Progressive Priorities

In the blink of an eye, liberal leader Barack Hussein Obama decided to dash off with his chaperone/envoy George Mitchell to the Middle East. The assumption that an AMERICAN would make from that sort of information is that Obama and his Middle East envoy went to our closest of Middle Eastern allies, the Israelis, to reaffirm the United States place right beside them as they struggle to survive. Actually, Obama went straight to the Al-Arabiya television network to give his first television interview since becoming President of the United States. This episode/stunt brings so many questions to mind, as does every move Obama has made since his 200 million-dollar beatification.

To start: Where was his Secretary of State? Why was George Mitchell along side Obama and from there, on his way to five other areas in the Middle East? The answer is self-evident. Rodham has as much “experience” as Obama has, so his “Middle East Envoy”/babysitter, who also doubles as her babysitter, had to go. Rodham would still be trying to pull up MapQuest print outs and getting Triptiks from AAA.. Shouldn’t the Secretary of State be the one accompanying Obama on this type of trip abroad? What was she doing while the Middle East envoy was handling matters of State? My guess is that after she is done supervising the mandatory inoculations for all of the female State Department staffers who might have a “chance encounter” (or four..) with Bill and after she puts the finishing touches on his GPS/house arrest bracelet, she can get around to properly dismantling the State Department like she is supposed to.

Obama, feeling all warm and “Chamberlain-ian”, has told the world where his priorities lie within the Middle East. America’s appeaser went right to the terrorist’s lair and stated the obvious, “Americans aren’t your enemy..” In order to underscore the full groveling effect of the Commander in Chief’s remark, the entire quote reads, “My job in the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans aren’t your enemy.” Anyone with “experience” would know that the people who really needed to hear that aren’t in the habit of listening to anyone other than their psychotic Imam’s, not unlike the liberals back in America.

In the spirit of further Middle East patronizing, Obama told al-Arabiya that he has directed George Mitchell to “start by listening, because all too often the United States starts by dictating..” What a strange commentary from America’s liberal dictator.. Obama’s “listening” WITHIN the United States for example, at the “bipartisan” meeting to discuss the one trillion-dollar “Bolshevik Bailout Bonanza” ended up with the “Great Empathizer” saying “I won”..

Here the President had a perfect opportunity to lambaste the terrorist enablers and to warn them of dire consequences should there be any further Middle Eastern monkey shines, instead Obama said that he wanted to build a new partnership “based on mutual respect and mutual interest”..

Obama also felt compelled to let the Muslims know that he too has Muslim relatives. With that said, Obama has decided to call himself “Barack al-Hussein al-Obama” anytime that he visits the Motherland from this point…uhh..forward? (Backwards?)

This interview was called “the Obama administration’s first efforts to reach out to Arab leaders”.. No, this was actually nothing more than “atypical liberal knee pad diplomacy” because if Obama wanted to “reach out to Arab leaders” he would have MET with “Arab leaders”. They aren’t that hard to find over there. They are the ones with the solid gold palaces amid the paper-mache and mud hovels. Keep in mind that the term “Arab leaders” is the equivalent to the term “black leaders” here in America. Both “leaders” represent THEMSELVES alone because no one other than the liberal “impartial” American media listens to them or takes them seriously in their respective geographical areas of the world.

Why is Obama so concerned with his “job in the Muslim world”? His number one priority should be his job here in AMERICA. The highest priority relative to his job in America involves protecting its citizens from the antics of those in the Muslim world. He never got around to bringing any of that up during his media mash note to the Muslims.

It seems that the Obama administration chose al-Arabiya because the other Middle Eastern media option, al-Jazzera, was properly tagged by the “previous administration” as having an “anti American bias”. As well, the “previous administration” complained about America’s al-Jazzera, the New York Times and the rest of the Muslim apologists in the impartial media, but Obama failed to discuss any of this as he was making cow eyes at the Middle Eastern media marionette.

Obama proudly pointed out with an almost child like bravado that the al-Qaeda terror network is confused by his “approach”. “They do not know how to deal with his new approach..” After the Obama obfuscations during the primary and general election seasons here at home, it is easy to understand that anyone other than conservatives would not understand his “new approach..” Certainly the idea of “cowardly compliance” IS a new approach when it comes to international diplomatic relations.

Obama, morphing into a demented Dr. Phil, said that the recent al-Qaeda video tapes have revealed to him that “they seem nervous” and “what that tells me is that their ideas are bankrupt”.. Obama the oracle simply mistook their nervousness for what it really was. They were literally shaking with excitement over the obviously unending opportunities for chicanery with Barack al-Neville al-Obama as the infadel’s “leader”.

If nervousness “tells me that their ideas are bankrupt” then that would completely explain Obama’s performance at the Saddleback event and at all of the debates that followed..

If we must “interpret” al-Qaeda videotapes for their hidden meanings, very shortly after the election, al-Qaeda resident nut bag Ayman al-Zawahri sent out a message that “suggested the terror network was worried Obama could undermine its rallying cry that the U.S. is an enemy oppressor.” Undermine? How about “enable”? The transparent progressive pacifism that precedes the liberals into office will empower the zanies that completely understand that this administration will fall into “blame America first” mode when they get back to business. Almost as funny is the notion that the kooks on carpets need a “rallying cry”.. They have been using “Allah Akbar” for a while now, that should do them in the interim..

After his first few days, we quickly became aware of his Socialist priorities here in America. We now know his conciliatory priorities in the Middle East. The sad part is, if there were any doubts in their minds, the terrorists know them as well.

It has been said that “talk is cheap” but with the liberals embracing a cuddly “hug-a-thug” kind of “new approach” diplomacy, “talk” is going to end up being quite costly..


37 responses to “Progressive Priorities

  1. family,

    I hope that I am not inundating you but since this knob took office, I’ve been averaging over 1,200 words a day.

    If I were a typical liberal and without a full time job, it would easily be 3,000 a day..

    Thanks as always for reading and for the best comments on the net.

    I would put the NLTZ Army up against anyone.


  2. Yes. Billy is not quite ready to be left “home alone”, so Mrs Clinton (uh, wife or mother??) could not make this trip.

    “We’re not your enemy”??
    Does this mean he expects them to stop printing “Hate America” pamphlets?

    Based on”mutual interest”, uh would that be “death to America”??

    What more can we give the Saudis besides the 100’s and 100’s of billion of dollars for oil?

    Just like Bella Pelosi’s token trip to the middle east (remember the headscarf bullshit??), I’m taking bets on this being al-Obama’s ONLY trip to Arab “leaders”.
    Don’t forget, within DAYS of Pelosi returning to the US, the Green Zone in Baghdad was bombed, for the first time….ever…(after she became Speaker and obtained classified military information on the war).
    And, within 2 weeks of Jimmy Carter’s visit, the price of oil went through the roof.
    Who knows what this asshole is passing on to the Mulsims.
    We know he is sending more troops into Afghanistan (of course he is NOT justifying that with the Arabs), after campaign PROMISES to bring them home IMMEDIATELY.
    Sending them in with NO mission statement, NO measurements for success, NO timetable for withdrawal, NO exit strategy, and NO date when it all ends. However, Biden is promising them that they will DIE.
    Of course, this is all on the heels of releasing terrorists from Gitmo, and now meeting with Arabs….hmmm…keep an eye on the re-enlistment figures next year.
    Keep in mind, this “genius” plans to cut military spending 25%.

    Yes, the al-Qaeda terrorists have a problem dealing with stupidity.
    They have become accustomed to dealing with people who know how to put up a good fight.
    “Cowardly compliance”, as you put it, is a bit of a twist compared to blowing up people who aren’t expecting to be blown up.
    But, with al-Obama, the terrorists are faced with trying to figure out how to blow up people who know that’s what the do, blow up people, and yet, al-Obama will have Americans drink their kool-aid of courage and walk right on the bomb-ladened bus.
    GADS! That will just confuse the hell out of them (after they get done chuckling).

    Let’s see how long it takes al-Qaeda to snatch the olive branch from al-Obama’s hands and beat his ass with it.
    Unfortunately, that means a lot of Americans (probably unarmed soldiers manning a “peace post”) are going to die over it.

    And, of course, you are right. al-Obama will “blame America first” when more and more Americans die at the hands of these nutbags.

    “Talk is cheap”, and its also a good alibi.
    The terrorist leaders can now say they didn’t do it, “I was having tea and biscuits with your president when that building blew up……it wasn’t me…”.

    Keep ’em coming, Kid.


  3. You may want to keep in mind that the Muslim world is very much aware of Rodham’s relationship with Slick Willy. It is entirely possible that she would have only magnified al-Obama’s idiocy.
    To be honest, I think “The One” knows exactly what he’s doing. Of coures, this scares the living daylights out of me, because it looks, to me, like he is simply inviting the Islamo-fascists to step up their programs of terror make more attempts to destroy Israel and the United States, with BARRY SOETORO a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama ( citizen of Indonesia) blessing the entire massacre.

  4. I too worry that our military who had mutual respect with “W” will find it difficult to serve or defend. Enlistment and Re-enlistment will be dropped from “Webster’s” along with so many other words that best described who we were before the great “Charade.”

  5. to al-Obama if a terrorist organization (al-Qaeda) kills enough Americans he will reward and legitimize them by a meeting “based on mutual respect and mutual interest”..

    Note: al-Obama did not “win” the election as much as McCain lost it.

    We hear al-Obama saying “we won”. Well, who are “we”?
    You are referring to your liberal hollywood pals, Teachers Union, news media, foreigners, and corrupt Acornians.
    *ACORN – Another Corrupt Organization Run by…..Nitwits).

    McCain lost because he tried to be “above it all”. Statesmanly. Centrist. Gentlemanly, and Presidential.
    What we needed was a LEADER. Someone to go after the liars and confront them. Get mean and nasty.
    Oh well, like I said, in 2 short years, Her Majesty will start campagning again and the only way she can do that is to start attacking the al-Obama ‘mistration.



    You have the top lines as usual Larry

    I.m with TODD laying question to his qualification to be in the White House
    I can not understand the Chief JUSTICE not requiring proof from him before swearing in.
    Of course a look at the votes by so called REPUBLICANS SNOWE of ME
    Comments by JUDD of NH doesn’t look like we have much of a conservative representation

    How scary it is to think that this guy is
    worst than CLINTON


    We definitely need a DIVINE INTERVENTION


  7. Here is something all of you may find interesting if you have not already read it.

  8. Well, I don’t want to say I told you so. I knew the eligibility issue would go nowhere. Obama wants the Supreme Court on his side when trouble eventually befalls him.

    I forgot to mention I received a response from my one of my Senators, Senator Jeff Sessions regarding Obama’s eligibility to lead. His response was in accordance with the rules of the Senate, they are forbidden to request any proof. Since when did that become a policy? To expect your President to show his eligibility to Congress as well as the public is against Senate policy? Who came up with that rule and when? Nancy “I love Botox” Pelosi, Harry Reid.

    Speaking of Mr. Reid, he’s working overtime to make sure our least favorite funny man gets his seat. He has said if Mr. Coleman is determined the winner by the Minnesota Supreme Court, he won’t allow him to take his seat. And, like with Blagojevich new boy wonder, Roland Burris, he will be wrong in denying his seat.

    I just returned from grocery shopping and I still cannot believe all the Obama things displayed so widely around. He and his wife are even on the cover of TV Guide. Why? Because they watch television or because they media is trying to shove them down our throats and tells us he’s our latest miracle? A full People special issue totally devoted to his worthiness. I’m having a hard time keeping my breakfast down. I’m waiting for the Star and Nation Enquirer to devote an issue on his respect for his wife and their marriage, instead of the usual crap about who’s cheating on whom. It’s okay for liberals to cheat on their spouses (any Kennedy, Clinton, Edwards) but should a conservative do the same it’s a nationwide scandal.

  9. I feared something like this would happen, i.e. the annointed one visiting the Middle East and trying to appease fellow Muslims! But not in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen quite so soon. Worrying, very worrying. Should we start ordering the material we will all need for our burkas?

  10. Larry:
    As usual, your commentary is brilliant and each word is like a laser guided Scud missile up BHO’s arse. This is just the beginning of his undoing of America as we grew to know it and love it.
    Keep it coming.

  11. Larry as mr. chuckles Oberwomann)said abouth Al-Obama’s speech at the democratic national convention,Pitch perfect,tone perfect,your ar

  12. OBH told Arab leaders that his family are Muslims, and he’s wondering why they seem nervous? They are just wondering who it is that must die for OBH’s conversion from Islam….if indeed he ever did!

  13. Margaret in CT

    Not in their wildest dreams could the terrorists have fashioned a better answer to their prayers than BHO. Appeasement = weakness in their book. Eight years passed between the first and second assaults on the World Trade Center. They are patient. In their view, they have an eternnity to accomplish their goals. They have waited out the momentary obstructions put in place by the Bush administration and now have a U.S. leader who wants to “talk.” Talk = spinelessness. Cease fires enable the importation of more fighters and arms. They need only bide their time while the left makes their lives easier by clamping down on wiretapping and “profiling.” The terrorists are not confused in any way. Americans are. Americans have given them their newest and best ally in their plan to destroy Western civilization. The Islamists’ goal is eternal and unwavering: kill the infidel. YOU need to listen, Barack. WE hear them loud and clear. There is no such thing as too many words from you, Larry.

  14. The only thing that surprises me about Obama’s ‘listening tour’ was that it happened so swiftly into his term. We’ve gone from Bush’s policy of unyeildingness to Carterian appeasement. Its enough to make me sick. Even the French stood and fought for six weeks before the Nazis forced them to the table. This turkey is already begging and pleading for them to make nice with us.

    ‘Uncle Joe’ Biden told us that within six months this President would be tested, and that we wouldn’t like how he would respond. I can only hope but think that wholesale capitualtion was not what the electorate had in mind when they voted this twerp in. The Obambizombies are about to learn the truth of the old adage ‘be careful what you ask for…’

    Ye 52%, ye suckers.

  15. sadly for BHO, whilst the beguiled US liberals love this sort of rhetoric, and swoon over the cult of celebrity, they will find this doesnt translate into arabic. The muslims will simply respond as best they know how to – by strapping 10lbs of semtex to their 13 years old sons like all good moslems do.

  16. ok the demented Dr. Phil line is about the best I have read in a while…i always stand in awe at your ability to infuse large amounts of humor in getting these serious issues out.

  17. Hey Larry spot on as usual…if any of these middle of the road voters that went for Obama didn’t understand what kind of change they voted for, they should be getting a gut full now. I’m sure everything is forgiven now that BHO has reassured the Muslim world we aren’t their enemy right?Unless BHO wants to pull the plug on Americas pop culture export, you can rest assured their hatred of the “Great Satan” will continue unabated. Ironically the purveyors of said “pop culture’ are the ones screaming loudest about all of our so called aggression in the war on terror. If in fact we were to lose this war, these people (the producers of TV,movies,magazines,pop music) would be the first to have their heads cut off on the internet for the legions of the faithful. And of course it is no surprise that these people were the main financiers of BHO’s campaign. Talk about the blind leading the blind. And of course Americas infatuation with celebrity gives these morons a venue from which to spout their uninformed opinions. And unfortunately the media and average people seem to believe that these celebrities know what they are talking about, and in turn listen to them. And this leads to stupid empty headed lemmings to elect the most unprepared,least credentialed president in history. I hope to God we don’t have to be attacked again in order for the majority to wake up. I’m not too optimistic.


    Well thye did it house passed the enormous stimulus bill.As I read earlier it contains all the liberal pent up desires for the last forty years.
    All the republicans voted against it. now off to the senate.
    Millions for those that do not pay any taxes Huge unemployment bennies and food stamps etc
    Some need help but how much do we pay to illegals etc. Everybody wants a bailout shoe industry, real estate
    you name it.

    Well I guess we should follow our new IRS head and fail to pay our taxes so they can not fund this blizzard

  19. TAMARA,

    I’d rather you spend your money on firearms and ammunition rather than material for burkas. It’s your choice between going to a target range or living under a theocratic regime that treats women as less than dirt while covering/hiding their natural beauty.

    Obamulism can be taken out. But while the muslim terrorists remains a very real threat, our very own government requires an even closer watch and there are so many things that the general public is not told.

  20. The next Republican that says Rush should “ease up on Obama” should be branded a COWARD!
    What’s left of the Republican leadership needs to grow a pair.

    No more forcing information from prisoners. First of all, because dimwit is releasing them all. But also because the best this limpwrist will allow us to do is simply ask them, politely, without using harsh or offensive language. And no dang threats! No much info going to come from that (trustworthy anyways).
    No survelience. No wiretapping. No email tapping. No spies. No border patrols. No proof of citizenship to get a drivers license or board a plane.
    Next will be the removal of all x-ray machines and security personel from airports.
    Let’s see just how long it takes them to strike again here on our own soil.
    You know Bush ticked off some camel jockeys. And their fellow muslim, al-Obama, knows exactly where George is living these days.
    Hide George. Hide.


  21. Stitch,
    I must have missed something. What Republican said Rush should ease up on Obama? Whoever it was, they should be sent to some Muslim country with a sign on their back proclaiming all Muslims are cowards and sleep with pigs. Maybe then they will realize that Rush is being gentle.

  22. Margaret in CT

    Todd, I don’t mean to butt in to your conversation with Stitch, but I was just reading about this. See

  23. Margaret in CT,
    Don’t worry about butting in! In fact, thank you very much for the link. Somehow I had missed this. It looks like Phil Gingrey is either a RINO or simply doesn’t understand what true leadership is about; just getting things done in Wahington is NOT good enough, they need to get the right things done.

  24. In case any libs are reading this, I know I missed the “s” in Washington.

  25. Hey Everybody,
    If you want to see just what some of the democrats are thinking about the bailout and how the DCCC is trying to mis-direct people, youshould read this article and the comments.

  26. For those of you who weren’t listening to Rush yesterday (1-28), Rush had Rep. Gingrey on the phone for an interview. Rep. Gingrey recanted his statements to the ‘Politico’ about Rush backing down. He said those statemants were from emotion and not reasoned thinking. He sounded sincere in his talking with Rush and also agreed that this ‘stimulus package is a crock of crap (my words). For what it’s worth, I believe him and I am very glad that NOT ONE Republican in the House voted for this garbage.

  27. As has already been mentioned, I too have given up most other sites for NLTZ.

    But as I also heard Rep. Gingrey on the radio yesterday, I wanted to read more about it when Margaret in CT provided the link to Politico.

    However, after about 30 seconds of reading liberal comments, I felt like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist,” with my head spinning around on my shoulders!!!

    I think I’ll just stick around here for a bit…where it is safe and sane.

  28. Hi Larry and everyone…

    Have some catching up to do, was in the hospital for a few days with a kidney infection and (yikes!) only the Communist News Network for any inkling of what was going on in the world, needless to say I didn’t watch much.

    It is beyond comprehension how this “limpwrist” (thanks STITCH, that was perfect) is being hailed as the great peacemaker for releasing the GITMO psychopaths and for doing his first interview with the Muslims.
    I live 40 minutes outside NYC, how quickly the liberal losers forget about exactly WHO and WHAT attacked us, on our own soil, only 8 short years ago. ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR (small) MINDS?!?

    Seriously, thanks to medicine (NOT socialized) I feel much better, but regrettably there is no medication for the plague that is taking over this country at present.

    Larry, it isn’t possible for you to write too much, as it is there isn’t enough being said about this farce of a “leader” we are stuck with. Groveling before the terrorists? “We are not your enemy?” Ugh, I’m getting sick again.

  29. In the first place, Obama’s wrong. “American’s are not your enemy.” Had he any sense at all, he should have added to that; You are America’s enemy, there is a difference.

    His wanting to convey the fact that America isn’t an enemy prooves that his inexperience is guiding him to try to negotiate a political peace with sword swinging, beheading “peaceful” religious zealots.

    It must seem like eons ago, sometime around the founding of this country, when only one other entity caused loss of life on American soil. Hence, no reason for Obama to draw similarities between the World Trades Buildings attacks and Pearl Harbor.

    Obama should have issued a statement to these Muslim mushheads that if they cause any further disruptions on our society, bombings, dirty or clean or harm to our foreign envoys, the U.S. will be strick them over like a tsnammi wave. And, should they survive the first wave, they will live under their flea bitten camels for the rest of their lives, in fear of the second wave.

  30. Margaret in CT

    I do read liberal editorialists every day (mostly on, which is a collection of op ed pieces from sources throughout the country, conservative, liberal. and independent (or “confused” as I like to say). My opinion has always been that I have to know what the left is thinking and saying, so that I can use their own words and constant contradictions to refute them. It used to be fun; now it is a necessity for one who lives in the land of the New York Times, whose idea of publishing both sides of the question is to carry an occasional column by David Brooks. The Times hasn’t been worth my nickel since they started politicizing the Book Review in the Regan years.

    In any event, anyone who doesn’t subscribe to Rush’s service and wants to read his Wall Street Journal article will find it on Real Clear Politics, along with articles by such libs as George Soros. It’s a trip!

  31. Remember what al-Hussein said during the campaign that he would “stand with the Muslims.” Here he is on Al-Arabiya doing just that. It’s so ironic that a lot of people voted for Oshama because they thought that he would end the war and that our military would come home. Some military families fell for this bullshit because they felt that John McCain would prolong the war. Then Biden promised that if BHO was elected we would have another terrorist attack and now promises that our soldiers will die in Afghanistan. I can’t believe that ANYONE would believe that BHO & Co. would keep us safe, especially military people. I guess there are not enough victims of Slick Willie’s liberal military policies left in the ranks.

  32. Margaret, I am a part-time CT resident & ex-Manhattanite…so I know what you are saying. My favorite section of the (Bhagdad) Times was the Tuesday Science section. But now I am wondering if I was just reading propaganda.

    I also read all sides of the issues. It’s one way to prove to yourself that you are the one who is sane!

    Just ordered Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” to be delivered to my local library branch…Oshama playbook.

    Also, I second Windrider’s recommendation, “Do As I Say (Not As I Do):Profiles In Liberal Hypocrisy” by Peter Schweizer. Quite entertaining.

    When I commented earlier on why I came screaming back to NLTZ from Politico…this was my favorite comment on the Rush controversy.

    “To my fellow American patriots. Thank you for helping to help goad the vicious and crazy fringists that appropriated the name Republican. The more they spew their hate and stupidity, the more they drive away all others. They are down to only 12% in the polls. They are at goofball cult status, and the clowns do not see their withering numbers. Complete fantasyland.

    They will join the obscure fate of the Free Soil Party, The Greenbacks, The Mugwumps, and the Know-Nothings.

    Today’s Republicans are truly The Party of Stupid, as Paul Krugman has outlined.

    These idiots are painting themselves into a corner, but they express EVIL.

    American patriots oppose these hateful people. Repukes are not just stupid, they are mean…and they commit criminal acts. We liberals stand up for democracy, the right wingers HATE democracy. They are




    one of those “foreign and domestic enemies” demographics.

    Yep! We gonna getcha, fascists!”


  33. And a follow-up comment by this ‘peaceful loving liberal’ in regards to the following post…

    Lou: Jan. 29, 2009 – 12:45 AM EST
    “My 5yr old loves Sean Hannity and says over and over- “just say no to loser liberals”- its really cute.”

    “FeFe – “I feel sorry for your child. His father is manipulating him for political boilerplate. There will come a time when he/she will resent you for it.”

    Let us hope that the resentment is voiced in words, and not in lead and gunpowder as is so often the case.

    Fellow patriots, let us follow the Lakoff principle. Never respond in anger. NEVER repeat the false Right wing frames ( acceptance thru repetition ). ALWAYS present a COUNTER FRAME, i. e. the truth.

    When they can’t fight on their terms, the wingers GO AWAY. They do know their inadequacies, and they cannot take intelligent discourse.

    When we present cogent, unemotional arguments; we even get some converts.”


  34. its easy for liberals to be “out of there minds”.
    There’s not much real estate there before they reach the edge.

    I can only imagine what this loser will say after the next terrorist attack.
    It’ll probably be something along the lines, “..we must not be kissing their terroristic asses enough”.

    For the record, the New York Times does NOT have enough readership to meet payroll.
    How they hell are those liars staying in business?
    Being the Propaganda Machine for the DNC must pay well.

    No matter how low a liberal’s polls get, they’re always number one in their own minds.
    Kinda like that “special” kid that we all new when we were young.

    Today’s Republicans are completely LEADERLESS.
    None of them are showing any “sack” to stand up to this charlatan or his drunken monkey, “Joey”.


  35. You have definitely been on a roll. Fascinating article. Thank you.


  36. Ah, reading NoLeftTurnz is like therapy… helpful, soothing and sanaity-inducing! I know how all you “Turnzies” feel about being part of Larry’s family….

    ODS is now well underway, and I guess, since we’re appropriating this approbrium from the Libtards, I’ll tip my hat to them in recognizing that they were within their rights – if not their minds – in going after Bush from the get-go.

    On the other hand, Obama is just giving us SO much material – like the comedian who depends on idiot politicians for material – and seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. But those are sentiments of a cynic; in truth, Obama truly IS dangerous and his Fabian Socialism has already burst out of the gate and is far from “gradual!”

    We need to NOT let up on Barry until more than 50 percent of the country wakes up from its delusional “mid-Autum” dreams and starts to smell the coffee. And when somehow, someone actually uncovers the REAL Birth Certificate and discovers the fraud, all hell will truly break loose!

    Aux armes, mes amis!!!

  37. beyond disgusted

    Recall the phrase “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”? Well, Obama doesn’t even believe in bringing a knife.

    My daughter is currently serving in Afghanistan and I not only fear for her, but for all of our brave men and women in harms way.

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