The Path Towards Disappointment

These first few moments of the budding Obama administration have been quite hectic to say the least. They have already begun to make America less secure by closing Guantanamo Bay. All of its manacled malcontents will be given freshly flushed Korans autographed by the liberal of their choice (My bet is they will want America’s Hussein to sign..) and a Fannie Mae home loan for a comfy condo close to their next infidel laden target, all courtesy of the American taxpayer.

As a security sidebar, the Iraqi government is reopening Abu Ghraib proving decisively that one government is moving backwards while another is moving forward towards being secure.. They are renaming the facility “Baghdad’s Central Prison” because its old name leaves a “bitter feeling inside hearts”. In the similar spirit of healing, the “collectivist caliphate” was renamed the “Obama administration” here in America..

They have been ever so busy as well twisting arms as they are desperately trying to drum up support for their one trillion-dollar “progressive payoff” that is being passed off as a “bail out” for the country, all being done without the least amount of accountability. Billions for the public schools, alternative fuels, contraceptives and energy efficient government buildings and billions given to the same thieves to continue their confidence games. It is a veritable Swiss watch..

Their activities also extended to the overturning of a ban on state funding for “family planning” groups that perform abortions overseas and this was on their third day in power. Archbishop Rino Fisichella identified the move as “arrogance”. He is absolutely right and I’ll bet that the Archbishop has never met Obama. Unless he gives sermons critical of the United States and democracy, then I would guess that Obama would have had a front row seat for twenty years or so..

Obama has overturned the “global gag rule” which effectively ended United States funding to overseas “family planning” “clinics” which provide any abortion “services” at all. It’s bad enough that the United States participates in this liberal barbarity but for the taxpayers to fund this pogrom “overseas” is an abomination, or an Obama-nation, which ever you prefer..

To dismantle the façade of the rubber apron and ice tong crowd is absolutely necessary. Let’s tackle and set fire to one of the left’s most popular straw men relative to their enthusiastic infanticide.

“Family Planning”. They aren’t brave enough to call them abattoirs, so they have created the verbally whimsical “family planning center” moniker. To call their abortion mills a “family planning center” is as imbecilic as calling AIDS a “great weight loss program.”

The Archbishop said, “What is important to know is how to listen..without locking oneself into ideological visions with the arrogance of a person who, having the power, thinks they can decide on life and death.” The Archbishop seems to have absolutely no working knowledge of how the liberal sub species functions because this is exactly how they operate. Obama is the lord and ruler of the world, (just ask the Germans) he is America’s answer to Longshanks, and he is now telling anyone “overseas” that they too are under his command. Surely the Europeans won’t be docile as they recognize the similarities to the last time that they were confronted by a megalomaniacal tyrant endorsing and implementing genocide with his jack booted sycophants and his brown shirt buddies in tow..

The Archbishop continued, “If this is one of the first acts of President Obama, it seems that the path towards disappointment will be very short.” “D” doesn’t stand for Democrat, Archbishop, it stands for “Disappointment” and it has for the last fifty years or so. The “path to disappointment” began on November 5th and it WAS very short..

“I do not believe that those who voted for him took into consideration ethical themes, which were astutely left aside during the election debate.” Sir, allow me to assist you.. Those who “voted for him” aren’t all that “ethical” themselves. The vast majority unethically demands that the government (the taxpayers) provide them with everything, essentially allowing them to be enslaved. Expecting deep thought from these minions is unproductive at best. The Archbishop it seems, did listen to the election banter because nowhere within the mantras of “hope and change” did anyone hear anything specific, ethical or otherwise..

More than 250 health and human rights organizations thanked Obama for, “ending a policy which has contributed to the deaths and injuries of countless women and girls..” “Countless”? What, ten? Twelve? If this were the 1700’s and we were still curing cancer with leeches, such a childish claim may have medicinal merit but the fact is that the abortions “performed” since 1973 have “contributed to the deaths” of probably twenty five million women in the form of fetuses. Isn’t it funny that they call themselves “Human Rights Organizations” when they demand to end the lives of those in the womb but they wail and moan when the terrorists are questioned? They will boohoo for days if a wayward whale or two ends up on the beach in California but if Zoe doesn’t want to miss swim suit season because of her tryst with the football team, it is time to grab the saline injections..

In the years since Roe v.Wade has been “law”, it is estimated that anywhere from forty to fifty million abortions have been completed, or forty to fifty millions lives have been extinguished. The obvious statistical and ethical comparisons between the liberals and the Nazis aside, if the liberals were as intelligent as they insist that they are, they would understand that they have missed out on a golden opportunity..

Let’s suppose that only ten million abortions/murders had been carried out in the warm spirit of Eugenics since 1973. There are two ways that the Marxists should have looked at this. They would have had either ten million more working Americans that they could have exorbitantly taxed into oblivion to assist them with their redistributionist racket or they would have had ten million more mendicants who would have had to turn to their Bolshevik babysitters for their sustenance. If the mendacious Mengeles had any foresight, America’s Auschwitz might have been aborted well before it went to court..

An incident from a few nights back will reinforce what the Archbishop already knows to be true. While at a meeting to “discuss” (Remember Rodham: “there is nothing I welcome more than a good debate..”, so much for the “bipartisan Obama” campaign clap trap, “discuss” in liberal means “agree with me”..) the “bail out” plan, the egomaniacal Barack Abraham Hussein Kennedy Obama said to the members of the Republican party who had the audacity to question the assembled liberals penchant for unbridled spending and where that spending is allegedly going, “I won”..

That is right, you won.. The nation and now the world has lost..


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  1. Family,

    As witnessed by the latest “Thought of the day”, todays liberal administration has created a tremendous surplus of topical material.

    This was written yesterday morning and I wanted to put a little room between the articles for commentary form all of you, but with the left and their propensity towards “Athlete’s Tongue”, well, “the hits just keep coming”!

    Never give in, never forget and never give up.


  2. Great article as usual…..

    I can’t wait for our “beloved” ( read: loose cannon) Veep to get on a roll. Talk about “Athlete’s Tongue”.

    Apply local pressure and tee up substantive candidates in 2010.

    Just my opinion…..

  3. Thanks for another FRONT ROW seat at that fast moving MIND of yours! You keep me on the edge of my seat …

  4. Excellent as always – never thought I would find an author I enjoy more than Ann Coulter but you amaze me with your insight as to the left’s true agenda. Unfortunately you’re going to have no shortage of material for some time. I see almost nothing from the R’s to indicate they “get it” or are willing to do battle to save our country or the people in it that are both living and yet to be born.

  5. Lonely Man and Cheryl,

    Thanks for always being there.


    Thank you for your kind words.
    I too had your thought this morning as I put “Surplus or Deficit” on the “Thought Of The Day” site..

    It is sad that we can’t count on the “R’s” to stand up far..

    I suppose that’s why I believe that the “C” or the “L” is more important than the “D” or the “R”..

    Thanks as always,


  6. BHO told the Republicans ‘I won.’ If that isn’t as arrogant and bold as brass statement, I don’t know what is. One must remember, liberals are sore winners as well as sore losers. If they were football players they would have been slapped with a fifteen yard penalty for excessive celebration and taunting. BHO won because he bamboozled the brain-dead electorate into voting for him. They were too brainwashed to understand that they handed the fate of their nation and the unborn to a Congress whose approval ratings were one-third of Bush 43’s. The blood of untold innocents cn and will be laid at the doors of those Obamazombies.

    Ye 52%, ye suckers.

  7. G.,

    I think that a large number of the Obamazombies are unconcerned with everything that you mentioned.

    They believe that their car notes, their gas bills, their rent and every other necessity will be covered by the liberals.

    The liberals love to claim that they are “sensitive” and “compassionate” but what is “compassionate” about the overwhelming cases of abortion?

    Fetuses that somehow make it term are then to be classified as “experimental”.

    Then its time for two mommies or two daddies or one mommy to “experiment” with their “property”.

    They truly are close to inhuman.

    If only THEIR mothers had give the liberal pogrom a try..


  8. Another great read, Thank You Larry, with the looney leftist in chargr it looks like you will be busy for quite a while.


    Thanks Larry for keeping us up to date on this cruel adminstration.

    I believe it was after my seventh
    child I fielded a question about what were we doing having so many children
    MY response was PLANNED PARENTHOOD
    All seven has grown and contributed to this great society we use to have befoie 11/05/08
    It is scary and I wonder how we will
    survive all these shanigans



  10. “They will boohoo for days if a wayward whale or two ends up on the beach in California but if Zoe doesn’t want to miss swim suit season because of her tryst with the football team, it is time to grab the saline injections..”
    Lol…brilliant…you hit the nail right on the head Larry, lets face it abortion has become just another form of contraception for the vast majority of abortion seekers. Listening to these vile people try and justify partial birth abortions is even more nauseating. The real question is where is any outrage at all. The American public rolled over on the bank/economic bailout already. Has anyone heard of anyone being thrown out of office,or being fired, or being arrested? Not a one. The government controlling the bailout is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse and wondering why all the chickens are dead. What WILL it take for anyone to wake up?

  11. Papa Bear,

    Thanks and they will be keeping us all busy..


    Thanks for the TRUE definition “Planned Parenthood”..


    The lesft is but one step away from becoming the “Soylent Green” party.

    Lets get to work.

    Thanks as always,


  12. Excellent summary ….
    “To call their abortion mills a ‘family planning center’ is as imbecilic as calling AIDS a ‘great weight loss program.’ “


    tsnamm Fox in the hen house
    For years I prepared personal income taxes for clients
    I’d tell them if they think the IRS
    could help them it would be like the mouse going to the cat for cheese

  14. blue state blues- RWG

    “Family Planning”. They aren’t brave enough to call them abattoirs, so they have created the verbally whimsical “family planning center” moniker. To call their abortion mills a “family planning center” is as imbecilic as calling AIDS a “great weight loss program.”

    BRILLIANT! What a great analogy! Great article! Keep em commin.

  15. blue state blues- RWG

    “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on the objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” –James Madison (From the Patriot Post)

    “A wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him.” –Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)

    I guess these guys new Obama was coming!

  16. Margaret in CT

    You are so right, Larry. This “messiah,” this proponent of hope, is now revealing himself to be the angel of death. Anyone who doesn’t fit into the Marxist utopian picture becomes dispensable (for example, Sarah Palin’s infant son). Sarah chose to set aside “family planning” in favor of giving her son life. What sort of twisted society views her as irresponsible, while praising the young woman who goes out on a weekend, sleeps with whoever is available, and scoops the results into the dumpster behind the abortionist’s “clinic” a few weeks later? I’m certain that in the eyes of these social engineers, family planning includes disposing of the old and infirm and anyone else who inconveniences them.

  17. Joan Davenport

    With Nancy Pelosi’s latest comment re: family planning, AKA abortions as a means to place fewer demands on the economy ( a baby is a burden), one has to wonder how long it will be before the libs decide that old people with medical problems need to be “removed” from society thru euthanasia since they too will be a burden on the economy/society. Think this is farfetched? I wouldn’t put anything past this gang. GOD HELP US ALL.

  18. Larry,

    Some additional information: Although accurate statistics are next to impossible to compile, thanks to Liberal ofuscating, manipulating, omission, and downright lying, abortion has claimed the lives of many of the mothers of the murdered babies. The sick irony is that the very “clinics” that were meant to replace the Liberal fairy tale of the back alley abortion cause as much, if not more damage than a “back alley” abortion. The truth about the abortion industry is that most practitioners/butchers are the rejected of the medical community. These are the ones who barely passed medical school and/or had their license suspended/revoked in one field or another and abortion was their only alternative to a career change. Most doctors do not set out on their career path wanting to be abortionists. It’s the field of last resort. There are more regulations on a vet clinic than there are on an abortion clinic. Abortion advocates are so regulation-averse, that it is the only branch of medicine that is not regulated. Plastic surgery has more regulation than abortion (and I don’t think by much). I have not had an abortion, but I have had a D&C (same procedure used in an abortion), and I can tell you that it’s no joke. I was not released from the hospital until my blood pressure was normal. It took a while. I have read stories of women getting that done in an abortion mill without anesthesia. Or the woman dies because the “doctor” overdoes her anesthesia. I could go on and on. I am currently reading an abortion expose called “Lime 5” by Mark Crutcher. It is a bit dated, but I am sure that things have not changed a whole lot.

  19. I am so please that I found this sit. Not only are the articles excellent, but the comments are right on with no swear words. I often feel that I would like to comment to a comment, and as I read more I think “YES” they are all excellent. I was a clinical laboratory director for 44 years, so I have seen more than my share of the results of botched abortion, but I have also seen the results mentally on women that regreted their action. There will be no positive action on abortion until the morals of the nation is brought back from the extream left. Thanks for the great site, articles, and reponses.

  20. Blue states, Margaret, Alex,

    Points all well taken. We must be diligent.

    Sister Amy, outstanding, hows your ankle? Better?

    Graywolf, We are more than glad to have you. With 44 years of experience, your comments hold more weight than mine ever will.

    Thanks as always to all,


  21. Don’t know how i missed this earlier, but amazing job!!!

  22. Alabama Redneck

    Been away for a couple of weeks and it took some time to catch up on all your latest. Also all the comments from the regulars. Good to see so many new additions to the comments. I especially like the line – the left being one step away from being the Soylent Green Party.
    Had to chuckle at that as I still see E.G Robinson going in for his “trip” to paradise.

    I have quit reading Ann Coulter as she cannot take care of the comments and they have really become sick. Too many Moonbats (thank you Amy) for me to stomach.

    The insight and knowledge expressed by you and the good people who comment on your articles are a great source of satisfaction. Finally an intelligent sight with profound reading. I wonder how long the looney left (read bella pelosi) is going to wait before she tries to silence web sites like this one.

    Still have my guns and buying more ammo. Keep up your good work, Larry. You inspire all of us.

    Never give up/


  23. Mel,

    Thanks for the kind words.


    Good to have you back my friend.Good point on the Coulter columns..

    I’ve decided that the liberals have every element of the media under their greasy control. Unless one comes here to this site in a civil and intellectual manner, they are not allowed. Period.

    If the libs don’t like it, they can go to the Daily Kos. You will note that the left doesn’t actually try here. Every two weeks or so one will try but for the most part, they prefer the unmoderated Human Events type of “give and take” where their unique brand of bile is acceptible..

    Hope that is OK with all of the family. My site, my rules for the liberals to participate.

    Thanks as always,


    Sun Jan 25 2009 22:13:43 ET

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi boldly defended a move to add birth control funding to the new economic “stimulus” package, claiming “contraception will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.”


    Are we repeating history, a survivor’s thoughts
    ” ……. How did this unstable paranoid find it within himself to impose gigantic hope as an immutable ideal that motivated his nation almost until the end? Would he have come to power if Germany were not going through endless economic crises, ………. We would be wrong to forget: Hitler came to power in January 1933 by the most legitimate means. …. ”

    “The fact is that Hitler was beloved by his people — not the military, at least not in the beginning, but by the average Germans who pledged to him an affection, a tenderness and a fidelity that bordered on the irrational. It was idolatry on a national scale. One had to see the crowds who acclaimed him. And the women who were attracted to him. And the young who in his presence went into ecstasy. Did they not see the hateful mask that covered his face? Did they not divine the catastrophe he bore within himself? “

  25. Oh, man! I love this site! It is refreshing to know I’m not alone. And how I support your stand on “my site, my rules”. It really keeps this site clean and intellectually stimulating. I read all the comments and enjoy them thoroughly!

  26. Alabama, I only read the articles of a few people on Human events… I can’t stand to read the comments either.

    Thank you Larry, for keeping this site a clean and koolaid-free zone.

    Did you all year this morning that Rep. John Conyers, L-Mich. has subpoenaed Karl Rove about the firing of those Justice Dept lawyers AGAIN!!!!! He thinks that he can do it now that the loonies are in chagre. Sounds like a smoke screen to me. What will they be doing while we are watching this travesty unfold again?

  27. Yes, Obama, you won. That childish schoolyard blurb only further proves the inexperience of the man that has been elected president.

    He won. How many unborn children will lose, never knowing the gift of life.

    In his belief of not wanting his two daughters to be “burdened” with pregnancy, he casts a death sentence on untold thousands of innocents.

    Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, whom I think has had her hair curled to tightly one too many times at the beauty salon, is fully behind Obama and his plans of selective genocide.

    Nancy in Wonderland is in favor of spending hundreds of millions of dollars for family planning services which she believes will be a “stimulus” because they reduce cost. One of the intitiatives is contraception, reducing costs to the states and the federal government. In other words, with fewer kids, there’ll be fewer dollars being spent on them. We’ll just do it the good old fashioned liberal way under the guise of “Freedom of Choice” and kill them.

    This is where Conservative’s and Liberals part company. A Conservative’s form of contraception is through intelligent, responsible thinking. This form of contraception enables both sexes to simply keep their underwear pulled up, or if contraceptives are needed, not having the government involved.

    So in Queen Nancy’s Wonderland, the fewer the kids the better the economy.

    But wait. Employees at Cannon in Japan, where the birth rate is alarmingly low, are being encouraged not to stay late at work and go home and make babies.

    And, as if I wasn’t confused enough, WPRI 12 TV in Providence, Rhode Island reports “Bad economy spurs sperm and egg sales.” Seems these days more men and women are trying to survive the bad economy by selling their sperm and eggs.

    Now I’m thoroughly stupified!

  28. Margaret in CT

    This morning, Arabs and other Islamists all over the world are pointing at America with glee and saying “SUCKERS!!!” After the Arab television appearance of the First Appeaser, can there be any doubt that we are in imminent danger? “My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy” (No, you jerk, we are not their enemy, they are ours). “All too often the United States starts by dictating.” All too often the Islamists start by flying planes into buildings in major U.S. cities. Lock ‘n load. We are in trouble.

  29. kid,
    you’re making to much sense, “my site, my rules”.
    Starting to sound like a Republican.
    We must realize that to the Demolibs its “your site, our rules”.
    Screw the left.
    They have every frikken news media outlet (on air, in print, and online) that do nothing but censor conservative opinions.
    How many times have each of you had your post removed from those other websites because it was deemed “offensive”??
    Demolibs have huge areas of their brains that simply don’t communicate with each other (logic & reason), why would we care to hear their rants?
    They have their outlets, this site is one of ours.
    We express our CONSERVATIVE opinions here and if liberals don’t like it, go to Cuba.
    I believe this site exists solely to express the conservative point of view (hence the name, No Left Turnz!!!).
    To the liberals who read this, take a trip to the southern most tip of the Florida Keys, then make a hard LEFT!


  30. Another excellent and thought invoking article.
    Keep them coming!

    What absolute arrogance and ego… amidst unending streams of mixed messages. First, our president declares it is time to give up all childish things, and declares his transparent administration wants to reach out to the “other side of the isle.” Then, when any question comes close to being serious in nature, or when the “other side of the isle” dares to disagree, the answer is, “We won.” You’re almost waiting for them to stick out their tongues in follow up. BTW, it seems to me that this is now their pat answer as Pelosi is following suit. (I must admit, just the sound of her name is like a nail through my head).
    As to Coulter’s articles, I would urge folks to keep reading and pass on the comments. I feel we need to support every person of like ideals as expressed here. I do wish they would edit out the “moon bats” and “left loons,” I keep urging responders to ignore their attention seeking behavior and they will go away.

  31. Yet again another brilliant article and intelligent comments. Thanks, Larry. If I might be allowed to suggest two sobering books about what happens to societies and nations when “families” opt to have no children..Mark Steyn’s America Alone..filled with frightening demographics on the state of European countires where the birth rates have dropped below replacement. And a novel by P D James, Children of Men, about society where no children are born and the devastating effects of such a thing. Although in the book the cause of a childless world is a virus (unknown) that casued infertility in men, the premise remains the same.
    I feel strongly we are on the edge of an cliff, like a bunch of lemmings, ready to leap into the void.
    God help us all!

  32. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, site, my rules…

    Great way to keep it intelligent. Still, I get the feeling that you would allow a lefty to comment as long as it was clean, objective, and in keeping with honest debate.

    I know, I know. To find a left loony with intelligence and willing to engage in honest debate with facts is about one in a gazillion however many thiat is.

  33. There is no “aisle” to reach across. Our Republican leaders are so bi-partisan they could be classified as liberals dressed in republican clothing.

    A case in DAY-GLO ORANGE;
    Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the new chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Commitee, is seemingly is carrying out a partisan fight in rescueing the Republican party from it’s steep losses suffered in the last two election cycles.

    Cornyn, at one time shared President W. Bush’s hard edged political consultant, Karl Rove has already gone after some of Obama’s Cabinet nominees. Now hi intends to target Democratic Senators who vote for the economic stimulus package (S-1), a version of which (HR-1) will go before the House floor.

    Sounds all well and good doesn’t it? A real conservative fighter here, someone who’s unafraid to say “NO” in the faces of liberals.

    But then John Cornyn has to go and spoil it all by voting for Timothy Geithner to be Treasury Secretary. A man who’s first excuse was the he’d “forgot” to pay his income tax and later that it was the tax service he used fault. A man who is both a cheat and a liar and our “fighting conservative” voted for him.

    It won’t take but 5 minutes of your time. I suggest calling Sen. Cornyn’s office at (202) 224-2934 as I did. My message simply being; “How conservatives can trust him with our money to fund senate races when we can’t trust him to vote against tax cheats for Treasury Secretary.”

    Although the lady I spoke with assured me that my message would get through to the senator, that doesn’t hold water with me. It’s the number of calls on an issue that count. We must let them know that we are fed up with their mis-representation of the conservative ideals! Make yourself heard folks!

  34. Hi Larry,

    Great post as usual. I am pro-life and anti abortion, but I am willing to make an exception for the Liberals of the herd. Now, if we can only make it retrospective……..

  35. Okay, can someone please explain to me how Obama Lama Ding Dong can have an 83% approval rating just for handling his end of the transition? I just don’t get it.

    However, there is some slightly good news – his approval rating has now dropped to 68%. Perhaps the “path towards disappointment” for the Obama zombies has started? One can only hope!


    Survey only MOONBATS gets him high ratings

  37. blue state blues- RWG

    I’m keeping track of these gems!

    Solent Green (The new moniker for the Democratic party due to their obsession with turning unborn humans into stem cell providers for adults who think it’s their right to harvest for their own needs- Credit to Larry)

    Obama Lama Ding Dong (Of course we know who this is- Credit to TJ Fincham)

    Bella Pelosi (Well I came up with that while starring at her face and thinking “this woman is a vampire sucking the life out of America)

    “Saying abortion clinics are Family Planning Centers is like saying that AIDS is a good weight reduction program”- (Credit Larry again)

    I know there are lots more out there that have posted on this site, so let’s keep them alive by posting the ones that you remember.

  38. TJ,

    In part, there are the inner-city couch catfish who, thinking electing a black president with a “spread the wealth” philosophy was sure to put more money in their hands through welfare checks, yet still enable them to continue as professional “Do Nothings.” These low lifes, with no input to the American society, are now realizing that they won’t get their new hundred dollar tennis shoes or big screen, hi-def TVs.

    Obama has said as much that he might even expect them to go to work, imagine that! The only thing I fear, although it’s been tried once by the liberals and we’re still suffering from the throes of Affirmative Action, is that the liberals will again seek to try federal legislative action in training a race to work. (Never learn from their mistakes) A part of that race that clearly does not want to work but is happy leeching off of those that do.

  39. Larry and all you wonderful folks who share enlightening and relevant information with a good dose of humor — Thank You!

    I don’t post often, as leukemia gives me a real fit with fatigure and joint pain, but I sure do enjoy the reading. Some days it’s all I can do to get in a day’s work.

    Auntie Onyanga, illegal from Kenya, had moved from Massachusetts to the Cleveland area, but was seen in Washington DC during the inauguration. Her “deportation” hearing is scheduled for April, and she is planning to fight it.

    She is one of those folks Obama was referring to last night on the Arabic media when he said his family were all muslims. Am sure his caucasian grandparents are rolling in their graves at that comment.

    One of my dear friends told me last night:

    “Relax. How many black guys do you know who can hold a job for four years?”

    The insanity on C-Span and the other cable channels is beyond comprehension….how can so many people not realize what is happening.

  40. Fran,

    So very sorry to hear tha you suffer from leukemia.

    You have more strength than I will ever have.

    I ask all of the NLTZ family to say a prayer for Fran.

    Hope that you get the best of it..


  41. Alabama Redneck

    Dear Fran.
    May God richly bless you as I include you in my prayers.

    blue state.
    How about Fran’s little gem?
    “Relax. How many black guys do you know who can hold a job for four years?”

    That made me LMAO. Great Fram.

  42. beyond disgusted

    Yet another home run Larry! Keep ’em coming; every article is a great read! It is so nice to read conservative commentary along with conservative commentors. You all are great!

    Sadly, abortion is only the tip of the Obama iceberg. If and when he and his liberal cronies in congress get universal health care passed, those with pre-existing conditions, the elderly & infirmed can say good bye to their health care, as they will be deemed as no longer contributing to society, and thus too costly to treat. The democrat party embraces the culture of death; how sad is that?

  43. Great article as usual. I find I must come here at least once a day, time permitting…to retain my sanity.
    Am I the only one…but does anyone else feel like their entire being has been bulldozed over this past week?
    Choking on “change?”
    That dollar I agreed to pay in federal income taxes last week is now “zero.”
    I believe that as the unemployment rate goes up we will have a lot more time on our hands to fight the good fight.
    My job will be “extinct” after this tax season…and I am ready to do my part…just say when and where…I’m past ready.

  44. Hi Fran…and welcome…you made me laugh too.
    We all need that…not much to laugh about these days.
    My prayers are with you.

  45. Fran,

    May you know the love and compassion of our Creator in easing the pain you suffer.
    I will pray for His blessings upon you.

    Your friend’s anecdote reminded me of another.
    Perhaps it could fund Auntie Onyanga’s upcoming legal battle with the INS?

    “It appears as though Obama is going to impose a 40% tax on aspirin.

    The reason given was… because it’s white and it works!”

  46. As a teenage and high school senior, I worked at a Fotomat booth with another teenage (junior) girl. In the year that we worked together, she had 3 abortions; it was her only form of birth control she said. Her parents were very strict Roman Catholics, who knew she was being deceptive and lying about a lot of her antics. She used me a number of times as a reason for leaving the house, when I had no knowledge that she was doing that and of course her father called our house to locate her. My father or mother would tell him she wasn’t there but I was in my room reading or doing home work. At one point she went ballistic on me for not covering for her, I told her to leave me out of her lies to her parents. I’m sorry I refuse to lie for others to cover up their manipulations.

    Her father on regular bases would go through her room and find things she shouldn’t have had, like birth control pills or pot. Her boyfriend, Jazz (don’t you just love the name) refused to wear a condom, which was her explanation for all the abortions. She knew I was against abortions and had the nerve to ask me to drive her to Planned Parenthood for her next abortion appointment. I said no and she wanted to know why, so I gave it to her. I still don’t understand her logic. But she was sure in a hurry to grow up without having the tools to cope. She was 12 (I was still playing with my Barbie dolls at 12 and I was only a year older than her) when she lost her virginity to an 18 year old (I had to explain to her that was considered statutory rape) and at 17 you’ve had 2 abortions that you admit to and are getting ready to have your third. You won’t take any precautions or force your idiot boyfriend to take responsibility for his own actions; he is too lazy to drive you to your appointment; so you’re asking me. I told her no, absolutely not, ask your mom. She evidently found some fool to take her and she had complications his time around, excessive bleeding.

    One of my arguments with her is that with each abortion the likelihood that she wouldn’t or couldn’t get pregnant when she did finally want to her children. It was told to us in Sex Ed (which my sure they no longer speak of the risk involved with abortions). I quit Fotomat soon after and barely saw her, until she ended up in the same college, we talked once or twice. She told me she broke up with Jazz when she found out that he was spreading his seed all over western Hunterdon County. He had gotten a few other girls pregnant, and she learned about it when one of them decided to confront him in the school cafeteria in front of half the school. It was want I suspected all along and had told her so a few times. For me, he made my skin crawl, long haired rocker wannabe with no talent; he was constantly high all the time or so mellowed out by his excessive use of pot. He came from a large family of 13 kids and he was the youngest so by the time he was 10 he got high with his older siblings, daily. He was a jerk, very irresponsible and an airhead rocker dude, who couldn’t sing or play the guitar.

    About I guess 10 years after college, I ran into her at our mall and she had gotten engaged and was getting married in a few months. I found out a few years after from a mutual friend that they were already getting divorced and one of their issues was her being unable to have children, they had spent a lot of money trying to get pregnant, got so deeply in debt, the financial strain could not keep their marriage together. After we had parted ways she had gotten two more abortions. That makes 5 abortions by age 19 that she admits too. Who knows how many she really had, it seemed she worked at the Fotomat booth to pay for her abortions, because her boyfriend refused to pay for them.

    These idiots who promote sex, drugs and rock n roll show the cool side of irresponsible behavior, but forgot to point out what that behavior does to young stupid minds. Does Planned Parenthood along with their abortion and handing out birth control pills and condoms, education or counsel these young adults about what being sexually active means and provide the tools of knowledge, instead of just the tools to have sex?

  47. “Does Planned Parenthood along with their abortion and handing out birth control pills and condoms, education or counsel these young adults about what being sexually active means and provide the tools of knowledge, instead of just the tools to have sex?”

    Apparently not. I read somewhere right before Christmas that they had the nerve to offer gift certificates for abortions. What a wonderful Christmas gift to give someone. They disgust me!

  48. The biggest problem with the pro-life debate is that nobody places a face on the problem. Global warming: cue up drowning polar bears (they aren’t drowning, but you get the point). Childhood obesity: cue up pictures of corpulent kiddies. Abortion? Sorry. Zoey’s indiscretion with the football team is nothing more than a collection of unphotogenic cells.

    You want to stop abortion, show pictures of fetus’ that have suffered partial birth abortions. The child suffers horrible pain when its brain is sucked out and the skull is crushed. It took graphic and awful imagery of that caliber to get the point across about how terrible the Holocaust was. It will take those kind of pictures showing up on the six o clock news to show the American voter what Rowe v. Wade has done.

    Obama and the other Democrats whom are in favour of such things are no better than the politicians in the Reichstag that rubberstamped Hitler’s rise to power, full well knowing what he had in mind. They should have read Mein Kampf before letting the Bohemian Corporal take power then, and all Americans should have read Obamba’s rasist manifesto ‘Dreams From My Father’ before voting him in.

  49. Thanks, Larry, Alabama Redneck, Rayne and Windrider.

    Your comments, well wishes and prayers are a comfort.

    I know I’m very fortunate — 2 years ago I kinda crashed, leukemia diagnosis, diagnostics to stage revealed a tumor in the LEFT kidney, when the kidney was removed, the left lung was collapsed.

    So I’ve been be-deviled by the pesky left.

    It’s the fight the good fight, quality of life priorities, drilling down to the basics with conscious and deliberate effort — the essence that Larry provides on NLT!

  50. I too am glad to have found this site. Let’s pray that the Fairness Doctrine doesn’t get instituted and used as a tool to shut up the politically incorrect like you Larry. LOL. As a Canuck who lives in our version (40 yr sooner than Obamamania) of socialism brought on by a similar tide called Trudeaumania, I long for a a return to less gov’t, more liberty. In Canada we have those who tried to warn our southern cousins, because they too are living in repressive state — like Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle, Girl on the Right, Leonard of “Proud To Be Canadian” blog to name a few who are conservative and fighting the repression here. I have added your blog to my list of must reads. Keep firing your guns brother!

  51. Paul,

    Welcome aboard to another fine neighbor from the beautiful country of Canada.

    Mark Steyn is another favorite Canadian as well.

    Hope to hear from you again.


  52. Larry
    thanks for the welcome! I left Mark off the list because he’s a given LOL – figured everyone knows about Mark …. but what they don’t know is those I lieted are Mark’s faves too …especially Shaidle

  53. Hey Larry, talking about “roads” I thought you might find it interesting that Mark Steyn was up at the Provincial Legislature in Toronto, (ie like the state government in USA), to answer questions about the Human Rights Commissions and the possibility that they’re outa control and useless for protection of individual rights. At any rate here’s the link on Denyse’s blog where she uploaded the opening salvos fired by Mark

  54. Paul,

    Good stuff, my friend, thanks for the heads up.


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