a wild ride! And I love it!!!

  9. opps… typo:

    Rodham and Rosie O’Donnell would never
    say, they like a “good man”

    they each are interrested in:

    a “good woman”


  11. I grieve for the late great USA .. I really do. History shows us that when something becomes too big (government) it eventually dies from it’s won poisons. The USA is has now become a country governed by a clique of well meaning but deluded celebrities and the “useful idiots” who voted them in will discover too late that soundbites are not equivalent to substance… Perhaps in a few years we will read books called “the rise and fall of the US empire”. Hamas was VOTED in by the people of gaza who recently payed a price for their misplaced votes… Hitler was VOTED in by the german people who paid an awful price for their misplaced votes. Will the USA discover the danger of misplaced votes too …


    Thanks Larry for another excellent review of the bull shit we must put up with from this adminstration. I think we should change the voting age to 40
    so the brain washed students do not control our government

  13. A great critique on the clueless Clinton, Larry.

    I do believe you’re right about Obama having Oprah as Secrtary of State. At least she’d have Dr. Phil as an advisor.

    As the “stool of foreign policy” will no doubt be porcelain covered, I , because of Hillary’s ineffectual running of it, will either be losing my lunch or relieving myself on it in a show of my disdain as I watch the respect for our country go down the drain.

    In the liberals high ideals in closing Gitmo, it is worrisome to me if any of them take the time to (or can) read. An article in the N.Y. Times reported, “The emergence of a former Guantanomo Bay detainee as the deputy leader as Al Qaeda’s Yemini branch has underscored the potential compllications in carrying out the executive order President Obama signed Thursday that the detention center be closed down within the year.
    “The militant, Said Ali al-Shihri is suspected of involvement in a deadly bombing of the United States Embassy in Yemen’s capital, Sana, in September. He was released to Saudia Arabia in 2007, and passed through a Saudi rehablitation program for former jihadists before resurfacing with Al Qaeda in Yemen.
    “His status was announced in an Internet statement by the militant group and was confirmed by an American Anti-Terrorist official.”

    Once a terrorist always a terrorist? And President Obama wants to put these nice men in comfy American prisons or release them to other countries where they will become peaceful farmers or accountants. Now there’s change we can’t believe in!

  14. It would seem that ol’ Billy Bob Clinton has gotten to the ears of Obama. I saw news on the internet that Obama is going to freeze the wages of the White House aides. Now that ought to drop them to their knees!

    Although I don’t remember any discussion about wages during the Monica investigation…

  15. Margaret in CT

    The Obama administration seems determined to turn this into the land of opportunity for a Republicam comeback. To wit, in the past few days:

    An announcement that the terrorists will be moved to more confortable quarters, will be treated with respect, and will be accorded all the benefits of our judicial system that are available to U.S. citizens.

    A Secretary of State, as so beautifully described by Larry, whose first act is to yell, “HELLLLLP!!! I don’t know what to do.”

    A tax-dodging Secretary of the Treasury who actually thinks we will believe him when he says that his whole problem is that he can’t master TurboTax.

    A visit to the White House press corps that was intended as a “thanks for getting me elected” but turned into a snarlfest as soon as the Peerless Leader was discomfited by a question. Oooooo Obama, that stare is really SCARY.

    Just today, Obama has reversed Bush’s prohibition against giving public funds to international groups that perform or fund abortions. This is just one of many 180-degree turnarounds in his supposed “policy” that we will see in the coming months.

    I can’t wait to see what flip-flops he serves up next week. In the meantime, I note that the Real Clear Politics Poll on shows 14.8% of those polled with an unfavorable opinion of Obama. Fine. I’m content to be a 14 percenter.

    Fox News also reported that 100 tons of garbage was cleaned up after the inauguration. Too bad most of it ended up in the White House and cabinet!

  16. Larry:
    I’d like to add my little suggestion to bring world peace through negotiations. Votive candles, as you suggested, would be good but Deepak Chopra has a line of candles that give off AROMATHERAPY. Too bad these weren’t around when Chamberlain met with Hitler in Berthegarden. Think of the 40 million people that died unnecessarily because these had not yet been invented. Hitler would have been so much more sensible and rational.

    Oh and by the way, since Rodham is now Sec’y of State, did you mean to title this article as
    BROAD ASStanding?

  17. Obama to release 250 terrorist….

    ” LET MY PEOPLE GO! ” Right Obama?

  18. “broad ass standing …lol ” – my immediate thought when rodham entered the arena was “someone put a saddle on that ! “

  19. The Hill is ready for a good debate ( a regulated discussion between our foe’s, as in hostile ) this wo-man could not find the ass of the Donk party that she so deserves.
    Huck/Palin 2012

  20. beyond disgusted

    Yet another great one, Larry. This nonsense would be really funny if the implications weren’t so frightening! Have to wonder if the libs (or as they now like to be called – progressives) are born brain dead, or is it an acquired deficiency?

    Amy D – As much as I’d like to think conservatives can make a comeback in ’10 & ’12, I keep thinking about FDR. His economic policies extended the depression by atleast 7 years, and stupid Americans re-elected him 3 times! Obama is going down the same road, this time on steroids. And today we have even more stupid Americans, cemetery voters, and cartoon characters than we had back then. Doesn’t look good.

  21. I would love to send every single one of the supporters of the anti-Guantánamo’s in Congress, every celebrity and yes President Nitwit to spend a week at an al-Qaeda reunion or the Taliban to see if they are treated to the luxuries that they would like to give these known terrorist. We’d see how much they’d like their heads back after one day.

    I think this is more about the fear and terror that these militant hater’s potentials are toward the human race and if the no-Gitmo crowd shows “mercy” and “forgiveness” these militants will to them. That’s why they are so happy and open to denounce religion, freedom and the USA because these are some of the things al-Qaeda hates the most. Maybe just maybe their speeches reach the al-Qaeda leaders and mercy will be shown upon them. Al-Qaeda are like the Nazi in every respect, probably worse, the hate only grows until its overtaken every pore and brain cell and there is no forgiveness or mercy, especially after murdering so many, their thirst only grows stronger they desire for more killings.

    So, maybe if they stop trying to change our written history and actually read what really happened they would understand what an enormous mistake they just made?

    The question to Obama and the other imbeciles would be would you let your children run and play with these killers? They generally response would be NO. My respond would be, they why would you force others children too? These man should never be placed back in the public again, we should introduce them to Charles Manson and let little Charlie have a go at them. Let him carve symbols into their foreheads.

    The results will most likely devastate the World, the same liberal morons who are the crying chorus to release them; will more likely cry in unison why did we let them out.

    As for waterbroading, I think every kid growing up has had a “friend” take the garden hose and try to flush you brains out through your nose. I know it’s happened to me, especially once most of the kids in the neighborhood ended up with a pool. It’s a little scary at first but I quickly learned to force the water out by blowing hard through my nose, it wasn’t so scary and generally pissed off my tormentor thinking I just blew all my snot all over them. I’m sure that Saddam Hussein or his son’s victims wish they were treated to water boarding over the loss of an arm or leg; or the branding of a symbol on ones arms like a number from the deli counter all life long reminders of the horrors that were endured. What’s the life long horror of poring water up ones nose? Clean sinuses? Isn’t Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid due a new nose job?

  22. ROBIN'S DAD (RD)

    This past week I watched an interview of Chuck Shumer. He said something to the tune of “Reagan wanted smaller, almost microscopic government. We have proved how WRONG that is.” or words to that effect. How do these people keep their jobs??

  23. We talked and talked for 18 months and 8 days before we finally went into Iraq and earnestly set out in other ways (cell eliminations) to keep terrorist on the move and disrupted.

    I guess we could have done what the U.N. had done, sent a 15th ‘You Shall …… ‘ and then waited for the next wave to hit us.

    Unfortunately, the next time we’re hit won’t be by a mere couple of planes, but I think the other side is now going to be educated, who can say.

  24. RID: I had heard that government payroll is now either approaching closely or passed that of industrial payroll.

    If you find anything on this, please post.

  25. Danno,
    I think you will find this interesting.


  27. Hi Family,

    Although I haven’t posted for some time, I have been keeping up with whats going on. Larry….great job as always…as for the rest of the family…love your posts. Wind, Eileen, Stitch, Amy….great stuff.
    I have a plan in the works, and willl soon post it. In the mean time, while I am taking very good care of my precious metals, ie, Brass, steel,lead, I will be working on the details. (Cleaning guns and bullets gives me time to think) Keep up the great work family, and you will be hearing from me soon.

  28. Talk is cheap, War is the answer.
    The lib’s don’t understand that most countries respect the use of force when it is justified. When you just talk it shows weakness and they know you will give them what they want just to avoid a fight. They may not get what they want all at once, but slowly in small bites. Like the camels nose under the tent, it starts with just the nose but soon you end up with the whole camel in the tent.

  29. Hey Kids,

    A typically sniffish liberal twit or twit-ette sent a message about the spelling of ONE WORD in this article.

    Said liberal was all aflutter over the “d” as opposed to the “n”. (“confides” should have been spelled confines. This is always big stuff to the liberals..)

    The Spam detector here at WordPress put this “comment” into the junk file which automatically empties itself every 72 hours. I found the “comment” in my email box but I chose not to “cut and paste” the “message”, the bulk of which was the typical liberal lesson that was nothing more than a “cut and paste” from the on line dictionary..

    Liberal ( was aghast over the “use” of “confides” as opposed to “confines”..the horror..

    This is not the first time that the liberals have pointed out nothing more than ONE LETTER being out of place..

    Never any mention of the liberals and what they are properly accused of, just another diversion from the reality of the issues at hand.

    This is the best that they have. The other 8,000 or more letters, the 1,289 words and their meanings are nowhere near as important as the “one letter” out of place..

    I am appreciative of being notified by perry marcella (perry marcella?) of the one letter being out of place, it reinforces the fact that I am human, unlike the liberal automatons. Perfection is only to be attained by the liberal left who may spell every word correctly but haven’t the comprehensive powers to consider the meaning of the words that they use or read.(Never mind that this was a spelling issue, not a useage one as the liberal incorrectly pointed out so humorlessly, but their errors are not to be discussed because they do not make them.) (This as well was the same issue another sniffish liberal incorrectly brought to light in an article from two months back, they know not the difference between spelling and useage..words have no meaning to the collectivists.)

    The gals of the left all remind me of the Oscar Wilde quote: “they know the price of everything but the value of nothing.”

    Anyway, thanks “Dude” or “Dude-ette”. The final line of the missive read, “What a joke this place is..”

    This isn’t a “place”, it is a “site”..

    Was that a mistake? At least “place” was spelled correctly..

    Ah, they never let you down.

  30. Its not “war” itself but who is in the White House when it starts that matters to the liberals.

    Clinton sent the US military into more actions than any president in US history.
    Liberal media’s comment: zip.

    Liberals whined, cried, stomped their feet, engaged in property destruction and physical violence all in the name of removing our troops from combat (ie, in the name of Peace!).
    However, when 6000 sailors where enroute to their home port, and their president flew out to meet them, these sailors posted a sign to let their president know they accomplished their mission: “Mission Accomplished”.
    Of course the liberal assholes all screamed “it ain’t over! mission aint accomplished!!”.
    They wanted that aircraft carrier to turn around and head back to Iraq because they say that the mission was not complete. So much for “bring the troops home” bullshit.
    They wanted to patrol the streets of Bahgdad with F-18 fighters!!
    And, they showed that they really didnt want the troops to come home.
    They just need a reason, any reason, to protest a Republican president.

    Next time a liberal says these men and women did not accomplish their mission, you have my permission to knock them on their fat, smelly, liberal asses.
    The hypocrisy of what they want is undeniable.

    Prepare for the next war. It will be right here on our own soil.
    Oblama is releasing the terrorists from Gitmo (imagine having captured Hitler during WWII only to have this idiot release him WHILE the war was still going on.
    This IDIOT (Obama, just in case you need clarification) then expects to be able to negotiate with Hitler to stop the war.
    This idiot is releasing them, then allowing them to roam freely within our borders, able to get drivers licenses, and freely prepare for their own defense in court.
    Right. That’s what they’ll be doing….preparing for their defense in court… right!
    They will be preparing their next attack on unprepared Americans.
    Don’t let yourselves get bottled up in shopping malls, sporting events, or airlines. You’ll be sitting ducks.

    If the Republicans weren’t speaking the proper kiss-ass language to the Muslims, then what the hell was Clinton doing for 8 years??
    8 years of Billy-boy is what set the stage for 9-11.
    And now his “wife” is Sec of State?? What the hell is she going to say that’s any different than what they said back in 1992-2000 that led up to the 9/11 attacks????

    Isn’t it about time for that nasty cunt to come out of the closet anyway?
    Aren’t you expecting any day now for her to be on camera and just off-the-cuff mention her “partner”?? Probably some other old hag…like…Madeline Albright.

    I’m trying to see Obama’s point of view, but I just can’t get my head that far up my ASS!


  31. Great stuff like always, Stitch. So, some pansy was upset about one letter being out of place? What about tax dollars paying for “abortion counseling”? What about closing GITMO and bringing the terrorists onto their paydirt? If they are so harmless, lets put them in the Lincoln bedroom or in the room next to Obama’s mother in law in the White House.

  32. kid

    Liberals have their twisted notions.
    They consider Bush to be an idiot.
    Bush was a fighter pilot.
    Have any of YOU ever tried to be a fighter pilot.
    I remember applying to the Air Force Academy back in high school.
    Needless to say, they were not interested in my sorry ass.
    And, just to let you all know, my univerity CPA: 3.712.
    BS in Computer Science.
    Not bad for someone who did NOT make the Air Force Academy.

    Let’s have a math contest between Bush and Clinton:

    What is 2 + 2?

    There is an answer there that is right for all Americans. And we will work together to find a solution that is the right answer for each and every one of us.

    Acceptional answer Mr/Mrs Clinton.

    Same question to you Bush: what is 2 + 2?


    You arogant son-of-a-bitch!!
    What about all the other Americans that have a differnt opinion!?!?
    Apparently if they don’t conform to your one-sided view of the world, they’re just wrong!
    Is that what you’re saying, Bushie!?!?

    Fuck you.

    (ok, I ad-libbed that last comment).


    PS – I should copy/paste some work from an ultra-liberal college student that voted (probably 2 or 3 times) for Oblamie. This idiot bitch GRADUATED and she can’t spell to save her life!
    Her degree??: Liberal Studies!!! ROTFLMFAO !!!
    Of course, she will be one of those working at Taco Bell bitching that a “college student” can’t get a decent job!!
    To which I say, “to each their own station in life”.

    PSS: Liberals make fun of the way Bush/Texans say “Nuclear”….just ax them.
    Oh, I’m sorry, did I just offend black people by saying “ax”??
    Bite me!

    S T I T C H ! ! !

  33. Change is coming.
    The difference will be as clear as “black and white”.

    Sorry folks, but I’m on a roll today.
    Just call me butter.

    New slogan: Change……BACK!

    I’ve changed my mind about change.
    Apparently square tires on my car don’t work very well.

    Obama thinks he’s going to get inner-city blacks to “volunteer”.
    We can’t even get them off their asses for CASH!


  34. Might as well get the popcorn – this “movie” will be pretty long – like, 4 years at least!! And we’ll get to see our little nancy boy grow up right before our eyes. ‘Course, he’ll fall down a lot and maybe even cry, but in 4 years at least he’ll be ready for kindergarden!! W is beginning to look like one of the Wise Men and a great sage, to boot!

  35. I may not have agreed with everything George W. wanted ( like amnesty for the illegals), but at least he knew that the terrorists only understood one language- the language of brute force. These Dense-o-crats think the terrorists will play nice now that one of their own is in the Oval Office. It is just too bad that the liberals either can’t or won’t accept the fact that these Islamo-fascists just want to see the U.S. and Israel totally destroyed.

  36. Why hasn’t a SINGLE Harvard classmate or professor of Obama’s EVER spoken a single word about this jokers “college days” (pro or con)?

    Well, with 50,000 trial lawyers threatening to SUE them, you figure it out…


  37. Shall we start a “baby pool”?
    Normally, in a baby pool we guess what day, time, weight, etc that a baby will be born.

    But, things have “changed”, so now we’ll have a “dead pool”.
    Guess the date, time, place, number of victims, and type of weapon, for the next (first one in almost 8 years) terrorist attack on Americans on our own soil.
    $1 per guess.
    Winner takes all.

    I’m taking bets that ALL of the victims in the next terrorist attack will be WHITE.

    Since this worked so well the last time, and the Muslims learned a few things, my guess will be another hijacked jet. So,
    Date: March 20, 2010 (date we attacked Iraq)
    Time: 10am (most people will be at their desks)
    Place: Sears Tower, Chicago
    Toll: 12,000 dead
    Weapon: jet airliner

    Johnny O –
    what makes you think they’re NOT already staying in the Lincoln bedroom??


  38. Listen to us, we’re talking like loony left is stupid or something.
    “It the trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just the fact that they know so much that isn’t so.” ~ Ronald Reagan

    It seems as though Captain Obama, in his rush to save the day, (for terrorists) reached into to the Oval Office desk drawer for his Presidential pen then slammed his balls in it. This would explain the furrowed brow and squinty eyes as he signed the executive order. But Captain O may have gotten his cape caught in the door as well. It seems the nations who have been so outspokenly railing against Gitmo are now finding “sick aunts” to tend to when called upon to take in any of these nice good ol’ boy terrorists. What’s an in-experienced Super Messiah boy to do?

    Even the Armed Forces Manuel for Interrogation is considered to ‘harsh and rushing’ by liberal standards. Obviously prisoners of war are to have Laz-E-Boys, Mai Tais complete with the little umbrellas and interrogation by appointment only.

    And out of the 1 million boo boobs in attendance for the Inauguration, it has been figured that less than 10% can actually spell inauguration and only 5 missed work. Go figure.


    I agree with you whole heartedly. Our next attack from terrorists (and it won’t be that far off) will not come from planes crashing into buildings. There will be a well orchrestrated number of bombings across the U.S. in large cities at prime targets, train, bus, plane, subway, etc., at the peak populated times.
    These people need not be suicide bombers either. Just think of the number of places you can valet park your car (filled with explosives) and just walk away, triggering later with your cell phone.
    And now we have Captain O, in the name of humanitarianism (and lack of common sense) turning these sheet heads loose to help facilitate this gloomy outlook on America.

  39. Windrider
    Nice quote from Big Ronnie.

    “less than 10% can actually spell inauguration and only 5 missed work.” – now that’s funny!…and true!

    Imagine terrorist taking control of all the exits to a shopping mall, then sending in death squads. They can keep the police at bay for hours until they’ve exterminated every American inside.
    They can do the same at stadiums, high-rise office buildings, schools, rush-hour traffic jams, etc, etc.
    And this IDIOT is giving them EVERY opportunity to do just that.

    Lock and load- the fight is upon us.


  40. George:

    “… and gun sales will skyrocket.”

    Check out your local gun store, my friend… they already have!

    Frankie: We are all waiting patiently for your idea… but pease hurry before the fairness police get here and shut us down… You know ObieMan is already telling us we shouldn’t be listening to Rush because he is the voice of obstructionism!

    Larry: I finally had some free time this morning and decided to waste it on the comments at a few other sites that encourage responses to their editorials. HOLY COW!!!!! I really thought the libs would be a little less vitriolic when Obie Man took over. It is worse! I was afraid to post for rea someone would look me up and send a pipe-bomb to my house! I’ve rarely heard that kind of language outside of a bar full of drunks!

  41. Oops!! that sould have been :…for fear someone would…”

    and I really am not sure I spelled obstructionism right… sorry!

  42. T,

    Don’t ever put yourself in harms way with the looine lefties on behalf of noleftturnz.

    Cyber cowards might try to find you, not in person but through tha magic of the internet.

    One tried to make smart over ONE LETTER out of place as mentioned in my comment above.

    That’s all they have and that is when you know that they have no argument to make.

  43. hey, back to the intent of this article…

    Makes you wonder what all the leaders in the rest of the world think.
    You know, that they know, that Hillary is a proven liar.
    “dodging sniper fire” ??
    “35 years of experience” ??
    “didn’t know Billy was getting hummers from a 19 year old in the next room” ??

    Can the Prime Minister of Japan take her at her word?
    Of course other liars, like Syria, will.

    Makes me wonder what Billy boy will be up to.
    As long as they are in the limelight, he can’t get away with any hanky-panky.
    EVERYONE is videoing every single teenage girl that comes near him.
    And you know Hillary is clamped down tighter than a lesbian at Boys Town.
    Makes me wonder where his “happy place” is.
    …Billy, k-y jelly, and a good magazine….
    Bill “the spankster” Clinton.


  44. I also decided that I would only look like another ‘potty mouth’ idiot, because that is what I wanted to repy with, so I’m glad I didn’t.

    You are so right… it becomes really obvious why so many of them can’t answer simple questions about why they voted for this guy… they can’t support their vote because they really don’t know what he stands for. They can’t support their liberal position because they have no idea what it means.

  45. In 1998, the “mound” Hillary (I afford her that designation as she’d not yet spread to into the full roly-poly “Hill” we know today) said of her hubby, “Bill is the greatest and husband and father I know. No one is more faithful, true and honest than he.”

    An in-experienced, lying, Spand-Exed Secretary of State starts telling imaginary tales like this in our relations to other nations who could care less about our democratic system should be interesting.
    They best have side-arms on the chairs to keep from falling out and a good supply of ‘Depends’ so the pee-ing down both legs won’t show because of their uncontrollable laughter.


    Imagine our government being aware of the very real possibilities of this terrorist offensive happening soon. Yet, they will not inform the general public because they do not want to “scare” us. Our prevention against terrorism has been re-active instead of pro-active. In other nations your luggage is checked outside of the airport. They no longer worry about shoes or baby bottles…we are so far behind. As I said we are re-active, we sit on our duffs until something happens and then run around in circles. Anything done by the citizen that would help stem the possible attack would be just to much to ask, “it’s not my fault” or “blame somebody else” generational idiocy that has no value of or in their country.

  46. I’m always excited when I see a new post from NLTRZ. Larry is my hero, and all the repondents are like friends. I have a confession to make – I am extrememly hard of hearing so I avoid crowds like crazy because I’m like a carbunkle on your butt, so I read all your comments and feel like I am in a coversation with all of you.

    JR Not of Dallas. I laughed when I read your BS statement because it reminded me of a joke sent to my inbox last week. I’ll try and rmember… It seems someone was always swearing and was trying to cut back, so he was saying BS instead of the full word. Then with this new Congress he had a great idea. Instead of BS, substitute the word “Pelosi”. If we do this for a couple of years, it might make it into the dictionary (look up BS). I have used it several times since reading this joke and I get immense pleasure out of it.

    TODD – I followed your link. Thank you so much! I learn a lot from all of you. And PAPA BEAR, the pen is not mightier than the sword if they know you will only use a pen.

    God bless us all and keep writing the truth Larry. Your audience is growing.

  47. Strict,
    Thank you for taking the time to follow that link. It is always nice to be appreciated.

  48. Strict

    That’s just a bunch of Pelosi!

    I know….as conservatives we tend to not be so vulgar in our vocabularies, especially in a public forum such as this.
    However, I am so damned pissed at what happened that I think we need to let these assholes have it with both barrels.
    For those who choose to “monitor” their words, I support that.
    However, some of us will step out front and take this fight right into the enemies face.

    The government DOES know the terrorists are coming. Obama and company WANT it to happen. They want us to live in fear and believe we are weak and have no choice but to capitulate to the terrorist demands.
    Remember, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Carter, Obama, et al, all believe America is too strong, too rich, too safe, and too free.
    They want us to be just another nation of the world.
    Yet, whenever the shit is hitting the fan, we’re the ones, the ONLY ones, asked to write the check.

    Pelosi: bullshit
    Barney “Butt Fuck” Frank: fag
    Obama: liar
    Clinton(1): sexual deviate, child molester
    Clinton(2): liar, liar in pantsuit


  49. Margaret in CT

    So the left has added proofreading to its many talents. They’re so gifted, what with Tina Fey and Al Franken on their side. God, save me! I don’t care whether your words are spelled inside out and upside down. Just keep them coming, Larry. It amazes me how bankrupt the libs continue to be.

    This president and his Marxist supporters don’t seem to get it at all: THIS WAR ISN’T OURS TO END! WE DIDN’T START IT! Do they really think we would have expended the precious lives of our sons and daughters in gutter countries like Iraq and Afganistan of our owh volition? The relentless conflict in Israel/Gaza isn’t the Israeli’s to end. We (and the Israelis) are ready to live in peace at any time, but as long as Wahabism, Hamas, Hezbollah, and al-Quaida are around, we must continue the fight against their mindless, murderous desire to wipe us off the face of the earth, just because we won’t subscribe their “religion” and give them back “their” land.

    There is no question that this president has exponentially increased the danger we were in before he became president. Why have the Republicans laid down the sword and why do they seek to appease these jackasses?

  50. Strict,

    God love you, but I am anything but a hero. Glad to have you in the family.


    I echo Strict’s sentiments. I have an incredible group of fellow contributors who make this site better. Count yourself among them.


    You crack me up, kid..


    I’ve been working on my spelling..

    Marxist…sorry I was trying to spell liberal.

    Socialist..again, trying for liberal.

    collectivist..oops.. sorry, but this isn’t working so well..

    I’ll try again later..

  51. Margaret in CT

    Works perfectly for me!

  52. Thanks Larry. I believe your synonyms for “liberal” would just confuse the looney left, but I love the way your mind works.
    I am also amazed by how the libs can worry so much about the spelling of single word when they can’t grasp the principles of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

  53. Thanks for an excellent review!
    Sadly, Obama is releasing evil and dangerous terrorist in the world and helping to fund the slaughtering of innocent babies throughout the world…
    Isn’t it a wonderful world with Obama??
    God help us.
    I’ll keep praying for another ‘change.’

  54. While liberals blame Bush for the war, they fail to remember that it was Clinton that armed Afghanistan while in office when they were at war with Russia. So the arguement can be made that the Taliban and 9/11 can totally be blamed on him, not Bush.

  55. Redvoice,

    Great site! I left you a comment but it showed up as “anonymous”.. Keep up the good work!


  56. Thanks, I truly enjoy your site too & hearing (reading) your “voice.”

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